Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital

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Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital
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    Dr Jane and her amazing Team help us navigate through our furry family’s annuals to the more serious health issues with my older girls. I always know I can count on them, I trust them, and I highly recommend them! 10 STARS!! Thank you Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital 🙂

  2. Lauren LaRocca 2023/10

    I am very new to this area. I recently located to RVA from North Carolina, and beware if you’re new the area the Vet scene is a disaster.

    First off, know that under no circumstances will they take new patients. I mean any circumstances. My cat had become suddenly very ill. The original plan was to take her to an emergency vet or an Urgent care. However, after calling around the area all emergency vets and urgent care clinics were closed for a couple of hours.

    As I said I just moved to the area, and I have not established a vet yet. Since I lived in Scotts, and I heard such high praises about this place, I thought I would see if they could squeeze her in.

    When I walked in, I had my cat with me. She had been drooling, throwing up, and refusing to eat or drink. Disclaimer, I was a bit emotional at the counter, I could hardly get a word out (we all know how it is when you have a sick pet).

    The techs at the front said that since I was a new patient they refuse to make sick appointments, even with availability. They recommended that I go to an urgent care or Emergency vet. However, all of them were closed until 2pm or 7pm. The one that opened at 2pm wasn’t taking new patients. I also explained to them that my cat has car anxiety, and for her comfort – I did not want to drive her more than 30 minutes away.

    They told me that they refused to make an exception, and that I would have to wait for the Emergency clinics to open.

    I ended up driving 40 minutes out of the city because I was honestly left with no choice.

    I’m giving 1 star because I have never experienced this before at a Vet ever. In emergency situations like that, I have never been turned away. If other places around the area were open, I would be more understanding of them turning us away. However, they knew I had no other options- but persisted.

  3. Tolson Musick 2023/10

    Best. Vet. In. Town.

  4. Alice Coleman 2023/10

    All of the staff are very courteous and professional. I always appreciate the care and compassion they have with my dog.


  5. Thomas Rose 2023/09

    We went to several different vets and were so happy to finally find Dr. Hiser. She is hands down the best around. She truly cares about her patients and took incredible care of our dog up until we finally had to say goodbye. I tell a lot of my friends and clients who move to Richmond that Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital is the only place they should take their pets!

  6. LeAnne Lane 2023/08

    Best vet in town!

  7. Camille Harris 2023/08

    Dr. Jason and Dr. Sara are wonderful, competent, caring, and kind vets. They go the extra mile for our aging cat. Other staff are also terrific. Highly recommend this place!

  8. Ann McMullan 2023/05

    Dr. Hiser and his staff are incredibly kind, genuinely sympathetic and obviously very skilled! Dr. Hiser was there for us as we lost our 15 year old Macy, and I will always be indebted to him for his kindness and professionalism.

  9. Jacqueline Tu 2023/04

    Jane has been taking care of Wilson for almost 10 years. She and her staff are absolutely the best. We wouldn’t take Wilson anywhere else. Thanks for always taking such great care of him.


  10. Cheryl Matchunis 2023/02

    Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital has the best Veterinarians in Richmond !

  11. Heather Maury 2023/02

    I have had companion animals my entire life and I can honestly say Dr. Hiser and his staff are the most knowledgeable, the most kind, the most humane veterinary clinic I have ever used. Dr. Hiser is, without a doubt, the most compassionate vet I’ve ever known. He gets down on the floor to talk to your animals, he takes every possible step to help your animals, he talks to the humans in plain language and helps you make decisions. I cannot recommend him and his entire practice highly enough.

  12. Ryan Heise 2023/01

    Very friendly staff. Dr. Jason is fantastic with my pets and they’ve gotten great care.

  13. Eric Donovan 2023/01

    We can’t stay enough good things about Dr. Hiser and the staff at Scott Addition Animal Hospital. They have been so helpful, kind, and caring while proving high quality care to our very needy and medically challenged pup. We feel so lucky to have found SAAH and wouldn’t take our dog anywhere else.

  14. Jennifer Harper 2023/01

    We have been going to Dr. Jane for almost 17 years. She is fantastic and genuinely cares! She takes all the time needed to help care for our pets ❤️

  15. Erin Drulis 2022/11

    I cannot say enough amazing things about Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital! We moved here from Philly/New Jersey this summer, and I feel so lucky to have found this practice. Hands down the best vet care we have ever received (and we have tried a few). Panda is a rescue with a skin condition and everyone at SAAH is so patient and kind to us. Panda loves going to the vet because everyone is so welcoming. Dr. Jason and Karen the vet tech go above and beyond to answer any of my questions or concerns without overselling unnecessary treatments. Tiffany at the front desk is so helpful and patient as is everyone else we have interacted with here. 10 out of 10, can’t recommend enough.


  16. Kristy Pavlica 2022/10

    My first visit to the Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital with my cat was excellent. Dr. Jason Hiser was extremely kind and professional throughout the visit. So much better than the last vet I went to. I’m happy to have found a great place to take my cat. Finally.

