VCA Pets First Animal Hospital

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VCA Pets First Animal Hospital
4.2 based on 90 reviews
  1. David Keim 2023/10

    Super friendly and efficient

  2. Justin M 2023/09

    This place is shady af. Wife made an appointment for nails and they notified her we needed rabies. Cool, we’ll get it done. Two weeks out on appointment, no problem. They told her also she had to drop off.

    What they didnt tell her is to drop off we needed 4 other shots, a parasite test. Ofcourse we couldn’t make a normal appointment, they couldnt bleed more money. I took her to drop off and that’s when they dumped it on me. I waited 2 weeks so we could get rabies and naila, but now to do those i had no choice or option i had to do the others or leave. At this point I’m running late for work so had no choice which I’d imagine is the hope. This place has no integrity and my dogs will never go here again. They also bring out a “quote” of what they recommend with what has to be done in green. This is a sales tactic, no respectable vet would do this. Locke Taylor right down the road is where I’ll be going and I’ve never heard anyone sing anything but praise. Do yourself a favor and avoid VCA at all cost!!!

  3. nadia ovalles 2023/08

    They are always amazing, the front desk girl are amazing, and always super kind, my dogs love the extra attention. And they make sure he know.

  4. Kellie Pritchett 2023/08

    Was super nice when I had a really stressful morning and all of the staff was caring and took good care of my Munchkin

  5. Reuben Spencer 2023/07

    The employees are great! Very professional and compassionate. The issue I have with them are they are rather expensive when it comes to doing basic pet procedures. If it wasn’t for the The insurance the offer I might have found someone else for my pet. And don’t talk about surgical procedures,I don’t mean to be harsh but there prices are utterly outrageous.

  6. Alissa Dees 2023/06

    The reception seems to be in a bad mood every time I go there. I really hope her life gets better so she’ll find her smile again 😊 …

  7. Brian Boyd 2023/06

    I am very disappointed with VCA! My 66yr old mother took my dog to them for an ear infection and rabies shot because I had to work. $700 bill!! I even told them on the phone just ear infection and rabies please. They took advantage of my mom telling her she needed to get him the flu shot ($82) bordetella shot ($53) which is for kennel cough…he is an inside bull dog never been to a kennel. Lyme disease shot we live no where near the woods and have never seen a tick on him! A CADI injection ($150) for itching..he has no issue’s itching! He has an ear infection!

  8. Kendra Anderson 2023/05

    Staff is very friendly and helpful!

  9. Jule Alston 2023/03

    This place is so good to your pets! My pup likes going just hates car rides. Everyone is super nice, helpful and informative! Their groomer is amazing as well

  10. Dianna Lee 2023/03

    You can’t give ANY price quotes over the phone?. A feline full panel bloodwork price,….I wasn’t asking for it to be etched in stone, I just wanted a general idea. I was told I had to pay for the office visit ($80.+) and AT THAT TIME, prices could be given. Hmmmmmm……I told her,…” oh, ok then… just lost my business”. She didn’t even seem to care. I gave 1 * too many.

  11. Maggie Desmond 2023/03

    Good vet. We were happy with them. They spoke quietly and did not make the pets nervous.

  12. nicholas heard 2023/02

    Awesome service and staff

  13. Katrina Godsey 2023/01

    As a new client, they were able to see my cat the next day after I called. Everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful, and informative and I felt confident in leaving my cat for a few hours so they could collect a urine sample. I was also pleasantly surprised when my bill was not as high as I was expecting and well within the range they quoted me. Overall, incredibly happy to have found a vets office that is so compassionate, has a decent amount of parking, and reasonable prices.

  14. Amanda Cook 2023/01

    These are the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life! The care they have taken for not only my senior cat and kitten but for us is soooo incredible. They always reassure us whenever we are going through anything health wise. Their compassion and knowledge is unbeatable. They have guided us and taken care of us for 6 years now and even though we’ve moved and it’s a hike we still come here. They are always trying to do what’s best for the cats but keep our budgets in mind. We always pay for the insurance so that all of our visits are covered and affordable. Highly recommend signing up for the pet care club!!!!! We love you guyssss!!! Thank you!!!!!


