Varina Veterinary Clinic

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Varina Veterinary Clinic
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  1. Roy Edwards 2023/11

    Good people good with my dog
    It’s all good 👍 …

  2. Maureen M 2023/11

    Dr Dettrick was amazing . Sad to see him retire

  3. sandra moran 2023/11

    The office staff is professional, friendly and work to get Ginger in asap even though it wasn’t an emergancy situation. The Assistant was also top notch. We have been to Varina twice and met with Dr. Hogge each time . He takes time to find out what approach I am comfortable both financially and as a pet owner offering information and choices for old kitty care. He is straight forward with a true compassion for his clients. Bravo
    Varina !! Excellent

  4. Kat Baggett (twisteddkitten) 2023/11

    Overall Review:
    It was an excellent experience with my *extremely* skittish and touchy cat. I’m amazed at my cat’s tolerance of this man/ his team. I will continue to bring my cats here.

    More Details:
    I’ve brought my cat here several times.
    They are wonderfully accommodating with times and scheduling; this is helpful for me because I have a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts my sense of/ ability to manage time.
    They are fantastic about getting you in and have a lot of times and dates available for appointments. It’s easy to get a specific day or time of day when scheduling.
    They are very friendly, helpful, and understanding. I don’t like to leave my cat, and they always allow me to accompany him whenever possible. The techs and the people up front are awesome.
    They are great with skittish pets and have experience in dealing with them. Of course, gabapentin helps, but the vet is very deliberate with what he’s doing; he speaks softly and moves fluidly and not too fast.
    They don’t charge you for things you don’t need to be done, and are transparent with prices. Every time I’ve been, when I inquire about things, they always make sure I understand the prices or if it’s necessary. For example, I came in already agreeing to an x-ray and sedation, but after the initial exam, he told me it wasn’t necessary. You can tell they aren’t just trying to charge you for any and everything. They try to steer you toward things you need and away from the things you don’t [and you’d think that’s how all vets are, but it’s not— I have been to a vets office that will run with everything you bring up, happy to charge you for it].
    Oh, also, it is a beautiful veterinary clinic. The building, front office, and waiting room area are lovely, and I thought their Halloween decorations were enjoyable and fun but tasteful. The exam rooms and bathrooms are very clean.


  5. Abby Schoenfeld 2023/10

    Excellent staff and doctors. I’ve only had great experiences over the years.

  6. Emily Reed 2023/10

    I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. Everybody that I’ve interacted with has been extremely kind and compassionate – the vet techs, those who work front desk, the doctors – everyone clearly genuinely cares. They are honest, transparent, and empathetic and I’ve sadly learned that not all vets in the area are! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality care for their pets.

  7. Jodie Munn 2023/10

    Just switched over to Varina Veterinary and I have been very impressed. Very caring staff !

  8. Jeremy Bailey 2023/10

    Polite and patient staff. Realistic and empathetic towards pet care. Not expensive and easy to contact them and setup appointments at short notice.

  9. Lynn Barbini 2023/10

    Very caring team of professionals. Love them!

  10. Ms. Copeland 2023/10

    Always an wonderful experience. Everyone is so nice and professional. I love bringing my fur babies here.

  11. Sodenise Flowers 2023/10

    Great Veterinary Clinic for my fur baby. All of the staff is super helpful and friendly. Very reasonable rates as well

  12. Jennifer Edgerton 2023/10

    My 14yr old pekingese Sasha was not feeling well. Apparently she has very sensitive skin and is allergic to trees, grass, weeds and flea collars. Varina Veterinary clinic staff were friendly and took such good care of Sasha. The Veterinarian Dr. Dietrick was comforting to Sasha and explained everything to me in detail. I am thankful to all the staff for a great vet experience.

  13. Wanda Powell 2023/10

    Friendly caring staff and doctors

  14. Brendan Hogan 2023/10

    Awesome staff and Veterinarians! Was able to get a quick appointment for my ill cat and Rocky is doing much better! Thank you!

  15. Michaela M. 2023/10

    You can tell this place is run by animal lovers! Our dog Termite always has a quick and easy time at her yearly checkups and she loves all the staff. Wonderful down to earth place.

  16. Joseph Tuckwiller 2023/10

    Professional, knowledgeable, caring and timely. GREAT STAFF, knowledgeable caring and kind.

