Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital

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Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital
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  1. Lynn Edris 2023/11

    We have been taking our pets to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 30 years. Dr. O’Neill and his staff are so dedicated to the practice and have always been fantastic with all our animals. We have four dogs now and wouldn’t think of taking them anywhere else. We love Tuckahoe! Highly recommend.


  2. Robin Gusti 2023/11

    There is no way to revisit this dirty and unkept environment of a daunting experience with an unprofessional and non-compassionate staff. I would be a higher carrier of their total neglect to the service of care if I ever came back to this awful hospital to care for my precious pets. They have been neglectful in treatment for well over a decade and I will never return to this terrible husband and wife team! Robin Gusti

  3. I Burlock 2023/09

    Tuckahoe Veterinary has taken wonderful care of our pets for many years. Always compassionate and quality care from this practice

  4. Leslie Saar 2023/09

    Very convenient! The staff was friendly and the doc was great with my cat.

  5. Connie Fox 2023/09

    Reasonable price.

  6. William Morris 2023/08

    Dr O’Neill and the Tuckahoe Veterinary team always take personal and professional care of our furry family members. We have been with Tuckahoe Veterinary for over two decades, and highly recommend their team and services.


  7. Gracie Hughes 2023/08

    We’ve been with Tuckahoe and Dr. O’Niell since I rescued my first pup in 2021. Now we have a second pup that we got as a puppy and they both have always been to Tuckahoe no matter their needs. From vaccinations, flea and tick, heart worm prevention and even spay/ neuter they have multiple options and are EXTREMELY fair in pricing for our area. Price does not matter when giving my pups good quality care but it is definitely a plus! Dr. O’Niell and his entire team are great, responsive, informative, and truly care about our furry family. We even moved 30+ minutes away last year and still make the drive to them. Cannot recommend enough


  8. Tracey Denby 2023/07

    Dr.O’Niell is awesome! Staff is awesome as well! My pets are happy and well cared for!

  9. Amazing Dental 2023/06

    Always helpful and there when needed. I want to thank you Dr. O’Neal and Dr. Jeffers with your caring of my pets. I tell anyone whom is seeking a Veterinary Hospital that Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital is the place to go. Again Thank You for being so caring.

  10. Stacie Cappelletti 2023/06

    Needed somewhere quickly for our little dog who scratched her eye and was in discomfort. They got us right in as new patients and took great care of her! 🙂

  11. Lena Davis 2023/06

    They were so helpful and squeezed me in last second when noone else could one day. They were patient with my questions, and my little Lulu has been healthy since.

  12. Nikki DeMarco 2023/06

    My dog had a cancer scare when a tumor popped up suddenly and grew quickly. The staff and doctors at Tuckahoe Vet Hospital were extremely accommodating and kind. I was able to get an appointment the day after I called. They were honest about my dog’s prognosis and upfront with pricing for surgery (which wasn’t bad at all!). Pathology results came back quickly. Communication between myself and Dr. O’Neill was professional, timely, and kind.

    I have been going here for the past 8 years and hope that I’ll still be able to go for many more!

  13. Don Collins 2023/06

    Our dog, Pepe, has been at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for 6-1/2 years. He has always received top quality caring attention.

  14. Edward Miller 2023/06

    Staff is friendly and professional, they always take good care of my pet, and are helpful when calling with questions!

  15. Stephanie R 2023/03

    Very good vet

  16. Joshua Bernick 2023/03

    We rescued a dog from Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue (SSR) and they provided us with a chip when we signed the paperwork. Our local vet refused to use the home again chip and we would have had to pay $60 just to use their approved product.

    Tuckahoe was able to help us and charged us $35 to get our rescue chipped and they are familiar with SSR.

    Don’t let the looks of this animal hospital fool you, yes it does feel a bit antiquated, but the staff are friendly and the veterinarian is experienced and was kind to my pup. They are a bit of a drive from my house, but if I lived closer I’d be happy to use their services.

  17. Lin Xie 2023/03

    He is a very nice and caring Doctor that you can trust.

  18. Suzanne Keesler 2023/03

    Always has been a great experience at Tuckahoe Veterinary! I’ve been coming here with my pets for many, many years.

  19. Beverly Alexander 2023/03

    Everything a veterinarian should be! Dr. O’NEILL and staff are the complete package. Their love for animals shows in all they do. They understand exactly how owners feel and what they are going through when things get difficult. If you have a pet, this is where you should bring your beloved animal.

  20. george gibson 2023/02

    Dr O’Neill is the best!

  21. Chris “ChrisBGramz” 2023/01

    👍👍 …

  22. Diane 2023/01

    I continue to have wonderful and gratifying experiences at Tuckahoe Veterinary. The doctors are extremely compassionate and, of course, quite knowledgeable. You are always aware of how concerned they are and how diligently they work to care for your pet. And they always follow up with a phone call which I very much appreciate.

  23. Sian Byron 2023/01

    I have been taking my animals to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. All the staff are always polite, efficient, and accommodating. The vet(s) are excellent.

  24. Judith Kirkendall 2022/11

    My dog, Oliver, was treated beautifully in his first visit to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital. He is a senior fellow and very well examined, cared for, and clear information provided for him until another visit is needed. Thank you!

  25. Tatiana Pestova 2022/11

    Amazing team; always do what is right for your pet; no unnecessary prescriptions. I have been going to this office with several generations of my pets; always trust them. We have 12 years old maltese mix with heart problem; Dr. O’niell prescribed a right medication- no coughing any more, our dog enjoys life as a puppy again. I use this office for boarding as well; very reasonable price, and animals come back calm and healthy. Recommend 100%.

  26. Bernice Wood 2022/10

    Very kind and friendly people and will take very good care of your pets

  27. Lana Qaqish 2022/10

    Very impressed with the compassion and care we were shown – from the very first phone call. I had so much trouble finding someone who would be able to see my 10 year old Shih Tzu on an emergency basis for a nose bleed. Almost every office I called turned us away due to being over booked or would not see us due to being new patients. Without hesitation, Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital was able to get us in the same morning. I would recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you for your kindness and for taking care of my fur baby.

  28. Heather Rdomnai 2022/09

    I take my animals to Dr. O’Neill, he and the staff are so kind and compassionate and genuinely care about the animals. The best vet I’ve ever been to.

  29. Sarah Forbes 2022/09

    The staff here are always so kind and helpful! You can tell how much they really care about animals, and we have always been very happy with our experiences here!

  30. MeMe Mays 2022/09

    Have taken all my cats here and Dr O’Neill is the best!
    He is up front with you, they give you no hidden fee pricing for procedures, and go above and beyond when you fur baby is sick.
    They called me every day my cat was with them with a UTI and gave me updates.
    Super professional and very caring!

  31. Greg Eddy 2022/09

    Dr. Fielding & Jaquelin O’Niell have created a first class experience for our pets. They take all of our concerns seriously, and the patient always comes first. While they offer best in class care, they also show extreme compassion and empathy. They have always been there for our fur babies and have continuously provided quality healthcare in support of our pups well being. Thank you Team O’Niell!


  32. Mind Elevate 2022/08

    I don’t really post things online but I really had to for this hospital. Dr. O,Neil is truly the best and honest Vet. I can tell he is very professional and have great knowledge for our pets. I used to take my Dog to another hospital, but I could tell they started to change and mostly wanted milk for profit, not telling the owners fully truth and wanted to test all the time, like they didn’t know unless tested, but Dr. ONeil knew right away what was wrong with my Dog and gave great care and advice. May God truly bless you and your honesty and having great care for the ones we love! I just wished I would of went here sooner, I am truly grateful that I have met someone with real care. Truly really bless you sir from bottom of my heart!

  33. Kenneth Miller 2022/08

    Dr O’Neil and the tuckahoe team has cared for all our pets for over 30 years. They are AMAZING. We have relied on them for routine vet care, urgent care and surgeries including amputation / cancer treatment. You can tell that they all genuinely care for the well-being of pets and people that are part of the Tuckahoe Vet family. So very thankful for their knowledge and care every step of the way. — Angela, a very happy pet parent.

  34. Leah Wells-Marshburn 2022/08

    BLUF: Dr. Fielding O’Niell is the best vet I’ve ever known. I would not consider going elsewhere.

    Over the last 18 years, I have taken 5 dogs and 1 cat for their routine care to 9 different vet clinics in 6 cities spread over 4 states up and down the eastern US from rural West Virginia to northern Virginia to Miami, FL, 2 vets in RIC, and several places in between. I’ve also had to use some after hours/emergency vet hospitals for 2 dogs and 1 injured wild bird. After all this experience, I’ve never had a vet I trust more than Dr. Fielding O’Niell at Tuckahoe Vet Hospital. Not only is he excellent at veterinary care, he’s also wonderful to talk to and to learn from. Further, he is involved in our community and other communities outside of our area to aid in the care and rescue of animals. He was instrumental in Hurricane Katrina pet rescue efforts and fundraising. He is clearly passionate about what he does and is doing this for so much more than income.

