The Dog Stop – Richmond VA

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The Dog Stop – Richmond VA
4.6 based on 96 reviews
  1. Janette Walker 2023/10

    Well taken care of and so clean and soft after bath and grooming.

  2. Sharon Alexander 2023/10

    Finn lives coming to the dog stop every week. He has so much fun running and playing with the other dogs.

  3. Christinia Mortimer 2023/09

    We love the Richmond Dog Stop team!

  4. leigh harris 2023/08

    The best!!!! Very well run and clean. My dog is dragging me to get in there in the morning. Everyone is so caring.


  5. Steph 2023/08

    Too expensive for what they offer;

  6. Debbie Carter 2023/08

    I am very particular about where my dog stays when I am away. The Dog Stop and their staff are very friendly and cares for my dog Bella. I pay attention to how she acts when I pick her up. She is always glad to see us but she loves the people at the Dog Stop. She has stayed at other doggie daycares but she wasn’t happy. I love the Dog Stop and their staff.

  7. Jay Beebe 2023/08

    Great hands on customer service, and feeling our fur-baby was in good caring hands.


  8. Stephanie Smith 2023/07

    We love taking our 1.5 year old beagle to doggie daycare. She actually knows the building as we drive up and she gets super excited as soon as shes in the door! The facility is super clean and maintained. The dog cameras are nice for checking in on your dog. We plan on coming back as often as possible. We can’t brag on this place enough.

  9. Fajr Mills 2023/07

    Great grooming services and kind employees !

  10. Drue Shaver 2023/07

    Horrible service and management. If I could give you no stars I would.

  11. Emma Lofton 2023/07

    They have excellent groomers, especially for nails.

  12. Annette Sklar 2023/07

    Trigger looks forward to going and spending time with his friends. Kelly works hard to take care of our sweet boy


  13. Terrisa Stucky 2023/06

    Leo loves his days at the Dog Stop! The staff are so good to him and deal with his separation anxiety well. Thanks for all that everyone does to make it a great day for our fur babies!!

  14. Jack Ellis 2023/06

    Great place! They love my dog and my dog loves them. Everyone who works here is always helpful.

  15. Todd Andrews 2023/05

    we love the Dog Stop! Consistently rise to the occasion and our dogs love to go! many thanks

  16. Sydney Jacobs 2023/05

    10/10 service and experience for my baby ! I love that they have cameras and so many cool add one for a fun day for pups of all kinds. Would definitely recommend to a friend

  17. Mike Colligon 2023/04

    Super friendly and attentive team. My dog seems happy.

  18. Angela Baron 2023/04

    Always a great stay for my pups. Grooming the Husky was great as well!

  19. Michael Cangelosi 2023/04

    Always friendly and they love your dog like it’s theirs! Maverick and Elle love their stays.


  20. Melanie Scott 2023/04

    Took my dog Tiramisu here for a temperament test for boarding in August and it was exceptional. Had a less than favorable experience at another doggy daycare locally and was immediately put at ease with the cameras at this facility. Staff was pleasant and helpful.


  21. Barbara Garner 2023/03

    I bring my dog, Winston to Dog Stop for grooming and boarding. Owner and staff are very friendly and always do a great job with him. They are always on time and he is always ready when they say he will be.

  22. N Rankins 2023/03

    We ‘ve had a great experience with taking our dog here for both day care and boarding. She’s pretty energetic and they have no problems managing her energy. She always comes home happy and exhausted after lots of play. Drop off and pick up are a breeze as well as adding things in like grooming. The cameras are nice to be able to peek in on her during the day if we’d like. Highly recommend!

  23. John Hildebrant 2023/03

    My two golden retrievers love daycare at The Doc Stop West Broad. They come home happy and tired. The people are fantasic.

  24. Andrea Katzer 2023/02

    Very nice people. I had no regrets leaving my baby girl with them!

  25. D. Alan Ray 2023/02

    We used the Dog Stop for boarding and had a great experience. Our dog, who can be a little nervous around new friends, took right to the staff. There was great communication and reminders about our upcoming reservation and flexibility about pickup times. We will definitely be boarding with Dog Stop again.

  26. Douglas Weary 2023/02

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Dog Stop here in Richmond this week and was blown away by the care and and security given to the babies who visited either for the day, several days or for grooming. With few exceptions each dog was so excited to visit. Each one who stayed had play time and wonderful care from the staff. The store is cleaned throughout the day and the rates are quite fair. I recommend The Dog Stop to all puppy parents.

