Stratford Hills Veterinary Center

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Stratford Hills Veterinary Center
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  1. Erin Hillert 2023/11

    Dr. Tucker and the Stratford Hills Vet team have been wonderful at ensuring our two hounds get the care they need. Whether the issue is big or small (we’ve dealt with both), they always make you feel supported as a pet parent, make sure you have the resources you need for your fur babies to get the best treatment, and follow up to check on you. Highly recommend!

  2. Sandra Sto 2023/11

    It felt great, taking my dog to this place. Knowing that they care more about my dog than the money, it’s great Knowing my dog is in great hands.


  3. Judy 2023/10

    Actually, my dogs like coming to this clinic. As I come in the driveway the dogs start barking and jumping up and down. Bella indicates some concern in the room but it all works out to her benefit. Thank you to all for all you do.


  4. Stephen Kluck 2023/10

    STRATFORD HILL IS THE MOST PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY AND ATTENTIVE PRACTICVE I HAVE EVER VISITED. SERIOUSLY I MEAN THIS !!! The staff is extremely professional and highly competent, they are also very friendly – so much so that our dog Walden does not want to leave and cherishes his visits. No doubt this stems from Dr. Tucker who exemplifies professionalism and friendliness.

    But, the attentiveness is way beyond anything I have ever experienced – and I have made 65 revolutions around the sun.
    Our Walden has a cough that becomes bronchitis. I was told to report on his condition every 2 days. I do not report in every 2 days because I forget, so on the 3rd day I get a call asking about Walden. I couple of times when I mentioned there was no improvement that afternoon I received a call from Dr. Tucker himself who wanted to know more about Walden’s condition.

    He spends as much time on the phone explaining everything so I can understand, but more amazingly he spends more time explaining when you visit his clinic! Dr Tucker’s level of genuine concern for your pet is just amazing. I would not go anywhere else.

  5. Julie Anne 2023/09

    Literally the best vet in the world! They truly care about pets and pet parents. They take time to actually get to know your animals and listen. We feel confident and cared for in every vet we’ve seen here and the staff members are friendly and seem to actually love their job. You’re never made to feel crazy or too much. As new dog owners this has been such a wonderful experience for us, as we can easily get worried when new problems arise and we’re not sure what to do. They’re also very accommodating and able to fit us in if something is urgent. It’s a bit of a drive for us but we wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s also really awesome that they put a lot of effort into helping shelters and rescues.

  6. Wendy Gayle March 2023/09

    My friend unfortunately had to choose euthanasia for her cat. I assisted her with finding such service. They were most kind on the phone and in the clinic. I had phoned many places but Monday is a very busy clinic day post weekend . They took proper care with my friend and her beloved elder kitty Fuzz Fuzz. I will be switching to this wonderful clinic for my pets.

  7. Sarah Tyrpak 2023/08

    The vets and the staff are very caring and compassionate people. They’ve always been able to help provide the best care for my pets.

  8. Chelsea Lee 2023/07

    I’m so upset. I’ve had a relatively good experience with this practice, particularly with Dr. Tucker. However, I just called to make a sick visit appointment for my dog with a history of a mast cell tumor because she has another growth on her eye and was told their first available appointment is sometime in September. The best they could offer was a drop off appointment in a week but that does not work for my dog as she does not do best without me there and I avoid sedation unless absolutely necessary since she is 10 years old. Supposedly the scheduling is so far out because they lost a vet at the beginning of the year – seven months ago. So unacceptable and now I have to search for a new vet.

  9. Lisa Allen 2023/04

    The staff was wonderful. My dog was nervous in a new place and pooped in the waiting room. I was embarrassed but the staff fought to clean it up. Dr. Crawford was knowable about allergies in dogs and started a new regiment of allergy shots and a change of diet. Something Bon Air Animal Hospital never did in 5 years. I am not exaggerating. The next day he was 98% better. I can’t wait to continue taking Kojak there. I finally found a vet that brought him releaf.

  10. Rich Peek 2018/04

    Dr Tucker and Dr Kitchens are great! They are great and caring, often I leave feeling like they are family. It is awesome to know how they love animals!
    Also, it is great to find a vet that is open on Saturday mornings.


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