The Mosquito Authority of Richmond

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The Mosquito Authority of Richmond
4.9 based on 490 reviews
  1. Delores McCrea-Woolens 2023/10

    The service today was very professional, and I like that he asked if I had any questions

  2. Carrie Bayuelo 2023/10

    Darrian was very professional, was on time and did an excellent job..I highly recommend!

  3. Alice Farley 2023/10

    Darrian is very good at his job he communicates well and always ready to address any issues.

  4. Gail Howerton 2023/10

    They do a great job paying attention to the weather. In addition they are great communicators letting you know when they are coming to do the job. We are very pleased!

  5. Cynthia Porter-Moore 2023/10

    Darren did a very good job

  6. Christy Archileti 2023/10

    Great service. Darrian is great to work with!

  7. Personal WillyRad 2023/10

    Talked with Carrie on the phone today she was amazing, answering all our questing with FACTs, the wife and I appreciated that ?
    We can’t wait to get some mosquito ? control out here. I was referred by a good friend where you can walk in their yard but the neighbors yard you will get lite up.
    I just got bit by a misquote while writing this. They are not going down without a fight. ????? If we survive their attack we will update again after service!!!!!!!
    Over and out!!!!!

    Update: the tech Darrian was great as well!

  8. Bill Benninghoff 2023/10

    Darrian did an excellent job. Was very informative as to arrival and completion. Even came back early the next day since it rained not long after he treated my property.

  9. Joe Billman 2023/10

    Darian was very positive & courteous, and he did a great job.

  10. Chris 2023/10

    Darrian was professional and friendly. He did a very thorough job and let me know when he arrived and when he was done.

  11. Dana Black 2023/10

    Darrian with Mosquito Authority is the best! He is always on time, very thorough and respectful of our property. He is great with communication about our services. We highly recommend Darrian!

  12. Jimmy Robinson 2023/10

    Darrian did a great job.

  13. Timus Rees 2023/10

    Darrian was Great! Fast response and well done.
    Thank you.

  14. Danielle Goodman 2023/10

    Darrian did an excellent job taking care of my treatment today. He was professional and courteous and even treated a gnat issue without me asking. I have really enjoyed being with this company! They truly put the client 1st! I have no complaints? …

  15. Sandy Brown 2023/10

    We purchased your Fall pest promotion and Darrian arrived today. I received an email yesterday to let me know to expect service today. Darrian texted me to let me know when he would be arriving. He was also responsive to my reply telling him about our recent wolf spider found IN our house. He was willing to put something under our house and also put some under our deck – and relayed all the info to me. Guess we won’t have to move I highly recommend your company and will continue to do so. Thank you!

  16. Claudette Benson 2023/10

    Darrian did a great job

  17. Theresa Moran 2023/10

    Darian treated our yard today. He was professional and thorough. He left a message with details about the work he completed. I appreciate that.

  18. Beagles and Bentleys 2023/09

    Darrian was very professional and helpful

  19. Christy Bartholomew 2023/09

    Darrian did a great job. Very professional

  20. Penny Ames 2023/09

    JoJo does a great job. He always let’s me know he is coming so we make sure the pets are in the house. He is very personable and very polite. I hope he will always be our guy!

  21. Susana Bickford 2023/09

    Darrian very professional

  22. Lawanda Ricks 2023/09

    Darrian was respectful and professional.

  23. Rah Ra 2023/09

    Darrian was very responsive polite and on time with good communication!!

  24. Bonnie Edwards 2023/09

    Mosquitos are gone! Hooray! And Darrian was super helpful, professional, and great to work with, thank you!

  25. Georgina Lucas 2023/09

    They are always professional, timely and take care of any concerns. The guys who do the treatment are always respectful of the fact we have 5 dogs. Gates are locked, never an issue.

  26. That2Apple 2023/09

    Wyatt and Darrian were super professional and friendly, got here on time, and did their jobs good. I enjoyed my experience with them and hope to see them again! Wyatt also has a really good smile ? …

  27. dennis dietz 2023/09

    You guys have done an excellent job this year. Thanks for the service

  28. gigart gigs 2023/09

    Darrian was outstand quick and efficient with what he does a big thump up for Darrian

  29. shelley parmele-lawrence 2023/09

    Darrian is the best, he is very thorough and makes sure he does a outstanding job.

  30. Jeremiah Brice 2023/09

    Thank you for your services and keeping my kiddos happy & don’t mind being outside. It’s college football/tailgating season!!! We are always doing something outdoors; so thanks you for keeping my ladies satisfied!!!

  31. Joel Hendelman 2023/09

    Great service and keep my mosquitos problem at bay!!!

  32. Katie West 2023/09

    Never had any issues with mosquito authority and more importantly with mosquitos since they have been treating. Darrian came up on me blowing the leaves Off my driveway and let me know he had another house around the corner And could come back. I told him it wasn’t a problem he could go ahead since he was already here. Sent me a text of a problem area he noticed and finished blowing off my driveway for me. My husband and I had talked recently about letting our pest people do the mosquito control since they brought it up last time they were out.. I think Darrian saved you all a customer. Will stick with mosquito authority. Thank you so much Darrian!

  33. Andrew Yanovitch 2023/09

    Darrian has been an excellent technician and wonderful to work with. He comes prepared and is familiar with my property’s nuances. He’s courteous and goes above and beyond!

    Additionally Carrie Ann from the Accts/Sales team is wonderful to work with. Professional, courteous, and always prompt, proactive communication. Thanks for all you do for our community Carrie!

  34. Christine B 2023/09

    Darrian & Wyatt were friendly and personable when they came to do my treatment. Greeted me with a smile & completed our treatment quickly!

  35. Thomas Verna 2023/09

    Darrian completed today’s service. He was prompt, did a thorough job spraying the yard, and contacted me before and after doing the job to understand any concerns.
    Great job, Darrian. A go-to guy for your service

  36. Carly Reeder 2023/09

    Darien was very professional, friendly, & thorough!

  37. Jeremy Marshall 2023/09

    Darrian was amazing super professional would love to have this kind of service from every professional interaction and hope to see him again for the next service

  38. Kristin Hazlett 2023/09

    Great service! We could never enjoy our yard during mosquito and tick season without their service. Very professional and thorough. We will continue to be a customer of theirs for many years to come.

  39. T Phayme 2023/09

    Darrian came to my house recently. He asked me if had any areas of concern, and reated both places like a pro. He is a great asset.

  40. Helena Bradshaw 2023/09

    Darrian was great!

  41. Tammy Trapp 2023/09

    Darrian was super informative and professional!

  42. herbert sears 2023/09

    Can’t say anything but good about this company and Darrian was truly professional. Asked if I had any concern and was ready to help. Excellent customer service!

  43. Amanda Ellis 2023/09

    Darrian and Wyatt were super great. They called me 5 minutes before their arrival which gave me a good heads up to take the dogs out. The treatments are super effective even though none of my neighbors participate and we have a French drain and a swampy backyard

  44. Jackie Hudson 2023/09

    Great service. Great communication. Keion is top notch!

  45. Pam Cornell 2023/09

    Great pricing and always on time. I use them every year and have never seen a mosquito since. I highly recommend!!

  46. Gerry Davis 2023/09

    Darrian was here today and was very professional and courteous. He was thorough and very understanding of the challenges we have in our yard with mosquitoes and addressed those issues.

  47. Sara Curry 2023/09

    Wyatt and Darrian were friendly, respectful and provided great service today. Thank you!

  48. Salsa Bibens 2023/09

    Technicians have been very friendly! Mosquito Authority is very responsive to our needs! Great job!

  49. Anthony Cirillo 2023/09

    Darrion was super professional and asked us if we had any questions before and after treatment. Thanks!

  50. Rafael Morales 2023/09

    Darrian The technician was professional and described the service very impressed

  51. Richard Fifer 2023/09

    Extremely satisfied with the results of the mosquito treatment provided by Mosquito Authority. Darrian is usually our tech. He is extremely thorough and always does a great job. He is extremely professional and is a great representative for your company. When I see Darrian arrive I know I will be getting the best service possible.

  52. Candy Adams 2023/09

    Darrian was amazing today. He came out and really spent time with me and showed he cared. He helped inform me to all the safeguarding on our part too to keep these mosquitoes away ! Thanks for great customer service. Candy Adams

  53. Carrol Allred 2023/09

    Darrian came to mt house today and did a great job. He’s a great representative for Mosquito Authority!

  54. Melissa P 2023/09

    Jordan was very thorough and took care of the entire property. Very please with the service and tech!

  55. Jackee King 2023/09

    Always willing to work with us and makes us feel like family. I am always telling people about this company and their great service.

  56. Suki H 2023/09

    Darrian just finished the yard treatment and did a thorough job. So polite and professional. He even let me know when he was done. I have been a client for years and love this service. The difference between my property and the neighbors is incredible. I was bit several times in a short period next door and basically proved how well it works just a thin tree line away. The office staff is great also. They always answer calls if there are any questions. Great job Mosquito Authority!

  57. Damon Talley 2023/09

    Had a awesome experience today with Darrian. Not only was he professional and courteous, but very knowledgeable in what he was doing.

  58. Jessica E 2023/09

    Darrian was very nice and polite. Quick and efficient job!

  59. Kristin Schelin 2023/09

    Darrian and the team have been fabulous with our yard applications-great communication and very professional!

  60. EBS 2023/09

    Darrian did a great job for us today with a smile. He was very friendly, took extra time to provide a thorough treatment and addressed an issue with our quarterly pest control service. He followed up to assure our satisfaction and we hope Darrian is our permanent Mosquito Authority technician!

  61. Steve Rula 2023/09

    I am no stranger to this company. They have serviced my home and various investment properties for years. I have never had a bad experience with them…(and that comment will surprise anyone who knows me and how potentially demanding I can be sometimes)… This gentleman (new to me, but hopefully is ‘my regular’, if that term even still applies anywhere in the service industry) was prompt, polite, knowledgeable, efficient, thorough… exactly what I would expect from this company (who already has high standards, it seems, for their field service technicians). Whoever hired him, keep him…promote him…reward him…and if he is staying in the field service part of the Mosquito Authority, DO NOT CHANGE HIS ROUTE 🙂

  62. Nicole Whitney RN 2023/09

    Darrian did an outstanding job. Very thorough and knowledgeable! He explained the issues and his treatments. 100% satisfied

  63. Nancy Sharigian 2023/08

    Great customer service and no mosquitos!!!!

  64. DeeDee Carr 2023/08

    Our service was great very friendly technician went out of his way to please us Thanks so much for such a great job!

  65. Cathy Brown 2023/08

    I have used Mosquito Authority for a few years now and love them! Excellent customer service! They let me know in advance when they are coming. If they need to re-schedule due to weather, they always let me know. The technician will call to let me know they are on their way and an estimated time frame.
    I have both the mosquito and tick treatment. I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats and have not had a tick on them in the last 2 years!

  66. Margie Adams 2023/08

    Best customer service of any company I’ve ever had! Super responsive and quick service. Been with them for 2 years now and they have stayed amazing the whole time!

  67. Cheryl Dawson 2023/08

    These guys are great! I trust them and will keep using them for pest AND mosquito control.

  68. Jerry Liddle 2023/08

    Mosquito Authority has been the only company with the ability to traduce our mosquito population. We have tried several companies. We are so pleased that we also use them for our home pest control, as well. They are affordable, on time, and communicate when weather prevents a treatment.

  69. Roxanne Di Natale 2023/08


  70. John Begala 2023/08

    Great service, very friendly, attention to detail.

    Thanks Darrian!

  71. David Schiller 2023/08

    The technician put down a tick barrier. Servicing is done with advance notice; very personable company representative, on time as scheduled and had texted expected arrival time. If weather changes. They alert as to canceling and rescheduling. Before doing the treatment, they make sure I know they are there. Very cordial.

  72. Kelly Speed 2023/08

    Darrian is so professional. He is always so polite and so patient with every question I have. He always does a great job. I can sit on either porch and enjoy being outside again. Thanks Darrian.

