Sitting Pretty Grooming and Training

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Sitting Pretty Grooming and Training
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  1. Teqoia Dabney 2023/08

    This place did a great job with my puppy. I would say my only complaint is that I didn’t like how when I picked up my doodle she was full of other dogs’ hair.

  2. Elana Rod 2023/08

    Our dog is not easy to work with. She is so nervous, when anyone comes near her (not including my family) she becomes aggressive. Well, we have no idea how Sitting Pretty does it but they groom her and do a great job. They are the only ones that can come near her without her wanting to bite their fingers off. Thankful for them!


  3. K E 2023/07

    A friend of mine recommended this place to me, and I’m so glad she did! The groomer, Farrah, was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and reassuring. This definitely relieved the anxiety of an owner who has an LGD that has never been to a professional groomer. For a XL double coat breed dog, I was expecting costs to be in $175-$200 range since it’s a lot of fur, but was surprised on the affordable pricing. Sitting Pretty has hands down the best quality and best service.


  4. Cheryl W. Smith 2023/07

    Thank you Leigh for making Skye’s 1st nail trim and buff visit a good one! I was a little nervous, as Skye can be unpredictable around other dogs and strangers! She was great today! Also, thank you Ashley for your assistance with Skye and Leigh. Very positive experience 🙂

    We’ll definitely be back soon!

  5. Nancy Disharoon 2023/05

    The groomers at Sitting Pretty do a wonderful job with our little shih tzu! She loves going for her “spa day.” They take great care with our pup and she always leaves with the cut/style we requested!

  6. Kirsty Dixon 2023/04

    Just went in to get my pups nails dremmeled. Never going back. Would have given no stars if possible.

    First, dogs running everywhere like a day care, but not being monitored. I told them my dog was not great with other dogs and they did clear the path to get him on the stand, but continued to let all the other dogs round around the place. Not a great start. Then, like many dogs, mine is sentive to having his paws touched. He was getting close to falling off the stand, trying to get away from the woman, but she was doing nothing to correct this. Then it happened. He fell off but with his neck hanging in the air choking. Even worse, the woman didn’t rush to correct the situation. I had to run back there to help, at which point the woman dared to yell at me to leave the cutting area. She then said to her coworker, “Oh, it’s ok, he just stepped off, he’s not choking.” Are you effing serious? Even then she clearly didn’t care. It was only when I refused to leave the cutting area that she offered to have someone help her to not have my dog fall off the stand again. I’m also pretty sure many of his nails were just clipped and not dremmeled. But that was the least of my worries at that point. I just wanted to get my dog out of there as fast as possible.

  7. Emily Engle 2023/04

    Such a positive experience! Super knowledgeable and patient with our dogs – I would highly recommend them!

  8. Lauren Bunk 2023/02

    Amazing! Someone recommended them to us because their dog gets nervous at the groomer and so does ours. Our golden retriever went for a bath and brush and came out the cleanest he’s ever been and has been groomed many times. He also seemed far less stressed and happily ran across the grooming salon to me when he was done. I appreciate that not all dogs are crated up the entire time they are there. This is our new grooming spot!


  9. Beth H 2023/01

    I LOVE this place. Been going a year and every grooming experience has been exceptional. My dog’s haircut always looks great. They don’t shave her like other places. Everyone there is super sweet. My dog loves that she can roam with others afterwards as they do not crate the dogs. I also like that they do actual appointments and not drop off for entire day.

  10. Erin Curran 2022/11

    First time taking Bruno here and this is the most calm he’s ever been going and leaving!!!!! Love this place!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Bruno’s smile says it all!


  11. Chuck Redden-McAllister 2022/11

    The staff at Sitting Pretty are amazing! We mostly interact with Ashley and Farrah, both are super friendly and you can tell they enjoy working with all the fur babies. The littlest of our 3 loves Ashley! The pups never seem worried about going in so, to me, that indicates they are well treated during their visits. They’re currently on an every 3 week groom and I appreciate the reminder calls before each appointment. Can’t say enough good things about the place. The other pet owners who we talk to during drop-off and pick-up seem just as happy with Sitting Pretty as we are. Definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a groomer.

  12. Heather Wyllie 2022/11

    Everyone here is super kind and talented! They do a great job on our mini poodle and I love that we can book online. The prices are very reasonable and our dog always comes back happy 🙂 Thank you!


  13. Michelle Boynton 2022/10

    My grand fur-baby Benji was matted in spots and had to have more hair cut off then I expected. I didn’t recognize him at first… Initially I was taken back, but we ended up really liking the cut. Ashley did a great job!

  14. Allen Smothers 2022/10

    Nice work.

