Sarah Sits-N-Stays, Inc. Dog Walking and Pet Care

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Sarah Sits-N-Stays, Inc. Dog Walking and Pet Care
4.9 based on 88 reviews
  1. Walter Murphy 2023/11

    We have used Sarah and her crew of dog lovers since 2017. We had two dogs – one nervous and one reactive – which meant we could not trust just anyone with their care. From the beginning, everyone at Sarah-Sits-and-Stays has taken the time to get to know our pups and handle them in a safe and loving manner. We have used them for regular dog walks and overnights. They are professional and caring. They have worked closely with us as our needs and our dogs needs have changed. They have even stepped in last minute in emergencies. Our pups are like children to us and we could not ask for more than the wonderful care they receive from Sarah and her team.

  2. Bridget Walsh 2023/11

    Feels like family! I highly recommend Sarah Sits N Stays. They are wonderful. Highly skilled and trustworthy. I feel very lucky to have come across them. My Dogs really enjoy their walks and play dates. Thank you to the staff

  3. Courtney Efird 2023/11

    I am so lucky to have been recommended Sarah Sits-N-Stays by a friend. They have been so easy to schedule with and super accommodating when changes are needed. I have utilized walks, grooming and overnight feeding/check ins and everything has been great. I would highly recommend them!

  4. Holly Cerasano 2023/10

    I have been using Sarah Sits-N-Stays for dog walking services ever since I adopted my dog last year. Sarah and all the walkers have been absolutely amazing. Sarah made sure my dog was paired with walkers who are comfortable with an energetic, young dog and my dog has gained so much confidence through her daily walks. The walkers are reliable, experienced and communicative. My dog and I are very thankful for all the help!


  5. Elizabeth Klaczynski 2023/10

    Sarah and her amazing employees have been walking The Ladies (my two senior pups with grand dame energies) for almost two years. I am extremely particular when it comes to the care of my dogs, and the Sarah-Sits-N-Stays team has never disappointed. They go above and beyond to take wonderful care of my girls and to keep me informed about their walking sessions. I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks for loving The Ladies as much as I do!

  6. Max Lapaz 2023/10

    I haven’t used them personally, but I saw her walking a group of dogs on a trail by my house. 3 very large dogs – the lady walking them had no control of them and kept yelling that her dogs were reactive and to stay away. I was no where near them, but I feared for my safety the way the lady was having a whole anxiety attack trying to control them. Please be more mindful of others using the trail.

  7. David 2023/10

    Great service

    -edit: other people left longer reviews so I’ll add something, I like that they take GREAT photos! I’m never someone that takes a lot of pictures so it’s nice to get them in my inbox and through their Instagram.

  8. Chris Smith 2023/10

    Hands down the best. Specialized care for our special needs pets over the years, great team with a real love for what they do and honest pricing and clear communication. Will always choose Sarah Sit n Stays – they’re like family now!

  9. Caylor Feeley 2023/10

    Our pup absolutely LOVES his dog walk and play time with Monika, our Sarah Sits ‘N Stays dog professional! Tucker, our dog, now literally knows the word “Monika” and “friends” and he gets SO excited when it’s time for his walk and play time! He knows the time and day and gets so happy when it’s closer to pick up. He always comes back tired, and if you have a hyper dog like we do, you know how crucial that is for your own sanity. They do such a good job of taking care of him and prioritize safety. They are also very flexible, when Tucker was having some stomach issues, they totally understood we needed to cancel. We really trust Sarah Sits ‘N Stays with our beloved pup! Also, Monika takes the cutest pics of Tucker!


  10. Christina Garnett 2023/10

    The Sarah Sits team are amazing! Super professional, always a full update on the walk or visit with any necessary notes. Everyone is loving, caring and friendly to my animals! I highly recommend them! They are reliable and looooove the animals!! They take great care of them always!

  11. Yukari Nakamura 2023/10

    Highly recommend Sarah sits-n-stays. Tanoshi is super happy when she gets scooped up for her car rides and adventure walks. It was really important to us that she stay socialized and we have been very happy with this company. We love getting the messages and seeing the pictures of her with her friends. Sarah G and Heather are her main walkers and she loves them. When she gets home, she takes a long nap. 😊

  12. Krista Simmerman 2023/10

    What a lifesaver these guys are! I have a reactive border collie with serious stranger danger! Sarah took the time to understand our specific needs and partnered us with the best walker (in my opinion) Sarah G and my pup loves her! They have even taken the time to help socialize her with other dogs and she has a great new friend she doesn’t even bark at if she sees her around the neighborhood! Not sure where we would be without them!!!


