Taco Bar

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Taco Bar
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  1. Richard Pressnell 2023/11

    I love authentic Mexican food and this place has it! I get chicken tacos on corn tortillas and they have a little bar with all the extras to add on yourself.
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Chicken Tacos

  2. Dee F 2023/11

    Food was good.
    Food: 4
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 4


  3. Khatysia Brown 2023/11

    Great food but the owner with the gold tooth is extremely rude from her actions one would believe she is racist because she treats Mexicans nice but blacks with an attitude.
    Food: 4
    Service: 2
    Atmosphere: 4

  4. López López 2023/10

    Pésimo mal cervisio la sra solo una mesa tenía atendió de mal modo por eso no tienen clientes

  5. ROAD SERVICE TIRES 24 7 Llantas a domicilio 2023/10

    Muy buen lugar para disfrutar en familia los ricos alimentos,, comida muy buena
    Food: 3

  6. The Goddess Life 2023/09

    Food and service were great.
    Dine in
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  7. Elba Yanes 2023/08

    Desepcionada d la sopa de mondongo el vaso arriba d la mitad antes era lleno y más agua no podían ponerle al parecer cambiaron de cosinera xq la comida es un asco
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  8. Neisha Gay Smith 2023/06

    Was good.
    Food: 4
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4

  9. TORIBIO DIO 2023/05

    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4

  10. Stanly Madrid 2023/04

    Todo muy perfecto
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  11. Jule Bare 2023/04

    I ordered the shrimp tacos.. They were delicious and the price was good. Very clean place with excellent service.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  12. Delmy Moran 2023/03

    Tengan mucho cuidado con lo que les dan yo fui la comida estubo bien muy rica pero los limones estaban horribles se notaba que eran viejos de muchos días muy tranquilamente pedi limón fresco le dije a la señora que eso no servía y me dijo de manera repugnante que esos eran frescos y le dije que asco y me fui y no pienso volver a ese lugar prefieren perder clientes a perder unos cuantos limones
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  13. Taylor Simpson 2023/02

    Prices online aren’t the prices in store. Website and Facebook have false advertising for taco Tuesday and the prices are way off. Looks good tho, loved the decor

  14. Mike Bates 2023/01

    Fabulous hole-in-the-wall sort of spot, incredibly good authentic Mexican food that easily set a new bar of standards. All ingredients are fresh and made to order. this is the ideal lunch place without question.
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 5


  15. Sky 2022/08

    This place is bussin and their portions are pretty hefty for the taco meat. I take all of my friends here. They don’t speak too much English, but the younger dude does. Good place, reminds me of the tacos back in California.

  16. Gypsy “Gypsy aka cookie” Luck 2022/06

    The food was ok but not great.

  17. Corey Gills 2022/05

    Always the best!!!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  18. Marvinya Harper 2022/02

    I love their food. They see me a lot on Taco Tuesday…
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: No
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: Yes
    Curbside pickup: Yes

  19. alexis f 2022/01

    I’ve never been to any taco shop that just served flavorless meat in the tortilla. No cilantro or cebolla.

  20. Sean Lee 2021/11

    Tasty and authentic. Mom and pop joint. If the kid is not there you’d have to communicate in Spanish. Have tongue and tripe but not head meat. Great soup/ stew as well. Price is decent. Will be my weekly to biweekly spot.


  21. Angela McClenny 2021/10

    Love their tacos.

  22. Emily Curley 2021/09

    🤤🤤🤤🤤 …

  23. Eren Luck 2021/09

    Amazing chicken tacos and selection of toppings!! 🤤🤤
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  24. John Edwards 2021/08

    Friendly, fast service, eat in or take out
    Clean and meat.

  25. MrDkb718 2021/07

    Food is good

  26. moises sanchez 2021/05

    Muy malo espían a el cliente

  27. Sheila M 2021/05

    Great Latin American food! Tasty like home made, fast service. Friendly staff

  28. Roberto Vazquez Santiago 2021/04

    Good Centro American fusion

  29. Darin Dill 2021/03

    Good food, reasonable prices.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  30. Kristin Ricks 2021/02

    soso Yummy
    ordered Quesadilla and Tacos. Flavorful and practice social distances. Also fast service

  31. Freddie Robertson 2021/02

    The Taco Bar is great the food is excellent and the service I give it 5 stars.

  32. Cheko Solis 2021/01

    Good food

  33. Agustin Holder 2021/01

    Very friendly place, but in Spanish only. I’m bilingual, i can get service with no problems but my wife she’s American, don’t feel comfortable to shop here. I do all the shopping here, when i need something’s. But this store should have few employees can speak inglish fluently. Flexible customer service is a plus.

  34. Nelson Minero 2020/12

    Sabrosa comida

  35. Shanna Bailey 2020/12

    Best tacos ever

  36. Mayra Contreras 2020/11

    Muy buena la comida

  37. Gerson Pineda 2020/11

    Muy bueno

  38. tai adediran 2020/11

    Best Spanish food

  39. Christy Smith 2020/11

    I liked my choice. I had the fajitas texanas. The only thing i did not like was the tortilla shells that came with it. I prefer plain tortilla shells, not the fat shells. The staff was friendly. The service was pretty quick. And the prices were good.

  40. Abdul Ekiyoyo 2020/10

    Great place with good service and ambience. I got the chicken tacos and chicken quesadilla. Both were really good. The tacos had very nice portions and it paired really nicely with the toppings from the side bar.
    Only complaint was there’s no free water which is quite unusual at a restaurant. To make matter worse, there was a red sauce that was quite spicy, so I had to pay extra for a drink {which tasted amazing for what it’s worth 😆).


  41. Julienne W 2020/06

    Fast service. Authentic. I like that you can add your own toppings to your food. Great tacos.

