Richmond Urgent Care

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Richmond Urgent Care
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  1. Brooke Light 2023/10

    Highly recommend! I got timely, thorough care from Dr. Taylor.

    But what really set my experience apart was the exceptional customer service. Hours after my appointment ended and the office closed, I realized that I wasn’t given my ID back and had left it at the front desk. The on call nurse went out of her way to come back to the office and get my ID back to me. She went above & beyond and was SO kind. Thank you all for everything!

  2. Candice 2023/10

    Dr. Moharram is truly compassionate and kind. The staff is great. The only pediatrician I trust.

  3. Whitney * 2023/10

    This is one of the best urgent care facilities I’ve ever been to. Dr Taylor was wonderful and the receptionist was very helpful and friendly. I was seen quickly and all my questions were answered. I highly recommend this clinic!

  4. Curve six 2023/09

    Great experience, Dr Lam is very thorough and follows up personally with test results. He doesn’t rush you put of the office and he genuinely wants to help everyone feel better. I’m very happy we met!

  5. Amber Horton 2023/05

    Absolutely incompetent disrespectful staff.
    Disregards mental health.
    Disregards boundaries.
    Misdiagnosed pleurisy (an infection of the lining of lungs) as just a muscle strain because of sexism and not believing women’s pain.
    Do not go here.

  6. youjin Sung 2023/05

    This is the best emergency treatment!! My daughter needed an emergency stitch.They moved quickly and were clean and delicate.I highly recommend this place! Amazing!!

  7. Michael Payne 2023/04

    I’ll be honest, I saw the outside of the building and was a bit hesitant but I kept an open mind and went here.

    I’m so glad I did because the customer service here was amazing. From the person checking me in to Doctor Taylor who took his time with me so much that it felt more like a primary care visit. They were both very thorough and got me immediate help for a severe migraine that was causing me to miss work. Also, the inside of this building is super nice! For me, this is the best experience I’ve had at any urgent care in the Richmond area so don’t judge a book by its cover.

    I’m really glad I came in and both my wife and I have found our go-to urgent care.

    Thank you all so much! 🙌

  8. William Corbett 2023/01

    I had a great experience here today. They are efficient and friendly. Highly recommend. Dr. Moharram is awesome!!!

  9. Stephanie Canar 2022/11

    Only testing for covid. No other urgent care appointments. I guess you have to go to the emergency room if you have something else. Some urgent care…won’t ever come here. Other illnesses didn’t disappear.

  10. Anika R 2022/11

    This place has been a Godsend! The staff definitely works hard. Didn’t have to wait long at all for my results. Lastly, this is a tough time so I’m thankful that this is a reliable option.

  11. Lauren H 2022/11

    I’m not sure what to think. It says online they use ultrasound and can diagnose a pregnancy and everything. But I went here a couple of weeks ago because I was having abdominal pain, she did an ultrasound but didn’t see anything, but it turns out I am actually pregnant and was quite a few weeks along but she never even saw anything. That’s crazy. The lady was so very nice but I guess they don’t know how to use the ultrasound thing they use off of there mobile phone using an APP.

  12. Zoe Browne 2022/09

    I did the drive through covid testing I knew it would be a long wait so I got there at 9 when they opened New Year’s Eve, I did not get my results until 3:15. 6 hours without food or the bathroom. I would not have waited if I knew that it would take that long. It took me an hour to get my results after getting swabbed and I had to ask them for it to get them.
    I got tested there over the summer and it was not this inefficient I do not know what happened but definitely not worth waiting that long.

  13. Maureen Mason 2022/09

    This is the best Urgent Care I’ve ever been to. Very clean, very quick, and very kind. A major victory after trying four others that were either closed or so full they weren’t currently accepting patients. I was be the nurse the moment I handed in my paperwork and by the doctor shortly after that. Everyone was a pleasure to speak to and the place even has a spotless , sunny vibe that gives it a friendlier demeanor that most urgent cares.


  14. Hicham Hammouch 2022/09

    really the best experience ever very nice front desk lady super nice and professional the doctor was really nice caring lister to all my questions and concerns that my son like it was hers I really appreciate the way they treat us I will always go there really thank you and I do recommend this place if you really want to deal with a professional stuff and good caring doctor.

  15. Chelsea Varsel 2022/05

    Awesome. I made an appointment, the workers were great on the phone and in person. I was in and out quickly, in-house work(so it’s very quick to hear results and whatnot), and I was uninsured and only paid 125 for a visit that helped solve a problem I had. I was very happy with the price, the workers, the cleanliness.

  16. Julianne Ellis 2022/04

    We received exceptional care at this Urgent Care clinic. In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, and so many people getting COVID tested right now this clinic is holding it together. Ms. T, the nurse that cared for my family was gracious, attentive, organized, efficient, and caring. She handled the crowds in such a gracious and calm way. She treated my children and myself with so much kindness. I am so thankful for this clinic and the work you all are doing in a long lasting very difficult time.

  17. Abigail DiGregorio 2022/02

    I went to the drive-thru covid testing the morning of Christmas Eve after searching the entire day prior for a place that had available testing appointments or take home tests. It was very organized and staff were very well prepared for the large amounts of people trying to get tested last minute so they could see their loved ones this holiday season. They were quite literally the sole factor why I could spent this Christmas with my family and I couldn’t be more thankful! Would definitely recommend this place for responsible and prompt results.

