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UrgentVet – Carytown
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  1. James Dyke 2023/11

    The staff was great and the Vet was extremely professional and caring. I think we were the last patient near closing time on a Sunday night but everyone was very accommodating and took great interest and great care of our older Beagle.

  2. Tracey Long 2023/11

    Medication error by prescribing veterinarian, Andrea Butterfield, D.M.V.. Medication prescription for Onisor 6mg table, read to take 2 tablets every 24 hours with food for 6 days. The package states QTY 2 of 3 ct pack. When I noticed the pill quantity was wrong (6 pills vs 12), I called and spoke with someone named Amber. She reviewed my bill/orders with vet and said I wasn’t sent home with the correct amount of medications as charged. When I arrived to pick up the remaining doses I was charged for, Amber said they normally only prescribe this med for 3 days and said I was given the right quantity not matching the RX instructions. Regardless, this was a medication error and I plan to report to the state licensure. Alyssa Thompson DVM on prescription label. Filled and witness initials are the same. I hope my cat’s surgery was conducted better than the medication prescribing was done. Three times they spelled his name wrong too. When I left they changed the RX instructions.

  3. Edward McGirt III 2023/11

    Was worried about pricing but dove straight in because my little Buddy was not himself. They got him fixed up feeling better the same night. Very clean facility, very friendly/attentive staff full of useful information and last but not least, excellent pricing. Would be hard to go anywhere else after such a great experience!!


  4. Jeff Barnard 2023/11

    I recently adopted a senior cat (April). We noticed an abscess on her face which unfortunately burst. Not knowing what happened, rushed her to here to urgentvet in carytown. While we waited they came and checked on out cat unfortunately another animal was having a harder time and they offered for us to come back in the morning with a small coupon, knowing our cat was stable. Everyone was extremely attentive, and we were able to get a better understanding of what April was going through. After they cleaned up her abscess, some blood work, and they medicated her, she is now doing very well. Her recovery has been incredible and can’t thank them enough for the countless hours spent making sure our April was feeling better again!

  5. Lauren Farrelll 2023/11

    I highly recommend UrgentVet when you’re in a pinch and need care outside of typical vet hours. My dog ziggy had a toenail injury over the weekend and the staff was incredibly kind and patient with him while he was in pain. Alyssa was fantastic as well as the vet techs. They even offered alternatives to keep the unexpected cost down. We will certainly be back need be.

  6. Katherine Ruth 2023/11

    I brought my senior cat here after he was showing signs of a UTI. I reserved a time online (not an appt) and was seen immediately upon arrival, it was right when they opened so I’m sure that helped. The staff was fantastic. They were kind, informative, respectful, and had a great “bedside” manner. The entire visit was about 3 hours from start to finish. When I left I felt like we had a thorough examination, my cat was fully in stable health, and I was prepared to care for him moving forward. In my experience, it was less expensive than an emergency vet. I was also able to apply for Care Credit that day and use my virtual card to pay. Thank so much team! Conky is feeling 100% better, his fur is even is growing back by his arms and on his belly where the grooming was excessive. The photo at home is the after photo and you can see how well he is. 🙂 If needed, I would go here again in a heartbeat.


  7. Sarah Dowd 2023/11

    The techs and vet I interacted with were very kind and helpful and my dog Louise was able to be seen very quickly. I highly recommend UrgentVet for any matters that can’t wait until your regular vet can see you.

  8. Jason Gains 2023/11

    I took my dog here because he suddenly acted like his whole world was spinning. I visited late one night. Didn’t have to wait long at all, which was nice. The doctor that night was not very gentle with my dog. But in no way rough. My dog was super uncomfortable and looked stressed. I could tell..so i reached out to rub my dogs head and he snapped at my hand. The doctor reacted and dropped my dog. I understand reacting to being bitten…but the dog snapped at my hand not his. Anyway…the doctor just said we need to do blood work. So that will be $900. I couldn’t do that…so I took the basic plan which was anti nausea med. So the doc left it as it is probably brain issue.

