Wilktion’s Cuisine, LLC

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Wilktion’s Cuisine, LLC
4.6 based on 28 reviews
  1. Matt Lott 2022/07

    Try the club and get it toasted. It’s huge and barely fits in the box.

  2. Marcus #1 2020/11

    Very reasonable price and can get pre made items in a hurry

  3. Erin Robinson-Morris 2020/09

    Excellent service and prices… they just need to add pickles to menu… they serve a lot of sandwiches but don’t have pickles…

  4. Kevin Parks 2019/12

    What a pleasant surprise! Staff working very hard to serve a huge crowd, and maintained very positive attitudes!

  5. Tina Buskey 2019/11


  6. Debbie Bridwell 2019/11

    Great fresh salads to pick up in the case, but please bring back your homemade balsamic dressing.

  7. Jim Buffey 2019/10

    Great food

  8. Meek 434 2019/10

    Great spot for lunch! The staff make you feel welcome and are very courteous, great customer service and good lunch spot for a quick bite. Oh yeah the portions for the sandwiches are huge! I was impressed with the burger and the tuna melt is my go to! It comes with bacon 🥓 😋😋😋toasted with your choice of cheese…Meriwethers lunch spots never fail if you can catch the taco salad or shrimp and grits try it!!!!

  9. Muthuvel SS 2019/10

    For the spicy chicken wrap 🙂

  10. Joanne White 2019/08

    Greatfood and prices

  11. William Roper 2019/08

    A hidden treasure amongst the politicians. Great food!

  12. K Brown 2019/07

    Great place for a quick bite and to watch the latest news.

  13. Adrian Birmingham 2019/07

    Good food, cheap and fast. You’ll have to check in with security before you enter though.

  14. Judy Wyse 2019/06

    Special sandwich is HUGE. It fed both Gary and myself.

  15. Suresh Soundararajan 2019/01

    Healthy and reasonably priced

  16. Anna Miller 2018/12

    Sirahca mac cheese waffle delish

  17. Debbie Woodson 2018/12

    Club sandwiches awesome

  18. Stacy Litchford 2018/12

    This is a great place to grab lunch if you work downtown. There’s always a friendly staff and the prices are very good. The soup and sandwich options give you a good variety and there are specials each day.

  19. Rob Minford 2018/10

    I eat here twice a week and it never gets old. Their club sandwich is where it’s at.

  20. Randall Johnson 2018/09

    Nice little hidden lunch spot. Great sandwiches and dogs.

  21. Little Bird 2018/08

    Take a tour, then eat a modest priced balanced lunch. Great vacation /staycation spot

  22. JrRmason 2018/06


  23. megan nelson 2018/06

    always a good experience. TRY THE TUNA MELT ON A WRAP!

  24. Laura Nelson 2018/01

    Tuna melt is really good!

  25. Will Harris 2017/05

    Good salads and daily specials. A frequent take out spot if you are a state employee. I say hi to the architect of liberty himself, Thomas Jefferson, every time I hit up the cafe.

  26. Michael Lewis 2017/04

    The specials are usually good, especially for the price. The salads are good and the service is always friendly.

  27. Dan Wolf 2016/10

    Great bargain for downtown lunches!

  28. Christopher Washington 2016/02

    The sandwiches here are amazing. Also had their shrimp gumbo and being a Louisiana guy, it was alright; in fact I liked it more than Lady ‘Nawlins. Nice hidden gem to make it out to

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