Ridge Dog Shop

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Ridge Dog Shop
4.4 based on 138 reviews
  1. Anne Elma 2023/10

    Ridge dog shop does an excellent job with our dogs grooming needs!

  2. Lynn Hewette 2023/10

    Sandy the little white Dog loves her friends at Ridge! They are kind and caring, looking after the needs of our senior girl. She emerges smelling sweet, looking neat and ready to play and enjoy the rest of her day! The Ridge Dog Shop gets 5 stars in our book!


  3. Jeff Betz 2023/10

    Ridge Dog Shop has been a part of our family for almost two decades. They took great care of Fozzybear for 16 years and now continue to serve our family by caring for Smokey. The establishment offers exceptional customer service and prices. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t feel welcome or didn’t see a smiling face.


  4. Sharon Berry 2023/09

    Love Ridge Dog Shop staff is so caring. My dog comes home looking beautiful and very calm.


  5. Nicole Coleman 2023/09

    They always do a fantastic job!

  6. Gene Newman 2023/08

    Great place

  7. Freddy Preston 2023/08

    Ginger loves Ridge shop.

  8. Ann Ballinger 2023/08

    We have nothing but praise for Ridge Dog Shop. They do a beautiful job grooming dogs, and their customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend them.

  9. Cheryl Cruise 2023/07

    Great with my two dogs Roxy and Zeke!

  10. Juliet Bravo 2023/07

    I love Ridge Dog Shop! My pups always has a pleasant experience (I could tell by the first visit because he ate one of their treats after his grooming. If he’s unhappy or uncomfortable he won’t take a treat lol).

  11. Elissa Priddy 2023/06

    Ridge Dog Shop = Best Groomer in RVA!

    Ridge always takes excellent care of my miniature schnauzer. I’ve only taken her to Ridge since she was a puppy and she’s 3yo now. Time flies! All staff do a great job making her comfortable while she’s there and being groomed, she’s always happy going in and being picked up!

    Ridge always provides a consultation and discusses her grooming cut in detail before each appointment with me and lets me know how she did afterwards. There are never any hidden fees and I like being able to pay online for streamlined checkout. Being able to schedule online is great as well as reminder texts.

    Tracey’s grooming skills are amazing and my pup looks fantastic every single time. I do like to switch up her style now and again and Ridge never disappoints!

    I know my dog is in good hands at Ridge. They are our groomers for life.


    Thanks for taking such great care of DEMELZA!


  12. Bob Rose 2023/06

    This place is great. The people are so nice. Also the whole way that they check you in, go over what is being done that day is amazing. Also it’s so clean crazy I know but it is. This much better then where I was going

  13. Shawn O'neal Hall 2023/05

    I’ve taken my belle there a few times and I absolutely love this place their the only ones that can get my dog’s nails from clicking. And after a bath she smells wonderful for weeks..

  14. James Bosworth 2023/05

    Been going there for years. Owner changed, but excellent groomers haven’t…..always take good care of our boys.

  15. Gordon Perkinson 2023/05

    Great grooming for my two dogs. They did a wonderful job. You’ll see us again.

  16. John Norton 2023/04

    Ridge dog shop is a very well run business. They are excellent groomers and very pleasant to work with. Their prices are comparable to the competition, but my senior dog is much happier to go to Ridge than any other shop.

  17. Tammi Keifer 2023/04

    They were great. We had taken our dog Louie to another groomer and they could only cut nails on three paws and still charged us the full price. Ridge was able to cut all four when we went back a week later to give Louie the full spa experience they were still able to touch his nails.

  18. j Orp 2023/04

    Gotta experience it for yourself…great staff

  19. Paul Brookes 2023/04

    Three strikes and you’re out! We’ve been bringing our pets to Ridge for nearly 10 years and that’s no longer going to be the case. We brought our dog (Belle) in on Saturday for her every two month service. We were the first customer (the young woman behind the counter stated as much) and as it’s always been first in, first out, so this was great. Not so much!
    Since Ridge was purchased, it’s gone consistently downhill. It’s ranged from not completing all the services requested (though we were charged and never credited) to a terrible job on Belle. Fractured pieces of claws left hanging (they always used to Dremel them) to hacking up her coat, like they did once again. It was obvious that they rushed because she wasn’t done when we called. We’re fairly certain they didn’t brush her teeth or do her glands. She sat for hours in a crate during a thunderstorm. Way to treat our dog! No apology or concern when we showed up or after we stated we’re never coming back.
    We will never use them again and that’s really sad.

