Three Chopt Animal Clinic

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Three Chopt Animal Clinic
4.7 based on 129 reviews
  1. Lauren Maxwell 2023/11

    So grateful for this clinic and the compassion of the staff! My fur babies and I love Three Chopt Animal Clinic!
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Shay Jones 2023/11

    Dr. Patterson takes his time with you and your pet and shows genuine care and concern. I had the option to check out in the room if my dog would act up too much up front with other pets. We’ve been going here for years and have had all our pets from rats to dogs checked and cares for here.
    Dr Green is amazing as well! She’s thorough, takes her time, has empathy for your animal and really cares! 🤗

  3. Will Schaefer 2023/11

    Since a pup we have faithfully used three chopt animal clinic for our cavapoo! Trained professional help with reasonable prices for sure! Thank you!

  4. carol hile 2023/11

    Best Animal Clinic around. Dr Green and staff are great!!!

  5. Leah Tweel 2023/10

    Great no frills pet care that won’t bleed you dry. Thank you for offering reasonably priced pet care. Love Dr. Whitfield!

  6. Betty Salera 2023/10

    Clean efficient,

  7. Harold Englert 2023/10

    DVM Patterson has attended my cat Pebbles the past five years. He is awesome.
    Very attentive to detail
    and my cat’s well being.

  8. Scotty 2023/09

    I can’t say enough about the staff from the front desk to the assistants/techs and the Drs. Extremely caring and have always worked with us in anyway they can to get our pets in. They all really care, we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our furbabies!

  9. Christopher Samaan 2023/08

    They helped my baby boy… Uh, I mean my baby kitten, and when he got ill 🤧 we took him to get patched up. Thank you, kit kat (my kitten) loves you too! …

  10. Jee Yoon Kim (Jenn Kim) 2023/07

    Highly recommend this clinic to all pet owners. Everyone is super helpful, personable, and just really awesome! You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Ava Kourakos 2023/06

    The staff and the all the doctor’s have been absolutely amazing with Snuggles & Pebbles. We have been going to Three Chopt for over 20yrs!
    You guys have been so helpful! Thank you so much!!!


  12. Hooptie Rides&Reviews 2023/05

    There are some excellent staff on hand helping to give personal care to all animals. A great place to bring your animal and business.

  13. Jannette Espinoza 2023/04

    Excelente doctor Patterson is the best

  14. Danielle H 2023/03

    I have gone here for years and overtime I have started to have small issues, but today I just feel completely turned off from going here. The front desk staff is very rude. I called the vet to try to get my dog seen since he had very concerning symptoms since being there last from a routine visit and vaccines a couple days ago. He was panting, unable/unwilling to walk, excessively salivating, yelping in pain, etc. The vet was helpful in getting me in later the next day. I did relay to the vet that I was able to get seen somewhere else on an emergency visit yesterday, but wanted to have an appointment just in case. I did not receive a later call asking about my pet or if I wanted to keep the appointment.
    By mistake, I forgot to call in and cancel my appointment because I was at work all day. Which is something I never have done before. I was called by a front desk employee 10 minutes after my appointment was supposed to be and I profusely apologized, explained why I forgot to call, and explained that I did tell staff I got in somewhere else yesterday. I was met with a very rude response by the caller. The tone was very condescending and sounded unforgiving for an honest mistake. She said something along the lines of, “You seemed so concerned yesterday and we have been waiting on you and you don’t bother or care to call us to cancel.” Over and over again. I was repeatedly shamed and made to seem uncaring by her saying I didn’t even care to call them. Which I would never try to purposely not call or ignore a place. I said I’m sorry many times and she cut me off and went “bye” and hung up on me. With no effort to ask if I wanted to reschedule, if my pet was doing better, or even to accept my apology. I do not know if she tended to come off as unfriendly but I tried apologizing again and again and was met with very condescending remarks. I apologize for any inconvenience I caused. I just do not see myself coming back. I hope the tone and customer service can improve.

