River City Veterinary Hospital

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River City Veterinary Hospital
4.9 based on 290 reviews
  1. Christie Eads 2023/11

    Best veterinarians in the area!

  2. Andrea Barja 2023/11

    I love this vet practice! They’re always thoughtful and if for some reason your pet has to see a different vet within the practice than they saw before, they collaborate! I know it seems basic, but it’s not. Took my pet to them for a second opinion & they diagnosed my pet’s asthma and helped us manage it, we’re so grateful to them! They’re now our permanent vet. I’ve watched the practice grow over time now and now they’re even at a new location and their care of my pets remains 5 stars always. From the reception desk, vet assistants, techs and of course each vet, every single person there makes us feel our pets are in amazing hands when we need it most.

  3. Nancy Harris 2023/11

    Very well run, staff couldn’t be more helpful or friendly.

  4. Kevin Bohm 2023/11

    Our three year old standard poodle began acting strange one day and was in clear discomfort. We decided to take him into River City vet to get checked out. We were able to be seen promptly. Dr. Hailey was friendly but concerned that our dog was suffering from bloat. She checked with Dr. Anthony and this was confirmed. Our dog needed surgery right away – there was no other option. The team at River City couldn’t have been more compassionate and caring. They saved our dogs life. Perhaps the best veterinarian experience I have ever had.

  5. Rachel 2023/11

    Dr Erieo (sorry if i misspell) is a wonderful provider. He was so kind during the later years of my pitties life + recommended a wonderful in home service to help us navigate her passing peacefully.

  6. Eli Johnson 2023/11

    Dr. LeeAnn and Dr. Anthony have taken care of our dog (Bear) for 8 years now and we highly recommend them and the entire team at River City Vet. The staff has always treated us with kindness and compassion. With each interaction it becomes more and more clear as to why we have entrusted them to take care of Bear.

  7. Hannah Spurlock 2023/11

    We couldn’t love RCVH more if we tried. Every staff member we’ve encountered has been thoughtful, kind, honest, they listen and they care. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.

  8. James Alexander 2023/10

    Over all great experience.

  9. Jenifer Bramer 2023/10

    Staff was easygoing, friendly, and helpful. Affordable pricing for quarterly meds.

  10. B H 2023/10

    lack of empathy from some employees

  11. Luciana Codella 2023/10

    This office is amazing. Everyone here truly cares about your pet and what is best for them. They can always fit me in for a sick appointment and they’ll answer my questions/concerns over the phone. I highly recommend bringing your pets to this office.

  12. L. Pope 2023/09

    I cannot stress enough just how amazing RCVH is, but I’ll give it a go!
    Both of my pets were older when I first moved here, and Dr. Anthony and his staff showed nothing but excessive care, compassion, and love for them. They got to know them, appreciated their quirks, celebrated the wins, and felt the losses. I even received a hand written note after my cat passed from bladder cancer and it truly meant so much.
    They’re extremely attentive, make me feel prioritized, walk through all my questions, and carefully plan and explain treatments. They’ve also been able to save my 13 year old dog twice in 6 months — once after a mast cell tumor removal, the other after diagnosing her with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She’s now doing better than ever, and every time we check-in Dr. Anthony makes a point to ask “How’s the miracle pup doing?” 🙂
    Their social media presence is also very fun, and they recently opened a sister business at their old salon for pet grooming…is there anything they can’t do?! Do yourself a favor and make sure your pet gets the best care here!

  13. Lilly Leslie 2023/08

    We’ve been going to RCVH for the past 5-6 years with our two cats and two dogs. Through many unexpected and bizarre issues across our pets, River City and all the vets and staff we’ve encountered over the years have been phenomenal. They will listen to your concerns and find the best solution and path to health for your pets.

    We have emailed photos and questions of issues and always get a timely response and calls to check up. We have had to take our dog in the afternoon before Thanksgiving when he needed surgery and stitches and they were able to accommodate and take excellent care of him. Just tonight Dr. Anthony worked us in extremely last minute and late in the day to ensure our cat did not have a blockage – and he did the exact same thing for our dog years ago when she was having an awful reaction to what we assume was a spider bite.

    We have moved since we began going to this practice and although there are now more conveniently located veterinary practices near us, we will continue to go to RCVH for life due to the compassion and care shown consistently over the years, thank you so much to all at RCVH!

  14. Matty Tobin 2023/08

    If you have an ailing animal, this is the place you want to go. Caring vet tech staff, the vets are great, and they work well with animals who don’t like going to the doctor.

  15. Chris Wood 2023/08

    There aren’t enough words to describe how great this vet office is. From the staff up front to the doctors to overall attitude preached throughout the entire office. I’m happy to have joined with River City Veterinary Hospital many years ago and can always trust that they have your pets best interest in mind.

  16. Nancy Edmunds 2023/08

    Dr. Anthony is a saint! He is incredibly thorough, taking the time to explain every step and answer all of my questions patiently. His expertise and knowledge were impressive, and I felt confident that all of my pets were in good hands.

    Not only was Dr. Anthony professional and skilled, but he also showed genuine care and compassion towards my pets. It was evident that he truly loves what he does and goes the extra mile to ensure the well being of the animals he treats.

    Thank you for all you do for us!

  17. Catelyn Koff 2023/08

    River City Veterinary Hospital has been phenomenal for the several years we’ve been coming here. The front desk staff, vet techs, and veterinarians we’ve interacted with have all been professional, patient, super thorough, and very friendly. We feel lucky to have our 2 rambunctious dogs taken care of by the best.

  18. Arek Tupko 2023/08

    Asked one year about my cat’s stinky breath and was told everything is fine. Next annual check up I’m told he needs emergency surgery to remove a number of teeth or he could die. I was beyond angry about the negligence. They never recommended any sort of cleaning or medication, but recommend expensive surgery a year later. Another vet performed a cleaning and prescribed some medicine. Four years on and my cat is doing just fine with no teeth removed or expensive surgery.

  19. Donald Oldenburg 2023/08

    Super friendly staff and got seen right away

  20. Martin Beall 2023/08

    Fantastic vets and support techs. Our 12 year-old Lab was at the end of her life, and Dr. Jones and her team were loving and supportive in her end of life care, and our difficult decision to put her down. I can recommend without reservation River City Veterinary Hospital.
    Our 4 year old black lab now is a patient and is getting the same great treatment.
    The new facility is state of the art with great front desk staff.

  21. Emily Satterwhite 2023/08

    We’ve taken Pearl here for over a year, and we absolutely all of the staff at RCVH. They truly go above and beyond to make sure your pet is comfortable and given the best quality care!

  22. David McMahon 2023/08

    They love pets as much as we do!

  23. Nancy Fraker 2023/07

    Extraordinary service, quality and genuine compassionate caring by the entire team!

  24. Chase Taylor 2023/07

    River City Vet is the most efficient and professional veterinarians office I’ve been to. I would highly recommend. Very reasonable pricing.

  25. Ixchel 2023/07

    Extremely friendly and caring.

  26. Heather Moore 2023/07

    Everyone is nice. The new clinic is beautiful. Vets are great.

  27. Trevor Coley 2023/07

    After our families long time vet retired, we found that “corporate” owned vet offices did not prioritize care the same as we did. At the recommendation of a close friend we brought our 8 year old chocolate lab to River City. We found everything we had been missing! All of the staff from check in, to techs, and last but not least Dr. Erika made our experience top notch! Our sweet lab is finally experiencing relief from severe allergies and itching for the first time in MONTHS. Sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone at River City!!

  28. Jessamy Austin 2023/07

    Great friendly staff. Excellent vets. Fast service

  29. Ashley W 2023/07

    I have used this clinic for years with all of my cats. Every vet there is so kind and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly.

  30. Brenda Gilliam 2023/06

    This place is incredible. They are very willing to work you in or talk on the phone, when you have an issue. You can tell, they love dogs.


  31. Teresa Munoz 2023/06

    Everyone here has been lovely and they are equally awesome with cats and with dogs.

  32. Ginger Swisher 2023/06

    This is the best veterinary practice in the Richmond area!!!

  33. Danielle M 2023/06

    Amazing veterinary office with amazing vets.

  34. Kevin Woodcox 2023/06

    Amazing veterinary medicine staff and doctors.

  35. Visnja Vrljic 2023/05

    I brought my cat Sebastian in to get a second opinion on whether or not he needs a dental cleaning because the Fan Vet gave me mixed answers the last couple of visits.

    I felt seen and heard for the first time at the vet and I just wanted to thank Dr. Ereio for that and everyone at River City Vet. I was more than impressed. The receptions and vet assistants were all very lovely and welcoming.

