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The Barking Lot
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  1. Tonya Williams 2023/10

    I had just purchased my dog. I took him to 2 other groomers and they said he was to active and they couldn’t give him a cut. I went to the Barking Lot and they were able to cut my Kuno and he looked like a new dog. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you for making Kuno look more handsome ? …

  2. Jess 2023/09

    Owner was there at drop off, but secretary didn’t move my rescheduled booking – so I wasn’t even on the line up for the day. They fit me in and asked what I wanted – typical groom. Well, after being spoken to like a literal child, they took the dogs.

    When I came to pick them up, I looked through the glass to the back. It was FILTHY. Hair everywhere. All over the floor, I mean, more than the two malteses sitting on the tables could ever create alone.

    Girl behind the counter goes to get my dogs, she puts the smaller collar on my big dog and vice versa. Then, she tells me she doesn’t know how to put their stuff on so let’s the dogs into the lobby and has me do it.

    My dogs had clearly been bathed and blown dried, but all that was different was their feet. They did the literal BARE MINIMUM. I’ve been doing that on my own since I got the dogs. If I’m paying, I expect it to look better. They had fur all over them, were still shedding like crazy. Like they hadn’t even been brushed. Literally the most basic – my dogs came back LOOKING THE SAME!

    Needless to say, I will not be taking my babies back there. Really disappointed.

  3. Christopher Vu 2023/08

    I took my american eskimo and corgi here once a month between November 2022 and May 2023. The objective was to tidy up my dogs, cut their nails and bath them.

    Scheduling with Steve was relatively easy since I scheduled appointments 6 months in advance. Steve was kind enough to call and remind us of each of our appointments. There’s several issues which have stopped me from using this establishment:

    1. Pricing: Steve’s cozen practice of stating “oh I don’t know how much this is going to cost since there’s so many factors at play here” without disclosing how much different services were resulted in the bill totaling $120 for both dogs some occasions and other times $170+.
    2. Method of payment: Steve prefers cash but states he’s open to accepting cards, however, when prompted about how much the card fee is, the response was “oh I don’t know”. Interesting coming from the business owner himself. This inane practice coupled with the first grievance resulted in inconvenience having to go out and procure cash for the sake of supporting this small business’s aversion to credit card fees.
    3. Health & safety: Out of the several months we used this service, the last three resulted in ear infections within the week of service which after the second time became a pattern. This place is absolutely filthy, with fur, dirt and grim all over the floor, a reflection of the quality of care you can expect to receive.
    4. Quality of haircut: my corgi was mangled by a previous groomer, however, upon leaving Steve’s place, she often looked like a patchwork quilt. Further instruction and clarification were not met with subsequent groomings at this practice.
    5. Time: Drop off is between 7:30am-9:00am and pick up isn’t available until 3:00pm or 4:00pm so you have to plan a whole day around this affair.
    6. Non-communication: I had called to cancel my last two appointments with this business with one of the employees but they didn’t remove their appointments off their calendar so I was repeatedly called by Steve prior to their appointment times and the day of the appointment itself.

    There are better groomers out there in RVA who are consistent with their pricing which are cheaper, faster and they take cards with no extra fees.

  4. terri nelson 2023/08

    The Barking Lot is great. Steve’s staff is top-notch. Kudos to Luke for doing a wonderful job grooming our cat. It was only her 2nd grooming ever, and he took care to monitor her stress and make changes as needed. Great job!!

  5. Anttorria T. Fields 2023/08

    My baby looked so good and seem so happy when I picked him up ☀️❤️ Definitely coming back

  6. R D D 2023/08

    Dreadful!!! This place is dirty, disgusting and foul and icing on the cake is that the owner is downright rude!!! My pup was mangled and had an ear infection shortly after visiting this place. They even nicked a nail here and there was blood afterwards!!! I will not be frequenting this place!!!

