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  1. Sandra Suitt 2023/10

    My tech was wonderfully professional and could answer all of my questions easily.

  2. Vincent Ortiz-Rios 2023/10

    I’m very happy with this service.

  3. Cheryl Parker 2023/10

    Fast and followed directions. Also wore shoe booties to not track up my home with dirt.

  4. Betty Glupker 2023/10

    John very professional

  5. Danielle Kimble 2023/10

    Quality, quick, and effective! Jared was great.

  6. Maria Capati 2023/10

    Have had 3 treatments and have had no issues so far. Always leaves the place clean and better than before since the exterior of the house looks like it’s been power washed

  7. Jamie 2023/10

    Very thorough, knowledgeable, polite and professional!

  8. Nancy Wyman 2023/10

    John was very sweet and asked if there was anything else he could do for me! Very professional!

  9. Rebecca Lavelle 2023/10

    As always, I get great service and John was great. He went in to detail advising what he did and how we can also prevent reoccurring. Thank you

  10. RVA Band Mom 2023/10

    John was polite and efficient.

  11. Janette Parker 2023/10

    He came to the door and let me know that he would be spraying outside and asked if I needed to have the inside done, which I didn’t. No problems inside. Friendly and professional.

  12. Haden Management Group 2023/10

    John did great!

  13. Sbx Jones 2023/10

    No smell this time around

  14. Patrick Paez 2023/10

    Austin was great to work with. He went above and beyond and sprayed specific trouble areas near my house after speaking with me.

  15. The Analogue Republic The AR 2023/10

    Jered, was great, very professional, courteous, and did a great job! It’s nice to see a good knowledgeable, courteous worker. He deserves much more than $5!!

  16. Chelsea Blackwell 2023/10

    Terrik was informative and knowledgable about the work completed. Thank you, Terrik.

  17. Lynne Reynolds 2023/10

    John was very professional and took care of my out side maintenance

  18. William Haboush 2023/10

    John was super helpful and double checked the grounds for me when i mentioned ‘wasps were around’.
    Thanks John!

  19. Wayne Pushie 2023/10

    John did a great job for us today as Solve always does.

  20. Patrick Kaveney 2023/10

    Professional and thorough

  21. mohamad baqersad 2023/10

    This company business is based on SCAM
    This company offered pest control services at our door. We agreed to a one-time pest spray with a guarantee and paid $50 (no cash accepted). But to our surprise, they continued charging us $50 every month, insisting it was part of an unrequested one-year subscription. They claim we signed a contract with our electronic signature, which we didn’t know about.

  22. Lexie Herndon 2023/10

    Lionel did a great job on our house. He is very thorough and professional. And always on time. Highly recommend!

  23. Shenia Anderson 2023/10

    Jered was very professional. He did a thorough inspection and answered all of my questions and concerns.

  24. Clif Harris 2023/10

    Jon was very friendly and thorough. He let me know when he arrived and when he was done.

  25. Anthony Coviello 2023/10

    This tech should get 15 stars in my book.

    Tony?? …

  26. Rose Schmidt 2023/09

    Very professional and very nice. Answers all my questions

  27. Savannah Hazelwood 2023/09

    John was thorough and had great customer service!

  28. Melvin Johnson 2023/09

    Salesman said call and would come back if not satisfied called set up appointment did not come out called back to reschedule did not return my call bugs and spiders all over my porch like not having a service products didn’t work out

  29. Pamela Goswick 2023/09

    John was very professional and thorough while addressing my concerns.

  30. Kim Perry 2023/09

    I cancelled this service months ago please remove me from your contact list

  31. Bonita Kvasnicka 2023/09

    Terrik did what his service was given. However I had called the office and requested inside spray and under house because I have wood roaches. That service was not given to him.. I will be calling in and requesting another person to come out and do requested spraying. I called also for a quote on having yard sprayed for ticks. It was to be included in first spray but was not done because it was raining.
    The five stars are based on Terrik not your communication within the off and tech.

