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The Fan Sitter
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  1. Ryan Succo 2023/09

    Kenny has been an amazing dog-sitter for us, taking care of our dogs whenever we’re away. The dogs love him, and his reliability and caring nature make him our top choice. Thanks!

  2. Jessica Bickett 2022/11

    I’ve been using Kenny for almost 4 years and he does a wonderful job taking care of my cat while I am gone. I would refer him to anyone in his service area.

  3. Katie Skiff 2021/06

    We were nervous to leave our frail cat for a vacation recently but Kenny was excellent. He was extremely responsive to my questions and I felt that I would be alerted immediately if there was an issue while we were away. I cannot thank Kenny enough for giving me peace of mind for such a beloved pet. I highly recommend the Fan Sitter!

  4. Dara Carrasco 2021/04

    Worth every penny.
    Our pets appreciated his attention and we appreciated his professionalism and true care for our animals. He didn’t rush. He checked in with us whenever a question arose and he left averything neat and clean… our little crew can get messy.

  5. Nancy Powers 2020/11

    Kenny was professional and reliable will definitely be using again!!

  6. eleanor lewis 2018/09

    Kenny is great with our dog Holly! I feel confident that she is well taken care of while if I’m away. And it’s great to have him check in on the house as well. I strongly recommend Kenny the Fan Sitter!

  7. Pamela O'Connor 2018/09

    Super responsible and caring. Goes well above the call of duty!

  8. Emily Kennedy 2018/08

    Kenny is absolutely fantastic. I am so grateful to live in an area where I have access to his services! My husband and I adopted a senior rescue dog who can be very difficult, due to past abuse. Kenny has been AWESOME in working with Meyer, and I know that I never have to worry while I’m out of town. I recommend Kenny wholeheartedly!!!

  9. LBIF shop 2018/05

    Kenny has taken care of our dogs for the last several years. He does a great job and the dogs loved him

  10. Paul Silver 2018/03

    Kenny walked our dog for a year. He was a consummate professional and obvious dog lover. Our dog always looked forward to his walks with Kenny. My wife and I could rest easy at work knowing Kenny would be taking care of him while we were away. He was easy to work with and always clear and concise in his communications with us. Finally, he accommodated our ever changing schedules with ease. Our only regret is that Kenny can’t move with us. We recommend him and his services most highly.

  11. Sissy Bice 2018/03

    I moved to Richmond 3 years ago and was lucky enough to find Kenny Williams aka The Fan Sitter. He is extremely prompt in getting back to you. He has been responsible for taking care of my 15 year labradoodle many many times and always confirms if Tag is still taking this medication or that one. One trip, Kenny emailed me letting me know he didn’t see the peanut butter Tag liked, so he went out and bought some. Kenny is conscientious and very professional. I encourage any pet owner to use The Fan Sitter!

  12. Dan Thompson 2018/01

    We had Kenny take care of our cats off and on during our nine month stay in the Fan District this past year. Kenny took superb care of our two little critters and our apartment when we traveled. He even volunteered to help us after we moved back to Pennsylvania by making sure our mail was been picked up. Just a great guy doing a wonderful service that put our mind at ease when we were out of town. My wife and I recommend him most highly.

  13. Thomas Peyser 2017/12

    Kenny has been our cat sitter since we moved near the Fan, and he’s been great. Reliable, fast response to communication, totally professional and very nice to the pets. Highly recommended!

  14. Bonnie Predd 2016/09

    I cannot say enough about Kenny Williams. He’s been sitting for us for 5+ years now and, in fact, holds a key to our home. As pet sitting is a “business” for him, not just a hobby, he approaches it with professionalism…always efficient, trustworthy and dependable. From our cat to our plants to new koi in pond, we never have a moment’s hesitation about leaving whether an overnight or extended trip.
    His pricing is very reasonable. Cannot imagine using any other service. Try him…you (and your pets) will love him!!!

  15. Holly Baker 2016/05

    Best and most reliable cat sitter in Richmond!

  16. Adele N. 2016/04

    I’ve hired The Fan Sitter to walk my 2 dogs for about 3 years now. I cannot recommend Kenny highly enough. He is dependable! He is very flexible – he allows me to add a walk – change the time – cancel at virtually a moments notice. His rates are reasonable. I am so glad he was recommended to me.

  17. Kurt Engleman 2016/04

    I have been a mid-day dog walk client of The Fan Sitter / Kenny for over a year. The service has been exceptional. Kenny handles my dog well, is very reliable, and is flexible in meeting my needs and schedule. I would highly recommend The Fan Sitter / Kenny to others.

  18. Jessica Tobin 2016/04

    Kenny is extremely reliable. He walks my dog every day during the week and often cares for her when I am out of town or working late. I appreciate his dependability and that I can trust my dog in his care.

  19. Heather Creswick 2016/03

    Kenny has been walking our golden retriever for several years. He is super reliable and flexible.

  20. Susan Doyle 2016/03

    Kenny is so reliable and you can tell he cares about the pets he takes care of. I have 4 cats, so when I’m out of town it is imperative that I hire someone who I know will show up to take care of their needs. I never worry with Kenny! He is also quick to respond if I contact him.

  21. Brian Davis 2016/03

    Kenny (aka the Fan Sitter) has been my kitty sitter for over two years now and having him visit means one less thing to worry about when travelling. I am comfortable and confident having him visit, knowing he will cover the usual bases and the occasional “extra” you might need. He is also prompt at responding to reservation requests and communicating when needed.

  22. Elizabeth Lowsley-Williams 2016/01

    Kenny is wonderful, and our pets adore him. He takes loving care of our dog, cat, guinea pig, and parakeets whenever we travel, which we do several times a year and often for weeks at a time. We appreciate that while he cares for our pets, he’s also able to keep an eye on our house in general, watering plants, and collecting newspapers and mail. Kenny is very reliable, and responds promptly when we e-mail him from our travels. We and our pets are very satisfied Fan Sitter customers!

  23. J Farmer 2016/01

    So glad to have found a dependable pet sitter. I would highly recommend
    Kenny- he is the best!!

  24. Megan Fries 2015/12

    Kenny is a fantastic sitter! When we travel, we have total confidence leaving our home in Kenny’s care. He is conscientious, professional, thoughtful, capable, and an all-around pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

  25. Ziera Dawson 2013/09

    I love The Fan Sitter! Whenever I have to run out of town for work, I never have to worry if my pets are doing well. I don’t know what I’d do without him!

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