  18. Molly S 2022/02

    Wonderful service received here!

  19. Tara Eschenroeder 2022/01

    Stellar care straight from the heart.

  20. The WoodElves 2021/09

    Wonderful experience at the drive thru testing. The man was kind and positive, and when my covid test was negative, did the strep test that I asked for. Will be my go to covid testing place because I was treated like a human.

  21. Tiffany Eustice 2021/08

    I went here to get Covid tested after being miserable for a week. The text was negative and the amazing doctor dx me on spot after asking what was going on.

  22. Jenny Garner 2021/07

    The women at the testing center were super helpful and nice! Easy, efficient, and safe covid testing. Rapid results too!

  23. Isaac Schlossberg 2021/06

    Dr. Moharram is wonderful. She is clinically thorough and very caring.

  24. Jenn Warner 2021/03

    Efficient and very pleasant experience – highly recommend! Before finding Richmond Urgent Care, I had a scheduled COVID test appointment get canceled with CVS. Absolute panic as I needed that COVID test for an event. So thankful I found Richmond Urgent Care. They got me in immediately, I waited 15 minutes for my results, and the doctor who spoke with me and administered the test was very friendly. I will definitely be coming back for any future needs.

  25. Adam Ballantyne 2021/03

    I was able to come here with 15 minutes to spare and was able to get a COVID 19 rapid test without a problem. Very professional staff, and I would absolutely recommend this place for all of your urgent medical needs. I will absolutely be recommending this to all friends and family and will definitely be a repeat customer.

  26. Melissa Duffy 2021/02

    This place is great! I woke up with a swollen face from a tooth that needs pulled. Patient first wouldn’t help me, a tele health physician told me “im not a dentist” and so this place was my final chance since it was close and I don’t have a car. The doctor technically isn’t on duty until 12pm but she drove in and is seeing me now! The front staff was super nice and apologetic when they told me to come in before knowing I needed to see the dr and not just get a Covid test. Couldn’t be happier and will be using this office for future emergency needs.

  27. Cash Money 2021/01

    Best place to go! So glad I found these wonderful people 2 years ago. They are a pleasure to go see and very helpful in working me in when it’s last minute! Thank you so much for your services!

  28. Katie Rees 2021/01

    The covid drive thru testing was great! Very fast results!

  29. Ayoub Hazem 2021/01

    Do even try to get pcr test for traveling , they told i will get the results within 48 hours but I received the results after one day from my flight which is you will pay for nothing but I did it with Walgreens I got within 24 hours.

  30. Jonathan Morris 2021/01

    Not to be relied on for fast covid testing to get you back to work. I’ve been waiting 6 days so far for PCR test results. I was told it would be 2-3 days. That was a lie. They should give people realistic expectations for results times. They know how long it’s taking. There are many other places with 1-2 day results for PCR tests, seek them instead.

  31. Todd Stridor 2020/09

    They’re nice. They rejected me after I was in a car accident because they don’t have a cat scan machine. What’s the point of an urgent care if they just tell you to go to an ER? I don’t need immediate care. Really obnoxious.

  32. Andrew Henry 2020/07

    There’s a checkpoint at the door where you have to ring a bell for service. A receptionist will then ask you about why you’re there and you have to shout why across the waiting room with all the people there.

    They also didn’t have a physician there so they weren’t taking anyone

  33. Kenyetta Taylor 2020/07

    I travel for this urgent care… Great staff the doctors are great and have you in and out

  34. Dinah Kleyman 2020/06

    We had an incredible experience at Richmond Urgent Care tonight. My baby came down with a high fever on a Friday evening when his pediatrician was closing down for the whole weekend. I called around to several urgent care offices, but all quoted very long wait times and did not have a pediatrician on staff. When I called this office, I was very warmly welcomed, and when I arrived at 6pm I was greeted by the friendliest people and helped out immediately. A pediatrician was able to see my son almost immediately and was very professional, caring and kind. I can’t say enough great things about this place, but I highly recommend them for any of your needs!

  35. Jess G 2020/05

    Ever since moving back to the west end, this has been the best place to go to when i can’t get my kids to their pediatrician. They are QUICK, efficient, CLEAN and the front desk ladies are VERY friendly!!!

  36. Beth Wood 2020/04

    I understand that during covid testing has been slow for some labs. LabCorp seems to get results within a few days for most people and this urgent care uses Quest Diagnostics. They are famously slow. The thing is, we were tested and they said a few days. Called in a few days and they said will be a few more. Waited a few more and called again. They said they have been really behind for months. Each call was a different person and a different story. Once it got to like 8 days after our test we started calling everyday because they get two deliveries of results per day (according to someone else there). Eventually they just stopped picking up because I am sure they were flooded and if they did pick up, they hung up the phone. Rude service and unclear communication throughout. Results may be behind because of Quest but this place is so jumbled up with communicating clearly during a pandemic. Also, they never gave us any indication for quarantining or for how long when we got tested or any of the other times we chatted with people. So if dozens of people are getting tested when they feel sick or were in contact with someone positive, felt fine, and were never strongly advised to stay home for quarantine duration while results are coming in, then no wonder Henrico is constantly one of the worst counties for covid cases in the state.

  37. Maria Jones 2020/04

    Our visit was quick, informative and we felt very comforted. Lisa and Dr.Moharram were so compassionate and understanding and really listened to our
    concerns. We highly recommend this practice.