  73. curtis smith 2023/08

    Darrian provided exceptional customer service and courtesy throughout our conversations and I am more than happy to give a “5” Star rating. He responded to my request for a re-spray and was prompt while also advising me on factors that maybe the causing the issues. He is an excellent representative of the company!

  74. velva brown 2023/07

    Good and on time and person

  75. Geri Samuels 2023/07

    Great attention to detail!

  76. Catrina V 2023/07

    Darrian thanks for the great customer service

  77. Paul Harris 2023/07

    Keion does a great job! Very professional and courteous. Knowledge of the product also a big plus.

  78. Sarah Francis 2023/07

    We love Mosquito Authority. We Live in the woods and have always had a lot of mosquitoes, but since we’ve had Mosquito Authority, we never see a Mosquito. It is so nice to sit outside and not get eaten alive. Darrian is always nice and professional. One time I had some kids playing in my yard and he was so nice to come back later after they had left. He’s very accommodating and does a great job.

  79. Jennifer Viar 2023/07

    Darrian did a great job, we had a couple of things with standing water in them and he not only let us know but dumped them for us as well. Fantastic job!

  80. Liz Resnick 2023/07

    Not a single mosquito since the first treatment – love it!
    Darrian was extremely helpful & friendly – a great person to have working with your customers!

  81. Lisa Ellinger 2023/07

    Keion was great to work with; listened to us and quickly responded to our needs. Thank you!

  82. Patrick Loth 2023/07

    Always informative, thorough in their treatment and willing to answer questions and do the extra bit to ensure our property is sprayed per our use. The product works well and usually lasts right up until the next treatment.

  83. Marcia Eaker 2023/07

    Darrian was very professional and did a great job treating our yard.

  84. Jennifer Barnes 2023/07

    I appreciate Darrians great customer service. He took the time to communicate with me before and after treatment. He also spent time to assess issues on our property.

  85. Hank V 2023/07

    We have been very satisfied with results from Mosquito Authority. We have a wetland area in the woods behind our house and never thought our back yard could be mosquito free but it is. Their technicians, like Darrian, are always very nice and are very customer focused.

  86. Leslie Corbus 2023/07

    Mosquito authority does a great job. Well priced and the technicians are excellent. Darrian was able to catch a gnat problem in our yard and help us treat it before becoming a major issue.

  87. pamela gorski 2023/07

    Mosquito Authority has done a tremendous job with our mosquito spraying this season. Our field technician DARRIN went above and beyond today to make us aware of an additional issue, documenting it with video for me and helping me navigate immediate remediation. Can’t say enough good things about the entire staff! They get a 15 out of 10 rating from me!!

  88. James “Holy Smokes” Claiborne 2023/06

    I was not home at the time but my stepfather was there and I saw the technician, Darrian’s interaction with him on my security camera. Very professional!

  89. L E 2023/06

    Great experience! Welford is a great technician!! Answers all questions. Professional and friendly! Thank you. We have been using your company for many years.

  90. Kelly Joyner 2023/06

    Our technician, Darrian, was very professional and kind today. He went above a beyond by offering and picking up our puppy’s toys from our backyard before he treated it. He let us know when he was done and confirmed how long we should keep the puppy off the grass. We were told a few months ago that Mosquito Authority was re-training and recruiting new personnel, and their efforts have definitely been obvious over the last few months. We’ve been pleased since resuming services with them! Thank you, Darrian!

  91. Richard Hofrichter 2023/06

    Keion was super informative and enthusiastic about his work!

  92. N Royal 2023/06

    Keion is always professional, treats our property with respect, and answers any questions we have.

  93. Heather Tanner 2023/06

    Keion was fantastic and polite. We have been with the company for many years and couldn’t be happier!

  94. Brian Roberts 2023/06

    Darrion was a wonderful technician. He took his time to evaluate our property and treated everywhere we asked him to. He also avoided the areas we asked, like our herb garden. He even shared with us a trouble area we had. Very professional and courteous.

  95. Lynn Wood 2023/06

    Mosquito Authority technicians have consistently provided great service. Yesterday, Darrian was extremely helpful in providing me updates on his arrival time to treat my yard. This provided a stress free outdoor play time for my special needs pet before our yard was treated. I really appreciate that he went above and beyond to keep me in the loop on his schedule!

  96. Cindy Mitchell 2023/06

    Darrian. Thank you for explaining the spray and my trouble areas to me. And your patience on coming through the gates from other side of property. That’s a 5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐service in our opinion!!

  97. Phillip Gardner 2023/06

    Keion did a great job. Very personable and informative and paid attention to detail when performing the services.

  98. S Callaham 2023/06

    Darrian w/ Mosquito Authority was excellent , very thorough and professional. Exceeding my expectations, detailed oriented and understood my request. Now my family and I can enjoy our deck and patio w/o being bitten.

  99. laura Ferguson 2023/06

    Darrian was professional and listened to my concerns and addressed them! Very very nice young man!

  100. Jackie Helwig 2023/06

    Always friendly and professional. Keion asked if there were any trouble areas we noticed since our last service and if there were any concerns we had. Appreciate the inquire!! So far, we have had no issues and love our mosquito free yard.

  101. Jordan Doggett 2023/06

    Keion was great, he was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions no problem.

  102. Gayle Pruett 2023/06

    My tech was amazing frendly,cuterios. Love how I have my yard to enjoy Darion was awesome

  103. Scott Mootz 2023/06

    Keion did a fantastic job. He checked in with me before servicing my property to ensure we were getting the service we expected. Really appreciated his thoroughness and professionalism. Highly recommend Mosquito Authority.

  104. John Gunst 2023/06

    Darrian was great! Communicative, punctual, professional. Always appreciate yalls work!

  105. Ellen Murnane 2023/05

    Keion was professional and friendly! We haven’t had a mosquito in our yard in weeks thanks to Mosquito Authority.

  106. Antonio Moody 2023/05

    I met a gentleman because we shared the same last name. His name is Darrian Moody. He explained what he does as pest control and i agreed for him to come out and show me what he was talking about being my family and I just closed on our new home. Darrian was on time, effecient and thorough with explaining his every step to help me better understand what I was investing in. I appreciate the time he took out of his day to make sure we were confident in our investment. Now we are signed up for his services and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Darrian as our pest control guy. Excellent service and I would reccomend this gentleman to anyone who needs.

  107. Christina Nightengale 2023/05

    On time, professional, thorough, efficient.

  108. Sandra Taylor 2023/05

    I appreciated that they checked for areas where mosquitos breed, and removed any standing water.

  109. Jerry Pauly 2023/05

    Keion did a great job and talked to me about my concerns to make sure I got great service. Thank you!

  110. Robin Sprawl 2023/05

    Keion was professional and knowledgeable of the service provided, also recommended additional services the company offers. Thank You Robin

  111. Jill Girard 2023/05

    Love the service and Keion he was very professional and very nice

  112. Delshaun McRae 2023/05

    I always question how well our yard gets sprayed, but Keion did a thorough job and even asked what areas I felt needed more attention. Not sure if requesting the same person is possible but if so, Keion is the one.

  113. Deborah Seitz 2023/05

    Technician was friendly and informative. And, he was happy! I appreciate the smile and excellent work.

  114. Mark Hottle 2023/05

    Keion was friendly as always and respectful of property. Gates were closed and locked when he left. Thank you.

  115. Latricia Wells 2023/05

    Keion did a great job today. Very Professional and courteous. Keep up the good work. You can tell he enjoys his work! Ms Wells

  116. Roslyn Singleton 2023/05

    Keone was great!

  117. Richard Davis 2023/05

    We’ve been using Mosquito Authority for several years now. It’s a made a huge difference in our ability to use our backyard. It’s always wet in our neighborhood and you used to get bitten three times just walking to and from the car. We still get bitten occasionally but now it’s just occasionally. The technicians, such as Keion today, are always very helpful and friendly. He was very thorough in checking and treating standing water. We’ve been having trouble with a small bug on our house and he suggested their barrier360 treatment. Highly recommend them. It’s why we continue using them every year.

  118. jenbrock1 2023/05

    We are grateful for Keion! Professional, thorough, and responsive!

  119. Linda Gibson 2023/05

    Keion was very professional and knowledgeable of the products he used

  120. Ben Humphrey 2023/04

    Keion was friendly,
    professional and thorough with his service today! Really appreciate the 5 star treatment!

  121. Lucas Staton 2023/04

    This is our second year using Mosquito Authority and we’ve used them for multiple services. The mosquito treatment has made being outside in the warmer months much more bearable. Sometimes we still see a mosquito or two, but if we wanted to we could call and have them come spray again at no charge if it’s in between services. We use them for quarterly pest control as well, and are always satisfied with that service too! Hardly ever a bug in sight! We’ve also had them help with carpenter bees and identifying termites that had just sprung up for the season and were flying around our back door. Everyone we’ve worked from the ones who answer the phone to the ones who come to our home are always timely, professional, and really work hard to resolve any issues you have. We will continue using this company!

  122. willy 2023/04

    Jacob did a great job and was very responsive!

  123. Keion Barksdale 2023/04

    Good team!!

  124. Raven Hemphill 2023/04

    Keion did a great job

  125. Marion Gurney 2023/04

    Keion is an excellent tech! Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He asked if any areas needed special attention and even dumped standing water. Highly recommend.

  126. Vincent Pelletier 2023/04

    We have been very satisfied with Mosquito Authority. Their staff is always professional and willing to accommodate requests to focus on specific areas. Technician Lecraig Thomas came earlier today and was extra courteous and customer friendly!

  127. Theresa Waldron 2023/04

    Not sure how my last rating only said 1 star,,,please delete that, snd know I am more than happy with Mosquito Authority, and especially Keion! I am currently considering on this company doing my termite control as well as mosquito!

  128. Duke & Monique Hunter 2023/04

    Technician was great.

  129. Timothy J Henry 2023/04

    Keion was the technician that came out and was very personable and professional. Did an excellent job!

  130. Scott Harrison 2023/04

    The technician was very pleasant and curtious. He walked me through the treatment plan. Very pleased. Great job.

  131. Lily Daniel 2023/04

    Keion is great!

  132. Diane Russell 2023/04

    Keion was very polite and thorough. He made it a point to speak with me regarding areas to be sprayed and then followed up with me afterwards. He did more than I expected and I am very happy with the service he provided.

  133. lillie isaac 2023/04

    The tech that came out today explained what he was doing to take care of the problem I had was so glad I got Mr Moody today ? would recommend the company and Mr Moody if he comes with the quality I received today ? thanks Ms Isaac …

  134. Jennifer Dixon 2023/04

    I have used Mosquito Authority for many years and appreciate all they do to keep my yard mosquito free!

  135. Cecelia Peace 2023/04

    The service representative that I spoke with on the phone, Amesha, has been so helpful and kind each time we have spoken. The technician that came out to apply the treatment, Alex, was also great! I was just arriving home from running errands and he stopped spraying so that I could get both of my kids inside and let the dog out before resuming his job. He even found a snake and helped move it to the woods! He was very kind and considerate.

    Keion, the tech that applied our treatment today was punctual and efficient and kind!

  136. American Patriot 2023/04

    Our technician Darrian was courteous, thorough and answered several of our questions about the product and application while on our property. I would highly recommend him for other clients.

  137. Donya Cobb 2023/04

    Very thorough, attentive and courteous. Happy to recommend them. Keion Barksdale and his crew member took extra time to make sure they covered everything.

  138. Heather Sunshine 2023/04

    They do a fantastic job! I couldn’t even sit outside on my porch before they got rid of those pesky mosquitos. My technician, Keion is a true professional; I highly recommend this company.

  139. Sheila Battle 2023/03

    Keion was patient and listened to me as a customer. I appreciate him for taking the time to go over his plan for our yard and for giving our new neighbors info about your services.

  140. Jason Raab 2023/03

    Keion & Tevonta were very professional and courteous.

