The Fur Baby Haven

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The Fur Baby Haven
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  1. cindy englehart 2017/09

    Kenzie has loved and worked with animals all her life. She now has the skills and knowledge to change the behavior and train dogs. She will love your animal as much as you do.

  2. Ciarah Snow 2017/05

    I have 2 pit bulls and it is usually very hard to find someone who can handle them! I’ve had them since they were born and I’m usually the only person they will take to, they get overly excited and sometimes agressive. Recently I had to go out of town for the weekend on a business trip and I had no one to watch them, my friend referred me to Kenzie at Fur Baby Haven and I am so pleased with how it went! This girl has a 6th sense to animals. My babies took right to her! She lives in a pet proofed home where my dogs were able to roam freely just as they would at home and a nice huge yard for them to run around and play. Finding fur baby haven has been a blessing for me, she is so good with animals and it’s nice to know when things come up I have someone in mind to treat my babies like her own and that they will be loved on and taken care of just like they would at home! I would give this business a 1000 star review if possible.

  3. Lacey Brooks 2017/03

    I’m currently in Williamsburg with my family and my 13 week old shih tzu is with fur baby haven. planning to leave him wasn’t easy, and I had actually made a reservation at a kennel when I found kenzie and her listing. I am so incredibly thankful that I stumbled across her ad. I’ve had multiple text messages keeping me updated on his progress, he’s being socialized with other dogs and people, learning commands that I as of a busy mom of three have struggled with teaching him, and his face in every picture shows me he’s just as happy he’s there as I am! Leaving your pet can be the most stressful part of a vacation, but if you leave them with Kenzie and the fur baby haven, you can enjoy your trip knowing your fluffy kid is in good hands!

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