  38. Kevin French 2020/01

    Does not accept Medicare. Must be why the parking lit is empty.

  39. Kylie Dyer 2019/11

    I had an absolutely WONDERFUL experience at Richmond Urgent Care. The facility was very easy to find and there was plenty of parking. The check-in process was extremely easy as well. I loved getting to fill out forms electronically and even had the option to pay my copay on the tablet sitting in my waiting chair. The receptionist/nurse was very friendly and attentive to my arrival. Her directions were simple and clear. There was almost no wait time at all. The facility was very clean and bright. I saw the doctor very quickly and she was extremely welcoming and friendly. She knew exactly what was wrong with me almost immediately, and even expressed that she had dealt with the same situation when she was my age. She gave understandable information about the causes and treatment. She even went so far as to print me out a sheet with information about my ailment, so that I understood better. Getting my prescription to the pharmacy was a breeze. I can not say enough about my experience at this urgent care. I am new to the area and didn’t really know where to go. I went in thinking it was going to be such a hassle because of previous experiences at other urgent care facilities and was dreading it! I was so pleasantly surprised with my experience here and will be returning the next time I need to go to the doctor. I would 100% recommend this facility to anyone and everyone. THANK YOU!

  40. Lisa Hutchinson 2019/11

    I had such a plesant experience! A doctor who listens is hard to find!

  41. Octavio Ramirez 2019/11

    Great service and professional staff and friendly doctors…

  42. Sania Naz 2019/10

    I did wait a lot there but staff is very cooperative. And the doctor she is such a nice lady very kind humble and professional.

  43. Khyber Amirzai 2019/10

    Good doctors and the best medicine for exact sickness. The best off all about medicine, it work fast and very effectively

  44. Prabhanand Nagarajan 2019/09

    Friendly people and served with great care and hospitality. My mom had severe allergic reaction classified as hospital case, where I reached out to this team for treatment. Few days, my mom was back to normal and smiling which gives happiness at home. I trust them strongly and a special kudos to Dr.Moharram who was so humble and nice to make sure my mom is recovering eyeing on her age factor.

  45. Kelly Elrod 2019/06

    Fast service. Knowledgeable & I like the ease of their overall service. Thanks

  46. Lee Terry 2019/05

    This is the only place to go when you need care. Quick, honest, friendly and affordable. Will never go back to a patient first again or any other Dr.

  47. Samantha Mundy 2019/04

    Really good care – fast quick convenient

  48. Kween Moni 2019/04

    I been coming for years and they are great!!!!

  49. Mohammad Jawed 2019/04

    I have been seen by many Doctors but here Ms. Muharram help me to get better and she very kind and expert

  50. Jasmine Carastro 2019/03

    I was on vacation from MD, when a creepy sinus infection morphed into a respiratory infection. This urgent care was efficient, timely, and a very positive experience. Loved the tablets!

  51. Chanel Bennett 2019/03

    Pleasant experience with Dr. Moharram!

  52. Sonja Lokensgard 2019/02

    Dr. Muharram was so present, kind, professional, and patient. She actually took the time to listen and provide me with the care and action plan that I needed. I often feel intimidated and rushed at the doctor. This was the opposite–the entire experience was straightforward, pleasant, and kind. The receptionist is also incredibly friendly and professional! Thank you Richmond Urgent Care. This place is an absolute gem.

  53. Saeide 2019/02

    Friendly staff, great doctors, convenient location

  54. c wyoung 2019/01

    The staff at the front desk are very friendly. The doctors are kind, knowledgeable and do an excellent job in answering questions.
    The doctors treat each client like family.

    Equally important the doctors treat their clients with extra care. They take their time with each client. I would highly recommend this clinic. Thank you for your time and consideration. I give this clinic an excellent rating.

    Good job!

  55. Tyler Beardsley 2019/01

    Very friendly and quick. Definitely would recommend this place.

  56. Peris Kiarie 2018/11

    Great care. Loving and caring team. Thanks a lot.

  57. Kenya Matthews 2018/11

    The receptionist at the front was very helpful and so sweet! The doctor also made sure I was taken care of, fast and friendly but they also cared! I will definitely come back if I needed urgent care help, but hopefully I won’t anytime soon!

  58. Ron Rivers 2018/11

    This was my first experience at a Urgent Care in Richmond. There was very little wait. Dr Mohammed was nice and had a great bed side manner. I would definitely go back there. Hopefully no time soon.

  59. Mel's Kitchen 2018/11

    I love this office truly humble nurses, doctor’s and it’s very clean! Bed side manners on point and they all have patience.
    When you don’t feel 100% that’s the best place to go.

    I truly appreciate your help and service!!

  60. David "Roscoe" Fauver 2018/10

    Fantastic place. Always consistent and friendly. Great with kids. The way Dr Moustafa handled our daughters anxiety for a test was absolutely amazing. A+ highly recommended.

  61. Samantha Jane Marker 2018/10

    If you have to go to go to an urgent care setting, this is the place. I’ve olny ever had great experiences here. The doctors are knowledgeable an friendly. I highly recommend it.

