Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital

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Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital
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  1. Rob 2023/11

    Literally my first visit was me rushing in with my baby daughter in one arm and my old puny cat buddy in the other. I had called ahead after making an appointment for the following week earlier in the day. The staff literally met me in the lobby to take my cat to get looked at and I have no idea how the secretary even figured out who I was because I doubt I was even close to coherent.

    Compression, empathy, mercy, kindness, understanding, pick your adjective/ verb they fit my experience. They were beyond polite or understanding at my sadness and distress that my beloved pet was almost gone, the staff were downright conciliatory and caring. They were patient and helpful, gave me time to say goodbye to my small furry friend, and even gave my wife time to get there from work to say goodbye…. And my little pistol of a cat gave one last little tail flip to say she’d never forgotten that my wife’s had stolen her human.

    Thank you guys so much for letting a grown man have a few minutes to bawl hood eyes out over his cat, for letting a little wiggly baby to get a few last pets in, and for my wife to tell my kitty that her cat dad was in good hands with the two girls he had left…. There were multiple times in my life where that cat was the only creature in the state I currently lived in that even cared if I was alive and I’m inexpressibly grateful for the staff at Stonehenge for going me time and space to say goodbye to my Little Cat. And anyone reading this who thinks this is stupid and over the top, I’m glad you’ve never been places in life where only a Little Cat was there to console you but I hope you can have a little fur buddy who is as fond of you as my cat was of me.


  2. Matt M 2023/10

    I took my dog to Stonehenge vet for 8 years and the majority of the staff were so helpful and compassionate but the lady at the front desk was very abrasive and lacked compassion for me or my dog. Not sure how someone who seems to not like pets is able to work in such a position. She pretty much threw my dog’s ashes at me and offered no condolences or compassion for the loss of my pet when I picked up his ashes. It’s been a month since my loss and I am still mourning his passing and will never return to Stonehenge as long as that lady is still working there.

  3. Jeff Hudson 2023/10

    Dr. Smith is the best. She has been our vet for 3 dogs and 15 years.

  4. Jon Domingo 2023/09

    On January 6 of this year, my wife and I came home to find her elderly cat, tango, unresponsive in her cat bed. She was breathing, but barely clinging to life. We brought her to Stonehenge veterinary, where we have taken her for most of her life, as well as our other cats. They brought her in back and told us they were going to prepare to put her to sleep. So we sat in the waiting room. After 20 minutes I asked them when we were going to go back there to put our cat to sleep and they said that they took care of it already.

    “I’m sorry, we’ve already done it,” was what the vet tech said as she retreated to the back. The vet “misunderstood.”

    Is it not normal for people to go in the back when they put their pets to sleep? Again, my first two cats, also have gone through this at Stonehenge, and we went into the back. I don’t see where the mix up was.

    My previous two cats who they handled at this moment in their lives, they allowed us to watch or at least be in the room. They must’ve thought we were just dropping a random cap off or something. In any case not only did we not get to say goodbye to our cat, but they somehow mistakenly up charged us for the more expensive box for cremating. By $200. Again, the first two cats were giving their simple boxes after cremation of approximately $30 worth. When we got the invoice, we were being charged $200 for a box with a gold nameplate. Which we did not ask for.

    Now, for the first cat who went in. In 2017 our cat Meeko, went I for his annual. Dr. Smith said he was fine. A week later, his kidneys started to fail. We paid her $250 or something like that for her to tell us he was fine and then him literally start pissing blood a week later. Clowns.

  5. Dave F 2023/09

    All good there…recommended.

  6. Leslie Pridgen 2023/09

    Stonehenge Vet has taken such good care of our furry family members through all life’s stages.

  7. Wayne Figg 2023/08

    If you need a vet to do more than what you tell them to do or think outside the box. This is not your vet. If you have a healthy pet an the vet only needs to do the normal things this is your vet.

  8. Floyd T 2023/07

    We’ve been going to Stonehenge Vet for over 35 years with multiple dogs and they have always taken great care of all of them. I cannot recommend them highly enough. All the vets and staff have always been great to work with and very concerned about the health of our pets.

  9. Victor Fox 2023/07

    Friendly staff and reasonable prices

  10. Addison Jacunski 2023/06

    For the most part the vets here do a great job and explain everything with clarity. However whatever you do, do not get your animal spayed or neutered here. I was charged almost $800 to get my dog neutered. I should have asked the price before hand, but according to Google the high end cost of getting your animal neutered is $500 on average, so I don’t know why they charged me so much. I have no complaints about how the procedure was performed, but still I feel this was a fairly unreasonable price.

  11. shane pitzer 2023/06

    The staff is excellent. I would not take my pets anywhere else.

  12. Alice Hopkins 2023/06

    Dr Smith is very good with both people and animals, she’s also very realistic and compassionate ❤️

  13. Faye Carlton 2022/11

    We had Buddy in Stonehenge for the last time. The staff could not have been nicer!! We were very upset and the staff were kind!! I can not say enought nice things about Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital!!!

  14. Sheryl Smith 2022/11

    They have been my vets through many years and several pets. Caring docs. Can have numerous procedures and labs done here

  15. Nadiene Barlow 2022/11

    Friendly staff. Our puppy had no anxiety. Very clean and will be taking our cat. A great experience

  16. Kellen Francis 2022/10

    Stonehenge veterinary Hospital sucks. My mom took her dog to this practice for grooming and they sedated him waaaay too much. They also cut him in multiple places on his body. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. They lied and said they bathed him, and didn’t do any grooming at all on his tail or paws. He has a giant cut on his side that they called an “abrasion”. Why is the dog coming home sedated to the point that he can’t move AT ALL and coming home with cuts on his body? Absolute trash practice. Especially when it comes to grooming. If the animal is acting scared and jumping around, stay away from the dog with clippers!

  17. Sharon Lommel 2022/10

    My old dog was handled with tenderness and professional care for her recent dental. I have been coming to Stonehenge Vets for over 30 years, and the level of care has always been excellent.

  18. Kaley Tomkins 2022/10

    Have taken all of my fur babies here. The team is knowledgeable, caring and they listen. I know my dog is in excellent hands. Thank you.

  19. Wanitta Huvar 2022/10

    I am so pleased with the service here at Stonehenge veterinary clinic. We took our dog sparkle there she was scratching and itching so much for 2weeks the same day she was so relieved they are so personable and really care about your pet

  20. Joe Kane 2022/09

    Very nice people. Genuine concern over our little dog. Expert treatment and handling. Best Vet visit ever!

  21. Sammie Dudley 2022/09

    Friendly, understanding, convenient & gentle!

