Virginia Veterinary Centers – Richmond

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Virginia Veterinary Centers – Richmond
3.8 based on 656 reviews
  1. Marcia Contreras 2023/11

    They took a good care of our fur baby.


  2. Tessa Ferguson 2023/11

    The staff members were very welcoming and friendly. They put us right at ease. Our dog was super scared and they were great with him. The doctor talked to us for a long time. She answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable. She gave us lots of options and even looked up an appointment for our other dog with another vet in the same practice. We love the folks there!!

  3. William 2023/11


  4. lufaj 2023/11

    Charged so much for them not to find anything. Also, have yet to give me results back. Took my dog somewhere else and they just looked at him and could tell me what was going on. Never going back

  5. Hannah England (Studio Hannah) 2023/11

    My cat was dying of a bacterial infection and these people were able to save her life. They were so attentive, and they made sure I knew what was happening with update calls. I feel very happy she was in their hands throughout all this. I’m so thankful!

  6. Gini Holland 2023/11

    We use the Oncology dept for our Bella, who has mast cell cancer. Dr. Jankowski is the absolute bomb. She is so friendly and empathetic, and most important, wants & values YOUR input in your furry friend’s care plan. We love her, her associates, and the entire staff.

  7. Monica Curtis 2023/11

    Dr. Andrew Mercurio and his team took good care of my fur baby. The professionalism compassion, time and care along with Dr.Mercuric’s surgical experience made me feel at ease during the procedure. The surgery was successful! I would highly recommend VVC Emergency & Specialty Center to pet owners.


  8. Gail Geigan 2023/11

    I was very happy with the care my cat received from this Emergency Veterinary Hospital. They were thorough and kept in touch with me every step of the way. The vet Techs were as knowledgeable as the actual Doctors were. Everyone was extremely polite and friendly and loved the animals they were helping. My cat was very well cared for. I had no reservations or concerns while she was hospitalized.
    Having never been to this place before I had no idea what to expect. I would recommend them to anyone who needs emergency vet services. Margo says thank you for making her all meowbetter. 😽😽😽🐾🐾


  9. T EL 2023/11

    Everyone here is super friendly and explained everything that was needed for my dog. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you very much.

  10. Ginny King 2023/11

    We were soooo impressed with Dr. Watts and the ER Team! Our little Foster Kitty decided to eat a bunch of yarn and became very ill. Very early a.m. abdominal surgery removed the yarn. Foster has major separation anxiety and proved quite a handful for the Techs! He’s a horrible patient and they were so great! We’re crazy cat people and we were calling all hours of the night and day. They graciously answered all of our questions every time! We’re feeling very blessed and grateful for their care!


  11. Kara Cameron 2023/11

    If I could give 10 million stars I would. Angels in scrubs is how I’ve been referring to the staff here for the last week. Our girl Bess was brought in Sunday 10/22 for what we would eventually find out was a splenic torsion. We were so scared. She was so sick. I thought for a day I would be saying goodbye – instead we got to bring her home three days later. Between doctors Stratton, Lees, a surgeon who’s name I do not want to wildly misspell and will refer to as doctor M 😂, and the rest of the staff – we don’t have enough thank yous to give. Not only did they take excellent care of Bess they also took great care of us. Answered every question. Encouraged us to visit whenever and how often we wanted. Explained everything. They also took the pic of her here and couldn’t wait to show us how she was “working” with them and we love it 😂😍

    They fixed our girl. She’s one half of a doggy duo who have our whole hearts. There are not enough words to fully explain how grateful we are to everyone in that building who had a hand in getting her well.

    Signed Brendan and Kara – two eternally grateful humans 🩵


  12. Debra Riggs 2023/11

    This was unfortunately not my first visit with my dogs to Carytown Vet. They are fantastic, and take great care of all animals, even though the wait can be very long. That said, the wait means that every animal is cared for with compassion and skill

  13. Kenya C 2023/11

    They always give hood service. They are expensive ,and you might want to look into pet insurance if you need to go there for an emergency.

  14. Margot Geisler 2023/11

    My dog had to spend several days there getting over pancreatitis.
    He got excellent care and the doctor will recheck him in two weeks.

  15. Anita Resnick 2023/11

    They were very caring and compassionate.

  16. Valerie Carter 2023/11

    Our young Ginger received excellent care from Dr. Babbitt and his wonderful, caring staff on our recent initial visit! Our rescue puppy had came from a hoarding/puppy mill situation in Texas and we found her at a rescue group in Maryland several months ago. Ginger survived the malnutrition she experienced from the evident abuse in Texas but the extensive damaged fractured jaw, missing and/or damaged teeth, serious infection and periodontal disease that result needed immediate attention and Dr. Babbitt and great staff saved her! Ginger has a long bright, happy future now because of the excellent care received at Virginia Veterinary Center! We can’t thank everyone enough for saving our fur baby and giving her the opportunity to be loved and have the wonderful life she deserves!


  17. bratty 2023/11

    I called ahead and brought in my seizing cat. My husband ran the cat inside and by time I parked the car and got in they had already taken the cat back and started testing. He was old and skinny, but we didn’t know how sick he was. The vet explained his condition, it was very bad and he had been seizing for an hour by time we arrived, so we decided to let him go. The vet gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. We decided to be there and hold him while he was put to sleep. The vet explained everything she was doing which we appreciated. Very kind and patient.

    I’m only taking off a star because the girl from the front desk came in while the tech was holding my dead cat to tell us about an overcharge related to the meds and that we’d be refunded, which the tech had told us already anyway. Poor timing, it could’ve waited another two minutes while they prepared his remains for us.


  18. Emily Connor Fort 2023/11

    The quality of care so far has been excellent. Dr. Dong was incredibly thorough and explained everything to us –and Erin was also incredibly kind and helpful. I really appreciate hearing about all of the options. We have a clear plan to stabilize Theo and obtain a diagnosis. The cost transparency has been an added benefit.

    Update: Thanks to Dr. Dong and her team, Theo’s illness has been in remission for over a year and a half now! His quality of life is excellent and you’d never know by looking at him that he was ever sick with PLE. I’m forever grateful to VVC. ❤️

  19. Andre Christian 2023/11

    Will never go hear again. I was there before numerous of people who came in after me and 6 hours later and they didn’t do anything but charge me $300+ for a pain med and antibiotic. Gave me a price to pay, after I paid it they billed me for more money. This place is a rip off

  20. Sarah McCall 2023/11

    Staff is great, waiting area is clean, prices were reasonable, would come here again if we ever had another emergency

  21. Vincenza Cuvin-Mathis 2023/11

    During one of our darkest hours, VVC was there to shine so much light and comfort. Thank you to our day and night shift angels: Dr. Rash, Dr. Chen, Dr. Watts, Michael, Nika, Rae, Stephanie, and all of the staff!!!! We are so grateful for the encouragement, kindness, patience, and love.

  22. Traci Loving 2023/11

    Our vet Dr. Monika Jankowski was wonderful with Katy (pit mix) and my self. Very caring, explained everything so I could understand Katy’s type of cancer and answered all of my questions. Her staff was amazing as well!!

  23. Darren Kreeger 2023/11

    VVC is a very well run operation. The appointment was quick and to the point. They answered all of our questions.

  24. Wendy Brown 2023/11

    Our experience was great. They really care about the animals they treat.

  25. Bill Muse 2023/11

    Dr. Jankowski, the oncologist, is the best. Knowledgeable, always on time, thorough and spends time with you explaining everything.

  26. Emily Hill 2023/11

    Both the Fredericksburg and the Richmond locations are amazing. Wonderful, helpful, caring staff at both locations.

  27. Carolyn Jackson 2023/11

    Incredibly grateful for VVC and their care of our dog on Saturday. They helped us immediately and took our situation seriously. We cannot thank them enough for saving our sweet girl! I highly recommend them, such a caring and competent staff!

  28. Jim Rollings 2023/11

    We knees it would be an hours long wait. So we got there as early as we could, driving from Newport News to Richard. We were there all day finally got seen around 4 PM. But they did not have the records from our home yet, because apparently they provided the wrong phone number to our nurse at home.

    By the time they figured that out, it was late in the day so the vet told us that since it will be after hours the recommended test would cost a lot more. He refused the test since we felt our dog had shown improvement.
    We left after about 7 1/2 hours

  29. Sarah Wilson 2023/11

    All the staff were wonderful. They took such good care of my cat. They showed so much compassion. I hope I don’t need to take him there again, because of the circumstances, but if I do at least I’ll know he’s in great hands! Thank you.

  30. Angel Zelphia Licorish 2023/11

    Always very caring

  31. Phyl 2023/11

    This passed weekend was the worst weekend experience that we’ve ever experienced. I gave my best friend a two cats named Sage and Saffron. They both had got spaded Friday 10/13/2023 they were doing perfectly well after the surgery. Long story short the next Saturday early Sunday morning are 2 am my best friend called me to tell me that Saffron has gotten worse she vomit blood and mucus, gasping for air and can not move, when he touch her she scream. He had contacted the Virginia Veterinary Centers – Richmond the denied said that they are closed and that he needs to take her to the Virginia Veterinary Centers in Williamsburg, VA that is 2 hours away from him. He had contacted the Williamsburg location to inform them that he is on his way there the representative told him to ” go to the Richmond location and that they are open that they have to take her be she is in critical care. and if they denies him again to call them back and they will contact that center and tell them to service that patient.” He went to the Richmond location and again they denied him again and so he contacted the Williamsburg location and they did as promised. My best friend did not have money to pay up front he himself was out of work for two because of health issues. they denied him service which is illegal because she was a critical care patient they was suppose to perform diagnostics and adhere to the patients needs to find out what was the cause of this patient illness. well all was denied because of no money. Dr. Wyatt had made my friend sign a promissory for oxygen and referred him to a organization that can help him with the diagnostic cost . she was on oxygen for 12hrs by the way. So he contacted the organization they agreed to pay but first they need a diagnostic X-ray and Blood work to determine if the patient had a 100% chance of living. Shift Change Dr. Kleemola Denied the diagnostic testing stated that she do not trust the payment arrangement and that she can work with him the cost of the blood work and X-ray will cost is $800.00. my friend was out of work for 2 weeks so because of health related problems the money that he had save went to his morgage, bills, insurances, and other home and pet care expenses so he was tapped out. Dr. Kleemola said that she can accept $458.00 as a deposit he said okay. he got denied for all the other financial resources that Dr. Wyatt provided him. I offered help my friend pay the $458.00 he contacted the doctor called her in Three way the price changed from $458.00 to $1600.00 I was like wait a minute why she stated a whole lot of stuff that they did not agreed to do the only thing that was agreed was the blood work and x-ray to provide for the organization agreed to help him with the entire cost. I was like this is crazy he said every time he turn around they keep going up on the prices. Legally they was not suppose to denies service t a critical ill patient but they did. Kleemola had told him to contact family and friend to help or start a go fund me page which is very unprofessional. This Doctor was unprofessional on every level, uncompassionate, inconsiderate and Most importantly BIAS!! not just her but the entire staff. This matter has caused my friend to decide the unthinkable to euthanize her. Saffron was only 1 years of age she was kicked out her home at a very young we had some friend out ours bring her and her sister to my home to be care for they had gotten treated at Banfield hospital the vets love them every time we took them their check up the staff has to always hug and kissed on them. They were rehomed with my Best friend a first time cat dad and he did and was willing to put himself in crucial debt to fight for Saffron’s life. Dr. Kleemola did not give him that opportunity. she and other staff members has broken many Principles. Please do not go to this location if you don’t have the insurance they recommend, currency upfront, or anything in that nature they will be Bias towards and will take you through a lot.

  32. Lisa Brock 2023/11

    Elizabeth, who was at the front desk and managing intakes was so friendly and helpful. She is so patient with everyone, and she did such a great job managing the overwhelming amount of intakes. The ER vet and staff were very knowledgeable and were very thorough in their explanation. It made me so comfortable to leave my girl, Ellie, in their care overnight. They took great care of her.

  33. Andy 2023/11

    They saved my cats life

  34. Craig Dahlinger 2023/11

    My only negative on this place is that the cost is extremely expensive. Requiring 80% of the maximum estimate given is a very large up front payment.

  35. Kristie Kent Mylin 2023/11

    We drove to the Richmond location from Virginia Beach for one of our fur babies who was having a wee bit of trouble with a treat that got stuck in her throat. From the minute we walked in the door to the minute they handed her back to us, we were 110% overwhelmed with the compassion and professionalism we saw. I wish they would open a location in Virginia Beach! We would absolutely make that 100 mile drive again for any of our babies knowing that they would be in such a wonderful place for emergency care!

  36. Lynne Fischer 2023/10

    Dr. Jankowski & her team are awesome … knowledgeable, so caring. We know our beloved pet is getting the absolute best from the absolute best!
    L. Fischer

  37. Greg H 2023/10

    Wonderful facility and staff. They treat your pet like a family member as you would hope keeping them comfortable and getting them well.

  38. Leslie Jacobs 2023/10

    We had to take our sweet Charlotte here this past week and I can’t say enough positive things about our experience. Everyone was so pleasant and although it was a long wait the care everyone gave was 5 star.

  39. Mason&Cassidy Jesmer 2023/10

    Our baby Zero likely wouldn’t have made it without the amazing team at VVC. The vet staff treated him so sweetly and I got a phone call with every update during his 2 day stay with them. Tiffany at the front desk was amazing with making the financial aspect as easy as possible. Her positive attitude made the whole experience as pleasant as it could be with our baby being hospitalized. Thank you guys so much!

  40. S M 2023/10

    Amazing, loving and caring staff. They took such good care to my boy Blu. Very attentive and knowledgeable doctors and staff. Couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you guys so much.

  41. Ron DeMita 2023/10

    Compassionate, through, communicative, professional… four traits that you want in a vet when you have a sick pet and Virginia Veterinary exceeds in all of them.


  42. V R 2023/10

    Dr Dong and her staff brought our little dog Bindy back to life, she was almost dying when we brought her in. Dr Dong diagnosed her illnesses and is currently treating her. Tiffany at the front desk and Michael were extremely helpful when we brought her in (almost lifeless). There were others that took care of her and I wish I knew their names, a big thank you to them too.


  43. Fox Terra 2023/10

    They euthanized my feline friend without telling me so I could be there in his last moments. Abigail at the front desk lied to me and told me I would receive calls with updates on his condition, especially if worse came to worse, which I specifically requested and double checked on before leaving. Turns out, he needed to be put down, but no one called to tell me. I’m devastated and heartbroken, and absolutely pissed at the service I received, which started with her not believing my story and taking forever to verify through RACC that I had spoken with them about dropping off the cat in the first place. She was terribly slow, inefficient, and stared me in my eyes and lied to me. Honestly, this could be lawsuit city, so they better be careful what they tell people or better train their staff.

    They also conveniently lost the carrier I brought him in with. When I picked up his remains, I was told they would look for it and that desk person took down my number on a post it note, saying she remembered seeing it as I described, and that she would get back to me. I guess they kept the carrier to use elsewhere.

    I called to complain, but was directed to the manager’s voicemail, who has not called back. Not surprised.

    Don’t go here unless it’s truly a dire emergency.

    Update: a client relations manager left a voicemail a few days later saying she would look into it further, hinting that my story didn’t align with the front desk’s version (someone trying to cover their butt), and offered an email if I wanted to communicate further. I’ve been heartbroken for weeks, so hopefully they’re taking this seriously.

  44. Ash Martin 2023/10

    If I could give them 0 stars I would. Steer clear from here.

  45. Melanie Jenkins 2023/10

    Literally just left there after a woman decided to disrespect me about her thinking I was cursing anyone out. She only did that because I’m black. She didn’t ask me if everything is ok to even find out why I was upset. She just assumed. I came there from a recommendation but instead I was treated with disrespect. Do not go here if you are a black woman – you will automatically be treated like an angry black

  46. Saxon Eastman 2023/10

    I so appreciate the care your staff provided for Vincent. Everyone was so kind, thorough, compassionate, caring and clearly are all so knowledgeable in their respective fields. I would recommend VVC to all pet owners I know. You were fast, kind, thorough and took amazing care of my boy!

  47. barbara schools 2023/10

    My dog has been under there care since June and I can’t say enough about how everyone has handled themselves in a professional manner. Everyone from the receptionist, the technicians and doctors has been outstanding.

  48. Bruce Worsham, Sr. 2023/10

    Dr Jankowski and the entire team were very nice, considerate, and helpful during this stressful time with our pups health. I would highly recommend this entire team if you have emergency or critical care needs for your pet.

  49. MaryE Hassell 2023/10

    I am impressed by the communication between the doctors and the pet parent. I received numerous updates on my cat’s care and progress. Additionally, l was encouraged to call at anytime for an update – which I did! Yes, wait times can be horrendous, but it is always obvious that the pets in the most critical condition get taken care of first; knowing my pet would get the same consideration if his condition were critical makes the wait bearable.

  50. D Purcell 2023/10

    Very caring staff; took great care of our pet even though she was a bit fiesty; allowed us to help calm her and give her medication from home that was needed; resolved the problem as efficiently as possible Found and fixed problem


  51. Sharon Szydlowski 2023/10

    My appointment with Dr Dong was great. She, and her staff were very helpful and put me at ease upon arrival. Wonderful place!

  52. Kara Foster-Weiss 2023/10

    The staff was very helpful from scheduling the appt to checking us out. Dr Dong was professional and thorough. Spent a lot of time with us and explained things well. Would definitely recommend

  53. Ruby Harlon 2023/10

    Everyone was very kind and gracious when I brought my dog Chandler in. They made me feel like he was part of the family. They were very upfront about the cost of everything. There was no hidden cost whatsoever. Should you ever need a critical care facility that your vet cannot handle, this is the place to come to.

  54. bronta graham 2023/10

    I came to this place last year with a dying dog in my arms and they turned me away and sent me to Charlottesville. Fast forward. Yesterday i took my pregnant dog there because it seemed as if she was having issues delivering. First they didnt do anything and trued to charge me 100+ dollars they told me that she wasnt in active labor. 30 seconds later they come back saying that she had delivered 2 puppies and that there was 1 more left. The whole time my dog was screaming extremely loud and they wouldnt do anything. Not a xray not a ultrasound. Until payment. Before she had the two puppies they pretty much told me with out payment we cant find out if theres and issue or not she could possibly pass if a puppy is stuck. They said to take her home and make her comfortable which i already had done before bring her there. And they were going to let my dog die. But luckily she had her babies and there was an extra. This place only cares about money and not your animals. Dont go here. They dont care about your companions. Oh and not to mention they sent me home with a puppy that was gasping for air.


  55. Carmen Moreira 2023/10

    I had an emergency referral from my primary vet and they were able to accommodate us in the schedule. Everyone was incredibly nice and understanding. They treated my dog with patience, kindness, and respect. They made sure my dog was comfortable the entire time. All of my questions were answered honestly. My dog couldn’t be in better hands. Dr Grant and Austin were amazing! I cannot express enough gratitude to the VVC team.

  56. Lisa Waller 2023/10

    My pet has received the best care available. Everyone there has been wonderful to my pet and me. Of course, he demands to be adored. Most importantly, he is doing well with his treatment for cancer. After a new treatment regimen started, he is doing even better.

  57. Nancy France 2023/10

    This is our 2nd visit here and they are the worst. They lie about the wait time. I prefer Goochland ER Vet center but they no longer operate 24 hrs a day.

  58. Stephanie Walters 2023/10

    Virginia Veterinary Center never fails to deliver top notch service with compassion and superior medical expertise.


  59. JULIE SMITH 2023/10

    Cary street location Not open 24 hours. Showed up at 7:30 am on Sunday from Midlothian and was told they were not open andat capacity. There seems to be no true emergency vets open 24 hours in the richmond area.

  60. Judy Nester 2023/10

    Our Bichon has been treated at this hospital multiple times. He’s had two knee surgeries performed by Dr. Mercurio and is now being treated for lymphoma by Dr. Jankowski. The doctors and staff here are so kind and caring, and I would recommend this practice to anyone.

    After giving a five-star review, I’m updating based on recent events. When our dog became violently ill on Saturday and the emergency vet advised us to take him to his oncologist, Dr. Jankowski, on Monday, we called and were told they could not see him and we could take him back to the emergency vet or his regular vet. I explained how sick he was and that we would wait to be worked into the schedule, but they refused. We took him to his local vet; and after she saw him, she advised there was nothing she could do. He was euthanized the next day. The outcome would have been the same if Dr. Jankowski had seen him, but the fact that she didn’t care enough about her patient to spare fifteen minutes was extremely disappointing. We would never use this hospital again.

  61. Jane Ashley Sheets 2023/10

    My pet has received superb, compassionate care at VVC. I credit them with saving his life! I continue to seek care for him at VVC because of their specialty services and quality care. VVC is very transparent and fair around cost, which I appreciate greatly.

  62. Michael Hugman 2023/10

    My cat was in pretty bad shape, not eating with off the chart liver enzyme levels. They performed surgery to address the cause of the issue (gallbladder) and met my expectations to the highest degree. The medical staff was very knowledgeable and professional, with extensive and clear instructions on after-care, and my cat recovered very quickly and regained his appetite with no further issues. They were very friendly as well. Would highly recommend

  63. Lisa Lugo 2023/10

    The staff and doctor were very supportive, caring & patient with all of us at our visit. They supplied us with all of the information on the options available for our beloved Snoopy and recommended the best care for him. We look forward to working with everyone to keep Snoopy as happy and health as possible.


  64. Theresa Cassi Hook 2023/10

    Dr. Jankowski was great not only with our fur baby but with his hoomans! She took her time explaining to us her thoughts on our fur baby’s condition and the next steps. Took the time to explain the situation. The staff was very pleasant and loving with our fur baby. I highly recommend VVC!

  65. Betty Swenson 2023/10

    Dr. Aktay & all staff members we encountered were delightful!

  66. 1224bsg 2023/09

    The staff at both the Midlothian and Cary St. Location were excellent! 100% recommended! Fast and friendly care.

  67. Heaven Daniels 2023/09

    Do not bring your pet here if you don’t have full payment upfront! I called urgent vet in Richmond about my puppy. They referred me here due to it being an emergency situation. I called and explained everything to the receptionist. I arrived, got checked in by a worker. He took my puppy back to be examined. No one told us they didn’t take payment plans at first. My puppy is already in back. As I’m waiting I finally asked receptionist about pay. She then informed me we don’t do payment plans. However after stressing money situation and that my husband got paid on Wednesday, I was sent to a room to talk to vet. Receptionist informed me if it’s critcical they can not refuse treatment. Well that’s a big fat lie because the vet did refuse. Said she wouldn’t touch our puppy for less than $1000. Wanted us to give up and just put him to sleep. Gave him a 25% chance. Well that’s better than a 0%. They kept him in back for an hour with no form of treatment. No fluids, nothing! All their concern was is payment upfront. Well in the time we waited to be inform refusal of treatment, I could have found another vet and maybe gave our puppy a better chance! I refuse to ever bring a pet back here. There was really no compassion whatsoever! Hell my card would have been on file for you to charge or kept puppy until payment. At least try to save him! Made us sign a waiver saying we refused treatment. Truthfully we didn’t refuse treatment! We refused you putting him to sleep without trying anything to help!! We pleaded with them to let us pay what we had and pay rest Wednesday. When told she felt we should put him to sleep, our decision was to bring him home to his mother. If yall were so sure he wouldn’t make it, I felt let him share his last moments with her! Our puppy didn’t make it home to his mother alive. He died in the time it took with us pleading them to take a payment option. What happened to vets who cared about the pets life more than the money?? We would have paid whatever it took!! We paid $130 for an examination?? Yet my pet died because of no treatment???

  68. Ramone Hill 2023/09

    My pregnant pit bull had a black thick secretion coming from her vaginal area. I called and they gave permission for me to bring her in. Long story short they did check her out and told me her vitals were fine but I needed to take her to her primary care. After I told them why I stopped taking her to her primary vet. Ok, the staff member that took her to the back was condescending and sarcastic. First her response to me informing her my dog has entropion. Second to her explaining to me the cost if they saw her further “it’s going to be $300 and may take 3 hours” i drove over an hour to get there. I spend more than $300 everytime I go to the vet for each of my dogs. Second the way she handled my dog when another dog was next to me. I had to take my dog. To me, I don’t know what the doctor in the back said, but they didn’t want to treat my dog. It wasn’t a money thing. I make close to a half million$ a year. I’ll never go back there. Update, my dogs first pup was still born this morning. A waste of time going to this place.

  69. Janine Evans 2023/09

    My cat and I visited the location on W. Cary St. for Luca’s digestive problem. He was triaged and considered non life-threatening so it was a rather long wait. However that is to be expected at a facility that is an ER but also sees other sick pets. I cannot begin to describe the patience and kindness of the office staff and medical team. I was very impressed, and would recommend this facility any time.

  70. Austin Wegner 2023/09

    Dr. Dong and everyone was super friendly and made everything easy to understand. The care for my pet was phenomenal and everyone made sure I understood exactly what my options were in layman’s terms.

  71. Jared Meli 2023/09

    VVC took excellent care of my cat while he was experiencing a urinary blockage. They were very upfront about the cost estimate and even refunded me some money when I picked him up. I would definitely recommend VVC to friends and family.

  72. Terelle Whitaker 2023/09

    In simple words -Dr.Bales and his team who assisted SAVED MY BABY’s LIFE!! The pups were a bonus for my family! He made sure my baby girl Rouge returned to me alive and was able to even save some puppies!

  73. Olivia Roy 2023/09

    We brought our cat in because we were afraid he had a urinary blockage. I called ahead and the person I spoke to was so nice. We barely waited 5 minutes before they brought our car back to be seen. Dr. Jocelyn Torrence saw him and was AMAZING as was the rest of the staff. She explained to us all our options and what she would do for her own cat. It turns out he has FLUTD. So, we went home with some anti-inflammatory medication and a sedative for him. We were instructed to monitor him that night. Luckily, he improved and we didn’t have to bring him back for more invasive (and expensive) care. I really appreciated the calm way Dr. Torrence explained the possible cause and options. Last time we dealt with this problem, our primary care vet immediately diagnosed a UTI (without testing) and gave him antibiotics. Dr. Torrence informed us that make cats almost never get UTIs and they are often prematurely diagnosed because it’s easier to prescribe antibiotics. I wish we could bring our cats here for their checkups. So glad to know this emergency vet is only 10 minutes away.

  74. Alexandra Council-Troche, DVM 2023/09

    I loved working with Dr. Stephanie Dong, Monica, and Lindsey of internal medicine. They were super professional, concise, answered all my questions fully, made me feel reassured, and treated my dog Fenrir with kindness and respect. Everyone at VVC Richmond made me feel comfortable leaving my pet in good hands. They worked together with the overnight ER doctors and staff and saved Fenrir’s life!


  75. Emily Romeo 2023/09

    We had a great experience brining in our 4 month puppy! Dr. Torrence was so helpful in explaining the diagnosis and everything to expect. She was extremely calm and answered all of our questions. The whole team was accommodative and helpful before, during and after our visit! The staff provided a calm environment and answered all of our questions as new puppy parents!

  76. Koma Toaste 2023/09

    We brought my 11 year old dog in there at 2:40pm being unable to stand or walk, drooling and panting badly. We had called on my way there and they was offered to have someone come out back with a gurney and when I arrived, a staff member came out to assist taking my dog inside. The same staff member came back out to the waiting area at about 2:50pm and stated my dog was stable but classified as a level 1. Their rating scale is level 1-3 with 1 being most serious. He also said there were two level 1’s in front of us so we were 3rd in line to be seen by a vet. We waited patiently and after several hours we asked for an update and was told our dog was resting comfortably. A while later, someone came to the front door screaming in obvious emergency distress with her pet. I knew it was more serious than my dog at this point so I expected a little more delay. After several more hours we asked again for an update. The front desk lady went in the back and came back out front and said our dog was resting and very calm, but she was still alive and breathing, I checked! Who says that at an animal ER! We were very shocked at that comment and continued to try to be patient and wait. Finally at 8:30pm we were taken to a room to talk with the vet. She came in and said what she found on her brief exam. She recommended blood work and maybe nausea meds and and felt ok about our dog going home depending on the blood work results. We inquired about blood work not even being done yet and the vet stated no, that she had just completed the exam and we have to authorize the blood work. So for my dog coming in and being classified as a level 1, most serious, she sat in a cage alone for 6 hours. We declined the bloodwork since we have a follow up with our family vet in a few days. The vet agreed that was ok and left only to return at 9:00pm and stated she talked to colleges and really felt the bloodwork was necessary. Again I declined if she was stable. The vet had also suggested a nausea shot and sending home nausea meds which we agreed to. I was given the estimate on an iPad and at 9:40pm I asked the front desk if I could pay and save some time. Based on the estimate I was paying for the examination, nausea shot, and nausea meds. Bill was $206. It took another 30 minutes to get my dog released and at 10:25pm as I was driving home, the front desk called and stated the estimate was a little off and the meds will be about $20 more. It had been a long day and didn’t feel like arguing about $20 at this point so I approved the additional charge and was told I would get an email receipt. Later the next day while checking my email, I found I was charged an additional $112. I immediately called and spoke to a very nice employee. She stated they could review the phone calls as they are recorded. She called me back about 30 minutes later explaining the difference in price, part being the estimate included 1 nausea pill and I was sent home with 4, but she still refunded me $92 so I only paid an additional $20 as first agreed. What I fail to understand, I was given an estimate for exam, nausea shot, and nausea meds. How can that be hard to estimate? I do feel it is a ploy to make you feel better about an estimate only to be billed later and not having much recourse to fight. Fortunately for me, the calls are recorded. I have been to VRCC in Goochland 5 or 6 times with animals on their death bed and have always talked to a vet within 2 hours. I really wish they were still open 24/7. I will never come back to VVC! A 4-8 hour wait is crazy. And there were plenty of employees coming and going and going upstairs (break room maybe) that is should not have taken 8 hours!

  77. Mike Hodson 2023/09

    Let me tell you something….I had a cat in today for trouble breathing, and in 8 hours, they can’t seem to read 2 x-rays. I understand that there are more critical patients, but if this is the case, you need to hire more people. With what you are charging you can afford to hire a whole lot more people. This is a total disgrace.

  78. Andy Johnson 2023/09

    Perfect balance of professional conduct and caring kindness. No one wants to end up in the emergency room but when we arrived with our elderly cat in respiratory distress they communicated clearly and quickly with us to get her taken care of immediately. Throughout our midnight visit to Virginia Veterinary Center they updated us often and shared insights that helped us understand the situation. Our cat needed to stay overnight for observation and treatment and I was comforted to be able to visit and see her less distressed before we departed. Thank you so very much to the entire staff of the VVC office for their patience, care and love!

  79. Karen Barnet 2023/09

    Everyone did an amazing job taking care of my gal Koko. They were so friendly and quickly assessed her. Thankful for everyone!!

  80. Barbara Custis 2023/09

    VVC has literally been a life saver for Tipper and Ranger. The care has been outstanding, from the individuals at the front counters to all the doctors and technicians! You saved my dogs lives!

  81. Bethany Lee 2023/09

    Everyone was welcoming and friendly from the beginning of the visit to the very end. The entire visit felt a little long at 4.5 hours but that’s to be expected in an ER setting. The provider explained my cat’s diagnosis clearly and the techs and receptionist were all very helpful. They explained the process for a first time visit to a vet ER clearly.

  82. Tyler Stone 2023/08

    Very friendly and good with my dog

  83. Leslie Phillips 2023/08

    We had an appointment and were seen promptly and with professionalism and compassion. Communication was clear and I left feeling confident we will get answers after testing to see what has been going on with my Maltese’s gut issues.

  84. Mike Boyd 2023/08

    Friendly, detailed, articulate and knowledgeable. Best experience we ever had with our pet. They really made our family feel valued and cared for the entire visit.

  85. Meghan Burleson 2023/08

    While we were panicked the staff were all so kind and supportive. They made sure every base was covered so our pup was fully taken care of. I wish I knew the veterinarian assistants name that helped us. She was so kind and while I was panicking she was able to say it’s okay, all we need is round about answers and that made me feel better that even with minimal information she was able to assist us. She came out often and gave us updates on our pup Dexter. Dr. Bales was amazing, when I informed him of a condition my dog has he immediately went to check on that and was back within minutes to discuss it with us. I was amazed when I woke up to a message from the office from Dr. Bales as 3 in the morning confirming that my dog was well after the 6 hour period that we were most concerned about. This was so comforting as we had to leave Dexter over night. This has been some of the best care we have ever received for our fur baby.

  86. Sarah Oatts 2023/08

    We had a very positive experience. There was very little wait time and all the staff was very friendly. They took the time to answer all our questions and help us make care decisions for our dog.

  87. Miranda Mangum 2023/08

    The lobby was clean and open. The front desk staff were friendly and welcoming. They were very busy but I didn’t feel forgotten. The doctor I spoke with was super kind and very informative. Overall great experience. You made my dog feel loved and cared for while in your care

  88. Katy Breuer 2023/08

    We felt very supported by the vet and we have a path forward for our beloved pet. We felt listened and supported; they didn’t push your own agenda, but supported us in our decisions.

  89. Sheryl Magee 2023/08

    Everyone was very nice as well as helpful. We left, confident that our sweet dog was in good hands and will get the best care and treatment. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!!!

  90. Ronnie Wells 2023/08

    You know you love your pets well they love them too. A fine bunch of people, we do and you will like them too.


  91. Joseph Papa 2023/08

    Everyone was friendly, and I did not feel rushed when speaking with the doctor. My questions were answered, and I felt heard by the vet. Very little wait time.

  92. Kristen Shoaf 2023/08

    I CAN NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ENOUGH! My fur baby after three short days of having her tested positive for Parvovirus (it was contracted through the breeder). She was immediately rushed here to be hospitalized for it. She was in hospitalization until this morning (7 days) and got the most wonderful care that I could ever ask for! I am a first time fur mom and wanted lots of updates, details, etc. when it came to her. They never made me feel as if I was a bother, always kept me updated and informed in what was going on and the next steps. It was a all around a blessing to have their care for my fur baby. The whole entire care team was awesome but I have to give a special shoutout to Dr. Kleemola who not only gave me the best care and advice for my puppy but also made me feel supported throughout the entire process! Another person I have to mention is Michael who was one of Layla’s Vet Assistants- he cared for Layla as if she was his own, always made sure she was still playing and tried everything to get her to eat throughout the process. PLEASE, if you have any medical issues or concerns when it comes to your animals don’t think twice before coming here! They are truly one of the best teams I have encountered when it comes to animals.


