Sit Means Sit Dog Training Richmond

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Richmond
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  1. Running Alchemist 2023/11

    It is pricey, but SO worth it! Training a dog is a continuous process, but these guys will do the heavy lifting for you. I did their board and train program (2 weeks there, home on the weekend), and I take my stubborn Great Dane puppy to the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning group classes as often as possible. It’s great refreshers.

    They use an electronic collar, which you purchase when you sign up. If your dog is a selective listener like mine, this is a good option. It allows the dog owner to get the dog’s attention more quickly.

    The trainers are very precise with methodology and positioning. There are different methodologies, of course, because not all dogs respond to the same things. Highly recommend!


  2. Tequila Webster 2023/10

    From the little I saw they are amazing. I can’t wait to get my Rosie started.


  3. Matthew Plum 2023/09

    We had a great experience working with JP and the team at Sit Means Sit. Our dog Nugget picked everything up extremely fast and the team made sure we felt confident with everything we were trying to work on. Nugget was already trained with a lot of normal day to day commands but was extremely leash reactive (turned into a completely different dog and made it to where we couldn’t take him to breweries and other dog friendly places) This training was exactly what we needed and he gets to do so much more with us now!

  4. kevin hillis 2023/09

    We adopted two, 60lb, three year old dogs, that were pretty out of control. Very dog aggressive. It was a really looooong year!
    Then we met JP and his staff. It took a couple weeks of training, but my wife and I can actually walk our dogs down the street now. They respond quickly to commands, and life has been so much easier!!!
    Thank you!!!


  5. Staci Bianchetta 2023/09

    We brought our one year old mini golden doodle, Tucker, to Sit Means Sit to work on crate manners, night time aggression, resource guarding, jumping, and help with walks. Tucker participated in the ten day program and he has been like a different dog. While he can still jump some when he’s excited he calms down much more quickly and has learned to sit for pets. Walking has greatly improved and most importantly he goes into his crate when told with zero aggression. He has also given up resource guarding. We’ve been very happy with his results. J.P. and Kelly have been great; easy to work with and are very responsive if you have any questions. Highly recommend! Best thing we could have done for dog/owner relationship.


  6. Á Martínez 2023/08

    We recently had the pleasure of working with Sit Means Sit (Richmond, VA) and I cannot express how happy we are with the results! From the moment we contacted them, their professionalism and passion for helping dogs and their people was evident.

    JP took the time to understand our dog’s unique personality, behaviors, and needs. With their patient and compassionate approach, they made the training sessions enjoyable for both our dog and us.

    Another thing that sets Sit Means Sit apart is the custom add-on training for our dog’s individual requirements (i.e. challenges). Whether it was obedience training, leash manners, or socialization, they covered everything.

    During the training sessions, JP was not only professional but also highly encouraging and supportive. JP offered practical tips and techniques that we could continue practicing at home, ensuring consistent progress beyond the in-facility training.

    Within a few weeks, we witnessed an incredible transformation in our dog’s behavior. She became more responsive, well-mannered, and is now enjoying interaction with other dogs (a huge win). She’s a whole new dog; happier and balanced!

    The facilities at Sit Means Sit were top-notch, providing a safe and comfortable environment for our dog’s stay and training. The team’s (shout out to Kelly) dedication to creating a positive and friendly atmosphere was evident, making us feel at ease throughout the process.

    We cannot recommend Sit Means Sit enough. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine love for dogs are evident in every aspect of their service.
    There is a cost, however we see it as a solid investment in the lifelong happiness of our dog and the harmony of our home. If you’re looking for dog training that truly makes a difference, look no further!

    Thank you, JP, Kelly and team at Sit Means Sit, for transforming Piper into a well-behaved and happy dog! We are forever grateful for you!


  7. Brandon Lewis 2023/08

    JP is absolutely amazing. We had exhausted all options with our working line gsd. After 2 weeks, we came put with a completely different dog, highly recommend

  8. Kalista Pepper 2023/06

    My big dog, Edmund, was generally anxious, unable to see other dogs, insecure and afraid of new things and people before Sit Means Sit. He was aggressively protective of me and of himself from just about everything because he didn’t know how else to be. He’d even bitten a person trying to protect me from a harmless situation that had made him anxious and protective. He can now go on walks & sit right next to unfamiliar dogs and people, I feel safe and comfortable walking out and about with him, he’s able to walk and play confidently and with so much less fear. I cannot give enough thanks to JP & Kelly for everything they’ve done for Edmund. I am so proud of how much he’s grown, how well-behaved he’s becoming and of how his anxiety is starting to subside. We’ve got some work to do at home still, but that’s a lifelong thing. I feel like we’ve both gotten our lives back after Sit Means Sit. Thank you, JP, Kelly & everybody at Sit Means Sit.