  13. Karissa Arthur 2023/10

    I cannot say enough about Sarah Sits-N-Stays! Look no further if you are looking for someone to take care of your fur babies! We have been using Sarah’s company since moving to Richmond in August 2022 and couldn’t be happier. My partner and I have very hectic schedules, but we have never been unable to schedule a daily walk and lunch for our dog and cat (even sometimes at the last minute!). We have also used them for overnight visits during weekends we are away. We have never been concerned and always feel safe knowing Sarah’s company is taking care of them. They even send pictures and updates every day summarizing their time together. Our dog Teddy is always happy (as you can see!) and well-exercised when we get home. Even our cat, who is not much of a “people person,” has warmed up to the staff. We have had nothing but good experiences with all the walkers/sitters, but I would like to give a special shoutout to Madi who is our main walker. She is AMAZING and Teddy absolutely LOVES her! Seriously… look no further if you need a walker or sitter!


  14. Lindsey Atkinson 2023/10

    We have been using Sarah Sits since moving to Richmond in 2019 and always have a great experience!! It’s a small company so you & your pets getting to know each sitter is such a bonus! Everyone is so sweet, treating your pets like their own, and I love that they send reports & photos after each visit, it’s nice to see what’s going on when we are away. We have a senior dog who is also signed up for weekly play dates which are the highlight of her week!!

  15. Katy Shively 2023/09

    Sarah Sits-N-Stays is a phenomenal-quality pet sitting service that we have used a number of times for our VERY shy cat. Everyone on the team is extremely caring, communicative, and patient with our little hider! One time our cat was locked in a closet by the house cleaners for a day, and Sarah’s team worked together to rescue our gal, including going back an extra time to check on her! They really do love and take care of your pets like their own. As owner, Sarah clearly cares about the safety and comfort of the pets AND her employees, which I deeply respect. And each of her employees is a gem. Our cat even comes out to cuddle with a few of them now!

  16. Nancy Powers 2023/07

    I cannot say enough good things about Sarah sits n stays services! I use them weekly for dog walks and they do a wonderful job and I have just used them while I was gone for a week on vacation. Every visit I got a picture and updates of my two fur babies. I didn’t worry at all and was able to have a wonderful time!! I highly recommend!

  17. Sarah Chicalese 2023/07

    Sarah and her team are fantastic! My pup loves her weekly walks and play dates and all of our pets are well taken care of when we go away. Chelsea and Madi have been particularly amazing – their walks and outings with our dog have given her such confidence after being a bit nervous with new people and dogs.

  18. Frances Delgado 2022/10

    I have used the Sarah Sits-N-Stays services for 2 years now. I have a cat that is not crazy about other people and doesn’t do well in pet hotels/veterinary lodging. I believe the fact that they come to your residence and help clean the animal area, check on them when they hide ( like mine does for the few days Im out), give meds if necessary, pet/feed/play/walk and give the attention and time the pet needs distinguish them from other similar services. They are great at communicating with me, even when I left the country for 14 days, they kept me informed of their arrival, departure and any interaction with my pet. The website is accessible and easy, which I can’t say is true for the other service I used in the past.
    As a cat owner is always stressful to find pet carers that can come to the residence. I don’t feel my cat does well when obligated to leave her space so I believe this company and Sarah provides me with the best service to keep my little food gremlin safe and happy at home while I’m on vacation.


  19. jamiegg84 2022/10

    Sarah Sits-N-Stays has been an amazing service for our dog! We have a rescue who is shy and needed socialization with other dogs. Sarah Gaskins has been so helpful to our dog, Maeby, to help her socialize and feel comfortable with other dogs. We get a note and pictures of their walk every time they go together. Sarah knows Maeby loves trail walks, and caters to her to take her on fun adventure trails. Our dog greets Sarah with happy whimpers and zoomies, and she is always happily tuckered out after their walk. I highly recommend their service to care for your pup!

  20. Paige O'Brien 2022/09

    I have been using Sarah Sits-n-Stays for both in home sitting and weekly walks for my dog Darby for over a year and a half now. They are invaluable in their reliability and care of our 4 legged family member. Darby knows when they are coming for her walks as she waits do by the door. She is never disappointed as she had so much fun and gets great exercise and socialization. She gets a variety of play dates and walks. It eases my mind that she is well taken care of and gets out when days can get busy for us. Thank you so much to all the at Sarah Sits-n-Stays who take such good care of her! (She is the white one in the pic)


  21. Jeff Einhaus 2022/08

    Sarah and her team are phenomenal. Our pup has gained so much confidence around other people and other dogs thanks to these excellent walkers. We’re really grateful that we found Sarah, and we look forward to being customers for years to come!

