Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital at the Richmond SPCA

Google Rating:4.7

Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital at the Richmond SPCA
4.7 based on 302 reviews
  1. TImothy Dixon 2023/11

    Very nice with my dog

  2. Angus Khan 2023/10

    Great place with people that truly care about animals. Thanks so much!

  3. mark deal 2023/10

    Best ,excellent in all facets, kind understanding, caring, awesome people !

  4. Steph Shaw 2023/10

    Dropped off one of the boys for a tumor removal today. The care of the receiving staff was great. Everyone was kind, thorough and thoughtful. Really appreciated that kind of care while dropping off a loved one for a surgery. Also, he was totally cool in the waiting area.


  5. Nancy Lewis 2023/10

    I just wish they could help more pets. it’s very hard to get in there but once you’re in it’s a blessing! it’s scary to have a sick pet and not be able to afford care . they really take away the financial strain. I’m very thankful for all that work there.

  6. Robin Clarke 2023/10


  7. Sherise J 2023/09

    They are always so wonderful. They take such good care of my pets. The only downside is that they are a low cost veterinary clinic, so getting an appointment quickly is nearly impossible. Despite that it’s totally worth going.

  8. Robert Sanderlin 2023/09

    Best staff ever

  9. Karen Fox 2023/09

    I never have to worry about whether or not my fur baby is receiving the best care because I know the Doctors and Staff love all the fur babies they treat.

  10. Lady J M. 2023/09

    Always great service and caring.

  11. Angela Walker 2023/09

    Great place and wonderful people. Good quality care at an affordable price.

  12. Sunshine T 2023/08

    She’s Simply the Best !!! I called and left a message for her and she returned the call in less than 5 minutes. I had an Emergency with a Fur Baby my son was Sitting for a friend who had left for a Cruise out of the Country. And the Dog became ill. I called her up and explained everything in detail and she gave several recommendations as to what to do. Thanks to her Expert advice , Kash is now doing much better. I’d recommend her for all your Pet care needs.😄

  13. Tairet Paulino 2023/08

    I love this place!

  14. L Rdguez 2023/08

    Sadly unless you adopt from next door they don’t accept new patients at the moment.

  15. Julie Freeman 2023/08

    I had such a positive experience here. The vet, vet tech, and receptionists were very kind, thorough, and you can tell they all care about what they do. It’s very affordable and amazing care.

  16. Deysi Lara 2023/07

    Muy Buena veterinaria y los costs son bajos sobre todo son muy amables

  17. Corey Woolfolk 2023/07

    Very welcoming and friendly staff


  18. Tanvir Rahman 2023/07

    Affordable pet care and very friendly staff

  19. Mar'Leta Jones 2023/07

    Friendly, compassionate medical staff. They assisted us through this heart wrenching process with the utmost empathy and courtesy in every step. Donate, Adopt, and Support! Highly Recommend!


  20. Jaime Beazley 2023/06

    Staff is always super nice when our dog Tsuki even though she’s nervous to come inside each visit. Clean area, Bluey coloring pages for kids, etc.

  21. Kaylee 2023/06

    They are very nice here , I adopted my pup from the SPCA and well be continuing to use them!

  22. Sam Blanks 2023/06

    Work with you

  23. Cynthia Derricott 2023/05

    I had to put my friend Choco down on Thursday April 27. The staff at Susan M. Markel Vet Hospital were so kind respectful and patient with me and Choco. I lost my friend companion and pet. Words cannot express the concern and patience that I received from the staff at the hospital.


  24. Tracey Dorsey 2023/05

    Always attentive and good service. When we had to put our dog down in 2021, they were sympathetic and very supportive to Lulu our dog and us. They sent us a condolence card.

  25. Reid Baughman 2023/05

    Great place to take your pets! Only complaint is that it is next to 8mpossible to get in touch with them without just walking in. Still, would highly recommend for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on vet care, but still want their animals to thrive!

  26. Michelle Penn 2023/05

    Great place to bring your pet and very affordable🙏🏽❤️🔥
    5 star service …

  27. Rose Pape 2023/05

    The staff is friendly, even though they are short staffed and very good to the furry friends that they see. They don’t rush you out.

  28. Haylee Crow 2023/04

    This is a great low-cost vet to get regular yearly exams and medications from for cats and dogs. Both my cats are patients and the staff has helped me with a variety of issues like behavioral and urinary problems and even teeth cleaning recommendations. They usually have appointments within a month and can work with you for more immediate situations.

  29. Amanda Einck 2023/04

    They are great! They are compassionate and caring for the animals. They take time with you to answer questions and respond via email about concerns to help prevent you from coming in unnecessarily. They work with your budget. You tell them this is what you can afford, and they will stay under that. They will let you know if you ask what each test costs and what it does. The drawback is that they have long wait times to get in for routine care (but you can plan around that by being proactive), and emergency appointments still are weeks out.

  30. Lia Riris 2023/03

    I’ve been taking my cat here for a couple years now and I’ve never had anything but a pleasant experience! While it can sometimes be a wait to get an appointment, it just shows how many people they are serving. Highly recommend especially if you adopted from the Richmond SPCA

  31. Lakeisha Austin 2023/03

    The Staff is amazing! Top-notch facility.

  32. Lakeisha Austin 2023/03

    The staff was AMAZING during such a difficult time. Great facility and accessible parking. Highly recommend.

  33. Uri Universe 2023/02

    Truly some of the nicest vets I’ve met , great customer service and very very cheap , extremely worth the wait

  34. Chris Williams 2023/02

    They always provide great care and choices. They blew me away this week. We had to put our dog down over Christmas with an Emergency Vet and they notified SMVH. We got a card with tons of heart felt messages from the staff and it was the sweetest thing ever! THANK YOU SMVH!!!♥️

  35. Joan Northrup 2023/02

    Really appreciate for my dog.

  36. Wade Harms 2023/02

    Great place

  37. Relling W 2023/01

    Dr. Haskins is a wonderful vet

  38. Laurie Miller 2023/01

    Every time I call they are not accepting new pets

  39. Janice “Butterflywomanist” Smith Roane 2022/11

    They were fantastic with my fur baby.

  40. Truckstress Mom 2022/11

    Such very compassionate care. The best Vet experience ever.

  41. Zara Gardner 2022/10

    I was referred to a TNR Vet – which is what I was looking for. That Vet has yet to return my call but it is spring- the busiest time of year for spaying and neutering cats & finding homes for kittens.