  15. Tiana Sauer 2023/01

    Best staff ever!

  16. lisa rexrode 2022/11

    I have always gotten professionalism from here
    The staff are very friendly and pet friendly and personable.

  17. Mike Maroney 2022/11

    Awesome groomer. EDITED REVIEW
    The groomer that this review was based on is no longer there as of the middle of February. Don’t know anything about current staff.

  18. Matthew Owens-Sturgill 2022/09

    The vet and techs that work here are friendly and professional and fantastic with my dogs.

  19. Art Thomas 2022/09

    Money hungry. Very frustrating experience from VCA

  20. Deysi Lara 2022/09

    Hoy fue la esterilacion de mi beybi luna espero sea de lo mejorv

  21. hazem elashaal 2022/07

    I took my cat in for his first vet visit (as well as my own) since he has been in my care, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The technicians were all great and showed interest and care with the animals they handled, and Dr. Andersen was thorough and easy to understand in her explanations and answered all my questions. The lobby is very welcoming and there are many details around like how the doorplates are in the shape of dogs that really show that the staff really care to be there.

  22. shamela Bay 2022/06

    My cat had a terrible health issue, mostly said he had FIP, and my family believe in God and prays, so first God, then these people. They Work hard and care for my cat (Pashy) twice a week. Now he served and still living a healthy life (pashy). He made three new friends, same as his colour 😆.

    The stuff that works here. They are so good, especially Ms Ashly at the front desk. I highly recommend this place. It’s the right choice for animals


  23. Rosco 2022/04

    My dog Shelby loves going here. Even though I live far out in Goochland once you find a good vet you stay with them for life. Highly recommend them.

  24. yasmeen hassan 2022/03

    The staff is very concerned and helpful during the visits

  25. Red Gable 2022/02

    Quick and easy …just wish Arlo was calm enough to get his weight checked and an exam done… Crazy dog

  26. Alisha 2022/01

    Dr Anderson is phenomenal. She wasn’t able to reach me via phone & left a very detailed message & followed up again. She explains everything thoroughly & with great care to make sure you understand the medical jargon. I’ve been to other vets that felt rushed & pushed out the door- not at VCA. They are wonderful from start to finish. The staff is very pleasant too! Highly recommend.

  27. Mariah Martin 2021/11

    everyone is super nice!

  28. William Towler 2021/10

    Very COVID safe. Thx

  29. Chip Anderson 2021/09

    They have taken care of 3 generations of our Animals and they are the best!

  30. Esmeralda Piza 2021/09

    Great and caring veterinarians. The staff always go the extra mile to make my two dogs comfortable when we visit for checkups.

  31. Lauren Elliott 2021/07

    They were so wonderful with my pitbull. Very friendly service. Explained things very well.

  32. Lois George 2021/05

    I was very pleased with the VCA pet hospital on Staples Mill Rd. I had to take my new puppy in after a reaction to her vaccines. They were very helpful and even called the next day to check on her.

  33. Tara Peterson 2021/05

    I have a pitbull with severe allergies. I’m accustomed to dealing with them and all that comes along with it. I recently took my baby to this office to renew an allergy medication. After being told it would be recommended to get bloodwork done on her at some point (with no explanation as to why) I declined, the vet was very vague and made me feel it wasn’t necessary or time sensitive. The same vet then let me know that her medication had been refilled for a year. Two months later I try to order her medication only to be told the vet denied it. After calling I find out that the same vet who was negligent in telling me more about the importance of the recommended bloodwork, also won’t renew her medication because of it. I was told by the hospital manager that it was necessary to check because it could affect her liver or kidneys. Had I known that was an issue to getting her allergy medication renewed, the bloodwork would’ve been done that day. Not to mention I was assured her medication had in fact been refilled for a years time. The hospital manager refused to believe the conversation I had with the vet based on what was left in the notes. So after calling my previous veterinarian, and the veterinarian I will be taking her to from here on out, I was informed that said medication had no known side effects on the kidneys or liver. The only known side effect was that she could be at higher risk for a bladder infection. So not only did this hospital try to run unnecessary tests on my dog after not explaining why, they also refused to renew her medication that she needs daily. If you want an office that will care about your animal and you, I would recommend going absolutely anywhere else.