  22. Danny Walden 2022/06

    Very organized, reliable, and timely. I know I can trust Sarah’s crew to be there for me and Lilah. They always send an email when the visit begins and ends, and an email after with a pic – and sometimes, if I know the walker, a text during. They sometimes aren’t available last minute, but of course I don’t expect that – and Sarah often goes out of her way to try to find someone. 5 stars, thanks Sarah and team!

  23. stacie Lefeavers 2022/06

    I use Sarah Sits-N-Stays for weekly dog walks and pet sitting. The sitters are consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. The dogs love having little adventures and meeting new friends. I credit their expert care for giving my 4 year old rescue dog extra confidence and for helping my 13 year old dog gain a little more pep in his step. This is a truly wonderful service.


  24. Evan MacKenzie 2022/05

    Sarah Sits-N-Stays took care of our cat for a week while we were on vacation. Someone from the team was able to visit at the same time almost every day. Madi was our petsitter for most of the week and she went above and beyond to give us delightful daily updates (email & text) with photos. We were really happy with the communication and felt confident that our cat was in great hands. Thank you!

  25. Jennifer Leon 2022/05

    Sarah Sit-N-Stays is a wonderful and reliable pet sitting service. We have used them for both weekly social hikes for our pup, as well as day care services for our cats when we’re out of town. They provide peace of mind to us as pet owners and the employees are extremely caring and attentive to our pets. I highly recommend!

  26. Alex Sklut - Personal 2022/04

    I use Sarah Sits-N-Stays for pet-sitting and dog-walking and I could not be happier with their services! Easy to communicate with, professional, and treat my animals like family. Cannot recommend them highly enough – you can trust your pets with Sarah Sits-N-Stays!

  27. Jessie Oldham 2022/04

    Sarah and Madi took great care of my two cats while I was out of town. The communication was excellent, and they kept me informed with pictures and updates the whole time. I felt very assured that my cats were in great hands, which alleviated the stress of being away. I will definitely be using them for all future trips. 10/10 would recommend.

  28. Emily Warden Designs 2022/03

    Sarah Sits-N-Stay provides an excellent service and has been a huge relief for dog care during the work day. My dog cannot wait to go on her daily adventure! The emailed update and photos after each walk goes above & beyond in ensuring your pup is in good hands 🙂 It has also helped socialize my dog as well which comes in handy for being around other dogs and people. Highly recommend!!

  29. Omar Hassan 2021/11

    We always hate leaving our cat when we travel because she’s an adopted stray who is very attached to me and is scared of almost everyone. We had experience with Sarah Sits-N-Stays from several years ago when they used to walk our pug while we were overseas, but this is the first time we engaged them since for our kitty. From the very beginning they were very thorough in getting all the information about her and very responsive to emails and messages.

    While we were gone, we received at least one email per day with photos and an update on how she was doing, which alleviated a lot of our anxiety. In addition, they picked up the late arriving Christmas packages and left different lights on every night. I can’t recommend them enough, and we will definitely be using Sarah Sits-N-Stays every time we have to leave her. Thank you so much!!!!!

  30. Laura Kottkamp 2021/09

    Not having to wrangle two 60 pound wigglers into the car to take them anyplace and have the professional come to the house? Sign me Up!

  31. Kathy Judkins 2021/08

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this service. I had a unique situation in that I needed a dog walker for a loved one in assisted living. Sarah Sits-N-Stays gave excellent service – always on time, walked the dog at least a full hour, made sure the pup had water upon return, and sent me an email telling how the walk went. Most importantly to me, each and every walker displayed such compassion and kindness to my loved one as well as her dog. They are excellent!!! Highly recommend!

  32. Christopher Ames 2021/07

    My dog Owen and I recently moved to Richmond and were in need of a dog walker. Sarah, April, and the rest of the team have been absolutely fantastic from day #1. I can’t recommend them enough and know that my pup looks forward to seeing them on days they visit!

  33. Priya Gyani 2021/04

    I have a crazy schedule as a healthcare worker and Sarah went above and beyond to work with me. Not only is the service flexible and reliable, but you get a “visit summary” after each walk. I’m so impressed by this company and so happy I found them!

  34. Sheryl Jenkins 2021/04

    Just had Sarah Sits take care of our very anxious dog for a few days while we were traveling and I can honestly say that they are the best petsitter we’ve ever had! The daily updates from the sitters and the overall communication and coordination with Sarah is top notch! So glad we found these guys!!

  35. Madison Wood 2021/03

    The BEST dog sitting and walking service. I have never felt more comfortable leaving my dog in the hands of others. Sarah and her crew are beyond professional, reliable, and great with dogs. They truly get to know the dogs and tailor the experience towards that. They send pictures and a recap with every visit. Any time my dog has a walk, he is in such a happy mood the rest of the day. We even call Merritt, one of the walkers/sitters Nugget’s best friend bc of how happy he is after he sees them.