  9. Stephen Bishop 2023/06

    Originally took my dog for a consultation given his insecurity and reactivity to other dogs and humans. The consultation was extremely uncomfortable watching my dog beg for help as he was dragged around and continuously shocked to “force” the behavior he wants. This over use of the e collar can jeopardize your relationship with your dog and can make behavioral problems much worse. Did some extensive research on the company after the consultation and decided to cancel our training program, as many other customers have the same experience. An e-collar is an effective tool to communicate with your dog, but should never be used to instill fear into your dog like sit means sit does. We decided to go with holiday barn, which was a great experience, where they use a humane and balanced approach to e-collar training.

  10. Matthew Davidson 2023/04

    JO does a great job with the dogs in his care, and I’ve seen a really positive change in my dog. Highly recommended.

  11. Graciela Sejas-Padilla 2022/09

    I took my pitbull Moose to Sit Means Sit back in November 2020 and it was the greatest decision ever. I felt so comfortable and confident having Moose around dogs and in public. I wanted to do everything to avoid the “Pitbull Sitgma” and wanted Moose to be able to enjoy his life without the worry of him not being trained. Moose LOVED the weekend classes, making friends, and of course JC (trainer). 10/10 highly recommend Sit Means Sit!!!

  12. Sarah Freeman 2022/07

    Cannot recommend highly enough! JP and team are professional with a clear love for your dogs; our dog Spanky made fast progress with them and was always excited to go to training. My expectations were exceeded and it was a joy to work with the trainers. Thank you for teaching our dog and giving him the skills he needs to go out on walks and hang out with other dogs!

  13. Kimberly Mruk 2022/07

    JP and his staff are phenomenal! I brought my Great Dane puppy in for a consultation after seeing an ad for Sit Means Sit on Instagram. My dog liked JP the second we walked in the door. JP explained to me how the program works and showed me how well his dog was trained, and then did a few things with my dog. I was absolutely blown away at how quickly my dog picked it up and how well he responded to JP. After my consultation, I was absolutely certain that this was the program for my pup. I signed him up for the 10 day board and train – I was nervous about my dog being away from me for two weeks (had him back home for the weekends) but I knew that he was in great hands with JP, Jasmine and the rest of the trainers at SMS. Our biggest struggle with my dog was helping him control his behavior around children. My dog is very large (Great Dane) and doesn’t totally understand that kids are small, considering they are the same size that he is. After 2 weeks with JP, my dog can now go ANYWHERE off leash and doesn’t pay much attention to children when they are around. JP and his staff are absolutely wonderful and and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  14. Frances Pugh 2022/07

    JP and the team at Sit Means Sit did a fantastic job with my high-energy, reactive, rescue pup. They worked with me and my dog to learn together and I can happily say he is a much better behaved dog at home and in public. I can fully trust his recall now and walk him confidently. Truly cannot recommend this team and their services enough!

  15. Melissa Paul 2022/06

    Great guy!!! When people are good at heart they have a natural ability to work with dogs. After going through 3 trainers I was about to drive up an hour and get my aggressive rescue evaluated. Joe I believe is the name was willing to look at him that day!!! However I made one more stop at another trainer first that was closer and found trust in him!!! I highly recommend this place.

  16. Laura Kennedy 2022/06

    Sit Means Sit has changed my sweet dogs life in the best way. We got Finnegan in December. He’s 5 years old and lived a hard life and had a lot of aggression toward other dogs. So much so that I wasn’t able to walk my two dogs together. After four weeks of individual training with JP and the wonderful team at Sit Means Sit, Finnegan is going to group classes with dogs that would have been an extreme problem in the past, for which he is happily running around and meeting these days. Our lives have changed for the better and Finnegan has more freedom and confidence. Definitely a highly recommend.

  17. Ravindra Goyal 2022/05

    Our puppy was a typical untrained puppy, now she’s a well trained pleasure to be around pup.
    Thanks Sit Means Sit!