  62. Steve Driver 2018/10

    Great experience

  63. Bree King (Naturally Bree) 2018/09

    They checked my blood pressure 5 times and told me it was high and I needed to be put on meds…. of course it was high because I’m sick…. then the dr tells me I have walking pneumonia just by listening to my breathing… no X-rays or nothing I took the medication prescribed and started feeling worst so I went to get a second opinion…I will never go there again….total waste of money

  64. Richard T bo 2018/09

    Great experience. Very little wait time, friendly staff, and quality health care. It was more personal than other walk-in facilities that I’ve been to. Unlike other places, you don’t sit around waiting just to talk to a doctor for 5 minutes. Would recommend.

  65. Banetta Williams 2018/09

    I really do like this place it’s very clean and they had us in and out.

  66. Jessica Taylor 2018/08

    Great experience at a not so great time. Front desk attendant was extremely nice and caring as well as the Dr. Walked in and was immediately taken after I finished filling out my electronic forms. Dr. was very compassionate in how I felt and with my prior health history along with being very knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

  67. Nicole S 2018/08

    I enjoy coming here 100% better than patient first! I feel like they actually care!

  68. Isabel Deleon 2018/08

    The nurse and doctor were very nice and understanding. Although going to a clinic is never under the best of circumstances, they always make me feel better just by the way they take care of me. 🙂

  69. Lauren Waite 2018/07

    The doctors and staff were so friendly here! They saw me quickly and even told me to call them back if I wasn’t feeling better in a few days and if I needed to come back they’d waive to co-pay. I’ve been to a few urgent care clinics in the last few months and this is by far the fastest and nicest one I’ve been to! I would highly recommend going here. The checkin process was also very quick and simple

  70. Akeila Sullivan 2018/06

    Very friendly staff and Very good with kids .

  71. Lakendra Fennell 2018/06

    Richmond Urgent Care is the greatest. To be able to go somewhere where you don’t have to wait for hours. From the front to the back all the staff treat you really nice. I usually choose to go there over my own primary care doctor.

  72. Kimberly Sossamon 2018/06


  73. jennifer burns 2018/06

    Knowledgeable and pleasant staff. Prompt service. Good location.

  74. Ricky Wright 2018/05

    Dr took a lot of time with me. Seemed to be very caring

  75. Courtney Frazzano 2018/05

    I had a great experience. I walked in and got seen within 5 minutes. I had my daughter with me. The Dr let her play even after I was done. I love it

  76. Ibrahim Soccer 2018/05

    Very nice doctor

  77. Shareema Hill 2018/05

    Professional, very imfrotmative and made me feel comfortable.

  78. Sharon and the dogs brewer 2018/05

    Quick and easy….covered with poison ivy and miserable after work!!

  79. Klift Je 2018/05

    Short wait time.

    Thorough and attentive.

    Both doctors took time to listen to and talk with me.

    Great doctors and staff.

    This will definitely be my go to doctor’s office.

  80. Saurav Shahi 2018/05

    I was in and out in no time. I din’t have to way too long . The lady at the front desk was very polite and responsive. I would recommed it to everyone.

  81. CJ Le May 2018/04

    Great place to go to always fast and help you get better fast.

  82. Sherri Seal 2018/04

    I visited this week. The doctor was awesome! I would recommend to anyone! The office staff was amazing and very friendly.

  83. Fnu Toryalai 2018/04

    it was a great experience, it took us just 10 minutes to visit by the doctor,the nurses were nice.

  84. Jessica De Iorio 2018/04

    I LOVE this place. Everyone I came across was so sweet and welcoming. It has such a great and calming atmosphere that every doctors office should have! They took away my anxiety about doctors. I would highly recommend going here! I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda and she helped me so much with anything and everything I needed. It’s obvious that she is very good at her job and made me feel at home! 5/5 for sure!

  85. emily feagan 2018/04

    Fast service and friendly staff!! Would recommend to anyone who needed fast urgent care.

  86. Cameron Hunt 2018/04

    The nurses were excellent, friendly, and efficient and the wait was short. Check in was a breeze, and the doctor was one of the best I’ve ever been treated by, direct, relaxed, professional, and extremely knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain and answer questions. Wish I could make them my primary care.

  87. kathryn burgess 2018/04

    Worst experience. Sat in the waiting room with two children under 4 (while 40 wks pregnant) for 45 minutes only for them to refuse care unless we paid them $100 to be seen. We were referred by our insurance to go there but they then refused to accept our insurance. Absolutely awful – find a different urgent care.

  88. Jessica Caballero 2018/03

    I absolutely love Richmond Urgent Care. The Staff and The Doctors are amazing and professional.

  89. Daniel Morales-Flores 2018/03

    Pretty good place. Quick and Easy to get things done.

  90. Myra Clements 2018/03

    I had a very quick visit even though I was a new patient. The doctors are very patient and knowledgeable and I will go there in the future.

  91. Brianda Whitaker 2018/03

    Fast and convenient

  92. Kausar Abdulwahab 2018/02

    Professional staff! I love Richmond Urgent Care because of their quick response and less time waiting to be seen I’ve recommended several of my family and friends.

  93. Paula Lippman 2018/02

    I was visiting from NYC last year and treated by Dr. Moustafa due to a spider bite, and saw him several times. This year during my visit, I was treated for Cellulitis.
    Both times, Dr. Moustafa and his staff were very professional, caring and friendly.
    I recommend highly.
    July 2018.. Visiting again and the trees in Virginia were a bit much for my allergies. Once again Dr. Moustafa and his staff were professional and caring. I had an ear infection from my allergy. Dr. Moustafa treated and all cleared up. I recommend 100%.

