Wellesley Animal Hospital

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Wellesley Animal Hospital
4.8 based on 369 reviews
  1. Melissa Walton 2023/11

    We used Wellesley for years and they have seriously gone down hill (restructuring or corporate acquisition? who knows). Most recent routine visit took 2 hours with no one seeming to be in charge. Office was chaotic and it prompted us to change vets!

  2. Elizabeth Motley 2023/11

    Used to love them. They took care of my hamster Hazel. After Covid they fired and won’t hire people with disabilities.

  3. G D 2023/11

    Finding Wellesley Animal Hospital was truly everything. From past experiences at other vet offices, this place really put my mind at ease. From the extremely kind and compassionate team to how understanding they were, I knew I had made the right choice coming here. I genuinely recommend this place, it’s hard finding people who love and care about your pet as though they are your own, and that’s exactly what they do here. Thank you all for everything you did for me and my boo bear, I couldn’t be more grateful.

  4. Shejjena Ahmed 2023/11

    My cat Jeffrey and I love it here! Everyone is always so kind and helpful whether it’s in person or text message, they are very responsive. Also special shoutout to Dr. Meaghan for being such a sweet person and always showing the utmost care for Jeffrey.

  5. crystal sullivan 2023/11

    Nice doctor very informative. People at the front. Desk were very nice. It’s just a little too expensive. I paid $200 more for the same test I would have at my mobile vet. Great experience but just a little too expensive.

  6. Alison Meehan 2023/11

    Very nice, carrying staff. They do their best to keep both our dogs calm, happy, and healthy. They also do a good job trying to keep prices low for us

  7. Lauren Kirkland 2023/10

    We brought our new bearded dragon 🐉to see Dr Dean for a checkup and fecal sample. She was amazing as was her vet tech. Both were very knowledgeable about exotic reptiles and able to answer all my questions. I learned so much from both! 🥰Dr Dean eased my worries and was so gentle with my sweet baby.🤗 …

  8. Chandra Richins 2023/10

    I appreciate how sweet they are with my dog, and they are great with communicating re visits, appts, and treatments. I’ve had experiences with 4 of the doctors there and have liked all of them. Each one has been genuinely invested in the success of my dog’s health as well as our success as a family as we care for our dog.

  9. Jen 2023/10

    We are so happy with Wellesley Animal Hospital. The care they provide is genuine and exceptional. We feel like everyone there is knowledgeable and competent. We trust them with all of our 4-paw family members.

  10. Deanna 2023/10

    They took good care of my bunny Elsa today. They got her in for a emergency visit the same day when other vet offices were telling me two weeks. They went above and beyond. Even followed up to see how she was doing. if you are looking for a caring vet that is affordable look no further! Thank you for helping Elsa today we will be coming here from now on. I highly recommend this vet!


  11. Suzanne Navarro 2023/10

    Wellesley worked Rebel in for an appointment. We waited less than 5 minutes before greeted by Dr. Kelly. Dr.Kelly was extremely thorough, even though I brought my 90 lb. male Red Doberman in for an ear check to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. She asked questions about his diet and activity and spoiled him with such genuine love. She ensured all records, shots, and annual exam were updated and entered into the database. The best heartworm medication was explained and he even got a pedicure while being showered with love from 3 individuals at Wellesley! Thank you! Woof Woof!

  12. Hallie Lifson 2023/10

    So friendly and nobody else would clip my birds nails!! They are awesome.

  13. Enqi Fan 2023/10

    The staff is nice, they are willing to work with you.

  14. Peggy Partridge 2023/10

    I am so happy to have been with Wellesley Animal Hospital for the past 16 years. Everyone has been so kind and understanding. I appreciate you all so much. I recently had to put my Mango to sleep and am so grateful for your help and my beautiful card that you all sent me. It meant so much. I still have Sophie with me so will be seeing you from time to time but I always know you are there to help. Many, many thanks to all of you. Love Peggy Partridge

  15. Victoria Jaime 2023/10

    I don’t think there’s another vet like Wellesley. I am military and have traveled several locations and nobody beats the team they have. Dr Dean by far my favorite for exotics and Dr Leal for dogs. Along with Sally our favorite receptionist!!

  16. David Dominique 2023/10

    Super attentive compassionate vet.

  17. Absolute building services 2023/10

    I brought in my reptile, the staff was very friendly, helpful and educational. I highly recommend anyone looking for a professional veterinarian. Once again thank you all for helping Nubby Johnson

  18. Larry Spurzem 2023/10

    We have taken our pets to Wellesley Animal Hospital since it opened. The level of service has been consistently excellent, with caring doctors and a friendly empathetic staff. Highly recommended.

  19. Lunna Carvalho 2023/10

    I had a wonderful experience. Staff are super helpful, friendly and efficient. They treated my puppy like their own. I am a first time pet owner and they went through every detail with me. I am glad I found this place.

  20. Henry Ashton 2023/09

    Amazing facility and staff. Personal care and attention, worth the drive from Goochland. Huge upgrade from facilities around Maidens. Fair prices and nothing pushed on you that isn’t necessary . Highly recommend.

  21. Jennifer Cerasoli 2023/09

    Had been a customer to Colonial Veterinary Hospital for well over a decade before they changed hands. Took a poll on my dog breeder’s page and everyone said go to Wellesley. I have had 3 visits there so far in the past 8 months and the staff is FANTASTIC. The vet techs (especially Leah) couldn’t be more understanding and kind. My dog and I love this place

  22. Karen Beasley 2023/09

    I had to take my dad’s ferret to be euthanized on Friday. Dr. Dean and the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital were nothing short of amazing. Dr. Dean was patient, super compassionate and kind. She even texted me the next day to express her condolences.
    I live in Charlottesville but wish I could take my own pets here!! I absolutely love this place for the doctor and the staff were so nice.

  23. Betty Watson 2023/09

    This was our first visit at Wellesley Animal hospital. Someone actually answered the phone when I called, which was really nice! I got an appointment in a reasonable time frame for my sick kitty. I found everyone to be very friendly, caring, & professional! They took great care of my kitty! I will definitely take my animals back there!

  24. joan neal 2023/09

    Starting with the staff at the front, you feel like your pet and you are important to this group of vets. I’ve had interactions with several of the drs and techs and appreciate their knowledge and caring attitude. Explanations are given for each procedure too. I’m highly recommending WAH . Mother to 4 cats and foster parent to kittens

  25. Kendra Weindling 2023/09

    Very caring vets. Dr. Leal took his time to listen to all of my concerns and even watched videos of my dog to help understand the behavior we were seeing. Also willing to work with us in a reasonable way. Discussed multiple possible approaches to address the problems, including pros and cons.

  26. Noah Helm 2023/09

    Great vets and got an appointment quickly

  27. Karen Mathews 2023/09

    Excellent, caring staff and good advice for our fur baby’s health. She came for a sick visit. We had to wait 45 minutes for the doctor. This seems to be rypical for the practices we have used but it it tough for the kitty.

  28. Erica Goral 2023/09

    Such a wonderful office. They are knowledgable, kind, well priced, and they take care of my senior dog superbly. I called them at 12:30pm and they were able to get my dog in by 3pm that same day. She was able to start treatment and is doing great.

  29. Krystal King 2023/09

    They’re honestly hands down the best vet in town. Always pleasant and professional. I have 2 bunnies and never worry when they’re in their care.

  30. David Chesbro 2023/09

    Not the same place since new owners took over. Very few of the original staff or vets have stayed on. The new vets are certainly competent and responsible but this place has changed. I’ve been using them for many years.

  31. Paul Webb 2023/09

    Excellent and thorough care and reasonable pricing as well

  32. Stephanie Maranon 2023/09

    The workers here are very amazing. The receptionist are very sweet and welcoming. They do their job in a timely manner and make sure your pets are well taken care of. Dr. Ernesto is amazing and handles my pets very well.

  33. kevin turner 2023/08

    A wonderful experience above and beyond!

  34. dana chava 2023/08

    Wellesley has always provided great care and continues to do so.

    I’ve usually met with Dr. Kelly until her retirement. – she is a highly supportive and responsive veterinarian.

    Recently, I met with Dr. Crater. She is an incredibly astute, warm, and knowledgeable veterinarian. She listened to my concerns and provided solutions catering to several challenges with my pets. She allayed my concerns with actionable and approachable procedures. I walked away from the appointment feeling supported and relieved. It was an absolute pleasure meeting her.

    I’d also like to acknowledge Sally’s welcoming, sympathetic, and accommodating disposition. She dealt with a last-minute appointment change and a few other calls with graciousness.

  35. Kate Reedy 2023/08

    Caring hearts; open and informative communication from front desk, technicians and veterinarians. Dr Robbins is very knowledgeable and offered a detailed explanation of my budgie’s conditions and treatment options. The entire staff (even a retired veterinarian – thank-you!) worked together to provide the required five consecutive days of treatment keeping me informed via text as to his condition and progress. I trust and recommend this establishment and its veterinarians.

  36. Stephanie Fleming 2023/08

    The entire team is welcoming and patiently will answer all my questions.

  37. John Grey 2023/08

    Wellesley has been our vet since 2018. Highly recommended.

  38. Xavier Vilaro 2023/08

    As always, great service and attention. Thank you so much, we truly appreciated!!

  39. Kimberly Crater 2023/08

    Dr Crater was wonderful. Kind and caring and spent time examining my dog.

  40. Marc Wagner 2023/08

    Great service. Quick to get appointment. Solid expertise. Nice post visit follow up.

  41. Alexia O Berry 2023/08

    I LOVE Dr. Meaghan! She will always be my go to. I love the relationship we have and how she treats and cares for my mutts and kitty. Everyone has always been very good to me through the last 15 years, 7 dogs and 1 kitty. If you know me, you know I would cross the planet barefoot for my animals and I appreciate the care Wellesley provides back. When my 1st dog got sick and started to head towards his last day and had many visits, they always could see me, knowing how much my boy meant to me, being my first baby. Sally is the sweetest and most soft spoken face you could have behind the desk:) Everyone is great!

  42. Joyce Lillemon Boschert 2023/08

    I always know Jill is in good hands here. The doctors and staff are professional and caring.

  43. Patricia Meade 2023/08

    I thought the staff was very nice and very knowledgeable about my type of bird.

  44. April Galton 2023/08

    The best veterinarian I have been to in a long time. Everyone from the receptionist to the assistant and of course the veterinarian. They all care about the animals I love it there and highly recommend anyone to take the time to go there.

  45. Aly Walters 2023/08

    Just an overall thank you to the whole Wellesley vet team. Though we did receive news that was heart breaking for our beloved maggie. Everyone we spoke with was very efficient and knowledgeable on what to expect in the up coming month(s) with maggie. They also answered all my questions about cremation and was very nice to agree to split her ashes once the day comes. I personally want to thank Sidney (we knew each other) for reaching out to check up on me. Just FANTASTIC service. I applaud you all.


  46. Richard Gillings 2023/08

    You all still meet or exceed my expectations with each visit or service provided. Thank You for taking good care of my cat Charlie.

  47. J R 2023/08

    They were the only doctors in the area who would see our pet rat on short notice. Prescriptions helped him a lot.

  48. Ed Curran 2023/08

    Excellent staff and doctors.

  49. Jeanine Kody 2023/08

    First, the staff was very kind and helpful. Understood my dog needed to be seen same day, and figured out a way to make it happen. Along with the cooperation of the vet he is going to be just fine. Thank you!

  50. Ash Eli 2023/08

    The most caring staff I’ve ever seen at a vet. Wish I could give greater than 5 stars.

  51. Megan Hoffmann 2023/08

    Every employee we met there, from front desk, to vet assistant, to the veterinarian, were so kind hearted. Highly recommend.

  52. katie ritter 2023/08

    I bring my bearded dragon Olive here. They are great!! First visit was an emergency appt..they got him in within 2 hours! Any questions I had after appt they answered quickly within hours. I really like this animal hospital. Great Drs & Staff.

  53. Michael Teri 2023/08

    Great service at check in desk as well as doctor & assistant in exam room.

  54. Joseph Aquilina 2023/08

    Dr Meaghan Godwin and her staff were very responsive and helpful in treating our Boston Terrier.

  55. Ramona Trulear 2023/08

    We always brag about Wellesley Animal Hospital. The great staff and doctors are kind and pleasurable to work with.
    We have been going to Wellesley Animal Hospital since 1995, who have been taking care of all our dogs past and present. We trust them very much.

  56. Kitami Newby 2023/08

    This animal hospital is the absolute BEST! I brought my 4 year old mini Holland lop rabbit here due to him suffering from severe fecal impaction. They not only helped my rabbit, they educated me about the anatomy of a rabbit, identified additional issues my rabbit was suffering from, they provided successful medication to make my rabbit healthy, and lastly provided me with insurance for my rabbit! You all have been extremely helpful and do a phenomenal job with exotic pets. I wish I would’ve learned about you all when I first obtained my rabbit. Wellesley has become my new veterinary hospital for my rabbit and any future pets I have hereafter! You all are awesome and I thank you so much for helping me and my family learn about the health of rabbits.

  57. nails on the go come to you 2023/07

    They were very knowledgeable. They showed me a lot on how to take care of my rescued African Grey. I felt comfortable taking her there.

  58. Jason Snell 2023/07

    Wellesley Animal Hospital doesn’t respect appointment times. I had a 9am appointment which I arrived 5 minutes early for and didn’t get seen until 9:30 after I said something to reception. I got an apology from the tech and vet who was “finishing up a few things”. If customers respect their appointment time, so should the vet.

  59. rick arnold 2023/07

    Prompt and great service

  60. Daryl Perkins 2023/07

    Very Helpful…Great to work with on chickens

  61. Linda Gordon 2023/07

    From the receptionist, Vet Tech and Dr Bunn – very friendly, great service, explained to me process/procedures and options. Being new to the area our neighbors recommended Wellesley Veterinary Hospital and now I see why.

  62. Ilyse Canfield 2023/07

    Very patient and caring staff!!

  63. Pamela Heath 2023/07

    Great place. They care about your animals needs and their owners.