    Nugget has had some confidence issues before. When we would go on walks, Nugget would sometimes growl at other dogs or seem nervous. After Sarah Sits N Stays got to know Nugget, I mentioned that I wished he could go on the social walks they offered. She immediately mentioned that socializing him could help with the confidence. Based on their knowledge of all of the dogs they walk, they set him up with a dog they felt was a good fit. They tested him out by having two walkers. When it was a success, they continued to pair him with other dogs that were a good fit for a weekly social walk. Nugget now has SO much more confidence. He never growls on walks, or seems nervous around other dogs. He even wants to play with other dogs he sees now and gets playful. We love seeing our dog be more of a dog again.

    I cannot say enough great things about this company, and the amazing people that are part of it.


  36. Kim Ruscio 2021/02

    Sarah and her team did an exceptional job caring for Miley during our 3 day family wedding weekend. The wonderful care they provided was a huge relief for us. A great perk is their follow up emails and pictures after each visit. Every team member arrived as scheduled. Top notch professional service. We could tell Miley was in good hands as, when we were all crossing paths, Miley immediately greeted each sitter the minute they arrived, never looking back. Happy and ready to go! A wonderful group of caring people who love our pets. Miley is now scheduled for a weekly walk/ play time w/her new friends @ Sarah Sits-n-Stays


  37. Lisa Montgomery 2021/01

    Excellent references. Will use her for sure.

  38. Kathy Morrison 2020/09

    When we moved to Richmond several months ago I was concerned about finding a reliable sitter for my cats. Our apartment complex recommended Sarah Sits-N-Stay. From the very thorough questionnaire to the meeting with Sarah to the actual pet sitting, we have been very happy with the service! We get a daily update via email after each visit so we know how the cats are doing. I had a question and got a prompt answer. It’s good to know that we have a professional, reliable and caring sitter. Highly recommend Sarah Sits-N-Stay.

  39. Mika Catalano 2020/09

    These guys are the best! Sarah and her team are so thorough and very very attentive. I’ve been using them for over a year now for daily visits while I’m at work. My dog couldn’t be happier!!! He loves his regular walker, Anne, and is making so many new friends and getting lots of good exercise in during his play dates! I recently needed them last minute for a weekend out of town and Sarah was so accommodating and found a way to make it work even with the short notice! The sitters notified be when they arrived and left and sent a detailed description of their visits with cute pics which made me feel so much better about leaving the fur babies. I’m so glad I found them!! I 1000% recommend!

  40. Erik Holmgren 2020/08

    I highly recommend Sarah Sits-N-Stays to take care of your precious pup. They’ve been helping me with my now senior dog for many, many years. Sarah has always paid special attention to his unique needs so I know he is in great hands when he’s out on a walk, or when he ventures out with Dump Truck and visits with other pups in their pack. Recently, we’ve also used Sarah and her team for nail trim visits. The best part is the email summaries after every visit with details on their activities and even a cute picture.


  41. Paul Logan 2020/05

    They have taken our almost 12 year old goldendoodle for lunchtime play dates and taken care of her when we’re out of town for the last four years and they are amazing, can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you!

  42. Barbara Smith-Dawkins 2020/05

    I recommend Sarah Sits-N-Stays to care for your dogs when you are out of town. We also have them come once a week for walks. We have 4 dogs with all different personalities and the team took great care of them and their individual needs. I love the emails and pictures for each visit. My husband and I have complete peace of mind when the dogs are in their care.

  43. Cynthia Hummer 2020/05

    Our dogs ARE our children and Sarah and her staff treat them likewise! I have been using their services for the last 3 years and I couldn’t imagine not having them to rely on! And speaking of that they are completely reliable! I love that they give us a “heads up” before they arrive. We also love getting the pictures of their walks! They are very concerned about the dogs safety and any issues they may have to deal with. So if you’re looking for the best Sarah Sits n Stays is the absolute best you can ask for in dog care! We are moving out of the area and will miss the staff very much!❤️

  44. Julie Brackett 2020/03

    Loved the updates while we were out of the country. Pictures and video of our pet were sent to us and emails with exact times they were at our house. Also brought in a package that we weren’t expecting to be delivered while we were away and rotated lights. Highly recommend, we will use again!

  45. Pam Reilly 2020/02

    Sarah and her capable team took such good care of our kitty while we were out of town. She is shy, but they patiently coaxed her out every day and played with her and stroked her. They gave her her medicine every day and were very careful to follow instructions. She was more relaxed than usual when we returned, thanks to her excellent care.