  15. Red Panda 2023/02

    The staff is great. The doctors take time to explain things and the nurses are friendly. I’ve taken my last 5 cats there. I normally take them all at once because they have a multi pet discount.

  16. Wendy Grigg 2023/02

    Dr. Patterson is wonderful and has been taking great care of my dogs for almost twenty years! I appreciate a supportive doctor who not only cares but takes the time to make sure I understand my Pet’s needs and the best health options for them. Highly recommend!


  17. Will Stewart 2023/02

    We have utilized you all for years and loved you. Lately, the experience is not the same. I just called to try and schedule an appointment. I decided against it, because the person that answered the phone was rude and condescending.

  18. Morgan Tinsley 2023/01

    We have been pleased with the clinical care overall and we particularly love Dr. Patterson. He is thorough, explains things, and includes owners in decision making for their pets.

    Some of the front desk staff are just not friendly, short, and often dismissive, especially over the phone… even pertaining to the smallest requests like scheduling a routine appointment. It’s unfortunate, because it definitely takes away from overall satisfaction with an otherwise great clinic.

  19. Ferrell Newman 2023/01

    I’ve been a customer for years. Nice, attentive doctors and the charges are reasonable. I’m very pleased with them.

  20. Kendall H. 2022/11

    Kind, quick care for both our dog and cat.

  21. John Failey 2022/11

    Dr Patterson % his staff are

  22. Anita Hile 2022/10

    Love the whole practice, they take great care of our dogs and their humans!

  23. MegaMomz Doggett 2022/09

    Great customer service. Really fair prices.

  24. E 2022/08

    Been taking my boy here for 14 years. Staff is awesome and Dr Patterson is the best.

  25. Missy Butcher 2022/07

    They listened and were very responsive, respectful, and professional. I feel confident and thankful to the doctor and handlers. I am hopeful treatment will be successful.

  26. Blair Shepherd 2022/05

    Very caring staff. Front desk is the best! Doctors, assistants and techs are the best beyond compare. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  27. Alexandra Kessler 2022/05

    great office. Have been going here for years and always a good experience. They got my dog in during an emergency and it meant a lot. Thank you!!

  28. Sophie_gmail69 Kovacs 2022/05

    Always a great experience. They ALL care.. the front desk folks(Meme, Rachel and whoever I am missing names for) and all the techs and vets are always amazingly caring!! Love Dr Patterson

  29. Rebecca Tunstall 2022/04

    Dr. Whitfield has been so great taking care of our fur babies since 2006. She has always been kind, listening to our concerns, and guiding us to keep them healthy and happy. The front office and vet techs have been very kind and helpful. Great staff. We lost our last baby last Friday and we have been treated with such care. Thankful for their care.

  30. susan colyer 2022/03

    Dr Whitfield and assistant Jason were excellent with my cats.

  31. Matt 2022/03

    We’ve been seeing Dr. Patterson and the staff at Three Chopt for 15 years. We have moved geographically further away from their office but continue to make the 40 minute trip to this clinic for each of our pets. We have always had a wonderful experience here and have had excellent care for our pets. I’d recommend Dr. Patterson and the staff at Three Chopt Animal Clinic to anyone!
    I just updated my post from 4 years ago. I still feel this place is the best animal clinic in Richmond! They did great through Covid and continue to be awsome!

  32. Brandon 2022/02

    I initially had good experiences here with my pups. However later on, my dog wasn’t being compliant with an assistant therefore they suggest the dog be held down and muzzled (has never occurred before) and I couldn’t be debriefed as to why my dog was labeled as cautionary. I was then shamed by Dr. Longest on how she acted after the experience. Unfortunately after this one visit, I wouldn’t recommend.

  33. Amanda Mercer 2022/01

    I picked up a stray dog that was wandering near the water treatment facility a block away, and took her here to see if she was chipped. Not only did staff members come out to my car to scan her, but they took on the responsibility of contacting animal control and held her at their facility until animal control was able to come pick her up. Thanks again Three Chopt Animal Clinic!