  141. Nick's Drumming 2023/03

    Very experienced personnel. Great service at a great price. Not always show up on time, but also made sure they’ll let you know they were coming and that they have arrived too. Responsible workers who take care of your property as if it was theirs. Very responsive and courteous. Definitely recommended. Was a pleasure talking to Dana, who took his time to answer any questions I had. A+++++

  142. Catherine Schuchman 2023/02

    Dana called today to offer mosquito treatment. I already have the outside of my house treated for bugs which has greatly reduced the spiders I was plagued with. In fact I rarely see a spider and if I do they come back out to treat between scheduled treatments. Dana was thorough in explaining the mosquito service offered and very pleasant to talk to. I am pleased with the service provided by Mosquito Authority.

  143. Pete Shamburger 2023/02

    Very helpful

  144. sonya highsmith 2023/02

    Ricky have great customer service and did a great job and was well educated

  145. Ellie Forkins 2023/02

    Ricky has been so helpful getting us scheduled for the year ahead. We’ve always had a good experience with Mosquito Authority and have noticed a major decrease in mosquitos around our yard.

  146. Maria Quijano 2023/02

    I had replied to an email on an offer and Ricky was very quick to call me about my concern and found a solution for me! I’m so happy and he kept me as a customer! Thanks Ricky!

  147. Brenda L. Lindsey 2023/02

    I cannot give a rating for the company, but I am giving 5 stars
    only for Ricky who called today re mosquito service for the upcoming season. I explained I was not renewing because I was dissatisfied with last year. Ricky was understanding and reassured me the problems I encountered last year will not be tolerated or repeated. He emphasized the company is under new management.

  148. Vinnie Morgan 2023/01

    Very friendly service. They are always on time. They listen to my problems and offers me solutions. If I have any question I’d just call Carrie in the office and she’ll either already knows the answer or she gets me the answer quickly! I’m happy that I found Mosquito Authority…

  149. Alisha Parker 2023/01

    Carrie is the best! She is so kind, helpful and professional with her clients.

    Ricky is knowledgeable and professional as well.

  150. Willy 2022/11

    Been customers of Mosquito Authority for longer then I can remember. These folks has always given us great service year round and the product works! Before getting regular treatments our kids could not go outside for all the tiger mosquitos. Now we might see one or two a YEAR! If you do see a mosquito they will be out the next day and spray again! Just to make it clear we love the service and have no plans to stop using them.

  151. Patrick Callaway 2022/10

    MeShawn Harper was fantastic !

  152. Danielle Hill 2022/10

    Dylan was very professional. I had some questions about our treatment and he was able to answer all the questions. Highly recommend Mosquito Authority.

  153. Deena Ellen 2022/10

    Julien was our technician and was very professional and asked about problem areas. He treated our yard and concentrated on problems.

  154. Erin Chase 2022/10

    Albert was awesome, he came on time was very professional and was a very good sport about my dogs! Highly recommend

  155. Vernadene 2022/10

    Tech Rell was very attentive, respectful, and professional.

  156. Susan Turkal 2022/09

    He did a good job!

  157. Ryan Thomas 2022/09

    Communication was spot on and did a great job

  158. sidney ames 2022/09

    Have been a loyal customer for over 7 years. Never a problem, always receptive to return visits if needed.

  159. donna skeens 2022/08

    Worked great, but company unreliable when setting times to come. When you work and have dogs that have to be put up before treatment, not being able to break it down to a 4 hour block is ridiculous. Cancelled service. Will try another company.

  160. Brandi Frudden Duncan 2022/08

    Albert’s service was excellent! He walked around my property to look for any issues I needed to address. He found an area that was allowing the mosquitoes to breed that I had not considered could be holding water. He removed the water and applied larvacide.
    Albert took care in avoiding our blooms and edibles which was very much appreciated. He treated my lawn for no-see-ums in addition to mosquitoes. I could not have asked for better service and care.

  161. Matt Holmes 2022/08

    Started using Mosquito Authority of RVA this year, and have nothing but great results. Our technician, Lavoe, is very nice and always ask if everything is going well with our treatment. Lavoe also makes sure to ask us if there are any areas we want to focus on, or are having trouble with. Goes above and beyond to ensure we are happy with our treatment.

  162. Anna M 2022/08

    I live in a forested area next to a creek so you can imagine how bad my mosquito issue was. They took care of them! What’s more, they texted me before each visit to give me a 15 minute heads up which was very nice. I paused their service when the weather got cold and it was all very hassle-free. I would recommend them!

  163. Ryan Nowlan 2022/08

    I can’t say enough good things about Carrie and her team! Top notch customer service! Every technician who has came out to treat my yard including Bob today has been professional. They send a text before they come and after they have treated. Best of all I no longer have to worry about getting eaten up my mosquitoes in my yard!

  164. AC CHURCH 2022/08

    I found the staff to be very friendly,knowledgeable, and professional. I had a mosquito barrier spray applied to my yard. No mosquitoes!!! YAY SUMMER WAS SAVED. I would definitively use Mosquito Authority again. I even had a spray and then it rained. I called them up and the came out and re applied to my property at no cost.. Great Customer Service is why I am Loyal. Thanks Again. AC Church

  165. amy curran 2022/07

    Demonte was our technician and was very professional and prompt. We are very pleased with the service!

  166. VJ Poltrick 2022/07

    Mosquito authority is a very good choice for summer pest control what they sell works very well and definitely recommended for anyone in central Virginia

  167. Mary Sigmon 2022/07

    Best decision I’ve ever made!! We couldn’t be outside for even a couple of minutes before. After the second treatment, it was a huge difference!! Professional, responsive and worth every penny !! Definitely recommend!!

  168. Tandra Ford 2022/07

    Service was excellent. I can’t remember the young lady that assisted me and made sure I was satisfied. Thanks again for a job well done.

  169. Lisa S 2022/07

    Great job by our tech today. This is our first treatment, so will post again with results. I love that their owner is a beekeeper and very mindful of pollinators and timing.

  170. CC Hooks 2022/06

    This is only my second year with mosquito authority but this is my first year with Carrie managing my account and I must say that she is absolutely amazing she definitely was very thorough in finding out what I needed for my home and how she can better assist me and my home. 10 out of 10 highly recommend this company purely based on the amazing customer service in such a trying time.

  171. John Bright 2022/06

    I had a bad tick problem and Mosquito authority
    completely eliminated the ticks! I have not seen a tick since the last time treatment was done.
    I would like to thank Carrie for her top notch customer service and all of her help making me a Happy and satisfied Customer !!

  172. Naomi W 2022/05

    I have used Mosquito Authority for a year now, and have not been disappointed, what ever they use has been working very well and pet friendly, I can finally sit out on y deck with out the flies and mosquitos, Monte Washington one of the technicians is so nice and professional, he really does a great job when coming to my residents. Cary is always available to answer my questions and concerns I highly recommend Mosquito Authority.

  173. Annabelle Bricker 2022/05

    Very friendly and responsive

  174. Terry Koren 2022/05

    Demented let us know when he was coming, was punctual and completed spraying all the areas we needed to have sprayed. Thank you

  175. Dwayne Hooper 2022/05

    Mosquito Authority is a fantastic company. Today my Technician was Julien and he was awesome. He kept me informed throughout his time here, he checked in identified my apple trees and sure there wasn’t anything else that he should be aware of. When he was finished he let me know. I have not had bad service from Mosquito Authority yet. All the technicians are top notch.

  176. Lisa Gambrino 2022/05

    Very professional and thorough pest control company! Our technician, Jonath was very kind and made sure to let us know he watched out for our chickens as to not getting to close with the spray! Thankful! Excellent job!

  177. Lyn Mills 2022/05

    This was going to be Year Three for us using the service. The first year was amazing. We actually enjoyed our front and back yards for the first time in years without being eaten alive. We didn’t hesitate for a moment signing up for Year Two. We didn’t have the same wonderful experience, however. We had MA back a couple times to respray. MA was wonderful about listening to my dissatisfaction, but we had a buggy summer. So when it came time to consider going with MA again this year, I was really on the fence. I’d reached out to another company to hear what they offered. Until…I got a call from Carrie with MA. She impressed me within just a few minutes. Listened to my concerns, took them seriously, offered suggestions about how they could offer us better service this year, how the company was bought out and relocated, and she was just so personable and made talking so easy. I made my decision today to go with MA and Carrie was the reason why.

  178. J L 2022/05

    I absolutely LOVE this company! Carrie is dedicated, resourceful, and best of all – HUMAN. The treatments are effective, and allow my family and me to enjoy our outdoor space during the warmer seasons.

  179. * The Morehouse Group, LLC 2022/05

    We had Aaron come to spray today and he was exceptionally accommodating, understanding, polite, professional and a delight to talk to. With a very difficult yard to treat (ie: overwhelming bamboo, plants and trees and a creek) We have have used other companies in the past and I can say without a doubt, Mosquito Authority stands out among the rest as being the most enviornmental conscious and professionally employed. Our bees and greens are thriving! Thank you, We look forward to many more years of service.

  180. CHERYL ROBINSON 2022/05

    Julien Lisske was friendly , professional, and thorough in getting the job done ! We would love for him to come back everytime ! Amazing individual !

  181. Mr. YOUNG 2022/05

    We’ve used Mosquito Authority for several years now and they are great. If there is a problem, they are very responsive and do a thorough job. Carrie in the office is wonderful.

  182. Jane 2022/05

    Awsome service! Excellent customer service.

  183. Mary 2022/05

    Julien Lisske is fantastic!! Always so nice and very thorough. Always feel it was worth the money after his treatment. Highly recommend!

  184. Donna Walton 2022/04

    Zachary Harris did a great job!! Thank you so much!!

  185. Mariam Parker 2022/04

    First time using this kind of service. The actual treatment was very quickly done. However, the technician Reggie Terry was very informative and answered my questions and concerns effectively.

  186. Mary Addeo 2022/04

    Always a great job!

  187. Nicole Snodgrass 2022/04

    All of my technicians have been great along with the folks in the office every time I have called. Very responsive and kind. Thank you Lavoe, you were so helpful and thorough before a bbq and helped make the yard a comfortable place to enjoy!!

  188. Lee Mitchell 2022/03

    We have used M.A. for several years and they have always been on time and responsive and there within the day or two to take care of an unexpected mosquito flair-ups.

  189. S. H-M 2022/03

    They are always responsive. They know me by name. Not sure if that’s good or bad ?. They go the extra mile to make sure I don’t have mosquitoes. Which is tough because I live in a wooded area and have a small pond They are always professional and kind. …

  190. Freda Parrish 2022/03

    I noticed a remarkable difference after first spray and we had a bad mosquito problem.

  191. jennifer jones 2022/02

    This is my gift to myself. I can enjoy my yard without having to douse myself with repellent. Great for family and the dog.

  192. Larry hennegan 2022/02

    First and foremost the staff is friendly and warm. I really recommend that your experience will be second to none. Good work also.

  193. sue mold 2022/01

    Good company ? …

  194. Elaine 2022/01

    THANK YOU TyShon for the thorough job you completed. I observed your work and I also appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions regarding the mosquito treatment.

  195. Kim Rodgers 2021/12

    Reggie Terry, the technician that came out was so polite and did a thorough job protecting our yard from mosquitoes!

  196. Kitty Hughes 2021/09

    My technician is always on time, courteous and thorough. I haven’t seen a mosquito since the first treatment and they are always considerate of my neighbor’s beehive. I highly recommend this company.

  197. Susan Martin 2021/09

    Mosquito Authority is wonderful they are always on time and they do a great job and their employees are so nice and help in anyway they can Terry is great and so sweet as well as Gin thanks a million guys

  198. Robert Weedon 2021/09

    Jake was very thorough in his treatment!
    Very knowledgeable and answered all of the questions that I had.

  199. Karen Isik 2021/09

    phenomenal experience with DeShaune. By far my favorite tech. I hope I can request him moving forward. So knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.

  200. Katherine Stodard 2021/09

    Mosquito Authority has been treating our yard this season for ticks and spiders and now we can enjoy the yard without being eaten alive thank for the great service

  201. Toni Huber 2021/08

    Our technician, Jonath Negron, always does a thorough job treating our entire yard! We have used the service for many years and always recommend Mosquito Authority to our neighbors.