  20. Kathy Jones 2023/04

    We’ve taken Max to Ridge for over 10 years now. Even when he moved to Texas and to Atlanta, we continued to bring Max to Ridge whenever he came home. Over the years, we’ve nearly had the same groomer, which is nice for Max and for us. I hadn’t realized just how hard it is to groom Max until I attempted it. It took me three days just to cut off all his hair. The more I cut, the more needed to be cut. And bathing him at home is a nightmare because he hates it. You’d think cockapoos would love the water! The last straw for me and why I’ll always bring Max to Ridge is when, after a difficult bathing session, my bathroom floor was covered with standing water. Although I had on shoes with rubber soles, I slipped and experienced the worst pain of my life. An emergency room visit was required and I’ll still recovering almost one year later. So, WHATEVER it costs to groom Max I will pay. I’m SO grateful to have a place that I trust where they consistently do a good job. Thank you to all Ridge staff for supporting us in caring for Maxwell!

  21. Joyce A 2023/04

    Great place to take your fur babies. The place is so accommodating

  22. leah nesgoda 2023/03

    Staff are nice and groomers do a great job dremeling my 85 pound meatball’s nails.

  23. Barbara Florin 2023/03

    Great place

  24. Haley Holder 2023/03

    I took my dog here for the first time to fix another groomers hack job and they fixed her up beautifully. They were very accommodating, although my dog was there for 4 1/2 hours, I didn’t mind. The price was very affordable for me as a college and highschool student. I am very pleased with their work. I left them a very generous tip and everyone was so nice! I absolutely loved coming here and I will be returning!!


  25. Cheryl 2023/03

    They are awesome!

  26. Lakeisha Bragg 2023/02

    We absolutely love Ridge Dog Shop. Our Minnie has been going here since she was a pup and she’s now 15yrs old. We moved 30 min away and still absolutely wouldn’t trade them for nothing.

  27. Vera Mikirticheva 2023/02

    poor archie 🙁

  28. Ashley Z 2023/02

    Love them! They always do a great job on our dogs!


  29. Horlles Williams 2023/01

    Norman has been coming here a year now we love Ridge Dog Shop

  30. Alisha Taylor 2023/01

    The Ridge Dog Shop always takes such good care of my dog! She comes back looking super clean and cute with bows!

  31. Whitney Proffitt 2023/01

    Great place! They do an amazing job grooming my goldendoodle.

  32. Valerie Foster 2023/01

    First time visit, but extremely pleased!! They did an amazing job with my year old sweetheart Havanese!! I was told by her former groomer that she was “too much, she bites and we aren’t sure we can handle her”. I was devastated and upset, because she’s really a sweet dog. But Dogtopia said they work individually with every dig according their needs, and they did a great job!! Even said “she’s just a little nervous, but very sweet “! Wow!! Thanks to the team! I’ll be continuing to come back!!

  33. Bettie David 2022/10

    My precious Shih Tzu, Archie, died while being groomed at Ridge Dog Shop. Archie was anxious about grooming but had always been fine under the previous ownership/manager at Ridge because of their gentleness and patience. He was a “wiggle worm”, as they said. It was spoken with acknowledgment of his activity and always with affection. In March he went and I was told by new staff they could not trim his face which I said was fine. The next day, March 25, I called and spoke with a man I believe is the new owner. I asked if it was possible for the same team to handle Archie and take extra time to help. He said yes, that would be fine. When I took him in on Wednesday, May 25, I told the girl behind the counter that he needed patience and specifically asked if whoever handled him could “talk to him and be gentle”. At 9:20 I got the call that he was unresponsive and had been taken to the nearest veterinary clinic. It was later when I went to Ridge that I learned he had been held down and muzzled.

  34. Alden Weichel 2022/10

    The staff at Ridge Dog Shop were very pleasant and helpful. Our dog, Scout, looked clean and tidy. And she seemed to feel it as well. They have served us well in the past and we anticipate they will in the future. Thank you much to each of you

  35. March Helms 2022/10

    Merle Lynne Monroe never complains about her nails being trimmed here. Very nice staff!

  36. Julie Shartzer 2022/10

    I’ve been taking my dog here for at least two years. The staff here is awesome. They listen to how I want his hair to be cut, I’m always so happy with the results. My dog wags his tail when we enter into Ridge Dog Shop so I know he is comfy there. 10/10 would recommend to anyone needing pet grooming for their babies.