  7. Akasha Jackson 2023/08

    Wanted my pup to look like something while we went on a trip. Besides me, it was his first cut. I honestly think I did a better job. I called and they got me in same day. Customer service was good. When I went to pick him up my price had changed.. but I also had to ask what was done?? Soooo disappointed. I noticed my dog kept licking at his nail. He was clipped!!!!!!!!! Immediately I started examining him. Multiple scratches by his genitals . I’m very angered. My dog will never ever go back!! I feel betrayed and also robbed. I wanted to ask for a refund. I think what they did deserved 50% of what I was charged. I’d recommend not going here.

  8. Meaghan Adams 2023/07

    With all the rain we’ve had this year, it’s been so difficult to keep our boys coat from being completely matted. With the help from our friends (shout out to Luke) for the cutest little hair cut I ever did see, our Smokey man is feeling free! Thanks for the great job, and handling our gentleman with care! I highly recommend The Barking Lot RVA!


  9. D A 2023/07

    Employee at this facility, A.A, posts malicious reviews about other facilities they have never been to and insinuates mistreatment of animals by people they have never met. Remember, what one accuses others of they are often guilty of themselves.

  10. Calcine Harris 2023/05

    Great groomers. My dog was well groomed and smelling wonderful.

  11. Eric Casey 2023/04

    They did a rather sloppy job clipping my dog. Lots of places where they missed small tufts of hair. Customer service was also mediocre. Price for the clip was decent, but quality really wasn’t. Doubtful that I will be back.

  12. Carrie Hall 2023/04

    All around, great service.

  13. Kelly Reilly 2022/08

    I recently took my golden retriever Ollie here to be groomed. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. My dog can get a little anxious when he gets groomed but everyone was really great with him and you could tell he felt at ease. They did a fantastic job on his groom and I was very pleased! The prices are also very reasonable. We will definitely be back! 🙂


  14. K. H. 2022/07

    I’ve been to a lot of groomers since moving to Virginia, many have been terrible and some just seemed down right inexperienced. None of these describe The Barking Lot. Tucked away in downtown Richmond, this place has some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re very professional, they know what they’re doing and demonstrate excellent customer service. Oliver did such a wonderful job on my dog. My pup typically shows me signs when she did not enjoy a grooming, but when I picked her up from the Barking Lot, she showed me that she was relaxed, calm and happy. If your canine friend needs a good grooming, I highly recommend parking your doggo at the barking lot.

  15. DeB Beamer 2022/07

    They were great with my puppy!!! He just loved it. Best around!!!

  16. Sarah Cunningham 2022/06

    Very professional. Listens to my concerns and my vet. Reasonably priced. Owner and groomers are great. They make my puppy comfortable and less stressed

  17. Michele DeWoody 2022/06

    Today was Fritz’s first visit to The Barking Lot. Great staff…friendly too! Fritz couldn’t wait to head in. He’s was calm and happy both coming and going! Thanks for squeezing us in. Fritz’s makeover is a gift for many!

  18. Frances Avery 2022/04

    They are wonderful to the animals.

  19. Crystle Shirley 2022/04

    If you want your dog & wallet scalped, your dog thirsty and ready to burst his bladder, take him here. $90 bucks and he doesn’t even smell like he’s been bathed. They kept him for 6 hours

  20. Blair White 2022/03

    Been for many years only place that has people that can work well with our pup.

  21. Kirk Collins 2022/03

    Friendly and considerate.

  22. Erin Goldin 2022/02

    Wonderful staff

  23. Yasss 2022/01

    I took my pug/pomeranian here to get groomed. They claimed he would not sit still to get his nails cut which is the one thing is specifally told them not to do because he was going to get them cut at the vet the next day but what I couldn’t understand was what part of him got groomed¿ He got in the car and I smelled his ears ,which was one of the few things i asked to be done, and they were STILL DIRTY. The lady upfront really wasn’t very welcoming at all and seemed as if she didn’t want to be there. It was also dirty. Overall the vibe and service was just not optimal and I wouldn’t not return or recommend the barking lot to anyone.