    Dr. Ereio went through my list of questions and concerns and put me at ease about my cats overall health. He spent an hour talking to me and actually explaining how River City works and what services they offer. Not to mention it was also the most comfortable I had ever seen Sebastian at the vet. He even let Dr. Ereio scrape the plaque off the sides of his teeth and I couldn’t believe he let him!! He even explained to me how to. For free—along with a dental kit! And he told me honestly that he did not feel that Sebastian needed a dental cleaning at the time, saving me thousands.

    You can tell they really care about animals and their clients. I am so grateful and just overjoyed to have found River City Vet!! It’s been weeks since my appointment but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my experience and their kindness.

    Thank you River City Vet!! We are happy to have found you.


  36. Catherine Poston 2023/05

    We are new patients of RCVH and couldn’t be happier! It was a bit of a wait for a new patient appointment, but well worth the wait. The office is clean, staff is so kind, and both doctors that we have seen took their time to hear out history (we were with our last vet for 10+ years, since both dogs were puppies), offer comprehensive solutions and make sure our pups are in the best shape possible. Pricing is reasonable and fair. Highly recommend!

  37. Andrea Spivey 2023/05

    Caring veterinarians. Dr. Jones is great and thorough. Efficient, well run front desk with really kind staff. I also like their patient portal where you can request refills and appointments without calling!

  38. Mark Foust 2023/05

    Dr Anthony is a very caring individual with your pets best interest in mind. The team is super professional and they offer a tremendous amount of services. You can’t get a better place for your pet needs.

  39. Terry Finka 2023/04

    I have used Anthony OSullivan for over 22 years. I now use any vet that is available to see our pets we love all the vet tecks and vets at River city.

  40. Alina Kruse 2023/04

    Everyone is kind and my dog loves coming there. Soon they will be seeing our 2 baby ferrets too.

  41. Heather Phillips 2023/04

    I’ve been taking my cats here for the past couple of years and am so happy I switched to this practice. I’ve seen multiple doctors here and am always happy with the service provided. Currently Dr. Ereio is my preferred vet just because he was so helpful when one of my cats had hyperthyroidism. He shared how he related because one of his cats had it in the past as well. However, I would recommend any of the vets that practice here. The entire staff is wonderful and their pricing is affordable/fair. Cannot recommend River City Vet enough.


  42. Kathy Jones 2023/03

    Beautiful new location. Friendly staff. Dr. calls after visit and thoroughly explained visit. Patient, answering questions.

  43. kelly harris 2023/02

    Always very professional and wonderful with my cats!


  44. Laura Zicarelli 2023/02

    nothing but positive things to say about the staff that I encountered here. My husband has been bringing our cats here for years. He has worked with Dr. Ariel (? Spelling is probably wrong. Sorry.) tonight we had to sadly put one of our older cats to sleep and both he and the license vet tech, whose name I cannot remember, a very nice woman with red hair, both of them were beyond kind and compassionate and understanding towards my husband and I, thank you so much and thank you to all that you do every day to help the animals in our community

  45. Emily R *DNU* 2023/02

    I have been to many vets in the RVA area as a former representative for a dachshund rescue group and I have been soo impressed with Dr. Anthony & Dr. Heather at River City Vet. So many area vets are owned by corporations now and seem to be in it for the money. I can tell that is 100% not the case with River City Vet. They are in for the animals. You can really tell they care! I know without a doubt my 4,15, & 17 year old doxies are in the best hands. I can not say enough good things about River City. I don’t trust my dogs care to anyone else. As a petsitter/dog walker many times Ive had to email them with random questions and they’ve always gotten back to me in a matter of hours or sometimes even minutes. When ever I walk in the door the staff is always so welcoming and I’m treated like an old friend and my dogs as if they’re their favorite pet! Their prices are comparable if not better than other area vets. If your looking for a vet in the area I highly suggest you use the team at River City Vet!


  46. Rachel Redacted 2023/02

    They have recently moved across the street from their old location. It’s really nice and clean here. The staff was kind, quick, and got my dog taken care of. We went in for a regular checkup and shots. Dr. Lee Ann had a really great trick for distracting my dog while giving him a bunch of shots that surprised me. It was so fun and it worked perfectly. Go ask her when you’re there to find out what this cheesy trick was! After all that I had my questions answered and we were good to go. By the way, my pup gets really nervous and so do I when we go to the vet, me because he pees when he’s nervous (we always walk before hand to empty his bladder, but he’s never ending I guess). The staff was awesome about it though, he did it three times and each time they were so nice about it. Cheers to a nice visit!


  47. C Vasquez 2023/01

    Literal lifesavers. Professional, punctual, and compassionate. I was a client at another popular vet in Richmond, but left due to some pretty blatant price gouging. River City is very fair and transparent with their pricing. I’ve seen many vets here, and all of them have been excellent. The new facility is very modern and spacious. Overall this is the best vet you will find in Richmond.

  48. Debra Perrin 2023/01

    Great experience. Dr. Patterson is the best.

  49. Sharon 2023/01

    Staff very friendly they really care about their patients. Veterinarian very knowledgeable and answered my questions, my cats are like my children and they understand that.

  50. Judy Wilson 2022/11

    Our cat TOE toe was so calm..
    and behaved so good for the Dr. Martin. Took Good care of our cats.


  51. Stephanie Fogner 2022/10

    Great staff who are always accommodating. They’ve taken great care of our 4 dogs and cat. They also have an excellent system to address Covid limitations.

  52. Jeff Q 2022/09

    Staffers, assistants and veterinarians are professional, fun to interact with, and most importantly of all, they genuinely care about your pets. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.

  53. Stacy Owens-Tutt 2022/08

    Where do I begin? My dog Gypsie and I was so impressed by Dr. Ereio, all the nurses, and front desk staff (Ciara, Isabel, Mikayla, etc.), that I had to post this! I wish I had written down all the names, because they were all so genuinely kind, energetic, empathetic, helpful, thorough, yet professional. I can truly see why they are among the top Vets in Richmond, VA. Considering that I just lost one of my sweet fur babies, because I feel like things weren’t handled properly by a previous vet😥, this was indeed a nice change, and they all made my day brighter❣ I gave them so much kudos, that my daughter brought her kitten there, and some of staff came up front to meet her little kitten, and the sweet nurse took her kitten around and showed him off to the other staff. 🥰 First impressions are everything, and I just love them, and hopefully I’ll be singing their praises for years to come. I saw a reflection of myself in these staff members, they made me want to change my profession. River City Vet continue hiring people that genuinely love what their doing, like I saw displayed here today! 😍🤩❤

  54. Mark McLaughlin 2022/08

    Love this vet! After moving to Richmond last year I tried another vet, it was okay but I never felt amazing after my visits.
    I switched here based on a recommendation and couldn’t be happier. The office is nice and clean, and the staff is so friendly and obviously loves their patients. Highly recommend this as your vet!

  55. Gwynne Teass 2022/08

    Friendly, helpful and available- we love this place. They helped our poor Murray when he ate all Christmas cookies , hopefully he knows better.

  56. Amy Samson 2022/08

    Everyone that works here is so nice and so pleasant! I adore my vet (who we have seen for years) but also had to see different veterinarians on a few occasions when she was not available, and they were fantastic, too. The front desk staff are beyond nice and they respond to emails in a timely manner when I have needed something. They started curbside during COVID and did a very good job organizing this and communicating how it worked. My current dog has hit that geriatric stage of life, and can be a complete pain, but they are always so patient and kind with him. I can’t say enough good things about River City Vet!

  57. Jon J5 2022/07

    Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. I love RCV because I get that family vibe from them an it’s amazing

  58. Ceily Poh 2022/07

    The best vets in town.

  59. Richard Beckelheimer 2022/06

    The Vets and staff here have been wonderful with anything that we have needed. We couldn’t be happier with trusting them with the health of our animals!

  60. Moo Murray 2022/06

    Talented and compassionate vets, reasonable fees.

  61. Jennifer Numbaonebadbitch 2022/05

    They’re so AWESOME 👌 & their employees are always super sweet! Pretty much most vet hospitals are still doing the covid routine…wait in your car, text them to let them know you are there, etc…. but my Gma has to wait forever at her vet hospital (=not this vet) but this place is PROMPT AND VERY PROFESSIONAL W/ A SIDE OF SWEETNESS ❤️ …

  62. Lauren A. 2022/05

    Treats every pet like they are their favorite! All the vets are super nice and explain things well, and all the techs and front desk staff obviously love the animals and working there.

  63. Valerie 2022/05

    Never had a bad experience. My dog wouldn’t agree, but you can’t rely on his feedback.

  64. Laura Pence 2022/05

    All the docs are awesome here!! Especially Dr. Anthony!!

  65. William Coada 2022/04

    Excellent customer service

  66. C M 2022/04

    Anthony and team are amazing every time. Thank you!