    Dr. O’Niell has taken excellent care of my 3 Australian shepherds from ages 2 to 13 years, treating them as if they are his own. He has empathy for the owner/pet parent during difficult circumstances they may be facing, such as pet illnesses, injuries, and aging. He also is wonderful with all 3 of my dogs, one who has behavioral challenges in the clinic, another who is hearing impaired, and the third who is elderly with hip dysplasia and associated anxiety. He brainstorms with me to come up with the best solutions for my pets and our household. He is patient and compassionate with people and animals, skilled, and current with evidence-based veterinary medicine and pharmacology.

    $ – Pricing is perfectly reasonable and less expensive than the other clinic we tried in Short Pump.

    It’s possible you could find a vet clinic with later hours, maybe even a clinic open on the weekend or with boarding or full service grooming, which may be a priority for some, but for those whose priority is the quality of care your beloved pet will receive, I doubt you will find a better veterinarian than Dr. O’Niell.

  35. Jo Hanna Carswell 2022/07

    Dr. ONeil and staff are wonderful, I have taking our Family member there for over 35 years, if you want good caring care for your love ones,Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital is the place.

  36. Alan Sidenberg 2022/07

    trust Dr. O’Neil!!

  37. Chelsea Pritchard 2022/06

    Dr. O’Neil and his vet techs were kind and caring during our time at this office. However sadly, due to his popularity it is very difficult to get an appointment with him.

    If you can’t see Dr. Fielding O’Neil, run far far far away as fast as you can. Dr. Jeffers’ lack of compassion and professionalism with a patient of around 3 years was absolutely disgusting. My poor pup suffered greatly due to her negligence.

  38. Robert Yancey 2022/06

    Has been our pets Dr. since 1996.

  39. Sheila Porter 2022/06

    I love them all, from the time we walked in the door. Thank you ever so much for taking care of the very vocal Fred ! ❤

  40. Gerald L. Campbell 2022/06

    Dr. O’Neil has been taking care of my dogs for over 30 years. He is kind, compassionate and cares about animals. The staff is amazing. I am thankful that my animal’s health is in his hands. I wouldn’t won’t to use anyone else other than Tuckahoe Veterinary

  41. Larry Contratti 2022/06

    Took my puppy in for a checkup in March 2022. They were on time, thorough, and kind. We will be returning for the next one.

  42. Martha Lawson 2022/05

    This vet went above and beyond…even taking my cat home with him for the weekend..performed surgery at midnite ..called every day with an update..so dedicated to his profession..
    The best!!! Staff too…so great

  43. Barbara Myrick 2022/04

    Years ago I had used Tuckahoe Vet Hospital. I was delighted to know the same Dr was still there and just as concerned and attentive as he had been over 20 years ago! The entire staff was professional and listened to my concerns about my pet. They focused on my pet and her needs and gave me useful feedback.
    I highly recommend Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital.

  44. Tami Adams 2022/03

    Staff is compassionate and smart. My pets are extremely well cared for and treated with kindness. This is the best vet for great care without pressure to do extraordinary spending – that’s really important in an end-of-life situation. Such a nice place, nice people, nice experience every time.

  45. Kourtnee Adkins 2022/03

    Tuckahoe Vet is the best vetinary hospital ever. It’s the only one I have dealt with since I’ve had animals. My mom goes there as well for her dog that’s how I heard about them. I just love Dr O’Neil.

  46. Deborah Samsky 2022/03

    Always a good experience. Love the Staff!!!

  47. Craig Pelletier 2022/03

    I wish my Doctor would learn about promptness from my Cat doctor.
    Fast service and kind to my Fur Ball

  48. Julia Hebner 2022/03

    Our yellow Lab Bobo got into some trouble with some critter — wasps? a snake? — and the left side of his head swelled up. It was itchy and infected and he developed an open oozing sore. The doctor and staff at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital made time for an emergency check-up during their tight schedule and asked for email photos to keep track of his progress. Thanks to them, our world’s-best-dog is again in tip-top shape!

  49. Loretta Fleming 2022/02

    We’ve been with them for 23 years and they are the best.

  50. Thomas Blue 2022/02

    Dr O’Neill is the best and ONLY doctor for our wonderful mini.poodle. He and all his staff are so friendly and caring!! We’ve had a crisis or two through the years, and TVH has guided us through each time. Many thanks. Judy Blue

  51. Dell workout 2022/01

    Doctors and staff are fantastic.

  52. Ashley Carter 2022/01

    Despite living in the Fan, I still make the trek out to Tuckahoe Vet 🙂
    I’ve been going to Tuckahoe Vet for nearly a decade and with a puppy now. I had to put my 16 year old bichon to sleep a year ago and the office was wonderful during an impossibly difficult several months of sometimes weekly visits. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jeffers, Jessica (tech), Jacqueline (practice manager), and Allie (front desk). Thankfully, with a puppy, our visits are less frequent but reassuring to know they are always there.
    I love this vet office. Dr. O’Neill is excellent–very helpful, compassionate, informative, expert in his field. Vet care is certainly no small expense but I’ve found this office to be more affordable than the practice I used when I lived in Virginia Beach. The office staff has similarly been helpful and diligent in fitting me in when a same day visit was necessary.


  53. Angie Schlossberg 2022/01

    In and out very quickly! They were knowledgeable and didn’t give my pet more shots than were necessary. They scanned to make sure the microchip was still in properly. And they gave helpful advice when I called regarding the difficulty of getting my cat in the carrier prior to the appointment.

  54. Bonita Scott 2022/01

    I love the staff

  55. MARIA DIAZ 2022/01

    Pleasant from the 1st initial contact. The staff are friendly and answered any questions I had. My puppy was comfortable & he was treated great.

  56. Giancarla Georgiades 2021/11

    This is the most compassionate and caring vet that I’ve ever met. Recently I had to put my dog to sleep and the entire staff walked me through the process with so much empathy I couldn’t believe it. They all signed a condolence card and enclosed a packet of wild flowers to plant for my pet as well. I can’t say enough about them. Super great job Dr. O’neal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  57. Gina Torres 2021/11

    The absolute best! I don’t take my pups anywhere else!

  58. Butch Ammon 2021/10

    Tuckahoe Vet is amazing! We have used them for decades.. Very professional and they get to know you and your own very well.

  59. TheBobbiMarie 2021/10

    We’ve taken our dogs and cats from North Chesterfield to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital since 1993 because Dr. Fielding O’Niell is the absolute BEST in his field! I’ve referred countless pet owners to him and they’ve all been as pleased as I am with his care of their animals. The day he retires, is the day I’ll stop owning pets!

  60. Mamie Farley 2021/10

    Everyone at Tuckahoe Vet works together to take excellent care of my pets!

  61. Helen Webb 2021/09

    The staff are very responsive to my phone calls and requests for appointments, questions or medications. Everyone at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital are friendly and show concern and love for animals, which means I know my cat is in good hands!

  62. Diane La Marr 2021/08

    We have been with the Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for 11 years. With 50+ years of experience, Dr. O’Neill is a skilled and insightful vet. He successfully performed life-threatening surgery on our dog and has continued to provide specialized care for his kidney issues. With our latest rescue cat, Dr. O’Neill knew right off the cause of her skin issues and counseled us on her care. We wouldn’t go to any other vet!

  63. Lisa Ross 2021/08

    Dr. O’Neil is AMAZING! This office has such compassion for our animals. We have been with them many years and even though it is out of our way to bring our pets here, we still make the drive . They are honest and kind folks!

  64. Debra Schneider 2021/07

    I have used Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. Dr. O’Neill and his wife (who helps run the business) are fine, caring professionals. Over the years, we’ve had numerous dogs with varying ailments. At every turn, the excellent staff at Tuckahoe Vet have cared for our pets (and for us!) with utmost expertise and kindness. I recommend them without reserve.

  65. Hilda Herrmann 2021/06

    I have been taking my fur babies to tuckahoe vet for a long time .(20 years) and have been very happy with the care they have given my Maltese and chihuahua and Pomeranian .. Dr Fielding iO’Neil s a grest Vet doctor 👍 …

  66. stanley coates 2021/06

    I went with my nephew to put his 14 yr old dog to sleep. The staff was wonderful and you could see emotionally affected. the procedure was quick & painless. They were very genuine when they said sorry for your loss. They gave us as much time as needed to say goodbye. the women at the reception desk were kind, one telling him how sorry she felt for him as she too has a 14 year old dog and she dreads having to face the inevitable. They sent him a sympathy card and forget me not seeds to plant in the spring as a rememberance. He told me today he was touched by this kind gesture.