  17. Zonita James 2023/10

    So I took my dog to a new vet this morning, and if you know Raymond that’s a story within itself…🤣 However this long post is not about him. I saw a man walking down the road on my my way, gave him the side eye, and thought what I thought, then proceeded to the vet. While they had Ray, I went down the road to 711, and when I returned, the man was in the parking lot. He approached me and explained that he was lost, was from Raleigh and had been walking all night. He had on pj’s and slippers. He asked to use my phone, so I took him inside the vet and allowed him to. Meanwhile, I explained to the vet and his staff what was happening. I expected them to freak and maybe call the police. They did not. They offered him a drink and IMMEDIATELY came to his aid. I dont know how his story ended, because I had to leave, but the last thing I heard was an offer to take him to Greyhound. Top notch people.And the vet and team were outstanding with Ray! Highly reccommended.

  18. Nina Valverde 2023/10

    Love Dr. Hoggs very personable and thoughtful. Listens to all my rants about my crazy animals. If he’s not sure of something he definitely follows through on trying to help out. Love varina vet office staff as well!

  19. Jessica Martinson 2023/10

    Always friendly here. My 4.5 yr old Australian Shepard gets excited to be here when we pull up. We’ve only ever needed pretty routine stuff so far.

  20. P Clarke 2023/10

    Professional, welcoming. Appreciate Dr Hogge’s expertise and patience answering the many questions with our first dog.

  21. Susan Prosser 2023/09

    Such a friendly and professional place, I know my pet will always get the best of care whether it be medical or grooming. I highly recommend this establishment if you are looking for a vet and/or a groomer.

  22. cynthia mickle 2023/09

    I had a very good experience at Varina Veterinary. Dr. Phil took his time and explained everything to us without rushing. He examined my dog and kept asking us if we had any questions. I felt valued and respected as a customer. I will continue to use Varina Veterinary for all of my “pet” needs!

  23. Jones Tyler 2023/09

    Very practical advice. I arrived for my appointment on time and was promptly directed to one of the patient rooms. Doc came soon thereafter and did check up. Very professional and client friendly

  24. Linda Krienen 2023/09

    Thanks for the great care and service by all at Varina Veterinary Clinic! With the holiday weekend approaching, I was concerned an infection might develop in Dakota’s eye. Thank you for your drop off/work in. I appreciate you all, especially Dr. Dietrick.


  25. stephanie collins 2023/09

    Always love this place! Very friendly and caring! Love you guys!

  26. Rebecca McNerney 2023/09

    Vets made time for me when I had a concern about my pet’s health and provided a wellness plan to keep kitty healthy. I appreciate the care.


  27. Casey Bookhamer 2023/08

    Best vet I’ve been to and I love how close it is to the city. Staff is very friendly and they took great care of my cat

  28. Althea Bollinger 2023/08

    As always Varina Vet is the best of the Veterinary vets always.

  29. Crystal James 2023/08

    Amazing staff from the front desk associates to the Drs in the practice. I wouldn’t trust my fur babies with anyone else.

  30. Eva 2023/08

    This sweet old man came in Friday morning unsteady and was having trouble walking. I was worried it was time I had to make the hard decision to let him go. Dr. Dietrick comes in and looks over TinMan and “says not today”. Boy what a relief!! Dr. Dietrick ran some blood work and gave us some medicine to help with his arthritis and this old man feels a lot better. The staff and Doctors at Varina Veterinary Clinic are the Best around hands down!


  31. Valera Brown 2023/08

    My 7 month old pitbull experienced a seizure Thursday night. first thing Friday morning I called Varina Vet and with no hesitation they got me in. I was able to see Dr. Hogg, whom I just love he doesn’t hit you with ridiculous tests and fees. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, the staff everyone loves. I’m so glad I made the switch a few years back. Best decision I made for my fur babies. And Miss Coco is doing great!!!

  32. Susan DeMarco 2023/08

    I really like this practice. They have seen my cats and have been super friendly and helpful each time. And my cats like them too!

  33. Jane80 Stevens 2023/08

    Dr Hogge is an amazing vet, he listens to all your questions and then gives very knowledgeable answers!! Couldn’t ask for better care for our furry family members 🙂🐾🙂 Dr Phil was also so great with our mini schnauzer through her challenging times fighting diabetes, Meredith and staff are wonderful!! You can’t go wrong with this vet office!!


  34. Stephen Blount 2023/08

    Great service an care for animals

  35. Kim Kidd 2023/08

    The vets and all staff are very friendly, helpful and can manage to deal with my crazy reactive dog! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  36. Suzanne Landers 2023/08

    The front desk greeters are wonderful people kind and caring the doctors of wonderful kind and caring I took in a mama that was pregnant I trapped her and she had 4 babies they’re all doing well and Dr phil He is one of the most kindest and caring person I have ever met so glad I went there I do believe I found me knew Vet. I think the service is wonderful he’s wonderful and caring and that’s what I look for in a Vet I met him he’s awesome person I recommend this veterinary clinic and the wonderful vets Awesome place awesome people awesome VETS..