  34. Sallie Noe 2021/03

    Pricey, but a good vet.

  35. Angie Derricott 2021/02

    For a decal drop off I received a call the say before I told them I would drop the sample off the next day the person on the phone said ok. When I came the office was closed I called several times and the recoding said they were in training until a certain time. When I called at that time they were still closed with the same recording. The yesterday 2/12 I received a call to confirm my appt today I confirmed and was told if they would not open due to weather I would receive a phone call. I got here they are closed ans I received no call. Also 2 other customers pulled up while o was here. I talked to one of them he said his appt was yesterday and Blair to weather they rescheduled for today and no one called him to say they were not opening either. If we can drive in the weather to get our pets here we at least deserve the courtesy of a phone call this is unacceptable service

  36. Cordobesa Services llc 2020/10

    This place has the best staff . Selena is extremely nice and has always been gentle with our pets . My dog loves her ever since she was 2 days old . You can always trust and believe on Selena .

    From ~ angeles & itzel .

  37. Shawn Lindsey 2020/09

    The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

  38. Sarah Powell 2020/08

    Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly!! Made our daughter’s guinea pigs feel very safe and happy!!

  39. Cynthia Derricott 2020/08

    Love the staff. They were all very friendly and knowledgeable.


  40. Tamara Harrison 2020/07

    Very friendly staff

  41. Courtney Holmes 2020/06

    They were extremely sweet and knowledgeable about the deworming process which completely eased all my concerns since my puppy is so young. They even texted me the next day to check on her and asked if I need anything else. I can’t recommend them enough, especially since I need a vet last minute and they were able to work me in same day.

  42. Erin Killough 2020/06

    Always quick and very caring. Love this place.

  43. Larry Peteet 2020/04

    Great Local Vet but available all over US


  44. rick smith 2020/03

    Great servic3

  45. Regina Owens 2020/03

    Very professional and excellent customer service.


  46. Ralph Daniel 2020/03

    Today was my first visit and Dr. Anderson and her staff were amazing. They made my fur baby and me very comfortable and were extremely welcoming. The pricing is also very good compared to other practices I have been to in the past. Thank you VCA!!

  47. Nona Dooley 2020/02

    Took Poppy there for check up. Personnel very nice and compassionate.


  48. Shaun Matchinis 2020/02

    I have been taking my cat to this location for a little over 6 months. I would give them 5 stars except for the fact that yesterday when I called all I wanted to do was talk to the Dr. and the gal I spoke to (I believe her name was Jenn) was not only not helpful but pretty rude. Based on the conversation I can tell she didn’t look at the history for my cat. She assumed that I was asking her for medical advice when I was trying to explain why I wanted to speak to the Dr. BEFORE I made an appt. I wanted the Dr.’s advice NOT hers. I did not feel like she had any concern for my pet nor did she posses any type of customer service skills. I will continue to have the Dr.’s and staff take care of my old guy, but if she answers the phone again, I am going to ask to speak to someone else. Things are hard enough for all of us, having a sick pet doesn’t help and then to be treated poorly is just kind of the end of line for me. Maybe she should work for the DMV her skills would fit better there.. Rude and uncaring.

  49. Marshal Turner 2020/02

    Take great care of my puppy. Super friendly service. They have a puppy plan option that is great to get everything you need with shots, microchips, spays, appointments, etc.

  50. TanzieeB 2020/02

    VCA is great! My pup has been obsessively scratching herself and they took awesome care of her here. She gets really anxious in vets offices but they kept her as comfortable as possible. Prices were reasonable as well. We had been going to Banfield for awhile and getting nowhere with vets who didn’t listen or properly examine my pup. I feel that we finally have a game plan on how to tackle my girls allergies and this was from THE FIRST APPOINTMENT. If things keep up with them here, they’ll have a long term patient on their hands!