  67. Sharon Ramos 2022/04

    Not sure how this is considered an animal hospital when you are required to have an appointment. Took my sick cat there and they refused to treat her because she would be considered a new patient. Didn’t realize hospitals required you to be a regular patient to be seen. Glad human hospitals aren’t like that.

  68. Jessica Ciokan 2022/04

    best vet clinic in the entire city. can’t say enough good things. wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else.

  69. Anna Mulé McRay 2022/03

    Excellent staff. Quick check in for an urgent care visit. Great explanation of treatment modalities.

  70. judith fleming 2022/03

    The entire staff, doctors. Techs. Front desk are professional, kind, and helpful.we bring all our cats and dogs there. They have saved many of their lives, and eased many to the rainbow bridge.they are wonderful, I can’t say enough good things about them.

  71. Jeanette Hickl 2022/03

    Best care we’ve ever received!

  72. Sophie_gmail69 Kovacs 2022/02

    Dr Patterson just came over from his other vet and I followed him… this place is amazing!!! Super friendly and super amazing staff. Mikayla was a 5 star at the front desk area!!! Super helpful!!!


  73. Tarah Bevel 2022/01

    We have worked with Dr Anthony for over 15 years and followed him when he opened River City Vet. Over the years many of the doctors have seen our dogs and cats and they are all amazing. Most recently Dr LeAnn saw all 3 of our babies on the same day and did a great job taking time with each one. The office staff is super helpful and friendly.


  74. Hannah M 2022/01

    If I could give a sixth star, I would. This vet hospital is incredible. Everything is clean and very professional. The vets are friendly to humans and four legged friends alike. Also, working with their front desk staff is great. They are always quick to reply to emails and calls. I’m so glad to have a vet that’s so on it. We love the River City Vet Hospital!

  75. Donald Swank (Commercial Interiors) 2022/01

    Dr. Sullivan has always done a great job on our pets.

  76. Emily Paris 2022/01

    My grandparents took their English Mastiff here for years before she passed and were more than impressed with the service at RCV. I have taken each of my pups there for emergencies and they are always MORE than helpful, fitting my dogs into their schedule ON THE DAY OF!! Which is better than any of the ER vets in the area can do. Every person I speak with is so caring and have wonderful attitudes. I have no complaints, and am happy to say I have now switched my pups over to make River City their permanent vet. 🙂

  77. Patricia Schrock 2021/11

    Great doctors and staff

  78. Leigh Ann 2021/11

    All of our pets have been going here for the past two or three years. They have always had amazing service. We’ve had to bring pets in for urgent appointments on more than one occasion and they’ve always been so easy to work with and available to see them. They are more than worth the trip across town!

  79. larry johnson 2021/10

    Great Dr Molly and Kamo and entire staff

  80. Simon Hu 2021/10

    Incredibly respectful and proactive as far as communication.

  81. Kim Bartulewicz 2021/10

    I have used many vets in my life time. THIS ONE HAS to be the BEST. everyone on staff is Knowledgeable. Most are certified in their position and more. The care that everyone gives is top notch i cant say they are inexpensive but you pay for what you get TOP QUALITY they are AWESOME

  82. jessica keirsey 2021/09

    I just absolutely love River City Veterinary Hospital. They are wonderful with our animals, even when it was time to say goodbye. They make you feel like family.

  83. Jalessa Holmes 2021/08

    I have always had great experiences. They always provide the best care to my dogs and truly try to look out for me and be fair. They listen to my concerns and are quick to get my pups in when they need to be seen. I would recommend them to any and everyone! They are amazing!!

  84. Emily Freeman 2021/08

    We love river city vet! We’ve been taking our dogs here for about 3-4 years and every experience has been lovely. Dr. Angela and Dr. Molly rock! We have one dog who is terrified of the vet and the staff always cheers him on and is patient and compassionate with him. Everyone is super helpful and warm starting with the lovely front desk staff. I honestly could go on for hours about how awesome this place is.

  85. Amy Robinson 2021/08

    Trustworthy for complete animal care.

  86. Andrew Mcfadden 2021/08

    A for-profit vet. Try elsewhere

  87. Lisa Nordskog 2021/08

    The vets are great & very knowledgeable. They treat your furby with tlc.

  88. shandra daniels 2021/07

    All the staff from the front desk to the vet techs are pleasant, caring and compassionate while also being at the same time very efficient and professional. They really care about your fur baby. Dr Anthony O’Sullivan is the best vet we’ve ever had. He gives his all to our dog who has been going thru some challenging health issues.


  89. Megan Maynard 2021/07

    Always go above and beyond


  90. Stefanie Powell 2021/07

    We love the entire medical staff at River City vet. They’re extremely responsive and have made time to see our pets for emergencies on short notice. I feel very safe leaving my two dogs in their care.

  91. Alice Lee 2021/07

    Incompetent and unprofessional. They make mistakes and don’t apologize at all. Will never recommend to anyone

  92. Taylor Baker 2021/06

    They have taken amazing care of my dog for almost 7 years now. I would never go to anyone else!!

  93. John Massad, Jr 2021/06

    Great friendly staf

  94. Paul Schuler 2021/06

    Been there many times. Always efficient and take care of the medical issue.

  95. Maria Miralles 2021/05

    5 stars just aren’t enough! They are AMAZING. I was a first time puppy mom with a Great Dane and they have helped me every step of the way! Even if it’s just with emails or phone calls – they are always on top of it all! Dr. Anthony went above and beyond when my baby had a cracked K9 tooth and was able to get us in with a specialist first thing in the morning the next day! They truly care and it shows!

  96. John Catterton 2021/05

    These folks are the BEST!! They have taken care of our labs. Unfortunately for us the last visit was to put our sweet Hershey asleep. As difficult as it was , it was handled with great compassion and comfort. Dr .Anthony Sullivan is the Best!

  97. Samantha Marcus 2021/05

    The past couple of years have been rough, most of our pets were close in age and we have lost six pets ranging from age 16 years to 20 years and they handled all but one. They have always been compassionate and friendly. We are the house that stray cats seem to come to, and they are wonderful in helping us to get them taken care of. I would recommend to anyone. Even


  98. Glenn Melton 2021/05

    Awesome staff!

  99. Natasha Daem 2021/05

    Best Vet in Richmond! Always so loving and helpful. We will not go anywhere else!

  100. Lydia Felton 2021/04

    I’ve been bringing my pets to River City since they opened and absolutely love it. Everyone who works there is so nice and they love animals wholeheartedly. Their prices are reasonable and they always work with me to get my pets the best treatment within my budget. 10/10 would recommend!

  101. Emily Alwood 2021/04

    Great services and staff!!!

  102. Alexander Lawson 2021/04

    Great vet with fast turn around time and easy communication

  103. jennifer tedder 2021/03

    River City Vet’s kindness, flexibility, and support helped make my 8.5-year-old golden retriever (and best friend + dearest companion)’s devastating cancer diagnosis and quick downhill spiral only a day later slightly less terrible. I will forever be thankful for their quick responsiveness and support, especially Dr. Angela’s. When my heart has healed to the point I am able to take in another canine companion, I will absolutely choose River City Vet again. <3


  104. Michael Potter 2021/02

    Having just moved, the thing I am most sad about is not having the staff at River City Vet Hospital nearby to take care of our golden retriever, Ellie. The staff are all highly knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Dr. Molly was our primary vet and was so sweet and loving, but all of their Dr.’s are great. Their prices were also fair and wouldn’t charge you a full vet appointment for simple tasks/visits that the vet techs were able to handle. We miss you RCVH!

  105. Brian Telfair 2021/02

    Great place for the care of your pet. Knowledgeable vets and caring staff. Reasonable pricing is a plus.

  106. Mark Gediman 2021/02

    Excellent service!

  107. Amy Venable 2021/01

    Dr. Anthony and his team are amazing…. they are truly partners and treat our four-legged family members as their family too

  108. Jeremy Rigali 2020/10

    Always fantastic service!

  109. Mary Gediman 2020/10

    This place is phenominal. The level of care, the helpfulness of employees, the genuine love for all animals from ALL the staff is just awesome. Highly recommend.

  110. Elizabeth Harper 2020/09

    Best vets we’ve ever had. Everyone in the practice is phenomenal.

  111. Caroline Fox 2020/09

    This is the definition of a vet that goes above and beyond. I’m forever grateful for these folks for their treatment of not only my furry family members, but helping my two legged family through tough decisions as well. This team is amazing.

  112. Michelle Snell 2020/09

    I love River City Vet! Being a veterinarian is an incredibly hard job—your clients can’t even tell you what is wrong AND you have to deal with their often nervous owners—and the vets at River City Vet handle their jobs with grace. We really love Dr. Angela after she saw us through the passing of our beloved cat, and now we take our other kitties to see her. She is always honest with us and had our pet’s best interest at heart. Highly recommend!