  64. Amanda Pickel 2023/07

    As a former vet assistant and former groomer, I have dealt with handling a lot of different animals. My African Grey Parrot Coco is my first bird and I was very impressed with the way both the doctor and the tech handled her. She let her “violations” be heard (loudly), but never got so worked up they couldnt manage what was needed to do. I was very pleased with the communication the dr and tech shared with me as well as given me all my options for an estimate without steering me to “do it all” and helped me make an educated decision on what was more important at this time.

  65. Kelly Waterbury 2023/06

    Friendly and accommodating. Best animal hospital experience.

  66. Pat Mundy 2023/06

    We have brought our dogs to Wellesley Animal Hospital for 25 years and they have always received great care.

  67. Andrea Fry (Andrea Buys Houses VA) 2023/06

    I love this Animal Hospital. The entire team is wonderful. They care so much about your pet and you. Today I had a bit of an emergency and they worked very hard to fit me in. Wonderful! I highly recommend Wellesley Animal Hospital.

  68. Ronda Kivior 2023/06

    Responsive caring professional love this practice

  69. lauren p 2023/06

    Great place, great people!

  70. Alicia Young 2023/06

    Thank you to the entire staff for being so kind and helpful. My best girl and I have always received top notch care!

  71. Chloe Devening 2023/06

    The team at Wellesley are excellent, always.

  72. Suhail Arora 2023/06

    Been taking my Maltese princess “Lily” to Wellesley Animal Hospital since I got her in March 2021.
    I do not have words to describe how awesome Allison Robinson is. Allison performed her spay surgery and gave me detailed instructions on how to take care of my princess during her recovery period.
    Recently I took Lily for a wellness visit and Allison called me from the hospital at 8pm to discuss her visit and we spoke for over 15 minutes.
    For her to take the time late in the evening to call and discuss Lily’s health in detail is not only admirable but shows she cares.
    All I want is for Lily to be happy and healthy and I am fortunate to have Allison Robinson be her vet.
    The staff too at Wellesley Animal Hospital are awesome and each one of them are polite and hospitable.

  73. David Galloway Jr 2023/06

    The staff here is very friendly, supportive and helpful.

  74. Dawn Rulli 2023/06

    Dr. Ernesto and Elizabeth were very knowledgeable and treated our bird with respect and compassion.

  75. Taylor Vance 2023/06

    First vet appointment for my 8 year old bird. So grateful my parakeet got in quickly for bleeding & a too-long beak . She came home surprisingly happy and totally calm after blood feather care and a beak trim. The vet gave thorough explanations about cause and treatment, and was quite pleasant.
    Happy bird, happy Mom!

  76. Allie 2023/06

    We had a fantastic experience bringing our pup here for his annual wellness check! He is an anxious and occasionally reactive dog and the Wellesley team did a wonderful job making sure he felt safe and had a positive experience at the vet. They took their time and helped us all be as comfortable as possible. Thanks!!

  77. Ash K 2023/06

    We switched to Wellesley this year after being very disappointed with our previous exotic vet. I truly can’t say enough good things about this practice. Everyone is very friendly and professional and the fact they actually respond in a timely manner is amazing. My last vet didn’t even bother calling me with bloodwork results for my bearded dragon and once Dr. Dominguez looked them over he thought a few things were concerning, so it was even worse knowing the other vet did not feel any urgency in making us aware of potential issues…

    Dr. Dominguez is the best exotic vet in Richmond hands down. We ended up having to do an egg removal/spay surgery for our female bearded dragon and not only did the procedure go very smooth he explained every little thing in so much detail that we were very confident in our choice.

    We’ve since switched all our pets to Wellesley and have been impressed with the vets that have seen out cats as well. This practice is a longer drive for us than our old vet, but 120% worth it for the excellent care.


  78. a s 2023/06

    They have always been good to my bunny, checkups, nail trims, e.cuniculi, gi stasis wouldn’t take her anywhere else

  79. Cen 2023/05

    Finally doing this review after 3 years. I have been taking my two fur babies– cats here and the Vet doctors have been very kind. My only complaint is the miscommunication at the reception desk, however, the Doctors’ there themselves are great!

    Reception never state when my kitties are due for rabies, I find out months after it expires! This has happened more than once unfortunately. I also had a separate appointment scheduled for my cat one time, and when I called to confirm, they have no record of it.

    Again, this is all on the reception desk’s side, as they seem to be unorganized there. However, the the Doctors there are very kind and caring to my kitties. I have been with Dr. Bunn for a bit longer than the other Doctors, and she has been very attentive to my questions and concerns. She always ensures I get everything that I need and offers to send me records of work done and results whenever I need it.

    My older cat, is very skittish and Dr. Bunn always handles him in the most calm and gentle manner, and it is much appreciated, as my cat does not get stressed from her exams.

    I do plan to keep using Wellesley Animal Hospital, I just wish the reception was more organized to their records. Dr. Bunn makes the stay worth it!

  80. jeremy kerrison 2023/05

    Excellent doctors & staff who go above & beyond to ensure your pet is taken care of.

  81. Lori Matthews 2023/05

    For $212 the staff should have managed to shave the area of my dog’s wound so meds could be applied and the area get the air it needed to heal.

  82. Andy Condlin 2023/05

    Awesome place. Every Dr and assistant are nice and tell us exactly what we need to do. Great reminders by email and telephone calls. Anytime I have questions they respond almost immediately. We are so lucky to have them take care of our dog.

  83. Paul&Amanda Lilly 2023/05

    Dr. Alli gave my guinea pigs such a thorough check up and was so gentle with them. I appreciated her realistic outlook.

  84. Jeff Marshall 2023/05

    The staff there is great. They always make time for our dogs. They’re very loving towards them, makes all the difference!

  85. Eniko Szalai 2023/05

    It’s great that they treat exotic pets, but they really overcharge ($45 for a nail trim for example). Not everyone is able to afford their astronomical prices.

  86. Debra Strothman 2023/05

    Dr. Crater and LaShay are awesome! Caring, patient, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them and this practice!

  87. Jane DuFrane 2023/05

    Poppy gets very nervous at the vet and the doctors and vet techs are always so loving and caring for her.

  88. Carl Schluter 2023/05

    Brought in Kathy’s schnauzer Jinx for routine blood work, was greeted promptly, vet tech very friendly and professional, and bloodwork accomplished quickly.

  89. Keith Tyre 2023/05

    Absolutely the best, caring and sympathetic, great young vets! They have put down 2 of our dogs and couldn’t have been more kind and caring.

  90. Alphonse Sirica 2023/05

    Dr. Ryan Leal performed an overectomy and gastoplexy on our two -year old German shepherd. He provided outstanding surgical and medical services, which allowed our dog to recover quickly. I also found him to be caring , informative, and engaging.
    The Wellesley staff were also very pleasant and caring.

  91. Jillian Phillips 2023/05

    Knowledgeable and gentle with my pet rabbit. Would recommend for exotic pets!

  92. Laura girard 2023/05

    My 11 yr old cat was sick for the second time in 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago, no local vet I called could fit us in for a sick visit so we were forced to visit the ER vet.
    He was better, but became sick again suddenly. I tried 12 local vets, started at 0830 am.
    My 2 vets were not able to fit us in for a sick visit for 3-7 days.
    They all referred us to the ER vets.

    Wellesley and Dr Godwin were able to fit us in on the same day. They were empathetic and informative during the exam, testing and diagnostic process.
    Dr Godwin explained everything to us step by step.
    We highly recommend Wellesley and Dr Godwin.
    We are planning on moving all our animals to their practice. We trust them and feel confident that they have our pet’s best interest in mind.
    The most important thing is they were able to see our pet in a reasonable time frame.

  93. Chris Brotzman 2023/04

    Everyone was so helpful, knowledgable, expedient, efficient, and kind to me and my furbaby. 15/10 will be back

  94. Alyssa Cheseldine 2023/04

    Very welcoming and comforting staff. So happy to be a new client!

  95. Jenn Edmonds 2023/04

    Our pup is RIDICULOUSLY anxious and the staff is always wonderful and patient with Theo….working with him as he can handle!

  96. Elizabeth Price 2023/04

    We love Dr. Dominguez! It’s so hard to find an exotic vet and he has helped us with our parakeets and now our bearded dragon. The rabbits will be visiting him soon! The tech actually owns a bearded dragon as well. It’s reassuring to know I have a source of info and medical care when I have questions or my babies have trouble.


  97. Mark Shehan 2023/04

    Peach and I had a great visit! First time he has been to a veterinarian. Lots of great advice. Highly recommend Wellesley Animal hospital!

  98. J Johns 2023/04

    We brought our German Shepherd Sandy in for what we thought might have been an infection and the X-rays sadly revealed devastating news…
    The Staff at the WELLESLEY Animal Hospital have been by our side ever since that day as we scramble to give her the best quality of life possible for the remaining time we are fortunate enough to have her with us..
    They have been compassionate, caring and most importantly, available, every time we’ve needed them (no matter what the issue), and we’re so grateful..No words can really describe how much it means to know they’re with us during this terrible ordeal.

  99. Natalie Given 2023/04

    Wellesley Animal Hospital is one of the most caring animal hospitals Ive ever been a patient at. They go above and beyond to care for all their animals including their exotics! I called with a sick parakeet/budgie and they got me in for an appointment the same day, I was pleasantly surprised with their experience with birds too! I would highly recommend becoming a patient here, especially if you have an exotic animal!

  100. matt Hollinger 2023/04

    As a former vet tech I can tell u this is a nice establishment with great people like Dr. Meaghan. The vet techs were great with my nervous dog. I can also tell u they only do the mandatory things. If there’s a charge there’s a great reason. Plan on making this my new veterinary clinic

  101. a aremmie 2023/04

    From start to finish this was the best visit my fur baby has ever had!

  102. John bomb Ware 2023/03


  103. Liz Judd 2023/03

    Sydney and Dr. Meaghan were great to my kitty, Chi-Chi. Sally was very sweet and helpful on the phone. Thank you!

  104. Paige Rideout 2023/03

    The entire team at Wellesley is astoundingly excellent. Kindness, professionalism, and compassion abound.

    I drive over an hour to bring my small animals (rats) to see Dr. Ernesto. I feel like every single staff member goes above and beyond to make us feel like family. I am about to transfer the care of our two dogs to Wellesley, as I feel that they offer the best possible experience and really care, deeply, about their animal patients as well as their guardians.

    Paige Rideout
    Animal Cruelty Caseworker II
    Cruelty Investigations Department


  105. Casey Bunn 2023/03

    We had a great experience with our chicken. Dr. Villegas was awesome! 💚 …


  106. Jaclyn Monteiro 2023/03

    Amazing care and compassion from Dr. Kelly. We are so thankful for her support in helping Maya overcome her fears❤️


  107. ila Sue 2023/03

    I have been thinking of trying Wellesley animal hospital and I am very glad that I did.
    I had heard that they’re very expensive but it’s the same ( market price) as the other ones that I have been going to. Most importantly the care is exceptional. I am very pleased with Doctor Meaghan.
    She is through and very caring.
    The other perk about Wellesley animal hospital is that front desk ppl are not rude.
    I was going to another place where the veterinarians are wonderful but the front desk ppl are not even civil.
    I’ll be back with my other fur kids.
    Thx so much for your time & expertise @ Doctor Meaghan.

  108. Beverly Myers 2023/03

    Saw avian vet, Dr. Ernesto. He was wonderful – careful to explain everything he was going to do, and very gentle with our cockatoo, as was the vet tech. Very thorough with his exam and took lots of time to talk with us about food, amount of light, and other conditions which may be causing her problem. Will definitely go there again!

  109. Theo Wu 2023/03

    Dr Dominguez did a fantastic job taking care of our bunny, Bamboo. The staff was caring and very clear about communicating details after his surgery. The office is clean and cheerful. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone seeking excellent rabbit care.


  110. Harriet Mack-Golding 2023/02

    Great experience with Dr Leal and vet tech who put my anxious dog at ease. Provided me with great handouts

  111. Scorpio WarriorPrincess 2023/02

    I can’t say enough how much we LOVE Wellesley and their staff! Outstanding hospitality and care by all especially Dr Ernesto who I gentle and kind with our piggie kids! Mina loved him particularly but Apollo and Verbolten are so calm around him and the staff. WAH is ready to help and doesn’t let you leave without making sure everything is right as possible with your fur babies.


  112. Mike 2023/02

    Very friendly

  113. Felicia Ferrigno 2023/02

    We have taken many species to Wellesley. We love the docs, but just wish it wasnt $$$o expensive.

  114. Betty Pace 2023/02

    Great experience. They took their time to answer questions and take care of our little Sprocket.

  115. Symantha Crocker 2023/02

    I want to thank Dr. Ernesto for being the most informative, patient, and caring vet I’ve ever been to! I’ve owned pets in the past, but never rabbits. Taking my buns to him as a first time rabbit owner was the best decision I’ve ever made. He takes his time to explain everything, he answers every question, and goes out of his way to teach me and show me things going on with my rabbits. I think he is absolutely fantastic!

  116. Patti Jeffries 2023/02

    Dr. Godwin was wonderful. She gave my dog, Maggie, a thorough exam and explained options for treatment. Both the vet and the vet tech were friendly to me and warm and caring to my pet. I love Wellesley and have great confidence in their care for my golden retriever.

  117. Ashley Taylor 2023/02

    We were going to another vet and were completely underwhelmed. From the minute I called to set up my appointment,
    staff was so friendly and helpful and even able to get me in same day! Dr. Dominguez was thorough with everything going on with my bearded dragon and his assistant was very kind and knowledgeable as well. We even got a text the next day checking on our girl, we were very impressed. Theyy are a little further for us but 100% worth the drive. We will be switching our other dragon as well as our 2 cats to Wellesley as soon as they are due. Highly recommend!

  118. Ron Pisoni 2023/01

    Was able to get an appointment within a couple of hours. Dr. Bunn did a through examination and provide an accurate diagnosis.