  51. Antonette Ganues 2019/11

    Dr Anderson is great with you and your pet.

  52. Kay Hal 2019/09

    More expensive than the vet I use to visit. If I would’ve known their prices before taking my pet there, I would have gone elsewhere. That’s why I gave them 4 stars. But good service and rarely crowded. Most of the time, I’m the only one waiting. Fridays and Saturdays are probably more crowded.

  53. Jay Fox 2019/09

    An amazing facility who were thorough and very patient with our big rowdy dog aggressive dog. You could find a cheaper vet but you will not find a better one.

    The staff is phenomenal!

  54. Christian Bolvito 2019/08

    I’ve been taking my first dog here for over a year, and now I take my new puppy here too! We love the staff and Dr.Mays!


  55. Keith Kellam 2019/07

    Still going strong after several name changes and changes in ownership. This is a good choice for a vet if you live in the area or you have more exotic pets that are regular vet will not treat.

  56. christy giles 2019/07

    Nice place but only fish.

  57. Jim Johnson 2019/07

    Dr Mayes is an excellent veterinarian. She even cares for reptiles

  58. Alexis Stepney-Sciascia 2019/07

    Staff is very friendly, however I was supposed to have my second exam/checkup for free and was charged – They stated that they could not refund me but I could come back in for a free visit.

  59. Julie Anderson 2019/06

    We have been clients for over 20 years and they are wonderful with our pets. Their groomer, Wendi, is awesome and I know my dogs are in caring hands with her. The doctors have supported us in our treatment decisions on a dog with cancer and have mourned with us when we have had to put down a dog. Front desk staff is wonderful, friendly and compassionate.

  60. A 2019/05

    Not a great experience. This place is very pricey, and the Vet could not give me any clear cut advice on what she thought my cat actually needed. She just gave me a list of 30 different things they could do, but never said what she thinks he needs right now. I was looking for actual advice on what he really needs right now. I don’t think this vet actually cares about what’s best for the animal. They only offer many services that they can make money on, in my experience. It’s not right to give someone a list of things that can be done, but yet not give any advice at all. Everything was entirely left up to me, as if I am the doctor.

  61. Melinda Renner 2019/05

    This is a WONDERFUL veterinary office. My dog has gotten outstanding care. Dr Anderson is who we see and she loves animals, she’s very compassionate and no one here is trying to pad the bill. The staff is warm and friendly and you can truly trust these people.

  62. Cindy Cates 2019/04

    They are so caring & gentle with pets & thorough! Love the group here!

  63. Sherry Garrett 2019/04

    Great service and caring

  64. Alex McLaughlin 2019/04

    Always have our prescription dog food in stock and for as much as we speed on it, they always try to help out with a coupon even when I forget mine! Super friendly and helpful staff as well.

  65. Julienne Perez 2019/03

    Great vets, they really care for my dog

  66. Austin Rios 2019/02

    These people are amazing they really care about you and your pet they understand it’s a real family connection. My kitten got sick while I was low on funds and they were amazing in helping me afford it and making sure I knew all my available options. The prices are the same cost for every vet I’ve been to and I’ve had animals my whole life. They are some of the most caring people I’ve met in my life and I will be recommending them to anyone and everyone.

  67. Smitty Smith 2019/01

    Love the atmosphere

  68. Melissa Weston 2019/01

    Don’t care about the animals

  69. Kristen Aldrich 2018/10

    I brought my cat, Caroline, in to meet Dr. Mays today. They were able to accommodate my schedule and see her today rather than next week. The front desk staff were friendly and took a picture of Caroline for her records. Dr. Mays was very knowledgeable and gave me some reading material about dental care to take home. My nurse, Annilee, took very good care of Caroline for her blood work and scheduled a dental cleaning for her next week. I look forward to working with this practice!