  24. Kimberly Karn 2021/09

    Took my dog to The Barking Lot for the first time recently and they did a great job! The owner greeted us at drop-off and was thorough in recommending the best cut for my mixed breed based on what I wanted done and it turned out great! The last groomer we tried did a somewhat sloppy cut and when I picked my dog up he peed himself the moment we got out the front door 🙁 I was nervous about another groomer scaring my dog or not letting him out to go to the bathroom enough during the day while they had him but my dog was in good spirits when I picked him up from The Barking Lot! It seemed like they took really good care of him and gave him a good haircut, so I will be returning!

  25. Molly Schaffer 2021/09

    Very pleased with the service.

  26. Tinga Mastrelli 2021/08

    My 4 yr old miniature poodle has been very difficult with groomers since his first time. I decided to try The Barking Lot because the reviews mentioned difficult dogs doing well here. Not only did they do a fantastic job getting all his mats and hair off, they said he was very good! I did give him a vet recommended tranq (Tramadone) before we left home and I’m sure it helped but I’ve tried that before and his previous groomer still complained about his behavior. The people at The Barking Lot must have the right attitude and attention to relax him.
    I highly recommend them!
    Yes, he’s cute with long hair, but so itchy and uncomfortable and matted everywhere.
    We’ve found our furever groomer!
    Thanks Barking Lot!


  27. Alysa 2021/07

    Love that they do walk-in nail trims. They’re always so quick and friendly.

  28. Lori Koch 2021/07

    My dog practically runs in the door when we visit! Reasonably priced services and great staff!

  29. Jess Shearin 2021/06

    I made an appointment for the first time with this company today. My dogs haven’t even been seen yet. But I was so blown away by the wonderful customer service that I had to come on here and write a review based on that. (And I will be sure to come back and rate them again when my dogs are actually seen.) Anyhow, I had spent so much time the last few days researching online for a dog groomer that would work best for my two dogs. I’ve made some calls as well in the process. I hadn’t had any luck or felt good about any of the companies I researched or contacted. I felt at a loss today and even prayed for some divine intervention to be honest. I came upon The Barking Lot and decided to give them a call even though they’re almost 20 minutes away. The owner, Steve called me back right away after I left a message with them. He was SO professional, sweet, and personable. He sounded very experienced and was very explanatory with the services and how everything works there. By the end of the phone call, I wanted to give him a big hug and I really wish I could! I feel relieved and I’m looking forward to having my dogs visit there!

  30. Sarah Wigginton 2021/05

    So glad we came here. Absolutely would not take my dog anywhere else after the amazing level of care they took with her! My pup came back looking and smelling wonderful as well. Also very reasonable prices!!!

  31. Koby Ellick 2021/03

    Always very professional and quick!

  32. Rachel Tilghman 2021/03

    We were in Richmond for a wedding when our dog decided to take a roll in something really gross. Steve and the team were so helpful- they squeezed Welly in same day so we didn’t have a matted, smelly pup, and they did a beautiful job getting him clean and fluffy! We feel so grateful we found a groomer we can trust when we’re in town visiting family. Thank you SO much ❤️


  33. Pedro Gonzalez 2021/03

    Supreme service with super staff

  34. colette coates 2021/02

    This place was recommended by my vet. I took my niece’s dog who is a little Yorkie Shitzu mix. She was sooo matted & I took her to Petco who told me they couldn’t do her. They recommended that I take her to a vet. When I asked the vet they said they had the same blades as them. They said go to the Barking Lot because they were very professional. So I went and they were wonderful. They explained that they had to cut her close to the skin, to please watch her & to call them if any problems. I have use them since!. Important their address is NORTH BELMONT AVE. If you don’t put this in your GPS correctly it will take you to the south side. Beware!!

  35. C RUDOLPH 2021/02

    I love them already!! They took excellent care of my cat and since we’re getting a puppy soon, we already know where to take them. Customers for life!!

    I can’t say with words how grateful I am to these folks. They took care of my cat. We had a major family emergency and had to dart off to DC after we dropped off our girl for grooming. We’d planned on getting back in time to pick her up but the traffic was disgusting. One of the staff was gracious enough to wait about 30 min for my friend to pick up our cat. It was a very rough day and they made it less stressful. I’ll always bring my pets here! She looked fabulous and was like a new cat

  36. Ryan Medlar 2021/02

    I really enjoy this place. Friendly, efficient, thorough, and my dogs enjoy coming here.

