The Oncology Service – Richmond

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The Oncology Service – Richmond
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  1. amanda yates 2023/10

    This group is great, friendly, understanding, dedicated, compassionate and caring. They have been taking care of my golden retriever since last year. They got her right in after being diagnosed at 3 yrs old with lymphoma. We have seen Dr. Waite majority of her visits and met a new doctor yesterday, Dr. Kenny who are both awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better team to treat her and buy us as much time as possible. They go above and beyond and I’m forever thankful for everything they have done this far!


  2. Volkan Aytar 2023/09

    We can’t thank the Oncology Service-Richmond enough ! Our cat was unfortunately diagnosed with an aggressive type of injection site sarcoma. After visiting numerous other places, we were so lucky to finally find TOS-Richmond. From the first visit onwards, Dr. Angharad Waite and her team, including Clinical Supervisor Angela Rahatt, Client Care Specialist Heather Deshazo and all others were extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They have supported us with great care, attention to detail, prompt follow-ups and complete transparency with procedures and everything else. We felt that this was not just a medical establishment but a wonderful team of caring, compassionate human beings that really empathize with your pain and worries, walking the extra mile(s) to help and comfort you as much as they can. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to them. Highly recommended for all others facing similar health challenges.

  3. Michael Cocker, Jr. 2023/08

    Dr. Waite & staff are the best. They are super transparent, and will do anything they can for you and your pet.

  4. Jessica Wilkinson 2023/07

    They have been fantastic with my old girl, who is not great with pain or vet visits. Despite her anxiety, they have managed to make her happy to see the vet tech when she comes in the room, because they have worked hard to gain her trust. I am forever grateful for them, for adding to the last few years I’ve got with my girl.


  5. Evan Macbeth 2023/07

    Our five year old springer has lymphoma. Dr. Waite and the team have been simply wonderful with her and us. I am personally grateful for how all the options are clearly explained and the time spent making sure we understand everything.

  6. Marc Wagner 2023/02

    Excellent service. Solid expertise.

  7. Wendy Jackson 2023/01

    Never had better care for my pup! Compassionate team of professionals who go above and beyond to ease the anxiety of dealing with such a difficult diagnosis.

  8. Cynthia Van Arsdale 2023/01

    Gizmo, our 9-year-old Pomeranian, was referred by our vet. They fit him in within a couple days. The staff all made such a fuss over him. Unfortunately, he died a few days later. The liver tumor couldn’t wait for surgery in two weeks. Today, I received a card with the sweetest condolence messages from every member of the staff. Thank you for caring about my little boy— Gizmo’s mom. 🥀🐕💔

  9. Jennifer Veneman 2022/10

    Unfortunately we only engaged with Dr Waite and her staff a few times before my dog Minnie past away from her osteosarcoma but our experience during diagnosis and treatment was amazing. First after her MRI with another vet’s office identified the cancer their office worked to squeeze Minnie in for both an assessment and an initial treatment. Dr Waite went over all of the treatment options with me and the team was there to check-in on Minnie and answer any questions I had throughout. In addition to their amazing treatment they also made several donations in Minnie’s name to local nonprofits to help others facing these issues.


  10. Melody Highlander 2022/07

    Emme sends rave reviews for Dr. Waite and her team.😀 Thank you for taking care of her. …

  11. Ana Stumpf 2022/06

    Dr. Waite and her team were so wonderful to us during our unbelievably difficult time.

    They took great care of our little cat, Willow, and laid all of our options out clearly and concisely.
    Unfortunately, the cancer Willow had was very aggressive, and she has since passed on, but TOC was very transparent and gave us a timeframe, so we were mentally prepared (well, as prepared as you can be for something like that).

    We will be forever grateful we made the choice to take her to The Oncology Service of Richmond.

    EDIT TO ADD: When I told TOS that Willow had passed on, they ALL signed a BEAUTIFUL hand-written card – EVERY doctor and tech. I am speechless at their kindness. It means so much to us.