  37. cmccloud38 2023/07

    I didn’t know what to expect when we had our first visit but what a great experience for my new puppy! The staff was very welcoming and warm. Phil Olenic D.V.M was patient and answered all my questions with a smile and trust me I had a ton of questions. This was a great choice for my doodle, Lady Daphne! Thanks Varina Veterinary Clinic!

  38. Danielle Cooper 2023/07

    Had a very great and professional experience

  39. Amy Christopher 2023/07

    Have used them for my dogs for almost 13 years. Love them!

  40. Lovinia Thompson 2023/07

    Varina vet was a welcome change from the last vet I was taking my fluff ball. Our first visit everyone was friendly and welcoming. Even though my shih tzu was not the same. 😊 Following the exam Dr. Hogg stayed and answered all my questions he didn’t rush me out. He even filled me in that the last vet did unnecessary bloodwork. They were totally understanding when I had to change my appointment at the last minute. Varina vet is out of my way but it worth it.

  41. Kim Baldwin 2023/07

    Very kind and professional staff. Wonderful experience.

  42. Stacy Marie Mars-Tyler 2023/07

    Varina Vet is a great place to take your fur baby! They are kind, patient and caring. I recommend them, often!

  43. Clifton Hardison 2023/07

    best of the best
    And again here in 2023
    The best !

  44. Matt Loving 2023/07

    Very friendly staff. They worked me in when my cat needed to be seen and couldn’t have been more accommodating. Prices were reasonable and its nice that they accept care credit as payment

  45. Beth Kappus 2023/07

    Very caring Vets and Staff.

  46. Valerie Beckner 2023/07

    Such a wonderful place for our pets! The three vets and the vet techs as well as the front office staff are all so welcoming and kind to our dogs and cats. We have had all types of pet care done here- from routine dentals to regular check ups to urgent care visits. We have also had specialist follow up and emergency care follow up here as well. Our babies are always comfortable and relaxed here. Thank you for everything you do.
    Valerie Beckner, pet mom

  47. Ana Maria Steele 2023/06

    Came here to vaccinate my cat and dog. Affordable and very kind staff. My cat settled down and purred on the table for the vet, and the dog had absolutely no reaction to the needles. These people know what they’re doing.

  48. Henrisa Haskell 2023/06

    I trust the docs and staff at Varina Vet. They are caring and knowledgeable. My dear Doberman Kai was having an urgent issue with his eye and the crew at Varina Vet did an awesome job of fitting him the schedule and was seen that day. Dr. Phil is always great with Kai. Thanks!

  49. Nancy Tatum 2023/06

    It’s so nice having veterinary care that you can trust and depend on. For many years now Varina Veterinary Clinic has given me peace of mind, first with my long-time buddy, Max, and now with our new pup, Shelby. It’s nice to have her in such good hands. A big “thank you” to Dr. Phil, the other doctors and their very helpful assistants!!!

  50. Joseph Beck 2023/06

    We had an emergency because our dog’s eye popped out of its socket. Virginia Veterinary Center on Cary St told us that our dog would lose his sight in that eye and that it was best to remove it for around $3.3k. When we took him to Varina the next morning, they were able to save his eye for a very low price. These vets really care about these animals and Dr. Phil Olenic really took care of our pooter. I will always bring my animals back here.

  51. Kendra Parker 2023/06

    The services and care my pet received were excellent. However, while in the waiting area, I noticed who I believe to be the office manager being extremely rude and mean to the from desk staff. She had a very intimidating demeanor and it was noticeable in the way the front staff responded to her (in fear). This was displayed when I came in and while I was checking out.

  52. Ambiguous Babytaker 2023/06

    I absolutely love our vet and their staff. Everyone there treats me & my crew furry or not like family. I appreciate when calling that most of the time I can reach a real live person. Yes they might have to put me temporarily on hold. But it beats other places where I would leave messages only to have my voice never ( see) the light of day again. 🙂 We started with our 3 pomeranian, then 4. Now we are up to 8. I will keep this card in my back pocket & blame them on a bad day of how they are sooooo bad that now I have an extra 4 baby pomeranian somehow. 😉 JK. Want an amazing, loving & outgoing staff & Dr. Please find someone else. We full.

  53. Madeline Conner 2023/06

    The doctors and staff are well organized, thorough, and personable. I am grateful for the excellent care they provide my pets.