  22. Amy Alford 2022/09

    Dr. Julie Bergeron… I knew Dr. Julie Bergeron for several yrs when she worked at her last vet center and when she left there, I had no idea where she re-located to. Soon after, I too (along with many other of their older clients) left this same long standing facility. After a year and a half of trying to find a Veterinarian we felt 100% comfortable with for our 7 English Bulldogs (babies)…we were so very thankful, it was nothing sort of a blessing from above that I just happened across Dr. Bergeron’s name again while searching Veterinarians in Midlothian. At the other clinic, although she wasn’t our Sammie Vallee Boy’s main Dr., she knew almost as much about the long-standing, complicated details of his medical history and problems as the main vet there did. Anytime I called and the main Dr. was busy or no there I had NO hesitation in asking for Dr. Bergeron (and I NEVER have done that for ANY of our dogs but for Sammie especially). His life had been forever altered at 13 months old because we placed him in the hands of someone we thought we could trust. That person caused him to have nothing but constant medical issues, pain and misery for the next 7 1/2 yrs of his precious life so that made us super cautious of who we entrusted his care to. There was only 2 Dr’s outside of VRCC’s walls that we ever trusted to ever touch Sammie Vallee Boy again and I can HONESTLY say, Dr. Bergeron was one of those 2 Dr’s. If I called and needed anything for him, she knew him as well as her own regular patients and I got what I needed. So I can not say near enough about this sweet, intelligent lady! Dr Bergeron ALWAYS does what is best for the babies, she will not push a surgery if she doesn’t feel it is 100% needed AT THAT TIME. Recently our 18 month old baby, Truvy had a growth on her ankle, it cared us to death!! She wanted to remove it even though it showed to more than likely be benign BUT..3 days later (on the morning of surgery) we brought her in and it had started to shrink a tiny bit on it’s own. She said o, let’s not do it. Let’s give her a week, maybe a week and a half, see if she can get rid of this on her own, especially being an English Bulldog, you NEVER want to put them under sedation if not absolutely necessary. Well, it went away 100% on it’s own! How many Dr’s would say THAT and cancel a $$ surgery THAT morning? Dr. Bergeron did! She has the BEST personality and you can just sense in an instant, this is NOT one of those whose just pretending to care while Momma & Dad sit here, she REALLY loves on them and you can see it in her eyes, SHE CARES! She takes as much time as she needs to talk with the parents and explain what is going on and she does that on a basic level that you can understand. She never let us feel like we didn’t know what was going on or if we had ANY questions or concerns that we couldn’t ask or that we were being rushed. I LOVE HER!! We are SO VERY, VERY GRATEFUL WE FOUND HER AGAIN! I would recommend her to ANYONE with a fur baby!!! Amy Alford


  23. Victoria MacLean 2022/07

    We’ve been going here for 15 years. They treat our doberman like family, are always so kind and care is second to none.


  24. Amy Alford 2022/06

    Dr BERGERON, Dr Howell, MATT, Donna, everyone at Stonehenge is just AMAZING! We have known Dr Julie Bergeron for about 20 yrs, we 1st met her at another vet hospital with the grandparents of these babies and although she wasn’t their regular vet, she knew almost as much about our babies as their regular vet did. Dr B is just… well she is almost like family to us, we absolutely LOVE her and trust her with our babies more than ANYONE and for us… that is TRULY saying something! She goes out of her way to help the babies, figure things out or get them the help they need, never over talks the parents with big language you cant understand and it is clear she TRULY loves the fur babies. When Dr B isn’t there, we see Dr Howell who, although she looks very young, is VERY smart, very sweet and extremely knowledgeable. We have been SO impressed by her and the way she cares for her patients, the fur babies AND the parents, she is extremely attentive, almost as much as Dr B! : ) Furthermore, Mr MATT, oh Mr. Matt, he is the Office Manager and is a blessing to all of the fur parents! He makes the world turn much smoother for everyone and Thank the Lord for him! Anytime we have needed ANYTHING, he has ALWAYS been there and doesn’t hesitate to take care of any and everything we have needed immediately and goes far beyond the extra mile for us and our babies. We were SO truly blessed to not only have found Dr Bergeron again but that she is at such a special place with people like Matt and Ms Donna upfront who help her! We feel very lucky to have such amazing people help us take such EXCELLANT care of our deeply loved children! We LOVE you Dr Bergeron!! Amy, Robbie, TeensieGirl, WhiteyBoy, BonkyBonk and TruvyWoo ( Diesel and Sidda)


  25. Christina Chang 2022/06

    We really like the vets at this place. The way they speak to us and handle our dog shows they care a lot about the animals they see at their practice!

  26. Rochelle Wilkins 2022/05

    My baby has been going there and receiving excellent care and treatment. Last month we discovered he has diabetes, and Dr. B. Has been working with me to assure we are on the right track, I don’t know what I would have done with out them.

  27. Nikki Welsh 2022/05

    Loved Stonehenge……until I didn’t. Staff sent a confirmation to my phone regarding my 2 fur babies appointments but apparently didn’t know how to use the system and I was made privy to the receptionists note to the doctor stating that not only did my baby have issues but “the owner seems crazy as well.” In my defense my husband had just unexpectedly died on our anniversary which was also my birthday on a normal outpatient procedure. So I was a little stressed when I spoke with her. But her comments hurt and were mean. I thought I would reach out to management and all they did was say the girl didn’t realize I could see her notes. Well that’s no excuse for blatant disregard for professionalism. And then asked if I was still coming. No, because if u feel that way about me how are u going to treat my baby?!? The receptionist all the way up the ladder were collectively a sorry excuse for any business much less had the compassion I want my vet to have. Would not recommend unless professionalism compassion and empathy aren’t important to you for the caring of your pet.

  28. Brenda Moore 2022/05

    Excellent experience. I could get an appointment quickly and service was excellent. So glad a neighbor told me about them. 😊 …

  29. Patricia denton 2022/05

    Most always can get an appointment for my fur baby that I love. my Bella is an older girl with some issues. The prices are really reasonable. The staff are so nice! Have seen Drs Howell and Dr. Smith. Great people!

  30. Sabrina Jacunski 2022/05

    Caring, affordable, professional…this is a great practice!

  31. Donnie Addison 2022/05

    Awsome staff, excellent service.
    Throughly professional with a heart.

  32. Katy Richards 2022/04

    Excellent Vet care, excellent Groomer. I recommend then highly and switched to them after 30+ years with another vet clinic. Very satisfied.

  33. Landon Edwards 2022/03

    Have had a great experience with Stonehenge, thanks to the care and dedication demonstrated by Dr. Bergeron and her staff. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for vet care for their pet.


  34. Barry Schotz 2022/02

    Our forever cat Maggie had reached the end of her 24 years and we were able to humanly euthanize her. The compassion, respect and calm loving care shown by the staff and Doctor was simply off the charts. She went quietly and painlessly.
    But that was not all these loving dedicated professionals did. We received a very thoughtful card with flower seeds to plant in a sunny space to remind us of the unqualified love and joy we we received from our forever Maggie.
    Thank you all for making a very hard time a little easier for us. Our remaining three pets will continue to receive the world class care you provide. Your compassion will not be forgotten.
    Mahalo and Aloha!

  35. Debi Altizer 2022/02

    We have trusted the folks at Stonehenge with or beloved pets for 42 years!!! The staff has changed but their loving care has never waivered❤️

  36. Jeff K. 2022/02

    I had two Black Lab puppies – which both grew into beautiful adult dogs. They always got their care at Stonehenge. One had parvo as a puppy and the team there helped her to survive it. She died at home when she was 13 – because of a tumor. My other Lab was a big, strong boy who lived to be fifteen! Having to put him to sleep was hard to do, but the staff at Stonehenge were compassionate, helpful and understanding.

    Just a few weeks ago, my senior cat (also cared for all her life by the crew at Stonehenge) had to be euthanized. They made the unpleasant process go as smoothly and compassionately as possible. I would recommend them to anybody with a dog or cat. Having Saturday hours is also quite convenient for those of us who have a full schedule during the week.

  37. Destiny Hurt 2022/02

    Very unprofessional. I called to get help for a medical emergency with my pet and the receptionist was very rude and refused to help me. She wouldn’t even listen to the things I was trying to tell her about the situation. If you’re a vet hospital you should be willing to help when a person calls, especially with an emergency.

  38. Lisa Batchelor 2022/01

    I am new to Stonehenge but they come highly recommended to me I have older dogs and so far I’m loving them they are very knowledgeable and kind 10/10

  39. Matthew Conner 2022/01

    Great vet! My family and I have been taking our dogs here for years.