  67. Yonathan Dominguez 2021/06

    Loved this place, friendly staff, first time vacs for kitten

  68. C. L. McLaughlin 2021/05

    Really lovely people working here, Dr. O’Neill takes a lot of time and care in talking to you and making sure your pets get everything they need. This was an excellent experience!

  69. Martha McFadden 2021/05

    Every experience I have had with the Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital has been excellent. The staff who greets you are warm and friendly, and very helpful. The Vetnarians are skilled and very professional. My dog loves going there, regardless of the shots, etc., he gets there, because he is treated with love and gentleness. I would highly recommend this Hospital to anyone with a pet.

  70. Janice Feggins 2021/05

    Tuckahoe Veterinary took AWESOME care of my dog Dove.
    Dove is back eating and playing thanks to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital.
    I will be using them again and I highly recommend them.
    Thanks again Tuckahoe Veterinary.

  71. Charlotte Smith 2021/05

    Tuckahoe has provided my veterinary needs for years and I couldn’t be happier with the service, care, or attention to my pets unique or not so unique needs. The wonderful thing is no condition has ever been misdiagnosed which is more than I can say for my doctors. 😊 …

  72. Linda Latimer 2021/05

    Dr O’Neill is the absolute best veterinarian He is so compassionate and caring. I have trusted many pets to his care.

  73. Michelle “Tara” Clarke 2021/04

    The tuckahoe team is always responsive to your calls and needs.They take the best care possible for your pet whether it’s an annual exam,, emergency exam and anything else needed for My dog Milo began his veterinary visits there from the beginning as a puppy. In Ict of 2030 he was diagnosed its with kidney failure, but he stayed with us for 6 more months whereby he went into complete kidney failure and was euthanized to my heartbreak. Dr O’Neill was so compassionate and caring and even tho Milo was a terrier at his vet visits Dr I’Neill sent him to his final destination with the care that could have been no more compassionate. Tuckahoe Vet will always have fond memories to me because of the excellent, compassionate, care that they give all their pet patients.

  74. Thomas E. Grant Jr 2021/04

    Excellent! Staff and Doctor knowledgeable!

  75. john moeun 2021/04

    I love this place. Friendly staff and finally a vet that actually cares about your pet and not trying to gouge you for all of your money. I started going here a year ago. A recommendation from a friend. I’ve been recommending tuckahoe vet to everyone who asks about a vet.

  76. Angela Ingram 2021/03

    I just wanted help for my rescue fur baby. 😞 . There was a lack of care from the rescue facility we got her from. The mgr. at TVH was very unprofessional and unsympathetic when answering phone. Doctor O’Neill is great. Decided to go with another vet . …

  77. S Bradbury 2021/02

    Great vet, very efficient

  78. Bree Raison 2021/02

    The vet and the staff are friendly, and seem to give great care. But the facility is dirty, and the smell of cat pee hits you as soon as you open the door.

  79. Lauren Meyer 2021/02

    Great virtual appointment and instructions from the Dr., I will be returning for regular vet appointments going forward!

  80. Brigitta Lewis 2021/01

    Caring staff and super helpful. Great at communicating too

  81. Kurtis Burcume 2020/12

    TVH has been my Vet since day one. Dr. O’Neil is very knowledgeable and you can tell he has a passion for his profession. I highly recommend.

  82. Jane Rosecrans 2020/10

    I love Tuckahoe Vet. Dr. O’Neill is a brilliant diagnostician and is known for his expertise throughout the vet community in Richmond. He keeps up with research on animal conditions and diseases and is compassionate and warm. I love talking to him about my dogs.

  83. Brian R 2020/09

    Dr. O’Neil and the staff are awesome. I have been bouncing around trying to find the right doctor since my move to Henrico. Dr. O’Neil is my third veterinarian after trying a couple that were recommended. Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital fit my dog in when others couldn’t/wouldn’t. He was honest, caring and the price was reasonable, and he is now my family veterinarian

  84. Jo Brandon 2020/09

    Absolutely love this place! I would not take my pup anywhere else. 🐶 …

  85. dede davis 2020/09

    Because of Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital’s decades of experience, they are able to diagnose many issues without a lot of expensive tests. They truly have your pet’s best interest at heart!!!

  86. Greg Moore 2020/09

    The professional staff of Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital has been caring for the pups in my household for more than 35 years! Large dogs, small dogs … “Millard”, “Ginger”, “Lady”, “Rusty”, “Rocky”, “Xander” and now “Mac”… all have lived long & healthy lives under the care of Dr. Fielding O’neill and his partners & staff. They have all been there to hold both hand & paw through the good times & the tough times. In short…THEY ARE THE BEST! Greg Moore

  87. Patty Kish 2020/08

    I was so happy to have found such a knowledgeable & caring vet in Dr. O’Neill. I have a young German short haired pointer who has Addison’s disease, and not only have they taken excellent care of my dog, they have reassured me that with the proper care he can live a long and happy life.

  88. Mitzi van der Veer 2020/08

    Tuckahoe Veterinary has provided nothing but expert, loving and intelligent care to our sweet pug. He never hesitates to go in. Cannot say enough positive things about this practice. They are excellent!

  89. Kathryn Jones 2020/08

    Dr. O’Neil is so excellent. I’ve never been happier with a veterinarian. He’s taken care of three of my cats and I would never go anywhere else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  90. Kathleen Kay 2020/08

    Wonderful, personal care and reasonably priced. Dr. Jeffers is amazing. My old vet would have a tech call me to explain things, I would have questions, she would ask the vet then call me back. Here, Dr. Jeffers always calls me personally so we can talk about my dog’s care together.

  91. Derek Starr Redwine 2020/08

    Staff is always friendly and my dog always leaves happy!

  92. Liz Reese 2020/07

    Best Vet Office in Richmond. I have been a client for over 40 years.

  93. Angel Hernandez 2020/07

    Awesome staff

  94. Seth Zink 2020/06

    Dr. O’Niell is a genuinely beautiful, kind, compassionate, empathetic human being who truly cares for all of the animals he treats. I have never before had a Vet quite like him, and I doubt I ever will again.

  95. Barry Kohn 2020/06

    Dr. O’Neil and Dr Jeffers have been treating our furry family members for the past 25 years. My dogs and I greatly appreciate their professionalism, and excellent services rendered. Highly recommended.


  96. Jason Celeste 2020/06

    Always extremely well taken care of at TVH. I wouldn’t take Andy anywhere else!


  97. Dallas Meeks 2020/06

    Great vet. My dog had a uterine infection and they removed her uterus. Took really good care of her.

  98. Sarah Wiley 2020/06

    I switched to tuckahoe vet because my old vet was quoting very high prices for the care of our pups. With a great recommendation from a friend and now several friends I contacted TVC.
    My 7 year old cairn terrier needed a teeth cleaning. TVC wanted to see her ahead of time. We are living during covid so I have actually never been inside the office. A cute attendant came out to get Pippa and took her in. Very reasonable charge for this quick assessment and then several weeks later, I went through the same motions in the parking lot. Doctor calls to car and home. All very friendly and easy. And costs are very reasonable. Thanks for your care for our pets!

  99. Amit Bhanot 2020/06

    I took my 2 month old puppy to them and they were very friendly. They took really good care of my puppy. My dog loves them, he’s always happy to see them.

  100. Brian Laney 2020/05

    A quality veterinary experience. Knowledgeable, kind, and caring staff.

  101. Ian Trapp 2020/04

    Amazing people and compassionate care!

  102. Nhu Doan 2020/04

    So my cat had scratched he forehead so we took her to this vet, and they took very good care of her but the prices are a little high for putting some medicine on he forehead but that it worth for my cats health. Amazing

  103. Lynne Plummer 2020/04

    Their love and passion for the animals are beyond compare. From the time you walk in you feel like family. They know your fur babies by name as well as you.
    I would not take my babies anywhere else. Tuckahoe Veterinarian is the best

  104. Lee Boughman 2020/04

    Takes great care of my pets

  105. michael tolive 2020/03

    great vet. the staff is wonderful. I will recommend to all my friends.

  106. Kari Childress 2020/03

    We have been taking our pets to Tuckahoe for over 20 years and have always received quality care. The staff has always been friendly, efficient and attentive. Highly recommend!

  107. Diane Jaskot 2020/03

    Excellent care with compassion!

