Truetimber Arborists

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Truetimber Arborists
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  1. Elizabeth Stone 2023/09

    Once again True Timber knocked it out of the park. They came and grinded 4 stumps. They were friendly, fast and they left the yard cleaner than they found it. I can’t say enough about this crew.

  2. L E 2023/09

    Truetimber did a great job trimming my trees and the cost was reasonable. I would recommend them!

  3. Hunter Harrell 2023/08

    Illegally blocked the road to get to my house. I called and politely asked them to move because they were clearly blocking an entire street right next to 3 signs that say no parking in the alley. They kept an entire 2 rows of houses from being able to get home or leave their parking spaces or garages. That alone shows how this company operates and I would not recommend hiring a company like that, imagine if you were blocked from being able to return or leave your home for an entire day even after asking them nicely to move the vehicle so homeowners could get home.

  4. William Smith 2023/08

    The owner himself installed a tree swing for us last year. Super nice, responsive and reasonably priced. When one of our ropes snapped last week (I bought separately, so not their rope), he came by himself yesterday to fix it, with a higher quality rope he’d recommended. I really appreciate when an owner shows such care- says a lot about the business. They have a customer for life!

  5. Rae F 2023/08

    Thank you, TrueTimber! I walked by and asked the team if I could have the wood chips (aka mulch) dropped in my yard, and the team was like “for sure!”. Once they finished removing and chipping the chestnut oak (unfortunately unsafe from slime flex at my neighbors), they knocked and confirmed with me where the drop would go. And here is the wonderful mulch so that we can finish by getting more cardboard and raking it out for sheet mulching for some lovely flowers! Thanks so much!!


  6. Marcel Cornis-Pop 2023/08

    Professional and responsive to my questions and requests. Clean work, respectful of my yard and the environment.

  7. Betsy Featherstone 2023/08

    All of the above. Clean and neat, not a flower petal disturbed! very very professional.

  8. Tyler Laughinghouse 2023/08

    We had hired them for a job in the fan/museum district. Great experience from start to finish. They were very knowledgeable, prompt, and did an excellent job. Will definitely use again.

  9. Michael Stuecheli 2023/07

    True Timber removed a very large leaning pine tree that was located right next to our house, and were excellent all around

  10. ryan redmon 2023/07

    Great people and helpful service!

  11. Vander Murray Sr 2023/06

    True Timber Arborist is THE EXAMPLE of what professionalism is. Because they are extremely bus, it took about 2 1/2 months for them to get to me. However, when they were able to get to my property, they safely and successfully removed to mountain of trees out of my small yard near my home. They also were able to grind they stumps up. What made this company exceptional is the way they worked with me with payment. I paid a majority of my bill but due to construction, I needed extensions and without hesitation we’re willing to assist me (over a 9 month period). The young lady Sonja was simply a joy to work with and speak to during the process! If you need trees removed, True Timber Arborists is the company you want to handle your project!!!

  12. Bob Burnleycr 2023/06

    These folks are great. They do what you ask on time, professionally and at a reasonable price. I have used them for 15+ years for everything from treating a sick tree to trimming tricky limbs over my house. I wouldn’t have anyone else on my property.


  13. Janelle Legouffe 2023/04

    Great bunch of people to work with. Very honest and personable. They do great work and clean up the yard very nicely

  14. Richard Cross 2023/04

    TrueTimber did some tree trimming recently at my church. I had gotten an estimate last summer and needed to revise the scope of work for spring. Their new estimate was reasonable and they were able to schedule the work quickly. Initially, they did a great job of trimming the trees away from the building, but I later noticed that there was considerable deadwood remaining in one section. Aidan checked it out and got a crew back within the week to remove the visible deadwood. I could not be happier with the resulting tree trim or their agreeable and prompt response to my concern.

  15. Cheryl Girardi 2023/04

    The True Timber Crew were extremely professional and knowledgeable! I was impressed with all the safety measures they had in place. The tree job was great and the guys were so sweet to stack the cut tree so nicely by my fire pit? …


  16. Susan Luck 2023/02

    The job was done very professionally and the employees were very courteous and left my yard very clean. The cost was reasonable and I will certainly call True Timber again when I need their help.

  17. Daniel Barotti 2023/02

    Had a great experience with Truetimber Arborists. Communications were smooth, the estimation process was straightforward with Mike, and the day of tree removal and pruning with Chloe and her team was great and quick. They even called ahead to see if we wanted the service early when other customers cancelled and they had openings, and then showed up early for work.