  40. Ellen Purcell 2021/11

    Best vet practice ever!!!! Compassionate, trustworthy, reasonably priced, flexible with scheduling and they treat my furry family members just like they were their own.

  41. Elizabeth B Baroody 2021/10

    I’ve been taking my dog and rabbit to Stonehenge for several years. Everyone there is wonderful. They take the time to make you feel like you and your pet(s) are important and valued. I highly recommend them.

  42. Denise Cagan 2021/10

    I picked Stonehenge because they were close, but I’m glad I did. I had to have end of life care for my two senior dogs after I moved here. One had severe mobility issues and constant infections. The other had advanced kidney disease. The doctors here provided me with options and helped guide me to making decisions for Lola & Perky’s care. Most of all they are kind and compassionate which is what you want in a veterinarian.

  43. Milton McDowell 2021/10

    The caring people at Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital from the front desk to the doctors are all professional and polite ,with so much knowledge of animals . For years I have walked through their front door with my own dog and cats plus numerous feral kittens I find . The one thing that always shocks me is the LOW cost of their service . It will always be Stonehenge for my precious animals !!

  44. Joanne Einsmann 2021/10

    The staff at Stonehenge Veterinary have provided professional and empathetic care for my pet for over 9 years. They have been very responsive when concerns arose. They listen. I really appreciated their willingness to provide care during the covid crisis, putting themselves at risk to do so. I trust them completely with the care of my beloved companion.

  45. Gloria Guilford 2021/10

    I have taken my pets to Stonehenge for care since arriving in RVA in 2002. Over the years, I have found them to be professional, responsive and, above all, caring.

  46. Jake Jacobs 2021/09

    My Labberdoodle loves the Groomer. She does excellent work and we are always pleased with yhe results. I am also thrilled with the folks behind the counter that set up my dogs appointments.

  47. Sassy Irish Girl 2021/09

    They’ve given excellent care of my dogs for the past 16 yrs. I really like the fact that Dr. Smith is receptive to natural treatments & will make suggestion for alternative treatment if possible. They were very sympathetic & kind when we had to put to sleep our older dog. Their office is always clean & staff is polite. I won’t go anywhere else!

  48. McKenzie McLaughlin 2021/09

    We love Stonehenge! We’ve been coming here for almost 10 years and are always greeted with a smile. They spoil our pup so much, he doesn’t want to leave! 🙂
    We recently had a scare and they were able to see us within a couple of hours from our call. We understand that it isn’t easy to fit someone in during this pandemic and we are so thankful for them! Dr. Cosby and the rest of the Stonehenge family are so kind-hearted, we couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.
    Thank you Stonehenge for making us part of your family!

  49. Agatha Harrison 2021/08

    First time bringing my pet rabbits in and the staff was warm, welcoming, and very helpful!

  50. Samantha Fulford 2021/08

    This place is the best! The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. They always show that they care and give great service. I highly recommend them!

  51. Tom Rybak 2021/08

    The doctors and staff here have always been compassionate and friendly. I don’t trust my pups to just anyone. I have been taking my little buddies to Stonehenge for many years with only very positive experiences. I would recommend them to anyone. They do not push unnecessary shots or treatments in my experience unlike many corporate owned vets.

  52. King Tilley 2021/07

    We have been using Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for many years. They a super people. All of the staff and assistants are wonderful. Most of our experience has been with Dr. Cosby and Dr. Bergeron and they are wonderful. Dr. Cosby has been instrumental in pulling our dog through several serious situations. We could not have asked for better care or compassion.

  53. Paul Franz 2021/06

    We have been taking our numerous cats, dogs and one bunny to Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital since 1984, have never though of going elsewhere.

  54. Jeanne W 2021/06

    I love all the people at Stonehenge Vet. We have been with them for over 14 years. They have cared for our dogs from puppies to passing and they have always taken great care and attention with them and us. We are so grateful for all they do. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

  55. Rita Miller 2021/04

    I really enjoy taking my Cairn Terrier to this practice. They are always attentive and professional. We were not an emergency case, but did get an appointment the next day.

  56. John Estes 2021/03

    They’ve taken excellent care of our pets for over 10 years!

  57. Cammie Hendricks 2021/03

    All 4 of our dogs have been patients of this practice. The Vets and Staff are professional, friendly and
    compassionate. We are so glad they are here.

  58. Kayla Jones 2021/03

    I am very upset that I trusted Dr. Smith to take care of my puppy from 8 weeks old and give him the vaccines he needed to thrive when I was not offered/told about the need for the bordetella vaccine. This vaccine is important and should be given to dogs that are exposed or around other dogs. This is because Bordetella bronchiseptica is the most common bacterial agent responsible for kennel cough in dogs. I, as the pet owner, should also have done more research into knowing the vaccines needed, but when you can’t trust your pets veterinarian to even offer the essential vaccinations to your pet, then there is a serious problem. I will be taking my pet to a veterinarian that provides the care needed to ensure my pet avoids illness and I suggest you do some research to make sure your pet has all the vaccines he/she should have.

  59. Gay Fraser 2021/03

    Dr. Anthony (who is now retired) and Dr. Cosby have looked after our dogs and cats for over 35 years with the best care you could imagine. They are highly skilled , compassionate, and for either a regular check-up or health problem, explain very clearly the proposed treatment or changes that might be needed for your cat or dog. Both the doctors and the staff show kindness and great patience when working with both large and small pets. Stonehenge Hospital is a blessing for our area.

  60. Keira Feagley 2021/03

    After doing thorough research on reputable vets in the area, we chose Stonehenge because of their reviews. What we didn’t know was they farm their views and ask for google reviews days after your visit. My list of complaints is long. Our cat got sick after our visit and was blamed on stress, but after 5 years and many other stressful other things, I’ve never experienced that. I was charged for a sickness they caused in my cat as well. They didn’t even spell my name correct in my files so if I call back they could find information. Additionally, I had scheduled a checkup and vaccinations on my 2nd cat and then they never even did vaccinations.

  61. Joel Smith 2021/03

    We have been using Stonehenge for 17 years for our small army of pets. Always compassionate and professional. They have a great team of Vets and staff.

  62. Jane Bowlin 2021/02

    💯% The BEST VETS and STAFF Ever– my senior dog is the center of my world — which, if you knew picky Me, might say Everything you need to know. 😁 I sincerely cannot say Enough GOOD about them!!!! …

  63. Sandy Glasco 2021/02

    I have been taking my dog and cat here for 4 years now. Dr. Cosby understands their needs and very caring . She takes time with you and your pet making sure you understand all about their health needs. The office staff is knowledgeable and always very helpful. I am very happy with my choice and very confident with all they do for me and my pet family.

  64. Rebekah Goff 2021/02

    We’ve taken our dogs to Stonehenge for years. They’ve always been so helpful, responsive, flexible, and reliable. They are the best! They’ve done so much for our fur family over the years, and we would highly recommend them to anyone.

  65. Jenna King 2021/01

    I LOVE Stonehenge and all the staff here! So do my crazy cattle dogs. They always treat my baby (now babies, since we recently got a new addition) like their own. I’ve been taking my first blue heeler here for 4 years, since we got him as a puppy, and I think he fakes sick sometimes just to go visit them 😂! He always loves going to visit and they take the best care of him with extremely reasonable prices. I have nothing but awesome things to say about them 🙂

  66. Flowergemw2000 2021/01

    The Dr. Julie Bergeron and her staff are very professional, nice, and very empathetic to our 10.5 yr old Neapolitan Mastiff, Boo. Thank you Dr. Julie Bergeron and your wonderful staff, for taking good care of our Boo all these years! Boo Walsh (02/2007 – 08/2017)

  67. Cassandra McLaren 2020/11

    Stonehedge provides caring, professional services to our pets. I highly recommend.