  93. Sue Rauch 2023/08

    The Virginia Vet Center in Richmond, VA is an excellent and professional animal hospital. I do not hesitate to put the health of my beloved red heeler in the hands of Dr Aktay, her surgeon. The doctor and her staff are professional, kind and caring to both their four legged patients and their owners.


  94. Erin Hillert 2023/08

    Dr. Laia and her team were wonderful at providing both care and reassurance when our dog was diagnosed with IMHA. The initial emergency team acted quickly in a critical situation when we first brought our dog in, and the care she received afterward helped immensely. We are so grateful that our dog is thankfully in remission, and it was comforting to have worked with Dr. Laia and her team through a very stressful time. I think the whole team helped all of us (humans and dog) feel like we were in the right place to deal with whatever came next.

  95. Erika Ogier 2023/08

    VVC was what I needed when I needed it. They took great care of my baby. Most importantly to me the staff member who was INCREDIBLY KIND to me and every person/pet who came through the waiting room. She worked so hard to make sure everyone had the information they needed when they called and checked in with each client in the waiting room. She was supportive and made me feel safe during an incredibly emotionally turbulent event. She when above and beyond not just as an employee but as an empathetic human. Being open and accepting patients when I needed help

  96. Richard Weaver 2023/08

    The surgeon was great! She explained everything thoroughly.

  97. rob wilhoite 2023/08

    Much prefer Goochland Emergency Hospital but they no longer 24/7 operation. 12 hours to get a bad UTI dealt with is just nuts. If you don’t have a life/death situation, go somewhere else.

  98. Amber D 2023/08

    If you have the means and are facing a cancer diagnosis in your pet, I highly recommend going to VVC and seeing Dr. Janowski. She was kind, knowledgeable and had a wonderful bedside manner.

  99. Ros Reil 2023/07

    Although specialty veterinary health care is expensive, we could not have been more pleased with the helpfulness of Dr. Grant. He explained the nature of Holly’s condition and the treatment options clearly and thoroughly and was attentive to all our questions and concerns. He took time to ease Holly’s anxiety and convince her that he was someone she could trust. Dr. Grant’s love of animals and his compassionate commitment to helping animal families helped us make some difficult decisions with confidence. We came away with a sense of gratitude and hope.

  100. LaToya Williams 2023/07

    It shouldn’t be 13 mins on hold if I push emergency and after 10 mins to be asked to be on hold again but this time I am at the vet to be told their at capacity. I have no issue with them being at capacity it’s them taking 13 mins to say that

  101. Theresa Lates 2023/07

    After being seen by my vet in Newport News for my dogs lethargy, distress breathing, and bloody urine,( photo below) I was sent directly up there to be seen immediately. After emailing them all my dogs xrays and bloodwork, and office notes, because they didnt call them, I was put into the walkin group. I got to the office around 7pm. They took her back to weigh her two hours later, and was told she was a medium class, which means not critical, although her breathing was irregular and was told she couldnt use the bathroom until she was seen. While waiting, another person who came in after me had her boss call and say they had to work in the morning, and suddenly, her cat was critical and seen next. I finally met with the vet after 1am, who gave me five minutes of her time to tell me my dog had a UTI and her breathing and inability to walk was due to her age, when days before, she’s jumping down the stairs to chase rabbits! She pretended to listen to her lungs, but with her panting that heavy, she wasnt hearing anything at all, but it looked good. She then told me the ultrasound she needed she didnt do, and the other vet was on holiday, and the other one was pregnant and only comes in for true emergencies, but I could leave her there for the weekend, but they couldnt guarantee me she would get her ultrasound, and it would cost me 3000-5000 for the weekend! With no guarantee she would be seen! I finally was discharged around 2:30. When I returned to my vet on Monday, my vet was very upset that they told me she had a UTI. She said for something so small I wouldnt have sent you up there and she knew it wasnt that. They dismissed her two things she asked them to rule out( Addisons and Leptospirosis) saying it wasnt either of those. No testing done. Needless to say, it wasn’t a UTI and she lost her fight three days later. I feel its just a get em in, get em out type of place. Easy money maker.


  102. Emily O 2023/07

    The staff was incredibly friendly through check in, and while waiting. Was seen pretty quickly from the Vet and was there at max for 3 hours. Very thankful to everyone there for walking us through everything from xrays to billing. Shout out to Dr. Leila Kleemola 🙌🏻 for making our visit way less stressful. -Maggie the giant schnauzer and family

  103. Beth Conkling 2023/07

    One of the best Vets ever. We saw Dr. Jankowski and she was amazing. She was very nice and my dog loved her. She made sure she was able to get me answers quickly and laid out all our options. She made me feel better about my dogs cancer and treatments. She explained everything in detail and was very thorough. Showed genuine care for my pet and I.

  104. Kiersten Kanaster 2023/07

    I was impressed and comforted by the way the front desk staff and nurse interacted with myself, my dog and the others waiting. They were fantastic and reassuring. made us feel like we were in good hands.

  105. BeamMeUp Scotty 2023/07

    I would judge the staff as super friendly in the evening of 07/06/2023 and understanding of my pet’s situation. I dealt with Dr. Watts.
    After driving back home and receiving a call within an hour that my beloved BuddyRoe passed. They had given him shot of antibiotic and revived him once, however he still passed. Doctor reassured me they did all they could do as I requested.
    I returned later that day to recover him. Upon checking out I was handed a bill for $3,300.00 for my dog being alive in their care for about 2 hours. I looked over bill and immediately noticed several double charges, for 6 hours and another 12-hour charge. Although the procedure I wanted for dog would have cost about$4600.00, it never came about because of my pets passing. I told receptionist that I wanted to discuss bill with someone. She went into back room, no copy in her hands, and returned several minutes later with an almost immediate response, while returning to her station, of “I’m sorry sir, I must have given you the wrong bill. My Bad” She hadn’t even gotten on the computer yet to look at any discrepancies. Then, when she did, she handed me a bill for $1,300.00.
    Now, I’m not any Rocket scientist, but that was downright not at all right.
    My advice, check your bill! John Bennett

  106. Brittany Nance 2023/07

    Staff was caring and wonderful. Very impressive- ran like an ER. Put the pet’s care and well-being first. Expensive but worth it.


  107. Kenya Worsham 2023/07

    My cat ingested a toxin late at night on the weekend. I called several emergency vets who were all either full or closed. When I finally reached VVC they were so kind and set us up right away. Shortly after we arrived they took my cat back for triage and monitoring. They worked with animal poison control to determine the best plan of treatment. Every one I encountered from the front desk, techs, and vet were extremely helpful and reassuring.

    We were there approximately 4 hours which is reasonable for a walk in emergency clinic. They take the most critical patients first rather than it being first come, first served. I did not mind a longer wait so other pets had a chance and I would want the same if my pet was in critical condition. The cost was very reasonable – significantly less than his most recent visit to his regular vet which was a pleasant surprise.

  108. Reid Furner-Moore 2023/07

    Dr. Julie and Dr. Amy Arroyo were absolutely amazing and extremely thorough with the care of our sick kitty today. There was a consistent stream of critical condition animals coming in during our visit but the staff made sure each and every one was seen and attended to promptly. The prices were extremely reasonable for an emergency vet and every cost was gone over with us, which I appreciated. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who was in a scary situation like I was today.

  109. Benny Hannah 2023/07

    This review is specific to the W Cary St location in Richmond.

    Regrettably, if you ever find yourself needing and animal ER, you’re not going to take time to read this review. My advice … plan ahead.

    My 8-lb dog was bitten by a copperhead snake at 7 pm; by 7:15 pm we’d spoken with “the desk” and were told that they had antivenom on-hand; by 7:50 pm we were on-site.

    After sitting and waiting for 2 hrs 25 mins, the dog was taken back for “vitals” … not triage. Let’s just say there were some exchanges with the “front desk” before we got to meet with a tech who told us it would be another 4-to-8 hours before a vet could see the dog … and “antivenom isn’t administered 95% of the time”.

    We left at 10:30 pm, never having seen a vet or a knowledgeable tech.

    The non-professionals here vastly outnumber the vet staff; and those non-professionals don’t contribute a thing. They’ve studied the same song sheet and no matter what question you ask them, you get the same verbatim response. Totally useless.

    After-the-fact, I’ve learned that many others who have found themselves in this situation have sworn “I’ll never go back there.”

    So prepare ahead. Keep an emergency care calendar on the fridge. Your pet’s reg vet should point you in the right direction … at least mine did.

  110. Courtney Schott 2023/07

    I just didn’t like the way they treated our pet. Rude staff and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

  111. Alyssa Hoekstra 2023/07

    We were referred to VVC for their surgery and oncology services for my dog’s thyroid tumor. The vet staff were amazing. We had Dr. Jankowski and Dr. Mercurio and their techs/assistants. From the start they made us feel listened to, that they were available to ask for questions, and that we were informed of all of our options. They were compassionate and professional every step of the way. The care we got was top notch and knew we were in great hands the entire time.

    We also have an anxious/reactive dog and all of the staff were accommodating to that in how they worked with him, even in making sure that halls were clear for us.

    Would definitely recommend them for their surgery/oncology. It’s a tough thing but they made it navigable.

  112. MISTY TYLER 2023/07

    Dr. Jankowski was amazing and so patient with us while we talked through questions we had. We appreciated her sharing our options with us. She was able to educated us with humanity, while truly caring for Emma’s best results. Under the circumstances, this visit was the best that it could be. Friendly and welcoming staff, and they were able to get us scheduled quickly. We appreciate the kindness through this difficult time.

  113. Rachel Whiteside 2023/07

    Absolutely terrific job, I had to drive from Virginia Beach to Richmond for my dog, and the staff was amazing with helping me get a slot in and be seen. The Vet Tech was amazing and very friendly with both my dog and I, which helped calm down the scary situation we were in. I already told people about how amazing the staff was the minute I left, and how diligent they were with seeing my dog Onix. 100/10 recommend this clinic to all my friends with pets. Communication was there and very good and the staff overall was very empathetic

  114. Lakeisha Winfree 2023/07

    The staff is amazing! I will always trust them with my fur baby! The doctor fully explained what she thought may be happening with my dog, and then showed me all the options to care for him properly. I knew the wait time would be long and they took my baby in and allowed me to go home instead of waiting in the lobby. They gave me a 4 hour hour time frame for his procedure, however I called at the 3 hour mark just to check on him and they were just finishing up! They told me to come on over to get him, and within 15 minutes of me returning he was ready to go! I’m forever grateful to this staff!

  115. Jennifer Casazza 2023/07

    We had to bring our dog in for emergency care after he was stung by yellow jackets. The staff was incredibly friendly, caring, and efficient. I would definitely recommend them!

  116. Holly Barton 2023/06

    I am a referring veterinarian and I completely trust Dr. Babbitt and Becky for the more complicated dental care for my animals.

  117. Terrence Bowler 2023/06

    Can’t be more thankful for VCC with the assistance of my dog and his TPLO full ACL & partial MCL surgery. We are incredibly grateful for his recovery thus far and the care they have provided us. Highly recommended.

  118. R Domenech 2023/06

    The service is good and the staff are very professional.

  119. Tina Bates-Jones 2023/06

    The care and compassion shown by all the staff members and doctors was beyond expectations. I was an emotional wreck going in but came away after the surgery feeling at ease knowing Dakoda was going to be just fine. Not one staff member or doctor made me feel like I was just a customer. They made me feel like family. They recognized the emergency, acted quickly and healed my fur baby


  120. Catherine Gioeli 2023/06

    What to do when you wake up to two rooms of bloody stool on a Saturday morning? VVC was efficient in seeing my 15 year old dog, and showed they cared about her. I left understanding what was going on and how to treat it.

  121. Gail Giewont 2023/06

    I had to take my dog to the ER over Memorial Day weekend with a distended abdomen. I was panicking, but everyone treated us kindly, and it only took three hours for her to be seen on a holiday, when lots of other pets were also having emergencies. Everything was explained, and the costs were estimated in advance. I could tell that everyone cared about me and my pet. I cannot say enough nice things about the care we received. They were the only choice we had, but I would choose them again.

  122. Jeannette Taylor 2023/06

    I would like to thank VVC for the wonderful care they gave Reign. The were very compassionate and helpful. The Dr. was very caring helped us with what we needed to know. Thank you everyone!!

  123. S1aybe11e 2023/06

    Dr Biggs and her team took good care of my best cat friend after an accidental misdosage of medicine. Their communication and follow up is much appreciated.

  124. Meg Brown 2023/06

    Comprehensive and compassionate care at its finest. Being willing to spend time explaining and thoroughly listening.

  125. John Doe 2023/06

    Poor customer experience on the phone did not provide info

  126. Cat mom 2023/06

    I wish I possessed the words to adequately convey my gratitude and appreciation for your staff. I was turned away from 20 other vets during a medical emergency, as they were too busy! I was not given any options other than find somewhere else. I was so blessed to find Virginia Veterinary Center in Richmond. Their standard of care, their sense of duty, and overall commitment to performing their duties at the highest possible level blew me away. I have never encountered a more dedicated team of professionals and cannot possibly demonstrate my gratitude with mere words. They are to be commended and I hope are recognized for their absolutely unprecedented level of care and compassion. Everything! Your office puts the animals’ needs before your own comfort, your own ability to go home in a timely manner, or even before taking a well deserved break. In every aspect your team shines and should be recognized for their commitment and dedication. I would also like to add, that the love and compassion your employees possess for those in their care shines through in their every action and word. Their patients are truly blessed to have them and they absolutely are the people their pets think them to be, superior in every way. Because of their care last night, my babies are together again, today.


  127. Kristen Hayes 2023/06

    My two dogs had a snake bite, and everyone was absolutely wonderful, and took care of everything perfectly

  128. Oscar Alvarado 2023/06

    Thank you for taking great care of our baby Sam Murai. Going there I have full confidence in your team to take care of him. He is doing much better and we couldn’t be happier seeing him progress and feel better. Thank you Take Sams health and comfort seriously and communicate.
    Very professional and compassionate staff. I drove 1 hour to get there and it was worth the service.

  129. Lisa Tyler 2023/06

    We took our dog to an emergency vet and he was sent to VVC. Dr Grant went above and beyond what I could have ever asked for. Not only did he drive my dog to an outside appointment in his own vehicle as we couldn’t get there in time. He also took him to his place to try to see if that helped perk him up. His compassion and understanding is something you don’t see every day in a vet. Thank you Dr Grant

  130. Cristina Story 2023/06

    Great communication regarding costs, wait times, and what was going on with my pet and discharge instructions. I liked that there was a desk with a computer to work on stuff and a coffee maker in the waiting room. I waited about 1 hour to be triaged, 2 hours from then to be roomed, 1 hour from then to be seen by the doctor, and 3 hours till my puppy was discharged. About a total of 6 hours which is expected for the level of my issue. There were other pets brought back immediately for life threatening issues. Overall great experience. Would go here again.

  131. Emily Bargamin 2023/05

    Clean, friendly and trusting care. Communication was clear and concise!

  132. K B 2023/05

    They were super friendly & were able to see my pup on her way to well! Thank you for helping us!! Everyone was super friendly, upbeat & reassuring!

  133. Paige Estes 2023/05

    Dr. Aktay and Dr. Jankowski are wonderful. Both explained everything they were going to do and why. Thet did not rush the apt. Dr. Aktay talked plainly and to the point. I appreciated meeting the whole team doing the surgery and also receiving the updates thoughout the morning. The estimate we received was transparent and inclusive. I felt completely informed and included in the
    entire process.

  134. Katlyn Miller 2023/05

    Going to a specialist is expensive, no doubt about it. It cost 4x what my primary vet quoted me to do the same procedure. But when we had to have all of our 2 year old rescue’s teeth removed because of pre-stomatitis, the invasiveness of the surgery was enough to justify going to a specialist who would be able to do surgery in one go in 3-4 hours instead of our primary vet who may have needed to do multiple surgeries for the same results. Dr. Bartl’s expertise was undeniable and our pet’s surgery and recovery were seamless. You definitely get a first class experience and know your pet is in the best possible hands.

  135. Ashley Walker 2023/05

    Our experience in the oncology department has been wonderful thus far. We had our initial visit today, and the entire team was so kind and compassionate. Cancer is a shattering thing to deal with when it comes to pets we feel are family. Dr. Jankowski and her tech were professional, thorough and treated my Luna girl and I will compassion and love. I am so glad we found this facility and no matter the outcome, I will forever be grateful for this oncology team.

  136. Erika Napolitano 2023/05

    Outstanding Saved my dog!

  137. Bekah Flemer 2023/05

    My experience with VVC in Richmond has been extremely positive so far. Every staff member I’ve encountered has been friendly and welcoming. I feel like my dog is safe and cared for when he’s at VVC. They excel in communication and patience.

  138. Jonathan Cox 2023/05

    My little dog of 16yrs needed to be put down. He was in a lot of pain and VVC were very understanding and caring from the moment I walked through the doors till the time I left. They gave me all the time in the world to say goodbye to my little boy. They made an extremely tough time a little bit easier. Thank you to all the Staff at the Fredericksburg location. You all were Aces!


  139. Tina Gerken 2023/05

    AWESOME staff the Dr’s techs assistants, are all so nice and polite and very understanding of my concerns and emotions while dealing with my baby girl, Bubbles, who surprised everyone that she was strong enough to survive the ordeal that she endured. She wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all their loving care. Cared for my critically ill girl with tender loving care!!!

  140. Cristina Wescott 2023/05

    Friendly staff from beginning to end. Great communication. Took excellent care of my cat. Thank you!

  141. Kayla Link 2023/05

    My mom spent 12 hours at this animal hospital for them to do absolutely nothing. Not only did my mom’s dog not get seen until 12 hours later, but she also watch several people with dogs that had life threatening circumstances get turned away due to finances. After being in the lobby for hours, my mom was told that “after hours” pricing begins at 6pm, but her dog should be finished by then. Then, one of the receptionists (Gracie) called her manager of the front desk, which then called my mother to let her know that they are EXPECTING her to pay after hour prices for her dog’s care, due to their own lack of time management and communication skills. In my opinion, for a facility that supposedly cares so much and treats pets as “family members”(per their Instagram posts), the staff at this business should be more concerned with the well-being of owners’ pets instead of their social media presence and their greed for money. Not to mention, treating the owners with respect. As a facility that is so concerned with receiving thousands of dollars to do the bare minimum, the staff should treat owners with more decency and not whisper to each other about the owner’s frustrations. Additionally, the staff at this facility decided to not give my mother the discharge paperwork and instead said that the paperwork would be emailed to her. Save your time and money, and take your pet somewhere that they will be treated with love and care.

  142. Sara Broyles 2023/05

    Staff is always friendly and quick. They sincerely care about my pet’. Thank you for accommodating my pet’s needs!

  143. kareemah hamdan 2023/05

    Your facility is the only one at which we’ve been able to get seen 2 times out of the 3 we’ve needed emergency care over night or on a weekend. It’s really unfortunate that the profession is struggling so hard with the demand. We appreciate the work you do and how hard it is on you, especially in emergencies; it’s may not start as a good day and yet you rise to the occasion.

  144. Amy Dunn 2023/05

    The Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I was in a panic and everyone just made my husband and I feel so very comfortable and confident that they were going to take the best care of my baby that was bitten by a snake. We were made a priority due the circumstances and I am so appreciative to everyone. I am forever grateful.

  145. Anas Zafar 2023/05

    Revised from 1 star, looking back at my multiple visits the service was variable. Thinking about the circumstances of having to visit an emergency vet it is rarely because things are going well. I’ve had to visit this center (unfortunately) a few times and in those instances am thankful there is an organization/location where I can get my pet help. Glad they’re around, wish visits could be under better circumstances, and that there could be more empathic attitudes

  146. David Bukovinsky 2023/05

    We brought our Aussiedoodle Rocky for an ultrasound on the recommendation of our local vet. We were stunned that the vet said we needed to get to VVC ASAP as you had room to accept him overnight. You got us in and were fantastic from the moment we checked in. Rocky stayed the night for a morning ultrasound which unfortunately showed liver cancer. We had to put Rocky down 5 days later as it progressed very quickly. It was a very difficult time for us, but you made it as bearable as possible. Thank you to all of your staff. Making the process bearable for us. Your kindness and support were greatly appreciated. Of course, we also appreciated the skill of your doctors.

  147. rita gary 2023/05

    Everyone was very professional and compassionate. I would highly recommend them and will be going there again in any emergency situation. I mostly appreciate the ER always being available to take great care of our fur babies

  148. John Radolinski 2023/05

    They saved my dog’s life. I cannot express greater love than that

  149. Scott Bernardo 2023/05

    If at all possible DO NOT GO HERE. Long story but my dog had surgery at our vet and sadly a day later, after hours and on a Friday my dog started bleeding from his surgery wound. Again this was after hours and our vet wouldn’t open until Monday. Their call line recommend 3 locations, this being one of them. Each was over a hour away from my home but this one was the closest at about 1 hour, 20 minutes.

    When we arrived at approximately 10:30 pm, the doors were locked. Pushed the button and a person came to the door. I explained the emergency and was chided on why I didn’t call ahead. I questioned that this is an emergency room advertised as 24 hours and recommended by my veterinarians hotline. I told her that our dog was laying in the back of our vehicle bleeding and was becoming unresponsive. She said there was nothing they could do – they were full. They provided no triage. Didn’t allow me to bring him to the door to see your seriousness nor did anyone come out to the vehicle to see his condition.

    They just turned us away. Now since we were up in Richmond, the next closest open, that was in Yorktown at almost two hours away. We made it in time and they took care of us.

    I hope they can sleep at night. They may save some animals, but clearly is a for-profit location. I would never go again no matter what, and would never recommend this place. It is my intention to contact and make a complaint with the state on our treatment.

  150. Jongchai Kim 2023/05

    Dr. Babbitt and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring.

  151. Chris White 2023/05

    Dr Jankowski was great. She listened to what we had to say and gave us a lot of good information so we could make a good decision about care. Everyone we talked to was very nice and helpful. I just wish we lived closer to the office so we could go there all the time! We were treated with respect and didn’t feel rushed through the appointment. Also, my questions after the appointment were always answered in a timely manner by email or phone.

  152. Reema Hagez 2023/04

    Horrific experience. During a critical care situation, another 24/7 vet referred me to VVC Carytown because they were at capacity. I called VCC Carytown and they told me that they couldn’t take our critical care Yorkie that needed immediate care. They told us to go to Fredericksburg Virginia or Charlottesville, VA Emergency Veterinary Hospitals. I explained that is not an option due to sense of urgency. and not being able to drive on the highway. The lady said there was nothing that VVC Carytown and refused to let me speak to the person in charge. After repeated attempts to speak to a manager, she transferred me to a voicemail.

    Thank you for showing the unprofessionalism upfront and lack of progressional excellence. You are inhumane and visitors – be warned! Poor judgement -and horrific behavior.

  153. chelsey Monroe 2023/04

    One of the worst experiences today ! Took my dog for an emergency c section and was told it was $5100 up front and since I didn’t have it it the options were to pay up front or euthanize my dog who was still alive and trying her best to push her babies out. I was also told all dogs were dead who hadn’t been delivered. Thankfully another vet was found and only one pup passed away and the cost wasn’t even half as much. There was no compassion whatsoever and other customers with no appointments were being serviced prior to me. I am super disappointed that a vet who should be protecting the lives of animals could be so careless . So grateful mama and babies are doing well!


    Very caring, warm welcoming, and knowledgeable staff! Educated me on the surgical procedure being preformed and mad sure my pup was well taken care of throughout the whole process.


  155. Fart Muffin 2023/04

    I was very impressed by how quickly and compassionately the staff handled our emergency. Every staff member provided excellent care, support and compassion for our dog and family.

  156. Kenneth Vaughan 2023/04

    Quick to take your deposit and slow to refund; too quick to euthanize based on presumed diagnosis not supported by clinical data. One week later, I still don’t have my money back after being hounded over the phone for more money when they told me I had paid up before I left. Their diagnosis also looks to be wrong. The cardiologist could find no cardiac tumors or heart defects on echo. The dog they told me to euthanize one week ago is rolling over and playing ball. Specialists can find no clinical data to support a terminal cancer diagnosis. Always get a second opinion before making life and death decisions for your pet.

  157. jersey w 2023/04

    i called to ask about my dog, because he ate something he wasn’t supposed too, the staff here was very rude: I was only worried about my dog and asking questions and they very rudely hung up in my face.

  158. Davina 2023/04

    Thank you so much for taking such great care of my baby. Quick response to an emergency situation and calling to keep me updated. The staff made a very stressful situation a little easier to deal with.

  159. Alison Kasey Velazquez 2023/04

    I am grateful for W. Cary St. emergency center. They were fairly quick for emergency services, very attentive and communicated often. Prioritized patients appropriately. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

  160. Kayla Bevill 2023/04

    The entire staff was really helpful and kind. Particularly the vet that took my dog Zoe to get her vitals done. She knew I was worried about my dog. She talked calmly and assured me Zoe was in good hands. She was very compassionate. Overall the staff made the process very easy especially considering this is an emergency vet clinic.

  161. Richard Eason 2023/04

    Take your pet anywhere but here!! Literally the worst vet experience I have had in my life. It seems all they care about is how much they can bill you before you say enough is enough. They literally almost killed my dog and charged me 10 grand to do it. The only positive part of this experience was getting my dog out of there. Unbelievably cold and impersonal staff. You’d think that people that get into this field would care about animals, I saw absolutely no evidence of that in this place.

  162. Betsy Blair 2023/04

    The communication between physicians, staff and clients is excellent and caring

  163. BURKE CLARK 2023/04

    I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional care that you provided to my beloved pet, Lil Bud. I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise, and compassion that you displayed throughout Lil Bud’s illness.

    Your team went above and beyond to make sure that Lil Bud received the best possible treatment. From the moment we arrived at the clinic, we were greeted with warmth and kindness. The staff members were incredibly patient and took the time to answer all of my questions, which helped to put my mind at ease during a difficult time.

    The treatment that Lil Bud received was top-notch. The veterinarians were knowledgeable and skilled, and they worked tirelessly to find a solution to Lil Bud’s illness. Their dedication to providing the best possible care was evident in every interaction that we had with them.

    Thanks to your team’s efforts, Lil Bud has made a full recovery, and I am thrilled to have him back to his happy and healthy self. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible care that you provided to him. Healed Lil Bud !!

  164. Floyd Francis 2023/04

    Certainly not my first choice. Had to bring in my cat for urgent care. Felt more like a mark at a used car dealership than a patient. They know you’re in need and thus push the prices sky high. A $17 dollar med at your vet will be $50. Everything is double or triple the cost. To add to that I was treated more like someone on an assembly line of patients than a concerned pet parent. That’s why all the other emergency vets were full up. The general apathy, save for one amazing and caring vet tech, shown by most of the encountered staff left me frustrated. They know they have issues which is why the lobby is littered with don’t be rude to our staff signs or we won’t care for your pet. I didn’t trust the vet or most of the staff. Certainly not the people at check in. The two star rating is simple: did they do their job, yes. Did they do it with respect, integrity, and empathy, not really. Did they try to overcharge me for unnecessary services, you bet they did. Did I walk away with what was necessary, yes, but at an exorbitantly fee. Thus two stars.

  165. Debbie Thien 2023/04

    Everyone was absolutely fabulous. We got there early and they saw us early. They spent quite a bit of time with us on Gracie’s issue which was kind of hard to understand. We got recommendations that we are moving forward with. Very pleased with the whole process. Gave us the information and time needed to understand Gracie’s issues.

  166. Scott Lowery 2023/04

    Easy check in process. They took great care of our puppy. Caring attitude and after care instructions were easy. Highly recommend.

  167. Janet Mann 2023/04

    Dr. Dong and her team are wonderful professionals and go the extra mile to help CiCi and give me information that is understandable for a non-technical person. Everything


  168. Min Enghauser 2023/04

    Kind and compassionate people. Hands down the friendliest and most reassuring vet practice I have ever encountered. Kristin is a very special, kind, joyful and informative person. Dr Bartl was patient and reassuring with all my questions and hesitations. A lot of vets can be very condescending but not here. Thorough and informative exam.

  169. Laurel Herman 2023/04

    Thank you Virginia veterinary centers, emergency care in Cary town for helping me with my dog early this morning

  170. Debby Sjogren 2023/03

    The staff were all very very nice and caring plus they gave us all the information needed to take our injured little dog home safely.

  171. Jimmy Ashburn 2023/03

    Let me say I called these folks at around 2030 and they were open. I thought my dog was having a stroke and they asked how soon I could be there. And I made it very quickly. They got my baby in pretty quick. The doctor was 5 star. Fortunately we all agreed it wasn’t a stroke it was something else. I would highly recommend especially being late like that. Our Nugget says thanks!

  172. Christa Oliver 2023/03

    We arrived for our appointment and were seen right away. The staff were all very friendly and spent a good amount of time with us. The doctor we saw explained everything to us to ensure we understood and had no questions.
    Fees are a little higher than most other vets in our area, but we are paying for the expertise of the specialist we took our dog to see. We expected the best and that’s what we feel we got.

  173. Steve Gruber 2023/03

    Dr. Jankowski in oncology provided me with clear descriptions and guidance for my dog’s treatment. Staff was helpful with my followup calls. Gave me a sense that my dog is receiving good care.

  174. Victoria Lewan 2023/03

    Very impressed with the staff! They were friendly, communicative and patient. I was expecting to go in and wait five hours and deal with rude staff, but that wasn’t the case at all. I’m sure on other days it’s busier, but my dog was able to be seen fairly quickly. I only had to wait about two hours before they met with me and told me my dog needed to stay overnight and then I can go home. They met with me and gave me a whole cost breakdown, and said that they would call me if they had to do anything over $500. Having this be my first pet and taking it to the emergency hospital for the first time, I was afraid they were just gonna surprise me with the bill, but that also wasn’t the case at all. I recommend! Not to mention, they saved my Chihuahua’s life when she ate a lethal amount of chocolate.

  175. Laura Churchill 2023/03

    Definitely recommend. I was taken care of quickly and the staff was very kind and reassuring. They listened to me and gave me a clear care plan.

  176. Lisa Gav 2023/03

    Thank God for this veterinary center! My dog had a tree branch stuck in his teeth. We rushed him to this Vet.

    I was in a panic & about to have an anxiety attack!

    They rushed him back. Removed the branch lounged into his teeth. And, didn’t even charge us a dime.

    Thank you, Thank you! Really! Our dog is our son. Not just a dog! Needless, to say!

    All branches will be gone from our yard! And, if we ever need emergency services again. We will be back.

    May God bless this place. We are forever grateful!!! ❤️

  177. Trisha B 2023/03

    This place blew me away. The love and care they show our babies is outstanding!!! The assistants and vets are the best I’ve seen in 12yrs!! There is a wait to be seen but totally worth it!! Bring them here and you will get nothing but the best!!!!

  178. Judi Small 2023/03

    I was extremely impressed with how this center is run. It is an EMERGENCY room , just like ones a pet parent would go to. I appreciate the emergency is triaged, and then prioritized. The are up front about the probable timeline. The two ladies at the desk were friendly, compassionate and professional. The medical team was exactly what you would hope for. ..excellent! They were amazing , communicated with us, and in our situation, we could hear how reassuring and affectionate they were not just to my puppy but all the “patient’s” they were treating. THANK YOU! You have a great team of people who actually care about your pet and you! Thank you.

  179. Jolanda Whyte-Byrd 2023/03

    Great care and customer service. Staff was very friendly. Dr. Laia is awesome. She kept us well informed during our kitty Tank stay and she checked on him post discharge. Tiffany also is awesome. She provided great customer service and has excellent patience.

  180. Brandy Frost 2023/03

    Everyone was very accommodating and considerate. Client in the parking lot gave excellent reviews regarding prior surgeries their pet had. Said the surgical team was excellent. Staff was very caring and handled my pet with lots of kindness even though he isn’t the best patient.

  181. Madison Griffin 2023/03

    My dog was brought in on a busy Saturday to have a blockage removed. After all the tests, she went into surgery late Saturday night and it ended up being a complicated surgery. It was expensive, but completely worth it. She didn’t have time to wait and the team worked hard to save her life. I’m very happy to say she’s nearly two weeks out from surgery and doing great!

  182. Michelle Daidone 2023/03

    Dr. Dong and her team in IMED (Sydney, Olivia, etc.) are extremely thorough, caring and compassionate. I always know my senior cat Hudson is in good hands and they have been very accommodating to his needs.

  183. Kim Roberts 2023/03

    I’m so lucky to live in the vicinity of this practice. The staff and Dr. Aktay are extremely patient, capable, and compassionate. I am extremely confident in their care.


  184. Cliche Hughes 2023/03

    Customer service….just now!!! He sounded asleep and was no help. Yea and I just called and they told me they would be able to help they are booked?!!! Bad for business and I would never 👎 take my dog here. Ever!!!! …

  185. Valentine Balguerie 2023/03

    Everyone provided professional, expert, and compassionate care. I asked many questions and received thoughtful and informed answers, and i knew exactly what I was paying for. I could not ask for more.

  186. Grey Mullarkey 2023/02

    Quick help even though they were busy, saved my dogs life. Very friendly and helpful staff. Quick reaction time

  187. Abby van Esselstyn 2023/02

    Service was great! My dog was taken care of and is acting like himself again 🙂 The thing that was done best was that the vet took the time to show me all my options for care.

  188. leah burgess 2023/02

    Dr. Babbitt and his team took awesome care of my fur baby, Berkley and helped ease my fears before, during and after his dental surgery. Highly recommend, professional and caring!