  46. Whitney Nelson-Crawford 2020/01

    I would highly recommend Sarah Sits-N-Stays. Anne took such great care of our dog each week – he was extremely happy and VERY tired after her visits. We always got a lovely email telling us about his activities for that day and an action shot or video.


  47. Paige O'Brien 2020/01

    It was so important for us to not worry while we went away and that is exactly what we got! Not only did our doggy get what she needed, she also got affection and positive attention. It was important for us to keep her at home because she has had so many changes in last year. We were a little worried about having more than one sitter to take care of her at first. But, they were so thorough about collecting ALL the info needed to make every sitter’s visit seamless, it all went without a hitch. Each sitter let us know when they arrived and left as well as daily pictures and summaries on how she was doing. As a matter of fact, we think she loved having all the attention from different sitters and even probably felt like a staycation of her own. We are beyond grateful for all the sitters giving her the love and attention we wanted her to have and also taking such good care of her and keeping her safe. We highly recommend and will not hesitate to use again! Thank you so much!

  48. Shel Horta 2019/10

    I’m a big fan of Sarah and her team. They take good care of my puppy, are patient with his quirks, and make it possible for me to focus on my work knowing my pup is in good hands. I especially love their follow-up emails and pictures telling me about his day. I trust them with my furry family- my dog and my cat.

    I highly recommend this excellent group of caring individuals.

  49. Carrie Peterson 2019/10

    I (and my two cats) are new clients of Sarah Sits-N-Stays, but are already very impressed with their cat care. The Sarah Sits team makes everything very easy by being organized and great communication. You can book visits online (sits, walks, care, etc.) and Sarah follows up quickly to confirm. Then, while you are away, the team reports how the visit went, and what exactly was accomplished (feeding, play, litter cleaning, etc.). Also, they send you videos and photos of your sweeties to prove that they are just fine without you. I was surprised to find Sarah Sits went above and beyond by checking my mail, sweeping up litter tracks, and washing cat dishes. I will continue to be a happy client.

  50. Kaitlin Embrey 2019/09

    Great experience! They were so kind and thorough. They brought in mail and newspaper as well! Our little guy loved them! thank you again!

  51. Cecile Myers 2019/09

    I have been using Sarah’s Sits for a couple of years now. They are great sitters and I trust them to keep my dogs happy and safe. Chief and Honcho look forward to their visits. Great walks and wonderful socializing. Thank you Sarah, Anne , et al. We love you!

  52. Alana Harris 2019/09

    Right from the initial meet and greet Sarah and her team were spectacular. Actually, even before that, when I was setting up my account, Sarah was more than helpful assisting. I have a busy week and I always feel a sense of relief when I know it is a day that my pup boy gets walked. They do a great job updating me on company changes, new faces and how my pup does on his walk. They always send me pictures and it is the highlight of my day! Will not use any other walking company. Thanks so much Sarah and your team!!!!!!!!

  53. Tyler Mormando 2019/09

    I’ve used Sarah Sits for going on 3 years now and I have never had a negative experience. I use them several times a year to watch my 2 cats. I love the email updates (so detailed!) and the pictures. They recently expanded their team and the new members are just as awesome! Cannot recommend them enough.

  54. Mimi King 2019/09

    Sarah and her crew were absolutely amazing – this is the first time I’ve used a pet sitting service, and I couldn’t have felt better after our meet and greet. The attention to detail, even with the small crazy cat lady things I do for both cats, made all the difference in the world. I could tell from the photos and summary of their visit that both cats were relaxed and enjoyed the visit, including my shy guy who hides under the bed! Cannot recommend this company highly enough and I’m most definitely looking forward to using them again in the near future.

  55. Matthew Walentiny 2019/08

    Absolutely incredible, thorough, and thoughtful care at very reasonable prices. Received a detailed email update every day about our pets along with photos or videos which helped set our mind at ease while away from them.

  56. Whitney Boggs 2019/07

    My husband and I hired Sarah and her team to take care of our dog and cat while we were out of town for 5 days. We had an initial consultation where Sarah brought 4 of her team over to meet us and the animals, and go over their schedules. They seemed very knowledgeable about animals and knew what they were doing! I felt very confident to leave our pets in their care, and they proved us right! Per our preset schedule, they came over 3 times a day while we were gone, and twice during each day, send a detailed email with pictures of how those visit went. Our animals were happy and healthy when we returned and everything seemed to be in order. Thank you! Looking forward to working with Sarah and her team again!

  57. Lindsay Benson Garrett 2019/07

    Sarah and her team have made going out of town a breeze for my kitty. We know she is always well taken care of, thanks to the wonderful updates we get from every visit. We’re thankful we found Sarah Sits-N-Stays!