  27. Cynthia Creasy 2023/01

    I love how the staff knows my dog by name when we walk in and how they attend to his specific needs (too much energy and a jumper). They are very patient and seem to really understand my dog’s behavior and consequently come up with plan to help him with his desire to play 24/7.


  28. Ethan Parsley 2023/01

    Amazing place, we’ve used them many times now. You can tell the staff is very passionate about taking the best care of the dogs and the place is kept immaculate

  29. maggie delane 2022/11

    Excellent care for your fur baby! Shi is home and very much a part of the pack. I can enjoy myself and not worry when he is at the Dog stop and momma out of town. And he is a big boy American Bully!!! No problems they handle him well. Why because they got to know him personally! I’m grateful and relieved not to mention he sleeps well afterward his visits.

  30. birtie95 2022/11

    They are super friendly and accommodate requests as best they can. They always have my doggy’s best interest in mind and provide excellent customer service.


  31. Wendy Jones 2022/10

    I loved EVERYTHING about my first experience with The Dog Stop from beginning to end. We were boarding our senior dog for an out-of-town long weekend trip. Our regular boarder accidently doubled booked us and cancelled the stay a few short days in advance of us going out of town. As you can imagine, I was more than a little panicky. In steps our hero to the rescue–The Dog Stop! From my very first contact they assured me NO PROBLEM, they could definitely accommodate us. WHEW!! The day of drop off only increased my peace of mind–as soon as I said my dog’s name they were so excited to see him, they knew exactly who we were because we were expected!! Like a host at a gathering, the party was incomplete without us. Their streamlined online process makes it so easy to know all of your pets needs long before you arrive, which also really speeds up the check-in process. Upon our return they never skipped a beat with their genuine enthusiasm and could actually tell me about my dog’s experience without having to look at notes on a chart. It felt to me like he was on a little vaca of his own;) He was also upgraded to a kennel that had a walk in entry–at no extra charge–because his arthritis sometimes makes him cranky when being lifted. But don’t worry–they don’t get left in their quarters for long–boarding includes doggie daycare and also camera access for those who like to peek in on their poochies while away. Cannot say enough great things about our experience. I had to give them a 10 because it was the highest rating available. If it were up to me I’d say it’s more like 100 A+!!!

  32. Mosotho Moshoeshoe 2022/10

    Kevin smelled sooo good after his bath!

  33. Valerie Bess 2022/10

    Our dog came home from her first weeklong boarding stay happy and tired, and we loved being able to check in on her via the live webcams! It’s evident that the Dog Stop is run by folks who really care about dogs and know how to set them up for success. Thank you all!

  34. PaulWilliam Hill 2022/10

    We have a Rottweiler. We’ve been bringing him every since he was 6 months old what what a joy to have Place to bring him on a daily basis . What we find that’s really great that the entire staff loves the animals and they definitely love our dog, his name is Lucky. He greets them with a lot of energy and they love him because they’ve never had a rottweiler comments at that age and they’re dying to see how big hes going to get right now hes over 70 pounds and hes only 7 months old. If you want a good place to bring your dog I highly recommend it plus they’re close by.

  35. Steven Helsley 2022/10

    Had a wonderful interaction with a representative of this company, Robert. He was extremely upbeat and so very pleasant to interact with. It’s very rare to hear an employee speak so highly of the company they work for but Robert was so genuine and helpful. Great atmosphere and they truly love what they do there!

  36. Bryan Sklar 2022/10

    My dog absolutely loves going to The Dog Stop for day care. They spoil him rotten and love him so much. And he has made so many best friends. We are so appreciative of the care they give to all the dogs.

  37. Bill Wagner 2022/10

    My beagle has spent three happy weekends at the Dog Stop. He’s eager to go back. The staff all seem to me to really care about the dogs and us people types too.

  38. Patricia Kincheloe 2022/10

    A neighborhood friend told me about the Dog Stop when I recently became a canine Mom again. I have already used their grooming services on 3 occasions and have been very pleased with the Staff’s friendliness, their genuine affection for their canine customers, and their expertise in providing services. Their Doggie Day Care program will be my next stop!

  39. Brittney Rochelle 2022/10

    My pups first day of daycare was amazing! The workers are so friendly and made sure my pup felt welcomed. I will definitely be taking my pup here more often.