    I complicated things more for the team and asked that they cut the downed branches and logs into firewood size segments and leave them by my current firewood stack and they did it wonderfully. Honestly very thankful to the team, they went above and beyond.


  18. Deborah Kemper 2023/02

    We have 15 or more evergreens (Lelands, etc), 2 birch one willow, 3 Japanese maples and a Harry lauder walking stick… all wonderful specimens that have now been given the ideal care to thrive in the coming years,.. this is our 2nd year and we will do this yearly.

  19. Ben Himmelfarb 2023/01

    Dependable, professional, straight forward, informed service. Good pricing and communication. Would recommend!

  20. Ellen Bruny 2023/01

    Great customer service. After work done called me to make sure everything was correct before sending me invoice. They came back to trim a corner tree that was originally missed. Excellent. Highly recommend them!

  21. Linda Lawyer 2023/01

    The onsite visit was pleasant and informative. When I called to accept the estimate, I was told a team would be available that day. The excellent job was completed in just a few hours.

  22. Ian Titley 2022/11

    Everyone I dealt with at Truetimber seemed happy to be there and seemed to enjoy their work. My trees were pruned just right too. These folks are good!

  23. Geoff 2022/10

    Truetimber Arborists rescued our sanity from a ginormous Crepe Myrtle planted long ago and far, far too close to the house for comfort. Mike from Truetimber came out to assess the offending CM—and a smaller distressed tree—and presented a very fair estimate for removing both. He said Olivia would call in two weeks to schedule… But she called within two days and they took care of the trees immediately!

    The all-star tree crew performed with the grace of acrobats and skills of a surgeon in carefully extracting the tree—and left the yard cleaner than it was when they arrived! A few days later they returned to grind the stump—and voila!

    We’d heard lots of great things about Truetimber Arborists, but this was out first time using their services. Let’s just say they’ve earned our respect and won our business for all future arbor care.

    Bravo, Trutimber! Bravo!

  24. Chris Cox 2022/10

    I can see why True Timber came so highly recommended! The crew did a great job and left my yard cleaner than it had been when they showed up to prune the tree. Polite, efficient, and knowledgeable.

  25. Richie Hilbert 2022/10

    True Timber was all we could have ever wanted for our tree removal project, as they have been in previous jobs done for us. They are professional, good communicators, courteous, efficient, thorough, and even completed the work sooner than expected. It is a well run company at every level..

  26. Ben Ward 2022/10

    Amazing facility

  27. Brenna Ramsey 2022/10

    Excellent work, service, communication- highly reccommend

  28. Henry Winfiele 2022/09

    We had a difficult tree to trim, large dead branches, surrounded by power lines and fencing, but TrueTimber were able to do it safely and affordably.

  29. Joe. McMahon 2022/09

    If this is the tree service they told me that they are not taking on any new customers

  30. Bernice 2022/08

    I can’t give them a 5, because I haven’t personally used their service to trim or remove a tree. I follow them online for info and love their collection of notable trees to see in the area. Also like their Tuesday Tree ID, and seeing the art and science of tree care.

  31. Joe Vargo 2022/08

    Wild disc golf course, a bunch of other activities as well like zip lines

  32. Sean Mulligan 2022/08

    One of the best private disc golf courses in the Richmond area. Join!

  33. Chris Haberlin 2022/07

    They are the best. Professional, responsive, honest, and trustworthy. They aren’t going to talk you into services you don’t need.

  34. Jack Martin 2022/07

    Did a good job, fair prices, and all the people I interacted with were cool. Would absolutely use again.

  35. B Telly 2022/07

    Love what these folks are doing!

  36. Katharine Kenny 2022/07

    True Timber is the best tree removal and adviser in the Richmond area! We’ve used them a number of times, all with great results. But this time, Aiden came out just to advise us on some possible issues we were having with several trees and he was terrific: professional, knowledgeable and candid. This time he told us we didn’t need any work done (can you believe it??), but you can bet we’ll go back to them when we do need tree help. Thanks, Aiden and True Timber!

  37. Selma Butler 2022/05

    Always a friendly, professional and knowledgeable crew who gets the job done well.

  38. Brendan Ferguson 2022/05

    Joe came to help me and my roommate to rescue our cat stuck in a pine tree. He had time in between his jobs and came to help us. When we offered to pay him he politely declined and said “pay it forward”. Great company. Great man. Thanks a lot joe!

  39. Nic Clinch 2022/04

    Wonderful space!

  40. Natalie Sorensen 2022/04

    Great wooded disc golf spot!