  119. Paula Anderson 2023/01

    I got a rabies shot vaccination appointment about 5 weeks ahead of time. I received about 10 confirmation emails/texts during the ensuing weeks. Due to these confirmation inquires, I expected to be seen at the appointment time or within 10 minutes of it. I was very happy to see that we could go into the waiting room with our pets and not have to sit out in the car. However, I was seen about 20 minutes late. The staff and veterinarian and technicians were very nice, professional and friendly. I WILL go back to this practice again. Although I feel it is heavy handed that the practice requires a (not cheap) wellness exam before administering the shot (which is REQUIRED by LAW). I do not mind the exam as I want my cat to be healthy and would get it without being forced to, I just feel like something that is required by law should be given without any conditions. This practice is probably a little on the expensive side, but as of now I can afford it so I will continue to use them. They were the ONLY veterinarian practice to accept my cat on an emergency basis during the COVID time when vets were terribly overworked and understaffed. Even the vet that I had been using for over 15 years (Locke Taylor) turned me away. So all in all I would highly recommend this veterinarian for those looking for good quality care but is not the cheapest around.

  120. Steve H 2023/01

    My first experience with WAH was an unfortunate one through no fault of theirs, however I have nothing but great things to say about the staff from reception, to the doctor and especially the assistant. Great people with a nice facility. They went out of their way, above and beyond to take care of my dog, my wife and myself. Losing a dog is always heartbreaking, but the care and compassion we received was exceptional. We will be taking our next dog to WAH for primary care whenever that time comes.

  121. Terry Sacra 2023/01

    So glad my favorite vet Dr Crater has moved. Already love this place!

  122. Josh Griff 2023/01

    Brought my dog and cat here for years! The office is easy to talk to and the doctors are there to answer questions. Surgery is expensive, but they do a good job. Would recommend.

  123. Angie Scott 2023/01

    The most compassionate and kind people! They really care about animals!

  124. Carolyn Huxford 2022/11

    The vet techs and vets are caring, patient and gentle with my senior dog. I have taken her to Wellesley Animal since I adopted her almost 11 years ago and they have consistently taken wonderful care of her. No question or concern goes unanswered. It’s important to have a good relationship with your pet’s medical team and I found that at Wellesley.

  125. Linda Boland 2022/11

    Always get personal treatment and good explanations. They really care. Dr Alli is new to us and she is great. Very attentive to a medical issue. We’ve been going to Wellesley for almost 14 years now- a long drive for us- there are probably 3 other vets closer to home but Wellesley is like family and they do a great job.

  126. William Everette 2022/11

    My daughter’s parakeet was injured by a cat and seen by this facility on 11/17/21. This vet charged a 19 year old emotional girl $550 to eventually euthanize her pet bird. I’m truly disgusted with this. You not only quoted her a price of ~$450, but added another ~$100 when she got there. You literally emptied this young girl’s bank account. Sadly, I’m sure there are those who will agree with charges like this. In my technical career of over three decades of in-home service calls I’ve gone above and beyond to have compassion for customers, and completed services for free, or at least heavily discounted, when a situation called for it. The elderly, impoverished, and even those that were simply distraught because of other unexpected life events. I really can’t even wrap my mind around this.

  127. Carlyle Humphries 2022/11

    I waited a long time on first visit and was unaware that it would be a curbside visit. I was quoted 350-550$ to spay my bunny. I have gone elsewhere since. I had to go back for a follow up booster, there was a $30 fee for them to administer the shot and another $30 for the vaccine. This took 5 min and was curbside. I do have to say everyone was very friendly and helpful but the prices seem way too high.

  128. Martin Patterson 2022/10

    We have been clients/patients of WAH for several years now and feel like we have a true relationship with the practice and its’ doctors. They are generous with their time and leave you with the sense that they truly are about our cat. They are a busy practice and that alone says much about them. We can highly recommend them.

  129. Chloe H 2022/10

    hi, this is chloé harmon. i brought my bunny in yesterday as an emergency case around 1pm, (suspected GI Stasis,) and had my partner pick her up around 5:30 that evening due to me having to go to work. i’m finding myself extremely frustrated with how un-thorough the invoice was, the vague information provided for the amount of medicine given to my bunny during her visit, as well as the communication my partner received from staff was very verbally rushed and not re-iterated in print form for me to reference. I am also seeing on the invoice under, “medicine to administer at home,” i am instructed to provide 0.6ml cisapride every 12 hrs, for five days, that she was supposed to start last night after coming home. not enough medicine was given in the bottle, and we have been sticking to the 0.6 dose attentively, and there are *maybe* two doses left for her. the bottle was not filled properly for the prescription. if you can call or text me back about these issues, i’d appreciate to discuss them more.

  130. Elizabeth Mordica 2022/10

    The best vet around! My parents used Wellesley and then when I got my own dogs I immediately went here. They provide both care for your animal and peace of mind for you. I genuinely feel as though they put the best interest of my pet first. In one outstanding instance, my puppy had kennel cough and they could not fit her in (understandably things are so busy and they had no notice) but they compiled a list of urgent care vets that they had relationships with and sent me in the right direction to get care for my puppy. Truly a great organization.

  131. Autumn Caneco 2022/10

    We saw Dr Mark for our annual visit this year and he’s been my favorite by far. We have an older dog and he was patient and understood many of the challenges that we face as she is living through her golden years. He provided me with thoughtful information and he he listened to my concerns and provided options for treatment. He was also very helpful in helping us find a solution to her anxiety during thunderstorms, dogtor visits, and other situational stressors. Highly recommend Dr Mark and Wellesley Animal Hospital.

  132. Cindy Andrews 2022/10

    The whole staff at Wellesley is amazing. They clearly care about the animals and the owners. At our most recent visit, Dr. Gottschalk was so helpful explaining our treatments options and helping us get our fur baby back to her normal happy self! We are very grateful they are there and thank them for the excellent service!

  133. Frances Smith 2022/10

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mark. He took the time to discuss Fritz’s physical examination results and give me suggestions for even healthier living. He is so knowledgeable and spends so much time with you and takes great interest in your pet. The office in spite of being quite busy was efficient and prompt at seeing me and checking me out. I highly recommend Wellesley Animal Hospital.

  134. Stephanie Glass 2022/10

    Our dog cannot do the vet. Full freak out mode to the max. The staff here were so understanding and concerned about our pup’s well being versus the shaming we have had at other vets. Made what is always a stressful experience a little less bad! Highly recommend!

  135. Meredith Stockner 2022/09

    Leah and Dr Mark were great getting us started with our two rescue kittens!


  136. Cathryn Brigham 2022/09

    We really love Wellsley- we know they are always doing what’s best for our pups and thankful for how thorough and kind they have been to us!

  137. Mandy Parker 2022/09

    Everyone, from Mckenzie at the front desk, to Dr Robbins, and everyone in between, was phenomenal. Patient, caring, thoughtful, empathetic, and fully focused on me and my pet the whole time. Having had a vet who was not any of those things for the last 5 years…to now have someone who is truly patient focused, is such a blessing. Thank you Wellesley and Dr. Robbins!!

  138. Gloria Sawhney 2022/09

    The Doctors and Staff are wonderful, they have taken such good care of my dogs, that I would be lost without them. They are always available to ease my worries and to give the very best care to my pets. Thank you to everyone at Wellesley, for everything you do for our family.

  139. Ann Small 2022/09

    Wellesley staff and doctors are awesome especially Dr KB and Dr Mark. My precious Rhett was diagnosed with Cancer in June and is now our miracle dog. He is doing well against not so good odds. We saw a new Dr (Dr Meghan) this week and she was so nice and helpful . And to show how special these doctors are / Dr Mark knew we were there and he came in the room to check on him. How many Doctors do that? Meant a lot to me. ❤️

  140. Theresa Murray 2022/08

    Dr Ernesto is an astute, compassionate clinician. He knew almost immediately that my pet has a life limiting illness and broke the news gently but unambiguously, without giving false hope or racking up unnecessary medical charges.

  141. kathy mckean 2022/08

    I would absolutely refer this practice to anyone! Great doctors! I know Dr. Evan is no longer there, but I really had a wonderful experience with him. That being said, I’ve never had a bad experience at Wellesley. I have to add, office staff and front desk staff is all that! Always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It’s so important to have a good staff, and you definitely do!!!
    Kathy McKean, Bindi and Aubrey would agree…


  142. jaime Callis 2022/08

    Awesome place, awesome staff❣️😎🦜 …

  143. Vella Wright 2022/08

    I am new to this area and my not-yet-two year old Scottie, Gracie, had wonderful veterinary care in Roanoke. Before moving I asked her vets for a recommendation when we moved and they gave us Wellesley Veterinary Hospital and the names of Drs. Gottschalk. I contacted them and took her in for a check up and was thrilled to feel at home right away! Gracie was all wags and it was so clear that everyone welcomed her with open arms. I was impressed with the time and attention Kelly gave to my Gracie and feel truly grateful to have found new vets who are personable, knowledgeable, and clearly love their work!! What a warm introduction to what will become a mainstay in keeping Gracie healthy! Thank you, Dr. Kelly Gottschalk and everyone at Wellesley Veterinary Hospital!

  144. Deborah Thompson 2022/08

    They confirmed the appointment time several times. They took me back on time and spent the time my bird needed, while explaining everything to me in a way I could understand. Dr. Dominguez was very knowledgeable and did a thorough exam of my budgie.

  145. kacy 2022/08

    staff were all very knowledgeable and kind. Dr Ernesto & Alyssa did an excellent job caring for my egg bound leopard gecko.

  146. Grace Crislip 2022/07

    The people there were quick and gave me a good diagnosis and instructions on how to help my axolotl. The vet was very kind and explained everything well, and my axolotl has improved by leaps and bounds since his . The price of the appointment was reasonable as well. Thank you for your help!

  147. Academy of Academic Excellence 2022/07

    They were the first Animal Hospital willing to evaluate our rescue kittens left in a box behind our school. No one else in the vicinity would do it the same day as we found them. Wellesley Animal Hospital is dear to my heart and I will stay loyal.

  148. Yolanda Day 2022/07

    Great customer services.

  149. Young Scientists 2022/07

    Excellent care and always friendly.

  150. Heather Brown 2022/07

    I just want to say a big thank you to doctor Robbins and her staff for taking such good care of junior while he was in your care. I have been to so many vets trying to get help for my rabbit and no one has really took his issue seriously and put off a surgery he desperately needed. Doctors Robbin went above and beyond to try to help junior and to save him. He ended up passing yesterday morning at pender due to gi stasis. I truly appreciate doctor Robbin and her staff. If you have a rabbit I highly recommend this vet.


  151. Kenny W 2022/07

    The team at Wellesley is amazing! They will bend over backwards to make sure our fur babies are well taken care of!!! The pricing and all is awesome!!! I had an emergency surgery needed for mine and they saved me 3000 off the price

  152. Jessica Lacks 2022/06

    Dr Ernesto and the team fit me in for an emergency visit so quickly and gave amazing, thorough care to my pet. It is such a relief to know they are there for us!

  153. Duha Al-Rehaief 2022/06

    I brought my leopard gecko in to check on a lump and we had a great experience at Wellesley!! Staff was efficient and quick at checking me in, the assistant was helpful and patient, and the doctor was thorough in explaining my options and giving her recommendations. I’m impressed with how many diagnostics they’re able to do and they handled my leo with care. Love Wellesley for my exotics!

  154. Sandra Ellington 2022/06

    Everyone at Wellesley seems to share that rare quality of being both professional AND friendly. We deal with Avian veterinarians, Dr. “Lucy” and Dr.Ernesto, both of whom seem to particularly care about the comfort level of my birds in their stressful Vet visits.


  155. Jon Hruska 2022/06

    Dr. Allie and Dr. Lucy are incredibly kind and patient listeners. They care deeply about the animals they are treating. We trust them with making good decisions for our pets.

  156. margie davis 2022/06

    Always wonderful!

  157. Chris Leyba 2022/06

    Dr Lucy and her very informative assistant made me feel like she genuinely cared about my little pet dragon and my concerns. She gave me the confidence that things will be okay. I would definitely recommend her experience to my family and friends.

  158. Andrea Walters 2022/06

    Thank you for the thorough exam and answering all of my questions. The experience of this office and staff put your mind at ease since our furry companions are unable to communicate.

  159. Jer Ka 2022/05

    Everyone who had any part in caring for our injured duck! Especially Dr.Kirsten and Sidney.

    I gotta say, your whole business model is a breath of fresh air in a world where maximizing profit is priority over quality of work. We really REALLY appreciate all of your staffs’ genuine care for patients, and especially the open line of communication your staff provide. We also appreciate that your office is adequately staffed, and your staff’s willingness to react to patient’s needs rather than act like an appointment time is a physical law of the universe that can’t be broken. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  160. Megan Meade 2022/05

    The best place to care for reptiles!

  161. Brooke Richard 2022/04

    great place to go if you’re looking for an exotic vet (especially for lizards)!!! Dr. Ernesto is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about their care, which is pretty hard to find. would 100% recommend 🙂


  162. Leora Copeland 2022/04

    The team at Wellesley is amazing. They’re always caring, concerned, and take time to talk with me, explain to me what’s going on, and discuss options. I know how busy they all are, yet they make me feel like they have all the time in the world for me. I’m so grateful to have found this practice!

  163. Felicia Russell 2022/04

    Appointment was given quickly and all staff were friendly

  164. Kate Jones 2022/04

    They are nice and fairly competent, but VERY expensive. They can also spend massive amounts of time spinning their wheels (and yours) trying to get prescriptions correct and to you. I had an animal in with a problem, it had been a year almost exactly since I was there, so I wanted all of my yearly stuff done, with those rx’s written. Following a monstrous bill, I had to call and call to get the rx’s, and NOW they want the animal to come BACK in. What a racket- and there’s nothing you can do about it. With an animal that hates leaving the house, it is an ordeal I’d rather not go through, and we were standing there 2 weeks ago.

  165. Sarah Conroy 2022/03

    Dr. Ernesto, Liz, and the lovely vet tech who helped me during intake were all very knowledgeable and caring. I also really appreciated the follow up I received the day after my appointment to check in on my Guinea pig. I’m new to the area and this is where I will be taking my pets from now on.

  166. Marcy A. Elliott 2022/03

    Everyone I interacted with was kind and compassionate. All the questions I asked were answered with attention. I am a new parrot guardian to an older parrot who has never interacted with me in a positive way, but i promised to care for him when my sister passed. I did not feel any judgment regarding our situation..

