Toby Town RVA

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Toby Town RVA
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  1. michele jacobson 2023/10

    Best place on earth! It’s clear Toby Town loves all the dogs who come through the doors- my little pup feels it and she is blossoming with all that love – Toby Town is our favorite place and we feel so lucky we found it – can’t recommend it enough

  2. Jessica Hale 2023/09

    If I lived here, had a singular teacup Chihuahua, and no yard, this might be appropriate. As it is, it mostly seems like a time-out space for the dogs of HOA members who want to check their mail. Outsiders are unwelcome, and my dog (as big as I am) barely has room to stretch, and wouldn’t be able to get to a full run before hitting a fence. Putting this on Google maps as a “dog park” seems inappropriate. It’s like putting the swings in your backyard on Google maps as a playground.

  3. Danielle Brown 2023/06

    Awesome on-boarding experience! They gave a tour of the facility which was very clean and posted a collage of photos for our pups first day! So far everything has been great!

  4. Estelle Brodeur 2023/06

    The folks here really know dogs, and do everything to welcome you. We have a pack of three, one cattledog. Everyone comes home happy, tired, and better behaved than when they arrived. Thank you Gloria and your entire team for going the extra mile, every time.

  5. Trish B. 2023/06

    TobyTown has always been a great experience for our dogs. We know that they are safe and getting lots of attention and love while we are traveling.

  6. Kristin Alexander 2023/05

    Toby Town takes wonderful care of our dog, Watson, and he LOVES going there. We don’t worry when he is in Toby Town’s care.

  7. M Kinney 2023/05

    Toby Town is a great place for day care and stay care! The staff is very attentative and there is always someone supervising the play groups. I highly recommend Toby Town RVA!

  8. Anna Kilduff 2023/04

    Best day care ever! Every single staff member works hard to cater to your dogs needs. My dog Charlie absolutely loves it. He has a little bit of separation anxiety and they care for him so well. They are friendly during pick up and drop off and they will work with you on times and days! Toby Town is kind, friendly, clean and safe for your dog. I wish I could give every staff member a hug because they take care of my dog so well. I am so thankful I found Toby Town! Absolutely Amazing!


  9. Sherry Green 2023/03

    Bailey loves Toby Town♥️!!!

  10. Kim Johnson 2023/03

    Best dog daycare in the area!!!
    We have tried several dog boarding options, and we believe Toby town has the most personal care and is the best value for what you pay. I don’t know how they have collected so many wonderful staff members, but we enjoy all our interactions with the employees and owner!! They remember my dog Wally and talk about how it went at the end of the weekend.


  11. Gayle Brown 2023/01

    We just moved to Richmond from Atlanta, and we are so happy to have found TobyTown RVA. The staff is enthusiastic, friendly and organized and you just get the feeling that your pup is being well-cared for. Our dog just completed a 4-night stay and we are so pleased and relieved to have found the perfect place for boarding/daycare.

  12. Kate Fiedler 2022/11

    The staff at Toby Town are fabulous. My pup loves spending the day or several nights at Toby Town, and I always know she’ll get great care. It’s a great place to take your dog for day care and boarding.


  13. Annie Baldauf 2022/10

    Toby Town is wonderful and the staff is absolutely amazing! They have done a great job taking care of our small, shy, and nervous Chihuahua.

  14. Shawn Patterson 2022/10


  15. Sydney 2022/10

    Love it here! My pup comes back so happy and that makes ME so happy. Something I love that they do, is post all the pics from the day on Facebook so you can really see your pup living their best life. ?

    We love Toby Town daycare

  16. Kari Carlson 2022/10

    So happy to have found Toby Town for our puppy. He absolutely loves going and gets so excited when we tell him he gets to go to Toby Town. The staff is very caring, cheerful, and helpful. I love that they do a Meet and Greet to make sure the dogs have an ok temperament to be in a daycare setting. The facility is very clean. We’ve been using the daycare for months and have been extremely happy. Love the pictures they post daily!