  42. Cla 2090 2022/10

    They are so wonderful here. Helping me in a time of need. Please choose this place to donate to, as they help financially challenged people keep their pets healthy. I have a service dog, Zack, that has saved my life several times. He’s still under their care. Grateful a place like this exists, with wonderful caring staff and veterinarians.
    It’s also clean, well maintained, the doctors are knowledgeable. I trust them. My dog trusts them.

  43. Robin Frost 2022/10

    Friendly staff and good vet services!

  44. Antoine Whitner 2022/10

    This place is special, they take such care and love with your furry friend. Not to mention that they’re always able to work with each person’s financial situation all while doing it with class!!!!

  45. Dreams Salisbury 2022/09

    Excellent staff. Timely appointments.

  46. jasmyne artist 2022/09

    Pretty reasonable on price considering this is where we got our rescue. Care is decent.

  47. Donald Hill 2022/09

    Excellent service, very good staff, They. explain. and give my pets their FULL ATTENTION.MY pets and I Love this place,

  48. lee gutierrez 2022/08

    Great group of people!

  49. Bruce Vecchioni 2022/08

    Fix s stray cat no cost. Jave to know dome one to get in

  50. Julia Dunford 2022/08

    This is an outstanding facility for pets in need. Not only the helpful staff, the Dr’s were extremely sensitive to your pet’s needs and willing to do what it takes within our budget to help. My cat Romeo is so much better now. I will recommend this facility to anyone who truly loves there animals.

  51. Chris Befort 2022/08

    Very friendly and helpful staff. I was able to get my cat Biskey his first shots and neuter and they were very accommodating to any questions. Would highly recommend bringing your pets in.

  52. Joseph Simpkins 2022/07

    Carrol was so kind when we lost our 13 year old yellow lab, “Ahsoka.” Staff were considerate as well.

  53. Lois Withers 2022/07

    Veterinary care and diagnosis was good
    People could be more friendly.

  54. Dennis Atkinson 2022/07

    Kind staff, helpful and polite

  55. Carrie Weaver 2022/07

    Absolutely wonderful people! I’m so very grateful for them!

  56. David Barden 2022/06

    Everyone is so wonderful and caring. You feel the entire team cares for your pet as much as you do. Thanks Everyone!

  57. Andre Gemelli 2022/06

    Always great service and care for my pets. Very reliable care and advice.

  58. Christopher Durden 2022/06

    Always great, attentive, and caring.

  59. K. Montague 2022/06

    Service wass good and staff helpful. Sometimes there is a wait even though you are scheduled for a specific time. (Wait time varies depending on what you are coming for.) Spent more than expected/wanted, but not their fault, instead my dogs’ & they were helpful with working with me on cost! (Much lower than vet up the street from me for sure.)

    The only complaint is the small parking lot. I believe there should be a sign that notifies people that the area is for compact cars. Please don’t park your long car in the lot, instead use the street….please.

  60. Daisy Thomas 2022/06

    Well manner people and friendly always

  61. Cpt ToastyPants 2022/05

    Amazing staff working tirelessly to take care of animals!!!

  62. Josette Mills 2022/05

    Wonderful group of people

  63. Damian Whitley 2022/05

    Everyone was very kind and professional. Quick visit and Dhalia loves the staff!


  64. Patty Michalak 2022/04

    Outstanding, caring, knowledgeable staff. Top notch care!

  65. Terrance Chestnut 2022/04

    Love it ☺️

  66. Mary Rivera 2022/03

    Very helpful over the phone for first time in a long time kitten mom. 😸 …

  67. Stella Jones 2022/03

    I adopted my dog 10 years ago and so far all his health care has been with this veterinarian hospital. They are far more reasonably priced and truly care about their patients.

  68. M R 2022/03

    The phone to call them as long as phone calls you wait I was on the phone but they are really good but they seem like they don’t have enough staff

  69. Sawtooth 2022/03

    Love these folks!

  70. Donna Rhoads 2022/03

    The staff is excellent, and they took very good care of my dog 👍👍👍 …

  71. Doug H 2022/03

    This is most definitely a five star facility. If you have limited income and need top care for your pet, this is the best place in the area!

  72. Sean Lacon 2022/03

    Once again poor service. If you in the market for a dog run away from this place. Their support staff for the dog medical needs are horrible. The staff is always asking other staff member what to do. Came in with a balance of $183 to pay off by time. They for got to add the meds and whatever they could charge me and the total then can too. $255.00. The doctor took her time to come see me. Even when I asked the staff to take everything else off because I did not want the over priced meds I can get at Walmart. The doctor was so upset at me that se did not assist in helping me place my original dog lease and fee collar. After that when I tried to place the lease and of collar on by myself. My dog got away from me in the building and that when the incompetent staff stated I had to have my dog on a lease even when they saw me trying to place the dog and flee collar on. The doctor even referred to my dog by staying i will go get your BOY in a The derogatory manner. If you ask me you better just closing the medical department of the spca down because they take the care out of Healthcare for dogs.

  73. Juanita Kipps 2022/02

    Love to go there and their prices are reasonable and they’re so nice and they work with you

  74. Captivations 2022/02

    The Susan M. Markel vet hospital is excellent. 15 yrs ago, I adopted two kitties at the same time from the SPCA. Both have received excellent care and comfort throughout their lives. One succumbed to hyperthyroidism Sept 2021 at 15 yo., diagnosed at this hospital. He received excellent care and medications.
    Hyperthyroidism is a terrible disease and often not caught in time by owners. My other boy is going on 16 yrs old, and considering his age and hip deformity (he was the runt of his litter) has always received excellent care, and is in very good health inspite of osteoarthritis (getting medication to keep him comfortaber – and lucid) and age. He, too, had hyperthyroidism prior to his brother (above, from another mother) at a much younger age. SPCA Vet caught it in time. Among recommendations, Radio Cat was an option. Diverting funds from a car upgrade budget, the RadioCat treatment saved his life. He is free of the disease for more than 7 yrs. The vets are very caring and knowledgeable, as well as helpful to owners and their budgets, to make sure peoples’ pets are getting the best care. The staff are friendly and caring w/ their patients and owners. l Highly Recommend the Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital and Staff.

  75. Larry Mitchell 2022/02

    Kind and compassionate people to work with.

  76. Pinson Chanselle Jr 2022/02

    Best Vet in the city

  77. John Garnett 2022/02

    Excellent staff and care !