    So the next day…my dog just looked pathetic. Eyes rolling in circles and can’t walk. He is almost 13…so I can’t invest in extensive tests and surgery. So I cried over my down as I convinced myself I should put him to sleep.

    I brought him back to do that. And a different doctor was there today. She walked in and sat down and explained to me what “old dog syndrome ” is. And she really believes it was that. WHY DIDN’T THE FIRST DOCTOR EVEN MENTION THIS IS A POSSIBILITY?!!

    So I brought my dog back home. While my dog isn’t better…he is showing improvement. The following morning I heard him walking….which he couldn’t do before. So maybe it was the old dog syndrome. Based on the first doctors information…I wanted to put my dog down. Based on the second doctor…she gave me hope! And I see hope.

    I am not saying the first doctor was not a good doctor. But in No way did he try to help me with possible information. Just left it as…he needs blood work. Cant afford $1000 bill for a first visit? Here is nausea meds. Take him to his normal vet tomorrow. Have a good night.

  9. Ann Loveland 2023/11

    It took a while but they were wonderful and accommodating. I appreciate their time to help my cat to feel better:)

  10. meta staten 2023/11

    Even tho we made an appointment online, me and my sick dog waited over 3 hours to just have a 2 min expensive chit chat THAT DIDNT EVEN HAVE TREATMENT INCLUDED IN THE BILL!!!! Felt the $100 exam fee wasn’t even deserved to just check temperature !!!!! Highly disappointed and do not recommend!!!!!

  11. Allison Cassels 2023/10

    If you have much experience going to the emergency vet, you’ll know how great UrgentVet is. Yes they are busier and more expensive than a regular vet but what would normally be an 8 hour wait at an emergency vet is 2 hours here, and having access to book appointments online is incredibly helpful. The staff were all very kind and competent, parking was easy, facilities were very clean and modern.

  12. Viv Hughes 2023/10

    Had me wait over three hours with my sick cat even though i had made an appointment in advance. Expensive as well

  13. Devon Garrett 2023/10

    We loved our experience at UrgentVet when our sweet pup broke out in hives! The staff was friendly, the wait time was NOT bad (we were in a room in five minutes and we were seen quickly), and the staff was so knowledgeable! We were put at ease instantly! The prices were pretty relative (maybe a bit pricier, but negligible for us honestly) to our vet and being open until 11PM is so amazing. We so appreciate this spot for helping us!

  14. Kaity Moore 2023/10

    There are hardly words for the inconceivable heartache that comes with a pet’s quick and sudden illness. I will forever be grateful to the team at UrgentVet for their unmatched compassion and care in helping me decide to put my dear cat to sleep. They did everything they could to figure out what had taken him so fast and desperately, but some things are just meant to stay unknown. Nevertheless, the attention and care they took in the process of euthanasia was a great solace for me. I got to hold my kitty, cocooned in warm blankets while they assured me how wonderful his life and personality sounded as he crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you so much for treating him and myself in what was both of our worst and fearful moment. Thank you for giving us peace.


  15. Susan Woodard 2023/10

    They were very helpful and knowledgeable. My dog is already doing a lot better less than a day later!

  16. Katie Combs 2023/10

    I had to bring my cat in and unfortunately he had to be put down. The staff here were so kind and made his last hours so comfortable. They all loved on him and it was just really lovely to see. I am so grateful for the team there.

  17. Rachel Sanders 2023/10

    Dr. Thompson and the team took excellent care of my dog who was very ill from pancreatitis. They were able to run a variety of tests, X-rays, etc to diagnose why she was so sick. They even had several medications they prescribed and sent us home with. They were lifesavers for a weekend unexpected visit.