  17. Addy Mae Tuck 2022/08


  18. Hugh Eaves 2022/06

    Best dog care place in RVA!

  19. Janice Dsouza 2022/06

    If I could give 10 stars I would. Where to begin. First of all, the Toby Town staff is AMAZING. They’re like family. They really care for your dog and do anything and everything to make sure your dog is happy, healthy and safe during their stay there. Their facility is spotless and they work hard to keep it sanitized at all times. I was speechless walking through it and just the attention to detail they apply for taking care of the dogs. They also have amazing amenities as add-ons to your dog’s stay – totally worth it! My dog Skye has been going there for a few months and she has so much fun! I never have to worry. They also take lots of pictures and post on FB where you can almost always find a picture of your dog! I HIGHLY recommend them. They are genuine people and I’m so thankful for them!

  20. Darin Partterson 2022/05

    Did a great job keeping our little girls over the weekend we were gone! Will be back again!

  21. AMY GREER 2022/04

    My girl Gemma love this place.

  22. Natalie Aaron 2022/04

    My dog loves his time there. Their faculties are great and staff loving. I feel like my dog is truffle being cared for while I’m away. The amenities you can add to their stay, day care, and daily photo updates on this social media really put this dog mom at ease.

  23. A Haley 2022/04

    Sally Belle loves coming to play! She has a lot of fun with the pups and caring staff. I love the curbside drop off service during the pandemic. Facilities are very clean and sanitized too.

  24. Ebony Ramos 2022/03

    Great team!

  25. Jason Mapes 2022/02

    Fantastic care for our pups.

  26. Cody Chapel 2022/02

    There’s nothing like having peace of mind about your pets being happy and well taken care of when you go out of town. Jax loves this place and doesn’t want to leave when I come to get him, so I know they’re doing something right. Very impressed with the professionalism and level of care at Toby Town.


  27. Clair Walters 2022/01

    My pups just recently started going to Toby Town, and they absolutely LOVE IT!!!! They’ve never been put into daycare before, so my fiancé and I were a little nervous about trying it out at first. However, from the initial meet and greet, the staff at Toby Town eased our worries. I trust them wholeheartedly to take the absolute best care of our pups. They just had their first full day of daycare yesterday, and they came home so happy and content, but also peacefully sleepy. Toby Town is a blessing! I wouldn’t take my pups anywhere else.

  28. Taylor Morgan 2021/10

    So much care and love goes into this place, all the employees are passionate about their jobs and the dogs thrive!

  29. Ernest Chamberlain 2021/08

    Toby Town is the best. They seem to really know my dog and care about him. Their facility is super clean, the staff is friendly, and they’ve shown some real flexibility over the past several months. We’re beyond thankful that they’re here in RVA!

  30. Jane Farer 2021/08

    I have small dogs and was a daycare novice prior to Toby Town. With a new puppy I wanted to make sure she was socialized so I began looking at daycares for her. After visiting several facilities I chose Toby Town because it was clean, bright and seemed to be staffed with grown ups. I liked that they didn’t use crates and seemed to want to meet the needs of the pups first vs the needs of the facility. Having my puppy at Toby Town has been a great experience- the staff is consistent and communicative, and I feel like they keep an eye on her (as she’s only 8 lbs). Quite honestly, she is the best dog and people socialized of my pack and I feel I have Toby Town to thank for that.


  31. Alexis McGrath 2021/06

    I can’t say enough about how great my experience with Toby Town has been. I rescued a dog with horrible separation anxiety a few months back and daycare is the best option for her when I’m not able to be with her. The staff at Toby Town has been so kind, caring, and accommodating with my Polly. They truly care about your dog and will go above and beyond to meet their needs and make their time a positive and safe experience. I wouldn’t send my dog anywhere else!

  32. Scott Newby 2021/05

    Nice facility – haven’t been inside – just there for puppy play class.