  70. Glenna Matthews 2018/10

    Friendly and caring awesome customer service and very accommodating of the needs of my pet

  71. Steven Faircloth 2018/08

    Good people

  72. Kiara Draper 2018/08

    I have spent tons of money at VCA. My dog has a skin issue and for years the vet kept telling me it was the food she was eating and that I needed to buy $100 food from them. Never once did she mention for me to take her to a animal dermatologist. I didn’t even know that was such a thing until I was on Google one day. After taking her to the dermatologist turns out it was not the food at all. I then had to go back to VCA after the dermatologist appointment to get medicine for my dog. Two weeks have gone by, I called last Saturday to see if the medicine was in, because I didn’t not get a call saying the medicine had come in even though I was told they would give me a call, ironically the medicine had come in but they closed early last Saturday so they would fill it Monday and call me when it was ready. Today is Thursday and I had to call to see if they prescription was ready because once again they didn’t call me. The receptionist says, o yea it’s here ready however when I tried to give her my complaint she cut me off as to say she didn’t want to hear it. I am changes vets, all this place wants is money. DONT BRING YOUR PET HERE!

  73. Iamw Etoddid 2018/06

    OMG!!! Best Vet in RVA hands down!!! Wendi, Sherry, and Wendy are the most friendly, positive, professional, and personable staff I have ever come across in my journey of searching for the best vet for my dogs. Doctor Mays is AMAZING!! She takes the time to explain what’s going on with your pet and the best course of action. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO FABULOUS!! Fred and Alex thanks y’all too! 🙂

  74. Dean Stokes 2018/06

    They were very kind and sweet to my dog on his first visit, and the care club is an amazing deal! We now use them exclusively!

  75. Brianna Baldwin 2018/04

    Being a first time dog owner, I had to find a vet that was close by and cost effective. After my research, I chose VCA Pets First Animal Hospital and started taking my puppy here when she was 11 weeks old. From the first day my puppy and I have walked through the doors, I’ve felt welcomed. And more importantly, my puppy willingly walks through the doors -even after her spay surgery- so that tells me she is comfortable coming here.
    At every vet appointment, Dr. Mays & Kristen have been amazing from interacting with my puppy making sure she’s calm to explaining the options available for vaccinations, spay, etc. They also provide resources to help me make an informed choice on what’s best for my puppy and don’t require me to make an immediate decision.
    I also appreciate how Wendy and Sherri are always friendly, greet me and my furbaby by name and help answer all of my first timer questions. If they aren’t sure of the answer, they will pass my questions along to Dr. Mayes for her to answer.
    My puppy is now 8 months old and the staff are always quick to ask how she is doing every time I call the office as well as shower my dog with love and affection if we stop by just to pick up a prescription.

  76. Christina White 2018/03

    Amazing as always. Called as soon as they opened to see if they could get my cat in today and they said to head right over. Got there and was seen right away. They gave me treatment options and price estimates before starting any work on him. Always the best care!

  77. Larry Anderson 2018/03

    They are very good to our 5 dogs.

  78. Sherri Kolivoski 2018/03

    I got appointment for the same day. Super friendly staff. Gave time to get to know me and my pup. Provided information and prices were very reasonable. First visit was free!!!
    Next time I am in town I am stopping to visit these wonderful ladies. BVE Best vet ever!!!

  79. Robin Frost 2018/02

    Love both Dr. Mays and all of the support staff. Everyone is always very helpful and responsive to my pets’ needs (and mine). Everyone is great about answering any questions you may have, or finding someone else that can if they can’t; response times are quick and wait times are short. I highly recommend this practice.

  80. Robb Boyd 2017/05

    I came in on Saturday and they squeezed in my dog who hurt his foot. They were the kindest and loving towards my dog. There was a great positive energy from the staff and patience (owners and pets) can’t thank them enough!

  81. Bryan Wilson 2017/02

    Horrible customer service when they made a mistake they only apologized and did not try to make the situation right. I will never bring my animals to this VCA I had issues with it in the past when bringing my animals to them and I am saddened to see they haven’t changed.