  68. Dale Schiltz 2020/11

    We have been using Stonehenge Vet for over ten years, and always have been happy with the service. In the past, I’ve just taken appointments with whichever veterinarian was available, and they have all been knowledgeable and caring. I recently worked with Dr. Howell, and she was absolutely fantastic – I would recommend Stonehenge to anyone looking for a veterinary hospital!

  69. Margaret Davis 2020/11

    I have been using Stonehenge Vet Hospital for 30 years. Friendly. Easy to talk to. Take great care of my cats & dogs.


    I have used Stonehenge Veterinary services for 35 years. They have always helped me with my animals and dealt very compassionately during the most difficult times. I couldn’t give them enough praise for all they do for me.

  71. Devin Summer 2020/10

    Our family has been coming to Stonehenge for years, and they always know what’s best and give incredible care. Dr. Cosby is absolutely incredible and has been our families go to veterinarian for many years.

  72. Robin Hegner 2020/09

    We have been taking our pets to Stonehenge since 1990. Our pets have always received wonderful care and the staff is excellent.

  73. SABL83 2020/09

    I went here to get my sugar glider neutered and all went very fast and my suggie got home totally normal like nothing happened I’m so happy 😊 thanks!!! ❤️ …

  74. Andrea Boutelle 2020/09

    I struggle with writing this review since I don’t believe that the vet or office had any malintent, and they were willing to do a follow up examination when we had concerns after a teeth cleaning procedure. The result however, is that our healthy six and a half year old dog is now fully blind. His blood work pre-procedure was excellent and showed no issues. He had been eating a healthy diet and taking long walks every day. After the teeth cleaning and extractions his behavior was very odd and as we observed him over the following days we began to realize that he was blind or going blind and is now 6 weeks after the procedure completely blind and a very different pup. When I shared this news with the office, they would not acknowledge any connection to the teeth cleaning and extractions and said they would refer me to an optometrist. (He does not have cataracts).

    I certainly recognize risks with anasthesia, but I didn’t consider that his teeth cleaning would result in blindness. Mostly just saddened and disappointed and we won’t be using this vet again.


  75. Sharon Collins 2020/09

    We have been owned by English Springer Spaniels since 1966. When we moved to Richmond in 1968, we found a reliable vet where our neighbor was a vet tech. It took us a while to find Dr. Anthony and the trail to Stonehenge was easy to follow. We have never had a negative visit in all of the years of affiliation. We know that our furbabies are being taken care of and are being doted on by the staff. Thanks for caring so much.

  76. L Pickle 2020/09

    The entire staff was very professional and kind during the most difficult time that any pet owner has.

  77. Frank Bell 2020/08

    They were so compassionate when my sweet dog died. I knew then I would never go elsewhere.

  78. Mellie Randall 2020/07

    My family has been using Stonehenge Vet for many years. The staff are knowledgeable and kind and appointments are kept promptly. They will fax your pet’s records to boarding kennels. They send reminders of when immunizations are due. There costs are reasonable. I wouldn’t think of taking my dogs anywhere else.

  79. Stephanie Trammell 2020/06

    Wonderful and knowledgeable staff with reasonable prices.

  80. Catherine Foos 2020/06

    Our pets have always received wonderful, compassionate, and expert care at Stonehenge. We highly recommend them to all pet owners!
    They have been treating our various dogs over the past 30 plus years and we love them!

  81. Cynthia 2020/06

    It was easy to get an appointment for my cat on my day off! They came right to the car in face mask and got him out and returned him the same way.
    The veterinarian called me and explained everything, including pricing for each service and gave me options for his care while he was in with them!
    She called me a few days later as she said she would with the lab results. Very responsive!
    I would recommend them for your pet care!

  82. Stephanie Daniel 2020/05

    We’ve been using Stonehenge for our animals for over 10 years, and they’re so wonderful. Caring veterinarians and staff and reasonable care costs! Highly recommend Dr. Smith!

  83. Miranda Mckain 2020/05

    Very nice customer service from both staff in the front office, as well as doctors and assistants. They took good care of my cat, and seemed knowledgeable and sympathetic to my pets needs.

  84. Breanna Huber 2020/05

    We LOVE Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital! They are open convenient hours and are always able to get us in very fast. We have been so pleased with Dr. Bergeron and she is so good with our animals. Visits are cheap and we have never been pressured into expensive things; they always try to find the most affordable option for whatever you are situation you are facing. The girls at the front desk have always been so helpful and nice as well. We will come to Stonehenge as long as they are around.

  85. Scott Moe 2020/05

    I did not like being separated from my pet during the exam. I had my mask, I could have been with him. I also don’t appreciate not being offered a receipt after having to pay over the phone. The process is horrible and ridiculous. I don’t think we will be back.

  86. Helen Bower 2020/04

    We used Stonehenge vet for years and they were AMAZING when it came time to put our dog to sleep. I was especially great full for their care and compassion during that difficult time. It’s been years since and we are now back with a new pup and looking forward to more years of great care.

  87. Susan Snodgrass 2020/04

    Excellent experience and safety in light of the pandemic!

  88. Ruth Rowland 2020/04

    We have been taking our pets to Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital since 1982. They are an exceptional facility. The doctors and staff are all wonderful. This spring our husky was seriously ill, and I will never forget how compassionate Dr. Smith and the staff were with him and us. She is so very patient with our strong-willed husky, not to mention brilliant as she definitely saved his life. We are forever grateful!


  89. Matt Hinderer 2020/03

    THE owner and the staff are really getting it done, I Was having second thoughts about not being in the room when my Greta got her exam, but the Owner and staff eased my mind, very trusting business, I would recommend Stonehenge VH,

  90. Cheryl Spicer 2020/03

    Everyone is professional and kind. You can tell that they truly care about you and your furry family member. I know my fur-child is in good hands when I bring her to them.

  91. Wendy Griffith 2020/03

    Everyone was very nice. They took good care of our dog.

  92. Casey Edwards 2020/02

    I have been taking my pets to Stonehenge for years. They have helped me through losing animals, emergency visits, and new adoptions check ups. multiple members of my family also trust them with their furry babies. The staff is warm and inviting, the lobby and rooms are always clean, the vets are informative and don’t “beat around the bush” when delivering information. I trust them with my pets lives and will continue to use them!

  93. Bob Deuster 2020/02

    We have a 13 year old, 100 lb Black Lab, Otis, whose back legs are so bad that I can’t get him in a vehicle to get him to the vet. He needed an exam to refill his pain meds so Dr. Howell and Matt were kind enough to come to our home even though it’s not their normal policy. I highly recommend Stonehenge Vet. Hospital.


  94. Eileen Yost 2020/02

    I have taken my dogs to Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for a very long time. The entire staff takes incredible care of the dogs and really listens to understand what is going on. They do not recommend procedures (like bloodwork) that aren’t truly needed, and you leave there with confidence that you have received the best advice or treatment plan. It doesn’t matter if it’s a routine check-up or something else, you know you are getting the best care for your pets!

  95. Elizabeth S 2020/02

    I can not say enough about the exemplary customer service and pet care that StoneHenge provides. Their pricing is comparable and they’re ready to answer any questions I have.

  96. Kathryn Picton 2020/01

    Since moving to the city from Chesterfield I continue to take my dog there because they are friendly, compassionate, and honest

  97. Marilyn Saul 2019/11

    We have used Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for 35 years. They have always provided us with top notch pet care and pet parent care when that has been needed. We have been so satisfied with their pet care, professionalism and pet parent care that we highly recommend them to all our friends and neighbors.


  98. Barbara Fuhrmann 2019/11

    Outstanding concern and care. I could not be happier.