  202. Adam Preston 2021/08

    Amazing service and great people. I once emailed them and got a phone call within the hour! Oh, and not to mention the product simply works! We haven’t had mosquito issues since moving to Mosquito Authority.

  203. Lynn Mosby 2021/08

    Great about keeping you informed. Respond when you call. If you get breakthrough mosquitoes they come back for free

  204. Erin Sweeney 2021/08

    Deshaune was great! He was very responsive and walked me through everything he did to make sure I was happy with their service. I am excited to have a mosquito and bug free yard now!

  205. jeffrey chappell 2021/07

    Michael did a good job informing me of trouble spots I had thank u for your service yall do

  206. Jennifer Renshaw 2021/07

    We have been using mosquito authority for years. Really cuts down on the mosquitos around our large property. Our technician, Timothy was very polite and responsive and did a great job spraying all areas for mosquitos. Definitely recommend.

  207. flipstyle79 2021/07

    Have used this company for almost 4 years. Dan just sprayed my lawn and did a wonderful job.

  208. Edwina Word 2021/07

    Always tell me when they are coming and in time. . Today’s technician Kylill knocked first to make sure everything was ready to go, pets inside, etc. before getting started. That was a plus. Quick in and out and we were back in the yard in no time.

  209. Amy Mears 2021/07

    The Mosquito Authority was very responsive and professional. They quickly responded and scheduled a time to look at the problem and although thr solution was not a part of their services they provided me with an assessment and recommendations on how to resolve my ?️ …

  210. Desiney Weaver 2021/07

    I called Mosquito Authority of Richmond over a year ago. I spoke with Carrie. Jesse was sent out for a 5 Point Inspection. During his inspection, he gave me news about the wet foundation that I was not prepared for. I love that Jesse gave me a couple of ways to handle the dilemma. He was not pushy or aggressive but very observant and educational. My sons took care of that problem. Thought I was ready to move forward. No! A tree root attacked my underground pipes. Tree had to be removed and portion of pipe replaced. Daddy had his second heart attack. Daddy’s third heart attack. Daddy’s death. Home windows replaced. Home painted. Water pipe burst in front yard. Through out all of this, Carrie would patiently send an email regarding services AND provide reassuring messages of hope and kindness. She never tried to bully or rush me. It is because of her patience and professionalism that I called today to finally secure a yearly contract. Carrie is definitely an asset to your company. I hope you realize what a gem you have!

  211. Krista Milano 2021/06

    My tech Daniel makes sure that any standing water in my yard is dumped over, and is fast, and thorough. Being in a low lot we get killed by mosquitoes every year. We have noticed vast improvements and are able to sit out side without being eaten alive! It’s so good I’m thinking of adding more services.

  212. Matt Miles 2021/06

    I can’t say enough positive things about Mosquito Authority! They have been and are one of the best purchases I have made. No mosquitos in our yard and when I do notice a break through they send someone out. Their customer service is amazing. Our schedules have changed and they are willing to work with us to get our service done. The best part is you actually talk to real people that listen to your concerns and have solutions! Love this company!

  213. Allen Tunstall 2021/06

    Always reliable, even if we ever have to call them back out, which is hardly ever. Our technician Dan is the best. Always great customer service!!

  214. Andy Sanborn 2021/06

    Rell did a great job for us today! Great company!!

  215. Lynne Vest 2021/06

    Rell was our technician and was here for our regular mosquito treatment. I texted Rell to see if he could remove a hornets nest, he responded immediately and took care of this issue while here. Rell was friendly, competent and delivered excellent customer service!!

  216. allison powell 2021/06

    I’ve been using mosquito authority for several years now and have always been very happy with the service. I love to be outside and the monthly mosquito treatment allows me to actually enjoy my yard rather than spend the whole time getting bitten by mosquitoes. The company is very professional and has always made me feel like a valued customer. The technicians, like Daniel who came out today, are very efficient and considerate of my time and space.

  217. Keturah Edwards 2021/06

    Love the communication the employees offer. Shayn always makes sure I know when they are going to stop by and I have not experienced any mosquitos these last few Summers! Worth the money I spend to not have mosquito bites all summer. The kids love going outside without getting bothered by the mosquitoes also.

  218. Spenser Anne Edwards 2021/06

    Great customer service!! I’m always super happy with the results after a visit from Mosquito Authority. I never worry about the annoyance of mosquitos when enjoying my backyard, what a relief!

  219. Michelle Isom 2021/05

    We have “woods” on 2 sides of our house…since using The Mosquito Authority, I haven’t seen any mosquitos! Prompt service…I highly recommend! Daniel, thank you!

  220. Albert Truda 2021/05

    Deshaune was very professional, polite and through.

  221. Kraig Weaver 2021/05

    Dan did an excellent job, even went back to overlay problem area that i identified to him. Great customer Service Dan!!!

  222. Laurie Polly 2021/05

    Timothy did a great job and was mindful not to set his equipment on my grass because it tends to leave burn marks on it. I was thankful for his support.

  223. Roy Siler 2021/05

    Appreciate courtesy and helpful feedback

  224. Allen Sleeman 2021/05

    Had Mosquito Authority come for a two treatment service. First treatment was efficient and they delivered exactly what was promised. Our Tech, Rell, was polite and thorough and communicated exactly what took place. Thanks!

  225. Robin McNeny 2021/05

    Mr. Fleming sent a text message that he was on the way which I truly appreciate. These messages allow me to tell him if we have seen mosquitoes, which we haven’t since the last treatment. I know he is careful with application, which we also appreciate!

  226. Jean Canfield 2021/05

    Michael communicated with me promptly and sprayed my property conscientiously. Very courteous, too!

  227. Nancy Nall 2021/05

    Very pleased with all of the technicians as they are courteous, knowledgeable and polite. Timothy was our technician today and I could not have asked for anyone better. With all the rain we have had this year, we have only had a few mosquito bites and they were within a day or two of the technician coming out to spray. Usually we get eat up with them. Because of this service it has been a wonderful summer as we spend most of our time outside. We will continue to use and highly recommend Mosquito and Pest Authority.

  228. Barbara Johnston 2021/04

    Appreciate the work Dan does to keep the mosquitoes away. I like that they communicate when they are coming, when they are here and when they are done. I also appreciate the text to let us know that due to weather they will come out when the weather allows.

  229. Susan Layman 2021/04

    We’ve been using Mosquito Authority for a few years now. Great service, and we can go outside without worrying about mosquitoes. They do other pest control as well.

  230. Chelsea Gephart 2021/04

    Rell was very professional and friendly!

  231. Janet Graham 2021/04

    R2 was great!!!

  232. Dallas Hite 2021/04

    Dan in particular is great!

  233. Michael 2021/04

    The technician was excellent and covered every area around or near the house that I ask him to and more.

    This technician is a keeper well done to your HR department.

  234. arlene kidd 2021/04

    Michael was very professional. Arrived on time and was very helpful.

  235. Jacqueline Bunting 2021/03

    Dan always listens when I ask him to avoid my bird box, inside bird window and flowers. Always texts me back when I text and is very polite & professional. Thank you Dan.
    Sincerely, Jackie Bunting

  236. Judy Walger 2021/03

    Timothy sprayed my both front and backyard. He also sprayed my patio space which was very appreciated. Great job!

  237. Beth Lucas 2021/03

    Great work! The tech today did an outstanding job, he took care of a wasp nest that I didn’t even know about and took the time to let me know.

  238. YaToria Henley 2021/03

    Dan did an excellent job!

  239. April Phillips 2021/03

    Tevonta did a great job spraying my yard. We never have a problem after he sprays. He is very thorough when spraying my yard.

  240. brenda bundy 2021/03

    Tech was very respectful, friendly and courteous
    He took time to speak with me and addressed the concerns I had about one particular part of the back yard and found what the problem was and took care of it with no questions asked.
    He also didn’t rush through the spraying of the property which showed me that he cared about his job and performance being done correctly.
    If you are the lucky ones to have him as your tech KEEP HIM.
    I feel confident that he will do a professional job even if I’m not home when he sprays.
    Thank you again for being professional with your work

  241. Jonathan Thomas 2021/02

    My service provider was Rell and he was very professional and thorough answering all my questions I had. He did an amazing job doing my first treatment in a timely manner and I couldn’t be happier!

  242. Amber Jones 2021/02

    Wonderful service and it works!

  243. Barbara F. Garris 2021/02

    They do a great job

  244. Nicole Reynolds 2021/02

    Dan was professional and thorough. The response time was amazing. We are so grateful our dogs can now be safe in the yard. Thank you, Dan!

  245. Stacie Rice 2021/01

    @Dan is the best!!! Always takes great care of us!

  246. Ashley Hedge 2021/01

    Quran did a great job! Was very professional and made certain our problem areas were taken care of. No mosquitoes since they came last week!

  247. Becky Card 2020/10

    This is an AWESOME company. The product really works. I am never bothered by mosquitoes in the summer. All the employees are kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and polite. I highly recommend them!

  248. Crystal Foster 2020/10

    You guys are great! Love that I can enjoy my yard and won’t be bothered by mosquitoes!

  249. heather Levet 2020/09

    I have had Mosquito Authority for several years. This summer I have had some determined spiders and mosquitos-Carrie sent out a call immediately. Jamal C came out The very next day and spent over an hour cleaning up my spiderwebs and spraying. He was personable and professional. I couldn’t be happier. They will definitely keep my business!!

  250. Everett Greene 2020/09

    Jonathan is very kind, caring and professional. He did everything he could to ensure my family was satisfied.

  251. Hatch Reppard 2020/08

    Mosquito Authority has been very professional and done a great job for us. They have been flexible on days and times for service and always do a good job commucating before and after each service appointment. I would highly recommend them.

  252. E Ping 2020/08

    THOMAS is just wonderful!
    Knowledgeable, personable and efficient! He explained the entire process and the top notch service we can expect, in great detail!

  253. Laura Stewart 2020/08

    We love Mosquito Authority! They’ve come every summer for years, and it makes being outside so much more pleasant. It’s been a game changer for a family member with a severe reaction to mosquito bites. She used to spend every summer looking like she crawled through barbed wire (so many scabs from scratching!) but now she doesn’t get bites–at least not at our house!

  254. Pat Outland 2020/08

    In addition to keeping us informed about their visits, we also appreciate the rapid response time. We had ants and your specialist was there the next day.

  255. Michael Kurze 2020/07

    We have been using Mosquito Authority for a number of years after trying different companies and remedies and are very satisfied with their service. The targeted treatments are effective and a good protection for our children from mosquito bites when they are playing in the backyard. Mosquito Authority is also actively involved in our community; their team is well trained and provides consistently outstanding customer service.

  256. Chantel Lee 2020/07

    This is Betty Jones using my daughters google account

  257. Hilary Baham 2020/07

    Thomas was incredibly thorough and professional! He was incredibly friendly and made me so happy to have picked this business to work with!

  258. Julie Samitt 2020/07

    My initial phone contact has been informative, assuring and so welcoming!

  259. Ann Herrmann 2020/07

    Such a positive company wonderful employees and so professional and they care about the bumblebees and do not spray where the bees would pollinate a very environmental friendly organization

  260. tammy orfield 2020/07

    I clicked on an ad and they called me back first thing in the morning. The rep was very polite and cheerful. Best customer service i have had from any company. I will be reccomending them to all my friends.

  261. Lora Hamilton 2020/07

    Very impressed with the friendly, responsive and quality service I’ve received. The initial treatment was completed within 24 hours of my order and I’m finally able to go outside without getting eaten up by pesky mosquitos. I highly recommend them and will be using them for the pest control services as well.

  262. Stacey Samitt 2020/06

    Great company! Great customer service! Results are well worth the money! They really do go above and beyond to treat you like family and show their appreciation (gift cards, gift baskets). Highly recommend.

  263. Lianne Wistrom 2020/06

    Since cov19. No contact. No mosquito

  264. Ronald E. Renmark 2020/06

    The most effective service and the most courteous staff. Thank you!!!

