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  1. Seamus 2023/12

    Easily the best sushi I’ve ever had. The restaurant was delightful, the food was even better. I got hot tea and enjoyed 4 of the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had. My favorite being the tokyo roll! compliments to the chef you can tell she really knows what she’s doing when the food is this good. The selection is also far more diverse than most places I’ve seen not even around here, but in the united states. I honestly don’t think there’s anything on the menu that you’d be disappointed with as it even sold me on the desert, cheesecake tempura which I did not expect to like. this was honestly one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I very highly recommend.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Tokyo Roll

  2. Melissa Finley 2023/12

    Absolutely wonderful sushi! I LOVE the Superman roll. But all we tried was amazing.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  3. Chirpul 2023/12

    eat here immediately!!!! sitting down you know this is going to rock ur world bc they serve sea urchin which im pretty sure is super hard to prepare (woahhh!!) the ambience is amazing, little details like the cool cups and metal silverware and bigger factors like comfy seats and smelling really nice and like the nicest staff ever the service was great i never felt like i was waiting a long time its just amazing but above all else the food is like i dont even know a word for it it is fire like amazing perfect i particularly loved the special double tuna i will dream of it at night when i close my eyes it was the perfect thing like crunchy but not to much and the tuna and the size its just perfect i wish i took a picture but i gobbled it up without a trace!!! and then i also loved the tokyo roll it just like melted in my mouth the sauce was sooo good the tempura in the inside you could tell was freshly cooked because it was still warm but the rest is cool and its just amazing to eat we had cheesecake for dessert which was a great conclusion it reminded me of like funnel cake it was super yummy i would recommend this place passionately it was so so good
    Dine in
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  4. Matt Meyer 2023/12

    The server was absolutely amazing! Food was prepared and served quick and tasted so good. Will come back to this location for sushi.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Authentic Sushi

  5. Chip Sanford 2023/11

    Great Sushi and good service. Very nice staff.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  6. Jessica Aseng 2023/10

    First off, the food was absolutely amazing. The salmon was so fresh and the special rolls were so good.
    Then the service was phenomenal. Very good family business and happy vibes. Our waitress made a special dish for our table that was on the house and she even gave us extra pieces of salmon and tuna for our cats at home.
    We will definitely be coming back.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  7. Matt Way 2023/08

    The slightly higher price is easily accounted for by the authenticity, quality and service.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  8. Victoria Talotta 2023/08

    The one time I was able to eat here it was very good. However I have tried to eat here multiple times within their “scheduled hours” and somehow they randomly are closed.

  9. lAME FAme 2023/04

    Food 10/10
    Freshness 10/10
    Service 10/10
    Environment 9/10
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    Sashimi, Blue Fin Toro, Authentic Sushi

  10. Chris G 2023/03

    Worst place, no staff, very limited menu, rude server (owner) and sushi was awful!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  11. Troy Hunter 2023/02

    The food was great and the service was phenomenal. My server went above and beyond to make our dining experience exceptional. After ordering an expensive market price item on a whim (uni, Japanese sea urchin), my server took the time to explain the difference between it and similar items from other sources and triple checked to make sure that I was satisfied with my order. They even bought my son a special treat since he was “not a fan” of the pricey item. Cannot recommend this place more.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes


  12. Holly Rittenhouse 2023/02

    We love this place! Been regulars for 15 years now.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Philly Roll, Fried Cheese Cake, Sashimi, Blue Fin Toro, Calamari, Authentic Sushi
    The owner and staff love kids and have been with our kids since they were born. Shu helped me find cooked rolls while pregnant.

  13. Mary Anne Graf 2022/11

    We once had an incredible meal in Japan in a sushi/sashimi restaurant where the owner closed the restaurant for our meal–he personally waited on just three of us all night. An amazing experience. And that’s exactly how Umi owner Sue makes us feel when we drive 5 hours to eat at Umi. Extraordinary food and even more amazing service–and Sue will remember the food and drinks you like forever. She and her staff are fabulous. Ignore the whines about the signs at the door. The hand-making of food like this takes years to train staff, and this is a small restaurant with very few staff and even fewer sushi chefs. If you’re into mass sushi, no problem–there are plenty of places around Short Pump. If you want exquisite food, beautifully prepared and ultra-fresh, in a quiet private environment, Umi should be your first choice in RVA.