  108. Susan Gilstrap 2020/03

    I love this vet! Just got off the phone with Dr O’Neill (apologies if spelling is inaccurate). I had called with the intention of making an appointment for my cat. After discussing our situation for a good 10 minutes or more, he suggested some steps to take first.
    Many office visits take about the same amount of time and can cost an amount which is difficult to handle. This practice is definately in it for the animals and their families and not for the money. Susan Gilstrap ❤🐕 and🐈

  109. Brent Bowden 2020/02

    I got an appointment for my cat right away, and the staff were very friendly. The cost for the exam and meds were a lot less than I expected!

  110. Kirk Collins 2020/02

    We’ve been going there 23 years. Even though we moved from nearby, we will never take our pets any place else.

  111. Sam L 2020/01

    Been going to them forever now only place I’ve taken my animals to since I’ve been in Richmond and they’re just so good! Plus the prices aren’t horrible either!!!!!! Love u guys!

  112. Galen Hogan-Barden 2020/01

    I am affording TVH a second star due to the difficult times we live in. TVH vaccinated one of my dogs after being told explicitly TWICE that he did not need vaccinations AND having his complete vaccination records. It cost us over $100 of needless vaccines. They did not address their mistake after we brought it to their attention. They simply said “his records indicated that he was due for vaccines,” which was not true. I’ll say the staff is polite and accommodating and that the necessary precautions being taken to prevent the spread of COVID make giving good care more difficult. However, the staff obviously did not read my dogs records fully, the vet called me after giving care rather than before to confirm care and when confronted with the mistake, the staff literally refused to address the extra $100+ of useless care they provided. Perhaps they provide adequate care during normal operations, but until then I recommend you take your animals elsewhere.

  113. Mary Jo Fields 2020/01

    Dr. O’Neill and the staff at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital have taken care of our pets for 27 years. They are wonderful. My husband says that Dr. O’Neill is a walking pet encyclopedia, and he is right!

  114. Brian Swenk 2019/11

    This is one of the best vets I’ve ever had. I’ve lived here for about 4 years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff and vets know all of our animals by name and personality and they genuinely care how they’re doing. Dr Oneil went down to New Orleans and volunteered for all the animals abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. That tells you what kind of guy he is.

  115. Henry Gonzalez 2019/10

    Always there when we need them the most.

  116. S J 2019/10

    My cat has been going to Tuckahoe Vetinary for years and they have been nothing but amazing! Greeting my kitty by name every time I bring her in. They are the best in town!!

  117. Alex Graves 2019/10

    Our family can’t say enough about the empathetic care that Tuckahoe Vet showed to our Beagle Rooby. Each employee was considerate, kind compassionate and supportive through all the care she received. Thank you all for everything.

  118. Stacey Hill 2019/10

    Always helpful, doesn’t overcharge you. They all seem to love your pets as much as you do!

  119. Sharon and the dogs brewer 2019/10

    Always easy and I love Dr. O’neil and his fill in Dr. Jeffers! I also take dogs to train and sit quietly in the waiting area. We LOVE Allie, she is the best!!💕 …

  120. Jonathan Sisk 2019/10

    Okay, so it takes me ten years to post a review but these guys are worth the effort. The staff could not have been more kind, professional and thorough looking after my late Lab mix.

  121. Amanda Flanagan 2019/09

    this place is amazing is always helpful to us. When my dog has a reoccurring infection which she gets under her collar because she has sensitive skin they just called the prescription and and all I have to do is send a picture I never have to come in for an office visit for something that’s ridiculous. They treat every animal as if they are their own. I love this vet and we had a great experience especially when our former dog had cancer and then later passed. They’re compassionate, loving and really care about their animals I recommend this to everyone who loves their pet. Bring your animal here!

  122. Darcy J. 2019/09

    My dog and I love it here. They’re so friendly and sweet!

  123. betty nethery 2019/09

    Kindest veterinarians in Richmond

  124. Rachel Baines 2019/09

    I called them the other day because my cat seemed like she wasn’t doing so good. I have never been to this vet hospital before, but they were still going to take my cat in that day. Unfortunately, my cat passed before I could get there. What really surprised me was I received a special card in the mail, that was hand signed by individuals who work at the hospital. I thought that this just shows how caring these people are. Thank you!

  125. Tina Ngo 2019/09

    I was here for the first time to get my fur baby a check up; unfortunately shortly after the consultation she passed away from her illness. However, this facility was very welcoming to me and my dog, informed me with genuine love and kindness about her conditions, and had very caring staff members who showed great understanding of their craft. They even sent to me notecards regarding my dog’s passing, which was an incredibly heart touching action. Dr. O’Niell, in the short time of meeting him, came across as a very empathetic, kind person. I highly recommend this veterinary facility, and would definitely bring any of my future fur babies back here.

  126. Melanie Barnes 2019/09

    I can not say enough good things about Tuckahoe Vets staff and care given to each animal.

  127. Amanda Beas 2019/08

    Great staff, took the time to explain everything in detail. Very affordable.

  128. Eucharia Jackson 2019/08

    Dr. O’Neil and the staff go above and beyond the call of duty. They’re very kind and listen attentively. They provide very high quality veterinary care with an added personal touch. Dr. O’Neil Trieloff cared about my dog Ginger and followed up on her constantly.

  129. Anne Twisdale 2019/08

    I have been with Tuckahoe Vets ever since I got my dog, Katy, over 14 years ago. This is the first time that I have ever had a dog who actually enjoys going to the vets. The staff is so kind & friendly, & she enjoys all the attention. She absolutely loves Dr. O’Neill, & so do my husband & I. He is kind, compassionate, & never makes us feel rushed, We are also very fond of Dr. Jeffers, although we havn’t seen has as much as Dr. O’NeillI I would not go anywhere else.

  130. Amanda McCalla 2019/07

    They are simply the best! We have entrusted their care with 3 of our pups, and I would not go anywhere else! Dr. Fielding O’Niell is so caring, knowledgeable, and kind! The front desk staff and all the vet techs are wonderful! Their prices are fair, and they are awesome about accommodating you for appointments. Love Tuckahoe Vet!!
    Also: Dr. Jeffers is amazing too! She is so thorough and knowledgeable. Ally the vet tech is the best in all the land!

  131. Brooks Kelley 2019/07

    Had pleasant experiences up until my last visit. I had two dogs fixed at tuckahoe vet. One dog was fine but the other one developed a baseball sized hematoma next to the insision after a few days post surgery. Originally took the dog back to tuckahoe where they insisted nothing was wrong. Dog was clearly not acting normal and was showing signs of pain and discomfort. A day or so later the hematoma ruptured leaving a half dollar sized hole in my dogs stomach that was gushing out blood and other fluids. I called tuckahoe and tried to rush him over but was told no vets were in the office and got put on hold for several minutes. I hung up and rushed the dog to another vet on Patterson where they performed an emergency operation. I proceeded to take the quote from the Patterson vet to tuckahoe to show them what kind of damages had been done to my animal where once again no vets, owners, or office managers were on sight. The nice lady at the front desk copied my quote and insisted someone would be reaching out to me but I have yet to hear anything back. I’m not happy with the level of service I’ve recieved after spending good money and trusting this place with several animals over a few years time. No apologies, no calls or emails reaching out to check in, no communication whatsoever. Unacceptable way to handle and conduct business. This place lost my business and I will make sure to tell anyone discussing animal care to avoid Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital.

  132. L Hayden 2019/07

    Very knowledgeable doctors who love your furry family members as much as you do. Dr. Fielding O’Neill has been the veterinarian for three of our K9 Fur babies (all rescues). He saved Terrence Wonderpup “Terry-dog” when he was a puppy with Parvovirus; He cared for Milton Trevor, my first Beagle; now, he cares for Georgia Scout, my second Beagle. The staff is very courteous and helpful.


  133. GAIL Socia 2019/06

    Dr. O’Neal and staff are always concerned about one’s pet and give prompt and loving attention !!

  134. colette coates 2019/06

    I have used Tuckahoe Veterinary hospital for all my dogs. Recently Dr. O’Neil argued with an emergency vet practice because he didn’t agree with the treatment they were going to give. I found out he was correct. I lost my 2 dogs within a month of each other. They were compassionate and helped me deal with my grief. Jaqueline his manager is wonderful. My animals were also seen by Dr. Jeffers who also is a wonderful vet. The staff & assistants are great too. I have nothing but good things to say about this office & would recommend them to anyone who loves their pets.

  135. Pat Werrell 2019/06

    We have been clients at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital ever since Dr. O’Niell took over the practice. He is great & has taken care of our cats as if they were his own! The staff is equally as good. We have had a great experience with this establishment. I would highly recommend them!

    For the first time ever, I had to board my sweet cat. Although it is obvious that he is glad to be home, I can tell that he was well taken care of. Thank you to all of the staff who fed, gave medicine, & interacted with him while he was there!

