The Woof-furry

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The Woof-furry
4.4 based on 10 reviews
  1. Lee Burnette 2022/08

    We love Woof-furry — we have been taking pets to them for years…

  2. Daniel Urdaneta 2021/08

    Sami is a great gromer, the house princess lives to go complains at all. Highly recommend

  3. karen sorrels 2021/07

    Excellent grooming

  4. Melisa January 2021/03

    This is the best place for your fur family grooming needs. They take time with your pet and with you. I did not know our golden doodle had an ear infection until The Woof-furry let me know that my fur baby “might” have one. I took my baby to the vet the very next day and sure enough, infection in both ears. THANK YOU!!

  5. allison williams 2020/04

    The Woof-furry has taken care of our dogs’ grooming needs for years! We won’t go anywhere else!!


  6. Stewart Stakes 2019/10

    Very professional and they listen . We trust them with our pets.

  7. Derk P 2018/03

    Sammie is the best

  8. Samantha D. 2018/03

    Always had great service here, until two months ago. This review is specifically about Sammie, Marika could not be nicer. When we brought our little dog to the Woof Furry, we specified we didn’t want her tail to be trimmed because it was a little matted & we were worried it could get cut too short, possibly damaging her skin. Not only did they not follow our request, our dog’s tail appeared to be sheared, or had gotten some sort of razor burn. Now this was probably an accident, I hope it wasn’t done intentionally. We had to go to our vet about the situation, because our dog’s tail was like an open wound and she said we should be completely reimbursed for the cost of the grooming & the visit to her office. She put our dog on an antibiotic. We didn’t reach out to them about it because my mother isn’t very confrontational but it truly upset us. We recently got a text message from Sammie @ The Woof Furry saying that she could book our dog for December because it was almost filled up, so we decided to tell Sammie what had happened. We didn’t want any reimbursement, as we just wanted to let them know what they had done. She could have been far more professional and compassionate. She replied with sarcastic comments and was very insincere. Definitely will not be recommending them or using them again any time soon.

  9. Robin Madron 2017/07

    Stopped by to inquire about services. Very clipped responses…didn’t seem to care about acquiring new business. Felt like I was a bother for even stopping by? …

  10. Amanda Rich 2017/05

    Sammie always does an AMAZING job on my dog child sadie. She comes home looking great and still smells great for like 2 weeks!! I will never go anywhere else. I highly recommend them!

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