  54. Judy Sweeney 2023/06

    The Dr. Phil was so nice and the staff was also

  55. Mary Heustess 2023/05

    dr. dietrick is so kind and compassionate, and staff is super friendly. they take good care of my kitty! dr. dietrick always eases my nerves and my cat feels comfortable there despite the fact that he’s usually there for not a fun reason!

  56. Kaia Kasumi 2023/05

    In the past year I ha e gone to a few vets for my cats. I’ve had bad experiences and rude vets before but not here. The team here are sweet, understanding, and take good care of my cats. I know I can trust them and they will do what’s best for my pets.

    The exerience that made me realize this vet was amazing: My kitten got sick at 8 weeks and I took her in. The vet kept me informed on what it could be, made sure she had all needed meds, and also told me worst case which is always hard to hear. Sadly she ended up passing even though everyone did all they could. I got a card from them shortly after that had a handwritten note everyone from the office. I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they do and how caring they are.

  57. KL Coleman Trans Inc. 2023/04

    Great People, Great Service

  58. Dashawn Davis 2023/04

    They always have good service and they really care for my animals!!!

  59. Morgan Monahan 2023/04

    Best veterinary office I’ve ever been to.

    Every member of the staff is incredibly considerate, kind, and knowledgable.

    Thank you.

  60. Barbara Roddy 2023/03

    Excellent care. First time for us. Dr. Olenic very thorough in our pets care. Will continue with his advice in solving the problem. Front desk staff also very kind.

  61. K Coleman 2023/02

    Great staff, Great service, Works very well with my aggressive K9!

  62. Latoria Taylor 2023/02

    I called to get a new puppy appointment and they had me scheduled within a couple days. The ladies in the front are so friendly. Dr. Hogge and the nurses are amazing. My Rottie puppy, Blaze shows them so much love and they give it right back to him. Any time I call, they answer and have seen him right away when needed.

  63. Kenny Simon 2023/01

    Dr Phill and Meredith are the BEST!! They are so kind, caring and compassionate! They truly love your pet! Piper had to be seen urgently and I was so nervous something was really wrong. They took their time with Piper and I even in the crazy busy schedule they had! Want you all to know how much I really do appreciate what you all do!! Thanks so much!


  64. Sara Nelson 2023/01

    I love Varina Veterinary Clinic. Our furbabies have been going there for quite awhile. Dr. Phil, Dr. Dietrick, Dr. Hogge and staff are awesome!!!!!

  65. Juan Torres 2022/11

    I was babysitting my ex wife dog and he got sick towards the evening, so I took him to the emergency veterinarian on cary Street in richmond. Well that veterinarian hospital hit my wallet really hard and they only gave the dog five days worth of medication for cancer. Well we was running out of medication for the dog and the hospital wanted for us to take the dog back for a checkup, so they can give more medication, which is much more money. Well we decided to take the dog to Varina veterinary clinic and they was able to get the dog’s record and called me to pickup his medication. I will say this about Varina veterinary clinic, they really care about your pets like if they was there own. I give them A+++++++

  66. Joshua Ray Ogletree 2022/11

    Great customer service! Very impressed with the front desk, and the vet I spoke to was great!!! 100% would recommend, and will be back for all of my animals!!!

  67. LaShonda Taylor 2022/10

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!! Clean office. Gentle with your pet!

  68. Douglas Quackenbush 2022/10

    My wife shopped around for a vet after we moved to the Richmond area. This clinic is great! They make us comfortable and at ease. Thank you to the staff for all your thoughtfulness

  69. Sha Mc 2022/10

    I love the service here, they took great care of my fur baby, I’m very satisfied.


  70. Jennifer Greene 2022/09

    Love this place…. they take good care of all our critters!

  71. Sandra Brent 2022/08

    We have worked with Varina Vet and Dr. Phil for over 20 years. He is the kindest, wonderful friend. We would not trust our pets to anyone other than Dr. Phil. Excellent practice…..

  72. Mike Edwards 2022/08

    My first visit to V.V.C. and I was happy with the service I received. I only had to wait a very short time to see the Doctor. Dr. Hogg was very thorough and informative. I also didn’t feel like he was in a rush and that is a rarity with doctors.

  73. Randy Mundy 2022/07

    Very good clinic. All staff are friendly and truly seem to care. My new vet for life

  74. Kisha “Loving My Life” J 2022/07

    I love them

  75. tyler lamaide 2022/07

    Was in and out with my cat. Took less than 30 min for a checkup and 2 shots.

  76. Barbara Branch 2022/06

    Dr Phil and staff took very good care of my pet cat before it became time for me to let her go.

  77. Joseph Simpkins 2022/05

    Dr. Phil and all the staff are always kind and pleasant. A pleasure to work with always.