  167. Chris Smith 2022/03

    Dr Lucy and her team saved our pup’s (Enola) life when she got very sick very quickly. Amazing place – so grateful

  168. Mary Harris Jones 2022/02

    Our family has been using Dr. G and the Wellesley Animal Hospital for almost 20 years. They have been there with our family for the painful passing of Lucy and Libby and now they are taking care of Gibby. I would not go anywhere else.

  169. Jones Tyler 2022/02

    I brought a chicken in for examination. 10 or 15 minutes later, I was out around $150 but with a diagnosis which appeared to be a best guess. I give it a 3 as I’ve no experience taking a chicken to a vet. But, the charge rate seems a bit high (I don’t pay that at my dog’s vet), especially given the fact that there was no real analysis (blood work, temperature, etc…) except a quick manhandling of the chicken. I’ll be trying other chicken vets before I return to these guys. But, maybe my expectations are high

  170. Ian Adventures 2022/02

    After purchasing a basilisk lizard from an unsavory business (some lessons are learned the hard way), I reached out to Wellesley Animal Hospital because of an eye issue. It turns out the eye issue was merely a symptom of something more serious, but the team had a course of action to treat it. Dr. Dominguez was able to do bloodwork and provide initial treatment while there. Nothing is inexpensive when it comes to exotic animals (as if literal medical procedures and medicines are ever cheap), but the cost of the visit was certainly reasonable for the time put in and the procedures done/medicine provided. Once the bloodwork report came back a few days later, I was contacted about another recommended treatment, which was affordable and effective. Alfalfa has turned a corner and is far more lively after receiving appropriate treatment. There are not many exotic animal vets in the area, so it is imperative that a professional office is chosen. After a friend had a negative experience with another local animal hospital, I was inclined to provide my review for Wellesley. In reference to a review response from aforementioned hospital, not all “very pleased clients” simply go about their business.

  171. Ashley Novak 2022/02

    We love Wellesley!! We moved here over a year ago and they took us as new patients when a lot of other vets were declining people. Dr. White has been amazing! She listens, answers our questions and never makes us feel rushed. She also never pushes products or procedures and is open about cost. We are sad to see Dr. White go but know the other doctors are similar to her and we look forward to meeting them.

  172. W MM 2022/02

    I drove from the Hopewell area to Wellesley and was not disappointed at all. The staff are so friendly and helpful, the vet doctor was excellent, and the system in place for customer service was so convenient and COVID safe. Really pleased and will make this our vet.


  173. Nate Warner 2022/02

    Doolin was one of those once in a lifetime dogs. Intuitive and fun-loving. He became sick before his 7th birthday and Dr. Clarke helped us navigate a complex diagnostic process in a thoughtful and logical way. She was attentive and kind. Ultimately it became clear that Doolin’s condition was terminal and Dr. Clarke provided compassionate care when it was time to put Doolin down. I believe we got a few extra weeks with Doolin before he passed away because of Dr. Clarke. I am grateful to Dr. Clarke and Wellesley for the wonderful care they provided during a difficult time. Highly recommend Dr. Clarke and Wellesley Animal Hospital for any veterinary needs.


  174. Amy Andrews 2022/02

    Dr. Lucy and her staff were AMAZING and ATTENTIVE to our beardy, Nia. We will always appreciate the time they spent went with our Nia!!!

  175. Hailey Z 2022/01

    We’re always treating with respect and our pets are the top priority. Everyone on staff is so professional and kind!

  176. cecelia kampsen 2022/01

    The vet techs, front desk, and vet (Lucy haile) we’re all amazing, helpful, and very attentive to little Scotty. A really great team! Thanks guys!

    Cece + Scotty

  177. Larlane Barnhart 2022/01

    Every one there is AMAZING! We are seniors and we love our babies. Our red eared slider is family. They always explain everything to us and we know our pets are safe with them. Very grateful I found them! Thank you!!!

  178. Teresa Duke 2022/01

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, Very patient with my frisky dog

  179. Kelly Ward 2022/01

    Dr Mark and his team have always taken the best care of my pups and genuinely cared! They have made every effort to make our visits as comfortable and as easy as possible, especially with one of my anxious boys.

  180. Laura Ashburn 2021/11

    Everyone was amazing with Miss Pepita! She despises car rides but always bounces back quick after a visit to see her friends here!

  181. stacey langley 2021/11

    The clinic is by far the best I have ever taken a pet to. I have a parakeet that needed emergent care and they took her in immediately. I will be transferring my dog to this clinic for his next visit. I am so grateful you all take parakeets! Stacey

  182. Tara Ciavarella 2021/11

    Wellesley was able to work with me to make an appointment for an exotic pet wellness check, and then when my pet became sick they were able to work me in much sooner. Staff was knowledgeable about exotics and transparent about pricing and options

  183. Tammie Miller Jennings 2021/11

    Sadly, my first visit to Wellesley Animal Hospital resulted in euthanasia of my tortoise. I knew he was ill when I rescued him, but I was hoping he could be treated. Dr. Ernesto was incredibly patient and demonstrated great empathy. He treated him–and me, as if we were family which I greatly appreciated.

  184. Wayne Harbour 2021/11

    I had an appointment time scheduled, showed up a couple of minutes early. I followed the process and called to let them know of our arrival.
    It was 25 minutes afterwards the Vet Tech came out to get my pet. Then at check out forgot the four bags of treats I had previously ordered.
    They were nice but did not communicate well about delays or getting orders correct.

  185. jennifer swanson 2021/11

    Love this practice. They are amazing with my pet

  186. Nadine Shane 2021/11

    We have been bringing our pets here for around 5 years now and we have never had a bad experience. I think they typically try to work things out so that you always have the same vet for each animal (or we have just gotten lucky and had that experience most of the time) and we really like that. Recently, however, we have had the pleasure of working with a vet we haven’t had before. Her name is Allison Robins. We thought we were lucky to have the vets we already experienced, but Alli really set the bar to a new level. While every vet we have had there made it clear they want to do everything they can to solve any problem and answer any question, Alli finds a way to handle the situation such that you actually work together to come to the best solution for your situation. She is astonishingly kind and acknowledges that fact that you know your pet better than anyone, really creating a dialogue that makes discussing things feel effortless – like having a conversation with a good friend. She truly gives you respect, understanding that you are the parent of your fur baby, and taking your parental instincts seriously. I have never felt such a connection to, or reciprocated respect from a veterinarian before, and I believe that truly sets her apart from the rest. So the practice in general still gets 5 stars from us, since everyone has always been amazing. But Alli gets 10 stars. She really hit a sweet spot.

  187. Kayla Kupselaitis 2021/11

    I have had a fantastic experience with Wellesley Animal Hospital. Everyone I have encountered (from the phones, to the LVT who discharged Honey Bunny, to the DVM himself) was professional, polite, helpful, and most of all reassuring. I’m new to this bunny mom thing, so I am happy to know I have a team of amazing people to take care of my new family member! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOUUU!

  188. Onyx Thorn 2021/10

    Excellent communication, great care

  189. Christina Kim 2021/10

    After being in this areas for 7 years I finally have found the best vet office for my furry baby.
    All the office ladies ans the vet techs are so very nice and professional at this office it gives me piece of mind when my Sofia is taken in. I was a very nervous mom when COVID hit and I had to hand over my baby to them but Sofia Bella always comes out happy and smelling so nice from all the hands that touch her.
    Thank you all for what you do.

  190. Barbara Ingram 2021/10

    I have a 13 year old cat who is asthmatic and is being treated for a gallstone and liver issues. He was having some respiratory problems and needed to be seen as soon as possible. There were no same-day appointments available, but understanding the seriousness, the receptionist talked to Dr. White who said to bring him in before her first surgery patient arrived. Her technician, Rachel, asked the right questions to summarize my cat’s history and current issues. Dr. White did a thorough exam, proposed a range of options and we agreed on next steps. I left with peace of mind, a plan and knew I’d get a follow-up call to see how my cat was doing. I am so grateful to Dr. White and Rachel for helping me, and I am pleased to say that my cat is better.

  191. Mireya Lopez 2021/10

    Great care from Dr. Ernesto. The fact the team texted to check up on my pet shows true excellent service

  192. Forgotten Tails 2021/10

    I have used Wellesley Animal Hospital for many different species of animals. There has never been a time I regretted driving the hour plus to their office.
    Staff is friendly, Vets know their stuff! Everyone is great and pricing is within reason.
    You wont go wrong with Wellesley

  193. Sharon Logue 2021/10

    Wellesley Animal Hospital is a wonderful veterinary service for your pets. All staff are so caring and answer client questions well. I have used them for pet surgery and follow-ups and it is professional and high quality care for exotic pets. I highly recommend this animal hospital.

  194. Kathryn Grage 2021/10

    My pet ball python always has the best care here. the veterinarians are always helpful and willing to discuss pricing and options. this has been especially helpful for me and my python while I am still in school. I will be bringing snake back here for her wellness visits for as long as I have her!

  195. Brittany Pierce 2021/10

    Doctors and associates were all very personable and helpful. They ensured that I was aware of what was going on and the next steps. They went above abs beyond to ensure that we were informed and got the care we needed. Provided references and assisted in getting to where we needed to go when further advisement/procedures were needed.

  196. William Carter 2021/10

    Awesome place with a friendly and knowledgeable staff

  197. Ginger Jones 2021/10

    They were great with my child’s lizard. Friendly staff. They seem to really care about the animals and about making sure you know how to care for them at home.

  198. Doreen Jonson 2021/10

    I have always had a great experience from well checks to more serious visits. The staff is very accommodating during busy times and as well as attentive to our dog’g’s needs! Five star from Teaka 🙂

  199. Heather Grutzius 2021/10

    I love everyone at Wellesley Animal Hospital. It’s a bit of a distance from my house in northside, but well worth the extra time for the care we receive and confidence we have in the entire team.

  200. Maria Fuerte 2021/09

    I’ve taken my rabbit and macaw here and have been very happy with all my visits so far. The vets and assistants I’ve interacted with have all been very kind and taken great care of my babies. Seeing them be so gentle and caring towards my animals during the appointment is what makes me know I’ve taken them to the right vet! My macaw is usually a bit fearful of strangers, but they made friends with him right away!

  201. Shasta Wolfe 2021/09

    Everyone was really sweet and very respectful. They were professional and got to the point.

  202. Terri Somerday 2021/09

    The doctors at Wellesley Animal Hospital are the best. They take as much time as me and my dog need. Never feel rushed. I’m so glad to have them on my side.

  203. Anne Curry 2021/09

    It would be nice to go back further in the pet’s history.

  204. Michele 2021/09

    Everyone is friendly, kind, and knowlegable. I have every confidence that my dogs are receiving the best possible care. Additionally, the compassion shown to my family when we had to let an old dog go a few years ago will never be something we forget.

  205. Debra Parker 2021/09

    Dr. Ali Robbins and the staff at Wellesley are fabulous! I always know my precious fur babies are getting the best of care. We just love Dr. Ali!!!

  206. Franklin Hancock Jr. 2021/09

    Extremely friendly and courteous personnel wanting to make sure your pet has the best critical care necessary. A special thanks to doctor Allie Robbins who helped my pet rabbit Speedy tremendously when he was feeling poorly.

  207. Christa Holder 2021/09

    I brought my hognose Pepsi into Wellesley Animal Clinic this morning and I had an absolutely outstanding experience. The assistants were so nice and Dr. Ernesto was SO wonderful and patient. I felt very cared for and everyone was so nice and caring. I’m so thankful for all the help I was given! Thank you to ALL Wellesley staff!! Pepsi said thank you for all the love and being so gentle!

  208. Cydnee Cline 2021/09

    Everyone involved in my visit was patient and professional. I was able to be seen on the same day with my sick Guinea Pig. I will not take my precious piggie anywhere else!

  209. Sally Lowell 2021/09

    So impressed with the time spent and the thorough examinations! I’m so happy I chose this facility!

  210. Laura Kimball 2021/09

    I brought my pet to Dr. Dominguez for euthanasia and was very impressed with the compassionate care my little guy received. The staff was very considerate and Dr. Dominguez helped my pet pass peacefully.

  211. Leah Munn 2021/09

    I having been seeing Dr. Evan at WAH for about 3-4 years now. He and the entire team are so professional and caring towards my pup. I always know she’s in good hands! We even drive from Midlothian to see them since we’ve moved. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Richmond area.

  212. Ashley Irwin 2021/09

    Everyone is always so caring and friendly. They make us feel like family and we always feel safe leaving our bird with them. I only wish there was a closer office to our new home as many pet hospitals dont seem too keen on caring for birds.


  213. sean mcginley 2021/08

    Kind and wanting the best for your pet. They followed up as they said they would. Worth the drive.

  214. MONICA BIANCHI 2021/08

    I’ve been taking my girls (2 dogs) to Wellesley Hospital for years for check up and it’s amazing the way they have been taken care. The team are very caring, professional, passionate for what they do!

  215. Angelica Martinez 2021/08

    I only take my baby to Wellesley. They are very high quality care and professional. My cat is healthy but i trust they would find anything before it was an issue because they are so thorough.

  216. Hannah Neale 2021/08

    The staff always take the time to explain things thoroughly

  217. Alfonso Hernandez 2021/08

    They were very efficient in the short time that I had to get my rabbit’s health certificate. I would recommended to anyone who owns an exotic pet. Great staff and veterinarians.

  218. Ashley Hanks 2021/08

    Everyone was so nice and friendly! They took wonderful care of my ferret and answered all my questions.

  219. Lara Cohn 2021/08

    Dr. Alli Robbins was so thorough and professional. We moved to the area during the pandemic and I wasn’t able to go in with my two dogs, and she called and chatted with me for over 30 minutes about them and their records and health. She thought of things I never would have, and called back the next day with lab results and another thorough conversation. Very impressed and pleased 🙂

  220. Alison R 2021/08

    The staff and drs and techs were very professional, caring and kind,they are awesome! I’d definitely recommend to family and friends

  221. L N 2021/07

    Dr Kelly is so kind and very thorough.
    I absolutely trust her to do the very best for my beloved Winnie.