  18. Alexis Prassas 2022/05

    Went on a weeklong vacation, and started researching board and train programs for my 5yo pittie rescue Tater. I thought why not get him trained properly while I’m away on vacation.
    We ended up doing the 10 day program, and Tater was SUPER receptive to the e-collar. My dog is a pretty hard headed, stubborn boy, and sometimes doesn’t listen to regular leash pressure. He now walks like a DREAM on our daily walks, no tugging whatsoever!! Tater already knew “sit”, “stay”, and “down” but they really helped reinforce the listening and keeping attention to the leash holder. He used to fixate on dogs while walking, and freeze in place, but now he can walk by dogs without a care in the world.
    Now I will tell you, this program doesn’t “fix” everything. Tater still gets very overexcited when meeting people, and he is still very dog selective and doesn’t get along with every dog. BUT Sit Means Sit really helped me with remaining in charge and having my dog listen to me. It’s also a BIG plus that their services include LIFETIME training support and tune-up classes!!! 🙂


  19. Martha DiLoreto 2022/04

    While in a pet store, I watched someone wearing a “sit means sit” t-shirt use their remote to shock their dog today. The poor pup yelped in pain. Not sure what the dog did to deserve such treatment. Surely, a disciplined dog can be achieved without such cruel measures. Utterly cruel.

  20. Robert Brooks 2022/02

    The owner and staff are reasonable people and were very caring and attentive to our dog, Duck. He was in the 15-day program with a confident recommendation they could help with his anxiety and gain control of behavior issues. The program did help him. He can now sit, lay, stay, and “place” when we are working with his training collar. However, he never learned to heel or demonstrate increased confidence on a neighborhood walk. I was told that it would help his confidence to take him to new places, but the result of that is shaking, the desire to return to the car as quickly as possible, and other actions that demonstrate the severity of his following. They did help him some, but I guess my thoughts were that more good had been accomplished with this substantial investment. It may also be that my hopes or expectations were set too high.

  21. Warren 2022/01

    I am writing this review under a relative’s account, as I do not want my review associated with my name for professional reasons. At around 8 months old, my dog began displaying some signs of aggression. He was resource guarding and nippy during bath time. After researching and contacting several training resources, I decided to give Sit Means Sit a try based on their many positive reviews. During my initial meeting, the owner did a demonstration of the collar with my dog, which he seemed to react negatively to, but ultimately, he performed the behavior after several minutes of e-collar use. I signed up and dropped my dog off for the 15 day training a few weeks later. Upon leaving him with staff, I noticed him snap at an employee when she began petting him. This was an entirely new behavior for my dog, as he was extremely people friendly. He loved attention and pets. The employee brushed it off and said it was likely due to him smelling the scent of other dogs. I should have trusted my gut and left. Over the course of training, things seemed to be going well. When I took my dog back for the final training session, he growled and bit (drawing blood) one of the employees as she went in to pet him with praise. I was embarrassed and confused about what happened. Within the next few weeks, I began to notice my dog doing this more frequently when people went to pet him, even after initially acting positively when approaching the person. This began happening with people he previously knew and was very fond of. I began making the connection between the collar use, and discontinued it shortly after. I wish I had made the connection sooner. Within the next 7 months, I sought out resource after resource to help rehabilitate my dog. He saw a vet behaviorist and was prescribed anxiety meds. He worked with two great and experienced behaviorists. Nothing seemed to help with the intense anxiety and lack of trust my dog experienced with people. This had negative impacts on me as well, as I was the only person my dog trusted fully, and I was unable to board or have family dog sit. I had to give up having a social life for months. My dog also suffered from the lack of socialization with other people and dogs. He began deteriorating rapidly. I became pregnant and it was recommended that I attempt rehoming him due to his impulsivity and unpredictability. No sanctuaries or shelters would accept him (including Animal care and control). When it became nearly impossible to handle him safely, I made the extremely difficult decision to euthanize. I have gone back and forth with writing the review for some time now. I do not wish to malign the business, employees, or owners. I am sharing this for anyone who is on the fence about using aversive training methods with their dog. Please consult with a vet behaviorist first. Save yourself from being saddled with the immense guilt and shame I deal with every day.

  22. Long Tien 2022/01

    My review is based off the lengthy experience my girlfriend and I have with JP and team over the course of about a year. To sum up my review though; JP and team are excellent. Your dog will be in great hands and I recommend this place to anybody and everybody that has ever asked me about dog training.

    My girlfriend and I were first time dog owners, and we were anxious about how to approach training our rescue Border Collie (Kuma). We had read many opposing opinions online regarding e-collar training, but ultimately moved past our reservations due to several behavioral issues that we were too overwhelmed to address. The biggest challenge we were facing was this seemingly paradoxical urge Kuma had to greet every dog but then attack half the dogs she got close to. Whenever she would see a dog, she would lay down and refuse to move unless we walked towards the other dog. But as mentioned previously, we became anxious about letting her meet other dogs because we were never sure whether it would be a positive interaction. Walks became an anxious chore; I was regularly late to work and other dog owners were beginning to avoid us on walks. Kuma was not welcomed at daycare due to her aggression. Advice we read online and received from friends regarding positive reinforcement were ineffective, as Kuma seemingly had no interest in neither treats nor toys.

