The Davey Tree Expert Company

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The Davey Tree Expert Company
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  1. Susan Layman 2023/09

    Dave’s Tree Service removed a downed tree from our neighbors’ two yards, along with the final branch in ours. The tree was enormous, but they did an outstanding job. Very, very nice crew!

  2. Cara Dickens 2023/05

    Alec was incredibly knowledgable and professional on his visit to assess my crepe myrtles. The team who came to prune were great too. They were thorough and tidy – even offered to chop some of the wood for my fire pit.

  3. Jay Mills 2023/05

    I am a long time customer. Davey Tree is always professional, on time, completes the work as promised, and their pricing is fair and competitive.

  4. Paul Cornell 2023/05

    Davey removed several trees from our yard, including a 70 foot oak tree. Excellent team that really cares about doing a great job. Professional and safety minded, removed trees without damaging the surrounding trees or landscape. The team thoroughly cleaned up the site when they were done. I would highly recommend Davey Tree!

  5. Caroline Cooke 2023/01

    Davey has been tending my laurels and hollies for many years – pruning, keeping disease free. Always excellent response to my questions or concerns. No complaints.

  6. Doug Pick 2022/08

    We had a tremendous all-round experience with the work they performed at our house yesterday. We had some significant tree removal/trimming and hedge work.
    The Relationship Rep, Alex, was very knowledgeable and helpful. Not to mention he’s a lovely guy.
    The pricing was very reasonable and acceptable.
    Finally, the crew was incredible. They were so good and efficient. Their quality was excellent and the clean up was spotless.
    Simply count not have been a better experience!! Highly recommend them to anyone.

  7. Karen Gresham 2022/05

    The Davey Tree Expert Company is an excellent company. From the pleasant office personnel to the very professional crew, I am very pleased with my choice and, will contact them again, in the near future, hopefully to get more trees trimmed and to try some of the other services offered. Thanks, to everyone involved in the process!

  8. Ken White 2022/02

    Waiting on a man to come by now?? Had damaged property at my house and they are slow on taking care of it??

  9. Julie Carter 2021/10

    I was so impressed by Davey Tree! I was referred by a friend and they didn’t disappoint. They were professional and did a great job removing the trees. They also came back and removed the stumps and made everything look nice and neat so we could get ready to aerate and seed our lawn. I would highly recommend Davey Tree to anyone who is looking for a professional and reputable company. They will come out to your location and assess your trees and let you know which ones are the best to remove to let in sunlight for the grass to grow. I was also impressed by the arborist’s knowledge and which trees are good for the yard. Most companies recommend you take down every tree in your yard.

  10. Myra Adams 2021/10

    I was so pleased with this company and the work that they completed. They came out quickly to give me an estimate (which was very reasonable) and then scheduled the job to be completed within a couple of weeks. They were punctual and ready to complete the work . The work performed was exactly as promised. Workers were friendly and professional. Would highly recommend this business!

  11. Katie Roy 2021/09

    Of the companies I reached out to for a quote, Davey Tree was the most responsive and better priced. I believe Jake gave the quote. He listened well to my needs, was very personable, and was quick to email the estimate.

    On the day of service, the two men performing the service arrived on time and were very professional. Jake came on site to verify the work being performed. The arborists confirmed the work with me visually so I knew exactly which branches they were removing.

    Specifically they were clearing large branches that overhung our house and the pool patio. They cleaned up as they went and whenever our paths crossed they updated me on where they were in the process. At the end of the day they left the patio cleaner than it was when they arrived. They cleared the debris from the lawn as well – no stray twigs!

    I was extremely pleased with the work they did, with their communication and professionalism, and with their dedication to leaving our yard immaculate. Thank you, Davey Tree!

  12. Alexander Macaulay 2021/08

    We had a lot of damage in the recent ice storm and our tree expert Alec Selz was on site the next morning. The day following that the crew did an amazing job removing a giant tree trunk with a lot of branches. Cannot thank everyone enough for their prompt attention and service.