  58. Scott Milstead 2019/07

    I’ve been using SSnS for several years now. Sarah is extremely detail oriented, which I appreciate. I travel often for work so it gives me real peace of mind to know my pup is being well cared for. And the email updates/status reports are very much appreciated!

  59. Gaby Rilee 2019/06

    I have used Sarah Sits and Stays two times now for private visits, and I have been so pleased with the process from start to finish. The website is easy to use and communication is quick, professional and clear. I love how thorough the questionnaire about each pet is. Between the questionnaire, the in-person meeting, and several ways to contact the team, you can rest assured that nothing will slip through the cracks and your pets will be very well cared for.
    I love having the option for private visits at a very reasonable price.
    My FAVORITE part is the email you get after each visit, summarizing what they did, how they acted and some cute pictures!
    Sarah and her team do a great job!

  60. Ronaldo Lopez 2019/06

    Excellent company! They have been watching my dog for over four years now, and from the beginning I’ve found them reliable, easy to work with, and my dog is always well taken care of. My dog is a bit older now, and knowing she gets the love and attention she needs when I’m away has given me great peace of mind. I know I can trust Sarah and her team, and I’m always comfortable leaving my pup in their care, can’t recommend them enough.

  61. Luka Radakovic 2019/05

    Great company to work with! They took great care of our pets and kept us updated daily with emails/pictures.

  62. ronaldo lopez 2019/05

    I cannot overstate how fortunate I feel to have found a pet sitter that I truly trust with my pet and my home. Sarah and her team have been watching over my dog, Riley, for five years now, and I can rest easy knowing that she’s getting the best possible care, attention, and love when I’m gone.

    Sarah’s team always sends updates with photos, Riley’s always healthy and happy when I get back, and my home is always well looked after. Sarah has made a point of socializing Riley with her dog, Dump Truck (Riley loves Dump Truck), which has been a hugely positive influence on her.

    If you need someone to not only feed and walk your pet, but truly care for them and make their visits a positive experience, check out Sarah Sits, I cannot recommend them enough.

  63. cfshhhp 2019/05

    I tried contacting her by email and other various types of contact.
    She never answered.

  64. Eric Rowsey 2019/04

    Sarah and her team have always been the absolute best. I know my dog is not only taken care of but is loved like he is one of their own. The updates that I receive following his play dates are always so thought-felt and most of the time include some incredibly cute pictures or videos. Sarah is very responsive and receptive to my needs when scheduling conflicts or adjustments arise. I always know I can trust Sarah and her team to keep my dog (and my house for that matter) safe! I recommend Sarah to anybody I come across in need of pet care!

  65. Andrew Apostle 2019/04

    Outstanding professional services!!!
    Sarah has painstakingly vetted her staff.
    Pet and client needs are paramount.
    Clearly this isn’t just a business but a calling.

    Regarding the non 5 star reviews, I’ve never experienced this in the 3 YEARS we’ve retained her services.

  66. Elizabeth Schlatter 2019/04

    We’ve used them for dog walking and for cat care when we are away. They are GREAT! When we travel, they always send us photos and sometimes even videos in their daily email updates on how the kitties are doing. And they helped our dog get over his “issues” with riding in a car. Can’t recommend them enough!

  67. Jodi Kuhn 2019/04

    Sarah has been taking care of our pup for over five years. We have had the privilege of watching her business grow and she continues to impress us with her knowledge and professionalism. Sarah has built a team that share her values, motivation, and pride; allowing us to never have to worry about leaving our pup.

  68. Katharine Stein 2019/02

    I have been using Sarah Sits for about 3 years for cat sitting whenever I’m out of town. They truly go above and beyond. Their daily emails/updates are always so thoughtful; they clearly love what they do, which makes for wonderful care . I am always very comforted knowing Sarah and her team are looking after our little guy while we’re away!

  69. Amy Gifford 2019/02

    Sarah and her sitters took great care of our girls when we were out of town for a holiday weekend. They visited 3 times a day for 1 hour each visit and would take the dogs on long walks or hang out with them in the backyard. They even watered my garden which was above and beyond. The sitters would then send lengthy, detailed emails with pictures describing their visits which were lots of fun to read. We used to board the dogs but I always felt that they were pretty stressed in that environment and I was looking for an option that would keep them home. Not only did the dogs look like they were having a blast in every photo, but when we got home they were completely relaxed and happy. It was a huge relief knowing that the girls got such great care while we were away and I will definitely be using their services again!

  70. Emily Kilbride 2019/02

    Sarah’s crew has done a wonderful job of helping my shy dog become more social and happy! Their excellent communication practices really makes working with them a breeze!!