  15. Matthew Davis 2022/10

    This company needs to update their online scheduling. Friday my wife made an appointment for one of our dogs to be groomed Sunday at 5pm using your online application. It even assigned a groomer and sent a confirmation email. I drove to the mall in a heavy rainstorm only to find out they were closed! The hours on the door had Sunday hours but no sign with updated hours. No one called to let me know or reschedule.

  16. Morgan Todd Ledford 2022/10

    Allison Rulli is a magical genius! Our little 19 week old Yorkie puppy is SO wiggly and this was her first haircut (and full groom) including full nail trim! Not only was our puppy looking great afterwards, but seemed like she had a great time! We will be back! Thank you!

  17. meghan doak 2022/08

    I have been taking my toy poodle here for the last two years. Ashley does a beautiful job without fail. She was a very timid/abused rescue dog and still has a lot of anxiety. This is the only grooming salon that I have taken her to that she does not shake in terror. I will use them every single time.

  18. Kyle Mccann 2022/05

    Our doodle always looks great after a cut from Sitting Pretty!

  19. Jacqueline Stevenson 2022/04

    I made an appointment online for my dog and when it was time to take him I had a hard time finding the store. I tried calling the number online but the number would not connect and clicked off immediately. I found the location in the outdoor mall, out of curiosity wanted to see if it was closed down and the website was still accidentally booking appointments. But when I get there it’s open. There’s two women grooming dogs in the middle of the room behind the main desk while other dogs are running around freely the room freely. There’s groomed hair all over the floor. The woman took my dog behind the desk, un-clipped him and let him go. To which he jumped over the gate and back to me. She did not ask for my name, my number, rabies/vaccinations for my dog. I asked her to cancel our appointment we left. Would not recommend.

  20. Camille Slavin 2022/04

    Cannot think of a better place to take one very hyper dog for her nail trim. The staff never take issue with how much my girl moves in the process requiring two groomers attention. Ashley also does a fantastic job with one very oversized fluffy German Shepherd during his grooming. Thank you to Farrah and Ashley for making it always a welcoming environment for both pups.

  21. Erin Smith 2022/04

    We found this place and have used it twice. Really happy with the service!

  22. Beverly Owens 2022/03

    My groomer Ashley is the BEST.
    Takes really good care of my dog Gizmo. Excellent service..Good cut and blow out.

  23. Kelly Powell 2022/02

    Took my mini golden doodle here yesterday and loved the job that Allison did for him! He was cut exactly how I had wanted. So soft, fluffy and tangle free!


  24. Margaret Gehler 2022/01

    I have been taking my large breed dog there for over 2 years and I highly recommend this pet grooming salon. Several different staff members have groomed my dog Jordan and they always do a tremendous job. Jordan initially was hesitant about the grooming process, but staff worked with her fears and treated her with patience and sensitivity. Now when it’s time to get groomed which includes a bath and nails, Jordan eagerly goes excitedly. She is greeted by staff by name and in a loving yet professional manner. I have been to 2 other places before finding Sitting Pretty and I would not use any other place. I trust them wholeheartedly with my furry family member. Thank you to all the staff there for taking such wonderful care with Jordan.


  25. Cheryl Hundley 2022/01

    Oh my goodness I loved my groomer Ashley. Cant wait to see her in April. My baby Fifty has a new groomer. The other employees were very nice I loved every moment sitting there. Next time I might go shopping.

  26. Greg Lumpkin 2021/09

    The ladies there take exceptional care of our dogs. So glad we found them.

  27. Roxana Garcia 2021/08

    They are the best. I am always extremely happy with Benji’s grooming. Highly recommend to anyone.

  28. Nicole Barnes 2021/07

    Friendly professional service!

  29. Jeff Bybee 2021/07

    I came here as a recommendation from a coworker, but sadly I won’t be back. The staff is nice but the haircut they gave my Brussels Griffon is uneven and overall just awful; they didn’t clean his face up at all.

    They told me they were running about 15 min behind, but in reality it took over 2.5 hours.
    I absolutely understand running behind, but don’t make me wait only to give my dog an awful, rushed haircut.

  30. Kathleen Austin 2021/07

    Great staff. Trust them in grooming. Communication is great

  31. Paul Mikowski 2021/06

    Patient, professional and thorough, and just really great dog groomers. We keep moving further away, but still take our spaniel mix to Sitting Pretty despite the commute. Unless they are totally fooling me, Sarah and her groomers truly love working with animals and are wonderful to work with

  32. Molly Gross 2021/06

    Farrah and her staff are the best of the best! They’ll love your babies like their own!

  33. Chris Crum 2021/03

    Staff are always so kind and sweet with the animals. Knowledgeable and friendly with the customers.