  189. cole lamoreux 2023/02

    The fact this place charges $200 for “communal cremation” is disgusting. They charged me that for my 4.5 poodle that passed. Disgusting

  190. Susan Park 2023/02

    Everyone treated me and my dog well. They were kind and very good at explaining everything. The wait was less than expected considering it was an emergency visit and I expected a long wait. Luckily, my dog is just fine but I’m glad I brought her in for that peace of mind. The cost was much less than I expected as well. I have only positive things to say.

  191. Monique Schlank 2023/02

    Staff was friendly and had good communication. Took the time to listen to our reason for coming in. Gave us overall information about every step of the process and showed genuine interest in caring for our pet. Took the time to make sure we had a good grasp of out patient care and made sure to give details on any scenarios that would lead to immediate follow-up.

  192. Michael Colangelo 2023/02

    It was one of the best and worst days of my life. My Belle Ann was found to have in operable cancer. I brought her from Fredericksburg for the best. I was sad for the news, but I realize I had the most competent, experienced, and caring help from the staff. I’ve seen in a long time. These days dentists vets, etc have taken over by big business.
    This place was the opposite. The security in knowing Belle Ann had the best care. That will ease my mind and heart in the coming days.


  193. Richard C 2023/02

    Great service; professional care and concern expressed toward my pet; excellent communication

  194. WESLEY Watson 2023/02

    Worst place ever was there 4hrs and nothing was done for my cat after the 3rd time going in to ask the original lady that checked us in wouldn’t even look at us never will go there again

  195. Dan Hoctor 2023/02

    I was greeted with care and empathy from the front office staff, vet tech, to the veterinarian. This was a trying and stressful day after finding out our dog had an advanced cancerous tumor and we would have to make a tough decision the next day. Quickly diagnosing the problem and directing me to a plan of action. Even though it was an unfortunate one.


  196. Barbara Harkins 2023/02

    For many years, I have taken various dogs to VVC as the need arose. They have always been welcoming, informative, professional, upfront about costs and about alternative ways to treat my pet.

  197. Hannah Cousins 2023/02

    VVC took my concerns ver seriously and acted swiftly to my my two puppies alive. The staff was friendly and genuinely cared about the well being of them.

  198. Nancy Fetty 2023/02

    Our experience at VVC was exceptional on all levels. The staff (Dr and Assistants) were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and communicated that knowledge to us clearly in an easy to understand manner. They had a very efficient routine in place from the moment we checked in straight through to end of our visit, keeping us informed of each next step all along the way. We were very pleased with the entire visit and VVC!


  199. David Diberto 2023/01

    All of the staff we interacted with at VVC were professional, kind, and compassionate. We are so grateful for all of them! took good care of our pet and did the best you could to get us posted on her condition considering how busy your team is!

  200. Doug Anderson 2023/01

    Provided excellent critical care for our dog. Very professional and caring.

  201. Emily Goolsby 2023/01

    We’ve now been twice in the past 3 weeks for different situations. It’s definitely not a place you want to go to, but when you need it, you’re so thankful they are there to help. They have hard jobs, and they handle the pressure well.

    In our experience, the cons are typical and very similar to a human hospital. The waits for most situations are pretty long (at minimum 4 hours in our experience), but thank goodness they provide phone chargers. It is very expensive, especially when hospitalization is involved. As options are quickly dwindling for true 24/7 care in this area, I don’t think there’s all that much they can do about this & is more of a systemic problem. Luckily they have provided paperwork to our pet insurance company to help us be reimbursed.

    The front desk staff (esp Brittany) are very kind & do a good job making sure everyone has what they need. The vets are wonderful. We’ve seen Dr. Rash and Dr. Rasania. We felt they both really cared about our pup and about providing the best outcome for him. They spent a lot of time answering our frantic questions and helped us make the best decisions for us and our pup. It’s never fun to have to leave him overnight, but they assured us we could call them anytime for updates. The vet techs we’ve seen have also been great and clear when going over discharge instructions. It seems everyone is dedicated to providing quality care. We truly appreciate this great team! (Although, we hope to not need any more visits for a long time 😂)

  202. trose4656 2023/01

    I am very thankful for the care given to my daughters dog. The overall professionalism and care that her puppy received is highly commendable!

  203. Richard Craven 2023/01

    Excellent and compassionate care by all of the staff. Dr. Stratton provided a thorough and compassionate review of my dog’s condition at a very difficult time for him and for us.

  204. Elyse O 2023/01

    Our pug Joe just saw Dr. Babbit for major dental work and we were so happy with the care that he and his team provided for our beloved boy. We didn’t trust anyone else to give Joe anesthesia but felt totally confident in Dr. Babbit and the staff at VVC. Definitely recommend!

  205. Ginny Preda 2023/01

    I was very pleased with the timely manner our dog was seen, admitted and diagnosed. Dr Taylor kept us informed via text and phone. She helped us make a difficult decision that was in our dog’s best interest by diagnosing her condition.

  206. marcia meyer 2023/01

    We were not told when we called in that the wait would be 3-4 hrs to see the Dr.
    Our boy was left to lay on a blanket and bleed from his nose and open cut wound above his eye. Big knot on his head,
    Waiting in the common lobby
    Did not have my Greyhounds best interest in their minds or souls.
    Come on, an emergency animal hospital with bad attitude and not understanding the love you have for your fur babies!!!!
    We left and went to BLUEPEARL Vet.
    We felt like they cared about and were concerned about our boy!!

  207. Chekira Hill 2023/01

    we put my sweet boy to sleep today and the love, care, and professionalism everyone exhibited today eased the pain of saying goodbye. we were told everything that was happening, kept up to date, and just treated with so much kindness, as was my best friend. thank you guys so much for being there for him in his time of need and being a warm light in such a cold time.
    – Dereon’s family ❤️


  208. Jason Hillan 2023/01

    For an ER center, someone spoke with me rather quickly. Very direct and easy to understand directions

  209. Kristin Walinski 2023/01

    I appreciated the doctors’ care and attention to my pet in a time of need. Everyone was personable despite the trying circumstances. I really appreciate all you do for pets despite time and personnel constraints. The doctors really helped me understand the options. It was far superior to the treatment we got at Blue Pearl, where the doctor basically said it was futile to treat my cat and that he should be euthanized. It felt like Blue Pearl wanted the most expedient, easiest option with the least resistance. At VVC, I felt like they wanted to do what was best for my pet and to listen to my concerns.

  210. Lauren Noe 2023/01

    Impressed with the level of care, took my pup here for post surgical observation overnight since my primary vet is not open 24 hours. They were extremely thorough in their procedures and explained everything very well. Supportive and kind staff. They helped save my dog’s life, I’m very grateful.


  211. Kati Moore 2023/01

    Our sweet cat Poppy has been suffering unexplained seizures and had her first visit yesterday (the day after Christmas) and second visit tonight. Both nights the center was at full capacity but we were still seen as promptly as possible and treated with kindness and compassion. While we don’t have a solid answer about our cat’s cause of symptoms, they were able to put her on anti seizure medicine, steroids and antibiotics until we can visit our regular vet for further testing. We are hoping to never have to visit again, but if we suffer through further pet emergencies, we will definitely go to VVC again and recommend it to others facing pet emergencies.

  212. Nancy Perkins 2022/12

    My cat received excellent care while at the vet hospital. The staff was knowledgeable and compassionate. They gave me regular updates on surgery and recovery.

  213. Niall Kennedy 2022/12

    Staff were excellent, efficient, attentive to our needs and compassionate.

    Special mention for Tiffany on front desk duty, wonderful to deal with. DR O’Neil for taking excellent care of Ely and taking time to review our case with us Timely treatment of Ely and follow up review was great

  214. K Phillips 2022/11

    Dr. Jankowski and her staff were super sweet to us and our dog. They were very understanding when we said that we did not want to choose the most expensive and lengthy treatment option and were very supportive of any choice we made for our terminally ill dog. All of the staff were very compassionate.

  215. A F 2022/11

    Staff was kind, helpful and professional. They communicated clearly to me about my pet’s condition, which helped me make decisions, and they were kind and professional which helped me feel calm during a tense situation..

  216. Dustin Lawson 2022/11

    If I could do zero stars they would get it. My dog had cancer and is literally dying and they TORTURED her for 4 hours. She can’t walk and they dragged her back in the room with her leash. Before they took her back they were taking other dogs back first because they were being to loud. The staff did not act like cared at all. They were extremely rude. Please do not take your pets here.

  217. Taylor Sizemore 2022/11

    They took the most wonderful care of my cat who needed surgery. They kept me updated throughout the entire process and were so sweet and informative. In such a scary time they made me feel comfortable and at ease. Kept me informed and updated

  218. Carla Neidigh 2022/11

    Great experience. My dog’s issue was taken seriously and all diagnostic tests were done. Everyone was very friendly, kind and communicated info as promised.

  219. Kate Brown 2022/11

    Dr. Dong’s team took such good care of our Leon for the last few years. They treated him so lovingly and we’re certain they extended his life. The ER team stepped up magnificently in last few days and made losing him a more bearable burden. Everyone we came in contact was lovely and attentive.

  220. Zaira Montenegro 2022/11

    Terrible place! Very unprofessional

  221. eric kern 2022/11

    Dog was given attention right away. Friendly staff and Doctor was great at explaining situation Showed immediate concern and care

  222. Jessica Flint 2022/11

    The team was very quick to take care of my pup. Despite how busy they were being the only ER open 24 hours, they were very efficient and incredibly friendly. They not only took great care of my baby but also did all they could to keep my cost down. Everything

  223. Autumn.Shantae 2022/11

    If I could give this place a negative star I would. Though I knew it was going to be a wait, which I was totally fine with until… People started coming and going with their pets. This is so unprofessional she’s a 1 month old kitten who’s sick for ONE and for TWO hasn’t eaten, drink, or relieved herself. After 4 hours of waiting, I was told that she is a level 2 and she won’t be seen until after 10pm but that still doesn’t guarantee her to be seen at 10.

  224. Nancy Chapman 2022/10

    Excellent Work on my cat Rocket. Saved Rocket’s life. Made his recovery comfortable

  225. Pahola Montenegro 2022/10

    Horrible experience. Please do not take your pet there!

  226. Karen S 2022/10

    Wow. Carol. I am preparing my review. Its a shame there is no less than five star review. STAY TUNED

  227. Donna East 2022/10

    My GSD, Rosie, saw Dr. Jankowsky on August 9, 2022. She has been diagnosed with a cancerous mass in her front leg and lung metastases. Although this sounds like an “end of the road” diagnosis for a dog, I wanted her to have an Oncology evaluation as much for palliative care and comfort as thinking there might be a “cure”. Dr. Jankowsky and staff were so kind, and wanted to know my thoughts about her care as well as offer her suggestions. I really appreciate this, and we are pursuing some avenues which I hope will not only make Rosie more comfortable, but maybe even allow us to love her and have her with us for awhile longer.
    Donna East

  228. Heather Gibson 2022/10

    A couple days after my visit here, I was initially a little frustrated because I spent nearly $500 in examinations only to come home to my cat Pippen having an upper respiratory infection. However, I acknowledge now that his symptoms (while he was there) were probably too subtle for a busy emergency hospital, and that his symptoms only ramped up when getting home, probably due to stress. When I called them for the initial health concern, terrified that my boy had a urinary block, they very appropriately treated it as an emergency and took him in right away. They were also very kind and polite to me, even asking how I was doing as they passed in the waiting room. Also, at the end of the visit, the vet took a lot of time answering my questions and concerns and was very encouraging and empathetic. Overall my experience here was quite positive, although it was a bit frustrating having to take my boy for another vet appointment, since he really gets distressed in the car and it was his first week living with me.

  229. Jess Wooten 2022/10

    Avoid at all costs. This place is advertised as an Emergency Vet or Urgent Care Vet – there’s nothing urgent about this place. Save yourself the many hours you will spend waiting and wondering for something you’ll likely have to take to your primary care vet the next day anyway.

    We watched as family after family including us were eventually told nothing could be done and to see our primary care vet ASAP. Truly not what you want to hear during a pet emergency. 5 hours and $200 later for a “consultation” with the one doctor on duty, a complete waste of everyone’s time that evening. We heard bills as high as $4700 that evening.

    Work with your Vet, find an alternative, avoid Virginia Veterinary Centers at all costs and good luck with your pet!

  230. Bronwyn McIntosh 2022/10

    Excellent experience. Despite the late hours and long wait, everyone was helpful and kind. I appreciated that very much. Generally everyone was very pleasant and kind, efficient and helpful. Not pushing any special extras or care. Doctor discussed recommendations with me and went with my solution without making me feel like I had done a disservice to my pet by choosing a cheaper option. All around humane experience for all of us.

  231. Emma Shearer 2022/10

    I chose carytown emergency vet for snowflake because of how they handled our visit with Daisy. Dasiy had a UTI and we needed an emergency vet and they handled her case with some much ease and made us feel at home. We love you guys and feel that we would recommend you to all of our friends. Handled our concerns with ease and made us feel appreciated.

  232. Melissa Clampitt 2022/10

    Everyone was incredibly nice – from the front desk staff to the techs and doctors. I felt very well taken care of. All my questions were answered. And I felt that my cat received amazing care. Everyone had great Empathy: this is a new cancer diagnosis for a very well loved cat. It’s emotional and I felt that everyone was understanding and supportive.

  233. kathy mock 2022/10

    Great service. Friendly, knowledgeable, caring staff. Costly – but in line for services.

  234. Cecilia leitz 2022/10

    Excellent and attentive staff. Delilah was instantly comfortable in the building which isn’t the norm for her. Treated Delilah and myself with respect and kindness

  235. Anne Hurst 2022/10

    My dog required amputation of her leg due to a soft tissue sarcoma and Dr. Chiu and team were excellent. They answered all our questions and kept us informed throughout the day of procedure. We were even reimbursed for the difference in the expected and actual cost. Highly recommend.

  236. Wendell Mahan 2022/09

    Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and informative staff. Assess, probe for more information and addressed my concerns.

  237. charity haraway 2022/09

    hate to give such a bad star to this clinic only because they have an amazing surgeon Dr. Aktay and Dr. Bell is an amazing vet but it’s a clinic i try to avoid had awful experience in the past with internal medicine and the receptionist are awful but not there vault they make minimum wage and have no help , no clue if Dr. will be coming in and when you contact a supervisor about a billing issues no return call or e-mail . I’ve never thought highly of this place and avoid it if at all possible but would appreciate a call back when i have an issues with billing being wrong , I always tell clients that unless you need a surgeon Dr. Aktay stay away if at all possible .

  238. Terry Davis 2022/09

    They were so caring to my Bella-Rose when she had congestive heart failure. They were kind, compassionate and treated us both with respect ❤ I would most definitely take any of my animals there in case of a emergency.

  239. Destini Griggs 2022/09

    Great, friendly staff. Took very good care of my dog in her time of need. They also made sure I was aware of everything and explain step by step what was going to happen and the reason why. Saved my dog-ughter and was understanding and took time to explain everything to me.

  240. James Cross 2022/09

    Great experience. Most professional and caring

  241. Heather Dail 2022/09

    Excellent service, excellent staff, knowledgeable doctors, no wait. Provide options

  242. Matthew Eddy 2022/09

    Very friendly staff. Showed care and concern for my pup. Gave attentive service!

  243. Liz Santos 2022/09

    This place is terrible. Please don’t take your pet there. I took my very sick puppy there. They would not help her because I couldn’t pay till the next day. My puppy was in critical condition, they refused to treat her , had me sign AMA leaving against medical advice and my puppy died she needed to be hospitalized.
    Horrible place

  244. Kaytee Hadley 2022/09

    Took my pup here for an emergency visit when her primary couldnt see her. They were so quick to check her in, listened to our concerns, and outlined what all they thought was best to do. We had to leave for several hours and during that time the team communicated with us regularly and kept us up to date. They figured out what was wrong with her and put together a concise treatment plan. I would absolutely recommend VVC and will definitely go back in the future!

  245. Melissa Reeves 2022/09

    I was very pleased with the overall treatment that my pet received. VVC provided excellent care and communication. I felt very comfortable leaving my loved one with the staff, and the discharge instructions were very clear and very helpful

  246. Bethany Linden 2022/09

    I brought my very difficult to work with dog here twice this week and both times he received exceptional care and the staff was very accommodating and understanding about Jett really not liking strangers. I can’t thank them enough for not only helping my boy, but also making a very stressful situation go as smoothly as possible!

  247. Beth Schroeder 2022/09

    My dog likely suffered a stroke and at least two seizures before arriving at VVC, Cary Street. Thanks to the highly skilled vets and staff my dog recovered and I was able to take him home. Can’t say enough about the wonderful people who work here!

  248. Jacqui - 2022/09

    Every staff member was welcoming and helpful! I feel confident in their ability to provide the highest level of care to my pet. I chose VVC for compassionate, knowledgeable, care and my expectations were exceeded. If your pet has dental concerns I highly recommend visiting Dr. Babbitt and his team.

  249. w n 2022/09

    Refused to preform tests on our pet that we asked them to do but still charged us a ton of money after telling us our pet was just fine. eventually we had to bring our pet back because it WASNT fine. our pet then died in their care and they want 400$ to cremate on top of the cost of them keeping our pet even though they didnt monitor it closely enough and it ended up dying. clearly they dont care about pets or their families. charging a grieving family thousands???? are u serious???

  250. S.Hale 2022/08

    My sweet Grace needed an emergency c-section. Dr. Kost and the entire team were excellent, informative and got my litter delivered. We were very pleased with the service we received.


  251. Sandra Bullock 2022/08

    Dr Jankowsky and her staff are remarkably caring and covered a treatment plan for my dog clearly.

  252. Joey Woodard 2022/08

    It’s no wonder the staffing problem is so bad. I imagine it’s hard to find more than a handful of people willing to euthanize an animal because its owner needs more than two pay periods to pay a $4,000+ vet bill. Absolutely disgusting

  253. Acr Rca 2022/08

    I have been there before and it was good, except for the excessive pricing and pushing to do things to pad the wallet of the owners. My animals have gone home healthy and diagnosed correctly. Tonight, my cat is sick, he has a history of struvite crystals which a blockage can kill him if not taken quickly, they said they were at capacity and said call somewhere else. The other emergency hospital misdiagnosed my cat and he died as a result of the misdiagnosing prematurely, charged me over a grand for the misdiagnose-ment, I don’t trust them and will not take my animals there. The other “24” hour hospital closes at 12 and would not take me either. So I have to wait to the morning and pray either LockeTaylor or BettyBaun will allow me to bring him in, but I don’t have high hopes. I never had issues like this in NYC where the vets and their helpers had no soul and wouldn’t take an animal in need. You all disgust me here.

  254. john saunders 2022/08

    I really appreciate the time the staff took to help me understand my dogs issues and help formulate a gameplan. Having patience with me was appreciated

  255. Sydney Warner 2022/08

    I was very pleased with how friendly the staff was and willing to have me call back to check for cancellations. They were able to then get me in quickly. I thoroughly was pleased with the care and time the veterinary staff provided me and how the dr was able and willing to answer all my questions, and went above and beyond to even check a concern I wasn’t there for – he noticed my dog limping (for which I had already scheduled a visit with my regular vet) and while he was in treatment for his vitals the dr went ahead and did a brief orthopedic exam without me even mentioning it. Ultimately Dr Mercurio was very honest and patient with us and though we will not be using their surgery services at this time, we have NO hesitation to do so if needed in the future. I was extremely pleased with the visit overall. The dr eased my mind with a clear understanding of my options and situation and provided a very smooth and friendly visit.

  256. Maria Jones 2022/08

    The staff at VVC were wonderful! Dr Jankowski has a gentle, soothing way about her, you can tell she truly cares for her patients, we left there feeling assured they had our best interest at heart and that we could contact her anytime with changes in our babies condition. Compassion & honesty ❤️

  257. Johnny Aviles 2022/08

    Only go here if youre fine with being in debt with these people for a long time

  258. Jonathan Jellen 2022/08

    No one in the waiting room and was turned away with a sheet of other emergency vets in the area. No concern or empathy. Will never go there again.

  259. Katherine Montenegro 2022/08

    My dog had very bad pain so my sister and I took him to the “ER” and we had to wait over an hour for him to be seen. After we were done with him they made us wait another hour just to pay for super pricey medicine which he can take in 20 hours which is no help at all! Some of the staff were nice but the doctors were not professional and lacked care for my dog.

  260. kylie h 2022/08

    Brought my elderly dog here when she was having trouble breathing. It would have been clear to anyone that something was wrong with her. She was wheezing very loud and struggling to breathe. We brought her here and they said the wait was about three hours. We held our struggling dog in our arms while we waited. Once we were finally called back, they said her vitals were fine and that we could go home. She died the next morning.

  261. Carrie Peterson 2022/08

    I came to the Cary Street location on Jan 16 2022 (a Sunday) with a concern re: my cat eating an earplug. I called ahead and they assured me they were accepting patients. I expected a rather long wait considering this is emergency medicine and my cat was in relatively good shape. My wait was actually shorter than I anticipated, about 1.5 hours for the initial consult. After an initial inspection, they created a plan, which involved Xrays. Overall, it was a great experience. Great care and they kept me informed. Thanks so much for the care and assurance we received!

  262. Janzen Holden 2022/07

    Dr. Jocelyn Torrence was EXTREMELY disrespectful during my family’s emergency euthanasia of our dog. Don’t recommend if you’re looking for a place with any scrap of compassion or decency.

  263. Kristen Avent 2022/07

    Friendly, professional, caring staff. Checked us in quickly. Came quickly to assess and treat my dog. Clearly cared about the well being of my dog. Gave clear follow up care instructions. Highly recommend VVC and everyone involved. Fast to check us in and fast to treat. Great job.

  264. Caleb Lisha 2022/07

    Crazy pricing , and they wont give you any figures until you’ve already paid to be seen

  265. lyndsay leonard 2022/07

    Kept me well updated on my dog, and treated her with great care I’m so grateful Communication

  266. Rhonda Lowry 2022/07

    I feel Raven got the best care. The Doctor explained everything that was going on and what needed to be done. The care that was shown for Raven and myself was appreciated.

  267. Rae Sunshine 2022/07

    Called and was asked to wait on hold “briefly”. 10 min on hold, no further follow up. I called from a different phone, was told the same thing. This was at 8am on a Sunday. Didn’t bother to call back or hold any longer. I gave 2 stars for just answering the phone.

  268. Jon Cencich 2022/07

    My dog was denied medical care because they were “at capacity”. We were advised to drive to Charlottesville despite the fact the dog arrived bleeding. Was told indifferently “sorry”. Absolutely unbelievable, would never take another animal there for anything.

  269. jcats jcats 2022/07

    Overall very good experience. Front desk and techs were very friendly and communicated clearly and positively. I even overheard them dealing with a problematic client in the lobby very professionally. I got lucky and was able to be seen in only 3 hours, when there are signs everywhere informing clients that the average wait time is 4-8 hours, even though my cat’s condition was probably among the least severe they saw that night. It was easy to check in and set up a profile as a new patient. The doctor was knowledgeable and did not seem in a rush. He provided a calculated level of care- enough to stabilize my kitty until she can be seen by her usual vet, but forgoing any unnecessary diagnostics that would cost extra $. The amount I paid was very fair. Would definitely recommend, but bring your patience, as they will (understandably) treat the sickest animals first instead of a first come, first served system.

  270. Katja Stabile 2022/07

    Great experience. Good communication. Would definitely recommend .They took
    Great care of our dog

  271. Mary Brooks 2022/07

    The staff were all most kind and very helpful. They explained the process and what to expect during our visit. Keep me informed in a very professional and kind way.

  272. Anna Rice- Wright 2022/07

    I was in an emergency situation with my 14 yr old dog which had taken a large dose pill that was for one of our larger dogs… this emergency clinic was outstanding and quickly addressed my dogs medical needs… we were actually turned down by another clinic that would have been closer due to them being at full capacity (not their fault) I so appreciate VVC being there willing to see us and there was not a long wait at all. Best customer service especially that late at night

  273. Jon Askew 2022/07

    Big Thank You To Dr Watts and the entire staff at the W Carey St center, From the time we arrived wednesday afternoon till the time we picked up Marley from surgery on friday they were AWESOME! they kept us informed of what was going on and treated us like family!


  274. Alyssa Yuen 2022/07

    Service was absolutely fantastic and Dr. Jacobs answers my thousands of questions. Truly appreciate the team at VVC Carytown.

  275. Alyssa Stultz 2022/07

    Everyone was so kind as soon as we walked in and I feel like each person we interacted with gave us realistic expectations as far as how long we would wait and the price and options for treatment. Even in such a stressful setting where I’m sure there are 1000 things going on, we never felt rushed in our interactions with the staff. Dr. Kost was wonderful and assured us we made the right decision. Thank you so much for all y’all do! Clear expectations and direct but kind delivery of information

  276. Jill Banks 2022/06

    They took my puppy back immediately and we’re on top of his health. Getting my puppy seen immediately gave me a sense of peace.

  277. Sharon McDavid 2022/06

    Tucker recieved great care. Everyone was friendly, caring and professional. You cared.

  278. Nicole Krause 2022/06

    I brought my cat to the ER and Oncology saw him the following morning. Everyone was very professional and kind. The doctors provided info and exhibited compassion when sharing bad news.

  279. Mika Morris 2022/06

    I was really pleased with the doctors and their care for Bella. I was extremely hesitant for her surgery but everyone was comforting and made everything easy to understand. Definitely a wonderful experience and outcome. Very thorough with post-op care instructions too.

  280. D. Scardina 2022/06

    Professional, caring and understanding. I have been to both the Fredericksburg and Richmond locations and trust them with the care of my fur babies when they have needed it the most. I have unfortunately been in the long wait times, more than once as they triage you, however the circumstances necessitated not waiting till my regular vet was open. So grateful for the care and the ability to bring my family home. In my opinion, the area needs more emergency/urgent care for animals, including there support staff.

  281. J p 2022/06

    I honestly hate to be leaving this review, but I’m appalled at how my wife and I were treated at the Cary town location. Our dog had a life threatening injury and we’re turned away. Our dog in my wife’s hands bleeding as she begged and pleaded and offered to pay what ever just to have him seen and helped to not be in pain anymore. The girl at the door was rude and turned us alway! I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy! They should not be treating animals. The staff is unprofessional and horrible. I don’t know how you can turn away a suffering animal and tell a client who has driven over an hour to be at the location already for help that they have to drive an additional 30 mins to be seen else where. We are aware that staffing is an issue but to not even take a min to help in any way. Just causally walk to the door and act like you rather be anywhere else and roll your eyes to a suffering animal. Beware of this place. My wife has worked in the veterinary world and she sat in the car crying on the way to another animal hospital and was distraught about how she’s never in her life ever seen a dying pet in pain be turned away in both er settings or in a regular vets office.

  282. jenny jenkins 2022/06

    They accepted my injured pup with possibly life threatening injuries within moments of my arrival even with a full waiting room. My options were explained well and I was given the time to make them with full understanding. My pup is here now thankfully and they were specific with the itemization of my bill, which I appreciate. Prompt and willing care.

  283. Matthew Carawan 2022/06

    Was told my pet would be able to be seen, drove an hour to get there and was told they had “paused receiving” and she would not be able to be seen today and all other nearby hospitals were filled to capacity. Unprofessional, go elsewhere.

  284. Scott Montrose 2022/06

    Did everything my local vet said they would and more. Took care of my Bichon like their own.

  285. Benjamin Turner 2022/06

    Go to the veterinary location in richmond,VA to get our mastiff checked out. they did blood work, fast focus ultrasound, came up with all these speculations, oh you should admit him, we’re unsure, try to get us to spend all this money, this that and the third. Came out with a large bill anyhow and no true diagnosis, the next day I take him to another vet where they do a simple x-ray and determine its lung cancer, and putting him down after all, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to this place. Negative 5 stars

  286. Christie Silverstein 2022/06

    Everyone was respectful of our tough situation, kind, and knowledgable. I really appreciate each person who helped out our dog. The medical team quickly assessed what was needed and made clear recommendations for our path forward.

  287. Taylor Rudd 2022/06

    Thank you for caring for our dog today who needed emergency attention on a holiday. Dr. Bell and her amazing staff saw us quickly and sent us on our way with detailed instructions and everything we needed to continue care at home. We are so grateful to VVC and highly recommend this location for its efficiency and wonderful care!

  288. John Daniel 2022/05

    Highly organized, showed great sensitivity and love to my dog. Most of all Dr. Daugherty was clearly very knowledgable and had a command of her field. I was grateful for her approach. This was true for her Tech as well.. All the admin staff and everyone was very professional and gracious. Cared for my dog and treated me intelligently.

  289. GENA MILLER 2022/05

    The staff and the doctors were very friendly and very kind and helpful and very honest with providing the information regarding my pets and the treatment for my pet and I really respect that and appreciated their good work I was able to get an appointment right away and the staff was very accommodating they listened to my concerns regarding my pet and the doctor was just absolutely wonderful she was so kind and caring she was very thorough and understanding and a very good at explaining what the condition of my pet was and what to expect for her treatment

  290. Alexandra Clark 2022/05

    Literally the rudest staff I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’m a fellow healthcare worker myself and understand how difficult it is sometimes to work with people when they’re worried about a loved one etc. but the type of attitudes I’ve experienced with ALL the staff I’ve come in contact with right now has been absolutely revolting. If this wasn’t an emergency visit I would’ve left the moment the front desk staff got snippy with me. Do yourself a favor and take your sweet baby elsewhere if given the option

  291. Kati-lyn Grimes 2022/05

    Saying goodbye to my sweet Iron was the saddest thing I’ve ever done in my life. From first getting to this place to saying goodbye, I was met with kindness and compassion from the techs at the desk to both doctors I spoke with. They were very informative in discussing what was going on, what could be needed, and even the honest feedback that it wasn’t going to be good. I am forever grateful for the decision to bring Iron here.

  292. John Mollison 2022/05

    Dr. Mercurio and the Vet Tech were outstanding in helping us have a better understanding the issues facing our pet. They engendered trust and confidence…provided caring and sound medical diagnosis and a plan to deal with the concerns about our pet.

  293. Cynthia Sanford 2022/05

    We had a great experience at VVC. The vet was great all around….good care to our precious dog and a great and understandable explanation to us. We have future visits scheduled and we have the upmost respect and trust of VVC and the vets there.

  294. Evelyn Barnes 2022/05

    Staff friendly and thay helped my dog.

  295. Justin Brown 2022/05

    Thank you for all y’all do. Staff was great. They were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend them.

  296. Lindsay Foster 2022/05

    We first took our dog to Virginia Veterinary Center in Fredericksburg during an emergency, in which then she was transferred to the center in Richmond for 48-hours of care. The care she received was impeccable and we were kept well-informed for the duration of her stay. I felt our dog was always in good hands and I appreciated that she received such good care.

  297. Cindy Rella 2022/05

    I absolutely love them. Such a sweet, compassionate staff.

  298. Lauren Hathaway 2022/05

    HORRIBLE experience here. Please avoid if you are able to. Brought my dog in Saturday evening for non-productive vomiting and lethargy. We were told that this was kennel cough and we needed to leave. I was begging them to please just examine my dog since he had kennel cough before and this was very different. They refused and locked us out of the building – even though this is a 24 hour location. Thankfully, my dog made it through the night where were able to take him to River Run Animal Hospital where they diagnosed him with bloat/BRD and performed emergency, life-saving surgery. In their words – the staff on duty that night made a fatal mistake and would have been responsible if our dog had died. Please avoid here if you can.

  299. Bekah Holt 2022/05

    Dr. Babbitt and Becky were amazing! So warm and kind and you can tell they genuinely care about your pet. Dr. Babbitt took the time to explain everything to us in detail about our baby girl and her issues with her teeth. I was so worried about her having her surgery but they eased all of my fears and worries and anxiety. Would 10/10 recommend anyone whose on the fence or worried about getting their fur babies teeth cleaned to come see Dr. Babbitt! He took great care of our girl!

  300. Lisa Gardner 2022/04

    I was very, very happy that I chose VVC to come up with a treatment plan for my dog’s lung tumor. Dr. Jankowski answered all of my questions and eased my mind during this stressful time. She truly cares about her patients and takes great care of them.

  301. Rae zup 2022/04

    both locations were “at capacity” telling me to basically not bother even trying to bring my dying dog in. Please don’t bother replying with the form response you have given to everyone else with the same complaint. If there is a staffing problem, train some new people- it’s not that difficult. Correct the problem. Don’t just tell everyone they are SOL. Completely outrageous to call yourself an er in any type of way. Patients are better off waiting for your regular vet to open, however long away that is. Or drive to another area because this ENTIRE community of “ER” veterinarians are failing completely in their role for the community. Also, Change the name of the establishment because it is in fact NOT and Emergency Vet when you cannot even be admitted.

  302. Matt White 2022/04

    Worst service ever. Especially Carol Wang. We came in with a good attitude because we were finally getting our dog and she immediately started having attitude with us. Cant imagine what they treat your pets like! Has a sign that says be kind or leave, maybe they should be kind to customers thats dealing with alot of stress about their dog being in the hospital from being attacked and not knowing if he’s going to live or not. They lost alot of money. We will be taking our dog somewhere else.

  303. Morgan Swogger 2022/04

    While I’m happy that they got to see us despite being at full capacity, I am not happy by the end results. I took in my cat, which had a horrible FLUTD, into their office. For about 2 days, he stayed in emergency care where they gave us notifications via text and phone calls. Before his discharge, they told us he was apparently doing well. Not great, but well enough. As soon as we come and get him early in the morning the next day, they come in and tell us he has fluid in his chest and it might be cancer. Out of all the x-rays they did, they never mentioned anything like that. They said it looks “boring” and “boring is good”. But, now he has this? We nearly spent 4 thousand dollars for all this treatment, just so you can tell us at the last minute that you found something? Now, he just lays under a desk, not eating or drinking. We might have to put him down after today.

    But, at least we spent almost 4 k on a cat and I have blood and urine all over myself, my floor and my poor cat who wasn’t washed properly because “he just wasn’t having it”.

  304. Ella Yowell 2022/04

    Thank you for helping my dog!

  305. Juneasia Edgerton 2022/04

    Didn’t seem like my dog issue was important to them. The tech I had was not caring at all the receptionist was either tired or over her day. The last receptionist who set me up to go home was very nice and understanding. Definitely disappointed with the service guess his issue was big enough for the hospital 🤷With my husband being a nurse himself and knowing things come up I understand but then again I don’t!