  34. ARLENE PATEL 2022/01

    I was just a being a Fur auntie and got a treat at this clinic! From decor to staff it was a pleasant experience and my Fur nephew is now on the mend


  35. Jay Squires 2021/11

    Fabulous. I’ve visited with 5 dogs $ 3 cats.

  36. Debbie Mitchell 2021/11

    The receptionist is never friendly but most of the vets do a good job

  37. Patricia Shortridge 2021/11

    The employees are friendly.

  38. Sumari Porter 2021/11

    Three Chopt Animal Clinic has taken great care of all of our dogs for almost 30 years. We are always very grateful for their kindness & excellence!

  39. Lindsay Ray 2021/09

    Prior to using Three Chopt, I was using Banfield, but as my dog was aging, I wanted to get him some extra care and also make use of their boarding. While I was only briefly a client of Three Chopt, I was very pleased with the care my dog received from Three Chopt. I was also pleased by the friendliness and compassion shown by the staff. Will definitely be making use of their services in the future!

  40. Pam Doser 2021/09

    The doctors and staff are awesome. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

  41. Misty Meadows 2021/08

    The Vet and staff were great! I’m so glad I’m getting my puppy taken care of here!!

  42. Aarica Kelly 2021/08

    They are the best! Ws love the doctors and staff here!

  43. Char J 2021/08

    They did a great job with my ugly little dog and they have fair pricing.

  44. Jamie Norman 2021/08

    Caring and professional. Got an appointment last minute and didn’t have to get out of the car in the process. Thank you!

  45. E O'Brien 2021/08

    We were looking for a new vet because we have cats that needed checkups and shots, and when one of them had a seizure, I needed to go ahead and pick one. Scheduling was very easy, and they explained the curbside pickup very well; the vet I worked with was also wonderful about explaining everything and what the options are.

    I’m only giving 4 stars because EVERY time I had to call in – including twice when we arrived and finished new patient paperwork – I was immediately put on hold. That’s a little annoying when all I have to do is say I’m there so someone can come out to get the cat.

  46. Julie James 2021/07

    Thorough, thoughtful, in and out. Clean, tidy space. Knowledgeable staff. Very reasonably priced. Very pleased each visit.

  47. Emily Morey 2021/07

    I will never take my pets anywhere else. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have had no issues with getting appointments or information. You won’t regret coming here, if anything you mighy be jealous of your pet for having a better doctor then you.

  48. Tony Hill 2021/07

    GPS was 95% accurate and not bad at all o will comtinue to use
    Thanks Google

  49. Kathryn Nicholas 2021/06

    Caring, friendly staff and very knowledgeable vets!

  50. Sarah Gardiner 2021/06

    Dr. Kea Kiser is an excellent vet. You can tell she really cares about her patients and suggests what is best for them.

  51. Alan Hartmann 2021/05

    I have been using Three Chopt Animal Clinic for many years now and I can’t say enough positive things about these folks! They have always treated my animals and myself with the upmost respect and dignity. I have been there for everything from simple yearly check-ups and to the unfortunate side of animal ownership and they have been amazing in every situation. Thanks, Three Chopt.

  52. Michael Lampros 2021/04

    They have looked after 2 dogs of mine over the last 24 years. No complaints.

  53. Lauren Blouch 2021/04

    We’ve been going to this vet for at least 5 years. And as a teenager (at the time) who cares about her dog, they listened to my questions and treated me like my opinion matters. Now as an adult, they continue to treat me like an adult who has a say in the matter. All their vets are amazing and their staff will work with us whenever we need it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  54. Susan Sved 2021/04

    Best animal clinic! The doctors and staff are top notch. I have been going here for almost 30 years and would go nowhere else.