  41. Stacy Feldman 2022/04

    We had two dead trees removed (one very large), and trimming of a third around power lines. From their first visit and estimate, to last visit to remove the larger pieces of trunk, everyone involved did their jobs expertly. The clean-up at the end of each day was exceptional. Because of the position of the large tree next to our fence, the crew was also very respectful of our neighbor’s property. The administrative office kept us informed every step of the process. We highly recommend Truetimber Arborists.

  42. Mary T 2022/04

    True timber is awesome. They are the only company I would trust.

  43. Ryan Coker 2022/03

    These guys were incredibly professional and customer driven. We are very pleased with our new backyard.

  44. N. Reck 2022/03

    I didn’t think to contact Truetimber at first because I just needed some small shrubs removed and I thought they were focused on trees, but when I did (after being ghosted by some other companies) they responded right away and confirmed they could do it. They were professional and courteous from start to finish and did a great job. I recently had them come back and do a few more. I got two quotes and Truetimber was a bit more affordable, but more importantly, they are trustworthy and reliable.

  45. Eileen Priddy 2022/02

    These folks know their trees !

  46. Kayleigh Crandell 2022/01

    Amazing service, mission, location, and staff! Their outdoor experiences are great for all ages and I genuinely loved the outdoorsy family feel all around.


  47. Sophie Christianson 2022/01

    Perfect! Always the best!!!!!

  48. Erik Davis 2022/01

    I had the opportunity to play the disc golf course they have on the property and it did not disappoint! Very aesthetic and a blast to play! If you are in the Richmond area definitely check them out! This is a private course so make sure you use Udisc and get all the information before you play.


  49. Lee Offen 2021/10

    Experts in tree care with very reasonable prices.

  50. Dan McGrath 2021/10

    Had these folks out for a small but necessary job. They responded promptly. They cleaned up the area after the work to the extent that I would not have know they were there except for the missing tree. Price was reasonable. I would use them again if needed.

  51. David Davis 2021/09

    This outfit is truly amazing!

  52. Patricia Browne 2021/08

    Excellent customer service and very professional.

  53. Lewis Wallace 2021/07

    Great quality staff and workmanship.

  54. Lee Harris 2021/06

    Great service, very professional and reasonably priced.

  55. Andrew Davis 2021/03

    Very nice, honest and hardworking guys!

  56. Buy Em, Dye Em, and Fly Em! 2021/03

    Excellent group of men and women, who do A+ work. Check out some of their projects they do more than just tree removal.

  57. Rick Cermak 2020/10

    Very honest service

  58. Joe F 2020/09

    I will always use True Timber for any of my arbor needs. They were fast, friendly, and professional. The team answered every one of my questions about a large maple tree that we inherited, and helped work through a variety of solutions to find the best one for us. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation.

  59. GOT LUV 2020/09

    Staff is personable and professional. Considerate of property and resulting work.

  60. Jerry Layne 2020/09

    Competent work.

  61. Todd Hale 2020/08

    After a postponement (for which they were very apologetic), I assumed that they would need to postpone again based upon the remnants of storm ZETA rolling through on the day of my appointment. NOPE…they were here, worked diligently in the rain and wind, cut 2 hickories into 18-24″ logs (for wood burning) and cleaned up nicely. KUDOS to this group. Very appreciative for Emily, Joel and the work crew. Highly recommended.

  62. Keith Hare 2020/06

    Terrific company with a great mission.

  63. Casey Stuart 2020/05

    Called and no one answer, on a weekday afternoon. Not how you do business

  64. Jessica Pederson Stumpf 2020/03

    I am very impressed with these folks! A tree fell on our house and deck Friday. All I could think about all morning is my baby shower is in two weeks. And I need my deck for overflow of people! That day TrueTimber quickly came out to give us an estimate. The next morning they were at my house ready to work at 8 am! They were done in 2.5 hours. Not only were they incredibly polite, but they were also smart about how they worked. My husband was worried about the walls to our patio because he worked so hard to build it. They were very conscientious as to not damage any of our patio. The tree went thru part of our deck. Damaging the railing. It was really cool to watch them work their magic. They used a pulley system in combination with a fun little bobcat-like tractor with a claw to lower down parts of the tree as to not damage the rest of our deck or patio. We must own a low budget chain saw because my husband must have said atleast 6 or 8 times… “whoah… look at that chainsaw… it cuts like butter. And that guy definitely knows what he’s doing!” When they left, you couldn’t even tell there was a tree down at all! I was so amazed! They did an excellent clean up job. I will recommend TrueTimber to anyone and everyone I know in need of tree service from here on out. God forbid another tree fall, but if it happens again… I know who to call. Thank you TrueTimber for being awesome and quickly responding so that the contractors can now come in and fix the rest.