  14. Andrea Rivette 2022/11

    So romantic for a sushi restaurant. The service was a little bit slow but it was kind of nice to not be rushed.
    I’m still giving 5 days because of the whole covid mess. They may have been short staffed that night.
    The sushi was so fresh and delicious! I am hoping to get a reservation for tonight 2/24/2022 for a double date night with a friend from out of town!!!! Can’t wait to go back! Wish I could make a reservation online…. =(

  15. TS White 2022/10

    Stop, do not enter. All 15 of us got sick almost at the same time about 16 to 24 hours after leaving. The sushi was covered in sauces and disguised for even the simplest rolls. Just thought it was there spin. Place is terrible. We should of known. Service was lacking. Any roll takes forever and poorly put together. Needed a fork and knife to scoop. We reached out to restaurant and they deny all. We all shared every dish from tempura to tuna taki to rolls and sushi.

  16. Steve Donohoe 2022/10

    This place used to be great before covid. Mandatory reservation on a Tuesday night. But not a sole in there. Open 5 to 8. Hours suck. The sushi wasn’t bad but can tell quality has gone downhill. Not sure how they pay the rent.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  17. Jason Carlton 2022/08

    Best service I’ve had anywhere in years. Excellent sushi and ambiance too.

  18. Y C360Cle 2022/07

    The fish was fresh and the server was fine. I ordered just two rolls but one of them came late. There were only three tables served. It looked like only two people working on lunch hour on Saturday. Also the price is way too high. I spent $100 for two people. This store is not fancy or luxurious at all. I think I’d rather go to another restaurant.

  19. Adam K 2022/06

    Tried to dine in yesterday, and they 1. Require masks. There is signage everywhere. Then, 2. They have a table blocking the entrance to the restaurant, saying “ring be for service”. It was like very unwelcoming with all the rules and felt like they didn’t want anyone coming inside. I am full vaccinated, but nobody wants to deal with all the rules. You go out to dinner to have a good time, not be controlled.

  20. Ira Alulkar 2022/03

    The bathrooms are so nice
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  21. James Cloutier 2022/02

    I have enjoyed sushi my whole life. Umi has served the best and freshest Sushi I have ever had the pleasure of eating, but the best part is the incredible staff. My wife has a service dog and everyone was super respectful of her and the dog. Going as far as giving the dog a bowl of water and offering the dog a small meal. I am blown away by the kindness of this staff and I will definitely return!

  22. Elvis Stanley 2022/01

    My wife and granddaughter and daughter went here they got turned away for no reason at all not one person was there had them waiting at the front for 20 minutes
    Meal type

  23. Maka L 2022/01

    Absolutely love this place, great service, amazing food, their food tastes so fresh …. we order take outs at least twice a month from them 😋 …

  24. Joe Woolf 2022/01

    Staff is friendly, sushi was delicious.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person


  25. Petra Ayyash 2021/12

    Best sushi place in richmond! Delicious food and clean place.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Dine in: Yes

  26. Toni Knight 2021/12

    Could not place an order because they refused to pick up after having me on hold for almost 10 minutes. I would have given them less stars if I could.

  27. Robb Watson 2021/12

    Great customer service! Well worth the visit and great place for sushi!

  28. Courtney Pierson 2021/10

    Angela and Sue showed us a lovely time tonight and the sushi and sashimi is fresh and delicious!

  29. James Quinn 2021/10

    Loved the sushi. Mango roll was very good. Sashimi was good. The bluefin tuna was awesome. Tasty rainbow roll. Excellent service


  30. Jerome Mo 2021/10

    Average food.

  31. Tasha Jones 2021/09

    I was excited yesterday to try the sushi for the first time!!! The smell of food when you walked in smelled delicious!! There was a sign to ring the bell and wait!! Well after 4 or 5 times of ringing the bell and I could obviously here someone walking around so I left!!! So sad I didn’t even get pass the front door!!! Not a great first time experience!! I was there at 12:45pm!! Very disappointing…….😕

  32. Darril Malinagio 2021/08

    Very rude Server, manager was even worse and food isn’t worth the super long wait, they’re too worried about to-go orders that they neglect dine in customers!