  55. Susanne Borrelli 2021/03

    Great vet service. Staff is friendly and personable! Great with your pet!!
    Need to lift covid restrictions and let humans in.😊 …

  56. Margret Schluer 2021/03

    Excellent servic well and the folks who work there are awesome. All 3 of my cats have been served well. Client for 30 yrs…

  57. Debra Perrin 2021/02

    It was a pleasure! Very quick, got to talk to Dr. Longest in person (in the parking lot) and staff are wonderful.

  58. S E 2021/02

    14 YEARS at this clinic with all of my pets! My rescue dog has a traumatic past and was accosted at her appointment. She was called a “SOB” by Dr.Whitfield. I will be taking my services else where and if you have an animal who does not do well with others and requires someone compassionate and patient please seek another vet clinic. I was so disgusted with the Dr, she didn’t even apologize and told us she was DONE! Clearly, this is not the right line of work for you if you only want to work with a certain character of animal. It’s vets like you that make me understand why some animals fear Dr.’s like you.

  59. Megan Wright-Carter 2021/01

    great service

  60. Yonathan Dominguez 2021/01

    Love it, first time pet service and it was easy, fast and friendly

  61. Jackie Harmon 2020/12

    Dr. Whitfield at Three Chopt Animal Clinic is awesome with my kitties and lab/pit mix!

  62. Natasha Mclntyre 2020/11

    Love the staff

  63. Haley Rawson 2020/11

    Both of my dogs have been going to Three Chopt Aninal Clinic since 2015 and I was instantly happy with this honest office. They truly care about animals more than profits. They have great hours, friendly staff, and the areas best vets! I can call at any time with questions and am always taken seriously, the pricing is very reasonable and I am never pushed to purchase anything I dont need, and no matter how many questions I ask they answer them in a professional and caring manner. Dr. Christopher Patterson and his team are the only ones I trust with my furbabies! Ever since I have started working with this doctor I couldn’t imagine putting the care of my animals in anyone else’s hands.
    If you live in the Richmond area and have pets you should take them here. You will be happy you did.

  64. Wallace Bell 2020/11

    Been going there since the 70’s.

  65. Thelma Mills 2020/11

    Everyone there is there to assist your loved one “your pet” with open arms. I would recommend Three Chopt Animal Clinic to anyone or everyone that has a pet and wants good quality Assistance with their loved one to go there.

  66. Melinda Preston 2020/10

    Great checkup for new kitten. Staff was awesome and had excellent curbside service.

  67. Victor Burgdoerfer 2020/10

    Have taken care of our 2 pets for well over a year now. Recently we experienced an emergency with both pets and they got us in and our pets taken care of quickly and efficiently. The cost of care for our one little dog who stayed the night, was better than expected. Friendly staff and amazing Veterinarian’s what you will experience here and We highly recommend them for your very special loved ones!!!! The level of care is beyond professional and we will never take our dogs anywhere else!!!

  68. Jeanne Crigger 2020/09

    I love Three Chopt Animal Clinic, best Veterinarian in the greater Richmond area.
    Dr. GREEN is the most kind and caring person I have ever known. I am a newer client, and I wish I had met them 20 years ago when I first moved to the area. The entire staff provides excellent customer service, and the fees there are very reasonable. I am so thankful a friend recommended Dr. Green. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best at Three Chopt Animal Clinic.

  69. Cheryl 2020/09

    Dr. Patterson is Awesome

  70. Donna Thompson 2020/08

    Absolutely love the doctors and nurses here. Always take such good care of my dog.

  71. BETTY RAGNO 2020/07

    The vet and all their staff are the best !!!!

  72. Dana Bishop 2020/07

    Dr Green and Staff are #1 in mine and my Great Pyrenees “HankWilliams” book! I had left 3 chopt animal clinic to another vet closer to my home. Big Mistake! We came back to 3 chopt clinic, Where we belong. Hanks health was declining daily, and with several trips to Dr.Green, he was diagnosed with Addisons disease. We had No Appts, and they made time for him each and every time. Both the nurses and Dr.Green have called me several times to check on Hank and myself. Anyone that has a pet knows they become a major part of your family. Hank is a Big Gentle Dog and I couldn’t imagine life without him. With Deepest Regards to the whole Staff Well Done!