  17. Julie Blanton 2022/09

    One of the only vets I’ve ever been to that takes the time to get to know my pets and actually strives for a stress free environment. Both of my pups have a lot of anxiety when it comes to vet visits but Dr Jason takes the time to get on their level and earn their trust. Really speaks volumes to their care of the animals!

  18. Isaac Brear 2022/08

    Dr Hiser and the team at SA Animal Hospital are incredible! Their care for our pets has been nothing short of of amazing. Additionally, their flexibility to work us in for short-notice appointments has been extremely helpful.

    When our pets encounter health issues, Dr Hiser always walks us through the diagnosis and presents treatment options. I’ve never felt pressured to make any choice and appreciate the ability to have a say in the treatment process.

    We met Dr Hiser when our senior cat began have health issues. Since then we brought both of our dogs over to his care. I highly recommend SA Animal Hospital for anyone looking for a caring and thoughtful vet.

  19. Ben Salkeld 2022/08

    Honestly Dr. Jane Hiser is the best vet I’ve ever dealt with. She’s not only knowledgeable, but takes the time to be transparent and clear with you about what she’s suggesting, why she’s suggesting it, and all necessary considerations. She remembers you and your pets, makes the experience very personal and comfortable for both you and your pet, and clearly strives to make everything easy and painless. I’ve never had any trouble with making an appointment. We even received a hand-written card in the mail just after seeing her for the first time 4 months ago. We called the front office about our dog’s digestive issues one day and Dr. Hiser wasn’t in the office, but she still called us later that day to give us advice and set up a plan. Incredible above and beyond touches.

    Our dog loves her and her assistants and that’s not a lucky accident — they put in the time and effort to make him comfortable every visit. I wish MY doctor was this wonderful!

  20. Trap Da FLIGHT 86 2022/08

    They moved quickly and sufficiently and I felt like my dog was in great hands I was in and out within the matter of 45 minutes to an hour which isn’t long and they work very quickly and the people that are very polite

  21. Louise Anderson 2022/07

    Great service.

  22. Amanda Holland 2022/07

    My cats always get the best care they need, I definitely recommend Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital for most care but just a heads up… to spay a cat is $800. I was kind of floored when I got the bill so I just didn’t want anyone else to be blindsided.

  23. Erin Vera 2022/07

    Without a doubt the best veterinary practice I could ever hope for. I have brought my two dogs and cat here to see Dr. Jane for routine checkups and a problem visit as well. The facility is very clean/modern (with loads of parking thank god) and the staff are all super friendly and helpful.
    Dr. Jane is a phenomenal vet. I’ve never had someone take so much time, with such attentiveness, for each of my individual animals.
    Even if I move away from Richmond I will 100% come back for appointments with this vet.

  24. Micheal Sparks 2022/04

    Hands down the best vet in Richmond! Professional, courteous and priced reasonably. What a great addition to our community 💫 …

  25. Jaydilla 2022/04

    Very caring, extremely knowledgeable, and personable. The vets and supporting staff here are all top notch. We know our dog is in great hands at SAAH.

  26. Blue 2022/04

    The staff was super friendly and very helpful.

  27. Wayne Davis 2022/04

    Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Always a positive experience when we visit.

  28. Lindsay Jimenez 2022/03

    Dr. Hiser and staff are absolutely amazing! Our two Goldens love going in, and the staff are crazy about them. We know anytime we have to take them in, they’re receiving thorough and wonderful care. Highly recommend!

  29. Dawn Shepherd 2022/01

    They treat my angels very well. Would highly recommend

  30. Denise Loveless 2022/01

    I have had Dr Hiser for years even before his clinic opened. He has always taken great care and time with my three dogs. He gives you many alternatives for treatments which is great. His staff is always so nice and does their best to help. I drive from Dinwiddie for this clinic that should tell you how great everyone is. Dr Jane Hiser is great too very thorough.

  31. Scott Mates 2022/01

    Absolutely love Dr Jane Hiser! She is so personable, helpful and knowledgeable. She always takes her time to explain and is very honest! We followed her from her last practice as we loved her so much! Staff is also super helpful and very kind!

  32. Josie Kremer 2022/01

    I made an appointment for my cat because she had been drooling excessively suddenly and had scabs on her body. They were very nice in fitting me into their schedule since I was about to go out of town. Once I came to pick her up, they said the scabs were from fleas. I asked about the drooling and the vet tech had no idea what I was talking about—they never looked in her mouth, not even once I asked again at the pickup. They said it was probably nothing. A month later and I see that she’s lost an upper canine and 3 teeth behind it. Now she has trouble eating and is still drooling constantly. I took her to another vet and he couldnt believe they didn’t even look in her mouth.
    On top of that, I specifically requested when dropping my cat off that they contact me before giving her any meds/treatment since money is tight for me and I know vets will often give unnecessary meds for the profit. Yet they gave her three medications, two of which were unnecessary, and when I asked about it at pickup, they gave me a hard time and only a 20% or so refund.

  33. Tiffany 2021/11

    This place is wonderful. I know they just opened but my cat has been seeing Dr. Jane Hiser for many years at another hospital. My first experience here is top notch. You can’t go inside right now because of COVID but I was not waiting long in the parking lot and felt very comfortable knowing my cat was in good hands.