  222. Elizabeth Hicks 2021/07

    The staff and vets at Wellesley Animalare excellent and my pets always receive high quality and compassionate care. I have recommended Wellesley Animal Hospital to numerous people over the years.

  223. deborah burnley 2021/07

    Parakeet got hurt. You stayed open for me to get there. The vet was great. And you checked up on bird next day. You have earned my bird business for the future, when though I live 35 minutes away. Thank you.

  224. Kimberly Alford 2021/07

    Dr. Robinson is always willing to communicate and help me decide the best course of action to care for my pets. Thanks for you hard work on behalf of my furry friends.

  225. Mary Brooks 2021/07

    The staff all clearly love the animals they care for. They fully explain everything and offer good advice when multiple options are available for treatment. I feel my pet is very safe in their hands.

  226. Donald Cable 2021/07

    All employees and Docs are very friendly and conscious of both our pets feelings and our own. Even in the COVID era visits are smooth . Thank You Wellesley for taking such good care of us.

  227. Theresa Bell Smith 2021/07

    My cat stopped eating. Dr. Evan unfortunately had to inform me my cat was in dire straights. Dr Evan and team is very kind, patient, efficient in testing and gentle with my cat. I am grateful for the team and am hopeful recovery and normality can return soon. Dr. Evan has checked in w/me every day and I appreciate his direct no beating around the bush approach, which I requested. I highly recommend Wellesley Animal Hospital for your pet(s).

  228. Ashley T 2021/07

    The staff was kind and welcoming. The vet took his time answering my questions, explained everything in detail. His assistant was so perfect with my pet rabbit, even after being scratched. I give them my highest recommendation.

  229. Waite Rawls 2021/07

    All of the people who work at Wellesley are easy to work with and care deeply for your pet. Dr. Evans particularly.

  230. Kay Ford 2021/07

    My fur baby is family and he deserves the BEST. Wellesley Animal Hospital is the BEST! They treat you and your fur baby like their family. Quality of service is top notch. There is so much love there.

  231. Darleen Ziege 2021/07

    Came here after adopting a new rabbit to make sure he was healthy and quickly realized the poor guy has earmites! Really kind and knowledgeable staff but if your pet needs meds, see if you can try to order them elsewhere. I checked afterward and paid $90 for meds I could’ve ordered on Chewy for about $56.

  232. K 2021/07

    I called one morning, because my hedgehog started having a cough and I knew I needed him to see a vet ASAP. When I spoke to the lady on the phone, she was so kind—they didn’t have any open time slots for appointments that day, but she was able to squeeze me in.
    Every time I have called in the past week with a question or worry, everyone has been so sweet and understanding. I tend to be a worry wart over my pet so I appreciated that they never seemed to be bothered by me constantly calling.
    Dr. Ernesto and his assistant were very helpful during my hedgehog’s visit as well. It gave me relief to know that they would be able to help him get better ( having a somewhat niche pet made me nervous about getting him seen, as not all animal hospitals have staff trained for them). They made sure I was fully informed as a pet owner, and made sure that I understood the diagnoses and recovery instructions for my hedgehog’s URI. At one point I had a little cry, and Dr. Ernesto’s assistant brought me some water to calm down.
    All of these little things are what make a good business and great place to bring your animals. Highly recommend 🙂

  233. Vicki Roberts 2021/06

    Staff is always friendly, professional, glad to answer questions

  234. Craig Connor 2021/06

    This place is the absolute best! They are honest, real, and transparent. I don’t feel like I’m being given a sales pitch to buy overpriced food or other products for my animals.

    Dr. Evan is fantastic. I could not recommend him more. He has been seeing both our dogs for 6 years now, and we could not be happier with him. One of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

  235. Nikki Morrison 2021/06

    Wellesley has consistently delivered OUTSTANDING service, care and bedside manner over the course of many years and multiple pets, regardless of the provider. Staff is always friendly, helpful and above all caring. Thank you so much for all you do for your clients as well as the community at large!

  236. Zoe Thomas 2021/06

    When I arrived for my cat’s appointment, the staff were friendly and quick to check me in. From the beginning of the interaction, I got the strong impression that the team really cared about my pet and took my needs as a pet owner seriously. The appointment was both quick and thorough. I waited in the parking lot and the vet called me when the appointment was over. She took her time explaining every aspect of the appointment down to the specific leg they had to draw blood from. She answered all of my questions and made sure I understood everything before we got off the phone. Everyone I interacted with was so sweet to my cat and told me how calm she was during her appointment. The next day, then even called to check in and make sure my cat was doing okay! I truly can’t say enough good things about Wellesley. They take the time to do things right and they truly care about the well-being of your pet. I’m sold.

  237. Sandra Bailey 2021/06

    I have been thoroughly impressed by experience here. I have a bearded dragon, and they were one of the few vets in my area to service reptiles. They got me in for an appointment very quickly, and were professional, kind and responsive to my questions and concerns. I felt like a valued customer here and that they cared about my pet and his treatment.

  238. Richard Alabanza 2021/06

    Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Our pet was well cared for and I felt comfortable post op caring for my pet.

  239. Diana Collopy 2021/06

    I received an appointment as soon as one was available for my pet. I was met by polite and empathetic vet techs at my car to take my pet to the office. The veterinarian called my cell to discuss my pet, tests needed, and possible diagnoses. Later in the day, the veterinarian phoned my home to give results of the tests, diagnoses and possible treatments. Ample time was spent discussing these and time was provided for questions. I am very pleased the professional service my pet and I received.

  240. Jackie Mason 2021/06

    My experiences at Wellesley Animal Hospital have all been 100% impressive. Everyone has been cheerful, helpful and professional, whether in person or over the phone. The veterinarians are super informative, in a detailed but understandable way. I feel completely confident that they care deeply for the animals and animal owners that they serve.

    Jackie Mason


  241. Mary Beth Long 2021/06

    Caring and supportive to pets and people, Wellesley has been our vet for years.

  242. Carol Tuck 2021/06

    Thank you So Very Much Dr. Mark, Dr. Kelly and Especially Dr. Alli White

    After receiving conflicting speculations from two supposedly respectable veterinary practices in Richmond last month that left me in terrible dismay with NO options, the team at Wellsley took the bull by the horns and went the extra mile to show what Competent Veterinary Practises looks like. They thankfully examined, used ultrasound, and did further testing to seperate all the fictions and find the true facts. In the end the situation was normal aging for a 6 year old dog and not at all something that required greatly alterating surgery that would change the dog for life.
    The internal situation was not causing pain and was not a hindrance to the dogs health as described to me by those who just wished to make money on surgeries not even needed and at the expense to my poor dog.
    I was livid and went three weeks in a state of terrified desperation for no reason by a cruel few trying to make money at others expense. Wellesley will show Excellent skilled Veterinary Practices and they will sort out the True Facts from personal unsubstantiated opinions and they will give you all the options so you can make educated choices that are right for your animal children. If your animals are your kids, you better choose Wellesley. Don’t experience unnecessary disaster as I almost did…………….Carol Tuck

  243. Terri Shiffer 2021/06

    I’ve been bringing my beloved 4-legged companions to Wellesley for 2 decades. The level of care, compassion, and communication provided by every team member in the practice is like no other veterinarian I’ve seen. They are wonderful.

  244. Annetta Riley 2021/06

    The best vets in the far west end.

  245. Barbara Lynch 2021/05

    Great vets and techs.

  246. Theresa Pasini 2021/05

    They are wonderful, caring and patient! Highly recommend!!

  247. Sydney Love 2021/05

    Lovely staff. Educated & helpful professionals diving deeper to fix the root of the issue for our fur babies.


  248. Barb Gottschalk 2021/05

    Thank you Dr.Kelly and Dr. Mark for your care and concern for our 3 year old Westie,Gemma. She has had a very rough year feeling sickly and definitely not feeling like “herself”. Thank you for all your time and your expertise figuring out what what is going on with our Westie. All of your input, phone calls and time is definitely making her like a new dog….We appreciate all you do!! I can’t even express how thankful we are for you both.🥰🥰 Thank you, HAPPY DOG MOM

  249. Rosemary Green 2021/05

    Dr. Mark has been caring for my pets since about 2000 (on my 3rd ‘challenged’ canine). I love him and Dr. Kelly. I love their sincerity and concern for every animal they see. And they have developed a medical staff that exhibits the same care and warmth for 4 legged and 2 legged clients.

  250. Ana Castillo 2021/05

    Great place!

  251. Elizabeth Birdsell 2021/05

    This vet is amazing! I was having an emergency with my one of my rats on a Sarurday morning. I called and they were complete overbooked but were so helpful and let me come in with her! The doctor that saw her (Dr. Gottschalk), had come in on her day off to help out. She was extremely thorough, explained everything to me and all of the options I had. I never felt rushed and I felt that all of my concerns and questions were valid and listened to. She even called me after a few days to check in and see how Raven was doing. This is an amazing establishment and I reccomend them with all my heart!

  252. Lane Rasberry 2021/05

    good help for chinchilla

  253. Mark Deutsch 2021/05

    Convenient appointment availability, good follow-up, and friendly staff.

  254. April Westbury 2021/05

    I can’t begin to share how incredible the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital is! I recently visited them concerned about a lump that had developed on my cat. Not only did they provide excellent service, the veterinarian who saw him was able to answer all of my questions and put my mind at ease! The entire staff is so wonderfully nice and the pricing is extremely fair. I would highly recommend Wellesley’s services to anyone in the area searching for a vet’s office for their precious 4 legged family members. Wellesley rocks!!

  255. Debra Stapp 2021/04

    They claim they are qualified to see avians. I took my very sick African Grey in to them. I had her carrier covered with 4 towels to keep her warmer because it was extremely cold outside. Even if she was well I would have covered her carrier because of the cold. When they brought her back out to me they left all my towels inside their clinic and had nothing covering her carrier. When i asked about my towels they went back in to get them and that’s when I noticed they had not even latched the door on her carrier. I pray my Gray will not get sicker because of being exposed to the cold. And I’m thankful she didn’t escape out the unlatched carrier door because then I might have lost her forever. I will not trust Wellesley Animal Hospital with any of my pets.

  256. Carrie Deangelis 2021/04

    They are amazing, I definitely recommend them.

  257. Meredith Stockman 2021/04

    I have been going to Wellesley Animal Hospital for 15+ years. They are kind, responsive, caring – I could go on. Their team of professionals are wonderful – from the front desk crew, to the Vet Techs to the Vets. All of them are great! So thankful my fur babies have a wonderful place to go to be cared for. Highly recommend!

  258. Jacqui LeBedz 2021/04

    Wellesley fit me and my precious little bunny in when our regular vet was unavailable. Dr. Ernesto and Elaine were very knowledgeable and courteous. I felt that my furbaby was in good hands.

  259. Angela Foy 2021/04

    I am so appreciative of this animal hospital. I was staying with my mother from out of state for a few weeks and had a minor emergency with my bearded dragon. Despite not being a current client they were able to get me in the next morning. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, plus they told my dragon how pretty he is. If I lived here permanently I would be bringing all my animals here.

  260. Lauren de Groot 2021/04

    Wellesley Animal Hospital has been an awesome place for my pittie’s health care needs! My dog has pretty challenging behaviors, and they always take it in stride and reassure me that they can take good care of him.

  261. Leigh Burns 2021/04

    I am always able to get my dog seen in a timely manner. All staff/vets are very knowledgeable, professional and caring! Your front office staff are always very friendly and helpful which is so appreciated. I usually seem to have Michele answer the phone and she is very helpful.

  262. Sarah Nelson 2021/04

    The rabbit-savvy vets here have taken excellent care of my bunnies, from neutering to end-of-life decisions. The wellbeing of the animal is their principal concern and they make sure that the human feels supported too. Dr. Lucy and Dr. Ernesto made sure to follow up with me about aftercare when I went home with instructions to administer meds. They were excellent about answering any questions I had.

  263. Raleigh Hobson 2021/03

    Dr. White is so kind and personable. She has the owner’s best interest in mind and deeply cares for their pets. Highly recommended!

  264. Shanna Trentadue 2021/03

    We love Wellesley Animal Hospital!! We have, unfortunately, had to put down two dogs here and the experience was nothing short of professional and compassionate. They made a really difficult situation much more tolerable with their kind words, expert opinion, and gentleness in handling of the situation. They treat our pets like their own and we would highly recommend their services.


  265. Kelly Young 2021/03

    I recently switched to Wellesley from a different animal hospital, because I didn’t feel like my rabbits were getting the best care. I travel even farther to go to Wellesley, but I could not possibly be happier with their service.

    Thank you to all of the staff, all the people who work at the front desk and assist the doctors, and thank you to Dr. Ernesto and Dr. Robbins. They are all so nice, responsible, knowledgeable, attentive, and caring towards the animals. I feel like I can trust that my babies are getting the best care they can.

    They always answer questions lightning fast despite being extremely busy, they ask all the right questions about my pets, and they pay close attention to everything I tell them. They even saw my pet when it was an emergency despite being extremely busy and gave him the best care. He’s already showing signs of improvement and I couldn’t be more grateful. They even refilled his life-saving medications when I accidentally lost them.

    It’s scary to trust my pets’ health and treatment to other people, but I feel assured that my pets are receiving the best care they can. I just have endless gratitude to everyone at Wellesley for taking care of my babies. I would recommend this place to any and all rabbit owners, and from what I see I think that all of the other animals receive exceptional care, too.

  266. rebecca 2021/03

    The staff is attentive and kind, great atmosphere. It is clear that animal lovers and passionate vets work here.

  267. kellie Hilb 2021/03

    Dr Allie is a hard to find jewel for a backyard chicken owner – she asks questions & listens well, is well informed, thorough in assessing symptoms and reasonable in advising on testing, costs and treatments. I’ve found her to be warm and kind and she’s passed on helpful articles on keeping chickens

  268. Jean Woodrum 2021/03

    You guys are super friendly and helpful! The only reason I say 4 stars is because I was waiting for my pet for almost 4 hours the day of his appointment which was a little excessive I think.

  269. Arkady 2021/03

    Thank you Heeley, Dr.Lucy, Liz, Dr. Robbins, and absolutely every staff person I’ve encountered at Wellesley Animal Hospital.