  94. Anjan Chowdhury 2018/02

    Dr. Mustafa and his staff went way over and beyond as a care provider when I was seen today at their location.Exremely clean and spotless premises! I was treated as if I was flying First Class!
    Dr. Mustafa was very caring and understanding.
    I am confidently able to say that I would refer RICHMOND Urgent Care to anyone who is in need of urgent medical treatment.
    – Anjan Chowdhury

  95. david ohar 2018/02

    The staff here is excellent

  96. Bernadette Hillman 2018/02

    Needed to visit a doctor while there on a short visit, so I was there before they opened. They opened a few minutes early and I was seen immediately. Treated with kindness and professionalism by both the nurse and the doctor.

  97. Q Salah 2018/01

    the receptionist helping me to complet the registration procedure the practitioner nurse checks my blood pressure, measure my temperature and my weight and then I waited several minutes to be examined by Dr.Moharam examined my eyes and I was suffering from swelling in my right eye and suffer from inflammation in my thruoght .
    the nurse took a swab of saliva for testing and bacterial analysis
    After waiting several minutes waiting for the result of check saliva Dr.Moharam wrote the medicines for me,I bought them from Walmart and after using the medicine, there was improvement in the eye and pharyngeal

    the staff in the Richmond Urgent care are so good and Professional

  98. Ashley Holcomb 2018/01

    I do not require a lot of medical attention, so when I am sick, a lot of the time I end up going to patient first. I’m so glad I found this little local place! All the staff I interacted with were very caring and genuine people. Most urgent care places treat you very impersonally and try to rush you out the door. Not here! I’ll continue to stop by when I do need some medial help! Thanks again!

  99. Devon Howard 2018/01

    Love this Richmond Urgent Care! The wait is always short and the staff and doctor are so helpful and nice . Highly recommend!!

  100. Ceánnara McCormack 2018/01

    Was told that they DO Pre-Op Physicals.
    Went in and was told by the Dr that he’d need my Medical Records…had my Surgical Nurse spend an entire day to get them faxed over. Went back and the Same Dr told me that he Wouldn’t do the Exam, he cited lack of Medical Records & No Listing of my Medications. Even though, on the Front Header Page of the Fax…CLEARLY Stated that it Was From my PCP AND my Meds were clearly listed as well. Also, 2 other people, besides myself, Repeatedly Told him, that the Practice that my PCP was at, Did Not do these kinds of Exams.
    I felt Extremely Taken Advantage Of, Lied To…and Now I have to Wait to have my surgery for another 3 Weeks.
    (Plus, while I was outside, sitting on the steps & venting to my Surgeon’s Surgical Nurse, 2 Police cars show up…
    YEP, He had called the Police on me…

  101. Leah Ward 2018/01

    I was seen very fast and everyone was very friendly!

  102. Shawn Kelley 2018/01

    This office is amazing. From their phone etiquette, front desk, nurses and doctors. They are genuine in their care and so friendly. We have used them several times and I am so glad that they were recommended to us by a friend. I am very picky with healthcare (especially for my child) and take my 4 year old to this practice with ease. They are caring, thorough, and EVERY one there is so friendly. They also are eager to follow up with their patients. Can not recommend this practice enough!!

    -Casey Kelley

  103. Rebecca Hagan 2017/11

    I came to this center expressing symptoms of disabling fatigue, extreme body aches and blood in my sputum. none of these symptoms warranted a blood analysis, urinalysis or X Ray. The doctor I saw looked at my ears, listened to me breathe and diagnosed me with bronchitis. Out of my own paranoia i went to Patient First (.2 miles away, go there instead), and received a diagnosis of pneumonia. Richmond Urgent Care has one objective and that’s to get you in and out as soon as possible, they have no interest in treating your illness and give no effort to critically asses their patients.

  104. Matt Trucksess 2017/11

    Very informative and helpful, staff is always kind and considerate and cheerful, I definitely prefer Richmond Urgent Care for any issues that arise.

  105. Kim McCoy 2017/11

    I’ve found my new clinic for all of me and my familys healthcare needs! There was absolutly no wait. The front desk was warm and inviting. Dr. Moharram is the sweetest doctor I’ve ever come across. She spent 45 mins with me as a new patient while another physician there saw other patients. She was a great listener and extremely informative. Amanda was extremely supportive and kind. I will definitely be back because I made them our Primary Care clinic! Awesome medical care!

  106. Lea Hughes 2017/10

    I took my boyfriend into Richmond Urgent Care this afternoon, and I could not be more satisfied with my experience. Jessica at the front desk was sweet, efficient, and very patient in dealing with some difficulties with our insurance. Dr. Mustafa was one of the best physicians I’ve ever encountered: kind, caring, and made sure we knew exactly what he was doing and why. They did everything and more to help my boyfriend feel better. They even reduced the price on some of the treatment he received, knowing we would have to pay out-of-pocket while our insurance was being difficult.
    I have honestly never had such a positive experience at a Dr.’s office. I fully recommend Richmond Urgent Care, without reservations.

  107. Robert Bane 2017/10

    Usually very fast, always pleasant and knowledgable team. The doctors here have helped me on multiple occasions from flu to stitches to more serious matters, great place!