  113. Craig Dahlinger 2020/09

    Awesome doctors and awesome staff, very compassionate doctors.

  114. Harry Willard 2020/09

    Great service!

  115. William Morse 2020/08


  116. Julie Hottinger 2020/08

    The staff is always amazing and supportive! I will never go anywhere else. They take care of you like family!!

  117. Garrett 2020/08

    Very friendly atmosphere, attentive and friendly front-desk staff, and full of knowledgable professionals. Also, very reasonable pricing. My wife and I take our cats here regularly.

  118. Jamieson Woodruff 2020/07

    The best. Simply stated. Great people and facilities. Customer service is world class. Treatment, the same, truly the best.

  119. Marly Taylor 2020/07

    Received very great care for my fur babies here! They are very thorough and caring

  120. Sauni Lukhard 2020/06

    This place is awesome. Love the staff. I used to come all of the way from Powhatan, fortunately I live closer now.

  121. Michelle Clogan 2020/06

    Overwhelmingly great experiences here. The vets and techs spend lots of time making sure to help you with everything that you need. They seem to truly care, taking the time to check in after we visited a specialist that they recommended. They were very patient with my nervous puppy (exception below). They even worked seamlessly with the heartworm prevention company when our dogs kept getting heartworms somehow.

    I will mention that I had one bad experience with a male tech about a year ago that almost made me find another vet. My newly adopted people-nervous puppy needed a follow up shot. The tech came to the waiting room, took his leash, attempted in no way to greet or soothe my dog, and just dragged him to the back room. When he dragged my terrified pup back out, he’d fear pooped with his tail so tucked that it just stuck there and smeared on the floor when he cowered. The tech made no attempt to help me clean my dog or their waiting room floor. It was such a bad experience that the next time my pup had to get shots, we had to muzzle him.

    It was so counter to all of our other wonderful experiences, that I’d still recommend this place.

  122. Stephen Merrick 2020/06

    River city has been so amazing to my wife and I over the past few years. They genuinely love and care for pets giving the best veterinary care I have ever come across. We always feel like We are treated like family and our questions are always answered well.

  123. Danielle Norris 2020/05

    FANTASTIC service. I had planned on transferring my dog to River City after my previous vet left me wanting more invested care. After pre-op labs at a dental clinic showed a severe kidney problem, River City moved up my new patient appointment and was able to see my dog and treat the problem immediately. His treatment involves overnight stay at River City and they’ve been amazing about calling me and updating me on his status. The staff has been clear in explaining what’s going on and how treatment will impact him, all the while being compassionate and understanding about my financial situation and needs. This has been my first experience with the practice but I am SO glad I chose them based on a friend’s recommendation. I will continue recommending River City to every animal lover I know.

  124. Dawn Stegall 2020/05

    They are always so great with my dog!

  125. Elisa Kim 2020/05

    I highly recommend River City Vet! Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has been very friendly and professional! They go above and beyond every time! I feel at ease with my fur baby in their care and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I can call them for anything. Dr Molly Miller has been incredible and I am grateful for her kindness, patience, and wealth of knowledge. Thank you River City Vet!! Prince and I couldn’t be happier! ❤️

  126. Bradley Ford Lanterman 2020/05

    Best staff & vets. Our Mulligan has Blbeen with Dr. Anthony over 15yrs. He loves going in to see everyone.


  127. John Tyndall 2020/05

    This place really is the best. The staff are always so warm, welcoming, and personable. That really makes the difference, as many pets and owners might have anxiety about walking through those doors. They set a positive tone for pet and owner alike. Both of my dogs LOVE going to the vet!


  128. Jayne Kelley 2020/05

    The best vet ever love dr anthony and dr jennifer had dr. Ereio today and he’s just as great as anthony and jennifer! Highly recommend this vets office. My dog also loves going there

  129. Megan Maynard 2020/05

    Refuse to take my pups anywhere other!

  130. Will Brennan 2020/05

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very easy to seek advice and help from them

  131. Leyna Denton 2020/04

    Dr. Lee Ann is amazing, I followed her here from her last practice.

  132. L Pham 2020/03

    Made an appointment with a canine doctor. How that dog became a doctor, I do not know! Lol, but seriously they are just regular doctors who were terrific with my pets!

  133. Chris Suders 2020/03

    Great Veterinary! Entire staff is friendly. Dr. Anthony and team are honest and don’t BS with unneeded services. Highly recommend!

  134. Lucy Higgins 2020/03

    Great group of vets ..

  135. Katelyn Sinclair 2020/03

    Very friendly staff.

  136. Tamara Cotzias 2020/03

    Excellent. Takes very good care of my old dog

  137. Jacob M 2020/03

    River city vet is in a class of its own in terms of care and people. I had the terrible experience of putting my dog down today after 14 loving and amazing years. Maggie had been going here the last 6-7 years of her life. She was the love of my life and meant so much to me.

    Dr Angela and the rest of the staff were so incredibly kind to me today with the most sincere care and sensitivity you’ll ever see. Today was one of the hardest days of my life but I felt the need to commend Dr. Angela and her staff for walking me through each and every step, always asking questions making sure I was comfortable, gave me all the time in the world to say goodbye. They made sure from the second I arrived, to the terrible moment of leaving, that I felt as safe and comfortable as I possibly could with the situation. These people are incredible and have made a heartbreaking situation just a little bit easier.

    I cannot thank you all enough for everything you do, genuinely. If you have the ability to do so, please take your pet here. They care and will help no matter what.

  138. Nicole Brinn 2020/03

    Fabulous!! I love the entire staff. Always happy and smiling, friendly, and professional.

  139. samson verderame 2020/02

    Great staff, great experience!

  140. Faith John 2020/02

    This vet office is fantastic! The staff are extremely caring and knowledgeable but practical as well.

  141. David “DeeCav” Cavitt 2020/01

    Always great service. They go the extra mile for your pets!!

  142. Richelle Ang 2020/01

    I have been bringing my fur baby here for a few years now. The veterinarians and vet techs have been nothing short of amazing to me and my pup. They take the time to go over everything with you and make sure you are getting the right care for your pet. Dr. Anthony took the time to explain what is going on with my dog and what the best meds to give him. He even discussed different prices to help me with costs. If you’re looking for a vet that will treat your pet as their own, bring them to River City Veterinary Hospital. The staff are wonderful.

  143. Michael H 2019/11

    Wonderful caring animal lovers, who happen to be professional and compassionate animal caregivers (Vets & technicians)

  144. Todd Keffer 2019/11

    Great team and very friendly. Our dog Lucy can get jumpy on strange settings and they always do a wonderful job with her.

  145. THICKUMS WRIGHT 2019/11

    Awesome service

  146. Terri Reed 2019/11

    Friendly staff

  147. Alyson Schlobohm 2019/11

    If I could give Dr. Anthony and his staff 1,000 stars, I would. If I could give them 10,000 stars, I would. To say that these guys go above and beyond does not do justice to their love, passion and dedication to both the animals they treat as well as their owners.

    I was referred to Dr. Anthony by a fellow animal lover and advocate. Our first visit with him was a long one; mostly because he had SO much amazing and wonderful information to share about how we could best help our animals; and a lot of it was for services or products that his practice does not carry.

    His staff is kind. They run ON TIME. (These were big issues at other practices we tried over the years.) I knew, when we first walked in and saw a welcome board with our pets’ names on it that we were in the right place.

    Dr. Anthony had recommended we have our hound’s teeth cleaned. In order to do this, they put animals under. Unfortunately for us, the blood test they offered before using anesthesia showed that there were some serious problems with her kidneys. Things quickly went from bad to worse. I truly don’t believe that there is any veterinarian in the entire world that could have done more for us than Dr. Anthony did. He FOUGHT for us. Harder than my husband and I were able to do on our own. Dr. Anthony never, ever gave up. We eventually lost our battle, but trust me when I say it was not for lack of trying everything humanly possible to save her.

    Dr. Anthony was kind and compassionate and devastated along with us. He was up front and honest and aware that so many things can get extremely expensive and financially draining so he talked to us frankly about cost with every new endeavor that we tried.

    But I suppose the real demonstration of his dedication was the card that HE – not his office, or his staff – but the lovely, kind and beautiful card that Dr. Anthony personally wrote and sent expressing his condolences. I truly just cannot say enough good about Dr. Anthony or his practice.


  148. Bernadette Jay 2019/10

    Love Dr. Anthony– he’s so good and sincere with my senior pup! Also, he’s NOT motivated by money. Highly recommend ❤🥰 …

  149. John Laurenzano 2019/10

    Excellent veterinarians that I cannot recommend highly enough. They are thoughtful, truly care for the animals and take the time to have discussions with owners. They are cognizant of the costs associated with pets and try their best to keep that in mind as well. Their support staff is equally helpful and friendly. Thank you!