  33. Tyler Harris 2021/04

    We have been going to Toby Town for about a year now and we absolutely love it. We love the pictures that we get each day, the amazing staff and the facility. My pup comes home tired and happy every time and can’t wait to go back

  34. Lil Turner 2021/03

    Toby Town is the only doggie daycare/stay care I’d consider!
    A blend of caring staff, excellent, clean play areas, and a knowledgeable owner makes Toby Town my Top choice.

  35. Kirby Rolfe 2021/03

    Toby Town RVA is the absolute BEST dog daycare and boarding in Richmond – we would not send our dog Penny anywhere else. We send Penny to Toby Town daycare a few days a month to keep her socialized and board her every few months when we’re out of town. Penny stayed there over both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Every member of the staff at Toby Town RVA truly loves dogs and treats Penny as if she was their own. We received a full tour of the entire Toby Town facility on Penny’s first day so we could see where she would be spending her time there. The drop off and pick up system is flawless – a staff member comes right to the car in the drop off/pick up line to keep the process fast and stress free for us and Penny. Toby Town posts pictures on Facebook and Instagram every day so we can see Penny playing and having fun. She comes home happy and just the right amount of tired after every stay. We highly recommend Toby Town RVA for dog daycare and boarding.

  36. Kevin Solari 2021/02

    Toby Town has been amazing for our new puppy! We got our pup in for daycare a few times to make sure she fit in and she loved it! Always came home tired out after a fun day. The staff were careful to match our puppy with other small dogs and puppies that she got along with. We were supposed to bring our pup in to be boarded, but unfortunately she got sick. Toby Town was so flexible and even called a few days later to check in on how she was doing. They really care. After our pup was on the mend we felt confident to board her there when we had to travel. They accommodated her illness, managed her multiple medicines, and took care of her. Highly recommend!

  37. Amber Maio 2021/02

    Bogardus, my Sheepadoodle loves Gloria & crew!! They are amazing, and show him alot of love. Thank you for all you do for our pups!!

  38. Mike Craig 2021/01

    The greatest gift to dogs and dog owners in RVA

  39. Caitlin Kelly 2021/01

    Toby Town is the absolute BEST! I cannot say enough about how amazing they are. I researched and visited several doggy daycare places and Toby Town was on a different level – for me, it was a no-brainer. It’s been more than a year since my pup has been a Toby Town regular, and I am more impressed everyday. The staff is amazing. This is not the kind of place where your dog will just run around in a dirt yard with little supervision. They are mindful of every single dog’s individual personality and needs, and ensure that each dog has a positive play experience. And the place is SO CLEAN! My dog LOOOOVES Toby Town, and I know when he is there, he is totally safe and super-happy.

  40. Leila Clarke 2021/01

    We love Toby Town so much! We got a puppy right when Covid hit- and became nervous about our puppy being socialized! June has been going to Toby town since about 4 months old and almost a year later they have continued to be so reliable, clean, and loving to our fur baby!
    They go out of there way to provide an atmosphere that is best for the dog- and always are willing to give updates!
    Before finding Toby town – we tried many dog daycares in richmond and I can say hands down Toby Town is the best! June gets so excited when she realizes we are on our way to “camp”.

  41. Jake Mitchell 2020/09

    They do a great job taking care of my dog for overnight stays. Facility is very clean and modern. I also love that I can get her groomed when she is here as well.

  42. Donna Greif 2020/09

    It is rare that I sit down to write a review, but TobyTown RVA deserves my time. We adopted our 9 month old Lab, Luna, at the beginning of the pandemic. It quickly became apparent she was not interested in my back to back conference calls or the strategy I was preparing for my clients, she wanted to run and play and interact with other dogs and humans. We tried a few different doggy daycare centers before we learned about TobyTown. Not that the others were bad, but when we entered TobyTown for our Meet and Greet, we were greeted by the most dog loving group of individuals, from Kathy who greeted us as we walked through the door to Gloria, the owner, we knew we had come to the right place. Gloria and her team have put a lot of thought and consideration in the facilities at TobyTown, whether it be the outdoor play areas or the bowls used to feed their overnight guests.
    If I ever doubted my decision to entrust them to care for my four-legged daughter, the care and concern they showed for both Luna and myself today, when she got hurt, would have dismissed any concern. Luna was hurt in the play yard, to no ones fault, and she needed stitches. Not only did Kelly call me immediately, she actually took Luna to the vet because I couldn’t reschedule my day. She kept me updated as Luna received her staples and even brought Luna home. TobyTown has a life-long devoted customer in me and Luna.