  37. Brian Ohlinger 2022/10

    You can make an appointment and you can bring your dog from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Very convenient and the groomers are very good ? …

  38. Tina Caton 2022/09

    Love this place for my two Shih Tzu babies, Chp and PJ thanks you too for making them looking great and being patient with them.

  39. Joseph Stepp 2022/08

    Friendly, professional, courteous.

  40. Melissa Casanova 2022/08

    They do a great job with our Pomeranian Buddy and his arthritic knees! We are always very pleased with his hair cut.

  41. Justin David 2022/08

    Our dog is dead. They put a muzzle on him and it is my firm believe that it restricted his breathing, causing him to pass out and die. He was only 3 years old and had no health issues what so ever. He was just a 14-pound shih tzu, and he was not vicious. If he was so unruly for them that they were unable to work on him without muzzling and hold him down, then they should have simply called us to pick him up. It sickens me that I’m required to give even one star in order to post this review as a warning to anyone else who might read it. We lost a member of our family and holding his dead body in my arms for the last time was one of the worst days of my life.

    I’ve included a picture of him. This is the animal that was such a problem that they felt that he apparently needed to be muzzled and held down before passing out and dying while under their direct supervision.


  42. Lisa Coleman 2022/08

    The first grooming I had here was amazing. The second one didn’t go so well. My poor male dog had his balls shaved raw. We are just about 2 weeks out and he is still hurting.

  43. Floyd Rountree 2022/07

    Friendly staff. They did a great job on both our dogs.

  44. Floyd Rountree 2022/06

    Great staff and aervice.

  45. Merri Farnham Faulkner (MaryLou) 2022/06

    My first visit. They did a great job. My dog Becky was shedding terribly. Was very, very pleased.

  46. Myrna Suarez 2022/06

    Friendly staff and excellent in grooming bischon frise

  47. Kendall Sealey 2022/04

    impressed with how quickly they were able to fit us in. My pup looks great and seems to have enjoyed his day at the beauty shop! Will be back!

  48. Orion Pelausa 2022/04

    They always do an excellent job with grooming! Exceptional customer service, very friendly staff, and always have our dog happy and clean. Highly recommend!

  49. Logan Bunger 2022/03

    Amazing…. Just amazing!!!

  50. Sharif Gray 2022/03

    Did a great job grooming and deshedding my chocolate lab!

  51. Desiree J 2022/02

    Disappointed with the cut of my Yorkie puppy. I tried RIdge because it is more convenient to my location. But, the lack of groomer experience is too great. In addition, my puppy has been visiting another groomer since he was 4 months old (he is 10 months now) and he has never once looked frazzled and peed on himself upon seeing me. It was like he was so relieved I had come to his rescue. I don’t know what he endured while he was there but, it was clear that he was stressed. So stressed, in fact, that he would not ride home in his car seat. I had to pull over and put him in the front with me.

    I shared my concerns (about the poor cut) with the owner and she offered a free visit with their “top groomer”. I initially accepted this resolution but, the more I looked at my fur baby’s jacked up cut and thought about the non-chalant attitude of the groomer (intentionally excluding her name), and recalled my pups obvious distress, I decided NOT! I won’t take my little guy back there.

    I’ll stick with Dog’s Day Inn…it is 30 minutes away but, this experience has taught me that Dog’s Day Inn is well worth the drive for a consistent grooming and stress-free experience for my puppy.

  52. Claire Cobb 2022/02

    Disappointed that my dog’s head was shaved after I asked that it not be. I understood that he had matting and was aware his body would be shaved but his head had no matting at all. More care could have been taken into his groom, especially for $155. I was charged a $40 matting fee which is confusing to me as they did nothing to remove mats besides just completely shave him. I’m so sad but I know it’s just hair and will grow back… will be taking my business back to Dog Krazy in the fan.

    Edit: Cooper had no mats on his head or snout. A little better communication could have avoided this – had I known his face would be shaved bald, I wouldn’t have gotten him groomed. Thank you for your response.


  53. Jan 2022/01

    Great service and they show compassion and care for the animals. My fur baby always look so good after his ‘spa visit’ at Ridge.

  54. nails on the go come to you 2022/01

    I liked the way they cut my Yorkie.

  55. Cindy Brumbaugh 2021/10

    Have been taking my cockapoo there for years. The service and attention to your requests is excellent. The staff both at the front desk and the groomers are friendly, helpful and professional. They always give a recap of the experience with any issues (ticks, ear problem, etc.) that they may have noticed. Highly recommended!

  56. Tommy Vo 2021/09

    Fantastic service plus at a price near the lowest while performing with the best.