  73. Kshama Naman 2020/05

    I am very impressed with the doctors and the staff at the Three Chopt Animal Clinic. I was consulting them for my dogs international travel health certificate, and I am amazed with the way they accommodated my request and also did their homework to ensure that they have all the knowledge to share with me to make my dogs journey a smoother one. I would highly recommend this practice to any one who loves and cares for their pet and want them to be treated with same love and affection as you do. Thank you!

  74. John Crigger 2020/03

    Polite and caring staff

  75. Chris Eide 2020/03

    I have used a number of vets before, they just rock, thank you!

  76. kelly calder 2020/03

    I love the vet care but twice in the past six months I have had services added to my visit with no mention of the additional cost. It’s not an inexpensive clinic to begin with so surprise charges really sting.

  77. Celia Dominguez 2020/02

    Siempre atentos lo wue no me gusta es wue cuando el doctor revisa al perro no te dejan entrar

  78. Margie Gunn 2020/01

    Very pleased it’s doctors and staff.

  79. Melissa Penn 2019/11

    I love all the staff here. They are so kind and caring.

  80. Barbra Caputo 2019/10

    They are always courteous and concerned. Love the staff!

  81. Kai Ulric 2019/10

    They are always wonderful with our animal’s. We love taking them here.

  82. Toni Jabson 2019/09

    Very caring staff

  83. Sam Dittmar 2019/08

    Don’t go here.

    I called to schedule an appointment as a new customer. They were full this weekend and next weekend which is reasonable- however when they found out I would be a new customer they told me I have to come during the week. Unfortunately I work during the week.

    Instead I scheduled an appointment at Countryside Veterinary Clinic – they were very accommodating.

  84. Ileana Fred 2019/08

    I’ve had dogs my entire life and this is the best clinic on earth. Dr. Green is brilliant and also caring. I trust her completely. Also in comparison to what I have paid for services at other clinics, Three Chopt is very affordable for me. I love my dogs soooo much! and recommend Three Chopt Animal Clinic to fellow dog lovers.

  85. John Coulter 2019/07

    Really amazing vet. If you are looking for a vet in the Richmond area I highly recommend Three Chopt. The people are extremely pleasant, and even waited for me past closing to pick up our dog after a flight delay was running us late. Very knowledgeable and affordable. You will not regret taking your pets here.

  86. Jake Zamesnik 2019/07

    Dr. Patterson is the best!!! He’s extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to answer all of our questions about our pup.

  87. Terry Winternheimer 2019/07

    In the number of years we’ve taken our little ones there we’ve been quite satisfied. The price of speciality food is surprisingly affordable.

  88. Jude Shark 2019/06

    Great vets. Wish the ladies on the desk would smile a bit more.

  89. Colleen Lubking 2019/06

    Dr. Whitfield very friendly and detailed, takes time needed to ensure each pet owner leaves with the knowledge they need to take care of their pet.

  90. Ann Vikul 2019/05

    They are the best!

  91. Kass B 2019/05

    You can tell the people working here are passionate about what they do. We walked in with one cat and one dog and everyone got all excited like it was the first pet they’ve seen! We definitely felt welcomed here.

  92. dirty tryhard 2019/04

    They was really nice, and I would tell ppl to come there

  93. Richard Featherston 2019/04

    Dr. Whitfield and her associates are the best vets in Richmond! She’s been our family vet for years and years and walked with us when our Pomeranian got cancer and had to have a leg amputated. They’re just the best there! Everyone really love animals! Can’t speak highly enough about them.

  94. Julie Knopp 2019/04

    Smells like cigarette smoke. I couldn’t breathe well and neither could my cat. The whole building was tinged yellow. The doctor who saw my cat was very condescending and didn’t seem to know current best practices. Terrible!