  42. Demetrius Tyler 2020/05

    Cali burrito no beans. Mouth watering!

  43. Keli JoClure 2020/02

    Good customer service and delicious food

  44. Kianna Young Young 2019/10

    Great place

  45. miguel osorio 2019/10

    Nice restaurant

  46. dennes geobanni soliz ramirez 2019/09

    Muy buena atención

  47. Jose Carrera 2019/09

    Good food and fast

  48. Indra Cabellos 2019/09

    I like there tacos and burritos here

  49. Contessa Colwell 2019/09

    Fresh food, real food and pretty fast! Love the horchata!

  50. Juan Carrington 2019/09

    Good food a little small inside but cozy will go back

  51. Rody Hurtado 2019/08

    Muy limpio y una atención muy buena

  52. Jennifer Adediran 2019/08

    GOOD Good Good food. Fast n friendly service. Food cooked 2 order never cold… Best burrito de California I’ve ever eaten…. It’s addictive, luv this place…..

  53. Edgar alexis Mora Martínez 2019/06

    Está muy caro

  54. lupe lira 2019/06

    Muy buena comida me encantas las gorditas jiji😁😁🙈🙊 …

  55. Genry Ramirez 2019/05

    Sabor de mi tierra


  56. Belinda McCoy 2019/04

    Nice atmosphere

  57. Daniel Stevens 2019/04

    Its delicious

  58. YellaStreet Rell 2019/04

    Made to order Spanish food.

  59. Diana Sugen Plata Torres 2019/03

    Comida rica y atención buena y rápida.

  60. LOxHYBRID !! 2019/03

    Pretty good

  61. Rick Momo 2019/03

    Good customer service

  62. Tyree Dancey 2019/03

    Authentic Flavors Excellent Service just dam right AMAZING FOOD

  63. Ralston Smith 2019/02

    Clean friendly and bilingual

  64. Isaac Young 2019/02

    The best part about this place is the $1 Taco Tuesday deal. The tacos aren’t very big, but for $1? Definitely a great place to visit even if it’s not for the Taco Tuesday deal. They’re one of the only places I’ve been to that actually sells Baleadas, a typical food from Honduras, and they were very good. A nice place to visit when you’re in the area, especially on a Tuesday.

  65. Fernando Herrera 2019/01

    Amazing Honduran Food. An excellent service and a very friendly place .

  66. Isabella Kirby 2019/01

    I ate the shrimp tacos and a chicken empanada with their Avocado sauce. YUMMY!!! There is a lot more to try here and a coin laundry next door.
    Next time I’m at Abilene’s Richmond terminal and need laundry done I’ll come here to get it done. Then I’ll reward myself with some Taco Bar. Yes indeed!
    Btw, the owners (?) are young and very nice. The young lady helped me understand their Mexican language menu and her husband (?)/cook came out to ask me how I liked it. Very unique in these times.

  67. Jose Ordonez 2018/12

    Excelente servicio

  68. Nicolamid Colindres 2018/11

    No es bueno tardan mucho y es caro

  69. Sakthivel Pillai 2018/11

    Great place

  70. brick films 2018/10

    Not too excited but it was good

  71. mario garcia 2018/10

    The place is very nice and the people are very friendly but the food is gross terrible I bought 5 pupusas and I bought one baleada the food was flavorless it’s like they ran out of salt the baleada was supposed to have carne asada on it I guess they forgot it and the pupusas tasted like they were sour is just gross even the pickle cabbage the came for the pupusas was disgusting they need to find a new cook or at least someone that knows how to make the food but the place was very clean and the people were very polite

  72. Chris Nguyen 2018/09

    Tasty traditional style tacos. Yay for 1$ taco Tuesday!

  73. Cha0s Archiv3s 2018/08

    Super friendly place but my lengua was dry and bland. So disappointing. The cheese on my kiddos quesadilla wasn’t even melted. Forty bucks for 6 dry tacos and two tortillas with cheese is a hefty pricetag. Also, the horchata… Yeah, don’t bother.

  74. Hector Ortiz 2018/07


  75. Jencyn Vasquez 2018/05

    Muy amables las muchachas un lugar muy limpio y comida muy deliciosa regresaremos pronto

  76. Ralston Smith 2018/05

    Fast courteous service

  77. Edras G Zacarias lemus 2018/03

    Muy buenos tacos lo recomiendo

  78. Toro De Sinaloa 2018/03

    Pesima atencion al cliente cajera amargada y grosera eh irrespetuosa

  79. latincaddyuno 2018/03

    Good all around

  80. Jonathan Watson 2018/03

    Great authentic tacos in a clean and friendly environment. You should try it!

  81. George Wiggins 2018/02

    Tacos were good but………… SMALL!!!

  82. Curtis “Lord Curtis” Lee 2017/12

    It is easy to find good burritos. It is very hard to find amazing ones. I loved this place. The menu is in Spanish so you know it is going to be good. Wish it was closer to my house so I could eat it every day

  83. cameron graser 2017/11

    Awesome enchiladas Verde

  84. Msz IvyLuv 2017/11

    Disgusting food no flavor poor behavior from staff i asked for certains off my food and they put everything on it if they cant follow instructions they should close down !!!!

  85. Rafael Chama 2017/10

    Muy pero muy mala la atención que dan los empleados de este kugar

  86. Rafael Lemus 2017/09

    Best Tacos!! Delicious!!

  87. Jose Torres 2017/05

    La comida rrica todo

  88. Brenda Rivas 2017/04

    I would highly recommend this restaurant to my family and friends. the food is delicious, the restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly. They will Definitely see me in the near future. 😛

  89. Robertson Gamez Chávez 2017/03

    Los martes tacos a dólar gracias por eso

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