  306. Elena 2022/04

    Staff was extremely helpful and made sure I always knew what was going on! They kept me informed / eased my concern for my dog, and always asked if I needed anything else.

  307. Bailey Lien 2022/04

    Loved the range of options for care and cost effectiveness. Techs were amazing and took extra care with Juno. The male tech was especially amazing and great with her. Communicating care every step of the way

  308. Mary Griffiths 2022/04

    Exceptional care when my puppy was in crisis. From start to finish I have no complaints. Thank you so much for caring for Luna and helping her in her time of need. The staff here was 100% professional and caring. They explained everything completely and reviewed possible costs up front. Communication with the staff for updates was available 24/7 and was so helpful when we could not be with our puppy.

  309. Adelphia Strickland 2022/04

    They were very nice staff and hospital was very clean. Great place overall.

  310. Karen Nicholson 2022/04

    Friendly staff, short wait times, clean and modern facilities. Thanks to your staff, our visit was fast but not rushed, efficient, and comprehensive!

  311. Lise Batty 2022/04

    The staff and doctors are superb, knowledgeable, compassionate. I appreciate everything they do. Thank you all.

  312. Garrett Hoggood 2022/04

    Horrible. I checked in, and waited 13 hours. After waiting 13 hours they told me I should go somewhere else. They seem to intentionally provide bad, or simply no customer service.

  313. Nicole Morris-Anastasi 2022/04

    Don’t advertise that you’re open 24/7 but then when I call about my cat in a ton of pain that you “close at midnight.” All local vets in this emergency network at capacity and no one would help. Every response to bad reviews is that they have “extremely high patient volumes.” The patients haven’t changed. Just own up to it – you’re understaffed. This is your problem to fix and in the meantime, the animals suffer.

  314. Anedra Bourne 2022/04

    Great customer service, quick response!

  315. Catherine Shively 2022/04

    I paid for a blood glucose monitor and it didn’t work! I came back for them to fix and then charged me again!

  316. Kirsten Zickefoose 2022/03

    The staff was wonderful and caring. They took great care of my puppy.

  317. Lee Fulk 2022/03

    Staff were kind and helpful even as things were busy. Wait was extended but I was prepared for that as is how things are these days. Dr Conner’s was efficient and kind. Straightforward explanation of things

  318. Cheryl B 2022/03

    Went due to an emergency situation for my pup. Great staff and vet, Dr Bell. We appreciate all their help.

  319. cate ogden 2022/03

    Staff was very pleasant and appointment was timely with no wait time.

  320. Suzanne Stockman 2022/03

    Thanks so much for taking such good care of Bentley. You took him in a timely manner and were so kind dealing with this really upset dog mom Took great care of my baby

  321. Alpha Garrett 2022/03

    Professional. Appropriate diagnostics. Advanced care (endoscopy). Good result. (Removed foreign bodies from my 6 month old English bulldog)

  322. Jessica Broom 2022/03

    That is the most horrible vet I ever been too
    Took my dog there cause he was sick and they told me they couldn’t take him due to being booked n not having any room, while talking to the lady my dog had a seizure and started bleeding out of his mouth and didn’t care just left him laying there in middle of the street.. and the Receptionist got loud with us and told us to leave their is nothing they can do they booked… went to the vet down the street they was booked too but the doctor Immediately came to check my dog out… thank you dogwood vet

  323. Jesse Adam Santillian 2022/03

    I would like to thank the staff at the Carey Steet location. Most respectful, professional and caring people, and thank you Jocelyn, for helping my cat Beaumont after 15 years it was difficult for me to let go. I pray God rewards you all for your good hearts.

  324. Amanda Favret 2022/03

    They were so friendly and helpful as we were panicking about our newly adopted dog’s (what we thought was) rectal bleeding, as she came into the lobby, leaving a trail of blood behind her! Typical overly-worrying new parents, turns out she was just having her last period, as she’s only a week or so post-spay surgery. Both the initial vet tech who got us checked in and took our dog’s vitals, as well as the veterinarian who gave us her diagnosis, were so sweet and reassuring! Also we were able to be seen and diagnosed much quicker than we thought, which was great! Obviously no one wants to be visiting an emergency care facility in their first few days with a new dog, but they made the whole experience seamless and we (Amanda, Joe, and Biscotti) really appreciate it!

  325. Karen Croom 2022/03

    We were there 9 hours and came home with no answers.

  326. Stephanie Glass 2022/03

    Unless your pet is literally about to die, avoid this place at all costs. ZERO communication, long wait times, incorrect quotes, defensive front desk staff, this list goes on and on. Was quoted one amount and when it came time to pay, the amount had nearly tripled and there was no clear reason why or any communication with me. Truly one of the worst vet experiences of my life.

  327. Mayia Hightower 2022/03

    I took my Yorkie here this morning after he experienced a terrible seizure. When I walked in, I wasn’t greeted but I was abruptly asked “are you here for an appointment or emergency?” When I responded emergency, she barely let the word leave my mouth before she turned me away. I told her my dog had a seizure and she said “we’re at capacity” without a second thought. Now this wouldn’t have been an issue if I had visited/called several other vet hospitals in my area and was turned away also. There is a vet shortage but we don’t have to be treated as if our pets don’t matter! And I mean I visited and called many, Blue Pearl, Animal Blvd Hospital, River City, BettyPaughs, Partner Vet…just to name a few. I pray my doggy makes it.

  328. Diana Sims 2022/03

    Staff was very helpful and informative even though they were extremely busy Got my pet in and seen quickly and set up a treatment plan

  329. Nikki Hartman 2022/03

    I had been told from one vet that my dog had to have a $3500-$5000 surgery or pretty much he would die. I was originally referred here for that reason to have surgery. Upon arrival xrays were redone and I was given more options and had more explanation and was much more calm when I left my pet here. I felt like he was in the best hands. Every time I called I talked to someone and either got answers then or if they had other pressing matters received a phone call back. I enjoyed the staff and they enjoyed my Gizmo they didn’t want him to leave lol but they were awesome!!!

  330. A'tasha Christian 2022/03

    I would love to share my experiences with the staff there but it did not exist. Let me begin by saying that I am prepared for the templated response that there is a shortage in ER vets in the Commonwealth. However there is not a shortage of communication. We arrived at 8:20 and Carly took Blitz’s vitals. She shared that the vet indicated a parvo test was not needed and that we should wait. At 10:30, another staff member told me that we should wait in the car. We were not called until 1:05p and the staff seemed surprised that we were not still sitting in the car. Why would I do that in July? I asked what the next steps were and was told that my dog was next. I returned at 1:26. At 1:33, Becky stated that she was confused why a parvo test was not done and that she going to put on her PPE and the link to pay would be sent. At 2:24, I go in the lobby as I hadn’t heard from anyone. Becky tells me that it’s because I haven’t paid and because he has good vitals. I have no clue if he has good vitals because they were only given to me after I called to get everyone’s names. The receptionist tells me that she never sent me the link to pay because “yes y’all should have been next but 7 came in.” So in 20 minutes, 7 pet parents arrived? That made no sense since in the phone call, i was told that we were next. And if that were true, why call us back and why did Becky present like she was going to perform a test when I saw her mopping the floor? Ultimately if you all are that short staffed, maybe consider closing the clinic until workforce shortage improves. My biggest issue isn’t the wait time. It’s the template responses and the dismissive tone. In this instance, our puppy didn’t have good vitals. He was dehydrated; our puppy underwent emergency surgery the day after leaving this facility. He is recovering and doing well.
    But please stop those templates because they can backfire.

  331. Brian Pistole 2022/03

    Expert and quick. I felt comfortable and confident that my pup was in good hands. I was impressed throughout the whole process

  332. Mallory Sherman 2022/03

    All the staff were great, Dr. Laia was very kind and explained a lot to me which I appreciated. Front staff were friendly and nice as well as the tech who brought me into the room. Was quick to
    get an appointment and no wait.

  333. Dave Knight 2022/03

    Dr. Babbitt is very thorough, and he and his staff are the perfect combination of personable and professional. The only drawback is that they are a victim of being excellent and thus the backlog is quite high, but this is happening all over the state with dentistry (and vet emergency depts) in general. I’m coming up from the Tidewater area to Richmond, and some places in my area have stopped even taking appointments for 2 months!

    Thank you for working my dog in to get potentially life-saving surgery to remove an oral tumor. Also, thank you for continuing to be a thorough and professional team throughout everything.

  334. Norman Dick 2022/03

    Outstanding and Professional care was given to our 9 week old kitten in critical condition. Currently, VVC is overseeing the care of our kitten until his surgery on the 22 August 2022. Please prayer for Silton

  335. Michail 2022/03

    I just wanted to publicly thank the staff at VVC for taking care of our sweet Maia during her time of need.. She had a surgery that seemed to not be recovering well so she was transferred to VVC as an emergency case. At VVC they presented us with there findings, prepared us with all the details we needed, and they performed their work on her overnight, and advised us the following morning of her MUCH IMPROVED condition. They even advised us of an overcharge and credited us where it was applicable, which we greatly appreciated the attention to detail!

    Thank you so very much VVC for your great care for Maia, we couldn’t be more appreciative!

  336. Danielle Yorleny Tassara 2022/03

    The staff and the doctor were extremely kind and went above and beyond in helping my dog. I really appreciate all their help and continued communication up to and during the appointment! The hospital took COVID seriously, which I think is important.

  337. Robin Stafford 2022/02

    Veterinarian listened closely, made recommendations that fit the scenario and didn’t push for unecessary testing.

  338. Wendy Hall 2022/02

    Very professional and compassionate veterinarian staff. Calmed me so that they could take care of my dog

  339. R Slagle 2022/02

    Responsive, caring staff who were very personable. They took great care of my dog.

  340. Kvetlana Pamenova 2022/02

    Staff were all very friendly and the vets were very informative. I know that my cat was well cared for and am happy that he was strong enough to be released to at home care. I felt as though my questions and concerns were answered. I think there is potential to explore a more efficient onboarding system/ process for triage pets.

  341. Jennifer Ribock 2022/02

    The doctors and staff at the VVC Richmond are amazing and really care about your (babies) pet. They keep you in the loop as to each step they are taking in provided your pet with the upmost possible care.

  342. Caitie 2022/02

    The most cleanest veterinary hospital great customer service and friendly

  343. Donna Gizzarelli 2022/02

    Center was quick to triage and get Bo back to see the doctor. Quick responses to tests and kept in touch with results.

  344. Margie Stetson 2022/02

    The doctors and nurses were great when I brought my dog Bernadette due to puncture wounds on her forehead and bloody eye. They took care of her within 2 hours and got her on her road to recovery. They are angels in disguise! God Bless them! Take care of her needs as soon as possible and communicate it all to me in a timely, caring manner

  345. Errin Bennett 2022/02

    Friendly and efficient service. Despite the facility being at full capacity my dog was provided excellent personalized care. The staff showed the same compassion for each animal and individual in the wait area.

  346. Jessica Marshall 2022/02

    Our sweet BK (pictured), suddenly/unexpectedly passed away on Mother’s Day. My fiancé and I were unsure of what we needed to do so my sister recommended we come visit the office on W Cary. When we go there, I told the woman at the front desk that we had called about our cat possibly passing away. We were (pretty quickly) taken back into a patient room while the staff took BK. Though there was not anything they could do (except for confirm he has passed away), I know we did the right thing by bringing him here. The staff was amazing, we were able to say goodbye to BK, and were able to make our final arrangements. Though I hope I will never have a need for an emergency vet again, I would come back here without a second thought and would recommend them to anyone in need.


  347. *Martha* 2022/02

    Mi perrito fue atacado por un animal,lo lleve a ese hospital de animales y solamente me dijeron que eran unas simples mordidas y mi perrito murió 😔😭no le pudieron checar por falta de dinero 😔😞

  348. Ragan Bolick 2022/02

    I have to be honest, I was expecting to be very disappointed. I am fanatical about my animals and my german shepherd has a whole passel of doctors. He needed surgery and through different circumstances, he got an appointment with Dr. Aktay. Upon realizing this was with VVC, I ALMOST didn’t come. We have a VVC here that is just awful. Multiple bad experiences personally, as well as witnessing others. It’s sad, but I will typically drive the hour to Richmond (Dogwood) to avoid the ER just 10 minutes from me. That said, I was BLOWN AWAY with the service Vegas received with Dr. Aktay and the surgery department. Maria, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Aktay went so far above and beyond to care for Vegas AND me. I was a ball of nerves and they were patient and went through all of my questions with compassion and transparency. I do not easily give veterinary reviews because I am so neurotic about my babies – I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Aktay, Maria and the rest of their team. They truly took care of my heart while caring for Vegas.

  349. Gg Yan (GG) 2022/02

    The entire staff was kind and compassionate. They remained calm and focused, and answered all of my questions. They took great care of Winston and saved his life. Dr.Bell was amazing. Very knowledgeable, patient and kind.

  350. D Hanson 2022/01

    Everyone there was kind and professional from front desk to doctor. Over all good experience under difficult circumstances.

  351. Kim Barnes 2022/01

    If there was a way to give negative stars I would. Checked in and arrived to one location Sat evening about 7pm. After calling to verify I was on the list was told they were at capacity and not able to see me. I called the same location at 1pm Sun and was told they were already at capacity and to go to another location. I arrived at the 2nd location Sunday at approx. 3pm, checked in and called again to verify they had my information and was on the list. At 4am the following morning I still had not received a call. My cat suffered and died while I waited. This is the worst network of emergency vets ever.

  352. Annett Gilchrist 2022/01

    Professional and competent Provided an assessment in a timely matter

  353. Denise MacDonald 2022/01

    Dr. Jankowski was amazing. She cares so much for our dog and gave us the best advice we could ever ask for. Explained everything.

  354. Pat Marek 2022/01

    It was a very long wait to see the ER Dr, however she was very thorough. She DX our sugarbaby with DKA a week following cataract surgery. She spent 1.5 days for the insulin and fluid support she needed. They also did an ultrasound to rule out anything else. She is doing well today. They took care of Samantha and explained her medical condition.

  355. jbshaver829 2022/01

    Because I didn’t have $8000 to complete a life threatening surgery on my cat, he may die now. I had to wait 15 hours to take him to a vet with some compassion who would work on a payment plan with me. He is currently awaiting surgery but the vet said it’s very likely he won’t make it. If you want your pets to live and aren’t rich, don’t go 10 feet within this clinic. Money over compassion absolutely disgusting.

  356. Joel Revilla Hernandez 2022/01

    Very disappointed with their service we wait for 7 hours for my dog to be attended and we had to leave because nothing happens there.
    But early morning I have a email that we have to pay for the visit this is not fear pay for what? for sitting there and wasting my time? I’m glad that my dog get better we went to another place with better service. Thanks for nothing VVC

  357. Gina Germain 2022/01

    Everyone was so kind and helpful! We were from out of town and it was so nice to feel like we received the red carpet treatment even though we were not there on an emergency visit (thankfully!). Dr Dong and her team is wonderul! On time, Kind, Thorough Explanations, Calm

  358. Daniel MacLeod 2022/01

    If you have any options try to avoid this place. They want an arm and leg, your first 2 born children and your house. Because you have an emergency they clearly feel they can extort you for care for your pet. I wish there was another option for my dog, but at 8pm when we got here and 2 hours later to get to see a doc and then the bill comes. Criminal.

  359. Joy Hamner 2022/01

    The staff at Virginia Veterinary Center was amazing. We were pleased with being kept informed after the exam by Dr. Laia, recommendation of additional sonography and discussion of possible procedures vs. observation. Should we ever need additional treatment that cannot be handled by our local Veterinarian, we will certainly return to VVC!

  360. Ryan Jenvey 2022/01

    You guys were really quick to see our cat Arlo, and communication was clear. I felt like he was in good hands and that I could trust that he was getting the best care possible, considering how busy the hospital was. I felt listened to and am so thankful that you guys took care of my little buddy!

  361. Andrew Snyder 2022/01

    All things considered(staff shortages), these folks did a pretty awesome job. Hate to speak for everyone else, but I feel ALOT of these reviews were done under high emotion and may have been different if not left in a reactionary manner. Totally understandable, as our dog means so much to us. Just some food for thought for those reading the other reviews. Our dog had eaten some things he shouldn’t have, and unfortunately unlike past times, was unable to pass them and had to have emergency stomach surgery. He was there a total of about 2 days. The only negative aspect to the whole experience is we were concerned that he waited about 12-14 hours to get into the OR- once again they were busy. But when it’s your dog and you’re scared for their life, you think this way. Kudos to Dr Watts, who stayed after her shift ended because she knew he had been waiting for surgery. So so nice of her. All the references of the staff being rude or short, put yourself in their shoes, they get the most stressed upset people daily- I’m sure that happens from time to time. Our experience was that they were great. High stress environment, staff shortages (as for most industries) and high volume. Be fair folks- it’s not the same as human healthcare. Happy to have Oakley home- Thank You. I know you all don’t hear that enough.


  362. John Arlo 2022/01

    Dr. Jankowski was wonderful and answered all of our questions

  363. Cathy Woldanski 2022/01

    We had a surgical consult today. We were very pleased with VVC and the level of time and compassion provided to us. Everything from first phone contact to attending a surgical consult was professional and timely.

  364. James Cauley 2022/01

    Friendly staff. Made us feel Ginzo was in good hands. Helped us feel confident and comfortable with our decision to have Ginzo treated.

  365. Maria S 2022/01

    This place is horrible. It’s really sad this is the only ER in the Richmond area. Long story short I was told to pretty much think about our dog and his quality of life bc of the prognosis we were given. They recommended we put him down. It’s now been 6mos since that ER visit and our dog has been doing great, living his best life. So glad we went with our gut instinct. I do not recommend this place at all for MANY reasons. Drive the extra miles and go elsewhere if you care about your pet.

  366. Jason Deckert 2022/01

    Very communicable by Drs. and staff throughout treatment. Very friendly personnel from front desk to Drs. Made the whole family comforted. Felt very comfortable with treatment and care for our dog.

  367. MrsWafflestacks 2022/01

    They will leave you and your sick pet waiting 14 hours whole while animals come and go and get seen ahead of you. They have no respect for people’s time or pet’s misery. This is a terrible animal hospital. There is no excuse for making someone wait over 14 hours. They shouldn’t be able to take more patients after they are closed and still have patients waiting that they haven’t even seen.

  368. Abigail Mitchell 2022/01

    Thankful for every single team member from the doctors, techs, to front desk staff for helping with our Theodora. The staff is responsive and lets you know what’s going on with your pet.


  369. Madison Brainard 2022/01

    Worst place ever!! Took my dog in for parvovirus they kept him for 2 days and said he was eating and was ok to go home also said if he was going to take a turn for the worse he would have 2 days after that he passed at home. We called to let them know the women that answered said “we didn’t really need that information” I lost my baby and that’s all they said to us. Will never go there again in life. Would give negative stars if I could.

  370. Courtney Walker 2022/01

    This was my first experience at Virginia Veterinary Centers and although I wasn’t happy I had to be there everyone we came in contact with made the experience the best it could be. Everyone was so kind and Dr. Laia was patient and made sure to explain everything to me thoroughly. I really felt like everyone genuinely cared about me and my pet and I felt confident in the care she was receiving.

  371. Marion Nixon 2021/12

    We were pleased with Dr Jankowski and her team on how compassionate they are. Dr Jankowski had explained the outcome of the results of our dog Gizmo cancer lnflicted foot and wether to go through amputation and chemo. Made us feel more at ease with Gizmos situation.

  372. Wyatt Vinson 2021/12

    I brought my cat (Stella) up here a while ago for a tail amputation due to an accident at home. The staff were so nice, helpful, and answer every dumb little question I had. 5/5 would definitely recommend for your loved ones emergencies!! Ps. Stella has recovered nicely! ❤️


  373. Jennifer Corbin 2021/11

    Dr. Babbitt and his team are wonderful! I especially appreciated his explanations and guided tour of the pre-and post-op dental radiographs. He and his technician were gentle with and compassionate toward my cats.

  374. Patti Randall 2021/11

    I was very impressed with Dr. Jankowski’s knowledge & compassion. She took the time to listen & address my concerns about my cat. Highly recommend!

  375. roy harp 2021/11


  376. Ulissa Torres 2021/11

    I chose Virginia Veterinary Center because they are helpful, they truly care about your pet and you. They know how important our pets are to us that they are our family. I do like the way they have options on payments. Oh and the fact that they are 24 hours is the best for those late night emergency visits that scare us the most. They are there for you.

  377. Terry James 2021/11

    Outstanding from them moment we entered the door within and 60 hours of TAJ’s visit we had a prelimnary Diagnose and a prescription. My boy was back up and running at full speed within 4 days of being seen. Everything was outstanding!!!

  378. Leslie Wyatt 2021/11

    My dog was diagnosed with a terminal disease and four days later euthanized. The entire process, although very sad for me, was kind, compassionate and supportive of my pet and me.

  379. Becky Walker 2021/11

    Very satisfied with the level of care and concern. Dr. Jankowski took the time to clearly explain what was going on with my dog and emailed a lot of additional information for me to read. She really went above and beyond to make sure I was armed with all the information I needed to move forward

  380. Kelly Price 2021/10

    Very welcoming as my visit was for an emergency with my cat. Felt reassured that I had come to the right place as everyone was professional and showed a real concern for my cat. Appreciated the detailed discussion with Dr. Turner. Could not have chosen a better place for the emergency care of my cat!

  381. Daniel Park 2021/10

    VVC isn’t my regular vet, I came in to see Dr. Babbit specifically, but the whole facility seemed very conscious of COVID and looked to have very good safety measures. Dr. Babbit and his assistant were wonderful, both very kind and took time to explain the root canal and what to expect after, and answered my plethora of questions patiently.

  382. Nick Noble 2021/10

    Staff was friendly, service was fast, and the issue was taken care of. Everyone was caring and understanding.

  383. mf b 2021/10

    We are going through one of the worst experiences of our lives: dealing with a disease that has our beloved shepherd in ICU. VVC has proven to be a high quality practice, with a loving, caring staff. I hope to never have to need their services again, but wouldn’t hesitate to if required.

  384. Van Vandermark 2021/10

    They took care of my pup at midnight on a Friday and they saw him immediately! Everything went fine and the staff were amazing! Life savers thank you so much for taking care of my boy!

  385. Brandi Morris 2021/10

    Although there was little to be done for our pet, the staff was very understanding and did absolutely everything they could to make her last moments full of treats, love, compassion and comfort. They Explain prognosis and options clearly and considerate of pet comfort and respect not pursuing unnecessary tests.

  386. jennifer williams 2021/10

    Dr. Brown and the staff are great!

  387. Sherri Horrigan 2021/10

    Unfortunately I came in on Sunday afternoon after my dog was hit by a car. I believe they were doing everything to save my toy poodle. The doctor although wasn’t comforting. I would have liked to have heard things such as, I am sorry for your loss. Your dog is such a sweetheart! Not thinks don’t look good. We will send in our office personnel to look at your bill so far. My dog is dying and now we have to look at financial payments. I could guess that our doctor was very clinical so her emotions didn’t get in the way. My last chance with my dog she was making little noises. I was saying her name. I asked the doctor if she could hear me because the little sounds she was making. Doctor “I don’t think so.” Couldn’t you just have said, she might be hearing you call her name but we will never know for sure. One remark to just give me a little hope before she was put to sleep. Clinical didn’t work for me!

  388. Katie Stevens 2021/10

    I was very impressed with Dr. Wong! She was extremely thorough and explained everything she wanted to do in a manner that was easy to understand. While we might not have really completely figured out what the problem is at this point, I really feel like we left no stone unturned and we have a plan of action. I was also extremely impressed and pleasantly surprised that they did all of the testing she wanted the same day as our consult which saved me from driving over an hour to multiple appointments from Hampton. I’ve already told all my dog friends that if they ever need a specialist, it is absolutely worth the drive. I was happy we were able to get in within a timely manner. The specialist in Hampton Roads couldn’t see us for almost 2 months. Dr Wong explained everything slowly and thoroughly. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about trying to develop a rapport with a Dr I’d never met over-the-phone, but she made me feel like she’d been seeing Clementine just as long as our regular vet.

  389. Adam Illowsky 2021/10

    The staff was amazing! Super helpful and quick! I can’t thank them enough!!!!

  390. bball dude 2021/10

    I was very happy that the wait to be seen was brief. I interacted with a total of three staff members and all were pleasant and professional. I appreciated the approach and advice related to my pet’s issue and left feeling that only the necessary testing and treatment was recommended. I had feared that costly and unnecessary tests would be recommended. The doctor suggested a reasonable treatment plan and gave clear instructions about what to do if complications arose once I was home.

  391. Hannah Quigley 2021/10

    The staff at Virginia Veterinary Centers were extremely supportive and empathetic during a very difficult time for us. We visited due to an emergency situation; they were calming and very quick to provide quality care to our dog. They broke down the complex situation to us in clear terms. I highly recommend.

  392. Janet Setchel 2021/10

    I got an emergency appointment when my cat needed one. Doctors and staff are caring, extremely knowledgeable and very professional.

  393. Tawnya Luck 2021/09

    My Chi found a plastic cap on the floor and ended up with it lodged on/in between his teeth.
    Anyone that knows, dogs can be quite scared and scary when they’re in distress. I immediately went to another Emergency Vet and was greeted by the rudest staff and was told it would be 6 hours before he could be seen. I googled ER Vets and found Virginia Vet Ctrs in Carytown. The staff was THE BEST. They took him back immediately and the Dr, Dr Leonard, came out to talk with me twice. Despite their being busy as well. I highly recommend them. Thank you all so much!!

  394. Andrea Jacobson 2021/09

    My poor pup had a UTI, so we brought her in (since our vet is closed on the weekend). They use a texting app service during COVID to minimize people in the building, which worked fine and kept me informed on her progress. Thee techs and doctor were friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough, and gave clear instructions for her care and follow up with our regular doctor. It was on the more expensive side, but standard for emergency care. Because it wasn’t very busy, it probably only took us about 2 hours. Hopefully we won’t need to, but I would trust them again with caring for my pup!

  395. Kimberly Davis 2021/09

    Well it’s been 3 hours and we are sitting outside because we can’t sit in the lobby and wait. My dog is sick and can’t walk very well. I’m NOT impressed so far …..

  396. Nicole Salinas 2021/09

    The staff was really understanding and reactive to my emergency situation. I’m really grateful.

  397. Camille Peeples 2021/09

    Before visiting, I looked at reviews online. Most negative reviews were regarding long wait times. I called ahead to see if there was a wait, and they were very clear that at that specific time there was no wait but that can change any second. So I arrived fully expecting a wait. Whoever I spoke with on the phone was also very kind and informative.

  398. Kate 2021/09

    I will NEVER recommended this place to ANYONE!! Saturday 02/06/21 at 2:00AM. I took my shih tzu to the place on cary street and they took her vitals said she had a fever of 104. On wednesday 02/03/21 my shih tzu had five puppies, everything went fine until saturday morning when my mother woke me up at 1:30AM, I went back and saw butterscotch laying there lifeless. I looked up where I could take her and this was the only place opened and seeing patients, when I got to the cary street location I was the only person in there kristen the vet assistant took butterscotch back and got vitals on her, while i filled out paperwork, after my paperwork was done they placed me in an exam room but kept butterscotch in the back. Dr. watts came in and told her about butterscotch and mentioned that she had just had puppies on wednesday, Dr. Watts at the time was worried about her calcium levels and took some blood work from butterscotch. Shortly after Dr. Watts came in and explained that her levels were fine and that she could do an xray on her and give her fluids. Well with an x-ray you ONLY see bones… I know that bc I do x-rays everyday all day long on humans!! So we agreed to give her fluids she gave me an antibiotic and sent butterscotch home, still lifeless mind you. I returned home at 5:00AM and place butterscotch down gave her a little bit of chicken so i could give her the antibiotic, and went and took a nap bc I had been up all night, then my mother woke me up at 7:30 AM to tell me butterscotch had died. My question is KNOWING that she had given birth on wednesday why wasn’t a ultrasound done?? why wasn’t an ultrasound even brought up?!!? I would have paid ANYTHING to help my dog survive and get better!!! Why wasn’t I shown the blood work paperwork?? I never once saw them do ANYTHING to her as they kept her in the back!! NEVER AGAIN will i walk into that place or let any other place just take my dog and trust them!!! I’ve called the office manager Kesha three days and a row and NOT ONE call back!!! I’m still waiting for a return and I WILL call everyday until i hear something back!! so take it from me DON’T take your animals here, bc they will let them DIE!!!!!!

  399. LaShaunda Binns 2021/09

    I am so disappointed with my experience here. I will not be returning to them. One I was referred here by another hospital due to them not having an emergency service and I had a friend refer me to them.

    My dog 7 years old begin vomiting for a week. It was very little but on April 9th I became concern because she did not eat all day and had thrown up a lot. The most she had thrown up in a week.

    I immediately took pics and called around to see where I could take her. I was informed to try here and I called and they told me in order for her to just been seen it would $115. I said okay and I got there at 5:25pm. I’m just an concern pet owner. My dog has never had this happened so I’m not sure what’s wrong
    which is why I wanted to take her to someone who could confirm if it’s something serious or not.

    Checked her in and waited 30 mins just for her vitals to be taken. They informed me to take her back to my car and wait and they will call me. I was informed that I had 3 dogs ahead of me then. Around 7 I’m still waiting so I go back inside and I am informed I have 3/4 dogs ahead of me. I did not think much of it and I said okay and went back to my car.

    My boyfriend who is a nurse left work early again because we did not know how serious this was and so I wouldn’t wait in my car by myself.

    He comes in to check around 8 and he is told that we still have 3/4 dogs ahead of me due to the dogs having serious issues wrong.

    I’m like wait what— what does that mean. My time does not matter, I have to sign 5 sheets and read over 3 aggressor to forms- not one form listed I would be pushed back if they deem other dogs condition worst than mines.

    For all of that why couldn’t someone tell me that my dog would be fine, and that to just wait to get an appointment at her regular vet. I would of appreciate that more or even tell me if we get other dogs here who we think is worst off than you will have to wait longer.

    If they did not think my dog was ill enough what they hell were they taking my $115 for ????

    So I waited and waited until 10:00pm. Got the contact of the manager there who name is Keisha Brown and I sent her pretty much what I’m saying now a email at 10:10pm.

    Never received a call to come inside that night. Woke up to no missed call from them. And today is April 13th and I still haven’t received at least an apology from the manager I emailed on Friday night. Or how badly I was treated there is not how they normally handle business.

    No one never called to even check on to see how she was doing and they had my forms right in front of them. They just tossed them away and did not care about her well being. Some vet er hospital this place is.

  400. Skyler Glaser 2021/09

    Unfortunately I would not recommend this place at all. Our personal experience almost resulted in putting down our 5 yr old cat and I am so thankful that we got a 2nd opinion because he was misdiagnosed here and I don’t know what we would’ve done with ourselves if we had listened to their opinion. We took him here two days ago and they told us our cat had might have blocked urethra and that he would have to have $2400-$4000 surgery that we could not afford. They did offer to release his bladder for $330, but then were suspicious on this prognosis because he did end up relieving himself a couple times after we brought him home. We took him to Betty Braughs a couple days after and they took a urine sample and did some blood work and found that he did not have a blocked urethra at all. I am terrified for the pet owner who comes here and receives the same misdiagnosis we receive. But the staff was friendly. 0/10

  401. Richard Carroll 2021/09

    Turned away a dog who couldn’t close his mouth and was bleeding from the mouth. Wonderful place…

  402. Shirley S 2021/09

    The definitive thing I can say is that VVC docs saved my dog. He was suffering from some liver issue, and though never diagnosed as to cause, he was definitely near death when he arrived. I never would have imagined that six days later he would walk out of there, tail wagging! His recovery is a miracle.

  403. Harry Wistrand 2021/08

    Our dog was diagnosed with lymphoma and while it is terminal, Dr. Jankowski and her team of Jen and Juanita were so wonderful to us and our dog. We are amazed at the skill and care and love they exhibit for their patients.

  404. Charles Noel 2021/08

    Wrong diagnosis . Tells us one thing then the papers say something else. All they are about is the money. I could go on. But .what’s the use. Don’t take your pet to this vet.

  405. Martha Freismuth 2021/08

    I brought my dog into the clinic he was wobbly could barely stand and walk and his eyes were moving back and forth funny. They took him in the back, I had to wait over 2 hours before a vet saw him or looked at him Very slow service given the symptoms he was showing.

  406. Taylor Worrell 2021/08

    Experience was above my expectations! I was seen quickly, and the vet was very helpful and understanding. COVID protocols were in place, and taken seriously. I have been there in the past, and I know they can be expensive, depending on the type of emergency, but when you factor in their quality and accessibility it is well worth it, in my opinion. Shout outs to Matthew, Taylor, and Dr. Meredith Leonard for being so helpful!

  407. Joseph Quesenberry 2021/08

    The employees and staff are kind, but don’t expect to get out of here under 6-8 hours, regardless of the issue. I understand the wait for various procedures and other animals that may be in pain and need assistance, but there has to be a middle ground of accountability. You can’t blame all delays on other animals.

  408. Sharon Schweining 2021/08

    The vet we saw was awesome!! Extremely thorough and compassionate. This was our first visit and we definitely recommend! I plan on bring 2 of my other pets to she her soon. She got my baby Milo out of pain….love her!! Diagnosed my Milo and got his pain under control. Milo has surgery in a couple days. I am very thankful!💜 …

  409. Hannah Spurlock 2021/08

    Our dog Bourbon went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy with Dr. Jankowski. Her and her team were kind, professional and so, so helpful even during COVID when we could never really meet face-to-face. We always felt Bourbon was in the best hands, that information was honest and forthcoming and that we could ask any questions we felt necessary. After all, chemotherapy/cancer can be confusing so being able to ask questions and understand what we were really going through was important to us.