  37. william grizzard 2021/02

    Have been using them for over 12 year best in town super friendly

  38. Sean N. 2021/01

    Big hairy dog had a great time. They took care of our Sarplaninac (Ben) and he came out handsome and clean. Reasonably priced and friendly, knowledgeable staff!

  39. Crystal N. Suber 2020/09

    The people were nice and prices are great. I was not very impressed with my dog’s cut. She was knicked with the clippers in several spots. I will take her back and see how it goes my next visit.

  40. J W-R 2020/09

    This guy loved going! They listened to my request, and it was perfect.


  41. Susan Loop 2020/09

    I was very pleased with my first experience at The Barking Lot. They were very friendly when they greeted us, called me with their concerns before they proceeded, and Maizie looked beautiful and happy when she returned. Excellent service for the cost. Very reasonable. I will return.

  42. Kimberly Myers 2020/06

    Great place! Loves my 3 dogs! Affordable!

  43. Jennifer Heidlebaugh 2020/05

    Took my puppy in for his first grooming. If I could give 10 stars I would. The ladies LOVE their job and have passion and knowledge. Jennifer is THE BOMB. We are lifetime customers.

  44. Phil 2020/05

    Very efficient and professional

  45. Cheryl Simpson 2020/05

    My dog loved this place and they did a great job grooming him. He is no longer with us.

  46. Katherine Carr 2020/05

    My dog Sweetie came home looking gorgeous. Her coat feels so soft, and she smells like a baby. Her nails have been impeccably trimmed. The staff and owner of The Barking Lot are super friendly to both people and pet. Highly

  47. Mee Mee G 2020/04

    My fur baby loves this place and the groomers. I would definitely recommend you give them a try for yourself. Prices aren’t bad either. They even give you a return customer discount

  48. Noah Wolman 2020/03

    Great grooming for a golden retriever

  49. Fong 2020/03

    Great place. My Cognak loves them!!!

  50. PAtricia Leitch 2020/03

    Very pleased with all aspects of my visit. Very impressed with Nora the groomer, as she did a great job on my Lulu an 9 year old Morky that is very temperamental. She has been flagged red at 2 of the big name pet stores. With her expertise I was finally able to get lulu professionally groomed. I would definitely recommend the barking lot.


  51. Mike Kelley 2019/10

    Mr Boshen. is amazing

  52. Steve Boschen 2019/07

    One of the finest pet grooming businesses in the Richmond metro area (if I may be so bold- Steve- owner

  53. Scott Anderegg 2019/07

    Great staff. They love dogs.

  54. Lynn Anderson 2019/07

    Best dog groomers in Richmond

  55. Jack Mullikin 2019/06

    Nice folks… Reasonably popular!

  56. Jaclyn Ridge 2019/05

    We were visiting from out of town and they worked us in. Oliver really enjoyed his experience and received many compliments.


  57. Billy Criswell 2019/04

    Teddy loves them. we love them. they are amazing.

  58. Charles Appich 2019/04

    Chewie always looks great


  59. JD Smith 2019/03

    Made to feel comfortable and confident they would provide great service. It was my First time bringing my dog Ducky to The Barking Lot We Was greeted by the owner as we entered the door. once I returned to get Ducky he was perfectly groomed looking and smelling great. Will definitely be back!

  60. Radiah 2019/02

    Stumbled upon The Barking Lot by mistake. Nora was very personable and customer focused. She explained the process throughly and answered all my questions. Nora even called to confirm my trim request.
    I requested a cleanup trim and that’s all she did. My baby looked beautiful and appears really happy with experience. I will be going returning.

    Thanks Nora!!


  61. Ronnie Lewis 2019/02

    The employees have good customer service and Good with animals

  62. Steve Vornov 2019/02

    Our little girl Vala is so pretty that I can hardly believe this skinny little waif was only a year ago rescued from a WV shelter.