  108. Debra Pin 2017/10

    Been going for a couple years now off and on. Would rather go there than patient first. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. Clean rooms and never had to wait. Would recommend to anyone. The Drs are very nice and listen to what you have to say.

  109. pamela feir 2017/10

    It takes an excellent diagnostician to save a life!
    About 6 weeks ago, my husband was sitting in a chair watching TV and as I passed by I gave him a kiss on his forehead and said “You are burning up!”
    Got a thermometer, it read 101.3. We quickly went to Urgent Care. The doctor asked many questions and said: I am not comfortable with sending you home with antibiotics. You can’t go home you must go to the ER. Where do you want to go? I’ll call them and let them know you are coming. When we got to the ER his temp was 103.5. He was hospitalized for a week and sent home with IV meds for 3 weeks.
    Dr. Moharram saved his life.

    We went to Urgent Care because I had gone there for a sore throat and for an ear infection and was very pleased with the attention and the quality of the care I received.

  110. Nicole Kreisheimer 2017/09

    I love the staff there they r always so nice and friendly I also love the fact that they are never busy and very quick my favorite doctor there is Khaled A. Moustafa, MD best doc in Richmond I think

  111. Bhanu Jettipalli 2017/09

    I took my mother in law for an eye pain and the service is good.

  112. First Choice Chiropractic 2017/08

    I have been to this urgent care many times and have always had a great experience. I recommend them to everyone that I see.

  113. philip t 2017/08

    Excellent customer service,very clean and professional. Will definitely be back and will recommend to others. Also the staff was very friendly amanda at the front was very knowledgeable and inventive

  114. Brooke Fields 2017/07

    This is one of the nicest medical clinics I’ve been to. Very friendly and quick. The doctor made me feel like he actually cared and listened to what I had to say Instead of rushing me or assuming things like most of this fast clinics are.. I believe her name was Amanda she was amazing with my two year old daughter n very patince , I would recommend this place to everyone !!! Hands down one of the best medical places I’ve been too, they actually took the time to figure out what was wrong instead of writting some boggos script for an antibiotic and stuff.. they actually did what they were supposed to do and more !!!! Very friendly and caring.. not only that but very cleanlyness.

  115. Jenn Resto 2017/07

    Staff is great and friendly!! Would highly recommend coming here. Doctors took great care of my son and made him feel so comfortable.

  116. Anthony Mijares 2017/07

    Staff was friendly! They took care of me right away and were attentive to all my needs. Amanda and her staff along with the doctor went above and beyond to give me great service! Thanks!

  117. Samanatha Griffith 2017/06

    Took my daughter there today and the staff was amazing! great atmosphere!!

  118. Katie Smith 2017/06

    Horrible. Go somewhere else!!! Don’t waste your money or time

  119. Shermika Winston 2017/06

    Quick and convenient service! The doctors are great here!

  120. Jasmine Toliver 2017/05

    I went in to see the doctor because I’d been having problems breathing, and I was heavily congested. I walked in, my first time there, and was back to see the doctor within 10 minutes. After going in the back I only had to wait another 5 minutes, if that, to be seen. The doctor examined me and heard my concerns and I was on my way with prescriptions in hand. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve had with a walk-in/urgent care facility. I will definitely be going back whenever I’m in need of treatment and cannot make it to my primary care doctor.

  121. Merrill Gold 2017/05

    Admitting was uneventful and Dr. Moustaffa was great.

  122. love xornam 2017/05

    I love this urgent care, everyone is knowledgeable and always happy to help. Clean environment as well.

  123. Shiba Brata Das 2017/04

    Good doctors and prompt service, you do not have to wait long like other urgent cares. I will definitely recommend everyone

  124. Kaycie Wells 2017/04

    The doctor and nurse were helpful and quick! I was in and out with a positive strep test and a prescription in 40 minutes. Would highly recommend.

  125. Melissa Martinez 2017/04

    I called this facility to inquire about a Dr for my kids and the front desk lady was VERY RUDE, unknowledgable AND UNPROFESSIONAL, with the poor Doctors not even knowing she is affecting their potential clients!

  126. Mary Kathryn Telliard 2017/04

    I don’t have insurance and have a recurring neck back injury. The staff was very kind. Dud not make me wait long and helped me walk. My DR. Such a nice caring lady took her time and listened got my meds and have a plan B if need be. This is my 2nd visit and won’t be my last. Thanks kat telliard

  127. Laura Giambra 2017/03

    Dr. Moustafa and Dr. Moharram are great providers. The staff are friendly and testing is done very quickly and all in the same place. Would recommend!

  128. Allen Miller 2017/03

    My last visit was also pleasant. First, there was no wait. Second, the staff was very courteous. Third, as always, the Dr. was expedient, knowledgeable, & took care of all 3 issues I had going on & took further precautionary measures to my illness as well.
    I recommend this facility for your urgent care needs!

  129. Amanda Compton 2017/02


  130. Jessica Compton 2017/02

    Great staff and friendly doctors. Very knowledgeable quick service and clean rooms. I live an hour away and find it worth the drive every time.

  131. Allan Hardy 2017/02

    I found this place when i was calling every Urgent Care center in a 50 miles radius inquiring about Self Pay prices after i lost my health insurance and had a horrible toothache. Patient First wouldnt even see me because i had a balance not to mention they wanted an arm and leg as well did Bettermed. Then i came across this office that was 62 miles from me but the self pay prices were worth the drive. They even allow you to make payments on your bills and have never threatened ro send me to collections. Dr. Moustafa is a stand up guy and real down to earth knowledgable man. He even sees me for free on follow up visits. They truly care about your health and well being and look out for their patients before they look at the dollar.