  150. Danny Tiet 2019/10

    Super friendly staff. They have always tried to fit me into the schedule as soon as possible (even same day) when I called with any concerns. They answer as many questions as they can over the phone and don’t hesitate to ask a tech of they are available.

    When our pup was attacked at the park, they told me to come in immediately and a room would be ready for him minutes before closing. When we arrived, they immediately took him to the backroom to get treated and took took real good care of him.

    I highly recommend River City Vet ♥.

  151. Robert Dan Morris 2019/10

    Love everything about this place. Best vets and techs is the area.

  152. Marie Christine Elder 2019/09

    So kind and so helpful when my rabbit was sick over a holiday weekend. Dr. Angela could not have been sweeter, and was able to talk with me through all of my concerns. I would recommend them to anyone in the Richmond area looking for a vet. Thanks so much guys!

  153. Warren Sealock 2019/09

    Dr Angela is great and we really feel like she explains all the decisions and listens to our feedback!

  154. Zoe Neale 2019/09

    Recently switched to River City from another practice, and I wish I made the switch sooner. Dr. Anthony and his staff have been SO amazing. They are so kind to pets and humans alike and the prices are much more affordable than what I was paying. They are transparent and communicative. I’m so impressed and my pup is very happy there. He wouldn’t get out the car at the old vet and now he races inside for treats and cuddles.

  155. Jessica Carey 2019/09

    Love this place! Dr Aj Ereio takes care of my dog. Friendly ladies at the desk as well!

  156. Tyler Mormando 2019/09

    I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Angela! My dog is dog-aggressive and also often aggressive to strangers in new situations. She rolled with all these issues and helped me brainstorm ways to make appointments go smoother. It always felt like she was truly invested in seeing Luna overcome and thrive❤️. I’m moving away and I HATE the idea of finding a new doctor. Go with Dr. Angela, or anyone at the practice, and you won’t regret it.

  157. Nancy Broaddus 2019/08

    Nice vets

  158. Kaitlin Bountress 2019/08

    Working with River City Vet has been one of the best veterinary experiences we’ve ever had. Despite how busy they are, Dr. Anthony and his colleagues have provided the most thoughtful and thorough care to our pups. They are great about presenting information in a straight forward way that has allowed us to make the most informed decisions for our animals. Even the vet techs and front office staff are top-notch. We recently moved to about 30 minutes outside of Richmond and we would still never dream of taking our pets anywhere else. Cannot say enough positive things about everyone in this practice.

  159. Michael Camizzi 2019/08

    These guys are great! Very considerate of costs as well.

  160. Nancy Wright 2019/08

    Dr. Anthony and Dr. Heather and staff are truly the best! They have taken care of our Frenchie, Leo, so well and repeatedly called and emailed after he has had surgery and illnesses to check on him. They respond quickly to email and phone calls and Leo loves to visit all of them and gets excited when he walks through the door. You can tell they all love their jobs! Highly recommend their practice for your family member!!

  161. Tammy Berkheimer 2019/08

    Great staff and doctors!

  162. Emily Goldman 2019/07

    Excellent team, loving and caring staff. Your pup is always in good hands with them.

  163. Tess Powers 2019/07

    I love taking my dog to RCVH- the staff and doctors are very welcoming and knowledgeable. They make special accommodations for my dog, as she is reactive to others, such as giving us a quiet place to wait for our appointment and allowing me to check out in the room as opposed to the front desk. Dr. Miller is wonderful with my dog! I highly recommend anyone at RCVH!

  164. Kimberly Dickerson 2019/07

    Dr. Anthony is the best. There are closer doctors to my home, but he is the only one I trust with Scout.

  165. Megan 2019/06

    As a first time puppy owner, I was a lot I didn’t know about what was medically needed after adopting my first pup. The staff at River City Vet was so kind and I felt like they were giving us the best care possible, without trying to over sell me on anything that I didn’t really need. Everyone there from the second you walk in the door to the moment you’re on your way out is amazingly kind and welcoming. Choosing someone to trust with your furry best friend is a big decision, and I would definitely recommend River City Vet to anyone!

  166. Neli Montalvo 2019/06

    LOVE THEM ..my cat might not lol very good folks staff and vet is awesome

  167. Alex Andrews 2019/06

    Love the team here!!!

  168. Jo Bu 2019/06

    My vet is patient and ingenious. My pet and I are totally at ease. Visits go so smoothly. The environment is always welcoming, spacious and clean. The staff is accommodating, helpful, pleasant and knowledgable. I would recommend this facility to all who have an animal as a part of their families.

  169. Minhaz Arefin 2019/06

    Really friendly and great service!

  170. Kate Campbell 2019/06

    Love these vets/staff.

  171. Jess Lauher 2019/05

    Everyone was so welcoming and nice. They spent quality time getting to know me, my cat and my concerns. I felt like they were welcoming me to the family and not just another customer to get in and get out, like many other places. Highly recommend!

  172. Nicole Reagan 2019/05

    Dr E. is amazing. We trust him with both of our yorkies!! The entire team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable as well. As long as we’re in Richmond this is where we will go.

  173. Austin Mitchell 2019/05

    I have never brought a personal dog here, just because she already has a vet we like, but we bring some of our fosters here and they take very good care of all the dogs. The people here are very friendly and seem to go out of their way to help, give advice, and love every animal that comes in to visit. If something happens with my current vet I would be happy to bring my own dog here.

  174. Deborah Little 2019/05

    Fantastic vet! Doctors and staff highly competent, knowledgeable, extremely flexible, and pleasant to work with (and do not do extra, unnecessary tests like our last vet). Genuinely love animals and understand their owners. Wish I could give an even higher rating.

  175. Matthew Barber 2019/04

    They are lovable

  176. Scott Fogleman 2019/04

    They do a great job with you pets

  177. Kenneth Burkes 2019/04

    My dog loves them, but let’s face it he’s a dog and loves anyone that scratches the right spots. Most importantly, they love my dog. I was referred to them by a friend shortly after I moved from out of state. They fought with my old vet to get the paperwork so I didn’t have to worry about it, they fit me in on my schedule, and actually were ready for me when I got there. It’s so rare to find people that respect your time and they got me in and out of the office quickly so that I could get back to my busy schedule. I am so glad to have them looking out for my dog.

  178. H P 2019/03

    What a great Vet! We have used Dr. Anthony for years and he is a realistic veterinarian that takes your pet’s health to heart.

  179. Charles Appich 2019/03

    If I had 10 dogs I’d take them all there. Thanks Dr Anthony and team for taking care of Chewie


  180. Two and A Half Irishmen Bakery 2019/03

    Lovely Staff and great location.

  181. Justin Hickl 2019/03

    Dr. Anthony, Dr. Heather, and team at River City are amazing! Compassionate, caring, and will do their best to take care of your animals.

  182. Maureen Burnette 2019/03

    We have been taking our pets to River City for the last four years. We recently moved to Short Pump but still make the drive even though there are plenty of vets much closer to us. Dr. Anthony and the team are absolutely amazing! Personable, friendly, and always willing to accommodate our needs. We can’t say enough good things about River City Vet. Thank you for all you do!

  183. Haley raz 2019/03

    Thank you for being so sweet in dealing with my stressed out cat

  184. Kathy Wilson Jones 2019/03

    Clean. Fast. Efficient.

  185. Shelby DeMaria 2019/03

    Super friendly and personable staff! Dr. Anthony was great, and I wish I could give more stars.

  186. Trillius Wiberg 2019/03

    They are the very best!!💙💙😺😺 …

  187. Trevor Smithson 2019/02

    Not only tries to do the absolute best for your dogs but also for your wallet! And he will talk to you forever, making you believe you’ve been friends for years. Best vet hands down.

  188. James Stone 2019/02

    Dr. Anthony has cared for my pets for over a decade. Highly recommended!

  189. Kourtney Smithson 2019/02

    You won’t find a more attentive, caring and all around better vet. Dr. Anthony and his staff always go above and beyond. They pay attention to detail and you can see their love and passion for their work in everything they do.
    We went through 3 different offices before deciding on this one. Dr Anthony caught something in one of our dogs that no other vet saw!
    We feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful veterinarian. We highly recommend this office for any pet need!

  190. Pat B 2019/02

    Absolutely the best vet I have ever had!! Dr. Anthony and his staff are very personable and caring. Dr. A spent a lot of time with me explaining in detail the information and my options relating to my visit. I left there knowing their practice is all about giving their best care to animals.