    JP was very understanding during the consultation, addressing all of our concerns regarding e-collar training. JP discussed clear and strict guidelines of when to use the e-collar and at what strength. Fairness and compassion were emphasized. It also greatly alleviated our reservations when we got to feel the e-collar’s buzz and learned that these are not the same as outdated shock collars; the e-collars used here do not harm the dog. Positive reinforcement was also strongly encouraged in conjunction to the e-collar. With help, we ultimately discovered that Kuma responds well to praise. We ended up going with the 3 week boot camp option with recurring weekend classes. It was the best decision we have made for Kuma, to date. By the end of the 3 week boot camp, we already felt like we had a different dog. Kuma was drastically more obedient! We had spent weeks prior just trying to get her to respond to her name, and suddenly she was not only responding but actually listening to basic commands! Most surprisingly of all, she did not seem to be fearful of the e-collar. She was actually excited to have it on, since at that point she began associating the e-collar with going out of the house on adventures.

    However, her aggression had not completely resolved. And this is why I am writing this review today. JP was direct and honest. He did not promise us that Kuma would magically be fixed in the span of 3 weeks. We were encouraged to proceed with the classes hosted every weekend and offered continued support in our efforts in training Kuma. This was, as I mentioned, about 1 year ago. Since graduation, we have taken Kuma to nearly every weekend class. Weekend classes provided a controlled, supervised environment for her to have repeated positive experiences with other dogs. The foundation established during boot camp was built upon steadily

    She is a completely different dog today compared to 1 year ago. She is friendly, obedient, and confident. We can walk her off-leash and she participates in agility training. She no longer gets distracted by cars, animals, or sounds. She is no longer aggressive towards other dogs! Although she still wears the e-collar every day, we rarely have actually to use it to get her attention. With pressing matters like recall addressed, we have been leisurely teaching her fun tricks through positive reinforcement.

    My girlfriend and I are incredibly grateful to JP and team for their support and guidance in our journey with Kuma. We were never treated any differently after boot camp; we always felt welcomed at weekend classes. JP has even helped us with aspects of training beyond what was advertised originally.

  23. Melissa Sandler 2021/10

    We started training about 8 months ago when my dog was about 10 months old. We did not do the boarding sessions and my dog still made more progress in two weeks after just two one hour sesions with JP than he did in the four months prior. I was initially apprehensive about the collar, but we have SO much freedom to run, play and be safe off leash that I am confident my dog’s life has improved. This training was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. We moved from Richmond to Dallas and both teams made it easy to transfer our training. Thank you to JP and Kelly for being great.

  24. Teagan Wiley 2021/09

    We had a unruly 2 year old German shepherd named Ruger that was full of energy and at times uncontrollable. We found ourselves overwhelmed and on the brink of Re homing him. We brought him to sit means sit and right a way I could tell JP knew what he was talking about and that he genuinely wanted to help us. We signed up for the 15 day board and train program and after the first week alone we could tell a major difference. Now that ruger has completed the program we are blown away and very pleased with the outcome. It has change our lives and rugers in a short time frame. I would highly recommend using them to anyone in a similar situation as we were in. We will definitely use them again in the future.

  25. Lia Gayle 2020/10

    We were having issues with our dogs separation anxiety, pulling while walking, jumping, and more. We actually had worked with another trainer but still weren’t seeing the results. We began working with JP and had a wonderful experience! He taught us so many impactful techniques. Now, Perry is TOTALLY fine when we leave him home alone and is much better while walking! Our favorite part of working with JP is the weekly training classes. This allows us to continually learn new techniques and tune up our training. It is also great to have a place where you can train with the distraction of other dogs!

    We can’t say enough great things about Sit Means Sit and JP. Training your dog is an investment, but we have seen immeasurable return on that investment!

  26. Chris Lorusso 2020/09

    Sit means Sit is fantastic! The collar training has been great for my stubborn two year old German Shepherd. I was hesitant in doing collar training at first, but having done the training, I believe it is a completely necessary tool for training a dog properly. You will 100% see results in the first week. JP, the trainer and owner of the Richmond location has been nothing but awesome working with my dog. He really takes the time to work with and correct each individual dog’s behavioral problems and needs! I can’t thank Sit Means Sit enough.