  33. Lin Brann 2021/08

    I am rating them five stars only for take out lunch meals. We ordered Teriyaki Chicken Bento box $13, Shrimp Bento box $14, Spicy Salmon roll and Spicy Shrimp roll $13 with a salad $2. Bento boxes were OK, they were expensive. The shumai that came with the bento lunch had too much raw onion in them and tasted awful. Sushi rolls were made well and they were very fresh. Sushi lunch was a great value, definitely will order again. They have blocked the take out customer from entering the dining room. It was a good idea, but the room was so tiny and made me feel unsafe. Luckily no one came in while I was placing the order (I was in the area, couldn’t have ordered online). When the order was ready, the nice waitress brought the food to my car.


  34. 양한나 2021/07

    expensive!!.. roll is good but … 😭 …


  35. Lisa Messinger 2021/06

    Wait until dine in returns to full service! I hate to put a low score, but I booked a reservation for my husband’s 50th birthday dinner. After 5 minutes of standing outside bc the entry is for to go orders and no one manned the table, we were finally seated. We were only dine in table. Only 4 visible workers and no one ever stopped by for at least another 5 minutes so we left. The menu is also significantly reduced. We enjoyed our prior visits and will try when things are back to normal. In the meantime they should just skip the dine in option so as not to disappoint people.

  36. M Tucker 2021/06

    A treasure for the area, very good technique and service. Highly recommend. Call to make a reservation during Covid, no walk in.

  37. Greg Magnus 2021/05

    Recent visit was for a take-out order. Fabulous as usual and super friendly. This is one of my favorite places to get Sushi in #RVA. Worth the few extra bucks you might pay at other places.

  38. Karl Agcaoili 2021/04

    High-quality Japanese food. Great, friendly service. Will definitely plan regular visits.

  39. Ryan Quinn 2021/03

    Best sushi in Richmond without a doubt, and some of the best sushi I’ve had period. Would highly recommend the fatty tuna, it’s not commonly offered at mosh western sushi restaurants, but it’s very good.

  40. Hippie ShadowCaster 2020/11

    A favorite Japanese restaurant of mine & my wife’s

  41. C Green 2020/08

    The owner discriminates.

  42. R. I. 2020/07

    The food was pretty good. Crowd of people were drunk and obnoxious and yelling to the top of their lungs! NOT a cozy experience for my boyfriend and I to have a date.

  43. Liliane Habach 2020/07

    Our friend invited us and she made sure to order almost everything on the menu the food was amazingly delicious. The waitresses and chef were extremely friendly and their service was great. Best sushi so far

  44. Sagє “Relic The Prince” Oяιנιмα 2020/07

    Umi is the only sushi place I can eat at, they treat their regulars like family, Ms. Sue is the best and extremely sweet, I’ve spent every birthday and big event here and refuse to go any other place. Their tuna melts in your mouth and their Kani salad is the best in Richmond, hands down. I recommend every sushi lover who can afford it to give them a try.

  45. Ping Yang 2020/04

    Once good it was great sushi. I have eating sushi here for over ten years

  46. KAPETA33 2020/04

    Best mackerel, tuna and eel rolls in town. Don’t forget to order the miso soup of course. This evening I ordered some sushi and Sapporo to go and this place became my favorite sushi go to in town.


  47. P K 2020/01

    My favorite sushi in Richmond hands down.

  48. Kelly Korn 2019/12

    Best authentic Japanese sushi in the metro Richmond area!


  49. Angie Nishnick 2019/12

    First time here. We went on a Saturday around 1:00. Being in Short Pump, we expected higher prices. Our total was $71. The appetizers were overly pricey. We got the Kani Salad and Squid Salad that are normally $6-8. They were $10/$11. The sushi we ordered was great. Tropical roll and a $15 lunch special.
    It is pretty inside and service was top notch.
    I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a sushi spot.