    We were seen within an hour of calling for an emergency visit when my daughter’s girl bunny presented with botfly larvae yesterday morning. Dr. Lucy, and all staff but especially Heeley, were good at explaining everything and calming my panic about sending the bunny into the extraction procedure. We had been there once before and experienced such kindness from the staff; this time we saw all new people but the level of kindness was equally high. Heeley did a perfect job of explaining post-surgery care for our bunny, at discharge.

    And about our first visit: I was struck by the compassionate care, time and space Dr. Allie Robbins & staff gave my young daughters and I when my daughter’s boy bunny had to be euthanized last month. The room w our name on the door, where we got to say goodbye to him, was such a help while facing that tough decision.

    Lastly, I’ve had phone interactions with Liz when she assisted me in understanding a billing error, and when she set up a vet visit. I found her to be helpful, friendly and just really nice.

    I most definitely and emphatically recommend Wellesley Animal Hospital.

  270. Richard-Rick Vranas 2021/03

    Excellent service! Excellent Doctor and Staff! Best vet ever!

  271. Catherine Meade Gray 2021/03

    Dr. Robbins and the staff at Wellesley are wonderful. We have two senior rescue cats, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with their care!

  272. Al R 2021/02

    Took the time to explain Odin’s condition clearly and provide helpful information of someone to contact that can help Odin with getting more exercise given his condition.

  273. Madison Martin 2021/02

    The Wellesley Animal Hospital took great care of my rabbit Dumplin for surgery and his annual checkup.

  274. Brenda Schmidt 2021/02

    All the team members I’ve ever met have been fabulous. I really have great confidence in Dr. Evan in particular. I really feel like he knows and loves cats. So for cats I would recommend him.

  275. holli noel 2021/02

    This was the best experience ever!

  276. Summer Frost 2021/02

    Incredibly kind and competent staff. I have taken both my leopard gecko and cat to this vet and had nothing but positive experiences. My cat can act aggressively at times and they are always accommodating and give her high quality care.

  277. Unearthly Yearnings 2021/02

    Today during a walk my husband and children found a seriously injured snapping turtle. Someone had run him over and he was bleeding out of both ends. My teenage son brought him home and we began the process of contacting wildlife. Unfortunately I did not have much luck. A very kind lady on Facebook told me about this veterinary office. I am so thankful they took the turtle to try to rescue him and help ease his pain. In the future I would always think of them in the event my own animals have any health issues and for Preventative care. I was so scared this poor little turtle was going to die in excruciating pain but they put my worries at ease. God bless all the wonderful workers there and all they do to help all the animals.

  278. Suzanne Hendrick 2021/02

    We live in Bon Air and wanted a 2nd opinion for our senior dog’s ailment. A friend works at Wellesley, so that’s why we went so far out of the way. But even so, the whole staff was very compassionate and caring, offering solutions and options. They provided testing that determined another, specific health issue. We appreciate them very much!

  279. BellaJade Photography 2021/02

    Absolutely love this clinic. They helped me rescue a super sweet rabbit. They’re always so caring and willing to get my baby in when he needs it. They help with all my rabbits and I can’t thank this clinic enough. You’ll never have a bad experience here. You nor your pet.

  280. Stephanie Maurer 2021/02

    With Covid protocols you can no longer go in with your pet. I thought this would put stress on our dog, but the staff and vets are so patient and caring he did great alone!

  281. N Cornelius 2021/02

    Thank you to Dr. Ernesto and Dr. Robbins and the vet techs that cared for our elderly ferret. While his remaining time with us may be short, I know he and our family greatly appreciate the expert care he has received. The most recent vet tech we had at our last visit really brightened our mood in an emergency and was very kind and funny. Both Dr. Robbins and Ernesto clearly have had and/or really enjoy working with ferrets. It put us at ease knowing they were in good hands. They have both successfully been able to preserve both our ferret’s quality and length of life while giving realistic expectations for the future, which is priceless. Thank you all so much! You are a great and talented team!

  282. Laura Thomasson 2021/02

    I love, love, love Wellesly Animal Hospital for so many reasons. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. The quality of the medical care is OUTSTANDING! I completely trust the Docs at Wellesly and although I find them to be a high priced, I would not go anywhere else,

  283. Twisted Misery 2021/02

    My visit with my girl Ivy was nerve wracking. But the staff at Wellesley did their best to assure me that everything would be fine. Leah was extremely friendly and we shared a few laughs during the appointment. Dr Ernesto was very friendly and very comforting while going over treatment options. I live almost 2 hours away but I know for sure, outside of routine check ups, I will be going back to Wellesley for any other needs!


  284. Abigail Mitchell 2021/02

    My Holland Lop — Moose was neutered here! We live right down the street so having a vet that also handles exotics is awesome. They checked in after his surgery and even allowed me to email them any questions or concerns I had. Can’t wait for his yearly checkups here!

  285. Jennifer Lewis 2021/02

    Wellesley Animal Hospital is amazing! The staff was friendly, kind and had a genuine concern for our pet hamster. They were able to work us almost immediately for an unexpected illness.
    Dr. Dominguez was knowledgeable, and understanding when discussing a treatment plan for our pet.
    Without Wellesley our much loved Petals may not have survived.

  286. Sherri Talman 2021/01

    Best Veterinarians in Richmond

  287. Merlin Soaring Assciation 2021/01

    From the courteous assistant to Dr. Whites informative phone call this drop-off visit went well…and quickly!

  288. Lani Wisner 2021/01

    Dr. Kirsten helped our dog on this visit. Very clear information given for the exam and details for how to best remedy our pup’s ear infection concerns.

  289. Kelly C 2021/01

    Dr.Kelly is wonderful !! She shows genuine compassion and care towards your animal. She also makes time to explain any questions you may have with her vast knowledge of the field .

  290. Kenneth Thomas, Jr 2021/01

    The COVID-19 situation has definitely imposed the requirement for services to adapt to a different model from what is normal. This clinic stands out for it’s above and beyond adjustments for animal care. I have been a client here since 2007 and what I have received for my two animals clearly has not diminished. They had their annual examinations and shots with their visit. The clinic has the operation for it’s curbside service locked down and going strong. A phone call to announce your arrival for the scheduled appointment is followed up by a technician coming to your vehicle, conducting a detailed intake conference, depart with the animal for the doctor’s hands on examination, a write up of the examination by the veterinarian, and a debrief from the veterinarian at curbside. A major concern on my part was the debrief especially so because of my years of experience at the clinic. I had the identical detailed information for each animal that we have received since our first visit in 2007. Everything was “IN PLACE AND WORKING EFFECTIVELY” for the experience being another gold copy of the previous visits. We depend on this clinic for care for our family “members.” I have never been let down for any service element.

  291. Chris Wilbers 2021/01

    Staff is outstanding, both in terms of their thorough care of my puppy and guinea pigs and answering all of my questions. Highly recommended.

  292. Cindy Smith 2021/01

    Sophie was taken in on a “must see now” situation. I had been watching her for a few days and she wasn’t acting like herself. She wasn’t jumping to get on the sofa or barking when anyone drove up the driveway. I thought she had most likely strained her back or hurt one of her rear legs. I was able to get an appt with Dr. Mark Gottschalk. He examined her and said she had hurt a disc in her back. She was prescribed medication and I was told to keep her from jumping. Everyone at this clinic is caring and eager to assist in any way they can. I have been taking my dogs to Drs. Mark and Kelly Gottschalk for over 20 years and will continue to do so.

  293. Judy Lissner 2021/01

    We can’t praise Wellesley Animal Hospital enough. From my first phone contact to arrange for their care of my puppy to collecting a calm little one after his neuter surgery we have been impressed by the caring attitude of all with whom we interacted. As we are new clients, Dr. Mark met us outside the morning of the surgery and took time to meet our pup and talk with us about any behavior issues we might have. He called after the procedure with a detailed report. We had been told by relatives how kind and thoughtful Dr. Mark and everyone in the practice are and we certainly agree with their assessment. We know that we will be very happy having this group take care of our four legged fur ball.

  294. Caroline Patterson 2020/11

    Called with an exotic animal emergency on a Friday and Wellesley was the only veterinarian who would take me the same evening!! Staff was extremely kind and explained every option in an objective manner. Pricing was given upfront and no surprises! Thank y’all so much for helping my bunny.

  295. Emily Sara 2020/11

    Wellesley Animal Hospital is the best AH I have been to—and I’ve lived all over the country with my dogs. My dogs, who are both nervous about being away from me, love love love coming here. Wellesley was also there for me when I had to put my first dog to sleep named Zucchini. They were so beyond compassionate and caring during that time. The only negative about Wellesley is that they don’t accept humans as patients bc I would definitely go here myself if they did.

  296. Celeste Woerner 2020/11

    The staff at Wellesley we’re amazing when my rabbit was very sick. Dr Lucy was so wonderful, helped keep the cost low and guided me through everything needed to make me little one feel better. The staff is so friendly and you just know they love on your pets when they’re with them. They are hands down the best exotic vet in southern Virginia!

  297. Tyler Guy 2020/10

    This is by far the best vet in the Richmond area, especially for exotics.

  298. Mary Radford 2020/08

    My grandsons rescued a squirrel from their cat’s mouth last week and put it in a box with some water, thinking the squirrel may have a broken leg. We called several animal rescuers and were finally given the name of this hospital. I called and told them about the squirrel’s injury and was told to bring it right over, call from the parking lot and they’d come out to get it. They were the most interested of all I had talked to and we were hopeful for the squirrel. The grandchildren checked on it between virtual classes and noticed that it wasn’t moving around the carrier as much, then wasn’t breathing as often and, by the time classes ended and we were ready to take it in, the squirrel had passed away. BUT I will be forever thankful that your hospital was willing to help and gave my grandchildren some hope. We had a nice little funeral at the edge of the woods.

  299. Alyssa Witt 2020/08

    I don’t even want to give a star I understand the covid thing but it was an emergency. My guinea pig was having a seizure.. and they are deadly for pigs my husband took him and he said that they demand they stay out side what I understand bc of covid but he told them it was an emergency and they still said for them to wait out side sadly he died waiting outside.

  300. charrowood 2020/07

    We have been using Wellesley Animal Hospital for our pets’ health care for more than 15 years. They are the best! They communicate well and provide excellent medical and surgical care. The entire staff – front desk clerks, vet assistants and doctors are all friendly, supportive and efficient. I wish I could find such a great practice for my own human health care 🙂!

  301. Toni. J Woody 2020/06

    Both my dogs have been patients of Wellesley Animal Hospital and excited to go for their visits which is rare for a dog to be excited about a vet visit. The care and love the doctors give to my fur baby is exceptional. Dr. Kelly Gottschalk is great with Chudney and he loves his visits. He hesitates to get groomed but never for his vet visits. When my first pet died Wellesley Animal Hospital made a donation to a wonderful organization in memory of my dog. Very rare to see this level of love and compassion for pets.

  302. Caroline Debnam 2020/06

    My cat had been chronically vomiting for over two months. After an emergency vet visit, two other vet appoints and over $1500 spent we still had no answers. When I found blood in his vomit I knew he needed to go back. After call various vets for day of appointments, Wellesley was willing to have a drop off appointment. The staff was more than accommodating to my schedule and could not have been any nicer. Unfortunately we did we return with similar issues, but once again were more than happy to fit my cat in. We are still trying to figure out the reason behind his mayhem, but they continue to be the best service I have found! Thank you!

  303. A. Simpson 2020/04

    Twice they’ve took me in that day without an appointment because I was worried about my dog… These people are caring and you can see that they love animals…

  304. Alyssa Garrow 2020/02

    I *luckily* ended up not having to come in with my ball python, so I am unable to review the experience with any particular vet. However, my experience with this animal hospital thus far has been so great I thought I should acknowledge it.
    I spoke with 3 different receptionists and they were are all SO incredibly sweet & accommodating in a time of stress and worry. When a question of mine went unanswered, they took the time to personally call me back. They were flexible with scheduling and all seemed like genuine, compassionate, professionals. As a pet owner, that means the absolute world one of your babies is sick.

  305. Bonnie McRae 2020/02

    Wellesley is the most amazing animal hospital in the area based on my experience! The staff is caring and accommodating. The doctors go above and beyond. I can’t say enough about Mark and Kelly Gottschalk. If you want the very best care for your pets – go here!

  306. Linda Swartz 2020/02

    After ten years we continue to receive the highest level of care for our beloved pup. In fact, they are credited with saving her life four years ago and continue taking a personal interest in keeping her healthy! The entire staff is wonderful.

  307. Ana E 2020/01

    The team at Wellesley Animal Hospital is amazing! We had two pet chickens with bumble foot and they helped us treat them over a period of a few months. We drove over an hour each way just to get to their hospital but it was well worth it! Our chickens both made a full recovery and we know it was because of the great attention, care and love they were given here. Not many vets treat chickens, and we did go to see two other vets before coming here. So I can save you the trouble and let you know – just take your chickens straight to Wellesley Animal Hospital! Your chickens will be in the best hands!! Thank you so much!!


  308. Kimberly Lopez 2020/01

    Hello I found a pigeon at my job. He was injured but actively eating and drinking water. I had him for two days. Before I could get of from work to take him here. I was excited to find a place who could take care off him. I called that evening to check on him and they said call tomorrow so I called the next day and they said they made the decision to put him down. I ask what happen he was active and eating and drinking. They said we cant discuss why they made the decision to put him down. Because he was not a pet and was a wild animal. I trusted someone to take care of an animal who needed help and you cant even give me a proper answer as to why the decision was made to put him down. I would not recommend this place for wild animal rescue.