  57. First Name 2021/08

    Wonderful staff and amazing service. Took the time to answer my questions. My dog looked amazing. I am so delighted that I found them.

  58. Becca Moore 2021/08

    Very friendly and accommodating, but most importantly they do a fantastic job making sure my pup is well taken care of and leaves looking refreshed and beautiful!!

  59. Rindy Douglas 2021/08

    I’ve been a loyal customer for about 15 years. Tracy has always been more than amazing with my dogs. The reception desk people are nice enough but sometimes the lady whom I assume is the owner acts as though I’m an inconvenience. If you want your fur baby to look their best I will recommend Tracy for all eternity, but if you want to feel like a valued customer or pet parent please don’t rely on the support staff.

  60. Eddy Ordonez 2021/07

    Took it upon themselves to shave him very short which was completely unnecessary. He was a little matted on his belly yet his neck and legs were shaved. Will not go back!!!

  61. Erika Stanley 2021/07

    Easy drop off and friendly service! I definitely recommend taking your pet to Ridge Dog Shop!!

  62. Steve Jones 2021/06

    I rarely take time to review unless my experience is outstanding. As you can surmise THEY ARE OUTSTANDING!! Years ago, I was a very satisfied repeat customer. I wound up moving, and consequently began using our vets grooming services very close to our home. Thankfully, we have moved back to this side of the river and of course I picked right back up with my familiar and beloved groomers. Having been away for so long, what a stark contrast this has been to come back ” home”!! This owner and staff go out of their way to accommodate your needs, as opposed to the “clinic” who upsells every appointment and acts as if they are doing you a favor for booking you over a month out. Enough! These folks are so sweet, caring and down to earth, not to mention trustworthy. A high school friend of mine used to work there and verified this in spades!!! They have been here forever and have a stake in their reputation—what a welcome relief. Lastly, I have learned that with “COVID” many employees left for a sweeter deal with the “government”. I sincerely hope none of them qualify for rehire, and I encourage anyone reading this to support this local business and their dedicated staff with appointments and LOTS of tips to reward their work ethic.

    Wendy Jones

  63. Silvania Huddleston 2021/05

    Great job ! I recommend this place.

  64. Scuba Steve 2021/05

    If you have a poodle don’t go here. They don’t know.

  65. Adria Bader 2021/05

    We have an older long-haired terrier who has not done well with grooming at 2 previous places, but Ridge Dog Shop welcomed and greeted her, getting to know her a little before taking her back to be groomed. They gave her an amazing cut. She was so relaxed when I came back to pick her up. I would highly-recommend them and will continue to use them for our sweet girl!


  66. Lisa Blouch 2021/04

    We’ve been taking our dogs to Ridge Dog Shop for 25 years, and they always do a great job!

  67. William Williams 2021/04

    Ridge Dog Shop is a great facility that was recommended to me by a number of family and friends. . My dog Buster really looks forward to his appointments (he seems to know when they are). He is always in a happy disposition when I arrive and his grooming is always exceptional. Thanks to Laine and the staff at The Ridge Dog Shop. Sincerely, William W.

  68. Dominick Davis 2021/04

    Ridge dog shop is awesome. They have great customer service my dog always looks good when I pick him up. I would highly recommend Ridge dog shop

  69. Patti Elizondo 2021/04

    We have been taking our pets there g I r several years. When we lost our dog we received a sympathy card signed by everyone. We were very moved and appreciative. We love you guys.

  70. Thadden3 @gmail.com Terry 2021/03

    I’m currently staying at the hotel next door and just witnessed who I assume is the owner pull 2 small dogs out of her suv and dropped one to the ground from chest high to the ground and basically dragged it inside because it’s raining what a joke

  71. Elaina Brown 2021/03

    My experience was always pleasant before today. The owner called me after missing an appointment with my dog . ( because of a death ) when I explained that I had totally let it slip my mind , she yelled “yea well you should call and let us know!” And hung up … I quickly called back to let her know how unprofessional she was and she disrespectfully told me how rude it was to miss an appointment regardless of the circumstances. I tried to further explain where I fell short but did want her to know this isn’t how you treach a customer after almost 3 years.. she talked over me and made it clear that she didn’t respect my dollar. I was hugely disappointed, not shocked but disappointed. My family and I will never return , not that ir mattered to her anyways .

  72. Vertical Appeal LLC 2021/03

    Poor customer service

  73. Crystal Riddick 2021/03

    Linda was a great groomer!