  32. Michael Ekers 2023/09

    John came and sprayed while I was at work and everything was done when I got home. They let you know ahead of time when they are coming so you have plenty of time to prepare and they even give you the opportunity to add more to your service call. Have had no issues since I started using them.

  33. Thomas Agnello 2023/09

    Terrik was very professional, listened to our questions , and addressed the spider and mosquito issues around the house.

  34. Nancy P. Lewis 2023/09

    The gentleman who came to spray for bugs introduced himself to me, let me know what he was doing to do, did what he said he would & let me know of a small problem he found. He very professional & courteous.

  35. Jerrae Henley 2023/09

    Terri’s was good. I told him my concern and he cleaned up the spiderwebs outside my house. His service is greatly appreciated!!

  36. Mike McDuffie 2023/09

    All the spider webs around the house were cleaned away during first treatment, and second treatment today. Spider free so far!!

  37. Jaime Maese 2023/09

    Terrik was amazing and personable! And thorough too!

  38. heatherlynn BEILER 2023/09

    There were a few comminication issues from office to the tech but the tech ( Terrik )was professional polite and understanding of our needs and what was more important to this family .

  39. Dorothy Gunnet 2023/09

    Terrik was awesome!!!!!

  40. Victor Tubungbanua 2023/09

    Lionel was friendly and efficient!!!

  41. Jacqueline Woodson 2023/09

    Was very attentive to our needs.

  42. Scott Merten 2023/09

    John did excellent work!

  43. Desean Matthews 2023/09

    He throughly sprayed our home in a timely manner leaving no corner untouched.

  44. Lynda Turrieta-McLeod 2023/09

    John was pleasant, professional, quick, and thorough. I’m satisfied with Solve.

  45. Doc Robertson 2023/09

    Lionel is professional, a kind man and he listens to my pest problems and always sprays where I ask him and more. He always comes when he is supposed to and I am very fortunate to have Lionel as my pest professional. I couldn’t be happier. The ants that used to haunt me are gone. Also, other pests are gone. I am so grateful for Lionel.

  46. Yvette Flowers 2023/09

    The technician gave excellent service. He was very attentive to my concerns about where I needed pest control. I was so impressed with him, he’s the only technician I want to service my property.

  47. Samantha Bannister 2023/09

    Go elsewhere this place isn’t what it’s made out to be, had a appointment and nobody showed up called to get it rescheduled and of course they scheduled it 2 weeks later on a rainy day which all 3 sprays I have gotten have been on rain days and doesn’t work it’s frustrating at this point everytime I call sure they say we will come back we will come back well I’m kinda tired of them coming back wish it would just work now I’m stuck doing this for a year don’t make my mistake with a door to door scam call someone else. Was also told by the salesperson if I had to call 3 times to have someone come back out we would be refunded and given our money back just more lies we were fed!

    UPDATE: had a appt this past Monday the manager showed up for this one we went over my concerns I felt he listened and understood where I was coming from and why I put my bad review. He spent alot more time than anyone previously has treating my yard and Unfortunately the mosquitoes are only controlled for about a week as usual so for me it’s no good I’d rather have my mosquitoe treatment canceled being it does not work here in my area. I don’t like paying for something every month that clearly does not work.

  48. TallCool One 2023/09

    Very courteous and professional. Thanks!

  49. Mark Dalton 2023/09

    Technician was cordial and kind. Did outside of house in short order. Advised me when finished. No complaints

  50. Rachel Rosenblum 2023/09

    Jon showed up as scheduled to do my quarterly pest control service. Polite, professional and a pleasure to work with!

  51. Linda Peoples Pridemore 2023/09

    Terrick came this morning, very respectful and kind. Explained everything he was doing. I look forward to his continued service

  52. Marc MacInnis 2023/08

    Very polite and professional

  53. Oscar Lobos 2023/08

    He did a great job

  54. Tracy Allanson 2023/08

    They took there time and didn’t rush though the job I would recommend them to my neighbors

  55. Mo Moe 2023/08

    Whole group is very nosey and ready to trample boundaries without regard. Home pest that’ve bothered me is the unwanted advertiser who don’t understand ”no.” that work for them.