  65. John Duke 2020/01

    Very professional and responsive. Trained arborists will walk the property and give you honest recommendations — that includes when not to take down limbs or trees if it is not necessary. You will get a written quote of any work that should be done and they call you to let you know when they will do the work. Prices are competitive and the workers treat your property with respect. This is a class act.

  66. Trey Jeter 2019/09

    First, I would like to mention I did not have any work completed by TrueTumber. This positive review is for their quick responses, and estimate. The pricing was comparable to a competitor. My decision to go with the competitor boiled down to the history we’ve had with our family business. Thanks again!

  67. Jennie Perritano 2019/08

    True timber did a fantastic job cutting down 2 small/medium sized trees from our front and back yard. They cleaned up nicely and made sure there was no damage to our fence in the backyard. We are very picky when it comes to people working on our house/property and we will definitely hire true timber again. The price was reasonable, their crew was quick and tidy. Great experience.

  68. Nicodemus Boffin 2019/07

    Magnificent! Prompt, professional service provided in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. The working, onsite crew is remarkably talented, patient, and friendly. Very impressive. Highly recommended!

  69. Marissa Smithson 2019/07

    Someone came out the same day I contacted them to provide an estimate. The very next day they fit me in and removed the tree. Excellent job with the removal, cleanup and I would definitely recommend them!

  70. Carolyn Driscoll 2019/07

    True Timber is the BEST! I called and left a message last night that a very large(30ft+) limb broke off in the storm. It was resting precariously in the tree…ready to fall out. They had arborist Mike there this am and the limb was removed by the time I got home. Amazing! I have used them before and will use them again! Thank you!!!

  71. Shar 2019/04

    I’ve not used their service, but an employee of theirs hit the mirror on the side of my car damaging it. The employee left a note and the business was very prompt and courteous in responding so that the damage could be repaired. Not a service review, but relevant, I believe, to their sense of responsibility and honesty. Thanks True Timber.

  72. Ray Pettway 2018/03

    The Greatest Tree Company on the Planet.

  73. Karen Shipman 2018/03

    Very pleased with this company! They were hired by the owner of our neighboring property to take down a tree that not only hung over our yard but also impeded on our fence. They were careful to only remove the part of fence that needed removing, putting up a barrier when they were done that we supplied (needed to have that side of the fence redone anyway.) Yard was spotless, communication was the best! We would highly recommend!

  74. Chuck Green 2018/01

    This is my second experience with Truetimber Arborists–and they’ve both been excellent.

    I didn’t realize how much of a difference there is between companies that supply these types of services–in my case, clearing and disposing of thick undergrowth and felling trees.

    The Truetimber folks really know their stuff. Both of the Arborists who came to estimate the cost of my projects pointed out details I had missed and were able to tell me a great deal about the types of trees and bushes we have on our property and their overall health.

    And while friendly is great (everyone I’ve dealt with at Truetimber has always been friendly)–what impresses me most about their crews and how well prepared they are, the level of equipment they use, and their obvious dedication to safety and to protecting the property.

    I recommend them without reservation.

  75. Amy G. 2017/07

    An absolutely terrible experience. Took over a month and a half to complete the job of removing a few pine trees. Left piles of logs in the rear yard and in the front at the street for a month so all of the grass died. Left deep holes all over the back yard and tractor marks all through the front and rear yards, destroying all of the grass and creating an eyesore for over a year.

    We had to keep calling to try to get them to finish the job – they kept conveniently “forgetting” about us. Not to mention, the crew left garbage all over our property – soda cans, food trash, a glass starbucks coffee container on an outdoor window. Just disgusting. I would never use this company or recommend them to anyone.

  76. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2017/04

    Professional, safe, and passionate about their job. I highly recommend sticking around for the day to watch the wizards work if you can


  77. Jennifer J. 2017/02

    Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I was thoroughly impressed with these folks and will use them again if I have a need. They care about the customers they serve and the trees with which they’re working.

  78. Ole Hank Dog 2016/08

    The best tree service in the RVA. Personable friendly staff. These guys never curse or smoke on the job. They will make your yard look better than when they started.

  79. bob mesnard 2013/08

    These guys did an incredible job removing 8 very large trees from our property. I wrote a much more detailed review on Angie’s List. You won’t find a more professional and more affordable tree service in the entire Richmond region – IMHO!

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