    We also had an instance during his chemo where we had to bring him in to the emergency hospital in the middle of the night. The doctor we saw gave us options for a care plan and was very upfront about the cost of each option. You hear so many horror stories about emergency vets not giving a full picture, but that was not the case here – we truly felt they had Bourbon’s best interest at heart and not just getting the most money out of us.

    We would recommend VVC and Dr. Jankowski & her team over and over again to those in need of care for their pet.

  410. Ryan Chiarella 2021/08

    The online check-in and chat process was really easy/convenient and the team was waiting for us when we arrived. Lucy was taken back to be triaged immediately and the team kept us updated every step of the way. Dr. Watts was compassionate and provided a calming sentiment to an otherwise chaotic/traumatizing night. After about a day, Lucy was more or less back to her old self again. We visited a second time to have her drain removed and were in and out in about 10 minutes. I truly hope we never need emergency vet services again, but I’m so thankful to know if we do, VVC is nearby and ready. Everyone was so calm despite me feeling somewhat traumatized by the whole ordeal.

  411. Elaine Smith-Mason 2021/08

    I spent months and a great deal of money on getting prepared for a treatment for my cat. My vet also contributed to this effort getting xrays and running tests on him. She spoke with the Doctor at VVC/Richmond coordinating everything. The folks WOAH (a 5 star company!) were a great help in getting the files to them. Everything was ready to go on Friday. I called VVC to get on their schedule and Alex, the worst receptionist I have ever dealt with, stone walled me. Today is Tuesday and they informed me that there will not be anymore of these procedures done in this office.
    No reason why.
    No “I’m sorry for your inconvenience”.
    Just no.
    Unprofessional and Unreliable.

  412. Dawn H 2021/08

    If it means life or death, find somewhere else. They justify their outrageous prices by saying ” well we are a emeegency facility and can see you when you need.” Their ultrasounds and x-rays will price your pet right to it’s imminent death. It’s a machine, not a skilled human.

  413. Donna Chestnut 2021/07

    Overall care for my pet. Very concerned for her health and comfort.

  414. Stephen Camp 2021/07

    My son was visiting with his dog, an Italian Mastif, 156 pounds, 33 inches at the shoulder. My 70 pound American Bully decided to pick a fight WAAAYYY out of his weight class. Capone (mastif) used his head like a favorite chew toy. Had to take the 2 hour drive to get to VVC. Worth every mile. They treated him almost imediately (5 min) and took very good care of him. It was kind of expensive but worth it when you consider the alternative. THANK YOU VVC. The Potomus is doing great. Still thinks he’s 10 feet tall and bullet proof though.

  415. Amber Evans 2021/07

    The staff was very sympathetic and caring, when it came to me making the hardest decision I had to make for my fur baby.

  416. J Shevalier 2021/07

    Dr Bell was extremely thorough. Every employee I encountered was friendly, empathetic and helpful. Charges and wait times were as predicted, and charges were explained well. Would definitely recommend if in need of an emergency vet.

  417. Mary Profilio 2021/07

    The Staff is so caring and empathetic to my cat. she was taken care of in a professional manner and like family. though I had to have my cat put to sleep. they did it with such a tender way and let me have all the time I needed to let her go. Thank you, Virginia Veterinary Centers for being there for My baby and Me.

  418. Troy Jennene Gibby 2021/07

    We visited during the Pandemic so we weren’t permitted to enter the facility, but the Vet Tech was pleasant & the Vet called & explained to us the process & reviewed our concerns with our furr baby. The Veterinarian addressed the concerns with our feline baby

  419. Raven Archer 2021/07

    I waited in my car for 4 hours, went to get some food and they called. I got back and they said the vet had moved on because I got there late (it took me 15 minutes to get back). It is inconsiderate of my time to think that I can “wait in my car” for 5 hours without any updates. I took the initiative by calling and even showing up within those 4 hours to get an ETA and it was the generic “there are 2 parties ahead of you.” I won’t be back.

  420. Thomas Dunlap 2021/07

    Veterinary staff were very helpful. Wait times on the weekend were very long, but that was to be expected with other offices closed. Provided quality care

  421. John Standridge 2021/07

    We were treated well from the moment we walked through the door. It took a while from the the time we got there until we could leave, but totally understandable considering the amount of emergency patients that were there. The techs and DVM did a great job of keeping us informed and what to expect. All staff members communicated well.

  422. Linda Neely 2021/07

    Our primary care vet referred our dog to the ER/critical care department at VVC. Everyone there was polite, professional, kind, & concerned for my pet’s well-being. My pet was treated with genteness, kindness, & skill by the ER staff & the internal medicine team. They patiently explained diagnosis, treatment, & expected cost. I called several times to check on my pet during her overnight stay, and was promptly given an update by the person monitoring her. It was very busy the evening we were there & wait time was much longer for noncritical patients. I’m sure that was frustrating and hope they received great care once they were seen.

  423. Aaron Dove 2021/07

    Waited for 7 hours and they tried to send us home with someone else’s dog. Now we are sitting at another ER vet and found out that she has a tumor on her lung and we have to euthanize her. They did not do their job, and let our senior dog suffer.

  424. Katey Harrell 2021/07

    I took my cat in one night after she started having head tremors, dizziness; and complete disorientation. She had just had surgery and my fear was it was something serious because I know how serious neurological issues can be with cats. Matt was amazing and the assistant who helped me was great. The doctor and second receptionist were less than professional. The doctor said Ziti was safe to wait in the car to be seen but before we even got situated, she was foaming at the mouth, gagging; and shaking worse. After hours of waiting, I went in to meet the doctor. While waiting, I could hear multiple workers in the back cussing, laughing, and being loud. I understand we socialize at work but maybe not when five families are waiting in their cars at 2am thinking their pet is in serious trouble. She finally comes in and basically chuckled and said she didn’t know what was wrong. She said she read some things but did not know. She suggested bloodwork but said she didn’t need to stay overnight (but the discharge papers made it sound like I chose to ignore her recommendation of having ziti stay overnight) . Another 1.5+ hours and they call to say bloodwork is okay. The doctor said they did not get blood pressure yet but would check that. Never said it was an extra charge. Over an hour later and no call about bp. I called and the receptionist had the biggest attitude. 4.5 hours total to be told they don’t have a clue what was wrong. Two doctors were on staff and still things took this long. I do know that not all things can be diagnosed but having someone laugh while shrugging and saying I don’t know is not comforting or professional. I have emailed the practice at several different email addresses and gotten no response. I will not use them again and have told anyone who will listen not to use them either, including vet offices to not refer them. Thankfully, ziti is okay now but that was a terrifying night made worse by unprofessional behavior and attitudes.

  425. Chancy Cummings 2021/07

    Charged me 1100 for a spay that should have cost less than 500

  426. Robin Maydosz 2021/07

    Brought my sweet senior boy here for a surgery consult with Dr. Mercurio. He was very thorough in explaining my surgical options and made it easy to understand with visual examples. He was also very receptive and kind in explaining non surgical options.

  427. Kristin Miller 2021/07

    My 9 year old dog suddenly stopped eating and drinking. I took her to our local Vet and they could not diagnose her. She continued to decline until they called me to take her to VVC. She was taken back immediately and I spoke with Dr. Jocelyn Torres. They believed her to be suffering from Addisons disease and began treating her. I am FOREVER grateful to Dr. Torres and the rest of the team for their competence and professionalism. This includes the woman at the front desk who was compassionate and extremely helpful. No matter what time I called, they gave me updates and answered my questions. This experience was horrible but I knew my pup was in great hands. If we ever experience another emergency, I will go straight there. THANK YOU for everything you guys do!!!

  428. Cleat Anderson 2021/06

    My dog Kai is alive thanks to their care and professionalism. When I arrived with him sliding into a diabetic coma I would have never hoped he would recover. He has and it is thanks to them. The tech who walked me through his future care was direct, professional, and could likely run most Fortune 100 Companies better than their CEO’s. I cannot say enough about them.

  429. O A 2021/06

    DO NOT COME HERE if you don’t have a lot of disposable income IN HAND to cover for possible mistreatment.

    (They specifically state they do NOT give diagnostics to alleviate responsibility for mistakes)

    We brought our cat in for what seemed to be a urinary obstruction. After spending a day being catheterized; and after finding no obstruction, our cat was cleared to be released. We were advised that this would most likely occur again and that surgery would be the next step. After taking him home, we realized he was still “obstructed” and we had to take him back that day. This time around, the vet explained that they were having issues inserting the catheter due to my cats small size. They apparently spent almost a full 24 hours trying to jam it in there (greatly increasing our bill) only to find out there was now a TEAR in his urethra. This made his issue so much more complicated that the vet suggested putting him down as opposed to surgery. If the tear was already there, why was it not identified? I asked the vet about this and they said it’s really “impossible” to tell, yet they were able to use a dye test to locate the tear the second time around. Either you failed to identify the tear the first time, or you caused it by spending 24 hours fiddling with a catheter that obviously wouldn’t fit. We were of course charged for their misjudgment bordering on malpractice, and had to put our baby, who was just a year old, down. At no point was the possibility of DEATH discussed the first time we came in. He was cleared when he shouldn’t have been and was miserable when we took him home as a result. I feel ill advised by this vet, as going straight to surgery, instead of being told he was unobstructed, could have saved him. We are now almost $8k in debt for a dead cat. It’s painful knowing he might still be here if we took him somewhere else. If you’re going to charge such high prices, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. R.I.P. Gollum


  430. Katie George 2021/06

    Dr. Jankoski and team are incredible. Our Hank has significant anxiety about vets, but always loves going to VVC! We have felt he has been in the best hands possible. Caring, supportive environment and clear explanations

  431. Elisheva N. Chaim Manson-Warner 2021/06

    The black young lady that was the receptionist was not personal and was very dismissive. All they cared about was money/bill and not about the well-being of my pet…never again.

  432. Lena Logsdon 2021/06

    I was pleased with VCC. They took good care of my 16 year old beagle, Nacho. We were able to walk right in, yes there was a wait to be treated, but it’s COVID people, I’m sure they were doing the best they could. At least they triaged him as soon as we arrived, and decided if he was in immediate need of treatment. Which he didn’t seem to be dying, he was bleeding from his mouth and he did need to be seen. and sedated, because he doesn’t like to be touched. Lol. The bleeding slowed and clotted. The “clots”
    Is what was concerning. So we went back to the car to wait for the Doc to see Nacho. The other clinic I called told me that I would have to wait in my car, and my pet would be triaged in the car! I did see the doc not too much longer, after triage and they kept Nacho while I went back out to my car. Here’s where the wait started. There were several cases that came in after Nacho was triaged that delayed his treatment. He was not in danger, he was resting peacefully while we waited to see the doc. I didn’t like I couldn’t be with him, but I think that’s common for emergency vet clinics.

    I’m very pleased. They were very kind! Very caring and took good care of my little old dog. It ended up being a severely infected tooth. He’s doing so much better now! It was a little expensive, but honestly, it was way after hours, and they treated my little old man. So I’m okay with it.
    Thank you VCC.

  433. Terri Roane 2021/06

    I really appreciated them allowing me to spend as much time as I needed during the last days of my beloved pet. Having patience

  434. Laura D. 2021/06

    I’ve already recommended Dr. Jankowski to a friend, & will continue to do so! She & her team always treat Chuma with loving care & communicate fully & clearly with me.

  435. emma boyter 2021/06

    They were so kind caring and efficient in caring for my pet in what I thought was an extreme emergency they calmed me down and explained everything after my pet was examined. Loved this place so clean quite and professional Provide care immediately

  436. Brina87 2021/06

    I took my dog 10/9 at 7am and his vitals were taken and I told to sit in the car until I receive a phone call. He has a few patients in front of him.I was not given an eta or anything. I had to go in several times and check on status.I asked update around noon and told her was a triage 3 so other critical patients will be seen but most dogs seemed fine. My dog was discharge and blood coming out of his rear end and but was swollen.I went in several times and last time I was not pleasant it was 4:30pm! I finally received a phone call to come in at5:30pm!! We left at 7:00pm. I will say clients that was of white was seen and dogs left within a couple of hours. It was a Saturday so choices are limited. I stayed a while 11hours for my dog to be seen and treated. What kind of business is this? They do cater to white clientele a whole lot better than any other nationalities. I am not ghetto and I speak with sense. I understand that dogs have serious issues but to have any dog and patient wait that long is unacceptable!! Bad for business! The doctor Conner did not seem to care and I have to follow up with his doctor. I did check other er vets and wait times was long but I already been at Cary St er vet for sometime.I write this review because I don’t want another pet owner to have bad experience I had with this er vet. They really don’t care! If you can avoid this place please do and go another er vet!!

  437. Evan Harman 2021/05

    Amazing service. Everyone was so nice and I could tell they truly want to help animals. It’s nice to see a staff who actually takes pride in their work and cares about the cause.

  438. Bryan Shoberg 2021/05

    Took our dog into the ER and was seen rather quickly! Dr. Jacobs did her examination and bloodwork and Alysun helped take care of our dog. Thoroughly explained issues found and the way ahead. Our dog seems to be recovering nicely since leaving!

  439. Jeff Edwards 2021/05

    Sad !!
    Will never bring any animal hear again .
    Very unprofessional, however very very expensive.

  440. Ethos Savage 2021/05

    Ok, Long story short my experience with this practice was terrible. First we get here about 11:30am and we are told to wait to be called in.(due to covid we were instructed to wait in our vehicle totally understandable. Although there were other customers waiting in the lobby for some time.) We wait until about 12:30pm to see where we were on the waitlist. We were told there’s one pet ahead of us. Fast-forward to around 4pm we call again and ask what’s going on. This time we are told that our pup is ready to be seen. Cool, we go into the building and then they tell us they are getting the room ready. (well I guess he wasn’t ready to be seen, but whatever.) The woman working the front desk then goes back for something unrelated and tells us that the vet has moved on to another animal. (Interesting you told us on the phone that they were ready for our pup. Then told us that hey they’re getting the room ready after we come in.) Now I’m visibly and rightfully upset. My wife confirms that our numbers are indeed on file with the lady working the front desk. Guess what she says. “We did try to call.” Guess what’s on our call history. No missed calls from the practice. (Go figure.) So we then ask what would our option be at this point. We are then informed that the vet could still see our pup, but there will be a wait. I’m not sure why it was expected for us to wait for what I’m assuming to be another close to FIVE hours for our pup to be seen after the ball was dropped on the practice calling us. WE were the ones that called them in the first place to see what was going on. Neither my wife or myself received a missed call from the practice. I am not interested in empty apologies or excuses concerning “miscommunication”. I’m just here to let everyone else know just as it was previously stated in other reviews. DO NOT come to this practice without expecting a long wait on unless you have an appointment. Otherwise, you’ll more than likely end up wasting your time thinking that you’ll be seen after waiting for an extended period of time and then be given the lie that they “tried” to call. This is just an observation, but maybe if the person working the front desk wasn’t busy scrolling on Facebook via her phone the right protocols could had been followed. 10/10 would not recommend.

  441. Jazmin Becerra Montaño 2021/05

    I brought my dog here because he had been throwing up a day before and the day of he started having diarrhea that hurt him so much that he would howl/cry when he would go to the bathroom. Another animal hospital recommended me to go here because they had along wait. I called before hand and they said I could come right in and they would see him. When I arrived I waited 20-25 minutes before they took him back (which was great!), and they were so nice with him and listened to my concerns. They checked his vitals and I was told that the doctor was able to do a quick exam on him and told me that they were just waiting on a room to open so to wait outside and they would call me soon. 2 hours later my pup starts again trying to go to the bathroom and howling/crying loud because of the pain he feels. I call them and ask for an estimated time and they said that an emergency dog came in and that Romeo had to wait and still had about 2 dogs before it’s his turn. He was in obvious distress…but not as serious as other dogs (which I get). Finally they call me at 9pm (which I got there at 5pm), that a room was available and the vet was ready to see Romeo. I had to wait another 30 minutes in the room before the vet came in. Once she came in. She didn’t touch my pup or examine him again and just told that when she first examined him that she didn’t see or hear or feel anything that was an immediate cause of his symptoms. She said it could be something that he must have ate and it’s irritating his lower GI track. That I could give a Bland diet for the next couple of days along with a probiotic to put in his food to help his stomach. Once I told her how I wanted to move forward, we waited another 30 minutes for the probiotic prescription to be given to us and I know I would have waited longer if I didn’t tell the receptionist that my pup was tired and hungry and that I need to leave and just wanted to pay what I owned for the exam that was given to my pup.

    I understand that there are other dogs with higher risk and emergencies that could have come in but if she had already examined him 4 hours before hand and then 4 hours later doesn’t even touch him or examine him and just tells me what she saw 4 hours ago. Then why didn’t they just tell me that 4 hours earlier and I could have gone home and tried to get my pup comfortable with the food he needed and give him the probiotic and not take a valuable spot of a pet with a risker situation than what my dog had.

  442. Stephanie Jones 2021/05

    My pet and I were able to be seen very quickly. The staff was friendly and very clear in their diagnosis and treatment recommendation. They didn’t perform anything until letting me know how much it would cost me so that I could make the best decision. It’s expensive as an emergency service, yes. But they did let me know that cost for the office visit up front as well.


    I brought my dog in for an injurythat was done by an attack on my puppy. My puppy was repaired with stitches they charge me $800 and some change. Three days later the stitches pop. I called them and they say we’re gonna charge you another $800. There was no one in charge that could even talk to me they wanted to send me to a VOICEMAIL..
    I find this unacceptable..
    don’t bring your pet here…!!! 💔 🐶

  444. Cd Cat 2021/05

    Only giving one star because there is no option to give 0 stars. Had me wait four hours to call and tell me that the vet could not see my animal tonight after waiting 4 hours in the car. Said they had too many critical care animals to see my animal who was having terrible symptoms… Never getting my business again. Avoid this place at all cost. You will wait forever for them to tell you they can’t see your pet. They tried to refer me to the midlo location…. ridiculous!

  445. Tommy West (xplic1tbikes) 2021/05

    I contacted VVC late in the evening because I had an old dog and he become very ill (could stand, confused, and acting strangely). My wife and I had been putting off the inevitable but poor Duke couldn’t do it anymore and we could put him through more pain. Our local emergency vet was out of service due to a critical case and they referred me to VVC. VVC said that they could help me and I advised them that I had approximately an hour drive. I arrived at VVC approaching midnight and walked in to meet with the staff. I was immediately told that they were sorry but they couldn’t see me. I was very upset after spending an hour in the car with my dog who was coming unglued and knowing that shortly I would lose him forever. The staff member handed me a piece of paper with 8 clinics (one as far a Fredericksburg), 2 were already marked off due to being full, and said I could call them. I was VERY upset, explaining that they told me to come and I drove an hour to get there and I didn’t have a lot of options. After a minute, a very rude lady said “WE ARE NOT TAKING PATIENTS!” I took the paper and left.
    The VVC has no compassion for people who are suffering. They are unprofessional and I will NEVER walk through those doors again and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone I know.

    If I could have given them ZERO stars I would have.

  446. Gina B 2021/05

    We had to take our dog here on a Saturday because our regular Vet didn’t have any availability until Wednesday. We were told that there could be a 4 hour wait, but it turned out to be about an hour, our dog’s issue was resolved and we were pleasantly surprised at the bill. (We had expected it to be much higher.) Would definitely go there again.

  447. William Davis 2021/05

    At first it was great. My dog had swallowed a rock and it came up. I took him here to make sure he hadn’t swallowed another one. He also had an ear infection. The stomachs issue was treated fine but they gave me a prescription that no one in a 100 mile radius carries, so I ordered through Chewy. But the Vet denied the prescription 3 times when Chewy asked for approval. So the infection spread and still no nothing. They wanted me to bring him back in on my dime even though it’s their fault he is worse because they denied his prescription for 4 weeks. Supposed to be improving our pets health and all they did was make my Dog Captains health decline. Shedding like crazy because of the infection and not his old self. This place should be shut down for behavior like this

  448. Becky Kaska 2021/05

    Thank you so much to everyone at VVC for helping me manage Moco’s emergency medical needs. I don’t know what I would have done without your 24/7 responsiveness. The team worked so hard to squeeze him in for his needed procedures when you were already booked full. I really appreciate everything you do for our furry friends. Thank you <3


  449. Ken Johnson 2021/05

    The Dr. and all staff were very thoughtful, caring and helpful in me understanding what my little girl Zoey was going through and how they were to help.

  450. Madie Gell 2021/05

    This vet is awful. i waited 4hrs and spoke to the vet for 5 mins. I feel like my concerns were not understood nor addressed. The front staff women was very rude to me, i was told to wait in my vehicle and it’s hot and my dog is panting (already dehydrated from being sick) and i asked to sit inside and was given attitude. I personally wont be bringing my animal back there.

  451. Sarah Thacker 2021/05

    Absolutely fantastic staff from check in to check out. I have never needed an emergency vet before and was a little nervous of both the cost and the care my dog would receive. Hands down he received the absolute best care and the staff was not only there to help my dog but also to walk me though what he needed and gave me the costs amounts up front before they did anything. I have already recommended you to many of my friends and co-workers. Treated my dog fast and got him feeling better, and helped calm my worries that he would be just fine.

  452. Gerry Aldridge 2021/04

    The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The vet, Dr. Morgan, was extremely thorough in her examination & explanation of my cat’s condition. I felt she truly cared about her and took the time to get to know her and her personality.

  453. Gregg 2021/04

    So my daughter has her English Lab Nelly at school and Nelly decided to eat a diaper last night! My daughter called in tears and so I started making calls. I called a vet close to her and they said they could see her in a month!! I called VVC and they said to bring her in asap and they would look at her. So my daughter took Nelly and called about 30 minutes later and said they took her right away, took Nelly back for an examination and said everything would be fine and just to monitor her at home. Relieved of course, and then I got the courage up to ask how much the vet bill was?? To my shock, my daughter said they didn’t charge!! WHAT?? This place is amazing and have earned my business next time Nelly needs to be seen. Not only because of the no charge, but they also understood that my daughter was in distress and took Nelly back for an examination as soon as she arrived…AMAZING people and an AMAZING place. Thank you so so much.

  454. Candie Marie 2021/04

    If you would like to waste your time and money and possibly have to take your pet to another vet for the same issues then be my guest and take your pet here.

  455. Becky Mckinney 2021/04


  456. Kelly Chaffin 2021/04

    The team at VVC did an amazing job with our cat George. They coordinated with our vet to get him surgery and to monitor him before and after. Everyone was very polite and took great care of George. They explained things well and made sure I was informed before I made any decisions. They clearly care about animals and treat them very well. Highly recommend going here for emergency care, surgery, or any type of intensive care.

  457. Heather Martin 2021/04

    The oncology team is amazing. If I ever need to take my dogs to see an oncologist again, I will come back to see Dr. Jankowski! The oncology team is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Everything is explained well and handled with care.

  458. Audra Kiewiet de Jonge 2021/04

    Gentle and compassionate end of life care for our beloved dog and his people. We came to the hospital with our 17 year old dog after not being able to get him in to see a vet because all the local practices were either not taking new patients or had waitlists of many weeks for appointments. When we got there, we did not realize that he was on death’s door. Dr. Oneil and the staff, particularly Sarah and Molly, were exceptionally compassionate, patient, and kind to us through a very difficult and traumatic event. We really couldn’t have been treated better. Thank you.

  459. Cathleen Carnahan 2021/04

    My dog Alfred has been in multiple times for pneumonia. Every staff member has always treated him with the best of care. They are professional, kind, and truly care about your animals well being. Thank you to all the staff who have taken care of Alfred throughout the 2 years he has been in and out for swallowing tennis balls -_-…and pneumonia.

  460. Page Shepherd 2021/03

    Very personable and caring about our cats, Dreamer and Airel. Dr Babbitt answered all our questions and explained everything he was going to do. Took the time during our oldest girls procedure to update us 3 times. Meant alot to us as she was 15. Both our girls liked him and staff and snuggled with Dr Babbitt.

  461. Andrew Gifford 2021/03

    Little Hugo has had cancer for about two years now, was originally started on chemo and then moved to Piroxicam for daily medication. Dr. Jankowski and her team have always been amazing and very helpful with recommendations about treatments vs our concerns etc. backed up by testing and experience. We could not be happier. Everything is great, the care you give our Hugo is awesome!

  462. Misty Posey 2021/03

    Dr Babbit was amazing! Kind, caring, expert surgeon. Took the time to call us personally to update us on the plan and to let us know how Snoopy was doing after surgery. All this after I thought there was no hope to save my mom’s weiner dog. I cried o was so happy. And his staff is amazing too. We had to wait a long time for the appointment because Dr Babbit is a specialist and stays very busy. It was worth it. Thank you!!

  463. Callie M 2021/03

    Thank you Dr. Jacob’s and staff for your time, empathy, and overall patient bedside manner when my dear Copenhagen passed unexpectedly. Your staff dealt with me with so much care and treated my loved one with dignity and care, wrapping him in a blanket to make him look like a sleeping angel once he’d passed and it was time for me to say goodbye. Overall the bedside experience with Dr. Jacob’s was wonderful, but the billing was the part after I got home, I realized I was charged $159 for 10 minutes of CPR. I think that’s a bit outrageous (given I would’ve spent anything to revive my pup, but I knew it would be cruel to have him go through an operation and he may not make it through). I am overall content with my visit, but I would just evaluate your pricing model if you could. Thank you for the commitment and work you do. -Callie McDonal, Copenhagen’s mom. Patient bedside manner from Vet

  464. Ashleigh Randolph 2021/03

    We drive 1 hr 10 mins (one way) for our pup’s chemo. During covid-19. They manage nicely, I think. Dr. Jankowski has been very kind and willing to take the time we need to answer our questions. My dog never seems unhappy to see them. I’ve only heard good things from everyone I talked to who previously had need of their services. She may not be able to cure him, but I’m confident he’s in good hands when he’s there.

  465. Jes Adam Santi 2021/03

    You pay for emergency but pay to wait.

  466. Kimberly Stansfield 2021/03

    Great experience. Friendly, helpful staff. Calm, clean atmosphere. Kind and gentle with my timid little girl.

  467. Allen Black 2021/03

    They just put in a new computer system.

    The system must not have been tested thoroughly before the implementation and/or the staff wasn’t sufficiently trained in using the system. This “new” system resulted in long delays and inefficiencies in the basic business process. Painful experience!

    Plus, they seemed to be short staffed at the “front desk”.

  468. Danielle Bailey 2021/03

    I waited there for three hours. We finally got a room. The supposed vet walked in, she takes one look at my dog, never touches him, and says, “there’s nothing wrong with him, if his eyes are leaking give him up to three Benadryl 3 times a day and he should be fine.” I’ve had this dog for three years and never took him to the emergency room, he’s been sluggish, runny eyes and whiney. This is not an emergency room. This supposed vet doesn’t care about animals.

  469. Tricia G 2021/03

    On 5/11/2021 my baby had a seizure, I called and was told yo bring him in, get there and was told they wasn’t taking patients. You want to talk about pain!!!!!
    I was crushed!!!!!! Tonight I’m sleeping in my chair to allow my baby to be close until his Vet opens in the morning. I’m praying all will be well with him tonight😢 …

  470. Jennifer Foley 2021/03

    Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Willing to answer questions and very good about explaining what to expect and what is going on with your pet. They were all very good with my cat and seem to be “animal people” which I appreciate! Caring Service

  471. LeAnn Gunther 2021/03

    The staff was so great, from the front desk to the doctors. The doctor thoroughly went through the found issues and next steps.

  472. Michael Moss 2021/03

    The staff was great, caring and very professional. They gave us all of the options that were available for us and explained each very well.

  473. Carter Smith 2021/02

    I was blown away when I was told that they would take out sutures for free! We had the procedure done at a different clinic out of town, but they would still not take any payment. Staff was also incredibly kind and patient as well Quick service

  474. Frank Baughman 2021/02

    My pup Havoc had 3 seizures over a 15 minute span . Called Virginia veterinary services and they took us right in and diagnosed him right away and kept him for observation overnight. Everyone on staff was very pleasant to deal with and caring we really appreciate the entire staff here for the care they took of Havoc

  475. Jasmina Sumanovic 2021/02

    When I say poor quality, I am not talking about the quality of their vets, because my dog was not able to see a vet. I am still speechless, being an active member of the animal rescue world I seen many vets with dogs in different injury/ illness stages and never in my whole life have I seen such poor client / patient service.
    When I went there I knew my dog didn’t have a life threatening or very serious wound. But having seen many wounds before I know the start of an infection – so I decided not to wait until my own vet had an appointment available and went to VVC. BIG MISTAKE!
    After the initial paperwork and a quick check, which included a triage paper that explained the waiting times for the 3 categories of patient, they asked me to wait with Blu in the car until they called me. According to the triage paper I assumed that means Blu was categorized as a 2, as 3 and mentioned to go home and get an appointment with our primary vet unless symptoms worsen. So I expected some hours of waiting. After 4 hours and Blu panting (despite running AC) and getting nervous, I went inside and asked if I can wait inside, explaining my dog was not doing well in the car…the response was that they would rather have people waiting in the car…so back in the car we went. After another 1h called and asked about an estimated remaining waiting time. This is when they told me that right after I came with Blu, they had several emergencies coming in and there would be a couple more hours of waiting. When I asked why they did not inform me when this happened and they knew my waiting time would go over the 8h, they had no answer. Being there long I decided to continue to wait. Another mistake. They missed letting me know that more emergencies came in and it would be late evening / night until it would be Blu’s turn. At that time they also let me know they had her listed as a 3. Which again led to an not answered question about why the hell did they ask me to wait in the car in the first place. After that I left with a dog that did not only get no treatment, but that wound has worsened while waiting from 1:30 to 9:15 for nothing. I will know make an appointment with my primary vet hoping that the infection gets not too worse until I can see them.

  476. Tatiana Schrader 2021/02

    My whole experience with VVC was phenomenal from start to finish. My dog was able to get the surgery she needed in a timely manner, and the surgery team was understanding, thorough, and friendly throughout. Dr. Mercurio took the time to explain everything and answer all questions before and after the surgery, and Nurse Maria was great at communicating all information regarding my pet’s medication needs and recommendations. The things that stood out to me the most about my experience were the thoroughness of my pet’s treatment plan, and the detailed and timely communication and instructions regarding all aspects of her care.

  477. victoria boeger 2021/02

    Dr. Bell was amazing and so considerate of mine, my daughter and our Sam who had to go to heaven .
    They were kind and did everything to ensure respectful.

  478. Diana Tiller 2021/02

    Everyone was very caring and kind. They were very knowledgeable and patient with us. You took care of my per and that was the best thing you could do. I knew you cared.

  479. Christina Hassan 2021/02

    What an excellent team! I had a wonderful experience through the entire process. Dr Jankowski is amazing, thorough and very hands on.

  480. Michele Meanley 2021/02

    An absolutely amazing facility that took great care of our Moose! From the time we first walked in the door, thru a 2 night hospital stay to returning him home. Doctors Leonard and Honious and their staff cared for Moose with great compassion and care. They were all professional and helped us find a very difficult diagnosis. Without their help we could have lost our big boy…. we are very thankful for this team and would recommend them to anyone needing veterinary services for their pets!

  481. Stacy Owens-Tutt 2021/02

    Don’t ever take your pet to Virginia Veterinary Centers on 3312 W. Cary St., as they care nothing about the livelihood of your pet! My husband called in advance and was told to bring our dog in due to our dog not eating, trembling, and having constipation. My husband arrived about 5pm, completed paperwork and waited until 10:50pm was never called. Meanwhile, pet owners who’s pets had less serious issues, like a hang nail, was called back and seen along with others who came in after him. This was disgraceful, unprofessional, and down right no care or concern for someone’s pet. Kept informing my husband no ETA, and had no concern of our pets condition while in the waiting room as my husband had to mention she was trembling. We could have just sat at home and monitored her ourselves if we knew that our pet was going to just be sitting there and not be cared for! Disheartened and disgusted with the level of service received and I would not recommend them to anyone. When asked whom I would speak to in order to submit a complaint, of course I was even given the run around about that as well. Not the first bad experience with them, as I understand now why so many rated them a 1, but we were hoping things would be different, as our dog us like family and was hoping she would get the care needed! I’m only giving 1 star, because I can’t give a zero!!

  482. Abby Fairley 2021/02

    I was there very late at night. They were a bit slow getting to me and getting me checked in and then taking my dog back. He had been in a dog fight. Fortunately, he wasn’t in more critical condition or I would’ve been more upset. Didn’t charge me unnecessarily after they discovered he hadn’t been bit even though he was covered in blood. I was thrilled that I left without a bill and my dog was fine!

  483. Susie Meador 2021/02

    Great place for animals in crisis, but anything less than seizures, bleeding or dying should never be taken there. Not unless you are good with spending an entire day there! I spent 7 hrs there for one brief exam and one blood test. Never again!

  484. Hannah Frazier 2021/02

    Extremely satisfied with our experience at VVC! VVC was recommend by our regular vet after our dog fractured his jaw. Dr. Babbit (Dentistry) and his staff are professional and caring, treating our dog like their own. They kept us informed and were upfront about the costs. I would highly recommend VVC for any pet emergency!

  485. Olivia Loving 2021/02

    Took our dog who had diarrhea, wouldnt eat or drink, walking crooked running into things… told his vitals were fine but he had a fever he was a level 2 priority and they would call me to come in from the car when he could be seen… i arrived at 730pm…. i got a call at 530 am telling us he could come in now….

  486. Clark Hou 2021/02

    We waited here for over an hour and they told us it would be 4-6 hours additional. They didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us that the wait would be that long. We had to call them to make sure after they told us to wait in the car.

  487. kayleigh gordon 2021/02

    dr turner’s lack of responsiveness killed my 2 month old puppy. i took the puppy to this pet hospital because he had a fever and was dehydrated for less than 24 hours, but wanted to make sure he was fine because hes a baby and i only had him 2 weeks. i waited for 8 hours for treatment (i understand the wait with walk-ins but seriously, 8 hours?). dr turner said my puppy had inflamed joints from growing and wanted to take x-rays, but stressed that it probably was nothing. when i asked if she could treat his fever, my main point of concern, she denied and refused to test him for parvovirus, which he had several symptoms and i believe was his cause of death after speaking with another vet. dr turner discharged my sick puppy and dismissed my concerns about his health, which killed him. not even 8 hours later i had to rush him back to the hospital, but he died in my car on the way there. if dr turner would have taken more than 12 minutes to care for my dog, he would probably still be alive. now i am down hundreds of dollars and dont even have my sweet baby puppy to show for it. if you love your pets, dont take them here, they deserve better than dr turner’s neglect and unresponsivness.