  78. Chris Turner 2022/02

    Very good.

  79. Vicki Parker 2022/02

    I was really amazed at how quickly I was able to get an appointment for my sick kitty. Getting an appointment for his surgery is a different story. The price for his appointment was a cheaper than the vet I was using.

  80. JP Fuller 2022/02

    Excellent care.

  81. karen kline 2022/01

    Takes very good care of our babies!

  82. Brianne Steenburgh 2022/01

    This is a reduced cost veterinary practice, and with that, comes the understanding that there will be longer wait times, and difficulties with communication. However, the vets and staff are all incredibly kind and helpful, making those difficulties worth the effort. Dr. Haskins has been helping my old kitty through an incredibly difficult year of ups and downs, and she has been nothing short of compassionate, understanding, and realistic. She not only has been helping my kitty, but also really helping me in such a confusing time. Having a vet understand not only the pets they work with, but the owners who love them so much, is a magical combination.

  83. Ashley Jones 2022/01

    As long as I live in Richmond and remain an eligible client, I will ONLY take my baby here.

  84. Angela Hill 2022/01

    Very caring and understanding staff. Really helped me through a hard decision. Very affordable and honest care for your pets.

  85. Phillip Johnson 2021/11


  86. Laura Short 2021/11

    Love this place! They take such good care of our dog.

  87. Ryan Brooks 2021/11

    The staff is amazing here! They are caring and supportive.

  88. Ilana Griffith 2021/11

    Dr. Haskins and Dr. Ivey are so kind and compassionate, beyond words. The staff are so wonderful, as well. They are all so comforting to both pets and owners. Their love and care of animals surpass everything. They are all about love, care and compassion towards pets and their families. That is their primary concern… certainly not the financial aspect. They are very unselfish.


  89. J J 2021/10

    I’ve been going here for a while now. I have a small elderly dog with collapsing trachea and they have been great about her care, meds, and diet. I also have a large elderly dog that has arthritis. They definitely are great with him because he is a big baby and he loves the ladies but he is also an old grump and he gets moody when you try to do anything other than hugs and kisses haha. They have been so patient with him. They are super friendly and the Dr. Is great. She is super nice and explains everything to you. If it wasn’t for them I dont know that my dogs would be getting the amount of care and meds they need because I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Times have been hard on everyone lately and I can’t thank them enough for the care they provide to my pets. Low cost clinics are a true blessing to people that need it. The wait can be long for your appointment so definitely schedule before you really need to. But It is worth the wait. Definitely giving 5stars.

  90. Linda Crockett 2021/10

    Good caring staff and cost is reasonable.

  91. chelley S 2021/09

    This place really helps you with your animals and they work with your budget.

  92. Amanda Bolton 2021/09

    High quality and affordable care in a very nice, clean facility


  93. Luisa Orellana 2021/09

    Great place to take my pets.

  94. Alyssa Gupta 2021/09

    Most helpful staff. Affordable services.

  95. Michele G. Rogers 2021/09

    I’m grateful there is a low cost veterinary hospital for those who adopt from the SPCA or qualify as patients for other reasons. Veterinary care is expensive and many people avoid caring properly for their pets as a consequence.

    That being said, high volume low-cost avenues can often manifest in cut corners or overlooked care.

    I adopted a cat, was told he was healthy but his full dental history was not disclosed. Two months later he has a serious mouth disease that may have been prevented or delayed had I known he already had previous dental issues and took additional measures.

    He currently requires strong medication until an entire dental extraction scheduled 3 months out. Although he has a lovely personality I was not looking for such a high maintenance pet and may have to manage these symptoms for another 5 to 10 years. Which I will do.

    Hoping his surgery goes well enough and that it results in reduction in these symptoms.

  96. susan turner 2021/08

    Too expensive

  97. Tracie Addison 2021/07

    Thanks to the staff

  98. Peter “Pete” Fiedler 2021/07

    Help daughter pick up her cat. Friendly staff and good doctors.

  99. Cheryl Armstrong Grimes 2021/06

    Great staff!! They really care about pets!!

  100. Sydney Ellington 2021/06

    They are amazing. Nurtured my cat AND microchipped him AND gave him all of his shots for only $120!!! Rox and I will definitely be returning when it’s time for his check up!

  101. Deborah R. Evans 2021/06

    Just such an excellent opportunity and organization for ones like myself that need and love a pet and reasonable charges. Thank you!

  102. Stuart Bryant (RVA Stuart) 2021/06

    The best vet service for ALL RESCUE COMPANIONS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 10/11/2021

  103. Eula Strickland 2021/06

    They were awesome, taking care of my baby Urlacher. He looked much better & on his way to recovery. Thank you!

  104. Sorceress J 2021/06

    Today was my first visit to Susan M. Markel Vet Hospital and I must say I was pleasantly pleased. Although I couldn’t meet all of the kind ladies i spoke to in person they were very friendly and professional on the phone as well as when I arrived for my appointment. My kitty “Kenu” had no complaints either!❤️ Thank you ladies for your kindness and professionalism and great customer service!

  105. Gloria Harris 2021/05

    Loving kind very professional most of all animal lovers


  106. Patricia Revere 2021/05

    So nice to help the public with low cost animal care.

  107. Michele Harris 2021/05

    Lunch special is the best in town for $5 great quality

  108. Scott Kennedy 2021/05

    I’m glad they’ve made the process of animal care so easy while this pandemic rages on.

  109. Fabric Runner 2021/05

    Their service during the pandemic was very efficient and very easy. Run by nice and caring people.

  110. Clay Dillard 2021/05

    Great folks here

  111. candace parham 2021/04

    Prompt and professional…and my dog came out smelling like peanuts!! He loved the treats!

  112. Mark Arnett 2021/04

    They’re just great forreal. They’re awedome!!!

  113. Erinn Perry 2021/04

    Nice vets, amazing prices. You must either meet their income limits or have adopted your pet from the RSPCA to use their services. Can be a bit hard to get an appointment with Covid limits. I’ve always been happy with the service.

  114. Harold Lee Grammer (VaWildlife) 2021/04

    Great place to adopt a pet. Separate but onsite pet hospital.