  95. Jessica Lewis 2019/04

    I love the team here! My dog can’t be around other dogs. Because of this I hate taking her to the vet. At Three Chopt Animal Clinic the staff is very understanding. They let me take her in through the back door so we bypass the waiting room and all the other dogs in the office. The vet tells you how much something costs instead of telling you that you have to have it done. He gives you the option of getting prescriptions through the office or somewhere else and NEVER pressures you into something unless he believes it is absolutely imperative for your animal’s health. I love these guys. Dr. Patterson is the best.

  96. Denny Cope 2019/04

    The most caring people I’ve been privileged to have met due to my daughter’s cat’s illness. The doctors and staff could not have been kinder to my daughter and her cat’s terrible situation. My special thanks to Elizabeth and Dr. Patterson for their concern and kindness to our family.
    It’s such a pleasure to see in this day and time such people who give the example of what the rest of us should attempt to be.I highly recommend Three Chopt Animal Clinic not just for their professional skills but the care they also give the pets owners.
    Denny and Nancy along with their daughter, Gina.

  97. Kayla Hughes 2019/04

    I have had great experiences here. I rescued my dog, who I came to find has very poor social skills. While she is great with the people she has time to get to know (and is getting better with training) she is terrified and barks and growls at people aggressively if she doesn’t know them or have time to get to know them. I needed to bring her in for some routine testing as well as another issue, and knew she might have a bad attitude about all this out of fear. The staff and doctors were very accomodating of her needs, and allowed me (who she trusts) to help out by holding her during the procedures. The doctor was able to provide me with useful and necessary information for a behavioral vet due to my dog’s needs, and I am grateful for their patience and kindness. Everyone was incredibly gentle with my vulnerable dog and generously gave us the time we needed. Thank you for making our visit the best it could have been!

  98. Blake Taylor 2019/04

    Excellent and friendly vets. Ask for Dr. Patterson. He’s the best!

  99. Betty Ragno 2019/02

    The employees are really friendly !

  100. Carlton Kelly 2018/08

    A hard day was made easier by the kindness of your staff. Thanks!

  101. Courtney Bernier 2018/08

    They were very nice and amazing with my cat.

  102. C J 2018/07

    My coworker told me about this animal clinic Tuesday and I immediately schedule a appointment for the following day so I can get my new puppy his first shots, after I filled out the forms I was seen immediately Dr. Greene was great and quick I was out quicker than I expected the staff is very personable and you can tell they all love pets everyone at this location and very professional as well compared to the vets I used In the past. This was a test run for me when I came into the location I immediately asked the reception how well they work with dogs that aren’t so friendly around new people and she said confidently “don’t muzzle her, it’ll raise her anxiety, just bring her in and we will take care of the rest.” I live 40 minutes away from this location and I will definitely be going back.

  103. Alejandro Ati 2018/07

    Wonderful people great Dr great place to take your pet

  104. Brian Aigner 2018/07

    Such a caring vet!

  105. Matt Harrison 2018/06

    Friendly staff

  106. Stas Shuparskyy 2018/05

    Very inexpensive and great vet.

  107. Claire McKeown 2018/05

    Always helpful, attentive, and friendly. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure my ridiculous dog is always well taken care of, and is patient with me when I have a weird question. Dr. Green is amazing, and the ladies working the front desk have always been incredibly kind.

  108. Karen Altmann 2018/04

    I have been taking my dogs there for 20 years. Kind, caring and very competent professionals.

  109. Christine Cianciotto 2018/04

    I now have a healthy cat that was abandoned by someone. They took such good care of him. Everyone here is friendly and helpful!

  110. Martin Contaoi 2018/03

    Very caring and take very good care of your animal

  111. Liz Coiner 2018/03

    All of the staff go out of their way to help both me and my dog. Even though we have moved, and live over 30 minutes away, we still take our dog to this vet. All of the doctors are great, and you can tell that everyone there truly cares about the animals.

  112. Nick Morgan 2018/02

    Been taking my pets here for close to 20 years. Docs and staff are great!

  113. Dudley Warner 2018/02

    They are friendly and knowledgeable and are willing to go that extra mile when necessary.