  78. Solange McMurray 2022/05

    Great experience great get they def did everything they could and hoped my baby Gucci thank you guys!

  79. Lori Cook 2022/05

    We are new clients of this veterinary clinic. Yesterday was our first visit for our new puppy. The receptionist was friendly and greeted us as soon as we came in. Our check in process was easy and fast. We were seen by the vet in just a matter of minutes. He answered all of our questions and concerns. He was so gentle with our baby girl. The vet tech was also very nice and very gentle. You can tell they truly love their jobs! I am so glad we took the recommendations we were given, to try this practice!

  80. Jill Fallin 2022/04

    I really like Dr. Ware. Very nice and helpful staff.

  81. David Meade 2022/04

    Great people. They take great care of my buddy Dakota

  82. jesus skubskijr 2022/04

    Love it wouldn’t go anywhere else thank u so much varina clic team

  83. Paul Carter 2022/03

    After being recommended by a close friend, took my senior dog Tasos for his first grooming in a long time. The staff there were all very friendly and extremely kind to Tasos and when I picked him up, he looked and acted like a younger version of himself! Both he and I are very happy and will be coming here for grooming from now on! Thank you Varina Veterinary!

  84. Z. Ingram 2022/03

    Everyone was very friendly. The docs were great at “speaking my language” unlike some others who speak like you are a doctor too.

  85. Thomas Reuter 2022/03

    We have a 5 y/o Airedale with a complicated (and unclear) medical issue. Dr. Hogge explained all the options for treatment and care with compassion. He listened carefully to our concerns and provided expert guidance. We were greatly comforted by care and competence.

  86. isabell adams 2022/02

    Love Adams and her mom loves y’all ❤ thanks🙏🏾 …

  87. mike kolthoff 2022/02

    Had a wonderful experience! Varina Vet Clinic was able to fit me in on short notice to perform a wellness exam on my dog. Additionally, they were able to treat him for his itching and prescribe proper medication. Staff was friendly, paperwork wasn’t overwhelming, and the vet took his time to clearly answer all my questions! Will be going back soon to update shot’s.

  88. Queen Splendiferous 2022/02

    They called me right back and got me in, in a timely manner. I even got my friend in for her pet and they are above and beyond what she needed as she had taken her dog a few places that weren’t good at all. I highly recommend this place for sure.

  89. Antonio Wallace 2022/02

    Appointments not weeks out. Knowledgeable staff

  90. Krista Saunders 2022/01

    Friendly, convenient and responsive neighborhood vet. They take great care of my dog and are willing to do prescriptions through online pharmacies.

  91. Peggy Ordway 2021/11

    We Love Varina Veterinary Clinic. Staff is knowledgeable, professional & friendly. They took great care with Bentley’s dental. He’s doing great. Thanks!!!!

  92. Lyndon Larson 2021/11

    I had an appointment for 5:00 p.m. I arrived at 4:45 to do the new patient paperwork. Another person pulled in at 5:06. I asked the vet tech (tall guy with a beard). He was extremely rude. Also they tried to sell me a bunch of not needed medicine. I won’t go back, and I will let people in the area know of my experience they can make their own decision. To be fair I know nothing about how they treat animals, and have no reason to believe they are bad vets. I would say mainly the front desk staff is responsible, and costing the practice clients.

  93. Ashley Valentine 2021/11

    Love this clinic. Very awesome staff! I no longer live close by but I still prefer to take my pup here versus anywhere else.

  94. Lori 2021/10

    It was my first visit and everyone was friendly and professional. I appreciated their efforts to ensure the health and well-being of pets and owners alike.
    Would definitely recommend.

  95. Patti Crowe 2021/10

    Dr. Phil & his staff were wonderful. Great communication, friendly positive people.

  96. Antonio Wallace 2021/10

    Friendly. Informative

  97. Alex Waterland 2021/09

    The staff here was so friendly and helpful! Our dog had a rash a few days before my wife and I’s honeymoon and they managed to see him right away. They are more affordable then some of the other vets we’ve seen as well. Highly reccomend!

  98. Angela Sparks 2021/09

    The best vet in Richmond.

  99. Debbie l Wade 2021/08

    Really nice people that take care of my dog.

  100. Haven Lineberry 2021/08

    Very friendly staff and doctors! They are always accommodating and honest. They take such great care of my pups! I always recommended them

  101. Maggie Pearson 2021/07

    Very caring staff when we had to put down our dog suddenly. And the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend.