  43. Haley Reed 2020/09

    We absolutely LOVE Toby Town RVA for our puppy Finley! The staff is incredible, they pay attention to each dogs wellbeing and won’t let them overheat in the yard, they match your dog with other dogs who have similar play styles, they have so many events and fun things to do that isn’t just daycare, this place is a GEM! Look no further and take your dog to Toby Town!!

  44. Katherine Eaves 2020/08

    I’ve lived in Richmond for a few years, and when I adopted my dog, I was overwhelmed by all the suggestions folks had and insider secrets regarding where to take my dog for daycare and boarding.

    Let me assure you, there are no other options like Toby Town. Other facilities I’ve either tried or visited don’t measure up to the professionalism, knowledge, and care Toby Town employees show every day. The facility is perfect- it’s clean, interactive, and interesting for the dogs. Pups who need a bit of relaxation and individual time have hangout spots to accommodate their needs, and social butterflies, like my own, are given an environment to play with other dogs of the similar personalities.

    With COVID-19, I was concerned about a few things:
    1) Would I be able to get work done with the dog in the house?
    2) How safe would drop off and pick up be?
    3) What about the unavoidable and necessary repair work in my house? Can I still take my dog in to daycare, even with us still in “Phase 0,” to avoid stressful situations for the workers and my dog?

    Toby Town has been communicative in all their steps towards keeping their employees, our dogs, and us safe. They provide contact-less drop off and pick up, they communicate via email and phone, and I can schedule our dog either online or by calling. They’re flexible and accommodating, and I can’t speak their praises highly enough.

    If you’re looking for a place that will treat both you and your dog with kindness, Toby Town is the place to be.

  45. Katharine Goins 2020/07

    Incredible staff that are constantly updating their training and are unfailingly kind to the humans and animals that walk through their doors. The facility is beautiful and well maintained. I was pleasantly surprised to be given a tour of the entire facility, that had never been offered to me at other daycares! It was also very important to me that they do not have breed restrictions. They group dogs thoughtfully and don’t discriminate against bully breeds.


  46. Valerie Sadid 2020/07

    Toby Town is a phenomenal dog daycare. They treat my dog like family and they are so incredibly nice and accommodating. They go above and beyond to make sure your dog is comfortable and given everything they need. I’ve taken trips of out the county and felt so good knowing my dog was in the best hands. I’ve changed plans and they accommodating me getting my dog early. Other awesome things about Toby Town: I love that they post pictures on social media for you to follow along, have activities and also have a photographer come in to take professional themed pictures. I recommend Toby Town to anyone looking for a dog daycare – they really care, are professional and are genuine dog lovers!

  47. Pam Wiegardt 2020/05

    TobyTown is the best! I can barely contain my dog the minute I turn into the parking lot. I particularly appreciate the safety measures the owner takes. The staff is terrific. You can tell how much they like animals. They have always gone the extra mile with requests I have made, and they are very honest with me about my dog’s behavior. The TobyTown website makes it especially easy to schedule day care. I have not needed boarding but will definitely choose TobyTown when I do – based purely on the cleanliness and the manner in which they have treated me and my dog. And, where else can you get a good nail trim for only $10?

  48. Sarah Wieder 2020/05

    The staff is super friendly, very knowledgeable and great with the dogs. Our girls had their Meet and Greet, (half day) and came home happy and exhausted! We will definitely be going back! In fact, we are scheduled for boarding in a couple of weeks, and are confident that they will be very well taken care of.

  49. Alyse R. Mosca 2020/04

    Toby Town RVA is awesome! The staff is great, knowledgable and friendly. The facility is clean and they take care of each dog as if their own. Rocco, our mini schnauzer, has boarded there several times and we have many plans in the future for him to stay there again. They pay attention to detail and know when Rocco wants some office time. Highly recommend!!