  71. Bethany Roser-DeLoe 2018/04

    I absolutely love Sarah Sits-N-Stays! I have had bad experiences in the past of people I’ve hired to look after my two kitties while I was gone, so I was a bit nervous to try Sarah Sits-N-Stays, but they were completely professional and caring! They met me at my apartment to meet my kitties, they double checked everything from veterinary records to where I kept the litter box, etc. While I was on vacation, Anne took care of my cats and made sure to email me updates with pictures every single day and I cannot even express the relief it brought, I very much appreciated it. Their website, their communication with you, everything I would give them a 5/5 stars. I trust them with my pet babies 100%! Thanks, guys!

  72. Becky Forrest 2018/04

    I cannot say enough great things about Sarah and her team (including Dump Truck)! With them, you get more than people to walk or sit your pets- you get a group caregivers with a true love for and knowledge of animals. When I first adopted my rescue, I needed help right away and didn’t have a lot of time to get to know him and his habits and behavior. Sarah and her team didn’t hesitate to set up visits, and took it slow with one-on-ones before slowly introducing social visits. When we added an elderly dog to our family, they adapted the visits to meet both dogs needs. They have been flexible with my irregular work schedule and have done pet sitting visits when I’ve been out of town. I love the daily updates and photos- it is such a comfort to know that my pets are in such great hands and having lots of fun while I am away!

  73. C Dulik 2017/04

    Love Love Love Sarah and her team. They are very thorough in their on boarding process and good about pairing dogs for play that do well together. They care about your pet, send frequent updates and photos and genuinely care about your pet. Highly recommend!

  74. Ashley Sullivan 2016/11

    Sarah and her team are amazing. We are definitely “crazy dog people” because our dog struggles with a lot of separation anxiety and needs special handling because of being a nervous rescue dog. We were always so nervous to leave him with anyone else or have a dog walker because we never want to do anything to set him back. Ever since we hired Sarah, he has become a different dog. He gets to go hang out with Sarah, Her dog dumptruck, and other doggie friends multiple times a week while we are at work. She sends us the silliest videos and photos so we can check on him during the day. We trust her completely with taking care of Teddy because we know she loves dogs as much as we do and strictly follows any rules you give her. Teddy used to have anxiety attacks when we left for work every single day. He would yelp and tear up the house. He also used to be very overwhelmed by new dogs and new places. Like we said – since meeting Sarah, he has been a different dog. He can now roam the house free when we are gone, which we never thought would happen. He is calm when we leave the house and his separation anxiety has decreased so much. He also gets super excited to go on new adventures to places and meet new doggies. We just love how happy of a dog he is now and we love seeing how much he loves Sarah and her team!!!

  75. Westhampton Merchants 2016/09

    Can’t say enough great things about Sarah and her team. It IS shameless pet-loving. They’re so conscientious, dependable, and caring. River has a better social life than we do!

  76. Whitney Main 2016/07

    I felt 100% confident leaving my puppy Stella in the care of McKenzie, Anne and Sarah after my initial meet and greet visit. As a nurse, I work 12 hour shifts (Stella is able to have multiple visits a day) and my care expectations are extremely high. The care, love, and nurturing Stella has received from this company has surpassed my expectations. The adorable pictures and videos sent during her multiple visits remain highlights in my day!
    At 6months of age, Stella is quite a social butterfly after all of the visits from dog friends and Sarah’s dog Dump Truck! The benefits of this early social interaction has been a tremendous perk from their safe and professional services!
    The attention to detail and peace of mind it gives me to know Stella is exercising, playing, and cuddling while I am at work is so reassuring! Stella is my very first dog so I received a referral from an old neighbor who also entrusted Sarah to care for his dog.

  77. Kevin White 2016/07

    I dont trust many to look after my pup, but everyone at Sarah Sits-N-Stays is awesome. They are very accomodating and I know that my lab is in the best of care. I wouldnt look anywhere else to find someone when I have to leave town.

  78. Jill Blankenburg 2016/05

    We have been so thrilled and delighted with Sarah Sits-N-Stays!! Sarah, the owner is very communicative and responsive. Always great about accommodating our needs and helping us plan out the pet-sitting that will work best for our schedule. Anne, is the one who mostly visits with our “boys”, Bisbee & Canyon (White Shepherds) and they adore her. She is gentle and intuitive and a dog lover at her core. We feel very comfortable and relaxed knowing the dogs are in her care. We do weekly visits/walks, and just started a social walk once a week for the youngest dog who has more energy. The way all is coordinated is great. We feel very safe and secure giving access to our home and our beloved pets – lots of trust there. We are so thankful that we found Sarah & Anne and their helpful services!!