  102. Kimberly Cogbill 2021/06

    Excellent! Very Informative! Very Nice!
    My Pedigree Persian 😺 Elvis… has been going there since he was a kitten and Elvis’s at least 4 years old. …


  103. Sandra Lubbers 2021/06

    My 7 month old westie has been with Varina vets since coming home with us. They have done a great job with his care. He is a very spirited little guy and we look forward to many healthy years with them

  104. Alison Jackson 2021/06

    Very kind and sensitive staff…I had ti take my dog to be euthanized and they were wonderful. They even made a paw print of his paw for me to keep. I will be going back with my other dogs for shots etc.

  105. richard hamm 2021/04

    Great people working there.

  106. Deborah Hanson 2021/04

    Dr Deitrick takes good care of my dog! Staff is very helpful & polite. I highly recommend VVC.

  107. Angela Owen 2021/03

    Best vet office in the area! The doctors and staff are excellent! Been coming here for 20 years currently drive an hour for the incredible care these folks give.

  108. Wadah Ali 2021/03

    Great place in great people 👍 love it …

  109. Daniel Colbert 2021/03

    Great people. Good service.

  110. Ronald Harris 2021/03

    I have been taking my pets to Varina vet for many years and have always got the best care and support from The entire staff. Highly recommend them to anyone,

  111. Emanuel Harris 2021/03

    Great place always. My dog, Kobe, is high energy and a little hyper, but he loves the staff and they treat him like a king.

  112. amber Vickery 2021/03

    Dr Phil is awesome, wouldn’t trust anyone else with my baby.

  113. Jim Beckner 2021/02

    Awesome practice with great clinicians and caring staff.

  114. Alexis Warfield 2021/02

    Affordable prices and they truly care for your pets!

  115. Bina Williams 2021/02

    Took my baby there for grooming and they did a great job. It just take a while for appointments.


  116. Niki Campbell 2021/02

    The staff here is so kind and knowledgeable!

  117. Sallie Plumley Studio 2021/01

    We LOVE Varina Vet! They are super helpful each and every time we have a question or we have to bring our dog in. One thing I love about them is that they don’t push us to do something we don’t want to do. They give options almost every time: 1- here’s what it looks like to do everything we possibly can, 2- here’s what it looks like to do something without doing everything, and 3- here’s what will happen if we choose to leave it and do nothing. I appreciate that they communicate options clearly and give great advice!

  118. yvette Cannon 2021/01

    The best! My cat loved the shampoos and care given her for 19 years. Sadly she has passed over.

  119. Jeannine Williams 2021/01

    Excellent customer service & treated my baby with care

  120. Scott Nugent 2020/11

    The doctors and support staff here are friendly and helpful. I have been driving a friend and her very long-lived pets here for vet care for years and have also brought family pets to them Dr. Phil is professional, personable, and honest.

  121. Bert Tyler 2020/11

    Great staff and they take excellent care of my pups

  122. Tammy Simpkins 2020/09

    Varina Vet are amazing! Staff is wonderful and friendly!

  123. Marva Carter 2020/09

    The staff at Varina Vet are excellent kind and helpful . With bright smiles .Thanks for being there and being kind !!!

  124. Ryan Franges 2020/08

    Scheduling was easy and flexible. They were able to get me in incredibly quickly!

    The vet was confident and knowledgeable and clearly explained to me what he thought was going on and what the next steps would be.

    They also took a great picture of my cat haha!

  125. Lisa Taylor 2020/07

    The customer service was awesome and the doctor deserves 5 stars. 2 to 3 days later my puppy is doing great. The medication that they prescribed is helping enormously 🙂 you guys rock 🙂

  126. Joan Godfrey 2020/07

    They take excellent care of my pets 🐕 …

  127. Samantha F 2020/07

    Really great staff! Doctor is super cool. Their prices for meds are a little high so Chewy would be a better option for that.

  128. The Feel Good Experience 2020/06

    Friendly professional and you can’t bet the prices!
    I’ve been to different vets and this one is by far my favorite.

  129. Zane Frye 2020/05

    A refreshing change to veterinary offices today. Cheerful, experienced doctors and staff who obviously care about your pet while charging very reasonable rates.

  130. Brenda Fowler 2020/05

    Love them, They work in everyway to make sure your pet is taken care of to the best of there ability. They are very experienced in all they do.

  131. C D 2020/05

    Friendly and clean

  132. Lam Pham 2020/05

    Dr. Dietrick and staff made Isley’s first visit a great one! Their staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

  133. Christine Warlington 2020/05

    It was good no problem

  134. Leila Clarke 2020/04

    Meredith is the best!