  82. Brandon James 2017/02

    All the staff are great and their groomer is the best.

  83. Sandy Bumbrey 2017/02

    I have spent a lot of money with this place and I would have given it a higher mark had it not been for an incident that has haunted me for weeks.
    My beautiful Cane Corso was neutered there and after 2weeks of healing he had to go back to have his stitches checked. I wanted to speak to the Vet about a couple of issues. A smart mouthed Tech came out and took my dogs leash to take him to the back where they could check out his sutures. My puppy immediately picked up her negative energe and resisted going. SHE literally tried dragging my dog to the back, yanking on his leash. I had to step in and tell her NOT to do that and then encouraged my dog to go with her. When she returned with my dog I asked to speak with the Vet and I was told very abruptly NO.. Not unless I pay $50.00 which is the fee for speaking to the Vet.
    I had just nearly 2000. with this place and a Vet was too darn lazy to just come out and answer a couple of questions.
    WELL, you won’t have to worry about having to offer GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE a minute longer with me, my friends, my Co Workers or any potential clients, I won’t return or ever recommend VCA pets first

  84. Marcelle Fowler 2016/06

    Very attentive staff that gets to know you and your pet (mine won Pet of the Month once!). The doctors take time to talk through your concerns, which means a lot for me as a new pet parent. Saturday hours are an added plus. Being part of the VCA network also provides access to various wellness plans as well. I started out at another vet office where they rushed me through my visits and didn’t seem to take the time to get to know me or my precious girl. Glad I switched.

  85. Erin Bowman 2015/09

    My dog, Daisy, was a first time patient and had never been to a vet before. They took great care of her and even had to remove some of her teeth because she was previously an outside dog. The vet and the nurses all explained everything that Daisy needed to have done and even when her dental care was an expense I didn’t expect, the arranged for me to make payments. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

  86. Heather Jay 2015/07

    Definitely my favorite vet hospital of all time. I was not partial to the high prices a few years ago and had a few issues with having services done before quoting me an estimate, but in the last year or so, they’ve had an amazing transformation.

    Dr. Mays and Dr. Johnson are phenomenal and their assistants are just as amazing. They are a sweet, caring, and concerned people who easily make my boys feel calm and loved. The front staff are wonderful, personable, and remember their clients. I feel like they put my comfort first for my pets and they know exactly how to address different patient situations, and make compassion their number one rule.

    Their financing options are helpful, their Care Club is the greatest, and I never feel pressured or lost if something is out of my range. They also quote every single service before doing them and make sure you are 100% comfortable with what they are going to do. Sure, they may cost a little more, but I would go nowhere else. I know I get top care here.

  87. Mzdiva To U 2015/06

    We been going here over 8 years. They always follow up after procedure. We even go there for groomings

  88. Judith Rosner 2015/01

    Dr. Mays has treated both of my cats. She explains everything very clearly and is so patient with my very anxious precious pets. The staff is very welcoming. I’m very happy with Pets First.

  89. Tammy M 2014/02

    All this place cares about is money. I’ve dealt with four different vets in three visits, two of which were for the same issue. They do not communicate with each other, they each tell you one thing, so that the next can lecture you for doing what the previous vet instructed you to do. Everything is about money. They tell you to purchase their “bundle” of tests which include things you don’t need and if you can’t afford the bundle they will charge you 2/3 the price of the bundle for 1/4 of the tests of the bundle. How is that even remotely fair? If I wanted verizon sale pitches, I would’ve taken my dog there. One vet gave me a price for follow up blood work, once I got there it was $50 more with the explanation that the previous vet made a mistake. They do everything they can to make you feel like you are a horrible person if you don’t get everything done they suggest, whether you actually need it or not. They are nothing but smiling vultures circling your wallet. Don’t go there, find a vet that cares about your pet, not your wallet.

  90. Ruben grant III 2014/01

    My cat was good to go as soon as we got back home. She was well taken care of. The vet treated her well.

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