Tolkien’s Kennels

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Tolkien’s Kennels
4.8 based on 16 reviews
  1. Joe Katz 2023/10

    Been using them for 30 plus years. Our dog always come home happy and healthy .

  2. Ben Wilkinson 2023/10

    We’ve been boarding our dog with Larry for over 5 years, and he is always great. Genuine cares about the dogs and goes out of his way to accomodate you.

  3. Jonas Katz 2023/08

    Been using them for many years. They are the best.

  4. Lindsay Ray 2021/09

    Great service with friendly staff!

  5. Lisa Bell 2020/05

    Great place to board dogs, our oldest didn’t like whenever we had to go away. This time she was glad to see us, but I think she wants to go back

  6. Brian Guillena 2020/05

    Larry and his folks genuinely care for you dog.

  7. Calliope K 2020/02

    Lasting impression of a wonderful experience! Left my precious pooches here while attending a week long family function in area. 💞 This is the ONLY place I’ll ever leave my big companions when within 100 miles of Richmond, VA!! The kennels are large, CLEAN, comfortable, w room for a lil affectionate play between the pups. They distributed the dogs so that the bonded unit was always close to each other, a consideration not typically accommodated. Thoughtful. Kristy, the owner, not only helped me bathe the Pyrenees, the white shepherd, and the maremma (all BIG dogs) when I picked them up!! She gave me some of her kennel towels and pitched right in!! What a sweetie!! Clean n fresh for the continued drive to NY. Their love and care for dogs shines through. And they ain’t bad with people, either! Big hugs to Larry n Kristy!

  8. morgan wyatt 2019/07

    This place is inhumane. They leave the dogs outside during all weather. They howl and cry at all hours. It’s especially pitiful when it is 19 degrees and snowing outside… your dog returns home exhausted from stress barking from a poorly sheltered, non-climate controlled crate outside that is side by side to other dogs whom may or may not be friendly. The owners are very nice people however there is way better conditions to board a pet in. The RVA area is surrounded by many other boarding facilities with more appropriate housing and care for your beloved dog(s). Even if it costs a little extra, your dog would greatly appreciate at least being inside in a more stress-free and comfortable environment.

    Please highly reconsider before placing your pet here.

  9. joe oley 2019/04

    I’ve been using Tolkien’s for several years. My two dogs happily go and love it. When we pick them up they are happy and seem well treated. The owners are great people that I have come to know well. We won’t go anywhere else! Highly recommend!

  10. Hayley Nixon McCord 2019/01

    We have had fabulous experiences with Tolkien. The owners are absolutely lovely and they have taken great care of our girl. Our dog can take a little while to warm up to new people, and the owners are so patient and kind with her each time. Highly recommend!

  11. J M 2018/11

    We have boarded many places over the years. We were happiest at our vet but they got so popular you could never board your dogs and then they stopped boarding altogether. We had a bad experience shortly after and after that we were happy to find Tolkiens. Dogs always come back clean and healthy. No hassle, friendly kennel with very fair pricing and they don’t require any weird or unnecessary vaccines like some other local kennels.

  12. Bethany Roser-DeLoe 2018/08

    Tolkien’s Kennel is an excellent place with excellent people. Every time we bring our two Aussie shepherd/heeler mixes to their kennel they’re excited and they’re always so happy and exhausted when we pick them up. Upon meeting Larry and staff, you can just tell they’re caring, wonderful people, who clearly know what they’re doing in terms of training a dog (ours always listens way better after a stay at Tolkien’s haha). I trust them to take care of my babies, which is a great relief to not have to worry when we drop them off. They’re always so friendly and always remember who we are and who our pups are. They make sure you have up-to-date veterinary records as well, which is excellent. Thanks, Tolkien’s!

  13. Paul Tindall 2018/01

    My family has been taking our dogs to Tolkien’s Kennels for literally decades. The owners are dog lovers who have always taken excellent care of our pups, and even the high energy ones come back tired after their stay! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to board their dog.

  14. Gabriela Ramirez 2017/06

    Nice people, felt comfortable leaving our pup with them. Very flexible and when we picked our pup up he was happy as can be! Very affordable too 🙂

  15. RDC RDC 2017/01

    I am a customer of 20 yrs. Excellent service

  16. Mark Crean 2015/04

    I have boarded my dogs there many years and have found the care and attention paid to the dogs to be consistently good.

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