  34. Mandi Mullins 2021/03

    My fur babies love all of the girls. They are so good to them and come home looking great! ???? …

  35. Tim Brownson 2021/02

    They do a good job with basic cuts.

  36. Kelsey Halaschak 2021/01

    I’ve taken my pup here a couple times – the most recent time, I realized after taking her home that I wanted a little more taken off her face. I don’t hold that against them at all, since I know that everyone prefers different looks, but I called them and asked if they could tweak her haircut and they were very accommodating! They told me to bring her in whenever I could and they’d fix her up. Since it was just a quick trim, I got to watch the process and I was amazed at how well they handled the dogs and my sweet pup. Ashley specifically was my groomer (both times I believe) and she did a wonderful job and really put the effort in to work with me and make sure the cut was exactly what I was looking for! I’m very impressed with their business and I love that after the dogs are groomed they let them play together in the common area. I imagine this makes the grooming experience much more fun for the dogs. I don’t normally write reviews but I wanted to share how good they are at working with their clients to make sure they’re completely satisfied! Thank you Ashley and the sitting pretty team!

  37. Jane Jewell 2020/10

    Nicely done

  38. Sean Fields 2020/10

    Ashley is so good and patient that i have followed her across the city twice!

  39. Kayce Brantham 2020/09

    This place is amazing! They take such good care of our cavapoo. She always looks so cute!

  40. Mariah Pitts 2020/09

    The only place I can take my 100+ pound dog who is terrified of his feet being touched. Sitting Pretty does a wonderful job of making him less anxious and they get the job done, when my vet couldn’t!

  41. Annette Bonacci 2020/09

    I have been taking my mini schnauzer to Farrah for over a year and she and I both love the team at Sitting Pretty. They are friendly and are always accommodating even with their busy schedules. I feel like every time I take Presley I ask for a slightly modified cut of what I got the last time and each time she comes out just the way I wanted. We will continue to go to Sitting Pretty as long as they will have us!

  42. PATRICIA H. 2020/09

    We took our two yorkies in for a nail trim and Ashley trimmed their nails as soon as we arrived. She is always pleasant, efficient , and affectionate to our little dogs which makes the experience stress free for all of us. I would definitely recommend her and Sitting Pretty.

  43. Debbie Rudd 2020/09

    Wonderful place to bring your fur babies!!
    Location is perfectly situated

  44. Jay Howren 2020/09

    I just took my 8 month-old Golden Retriever to Sitting Pretty for his first professional grooming and nail trim this week. The main reason I chose to bring him to Sitting Pretty is because of Ashley. She groomed my previous Golden at a national big box chain store and there is no one I trust more to do this than Ashley. She cares about the dogs and is gentle and kind. Needless to say, she did an amazing job and Mack looks great! As long as Ashley is there we will be sitting pretty!

  45. Joseph imf Kilkeary 2020/08

    They’re great.

  46. Mary Cait Nannery 2020/08

    This is the best groomers I have taken my shih tzu to in the Richmond area. They did a phenomenal job and I plan to go here exclusively from now on.

  47. Lisa Murphy 2020/08

    Ashley was very friendly and did a wonderful job with my maltipoo. And I didn’t have to wait forever like most other groomers. I recommend Sitting Pretty!

  48. Caleigh Seligman 2020/07

    Tried this business out for the first time. Easily the best grooming cut my dog has received yet and my pup was calm and happy when we picked her up. Fast and good value as well! Thank you!

  49. Jenna Johnson 2020/07

    Quick in and out for a nail trim!

  50. Lauren Modelski 2020/07

    Very pleasant to work with, she was able to fit me in last minute. Most importantly, my older pup seemed to not be anxious with her and she groomed him in a couple hours as opposed to other places where you are required to leave them there all day. No cages here, she only uses blow dryers, and the space is open and fully visible to owners. My pup looked great afterward and she was very reasonably priced. Will definitely return. Thank you!

  51. Kristin Cooke 2020/06

    I got charged for a haircut, but I could tell his paws and hind legs didnt get the trim.

  52. Donna Piacentini 2020/04

    Bentley went there for the first time about 4 or 5 weeks ago. He came out looking great and smelled wonderful. Have new appointment today and am looking forward to a great experience again. Farrah did a wonderful job and I know Bentley is a nervous nelly when I leave him with new people. He did not seem overly upset when I picked him up. Would definitely recommend this shop for your pets grooming.

  53. Will Clements 2020/04

    Far from professional grooming. Burned my dog’s skin, and red marks from the razor burn. The haircut on his head is uneven and several spots where they missed cutting the hair. $90 for this type of grooming is ridiculous. I will definitely be going elsewhere from now on.