  99. Ray Birk 2019/11

    Very efficient, Very friendly. And price was very reasonable.

  100. Ellen Cross 2019/11

    We’ve used Stonehenge Vet for over 30 years. They’ve always been kind to us as well as our pets. Great care of all of our cats and dogs over the years.

  101. kayla claxton 2019/11

    We are very satisfied and grateful for the care all of the staff at Stonehenge Vet Hospital gives our dog. We have had to bring him in for a few last minute appointments due to minor acute issues, and they have been able to accommodate us same day every time. The front desk staff are always helpful and pleasant, the vet techs are knowledgeable and caring and the two Veterinarians we have seen have both been excellent. We highly recommend!

  102. Lee Skimin 2019/11

    Been my vet for 20 years

  103. Monica Byrom 2019/11

    The staff was so patient & loving with my unrefined pup! Very patient & professional. Thank you!!

  104. Leigh Ahrens 2019/11

    The staff at Stonehenge has been wonderful in caring for our new English Bulldog! They always give her lots of love and affection, and they’ve been very helpful in treating her numerous bulldog ailments! I especially appreciate how easily we can get an appointment, and that we never have to wait beyond our appointment time. We highly recommend Stonehenge Vet Hospital!

  105. Andrew Bloomquest 2019/10

    The staff and doctors are very friendly and the prices are reasonable as well. My dog Beau loved the treats they gave him 🙂

  106. Josephine Romano 2019/09

    I love this Veterinary Hospital. They really seam to care about the animals. It doesn’t seam to be just about the money, which is rare these days.

  107. Derek Hambright 2019/09

    Years ago I found a lost dog wandering Midlothian tpk. I brought the dog to the Stonehenge Vet to be scanned for a microchip but they didn’t need it. A staff member recognized the dog, called the owner, and reunited the pooch within 20 minutes. I took my pet in today and received the same quality care.

  108. Drew Hayworth 2019/09

    Always been helpful for annual exams and shots. Pricing is average.

  109. Susan Polich 2019/09

    The veterinarians, technicians, and assistants have been taking care of our pets for about 12 years now. They are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. We appreciate their ability to listen and discuss and then come up with an appropriate care plan. The front desk staff has always given great customer service and they, too, are caring. We would not consider any other primary care veterinarians.

  110. Crescent Moon65 2019/09

    Excellent vetrinary care!

  111. Theresa Esq 2019/08

    The entire staff is always friendly and caring . I have brought my 2 cats here for several years and recently had to bring my Guinea pig in, who saw Dr. Bergeron. She was great and is doing all that can be done to make him better.

    Last month I had to say goodbye to my beloved 21 year old cat Buttons. Hardest thing I have ever had to do, but Dr. Howell was very kind and caring and I appreciated everything she did to try to make Buttons get well.

    I would recommend this vet to anyone. All of the doctors are great !!

  112. T B 2019/07

    Wonderful staff

  113. Tricia Amburn 2019/07

    Even before I my baby was a patient of theirs I had questions on my rescue baby and their kindness and helpful advice is why I continue to trust Stonehenge for my furry babies care. He actually gets excited and happy to go to the vet lol they are nothing short of amazing.

  114. Donna Crane 2019/06

    Dr. Smith and her staff, thank you for taking care of my granddog Bear; at 15 and with Addison’s, he brings me great joy and solace; I cannot imagine losing him.

  115. DeAnn Evans 2019/06

    Stone hengel vets are the best . I took my dog last week because he couldn’t walk they examined him thoroughly and gave him medicine after one day he was walking jumping and back to his normal happy dog again. Thank you for helping Kodak so quickly. They will not run tests that are not needed and are inexpensive compared to other vets I’ve been too. I recommend them to everyone.

  116. Mary B. 2019/06

    Professional and courteous staff; ease of scheduling an appointment. The doctors take their time with my pets and answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital.

  117. Shell Moore 2019/06

    The entire staff, from the doctors on down to those at the front desk, truly care not only about pets, but also pets’ families. They treat our pets as members of our family. They take the time to greet the pets, pet them and talk to them, and try to make them feel at ease when they are being examined. They fully explain what they are doing, how they are going to treat any illnesses, and always stress to call if we have any questions.
    If we don’t call them with an update, they call us. We’ve tried several vets in the area, and finally stopped looking because Stonehenge is the best.

  118. Royce Savelle 2019/05

    Great place for total pet care. We’ve been taking various dogs there for over 35 years and the attention to the health and wellness of our pets has never faltered. From the annual checkup to the products they sell, everything is of the highest quality. I highly recommend them to all.

  119. Whitney o_o 2019/05

    All the staff there is amazing, and they manage to squeeze me super quickly when my cat had a UTI. I’m super grateful for them helping get him better quickly.

  120. Te’Etta Ruth Robinson 2019/05

    Such a great staff with very convenient pricing! I’m normally not available m-f between 8am-4:30pm so they did a great job of Working me into their Saturday schedule (which apparently isn’t normal due to their office needs/occurrences). Will definitely continue my pups visits here

  121. Rebecca Gravelle 2019/04

    Everyone is always very kind, great care for my pets!

  122. Mary Cornfield 2019/04

    Everyone was so wonderful to our three babies. We appreciate the kindness and the love everyone shares.

  123. Stephanie Pick 2019/04

    The folks at Stonehenge Vet have been taking care of my fur babies for many, many years. From the start, I’ve been taken by their caring and compassionate services. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital. I plan to be a client for as long as I own my fur babies. And that’s going to be a very long time!

  124. Rose Marie 2019/04

    Efficient and honest

  125. HaberMom 2019/03

    Recently moved to the area and sadly my experiences with this vet were horrible. I brought my dogs for their annual exam two weeks ago and even though I had confirmed that they received all the records I had sent, the front office was argumentative and said they didn’t have all the records. It took them a long time to sort everything for which they didn’t apologize. When we finally were allowed to see the doctor she was quite scattered about what each dog needed and even had to draw blood from one dog 2x because she forgot a test. Then upon checkout it took 35 minutes for them to sort the bill. Upon a later call with the vet I expressed my displeasure and again no apology was offered. Then yesterday I phoned the office at 12:30 with a potential poisoning issue with a dog and was told ALL the doctors were out of the office and one would phone me back. No one did! Highly disappointed and no follow up as to why I just had all my dogs records transferred to another local vet.

  126. Susan G. Rager 2019/03

    We’ve been bringing our cats to Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for over 30 years, and are still absolutely confident and delighted in the dependable reception and service and follow-through we have always gotten. We travel over 75 miles one way to get to this veterinary practice, so it’s not the closest. But our cats are family to us, and nothing but the best works for them. So we commute in to Richmond and across Richmond to get them the kind of care we choose for ourselves. Keep going! We have five cats now, all close to 13 and 14 years old. We find that they are willing and able to “keep them going” in old age. You know, just like we’d want from our health care providers for ourselves.

  127. Kerry F 2019/03

    Every member of the staff is top notch. I have brought both my dogs here since we got them and we have received excellent care every time. They take their time, answer questions and are not quick to push for expensive solutions…they give you all options. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for the level of kindness and compassion the entire team showed us when we had to make the difficult decision to let our oldest girl go. Bring your pets here, you will be glad you did.

  128. Kent Fredenberger 2019/03

    I have taken all of my sighthounds (greyhound, whippet and greyhound/deerhound) to Stonehenge for over 7 years, and highly recommend them without hesitation. Due to the very unique physiology of racing-type dogs, it is essential that they be cared for by veterinarians who have the breadth of experience and knowledge to do so properly – the first time. The staff at Stonehenge has these essential requirements and much more. By routinely demonstrating their competency with the special considerations of sighthounds over the years, it is obvious that the care they provide regular breeds is also top notch.