  50. Anna Screeney 2019/12

    We had such an amazing experience here tonight! We haven’t been since they first opened and I forgot how nice it is. As soon as we were seated I began to worry that there might not be anything our 6 year old would enjoy. The owner was so nice and told us about the chicken box. We ordered him that and we got sushi. The food was sssooo good! Our son loved everything he tried! The owner said he did so well and that she was proud of him for trying so many different things. That made his night! She is such a sweet woman! We’ll definitely be regulars now. ☺️

  51. PBo2010 2019/11

    Best Sushi place in town! 🙌🏻 …

  52. Tyler Newvine 2019/11

    Hands down the best sushi I’ve had outside of Japan.


  53. Paul Drew 2019/11

    Fish quality was great. Service was great. Prices were much higher than normal places and it seemed everything included tempura. I struggle to only give 4 stars but I need to be real with the experience. If I lived here and it was a close option, I would be back. They did have gluten free soy sauce for which I am grateful.

  54. Paige Hawkins 2019/10

    This is the best sushi in Richmond!

  55. rebecca burroughs 2019/09

    Good sushi, nice environment

  56. loganrunfarm 2019/09

    By far the best sushi in Richmond…period!!

  57. Kimberly Sharpe 2019/09

    The food was amazing, the hot tea was delicious. Service was wonderful.

  58. Genevieve Ivey 2019/07

    Great Atmosphere, great sushi.

  59. CU2 Wootin 2019/06

    Oh my gosh, sushi!

  60. Toni Jabson 2019/06

    Service was slow. Sushi was pricy.

  61. Rafael Dietsch 2019/06

    Good rolls, fantastic house salad!

  62. Dwight Duwyenie 2019/05

    If you want fresh and delicious sushi, THIS is the place

  63. Jan Mckee 2019/04

    Very good sushi. Could be better give and atmosphere with a few simple changes

  64. Lucas Barros 2019/04

    Umi always has the best and freshest sushi. Definitely recommend!

  65. Greg Wood 2019/04

    Overall very good. Split an assortment of different rolls with some friends and we all enjoyed everything. It was pretty quiet with not many people there at all, but it was a Monday evening. Waitress was very friendly and helpful.

  66. Mike Meikle 2019/04

    Very good sushi restaurant. Excellent sushi. Efficient and pleasant staff. Recommend.

  67. CaptainScott 2019/02

    Heard great things. Small portions. High prices. Maybe a bad night, but I was not impressed. Sashimi box with fried shrimp and rice? I expect sashimi to be mostly fresh, raw fish slices. How did they get picked as one of Richmond’s best?

  68. Virginia guimoye-rowland 2019/01

    Best sushi in Richmond.

  69. Stewart M. 2018/12

    Superior quality sushi. Classy place. Atmosphere nice. Will return.

  70. Chris Miller 2018/10

    Best sushi in Richmond! (IMO)

  71. Chris Sorenson 2018/10

    Very good sushi!! The Tomiyama soup is excellent.

  72. Hao Liu 2018/10

    Fresh, tasty, nicely decorated sushi with great service from friendly staff. I’ve been here twice, and the second visit was even better. Ms. Want brought the special menu that include fresh air-lifted sea urchin (uni) from Japan, which is my favorite. The golden texture melted away on my tongue, and left a long lasting satisfaction to savor after each piece. Try do it raw without soy sauce or ginger, as fresh Uni is a natural delicacy from heaven. There is also a short specialty beer menu if you want some adventure with authentic Japanese local malt or dark beers. Follow that with a blue fin tuna Toro and a sushi roll from the menu, I was set for dinner and the start of a great evening in Richmond Short Pump.

  73. Gabriel Gorin 2018/10

    Good atmosphere, great service and food. If you want something other than sushi they don’t have a lot of options, but the food was good and they had a lot of vegetarian options.

  74. Tom Walker 2018/09

    Lunch specials are great and great deal. Relaxing interior, with patio seating available.

  75. D. H 2018/08

    Customer service is outstanding here

  76. Broaddus Hunt 2018/08

    Umi Sushi is wonderful. We ordered 6 rolls and the sushi sashimi deluxe dinner and everything came out perfect.

  77. Sarah Hodges 2018/07

    Great customer service and good sushi. Woman, maybe owner?, was very very nice. Plus they have great lunch deals. Will definitely go again.

