West Creek Animal Clinic

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West Creek Animal Clinic
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  1. Mary Hungerford 2023/11

    Dr Minsch is the best vet you will find. She has been so caring and compassionate with our special needs pup. She is very knowledgeable and professional yet personable. So lucky to have found her!

  2. adrienne hungerford 2023/11

    I honestly cannot say enough good things about this veterinary practice. Dr. Minch is an amazing veterinarian. Her knowledge of medical issues, behavioral issues & pharmacology for animals is superb. I would follow her any where for the care she has given my pets. I know she has extended their lives. Also, she is so kind and responds to your calls. She will stick with you and your pet! There is another new vet there, Dr. Grimes who just assisted us with our dog during illness and subsequent euthanasia. His compassion and knowledge were also just off the charts. He is a gem. Together they make an incredible team for pet and owner alike. The staff is also lovely and kind. Always helpful on the phone and they respond quickly. It is a great team. I am so pleased with the care I receive and I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone looking for pet care. It is a special place.

  3. Katherine Waller 2023/11

    Great Vets. Bonus added with outstanding staff.

  4. Debbie Comer 2023/11

    We have only started going to this animal clinic since end of September 2023. our 1st visit was to put our cat down and ended up bringing his brother in 2x since then.
    I Could not ask for a better vet Dr. Minch or her staff. My husband and I are older and have had lots and lots of animals but retirement has come and we have to watch our finances, they have gone above and beyond what is expected ln trying to save our 2nd cat. Can I just say I love Dr. Minch!!!!

  5. Cynthia Wright 2023/11

    I LOVE this vet clinic!! Best one around! They were able to see my bearded dragon and all of my cats while still being informative! I love this place and wouldn’t trust any other vet to see them! Thanks for all that you guys do!

  6. Ellie Leonetti 2023/10

    Fantastic team here. Have been caring for our small animals and kittens since I moved to this area and its definitely worth our drive now we’re a little further!

  7. M Martin 2023/10

    We have a rescue cat, and he has had multiple issues over the course of the last 2 1/2 months. Long story short he had to have a pretty complex surgery to remove teeth and also a HUGE(think half inch) polyp from his ear. This Vets office and the Vet herself were SO helpful, compassionate and caring. Dr. Minch was very thorough in her assessment and treatment plan for him and she was even able to have extra help on hand the day of surgery. Everything was explained to us and all questions answered. She helped us to feel comfortable on the day of surgery by meeting with us for additional information and questions. She even called us mid surgery for an update. After surgery Dr. Minch as well as her staff were just as compassionate and caring for not just our cat, but for us as cat parents. I will go here again for sure. Compassionate ,thorough, and very knowledgeable staff and doctors make this vets office a great pick. We left feeling as well cared for as our special cat had been in their care.

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