  12. Ray Nelson 2022/06

    Very professional. Informative, empathetic. Easy to contact, they do follow up phone calls to see how my dog is doing also. Wish my “people docs” were half as good!

  13. Morgan Gossman 2022/05

    Was quick to reply to my inquiry and got my dog in almost immediately. The staff are kind and knowledgeable.

  14. Nicole Norman 2022/04

    This is our second time doing chemotherapy with The Oncology Service. We live in Chesterfield but drive across town to see the specialists there.

    I can’t express how happy and grateful we are for the outstanding care they have always given our girl, Seraphina with Lymphoma. She was diagnosed in 2017 at 4½ years old, was in remission almost five years and is doing treatment again now at age 9½. We are optimistic because of The Oncology Service.

    I would recommend them to anyone looking for an oncologist that will customize the treatment your pet needs and readjusts weekly or as often as needed.

    They’re an amazing group of people.


  15. Liz McCarthy 2022/04

    Everyone at TOS was so kind and caring to both me and my cat. They outlined all of our options (even though my decision was already made- whatever is the best option. Dr. Jacobs seemed heartbroken when having to deliver negative news- they really loved my sweet baby girl. I know we all did everything we could to possibly help her in her fight. <3

  16. Nick Gal 2022/04

    This place has an awesome staff they do amazing work they treat every animal as if that animal was theirs they truly are good at their job and take great care of the animals

  17. Kristen 2022/02

    If you are looking for an Oncologist to fight for a cure for your baby, Dr. Waite is the veterinarian you need. I am an emergency veterinarian and I refer all my patients to The Oncology Service for their excellence in medicine, the drive for a cure, and above all the love and care for our sick kids. Dr. Waite will treat your pet with kindness and compassion. She treated my beloved “daughter” Chloe (I do not have human kids) and I never felt like Dr. Waite was giving up on her, like I did with other Oncologists. Dr. Waite always had another plan, until Chloe let me know it was her time to rest. It’s been over 2 years since I lost Chloe, but I will never forget how supported I felt and how the staff actually cared about my daughter. Hands down best Oncologist and staff in the area.

  18. Shawna Spence 2021/10

    This place is wonderful and accommodating .

  19. M. Huffman 2021/07

    Incredibly kind and thorough. Detailed notes for myself and my regular vet. Excellent service all around. I highly recommend!!

  20. John Litterine-Kaufman 2021/05

    TOS had wonderful, kind, and compassionate people. My cat is being treated for a mast cell tumor and Dr Waite has been amazing through the whole process. She provides up to date and well laid out information, and really cares about her patients. Would definitely recommend.

  21. Dawn Ska 2021/02

    Everyone is so nice and you can tell they really care about your pet.

  22. Stephanie Moriyon 2021/02

    Had a wonderful experience here. Although the circumstances of the visit were not great, everyone was very friendly and compassionate. They are very thorough and I felt comfortable leaving my pup in their care.

  23. Jennifer Jones 2021/01

    Very nice people, come to our cars, very understanding with our fears.

  24. Page Dyer 2019/08

    Amazing and caring staff! Gave me extra time with my fur baby!

  25. Gerry VPP 2018/11

    We had personal experience with this Center several months ago. We were impressed by Dr. Smith the main surgeon at the Center, however, we encountered Dr. Smith limited times during our cat’s radiation treatment. Instead Interns would come out to relay the status and how things went. At times, we received erroneous information from one particular Intern and it was at a very critical time for our Cat’s treatment so we did not appreciate receiving the wrong information and we brought it to the attention of the doctor. Also, it was disconcerting when prior to the initial radiation treatment schedule day, they called us that morning as we were nearly ready to drive to the Center to advice they weren’t ready and wanted to defer treatment for a few days. Overall, we wonder now if it would have been better to do to one of the more established Radiation Centers in the Washington DC area.

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