  129. Ski Bum 2018/11

    Top notch veterinary care.

  130. Dana Ganaden 2018/11

    Top-notch care and a true love for all our pets!

  131. stacey doolittle 2018/11

    My mother in law has been going here for years. Recently she brought her cat in for a lump to have it checked, and opted to have it removed. When she brought him home, his incision was across half his body and he was stapled back together. It was red and the Staples got caught on each other. It looked terrible. They told her they ‘think’ they got all the tumor/cancer out, but it was falling apart but the lab said they got it all. Made no sense to me!! Anyways, a week later he got sick and we had to take him to the emergency vet, the incision got infected and they opened him back up, cleaned him up, and sewed him closed. It looked so much better! 2 weeks later, a lump started growing under the incision. We took him to MY vet (sycamore) and was told the tumor is back. Noah had also stopped eating and ended up having to put him to sleep. So a month after his surgery we had to put him to sleep. I’m no doctor but I do know a hack job when I see one… My MIL is heartbroken and he was only 12…

  132. Chris Schreiner 2018/11

    I used Stonehenge for a doggie emergency where time was critical. From the moment I walked in the office the team was amazing at getting my dog with the vet quickly. Dr Cosby was beyond excellent from the first quick check to the immediate care she and her team provided throughout the day. The level of care was exceptional and I would go out of my way for routine care!!!!

  133. Erin McLean 2018/11

    Everyone at the office was great with my dog (Wilson). They treated him very well during all his visits and I was a comfortable knowing the he was in good care when he had to stay overnight for surgery. The doctors were awesome. Even when he passed away, they offered to help me find burial services and sent a sympathy card to the house.

  134. Frankie Williams 2018/11

    They have been treating my female Beagle since she was a puppy and have always taken good care of her. Great Doctors and Staff!

  135. Carol Wolfe 2018/11

    We have been using Stonehenge for almost 40 years with complete confidence and trust. They have shown knowledge and compassion for our pets across the years. Their fees have been reasonable. They have sat with me on the floor of an exam room stroking my old dog while gently putting him to sleep. I do not hesitate to recommend them to all.

  136. Clay Friedrich 2018/11

    Amazing people! The pets can be a bit hairy though. ^___^

  137. Katie Johnson 2018/11

    I have been taking our pets here for over twenty years, and never had a negative experience. The doctors are the best in the area, quite compassionate and caring.

  138. Lynn Downing 2018/11

    Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital has been a godsend. They have taken care of my kitties and my dog at great discount prices. The Veterinarians are superb and obviously love the animals they care for. The Staff is friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable as well. I cannot say enough good things about them!

  139. Nancy Wilder 2018/10

    Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital has been caring for our family’s pets for 30 years. Whether for routine annual visits, illness, or end-of-life care, the vets have always been caring, compassionate and professional. We highly recommend Stonehenge Vets to everyone who asks.

  140. Margaret Hughes 2018/10

    They are wonderful with my babies. Short wait times and very thorough.

  141. Mason Hood 2018/10

    Our pups have been patients at Stonehenge probably since the late 1990’s. The docs, vet techs and front desk folks have always been helpful, caring and responsive. I have never had trouble getting an appointment or simple reassurance on the phone. Your pets will be in great hands at Stonehenge.

  142. Alice Coppa 2018/10

    Through the years Stonehenge Vet clinic has been there for all of our pets. They really are the best and care about the animals! Highly recommended!

  143. Katherine Quinn 2018/10

    They’re there when you need them. They cry with your loss, and have been there in good times as well.

  144. Carolyn Savage 2018/10

    My family’s dogs have been under the care of Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for at least 16+ years, and we wouldn’t consider changing to another facility for any reason. The whole staff is friendly, professional, and highly skilled. Even when our beloved Dachshund was very old and at her end of life, they handled putting her to sleep in a very personal and comforting manner.

  145. Rhoda Elliott 2018/09

    The Staff and Drs. at Stonehenge are great. I needed to have my dog vaccinated quickly for a very deadly virus. They fit me in the same day, my dog loves them.. Thanks Stonehenge.

  146. Libby Meggs 2018/09

    Every experience I have had with Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital has been more than wonderful. Each member of the staff — from the front desk to the assistants, and then to the amazing veterinarians — each person has proved to be knowledgeable, alert to every detail of my pets’ conditions, efficient, accommodating, and extremely kind. Dr. Bergeron, our vet, has always gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has pulled out all the stops to keep my pets healthy and make their lives as comfortable as possible in their final years. She is an outstanding physician and scientist who does all the right tests and astutely analyzes the results, always clearly communicating the meaning of those results. Her professional expertise is combined with a very loving, caring heart, not only for her patients, but also for their pet-parents. I feel so fortunate to have had my cats (and myself) under the care of Stonehenge Veterinary hospital!

  147. Valerie Wilkinson 2018/09

    I have been taking my cat to Stonehenge for 10 years now and have found the staff, and in particular Dr. Brenda Cosby, to be very caring and trust them to help her have a healthy, long and happy life.

  148. N A 2018/09

    Dr Crawford and Dr Anthony are two of the greatest vets ever. While they have retired, they have left the business in great hands with Julie Bergeron. She is smart, empathetic and a fantastic vet. I have actually followed her for specific problems for my cats and dogs (of which I have a zillion) The staff there is also very sweet and empathetic. I have encountered many vet offices where this is not so. I trust these folks with the most important babies in my life. You can feel comfortable doing that too.

  149. Jennifer Law 2018/09

    The vets at Stonehenge are fantastic, especially Dr. Cosby. She’s helped us several times with our dog’s dietary issues and has always been incredibly caring, practical, and compassionate. The front desk staff is courteous, professional, and kind. You can’t go wrong at Stonehenge.

  150. Marian Joyner 2018/08

    Been taking my pets here for 35 years,Dr Cosby thank you for all you do for my pets & putting my heart & mind at ease ..Dr.Anthony & Dr. Crawford miss you & thanks to you too for years pass.

  151. Michael Dobbins 2018/08

    Let me start by saying my Mother had been taking her dogs here since before I was born, and I have since I was old enough to walk. It WAS an awesome Vet about 6 years ago. Most the newer staff is unprofessional or just not very good at their job. One of the doctors couldn’t work a X-Ray on her computer to show us an ACL tear on our dog a few years ago. So we decided if you can’t figure that out, then your not operating on our dog, and we went to Helping Hands for that. That was the first time we went a different route. Second time was when they wanted to do X-Rays, Blood work and every Lab under the sun for an obvious abscess that just needed to be drained and prescribed meds for. They didn’t check it visually or feel it. Just wanted to order all kinds of labs. Thankfully it burst at the Vet on the way back for all that, and saved us all that money. This last time where we decided to just switch Vets all together, they couldn’t find our records for starters. Called 3 times to get it fixed. Donna is a very RUDE woman. She’s short with you and just hangs up on you before you can finish what you were saying. I think she needs to find a different job. I DID love this Vet for many years. Its just not the same. The people they have just don’t make it a friendly place, and the doctors are a bit under qualified to operate on live animals.

  152. Susan Layman 2018/08

    Always friendly and helpful, easy to get an appointment. They have a lot of love for animals, which shows in their treatment of their furry patients. Good prices at a clean facility.