  78. Nicholas Richel 2018/06

    Wonderful place awesome people delicious food

  79. J R van Reekum 2018/06

    Seriously the best sushi in town.

  80. Mary Clark 2018/06

    Worst ever. Roll was made with hot shrimp with avocado, so it was all mushy and gross. First and last time.

  81. Doug Fordham 2018/05

    You wouldn’t think great sushi in Short Pump, by man does this place have it. Price reflects the quality. Incredibly fast service, loved it all

  82. Mike Rodgers 2018/05

    Nice…high end sushi


  83. Shawn Cook 2018/05

    Really cool atmosphere and the best sweet potato roll in the world!

  84. Caroline Carbia 2018/05

    The best sushi I have ever and will ever have. Has been my favorite for years

  85. Gerald Clarke 2018/05

    Awesome food, wonderful atmosphere, truly great service. Pricey but worth every penny!

  86. Kevin Sweeney 2018/04

    You won’t get the best sushi in Richmond anywhere else

  87. Michael Butterworth 2018/04

    Great food and service. A little pricey but definitely worth it.

  88. Gus Humphrey 2018/04

    Delicious sushi, pricier than some places but you get what you pay for, it’s very authentic

  89. Alexander Willis 2018/04

    Absolutely amazing sushi! The staff is friendly and helpful, I highly recommend this restaurant.

  90. John Jefferson 2018/04

    Best sushi around. Everyone is very friendly and attentive. How the fish is expertly prepared with such care. Alex is an artist.

  91. Jeffrey Miller 2018/03

    Good Sushi but pricy

  92. Richard Hutchins 2018/03

    Food and atmosphere were great. Will be returning at some point soon.

  93. M Soc 2018/02

    Best and freshest sushi!!! Live scallops and Toro….you won’t be disappointed!!!

  94. Brian Knox 2018/02

    Very intimate experience, pricey but unique menu.


  95. Samuel Smith 2018/01

    Very good food, and nice service. The price is a little high, but you pay for the quality for sure

  96. Jon Snider 2018/01

    Excellent sushi, our new favorite place in town! Relaxed sophisticated yet cozy and private atmosphere. Very friendly and accommodating staff. Delicious, well prepared, elegant sushi rolls, very fresh sashimi. Everything about this place is quality. Definately come back, best of the more upper end sushi places in town!

  97. Joshua Thomas 2018/01

    Ask the owner anything, she will school you ’bout some fresh sushi treats.

  98. M Kurt Williams 2018/01

    My favorite sushi place in Richmond and by far the best sashimi.

  99. Cailey Sweeney 2018/01

    Best sushi in richmond. You pay a little more here but it’s because the rolls are full of fish and HUGE. I always forget to take a picture to post but the presentation is beautiful.

  100. Average Joe 2018/01

    This is my daughter’s favorite Sushi Place. The Sushi was good not terribly overpriced. The service was excellent and our Hostess did a great job of explaining all the options. No complaints here

  101. 74Vette 2017/12

    A bit overpriced. $10 for beer. Sushi was decent but the tuna wasn’t fresh when I went

  102. Eun Song 2017/12

    Top notch quality sushi 🍣 Toro and unagi is amazing! Beautiful presentation and tastes so good! Thank you. …

  103. David Randolph 2017/11

    Without a doubt the highest quality sushi in Richmond. Wait times can get a little long though. Also not the cheapest. But if you want quality sushi, Umi is where you need to go for sure. Cuts and quality you wont find anywhere else

  104. Tom Sheranek 2017/10

    Fantastic sushi

  105. Howard Antonio-Ball 2017/10

    Great bang for your money

  106. Mike Damon 2017/10

    Best sushi hands down. Product comes straight from Japan. They are friendliest staff ever. Our go to sushi place for sure.