  115. Peyton Binebrink 2021/04

    Dealing with Susan M Markel is impossible. They don’t have anyone who answer phones or, at the least, calls back sooner than 4 days later. They have made it incredibly difficult to get the proper care for my sweet pup, Turtle. They have told us on multiple occasions that we needed to make an appointment for medication reasons so we’ve made appointments and gotten to the clinic and was told that we didn’t need to be seen. Then when I have needed a refill for her prescription, they say we need to come in and the cycle continued. Our pharmacy can never get our refill requests completed without me or my SO going to the clinic and telling the staff that we need her prescription immediately. Turtle is epileptic and can’t go without medication but even when we have requested a refill with adequate timing, they are unable to give us a prescription. I have finally hit my limit with them and will no longer be taking my pet to them. I’d rather pay the thousands of dollars that an emergency vet would cost than deal with Susan M Markel ever again. I do not recommend unless you have a very low maintenance pet. I’m sad that they are connected to the SPCA because they are a great organization but this clinic needs to be revamped from the ground up.

  116. Jeri Robinson 2021/04

    They were very responsive to my voicemail and concerns for the health of my fur baby. They have a great curbside system in place due to Covid and the nurse that tended to him, walked bgg himbout to the car for me because I had just had a c-section few days prior. They really made me feel confident that they care just as much as I do about the health of my fur baby 🤗

  117. Bret Bailey 2021/03

    Not a bad place

  118. Angelm Doswell 2021/03

    They r great for your pets

  119. Diamond Intheruff 2021/03

    Low budget? Life saver.. 💜 …

  120. Amy Shearer 2021/03

    There are no words to express the loving care my Ms. Chloe has received. Everyone is so caring, GOD bless you all! I see halos around each one of you!

  121. Dawn McCormick 2021/02

    Excellent… God Bless them

  122. Sabrina Sarber 2021/02

    This is the best affordable vet ever!

  123. Anna Maria 2021/02

    Thank you so much for providing low-cost, high quality vetinary care!

  124. Rachel Woolard 2021/02

    Excellent and affordable service, especially if you adopt from the Richmond SPCA.

  125. Tamara Morgan 2020/11

    Had to put my baby of 16 years down here. She’s been a patient of the SPCA/Susan M. Markel since she was a pup. Unlike Tuckahoe Vet, they’re compassionate, very gentle with the process, and they dont lose your animals prints that you’ve paid for.


  126. Kellen Shearin 2020/11

    Best place for low cost veterinarian services

  127. Andrew D 2020/10

    Love the SPCA. They are always very caring with our animals. We had 2 appointments, both at about 5:00. We had to wait a bit but we expected that. Even though they were behind and we were the last appointment, they took the time they needed to take care of both animals.

  128. Sandra Ralph 2020/10

    They take great care of my big baby for an affordable cost. Great with my dog!

  129. elizabeth smith 2020/10

    The people there are great and they did such a great job with my dog Princess I wouldn’t take my animals any where other than there keep up the great work

  130. Shawn Castillo 2020/10

    Fair price and great care of my dog

  131. Melody Ghorley 2020/10

    We adopted our dog from the SPCA and took her to Susan Markel for follow up care. We had an appointment but the wait was longer than expected as they were very busy. Overall the care was good and the prices (for the visit and for medications) were very reasonable. We recently refilled a medication and all we had to do was leave our info and the med info on their voicemail and they called us when it was ready for pickup. If you don’t mind the wait, Susan Markel is a good, affordable option for veterinary care.

  132. Darienne Sonnier 2020/09

    For the average joe who wants to own a pet, i recommend the Susan M Markel hospital for your pet’s healthcare needs. This is not an emergency location, but you may find a time-slot for a same-day appointment if you’re lucky. They serve a huge number of clients and appointments should be scheduled weeks in advance. They will ensure that you get the proper vaccinations for your new pet and to keep up with future needs so that scheduling is not an issue.
    Anyway, i cannot recommend this place enough. They offer affordable services for lower income households. If you adopted your pet from the SPCA next door, you are automatically accepted to the Hospital.

  133. Sydney Twine 2020/09

    I have taken my kitten there for check ups and doctor appointments. I went the other day because my cat had been throwing up. Turns out she swallowed a needle. They did surgery on her and did an outstanding job. They have the kindest staff, they have answered all my (many) questions in the past few days, and there was never a doubt in my mind that they would take excellent care of her. They got the needle out and while recovery is in the gray area for the next two weeks, I could not be more happy with the service I was provided with. Everything was extremely affordable considering the circumstances. I am so thankful that this place exists.

  134. TYRONE OGILVIE 2020/09

    Very quick an professional

  135. Patricia Grimsley 2020/09

    Professional team, reasonable prices and answers my questions and best of all, I was in & out quickly.
    The Vet also took care of a abscess that I was not aware of and gave me the Rx for Pee-Wee Herman. Thank you, I will be back.

  136. Melissa Joi 2020/09

    They take the time to talk to you and treat your animals like family. We love it! Staff is nice and professional and they take the time to make sure you understand what you pet needs. The only part I don’t like is having to leave a message and waiting for a call back. They always call when I CAN’T answer the phone and then we’re playing phone tag.

  137. Elisha Giuliani 2020/08

    They’re great to work with and have been very helpful with getting my dogs prescriptions over the phone. Super friendly staff to boost!

  138. Evelyn Leggett 2020/08

    This is a wonderful organization. My cat has always received compassionate care.

  139. marcia whittingham 2020/07

    Great place! Thankful for this place and the low prices!

  140. Josh Lambert 2020/07

    I’ve been bringing my cats here for several years, and have always been happy with the service. The staff are kind and helpful, and seem to genuinely care for animals. The veterinarians are gentle, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I’ll continue to bring my pets here over the years, and it’s great to know that this organization is a part of our community.

  141. Zates B 2020/07

    The staff here have always taken care of my pets with the utmost care. We love taking our pets here.

  142. John Fugett 2020/07

    Top notch. You can really tell they care

  143. Michelle Jobb 2020/07

    Very nice and helpful vet hospital!! Still waiting for my dog to be seen

  144. Lisa Miller 2020/07

    Great place to take your fur babies. Awesome staff and they work with you based on income. Definitely recommend.

  145. Dominique 2020/06

    I Took my Dog there & they done a excellent job with his surgery & he is recovering great! They are truly heaven sent even the volunteers! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR YOUR FURBABIES 😇🥰💖🙏🏾 …

  146. Cya Vsqz 2020/06

    They are very good people. Super sweet staff and lovely with all animals. No concerns here at all with there practices. Will return with all my other neutered pets. I lost my cat and they were so helpful with the whole process.


  147. Jackie Brown 2020/06

    They are loving and caring to all pets!