  153. Sarah Dillahunty 2018/08

    UPDATED 4/17/18
    This had formerly been a 5 Star review (see below). My cat just had her SECOND spaying surgery from this vet because not all of the tissue was removed the first time. After bringing my cat home, I received a call from Animal Control informing me of my cat’s quarantine from biting one of the vet techs when her blood was being drawn. This tech had to go to PatientFirst and yet they didn’t feel the need to notify me what happened. After calling the vet to find out what was going on, she apologized saying it “slipped her mind.” A cat’s first line of defense are their claws and since she has no history of biting, I’m very confused as to what caused this violent reaction. I was then transferred to a different county’s animal control because they had my old address on file. When I called the vet again to update the address the confused receptionist told me they couldn’t change the ownership of the cat?? I will not be going back.

    Stonehenge’s staff is always very friendly and helpful! My family and I have been taking our pets here for years. Minerva (mostly) loves going here too.


  154. Linda Viglietti 2018/08

    My dogs were patients of stonhedge veterinary for over 30 years. When Dr. Anthony. Was there I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. When he sold the practice I went in to get meds for my dogs. The receptionist was rude and told me I had to bring them in for. A checkup because they hadn’t been in for over a year. My dog just had surgery ther a few months early and she didn’t even bother to look at the records. When I pointed this out she told be I was rude. I told her she was stupid and left. I then got a call from Jason who supposedly said he was the office manager telling me he didn’t know if he would allow me back in. I told him not to worry wouldn’t be coming back. If this is how they treat their customers it’s no wonder they need good reviews on Facebook. I now go to winter field veterinary hospital and I am more than pleased with their service. I would never go back to Stonhedge again after the rude and incompetent behavior of their staff.

  155. Kathy Kimmick 2018/08

    I have always received genuine and professional care and love from Stonehenge. I would highly recommend Stonehenge.

  156. Traci Price 2018/08

    An example of what a caring and kind vet staff should be. Will continue to use this vet for our sugar gliders and ferrets

  157. Elizabeth Peterson 2018/08

    We love the vets & ataff at Stonehenge. Thay have been wonderful with our dogs & showed tremendous care & compassion when our older dogs passed away. We recommend them whenever some asks about a vet.

  158. Victoria MacLean 2018/07

    We have been going to Stonehenge for over 10 years with our furpups. Their kindness, love and amazing care for our Doberman have exceeded all expectations. Always reasonable with their cost as well, unlike other large franchised clinics that double and triple what Stonehenge charges. Your babies will be in excellent hands!

  159. Tricia Phillips 2018/07

    I have been a customer of Stonehenge Vet for twelve years and every single visit the vets and staff have provided exceptional service with such compassion. All of the veterinarians listen closely to my concerns and examine my dogs thoroughly in order to diagnose any problems or just provide preventative care advice. I could not imagine finding a group of people that care about my dogs like I do.

  160. Patricia Pinchbeck 2018/07

    My dog, Oliver, had two growths on his body that needed to be removed. Stonehenge vet took such wonderful care, the surgery went off without issue (and since he was sedated they also did some tooth extractions that needed to be done). All in all, I love the service, the staff is always friendly, and the pricing is not outrageous! (The surgery and extractions totaled under $600!)

  161. Cindy B 2018/07

    My two West Highland White Terriers have been cared for at Stonehenge for a few years now. Unfortunately, we had to euthanize Rocky over a year ago, and the Stonehenge staff were all incredibly compassionate and made a horrible time for us bearable! I have seen most of the vets and I love them all. Don’t hesitate to trust your pet’s health to Stonehenge.
    P.S. There is a wonderful groomer there, Angela, who does a beautiful job on our Westie , Riley.

  162. Debra Sparks 2018/07

    Every single person at Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital is kind and caring. Both of my sweet dogs have been patients there for several years. They have both had surgeries that were stressful, but they were well cared for by everyone there. These people are like family. Both my sister and my daughter have dogs that are patients also. I truly believe that anyone would be happy with all this Vets services especially their love of all of God’s little creatures.

  163. Jessica Neese 2018/06

    We’ve been taking our pets here for over ten years. The staff is kind, doctors are knowledgeable and they love our pets as much as we do.

  164. Diane Hewett 2018/06

    I’ve brought many family pets to Stonehenge over the last 20+ years. They’ve held my hand through the pain of losing one as well as the fun of adopting new pets into the family. Even though there are several animal hospitals and vet practices closer to my home, it’s well worth the few extra minutes to me to be cared for by the wonderful staff at Stonehenge!

  165. Joshua Ford 2018/06

    Always get the best care for my best friend, Rex! I’ve lived here in the RVA area for years and this is where I always go.

  166. Kevin Adams 2018/06

    We have been extraordinarily pleased with the care and love they exhibited when treating our dog Chloe. Unfortunately, we lost her in January of this year. Dr. Bergeron and staff could not have been any more loving and compassionate to Chloe and us. Although we still talk about Chloe every day, we have told the story many times of Stonehenge. I highly recommend them !

  167. Anne Andorn 2018/06

    Whether for routine or sick pet care these vets and staff are caring and outstanding!!

  168. carol winkler 2018/06

    I’ve used Stonehenge Vet for 28+ years … over the years I have had 3 Yourkies and 2 cats and they have given them the best of care . I live about 20 miles away now but I pass other Vets to continue taking my 4 leg love ones there … once I was taking my cat in for a checkup and she bit my Mom who was holding her and I ask if they had something I could clean my mom’s arm with and the Vet came out to the car because my mom walked with a walker and cleaned my mom’s arm and bandage it, my mom use to say that was the fastest and best care she ever got at a doctors office, now you can’t beat that service.

  169. Sandra Markham 2018/05

    I love the staff here and that includes the people at the front desk, the vet techs and of course the vets. What warm and compassionate people. My old lab was never afraid to go to the vet. We were both treated with respect and Chuy received wonderful care from which ever vet we happened to see. The next dog that adopts me will be seeing the vets at Stonehenge.

  170. Sue Gray 2018/05

    Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital has served all of our pet health needs for over 20 years! Members from our extended family have also used them.
    They are like family and treat our pets the same way. Their location is convenient and it is not difficult to schedule and an appointment. Dr. Brenda Cosby is amazing along with the other vets there. You will not be disappointed!

  171. Kerri Walker 2018/05

    We’ve been using Stonehenge for years. They care about the pets, are practical in their approach and cost are fair. If you are looking for a great small veterinary practice – give them a try.

  172. J SHORTY 2018/04

    I cannot say enough about the vets and staff that work at this office. Compassionate, kind, sweet, skilled, gentle and thorough. If I could give them 10 stars I would but since 5 is the max I will have to settle with that. You can definitely trust your that your pet will be taken of. Wonderful people – you will not be disappointed.

  173. Patrice Bittner 2018/04

    Superb care and love for my babies. Referred me to a specialist when necessary. Always willing to help in an emergency. Worked to keep babies pain free. I love this place.

  174. Julie Urena 2018/04

    We love the staff and veterinarians at Stonehenge. They are always pleasant and easy to talk to to. They are knowledgeable, professional, efficient and caring. We have trusted them for years with all out cats and dogs who have received excellent, practical care.

  175. patti smith 2018/04

    I have been going to Dr. BRENDA COSBY at Stonehenge Veterinarian Hospital for at least 30 years with my poodles. Everyone there is especially kind, polite and ALWAYS anxious to help in any way they can. Even taking my little poodle to my car and putting her in the crate for me. Even Dr. Cosy did that for me one day when she had a few minutes to spare. I highly recommend this hospital to you for all your pets needs. Fondly, Patti Smith and Missy

  176. Richardsons Rescue 2018/04

    We love their service and how they work with our rescue! They always go above and beyond for our cats!

  177. Mandy Poitras 2018/03

    We have used Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital for our cats since we moved to Midlothian 4.5 years ago. They’ve been there for us for regular check ups, immunizations and thru 3 years of visits as one our cats slowly declined. I cannot put into words the customer service and heart that you find at this organization. We recently adopted 2 new kitties and they’ll be visiting Stonehenge for checkups and shot updates soon. We tell everyone about our great experiences here.