  50. Jake Kottke 2020/04

    We have been bringing our pup here since they opened. They really care about the well being of all the dogs and it definitely shows. She loves going! I also highly recommend the boarding services they do everything they can to make our dog have a pleasant experience.

  51. Elizabeth Abel 2020/03

    I keep asking Toby Town to let me do a TV commercial for them because there isn’t enough space here to express how much we LOVE this place!! From the bright colors and inviting atmosphere to the AMAZING staff (someone is onsite 24/7 btw) the whole facility is clean and organized and exactly what we were looking for when searching for a daycare and/or boarding facility. The staff knows every dog by name and always makes me feel like no matter how many dogs are there, mine is special to them. Just pulling in the parking lot my dog starts to wag his tail and by the time we reach the front door he is pulling me to get inside and see his buddies. Always met with a warm welcome and a smile and a genuine happiness that your dog is there with them for the day. Our dog has been going to Toby Town a couple days a week for the last 3 months and he always comes home tired, happy, and I can tell he’s been loved, and played all day, not just stuck in a kennel or in a small yard and left unattended. I can’t tell enough people about this special place. If you’re a dog mom or dad and need a place for your baby to go, check out Toby Town. You won’t regret it!!

  52. Richmond Conservation 2020/03

    Toby Town is amazing! My dog Titan loves to go there and they take great care of him. The place is beautiful and cleaner than any human day care center!! Gloria, the owner, treats my dog as if he were her own. I wouldn’t hesitate to board him there because someone is always there to watch out for him. I can’t recommend this facility enough!


  53. BRANDI FOSE 2020/01

    Kota, my precious grandpuppy, loves TobyTown RVA. The place is spotless, the people that work there are trained by a wonderful trainer and they take dog behavior seriously, while still loving on the dogs, knowing that no dogs are the same and none are perfect. I feel very comfortably when I bring Kota. She is excited to walk in and tired when she comes home. It is the absolute CLEANEST dog daycare I have ever seen.

  54. Jennifer Smith 2020/01

    Best daycare and boarding in Richmond. Owner has a true love of dogs and it shows in both the client relationships as well as in the staff. Highly recommend!

  55. Timothy Bunch 2019/10

    We are very excited to have found Toby Town! We have two small dogs that are both around 6 years old that go to Toby Town for daycare. One is all out, jumping in pools and sprinting all over the place, while the other is a bit scared and overwhelmed in new places. Toby Town has been a great spot for both!

    The team at Toby Town has been fantastic – responsive, friendly, and our dogs like them. The facility is brand new, super clean, and has nice outdoor and indoor areas. Highly recommend!

  56. Ann M 2019/08

    Super clean facility with a friendly and professional staff. My dog loves going here!

  57. Maegan Hodge 2019/08

    We were looking for a new doggie daycare place and found this gem. We’ve got two dogs that have a little bit of a hard time getting used to new surroundings. They do a lot better with new dogs than new people. Toby Town has handled them excellently and after their second day of day care our dogs were way more relaxed and happy than usual. These guys have clearly put a lot of time and effort and care into building their facility and we’re really glad to be able to bring her dogs there.

  58. Danny Lambdin 2019/07

    If you’re looking for a place that feels like leaving your dogs with your parents or grandparents to get spoiled this is it. EVERYONE we’ve met here is so sweet and kind. Our dogs love it here. Even our shy girl who is not sure about new people.

    We’ve boarded our dogs here multiple times. They obviously love it and we love seeing them having a great time on all of Toby Town’s Instagram posts. Thanks, Toby Town!

  59. Robin Scalone 2019/07

    Awesome facility. Clean. Bright. These people really provide quality pet care!!!


  60. Dominique Fleming 2019/01

    If you want a reasonable, happy and honest place to drop off your dog for daycare or overnight or longer this is where you go to make sure your dog feels at home even away from home

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