  136. Madeline Torres 2019/05

    Have been a client for 10 years. They provide excellent care and the staff is always friendly and kind to both pets and owners. My son and his girlfriend bring their dogs from Northern Virginia to see Dr. O’Neil. They have always provided excellent care and quick solutions.

  137. BM Brrr 2019/05

    Tuckahoe Vet has been good to us through our ownership of four dogs and three cats over the last 16 years. Office staff is always exemplary as well. Many thanks to all!

  138. John Mattox 2019/04

    Great friendly service that truly cares about your pet at affordable prices.

  139. Valerie Collins 2019/04

    I have been going to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital since 1997.  The visiting rooms may not be all shiny but you will get the best care possible for your pet. I have taken both my cat and papillon dog for both routines and emergency visits and I have always been received graciously and with a lot of care.   Both Dr. Fielding O’Niell and Dr. Alexandra Jeffers are caring and knowledgeable vets.

  140. Janice Freed 2019/04

    Always take wonderful care of our 11 and a half year old black lab.

  141. Kat Harris 2019/04

    I’ve been bringing my dogs and cats here for almost 45 years. Always great service and warm, caring staff available to help out any way they can.

  142. Bella W 2019/03

    This is my Sophie. She’s 15 years old and very sick. I want to thank Dr Fielding O’Neill and the staff for all the love and care they have given my Sophie for all these years and when my Sophie had 3 pups they were very good taking care of them too. We were very lucky & smart to choose Tuckahoe Vet Hospital, 15 years ago.
    I know they will help my baby when her time to say goodbye comes. I know I’ll be very, very grateful for that.


  143. Tamara Morgan 2019/03

    I was really sad when I had to put down my Remy. The card that I recieved in the following week and Tuckahoe’s professionalism, empathy and compassion lessened the impact of that pain as much as it could. I have one baby left and I will only trust them with her. Thank you (Changed my review because they lost my dog print and never even contacted me. Not only that, they said I didn’t purchase a dog print, called me back, said I did, then they didn’t offer any solutions or remorse!)


  144. Caroline Harding 2019/03

    Amazing vet and staff.

  145. CL 2019/03

    Best vet ever!!

  146. Taylor Vance 2019/03

    Tuckahoe Vet has knowledgeable, kind, and easy-to-talk-to vets and staff. I’ve moved around quite a bit with cats and dogs since 1980, tried a bunch of other vets in other cities, and my experience with Tuckahoe is at the top—a tie with my other favorite vet (in northern Va). I just recently moved back to Richmond, happy to be near Tuckahoe Vet. It’s a great relief to feel totally comfortable, trusting that the angel cat I have now is getting excellent care.

  147. Cecilia Gruessing 2019/03

    We love your services, but I find them expensive…. especially when there are places to go that don’t cost as much. You are still professionals. Why don’t you have discounts for shots and spaying?

  148. Lori Stone 2019/03

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else! This is by far the very best and has been for over 20 years of taking my pets to Dr. O’Niell.

  149. David Carter 2019/03

    The veterinary staff is phenomenal!

  150. Linda Grainer 2019/03

    I have been going to see Dr. O’Neil for over 20 years and he is the best vet ever. My dogs love him and you can tell that he loves the animals that he treats.

  151. Lynn Black 2019/02

    They have been taking the best care of my dogs for 15 years!

  152. Bev (Bevy) 2019/01

    The staff here are so personable. They take such good care of our fur babies. Drs. O’Neill and Jeffers are top notch. They take their time to explain and educate pet owners. I’ve learned a lot!

  153. Reggie Wallace 2019/01

    This is a great practice. Dr. Jeffers knows her business and has just the right touch. We felt like our patients got the best!

  154. Kyle Anglin 2018/11

    They are awesome to my pup and very convenient. They are always able to accommodate the times that work with my work schedule and again the most important point they take great care of my pup

  155. Ellen Stack 2018/11

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  156. JD S 2018/10

    The most friendly and caring doctors and staff. The clinic is at a great location and easy to get to. Always a good experience.

  157. Elizabeth Wilson 2018/10

    We have used Tuckahoe Veterinary for the care of our animals for many years and have total confidence in them. Everyone there, from the Veterinarians to the Technicians and everyone one else that works there are without a doubt the nicest, most caring people you will ever meet. They all truly love and care about animals. If you are looking for a loving and caring Veterinary Hospital for your animal don’t hesitate to take them to Dr. O’Niell at Tuckahoe!

  158. Gary Fields 2018/10

    Great veterinary.

  159. Robyn Backus 2018/10

    We had an amazing experience with Dr. Jeffers. My brother went to a different vet who failed to diagnose his dog and wanted him to pay for xrays to diagnose Pyometra. We decided to get a second opinion and luckily got an appointment same day with Dr. Jeffers, and withing 30 seconds of being in the room, she knew exactly what was wrong. She swabbed lily for bacteria and gave her a shot of antibiotics and some fluids, and she also called Helping Hands while in the room with us so she would know exactly what information they would need for her emergency surgery. She also followed up the next day and the day after that to make sure Lily made it through surgery. We are very happy pet owners and because of her, Lily is on the mend!

  160. Olga 2018/09

    I’ve been coming to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for 15 years. They took care of my two cats and I never had any complaints. The staff is very competent and friendly. I always felt welcomed. Dr. O’Neil is the best.

  161. Broaddus Hunt 2018/09

    Dr. O’Neil is the best vet I’ve ever been to. He and all of his staff are amazingly friendly and truly care about your pets as members of their extended family.

  162. fred norfleet 2018/09

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff have provided great care for our dogs Sophie and Beau.

  163. Emily Mance 2018/09

    I love how personal the staff is. This isn’t just a vet, this is family you are taking your pets to. I also love that their pricing is very reasonable, they are not the most expensive in Richmond but also aren’t the cheapest, and in this case it’s a good thing, you want to know you’re taking your animal baby to somewhere that is staffed with knowledgeable people who will give them the BEST care possible. That’s what you get with them. I couldn’t be more pleased with how they have handled every situation presented to them.

  164. Brock Salled 2018/09

    Dr. ONeill can be charming at times and at other visits rude and unprofessional. There are better places to care for your animal, do your research.

  165. Alli C 2018/09

    The staff is very accommodating and friendly.

  166. Amanda 2018/08

    I’ve been bringing my chihuahua here for 9 years and the staff is always so kind and gentle with her, despite her always being nervous at the vet, barking up a storm! Everyone here is very helpful and professional and the prices are very reasonable. I wouldn’t bring my doggie anywhere else.

  167. Tori K (T Kokes) 2018/08

    This is the only place I will ever be taking my pets. The staff here is extremely knowledgeable, appointments are quick, and my animals love it here!

  168. Susan George, REMAX Capital 2018/08

    I have been with Doctor O’Niell since the early 80s. He is a caring , knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarian. His staff is extremely helpful – I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tuckahoe Veterinarian Hospital!

  169. Gary Sager 2018/08

    I have been bringing my pets ( multiple dogs and cats ) to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for many years. Their staff and Dr’s are always very down to earth and definitely animal people. They treat me and my pets as if they were their own! I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking treatment, advice, or that terrible day when you have to let your animal go. These folks go the extra mile for you and your pet family!!!!!

  170. Ashley Marks 2018/08

    Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital is full of kind, caring staff that have made me and my dog feel welcome and have demonstrated a true care for my dog’s well being. The clinic is small, which makes it more quiet (very nice for my easily anxious dog). The veterinarian I have seen has taken the time to truly listen to my concerns and to share in my concerns, which has made my experience much better. Lastly, it was amazing how quickly the clinic made time for a last minute appointment when my dog was displaying some concerning behavior (and how much time the veterinarian made for him despite it being squeezed into her schedule).

  171. nAx PLURR 2018/08

    Excellent Staff!! Beyond friendly and caring and very knowledgeable. Went through all stages of shots with our new aussie puppy and not once have we considered going to another veterinarian because each and every experience was perfect

  172. Micki O'Carroll 2018/07

    I’ve been taking my pets to Dr. O’Neill since before he moved to the Tuckahoe location. I live on the other side of town and there are lots of closer vets but he is the best ever for my fur babies! It’s worth the extra effort to get there!

  173. jc vera 2018/06

    The staff is awesome. Definitely a come back place for my little ones!!!

  174. Sid Hays 2018/06

    We have taken our dogs and cats there for over 30 years. Love Dr ONeill and the other doctors that have served there. Compassion and skill are always demonstrated .

  175. Will Hammel 2018/06

    Great care.

  176. Katie T 2018/06

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences here. Dr. O’Neill is very friendly and has made sure that my puppy feels very comfortable while being seen and receiving shots. He also addresses all of my questions and concerns. My puppy loves going to the vet, just lots of friendly staff to give her attention.