  135. Bryan Baskerville 2020/04

    Very helpful place

  136. Doj Shin 2020/04

    Words cannot describe how great Varina Vet is!!!! Love the staff. Very professional! Both of the Dr. are amazing and very knowledgeable. I would 1000% recommend. Something i really love about coming here is because they actually care about your pets, every time i come in, the staff always greets Chewy automatically! Super comfortable coming here and both my dogs trust them!

  137. Angela Wade 2020/02

    This facility has the most caring staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have had appointments with both vets and they are both wonderful and caring people too. I would not take my pets any where else.

  138. Jessy Blubb 2020/02

    Very friendly Team, they have been very patient with me,my three dogs and all of my questions. And even when my young dog where marking in their office they stayed friendly and very sweet.

  139. Claire Shaffner 2020/02

    Dr. Phil is the best vet around which is why I drive from Short Pump area just to make certain my dog is getting the best care around without having to pay high prices other vets charge. I will continue to drive those 45 minutes each way just to make certain Max is in good hands.

  140. Angela Mastrovito 2020/01

    Excellence in care as well as compassion!


  141. Margaret Dobbins 2020/01

    They took my very difficult dog and handled her with loving care. Highly recommended!

  142. Matt B 2020/01

    This is a great vet. I’ve been coming here for years. The Drs are very helpful and show a legitimate concern for your pet. I have a couple of geriatric dogs and this place is always kn top of things and is up front about health problems and how to manage any issues that arise. Would recommend!

  143. Visionary Trailblazin 2019/10

    A bit pricey, but in my pinion, worth it.

  144. Laura Inscoe 2019/08

    Dr. Phil is great!

  145. jenny from the block 2019/07

    Very caring and concerned about your pets.

  146. Tracy Jacob 2019/06

    Very nice and caring staff

  147. Rebekah Marshall 2019/06

    Greetings to pets are great. Outside baggies and place to disposal. Dr is great!!!!!

  148. Thurman Throckmorton 2019/06

    I highly recommend Varina Veterinary Clinic. Everyone is truly dedicated to your pets well being. I messaged them at 11:30 at night for a referral for my little girls eye issue and they responded within minutes! I love the Hometown feel with these folks! If you you want personal attention for your pets, Varina Vet is the place!

  149. L Linton 2019/05

    Best veterinary clinic in Richmond!

  150. Chloe Wood 2019/05

    We felt like our kitten did not get the treatment she needed, especially for the price we payed,we won’t be gonning back there..

  151. Elaine Carter 2019/05

    Grooming with Christina is fantastic.

  152. Robert Taylor 2019/04

    They always take good care of my babies.

  153. GMG 2019/04

    They take good care of my weiner dogs. Lady and Sasha loves going to see them to feel better, get their baths and of course to get their nails done… Doctors Phil and Dettrick are wonderful!!! They love your pets😂 …

  154. Peggy Little 2019/03

    yesterday we had to put our dog down, always a hard thing to do and go thru. Dr Phil and staff took their time, explained the process and showed so much compassion and empathy! RIP sweet Sophie girl.
    thanks to a great group of people there!

  155. Brandy Page 2019/03

    Very nice and helpful staff!

  156. Amanda Palmer 2019/02

    I have been taking my pets here for years. The staff and vets are professional, down to earth, and truly care about my pets. I literally recommend them to everyone. I have not had a single bad experience.


  157. al p 2019/02

    Fair price easy to talk to vets

  158. Charlene Powell 2019/02


  159. Judy Jordan 2019/01

    Very clean and friendly.

  160. Donna Cox 2019/01

    I have been going to Varina Vet. for several years and have always been very pleased with them. My brother had a dog who suddenly became ill and needed care. Dr. Dietrick and the entire staff were absolutely wonderful. As it turned out, his dog, Buddy, had to be euthanised. Everyone went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for expert care. ❤🐾🐕 We thank you all.

  161. Katie Vick 2019/01

    Dr. Dietrick & staff were great! They were caring & gentle with my cat, Mamacita. Prices were average. We obviously have no problem paying for what our pets need, but appreciate they didn’t over charge and bleed us dry with things that weren’t necessary. The Dr. made recommendations & gave some advice which we took because it was necessary for our cat at that time. Overall had a wonderful experience.

  162. Heather King 2018/11

    Wonderful staff that will always be my vet.

  163. Angela Kappus 2018/10

    Vets are really kind, and the office is very relaxed compared to others in the RVA area.

  164. H C 2018/08

    First visit…… Very nice place for pets

  165. Chris Cage 2018/07

    There are not enough words of praise for this clinic and the staff. I drive an hour to this clinic because of the level of trust I place in them. I am quite persnickety when it comes to my animals and their care and I couldn’t have found a better place than Varina Vet. The staff is knowledgeable and kind, friendly and warm, very responsive and puts both myself and my dogs instantly at ease.