  191. Dawn Lubinski 2019/02

    We feel confident in calling RCAH our vet. When we moved to the state we tried a few different places till we finally found the right one for us. The doctors and vet techs are amazing, knowledgeable, compassionate and I’m happy to say I feel equally confident with every doctor who we’ve seen. The front of house are always friendly, helpful and personable. They send minders which is super helpful! Appointments are easy to get and they never make you wait in the room like some others we’ve experienced. The rooms are clean and smell fresh. We won’t go anywhere else.

  192. Miss Indi 2019/01

    This is the best vet I have ever experienced and my dog doesn’t act afraid here like his past vets office

  193. Kimie James 2018/11

    I would give this place and Dr. Anthony 100 stars if I could. I took my best girl, Millie (10 year old black and tan coonhound) to three different vets before I found River City. No one could tell me what was wrong with her but FINALLY after three months of other vets visits, I finally found River City and they were able to do an ultrasound and diagnose my girl with a stomach tumor. I was sooo frustrating being in and out of so many vets without answers. River City was a Godsend and they have a client for life.

  194. Thomas Cooke (Tommy) 2018/11

    Great River City Veterinary

  195. Dodie Hardesty 2018/10

    Always receive excellent care & compassion!

  196. Raymond Baird 2018/10

    No better place to entrust your pet. I would give them six stars if I could.

  197. justin powers 2018/10

    Awesome vetrinarian services.

  198. Greg D. 2018/10

    River City VH is the friendliest doctor’s office I’ve ever visited; human or doggy. The office is clean and you never wait.

    When we first got Scully we shopped prices and reviews a bit, and found that their rates are very fair and reflect the market average, but it’s the service that sets them apart. Their whole staff – from the nurses to Dr. Anthony and Dr. Heather – are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about your pet.

    Long & short: take your pet here. It’s a terrific experience.

  199. Peter Breil 2018/10

    Best vets in RVA

  200. Amanda Wood 2018/09

    My family and I had to evacuate from hurricane Florence. In the rush of things we somehow managed to grab the almost empty bottle of insulin for our kitty, rather than his brand new one!!! After 4 hours In the car it was time to feed him and give his shot. That’s when the OMG set in…I grabbed the wrong bottle and now we only had enough insulin for 2 doses. First thing, 8am I was calling every vet clinic in Richmond. No one had his stuff, except river city! Not only did they have it in stock but they allowed us to come in right away. The entire staff from check in, to our nurse & then our doctor…amazing! They were polite, informative, patient and the doctor is hilarious! I’m beyond thankful for their quick response to our problem & how loving and respectful the staff was to our family. Thank you, River City, for making our crazy disaster situation a little easier.
    The Wood family

  201. Abby Hodges 2018/08

    I take my Labrador Retriever to River City Vet and have never had a bad experience. Tonight, Dr. Anthony and his wife went above and beyond what’s expected. I called after hours with an urgent emergency and they took the time to talk me through everything I needed to do and on top of that they texted me later to check in on how he was doing and gave me further instructions on how to care for him through the next 24 hours. I really believe that they could’ve saved my dogs life and I’m forever thankful! 5 stars isn’t enough!

  202. Priyanka Purnanada 2018/08

    They take such great care of all our pets!

  203. Anne Adette 2018/08

    Came here after a horrible experience at another vet, and so glad I did! Nice, clean facility with very friendly staff across the board (reception, technicians, doctors). Prices are reasonable and they don’t push you to over-vaccinate or try to sell you unnecessary medication (like some other places). Would highly recommend!

  204. Valerie Shaeffer 2018/08

    Dr Anthony is a great Vet! My adopted cat has a heart murmur & he took extra time & care to exam her. I would highly his Vet practice to pet owners looking for a personable experience.

  205. brandon feldkamp 2018/08

    I love taking my dogs here! Most of the staff is super friendly and they all love animals. The doctors seem to know what they’re doing and love explaining things in terms an idiot can understand. They genuinely care about your animals and want the best for them.

    They also have very good methods of giving your dogs shots without the dogs noticing 🙂 love the cheese spread.

  206. Devonda Green 2018/08

    It’s a great place to take your pet

  207. Rahul Sharma 2018/07

    Extremely dedicated staff and patient doctors who thoroughly go through all the symptoms to suggest a course of treatment. We can’t thank Dr O’Sullivan for the care with which he treats our pet.

  208. Jules N 2018/07

    Super accommodating to my high energy pitbull. Those of us who have pits can be wary of how others react to them. Mine had a rough puppyhood and I’m so grateful that River City was not only accommodating but incredibly understanding

  209. Courtney Rogers 2018/07

    These guys are the best! Really care about their patients…and their human parents.

  210. Eureeka Battleship 2018/07

    Warm, lovely people. Very informative.

  211. Lester Caudill 2018/07

    Anthony and Heather O’Sullivan are both skilled and compassionate.

  212. John Robert 2018/07

    Great staff and even better service 👍👍 …

  213. Kaila Parker 2018/06

    They are one of the few places in the area that also cater to rabbits

  214. Ashley Marano 2018/06

    Best. Vet. EVER.

  215. Jana Johnson 2018/06

    Only one visit so far, but it was wonderful!

  216. Jane Wilson 2018/06

    Clean facility and friendly staff. First visit on 6/23/18 with my cat and I plan on returning for future services. Located just 1 block east of the Libby Place shopping center on W. Broad St. Great location for 23226 & 23230 zip codes.

  217. Suzanne Lucia 2018/06

    He was delighted with our pick of the litter with our little Gray kitten. Turns out he was right. Always available to us or even a tech visit can work for just an injection if necessary.

  218. Sarah Vasyukhnevich 2018/05

    Dr. Anthony is awesome and I would recommend this place to anyone! All around great people and you always feel welcome.

  219. Ashley Young 2018/05

    River City is hands down the best vet. We followed Dr. Anthony from Countryside and would never consider going anywhere else. All of the vets are phenomenal. They take the time to really listen, thoroughly examine, and talk through your options. Dr. Anthony went above and beyond when my parents dog came down with a sudden illness. River City is the perfect partner for taking the best care of your pet.

  220. Steven Pittman, Jr. 2018/05

    Friendly and reliable staff.

  221. Grace Bowen 2018/05

    Excellent experiences- efficient friendly front desk, can get us in right away if neccessary, smart doc who works with my situation.

  222. Classic Traditions Furnture 2018/05

    Dr. Anthony was great as usual I can’t say enough about him.

  223. Susan Moss 2018/05

    Dr. Anthony is beyond amazing. He’s so down to earth and just a real super guy. So glad he takes care of my cat!

  224. Debbie Shipp 2018/05

    Dr. Heather is wonderful! Savannah(our 2 year old spolied husky) just loves her! Everyone there is so nice and professional! You can just see how much they care!

  225. Mike Allums 2018/04

    Outstanding veterinarian practice. I have been using Anthony as Nikki’s vet since before River City. Great staff and vets.

  226. debby bickford 2018/04

    great experience , kind people

  227. Exquisite House 2018/04

    I followed my vet who was at another office here. Adore this new practice. Efficient, polite, caring.

  228. Camilla Nonterah 2018/04

    Dr. O’Sullivan and his staff are extremely friendly, supportive and personable.

  229. Cameron Madison 2018/04

    I had a very sick cat, my former Vet wasn’t helpful and neither was the second or third. The prognosis wasn’t good and the previous vets seemingly couldn’t figure anything out so I was recommended to try River City and they were the Saving Grace. That was nearly 2 years ago and my favorite furry creature is alive today because of them.

  230. Marcela Taruselli 2018/04

    Best Vets in Richmond. Dr. Heather and Anthony O’Sullivan have been treating cat since they first opened. They have been incredibly caring and thorough with the care of all our pets!

  231. Mike Scott 2018/03

    Excellent, knowledgeable, caring staff. The best in RVA

  232. Jeanette Hickl 2018/03

    Great staff.

  233. DJ Stephens 2018/03

    River City Vet was recommended to me by some of my coworkers. Love the folks here. The care they provide and service is exceptional. They truly care about your pet. They listen and work with you to provide the best medical care and nutritional information. Have only had to be there for healthy check-ups, but some coworkers have had some major health issues with their pets and talk about how the team goes above and beyond to help.

  234. Tucker Bloom 2018/03

    Dr. Anthony is a great Dr. but his support staff is absolutely horrendous. I keep going there and each time they present a new problem. Dr. A is the only reason I go back.

  235. Jerrold Lerner 2018/03

    Great Vet

  236. JoeA 2018/03

    Vets and staff are great. We bring our cat and dog. No upselling expensive stuff.

  237. Megan Serra 2018/02

    Dr E is great. The staff is super helpful and so friendly!

