Tree Tech Tree Service LLC

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Tree Tech Tree Service LLC
2.3 based on 3 reviews
  1. 804 Hvacguy 2020/07

    They cut a tree down right in between my house and my neighbors. No problems , great price, nice crew.

  2. Jody Moore 2019/08

    Preformed tree service. Did damage to my neighbors house removing trees. Refusing to call me back and make repairs he caused. Do not use this service.

  3. Brittany L 2019/02

    Matt and “his team” were hired to do a job that included removing a 4 trees. 3 trees were mostly removed and then left in my front yard for over a month while I tried to make contact with Matt. Matt had trouble coordinating workers throughout the project. Then he stopped communicating with me. I ended up calling several other companies for quotes all of whom have cleaned up after Matt on previous jobs. I see a positive review here, so maybe he has some folliw through but if you want the job done right, this probably isnt your best bet. He might be cheap but having to chase him around and hire additional contractors to clean up after him will not be worth the price reduction.

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