  265. Daniel Trump 2020/06

    We tried another company to save a little money last year and the extra hassle and ineffective services were not worth it.

    We went back to Mosquito Authority this year and we love it. Their technicians do a great job communicating with customers and their service guarantee is a major confidence builder for us.

  266. Kathy Blaska 2020/05

    Their service is sterling. It is great to be able to enjoy a bug free yard all summer!

  267. Lynette Paoletti 2020/05

    With every phone call to Mosquito Authority, you know you are speaking with professionals. They are always so pleasant and accommodating. Last year I used them, and I will be using them again this year and I was mosquito free and finally able to use my patio. They should be your number one choice. If you are looking at this review because you are researching mosquito treatment companies, stop now. You found it.

  268. kristie mcauliffe 2020/05

    Wonderful customer service!!

  269. Merilyn Arnold 2020/05

    I have used your company for 5 years
    I am impressed by Carrie. She is professional and pleasant. An asset to the company. The people that spray are very nice and considerate.

  270. Amelia Easley-Byrd 2020/05

    Awesome staff with wonderful customer service always!!!

  271. Nancy Carole Snyder 2020/04

    2020 is my 4th season with Mosquito Authority. They are great people to deal with and always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and satisfied. During this Covid 19 crisis, they are being very careful and respectful of the risks to clients. Mosquitoes love me; I hate them!!!! That is why I called Mosquito Authority!!!

  272. D Hodges 2020/04

    First time using the company. I was very impressed with the Technician William. He was very professional and polite.

  273. Julie Kratzer 2020/04

    Thank you so much!! Our yard went from miserable to fantastic after our spray yesterday evening. We are having a wonderful Saturday in the yard ALL DAY without mosquitoes eating me alive!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting our spray in before the weekend.

  274. David Shires 2020/04

    This is my second year using the Mosquito Authority. Last year was so enjoyable on our deck without the mosquitoes it was a no brained to do it again. They always email me before they come and let me know when they’re done. Enjoyable staff to work with.

  275. Kelly speed 2020/04

    I’m so happy I found this company to work with.
    I have never had a problem working with them
    And if I wasn’t happy about something they fixed the problem right away. We can actually sit anywhere in our yard and be free of Misqutios!

  276. Kayla Dunn 2020/04

    I called today for a quote and explanation of their services. The young lady on the phone was very nice and very through with her explanation. She explained the process to me in great detail and I fully understand their entire process.

  277. Glenn McDonald 2020/04

    Great customer service. This is my second season and Have been extremely satisfied.

  278. Crystal Lett 2020/03

    I had a wonderful experience with the company. Their customer service is top notch!

  279. Alan Chamberlin 2020/03

    We have used mosquito authority at two separate houses and have been very pleased with the results…and btw Carrie is awesome!!

  280. Rey Rodriguez 2020/03

    Great customer service. Went out of her way to help us out before a cookout. Thank you!

  281. Debra Lee 2020/03

    We could not even go in our backyard if it was not for the treatments we receive from Mosquito Authority. The area we live in is surrounded by water so we have always had a problem until they started treating our yard. Could not even think about going through the summer without them. The people who treat our lawn are so concerned about meeting our needs. Love this company. Debra Lee

  282. Kathy Cantrell 2020/03

    This has been a great mosquito-free Summer because I’ve been able to enjoy my yard, the deck and my garden without being attacked by mosquitoes as in previous Summers. You are dependable, thorough, and professional. I will not spend another Summer without you…it is so worth it! Thank you…you are the BEST!

  283. Gloria Sawhney 2020/03

    Brian is wonderful, and we love the service. The Mosquito Authority has done a great job for us for many years.

  284. Tamara B 2020/03

    Carrie was great in getting us set up for treatment of our yard. She provided details on process and expectations up front. Excellent customer service!!!!!

  285. Moneke Mack 2020/02

    I would like to say you all need to be the #1 Business in Richmond. Your customer service is exceptional,(Carrie Six is the star of the business)and they will make sure they get the job done. Each person that I have met through Mosquito Authority has been a delight to talk to and so warming I would invite each one to dinner.We have a lasting relationship that has now opened up new opportunity for home improvement. It is a true testimony my daughter said she went to the river and was eaten alive by mosquitoes. She said she forgot what being around mosquitoes was like. 🙂

  286. Carol Terrell 2020/02

    The technician, EJ, was very courteous and informative today when I asked him a few questions about the treatment. He’s awesome!

  287. Ellen Saba 2020/02

    We were very pleased with the results of our mosquito treatments. When one did not work and we were still getting lots of bites, I called and was quickly scheduled for a repeat treatment the next day and after that had no more problems!

  288. Benet Maher 2020/01

    Jahmal Christian helped us by re-treating the yard today:)… Guess the continuous rains have an affect. He was very thorough and pointed out things we could change to cut down on mosquito issues:)
    Was patient and kind, to boot:)

  289. Mike Shamus 2020/01

    Very thorough and professional. Notification before arrival. If the weather is bad then they reschedule. ? …

  290. Gerald Campbell 2020/01

    I’ve used this company for several years and it works. My neighbor complains about mosquitoes in his yard but I haven’t been bitten in 3 years.
    The service really works!!!!!!

  291. Chris Ciarochi 2019/10

    They do a great job and have great customer service!!!

  292. Jean Greene 2019/10

    Great service and we love not having mosquitoes. We can sit on our porch and enjoy the neighborhood! Wesley helped me find some hidden standing water to get rid of ~ thank you!

  293. mohan dua 2019/10

    Good service and I will recommend to friends .

  294. Gin Steffen 2019/10

    I have been using Mosquito Authority for a few years. This year I had a last minute treatment that needed to be done. Mosquito Authority really pulled through.
    I like not having mosquito’s at my home. I hate them and Mosquito Authority takes care of the problem!! Thank you!!

  295. Elizabeth Weber 2019/09

    Luke was a very friendly guy and explained everything he was going to do.

  296. beverly austin 2019/09

    This is our second summer we have used Mosquito Authority. We never have been disappointed in their service, as we have been able to enjoy our outdoor yard and patio without getting any bites! Their services professional and affordable.

  297. Fortnite games 2019/09

    They are very responsive and the customer service is great. The treatments are effective- we haven’t had a mosquito or tick all summer!

  298. Katherine Donowitz 2019/09

    Super responsive to any issues we have had. This is the second year we will be using them. Carrie is always friendly and helpful with customer service on the phone and the folks who come out to the house to do the treatments have been great!

  299. Ann Sanderson 2019/09

    We have been able to use our backyard this summer without getting a million bug bites!! Thank you, Mosquito Authority!

  300. Selina Nichols 2019/08

    Awesome company! The service to keep the Mosquitos and ticks away is amazing!

  301. Cathy Fetty 2019/08

    We experienced a terrible mosquito problem in June. Out of nowhere our yard was full of them. Got in contact with Mosquito Authority who was recommended by a friend and within one treatment what a difference. Its like they just vanished into thin air! Response time was amazing and our technician who sprayed our property was kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this company.

  302. David Ednie 2019/08

    Very responsive and friendly staff. Product has been great and very effective. We always had a large amount of mosquitos and now we see zero.

  303. Berkeley Martin 2019/08

    Great service. No more mosquitoes!

  304. Karen Ryan 2019/08

    Great customer service, prompt service, effective spray. Our backyard was overrun by mosquitos, now it’s mosquito free!

  305. Jeff Jarrelle 2019/08

    Very professional he took the time to find our issue and he took the proper steps to complete the job and fixed our problems.

  306. tyeatta evans 2019/08

    I think mosquito Authority rocks

  307. Melissa Barden 2019/08

    I really appreciated Benard’s thorough treatment & following through with a detailed note. I even got 2 calls prior to his visit.
    I do wish your technicians would wear ear protection
    Thanks again for your great service!

  308. Brent Lederer 2019/08

    Follow directions on not spraying our garden and flower beds and have come back and resprayed when necessary at no cost.

  309. terry koren 2019/07

    Mosquito Authority is a great company. The techs are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They take care of our yard as if it were their own. Customer service is always there to help if any questions arise. We’ve tried other companies in the past before deciding to stay with MA and we are glad we did.

  310. Fred Adkins 2019/07

    I have been a customer for two years and have been extremely pleased with the service and the results. Highly recommend.

  311. Riese Hairfield 2019/07

    Very professional company and excellent results!

  312. Katy Mcmanus 2019/07

    We have been very happy with Mosquito Authority. Their customer service is excellent. They always strive to meet their customers needs. Twice this year they came out between services for no extra cost. This was for a cockroach in the attic and no see ems in the grass. We have had no problems with mosquitos since starting their service last year.

  313. Theodore Kaufmann 2019/07

    Many ticks and Mosquitoes last year none this year. Great job.

  314. Debra Renna 2019/07

    I can’t say enough about this company and their employees! I’d give 10 stars if I could.

  315. William Wilkerson 2019/06

    Technicians are capable and friendly and we have no mosquitos.

  316. Steven McCarthy 2019/06

    The initial scheduling experience was quick and easy. The rep explained everything in detail and was able to answer all questions adequately.

    The effectiveness of the treatment and experience with the technician/appt is unknown and unrated at this point since the mosquito treatment hasn’t yet been applied.

  317. Brittany Dodd 2019/05

    Update: I’m still a huge fan of Mosquito Authority! They call to check in regularly. Always let me know when they are on the way, oh and I did I mention my daughter nor I have been bitten by a single mosquito all summer!

    I seriously cannot say enough great things about Ameesha(sp?). As a former customer service rep and manager I wish I could have have a whole team like her. I could literally see her smiling through the phone as she talked me. She engaged in rapport and was an absolute delight to speak with. I then asked for her sup to provide a compliment call. Her supervisor was amazing as well and extremely thankful for my kind words. Customer service goes a long way in may book and I rarely do reviews or ask to speak to supervisor but I just felt the need to after this amazing experience. You guys have a rockstar on your team and I’m looking forward to service from you all! Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face this rainy day!

  318. Melissa Holloway 2019/05

    GREAT customer service and easy set up!!

  319. Michelle Frazier 2019/05

    Excellent customer service. All of my questions were answered and a thorough description of treatment process was provided.

  320. Ashton Luciano 2019/04

    Wonderful customer service and effective treatment!

  321. Candy Adams 2019/04

    Love mosquito authority ? Can’t use my yard or pool for the summer without them ? …

  322. Adair Rice 2019/03

    Thanks for your outstanding service. You always go above and beyond!!!

  323. Karen Ragland 2019/03

    Very pleased with service. Happy to be mosquito free so we can enjoy our backyard.

  324. Bryan Bellamy 2019/03

    Recently cashed in a Groupon for a reduced Mosquito Authority treatment for my home. Although I am currently awaiting to see the results, before being converted as a believer in the product. The quality of service and professionalism rendered by, Chris, was exceptional! He answered all my questions, explained everything he would be doing and once the application was complete, he didn’t mind a causal conversation addressing my skepticism.

    I’m in business, and Chris’s personality and character is what one hopes for when sending an employee into the community. Richmond Mosquito Authority has a real asset in their business model with Chris.

  325. Cassie Mauritsen 2019/03

    Very helpful, answered all of my questions and very pleasant tone. Thanks so much! Looking forward to mosquito control!

  326. Michelle Henry 2019/02

    I have used Mosquito Authority for 3 years. They are professional and thorough. They have the best staff–friendly and accommodating. A great experience ever time.

  327. Virginia Edmunds 2019/02

    I needed to use a 2 yr. old expired RTD Daily Deal voucher. Alesha graciously tackled this for me & was able set up an appointment for my yard to be treated. Mosquito Squad is fortunate to have such a delightful, competent employee handling customer issues.

  328. Jessica Wright 2019/02

    This company has done a great job of ensuring we were happy with service. We have had them treat for mosquitoes for about 9 mos and only once have I asked them to come back out and made use of their guarantee! They had no problem doing so and were out the very next day! I think this is success considering the dreadful amount of rain we have had!

  329. Doug Cameron 2019/02

    Great customer service and details about what to expect.