  148. bratty 2020/05

    You can’t get anyone on the phone, literally every phone tree option ends in leaving a voicemail. It takes them at least a week to call you back so you better not miss it. My cat is in a lot of pain and despite adoption him from this SPCA I’m going to have to take him somewhere else they’re simply too slow and unresponsive.

  149. kathleen wilson 2020/05

    They are wonderful to my fur baby. But extremely patience with his helicopter Mommy. It is very clean. I know they are very busy, but find time to fit you in

  150. Linda Cothron 2020/05

    They are very through explaining to you what needs to be done!!! They have helped me with reasonable pricing.

  151. George Monkey 2020/05

    Wonderful place to bring your pet. Kind, caring and compassionate staff. Reasonable fees too!

  152. BrokeMuleTool 2020/05

    Very caring staff and affordable prices

  153. Tracey Johnson 2020/05

    My dog is still scratching like she has fleas and she doesn’t someone gave me a call and never called back for a answer why is she still miserable like she is

  154. Suzette Street 2020/04

    Excellent service for our pets.

  155. Susan Varner 2020/04

    Great staff. Kind and compassionate.

  156. Sarah Tinkelman 2020/04

    Great staff that are super friendly.

  157. Maya Erhardt 2020/04

    My dog was having a minor eye issue and the hospital was available to help even during the COVID pandemic. They’re utilizing tele health, I’m impressed to see the innovative ideas being put into place here and elsewhere to serve clients during this unusual time.

  158. Crystal Smith 2020/04

    Very nice place to take ur pets

  159. Shane Webster 2020/03

    Very friendly, inexpensive, and great Veterinarians!

  160. randal johnson 2020/03

    Need to unlock the door so clients can come in, its a pet vet for gods sake, not a pediatric facility. The structure is way to much!!!!

  161. Mr. X Why 2020/03

    This is a wonderful place staffed by wonderful people and true to their mission of helping the less well off they always ask you what your budget is when they begin the exam of your animal. Their prices are truly amazing to help you take the best care of your pet that you can. Just as important–even though you will be paying less, the care you will get is top notch. They take time with you to make sure you understand what is going on and the time to show you anything you need to know to help your pet.
    Now this place is VERY busy and you should know going in that you are likely to be here an hour or two. Expect it and come prepared. And no they don’t have people answering the phone live. I admit that having to leave a message when I called for the first time with an urgent health concern concerned me. But there is an option for existing patients in trouble and my call was returned within a couple of hours and they got me in the next day.. Just be grateful that this hospital exists for our beloved animals and be grateful for the incredible staff who are certainly not in it for the money. They all work very hard (a special shout out to the techs and assistants-everyone of them was fantastic).
    Highly recommend!

  162. FEMMEBOT MO 2020/03

    Hopefully people are being patient during Covid as many of us love our pets and just want them seen

  163. LoveJah Azure 2020/03

    I am so grateful for all the wonderful staff and doctors..I appreciate you guys so much Thank you 🙏 …

  164. Jeremy Lamm 2020/02

    Very quick to respond and answered all of my questions professionally!

  165. Justin Johnston 2020/02

    I adopted a pet from the Richmond SPCA, and they recommended this vet. They provided friendly and helpful advice for helping my cat, who was struggling with stress-related vomiting and going outside her litter box. I was able to ask all my questions without feeling rushed, and they gave me some helpful learning materials as well. I’ll definitely go back!

  166. Lydia LeF 2020/02

    Great place!!

  167. Hyun Lee 2020/01

    45min wait from check in to exam room, then 20min for vet to come in and see pet for 5-10 min, then another 20min for vet to print a prescription, and finally 10min to check out. For a check up.

  168. A V 2020/01

    Everyone who works here has been wonderful and caring. They are great with my dog and will work around financial difficulties when making treatment plans. The only downside is it is impossible to call and speak with someone. I’m often not able to answer my phone during the day, so if I miss a call back it can end up being a two week long back and forth ordeal for a simple inquiry or prescription order. I do hope they eventually have an easier communication process.

  169. Viktor Keyes 2020/01

    The staff are awesome and really helped us through our stressful injury with our cat.

  170. jonathan booth 2020/01

    I’m so grateful words can’t even express everything and I mean everything yall done for my little family. Amazing people huge heart’s I honestly feel like family. Thank you for everything ❤ ♥ 💛 💗 💕 …

  171. Tom White 2019/11

    I adopted a dog from the Richmond SPCA a year ago. She has been doing well, but recently developed a cough that sounded like she had something stuck in her throat. It got bad enough that I called Markel and had to leave a message. When I hadn’t heard back a day and a half later, I took her to a local vet. She had a respiratory infection and we were given antibiotics. 3 days or so later she was better. And by day 4 she was fine. Yeaterday, a week after I left my message, Markel called back. A FULL WEEK! I can’t watch a dog suffer that long. The VA has better service.

  172. Angela Wade 2019/11

    Everyone was wonderful. Had both my dogs teeth cleaned and checkup for both.

  173. Susan Burton 2019/11


  174. Darlene Ragsdale 2019/11

    Wonderful veteranerians, they listen to you and care about your pets. Very thorough.

  175. Chris Dyson 2019/11

    Great people

  176. Nydia R. 2019/11

    Only place I take my furbabies

  177. B. Wil 2019/11

    I love this place! Everyone here is super friendly and helpful! We have adopted two dogs from here and they also take care of a third dog of ours.

  178. Angie Mills 2019/10

    I am so glad I found this place it’s winderful and affordable! The staff are very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable! I will definitely make this our fur family doctors!

  179. Lauren Knowles 2019/10

    If you got your pet at the SPCA or are below a certain income level, you can come here. Their prices are very reasonable and the staff is wonderful. I usually make a donation on top my bill to support them and the good work they do.

    Wait times can be a little long but I know that so I come prepared with something to read.

  180. David Paul 2019/10

    Great people and they really care for your animals when brought in. Wonderful staff and great service and in a timely manner and cost alot less than other vets around. Definitely will be going back there for any reason for our animals in the future.

  181. Blake Crossin 2019/09

    Very nice staff. Doc seemed to b knowledgeable and was helpful. Loki likes them!


  182. Karen Flynn 2019/09

    Great place who cares about your pets! Affordable

  183. Red Gable 2019/09

    Took care of the fur baby very quickly.. good at what they do.. thanks again

  184. Tonya Vester 2019/09

    This place is amazing for their services and the love they share for our fur babies!!