  177. Rhonda Cavanaugh 2018/06

    I have been taking my animals to Tuckahoe Veterinarian Clinic for years ! The staff is kind and friendly.
    Dr. O’neil is amazing ! He has given wonderful care to my animals for many years. Their prices are very competitive. The caring and compassion they have for animals is apparent. If your looking for a great Vet for your animals , definitely try out Tuckahoe Veterinarian Hospital..

  178. Katherine Bates 2018/06

    My previous vet retired and I was in desperate need for a vet. Wow! I was so impressed with the customer service, kindness, guidance, and delivery of services from this team. One of my fur babies had a terrible eye situation. They got me in the same day I called and were so gentle, patient, and attentive while we there for the examination. I found my new vet team!!!

  179. Melanie K 2018/06

    Can’t say enough great things about Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital! We’ve trusted the care of our fur babies to Dr. O’Niell and his team for two decades. They have great hours and provide great service. They are caring, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and honest! If you are searching for a great veterinary hospital, look no further! This is the one!

  180. Amber Traylor 2018/05

    They really helped me in a time of need thank you guys so much

  181. Diane Tenore 2018/05

    As they will tell you at Tuckahoe Vet, Austin is a hard cat to handle! Everyone there treated me with kindness and Austin with kindness as well. Making our appointment was easy and the price was fair. I would highly recommend them!

  182. Jessica Varner 2018/04

    Tuckahoe vet has been my family vet for over 30 years. Extremely knowledgeable and courteous staff. And they really care about each one of their patients


    The owner / vet is a good caring person that looks out for the animals best interest 100% of the time and isn’t afraid to tell me my mistakes in handling them. He also has an awesome personality and unbelievably friendly.

  184. Patricia Sykes 2018/04

    My dog, Mick, has been going through a lot recently and both Dr. O’Neil and Jeffers have been so helpful in getting him back on the mend. Can’t thank them enough. Great experience every time we go.

  185. Claudette Carroll 2018/04

    We have been bringing our beloved furry children to Tuckahoe Veterinary since 1992. We trust Dr. O’Neill and Dr. Jeffers.
    The staff is always goes above and beyond to assist with accommodations of any aspect. Twenty six years of loyalty must say something about the integrity of the individuals that treat those that leave paw prints on our hearts.
    Highly recommended!

  186. Justin & Emily Knapp 2018/03

    So friendly and helpful and not pushy about things you can’t afford. Easy to schedule with online, and you can just drop by for medicine refills whenever you need them. I really feel like my fur babies are getting great care.

  187. Bonnie Ransone 2018/03

    I love Dr.O’Niell and the staff at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital. He has taken care of my pets for many years.

  188. Natalie Koestner 2018/03

    I brought my dog to Tuckahoe Vet Hospital for the first time to get a second opinion on a skin issue my dog was having and I am so happy I did! Dr.O’Niell was so thorough and very caring towards my dog. He really listened and gave reasonable medical advice that made sense and I could follow. The staff, in particular Allie and Jaquelin, were very personable and friendly. Allie was so helpful and made the booking process very easy . She also was quick with her communication with me after my visit when I reached out with additional questions I had. I am just so impressed by my entire experience and how great the customer service was. It is so hard to come by nowadays! I will continue to take my dog there for any issues he has. Would recommend to anyone that wants to work with a place that actually cares and loves what they do and not looking to just throw medicine at you!

  189. Shane McNamee 2018/02

    Seconding pretty much every comment on here. Fantastic people and service, and I always end up being charged less than I expected.

  190. Samantha Fleming 2018/02

    Same day appointment and the staff was amazing!

  191. Kathleen Hooker 2018/01

    Have been usi ng for 30 years


  192. Linda Allard 2017/11

    I love everything about this practice from he doctor to the admin staff.

  193. crankyoldguyva 2017/10

    These folks are always on time with appointments, everyone is very focused on the wellbeing of your pet.
    They have reasonable prices, great follow up.
    The Vet’s are very knowledgeable.
    I’ve been taking my dogs there for about 30 years and have never less than 100% satisfied.

  194. Joshua McMahon 2017/09

    We have been taking our 2 miniature Australian shepherds to Tuckahoe Veterinary since we accepted them into our home 18 months ago. The staff is always pleasant and the service is outstanding. Now that we live 30 minutes away, we still go back because the dogs love the service that they receive.

  195. Alice Quirk 2017/09

    The staff at Tuckahoe are always Great! They will always take care of my pets.

  196. David Childress 2017/09

    Just had another fine experience with Tuckahoe Vet Hospital & Dr. ONeill. Over the past 19 years, he and his staff have always been available, caring and helpful whenever one of our cats or dogs needed assistance. I am very glad to have Tuckahoe as a resource.

  197. Kelsey Brooks 2017/09

    All I know is that I paid $282 for an xray after my dog had a tragic accident. Then they sent me to an emergency vet clinic that couldn’t help me because I didn’t qualify for CareCredit. So I called my regular vet, Dr. Taylor, and they were more than willing to help, regardless of my financial situation. Upon arriving, they looked at the x-rays from this vet and said they had only done x-rays on the front half of his body when he obviously couldn’t walk whatsoever on his back legs when I had been to Tuckahoe vet. Don’t get me wrong they were very nice and supportive when I brought him in and even gave me a call back the next day to see how he was doing but again, why did I pay almost $300 for incomplete x-rays? To make matters worse, his back leg is broken, badly, and I don’t understand how a competent vet couldn’t see or at least think to do x-rays on his hind legs from examining him. I should’ve driven the 15 minutes to get to my vet instead of wasting 2 hours for nothing when my dog was in excruciating pain. I feel cheated and if 0 stars were an option they would be getting that.

  198. Byron Pennington 2017/09

    Great people who have helped our little friends for many years.


  199. A W 2017/09

    We have been going to Dr. O’Neil for decades. He is amazing and he’s helped with all of our pets since I was a child and now I’m over 30! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  200. Nancy Collins 2017/08

    I have been taking my pets to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 50 years! My parents started using their services for my very first pet when I was four. I have always received the best care for all my pets along with an extra dose of compassion. Thank you for giving the best care available to my family.

  201. Sara Watts Small 2017/08

    For 15 years we have trusted Dr. O’Neal and his wonderful staff with our pets. I’d never go anywhere else!

  202. Darrell Poff 2017/07

    Wonderful staff!

  203. Chris Parsons 2017/07

    Genuinely caring Vets….

  204. Mary Whittle 2017/07

    Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital is a wonderful place!! Quick appointments, very reasonable prices and gentle care for our furry friends. They have saved my greyhound’ s life with emergency surgery. Always rhe care my dogs need. Mary Whittle

  205. Matthew Flanagan 2017/07

    They have been great with our boxer.

  206. Robert Bane 2017/07

    Taking care of out family pets for years dr Oneal is the best and truely cares

  207. Lorrie Hill 2017/06

    I love this animal hospital. The staff is very friendly and the doctors are amazing. I’ve been taking a dogs there for 16 years.

  208. Charles Bizzell 2017/05

    We’ve been taking our cats & dogs to Tuckahoe Vet literally for decades, and they’ve never failed to provide the best care, and the best advice.

  209. Julie Bruner 2017/05

    I have been going to Tuckahoe Vets for many, many years and the care and attention all of my pets receive has been amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

  210. Sara Mackey 2017/05

    The staff at Tuckahoe Vet are friendly, helpful, and kind, and I appreciate the atmosphere of calm in the office. Dr. “O” has been wonderful to my animals and to me, and I’m very glad I found this practice.

  211. Ronny Parkerson 2017/04

    Changing to Dr. O’Neill at Tuckahoe Animal hospital was the best decision for our dog and for us. We were not getting answers for her problems other than “it’s nothing to worry about ” or “some dogs have that problem” etc. Dr. O’Neill recognized the problems quickly and was patient with us as he explained everything. Medication has helped to take care of nothing to worry about. A few extra minutes on the road has given extra years for our dog. Dr. O’ Neill and his staff are great. Also I like the way to make appointments. It’s different than others but easy and convenient. ( Too bad there are only 5 stars.)

  212. Lynne Plummer 2017/04

    Awesome with pets

  213. Michelle Pegler 2017/04

    Caring and experienced vets, especially Dr. O’Neill

  214. Kalita Pennington 2017/03

    Love this place. Been bringing my babies here for 10 years now. They have helped us with allergies, bladder stones, epilepsy, the whole nine. If they could treat humans, I would be their patient. Best vet in RVA!