  330. Norma Long 2019/02

    First phone call was awesome! Carrie Ann was such a breath of fresh air

  331. Jimmy G 2019/02

    You can’t beat not having to worry about bites and potential diseases by using their simple service !

  332. Brooke chamreun 2019/02

    At first I was not sure about utilizing such a service living in the country, unsure as to if it would be beneficial. Glad I went with mosquito authority, no bugs for days, and no more having to spray the kids down every time we go outside to play. Another great aspect with mosquito authority is they will send text reminders and call ahead of time which is great for those whom have busy lifestyles.

  333. Soha Ramadan 2019/01

    I would highly recommend the Mosquito Authority.I never liked to sit outside because of getting bit by Mosquitoes. Since I have had them spray I have not had any bites.Good luck.Great customer service.

  334. Pyper Miller 2019/01

    Okay – we have used the service in the past and it was great! We stopped bc we moved to a place w zero yard and no need for spraying. The last probably 6 months though, the company has reached out intermittently (not too much) to check in and the woman who calls is amazing (literally blanking on her name – doh)! She leaves great messages in general but especially for someone tasked w cold calling and reaching out to lists of people. She is super nice actually on the phone and makes sure to try to offer options asks questions and
    to ask for the business. Her energy is great and her team hopefully realizes what an awesome partner and connector they work with each day. If we were to use again- I would call her 1st!!
    AP Miller

  335. Steven Mills 2019/01

    Very effective treatment at what I would call a reasonable price.

  336. Lauren Boito 2019/01

    Before we started using Mosquito Authority, we couldn’t even step outside without being attacked. Now, we can stay outside and enjoy the yard, deck and garden without worrying about mosquitoes.

  337. Sara Simons 2019/01

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Ended call without any questions they explained everything perfectly!

  338. Laura Vannoy-Dally 2018/10

    Very professional. Always give me a call before they come out and let me know what technician is on their way. Always call to follow up on service. Responds within less than 24 hours if I ever have an issue, even on weekends. Overall excellent customer service and excellent service in general. We love being able to enjoy our yard without mosquitos!

  339. Brittany Sarver 2018/10

    Love them!

  340. Cathryn Lowe 2018/10

    Mosquito Authority is reliable and as they say “we have no mosquitoes here”. We’ve used the service for 4 years now and have enjoyed our beautiful back yard all summer long. We highly recommend the service.

  341. Salame Moses 2018/10

    Prompt, good communication, effective treatment.

  342. Marion Gurney 2018/10

    I have never been happier with a service. Every time they come out I am completely mosquito free for 28 days. It enables me to go out in the backyard and actually enjoy the neighborhood. They also offer leaf removal which we’ve used in the past and are very helpful. They also provide pest control which is soon as my other contract expires I’m switching over to Mosquito Authority. The people are so nice to work with and have come out for emergencies like wasps on the front porch. You really owe it to yourself and your yard and your children and your pets to go with mosquito Authority.

  343. LORI HARRIS 2018/10

    service is great. We love it. People wonderful.

  344. stacy shaw 2018/10

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SERVICE! From the customer service you receive from the first phone call to the actual service they provide at our dealership it is amazing! We were very leery in the beginning that one treatment would cut the population in half…….after the first treatment they were gone and they continue to stay gone with the continued treatment! Our property sits beside a company with a large quantity of tires that is a breeding ground for them and they go above and beyond using extra chemicals to ensure our property stays mosquito free! I highly recommend using them if you have a mosquito problem, from small infestation to a large infestation they will take care of your needs!

  345. Stephanie Con 2018/10

    This stuff really works! Being from the north id never heard of such a thing until I experienced the Terrible mosquitos. After the first treatment there was almost no mosquitos to be found in our yard!

  346. M'Renee 2018/10

    I love Mosquito Authority’s services. We would not be able to enjoy outdoors without these services. We’ve only experienced a couple of bites & that’s because of all this RAIN! They were happy to come back & reapply whenever I called. They also assess the property to ensure all mosquito friendly areas are addressed. Customer service is top notch! Thanks for serving our family Mosquito Aurhority❤️

  347. Greg Murray 2018/09

    Had some issues with mosquitoes and they made sure that everything was gone

  348. Peggy Roisch 2018/09

    Mosquito Authority really works! We are able to enjoy time on our deck now and saved us the time and money to build a screened in porch. They were so accommodating to schedule a treatment the day before my son’s outside graduation party. Would highly recommend their service!

  349. Brent Brady 2018/09

    We have had a great experience with the Mosquito Authority and highly recommend their services.

  350. Supakunya Edmonson 2018/09

    Happy with services and promptness!

  351. Ellen Mallette 2018/09

    We’ve loved this company! No more mosquitoes!!

  352. Mary Sadovszky 2018/09

    We have been using Mosquito Authority for several years & haven’t had any issues with mosquitos. Their customer service is the best. I’ve never known a company that cares so much about their customers.

  353. Marty Anderson 2018/09

    On time with advance notice. Treatment keeps entire yard free of mosquitos. Excellent service

  354. Nancy Rubin 2018/09

    First time subscriber to a mosquito treatment service. Great customer service. The technicians take the time to listen to concerns. They are true to their word to come back out to re-treat if necessary, and Carrie in the office is knowledgeable about the products & service. Noticeable improvement even with all the rain. Highly recommend.

  355. Jennifer Cantrell 2018/09

    We are able to enjoy our backyard d/t your service! Jenn C.

  356. Shane Robbins 2018/09

    Great service. Made a mistake on my appointment but was quick to respond, resolve and move forward. Have had no problems since. It is nice to see companies now days like this one, have good customer service. Mistakes happen, it is good to be able to fix the problem with good customer service.

  357. Eric B 2018/09

    No mosquitos!

  358. Mike Perkins 2018/09

    First year trying Mosquito Authority, so far no bugs. It has been very relaxing outside with no mosquito’s

  359. Jon Motsett 2018/08

    Love these guys! The service is great and the mosquitos and ticks are gone! I’ve even noticed a dramatic decrease in spiders too.

  360. Colleen Rust 2018/08

    Wonderful customer service! Very happy being mosquito free!

  361. Steve Fenner 2018/08

    The Mosquito Authority is effective in treating mosquitos. It is easy to get set up with the service.

    I have been using Mosquito Authority for three years now. I am confident about spending time outdoors and not being eaten by mosquitoes. I haven’t seen one mosquito in my yard all summer long. Well worth it!

  362. Joyce Koontz 2018/08

    They responded with an extra-thorough pest treatment when I noticed increased bug activity because I left a door open during our recent beautiful weather.

  363. Linwood Cook 2018/08

    Had my first treatment a month ago and have not been bitten once since.They are very good about letting you know when they are coming.Staff is professional and friendly.Wish had started using them sooner.

  364. Pat Rollins 2018/08

    Great service. Always professional, prompt and polite. Always give courtesy call before they come and they come right on schedule. I highly recommend them!

  365. Kathryn Puritz 2018/08

    Mosquito Authority make it possible to enjoy our yard in VA summers. Thank you!

  366. Marsha Faucette 2018/08

    MA always responds within a couple of days IF I have a mosquito problem between services.

  367. Erin Hungerford 2018/08

    Great service! Would highly recommended…we are mosquito and tick free! ??? …

  368. Mark Collins 2018/08

    My family used to not be able to go into the backyard without dosing ourselves with mosquito repellent first. Ever since we started using mosquito Authority we can go in the backyard the front yard the side of the house it really doesn’t matter and there are no mosquitoes. We also saw a large reduction in ticks and fleas.

  369. Melanie Lee 2018/08

    Would recommend them to anyone.

  370. Suzanne Drewicz 2018/08

    Great service, very attentive and friendly service. Quick response to any breakthrough issues. Highly recommend this service!

  371. Caroline Szumski 2018/08

    After 3 treatments we still had mosquitoes. They called to check in and I told them the issue. Someone came out and re-sprayed the next day. But we still have mosquitoes. It’s too expensive to keep up if it’s not working. My parents and sister had the same issue at their homes.

  372. Trevor Batt 2018/07

    Excellent service, works as advertised. The customer service / attentiveness was better than expected for a service business. Although expensive, I would have to imagine that the yearly plan is going to yield the most success in controlling mosquitoes on an ongoing basis.

  373. Ann Ellis 2018/07

    Awsome service. Greet people

  374. Linda Hollis 2018/07

    Mosquito Authority provides me with a wonder mosquito free life in my yard.

  375. Dan Hartley 2018/07

    Mosquito Authority has been great. 4+ yr customer. Service is kind and on time but best of all no mosquitos!

  376. Thomas Henry 2018/07

    I am a little disappointed, I have seen and killed several mosquitos and have gotten 3 bites. Your treatments several years ago did a much better job. This all has occurred since your guys came out and retreated my yard. Have you changed the chemicals that you use????

  377. Vincent Fauntleroy 2018/07

    Wonderful service

  378. Alyese Harris 2018/07

    Best customer service ever! I highly recommend them for your needs with pests.

  379. Peter Giuffrida 2018/07

    Extremely responsive. Very diligent associates ensuring they leave no area untouched. Exceed expectations in terms of responsiveness on call-backs. We are new to the Mosquito Authority but so far are very impressed with their customer service.

  380. Dexter Gould 2018/06

    I have no complaints with the service level or the results.

  381. Jacob Sumner 2018/06

    Great service from the office staff to the technicians.

  382. Alec Christian 2018/06

    Our whole neighborhood has drainage problems and for the first 2 years in our house the yard was uninhabitable due to mosquitoes. My wife would walk from the car to the house at noon and have 10 bites. Now getting even a single mosquito bite after being outside for hours is a rarity! Mosquito Authority is a great service that we can’t do without if we ever want to go outside.

  383. Bill Shepherd 2018/06

    Mosquito Authority is very professional and courteous and does a great job eliminating our mosquitoes so we can enjoy our yard. Highly recommend them.

  384. Bob Allam 2018/06

    Second year using their service and a noticeable improvement in the mosquito situation. Can now sit on the deck in the evening without being attacked.

  385. Tera Hicks 2018/06

    Highly recommend for getting mosquitos under control!

  386. Andrew Robertson 2018/06

    We can eat on our deck and enjoy our yard!

  387. Devon Jones 2018/06

    Great service and most importantly IT WORKS! We enjoy evenings outside with our little ones now that would have been impossible without these guys! I highly recommend using them if you get eaten up when outside!

  388. Corey Loving 2018/06

    Very friendly, helpful, excellent customer support and satisfaction, I’m truly thankful to be apart of the Mosquito Authority family, I would highly recommend this professional company, and Service.

  389. SUSAN WILKERSON 2018/05

    Great service!

  390. Emily Rose 2018/05

    Courteous, well-managed, and great product!!

  391. Geoff Gunther 2018/05

    We have contracted with Mosquito Authority for several summer seasons in a row. Although there are competing services in the area, we remain loyal to MA due to their exceptional customer service. Carrie is the absolute best and has been responsive to every inquiry we’ve made. She is friendly and engaging (even knows our son by name), but is simultaneously the consummate professional. Thank you Carrie and MA!

  392. Linda 2018/05

    Mosquito Authority provides homeowners with a wonderful service. All our outdoor functions are mosquito free and it is a delight to spend time in the yard with our dog knowing we will not be eaten alive.
    Their staff, from office to field, are always friendly and professional. If you ever need a follow up treatment, they schedule you immediately and without charge.
    I highly recommend Mosquito Authority to anyone who wants a pest free yard…guaranteed.

  393. Timothy Stewart 2018/05

    Best money my family spends each summer. We love our back yard now!

  394. Sue Williams 2018/05

    This is our third year with the Mosquito Authority, and we’ll do this every year as long as their are mosquitos on earth! We couldn’t use our porch and patio when we first moved to this house; now every neighbor settles here to enjoy an evening glass of wine and great conversation. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  395. Nicole Klima 2018/05

    After just the first application, we have only seen a few mosquitos! Our next treatment is scheduled for next week and then we will be completely mosquito free. My daughter no longer has bites all over her! It’s wonderful. I’m so impressed with the customer service and quality of treatment. I highly recommend mosquito authority!