  238. joyce rice 2018/02

    Love these guys…they’re the best

  239. Mike Kelley 2018/02

    Awsome Staff / Great Care of Animals

  240. B Jax 2018/01

    Great staff

  241. Rene Cloud 2018/01

    I can’t say enough positive things about these wonderful people. I recommend them to friends every chance I get.

  242. Josh Starliper 2017/11

    Amazing staff, competent doctors, fair prices

  243. Michael Murphy 2017/10

    Dr. O’Sullivan is great and they’re very friendly. The best vet in Richmond.

  244. Anna Greer 2017/10

    update after initial vet visit/previous review:

    I talked to Dr. Anthony over the phone before my follow up visit, he indicated some over the counter treatment I could do with for Jackson (worst case scenario to stop the two “bumps” in question from getting worse).

    I went and saw Dr. Anthony for a follow up visit. He was great. he was willing to work with Jackson’s (my dog) quirky high energy personality. He wrestled with Jackson a bit, then rolled him onto his back and looked at his belly and the issues I previously had.

    The bumps ended up being nothing… but it was reassuring and very nice to know he took the time to look at the issues in question. He truly cared about jackson and was willing to go the extra step to call before my appt to “get the ball rolling” should it be worst case senerio.

    previous review:

    I have been taking my dog to river city for 2 years now, mainly only for his annual exam…all the doctors have been great…
    well until friday…

    i scheduled an apt specifically to see the doctor…outside of his yearly exam…my main concern was i started him on a joint supplement…and had questions about it…but more importantly there were 2 bumps on his genital region i had questions about…

    the doctor did answer and help me out w joint supplement question…but the doctor barely looked or asked any questions about the bumps in question…i was poo poo’d (with an aura of i know more then u and dont question me) and told my dog had a staph infection (when he gets excited his skin gets red…and there were some other bumps unrelated to the bumps i specifically had in question)….

    Almost $200 dollars later 67 of which was for a prescription i am not sure he needs (yes i know i am not a vet)…i still KNOW the two bumps in question will still be there after the 14 day prescription…

    I was told I could come back for more diagnostics….Which will be even more of an expense…

    until then i am stuck w google and having a nurse for humans come over to take a look at him

    I specifically wanted a vets opinion so i wouldnt have to google…but my vet budget is blown for this month

    Please note…i realize my dog gets excited when confronted w new environments and people ie vet…but for a basic vet visit i expect their staff and ESPECIALLY the doctor to b trained and take the time to take a close look at him and not poo poo the bumps, writing them off as a staff infection,

    One question i would expect is “why specifically those two and not the other redness?”
    “How long have they been there?” those would berelevant questions…but were not asked…

    There was an appearance of uncaring and wanting to increase the price of the bill and “MAKING” me come back and rack up another bill w another base vet visit and then whatever the diagnostics would be…

  245. Justine Zinskie 2017/10

    My frenchie, Jacques, is a patient of Dr. Anthony O’Sullivan. I was a very nervous new pet owner when I got Jacques but Dr. Anthony went above and beyond to make me and my pup feel welcomed and taken care of. He made many research based recommendations about food, supplements and other things that I felt was him going above and beyond. When my pup started limping which seemed out of nowhere, he squeezed him in for a last minute appointment on a Friday morning to check him out and get him some pain meds for a ‘sprained paw’. I’ve since called their hospital a few times after my dog got into eating things he shouldn’t and they’ve always guided me on the proper thing to do. I am so happy we found such a great, caring and affordable vet!

  246. Anne Auditore 2017/09

    The best!!

  247. Eric Waters 2017/09

    Great first visit for us and will definitely be back. Staff was super friendly and informative. Highly recommend!

  248. Niki DeSantis 2017/08

    Great staff, very caring, reasonable pricing

  249. Renee Askew 2017/08

    Awesome! Professional!

  250. Lloyd Jones 2017/08

    We started using this vet a couple of months ago I have been three times since and love this place. They cured an infection one of our dogs have haf, that other vets failed to cure.

  251. brandy schofield 2017/06

    There are not enough positive adjectives to describe my love for this veterinary practice. I still clearly remember the feeling of awe we had after our first visit with Dr. Anthony over 2 years ago and he has been nothing less than amazing every visit since. He is kind, giving and a wonderful diagnostician and surgeon. We lovingly call him the “Vet Wizard.” He has been understanding with all of our dogs’ quirks, medically and behaviorally. As well as patient with my crazy dog mom neuroses. The facility is state of the art and the staff is always welcoming and friendly. I feel like our dogs hit the lottery when we found River City and Dr. Anthony!

  252. Joe Schilling 2017/06

    I started taking my puppy to River City Vet a couple months ago and have been extremely pleased with the level of care and the staff. The front desk personnel are great, Dr. Jones is fantastic, and the billing is very reasonable. I feel like River City Vet is a partner in my dog’s health and genuinely cares about her welfare.

  253. Julie Charbonnier 2017/03

    The best vet in RVA! Dr.Anthony Sullivan will answer all your questions patiently and be upfront about the costs and benefits of each procedure.

  254. Lindsey P 2017/03

    They quoted me $300-400 for a check-up and to spay my kitten. Absolutely insane. I can get that service done for less than $100 anywhere else.

  255. Mark Smith 2017/03

    My wife and I adopted a stray puppy and couldn’t be happier with RCV. This was our first pet together and so they’ve not only given us fantastic service, they’ve also made us feel more confident as new pet “parents”. Their prices are reasonable and the staff is genuinely friendly and always professional.

  256. Brad DeFrank 2017/03

    Staff are very nice and professional. We went in for some shots and were in and out in about 10 minutes.

  257. Kaleigh Leal 2017/02

    Earlier today we were faced with the difficult decision of putting our 15 year old collie mix, Lexi, to sleep. I cannot thank Dr. Anthony enough for the support and grace in which he handled the situation. While we knew she was sick, we didn’t have many answers from our cold and compassionless experience at the emergency vet the night before. Dr. Anthony immediately pursued answers by doing an ultrasound and came back quickly with some news. He was blunt and honest about our dogs current state and laid out some realistic options that all centered around our Lexi’s comfortability and happiness. Ultimately we had to let her sleep and cross the rainbow bridge. Dr. Anthony asked that a blanket be brought into the room, turned down the lights and gave us the perfect amount of space. I even saw him wipe a tear. When everything was over he hugged us and shook our hands and was genuinely sorry for our loss. This experience would have been worlds different without his and his staff’s kindness and compassion. I HIGHLY recommend this office and specifically Dr. Anthony. We cannot thank him enough for the role he played in this difficult day.

  258. Gray Glass 2017/02

    Great group, very caring and competent.

  259. Brandon Rowe 2017/01

    Best Veterinarian in RVA. Wouldn’t consider taking my pets anywhere else

  260. Tom Childrey, The Credit Card Guy 2016/11

    Great veterinarian. He has been caring for my dogs for 10 years.

  261. Kayleigh Glass 2016/09

    I moved to Richmond 5 years ago and never switched vets – I was driving an hour to get my dog to the vet because I was scared to get a new one! Let me just say, I WISH I would have switched sooner! Unfortunate emergency surgery up here ended with me needing to find a vet closer by, and I am so glad my friend recommended this place. Staff was super kind and saved me lots of money, switching all Ruca’s information and vet records over here STAT! 🐾 Thanks guys!

  262. Katlyn Droke 2016/08

    Dr Anthony O’Sullivan is the best vet I’ve ever taken my dogs to. Other vets don’t even come close, and it’s very easy to recommend him to my friends. Originally I found him when I adopted a dog from Henrico Humane Society, because I figured I’d stick with the vet that had seen him for that rescue group. I stayed because he treated me (and my dogs) with respect, and he obviously cared about them.

  263. Joe Battistelli 2016/07

    Very few people look forward to bringing their cat to the vet, but Dr. Anthony makes that a reality for me. RCVC is amazing. In addition to being fantastic vets, they work with Cat’s Craddle – a local feline rescue group. I can’t speak highly enough of Drs. Anthony and Heather O’Sullivan and their amazing team. The techs all know my cat, I adopted from Cats Craddle, and ask to see him when I bring him in for annual vaccines. They are just great

  264. Theresa Shultz 2016/07

    Hands down the best vet in Richmond. We have been seeing Dr. Anthony O’Sullivan for years. I would not go anywhere else. Compassionate, caring and straight up with you about treatment and costs. I always feel like I have received what I paid for. I can’t say enough good things about this practice.

  265. Roxanne McGarey 2016/07

    Everyone is so kind and truely cares about my animals! I always recieve immediate help and my animals are always so happy 🙂 Love this place!