  215. Lindsay Gilmer 2017/03

    My family and I have been coming to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital since 1986. Even when I had moved over 30 minutes away I wouldn’t have any other veterinarian. I have called in with a question or concern and Dr. O’Neill is readily available or returns my calls shortly. He is beyond great and the staff is always super friendly!

  216. Kristen Duke 2017/02

    We had a routine spay surgery done on our dog here. The surgery was not done well (by our new vets inspection) and they did not give her adequate medication to keep her calm after the surgery nor did they provide a cone. We were going to board her here, but upon seeing the boarding area, were pretty disturbed. I would highly advise against boarding your animal here. It’s a small utility room with cinderblock sections and wet floors, no windows or natural light of any kind, large plywood doors on each “stall” and the cats and dogs are about 3 feet apart from each other. Additionally, the vet was quite rude to me. The front desk persons were nice. I very rarely leave negative reviews but I felt I should given my poor experience.

  217. john fitzgerald 2017/01

    Everyone is very helpful and pleasant here, I will take my animals here as long as I live in Richmond.

  218. steven ashburn 2017/01

    We have trusted Tuckahoe Vet with the care of our pets since we first got them. The level of professionalism is only out done by the level of friendliness and the warmth of this family style practice.

  219. pat huband 2016/11

    Dr. O’Neill and his staff are the best. They are
    ALWAYS caring and considerate. We have our second dog, Emma, under his care as she reaches the end of her journey. His compassion and sincere understanding of the needs of the animal as well as the parents is consistently honest. He cares for each animal as if they were his own. His staff are equally caring. Would never use another vet in Richmond.

  220. Becky Lambert 2016/11

    I “accidentally” made an appointment with Dr. O’Neill in 1995 for our beloved wiener-dog Tony. It was one of the best mistakes of my life! We’ve been bringing our pets to Tuckahoe Vet since and have always received the best care. Even when we had to put Tony down, the support was amazing. He doesn’t nickel and dime you, gives you honest answers and has so much knowledge, experience and compassion. One of my fur-babies has been going through some limb issues and has had to be muzzled at other clinics… but not here. Vet tech’s are able to trim my other foot-shy dog’s nails that a groomer couldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Front staff is awesome including his wife Jacqueline.

  221. Kristen OSullivan 2016/11

    Caring for an elderly pet or a new family member, Tuckahoe Veterinary always welcomes with compassion. They are easy to work with for appointments and they are always on schedule. I enjoy the doctors and the front desk staff always treat you like family.

  222. pam courtney 2016/11

    I have been taking my cats here for years and am very pleased with the care and kindness of the staff. Doctor O’Neil is outstanding. I highly recommend
    Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital.

  223. Ruth McLean Braden 2016/10

    Dr O’Neil is the only vet in Richmond that I really trust with my fur babies. He has shown expert care, gentle handling and true love for animals through illnesses and the ultimate end of life decisions we unfortunately have had to make over the last 15 years. I highly recommend his office to anyone who wants the best care of their pets.

  224. Naomi Moon 2016/09

    The staff at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital have been so friendly and helpful to our family. We are new pet owners of a puppy and they were very patient with all our questions and extremely throrough with the examinations. They have never pushed any brands or procedures that they offer which I really appreciate. My family definitely recommends this place if you are looking for a vet in the west end!

  225. William 2016/09

    Fielding O’Neil and staff at the Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital know and love pets. They don’t rush you into added treatments for your dog or cat unless they feel it necessary, and they don’t push the latest fads in pet care like plaque cleaning. We take both our dog and cats there and we can’t speak more highly of the service.

    Peter Mason

  226. Hannah Braue 2016/08

    I’m new to the area and saw the vets office while driving to the DMV. Brought my super shy cat there and we had a wonderful experience. The girls at the front desk were friendly and personable (asking how to pronounce my cat’s name, what brought me to the area, etc.). Dr. Neil was very knowledgeable, handled my kitty well, and answered all my questions and concerns. When it came time to check out, the pricing was very reasonable and it went very smoothly. I will definitely be a loyal guest to this clinic!

  227. Kim Corker 2016/07

    From the treatment of his staff to the Dr. himself you can tell they really care about their 4 legged patients. We will not take our Penny anywhere else.

  228. Sandi Bergman 2016/06

    I drive across the river to see Dr. O’Neill. He caught a life threatening problem with our kitten on his first visit – kitten is now fine! We’ve been patients there for 20 years – all our pets go there. The entire staff are wonderful to work with and kind to our pets through all stages of their lives. I highly recommend this practice.

  229. Chandra Hulcher 2016/06

    I have been taking my pets to Dr. O’neil for 20 yrs. He is caring and thorough. The staff is very friendly as well. Prices are reasonable.

  230. Victoria Walk 2016/06

    We had recently moved into the area and took our Precious (dog) to this office and was very impressed with Dr. O’Niell and the staff. Sadly a couple months later we took Precious back to Dr. O’Niell knowing this time that my sweet baby would not be going home with us. Dr. O’Niell and his staff could not have been more compassionate, empathetic, gentle and kind. Stayed with us until she gently passed away and then gave us time alone with her. They made all the arrangements to have my sweet girl cremated for me. I did not have to worry about any of the details. I have never experienced an animal hospital so truly caring about the animals they treat and their humans.
    I highly recommend this Animal Hospital, you will not regret your decision to take your darlings there.

  231. Rachel Donahoe 2016/04

    Dr. Fielding O’Neil is a very compassionate and knowledgeable Veterinarian. He never pushes extra tests or procedures. He only recommends the necessities. He understands being on a budget and works with you. The office is very kind and loves animals. There is always a cat in the office that they take care of and greets you. The staff always takes your call and gives answers over the phone instead of just saying to come in. I’ve been going to them for 16+ years!

  232. do not use 2016/03

    Been bringing my dog, a chihuhua, here for 7 years, they always treat her with love, care, and patience, just like me! The staff is always nice even with my dog being quite loud when she’s at the vet because she’s get scared. The hospital is small and cozy. Highly recommended it!

  233. C Lee Lincoln 2016/02

    I HIGHLY recommend Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital, especially Dr.O’Neill. I’ve been taking my pets to Dr. O’Neill for about 25 years. I’ve never had a “bad” visit. I must acknowledge Jacqueline. She keeps everything rolling there. She too is VERY compassionate! In addition, Tuckahoe Vet always has pleasant, helpful, and caring supportive staff beginning at the front end. I’d never go elsewhere other than an emergency out of town. Thank you all at Tuckahoe!!

  234. Andrew Mykich 2016/02

    We’ve gone to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 14 years now. Dr. O’Neill and the rest of the staff have taken amazing care of our two Papillions. I would easily recommend them to anyone.

  235. Sylvia Stivers 2016/01

    I would certainly recommend using this veterinary hospital if you need the perfect experience for your pet! As well as Dr. O’Neil, the staff is also extremely capable as well as knowledgeable…I can’t say enough about the care and concern given as they all are dealing with owners as well as “pet patients”….give them a shot! No pun intended….thank you. Tuckahoe Veterinary family!

  236. Susan Jones 2015/11

    I love Dr. 0’Neil! I have a Sick Elderly German Shepherd dog and after arriving to the Richmond area from Germany he is looking after her health with Her comfort in mind. He is a realistic vet and does not push necessary medications or surgeries. A big Thank you to Dr. 0’Neil and the rest of the staff…..

  237. Stephen Gwyn 2015/11

    We have taken both of our dogs to Tuckahoe Vet. They are caring, practical and respond to the needs of the dog and the family. They recommend treatment, outline the pros & cons — recommend affordable remedies but don’t force anything.

  238. Irene Burlock 2015/11

    We always receive the best of service from Tuckahoe Veterinary. The staff are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Whether or dog or our cats, we always get the best care from Tuckahoe Vet. We highly recommend!

  239. Kathy Gorman 2015/11

    I cannot say enough good about Dr. O’Neill and his entire staff. They have been there for me and my dogs and cat through thick and thin for years. I think of them as family. When I finally had to say goodbye to my best friend (diabetic, blind and deaf toy poodle who Dr. O’Neill helped me have a more time with) last month, the compassion shown was overwhelming. EVERYONE including the receptionist, Allie, and the vet techs have always been there for me and my animals. Dr. O’Neill is the best! I highly recommend Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital.

  240. Earl Smith 2015/11

    We have turned to Tuckahoe Veternairy Hosp. with our Shelties for over 20 years. They’ve always been there for us. It like your personal doctor, trust is the key. We trust Dr. O’Neil !

  241. Rob Collins 2015/11

    The best vet I’ve ever been to (out of 10 or so). Not the fanciest office, but they know what they’re doing, care very much about the pets they see and their owners, and are sensitive to costs–they don’t try to run up the bill. Highly recommended.