  56. Kim Crowell 2023/08

    Technicians are friendly and polite.

  57. Andrea Claiborne 2023/08

    Lionel did a wonderful job

  58. Michael Loftis 2023/08

    Lionel did a great job and was professional and courteous.

  59. Chris 2023/08

    John was very polite and professional. Very informative regarding the planned treatments. So far quite happy with Solve

  60. Deborah Greenberg 2023/08

    Lionel was
    Very polite and receptive to my concerns

  61. Benjamin Wolfe 2023/08

    I did not hear my phone go off
    Need to reschedule so someone can.come.back
    Come inside to finish.

  62. Mike Wall 2023/08

    Lionel was attentive, thorough, and efficient. Pretty much all you can ask for from your local pest pro!

  63. Juanita Pierce 2023/08

    Lionel was very professional and polite. He explained what he would be doing today and notified me once he had completed the service. I would like to give Lionel a 5 star rating.

  64. Tatiana Green 2023/08

    Excellent service.

  65. Sendin H 2023/08

    Door to door salesman for this company came to our door ignoring no soliciting sign and convinced my wife to get the contact signed. He told her if multiple treatments don’t work she can cancel any time. Well it didn’t work and she called to cancel. They now want $350 to cancel. Meanwhile I have more ants and spiders than before they came out for the treatment. I would recommend everyone to stay away from their company.

  66. Whitney Booker 2023/08

    John did a great job and I was very satisfied with his work.

  67. Adam Murphy 2023/08

    John did an excellent job and was very responsive to our needs even offering to follow up

  68. Jennifer 2023/08

    He didn’t spray around my garage as is normally done

  69. David Dorsey 2023/08

    John was professional and explained everything he was doing and once completed followed up and advised steps completed. Good work John!

  70. Freda Wilkins 2023/08

    John, was polite and considerate. He was doing the front of the house, around my front door as I was leaving for work. He was very careful to give me space to leave.

  71. Cheryl Gallagher 2023/08

    I was out of town during this service
    It when I arrived back home I was pleased to see that the cobwebs and nascent hives were eliminated
    Could not be happier with our service
    Thank you

  72. Ben Jiménez 2023/08

    Excelent service he went around the house cleaning all spider webs and than process to spray around. Good service thank you

  73. Kim Fortune 2023/08

    Lionel G. was early, courteous and polite. He informed me when he arrived and when he left. He was quick but thorough. Hoping he will continue to be my service person.

  74. Wendy Baker 2023/08

    I have been with the same pest company for years. However, my ant and outside bug problems continued to persist. Since being with Solve Pest Pros I have yet to see one single bug of any kind since becoming a customer a May 2023. I’ve received nothing but prompt great service from on-site technicians. I was also happy that the annual cost did not exceed what I was previously paying. The last technician was Lionel and he provided great service which is greatly appreciate it.

  75. mike flynn 2023/08

    Unfortunately I was not home at the time of the service. This is not a problem with solve pest pros! John , our tech for the day, knocked and realized we were not home, he then got to work and took care of everything that needed to be done. Everything was taken cared of and when I returned home later I found a clean house and a friendly note on the door stating he was there and the service call was completed. Thank you

  76. Terry Mosca 2023/08

    John was great and even looked for bees behind things for me on the deck. He did a great job in a timely manner. ? …

  77. Carrie Allen 2023/08

    Thanks to John C. who assisted us today. He was prompt, professional, and thorough!

  78. Melissa Meekins 2023/08

    Terrik was awesome from start to finish. He is very thorough and does the job correctly. Thank you Terrik for you exceptional service. I hope they assign you to my route from here in out.