  396. Landon Combs 2018/04

    The Mosquito Authority has always done right by me. They provide a service that works, and if it doesn’t they will fix it at no additional cost, no questions asked. Great team from the office to the field.

  397. Brandon Bridges 2018/04

    Outstanding Service that Truly Works – Friendly – Fast – Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

  398. Jason Brooks 2018/04

    We have had Mosquito Authority for several years and can’t imagine being without them! It’s so nice to be able to spend time in the yard without being eaten alive!!

  399. Tondra Weaver 2018/04

    I must say it really works I’m a skeptical person and I asked lots of Questions and Gloria answer all my Questions lovely person to speak with if you are like me and want to enjoy your outdoors call them you want be disappointed.

  400. beth scherr 2018/04

    Mosquito Authority has Handled our yard for 2 years. Even with the difficult rains and extreme heat, if we see any mosquitoes they will come back and respect. Customer service in the office is awesome!

  401. Judy Zombron 2018/04

    We are very pleased with the Mosquito Authority. They let us know when they are coming and are very nice. It is also not to have to fight mosquitoes when we want to go out or come in the house. Also the people are very nice and friendly and know what they are doing.

  402. Cyndi Raines 2018/04

    Before we started using mosquito authority we could not go outside without bug spray and long sleeves and long pants, no matter how hot. Now we can enjoy our patio even at night. Thank you mosquito authority for a job well done. Your employees are so friendly and go out of their way to make sure we are completely satisfied. We highly recommend mosquito authority! ?

  403. Justin Gwilt 2018/04

    We have had 2 treatments and have not had a single mosquito or tick since! My wife is a mosquito magnet and has been able to finally be outside during summer nights!

  404. Casey Bunn 2018/04

    Great follow up and customer service. Would totally recommend.

  405. Melissa Wilkes 2018/04

    I love being Mosquito free.

  406. Mary Anderson 2018/03

    Great service ! Wish I had done it sooner ! Now I can get in/out of car, go anywhere in the yard and hang out on the deck with no worries of the biting bugs.

  407. William Hoover 2018/03

    Cameron is very friendly and great.

  408. JAMES MEHFOUD 2018/03


  409. Billy Abato 2018/03

    No bugs at my house! Thanks Mosquito Authority.

  410. Courtney Rogers 2018/03

    We have had a great experience with Mosquito Authority. The service employees are very nice and professional. We have not seen a mosquito at all this year. In years past, if we end up seeing some after a treatment they always come out and respray to take care of the problem. The customer service is wonderful.

  411. Amy Rosenthal 2018/03

    Wesley did a great job on our first treatment! I’m looking forward to using our deck again.

  412. Lori Lohr 2018/03

    Misunderstanding on my part and Carrie was WONDERFUL as usual! Wonderful customer service in addition to great mosquito/tick service!!

  413. mike leopold 2018/03

    Organized, effective and customer friendly. A little pricey but we previously used mos joes and the experience was worse and it was MORE expensive. Happy with the service we have now.

  414. Alice Tousignant 2018/03

    Mosquito Authority got rid of all the mosquitos allowing us to finally use our patio. They’re courteous and very responsive. I would recommend them!

  415. Page Bauder 2018/03

    First treatment of the year – fellow was polite and helpful.
    Only prob. was back gate had an unlocked padlock (because lost the key week before) and Mosuito Authority locked it – which is apparently company policy – to secure the property. So I needed to find someone with bolt cutter and reported problem to Mosquito Authority. The very nice woman in the Richmond office offered to try to locate bolt cutter and did so and was preparing to come by, though not necessary because a neighbor came by and took the lock off.
    Kudos to the young woman for good customer service.

  416. Helen Collie 2018/03

    They are always prompt and polite. The treatments are very effective.

  417. Jeanne Wasson 2018/03

    Efficient and address any issues very quickly. Always friendly customer service. Makes a huge difference in the comfort of my yard.

  418. Michael Freeman 2018/02

    Great service and extremely responsive to all questions and concerns!

  419. Eva Miglionico 2018/02

    Excellent customer service! Always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m happy with my service!

  420. Dave Desjean 2018/02

    No mosquitos after treatment, how can I complain

  421. Brian Alling 2018/02

    We are loving being able to sit on our deck and enjoy ourselves with no bites!! Thank you guys for everything!

  422. Kyle W Stockton 2018/02

    It was an easy and convenient experience signing up for all of my insect control today. Highly recommend it.

  423. Sally Vingi 2018/02

    Mosquito Authority has done an excellent job for me for many years! I continue to recommend them to all my friends and neighbors! Having No mosquitos or ticks makes it a pleasure to be outside. They get FIVE stars from me!

  424. John Lemza 2018/02

    Great service! Professional and effective. We can enjoy our yard again this summer!

  425. John Bowden 2018/02

    Mosquito Authority has been taking care of my yard for years now. They always call before they come out. I don’t know how they do it, but bugs are not a problem in my yard. My family and I never get bothered by mosquitos. Also, the dog has not had a tick while they have been doing their thing.

  426. Mike Estes 2018/02

    Mosquito Authority rocks!! Professional and courteous staff and excellent product! I can sit outside at any given point of the day and never have to worry about mosquitoes. Simply awesome.

  427. Yolanda Kersey 2018/02

    Great customer service!

  428. Leah Muhlenfeld 2018/01

    Just kicked off year three of our home mosquito service. You guys make it easy to get pur four kiddos outside to play and have them come back in bug bite free!! Found out about you from the preschool using the service on the playground >> Great customer service, too!

  429. Bonnie Epley 2018/01

    The staff is very nice and on the spot! Carrie is so awesome and always upbeat. When I received our second treatment, I went outside the next day and 4 mosquitoes got me, I called and Mosquito Authority came out the next day and re-sprayed, no more mosquitoes. Thank you very much

  430. Mike Meekins 2018/01

    Able to enjoy my tile outside thanks to the team!

  431. Patty Thomas 2018/01

    Amazing customer service!! They were able to get me an appointment the very next day!!!

  432. Kylie 2018/01

    I enjoy sitting outside without mosquitoes attacking me. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service. David did a wonderful job!

  433. Chad Herndon 2018/01

    We have been with Mosquito Authority for many years; our concerns ranged from having an enormous amount of mosquitoes to having a child with special needs who cannot recovery easily from the added itching involved with bites. We have found mosquito-free living to be perfect; thanks Mosquito Authority for helping us stay well & have no bites or welts from the little biters!

  434. Pete Olson 2018/01

    Carrie has been instrumental in keeping my business for over 4 years now. Thabks Carrie

  435. Lynn Bailey 2017/10

    Great customer service

  436. BarbaraT 2017/09

    Everyone is so nice and when they come out to spray always checking to see where or if there are any issues. I would highly recommend having them treat your yard. So nice to be able to sit outside and not get eaten alive. Great staff!!

  437. Sam Morse 2017/07

    Just signed up for another year Mosquito free! We used Mosquito Authority at our home in Raleigh and were extremely please to find the franchise in Richmond area is staff by equally as awesome people! If you don’t want to get bit this summer reach out to Anthony and his team ASAP for the early bird specials.

  438. Derek Rodgers 2017/07

    I hosted a party at my house for my son.. 41 people were present.. patio door was open the entire afternoon.. not one mosquito or fly was present.. Great company, great product!!!

  439. P. Johnson 2017/06

    Thank you so much. Until today, I’ve never been able to work in my yard without being eaten up by mosquitoes. Philip is the best!!! Explained everything so clearly ànd it was all the truth. Love Mosquito Authority. .

  440. Carrie Six 2017/06

    Since having The Mosquito Authority come out and do our treatments I’ve been able to enjoy my yard again. This company is by far the example that every company should follow when it comes to providing customer service. They are communicative, friendly and eager to protect my family. My children are now able to go outside and enjoy playing for hours without the worry of being ate alive. If you are looking for someone to take care of your mosquitoes, I highly recommend Mosquito Authority. I will be a customer for life and can’t imagine my life without having the treatments done. Thank you Mosquito Authority for everything you do. Your service is beyond impressive, there isn’t a word to describe it. Keep you the great work!

  441. April Fisher 2017/04

    Very professional and care about there clients

  442. Michelle Santos 2017/03

    I had the pleasure of having Alphonso S come to my home this morning. Before coming he called me to let me know he was on the way. EXTREMELY polite and considerate on the phone!!! Once he arrived at my home my dogs ran out the door (pit bulls who are friendly) He never flinched or ran from them but rather welcomed them and was petting them and had a small conversation with them both! My pitty even jumped up and hugged his waist and he remained calm despite them being on the larger muscular side. I’M SOLD!!!!! He let me know that he was going to spray first and he would walk the area and put down something else afterwards. He did tell me what he was using, what he was doing and that I wouldn’t be able to walk on or allow my dogs on the treated area for at least an hour. He took his time and never became impatient with me asking my million and one questions….That speaks volumes with me! Before he left he did let me know that I wouldn’t see 100% free until my second treatment. He was extremely knowledgeable and very polite. He let me know he was leaving and gave me the door hanger with helpful info and his name… he even said “bye” to my dogs! I will forever remain a customer with you all and I have gone an extra step and raved about him and your service to everyone at work and I made a flyer and placed it in our office letting people know about Mosquito Authority and my experience along with the phone #.

    The fact that he incorporated my dogs into the experience today sold me along with his pleasant manners and his knowledge. Thank you Mosquito Authority for sending such a great young man to my home!!!!

  443. Talik Baker 2017/02

    i am going to give the most unbias review there is but im going to keep it real. i live in the brandmill area, this is a complete waste of money. they charge you all this money but the mosquitoes are still coming. 90% of these reviews are …

  444. Patti Hambright 2017/02

    I’ve used Mosquito Authority for several years. I am very pleased with their service and the staff is wonderful to work with.

  445. Corrie Yingling 2016/10

    Liars and Cheats! Was given a quote on scene and by the time they came out they had changed their price on me three different times. We finally settled on the original price thankgoodness but over the course of the next month they cancelled or changed the appointment on us three different times. The one time they did come out they marked their paperwork wrong and gave us treatments we didn’t even ask or pay for. The treatments they did provide never even worked, still had bugs and mosquitos like crazy…in fact the ants were worse after the treatment than before. When we requested a refund we were refused even though they had “satisfaction guaranteed”. This place definitly has too many hands in the cookie jar, was given so many different stories by so many different people it’s clear they either don’t know what they are doing or they enjoy lying.

  446. Vickie Bryant 2016/09

    A pleasure dealing with this company.

  447. Patricia Knight 2016/09

    I can go outside now without being bitten.
    Thanks Mosquito Authority

  448. Nathan Jones 2016/09

    THE answer to a mosquito free backyard so you can enjoy your cookouts this summer!

  449. john ferrell 2016/09

    Just wanted to give a big thank you to the tech, who treated our property today. He arrived at our house to find the front door wide open and our dog in the front yard. He called me, informed me of the situation, rang the doorbell, and shut our door. Turns out our 14 year old had gone for a run and didn’t close the door properly. He returned from his run, collected our dog and your tech was able to continue his work. Thanks again!

  450. THS 2016/09

    The tech, Charles, was very nice and explained the process to us throughly. He has great customer service skills. We have been extremely pleased with the results of our treatment and wished we had signed up for this service years ago. Now we can enjoy our patio and yard every day. I highly recommend Mosquito Authority.

  451. Amy Cavanaugh 2016/08

    Very helpful, caring, & concerned office staff, especially Heather, who will ensure have your property treated. 5-star treatment

  452. Megan Russell 2016/08

    GREAT results and fantastic customer service! We used the service this past fall. I was hesitant to get our yard treated because of the effect on beneficial insects and because I wasn’t sure what the safety would be for kids/animals playing outdoors in the treated area. Carrie was great- she answered all my questions up front and even provided me with the material safety data sheets and every detail of their product so I could look into it myself. Before treatment our yard was essentially not usable because our mosquitoes were so bad- after one treatment they were 80-90% gone, and after two treatments we were mosquito free. LOVED having our yard back and will definitely use again this spring!