  54. Khanh Le 2020/04

    Ever since my previous groomer left, Charlie has been really fussy about other groomers and threw several tantrums where he was sent home in the middle of grooming sessions. I called Sitting Pretty RVA and they were able to address my concerns and fit me in within the hour on a Saturday. It took about 2 hours for the full haircut, reasonably priced. Picked him up afterwards and he didn’t t seem to be as irritated or anxious as he would be at the big chain store. Ashley groomed him (love the furcut!), but Farrah was pretty knowledgeable about his grooming session when i asked, this tells me they really pay attention to your four legged friend ! Definitely coming back again ?

  55. SCT 2020/04

    After trying other grooming shops in the area, I have been taking my dogs to Sitting Pretty regularly now. Farrah does a consistently excellent job grooming them and, as importantly to me, is extremely gentle with them, especially one of my dogs who has a “softer” personality. The other team members in the shop are also excellent and pleasant to interact with, and seem genuinely to enjoy their four legged clients. I have recommended Sitting Pretty to others and will continue to do so.

  56. Charlie Mago 2020/04

    No where else I would take my two pups. They look fabulous every time. I recommend them to every puppy parent I know.

  57. susan creekmore 2020/04

    Great cuts! However May rethink having dogs out in same space. My golden was attacked without provocation when entering the open space by another dog. No injury but it could have been much worse.

  58. ryan dailey 2020/03

    I know my dogs are in good hands every time I take them there

  59. C Parrish (caraboo) 2020/02

    My golden doodle is always perfectly cut! Very pleased!

  60. Nicole Sadler 2020/02

    Great service and they did and awesome job cutting my dogs hair for her first visit! Already have my next appointment booked!

  61. A.S. LoCurzio 2020/02

    Great experience! Ashley was so sweet and took amazing care of my girl.

  62. Beth S. 2020/01

    Took my dog here for a badly needed skincare bath. She has a lot of dry skin so the poor thing always has white flakes in her dark brown fur. And after a while, she gets that normal “dog smell.” I took her in and Ashley was just gushing over her (which the dog loved), which was very nice of her.

    Doggy was a little nervous when they took her to get clean, but when I came back to pick her up, she was chilling out in the open with a little dog friend. Ashley was so friendly in checking us out and the price was great! My dog had a little bow on her collar and smelled and looked great! Seriously, she became an air freshener for my car on the way home!

    They said they hope to see her again soon and I said they will. For that price and quality (and such friendly people), why wouldn’t we bring her back?

    Highly recommended to anyone with any dog, big, little, nervous, skin conditions or crazy fur. They clearly love doggies and that’s such an important part of this job.

  63. Tracy Sincel 2019/09

    Great groom and the dog was very comfortable there. No anxiety

  64. Bonnie Adams 2019/08

    Farrah did an awesome job!! Thank you so much

  65. Teal Bachelor 2019/08

    Best Groomers in the RVA area! My Maltipoo Bailey loves it ❤️


  66. Alexis Vincent 2019/07

    Sitting Pretty is the only place I trust with my Chow Chow, Winnie! She’s skittish with strangers, but the folks here really go out of their way to work with us and take the time to help her have a comfortable experience – I cannot express how grateful I am for this. Their pricing is fantastic, the groomers are very knowledgeable and truly care about the dogs. Winnie always comes out looking fantastic, we will never go anywhere else!

  67. John Meybin 2019/04

    This is a really great place. The ladies were friendly and professional. Our Golden has never looked so good. We definitely recommend this business

  68. Katie H 2019/02

    So glad I discovered Sitting Pretty!! They do such a wonderful job!

  69. Christian Mahoney 2019/01

    Great training and service

  70. Martha Hulse 2018/10

    My 3 Poodles had their spa day there today and they look fantastic. I’m very pleased with this groomer and will definitely take them back there in the future.

  71. Blair Voltz 2018/08

    They were very nice to work us in on short notice. Our little dog came out happy and he looked great.

  72. Carrie Ham 2018/08

    We LOVE Farrah and her team. The shop is lovely and the location is so convenient and dog friendly. We have used grooming services and training and been extremely pleased with both. These are conscientious and knowledgeable animal lovers and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Farrah is our RVA dog whisperer and knows how to solve any problems with her training techniques that work like magic.


  73. Michael Jones 2018/07

    A great place !!! My dog was treated like a prince!! The haircut was excellent will be going back ? …

  74. Angela Lewis 2018/05

    Ryan was amazing with my pikachu he was fast and I paid more to take him to petco previously and they took over four hours and I wasn’t very happy. Ryan knew exactly what I wanted and even was able to get his Mohawk! I’m beyond happy!

  75. Saskia Mestraud 2018/02

    Not impressed. Never paid this much for a groomer. You have to tip at least 15%, no other options given. Our dog came back looking like a rat.

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