  79. Tiffany Royall 2023/08

    Lionel was so friendly and professional. A real pleasure!

  80. Andrew Bailey 2023/08

    Great job and great attitude !! Recommend PEST and their services ? ? …

  81. Mark Wu 2023/08

    Service was great. He worked quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to my dogs.

  82. Harriet James 2023/07

    Their employee was very efficient and polite.

  83. Michael Kaplan 2023/07

    Sales person who visited our house was misleading. They made it sound as if the treatments would get rid of pest but they don’t. I noticed more bugs after they treated our place. When I called I was told that if I see more bugs then it’s working and to give it a little longer. Well, after an entire season I have more bugs then before.

    When I canceled their services, I was told by the lady on the phone that I hadn’t used their 100% guarantee call back services, which I had. So that means that they never logged my initial complaints and probably never came back to spray again. She also said that it takes 8-9 treatments before the pest would be gone, that’s the better part of a year. If they had said that in the beginning, I would have never signed up for their service. Who the hell wants to keep calling back? Waste of time and money.

    Additionally their mosquito spray doesn’t work. More mosquitos now in my yard then before.

    Do yourself a favor and hire a traditional exterminator who actually kills bugs and pest.

  84. Michael McCrum 2023/07

    This was my initial service by Solve Pest Pros. Greg was the technician. Very courteous and knowledgeable.

  85. Dallezzra 2023/07

    Tech was polite and professional

  86. Sue McCartin 2023/07

    Price not bad and they show up when scheduled.

  87. Jayme Garrett 2023/07

    Michael took time to process and protect my home. I did not feel like he rushed through it, and that he took a lot of care and pride in his work.

  88. Boeun Bun 2023/07

    He did an excellent job

  89. Marisol Mondragon 2023/07

    Tyler and his partner were great. Worked fast and effective. Also told me where ant piles were and how to avoid spreading. Thank you for your hard work.

  90. Jakob A. 2023/07

    Mr Tyler is always helpful and does his work thoroughly. He is professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. I’ve seen little to no pests inside our house since he first started. This company is amazing and i would highly recommend.

  91. Natalie Ball 2023/07

    Tyler showed up was very polite even though my dogs wants to greet him first lol. He did the job quickly and effectively. He explained the process with details and I am very impressed!

  92. Angela De La Rosa 2023/07

    Tyler was great and we appreciate his service. Solve has been good to us.

  93. Karen Lietuvninkas 2023/07

    We were very pleased with his service. He was very polite, respectful and quite knowledgeable. Excellent service! Greg S. is a great employee for this business.

  94. E - Vance 2023/07

    Amazing experience with Micheal! Very informative and witty.

  95. L S 2023/07

    Austin was very professional!

  96. Michelle Jackson 2023/07

    Tyler was outstanding!!! We couldn’t be more happy with the service we received today for our initial treatment. Tyler and his teammate were extremely thorough leaving no questions unanswered or corner untreated. Both technicians were very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and approachable. We’ve had the misfortune of working with 2 other companies that failed to deliver even mediocre service and cost twice as much. I am so happy Solve Pest Pros now offers services this area. Those other companies can’t complete with the level of service we received today from Tyler and his team! I highly recommend this company if you’re looking for amazing pest control services in the Eastern NC area.


  97. Samantha Reynolds 2023/07

    Austin was very helpful & answered all my questions.

  98. Hoyldan A 2023/07

    He share great knowledge of his expertise and effectively explained what everything did and why he did it. Would love to have him back again !

  99. Nan Choi 2023/07

    John was very nice, very professional & very thorough!

  100. Denise Schmidt 2023/07

    He did an amazing job on our quarterly check

  101. Mrtiminva 2023/07

    Technician that came out was very nice. Kind courteous answered all my questions, very professional I hope they send him to me every time that I get service from them.

  102. Lamar Clarke 2023/07

    Austin was great. Answered all of my questions & explained the process of what he was about to do. He even noticed some recent yard work that was done in between his last visit and this most recent visit. A+ customer service.