  40. Michelle Layne 2022/09

    They are awesome to work with. My dog loved it!

  41. Christa Carter 2022/09

    Our Australian Shepherd LOVES it here! We’re so glad we found this place, in such a convenient location. We regularly book daycare, boarding, and baths, and have never been disappointed. I feel that the pricing is totally fair, and the facilities are good quality. The staff all seem to genuinely know and care about each dog – we get such a kick out of their stories about Yoshi and the friends he’s been making there. 🙂

    My favorite part – they have live webcams that you can view on an app during business hours. SUCH an appreciated feature for helicopter puppy parents!!!

  42. Scott Kresl 2022/09

    Super nice people! They really helped me out and gave me some dog food samples. Will be returning and having them groom our dog.

  43. Nick Matullo 2022/09

    We just picked up our border collie mix for the first time and he is absolutely butchered. There are multiple locations where hair was not trimmed, his nails were not even clipped and the groomer didn’t even trim his tail. Moreover, we requested that the shape of his coat is maintained and that he is not cut too short in order to protect his undercoat. However, his top coat is completely shaved with multiple marks where the clippers shaved him too short. Additionally, this is the most expensive grooming job I have ever paid for with a total over $100. Local shops such as Dogma grooming in Carytown have done a job that far surpasses the one we received today for a much better price ($75). We will NEVER bring our dog back to be groomed.

  44. Terri Myers 2022/08

    I bring my 10 month old Chocolate Lab (Cooper) and he is full of energy! They know him and do a great job!

  45. Patricia A. Conlon 2022/08

    We have loved going to the Dog Stop since they opened! All the workers make it a priority to know my pup and his personality, but also know when he needs a break from other doggos. I’m so thankful for this place for daycare to wear out my energetic guy!

  46. Tamesha Brooks 2022/08

    OMG this place is amazing !!!
    I never thought my pitbull who is NOT neutered would be accepted into daycare only boarding has been an option ONLY for him — they did a 4 hr test in daycare and he did amazing and they told me he is welcomed back for daycare

  47. Linda Skelly 2022/07

    Great place to take the pups. They are happy and well taken care of. I’ve used the boarding services, grooming as well as day care. All top notch!

  48. Timothy Hutchinson 2022/07

    FOZZIE loves going to the Dog Stop! I wish I could remember his groomer’s name ! She did amazing! It’s a play date and a spa day for him. We highly recommend!!!


  49. Sherri Foster 2022/07

    This place is fantastic. My dog loves daycare. Steph, the groomer, is wonderful.


  50. In The Money! 2022/07

    Great & my dog is always well taken care of, highly recommend!

  51. Chantel Green 2022/07

    Very affordable and pet friendly. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. The location is great as well as the place itself. I have used several services offered here and have always been pleased. My dog “Coco’ always enjoy her visit there.

  52. Kayla Miller 2022/07

    From start to finish, my experience with The Dog Stop was incredible. They greeted us (by name) immediately upon arrival although we had never been there before. It was my puppy’s first time being groomed and she was not nervous at all. She happily went back with the staff, wagging her tail and skipping along and didn’t even glance back at me. She came out looking (and smelling) so much better. We really enjoyed our experience and will definitely be back again.

  53. Stephen Ross 2022/06

    Friendly and caring staff

  54. David Rice 2022/06

    A+++ took great care of my beagle for the week!

  55. Alicha Harper 2022/05

    Great place to leave your pet. My dog love it !!!!!!!

  56. Richard Comish 2022/05

    They genuinely seemed to care about the dogs at intake. He came out looking happy and playful when we collected him later in the day. They do a temperament test on the first day which was very much appreciated and they keep the smaller and larger dogs separated.

    Overall a very pleasant experience and a very useful service.

  57. Charlie Doedens 2022/05

    Everyone is always so kind and helpful. My day I got to tour the facility and loved what I saw. I could even watch my little Gavin run and play with his pup friends throughout the day. I love that it doubles as a boarding facility if needed and they even have grooming there too. I wish the outdoor camera’s were working but that may just be during the winter. Now thats it is beginning to warm up, i assume they will get turned on again.


  58. christina smith 2022/05

    This place is AMAZING!!!! I would NEVER take my dog anywhere else. Scrappy loves it here from the play, workouts, food, to the awesome kennel space. Of course we cant forget the wonderful exit baths and grooming services!