  74. Laurie Crouch 2021/03

    I’m very disappointed. Neither the front staff or the groomer are very friendly. Neither appear to like dogs. As soon as I walk in, my dog drops her tail and backs towards the door. She is a former show dog and normally loves to be groomed. But she senses something as soon as she walks in there. I’ve taken her twice. Both times she had the same reaction. I won’t be taking her back there again. The groom itself was adequate and priced fairly. The shop is very clean. I’ve been going there since 1983 with different dogs. But something has really changed. It’s most unfortunate.

  75. Kryste'l Jordan 2021/02

    They did an AMAZING jog with our new puppy with his grooming.

  76. Michelle Ha 2021/01

    My puppers gets groomed here every few months and for the most part I am pleased with the quality. The shop is organized and efficient. The staff is kind and pleasant. I would say they are a bit pricey though. My dog is a small sized shih-tzu who gets cut every 3-4 months, each time the cut runs between $56-62, mostly $62. There would be some times when his nails are not clipped short enough or his coat would look a bit uneven. However, other times he is nice, clean, and handsome nonetheless. They get to come home with a bandana tied around their necks as well.


  77. krisitie bonovitch 2021/01

    They do a great job on golden doodles!

  78. Albert M 2021/01

    Best dog grooming shop in RIC.

  79. Robin J 2020/12

    Ridge Dog Shop has always been the best for my dogs. They are friendly and my Boykin Spaniels always come home happy and well groomed.

  80. Kathy York 2020/10

    Hands down best grooming service our fur babies have had.

  81. Jacqueline H. Dwyer 2020/09

    A former neighbor who had an English cocker Spaniel like our Trevor told us she took her dog to the Ridge Dog Shop for grooming. We decided to give them a try and have never used anyone else since then! Trevor and we are very satisfied customers!!

  82. Denise Hall 2020/09

    Love the care and attention they always show our little fur baby

  83. Sarah Reilly 2020/09

    I am sad to say that today will be my last day taking my dog Martha to The Ridge Dog Shop. I have been taking her there for over a year now and have never had a bad experience until today. When I called to make her apt I was told to come onto the sidewalk and I would be given further directions for check in. When I pulled up it was pouring down rain and I went onto the sidewalk with Martha. I was addressed in a very aggressive tone to move back, as I did. The rest of the time that I was given directions, they continued to be given in a very aggressive and short tone. When I left, I was in tears. While I appreciate the extra precautions during the pandemic, it also important to remember that this is new for everyone and a little bit of kindness and patience goes a long way. I am very sad that during a time when I made the choice to support a local business, I was met with nothing but an extremely nasty and unnecessary attitude.

  84. Malgorzata Wiesak 2020/08

    I have a Bichon and she has gotten the best haircuts at Ridge dog shop! Thank you Ridge dog shop

  85. Diana Lawrence 2020/08

    They did a great job.

  86. Quentin Jones 2020/08


  87. Kathy Beattie 2020/07

    I want to praise the owner and entire staff of the Ridge Dog Shop. During the Covid-19 situation they are taking extraordinary measures to keep their customers safe. They let me know ahead of my appointment today that I would be greeted curbside and I was. The person taking my dogs wore a facemask and took other precautions to make sure I was safe. They had moved the check-in counter to the sidewalk. They let me know they would call when my dogs were done being groomed, could take payment over the phone and brought my dogs out to my car for me who looked FABULOUS as always!
    Thank you, Ridge Dog Shop, for again proving why you are the best in Richmond! Update: The above was from my visit on March 26th. I just dropped off my “boys” this morning 5/16/20 and the check-in is now one person in the shop at a time, they provide a disposable leash on the wall, you remove your dog(s) harness/collar/leash and clip their leash to the wall while maintaining 6 feet social distancing. When I pick up my dogs later, we’ll reverse the procedure. I have been a client for over 3 years and every single time, my dogs look fantastic. Highly recommend!

  88. Susan Haas 2020/06

    Max loves his new haircut ❤️

  89. Olaf Ross 2020/06

    These guys did an awesome job on my Standard Poodle. Used another local groomer and they screwed his up last time. I will bring back to Ridge Dog Shop every time.

  90. Jordan Cabell 2020/06

    Great dog grooming service would recommend to anyone!! They always cut my doodle to my liking and are always super nice! Wouldn’t take my dog to any other groomer!

  91. Barron Harlow 2020/05

    Great groomer!!

  92. Mariam Cherry 2020/05

    I love supporting this small business. The staff are very friendly, efficient, professional and not to mention talented! I’m always very pleased with how good my dogs look and smell after being groomed! Highly recommend.


