Yoni Tree Experts LLC

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Yoni Tree Experts LLC
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  1. Luke Saville 2023/03

    Yoni did a fantastic job of cutting the overhang from a neighbor’s tree that was killing our lawn and growing onto our roof. After removing all overhang, the tree still looks incredibly natural and after cleaning up there wasn’t a single leaf left behind. Highly recommend Yoni!


  2. Lisa Van Arsdale 2023/03

    Yoni did a fantastic job! He took down a huge tree and also removed some old stumps. Yoni worked very efficient manner. He cleaned up my yard and it looks spotless His price was more than reasonable. Yoni is very courteous and friendly I would highly recommend Yoni!

  3. Doug Tinder 2023/01

    Yoni and crew did a great job cutting down several trees and trimming up other ones. They also did a great job of cleaning up the yard once all the tree work was done. Very professional tree company!

  4. Kevin Alvarado 2022/10

    Tio yoni keep the work up? …

  5. Ginny Campbell 2022/10

    Yoni and helper came today. They cut down a tree then I asked them to remove old bushes. Worked well together and my yard is 100% better. He’s my go-to for this work. I wouldn’t have anyone else to it.

  6. Matt Cordes 2022/10

    I’m so happy I went with Yoni. He was very pleasant to deal with and we came to a fair price for the removal of a 40 ft tall Holly tree that was very overgrown and he did the stump grinding as well. He is very professional, timely and responsive. He is a tree expert, he owns all of his equipment including stump grinder box truck with the lift on it to go very high up bobcat chipper etc. All the power tools blowers. He’s a full service tree expert. there was no damage done to my landscaping nor my neighbor as it was on my property line and we went over all the details. His cleanup was very thorough and I can’t say enough good things . If you have any landscaping or tree work he is definitely the guy to call and get an estimate but I would recommend looking no further but always do your own due diligence. I highly recommend Yoni and his business.

  7. Karen Knox 2022/08

    Mr yoni is a very hard working man very professional honest understanding we have used mr yoni 4 times very prompt cleans up after his work is done he’s a professionalist very very excellent work and very reasonable cannot go wrong using Mr yoni

  8. Shila Behsudi 2022/06

    Mr. Yoni did an excellent job!!

  9. Mark Morton 2022/05

    Yoni always does an excellent job. Highly recommended.

  10. Ann Cavan 2022/03

    Yoni leveled an area of our backyard that was seriously eroded. Yoni is an excellent businessman who delivers what he promises. He is always on time, keeps in contact, does an exceptional job, is neat snd cleans up the area when he has finished the job he came to do. He’s a family man, honest and kind. 5 star rating.

  11. Matthew Franklin 2022/02

    Yoni came highly recommended and proved 110% to be the best tree service we have ever used in 30 years in RVA. The price was competitive and fair, especially since he personally performs and manages the entire project. Great customer service, answered all of our questions and was a general good person to work with. His wife and helper were also top notch. We will only use and recommend Yoni for any tree job, big or small.


  12. John Rezabeck 2022/02

    Yoni tree service really did a nice piece of work for us. They went beyond the scope to make things right and we’re a pleasure to do business with. Very confident, clean, and thorough. Highly recommend.

  13. Denny Proffitt 2022/02

    Yoni took down 7 really big pines, ground all the stumps and ground several older stumps. His price for the work was far better than any other estimates we got and they did fantastic work. I was surprised at just how fast they complete the job and how thorough they were. I highly recommend them for any tree work you have. We have had several other trees taken down over the years by other services. Yoni was by far the best. Best price, very fast, and very thorough.

  14. Christina Foust 2022/01

    We have used Yoni Tree Experts twice for our home. The owner always responds quickly and shows up to complete the work on time as promised. Great work at affordable prices and does an awesome job cleaning up after work is finished!

  15. Luanne Rademacher 2022/01

    Yoni Tree Experts LLC and his team were super amazing! Yoni was quick to respond to my request for an estimate. The price was fair, and service was perfect. Cleaned up very well after the job. I definitely recommend Yoni!

  16. Anita Prince 2022/01

    Yoni is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He did landscaping work for me. He walked through the project with me listening carefully to understand the outcome I was looking for, gave me fair prices with options, was punctual, thorough and flexible. I would not hesitate to call him for additional needs or to recommend him.

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