  114. Charlie Bonet 2018/01

    We don’t live close, but Three Chopt Is worth the trip. The Vets and staff are compassionate, helpful and stay invested with follow up calls and assistance. We have a few cats with special needs and we couldn’t imagine taking them elsewhere.

  115. Nicholas Pence 2018/01

    Great staff and clean environment

  116. Ric Bergstrom 2017/12

    This has been our go to vet for all of our pets for the last 20 years. Caring and compassionate.

  117. George Farson 2017/11

    Professional and courtesy staff and they take care of your pets

  118. Sara Woodington 2017/10

    We are thankful for Dr. Patterson helping to take the best care of our fur babies. We drive up from South side to come here for the care.

  119. Peggy Meindersee-Miller 2017/10

    Been taking our dogs there for over 30 years. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Such compassionate staff and Vets.

  120. Floyd Rountree 2017/08

    Going here for years. Great vet and staff.

  121. Traci W 2017/07

    I cannot say enough about Dr. Patterson. He is compassionate and caring and knowledgeable. I brought my cat in and was in total crisis – he has such a calming presence and was so patient with me. I’ve taken my fur kids to other vets and always felt rushed me and as though the staff was eager to get to the next customer. I’ve never felt that way here. Dr. Patterson patiently answered my (thousand) questions and made himself available for follow up questions later.

    I was appreciative of how quickly they were able to get me in. My (former) vet advised that my cat’s condition was “serious” and scheduled me for a follow up in two weeks. I called Three Chopt in a panic, explained the urgency of situation, and I was in the next day. They didn’t just take care of my cat that day, they took care of me!

    The staff is also very kind and helpful. You get the sense that everyone working there truly cares. I’ll never go anywhere else.

  122. Angela Burnett 2017/06

    I’ve been going to Three Chopt Animal Clinic about 2 plus years now after being referred by a friend to a vet much closer to where I lived. From the office staff to the techs and doctors, everyone absolutely amazing! They take care of your pets like they are a member of their family and they treat the owners the same way. Very knowledgeable, caring & devoted staff! So happy we are apart of the Three Chopt family.

  123. C Bunn 2017/05

    Dr. Greene was wonderful. She delivered some unexpected and hard news with compassion and caring. She treated our Hannah with tenderness & dignity. She allowed us time with Hannah before she crossed The Rainbow Bridge. The entire staff was kind. They allowed us to leave at another entrance and not have to deal with going through the waiting room and the final expenses right then while we were so devastated by losing Hannah and the pain was so new. They have also treated our other cats and we have always been happy with their care.

  124. Anne Grier 2016/10

    I’ve been a client of Three Chopt for 35 years with many dogs. My longevity is a testament to their consistent compassion and excellence in caring for my pets. They are hard to beat.

  125. Peggy Miller 2016/06

    Been going there for 30 years

  126. Jay F 2016/02

    This office Gave my cat a wrong diagnosis and my animal is now very sick bc of the meds they gave her

  127. Mudiver 2015/09

    I think the Vets here are better than most other Vets in the area, but I have limited experence. I agree they are very caring but thats easy to say. Are they wise, can they see the early stages of an illness and head it off be for it cost you an arm and a leg or kills you pet, less one star. Their profile is too high to be bad Vets, and their location dictates higher fees, yet they do give a few discounts when you go over a certain dollar amount,. Its very hard to be a Great Vet, loving pets and loving the job is what it is, but reality is they are good Vets, not Great ones. They are skimming cream, the country Vet is there as well scribing his hands, both arms and face.and in the field at 6 am.

  128. Andrea Spivey 2015/06

    They have very caring doctors and manage their appointments very well. Some vet clinics seem rushed and you see a different doctor every time. I’ve had good experiences will all of the vets at Three Chopt and have never felt rushed, no matter how small my concern was.

  129. Carmelo Ventura 2015/02

    They are fantastic, caring and great with every patient that comes in.

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