  488. Shannon Maguire 2021/02

    I could not have been more appreciative of the way Dr. Jankowski handled my emotional visit. She was so kind and helpful. Everyone, at every step, with VVC has been truly wonderful. Starting in FXBG with an ER visit and diagnosis of Lymphoma, to our first visit with the Oncologist in Richmond. VVC has been a blessing.


  489. Keirstin Lewis 2021/01

    The only emergency vet I will ever take my pup to. The doctors are absolutely amazing and provide only the best care for each and every animal that walks through their doors. Although a little pricey, it’s 1000% worth every penny to know your fur babies are loved and well taken care of while in their care! Dr. Kost is the BEST!!!! We thank you for everything you all have done for our sweet pup Silas. We ❤️ VVC!

  490. Meredith Voelz 2021/01

    Everyone was very helpful and sensitive to our situation when we brought our dog in for swallowing a plastic bottle cap. The vet gave us good advice for what to do when we took her home. It was our first visit to an animal hospital, and I was impressed with how they handled so many pets with different emergencies at one time. The vet gave us recommendations of next steps to take at home instead of trying to get us to have x-rays, etc, which would have cost us more money.

  491. Chrisanthi Prassas 2021/01

    My dog got injured at the dog park and was limping. I wasn’t able to take her to her regular vet so we came here. They’re transparent about the cost and have very accessible customer care/support that can answer all your questions (both through chat and phone). My vet was awesome and addressed all my concerns. I got there early in the morning so I didn’t have to wait too long and was in and out in under an hour. Will definitely go to them in the event of another emergency. Highly recommend.

  492. Erdem Topsakal 2021/01

    My puppy was having upper respiratory distress and some discharge from his right nostril. He was also coughing and trying to clear his throat. They checked me in around 8:30pm (6/25/2021) and asked me to wait in my car outside and they would call me back. They did call me but it was 12:50am (6/26/2021) – 4.5 hours later. After waiting until 10:30pm and realizing that they won’t even bother to call and let me know how long the wait would be I finally decided to leave.

    This kind of treatment is unprofessional and unacceptable. If I was running this place, I would fire the general manager. This place is extremely disorganized and I will never go back again.

  493. Tara Ciavarella 2021/01

    The staff at VVC was friendly and helpful. I had three different visits with a seriously I’ll cat, two of which were emergency visits. They went out of their way to make sure that my cat felt comfortable and they tried everything they could for him. They communicated well with me about costs, options, and prognosis throughout. Dr. Daugherty actually took the time to speak with me each appointment and explain in detail what was happening and being done. When the time came to discuss euthanasia she had an honest conversation which was delivered with care.

  494. Nitin Patil 2021/01

    Knowledgeable staff, caring vets, great listeners, quick responses Total time taken was much lesser than expected.

  495. Relling Westfall 2021/01

    I brought in a feral cat, Babu, with an abcess, and he was treated well and effectively. The vet was kind and thorough

  496. Michael Cocker 2021/01

    No sense of urgency or acuity. Just go somewhere else

  497. Niece Chapman 2021/01

    Came in around 11:00am to have my dog checked out because he had really bad diarrhea for the past 3 days.The 3rd day was the absolute worse. Blood was everywhere and his snout was also bleeding from the whisker pores. Was told by the front desk staff come back around 3 because there wasn’t a doctor in the house. So much for “emergency vet”. I came back around 3 and he was seen with about 30-35 min to have his vitals checked. According to their paper he was a priority level 2 because of the diarrhea. They bought him back out and said the doctor would see him later and his vitals were fine and we should wait or walk around. 7:00pm we head back and I asked how much longer and I was told my dog became a level 3 priority and I would have to wait, according to their paper, 6-8 more hours after coming in AT 3pm. I wouldn’t recommend going here. Staff was friendly but the operation was TERRIBLE. We never did see the doctor. We ended up leaving. People do have to work the next day and I wasn’t about to wait and extra 6-8 hours


  498. Julia Warren 2021/01

    Great job. Issues and options explained well and communicated clearly. Gave care options with pros and cons. Our dog was seen quickly for an emergent issue.

  499. braeden breen 2021/01

    3 hours after arriving with a dog that didn’t have a CRT under 2 seconds, had vomited blood twice, and was clearly ill (lethargic to the point of not walking until adrenaline hit at the vet) and we have still not received any word and they’ve not done anything for our dog but read his respiratory rate and heart rate… I worked at a non emergency vets office for 2 years and can tell you without a doubt if we had a dog come in that had just thrown up blood, he wouldn’t be waiting in his car 3 hours later. Shameful.

  500. Donna Valone 2021/01

    I have two special needs dogs, one with epilepsy and the other with diabetes. When their health needs have become too complex for our family vet, VVC has supplied the testing and follow-up they needed in a timely fashion. They are thorough, professional and caring. They alleviate the anxiety and stress of caring for an animal with out-of-the-ordinary maintenance.

  501. MaRita Friend 2021/01

    Friendly and professional, I would highly recommend

  502. Brian Jones 2021/01

    Was told there were two patients ahead of us and shouldn’t be long. Over four hours later our cat was finally seen, after being asked if we wanted to do the visit over the phone. What?!! An emergency visit over the phone?!!
    Emergency vet fees with non emergency services.

  503. Samantha Martin 2021/01

    i highly recommend using VVC as your emergency care facility! i came in at 8pm last night with my dog jasper who had a simple inflamed toe and limp. i’m currently in the process of switching vets so i had no other option than going to an emergency vet. i called ahead and they said it would be a 6-8 hour wait which isn’t unusual for an emergency vet so i came in, got checked in, they came and got jasper and did his vitals and put him as a stage 3 and explained the stages how they put critical in front of non critical which i figured and knew i’d be waiting a long time. i called every 2 hours and the guy at the front desk (i think his name was matt) was very happy to let me know how many patients we’re in front of us and how long he thought it would be! we finally got in at around 1:30am to see dr. bell who was very informative and helpful even at almost 2am! she got his blood work done, gave us medicine for his pain and inflammation and we were out of there in just over an hour! the nurses we’re nice and jasper loved hanging out with them under the circumstances! the 5 and a half hour wait wasn’t the easiest part but jasper still got the help he needed!

  504. Katy Gilliam 2021/01

    All staff- from the receptionist to the veterinarians were kind and compassionate Gave honest feedback regarding my dog’s prognosis in a very factual but compassionate way

  505. Mary Shelton 2021/01

    Dr Jankowski and all staff we have encountered have been kind, compassionate, patient with our questions and very knowledgeable. We appreciate the expertise, guidance and kindness of Dr Jankowski and her team as we deal with an unfortunately diagnosis for our pup.

  506. Monica Guillory 2020/12

    VVC was amazing when we needed urgent care for our dog. Customer service was amazing.

  507. Corey Parrett 2020/12

    Been sitting in the parking lot for 3 hours waiting to be seen. No communication no time line when we will be seen maybe they need a few more drs if they ate this busy

  508. Keara J 2020/12

    I came during the night/early morning for an emergency. The nurse came out to let us in and she was very friendly and calm and took my concerns seriously. I really appreciated how upfront the doctor was with my options and the pricing of each option before going ahead with anything. She didn’t push for any particular option but rather laid everything out with pros and cons. I am very relieved that I decided to take my dog in.

  509. Kelsey Diachok 2020/11

    I had a pretty good experience here last night. Our vet was Katie Bell and I thought she did a wonderful job with our visit. I work as a Nurse Practitioner is outpatient cardiology so I feel she did a great job speaking in layman’s terms and made us feel much better about taking our little Mambo home! Great provider!
    We did wait 3.5 hours to see the vet but unfortunately that’s how healthcare works sometimes because emergencies are first and I completely understand that.
    I did want to point out mambos vitals were taken right when we got there to provide reassurance. Her respiratory status changed 2 hours into waiting and I let the front desk know and a technician was out within 2 minutes and took mambo back immediately to redo vitals and for closer monitoring. That made me feel safe. The technicians were all very sweet.
    I would go here again and highly recommend Katie Bell.

  510. Charquita Neal 2020/11

    I will definitely not recommend anyone going here only thing they want is money

  511. Cherrie Smith 2020/11

    I took my dog there because he was bitten by another dog and it a nice size gash, When Dr. Zost called me and told me that they could clean and put sutures in for the wound and the estimate cost will be between $800-1500 dollars, after I stated to the Dr, that I din’t have that kind of money she suggest I take my dog to his primary care for them to take care of it, mind you my dog still bleeding. Long story short I paid them $229 for them to cut the hair from around the wound and give me 2 paper prescription to take to his Dr. I will never recommend the place !!!!

  512. Anne Decker 2020/10

    I so appreciate having this clinic available for emergency visits. I found a stray kitten that was in bad shape and they were very attentive to her and got her healthy again. I’ve had previous interactions with them and they are always very supportive, kind and professional. Love them!

  513. Jonathan Aulich 2020/10

    We had a wonderful experience with Virginia Veterinary Center. Our rescue pup tore her ACL and after searching around we decided on Virginia Veterinary Center to preform her TPLO surgery, we are so glad we did. Dr. Mercurio did a wonderful job with the surgery and our pup was back to her normal energetic self in a few months. Dr. Mercurio really took his time to go over everything and address any concerns we had. All the staff are very kind and helpful and we are so grateful for the amazing care our pup received. We would confidently recommend them to anyone.

  514. April J (GeneticGizmo) 2020/09

    Excellent, patient and very understanding. Extremely grateful for Dr. Turner and attending staff.

  515. Christina Leigh 2020/09

    Had an incredibly positive experience here. The receptionist was very informative, and the vet was kind and thorough. My kitten was handled with care, the prices were reasonable, and I could tell they actually CARE about my pet. I couldn’t have asked for more. If you want to go to a place that truly wants to help animals, this is your place.

  516. Jake Hewitt 2020/08

    My girlfriends dog got hit and brought him in for eye surgery and gave him back to us with no instructions or anything to expect. We paid 2000 for awful surgery with blood still on him from the hit. Absolutely disgusted with this experience!

  517. Ariel Baber 2020/08

    Discrimination against a disabled person and refused to treat my dog! Will NEVER bring another animal here or let anyone I know bring animals here!

  518. Beth Lilljedahl 2020/08

    We brought our cat in that was wheezing and struggling to breath. They took him back right away and made him comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

  519. Rita Jones 2020/08

    My cat was severely anemic out the blue and i thought i could trust them to infuse him and help him live but my cat who meant the world to me died after spending a huge amount of money for nothing. The assistant michelle had terrible bedside manner , i asked if she was dr brown because she didnt even announce herself in the room over my deceased cat. She had a disgusting attitude when I questioned her. Please dont take your pets/babies here. I wish i went with dogwood im sure they would’ve treated him right away and saved him! Forget this uncaring , lack of compassion animal hospital. They only wanted my money . They couldn’t even tell me what caused my cat to be severely anemic the winch stated “ we cant test in this state due to whats going on” she was referencing covid 19 ; disgusting trash here.

  520. Mark Bostjanick 2020/07

    They were fantastic and caring. My daughter had to put her cat down after a long battle with cancer. The staff was understanding and caring. They did everything possible to comfort her in this difficult time!!

    Thank you!!

  521. George Pence 2020/07

    Arrived at 11:00 a.m. for an exam of my dog, who had a suspicious lump near his eye. I called prior to arrival to ascertain if they could take a “walk in” client at the moment. They responded they could and that I should come on over. I completed paper work upon arrival and waited outside in my car while they took my dog back for vital stats. I received a call that I might want to wait in my car with my dog as the doctor could not see us at least until 1:00, so I waited in my car while my dog remained inside. At 2:30, figuring that I had waited too long to “abandon ship” at this point, I went inside to inquire how much longer the wait would be. I was told that I was “next,” but a more pressing case was ahead of me. At this point, I had waited for over three hours. This was long enough. I wish they had just been more honest and stated from the get go that they would not be able to see my dog. I will NEVER go back.

  522. Ashley Owens 2020/07

    This place does not value animals lives. This is the second encounter I’ve had with this facility. They are ALL ABOUT MONEY. My dog was ran over by a car yesterday took him to this hospital they did absolutely nothing for him not even cleaned the wound or the area around. No payment plan options and on short notice and with being outta work from the virus 1400 is a a lot of money. Once finding out i did not have amount on hand yesterday they neglected my dog sending him home the exact same way i brought him in. Its sad and heartbreaking i have to watch my dog suffer as i find a place that will help me take care of my animal.

  523. Heidi Drauschak 2020/06

    This place is clearly driven by profits, rather than genuine care for animals. I came in because my dog was bitten by another dog and had an open wound on his leg. This place wanted to charge us $830 to sedate him and “clean” the wound….a ridiculous price (for something we did at home in the bath with some supplies from CVS). When I said we couldn’t afford it, they offered no alternatives or payment plans and let me walk out the door with my dog looking exactly the same (but not before charging me $200 for the “initial visit”). If you want someone to actually CARE for your pet and your wallet, go elsewhere.

  524. sandypepe 2020/06

    Like the other guy said maybe tell people ahead of time when you have ONE doctor.
    They made us wait for hours bouncing from one room to the other, felt like I was being psychologically tortured. I kept getting forgot about, there was no /poor communication between the doctors and staff and me.
    We said we might go elsewhere for the surgery after they gave us the estimate, then the doctor tried suggesting if we waited too long we’d have to amputate. Lady we want the surgery just not here !!
    I got “accidentally” overcharged $400+ on the bill for duplicate charges, someone thankfully caught after it had been charged.
    When I asked about financial options since it was becoming increasingly expensive, the doctor made me wait around for 2 hours for a “financial guy” to finally say “oh he had to go home.”

    Never coming back here again and making sure my friends don’t either. If you love your animals and want someone who doesn’t care about money take them to helping hands.

  525. Erin May 2020/06

    Dr. Pugliese and team provided an amazing experience for our pug Lola. She had a massive infiltrative lipoma, which we chose to “cure” by having the leg amputated. It was not a decision we came to lightly, but the staff was comforting and Dr. Pugliese was very thorough in her consultation. The surgery went amazingly well as did her recovery. We could not be more pleased with the entire experience, and Lola is like a brand new dog. We are forever grateful to VVC, Dr. Pugliese, and all of the amazing staff we interacted with.

  526. Trish Dollyhigh 2020/05

    Dr. Watts cared for my Boxer and baby, Layla. She was kind and compassionate and I would trust her again. However, communication with the hospital is horrible. When your pet is hospitalized and in critical care, timely updates are expected, but I didn’t receive that courtesy. I only got one update a day, usually in the late afternoon after waiting all day to know if Layla was okay. Especially without being able to visit due to COVID, they need to step up their communication with clients.

  527. Gypsy Kristin 2020/05

    I took my sweet boy in because of urinary symptoms. I was charged over $100 for 2 medications (and charged twice for one of them). They told me he didn’t have enough urine in his bladder to do a urinalysis, but didn’t mention anything about what else might be wrong with him. He passed away at the very young age of 2.5 years 4 days after his visit to VVC. I will be finding an alternative for my 2 living cats if they ever need emergency care. My initial estimate was $200, and the actual cost was $288.

  528. Tara Pyciak 2020/05

    I waited 4 hours to be seen and ended up leaving because my dog really needed medical attention. I understand that there were probably more severe cases going on but they should have been up front with wait times, especially since dog was severely dehydrated and vomiting in their office and did so 2 times in front of them. Dont recommend if you have a true emergency.

  529. J J 2020/05

    Do not go here. I couldn’t get into my regular vet due to COVID, so I came here with the stray cat I was caring for. She had recently been spayed and had a rectal prolapse repair. I expressed my concerns with the tech and the doctor. They listened to my concerns, that the cat couldn’t poop and had an obvious hernia underneath her spay incision, but they said she was able to poop and her abdomen was fine. Sure enough, the cat was so constipated, that due to straining from trying to defecate, her entire intestines popped out of her spay incision. I had to have her euthanized. I’m angry. I’m also angry at myself for not pushing it and insisting on an x-ray or another exam! Trust your instincts even if you think you’re overreacting.

  530. Yama BlackQuill 2020/05

    So~ I’m only rating this facility at one star because I can’t rate it lower. I don’t ever really give ratings, but this was just that bad. Upon arrival we settled and turned over our dog who may have had a life-threatening condition. After waiting a few hours, we finally get some feedback on what was wrong and what they intended to do with our dog. Over seven hours from our arrival later, we’re finally able to leave with our dog who had nothing major done to them. During our egregiously long wait, we watched many other clients come in and be irritated over how long they take before they take any action towards helping someones’ pet. One other client’s pet sat there for hours whining and urinating all over itself before they finally thought it would be a good idea to see the poor thing. The facility itself was also fairly unsightly to be in because of how unsanitary the waiting room was. I would never recommend this facility to anyone who actually cares about thier pets.

  531. SR Reynard 2020/05

    A compassionate and professional staff with a talent for generating a breathtaking bill.

  532. Ashley Moore 2020/04

    Excellent service. The staff is very friendly and calming. My dog ripped his dewclaw off one night and they took him immediately and before I could finish filing out the paper work they had him bandaged and back out to me. Plus they did everything they could to save me money. I am so appreciative of this place.

  533. Lauren Dougherty 2020/04

    UPDATE: I called the manager as requested by their response to my review. I was sent to voicemail and left a message. It’s been 2 months, and still haven’t received a phone call back.

    No compassion. Highway robbery!!! I’ve dropped at least $18k in the past few years there…. had to put my cat down yesterday and was distraught. Instead of trying to show compassion the front desk, and vet were more concerned about the bottom dollar, when I started crying because of having to put him down, all I would here is “Mam, can I finish talking? “ front desk got irritated at me for asking for more tissues…. for two hours I could here my little guy meowing in pain and the staff just laughing about other things… it made me so sick to my stomach that they could be this unprofessional and show no compassion or anything… awful! Just awful. How do the staff and owners of the practice sleep at night? I’m so sick to my stomach over this

  534. Melissa 2020/04

    First, please tell people who call when you have ONE doctor available so they can make an informed decision on where to go.
    Second, nobody should be charged an exorbitant after hours fee if they’ve been sitting there since the morning.
    I understand the stresses of the veterinary field, but I have never seen such incompetency to communicate with clients.
    Wasted an entire day, money, and got absolutely nowhere.
    I hope you take this feedback and improve your transparency and communication skills.

  535. Julie Hambright 2020/03

    Unprofessional. Drama. Wait time is insane. Unorganized. Attitudes. Pretty glad I’m no longer an employee there. Probably would have catched a charge for knocking someone out. Ha!

  536. Vonettia Calloway 2020/03

    I have never owned a pet before COVID. I also have no idea how contagious Parovirus is to dogs so this review may not reflect traditional experiences at this facility. The receptionists were great, but I expected more information and preparedness from Vet. Assistant and Veterinarian. We waited nearly 4 hours to have a follow-up with our puppy who was just discharged 30 hours prior to this visit after we noticed sores on his body and swollen pads on his front right leg. We were not allowed to speak with the Dr. Beforehand or during the “exam” due to concerns of COVID & limiting contact with people per both the V.A. and Dr. although we offered we were recently tested & negative for COVID. I didn’t feel like my Granddog or I were welcome, nor did I feel as though we received proper patient education or empathy on his condition or policies/procedures while he was in-house. My questions were responded to hastily and unenthusiastically. Maybe we were just the wrong clientele=( Thank Heaven our puppy is feeling better to our TLC at home so we don’t have to go back here.

  537. Katie McLernan 2020/03

    I finally collected my dog after she was at VVC for 16 hours for 3 or 4 stitches. I arrived at 10am to be told it would be about an hour wait. After filling out paperwork, I was then told it would be closer to 1 to 4 hours, and I told them I would wait.
    About 30 minutes after we arrived, a 4 month golden puppy checked in and was also told to wait. The puppy was social, wagging her tail, being a very happy puppy compared to my dog, who is frightened of new people and new places. Imagine my surprise when I see the girl come back in about an hour or two later to pick up her dog to take home. My dog still hadn’t even been examined by a vet at this point. It was 12:30, so I approached the front desk. Alex, the representative told me she would call back for me, but reminded me that at this point that they did advise it could be 4 hours. I voiced my frustrations seeing the other dogs, that were the same urgency as her, going in and out. Alex told me that there were many other important cases, and that while she “wasn’t telling me to leave” that I could go elsewhere. Honestly, I wish I left at this point. I waited for the 4 hour mark, which passed, and then went to the desk again after 4 hours of waiting. I was unable to get this representatives name, but she wasn’t Molly or Alex and was wearing glasses. I approached the desk and said “Hi we’ve been waiting for 4.5 hours and it’s been incredibly frustrating and we’ve watched other dogs come after us and leave-“ she cut me off to say “Look, I don’t even know your dogs name” as if that alleviated her from the responsibility. I told her and she was incredibly rude, telling me I should have “read the fine print” and handing me another clipboard with paperwork. I asked if there was anyone else to talk to, and she said “they’ll just tell you the same thing.” Two other people waiting leave at this point because they don’t have time to wait.
    Right then, Molly took me back to meet Dr. Bell. She examines Paisley and said it could be 2-12 hours before they see her. I assumed that this included the 4.5 hours we already waited. They took her back and told me to leave and that they’d call me. Nicole went over pricing with me at this point, and says “If paisley has to spend the night that’s an additional $50” i said she wouldn’t- that I would get her when they were done.
    VVC then makes you pay your entire bill. Without care, without a time frame. This blows my mind. I told them fine, I could pay the 700+ bill for THREE STITCHES. This is the second time I was told that if she stayed overnight, it would cost me. As if I’m being punished. As if money is the most important thing to them.
    I went home at 3pm. At 6, I called for an update and Matt said all doctors were busy, but that he’d call me back in about an hour with an update. At 7:15 I called them again, failing to have received a call back. Apologetic, Matt got a vet tech on the phone who apologized as well for the wait, and assured me they were ABOUT TO TAKE HER BACK.
    At 9pm I called for an update, and was told she still hadn’t been taken care of. I told them I would like a full refund so I could take her somewhere else. I didn’t have the funds to do that since they already took my money. I demanded a refund and that I was coming to collect her. Matt asked me to hold (for 10 mins) for a “Hospital Coordinator” which ended up being the veterinarian, Dr. Bell.
    Do you know how inappropriate it is for the vet herself to be talking to me about costs?! I told her the main issues were that I didn’t feel like anyone cared about Paisley, as it should be a quick procedure, and that multiple people told me multiple times that it would cost me money to have her stay overnight, which wasn’t my fault anyway. She told me they’d had a hard day, and that they wouldn’t charge me an overnight fee if she stayed, but that she DID care about Paisley. Dr. Bell said the latest they’d see her was midnight. They still didn’t take her back until 12:30am and I picked her up at 2:15am. In their lobby, Paisley relieved herself and I realized she hadn’t been let out

  538. Angljaffy 2020/03

    The Team at VESC on Cary St. took great care of my sweet furbaby recently (and in 2014) and I wanted to make sure I shared with the community how thoughtful and understanding they were after the loss of our baby. We didn’t feel rushed to say goodbye and were able to hold her for as long as we needed. We had all the information we needed to make informed decisions and make sure our baby was taken care of even after her soul left us. I really appreciate the Team at this facility <3.

    2020 Update: you guys are amazing. Thank you for taking great care of me and Mononoke today. I cannot tell you how great it is to have you in the community. Words are not enough. I am full of emotion for your teams. I haven't been back since Nausicaa's passing, and you were so thoughtful about today's situation with my babies, it gives me all the feels.

  539. Mia Furfaro 2020/03

    WARNING – READ BEFORE TAKING ANIMAL HERE. We have a 10 month old pup that started throwing up on a Friday evening. The vomiting didn’t stop until midnight so we brought him to Virginia Veterinary Centers. They were able to take him back immediately because there was no other patients there. We explained to the vet that our dog could have possibly eaten a toy 5 days earlier since a piece of the toy & the squeaker was missing but he wasn’t showing symptoms until the day we brought him in. They told us it was unlikely that’s what was causing the symptoms.

    They took him back to do X-rays and said they did not see concerns and they would send it to a specialist to take a look as well. They also told us that a toy wouldn’t show up on X-rays after they did the X-rays but it would show concerns with intestines. They did not offer any other solution to find out if there was a toy in him. They gave him an anti vomiting vaccine and fluids and sent us home. Our dog was not getting better so Saturday night / Sunday morning we brought him back. We explained our concerns and told them he was getting worse and not better. They offered to do blood work. His blood work came back with no major concerns so they offered to give him an anti nausea shot this time to help eliminate the drooling and they gave us an appetite enhancer to give to him at home. I asked them if they could do an ultrasound but they said the person that complete the ultrasounds was not going to be in until Monday and we would have to pay to keep our dog there until they came in. They did not offer any other options like doing another set of X-rays to see if his intestines changed or anything. The whole time we felt like we were gambling with the vet to get advice or an answer. We left spending close to $900 with a dog that was still not better.

    Once our normal vet opened on Monday we brought our dog there immediately and explained the whole story and they did another set of X-rays and compared to the first set from VVC and brought him back for emergency surgery immediately due to an obstruction. He had some complications due to the toy being in there for a longer period of time but is on the mend and is doing better thankfully.

    I would not want anyone to have to deal with the experience we had with VVC. They should be more eager to help the animals instead of giving uncertain answers and charging people for things that are misdiagnosed. We are just blessed that he didn’t die over the weekend while we brought him to VVC due to the lack of proper diagnosis and treatment.

    The facility has commented and they are stating they did a set of X-rays for both visits but that is a complete lie. They only offered to do it the first time. When we brought our dog back the second night they did NOT offer to do another set of X-rays.

  540. Shakeva Smith 2020/02

    If I could give NO stars I would . I have a 4 year old cat who has been suffering from a ear infection. When I first noticed the infection I tried treating it myself but when I noticed it was only getting worse I brought her here . This location was 24 hours and I felt so bad for my baby and I didn’t want her to wait for an appointment . I can only imagine how uncomfortable she must have been And she literally cried the WHOLE time . So I call them and ask if there was any wait and they did explain that being they are an ER so the wait times can change at any moment but at the time there was no wait . I’m literally 8 minutes up the road and when I got there it was one person waiting so i figured we’d be in and out and she’ll finally be relieved . I filled out the paper work still only one person waiting and we sat for about an hour before a lady came and asked the name of my cat . I told her “Nina” and she said she’d take her vitals to make sure she was stable and take a swab of her ears . She brung her back in literally 2 minutes and said “ok she’s stable, it looks like there may be some sort of infection “ so yea it’s about a 4 hour wait ….. EXCUSE ME !! Why am I waiting 4 hours to prescribe my kitty medicine for an ear infection and they already explained that that’s all she needed for treatment but the doctor couldn’t exam it to figure out what to prescribe because he’s busy . Like what is he busy doing I’m the only one here and there’s one person waiting . Is there ONE doctor. Like none of that made any since . We even asked if we could leave her and pick her up and they said “no we don’t have any kennels available” ok but y’all don’t have any animals either lol so do y’all not have any kennels? And we also asked that being we couldn’t wait 4 hours could they at least call us back to let us know what medicine she needed and we could bring her back in and they said no . They didn’t even try to reason w us knowing the wait time was ridiculous. Like yea I can sit and wait 4 hours but how messed up is that for my baby ? She sits in a carrier for 4 hours w no water, no food, nowhere to use the bathroom. And they are fine w that . Like other reviews said they DO NOT care for animals . And it’s so sad because I care for mine like they are my real children smh and it’s sad that these are the people we trust w our fur baby’s . I’m glad I did not allow them to treat her and wait because I could only imagine the treatment she would have gotten and they wouldn’t even allow me to come back w her . But the other person who was there was allowed to go back w there’s smh. SAD !!

  541. Renee J 2020/02

    3 Star’s because the front desk clerk told me curb side service was an option. And it was, yet l waited and waited for a employee to come out to collect my information but no-one came. After waiting for what seemed like forever with a sick pup who’d vomited in the car by now, I gather my pup & walk in. After initial vitals, we saw the Dr. Afterwards the the billing clerk comes in & goes over the cost of all the RECOMMENDED (by the dr) procedures,. You CAN opt out of whatever you don’t want.. l agreed to the imagining, X-rays, meds & the cost of the visit. The total was $820. (Out patient) He is recovering at home and l’m satisfied with the care he received.

  542. Katherine Meyersohn 2020/02

    Zero Stars – but that’s not an option.
    Our beautiful, sweet dog passed away almost 2 years ago on 1/3/18, at this horrible facility (read my previous review) and sadly, it appears from the most current reviews that not much has changed. My heart goes out to all the pet parents who have experienced the utter lack of compassion that seems to be the hallmark of VVC or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Our dog became ill during the week between Christmas & New Year’s so our options were limited as far as care. Please read the reviews – they validate the awful experience(s) we had at VVC – & consider all your options before bringing your pet here. We are still haunted by our experience at VVC. Our bill was several thousand dollars and yet they couldn’t idenitify the cause of our dog’s illness nor save her life. Our best guess is that she was bitten by a spider or snake (yes, in December!) but we never got confirmation of this. I am appalled by the number of negative reviews and heartbreaking accounts of staff more focused on paperwork and money than compassionate, efficient, professional care that continue to dominate the reviews. The only reason the average review is as high as it is is because there is no way to leave a “0” rating. My hope was that my review and the letter we wrote to VVC would actually make a difference, improve care and empathy, and prevent others from experiencing the heartbreak and trauma that we did. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case so, PLEASE beware! And hope you find the best care for your pet.


  543. Sebastian Gutierrez 2020/02

    Took 3 hour to see the doctor after being placed in a room.

  544. Zac Caulder 2020/02

    Called for help with my pet and they said they could do nothing because they don’t know my vet??

    Terrible uncaring people

  545. Ray Mayberry 2020/01

    Dr. Monika Jankowski is the best Oncologist around! She is kind, and genuinely cares about her patients.

    Finding out my dog had cancer was difficult for me. Our original vet recommended Dr. Monika Jankowski. I take my Dog’s health very seriously from nutrition, exercise, social interactions which was a big reason the cancer diagnosis was so difficult. So I began reading the reviews here and felt compelled to add my experience.

    First, VVC is both an ER AND specialists in one location. It is own by Compassion-First Pet Hospitals. If you are reading a review, be weary of which part of VVC a person is reviewing.

    Second, I can understand a lot (not all) of negative reviews on here seem to be coming from the ER side of the hospital to which I have had little interaction with. The reviews also seem to becoming from a place of grief.

    Third, every estimate I received, was right on. I see some reviews talking about money problems. I never had experienced this once.

    I met Dr. Jankowski and voiced my concerns about a lot of the negative reviews on here. And explained how I almost chose a different Oncologist. She took all my concerns to heart. I took the advice of a friend who had worked with Dr. Jankowski and said she was wonderful. And she is correct. It was the best decision I ever made. She saved my dog’s life and her team knew me right away when I arrived, loved my dog as if he was their own, and walked me through every step along the way which side effects, instructions and always being available by phone. 20 visits down, and 19 chemo treatments, my best friend is cancer free thanks to her and her team.


  546. Rich Troyer 2020/01

    They serve a vital role in the community. I am grateful they are here. Ive used them twice in 20 yrs and both times I was impressed by the compassion I felt and professionalism I experienced. Thank you all for what you do.

  547. Jessie Camacho 2020/01

    the vet techs and the veterinarians are amazing. The front desk however; has no common sense or bed side manner. I’m assuming it’s because of how young they are. They get overwhelmed too easily. I feel bad for the vet techs and veterinarians. They deserve better help from front lines.

  548. Debbie Youll 2020/01

    Dr. Pugliese went above and beyond to find a solution that worked for our cat. Everyone we dealt with was kind and compassionate.
    Thank you for saving Didimo!


  549. Rose Copeland 2019/11

    Pleasant professional staff. However the prices for emergency care are quite astronomical. Also if you’re telling a person you’re sorry for their loss of their pet, it’s probably not a good idea to say have a nice day afterwards.


    VA VETERINARY CENTER has decided to fight me in court over their own negligence. The very one who replied to this review, refuses to talk to me now. She knew about this issue, but she acts like she was unaware in a public forum —READ THE ADMISSION BY THE DOCTOR BELOW.


    “As a veterinarian of 33 years, I can honestly say that we have failed you and Kraut, both professionally, and emotionally, by not listening to you telling us of his deterioration while in our facility, and acting sooner. For that, I am truly sorry. Not to take away from the seriousness of what happened, but this will be a coaching moment in how we must listen to clients more closely when they notice a sudden change in their pet’s behavior or condition. Some people don’t know what they are saying, and some do, and unfortunately, I think this is a case of assuming his conditions were not as serious as they actually were, based on his normal vital signs upon admission”.

    This should be 0 STARS.
    They let my dog die before he was seen. 2 hours we waited for suspected poisoning to be taken care of…YOUR OBLIGATION WAS TO PROVIDE EMERGENCY SERVICE.
    No Doctor for 2 hours, then he had heart attack and died in front of me, after repeatedly telling staff he was getting worse, and asked them if they forgot about us. Payment was stopped, lawsuit in the works, smear campaign and I beg for you all to take your animals to DOGWOOD EMERGENCY VET. Dr. Allred is the the doctor that shouldn’t be there,

  551. Michelle Smith 2019/11

    As so many say, if I could leave ZERO stars I would. Their estimated charges mean nothing, and telling them to do nothing else means nothing. Here is some of the language in your estimate that pretty much gives them free reign to do what they please and believe me they will.

    This is only an estimate of services. Our job is to give your pet the best possible medical and surgical care available at a reasonable cost to both of us.
    In order to do so, we sometimes must run tests or perform procedures that we did not anticipate when giving you this estimate. The above charges are for services rendered on the specified date and do not include follow-up examinations, bandage changes, removal of implants, radiographs, medications, or other services that may become necessary in the complete treatment of this condition. A copy of the medical record will be faxed to your family veterinarian.
    I further understand that during the course of the procedures or operations, unforeseen conditions may arise that necessitate the performance of different or additional procedures or operations. Therefore, I hereby consent and authorize the performance of such procedures or operations as are necessary and desirable in the exercise of the veterinarian’s professional judgment.