  242. Kay McOsker 2015/10

    I have been going to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 40 years. They have been there for me through good times, healing times and mourning times. I don’t know what I would have done without them on my side whenever I needed them.

    No group could be more compassionate or caring for pets. My dogs and cats actually like to go see them when it is time for check ups or vaccinations.

    As long as I have pets, Tuckahoe Vet will be my choice for any care or needs of them.

  243. Nancye Winter 2015/10

    Oh goodness, I started going to Tuckahoe Vets when I had my first dog. I was 15. I knew the original group who started it in the beginning and they were great. But when Dr. O’Neill took over, I knew this was the place to bring my animals. And there have been many because I have been going there now for over 50 years and would never trust anyone else with my furry animals. He is the best and despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to volunteer his time and care when their is a crisis such as Hurricane Katrina. The love he and his staff have shown for animals is wonderful and so welcoming. I hope to continue taking my animals there for a very long time.

  244. Lindsey McLean 2015/08

    We have been so pleased with Tuckahoe Vet – the staff is incredible and so helpful. Dr. O’Neil is our favorite vet so far – he is honest with us about our concerns, and so caring and loving towards animals. No matter the issue we’ve had (and we have had many with our hound/lab 2 yr old in the past 2 months) he has taken care of us.

    Thank you so much Tuckahoe Vet and Dr. ONeil!

  245. Susan Oliver 2015/07

    I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr O Neill for over 20 years. He is extremely intelligent, compassionate and absolutely wonderful! The staff is also great ! The prices are reasonable, the care you and your pets get could not be better! Thanks Dr. O Niell!
    Susan Oliver

  246. James Southworth 2015/07

    Awesome. Dr. O’Neill is the best.

  247. Danny Fraley 2015/07

    great service, all of the staff are very kind and supportive

  248. Joan Ramsey 2015/07

    I have been using Tuckahoe Vet for more than 25 years. Dr. O”Neill is one of the most knowledgeable and devoted veterinarians ever. Not only does he treat all of my pets with his full and complete attention, but he also finds time in his packed schedule to volunteer his skills and time to homeless animals in need.

    He is especially knowledgeable about golden retrievers and labs, as he has, over time, adopted a couple of golden retrievers with serious health issues, then performed surgery on them, and they continued to live to be about 15 – 16 years old ! There are always a couple of cats in the office that have taken up residency from a previous homeless state, and at one time there was an elderly golden retriever that greeted clients.

    He clearly loves his patients, and has a wonderful, gentle disposition that is evident to his patients and their parents. HIs staff is also very warm and friendly.

    I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a reputable, skilled, and caring veterinarian.

  249. Therese Dodge 2015/06

    I recommend Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital to everyone I know. Dr. O’Neil is wonderful. I have been going to see him for 25+ years. He has to be one of the smartest and caring vets we have ever used.

    Dr O’Neil’s expertise is not limited to just everyday illnesses and conditions. In more than one case he knew what was going on with our pet. He reached out to a specialist and confirmed the condition and was able to successfully treat one of our cats and another one of our dogs.

    I love my pets… they ARE my children so I demand only the best for them. Tuckahoe Veterinary, Dr O’Neil, his colleageus and staff are excellent to work with. They care as much for my pets as I do!

  250. Mary Danter 2015/06

    I have been bringing my pets to Tuckahoe Veterinary for as long as time! My father, who was a physician, referred me to Dr. O’Neill many years ago, and I have never gone to another vet even venturing from south of the James in order to receive the best care for my four legged family members. Though the front office staff has changed over the years, everyone has been super friendly and helpful; and their love for animals shows in the customer service. I have even adopted my cats from Tuckahoe because I know they have been checked out and are in good health unlike what you might get in some of the area shelters. Thanks for all the years of taking care of my pets; we’ve lost a few but have gained so much more!

  251. Mary Arnatt 2015/06

    We have been extremely pleased with our service at Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital. Having done a fair amount of research before carefully choosing Tuckahoe as my pets’ vet, they have truly lived up to my expectations. The entire staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Our dog has a number of health concerns, so I’ve been a frequent visitor/caller over the past 3 years we’ve been with Tuckahoe Vet. Each point of contact has been a positive experience. Dr. O’Neill is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. He doesn’t always tell me the answer I want to hear, but rather what I need to hear and it is clear that my pet’s health is his up-most concern. On top of great service and expertise, Tuckahoe Vet has reasonable prices and does not recommend unnecessary procedures or expenses.

  252. Catherine Fales 2015/05

    I love Dr. O’Niel! I’ve been taking my pets to see him 12 or 13 years. He is compassionate, informative, and carefully explains all the options. He doesn’t run up bills full of unnecessary tests. He works with his clients to come up with the best plan of care. When it was time to put my beloved pet to sleep due to cancer that had crept into her lungs making it near impossible for her to breath, he was so compassionate with me, my kids, and our dog, Jazz. I have since moved across town but will not switch vets. He is worth the drive!

  253. Gregory Buck 2015/04

    I’ve known Fielding for over two decades and have taken all of our animals to Tuckahoe for health care. He and the rest of the professional staff are always most helpful and provide excellent medical care and advice. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

  254. catherine walker 2015/03

    Dr. O’Niell is a marvelous vet, and his practice is filled with kind, helpful people. For over 15 years, he has treated my pets with gentleness, compassion, and dignity. You can tell Dr. O’Niell truly loves animals and his profession. The office staff is very friendly and has always done a great job matching my appointments to my schedule, even fitting me in when I had an emergency.

  255. Roberta Petrin 2015/03

    I love this practice. They genuinely care about animals and their welfare. They don’t nickle and dime you with extra services, treatments, or anything unnecessary to just make more money. It’s really all about the animals, their well being, and doing what’s best for them.The staff is knowledgeable, very kind, and attentive. Highly recommend.

  256. Ann Price 2015/02

    I have been taking my pets to Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital for over 25 years. The attention and highest quality care keep me coming back. I only want the best for my furry family.

  257. Lisa Michele 2015/02

    I have taken all of my animals here and received nothing but the best care. The staff and Dr. O’Neil have always shown compassion for all of my pets and have provided impeccable service and care.

  258. Melissa Linkous 2015/02

    Dr O’Neill is the best! I drive my dogs 30 minutes to take them here. We’ve been going to Tuckahoe for as long as I can remember. I don’t trust anyone else!

  259. Ashley Villanueva 2015/02

    I discovered Tuckahoe Vet Hospital years ago when I lived near their office. The staff and vets are so devoted and caring, that I still go there, despite the fact that I’ve moved across town. While I’m sure I could find a more conveniently located vet, I know I will never find one that tops the quality of care my pets receive at Tuckahoe Vet Hospital.

  260. Marilyn Bagen 2015/02

    For 20 years we have been taking our pets to Tuckahoe. I can’t imagine anyone else caring for our animals. Of course, we have our favorite vet but, if our Doctor has the confidence to hire and have someone represent his practice, he or she can’t be bad!
    We have been through many trying times with our animals and have never been disappointed with the personal care and attention that was paid to our pet OR us!!!
    Don’t walk, RUN to Tuckahoe Vet Hospital.

  261. Rich Bartlett 2015/01

    Dr O’neil and staff has been my vet for 5+ years and have cared for 2 rescue Labradors including a senior and my diabetic. He confirmed my suspicion my diabetic had cataracts and recommended a specialist who was able to restore her vision. He followed up regularly with her recovery and has more than once made time for me during his busy schedule to see my dogs. He truly cares about pets.

  262. Marsha Wulf 2015/01

    We’ve used a number of Vets over the years and this has to be the friendliest group yet! You’re always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. All the technicians and front office staff seem to truly love working there and Dr. O’Neil is one of the nicest vets you’ll ever meet. Plus, they stay on schedule. We have used other vets that keep you waiting forever but not Tuckahoe! Dr. O’Neil is also very cost conscious. His support staff is efficient, reliable and did I mention friendly?

  263. Lyn D 2013/10

    Greatest in Richmond! Dr O’Neil is the BEST!!! His love for all animals and his knowledge are untouchable… and he’s cute too!!

  264. Hillary Locke 2013/07

    We brought our dog “Sweetpea” in back in October in which we found she only had about 2 weeks left to live. We had had her for 3 years and took her to over 5 different vets and no one could figure out what was wrong with her. Within 10 minutes of seeing Dr. O’Neill, he diagnosed her and she has gone from 12 pounds to 31 pounds in 8 months. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever come across! His love for animals is truly amazing!! The entire staff has become our family and we will be forever grateful for what they did for our Sweetpea!!! We will be moving to North Carolina, but will continue to drive 3 hours for her to be seen by Dr. O’Neill!!!!

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