  13. Ski Bum 2021/06

    Over priced, like to make everything seem dire so they can justify

  14. Leslie Sullivan 2021/02

    Bob Holiday was very responsive, professional and friendly. He did a very thorough job and we look forward to working with them again soon.

  15. Belinda Whitaker 2021/02

    Yes, Jake came to my house on last Thursday, July 22sn. After he looked at the tree no pictures was taken, did not see him write any notes and he stated that he was going to have a quote to me that evening. As of today, I have not receive a quote.

  16. Tim Morgan 2020/10

    Excellent knowledge. Tree service is one where its worth getting the best!

  17. Ralph Rowe 2020/06

    A person, came yesterday to look at my tree for removel. The person did not even get out of his car to introduce himself or his company. I sat on my back poarch curiously watching, hope he would identify himself. He parked his car in the alley and looked at the tree from afar not even getting out of his car or speak to me.Then after leaving I get an email from Robert Holiday with a Davey Tree Expert Co. with a outrageously priced proposal. IN MY EYES THIS VERY NON PROFESSIONAL,

  18. Renee Jackson 2020/06

    I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who’s looking to have any type of tree work completed. Our total experience with the company was EXCELLENT from the beginning all the way to the end. They are professional, on time, knowledgeable and provide GREAT customer service. Thank you Davey Tree.

  19. Pam Wiegardt 2020/05

    Davey Tree is my “go to” company for tree work and some lawn work. In my several year history with them, they are super professional, easy to work with, responsive, on time, and do exactly what they say they will do. I have recently begun to use them for yard aeration, and both years it is the best aeration job I have ever had.

  20. G C 2020/04

    Professional estimate and knowledgable employee. Did not end up purchasing their services as they were several times more expensive than the competition though.

    May revisit later

  21. Jeremy Fleming 2020/03

    Hope I get the opportunity to work for Davey!

  22. Will Shealy 2018/10

    Incredible people for tree removals or yard maintenence program. Compared to other companies in the area they are the best.

  23. Christian Rickers 2018/10

    Very professional. Fair price.

  24. River City Transportation 2018/07

    If your looking for The best company in the Tree Removal Business, look no further, well established, with excellent references, professionals. most of all they also give back to the community, which is priceless. Thank you for all that you do.

  25. Dan Brady 2017/09

    Mark Bennett and his team are the best I have seen, friendy, professional, and safety first. Mark knows his trees and not all need to be taken out some can be treated or limbed up. Great wealth of knowledge.

  26. Chuck Sardelis 2017/09

    Our yard looks fantastic since Davey Tree took it over!

  27. Michael Morris 2017/09

    Davey Tree is simply the BEST! Mark Bennett an Certified Arborist has been a great help for me and my clients. I have had trees cut down (which is a site to see, amazing) completely professional experience, and also I have the greenest yard on my block!!! Would highly refer them!!! Thanks Davey, the Tree Expert Company!

  28. Josh Goff (CCA) 2017/09

    Mark Bennett and his team at Davey Tree are above the rest. They are absolute professionals and care about their people and their clients. I’ve worked with Mark on many occasions and am pleased with their service and expertise. I look forward to working with Davey in the future and am also happy to refer them to family and friends!

  29. Mark Kemper 2017/05

    Very knowlegeable , professional and most importantly honest!

  30. Financial Freedom 2017/05

    We have used Davey Tree for years and are extremely happy with their service and advice. We have used Davey for cutting down trees, lawn care service, and they also saved numerous holly bushes from a disease. Mark Bennett and his team are true professionals!

  31. Isaac DeRegibus 2016/05

    I am a big Davey Tree Fan! I had a few groups come and price out the work needed for some of my trees and Davey tree was $400 less expensive. They were professional and did an outstanding job.

  32. Teresa Blackwell 2016/04

    They may be less exspensive.. But they are very unprofessional..Had an appointment and they never showed. Took of a hard days work to make sure things would go as planned and then I get a call later on saying we are sorry. How about calling before hand.. Should have listened to my instincts when they took over a week to get back..That was a red flag there. Never again.

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