  132. l rowe 2017/02

    Never an issue at this office. Since I’ve moved here about a 1 year 1/2 ago I continue to come back for their excellent service. Definitely recommend them ! -Laren Rowe

  133. Lewis Jenkins 2017/01

    Great staff!!! Nice place

  134. Hasan Alswaiedi 2017/01

    Dr. Moustafa and his staff hands down the sweetest and friendliest staff there is. Best clinic for Urgent Care and Primary Care as well as pediatric in the Richmond area!

  135. Frederick Woods 2017/01

    Being a veteran and receiving medical care worldwide, Richmond urgent care ranks among the best. The nurses there were extremely nice and made me feel welcome in my time of need. Amanda Compton was awesome, her and the DR made a trip to the doctor less stressful!

  136. Susan Thompson 2017/01

    If anyone wants an urgent care where you are treated with respect, very little wait time and phenomenal doctors who are personable and caring this is the place to go
    I’ve been going to Richmond Urgent Care for years. Everything from strep throat to stitches.
    Dr Moustafa and Dr Moharram are so nice, they make you feel comfortable and cared for. I’m so glad they are open after hours and have been there for me and my family !

  137. Michelle Cowell 2017/01

    Very friendly staff. Everything was clean and everyone was so helpful.Amanda at the front desk made check in a breeze.Fast service which is always great when you are not feeling well. Will absolutely return in the future.

  138. Wendy Rigsby 2016/11

    Nice, clean, friendly and fast service!!! Dr. Moustafa is very nice and takes his time to listen.

  139. Seth Noonkester 2016/11

    My wife suggested after trying Patient First and others. We both recommend Richmond Urgent Care- very fast, professional and personable. Bring your insurance info and ID.

  140. Aaron Z 2016/08

    Dr. Mustafa was great, listened well and was very caring. Also found the staff to be very friendly as well. Came in about 20 minutes before they closed and was the only patient there and they didn’t rush me or anything. Had my wife and kids with me and they put us in a room that had all types of toys for them to play with. My 3 year old son, who is autistic, loved it because they had a mat that he could play with his cars on (his cars go with him everywhere he goes). They were also very understanding with him when he did get a little aggitated as he was tired and being autistic he doesn’t always know how to express himself other than screaming, yelling, kicking, etc. One of the nurses actually calmed him down and got him out of it (sometimes a person that he doesn’t know or doesn’t see often is better able to snap him out of it than we as his parents are). Having kidney stones in the past I knew what it was (the same pain I’ve had several times from them plus blood in my urine) and came here to avoid going to the ER. He actually wants me to come back in on Friday (went on Wednesday evening), when the person does the ultrasound is in so he can get an ultrasound to make sure it isn’t damaging my kidneys or anything. They are going to forward the ultrasound to my urologist whom I was going to see next week anyways.

  141. MK GS 2015/09

    Very professional staff with excellent services,
    The whole family like it and we all changed our primary care physicians and have chosen urgent care,
    Thank you to all staff and doctors in urgent care.

  142. Darrielle Mack 2015/08

    I love the fact that previously when I had an bad experience, the doctor called me herself to rectify the situation. That goes to show you they care about their patients. The practice is a great practice and we all experience bad days sometimes. I recommend them to everyone! They are always my top choice for urgent care hands down!

  143. Christie Leighton 2015/06

    The day before Christmas our two year old daughter came down with pink eye and we didn’t want to spend all day in a waiting room, so we called around to ask about wait times and happened upon this facility. We were in and out of there quickly, and were very impressed with the Doctor on duty(Moustafa), who had excellent bedside manner, diagnosed her accurately and quickly yet didn’t seem rushed at all. He [genuinely] encouraged us to call back with any questions or if her condition did not improve. As we were walking out of the facility her Dad and I said to each other “Wow, I really liked that Doctor . . . I would definitely come back here.”

  144. The Weather Man 2015/03

    BACK STORY:The night prior to my visit I suffered a fork to the eye and anyone who has ever suffered cornea damage will understand that it is one of the most excruciating pains one can experience, I rate the pain level above a broken bone.

    I foolishly thought that I could brave the pain of this injury and that it would just be alright after a while. Finally I’m convinced by my parents and the excruciating pain to go have it looked at. I no longer have insurance and could not afford to go to an emergency room so I was stuck waiting for what I thought would be the best option, this Urgent Care to open.

    ACTUAL REVIEW: I’m driven to the Urgent Care by my girlfriend’s mother we arrive about 5 minutes after the actual opening time. I go to the door to find it locked, I end up waiting 10 more minutes until 8:15AM until I’m actually let in the building. The receptionist doesn’t even greet me, she opens the door and immediately turns her back to me and power walks to the desk only to say “Hold on!” in a rude tone to let me know I can’t fill out my papers. When I finally get my chance to sit down I see the receptionist sliding her phone away with the desk in the same condition it was when I was attempting to enter the first time. The receptionist hastily explains what determines what you will pay in a fast attitudinal way and sucks her teeth when I begin asking questions to further understand. Once all is finally said and done and I have filled out my papers the receptionist says “Doctor ain’t gonna be here for another 30-45 minutes” at this point it is 8:45AM, 45 minutes after the Urgent Care say’s it will open at. I explain as I am leaving that this is a very unprofessional place only for her to suck her teeth at me again and ask me “You sure!?”. This whole time I am try to hold it together as I am in excruciating pain. The staff and no-show doctor makes it clear that these Urgent Care workers are here for nothing other than their paycheck and that they could care less about the patient or their condition.. I would not enter these doors again even if I was stabbed in the gut in their parking lot… These people are deplorable.