  34. Ashlyn Hudson 2021/11

    I LOVE Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital. Had an emergency situation with my pup and they fit me in at the end of the day, took great care of him, and helped me avoid a costly emergency animal hospital visit. Have checked on him consistently after the fact. Lovely place. Highly recommend.

  35. Landon Davis 2021/08

    beautiful customer service and such a clean space!

  36. Laura Helms 2021/06

    They took great care of Mr. Jesse. The staff is wonderful and caring. They rock! High five to the Docs

  37. Tammy Wyatt 2021/06

    One of the most loving and caring veterinary hospital around Dr. Hiser takes an incredible amount of time talking to you about any of your pet needs. I highly recommend them!

  38. Gianna Varca 2021/06

    The people at Scotts Addition Animal Hospital helped reunite us with a furry friend and we couldn’t be more grateful. They are super professional and a great place to bring your animal.

  39. Asa Bryant 2021/06

    Jason had great honest advice for the care of my dog. Didn’t try and oversell unnecessary treatments or anything like that. I’m glad I discovered Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital.

  40. Aly Campana 2021/05

    We are so thankful to have found Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital! I have worked in the veterinary field for the past 6 years, and I am consistently pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and quality of care. I understand deeply the dire need for veterinary care nationwide, and can say from experience that the entire team works so hard to provide care to the RVA/surrounding communities.

    Dr. Jane is wonderful, and the assistants/techs/front staff are always so patient and kind. The most outstanding part for me and my partner was seeing how our previously vet-aggressive cat was cared for, and how he responded to the staff. He has needed sedation before for very simple exams/vaccines, but was relaxed enough to let the staff do an exam, vaccinate him, and clean out his ears…something we aren’t even able to do at home. Our youngest cat also warmed up very quickly to the staff, and we were given solid advice and ideas on how to help her through the transition of becoming a much more confident (and litter trained) indoor kitten.

    Popcorn and Kafi send a big Thank You!


  41. Nick Banta 2021/04

    Dr Hiser and his team are awesome. Prices are very competitive and they have been able to accommodate last minute appointments for me. Can’t recomend enough.

  42. Lindy Wright 2021/04

    Every One and Every Thing!!!

  43. Lila Kelso 2021/04

    We just moved to Richmond and had a friend recommend Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital—we will now be recommending it to anyone who asks! They have been so kind to our pup Charlie, including taking him for a walk on his first visit to have him associate the vet with a positive experience. So glad we were sent your way!

  44. Vanessa Pralle 2021/04

    The best veterinarians imaginable. I’ve known Dr Hisser and Karen for years…they have taken great care of our late puggle over the years. Dr Hisser never hesitated to explain various treatment plans and his passion for caring for animals is so obvious. We were so lucky to have them when we put our puggle down. My husband was really impressed with their kindness and thoughtful actions in making Snaggle comfortable. As soon as we get a new dog, we will be back! There is no one I trust with my animals like Dr Hisser.

  45. Hannah Rouse 2021/03

    My pup just had his first visit with Dr.Jason and I only have great things to say about Scott’s Addition Animal Hospital! Scheduling an appointment was so easy. There are standard and drop off appointments available to fit your needs. After my drop off appointment, the vet tech (I believe, Karen) called and left a thorough, helpful summary of the appointment. When she pointed some follow up questions to Dr.Jason, he was able to hop on the phone, speak with me right away, and he took the time to make sure my concerns were completely addressed. All in all, everyone I interacted with at SA Animal Hospital, from the front desk to the vet, was knowledgeable, kind, and super helpful. 100% recommend!

  46. Kirk Roberts 2021/03

    We were really bummed when Dr Hiser (Jason) left the last place, because the mobile thing didn’t really work well for us. Now that he’s back on West Broad, we couldn’t be happier. He’s always taken great care of our pets over the years, and we’re confident that we’re not being sold on a bunch of stuff we don’t need.

  47. Nettie Meluch 2021/03

    This hospital has the most caring and professional staff in town. They care for your pet as if he or she were their own!

  48. Amanda Robinson 2021/01

    I cannot say enough good things about this place. I found Dr. Hiser through a recommendation from a friend and knew nothing about them coming in. I’m really glad I followed through on that one! The first time I met the vet, I felt that he truly cared about my pet and me. Conversation flowed easily like reconnecting with an old friend. I never feel rushed and I always feel like a priority at this practice. Even my dog is happy and excited when he arrives. That was certainly not the case at the last vet. I’ve only been inside the office once (due to covid) but the building appears to be really nice, new, well kept and spacious! I keep trying to get my Mom to write a review for them because she feels the exact same way that I do but she’s not as technologically inclined 😉 If you’re looking for a new vet, you will not be disappointed. Thank you SAAH for all you do for us!

  49. Peyton Hannon 2020/12

    My pups have been with Dr. Jason Hiser for years now – I trust him and his team beyond doubt! We had our first appointment at their new office and it was easy, efficient, and a great experience. 12/10 recommend them!

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