  178. Susan Royer 2018/03

    From start to finish, this business is TOPS. A caring wise staff create a warm and welcoming visit every time here. Above and beyond and fairly priced for such exemplary care!

  179. Celena Talley-Willis 2018/03

    My first impression of Stonehenge is nothing short of excellent! From the front staff, to the vet assistants and ultimately Dr. Howell. They cared for my baby as if he were their own. I am so appreciative of the knowledge and willingness to put my mind at ease about something so sensitive.

    And there was no “pet” odor in the place.

    We have found a new place to take my baby!

    Thank you all so much!

  180. Sam Cutler 2018/03

    The incredible expertise and professionalism of the employees of Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital are a couple of the many reasons I prefer to take my pets here for their care.

  181. C Ertell 2018/02

    I have been coming to Stonehenge for 3 1/2 years, since we moved to this location. The front desk staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating, all while being extremely efficient. The Vet Techs are professional, friendly, compassionate, and skilled. The Veterinarians are exactly the same only with a lot more school under their belts. The facility is very clean and bright. I have always received excellent treatment for my cats. When it came time to say goodbye to an old feline family member, the process was done with more compassion than any other I’ve experienced. Very highly recommend!

  182. Tracie Waldo 2018/02

    Great service, have been going there for 25 years or more through cats and dogs in many situations. They have always delivered a kind and caring service that can’t be beat. Have recommended then to people I know who have also been pleased. Thank you!

  183. Phyllis Poats 2018/02

    I have used Stonehenge Veterinary since I got my first dog in 1985. The doctors and staff have always been friendly and helpful. Twice I tried other vets because they were closer to my home but I always ended up returning to Stonehenge. No one else showed the compassion I found there.

  184. Karen McKenzie 2018/01

    I love Stonehenge! They are always very kind and take great care of my pup. Highly recommend.

  185. Brooke Kenney 2018/01

    Very helpful staff (who came out to help me with my dog in while I got my infant in her carseat), knowledgeable vets (who helped me understand all the issues with a medical decision), and reasonable prices.

  186. Jes Simon 2018/01

    There’s a vet a half mile from my house. He gave my dog a shot without asking me. Crazy, right? I’m glad I found Stonehenge. Very kind doctors who explain everything. Reasonable pricing. I highly recommend them.

  187. Nadine Huff 2018/01

    Love the doctors and the staff. All courteous and very helpful.

  188. Sabrina Layman 2018/01

    We take our dog and cats to Stonehenge and are very pleased with the practice. The veterinarians and techs are great with animals. We never have to wait for our appointments, and they’re fine with bringing multiple pets together. So glad our neighbors recommended Stonehenge.

  189. Jillian Smith 2017/11

    I have been taking my dog here for years and I just love them. They are all very professional and kind and will go our of their way for you and your pets. I have never had a bad interaction with any of the staff or doctors. You can definitely tell everyone in this office loves what they do.

  190. christine Savage 2017/11

    Apparently liyla is a liar. I will keep posting her lies and Im suing for harrasment. Let’s see how long this add will stay up for. She cursed me out , never read my resume or cover letter yet wanted to interview me. She’s really mean. I tried to explain to her why I left wall street because of my dogs and she actually yelled at me. Not cool. I thought she would be kind and supportive. I would not leave my pups or even a bear there. Very un- professional and rude.

  191. Paula Thomasson 2017/09

    We thought we were going to have to say goodbye to our Sadie Lady (cat) but they were able to help her and didn’t make us poor at the same time. I really felt like they were there for Sadie and not my money. So very grateful.

  192. Esther Ramirez 2017/03

    They took care of my baby with love and care DarLynn is happy


  193. Karen Lamb 2017/02

    Great Vets and staff. I’ve brought all my pets here for last 12 years.

  194. Melinda Mathews 2017/02

    A friend of mine takes her dogs to Dr Tory Smith at Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital and speaks very highly of the practice and Dr Smith who gets down on the floor with her dogs, lets them jump all over her and slobber all over her. The dogs love her. She spends time evaluating and explaining things, no matter how busy she is. She also shows compassion and knowledge. Dr Smith actually listens to the parents of the dogs.

  195. tio kid 2016/10

    I would recommend this place to the whole world! 1st time I went there, they took me in. Even though they were ready to close & stayed late. Love yall!

  196. Mabel Fadul Collazo 2016/08

    Good and pleasant

  197. Robbie 2016/05

    The Stonehenge doctors and all of their staff are among the best that have seen my animals. I have always had a few cats, and most recently a special (aren’t they all) beloved dog who has now passed, and their care and kindness have meant the world to me…it’s hard to express with words. They truly did everything they could for him, and genuinely cared when nothing more could be done. Thank you so very much.

  198. Randi Zoll 2016/02

    I had just enrolled my dog as a patient here at Stonehenge after trying various other veterinarians in the area and this is by far the best experience we’ve had. My dog had severe and chronic skin allergies and ear infections and had previously been treated at sycamore which cost us a fortune. With all the “necessary” testing and medications we ended up paying over 500$ and all of her symptoms returned shortly after the dosage ran out. They were very pushy and less than friendly. At Stonehenge the experience was completely different Dr. Smith was very warm and really seemed to care about our dog as well as their owner. She didn’t push anything unnecessary and gave us very helpful information on how to incorporate healthy routines in addition to her medication and encouraged us to keep her in the loop as far as her progress. We ended up getting better care from Stonehenge and paid less than 200$ to treat the same problems. Highly recommend them and am grateful for the other reviews that swayed me to give them a try.

  199. Janie Moody 2015/09

    My family has been a loyal customer for over 20 years. The doctors are the best. They really care about the animals and their parents.

  200. Kim G 2015/09

    Drs. Bergeron and Cosby helped our young puppy that had been diagnosed with parvovirus. We couldn’t afford much financially, so overnight care at the clinic was not really an option for us, but Stonehenge did show us how to give him subcutaneous fluids so we could treat him from home. The vets were always quick to return a phone call when we had a question concerning his health. Thanks to Stonehenge, “Meatball” did survive through this ordeal, and he is now rambunctious and full of life several months later. Many thanks to everyone involved.

  201. Frank Petrov 2015/06

    They’ve been my vet of choice for 20 years, caring and skilled pet care.

  202. Jennifer Challis 2014/09

    Dr. Anthony has provided excellent care to my pets for over 30 years.

  203. Brandon Seier 2014/06

    Wonderful attentive and professional staff.

  204. R. Murphey 2012/05

    As a customer for over 30 years, with multiple canines and felines, including losing one older dog to post-operative shock, I feel Stonehenge provides great care at a fair price. Having a background in critical care medicine, and business consulting, …service and effectiveness are top priorities for me. I also prefer to know details of tests and procedures so I can put my pet’s medical situation into perspective. Stonehenge gladly provides the details and I couldn’t ask for more.

    The professionals at Stonehenge realize sometimes there are practical limits to what can be done for any patient. The important measure is quality of life for our pets. There is no sense in running unnecessary, expensive tests or charging customers for every dollar they have. Many times one can only hope for the best, as every “patient” presents with unique problems and underlying conditions. Sometimes patients don’t respond the way we expect, and we lose sooner than we’d like. Human or animal, that’s nature.

    On one occasion, because of a timing urgency, I took a canine to another vet service, associated with my daughter’s place of employment. It was a relatively minor ear problem, but the staff’s insistence to include lots of marked-up extras, and the accompanying stiff bill, made me realize Stonehenge is the best place for me.

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