  453. Sarasusan D. El Amri 2016/08

    Friendly customer service! Yard is Mosquito free!

  454. Sandy Ting 2016/07

    We took a chance on The Mosquito Authority after the skeeters in our yard staged impressive attacks on us. Traipsing outside for even a few minutes would result in a feast for the creatures, and we finally experienced enough of their torment. We found The Mosquito Authority and remained dubious of any service actually working; however, after just one treatment, we were flabbergasted at how much of a difference it made. Since the initial treatment, we have literally had one bite and The Mosquito Authority immediately came out and re-treated our yard for free and without any questions asked. We subscribed to the three-week treatments last summer and whenever we wanted to skip one, we called them and they made sure there was no charge to our account without a word of haggling or coaxing. We’ve skipped most of our treatments this summer because the mosquitoes barely returned! When we volunteered this information to The Mosquito Authority, the wonderful Carrie Six demonstrated genuine appreciation for this fact even though it does result in her company technically missing out on our payments. We’ve recommended them to everyone we know because we couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. The treatment technicians are communicative, professional, courteous, and once even took the care to move our dogs’ outdoor water bowl (we accidentally left it outside) so that it would not come in contact with the treatment solution. The company’s customer service stands as an example to what every operation should uphold.

  455. Emily Harrrison 2016/07

    We used Mosquito Authority of Richmond all summer – NO MOSQUITOS! We have a pool and a small pond and usually have such a problem, but not this year. The service techs always showed up on time and called ahead to let us know they were on the way. We received an email when the treatment was complete each time. I would recommend them without hesitation.

  456. Breon O 2016/06

    Very pleased with the outcome and great service

  457. Mary Carol & Steve Smith 2016/06

    Quick call back. Good scheduling. Service worked very well for an outdoor family event.

  458. Tiffanie Johnson 2016/06

    Easy to work with! They were always very professional and provided a courtesy call when they were on their way. Highly recommended.

  459. Chris Bourne 2016/06

    Very pleased with The Mosquito Authority service!

  460. mark werner 2016/06

    I have been extremely satisfied with Mosquito Authority from my first call requesting information through all the treatments to date. The Techs call and let me know when they will be treating my property and I receive an email when they are complete. In addition, the office staff has been available for any questions I may have. Prior to treatment, my family was suffering from horrible Mosquito bites as we are near the James River. Now, we can enjoy sitting or playing outside without getting bit every second. Thank you Mosquito Authority!

  461. Melanie Wiseman 2016/05

    Amazing results! I love spending time outside and now I can do that without repetitively smacking myself from mosquitoes! I’d recommend them to everyone!

  462. Sandra Gillam 2016/05

    Great service….and not one mosquito! We live next to the swamp and were amazed how well this product works!

  463. Eric Lee 2016/05

    Yard is now mosquito free. They have left the premises never to return cause they be scared to….

  464. Karen Kahn 2016/05

    We got our first treatment yesterday and to test it out I went out last night from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm and raked wet leaves for an hour. Never saw or felt the first mosquito and have no bites whatsoever! Very happy with our decision to get the Mosquito Authority to treat our yard and very happy that our outdoor event tomorrow will be comfortable and safe from the Zika virus, especially since the guest of honor is pregnant. I highly recommend the Mosquito Authority!

  465. Blaine Powell 2016/04

    I am a new Customer this summer after a friend suggested mosquito authority to me. We haven’t enjoyed the yard this much in years. We usually get eaten alive as soon as we go outside. The service provided by this company has been great, and we haven’t seen a mosquito since our first treatment. The employees are friendly and really appreciate our business. You will not regret using their service if you want a bug free yard.

  466. David Evans 2016/03

    This is the second year I have used Mosquito Authority to help defend my yard against mosquitoes. Although I will say that not 100% of them are gone, I am very satisfied with the results. My neighbors all complain about the mosquitoes and I always recommend The Mosquito Authority!

  467. Michelle W 2016/03

    For years, because I was reluctant to use pesticides, and because in my own mind I had assumed the cost to use a professional service would be prohibitive, I’ve suffered, my dog has suffered, and I was simply not using what should have been …

  468. Denise Bates 2016/02

    I can now go outside on my patio, to the recycle bin or trash can without being bitten by mosquitoes. The technicians are courteous, polite and efficient and you get a day’s advance notice of the scheduled treatment. You only have the mosquitoes to lose!

  469. Jeff Johnson 2016/01

    Mosquito authority is awesome and amazing, most other places will suck the blood right out of you but not mosquito authority, they kill mosquitoes with a vengeance no squito left behind

  470. Mark Facetti 2016/01

    Great costumer service, and great job and getting rid of mosquitoes. I haven’t seen a single mosquito in my yard since service began. They even send you a email telling you there coming and a tech calls you while your he/she is on the way.

    Thanks guys for keeping my yard mosquito free!

    – Mark F.

  471. Nicole Deppmeyer 2016/01

    This is my second year using the service.
    The techs and customer service representatives are always friendly and respond fast to any inquiries. This company will work with you.
    I love that the techs text, call and email the date and time that they are going to be there. Some leave a little note which I think is great!
    Overall, I love the service and it works every time. I will continue to use them every year.

  472. Sylvia Williams 2016/01

    What a great company and has amazing services. What they said they would do and what would happen was 100% correct. Customer service is so friendly I could not ask for more satisfaction. We will definitely utilize their services for 2016 and beyond. Thanks so much for recommending them to us.

  473. Katherine Lee 2015/08

    We just got a new puppy this past July and as a result, we were going out much more often than before at our town home. I am especially susceptible to mosquito bites and so we saw a deal for Mosquito Authority on Living Social and decided to try it. We had two treatments this year and we saw a noticeable difference after the first treatment. We had great customer service and we are definitely going to be continuing treatment next year. Thanks for a great experience Mosquito Authority!

  474. Jeanette Young 2015/08

    The Mosquito Authority does all that it claims. Your yard will remain “bug free” with their services. We plan to use them this summer after being delighted with their service last year.

  475. Laryssa Smith 2015/07

    My husband and I got a treatment for our wedding site and it worked great! No mosquito issues! Our initial appoint had to be cancelled and re-scheduled due to rain and they contacted me and had my treatment done the next day! I would recommend and use them again!

  476. Eric S. Yellin 2015/07

    Staff is attentive and easy to work with. And no bites!

  477. David Jones 2015/07

    It’s important as consumers we hear the truth about the products & services we use and take the time to share our thoughts and opinion about them.

    My issue:

    I had a mosquito problem which restricted me, my family and friends from fully utilizing my backyard. My family size of 4 which include two small children were always getting mosquito bites. I could spray myself and wife with an aerosol bug deterrent (which worked okay but left our clothes and skin greasy) but spraying our 18 month old and 3 month old was out of the question. We tried the lotion and my 1 year old broke out in small red bumps and I refuse to spray aerosols that could potentially contaminate their innocent lungs. I also was very concerned about West Nile virus, Yellow Fever, and other various not likely disease but you never know.

    My resolution:

    I was driving home from work and saw a sign in someone’s yard that read “Mosquito Authority”. I called the number and the receptionist explained the whole process. My main concerns is I didn’t want my kids around poisons sprays and I didn’t want my vegetation to suffer (I killed my Azalea bush with store bought sprays last year, wife wasn’t happy). They assured me that it was completely safe. I was very skeptical about the process but I had nothing to lose but mosquitos. I was surprised by the results. I got my yard back, my family is welt free, and my foliage is unharmed. I would really recommend Mosquito Authority of Richmond because they do provide an excellent service and there customer service and clear communication has surpassed my expectations. Try it for a month and see, I guarantee you will be pleased with the results. They are also very affordable.

  478. Gloria Wiggins 2015/05

    Because of mosquitoes, it was impossible to go outside and enjoy my yard. After The Mosquito Authority professional team came out and treated my yard, I am now mosquito free..These guys are so knowledgeable, pleasant and polite. I highly recommend you call them to make your yard mosquito free today….Gloria

  479. dawn morgan 2015/05

    I honestly don’t think we’d be able to go outside during the summer months with out Mosquito Authority’s treatment! We live by the river and have a creek in our back yard, it would typically be a mosquitos playground!!! The technicians are extremely flexible , they’ve come before while my husband has been in the middle of mowing the yard and told him they’d just come back by later or the next day. I love the thorough communication they give both before and after treatments.
    Thanks Mosquito Authority for keeping our property mosquito free, I highly recommend it!

  480. Aleeta Lehtinen 2015/04

    They were fast and effective. Last summer when we bought our house I would walk outside and get over 10 mosquito bites in less than 10 minutes. After the first treatment the mosquitos were almost gone. I will use them again this summer.

  481. Deborah LB 2015/03

    Our outdoor activities are bug and mosquito free. We and our guests are able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquito bites. Staff are friendly and professional. We have used this service for 3 years.

  482. Kate Allen 2015/03

    The Mosquito Authority is a great company to work with! They have awesome customer service and great communication. It is nice to be outside in our yard without the hassle of mosquitoes.

  483. Jane Hardin 2015/03

    With a toddler and a newborn, we would be stuck inside if it wasn’t for Mosquito Authority! Before we started service, my son was bitten over 10 times in a matter of minutes. Now my kids can play outside without being eaten alive. The customer service has also been fantastic. When we required a respray, it was handled immediately, and everyone I have spoken with is committed to our satisfaction.

  484. CurtisL Moore 2015/02

    I can’t believe how good these people are at keeping mosquitos out of my yard!……. We are entering into our 3’rd season using them. Betsey & I used to get EATEN UP as soon as we walked out the door here. Since the Mosquito Authority, I have not been bitten ONE SINGLE TIME or even SEEN a mosquito! There is no odor after their service, our pets are all safe, it’s very inexpensive, (worth every penny) & most importantly, IT WORKS! I tried another company a few years ago & they just weren’t up to par in any area. The actual service, customer service, they messed my bill all up,…. the list goes on. ….. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND how well it works! You can literally sit outside & watch your neighbors smacking themselves while you enjoy the out doors comfortably!…….. TRY IT RIGHT NOW….

  485. Theresa Murray 2015/01

    The treatment cleared our yard near the river of mosquitoes for nearly a month. However, the pesticide killed mosquitoes AND other natural predators of aphids. Soon, my plants were covered with “honeydew” from aphids followed by sooty …

  486. Kimberly Fisher 2015/01

    We had a significant decrease in mosquitos after our first treatment and almost none after the 2nd treatment.

  487. Ceee Bee 2015/01

    The Mosquito Authority has the best business to customer communication process I’ve ever received! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Anthony as well as other service personnel; every time they came to my home with a professional attitude and completed their job in a professional manner.
    When you want a fair price, when you want what they do fully explained, when you want the job done right…you call these guys.
    Thank you Mosquito Authority for keeping this home mosquito free!

  488. Ben Wilson 2013/10

    I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I have been doing business with them for two years. I switched from another company to the Mosquito Authority because of Anthony’s level of service provided. I had a last minute cookout that we planned earlier in the day. I wanted to have a spray performed that day and my current company would not be able to make it in time. I called Anthony and he was able to make it across town with an hour’s notice. He consulted with me on areas of concern for hosting mosquitos and laid down some extra spray in my neighbor’s hedges to ensure maximum effect. The quality of product is similar to that of competitive companies, but his level of service is what has kept my business. I would highly recommend his company, The Mosquito Authority.

  489. Jill White 2013/09

    We had a great experience with The Mosquito Authority. They were easy to work with, showed up when they said would and if it rained, they let us know when they rescheduled. The treatment was very effective! Our yard is usually teeming with mosquitoes and with this treatment we rarely saw a mosquito. I would absolutely recommend The Mosquito Authority!

  490. Devin Mays 2013/07

    I have nothing but great things to say about this company. Our experience was perfect! From the time of referral by my mom, to set-up, to confirmation, to service, to follow-up it couldn’t have been better or more professional. I was highly impressed with the effectiveness of the treatment as well. My yard was infested and now have not had a bite in weeks. Thank you for your service! I will definitely be back.

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