  145. B Toler 2015/03

    Dude is a complete liar. All you have to do is pay $195 and he will write you a prescription for his many oxycodone as he can, and you have to pay first. Complete pill mill clinic. Run by red dot Indians taking advantage of addicts and Medicaid patients.

  146. Sally Cook 2015/01

    My daughter and infant grandson, who live out of town, were visiting the week before Christmas. One morning the baby woke with a fever of 104. I knew the Urgent Care was the closest medical help and, even though I had never been there, I suggested we could get the baby there the quickest. We arrived at 8:05, knowing that they opened at 8:00. The doctor WAS NOT THERE (and according to the receptionist was not due soon). I felt horrible since this had been my suggestion. Standing helpless in Urgent Care with a very sick baby we called Patient First. Patient First already had fourteen people waiting. There was nothing to do but wait with a very sick baby. The doctor did not come to the office until 8:45. Once the doctor arrived she was very professional and we all felt confident in the care that the baby received. The outcome was good, but an Urgent Care only exists to provide medical care. . . . and there is no doctor??? I can’t recommend them.

  147. Daisy Elizabeth 2014/11

    After multiple bad experiences at Patient First, I tried Richmond Urgent Care. The experience was very pleasant. Dr. Moustafa and his staff were friendly and helpful. I was in and out very quickly. Would highly recommend!

  148. Clark Herndon 2014/06

    Took our 4 year old daughter here while visiting family. She had an ear infection, and the doctor was awesome. Check in experience was great, nurse was great, and there’s even a walgreens next door for prescriptions. Perfect experience.

  149. Mina Smith 2014/06

    Charged me an arm and a leg for a Rx. I walked in there, said I hit my head really hard and was feeling dizzy, do I look like I have a concussion? I was worried and just wanted to check. The doctor looked at my pupils and said I was okay, and that I should just have someone watch me for a couple of days. I walked out after being in there for about twenty minutes. I pay 20% of all bills plus a $40 copay (which I paid at the time). Bill came back for more than $200. If that’s my 20%, what the heck did they charge my insurance? This place is a rip off. I’ve been there a few times, and most of the doctors are either kind of rude, or not very good at their jobs. There is one lady that works there that is super nice and seems to know what she’s talking about, but I don’t know her name. I will NEVER go here again. I don’t like Patient First much, but at least they don’t charge my insurance $1,000 for not doing ANYTHING.

  150. moe ale 2014/03

    I took my son there to be seen in which he needed to go to a dermatologist. I called one and was given a date more than 6 months away. The doctor here took the time to call the dermatologist and got my son an appointment way earlier. I have also been there for myself and was seen really quickly and given medicine to take care of my ear problem. I would highly recommend them.

  151. LaShanna Heaggeans 2014/02

    I loved it I was in and out within 30 minutes with an accurate diagnosis and they even called in my prescription they were friendly and knowledgeable it was a 1,2 process

  152. Em D 2014/01

    They were nice when we were there but told us we would get results in less than a week. It took 3 weeks. Also cost a lot for folks with no insurance. Very very disappointed with their follow up. They say they will call back and then don’t. I would never recommend anyone go here.

  153. Nashwa Ibrahim 2013/10

    Dr. Muharram is the best MD I`ve ever met in terms of listening skills, diagnostic ability, and empathy. She takes the time needed to get it, Her office is clean, kids friendly and her staff are professional .Dr. Muharram has been our doctor for 3 years since we move to Virginia and we are very pleased .

  154. Jasmine Joshi 2013/09

    Waited for an hour for blood work and yet didn’t see doctor despite telling I have another appointment. The nurse was confused on what kind of blood work to be done. Didn’t know what she was talking. Not to mention the place is super dirty. The tables have never been cleaned and the floor in the Dr’s room looks like never cleaned. Would never come here and would not recommend. Also they took another patient who did not have any appointment and he was complaining that there had been no change even after seeing the doctor last time. Very very unprofessional. Waste of time.

  155. YURDANUR KORKAYA 2013/05

    very good service, professional doctors, overall excellent clinic!

  156. Erin TW 2013/04

    Misdiagnosed by Dr Mustafa. Unprofessional and dirty.

  157. sunia arif 2012/11

    I came here last week to get a look at my throat. I had been experiencing pain and swelling all week. The doctor here was really great, hetook the time to get to know me, didn’t seem rushed, and the nurse followed up later during the weekend to check in. I would highly recommend going here, great people & great care.

  158. Tracey Reed 2012/08

    I was so happy to find this place in Richmond. I usually put off going to the doctor because of the typical long waits in rooms full of sick people. However, here at Urgent Care I was seen immediately and treated with care and professionalism. I am so glad to have finally found ‘my place’ to go when I need medical attention without the dread of feeling like cattle being herded through an uncaring system. Very nice!

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