    When people hear that we incurred charges of nearly $6,000 for an ultrasound, labs, fluids and a less than 48 hour stay they are blown away, especially when they were told to do nothing else at less than the 24 hour mark. We in fact received a phone call from Dr. Dong as our beloved family member was being put to sleep informing us of how to continue to treat our beloved baby who could not eat, and was in liver failure, and clearly in pain.
    I would not send my worst enemy here.

    RESPONSE TO VA VET: You did NOT follow what I had instructed you to do – You were told “NO MORE”, you continued to run unnecessary tests, IV’s, etc., charges after you were told “NO MORE”. Again I state, no one can grasp paying $6,000 for nothing more than an ultrasound, labs and fluids and less than 48 hour stay.

  552. Rebecca Taylor 2019/11

    I brought my cat there at 2am because he had a stuffy nose and was sneezing. I was scared for my furball. This place was nothing short of amazing. They brought Waffles in and loved him like he was their own. I was super impressed. I give 100 stars!! I recommend this place for anyones animals. Fair prices as well!!

  553. Sally Ireland 2019/11

    Dr Babbitt and his staff were kind, professional and efficient! This was my first experience needing a specialist for my pet and I am so grateful for their expertise. Dr Babbitt was patient with our questions and explained the entire process both before and after the procedure. Our dog was much much more comfortable than I expected her to be.

  554. Shelia Hartbarger 2019/10

    My dog was suppose to have tests done but never saw nor heard of results. Called several times to no avail. Charged me an outrageous amt and got nothing. Seemed more concern of the money and not the animal. Never contacted my vet,either

  555. Yasir Ganyard 2019/10

    They kilt my 1 1/2 year old dog!! These people don’t care about the job they took all they care about is money payment plans anything !! I thought you were suppose to work and follow the career you love!! Law suit on the way y’all will remember her name #p.i.pRenz

  556. Nancy Baldwin 2019/09

    We had to put our 15 year old cat down. The staff was so caring and compassionate. They cared about us and our cat. I highly recommend this veterinary center to anyone who wants loving care for your pet.

  557. Beth Carithers 2019/09

    My dog spent the night at the Dr’s recommendation in order to have an endoscopy first thing the next day. I called myself at 9 am because I hadn’t heard anything from the dr. I was told that she wouldn’t be having the procedure because they couldn’t see anything in the X-ray to remove and that they would hold her for the day to monitor her. This entailed IV fluids and watching her. I again had to call and check in on her and asked if I could pick her up as nothing was happening and she was just sitting in the kennel. When I went to get her I waited 45 minutes to speak with the Dr for 5 minutes. And the total cost for overnight and IV fluids with 1 X-ray was $1300. The communication was poor and I would expect more up front communication regarding her status as well as it is not an emergent situation, please let us know so she can come home and not gouge us for money. The estimate doesn’t at all match the actual invoice , even for items that were initially estimated. We will never return. And I’ve let my vet know as well, why would anyone refer a patient here? The staff are dismissive and rude. I was very disappointed.

  558. Shenan Hostetter 2019/09

    If I could make a review without a star I would prefer this
    These guys charged my mom 900 dollars (which she’s on a financial budget but loves her dog) and never contacted her with the results
    She made several attempts to contact these individual but to no avail
    She is currently being harrased by collections for the bill
    Why should an individual have to pay for services that were never rendered
    Yes the company can provide “documentation” proving the tests were run but there is also no documentation proving that the results were delivered
    My mother however has screen shots of when she tried to call on many occasions and never reached anyone
    So yes these guys like to take people’s money on false hopes provided to loving pet owners
    Shame on y’all!!!!

  559. Trang Doan 2019/09

    I paid $150 to meet an oncologist there because my dog got cancer. The oncologist reviewed everything, talked to my main vet, reviewed the test results, etc and suggested us to do surgery to remove my dog’s lump. I called them later to schedule the appointment to do surgery, but they asked me to set up another appointment to meet another vet there to discuss the price, lol. It’s so unreasonable to pay another appointment just to meet and discuss the price…Stay away from this place. They dont care about your pets.

  560. Morgan Krug 2019/08

    Highly recommend this practice-the vets and staff I worked with were patient, courteous, and communicative throughout the process. I was so stressed when I arrived with a sick pup but Dr. Kost and Dr. Paisley were with me every step of the way and made sure everyone including the primary vet was in the loop. I called for regular updates between rounds and never felt like a bother (shout out to Veronica at the front desk for reassuring me of that too!). If there was ever a wait, it was explained that it was because critically ill animals get priority which absolutely makes sense. The discharge instructions were easy to follow and the pup is doing great thanks to their care and attention!

  561. Mr Hamtastic 2019/08

    Told me the price upfront. I knew there was little chance.

    They’re open 24 hours.

  562. Dominique Miller 2019/07

    Called to ask about recommendations for emergency vets in Raleigh where I am taking my dog. Was told “that’s what google is for”.

    Also asked for anti nausea meds for the car ride because I have to take my dog with me on a 2 hour ride and I was told uh you really shouldn’t take him can you leave him behind. No he’s my dog.

    Hopefully these people can treat customers with a little more respect and compassion. Especially after taking $500 from me the night before.

  563. Emily Owens 2019/07

    When we brought our cat in the staff was extremely busy. They immediately took her to the back to monitor her but we did not meet with the doctor until almost 2 hours after we arrived. I know this was due to more serious injuries they needed to tend to first. They did multiple tests and were not able to confirm any cause for my cat’s seizures. The doctor talked us through our multiple options and the probable causes for the sudden illness. They referred us to a neurologist but also warned us of the cost of such a route. We were able to take our cat home with medicine. Sadly she did not recover and a few days later she passed. The prices were reasonable for an emergency facility and the bloodwork cost less than I pay at the vet. Overall even though they were busy they took care of my cat to the best of their ability. I would recommend calling and asking if they are busy. If I had known they were swamped I would have gone to the clinic in Midlothian.

  564. De’Jah Lee 2019/06


    I’m writing this review on behalf of a friend. I’ll start with the cliche: “If I could leave 0 stars I would”. A friend of mine brought his dog here because she was having trouble with urination. He asked for a simple urinalysis procedure to be performed just as a test. The staff here took his dog and disappeared for hours! Every time he spoke with the receptionist and asked for updates he was not given any information. The dog was returned after over 4 hours of being detained. He was then given a bill for $700 when the exam he asked for was around $200. The staff without his consent had proceeded to do x-rays and other exams that were not necessary!

    In his efforts to resolve this matter he tried to speak to several managers who dipped and dodged him for weeks. At this point I encouraged him to open a bank claim for fraud. In the process of preparing this claim the veterinary report was grudgingly provided to us after being given the run around for days.

    *Important: It was literally listed in the veterinary report that the dog had fully urinated before any of these procedures were completed! We then further anylized this time stamped report and did research to come to the conclusion that we were charged HUNDREDS of dollars for unnecessary and unconsentual testing!

    Moral of the story: The bank was able to sniff out this fraud and after a long dispute the claim was ruled in my friends favor forcing these crooks to refund his money.



    You’ve been warned.

  565. Dũng Nguyễn 2019/06

    This place is one of the worst places we ever come, due to it’s understaffing, unprofessional communication and disrespect to clients. My dog got several emergency conditions, being bitten at her ears, losing some parts of the ears and bleeding a lot. Her head was covered by blood and she kept whining during the time. Despite her condition, nobody there came to take care of her, or at least asked and took a quick look at her. We wanted to leave, but it’s weekend and there was no other option around. After almost 1 hour waiting, a nurse came and did several measurements but didn’t do anything to treat the wounds. 2 more hours and my dog finally was taken into treatment rooms. However, they just took her there and literally told me that they didn’t start taking care of her because their doctors are all busy. They asked me to go home and promised to call when it’s done. Guest what? They didn’t call. I had to call them after 2 more hours to come back to get my dog. My dog only got home at 9PM after being bitten at around 1 PM. The staffs there were very unprofessional, never cared about their patients and clients. They ignored a scared bleeding dog for hours. They didn’t even bother to call me to follow up. No wonder why they have the worst rating of all Richmond vets.

  566. Donna Campbell 2019/06

    They deserve a negative rating. My daughter, who attends VCU, brought her cat to this practice. After having many tests done and spending more than $800, they informed my daughter that they had “no idea what was wrong.” The practice told her to leave the cat and have more tests done, informing her it would be approximately $1500! She rescued this cat and has taken stellar care of him. I am thoroughly appalled and disgusted about how they treated my daughter. They ended the conversation with, “he MAY make it through the night.” They took advantage of a college student. I will make sure that EVERY person, through all media means possible, knows this practice is ONLY concerned with money! Shame on you!

  567. Charles Rix 2019/06

    Our dog was admitted into the hospital with high bilirubin levels. We called every two hours to check in on her, and the staff was very understanding. Then we went to see her, and they let us visit with her in a room. They eventually decided that her gallbladder needed to come out and they finagled some schedules to get her in that day.

    The staff was amazingly friendly, caring, understanding, and passionate. They called us as soon as she was out of surgery.

    Doggo is doing well on the road to recovery.

    Thank you so much

  568. Rose Wood 2019/05

    They are taking wonderful care of my Rambo right after his splenectomy. We transferred him from helping hands friday around 3:00 and we could tell he has been in amazing hands. They truly work with your budget and its not all about the money like other people say. COMPARED TO THE VETS BY ME THEY ARE SO CHEAP FOR THEIR WONDERFUL SERVICE. They were very straight forward and so sweet. We drove 6 hours from NJ and it was well worth the drive. For 48 hours over night observation, iv, meds, and other stuff it was only 1400. My vet by me was telling us 10,000. Your babies are in good hands here!!!!!!!

  569. Donald Green 2019/05

    I wish I would had read all the remarks before I took my Dog there! I was told she walked in which once I got her back she had no movement still!

  570. Meghan Harms 2019/05

    I am truly disgusted that the doc here discussed with my vet that we needed to come down ASAP to she her. Now understand four days after our regular vet (who wanted to do the same exact thing as she did), she hads me a list of a cost break down…. 6 times higher on the price… but again zero information as to what is going on with my baby! So needless to say I paid 150 for her vet tec to take my dog on a walk to pee! To be honest what I found to be the most unethical is the fact they had me fast my dog (who is in steroids and is thirsty and hungry at all times) so test could be run…. again they did absolutely NOTHING BUT WALKED HIM!!!!

  571. Sky Noele 2019/05

    Brought my cat Artemis in last night for labored breathing. I was sure she just had a chest infection and would be fine after a round of antibiotics. But after a quick xray, they found that she wasn’t fine at all. After much debating, I made the decision to let her go. Though she made the decision for me and passed just before she was euthanized, Dr. Jacobs and staff were very kind. At 2am they offered me great service, did what they could to make her comfortable, and made sure I understood I was not in the wrong for making the choice I did. While $630 is a bit steep for what was done, that did include cremation.

    This is my first loss of a pet that was entirely my own and I’m very grateful for the help I received. I look forward to picking up my girl’s ashes in a couple of weeks.

  572. Ramses Herrera Habsburg 2019/04

    Highway robbery!!! They know you have an emergency and fully abuse you on pricing! They charged me $3,400 for a simple feline urinary blockage without surgery. This more than twice what vets in NYC, CO and FL quoted me for a surgery. I am going to report them to the state board!

  573. Richard Riffe 2019/03

    Do not go here what so ever. Feel free to email me I you need all of the details

  574. Bryan Reed 2019/03

    Worst place ever, couldn’t see my dog for 5 hours. Would not recommend

  575. William Lane 2019/03

    They wouldn’t do the medical treatment I needed for my dog now she couldn’t push out her last two puppies. Sorry to say they died in birth. Thanks but no thanks

  576. Chris Fox 2019/02

    My 6 month old Chocolate lab had gotten into a bottle of Adderall and I brought her to this Emergency Vet Center and they were amazing. They took her right in and kept her overnight. She has fully recovered since, but I can’t speak to how highly I would recommend them to everyone in an emergency situation or for general medical check ups.

  577. Marian Klatt 2019/02

    Even though I had a terrible day with my dog’s illness and death, I am so appreciative to the staff for their help, being non-judgmental, and their kindness and compassion. I appreciated being given the space and emotional support to deal with it all as I needed to.

    I knew emergency cost could be a problem for me, but they were up front with estimates/options, and very kind as they presented options after he died.

  578. jaynes vijeo 2019/02

    My cat was badly attacked by a dog and I brought him here. They were very good. He needed surgery and ended up losing a leg, it was difficult but he came out ok and was much attended to while there. All the staff was very kind also. I had previously taken an animal to Dogwood emergency and I can’t stress how much easier it was talking to the staff here than there. They encouraged and let me visit him during the healing process which was appreciated. Anyway, thank you vesc.

  579. Catherine Murphy 2019/02

    Almost a month ago, my husband and I brought our dog Soda in after midnight, on her 10th birthday. She was having trouble breathing and that escalated into barely being able to walk. The person at the front desk knew right away she needed urgent help and got her back to the doctor. The vet, Dr. Paisley, was just wonderful. She quickly looked Soda over and came back to tell us the gravity of her situation. This gave me time to get my two adult children there. Every step of the way Dr. Paisley kept us informed and made sure we all had a chance to see her before she died. Thank you for your warmth, caring and kindness during an incredibly stressful and terribly sad experience.


  580. Kathy Tatum 2019/02

    My cat was deathly ill and needed diagnostics and a blood transfusion. They worked me in, were compassionate, and provided the excellent medical care that helped save my cat’s life!

  581. Robert Rodgers 2019/01

    I really wanted to trust them because they are medical professionals, but it really feels like they try to buckle and dime and squeeze out money. If you’re budget is tight then maybe somewhere else would be better.

  582. Lillie Duston 2019/01

    DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. Waited for over 4 hours after being told we were next. On top of the that the price for them to do absolutely nothing to help the situation was absurd.

  583. Hyper Nemesis 2019/01

    Me and my girlfriend found a stray dog. Looked all day for her owner with no luck. During this craziness, she realized how aggressive she is with people and other dogs. After our last attempt to locate the owner, a helpful police offficer pointed us in the direction of this hospital. We heading over and explained our situation. Unfortunately the “head coordinator” said our story was inconsistent, we were not telling the truth, “its not my problem” and worst of all, they will not help this poor, old, skinny dog. Of course this wasnt said directly to us but yelled from the door across the reception desk. Then she has the nerves to stand there and just stare at us as we leave, knoowing this dog needs help. I would never want to bring my own pet to a vet that isnt willing to help all animals that arrive there. This happened 9/22/19 @ 9:45pm.

  584. Nancy Walter 2019/01

    Highly recommend this vet! I have a 10 m/o puppy and he is my first dog and basically my child. I came home one evening to him projectile vomiting blood. I took him as fast as I could to the nearest emergency vet I could find (aka this one) and they were so kind to me and my pup! They were even able to deal with me being an emotional wreck and him vomiting all over the room at the same time! The vet and vet techs were very upfront about prices and kept me 100% in the loop the entire time. They always let me know if tests were taking longer or when the vet would be in so that I didn’t worry. The team here is truly amazing and Bravo (my pup) is happy and healthy again!

  585. Gary Woods 2019/01

    Our little Harry had a liver shunt . This was to cause organ damage and a shortened life span over a short period of time . The staff and doctors at VVC in Carytown were the best thing that could have happened for Harry and us .Harry is really doing good and we are so grateful . This hospital is highly recommended . Have your pet checked for this condition as it is more common than I thought and effects more breeds . Thank you VVC .

  586. Carl Timperio 2018/11

    The Veterinarians that practice this Hospital are some of the best without question. Most of the staff is incredibly friendly. I have brought my animals to this location for treatment 6 times and strongly recommend it if an animal requires urgent care. I only gave 4 out of 5 stars due to two employees who were extremely condescending regarding my pet’s medical background. The employees did not bother reading the patient’s chart after speaking with me multiple times. Other than that single experience this veterinary facility is amazing.

  587. Tyler glover 2018/11

    I don’t want to get into too much of an arguement. The only reason I feel like this place gets a star at all or a review is for the simple fact they gave us contact information to vets that could assist with my dogs needs. She had a litter of puppies. She ended up having what we thought was a seizure. We admit didn’t have the funds but didn’t want to have our baby girl die in the night. The first pregnancy was a breeze so we weren’t prepared for these issues. I admitted all this to the vet. I told them to please help her. Do what they could. I would come up with the money. Which we did. They did an exam and that was it. Brought her back and they knew her prognosis but due to the inability to pay immediately while we waited for our loved ones to wake up and pay over the phone. They just wanted to push us out. So the vet came in. Explained she had a few issues going on. The first was what they call milk fever. I had never heard of it. I also told her this. She said it was in the early stages and could be treated with otc tums. The second issue was that she had a puppy inside of her still. A dead fetus. It needed to be removed by surgery and she would give me names to vets that could assist in “my” situation. That it would be way to expensive if they did it. I felt good about the situation so I waited around to go to vets that they gave me numbers to. The one amazing vet offered to help us out. They took her immediately. They were so good to our baby. I dropped her off before 1 and was told pick up would be around 4. I got what I thought was the call at 345 to break the bad news that our baby girl had another seizure and passed. The hard part is to not blame anyone. I definitely do not blame the second vet. They did all they could and more. They treated her well. Cared for her. Trimmed her nails. Showed her love. We’re so warm and caring. I guess because they weren’t there for the monetary value on life. They were there to preserve life and care for animals the way they should. I blame myself because I didn’t know how serious milk fever was and because I was worried about the surgery that I was told was immediately necessary. I was on a drive to get her help. I didn’t stop to look into it and by the time I did it was too late. I trusted this vet and when she said it could be treated at home by tums. I would do what she said and it would be ok. She never once explained to me how to take care of the puppies. She never once suggested I hand feed them as this would only get worse if the puppies continued to feed from her. No the vet that doesn’t deal in that area did. The ones who do this and are a NON profit vet clinic. They helped me with everything! So yes. I feel as if I can blame you all! Even if y’all felt like I couldn’t have paid. You didn’t have to treat is so nonchalant and chalk it up to it will be ok. It’s not ok and our baby passed away because you didn’t inform me that milk fever can be life threatening! You only told me that the issues shs was experiencing was typical of this problem. So you minimized it. Therefore something tragic happened that couldn’t of possibly have been prevented. I guess we will never know because y’all failed to care as much as you all should. I really like to give the benefit of the doubt. I even called to thank you and the office before I got that call. The only thing now I thank you for is giving me the info to a place that treated my dog with some dignity and respect. I do not want a response from you all. In defense to the public for this negative review. In all reality I’m not being rude or disrespectful. I could say more but I want to state the facts. I have worked in healthcare for roughy 12 years. I have carried many different titles and I have never lied to, brushed off, made light of a situation in the eye of an emergency like I have witnessed here. All I have left of her memory now is pictures, her precious puppies and the memory of a bad judgement call to take her here in the first place. Always to be left wondering what if?

  588. Katherine Meyersohn 2018/10

    Our sweet girl, Bella, passed away on 1/3/18 at VESC/VVC. The doctors & vet techs were compassionate, competent, & thorough, answering all our questions, & explaining the treatment, as we tried everything possible to save our dog. Marilee, at the front desk, was extremely kind and compassionate, & Keisha was also very kind. However, several front desk staff members were horrid & should not be working anywhere near crisis, trauma & grief. My husband rushed to VESC/VVC as our dog was dying, & unfortunately, I did not even have the chance to tell him that our dog had passed away before a staff person slapped down the paperwork re: what to do with our dog’s body! -Completely lacking in empathy, compassion, & professionalism! She did not even offer condolences & I had to ask her to leave the room so I could cry with my spouse & discuss our options.
    Earlier in the day, I overheard staff talking about our case disparagingly – commenting on how “awful” it was that “pets suffered because it was so often about the owners and not the pet,” as I waited for my dog to get a blood transfusion. Our beautiful, sweet dog was young and went from never having been sick in her life to passing away in 6 days. So, yes, we did everything we could do to try to save her. It is a horribly traumatic & stressful situation to go through & no one should feel judged trying to save their pet through this heartbreaking process.
    How the financial piece is handled is also terrible – cold, pushy, & lacking in empathy – as many of the other reviews have described. I will make it my mission to see that this does not happen to anyone else & that compassion comes back to emergency care.


  589. Felecia Jones 2018/10

    Although your staff helped my dog feel better I don’t feel an explanation as to what was wrong with her in the first place is clear. After paying $2100 we should definitely have more answers than questions. I was also told several times that the high end of the estimate would not be exceeded although it was. When I went in to pick my pet up, there was a balance due if $300, that was not previously discussed. This is cold and inconsiderate. At the end of the day we just wanted out baby to feel better, but didn’t want to go into debt doing so. Finally after being told to follow up with our regular vet several times, I feel we should have just gone there in the first place. Maybe our credit cards wouldn’t be maxed out. Needless to say, I will never come here again!

  590. 8 8 2018/09

    Very caring staff! They took great care of my pup and helped save his life after he was hit by a car. Very compassionate towards the animals as well as their families.


  591. Eric Parmiter 2018/08

    I cannot thank the wonderful staff at Virginia Veterinary Center enough. They immediately focused on making sure my dog was comfortable and eased her pain. I cannot think of a more helping and professional group of young men and women. I am forever in your debt. Thank you so much for getting my dog back to her energetic and loving self. I would rate this practice over 5 stars if I could. You have gained a customer for life.

  592. Jaimie Hill 2018/08

    Andrew Mercurio is an amazing surgeon, very honest and caring! The hospital called every step of the way after I dropped off my dog, from her going into surgery, post surgery update, to time to pick her up. They make sure to give you a low end cost and a high end cost prior to treatment, they’re very honest and upfront. I ended up having a credit back to me after the surgery since the cost was below the low end (you pay the low end before leaving like a deposit). I have nothing but amazing things to say about this veterinary hospital. The staff are very kind and everyone seemed happy to be there. I had to see a surgeon for my Husky after she was bitten by another dog and had complications after sutures due to the skin dying after the attack which reopened the wound. Thank you guys for taking such good care of my baby!!!

  593. Off The Air 2018/08

    They save my dogs life. What more can I say. Perhaps the fact that they didn’t empty my wallet while doing so.

  594. Tanisha Kane 2018/08

    The staff is excellent with the care of your pet and the are all very sweet people, but beware of the hidden cost and over charges. They will give you one price and charge another. I would only use them in case of emergency.

  595. S D 2018/07

    I don’t think I ever left a review at the time, but Virginia Veterinary Centers saved my pet’s life.

    I lived in an apartment right next door to them while I was in college. While I was at work my apartment caught on fire. I came home to see fire trucks and smoke billowing everywhere. A fireman found my cat clinging to life and rushed him straight across the parking lot to Virginia Veterinary Centers where he was immediately placed on oxygen.

    Though this was nearly 7 years ago, I will never forget how understanding the staff was and how they took such excellent care of Liko. The moment I walked in I was bawling – they let me go back in the back with Liko when he was placed on oxygen. He was in their care on 24/7 oxygen for about a week I believe. With additional recovery time after that. They kept me updated on his status, allowed me long visits with him to keep his spirits up. They even let me know that if I needed it, they had an area I could nap in (particularly when he wasn’t doing so well in the beginning).

    I’m happy to report that my rescue kitty (a rescue adoption and then the fire…such a trooper) is alive and well, and the most spoiled cat ever now.



  596. Brian RRVA 2018/06

    Richmond location. Where your beloved, dying friend is held hostage and refused treatment or even euthanasia before paperwork and money. This is the second time Bennie has been held hostage. The last time was over a year ago and they prevented me from rushing him to his Primary Care. He was literally held hostage and denied life and death treatment. Here we are again at 2am and he is held hostage for treatment to ease his suffering and at this time, unfortunately, euthanasia. Now 3am, and they decide to do a promissory note. He has been suffering and held hostage for an hour and counting. 11/26/17.

  597. Sharon Blackwell 2018/06

    I would never take a pet here again. There was a hesitation in CPR and no compassion by any of the staff toward my family when we were losing our dog. They showed they cared more about the money than for the fact that we lost our dog.

  598. Joyce Dabney 2018/05

    Unfortunately I’ve visited more times than I would have liked for emergency visits. The staff is very caring, and the vets do their best to make sure you understand your options for care. I give a four rather than five because I would like to see a little more sense of urgency. When bringing in an animal for emergency care, I feel it would be appropriate to ask the person at the counter who is making a payment to wait a moment while they assess if the new patient needs immediate care, rather than making you stand there and wait before you’re even acknowledged. Some of the front desk staff seem somewhat air headed, but the vet techs and vets are capable. One downside is they don’t have in house financing or payment plans, but do accept Care Credit. More expensive than most primary care vets, but are open 24/7 in a convenient location so it’s worth the money when you can’t wait for an appointment with your regular vet.

  599. Ashley Lyon 2018/05

    The office is great! We were referred to the office in January of 2018 because my dog Zeeke was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Dr. Jankowski and her assistant have been AMAZING! They walked me through what was going on several times, lent a caring hand through my tears, delt with me and several family members in the office and have loved on my baby every chance they’ve got. Zeeke is doing great with his chemo and enjoys being treated like a king when he goes in for treatment. Even the front desk girls call him by name as soon as he walks in and gives him treats. Hands down a very caring practice! We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Thank you guys!!!

  600. Ann Mary Bettenson 2018/05

    I have been here on three occasions with different dogs and for different reasons and, while I’d rather I didn’t have to go and see them!, I am always so thankful that the Carytown clinic is there and that the staff, techs and vets are all so wonderful.

    I hope that you never need their services, but know that, if you do, your pet will be in great hands.

  601. Mike Hatz 2018/04

    Awesome docs. Great staff.

  602. Kelli Delaney 2018/03

    MOMS BABY!!!!!!! She dropped her off last night because she had a rawhide blocking her and couldn’t use the bathroom. They REFUSED surgery even tho we gave them a $1400 deposit (which we want back!!!!) and they “monitored her”. At 1AM we got a call that she was “doing good” with no surgery, at at 3am my mom, with stage 4 cancer who should not be stressed, got a call that HER DOG IS DEAD AND DIED ALONE IN A CAGE!!!!! This is malpractice and neglect at its finest and i will NOT stop until we have the autopsy from another clinic to prove this, and they will be BEGGING for my moms forgiveness. The doctor was COLD and mean and his workers obviously incompetent. How sad!!!! Do NOT bring your pets here for an emergency, better off on your OWN!! My poor mom!!!

  603. Rebecca Noonan 2018/03

    Pros: the place was clean, the staff was friendly, and our cat got better
    Cons: they returned our clean cat to us covered in urine and feces. When we complained they said it was our fault.
    Would not use them again.

  604. Solana W 2018/02

    I took my Yorkie here. The prices were outrageous. I paid $150 and they didn’t even wash my dogs wound and bandage it up. They were very misleading and tried to make me pay for services I didn’t need. Will never go back here again.

  605. Bernadette 2018/02

    My cat jumped on the glass-top stove as I removed a pot of boiling water. Needless to say, he burned two paws quite badly. As it was later on a Saturday night, I had no option but to choose VVC. My sister had used them numerous times with her cats in the past and was always pleased with their services. The staff took my cat to the back promptly after I explained what had happened. The vet was straightforward with his condition and prognosis, as well as what the whole thing would cost. I understand the complaints people have about the cost of emergency care, but I honestly felt the price tag for my cat’s treatment at VVC was completely within reasonable limits. You pay more for emergency care for yourself, why should it be any different for your animals? Anyway, the cost was very reasonable given the amount of care he needed. While I was waiting for my cat to finish up with his treatment, I couldn’t help but notice a belligerent client in the waiting room who grew louder and more vulgar by the minute. The front desk staff and vet tech were completely professional and compassionate. I commended them for this and for their calm demeanor. I really cannot say enough good things about VVC after my experience with them. My cat’s road to healing took several weeks when all is said and done, but without the care he received that first night at VCC, it would’ve been considerably worse.

  606. Elle Davis 2018/01

    This center has been providing emergency services to my animals for more than 15. I have found the services to be reasonable. I don’t use them unless it is for an emergency.
    It is always an emotional time when one has to use an emergency facility. It helps to be clear as to what your objectives are for your visit and what you can afford to pay. Not all health outcomes can be achieved within what we are able/willing to pay. The beginning of the visit is the appropriate time to have these conversations to include method of payment. My vet (and doctor) does the same thing.
    Also, it helps for clients to have a clear idea of what they can commit to financially. There is no shame is saying, “I’m unable to financially commit to this level of treatment, what are other options?” Emergency situations make it particularly difficult to make these decisions in the heat of worrying for our pet’s welfare.
    I recommend this facility without qualification. They have been there for me during some very difficult times.

  607. Amanda Graham 2018/01

    I’ve visited VESC a few times when my pup became ill. I really like VESC. One of our visits required my pup stay a few nights. The staff were great and provided me regular updates to his status along with the cost. I appreciate their upfront attitude about cost rather than being surprised by the bill. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to go back again.

  608. Liz L 2018/01

    We have a very senior dog with Chronic Kidney Disease. We are new to the area and after just a few weeks of living in the area, our dog got very sick. We brought her in to get evaluated, and from the moment we walked in, we knew we were well taken care of. All of the staff were so understanding and welcoming, and Dr. Allred was the doctor on emergency during our visit. Our dog ended up being hospitalized for a few days to get her stable. We got updates throughout the entire time she was there, as well as the chance to visit with her. We knew she was in great hands. Following that stay, she has been a client with internal medicine and Dr. Dong has been fantastic. She always takes the time to get the full picture of how our dog is doing and to create a plan that works for us as we continue to help make our dog comfortable and happy as well as us feel like we are receiving the best care possible.

  609. Joshua Evans 2017/08

    My cat Zeeboo swallowed a bunch of ribbon, I ended up having to bring her in at around ten at night, despite it being late the staff was incredibly polite and caring, the Drs seemed to be very knowledgeable and we’re also compassionate to the fact that I was on a budget by suggesting opinions that may be more in my price range. These people saved my cats life and I’m very grateful. I will be recommending them to everyone and using them again if the need should arrive (hopefully not because I make sure I don’t leave ribbon on the floor)

  610. Tonja Roberts 2017/07

    On Saturday our boy Belvedere (brindle hound) got his mouth on something. I thought maybe a bee because his face was starting to swell. Got his dad up and we decided to go to ER since our vet isn’t on call over weekends. Got there and of course they were busy. Took Belvedere back shortly thereafter. They asked if it was okay to administer pain meds, which of course was fine. Not gonna have my boy hurting. Then we find out it might be a copperhead bite. He wouldn’t let them get a good look in his mouth to confirm it. They came up with a low end estimate of $591 and that was to stay overnight with constant fluids to flush out the venom, if it was in fact a snake. We picked him up this morning and the swelling has gone down and he is acting fine. Now, my bottom line with this (after seeing all these negative reviews) is this… I didn’t get to see him for a while either, okay… Guess what, you won’t find another emergency vet that operates any different. Prices are higher than my regular vet… Of course they are! You have doctors working 24/7 so that your pet can be taken care of at any time! I had to pay up front… Yeah, ya sure did. You take on being a pet owner then you need to be prepared. We had just been on vacation and had to figure out where the money was coming from too. You own a pet, you figure it out. They are not in the business of being a lending institution. I’m not saying the event was stellar, but how can it be? They are busy with our pets and we are worried and waiting. I don’t think this vet deserves all the negative reviews they are getting. I appreciate all they did to make sure Belvedere was comfortable and taken care of. If I need an emergency vet, I’ll go back there.

  611. REDCITY804 2017/07

    I went here cause my dog was very sick not eating or drinking so the dr exam him to come up wit he had a mechanical obstruction my dog stool been bloody n he vomited I ask Dr did u do a parvo test he say no I say do one he day 70 dollars witch is crazy he came out no parvo doc say he has a blockage n he nd surgery it’s gonna cost u 4,000 dollars I take my dog to helping hands n my dog was cut open to find out no mechanical obstruction so what that tell u they….. not dog let lovers they want the money they will see ur dog die without trying to help n watch u walk out door so helping hands say my dog is suffering wit worm n parasite so why this doc at carytown ain’t do a worm test cause he was aiming for big bucks please guys do y’all research before going here I kicked out 518 just to find out what was wrong wit my dog want wrong wit him n helping hands open him up to find worms n now sending me to Fair feild vet to save my dog please y’all do y’all research on carytown first Helping hands they so nice caring understanding all the above n Fairfield vet is the same trust me n u will save money

  612. Jonathan Thomas 2017/07

    Me and my husband brought our cat “Randolph” in Friday March 24th, 2017 because he had previously seen his regular vet for a UTI and was getting better however he started showing signs of not feeling well 3 weeks later. When we took him in they immediately took him back to take his vitals and then returned 3 minutes later to ask if they could administer a pain shot to make him feel better. Approx. 20 minutes later we were called into a room and Dr. Megan Allred came in to explain what was going on with our little boy. She said he had a blockage and would need a procedure done to unblock him and he had a UTI???? We agreed to the procedure $602.00 to be exact and when we returned the Vet Tech told us he was unblocked and was urinating fine. We said ok and took him home that night with his meds. We followed the Vets orders to a “T” A few days later on Sunday March 27th we phoned them because he was not eating or urinating at all! They told us to just mix wet and dry food and give it to him “nothing more, nothing less was said to us” and on March 28th, 2017 our cat Randolph passed away only three days later only 3 years old. I truly believe in my heart that they did NO PROCEDURE on my cat even though we were told he was urinating just fine “LIE” because I know for sure that if he was given IV fluids he would be urinating frequently as I use to be a nurse and know the routine. Honestly i hope this never happens to someone else. They are quick to swipe your card, take your money and push you out the door without informing you of things that could be seriously wrong with your pet. I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night knowing I did this to someone and their beloved pet.