  185. Donna Edwards 2019/09

    What a wonderful group of professionals! So caring! Clean, professional and well run! I’m so pleased!


  186. Ms Redd 2019/08


  187. Ycola Ford 2019/08

    Staff members are very thoughtful of you and your Pet(s)

  188. Lonnie Shifflett 2019/08

    Very good service seemed like they really care about animals here

  189. Latisha 2019/08

    I love this Vet! Definitely will recommend them.

  190. Edna Wray 2019/08

    This place has done wonders forl my girls at much more affordable prices.

  191. Deborah Donaldson 2019/07

    Agree with all the other complaints about how no one answers the phone and you have to leave a message. I thought their option of medical problems (vs well checkups) would get a faster response, to no avail. Hard to believe that any business would think this is okay. I’ve been around their two-person front desk…someone could easily answer the phone!

  192. Jake E 2019/07

    Wonderful folks.

  193. Gwenny Gunter 2019/07

    Beautiful warm atmosphere for my fur baby excellent care and understanding of my pets need💓😁👍👌 …


  194. R. Cook 2019/07

    Wonderful staff

  195. b.s johnson 2019/06

    very helpful!

  196. Ann Pane 2019/06

    Top notch.

  197. Jeremy 2019/06

    Friendly caring staff.

  198. Mallie Winfrey 2019/06

    It’s just a good place

  199. Lexxis Bosslady 2019/06

    Great service

  200. Danny Rusbasan 2019/06

    The staff are very caring and professional.

  201. S A 2019/06

    Staff is wonderful. They take care of your furbabies just as if they were their own. My baby passed away on Friday. I donated her food and other items. They were so appreciative and so apologetic of her passing. They’re always in need of items, so please considering giving unused items to their business.

  202. Kime Krieger 2019/06

    Friendly Staff

  203. Tatyana Fadeeva 2019/06

    I volunteer there and see how great they treat the animals, you won’t regret bringing them!

  204. Becky Rooke 2019/05

    Always have to leave a voice mail. Their message states that they will return the call in 2 business days, but they do not return the call. Grrr…..I had higher expectations.

  205. Susan Price 2019/05

    Great staff!

  206. William Carter 2019/05

    Really friendly and informative staff, they were super sweet and patient with my dog. Scheduling an appointment was easiest visiting the location

  207. Willson Baxley 2019/05

    The RVA SPCA did a great job helping me navigate the neutering process for my pup. They were very informative of the procedure and aftercare for my pup in the following days to come after his surgery. He hates the cone of shame, but he is doing great!
    Thank you so much!

    Yes they are busy and the hassle of leaving voicemail messages is a pain. However, being patient is worth the quality care they have to offer for your pet needs.


  208. Kendall Black 2019/05

    I take my dog here and they take care of his health needs.

  209. Harry Gath 2019/05

    Helpful compationate staff

  210. Twofeathers Crow 2019/05

    Pets love the doctors

  211. Meca Bosh 2019/04

    Very friendly staff!

  212. Yadira Carrillo 2019/04

    Caring, great service

  213. Cloud Strife 2019/04

    Thank you for your hard work!

  214. Brittany Adams 2019/04

    Good vet clinic

  215. Aleah Ruggles 2019/03

    They run a great Trap Need Release program for feral cats. Super helpful and the whole team wants to make the cat’s stay as stress free as possible with great advice for after care.

  216. Sigma K 2019/03

    Great prices, great people, but they never answer their phone. The cost of care here is amazingly affordable and they are really helpful, but if you miss a call back from them, it could be another two days before you hear back. If your pet isn’t sick, it seems like they put you on the back burner. Please just set up an online appointment system already. It used to be under 24 hours that you had to wait to make an appointment, but now it’s 48, or more!

  217. Alexa Artis 2019/03

    Very nice and caring staff. Does have longer wait times occasionally. Very knowledgeable staff. The environment is also very clean.

  218. Karen Sherman 2019/03

    Great experience, good prices, good people!!!

  219. Steven White 2019/03

    A great clinic. Excellent staff. I recommend anybody that has pets and on a limited budget go there.

  220. Maddie Ashton 2019/02

    They super helpful and the prices are great, especially compared to some other vets in the area! I wish they were more available by phone but otherwise they’re great!!

  221. Gloria Jett 2019/02

    Wonderful veterinarian Hospital. We see Dr Molinas who did a FHO surgery on our dog before we adopted him from the SPCA. SMMVH is the absolute best.

  222. Mina Smith 2019/02

    Always takes great care of my cat. Awesome doctors that care. Cheap meds too. You can also adopt, donate, and buy goods for your pets while there.

  223. Richie SW 2019/02

    I absolutely love this veterinary. My only complaint is no one evers answer the phone. I always have to leave a message and wait 1-2days for someone to call back. I miss their phone call one day and literally I called back 1 minute later and no one answered. I called back repeatedly for 5mins before I finally gave up and left another message.

  224. Pamela Matherly 2019/01

    Very nice and caring people

  225. Diane Grey 2019/01

    This place has been a literal lifesaver for me and the animals I treat, via their generous and efficiently-run community cat program. The hospital’s publically-available resources gave me the means to initiate a serious TNR program in October 2018, and the hospital staff has supported me continually ever since.

    Trappers in Richmond have helped thousands of feral cats live better lives, thanks to reduced-cost medical treatments offered by organizations like the Richmond SPCA. Their veterinary hospital provides free spay/neuter procedures and rabies vaccines to feral cats brought to the clinic in humane wire traps. Extra vaccines, parasite treatments, and disease diagnostic tests are available for purchase. Appointments required, surgical days Tues-Thurs.

    God bless the Richmond SPCA for the work they do. Nothing in the world matters more or has a more significant impact.

  226. Toxic LELz 2019/01

    Have helped me every way they could

  227. Kate Bruce 2019/01

    Staff is incredible! So friendly and nice

  228. Quarshella Coles 2019/01

    The only issue is they have a callback service rather than talking to someone when you call. However I did get a call back within 24hours during business hours. The staff is awesome! I love it when the vet sits on the floor next to my dog comforting him while listening to me freaking out about my Husky’s issues. Again, amazing staff!!!

  229. Jay 2018/12

    There is not enough words for me to tell how vital this place an the vets/employee are to the City of Richmond an surrounding counties. The services an prices are vital to those who have Pets that aren’t able to afford the high cost of most vets. Very Nice professional staff, Clean environment, just a real good place to bring your pet for the best care.