  166. Donna Chambers 2018/07

    I this place. They are so personable and professional!

  167. Larissa Johnson 2018/05

    Three staff and doctor’s are great! Just wish they were open on weekends.

  168. Sarah Lowery 2018/04

    I recently visited this office due to an unforeseen medical issue with my fur baby. The staff is friendly, caring, attentive, able to listen well and obviously genuinely care about their jobs. I’ve been to other offices where I felt medical issues in my pets were so routine that the staff lost empathy. Varina Veterinary Clinic wins my business. Thank you specifically to Angela and Dr Olenic for turning a tough situation around and helping my sweet fur baby feel better. Highly reccomend!

  169. Mike Owen 2018/03

    These folks are awesome. Dr. Phil has taken care of our dogs for over 20 years. Just got 2 new pups and I’m glad these folks are here for these little guys.


  170. Joseph Simpkins 2018/02

    Great vets and staff. A stress free visit Everytime.

  171. Sam Hall 2017/08

    A terrific veterinary clinic! Polite and professional staff. The veterinarians are patient and answer all of our questions. I recommend them.

  172. SCFPainting & Balloon Art 2017/07

    It was our first time there and they made all members of the family feel welcome

  173. Jonathan Ruffier 2017/07

    I’ll skip the hyperbolic language and go straight to the facts. This vet is competent and professional, clearly cares for the dogs, and is accommodating with work schedules. I found the advice they gave to be accurate and they never asked me to come in “just in case.” On several occasions Ieft with only the exam fee because treatment would have just been taking my money, a fact the vet told me to my face (though it does bring to light my tendency to be a doting dog owner….)

    I trust this vet to treat my dog and not take advantage of my wallet. Absolutely recommend this clinic and its staff to anyone looking for a vet, they’ll take excellent care of your pet without forgetting about you.

  174. Patricia Kelley 2017/03

    I’ve been going here for over 30 years. The doctors are wonderful, kind and caring. My animals have always gotten the best of care.

  175. Gribel Diaz 2017/02

    Very sweet staff great visit and my Sukki was very happy no stress. Also it was raining and my cab was taking so long one of the staff members asked how far an indication that they would even help me lol oxoxo to all.

  176. Ang 2017/02

    Excellent staff and the vets are super. They are able to handle to fat boy pitbull with love.

  177. Jolanda Whyte-Byrd 2017/01

    The staff takes wonderful care of your pets and they are very friendly, kind, caring and professional.

  178. Erin Ek 2016/08

    Love this place! The front desk ladies are rock stars, and handle their busy days with a smile. The doctors are amazing and compassionate. If I could give more stars, I would!

  179. Angie Z. Shay 2016/06

    Dr Phil has to be one of the smartest Vet’s around. His no nonsense advice and creative healing ideas have blessed my family for years!

  180. M C 2016/05

    My healthy dog died within 72 hours of being in their care due to negligence.

  181. Pauline Elliott 2016/04

    Always excellent and we have been there in all sorts of circumstances.

  182. Rana 2016/03

    Such a friendly staff and welcoming enviroment!

  183. Andrea Edmunds 2016/02

    Highly recommend the doctors and support staff at Varina Vet! Have been taking our pets here for over 20 years. Dr Phill and Dr Dietrich are so kind and so very fair with billing and treatment recommendations. The support staff are so friendly and it’s clear they love their jobs.

  184. Erin T 2015/11

    Dr. Dietrick and Dr. Olenic are compassionate, knowledgeable veterinarians who go out of their way to care for both their clients and their patients. The staff is welcoming and friendly, making the clinic an enjoyable place to visit. The groomers always do an exceptional job as well. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking veterinary care for their pets!

  185. Ellena McConnell 2015/06

    Varina Vets staff was super helpful when it came time to bring my new puppy ! Between the millions of questions I asked Dr. Phil explained every thing I need for the life span of my new pup! I left feeling pretty educated as a new pet owner! The prices were great I had gone to a Vet in the West End that was double what I could afford! I highly recommend you visit the doctors and staff at Varina Vet! Your in great hands!

  186. Jenna Sindle 2015/04

    I bring my pups from Northern Virginia to Richmond to get their routine check-ups and dental work done at Varina Vet Clinic. It’s well worth the drive to take them somewhere that they are so well cared for while having their check-ups and especially if they’re under anesthetic. The staff – from the front desk to the vets – is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer questions, the kind of thing that I appreciate as a pet parent.

  187. Josh Cornett 2015/03

    Love the people. The staff TRULY cares about your pet.

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