  93. Tina Remson 2020/04

    These folks are great! We rescued a hardship Border Collie, that we’ve made his forever family. Huey has been going to the beauty shop for sometime. I know Huey can be a hand full, but I applaud his groomer. She works her magic and he always comes out looking handsome. What really made me love these folks here is one day Huey had a slight seizure and the owner called to tell me. I was neglectent in letting them know he had been put on a new med because he had just started having these off and on. I offered to come and get him but owner told me they were trained for these situations and he would be fine. As we were talking, Huey was already coming around. So now, when he comes in they know to treat him a little different. I highly recommend Ridge Dog Shop!

  94. Denise Lavoie 2020/04

    The Ridge Dog Shop is a wonderful place! I started bringing my anxious, extremely-difficult-to-groom dog here about a year ago, and the staff here has worked miracles with him. They have found a way to calm and soothe him so that he no longer barks or goes nuts when it’s time for a haircut. Tracy is awesome with him, and the entire staff is helpful and friendly. Plus, he looks like a million bucks every time he goes here. This place gets 5 stars!

  95. Bellsbunny 29 2020/03

    Best service, best people. We definitely will be back!

  96. Courtney Purvis 2020/03

    Haven’t gotten my pup groomed here yet but I’ve gone in several times for shampoos, leashes, their homemade treats, etc. and love them! Shop this local small business and support them, not the large chains!

  97. Charles Baker 2020/03

    The best!!!!
    Our dog Bear does not like to be groomed. Ridge Dog Shop works with him and does a great job.

  98. Marsha Cloak 2020/02

    Ridge Dog Shop did an exceptional job on my 13yr old frail goldendoodle. Thank you

  99. Nora Anne Viscarra 2020/02

    They do a wonderful job with my doodle! I highly recommend them!

  100. Joan Marie 2020/01

    Groomers do excellent work. Front staff very nice.

  101. Blanca Gomez 2019/10

    I love the services here and my shih-tzu (Bella) always comes out happy. My preferred dos shop!

  102. Jess Shearin 2019/09

    I was very satisfied with Annabelles’ results! Sarah was her groomer. When I picked her up, I was so happy! She looked absolutely adorable! She smelled nice, she was so soft, and her cut was great! And don’t even get me started on those cute bows! Omg! ?? The pricing was more than reasonable for all that they did. They bathed her, brushed her out, gave her a cut, trimmed her nails, cleaned her ears and expressed her anal glands. And of course she got some special doggie treats throughout the process. I will be going here from now on. (Thank you, Sarah!)

  103. Angelo Cipriano 2019/08


  104. Deborah Johnson 2019/07

    My family has used Ridge Dog Shop since the 70s. People are great. My dog gets excellent treatment. I can’t say enough about the staff and owner.

  105. Mike 2019/07

    We have been taking our dogs to Ridge Dog shop since spring 1996 and have been very satisfied. Their groomers are very knowledgeable with the proper cuts to various breeds. Currently we bring our 5th mini schnauzer who loves to go for her “fluff and puff”. Should there ever be a minor concern with the cut, it is corrected immediately. I have complete confidence with the owner and staff.

  106. Erin Baber 2019/07

    They treat your pups like their own. Mine come home knowing they look good. Love supporting the local businesses!

  107. Dan Blankenship (Coach Dan) 2019/06

    My dog Beau loves going to Ridge Dog Shop. He always looks handsome in his bandanna when I pick him up from his grooming. They do a great job with his hair cuts!

  108. Sheri Sullivan 2019/06

    McConnell loves coming to this place and loves the people at Ridge Dog Shop. Everyone is gentle and friendly. This is our second dog that we have brought here and we are very happy with the service.

  109. Anne Robinson 2019/05

    Highly recommended!

  110. Reg B 2019/04

    They get the smell out. We usually go to one of the larger stores and they’ve done ok. Our dog always smelled better but you could smell dirty dog under the scent of shampoo. Ridge Dog Shop had her smelling fantastic. She just smells clean with no dog odor, even days later. We’ll go back just for that.

  111. Savon Sampson 2019/02

    The staff is awesome! They do a great job with my cockapoo. She always leaves smelling good and looking good with a new cut and a fresh bandana!

  112. Jen cassell 2019/02

    I have a havenese dog with a lot of anxiety, and therefore he can be difficult to groom. The groomers here do a wonderful job with him, and he is happy and looks great each time I pick him up. Highly recommend!