  79. Tuesday Stott 2016/01

    Words cannot express how much I LOVE Sarah Sits-N-Stays! My two rambunctious dogs get all the love, attention, & exercise they need when I am unable to be home with them. Anne knows their unique personalities, and creates a customized dog-walking/pet-sitting experience to ensure they are happy and healthy. I appreciate the proactive communication- texts and pictures of my pups during the day reassure me that they are not only taken care of, but that they are having lots of FUN! There is no one else I would trust with my beloved dogs’ safety & happiness like I do Anne & Sarah.

  80. Kelly Brandon 2016/01

    Sarah, Anne, and McKenzie have been wonderful to work with. I got a puppy right before starting law school and things were a little crazy to say the least. They were great about maintaining any kind of training I was doing with him as a puppy. I have a Kerry Blue Terrier, and he can be a handful, but I can always tell how relaxed he is on the days they have come to see him. I am very hesitant to let anyone in my house without me home, let alone take care of my dog, who is essentially my child, but I have never questioned their professionalism or my dog’s safety while in their care. I don’t know what I would do without them.

  81. Rachel Casey 2015/09

    We recently enlisted Sarah Sits-N-Stays to watch our two kittens for three weeks over the holidays. Sarah and her colleague, Anne, were very communicative, friendly, and professional. The registration process was somewhat intense (paperwork and in-person consultation), but it provided an opportunity for everyone involved to ask questions and ensured me that Sarah is very thorough and thoughtful when providing care. Although I missed my kittens terribly during our trip, I felt confident that they were in good hands. Anne sent us frequent text message updates and photos to keep us in the loop. Our house was in great order when we returned home: mail neatly piled on the counter, clean litter boxes, fresh food and water in the cats’ dishes, and very happy kittens. Anne also left some cute little cat toys as a “thank you.” Overall, good, reliable care for a relatively competitive price!

  82. Jacqueline Knight 2014/11

    Sarah and Dump Truck are the best! We recently got a puppy and while we would love to be home every second with him we both work full time busy jobs. We decided to have Sarah come daily to spend time with him and give him some loving. Loving he got! Sarah’s the best. She bring her dog, Dump Truck along with her so Mickey can learn from him. She goes above and beyond by staying longer, taking him on other visits, and sending us pictures of their adventures together.

    We literally say often how lucky we are to have found Sarah. I’d highly suggest her for anyone looking for help with their pooch.

  83. Jude Cope 2014/08

    I attempted to hire this company to do in-home pet sitting. I explained that I traveled a lot for work. We were supposed to meet to just have a “meet and greet” and then discuss further business. They cancelled on me and then called me as I was going through airport security to tell me they had to reschedule. I informed the person of this and that I couldn’t speak to her at that moment, but asked she could email me or call me back. She emailed me but despite my numerous attempts to reach out to them via email, I got no follow up response. Apparently not taking their phone calls immediately is a grounds for not doing business. I found this behavior unprofessional.

  84. Bruce Hillner 2014/04

    Sarah has been Shadow’s best friend since he was a puppy.

    They’re routine varies day to day — he especially enjoys when the pack comes to our backyard as well as when he is back seat guest going to the Fan.

    Sarah is on-time, upbeat, attentive to his mood and health, and started to expand her service team.

    All in all, I could not be more pleased.

  85. S. White 2014/01

    I’ve had a great experience with Sarah and her team so far. She is always responsive and has really gotten to know my dog. Unlike previous dog walkers I’ve used my dog gets to socialize with other dogs which has been very beneficial for her. In addition I get daily texts and photos which makes me feel confident while I’m at work that my dog is being well taken care of.

  86. C Davis 2013/09

    Sarah is amazing. She provides the absolute best care for our dog and gives us the utmost peace of mind that our four legged child is receiving unlimited love and attention. Sarah is highly organized, deeply committed to providing the best care possible, and a true lover of animals. She is also a wonderful person whose professionalism and gracious manner make her a great choice for providing your pet care services.

  87. Homer Painter 2013/04

    I’ve been through several dogwalkers in the past several years, and Sarah is far and away the best of them all. Always reliable, always leaves detailed notes, and I always come home to a tired and happy dog.

  88. Carter Crenshaw 2012/04

    Sarah has been helping me with my dog, Lola, for over 6 months now and she has been great! Sarah is always reliable so I know that when I am at work or running late from work I never have to worry if my dog has been well taken care of. She leaves a little note each time with what my dog did during her play time, which is great to be able to know what Lola did during the day (and explain why she is so happily worn out!). I would recommend Sarah to anyone that wants the peace of mind to know their pet is safe, happy and getting the exercise and attention they need when I can not be home. She truly seems to love every pet that she works with and the pets seem to love her just as much.

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