  309. Casey McNeely 2019/11

    I just want to say that this Animal Hospital was amazing. My pet chicken was attacked and I had to find a place that could help her. I called here and they took me in ASAP. Once I arrived they brought me and my pet right into an exam room where my pet got the help she needed. Through this visit everyone was so nice and caring. It was rough to watch my chicken pass but Doctor Lucy and the ladies were by my side giving me the support I needed. I would give this place 6 stars if possible. When it came time to pick up my pet they had also provided me with a clay mat with my pet’s foot print. I 100% recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a vet for their pets. These people understand and will care for your animals as if they were their own. ❤️

  310. Kami Griffin 2019/10

    Absolutley amazing Doctors and staff. Friendly, compassionate and caring. My dear guinea pig, Helix, was admitted and given top care. He was very ill and passed away, but not before being given the best care that could possibly be done. They literally did everything they could to help and were very honest but kind to be during the process. Dr. Lucy was amazing, both knowledgeable and sympathetic. I could not have asked for a better team.When Helix passed, they made me a lovely clay ornament of his paw prints and his name. I will always treasure that. Thank you WAH!

  311. K G 2019/10

    This is the most accommodating animal hospital I’ve ever been to. They truly care, and will do whatever they can to help. They even helped my poor duckling with his broken leg, when every other animal hospital turned us away. Would definitely recommend this place!! Best staff ever!!

  312. Jessica Von Bank 2019/10

    Dr. Mark and Dr. Allie went above and beyond to care for my injured kitty while also reducing costs to me where possible. They were so sensitive to what was right for our family while also giving kitty the best possible care. THANK YOU!

  313. Samantha Williams 2019/09

    I called this morning to see if they had any appointments open for today for my bird to be seen, they said they could take me as a walk in, they got me in a room as soon as I walked through the door, the veterinarian that saw my bird was really nice and all the staff as well. I definitely recommend this office and will be taking my babies here from now on.

  314. Jaclyn Monteiro 2019/08

    I can’t say enough about Dr. Evan and the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital!
    My 15 month old Leonberger Maya was struggling with a lot of anxiety related to a bad experience with another vet. After sharing this experience with the staff at Wellesley they were supportive, compassionate and understanding. We made friendly visits first interacting with the staff. We had our first official visit this morning. Dr. Evan was amazing. Spending time with Maya working on building her trust and helping her to feel comfortable. He was very understanding about her anxiety helping to make the visit as positive as possible. I am so glad a friend referred me to this clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Evan and all of the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital.

  315. jeanne johnson 2019/08

    Hands down the best Veterinarians I have ever gone to! Every staff member there loves your pets (even the difficult ones)!

  316. Michelle Watkins-Kennedy 2019/08

    Wellesley Animal Hospital and they’re staff are wonderful, caring and helpful! Dr. Lucy Hale is extremely sweet and knowledgeable. They get you in quick and are east to work with!

  317. Cynthia Gettsy 2019/07

    Best animal hospital on the planet.

  318. Jody Taggart 2019/07

    Excellent vet practice especially for cats. I have one cat that is impossible to handle, but with the help of acupuncture (yes, acupuncture for my cat) she is able to be vaccinated and examined every year.


  319. cat shark 2019/06

    It was a wonderful time there. they were so nice and helpful they treated my ferret great they were also jental and they were lovey dovy too i highly recommend this place ro any animal lover they treat are animles right and they have a rrally cute dog in the back tooo

  320. KERK 2019/06

    We have been using Wellesley Animal Hospital for almost 10 years, I think. We are very happy with the care they provide to our furry kids and with their Vets and related staff. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for quality care for their pets.

  321. Allison Kube 2019/05

    I have been bringing my furbabies to Wellesley Animal Hospital for years. Through good times and end of life the staff have always treated us like part of the family. I recently brought in my new puppy and everyone there wanted to meet her! My sweet pup Libby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The staff at Wellesley have been amazing – not only making sure she is cared for, but that I am as well.

  322. Alex Carroll 2019/05

    W.A.H. is absolutely amazing. I have only had positive experiences with them the past 10 years and they go above and beyond to make sure my dog is taken care of. Won’t go anywhere else.

  323. Jaclyn Monteiro 2019/04

    Another amazing visit to Wellesley Animal Hospital. Thank you to all of the supportive staff that have helped Maya overcome her fear and anxiety from the moment we step in the door. I can’t say enough about Dr. Kristen who went above and beyond during todays visit showing compassion and understanding. The peanut butter on the scale definitely did the trick! We went for a friendly visit this morning and Maya walked up onto the scale with no fear!! Thank You!!!

  324. Lily Ricci 2019/03

    my sister brought in her very first pet, which was a guinea pig. we wanted to get his ashes in a box with his paw print on it. the lady at the desk said that it was guaranteed that they could get the paw print on it. we come in a couple weeks later to pick it up and the paw print is not on it. they said that his body was too decomposed for them to do it.. they said all they could get from the paw was a couple lines. so they decided not to do it. first, it’s ok for the body to be decomposed but they did not tell us at all, we still would have wanted the couple of lines. second, the lady that was telling us this said that my dad did not tell them that we wanted the paw print. i know for a fact that we did ask for the paw print. third, the fact that they lied to us while they were telling us this is unexceptable. my sister was crying.

  325. Ken Toman 2019/02

    My girl Sherry ( lab mix) injured her foot. Could barely walk and would not eat. New to the area and called. Instant apt.. They treated my girl like their own. She received conscious sedation to suture her foot laceration. I was kept informed during her entire treatment. Thank you Wellesley Hospital and staff!!!!


    Ken Toman & Sherry Toman

  326. Modisch H 2019/02

    We started coming to Wellesley because they were well recommended for rabbits and we had a rabbit with health issues. They took great care of her and she lived for years longer than any vet, including previous vets, thought she would.

    We stayed with Wellesley when it was our dog who developed cancer and the vets here have continued to be fantastic. And with their help, our dog is doing very well and we feel informed and supported throughout.

  327. Mark Wood 2019/01

    Wellesley Animal Hospital’s staff are always warm and welcoming and their veterinarians, assistants, and kennel staff provide kind, thoughtful and compassionate care. I have brought a couple of injured birds in and they have always been quick to do all they can to heal their wounds and send them to rehab. They are a great resource for all of your animal care needs.


  328. Matt Gordon 2019/01

    I am so grateful to Dr. Lucy and the rest of the Wellesley Animal Hospital staff. The day after one of our rabbits suddenly passed, I called hoping to schedule in our other rabbit as soon as I could. To my surprise, they were compassionate enough to take us in later that same day. Dr. Lucy and her team handled our sweet bunny with expert care, answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel supported during a very difficult time. Thank you!

  329. Sarah Wieder 2018/10

    The absolute best! The entire staff is so caring and friendly. Their response time is fantastic, they are always eager to answer questions, prices are fair, and they even call the next day to follow-up on visits.

  330. Jenny Graves 2018/09

    Without question the veterinarians and staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital provide the most outstanding veterinary care available in Richmond. Their commitment to the health of my pets is truly remarkable. Their expertise and understanding of animal care and behavior are light years ahead of others. Their point of view is that my pets are my family. They partner with me in managing the health and happiness of my little ones. I will forever be grateful for all that the WAH team does for my cats!

  331. Stephanie Blumenthal 2018/08

    I’m going to try to make a long story short as much as possible here. My dog was in our backyard one morning and I went outside because he was not coming inside when I called him. I went outside to find him sniffing around at a chipmunk that was lying still. The chipmunk was alive and obviously frightened, but very much aware of what was going on. My dog had been looking at and gently rolling the chipmunk around and once I got my dog inside of the house and was able to pick up the chipmunk in a towel, I was able to examine the little guy. Once I put him in a box and moved him around I could tell that there were no puncture wounds or anything from my dog, he was just checking the chipmunk out curiously. The chipmunk was very cohesive, yet scared, but was looking at me with wide eyes. After a little while, he started to try to hobble around but I noticed that his rear right foot was not moving with him, he was holding it up as if he was limping. I called a wildlife rehab group who said that most veterinarians will not take in wildlife, but that Wellesley animal clinic would. After I described to them in detail how the chipmunk was moving and that he was walking around but had an injured foot, they said that was a good sign and that he most likely just has a fractured foot, that the vet should be able to fix him and then they would take him to rehab and let him back into the wild. I brought the little chipmunk into work with me to make sure he was OK – kept him in his box since I had to leave the house and didn’t want to leave him alone. He was snuggling up in the box while I was at work moving around as much as he could with his hurt foot to make himself comfortable and was going in and out of sleep. He became very comfortable and seemed very peaceful with his box and blankets. I called Wellesley to ask about their procedures in these instances, and they told me to just drop him off as soon as possible. On lunch, I went to Wellesley animal clinic to drop off the little guy as instructed, wrote down my name, phone number, how I found the chipmunk etc. I left to head back to work. Thirty minutes later, I called the vet to ask a question about my dog mouthing the chipmunk to make sure my dog wouldn’t catch any diseases. While I was on the phone with them I asked how the chipmunk was doing. They told me “oh yeah he had a fractured foot so we put him down.” Now, I understand that there instances with animals where they are injured and putting them down is the most humane choice. But in this instance, everything that I read, and the three other veterinarians that I called all throughout the morning for advice told me that if he has a fractured foot the veterinarian should definitely be able to fix it and that the chipmunk would be able to be rehabbed back to the wild. As an animal clinic, I would think that no matter how big or small the life, they would try to save it. Looking back, I wish that I had pursued other options and consulted other people who have cared for injured wildlife on their own instead of trusting to the “licensed professional.” In my opinion, places who make such fast and harsh decision like this are so overwhelmed and busy that they just trying to make the most cost effective decision for their business. I understand that the business has to make money, but as an animal clinic, your main priority is supposed to be the animals that need you. It is public knowledge that euthanasia is a much cheaper and easier way out for veterinarians often times than fixing the animal back to health and safety, especially when the vet would have to pay for the procedure for this chipmunk since he did not have an “owner.” I wish that the staff would have at least given me a call to say they were going to put him down so that I could have given him another chance at life. We have two cats and a dog at home and are huge lovers of animals. It should not matter what the animal is, a veterinarian should always do what’s right and try to save a life. I would never trust Wellesley Animal Clinic with my own beloved furry friends.

  332. Marian Alderson 2018/08

    We love the attention our pets receive…associates at the front office..and the efficiency of checkout…PERFECTION!!!

  333. Carli Pegram 2018/07

    Dr. Lucy and the Wellesley Staff are amazing without their help over the past few months, my cockatiel, Tweety, would no longer be with us.
    My 18 year old cockatiel broke his wing back in May. He lost a lot of blood and was very unstable. Dr. Lucy and the Wellesley staff helped us find the necessary 24/7 care and Avian surgeon in NoVA, and then kept him stable until we were able to transport him up to NoVA later that day.

    Tweety had a very long few months, including two different wing amputation surgeries. Dr. Lucy and the Wellesley staff were extremely supportive the entire time. They assisted with bandage changes and post surgery care, and put us in contact with the best Avian surgeons in the area.
    I’m happy to say that Tweety is fully healed and is now working on learning how to navigate life as a one-winged bird thanks to Dr. Lucy and the care provided by Wellesley!


  334. Casey Speas 2018/06

    I was not a current client with Wellesley Animal Hospital when I set up an appointment for our sweet Rosie to have a consult and potential surgery on Monday, March 20th. The typical process is to see the vet, then schedule the surgery, but I had already seen two AMAZING vets and they advised me that they had never seen the type of growth we were dealing with and I should see a vet with dental expertise. After some digging and research, I reached out to WAH. From the initial phone call where I explained I didn’t want two separate appointments, to our departure post-surgery, the staff and Dr Nash were beyond exceptional! We aren’t quite 24 hours post surgery, but we feel confident and secure that they are just a phone call away! Hats off and WOOF! to WAH!

  335. sally bobbitt 2018/06

    I was referred to Wellesley Animal Hospital by Kelli, an experienced Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist I found on the Va Game and Inland Fisheries website.
    Several local people had rescued a snapping turtle that had been hit by a car in Chesterfield on a busy road.
    This team took in the turtle and administered First Aid with fluids and antibiotics, stabilizing her for the Rehab team to continue her care.
    This is inspiring and amazing work. This 5 star review for Wellesley Animal Hospital is in honor and recognition of their efforts for their dedication to injured creatures…our precious natural resources.
    Deepest thanks to the Wellesley Hospital Team!

  336. Nick Berdux 2018/06

    AMAZING, CARING, WONDERFUL. I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLE this veterinary office is. I had an ailing 5.5 year old guinea pig named Nancy who was on her last leg of life. I wanted to try to mitigate any pain she would have on her way out, so I made several phone calls to other local vet services, including 24 hour care emergency rooms, AND NONE OF THEM WOULD SEE HER. No, she wasn’t a cat, or a dog, but she was my best friend who had been with me every day for 5.5 years and, in that moment, the other vet offices made me feel like she wasn’t worthy of their attention, which was wrong. The next morning, I called Wellesley Animal Hospital out of sheer desperation, and they were able to see me almost immediately. They were welcoming, caring, and did not scoff when I said that I had a guinea pig. They knew that no matter how small, every pet is important. While Nancy did ultimately pass away that day, the staff at Wellesley Animal Hospital could not have been more professional and comforting towards Nancy or myself. A few days after she passed, I received a card from them, expressing their condolences for my loss. They truly go above and beyond to help, and I could not be happier than the level of care that Nancy (and I) received there.

  337. delia gabriela 2018/03

    My ferret Freckles didn’t feel too well so I brought him in for a check up this morning . It turned out he had a blockage in his intestines. Everybody was so nice and polite,they took care of us right away. Dr. Robinson scheduled him for surgery right away and she saved his life. I think she is the best human I’ve ever met . They kept me updated all day, and when I called to check in on how the surgery is going they never made me feel like I was bothering them or anything. They were very polite and informative and I couldn’t have asked for better care for my little munchkin. Thank you so much!

  338. Lisa Harford 2018/03

    I was desperate to find find someone to help me with my very sick Guinea pig Garfield. Called my vet in tears they couldn’t fit me in they recommended this vet and I am so glad they did. I called told them of my sick Garfield and they gave me an appointment time. I told them in tears that I didn’t think he would make it till then. Without hesitation they said come now. Fast forward to the end of the story. Garfield is well now! DR. LUCY WAS AMAZING! Everyone was caring loving and did everything perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING MY SWEET GARFIELD!

  339. Catie Baldridge 2018/01

    They take amazing care of my rabbit every visit. It’s great because it’s hard to find an exotic pet doctor in the area, and they are so polite and professional. I am a worrier and I always feel safe putting my little rabbit in their care.