  113. Hassaon Collins Jr 2019/01

    If a wanted a dog I will bring it here

  114. Leigh Harrell 2019/01

    This place is awesome!! I’m a crazy protective dog mom and was so pleased when my puppy came out looking beautiful and smiling and even kissed the girl goodbye before we left. They were also able to trim her fur on her paws and do her nails even though she absolutely hates her feet being touched. I will for sure be returning! Highly recommend them.

  115. Bev (Bevy) 2018/10

    This is a great grooming business. We bring our shih-tzus here and have never been disappointed. Friendly staff. I’d highly recommend.

  116. Deborah Ward 2018/09

    Always a fine job.

  117. Tom Childrey, The Credit Card Guy 2018/09

    Kate and the staff are great! #10AshusTom

  118. Sarah Califano 2018/09

    Today we booked a last minute appointment for a 11 month Collie we rescued yesterday that was in need of a bad grooming. We also ended up dropping our 4 month old golden retriever for a sanitary groom. They were awesome! Staff was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The girls look awesome and we are pleased. We will use them again !

  119. Stephen Black 2018/08

    Best dog groomer I’ve ever used. Not the cheapest, but my dogs are worth it. They seem like they really care and they always do a great job. Never any nicks or hot spots. Since finding Ridge, we don’t take our dogs anywhere else.

  120. Laurel Wise 2018/07

    Kay the owner may be the most unpleasant business owner I have encountered in our ten years of living in Richmond. Her customer service skills are awful; do not support this business. I had to reschedule my dog’s appointment several times this summer, and called each time, as we had family in town at the last minute. This was a HUGE problem for her – you would have thought I asked to reschedule my wedding. Will take my business elsewhere and happily shell over $100 to another dog grooming business in town!

  121. Nick Carter 2018/07

    In and out quickly for nail trimming on a Saturday morning

  122. Mandy Hansel 2018/07

    Always very accommodating when I call on Saturday mornings to see if they can work in my JRT and PitBull. They always do a great job with Penny and Sarg- and my dogs seem to really enjoy their visits. I highly recommend! Staff are always polite and friendly.

  123. Jonathan Hazel 2018/05

    Great, clean place … took good care of my dogs

  124. Rebecca Morris 2018/04

    Great job


  125. Ned Swartz 2018/03

    Very caring treatment. Have gone here for 30+ years! Excellent.

  126. Judy Linn 2018/03

    Heather and all the staff are so polite, friendly! They treat my 2 fur babies like their family! I will only take my babies too Ridge Dog Shop!

  127. Joanna Rodriguez 2018/02

    Always friendly and professional. Never have had any issues. Highly recommend them.

  128. George Gallagher 2017/08

    They do a great job of grooming the dog and the pups love it.

  129. Casey Gallagher 2017/07

    Absolutely amazing staff!!! Kind and patient. Actually take there jobs serious. Ive been taking my dog snoopy here for last fee grooms very pleased. Its not the cut im pleased with. Its the patient tbey have and job in there job. You can actually tell they genuinely care about your pet. After using them id never recommend petsmart or petco. They treat there animals horrible. Seen it with my own eyes. They have np patients. Just there for quick dollar.

  130. Steve 2017/05

    Took my rough coat Russell Terrier here when I lived in RVA. The staff was always friendly and set expectations accordingly. He always looked good when he left and he didn’t seem to hate going there. What more could you ask for in a groomer?

  131. Ally Ferrell 2017/03

    BEWARE!!!!..I recently took our Golden Doodle in for grooming . She has been groomed there for several years. This time she was grossly mistreated…..I personally watched as the groomer repeatedly jerked her head from side to side and up and down while trimming her face. My dog is very docile and compliant. I spoke to the “manager” standing and watching this occur and told her to have the groomer stop immediately!!!! She was very slow to respond……obviously this is accepted “abuse ” to her!! I spoke loudly for her to stop the abuse and she finally walked over to the groomer and whispered something to her. The groomer gave me a dirty look and finally released my dog. I compained loudly…… the “manager” who looked and acted completely indifferent said ” oh your dog must have moved her head “. She was extremely unprofessional and obviously could not imagine that a dog would try to move when someone was jerking her head side to side!!! Needless to say I will not return and have shared this experience with as many people as possible. To my surprise I have discovered that others have had similar experiences recently…cuts that bled on tops of dog’s feet, etc. Be AWARE!!!!!! Show up early to pickup your dog as I did…….see what you find.