  107. Dinakar Emani 2017/09

    Tastety but less quantity

  108. William Van 2017/08

    Absolutely awful.
    – Mistreated
    – unorganized
    – amateurs
    Please allow me to explain, my girlfriend and I walked into the restaurant, the hostess greeted us with a nice smile, so I thought: oh finally, a sushi place where we can actually enjoy ( We have been hunting for one, but no luck so far )
    The restaurant was pretty empty during dinner time on a Friday night, we were seated right away but with no menus because they do not have enough? How does one not have enough menus for your guests?
    15 mins in, no one greeted us, we’ve seen waitresses walking by us left and right, but we are as though invisible to them because we don’t look like one of those wealthy looking business men/women.
    Our food order took another 20 minutes, thought we’d be getting soup or salad right after we ordered, nope, still foodless. Not until 3 mins before they served us the entrees.
    I’ve worked at a restaurant before and this is not how you serve your clients. Timing is way off.
    Waitresses are all young as though they are high schoolers, perhaps they are, which I understand that it does not determine their capability to serve, however they were extremely slow, moped around, and ran around aimlessly.
    Finally we got served, as we were eating, we saw a group of well dressed business men and women walked in, immediately they were greeted by the manager/owner, other young waitresses followed up immediately with such passion, menus on the table, conversation exchanging between the manager and the guests.
    How frustrating, this restaurant is as shallow as it can get.
    Food was mediocre.
    What an upsetting evening…
    Please go somewhere else if you’re looking to get treated properly.

    I’m in the customer service industry as well, so I understand what’s right and wrong.

    I never write reviews, so writing this review says a lot about this place.

    Treat yourself to a better restaurant, you don’t deserve to be mistreated like we did.

  109. craig morris 2017/06

    Best in Richmond hands down.

  110. Wei Styer (Wu) 2017/05

    Tasty, but pricy for the portion sizes. We went for dinner, and as two girls, it was about enough, but that was with a hearty lunch. That said, good atmosphere and ambiance, just don’t expect a large meal.

  111. Nick Richel 2017/04


  112. John Mattox 2017/04

    Excellent sushi. A little pricey but totally worth it. You have to try the friend banana desert. Delicious.


  113. Neda Hisey 2017/03

    Wonderful amazing tasty sushi with an amazing staff ❤


  114. Benjamin Goldschmidt 2017/03

    Expensive and not qualificative food. Really disappointed.

  115. Jack Hisey 2017/02

    I am a huge sushi fan. This place rates among the best I have visited in the nation. Sushi restaurants know that presentation is important, but that quality fare is paramount. Umi is quality through and through…

  116. Lisa Greene 2017/02

    Very good sushi! Great Japanese food all the way around. They have a special chefs menu which has some pretty unusual types of dishes but I think you have to ask for the menu. Service was great…I highly recommend.

  117. Nick Morgan 2016/12

    Small upscale Sushi. Our sashimi was served ed too cold, but otherwise excellent

  118. Dana R. Thomas 2016/11

    If you want to experience legit sushi this is the place to go. It is pricier than most. The customer service and atmosphere are great too.

  119. kathryn miller 2016/11

    this place is absolutely incredible!! I love sushi and have had it all over the US & Hawaii but have never had anything better than Umi. We had the Richmond, Superman, and Godzilla rolls… They were perfect.

    Umi has great ambiance and beautiful presentations. The sushi arrived on an enormous wood plank with an orchid bloom for garnish. The Chef surprised us with a sampling of ahi-style turtle (so yummy) and the manager brought us a sample of her new favorite Japanese beer (which was also really good). I am hooked!!!

  120. Leticia Lorga 2016/10

    Overpriced average sushi beautifully presented!

  121. Will McPherson 2016/08

    Umi has the best sushi in Richmond. They’ve maintained a great atmosphere and good prices for the six years that I’ve been going there.

  122. Michael Stephens 2016/06

    Consistently good sushi from fresh stock, but can be pricey.

  123. Mike T 2016/03

    Rude service and over priced.

  124. Kimberly Cornett 2016/01

    Umi is always great! Sue and Alex are the best!

  125. Adam Derrenberger 2015/12

    Good sushi. Melt in your mouth type stuff

  126. Jimi Grimes 2015/04

    Bluefin tuna tar tar was excellent. Finished the meal with Tuna tataki and Godzilla roll. Service was solid.

  127. Hayden P 2015/03

    TOP Quality and super friendly owner/operators. Love this place and pass three other sushi places to get to this one. Its worth it!