  340. Mark Ackerman 2017/10

    We’ve been going to Wellsley for years with all our dogs. They are all wonderful vets and the support staff is so kind and caring. You won’t find a better practice to take your pets to.

  341. Lili Lane 2017/09

    I love this place. And I’ve only been once. They are Top Notch.

    When I woke up last Thursday, I did not think for a second that I would be laying my little guinea Tiko to rest. I woke up to him whimpering in a way I’d never heard him. He was in so much pain. Naturally, I called 4 local animal hospitals, crying like crazy from seeing him that way. Not only did Wellesley allow me to talk to a tech over the phone, but that tech was nice enough to give me a very helpful idea of what was going on and a probable prognosis that I already feared when I called. The front desk staff was understanding and compassionate. The tech was insightful and knowledgeable, even over the phone.

    Tiko would have moments where he’d lay lateral and just whimper in pain, which I knew was not a good sign for these little guys. Usually very energetic, playful, and most importantly, Hungry (lol), he would not eat or drink.

    And finally, the veterinarian, Dr. Evan Apotheker, who was undoubtedly the most gentle animal provider I’ve ever come across. I have never been in the position where I have to decide to end another beings life. So I did not know what to expect or how many details I would receive, especially when to most, Tiko would be just another small rodent.

    Dr. Apotheker did not make me feel crazy for being so upset. He was ethical in his approach by examining Tiko with me and my friend in the room. He explained why Tiko was in so much pain and how invasive surgery can be for his kind. Whether it be a severe case of bladder stones, intestinal blockage or pneumonia, ailments that sound so treatable to us can be a big deal for them.

    I apologize for the lengthy review. For others this scenario may even be what is expected. But I appreciate this staff for being so efficient and compassionate. I appreciate Dr. Evan for not just taking Tiko in the back and not giving me any time of day to know what was going on to the animal I cared for. I am grateful to the tech who spent time with me over the phone and made a paw print for me to always have : )

    As a physician assistant student, providers like him give me hope and remind me that all beings are worth love and respect. Even the smallest of them.

    Thank you all so much!!!!!!!


  342. gail white 2017/08

    I would not take my animals to any other Vet. The entire staff and particularly Dr. Parker Nash are the most caring people I have ever met. I have never been to a Veterinarian hospital where the entire staff makes you feel like family. Their follow up with their patients is over the top. I cannot say enough good things about them.

  343. Travis Carper 2017/08

    Our Family has 2 large labradoodles and a fat ole cat. Walter, Randolph, and Caine. We have been Wellesley Animal since they opened 14 years ago. I cannot say enough about this group and their professionalism. That alone would give them 5 stars. However they go so far and beyond what anyone would expect. For example coming out to help me at 3a.m after my 14 yr old lab got hit by a car. I was distraught and honestly would not have known what to do. I myself own multiple companies in the Richmond area and Dr Kelly Gottschalk is someone I look up to as leadership in the business community as well. Id give them 10 stars if I could. I do not give out reviews like this. This praise is truly earned.


  344. Anthony Doss 2017/05

    Great staff. They are really friendly. They are good to our pets. High recommend!

  345. Jaqueline Diazzi 2017/03

    Best veterinarians in town in my opinion. The staff is amazing as well,love them all!

  346. sarah hays 2017/03

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about Wellesley and it’s staff. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog DumpTruck, and how involved in his care I am. So, when it comes to finding a suitable vet, I have EXTREMELY high standards. Wellesley passes all of them. Having also worked in the veterinary field as a vet assistant in the past, and now working with animals as a career, I have a bit of a critical eye when it comes to many things in the veterinary field, and I have never been let down by Wellesley’s thorough approach to helping DumpTruck.

    Another really important aspect to me about my experience with Wellesley and Dr. Evan is that I feel like my questions and sometimes alternative approach to issues are appreciated and considered. Dr. Evan seems to have an open mind when it comes to my interest in utilizing “non-conventional” methods (i.e. more natural/minimalistic approaches), and, although we may not always have the exact same ideas on things, I feel like good always comes from putting all ideas on the table, and I have NEVER felt like my thoughts were not considered. I trust his critical approach, and appreciate that he questions both my suggestions and the status-quo before recommending something.

    And lastly, and possibly most importantly, DUMPTRUCK LOVES GOING THERE! It’s like a fun field trip. I swear he’d rather go home with his girlfriend Alix there or with Dr. Evan than me, even if they just gave him surgery.


  347. Brooke Sword 2017/02

    The absolute best experience I have ever had with a veterinary clinic. They went above and beyond to ensure we were adequately provided for, as well as post-visit care and contact. Would recommend to anyone!!!

  348. Rebekah Barker 2017/02

    I have had only wonderful experiences with Wellesley. I adopted a dog in November of 2016, and he has had many different health issues ranging from ear infections to hookworms to allergies to bacterial infections. Wellesley has been there every step of the way. They always found a way to fit me in when Charlie needed to be seen, and they even stayed involved in his case after referring him to a more specialized internalist for his severe GI issues. Charlie has seen Dr. Parker, Dr. Evan, and Dr. Alli – all three of them could not have been more wonderful. They were patient, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and able to answer all of my questions. Further, Wellesley is extremely accommodating, which is great for people who work full time. The front desk staff is some of the best I have ever encountered. I have never experienced any of them being anything but kind, patient, friendly, and personable. I completely trust Wellesley with Charlie and would never go anywhere else.

    Finally, one of my favorite things about Wellesley is that someone will ALWAYS return your phone calls. I can’t think of one time that I have been put on hold for more than a couple of minutes. If the receptionist has to take a message, I always hear back from a vet or vet tech by the end of the day (usually within just a couple of hours). They truly have some of the best client communication I have ever experienced.

    I cannot say enough about this great facility, and I highly recommend it!

  349. Laura Sheriff 2016/11

    My husband and I have been going through a nightmare with our dog and we have experienced some really terrible hospitals because it was the weekend and we couldn’t access Wellesley yet. But the minute they opened on Monday we brought our dog there and they were able to perform the surgery needed. We love Dr. Evan and all the staff at Wellesley. They are all truly amazing and even though we are moving a little further away we will always be customers of Wellesley!!

  350. Jonathan T 2016/08

    My 12 year old dog Kelsey means the world to me. She’s a Yorkie-Shipoo. The Wellesley Animal Hospital has been always helped me to look after her well being. But never more than when we discovered that she has diabetic. All the staff has been so helpful and compassionate. When the going gets rough I know the vets will be there for us. It is a place that Kelsey and I cherish and can recommend heartily for your pet and you. Karin W.

  351. grace paolucci 2016/07

    Dr.Jon was just great with my cat. Very helpful and passed in lots of good care tips. As always the reception was exception and friendly.

  352. Rob Sullivan 2016/07

    Excellent service, polite staff, and reasonable pricing.

  353. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2016/04

    Knowledgeable vets but the receptionists didn’t greet us when we came in and they’ve been unreliable about calling back when we’ve called and asked a question

  354. Vivi Price 2016/04

    I brought my very sick and frightened cat to Dr. Ma after she had been attacked by a neighbour’s dog. She was gentle and sympathetic and helped her back to good health. Dr. Ma was not our vet and this was our first visit but I switched my cat’s total care to her after this because I was very impressed ( and grateful) by the level of care and compassion.. The care we received during Dr. Ma’s maternity leave was equally good and keeps us coming back.

  355. Sarah Branch 2016/03

    Dr. Mark, Dr. Evan, and Dr. Parker are all exceptional vets from check-ups to emergencies and surgery. They provide excellent care and go out of their way to put me and my pets at ease. The front desk staff and vet techs are all very friendly and do everything they can to assist you. I’ve had bad experiences at other vets, but Wellsley Animal Hospital exceeds my expectations every time I visit them.

  356. Babs McNeely 2016/03

    Love, Friendly and Kind are just 3 of the first words that come to mind.

  357. Turner August 2016/02

    Our 22 year old cat, who had been with the family for just as long, recently had to be put down after a tragic accident. We have had compassionate vets before, but here they not only calmed our panic and did the humane thing but also even sent us a card expressing their sympathy for the loss. Few other veterinarian offices could match such kindness.

  358. Rachel DuBrueler 2016/02

    Dr. Evan and staff are the most compassionate, considerate and knowledgeable staff I’ve ever had care for an animal. As a life-long dog owner who has moved across the country and back, I’ve met many veterinarians… None as good as the team at Wellesley!

  359. Tellemac 2016/02

    I was looking for a new animal hospital to bring my new cat and Wellesley Animal Hospital has been a great choice. The team are friendly and knowledgeable and I love how there is always a follow up to each visit. I am thankful I found such a great team to provide care to my fur child. Highly recommend!

  360. Elizabeth C 2016/02

    Oops, posted a review here but meant to post it to a clinic of the same name in Canada. Google won’t let me delete it. That’s okay — I have mad respect for anyone who devotes their career to helping animals, so have some stars! 🙂

  361. Delilah Jones 2016/01

    Brought a bird in with an injured wing. Vet said she couldn’t fix it, that it appeared to have been on the ground with the injury for about two weeks and its parts were fused. Because she couldn’t fix it, she said she would euthanize it. I said, no I don’t want you to. She grudgingly and very hopelessly-sounding said unless I could find a rehab facility that would take it, she had to euthanize it. Also told me I’d be hard-pressed to find such a place. Basically, she wasn’t motivating me to try, she had already given up on the bird and was urging me in the same direction. She said I had two hours to find such a place. First, I brought the bird in to get it help, not sign it’s death warrant. Second, I found a rehab facility that would take the bird within her two hour time limit and when I called her on the phone to tell her this, she told me she would get the bird ready, BUT the entire time I talked to this woman, she had nothing but the attitude of wanting to euthanize the bird and not wanting to give it a chance. In fact, her exact words were, “Oh, I didn’t get him any fluids because we were planning on euthanizing him.” When I told her I was on my way to pick the bird up, she called me back within 30 seconds of the previous phone conversation and told me that the bird had died. Seriously?! Other than a broken wing, the bird was fine. It had been surviving on the ground for two weeks! It ate the bugs I gave it when I had it overnight before I took it to the vet the next morning. Given her whole negative attitude on me trying to give this bird a chance, I highly doubt for one second that this vet did not euthanized the animal anyway.

    Pet owners and those seeking help for injured wildlife, beware of this vet. She did the very least she could, and when you love your family pet, or you are just trying to do right by some injured wildlife, the last thing you want is some vet who isn’t willing to try as if they animal were her very own. Never let it be said that this vet didn’t do the LEAST she could do.

  362. Tessa Nash Pearson 2015/07

    I have a very old cat who was in pain and I took him to WAH today. What a great experience. Every single person that I came in contact was kind and caring. That says a lot because if the staff is happy then it’s a happy place to work. It is important for me to know that my animal is getting cared for by people who are genuinely happy to do their job. My little Angus was not happy but he was well cared for even when he wasn’t the nicest. Everything and every option was explained to me. I would highly recommend taking your small family member here. Thanks Dr. Alli and the entire staff.
    Update: We have had to take our baby back twice more because unfortunately he is getting sicker. It has been determined that he has cancer. We have seen Dr. Nash and Dr. Evan as well. I want to say that everyone that we come in contact with is exceptional. They are kind, caring and patient. This includes the entire staff: front desk staff, technicians and vets. What a top notch facility that is helping us deal with our aging and sick animal in a loving way.

  363. Bryan jackson 2015/05

    Outstanding service. Explain all options and don’t judge. I’d highly recommend.

  364. Ashley Sullivan 2015/05

    We love this place! . They are always available for questions and go out of their way to make sure your pet gets the best care possible. We have even gotten follow up calls days later after an appointment from them just checking in to see how our dog is doing. Our rescue dog has some special health issues and they have turned his quality of life around. Their visit fee is a little higher than some places but this is because they make themselves so available and give such great care. I trust them 100% with my dog! We love Dr. Evan!!!!!

  365. Ethan Hope 2015/02

    Amazing practice! I cannot say enough about this clinic. First thing, hats off to Dr. Evan! he is an amazing doctor. He went in after a tumor on my cat’s paw that another vet wanted to amputate. The willingness to save the quality of life for my pet and hopefully yours speaks volumes of the medical prowess of the veterinarians on staff here. Get your second opinion here! they are not a chop shop, price gouger and honor their commitments to your loved family members. Unbelievable bedside manner, the willingness to go the extra miles and do everything in their power is the hallmark of outstanding medicine the world over. With over 20 years being around medicine, this was an extremely impressive practice. The right people are here for the right reasons. Thank you, Dr. Evan, for buying my good friend some more quality time with my family.

  366. President 2014/05

    These are the nicest people! They are so loving with my cats and give extraordinary care and attention. They really, really care!

  367. Jeanene Crowley 2013/10

    I never thought I’d ever take a hamster to a vet, but my daughter’s beloved “Holly” was really suffering with an illness. We were so impressed with the care we recieved. Everyone was so kind! They were so helpful with my daughter dealing with the loss of her little pet. I moved all of pets’ records to them!

  368. Chris James 2012/12

    I have an Amazon parrot who has never seen a vet, and I’ve had him 22 years. He needed to be seen, but he is fairly wild, and highly dangerous. Dr. Kelly is a specialist in birds and was able to get the bird handled in a safe manner for her and her staff, was able to perform a necessary procedure with a needle, and was able to grind down his beak and nails.

    Given that my large parrot is frightened of everyone and goes into attack mode quickly, I was amazed at the professionalism and experience they had for such a wildly uncontrollable bird. He was not happy to be there, but I was more concerned about their safety, and they knew exactly how to handle him.

    So, if they can handle my extremely dangerous pet, then I am confident in their ability in many other circumstances.

  369. Sylvan Richmond 2012/07

    Definitely the best vet experience. I think they take just as good care of the pet parents as they do the pets. My dog is VERY anxious and can become somewhat dangerous when at the vet, they have never once treated him like an aggressive dog. They are so sympathetic and do everything possible to help him and us feel comfortable. They are great with our pet insurance too and do everything to help with claims. I just can’t say enough how much I appreciate them.

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