  266. Nick D 2016/06

    I get so annoyed by veterinary clinics trying to push unecessary services and refusing service unless I comply. Fortunately I found this place. The staff, from the moment you walk in the door until you leave, treat you and your pet like the most important thing in the world. They really care about their customers and clients. The doctors and assistants will take time to explain everything and are happy to entertain any questions. The first time, at River City, I received a sick stray puppy and needed to get her seen immediately. They made an appointment for me at closing time just to get the puppy seen. Every time I’ve been back, they’ve been just as great and accommodating. I’m very happy.

  267. Janice Anderson 2016/06

    Very knowledgeable, friendly doctor. However, lab results were supposed to be reported in 48 hrs, quoted. By the time they re-open, it will be several days. Very disappointing, since receptionist promised me doctor would call me today

  268. Samantha Wilson 2016/05

    Good service. I really like the Veternarians and the vet techs are helpful too.

  269. Debra Scout 2016/04

    Dr Anthony has been my vet with 3 dogs since he came into practice many years ago. I followed him to his new location and his wife has also treated my dogs.

    I trust them, feel they are knowledgeable and honest. My dogs are getting old, and Dr Anthony has suggested reasonable options to sustain them comfortably, and within a reasonable budget.

    Our Boxer just passed away at over age 13, old for a boxer. Our Multi/Poo is over 14 and very healthy. He was the only Vet who could deal with my crazy Jack Russel Terrior.

    I would highly recommend this Vet practice.

  270. Jami Jones 2016/04

    They are the best!! I have never felt so comfortable with a veterinary office before. Dr. Anthony truly cares about your pets best interest as well as your wallet. He has called us after hours to ask how our sick dog was doing! I can’t say enough great things about this office and the care they provide!

  271. Ashley Payne 2016/04

    Recently moved to Richmond and a friend suggested River City Vet after I had a poor experience at another vet in town. Had anxiety about trying another new place when my dog got a skin infection, but really enjoyed the customer service and my experience here. CLEAN office/welcoming, FRIENDLY techs, FAST service/hardly any waiting time. No more anxiety for me – I know where I will be continuing to take my dog.

  272. Mark Grasser 2016/03

    This is the first dog we have had, so we have needed quite a bit of guidance and have had many questions. The experience to this point, as we are now through all of our initial “puppy visits” and vaccinations, has been better than I ever could have expected.

    Dr. Anthony has taken the time to get to know our puppy and us, and give us the advice and recommendations on her care that we needed. He also has been completely willing to answer our questions, and even brings things up that we may not have thought about. In addition, the entire staff has been just as friendly and helpful.

    Dr. Anthony was recommended to me by a friend who is a long-time and extremely experienced dog owner, and who continues to bring multiple dogs to Dr. Anthony for the very good care they receive. I look forward to being able to recommend Dr. Anthony and his group to others in the Richmond area.

  273. Kelley Hettrick 2016/03

    I love this group. We have been going to them since they opened on Broad Street. Truly the nicest and most compassionate staff I’ve ever met. They truly love these animals! Dr. Anthony is funny and so thorough; you leave knowing you are in great hands.

    We had a difficult time having to one of our dogs down, but they made it a beautiful memory. I can’t imagine anyone else caring for our family!!!! Amazing practice!!

  274. Caroline Capocelli 2016/02

    So very happy with the service we received at RCVH yesterday with our pup Cookie-the-Wookie! The facility is pristine–clean floors, no weird smells–absolutely sparkling clean. We spent barely 30 seconds in the waiting room before we were directed to an exam room where we were given an annual check-up with 4 vaccinations–all done IN THE ROOM! A lot of facilities take pets to the back, which I’m not a fan of…I want to see what services I’m paying for, and I want to make sure my pet is being treated well–not yelled at, not yanked on the leash, etc. Dr. Jones was very knowledgeable, considerate, and quick with our service. For an annual appointment including: 4 vaccinations, fecal & hw tests, and a nail trim– we were only in there for a total of 30 minutes! The service is moderately priced, and honestly I would pay more if that’s the kind of service I’m going to get time and time again. So very happy we chose to take our loved one to this facility. Do yourself a favor and visit these wonderful people!!!

  275. Greg Lingo 2016/02

    I love the doctors O’Sullivan because they love my Boxer! I concur with all the other reviewers in that I feel I am getting the best care for my dog and that the doctors and staff are truly sincere, caring individuals. I strongly recommend River City Veterinary Hospital for all your 2 and 4 legged friends!

  276. Anirudha Shrivastava 2016/01

    We recently visited the hospital for our big dog with puppy mind. I was surprised to see how doctor Anthony saw him. Other people have to be very patient with Troy, Dr Anthony took it to another level where Troy had fun while receiving the treatment.

    I was impressed by Dr Anthony’s knowledge and skills while checking Troy up. He didn’t only prescribed the medication but cared enough to find out the root cause so that Troy will not have to suffer again. That is what I call the compassion!

    The medicines are working well for Troy and we will not go anywhere else for Troy’s treatment. I highly recommend River City Vet Hospital !

  277. Margaret Toal 2016/01

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Anthony and the staff at River City Vet! I randomly called River City Vet on a Saturday morning and they were able to squeeze me in. The office is clean; the staff is extremely helpful and friendly; Dr. Anthony is kind and caring; and the prices are very reasonable! I enjoyed my visit so much that I switched vets.

  278. Claire Shurtz 2015/11

    Would highly recommend River City Vet. Their professionalism and genuine compassion for their work is above any other vet we have ever used. I genuinely feel that we can trust them and they make our timid cat comfortable when going to the vet. They take the time to listen and genuinely care about you and your animal. I trust them immensely with all of my pets and would highly recommend them to anyone!

  279. Ceily Poh 2015/11

    Caring, kind, involved in the community. Professionally handed our boy Hucklelberry who is a growing Great Pyrenees pup of 9 months and who can be quite a handful as a breed specific trait. Love love love them. Thank you. The office is state of the art and vets are too but more importantly they care.

  280. Patrice Harmon 2015/09

    We had a great experience here!! My husband and I were so impressed with how thorough Dr. Anthony O’Sullivan was with our two dogs. He had a great personality and spent a lot of time with us and them. We briefly met Dr. Heather O’Sullivan who seemed wonderful, as well. The front desk staff, as well as the technicians were friendly, helpful, and made the overall experience pleasant. We were beyond happy, and our dogs walked out with waggy tails (even after a few shots)!! We definitely will be back.

  281. Meagan Coward 2015/08

    They are awesome and provide personal care. They really care about your companion animals. They never talk down to you or treat you poorly. I cannot recommend them enough!

  282. Wendy Moyer 2015/08

    Dr. Anthony, Heather and Lee Ann are awesome vets. They took great care of our Shetland Sheepdog Lillie. When she became sick with cancer they were so caring and helpful. They helped us find all the professional care we needed to keep her comfortable by using acupuncture and other holistic techniques. Now they care for Horace our loving hound dog and he loves them. He actually likes the vet! They are always available by phone or email.

  283. Katherine Rollins 2015/05

    Truly the best choice for a veterinarian in Richmond. Dr. Anthony is wonderful and goes the extra mile to take care of my dog. He keeps me informed and I have complete trust that he has the best interests of both my dog and myself in mind when he recommends treatment.

  284. Connie Hartmann 2015/05

    Love this vet clinic. Can’t say enough about the folks there. Totally trust my fur children with their excellent care. I foster kittens and recommend them to all new pet owners who are looking for s great vet.

  285. bijan ghorashi 2015/04

    River city vet came highly recommended from a friend of ours.. My family and I were very pleased, from a professional, communication, and support staff. Great place to take your loved ones..

  286. ken sosinsky 2015/04

    Excellent staff, professionalism, customer service, being animal friendly. The staff will listen to concerns, ask clarifying questions, recommend resolutions . . . or just listens to voiced concerns. Always available; have used emails to stay in contact.
    They greatly assisted us with our 1st dog; exams, consultations, concerns, and finally the end of life for our family member. We now have another dog and has been welcomed into the ‘family’; and that’s what they are to us . . . family

  287. Tiffany Bach 2015/03

    The best vets in town. Their kindness, compassion, and knowledge is awe inspiring. I wouldn’t trust my fur kids with anyone else.

  288. Belinda Stevens 2015/03

    Everyone always says they love their Vet. We’ve been taking our animals to Dr. Anthony for the last 8 years and since switching to him I too can say the same thing. Very caring and honest man that I can’t say enough great things about.

  289. Brian Colegrove 2015/01

    These folks are awesome! The doctors are very down to earth and genuinely care about your pet. They are extremely good at letting you know all the options for whatever treatment you may need, along with their recommendations.

  290. Richard Price 2014/08

    I have never meet a more compassionate and caring Vet than Dr. Heather O’Sullivan. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to express how much I recommend that anyone in the area take their pet to her.

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