  18. Hagle Smagle 2023/10

    “Your pet can’t wait to feel better”

    More like your pet will only wait to feel better. I made an appointment online and while I was on the way to the appointment I was notified that there was an emergency (at an urgent care clinic?? Ya don’t say!!) And that there would be a 30 minute delay, once I arrive there is actually a delay over an hour! For an “urgent care” vet this place is extremely lackadaisical. We were barely even acknowledged when we came in, wasn’t told any information and was made to wait for an undetermined amount of time. I asked for an estimate on how long it may take and the staff seemed irritated that I would even ask such a thing. Do not recommend this place whatsoever, they do not care about your animals comfort and they clearly are not prepared for emergencies.

  19. Infinite Illuminate 1111 2023/10

    The staff here are awesome! Thank you for helping me save my baby girl! Since our visit and the antibiotics you prescribed, she is doing soooo much better. Her paw is healing beautifuly! She is now eating and moving all around! Her name has gone from “Unknown” because we weren’t sure if she would make it, to Lacey Lou!


  20. Sarah Allen 2023/10

    They were great and very knowledgeable I was very satisfied with the care they gave my baby even with it being as late as it was I had questions and they were able to answer every single one of them

  21. Hunter Murphy 2023/09

    Wonderful, caring and thorough staff. Thank you so much for taking care of our sweet, Lennox!

  22. Scott Mates 2023/09

    Wonderfully convenient- very nice and helpful. Super clean. Only issue was a pretty long wait time. They are new, so hopefully they will improve on that soon. Otherwise definite recommendation to folks looking for urgent care option for pets!

  23. Gayle Pega 2023/09

    We were very pleased with the care our furbaby received at UrgentVet-Carytown. We were able to sign in on-line so we did not lose our place in line while traveling. When we arrived they took us right in. The staff was very friendly and professional. Our baby left feeling much better. We will definitely be using them again and will recommend them to our family and friends.

  24. Betsy Ashauer 2023/09

    So super impressed with this business. Needed urgent care and was taken back within 10 minutes of arrival. Everything was efficient, staff friendly, knowledgeable, everything. done in exam room as well as payment and the prices are extremely reasonable!! Fixed my kitten up in no time!! Will continue to use them!! So happy!!!

  25. Derek A 2023/09

    I took my new kitten there on a Saturday night. They were so kind and even though they were really busy they kept checking on us and updating us of the progress. Would recommend for vet urgent care.

  26. Joanie Evans 2023/08

    Our 2 yr old dog suddenly lifted hat hind leg and could not put any weight on it. She was distressed and I knew we needed help. I made an online appointment and soon she was being seen. Her kneecap had poop

  27. L P 2023/08

    The care and services provided seemed top notch. They followed up with me the next day (Sunday) to check on our dog. I thought it was a bit pricey, but I guess compared to other urgent options on a weekend it was reasonable. Considering no other normal vets who were open on Saturday would accept an appointment, I glad this was an option available to us.

  28. Eric L 2023/08

    Urgent Vet Carytown is a lifesaver. We’re so happy to have this new resource in town. We were worried our puppy had something stuck in her throat. Dr Butterfield and her team were compassionate and caring and AVAILABLE on a weekend at short notice. The cost of the ofc visit, mild sedation and resolution of the problem was very reasonable. Thank you Urgent Vet Carytown!

  29. Leslie Gallimore 2023/08

    One of the most difficult decisions to make is determining when /if it is time to euthanize a special pet. That is what brought us to Urgent Vet-Carytown. From the moment we arrived, we felt nothing but care and compassion for our 17 year poodle and for us!!

    The room set up with soft lighting, comfortable chairs, snacks (dog and people), extra blankets for dogs created a calm atmosphere…….very similar to being at home.

    We felt cared for and our dog was handled gently with respect.
    Our thanks to the staff of UrgentVet-Carytown.

  30. mj bigelow 2023/08

    Very prompt and courteous service. Impressed with all staff and their efforts.

  31. Joanne Paek 2023/08

    Visiting Urgent Vet yesterday was fabulous. My daughters cat is absolutely terrified of the vet yet Brook and Dr Jo made her feel so calm and relaxed it was incredible. We would go back in a heartbeat. I wish every vet office was Fear Free Certified like Urgent Vet is.

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