  132. Water Lilly 2016/07

    The worst groomers in the city! DO NOT do business with them. They damaged my dog’s beautiful coat by giving him by switching groomers to someone inexperienced and not telling me despite my bringing him each week.

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt because they acknowledged their horrible error and promised to never switch out groomers on me again. I had hoped that the fur would grow back in and some of it has and some of it, has not! The incompetent groomer shaved my poor dog’s belly all the way up to his armpits! Even after 3 months his belly is bare and looks horrible! But I had hoped with time it will filly come back.

    Despite this, I have been going every week without fail and you would think this would make me a valuable customer in their eyes? It apparently doesn’t. 5 months ago, we moved to a new house much further away, their normal drop off time is by 10am. I asked the girl working the front desk if I could start dropping him off by 11 after we moved, since they told me they accomodate special times at request.

    So for 5 months I have consistently been dropping my dog off before 11am and today when I walked in for our regular appointment at our regular date I was told they gave my appointment away. What?!?! Why? Oh because apparently they never wrote down on my card I would be coming in at 11am and despite the fact that I have been doing so weekly, and they never had and issue with it until today. Conveniently the day they gave my appointment away.

    This was the last straw for me. I walked out and told them I would not be coming back. Personally I think this was a stunt on their part because they were afraid to continue grooming my dog after the hack job they did a couple a months ago. Better to lose a customer then worry about the liability.

    These people take your money and don’t care about your dog. They offered me nothing when they destroyed my dogs coat but their pathetic apologies. They overbook appointment schedule and do
    not care about you as a loyal customer.

    Highly recommend you not do business with them or you might end up like me. I am not considering suing them for the permanent damage they did to my full breed dog’s coat.

    Kay the owner and Theresa the manager are awful people. If you care about your dog, you will go

  133. Tyler Hurd 2016/06

    I have loved each time I have taken my dog. She is a cockapoo so their prices normally run the highest, but The Ridge has a reasonable price with great execution. They have listened to my “tweeks” but sometimes leave that dreaded poodle puff.

  134. Rachel Durgin 2016/05

    Their customer service is terrible, prices are high. They didn’t let me dog out the entire day because they don’t walk them until after they’ve come off the table and mine was the last dog to come off so he pissed in my car. There are no areas around the business to walk the dogs. I’m incredibly disappointed. I called and the women I spoke to was incredibly condescending.

  135. Alena Henderson 2016/04

    Last spring, I brought our newly rescued dog after calling that same morning. They took her without any notice and were so sweet with her. They had to clean up all sorts of matted hair and overgrown nails. She came back a beautiful girl. I’ve taken her back since and she is never traumatized (which is a big deal for her) I’d recommend them to anyone afraid of the big box stores.

  136. Rene Simpkins 2016/01

    Very good with my 15 year old Maltese! Very happy with them!

  137. Colleen OBrien 2016/01

    I have been going to Ridge Dog Shop for around twenty years with three different dogs. I had a good relationship with the staff and groomers and was always pleased with the experience. I got a new puppy (3 mos. old) and took her to the place I felt safe leaving a little one. The manager was rude to me and chastised me in front of another customer who also agreed she was rude and said his family had gone there for years but had also stopped going. I indicated when I picked the dog up that I felt like they did not want my business (I went every six weeks and tipped well for the other dogs} and was told the manager was very kind and not encouraged to come back. They have had a lot of staff changes in the year I had not gone due to not having a dog. The groomer that did my puppy is wonderful, but the new manager does not encourage new clientele and is chasing away old clientele. I have never complained anywhere before, but I could not let it go with the tone of voice and dismissing attitude that was shown to me.

  138. Kathy Wilson Jones 2015/07

    To say that I’m uber sensitive about our dog’s grooming experiences is an understatement. We’ve had two really bad ones which makes me more grateful for having found Ridge Dog Shop. Their level of professionalism far surpasses chain stores’. Our cockapoo has separation anxiety and he just is very non-receptive to being touched in certain ways and he has aversions to various intrusive sounds, like a blow dryer. So, grooming stresses him. And, although I explain this every time … in most cases my words fall on deaf ears. Our dog would come home withdrawn, with blood shot eyes and shaking. Grrr! Finally, I googled best dog groomers in Richmond and Ridge Dog Shop populated. We had a great first visit. In fact, they handled our dog so well that staff didn’t see any of the factors I explained as issues. And, they groomed him perfectly. It was such a nice treat seeing him relaxed and me not having to address his behavioral issues upon pick-up. I highly recommend this business to all dog owners who are in need of specialized care.

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