  59. Megan Vaughan 2022/05

    I’ve used The Dog Stop to board my two dogs a couple times. They’re always super friendly and make sure your dog is taken care of. I like that have have different sections so they can separate any dogs as needed. It’s also fun to tune into the live cams & watch the pups play!

  60. Tony Penna 2022/05

    Our boy loves the place.

  61. Josh Dwyer 2022/04

    I’ve been taking my just over a year old dog here for a few months now. The staff has always been professional and courteous. My dog always looks forward to his visits, playing with the other pups and interacting with staff.

  62. Komal Singh 2022/04

    Friendly staff, dogs are clean when we pick them up, dogs are not needy or anxious when we pick them up (that has happened at other places).

  63. Chelsea O 2022/04

    The staff was all so knowledgeable and friendly. The check in and out process was seamless and easy! We will be back!

  64. Brenda Lilly 2022/04

    Eric and the Dog Stop Team are terrific and my dogs have loved being there this week. Thank you for a terrific experience.

  65. Lisa Miles 2022/03

    The folks here are so kind to my beagle who has pretty severe separation anxiety. They know her by name when we go in and I love checking up on her via the pup cams.

  66. Josh Stone 2022/03

    Our mini Goldendoodle hates being boarded but we really liked the Dog Stop. They had less dogs in each room than most I’ve seen plus Indy’s room was private with space for her bed and room to move around. Absolutely plan to use again.

  67. Jennifer Myers 2022/03

    Rylie had a great experience!

  68. Vickie Figaro 2022/02

    Exceptional experience for me and my dogs!

  69. Diamond Fields 2022/02

    No issues so far. I like how you can watch your dog through the cameras.

  70. Michelle Matathia 2022/02

    Best experience in Richmond so far. Great care from an outstanding staff.

  71. Barbara Sinclair 2022/02

    Love the dog stop. Staff is very friendly. I like that they have a pup cam, so I can check in on my dog while on vacation. While watching the video cam I always notice staff members cleaning. I highly recommend The Dog Stop? …

  72. Melissa Evans 2022/01

    The Dog Stop has been great to my anxious pup! They seem to be very kind and patient with all the dogs. I feel like she is well taken care of and receives plenty of attention during her stays ☺️

  73. Jasmine Tucker 2022/01

    The facility is very clean, and the staff is welcoming as well. We just moved to RVA a few months ago and and had a not so great experience at another daycare so the Dog Stop made a very uncomfortable situation much better. Thanks for taking great care of my girl!

  74. Frank 2022/01

    Pretty. Seems like they need to hire more people there.


  75. Kyara McAfee 2022/01

    After staying with them for a week, my dog came back to me very sick, with diarrhea, no appetite, anxious, and not wanting to interact with anyone or anything. This lasted for about a week. The general manager did call me and apologize but didn’t offer like any money back or something to smooth over the situation. I think it would have been appropriate since I spent like 500$ with the groom and the add ons. But ok. I’m just glad my baby feels better. I was really worried.

  76. Jazmen Gary 2022/01

    They are amazing with my dogs. I really appreciate everyone there.

  77. Mia Corbett 2022/01

    My baby Sonny had a great time and he came back amazing. My first time boarding him and EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING. GREAT STAFF. JUST GREAT.

  78. Amy Haboush 2022/01

    We love this place! Our pup is so excited to go here every time and comes home just as happy (and tired from playing all day!) the staff is so friendly and loves our dog as if he was theirs. Highly recommend!

  79. Deborah Blount 2021/12

    This facility is outstanding. The staff is awesome and super friendly. My Boppy made some new friends and really loved it. There are cameras so you can see your pet in action. I will definitely recommend this for boarding. ?? …

  80. Taylor Saunders 2021/09

    It looks nice and new but my dog absolutely hated it there. I only took him here because my usual place (Dogs Day Inn) was fully booked and it was last minute. The back room where the dogs stay seemed very stressful, and like jail. Also they could not cut my dogs paws because he was “to stressed”. I’ve never had this issue before. Usually when I pick my dog up he’s all smiles and clean (everything I asked for ears cleaned nails trimmed washed, no issue) but when my parents picked him up here he wasn’t in the best spirits.

  81. Rachel Motley 2021/09

    My dog loves this place!! They know you when you walk in. Takes time to make the owner feel comfortable. My dog hates getting her nails grinded and they did it with no problem.