  27. Chris Renn 2020/08

    Our experience with Sit Means Sit has been outstanding! JP and the rest of the trainers have done wonders for our adopted 4 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He was having serious obedience issues, along with separation and crate anxieties. After participating in the 3 week package deal, it was more than obvious we made the right decision. We still have some stuff to work on but we look forward to continuing with the included group session trainings on Saturday. They’re so informative and fun! We couldn’t be more pleased. If you and your dog need some help with training, look no further than Sit Means Sit!

  28. David Estes 2020/07

    My husband and I were at wits end with our rescued lab mix Sampson. He was almost two years old and had been to a couple of basic obedience classes when we first got him but was showing aggressive behavior to the point where he was redirecting toward us. We were very frustrated and worried. I called a few different trainers and JP called me back almost immediately. He came to our house and met Sampson and diagnosed his behavior right off as being anxious and scared rather than aggressive. JP took his time with us and was very patient and understanding in “our” training as well as Sampson’s. JP and Kelly are always just a phone call away whenever there are any concerns or issues and are quick to call or text back. A great team and work very hard. I’m not sure if all training facilities are as compassionate and knowledgeable with dogs as Sit Means Sit RVA but I would definitely recommended them.

  29. Missy Mruk 2020/05

    JP has been very patient with helping me to help my dog build confidence. He is always willing to stay after group sessions to address any specific concerns we have and is willing to try multiple techniques until we find what works for us. He is super patient and you can tell that he absolutely loves dogs.

  30. Kristopher Klenotiz 2020/04

    Friendly staff. Not my cup of tea. They use shock training.

  31. Kelly McCoon 2020/04

    Sit Means Sit is a wonderful place to bring your stubborn fur baby for the help it needs to be a mindful amazing dog! Kelly in the front office is amazing and JP is the best trainer!

  32. Mark Pinski 2020/01

    JP has been great to work with! We have been with Sit Means Sit RVA for just over 2 years now and it has been great to see the transition of my 2 pups from when they started to now working off leash. You and your dog are exposed to a lot of distractions which is great for you to learn how your dog reacts in certain situations. His training is tailored for you, the owner, to take responsibility and put in the time to work your dog. That was something I wanted when picking a trainer because I wanted to be involved in the process as much as possible. I definitely recommend Sit Means Sit dog training for your pupper!

  33. Chris Portmess 2019/12

    We love Sit Means Sit. We did the board and train with our dog Fiona, JP and Kelly have been quick to have us back for mini training sessions whenever we need to make sure Fiona stays on her best behavior. Highly recommend!

  34. Michael Locey 2019/11

    JP has done a wonderful job with our young pupp- huge difference from when we first started with Sit Means Sit RVA. Walks have become much easier; going out to events; having family & friends over & COUNTER SURFING has officially ceased. I …

  35. Chelsea Schmidt 2018/12

    They have incredible customer service and I would recommend them to anyone!

  36. Dennis Morales 2018/06

    JP & Sit Means Sit RVA did an amazing job with our dog Remington! Our dog is 18 months old and a rescue that we adopted in early Feb. 2018. Remington had a couple homes before we took him in and for various reasons they did not end up being his forever home. Remington loves life! He is full of energy, needs lots of exercise and has a big loving heart, but he had very few manners. He was difficult to control on a leash, enjoyed counter surfing at home and was overall just terrible at listening. Despite being house trained, his energy and anxiety would lead to more accidents at home than we expected (almost daily). My wife is not a dog person, and she was concerned that maybe Remington wasn’t a good fit for us because of his wild personality.

    We put Remington into the 20 day Board & Train program with Sit Means Sit RVA and JP turned him around! He is now such an obedient and well behaved dog that my wife actually likes to show him off to friends and family. He makes us very proud and impresses everyone he meets with his obedience. My wife specifically told me “Remington is much easier to love now!” and he makes an almost daily appearance on her Instagram account with his adorable antics or with showing off his “place” skills. He still has his love of life, his great energy and his big loving heart. He loves to play and LOVES to be chased, but now he has manners. He walks beside us on walks, doesn’t pull on the leash, has stopped counter surfing and comes to us when he is called. He honestly just listens to us now. He is obedient to the point that I can let him off leash in an open park to run to his heart’s content and know that he will come to me when I call his name, even if there are people or other dogs around. I feel he is more confident living with us now (after having been adopted a couple times before) and much less anxious. As a result, the accidents inside our home have stopped.

    I can’t say enough good things about Sit Means Sit RVA. This training brought us closer to our dog, who will now bring us tremendous joy for years to come. JP is great to work with, he is a patient dog trainer and one that gets results. We are looking forward to the weekly group classes over the summer. I highly, highly recommend Sit Means Sit RVA!

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