  613. Quitta's Spiritual Chapter (LadyBug) 2017/05

    UNPROFESSIONAL! MONEY HUNGRY!! Worse experience I’d ever had! My dog got hit by a car and animal control bought her here when I say these people DID NOT treat her or anything THEY DID NOT! They did absolutely nothing. When we got there to come check on her they told us she had been sedated and all this extra stuff. Turns out that was a lie. They told us in order for them to examine her we needed $95 Like are you serious she needs to be seen right away and you’re pressing us for $95?!! These people were not compassionate and they for damn sure did not do anything for us or our dog. They sent us home with our injured dog refusing to even give her medicine until we paid up front 700 dollars. I won’t think for you but I highly suggest going somewhere else.

  614. Oedhel Setren 2017/05

    They were very quick to take care of us and was very upfront with the cost, which was not that much for an emergency clinic. Such caring staff and a very thorough vet.

  615. Lauren Brown 2017/04

    Thanks for saving my little Georgie! <3 The entire staff goes above and beyond. They are friendly, informative, patient, present, and spend as much time as I need to answer questions. They have always made me feel like I was their only client. Dr. Broaddus, Dr. Watts, Sara, Stevie…AMAZING.

  616. Yasmine Towers 2017/03

    They gave my dog pills and took my money and my dog still died

  617. Carter Garnett 2017/03

    Unprofessional, Greedy/Money Hungry Business

    DO NOT take your pet to this vet office!! While they may help & heal your pet, they will literally make you sick with their unprofessional and greedy disposition. My wife took our dog Abby to their office on a Monday morning, she had to leave her there for them to run some tests. While this is understandable, they required an 1,100.00 up-front deposit fee before any service(s) were ever rendered. I may be old school, but I had a problem with this, especially the fact that she left her there before any service/treatment was done. When my wife called later that day to follow up, the person she spoke with was very vague in the details what was wrong with her, only to say they needed to keep her another night for more tests. This immediately aroused my suspicion, so I called their office on Tuesday to express my concerns of the way the situation was being handled. When I started to complain, the lady I spoke to abruptly cut me off in the middle of my sentence, attempting to quell what I was saying. She could not give me a thorough analysis of Abby’s problem, and said she would have the vet call me. After a couple of hours the vet did call me back and she did explain thoroughly her problem and the surgery procedure, however when I voiced my complaint of the up front costs, she rudely cut me off in the middle of my sentence as the first associate I spoke with. The straw that “broke the camel’s back” was the next day which was Wednesday, my wife stopped by their office that afternoon to see Abby and check on her the day before her surgery, which was Thursday. Keep in mind she was AT their office that afternoon. Well, that Wednesday night around 7:30, about 3 hours after my wife left their office, we get a phone call from them wanting another payment. Why didn’t they request this when my wife was there during normal business hours? This is the epitome of unprofessionalism, calling someone late in the evening asking for MORE money when my wife was there earlier. Yes, they may help your pet, but they will make you sick with their greed and unprofessional ethics when they are done with you.

  618. Jennifer Nelson 2017/02

    I took my dog in during the middle of the night after she ate something she shouldn’t have and the entire staff could not have been more helpful and compassionate. They reassured me when I was upset, kept me updated throughout my visit, made sure I understood everything, and went out of their way to make sure I didn’t have to pay for any unnecessary procedures. They made a bad situation more than bearable to which I am incredibly grateful. Thank you!!

  619. kenny jones 2017/02

    Came here today due to my dog having back pain. We met with Dr. Watts today, she was awesome, and extremely gentle and knew exactly what to do too calm my dog down. As a dog owner I’ve been to a lot of vets and VESC is definitely in the top tier of taking great care of your pets. I will definitely come back an will recommend to every pet owner. Ps. Ask for Dr. Watts.

  620. Todd Rigler 2017/01

    Compassionate and carring people. T h ey have always been professional. The worst thing is parking.

  621. Charles 2017/01

    For being an emergency room my wait time was a little over an hour, staff was friendly although I strongly encourage you to go elsewhere unless you have deep pockets. JUST to diagnos my dogs problem was $480… That doesn’t even begin the list of things I was charged for. Take your business elsewhere that isn’t just pulling the strings of your heart.

    Also don’t listen to the “Owner’s” responses because it’s all BS lies.

  622. Matt McWhorter 2016/08

    The oncology and surgery staff at VESC are top notch. Dr. Mercurio and Dr. Jankowski impressed with their technical expertise as well as their interactions with my wife and me. Across the board the staff made us feel welcome and comfortable, helping make the best of a difficult situation as our dog was daignosed with and underwent surgery for a sarcoma on his ribs. Highly recommend.

  623. Eb O 2016/08

    I was referred to VESC by one of my primary veterinarian’s. My Yorkie had a mast cell tumor and needed surgery. I went to VESC back in December 2015, met with the surgeon. He was extremely nice, very professional, knowledgeable but my issue is I think they’re extremely overpriced. I called a few weeks ago to ask if the rates they gave me were still the same and was told No they’re was an increase of 1.4% or so. I ended up taking my Yorkie to another veterinarian in Newport News and they performed the surgery there and prior to performing the surgery they recommended I take my dog to see a cardiologist which I did. Even after performing the surgery and seeing a cardiologist at Dogwood the price was still cheaper than VESC.

    My recommendation to anyone is always do your research and compare prices, services and care before settling on one place.

  624. High InternationalBitteringUnits 2016/08

    Good doctors. Open your check book

  625. Tori Miller 2016/07


    Not only are they extremely overpriced, I question their intentions also.

    I can certainly understand that in the wee hours of the morning, one should expect to pay a higher rate. I’m on board with that.

    However, here’s our story.
    We have a 14 lbs. puppy who happened to find a chocolate Easter bunny left over in my son’s room. I explained that I didn’t know how much he’d eaten but approximately a 2 inch square’s worth…and demonstrated how thin. They took him back, returned and asked if they could induce vomiting… which I agreed to. The vet then met us in the room, said he wasn’t having any symptoms but said (without any pricing being mentioned) that since we didn’t know exactly how much he’d eaten, that it was her recommendation that we leave him overnight to be monitored with an IV, etc…. When I asked her what kind of pricing we were talking about, she then told me she was going to return with a quote…. and she did!! LOL!! She then handed me a quote for $1,600++ After my reaction, she handed me a separate quote for $450 if they ran some tests, xrays, IV and I waited a few hours to take him home…It was 1:40 in the morning…I have two young children in their pajamas in an exam room (I’m a single mom so I had to drag them out of bed)…who are worried about their new puppy they love and here I am, being haggled…I asked her how much it was for the vomiting they’d already induced. She said she’d have to check. An assistant returned. Told me it was $180. I asked her how much chocolate our puppy was able to throw up and she said quite a bit. I nicely told her that was great and that we’d go ahead and take our chances on this one but be back if he showed any symptoms. But again, I had gotten him there within 30 minutes of eating the chocolate and he was showing no symptoms at that time…and I’m happy to report that two days later, our puppy is just fine!
    They were completely ready to keep our dog overnight, without sharing prices, and have me show up the following day and ask me for $1,600!!!!
    Are you serious?? The whole experience had “unethical” written all over it. Don’t get duped! They’re not the only Emergency Vet in town!

  626. Chanra Sours 2016/06

    These people are NOT personable AT ALL. Our dog had a huge hard knot & it felt like there was fluid going down her neck and my husband took her to this place around 9:45am on a Sunday. We didn’t want to wait until Monday b/c the knot had been there for about a week but it got bigger over the weekend with the fluid. The doctor comes in and doesn’t even look at her or touch her, he just kept saying that she is young so it can’t be anything too serious but they would give a quote and try to figure out what it is. Before the doctor even looked at her, my husband received a quote for $547.00 to $697.00. This was for 24 hour care, blood work and some other things. My husband leaves her there and before he left he was told he had to pay the minimum of $547.00 so he did. By 3:00pm, we did not hear anything so he calls to check on her and they said they are going to get started soon. They said they had other emergencies come in that were priority over our dog, which is understandable that some animals may have more critical issues but we didn’t receive any type of update and if our dog wasn’t going to be taken care of until 5 hours later then we would have rather had her home for 5 hours to rest and be comfortable until they were able to take care of her. It only took about an hour for them to call us back to let us know that she was ready to go. She had an abscess that had to be lanced and a draining tube was placed. We went together to pick her up, the doctor comes in and goes over post op instructions. BTW they entire time everyone kept calling her a HE. After he goes over the instructions and asks if we have any questions, he leaves and says OK she’s ready to go home. So we sit in the exam room a little longer and we have no idea where our dog is. Finally a receptionist comes in and asks if the doctor has been in and we said yes, she said that the dog was ready and that we can come out for check out now- I told her that no one had explained to us what we were supposed to do- we assumed that they were bringing our dog to us in the exam room. We go out to the receptionist desk to check out and we were asked to give another $71. ARE YOU SERIOUS? We pay the rest of the money and they tell us that our dog will be out soon. We wait a few more minutes and finally she comes out. Her neck is leaking everywhere, which we expected but no one gave us any gauze or anything. The nurse that brought her out handed us the leash and was walking away, I got blood on my hands and my husband had blood all over his hands as well. We asked the nurse if we could have some wipes or paper towels to clean up with and she pointed to the coffee station’s napkins and said
    “you can just use those.” That was extremely unsanitary and rude and the napkins were tiny, we took the entire stack that was there because there was blood all over. Now we understand that pricing is always higher when you have to go to an emergency hospital but at least be polite and personable. We felt as if no one really cared about our dog or us in general. Everyone was all about getting the money and sending us on our way. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. The staff was rude and the doctor seemed very unsure of himself. I really didn’t like that he didn’t even touch or look at my dog until after the quote!

  627. Ben Garden 2016/06

    We had a WONDERFUL experience with the doctors and staff at VESC. Our 7 year old chocolate lab had developed a sudden swelling on the left side of her face. Our regular vet office was concerned it may be a malignant salivary gland tumor with a worst case scenario of a 6 month prognosis. Needless to say, we were DEVASTATED. Fortunately, we were immediately able to make an appointment with Dr. Broaddus who completely put our worries at ease. She was extremely optimistic and gave us informed differentials of what could possibly be going on and the reasons why it was not presenting as a typical cancer. During this consultation appointment, she spent almost an hour with our dog Fisher and I and answered all questions I had while presenting several different treatment options. We were able to have the mass removed only a few days later. The biopsy came back after a week and turned out to be a benign salivary mucocele with a great prognosis.
    My husband, Ben, and I were so impressed throughout the whole process with how diligent Dr. Broaddus and her team was and how communicative she was with us during the two week time frame where we were completely distraught. It was so nice that she took the time to personally call us to update with any lab/CT scan/surgery results and every conversation lasted at least 20 minutes and did not feel rushed at all.
    Reading through previous reviews, I see that financial obligations are a concern. We did not “price shop” for the various procedures so have no point of comparison but feel strongly that we wanted our dog to be in the best hands possible and a decent financial investment is completely worth it for a pet who is a part of the family and like a child to you.
    Would definitely recommend Dr. Broaddus to anyone whose animal may need (Heaven forbid) a surgical procedure in the future! You will not be disappointed!


  628. Alexander Z 2016/05

    Extremely overpriced and pressuring! My lab puppy ate something and was vomiting and having diarrhea. I took her here, and they wanted $2500 to keep her for 24 hours for observation. I told them I couldn’t afford it, and the vet started to guilt me! They ended up charging me $800 for some IVs and medicine, and the puppy ended up fine. Would never ever recommend coming here.

  629. Laura Sheriff 2016/04

    I’m so sad I didn’t read all these comments before I ended up at the VESC. My dog had been really sick.. throwing up several times, not eating, clearly sick. We brought her to the VESC and found out our costs would be almost $1000. My husband and I wanted to make sure that our dog would get the care she needed including an “emergency surgery” that the doctor stated she needed. We were also told that it would be ok to leave her there over night and bring her to our regular doctor the next day. I left my dog there and returned this morning to pick her up. I was instructed to take the dog to our vet but when I picked her up- the receptionist looked at me like i was INSANE for asking how my dog was over night. I just left her at the hospital overnight and I don’t get an update????? They told me I couldn’t talk to the doctor and when they brought out my dog she threw up in the lobby. They gave her to me with an IV in her leg and said to take her to my doctor. (of course they would only tell me this after I paid them and STILL practically had to beg for an update). They said my dog needed surgery but didn’t ensure a plan was in place before they discharged her to me. I started crying in the lobby when I started interacting with the staff and haven’t stopped. It was such a traumatic experience and one I hope no one has to go through. Our dog is now is capable hands but I still have no idea how my poor dog really did over night.. I’m not one to leave public reviews about places but I’m so traumatized that I felt I had to.

  630. Bella Ariel 2016/02


    This review is about how they treat people. I placed an application in with vesc because I knew they were still hiring. I have a friend that literally just got hired. I was told to speak with Andrea, and was persistent in contacting them to follow up on my application. Never having called back after a couple messages over a week, I finally got in contact with her. While she was polite, she LIES and tells me that she is not the right person to be in contact with, that I would need to speak with Linsey, and she would pass along my info. I follow up to try and speak with Linsey, AS I WAS TOLD, and the front desk woman I believe her name was Katie, was VERY RUDE AND CONDESCENDING to me ! She gets on the phone and says “you already spoke to Andrea right?” And I said “yes, she told me that she wasn’t the right person to be in contact with because of the position I applied for, and she gave me Linsey’s name”. Katie ( I believe her name was ) then says, “well you spoke with her and she TOLD you we were not hiring”. Her tone was very STOP CALLING HERE WE ALREADY TOLD YOU WE WERENT HIRING, DONT CALL AGAIN. And literally NOBODYYY ever told me that!! They made me feel like I was just this crazy girl that KNOWS someone told her they weren’t hiring but just kept calling and calling. Like I said NO ONE EVER told me that. What Andrea told her was a LIE. I know what people might think about this review, that I’m just mad because I didn’t get an interview, thats not it at all. I have a thing for rude ppl in the work place. I already have two jobs, but I would have loved to replace my FT job to work there because of my degree, and the work that they do. I was VERY interested in this company when I applied..Now if the front desk woman would have simply said “I’m sorry ma’am we aren’t hiring for that position anymore” then I wouldn’t be writing this. I ONLY wrote this review to say that the way Andrea lied, the way the front desk spoke to me, and the way their management handled my situation was terrible and left a horrible taste in my Mouth. Being new to the area, I expected a little more PROFESSIONALISM from a place like that. They were very RUDE to me and Now I know. Not a place I want to work for, I will not be applying again and I will not be bringing my animals nor recommending.

  631. Will Hamilton 2015/11

    much too expensive

  632. Ernie Brown 2015/07

    I had exactly the opposite experience from the very long review above. These people were so unconcerned about payment and so concerned about my dog. I left there with my dog fixed up and a balance due on the bill. I loved my experience there!

  633. TY NN 2015/06

    I had cause to believe my Jack Russell’s pregnancy was in trouble yesterday afternoon and called the clinic. Over the years, I have been to other similar centers but this one is far and away THE BEST. They were friendly, professional and, though they had opportunity to inflate a bill, did not. She was examined and I was given instructions on what to expect and sent home. We completed my little girl’s paperwork in case things took a wrong turn, THEY DID NOT — she delivered two beautiful, perfect babies. For me, care for my pets has no price tag but they did not exploit that — there was no charge. Thank you for your compassion — I highly recommend.

  634. gramdma florida 2015/06

    This office performed the standard tests on our cat (exam, x-ray, fluids, antibiotics) on a Friday night at 9pm who was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. They charged $570 and after a few days, started getting sick again and had to go to his regular vet.

  635. Benjamin M 2015/05

    Biscuit, our 2 year old Italian Greyhound mix, experienced what appeared to be a seizure yesterday afternoon (first such occurrence). We were in the town of Tappahannock, VA at the time and the local vet was closed – they referred us to VESC by phone.

    We arrived about an hour and a half after the seizure, by that point Biscuit was completely fine and wondering why I was so anxious and upset (he’s still trying to comfort me). I was hoping to find out if it was indeed a seizure and to determine the cause.

    He was taken into the back room immediately upon arrival “for vital signs” and we did not see him until after we paid the bill. Most of the two or so hours we were there, nobody else was present in the waiting room. Yet we were brought into a cramped exam room twice to talk with the vet, neither time was Biscuit present. He has separation anxiety and I could hear him crying in the back room, which further raised my anxiety level. He was totally stable and there was no medical reason to keep him separated from us.

    I suspected that they were intentionally separating pets from their owners because of billing, the numerous negative reviews on here seem to confirm this. My wife and I are unable to have children and I very much view Biscuit as our son (relax, we don’t do play dates or birthday parties, but the bond is very strong), would a child be separated from a parent in a pediatric ER until the bill was paid? Unless the parent was obviously causing harm, of course not!

    Staff was friendly in general but the vet seemed rushed, using lots of medical terminology without really taking time to explain. I felt when I asked questions that I was in some way inconveniencing her but she did answer every question completely to the best of her ability. They did have a critical case arrive while we waited, a 9 year old dog actively seizing for the past 20 minutes, so it is understandable that staff was busy.

    The bill came to $295 for the initial consultation and routine blood work, about $200 more than what our primary vet would charge. But you pay a premium for going to a 24 hour emergency center in a large city.

    Because separating even stable pets from their family seems to be routine at this hospital, I will most likely never return. I hope that they reconsider this policy (assuming it is one), it’s hard on pets and people. Also, because we were separated from Biscuit the entire time, I really cannot speak for their level of compassion and treatment of patients – it felt like I was bringing my car into the shop. I think that it is important to have transparency to build trust with the family and provider and to help each other out during assessment and treatment.

    Overall, our experience was satisfactory.

  636. Sarah Melton 2015/05

    We took our Great Pyrenees in at 3 am Thanksgiving Day. She was experiencing dry heaves, decreased appetite and low energy. At this point she could barely walk. I thought she might expire on the way there. The staff was very caring and professional. As others stated, yes it does take some time to access one’s animal. While the medical staff is doing their job of trying to figure out what is wrong, it is MY job to patiently wait. Was it easy-no. Was I anxious and upset-yes. Yet as an intelligent reasonable adult who is dreading the worst, I understand that in a world of instant gratification and quick fixes, that kind of mentality is not warranted here. The vet explained my options and provided some medications to help stabilize my girl and provide some relief until I could see my own vet. She is old and most likely I will have to make a difficult decision soon. That is my responsibility as a dog owner. Yes it is always expensive to own and care for a pet. This is an emergency facility and they must charge for their services. The fact is a lot of people do not pay bills they get. I have seen that as one who worked in an hospital and a public school. Owning a pet is not an entitlement, it is a privilege and it can be costly.

  637. Stephanie Redman 2015/04

    My husband and I got married just over two years ago. We are newly married and young which means well… We don’t exactly have the most money. He accidentally ran over our basset hound Maggie in the driveway at our house. It was too late to take her anywhere local so we googled to find a 24 hour hospital… We found this one, called, and quickly got her in the car. We arrived around 9 30 and Maggie was taken back very quickly to get examined. This was $95.00. The doctor then told us that further tests would be needed to see the extent of her injuries so he suggested X-rays and tests which were $330.00 and bloodwork which was 225.00. I only agreed to X-rays. So the doctor called us back after he finished with the tests and really couldn’t explain what was wrong. He said he couldn’t tell based on the X-rays and tests if anything was broken, if there was internal bleeding, or if it was just a bunch of fluid built up. So we payed 330.00 for these tests and found out nothing. Anyways, he suggested she stay overnight for monitoring and worked up an estimate for her stay… The estimate was nearly 2 thousand dollars for monitoring and a consult with a surgeon in the morning. This did not include any treatment such as surgery. We could not afford this so they let us leave. It seemed to me like they didn’t want to help us and our baby girl Maggie because we couldn’t afford it. We payed almost $500.00 for absolutely no reason. We left 4 hours later knowing nothing except that see was swollen which was obvious… I will never recommend this place to anyone! I have heard several people say that they will never take their animals here again because of the experience that they had at this office. I was very disgusted with our experience.

  638. Jay Napier 2015/04

    My Golden Retriever swallowed a ball and was misdiagnosed by my Vet (I live in Gloucester County) for 6 months. Finally, she was on death’s door and my Vet took yet another X-ray and found the ball completely blocking the path between her stomach and small intestine. My Vet told me to take her right away to the Veterinary Emer & Specialty Center in Richmond. She was very well cared for and the operation was successful. Now two weeks later, she had her incision staples removed and all her tests came back normal. I thank the caring staff at VESC for everything that they did in caring for my pet. They were super about staying in touch with us throughout the ordeal. Explanations of what was happening and the costs associated with the procedures were given to us all along the way.
    Lucy is shaking her tail now and is back to her old self. I highly recommend these folks.
    – Jay

  639. Ben Ashby 2015/03

    Hands down the best vet I’ve been to. I had an emergency situation and they immediately saw my dog, took great care of him, and were super friendly and accommodating the entire time. The waiting area was clean and comfortable.

  640. Eric Harris 2015/02

    There is always a silver lining in everything so I will begin with the positives. First, there is a young lady who works at the front desk down stairs and was upstairs in the surgery department when we were checking out who is absolutely wonderful! I’m sorry I didn’t get her name but she has tattoos on her arm, thank you. Two Sunday’s prior to bringing our Beagle mix Layla into VESC emergency room we had taken her to another local emergency vet in the city where she was diagnosed with a spider bite on her chest. . After her condition showed very little improvement I decided to return to the emergency vet but decided to go to VESC. The Doctor on duty that night was extremely helpful and explained that our dog’s condition was not what we had been told by the other vet and that Layla would require surgery to remove the mass which could possibly be cancerous. Very, thankful for her really explaining the diagnoses. Layla was left over night, a $301 payment was required for her to stay and I was scheduled to return the next morning at 8:30 am for a consultation with the surgeon. I met with the surgeon and was then given an estimate of the surgery that ranged from $1700-$1800 to remove the mass and this was completely separate from the $571 dollars that I now owed for her overnight stay. Yes, the $301 that I paid at 7 pm the night before now required $271 more dollars. Ok, fine I get it. I’m a business owner who works in the mental health industry so I deal with insurance companies, Medicare and other funding sources that clients have to use in order to pay for services. I also am very aware that there is over head and in the end its a business. However, my issue is more of an ethical dilemma. After seeing my initial reaction the surgeon then said he may be able to get it lower and came back with another estimate for $1000 which cut out some of the things they would provide in the original estimate. After contacting my wife and informing her of the price she immediately began working the phones and found a Vet who did the surgery and sent the mass off for a biopsy for; are you ready for this? $425, $325 for the surgery and $100 for the mass that was removed to be sent of for a biopsy. Yes, the same surgery. They were charging four times what I ended up paying. Wait, four times plus another $200. How in the world do you defend that, how do you justify that ethically? And before you reply saying your an emergency center blah blah…I’ve addressed that and as I was told by the surgeon when I asked about the $571 being included in the estimate for surgery, “the emergency services are separate from the surgery”. Being an emergency service has nothing to do with what I’m talking about right now. Do I think $571 is a bit much? I guess,but as I said I get it, bills have to be paid. My issues came once I was offered the “deal” and then when I was told by the other vet how much the surgery would cost. No, my issue is with you not doubling, not tripling but charging four times plus for the same surgery. Let me offer you some advice. Anytime you drop a price for any service almost %50 percent, an intelligent consumer knows right then they were being over charged and at that point a wall is formed and the distrust factor begins to set in and you lose a customer and an advocate for your company. So in the end I spent $200 for a mis-diagnoses with another vet ER, $571 for a overnight stay with you guys, $425 for her surgery with another vet and a $500 donation to that same Vet because I believe in what they were doing. So, do the math…choosing not to have the surgery there had nothing to do with money but the ethical dilemma I still have when I think about your company. Note: The only reason you have two stars is because of the Doctor I spoke with the first night I brought in Layla (I hope her voice is better) and the wonderful young lady who was very helpful (Tattoo on arms). The stars are for them and the only reason I’m not contacting the BBB. The difference in the prices for the same surgery is almost criminal.

    Eric Harris, QMHP

  641. Alley Borda 2014/07

    This place completely dropped the ball with my beautiful dog, Hallie. The lack of attention to detail, constant dismissal of worsening symptoms, and lack of proper diagnostics performed in a timely fashion lead to her death. I will NEVER return to this horrible place. The VESC killed my dog.

  642. Taylor Hall 2014/06

    Despite walking out of the building minus our dog, we loved everything about this Vet! Our dog was very sick, our normal veterinarian did not ever figure out the problem, when we arrived at this hospital, our beloved Jessie was treated with such great care. Her problem was discovered to be an ear infection gone crazy. So sad to think that our regular vet could have caught it in time. (we have since switched practices!) We ended up putting her down, but the veterinarians at this location helped ease our pain with her passing. GREAT people and a wonderful staff.

  643. Kristine Petersen 2014/03

    When I went to bed and woke up the next morning I found my dog had had several accidents and continued to have them through out the day, they were slightly bloody very watery diarrhea. During the evening I decided that I needed to take my 10 year old dachshund to the vet. Upon entering the first thing they did was take her away in the back to “do vitals”. They couldn’t stick my husband and I with our dog in a room? What kind of practice are you people running?! I was left in that lobby area for over an hour! With no word on how my dog was doing. Both my husband and I went up to the counter several times to ask what was going on and when we would get our dog back and all she could tell us is that this was an emergency clinic and there was one pet in critical condition. Okay that’s fine I understand that but what is the rest of your staff doing? Surely you don’t have every single employee busy on this one patient considering the front counter woman was at the front counter doing who knows what but it wasn’t getting my pet for me like we kept asking! So after waiting forever we were brought into a room to speak to a doctor and they STILL didn’t give me my dog back and when I asked the doctor said in the most extremely condescending voice ever that all I had to do was ask. Well guess what? I had been asking! She then had the nerve to ask me if I would like my pet now, and that their normal policy is to give the pets back when they pay for the services. What the hell kind of policy is that! How dare you assume a.) that I might not pay for the services and b.) that with my dog sick and after waiting over an hour in your waiting area and not knowing ANYTHING about the status of my pet that I still wouldn’t want her back with me. NEVER have I EVER been to a vet where they hold your pet hostage on the assumption that you won’t pay the bill. How do you decide this hmm? Do you look at your clients and think, “They look like lowlifes, I should probably hold the dog until I actually see the payment.” You people should feel disgusted with yourselves. If all you’re doing is vitals and physical assessment then you need to be placing the dog AND the owners in a room LIKE EVERY OTHER VETERINARIAN. Again I ask what kind of practice is this!? If you understand ANYTHING about how people feel about their pets then how can you possibly run your business like this? Not to mention, your doctor spoke to me like a child and would then look at my husband and completely change the way she spoke. I was LIVID and then the doctor had to the nerve to call me out on my behavior? Not okay, you don’t get to talk to me like you are discipling me and then tell me I’m being hostile. And the doctor couldn’t tell me about why she wanted the procedures done, like what they were looking for or why those particular services would be helpful! And when pressed for answers all she could give me were platitudes. I’ll never be going back to this veterinarian ever again. I will not subject my dog to being put in a kennel in a queue waiting until someone decides their “number is up” when my pet could be comfortable with me.
    OH and might I add, your prices are outrageous, and completely unjustified and unreasonable. I had an emergency vet clinic that had walk-ins/appointments for less than half of you are charging, and that came with a two week check-up for free and respect. How do you justify charging customers that much money when other veterinarians don’t? Does it cost more to have an X-ray done at 3am than it at noon?
    Terrible, TERRIBLE, experience. Stay away.

  644. Erin Stimmler 2014/02

    My kitten needed emergency treatment, because she climbed in my dryer without me realizing it. Needless to say, the entire experience was extremely traumatic. This was my first experience as a pet owner, so I was surprised by the cost and at the end of the day, I could not afford to keep my kitten alive. Regardless, I have given the clinic 5 stars. They were extremely kind, comforting and compassionate. They gave me a small paw print with my kitty’s name on it. They sent me a condolence card as well. All of these small gestures helped me with my grieving process and I will never forget how much it meant to me to know my baby Bird was being taken care of by folks that truly wore their hearts on their sleeves. I was surprised to see the staff with tears in their eyes, because I assumed they would be adjusted, so to speak, to such a sad moment, but they weren’t. They were almost as heartbroken as I was.

    Those that balk at the cost are being a little unreasonable (what I really mean is EXTREMELY unreasonable). It is a TWENTY FOUR HOUR clinic. Why are you going there for elective procedures? These Vets are available at all hours of the night and the fact that this service is even available is a blessing. Have any of you checked the cost of what it takes to become a vet? Have any of you been to a hospital and looked at the cost for human treatment? Have any of you heard of humans making mistakes? The clinic doesn’t promise perfection, cheap costs or a permanent fix. They are VERY upfront about the cost and unfortunately, this is the price pet owners must pay for emergency treatment for your animals.

    Unlike hospitals, vet clinics have to charge up front, because most would take the service and leave the bill, leaving the clinic no choice but to increase costs the next year- just look at the cost of healthcare of the last 30 years. Unfortunately pets get sick, they need treatment and it is not free nor cheap. These are factors that a pet owner must consider PRIOR to adopting a pet.

    It makes me sad that everyone is attacking this clinic, as though they’re not here to save your pets life. Regardless of Bird’s outcome. I think a lot of these reviews come from misdirected anger and hurt. I will pray for you all 🙂

    Thank you again, VESC

  645. Barbara Pasnak 2014/01

    absolutely the best emergency vet we have ever visited.

  646. Sarah Smith 2014/01

    TERRIBLE, terrible place! Do not take your animal here unless you have a real emergency and no other choices.
    We took our dog in for an elective, diagnostic care procedure. When we made the appointment and were given an estimate range. Unfortunately, when we called back to confirm, we were told estimate range was incorrect and the actual cost of the procedure was significantly higher. Even worse, at pick up time we were forced to pay for line items that were not on the estimate – the choice was clear, pay the bill or you aren’t getting your dog back! It felt like blackmail! Remember, this was an elective, non-emergency procedure; there should have been no surprises.
    Of course, we called to dispute the charge (even though we were promised that the Client Care Manager would call, she never did) and were told that the items we were billed for were actually their standard practice, but they just forgot to include them on the initial estimate. Therefore, even though they admitted it was their own sloppy mistake, they refused to refund the difference. That is the definition of BAIT AND SWITCH.
    From the attitude of the staff, particularly the ‘Client Care Manager’ Andrea, it was clear they had no intention of charging us any amount other then the most $$ they could possibly get out of us, particularly when they were holding our dog hostage at the end of the procedure day. The business practices at this hospital are absolutely disgraceful.
    Update: Watch out for this place, they even lied in the owner response! I didn’t see any $270 discount on my final bill!

  647. Tonya Holt 2013/08

    Long story short….took my dachshund in last Saturday night and was told he was suffering from pancreatitis (or that is what they assumed). Couldn’t tell me more in detail on what caused it or how it came about. Most of all, stuck with a $1300 bill.

    Fast forward to this weekend, my dog’s condition has worsened. Friend told me to take to Dogtown Emergency. There, within 15 minutes the doctor gave me the real reason why my dog is sick (it was never pancreatitis) and it only cost $90! So, I paid $1300 for misdiagnosis and my dog’s condition is worse. Will never take it to Carytown again!

  648. Seth Hooper 2013/07

    This “veterinarian” does not have your pet’s best interest at heart. The only professional and through actions we witnessed in their treatment of our pet was their ability to calculate the bill. They ordered unnecessary tests that had already been performed by our referring vet and generated a treatment plan without adequately reviewing our pets treatment history. They also sought to undermine our referring vet’s professional credibility.

  649. John Beery 2013/03

    I had seen the fairly low rating of 3.1 before I visited VESC and was somewhat skeptical. However, because my crisis was on a Sunday, I had few options other than to go there. My dog Kelly had reached a point of needing critical attention. I had inquired beforehand of their fees and actually found the basic fees quite reasonable considering this is an emergency, 24 hour/7 day a week facility. Most impressive however was the attending DVM – a Dr. Lauren Conners. She spent about a half hour examing Kelly and then a long time talking with me about Kelly’s work-up history from my local vet. Of course she really needed to have hands-on look at the xrays and blood work, etc., etc. – all of which was impossible due to it being a Sunday. Without having all of that, she gave me her opinion that we were probably dealing with advanced cancer in both the chest and abdomin. To confirm this, Kelly was going to have to undergo some very expensive ultrasound tests and biopsies. Dr. Conners gave me some rough estimates of what their specialists would be charging — and these were almost exactly the same as I knew what other veternary specialists in the area would be charging. I made the decision to have Kelly put to sleep instead of prolonging the inevitable. While it is the most heartbreaking thing a person can do, I am glad that I did this now instead of putting her through agony. Their compassion and handling of this ordeal for both Kelly and me was remarkable — and I think everyone should know this.

  650. Betty Sharp 2012/07

    I brought my dog, Chrissy, in yesterday (Sunday) for what turned out to be basically a broken ankle, an evulsion or something. I have my primary vet researching her recovery at this point, possibly a surgery for her ligament repair. I want to thank your team and staff and Dr Kraus for the care they gave Chrissy. It is a very nice facility and seemed to be managed well.

  651. Peter Bailey 2012/06

    Dr. Kraus and team are by far the most compassionate group of vets I’ve ever encountered. Thank you for everything!

  652. Enny Howard 2012/05

    It is a very nice facility and seemed to be managed well. I brought my dog, Chrissy, in yesterday (Sunday) for what turned out to be basically a broken ankle, an evulsion or something. I have my primary vet researching her recovery at this point, possibly a surgery for her ligament repair. I want to thank your team and staff and Dr Kraus for the care they gave Chrissy.

  653. James Southworth 2012/05

    Expensive but great service when needed.

  654. Kaylee Ledec 2012/02

    Thank you so much Dr. Fulmer and Dr. Broaddus for so everything you did for our Penny. Your love and compassion for Penny meant so very much to us.

  655. Eunice Fleming 2012/01

    Best Vet I’ve ever been to. I am so happy that we are able to come to such an amazing clinic.

  656. Irma Jackson 2012/01

    I could not be more pleased or impressed by the care given Rupert, my dog. you saved his life that night. I’ve given your praise and entered you location in all of my neighbor’s GPS’s . Thank you.

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