  230. Jaclyn Woodlief 2018/11

    If you are looking for a great vet at a low cost this is the place!!! Took my male pitbull for his first visit and we loved it my dog was a little nervous but the vet came in and sat on the floor and loved on him until he calmed down which made us both feel super comfortable. We will definitely be back

  231. Richard Burroughs 2018/11

    Share the love, adopt, don’t buy

  232. Brenda Noble 2018/11

    They have always taken great care of my cats… All of them!!!

  233. Fletcher Rick 2018/10

    Went through some stuff times when I lost my cat Octavious but this group of professionals made him comfortable and us as much as possible! I thank you for all you did!

  234. Sug Graham 2018/10

    Reasonably Priced, The Staff And The Vet’s Are Very Loving and Caring. Their Mission Is a No Nonesense Approach For The Best Health For The Animal’s. I love It!

  235. david ventura 2018/10

    They are very human! !! They love what they doing, helps a lot! !! People in nesecity.. y hablan español para el que lo nesecita y entienda el proceso de todo..!!! Muchas gracias Susan M. Hispital

  236. Cindy Tenney 2018/10

    Wonderful place!

  237. Anita D 2018/10

    1st time there and the staff was very helpful and took care of my dog.

  238. Carolyn Gordon 2018/09

    out of all the veterinary hospitals I’ve ever been, this is definitely the best. they don’t overcharge, it was surprisingly very affordable and best of all, the veterinarian that treated my dog was extremely honest and made sure that I did not spend unnecessary money to have unnecessary tests done. two great big thumbs up

  239. Tara Francis 2018/09

    Everyone is very genuine and willing to lend a helping hand to you, me, or Fido! I can’t thank them enough for accurately diagnosing my cat after I had wasted too time and money at emergency vets. Even when I was a college student I could afford to have my cats seen as needed without breaking the bank. Thankfully, when times did get tough, they were willing to work with me on the cost. You can’t go wrong bringing your pets here; just adopt and you’re eligible!


  240. Real Deal 2018/09

    Absolutely Wonderful!


  241. Gayle Hill Hill 2018/09

    Excellent place. For pets

  242. Shannon Sarmiento 2018/08

    Best of the best compassion withouthout the cost thanks !

  243. Andrea Brewer 2018/08

    Love this hospital. They take care of my 3 dogs and the vets obviously love their jobs. After my dog was bitten by another dog, I took her there to have the wound treated. They called the next day and then a week later to see how she was doing. Great facility with great people. Front desk staff could be friendlier.

  244. Andy Katt 2018/08

    Good deals on your pet care, but it can get slamming. Even if you have an appointment it’s not unusual to wait 30 minutes to get in the room. Last time for me was 1 hr. The docs and techs are good and care a lot about animals. If you can get in go.

  245. Amber Yancey 2018/08

    I highly recommend the Susan M. Markel Veterinary Hospital. I have been taking my dog and cat (both adopted from the Richmond SPCA) here for years. They are always great with my pets which is great because they are both very nervous when they go to the vet.

  246. Jay Fox 2018/08

    Went out of their way to accommodate our highly dog aggressive dog. Even though it turned out she was faking her injury 😂😂 …

  247. Scott Migliore 2018/08

    Friendly staff

  248. Barbara Wisniewski 2018/07

    Awesome caring service very pleased with the care of my dog!

  249. tonya meunier 2018/07

    I love the staff here. My dogs love them as well. The only complaint that I have is that you are unable to speak to anyone over the phone whe you call them. Every extension is a VM extension. I think an extension should be established for urgent pet parent questions where a live person answers. That is the only reason for 4 stars.

  250. Michael Hoyt 2018/07

    Excellent experience.


  251. Cherokee African 2018/07

    Don’t think I will go back there ever. Sorry.

  252. Mr H. 2018/07

    Wonderful place…..

  253. Robert Glass 2018/07


  254. Katina Melms 2018/07

    They took care of my dog. Very nice andcaring

  255. Micheline Vogt 2018/06

    One of the best vets I have been to kind, caring and very good. The staff are also very nice and extremely helpful and caring as well.

  256. Sylvester Campbell 2018/06

    they do very good work

  257. mark s 2018/06

    Best place in town for your adopted pet

  258. River A 2018/06

    I absolutely love this vet, they tolerate so much from one of my dogs who has bad anxiety when we leave the house, ive never been able to take her anywhere else because everyone is so impatient with her. Ive had to take her back weekly lately (due to her surgery) and each time they are extremely nice and helpful. Im very happy to be able to bring my dogs here and i thank them for all that they do. The only down fall is parking is horrible! The lot is not meant for large SUVS and i have to always make morning appointments to be able to fit my vehicle in

  259. Angela Morgan 2018/06

    Very awesome place and the staff there are very helpful and caring!

  260. Lauren Lewis 2018/05

    Very nice clinic with an excellent staff! They answered all of our questions at our dog’s annual exam and were great with her.

  261. Emily Ocasio 2018/05

    The staff was incredibly welcoming when I brought my dog in. They were quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and gave me some great advice to care for my pet. They were very patient with my dog, which made the process absolutely painless! Their services and medications were thoroughly explained to me & were very affordable. I will be a lifelong customer!

  262. Linda Thomas 2018/05

    Very loving and caring vets. Love them all

  263. June Collier Rios 2018/05

    What can I say, they are great!

  264. Autumn's Catering & Cafe 2018/05

    I really do like this vet service. Though it can take a little while to get an appointment by phone (I usually go inside to make them), they are pleasant and detailed in the examination.

    Be aware they will only see animals adapted from the SPCA, because of the reduced prices they charge.

  265. Wren Q-Pid 2018/05

    Huckleberry loves the staff here! Very caring, thorough, and compassionate people…true animal lovers.

  266. Scott Henshaw 2018/04

    They have helped me and my 2 dogs so much

  267. Purdy Girl 2018/04

    They were great with my pet

  268. Catherine Farmer 2018/04

    I always get my pets from the Richmond SPCA and have used the clinic for years. The staff and care is excellent.

  269. Colleen Dick 2018/04

    While the “actual” visits are good- Trying to ACTUALLY talk to someone or get a call back is nearly IMPOSSIBLE.
    To leave a message on the phone, is 100% worthless. Dont waste your time, They DO NOT call back.. EVER!!!!!

  270. Elizabeth Goff 2018/04

    This is an awesome place. The staff are wonderful.