  128. Pat Taylor 2014/06

    Ok… so if you want great tropical drink find a beach bar in the Caribbean… and if you want cheap sushi go to one of those “conveyor belt” or sushi buffet places… but if you want what is EASILY the BEST Sushi in Richmond, go to UMI’s. I have eaten Sushi all over the US and Asia, and the quality of the fish at UMI’s is top notch. The “fatty” tuna, yellowtail, and salmon are so tender, the fish melts in your mouth. UMI’s get’s it’s fish from a different vendor than the typical Sushi place… it’s a much higher quality, which is why you pay a slightly higher price. Sushi isn’t cheap to begin with people! The same people who would complain about the price of Sushi at this place, are the same people who will go to CiCi’s for cheap pizza. If price is everything to you, then don’t go UMI’s… but if you want THEE BEST Sushi you can find in Richmond, this is it hands down. And by the way, my wife and I have eaten here once a month for the last 2 years, and we haven’t been sick once.

  129. Lisa Riemann 2014/06

    The pics look amazing & show more slices of fish than actually come w the meal. Very expensive, 4 piece rolls start at $7. The combination plates start at about $30 & they say no substitutions & mean it. 1 slide of fish is $3 or $4 each. Maybe if they were more reasonable they wouldn’t have been empty 5:15 Sat.

  130. Dog Lovers Obedience School 2014/04

    very disappointed about this place, we went for lunch on a Saturday and had the worse service. The waiter was very confused when we asked for a regular Mai Tai drink, guessing he was the bartender too since he went behind the bar and pulled out a book for the recipe for the drink, and the drink came out green, not a Mai Tai. The sushi rolls are over priced $23-25 for spider roll during lunch. Surprised they are still in business the two times I have gone to this place it was practically empty.

  131. Kid Richmond 2013/03

    Best sushi place in Richmond and the only place in town that I’ll trust for sushi. They’re more of an upscale sushi restaurant and have delicious entrees and rolls you can’t find at other run of the mill places.

  132. Gordon Miller 2012/02

    I was not happy with the sushi here, it was not as good as Osaka in my opinion.

  133. John Gill 2011/03

    Awesome Japanese, especially lunch box and sushi. A bit pricy.

  134. Yung-Yeh Chang (Steven) 2008/12

    I am a Taiwanese and sushi culture is so into our country. Our nation has discovered our own sushi culture and many specialties are very different from original Japanese style. However such a characteristic fine food is so difficult to find in vicinity of Richmond area.

    Then one day I dined in this new opened Japanese restaurant when I visited short pump shopping center mall. I was totally stunned. I could not believe I finally found the taste I’ve craved for so many year since I left Taiwan.

    It’s amazing sushi rolls with so unique style are not like anything I have even taste in Japanese restaurant around Richmond area. Remember to ask for pictures of these beautiful sushi rolls!!! The album will definitely help you decide your meal.

    Next time when you come to visit your friends or families, don’t forget to ask them take you to the best sushi restaurant in Richmond!

  135. Dennis Little 2008/02

    We visited Umi last evening (7/20/08) for a 9pm dinner and WOW, we were impressed with everything about our visit. Umi opened within the last six months and I think that they might be the best-kept secret in Virginia sushi.

    The sushi was simply amazing and hands-down the very best we have had anywhere in Richmond. As a matter of fact, I think that Umi was every bit as good as some of the nationally recognized sushi places we have visited recently.

    We tried a variety of about a half-dozen different types of fish and they were all amazingly fresh and flavorful. We sampled both rolls and individual pieces. Presentation is a huge part of this restaurant and Umi has both the best presentation and best ambiance of any Japanese restaurant we have eaten at in the area (about seven others so far). This is a chic joint with up-scale lighting and furnishings — creating a very hip hangout.

    Of all the things that we noticed about the food, I think the most attractive was the pairings of fresh ingredients. Every bit of the food was extremely fresh. Umi has a full and wonderful flavor we have not found in other local sushi restaurants. Everything seems very carefully chosen and painstakingly put together.

    We ordered quite a lot of food and were blown away when our bill came out – only $35 for three rolls and six different pieces of sushi. You might think you were at a bargain sushi place with those prices.

    All I can say is well done Umi… very, very well done!

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