  63. Dan Ross 2018/09

    Very friendly staff that does great work

  64. Emily Hearn 2018/09

    Just moved here from AZ. Found the Barking Lot online and decided to give it a shot for my pup’s first cut out here in VA! Made a great choice! Would recommend to anyone! My pup is a handful and gets nervous when being groomed. The staff was very patient with her and she came out looking and smelling fantastic! Prices are reasonable too!

  65. Steven Boschen 2018/08

    I am a little prejudicial in that I own The Barking Lot, however, I have to say I have the best bunch of employees an employer could ask for. They love their job and it shows.

  66. Angela Orlando 2018/07

    Been going here for several years for my cocker spaniel, Molly. The staff is always professional and curteous and I love the phone call reminders. The ladies have been a sounding board for me at times for questions not totally relating to grooming but are always quick to give me advice to calm my anxiety. Thank you for all that you do!!

  67. Stephen Palik 2018/05

    That’s our pet grooming place if you live in the Fan take your ? for some TLC. …

  68. Tania Zurnaci Thornton 2017/10

    I always bring my two small dogs here. All the groomers seem to love my dogs and my dogs like going there. They listen about how I want their fur (keep it longer, cut it to an inch, etc) and do a good job grooming them. They always call the day before to remind me of my appointment and have good customer service. I’m confident and happy bringing my dogs here.

  69. Tyler Bradshaw 2017/10

    Great place for your dog. Friendly service and knowledgeable staff. Definitely make your pet feel like one of the family.


  70. Stacie Durst 2017/10

    They have done a great job with my Yorkie. The staff is very nice.

  71. Jon Bibbs 2017/06

    Great spot. They do an excellent job with my Airedale at a very affordable price.

  72. Debbie Wilson 2017/06

    Small shop. Caring people, Good job on my dogs, ALWAYS! I have 2 dogs, a blue pitty and a lab mutty. My pitty, a very sweet girl, was attacked by another dog and became a bit scared when going for her groomings after that happened and they …

  73. Sara Sulla 2017/05

    Excellent service, convenient hours, and of course, great grooming!


  74. Eric Elliott 2017/04

    Warm friendly staff. Great prices.

  75. Carol Fung 2016/07

    Got charged almost in full but the dog was not groomed. Some nails were clipped but no grinding done. They complained the dog was not cooperating. Next time we switched to another groomer and they did everything.

  76. Cindy Abbate 2016/02

    This was my third encounter with The Barking Lot.
    Excellent advise and care. Thank you guys!

  77. Eliza Askin 2016/01

    Best haircut on our springer that we have ever gotten.

  78. Paul Calamita 2016/01

    We have been taking our dogs to the Barking Lot for 10-15 years and they have always been super. We highly recommend them.

  79. Desiree Davis 2015/10

    They did a great job and this is the first time my Westie Dylan has enjoyed going to get groomed. The ladies are great and have a great connection with the animals. Dylan just loves Steve and told him all about it last week while he was getting groomed.

  80. Becca Hasskamp Thompson 2014/10

    I will never take my dog here again. He had three successful grooming sessions at Dogma and then I took him here when Dogma couldn’t fit him in. They called me two hours later saying that I had to come get him and that it was taking three …

  81. Leslie W. Doyle 2013/03

    My 3 dachshunds aren’t fans of strangers, nor are they huge fans of grooming (except for our boy, he loves being pampered.) We saw the reviews on Google, and decided to drive 45 minutes out of our way to try The Barking Lot’s services. I’m glad we did. The care and patience they showed with our pups, and the information we received while there, left us feeling like our dogs were in good hands. When we picked them up, they were happy, flea-free and oh-so gorgeous after their groom. They did a wonderful job and the price was very reasonable. The only problem is they aren’t closer to me! 🙂 They’ve found a new lifetime customer.

  82. Dionne Wheeler 2013/01

    My dog recently passed away at age 14 but I took my dog there for about 13 years of her life. The staff there is amazing and genuinely love every pet that walks in the door. They always took great care of her and went the extra mile to make sure we were pleased. They even sent a sympathy card signed by the staff with personalized messages about her when she passed. I highly recommend the barking lot!

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