  103. RaShaad Beaver 2023/07

    Very consistent and

  104. Scottie Spry 2023/07

    John was excellent. He was friendly, professional, and thorough, letting me know what he was doing and checking to make sure I didn’t have any questions or need further service before he left. Great job!

  105. Carol Talley 2023/06

    He was very polite and was willing to help with any questions we had.
    Very good service from this company.

  106. Chelsy Sagadraca 2023/06

    As most companies give a time slot when they would be there, Tyler was their in beginning of the time slot this is the 2nd time he came and did a great job. Gave me knowledge and was very professional.

  107. Devonna Smith 2023/06

    My first time using Solve Pest Pros. Gregory was awesome. He was on time. He answered all my questions and didn’t seem annoyed that I was hovering lol…He even interacted with my dogs and explained how the products he was using were safe for them. Thank you all so much. I hope you will send Gregory back next time.

  108. Bentley Computer 2023/05

    Cold calls on houses with clear no soliciting signs.

  109. Drone Flights 2023/05

    Avoid this company! Our community will be sharing these review pages and writing negative reviews until they change and the owner comes door to door to apologize. They send solicitors knocking on doors in places where there is no soliciting. They don’t care about the wishes of homeowners or the community, and tell you to go to hell if you ask them to stop. Don’t hire a company that doesn’t respect your privacy or peace, and uses trash marketing. Extremely unprofessional.

  110. Dave Stevens 2023/04

    There are several Pest Control Services available in my area. I selected Solve Pest Pros for their very fast response to a May Fly infestation concern in the foundation mulch. The Service Tech, Kasey, was excellent and spent time with me to explain what pest treatments were being applied. I would highly recommend their services.

  111. Matthew Crum 2023/03

    Good job!

  112. The One 2023/03

    Friendly quick service.

  113. James Lamont 2023/03

    Always friendly

  114. C DeBoer 2023/03

    Every spring we get ants… Solve has been amazing… they also treat our yard for ticks. They are professional, kind & always conscientious of our pets! 5 Star!!!

  115. Derek Norman 2023/03

    Frank is amazing. Remembers us our house and our pets. Great service everytime

  116. Rosa Ingargiola 2023/03

    Walter was very professional and explained everything he did. Great customer service!

  117. Lulu 2023/02

    I’ve been using them for the exterior of my home’s Pest Control; very happy with the results.

  118. Tiffany Tyler 2023/02

    Trey has consistently provided amazing service! Any questions or concerns we have are promptly addressed. Overall, the quality of service has been great and is affordable.

  119. Ryan Senger 2023/02

    Trey did a great job. I recommend.

  120. T Hall 2023/02

    Trey came by today and did the exterior maintenance. He was quick, thorough and courteous.

  121. Alberto Rivera 2023/02

    Tray was very helpful and professional

  122. Kenneth Ball 2023/02

    Very good job. He let me know when he arrived and once he was done.

  123. Lauren Tangen 2023/02

    They come every couple months to do an exterior/interior treatment, our bug problem has been very minimal. They are always professional and quick and the service definitely works. Glad it’s safe around the kiddos.

  124. Martha Montgomery 2023/02

    Trey came to provide my regular service. He was friendly, efficient and asked about
    any pest concerns I was having. Great experience!

  125. Chicken Scraps 2023/02

    Trey was very friendly and thorough in his examination. He went through the inside and outside of home. He also pointed out some key concerns. Thanks Trey!

  126. Timothy Brooks 2023/02

    Really great service from Trey! This is why I use Solve Pest Pros.

  127. Brenda Willis 2023/01

    Trey was awesome and a true gentlemen. Trey knock on the door to let me know he was here and asked was there anything I wanted him to focus on and did it with a smile. The service was done and Trey let me know he was done. This company is great. Always answer the phone, and on time for all appointments. Thanks Trey ans Solve Pest Pro.

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