  271. C. L. McLaughlin 2018/04

    I take all of my animals here because my dog was adopted through the SPCA shelter. I’ve had a real mixed bag of experiences through this hospital and if I could afford to I wouldn’t have continued to come here. It’s run by a bunch of 18 year old girls who seem to get confused about what you need from them pretty easily, your appointments, what type of animals you have, what your pets need to get done while they’re there, they have an attitude half the time, and you can’t even request to be seen by a specific doctor. I’ve waited to be seen for over an hour multiple times, even with an appointment, and my cat came in there for her annual and they didn’t even give her a rabies vaccination. I do think some of the staff and doctors care about what they’re doing, but if you complain about anything here you are treated like a crazy person. The plus side being it’s a lot cheaper than a traditional vet most of the time especially when you have an animal with a long term chronic illness.

  272. Teresa Marie Silverman Schmidt 2018/04

    We first adopted one of our animals from the SPCA a little over 2 years ago. At that time my children and I were volunteers there. Though I’m no longer able to volunteer are animals still go there for all of their treatment. You may have to wait a little longer, but the staff is much more knowledgeable and tolerant. I cannot think of anything negative.


  273. Amanda Collier 2018/03

    This place is great they really care about the animals that they care for

  274. Shannon Roulet 2018/03

    Nice people

  275. C. D. 2018/03

    Great vet! Awesome staff!

  276. barbara wisniewski 2018/03

    Awesome place to bring your pet

  277. Hannah Zaino 2018/03

    Had a wonderful experience with a knowledgeable staff who was willing to hear out my concerns. The low cost opportunities here make it 1000% possible to make my pets health a major priority.

  278. Jody Jackson 2018/02

    Very reasonable if you can get an appt. They work with you on fees. Always return calls, friendly environment and the Vet I saw was Friendly and informative and very patient with me and my pet … Dr. David Malinas? The entire staff is friendly.if you can get an appt. They are a great source.

  279. shawna raby 2018/02

    Unbelievably affordable. I can now move forward w a FHO surgery that was quoted 3x more elsewhere.

  280. Stephen Wilton 2018/02

    Such a wonderful place for my dog to go to! Great service and wonderful people!

  281. Ed Medved 2018/02

    Who doesn’t love an organization that loves pets!!

  282. Rebel Jetter 2018/01


  283. Crystal Cassell 2018/01

    Staff is amazing. So helpful!

  284. Serwa Lee 2018/01

    I would definitely recommend this veterinary hospital. Dr. Cook was awesome. She was knowledgeable, honest, and explained all of the options available to me and my beloved dog, and you can tell that they care. They are affordable and will even try to work with you depending on the situation, and the staff is very friendly. I was very satisfied with my experience.

  285. Dale Mays 2018/01

    They are wonderful.

  286. Mike Burns 2018/01

    Cheap and good service

  287. Raphael Rainney-Hopkins 2018/01

    My 7 year old Baby Boi’s eyes were swollen shut due to his head blowing up like a balloon, caused by infection. As we all know, a pitt’s head is already big enough; But now, thanks to God 1st; the Vets and thier staff, Baby boi is alive and doing well laying here next to me! The staff and doctors were GREAT; knowledgable, friendly and affordable! They accepted Boi at the last min, walked me behind scenes to show me the x-rays, borrowed/called in an ultrasound on the fly before surgery, and last but not least, baby boi enjoyed thier company! Glad to have found our new Vet Home!

    Baby boi is the only dog, hasnt been known to growl, bark or bite; is extremely friendly, revealed very little to no sex drive, very obedient, and stays indoors. Hopefully, I will not be forced to neuter/alter his body in anyway, based on the irresponsible behaviors of others dogs & thier owners. With his already lovable and calm temperament, I fear risking changing him for the worse, considering how he may feel/react to the alteration, at a point of no return.

  288. Annette Richardson 2017/11

    They are really nice and fast

  289. Jason Poston (Poston Locksmithing) 2017/10

    Friendly service from people that actually care about your animals

  290. Craig Mansfield 2017/08

    It’s very clean and the staff is great. They’re very friendly.

  291. NICHOLE JACKSON 2017/08

    The staff and the physicians are so knowledgeable, kind, and patient. We had the best Vet visit ever! Low cost dies NOT mean low quality here.

  292. dona deering 2017/06

    They have the best staff I have ever seen. I will never go anywhere else. Prices are low.

  293. Steve Slavik 2017/06

    Very cheap and great care for your baby

  294. Steven Matos 2017/06

    I love the staff at the vets office. They know how to treat my dog and don’t make you pay an arm and a leg to get your dog treated.

  295. Sandy Combs 2017/05

    Everyone is very caring of all animals and their owners.

  296. Brynne Halsey 2017/05

    Extremely affordable veterinary care, kind and caring staff in an excellent new facility

  297. Patty Alspaugh 2017/05

    The customer service girls at the front desk were great! However, the veterinarian did not introduce himself when he entered the exam room. He was also very rough with our kitten. My little guy felt worse after the visit than before. They gave us a medication that costed more than the exam fee. I thought this was a lower cost clinic. I had to cancel the appointment that was scheduled for our other kitten because I was unable to afford it after the cost of this appointment. I think it would be better to just pay more at a regular vet than put our babies through that again.

  298. Kristal Crow 2017/04

    Great place to take care of your pets. Knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff. Great prices!

  299. Alex Damrath 2017/02

    Staff is absurdly friendly and everyone aims to provide a very helpful service at a cheap price for those in need.

  300. Kim Davis 2017/02

    Customer Service was 👍, Dr’s 👍. It’s the parking thats difficult at times.👎 2 out of 3, not bad. …

  301. Jet Davis 2017/01

    they r caring

  302. Wei Styer (Wu) 2016/07

    The SPCA vet clinic expanded to a new building in Jan. ’16 and is now located just past the SPCA itself. The new location has a sleek front, though the interior could use a little more lighting – it felt a bit more sterile and less welcoming than the check in desk at the SPCA.
    All the staff were very courteous and helpful and the visit went incredibly smoothly. That said, the appointment itself started 15-20 minutes after the scheduled time even though I arrived early. I don’t know how typical such delays are but I imagine they can be frustrating if you’re on a tight schedule.
    It can also be a bit difficult to schedule an appointment sometimes, so be sure to call several weeks in advance!
    All things considered, the expansion seems to be a positive and exciting change for the staff and their patients, so I imagine these small things will continue to get better.

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