  82. Jo Bu 2021/09

    In a word… A M A Z I N G, stellar, warm, professional, attentive, clean, prompt, organized! Ok…those are many words ☺ but there simply aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to the staff/team at the DogStop!!! The facilities are superbly maintained and maxed with amenities! I felt comforted having our furry family member staying here – it was like a home away from home with extended family! I can tell that he was loved on, as we do!?
    The rates are VERY reasonable. I LOVE that webcams allow us to view our four-legged babies as they play inside AND outside!!
    Having been extended a tour prior to boarding, I was walked through the facility, noting NO odors, CLEAN everything (doors, floors and all in-between)! All personal items are cataloged and organized. Being able to pick our dog up fresh after a “home-coming” bath reflects the standard at which this location operates!
    The staff are truly tuned into the pet personalities! From treats, meal and rest times, to music and more your dog will be in the dearest of caring hands with the DogStop staff! They are great with us – humans, too! ? No inquiries went unanswered nor were received as insignificant. This business is the epitome of doggie daycare and boarding!?????

  83. Debra Stapp 2021/08

    If I could give it less than 1 star I would. Not organized, meds not given correctly, food amount not measured accurately. Not enough attention on the dogs as they did not notice my dog had been bit and was bleeding. I tried to call the main headquarters for the company. No one ever answered the phone and no one returned my calls from voicemails I left.

  84. Bunnie Pinkston 2021/08

    This new doggie daycare is off the charts best of the best! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. My fur babies new home away from home. ? …

  85. Lena Charity-Shapira 2021/08

    Our dog Albert loves it here! They do such a great job at looking after senior dogs, and he loves the staff right back. He’s always in a good mood when we pick him up and we love being able to check in with the dog cameras!

  86. Keyaira Dennis 2021/08

    I took my dog Chubbs today to just check it out and I was taken aback by how AWESOME everything was. The staff was AMAZING, the facility was clean, neat, smelled great, honestly I could go on and on! I 100% suggest you bring your dog here for daycare/boarding! We will definitely be doing business here from here on out!

  87. Nia Blake 2021/07

    my dog came back with so many scratches on him and nobody act like they know anything

  88. William Haboush 2021/07

    This place is great. Pickles and I approve this message


  89. Justin Paschall 2021/06

    We took our dog Molly there for a free orientation day. They were extremely nice and friendly were able to give us a tour through the facility showing us every nook and cranny. Can’t speak highly enough about how organized and clean the place was. From The grooming station all the way down to each kennel there is no accidents or anything in the floor and if any dog had to use the bathroom they cleaned it up immediately also it was wonderful that you were able to watch your dogs on cameras. Highly recommend it

  90. brooke muller 2021/05

    Fredrick had such a great time in boarding. He was so happy I didn’t think he wanted to go home with me. Everyone was fantastic keeping me updated on how he was doing. He’s already looking forward to his next visit in November.

  91. Kimberly MB 2021/05

    I love bringing my dog to the Dog Stop. The place is clean, the owner and her employees love and care for the pups. We had a tour spur of the moment and was wonderfully surprised at how fresh it smelled and looked. The dogs were happy and playing in the play yards. Love the outdoor yards they were clean and had colorful bridges which dogs could climb. The staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. The owner is a Retired Army Officer whose inspiration was to open a doggie daycare to help soldiers who were deployed have a safe place for their pets while they were away. I was so impressed by this. YOU CAN FEEL THE LOVE OF PETS IN THIS PLACE. Congratulations to Ms. McIntyre on your new adventure. We are all better for your past sacrifice and your continued contribution to the love of our dogs. Thank you.

  92. Floyd Rountree 2021/04

    Stopped in to check things out, all good.

  93. Richard Jenkins 2021/03

    I take my dog here 2-3x a week. The owner is absolutely fabulous and I recommend taking your pup here whether for day care, trimming, or boarding,

  94. Niko J 2021/01

    Lady at the reception desk kept misgendering me. Nice place otherwise though sooo…friendly but not so much LGBTQ friendly. ? …

  95. Chelsey Stout 2020/07

    Very clean and organized space. Their staff is very warm and helpful! Staff is respectful of your dog’s boundaries. This location is the first of their franchise to open in VA. They offer reasonably priced services and a wide array of dog food, treats, and toys. Try them out!

  96. Andre Davis 2020/06

    Not open as of yet. Still under construction

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