Richmond Dog Obedience Club

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Richmond Dog Obedience Club
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  1. Julie Rodriguez 2022/10

    I was told very clearly on two separate phone calls on August 1st and 2nd 2022 With Janet Bowers That these classes are AKC registered but do not follow AKC guidelines

  2. James Griffiths 2022/08

    Great job helping me train my lab puppy. Would recommend for every dog owner to get the foundations of commands down. He was between 35 and 75 lbs then and 100 lbs now. No fat just big. And smart now.

  3. Daniel & Donna Glembot 2022/03

    Awesome place for beginners or anybody interested in dog obedience & training.
    They offer many types of classes and their instructors are all owner handlers.
    The instructors and members are all extremely friendly, helpful and want you and your dog to succeed.
    They teach you how to train your dog.

  4. MG W 2021/12

    Best dog training available in town. I drive 30+ minutes to get here and Its worth it. Fair price that goes to supporting a local business that really cares about the animals they help train. My favorite part is they train the owners to be better dog owners and be better trainers themselves. Definitely worth it and I’m glad to have come here for both of my dogs.


  5. Beverly Bouse 2021/11

    Best place in Richmond for training your dog. Great trainers who have your dog’s best interest at heart. They train YOU and your dog.

  6. Gail Hutchison 2021/08

    Best training place around .

  7. Chip Gerstenmaier 2021/08

    We recently used RDOC to train our golden retriever puppy. It was an awesome experience, I learned a ton and it had a huge impact on my dog’s behavior. Valerie and her crew are no nonsense professionals who take their responsibilities very seriously. I would highly recommend RDOC.

  8. Chris Marston 2020/12

    RDOC has a great training facility and great training. I attended a great scentwork seminar. Looking forward to going back in February for their obedience trial.

  9. Carmen Villarreal 2020/04

    Very helpful with training.

  10. Pat Borka 2020/02

    Fun place to take your puppy and learn how to train them. Staff was nice and I learned a few truck on the first visit. Me and Rigby have a long way to go but I’m confident in the STAR puppy program.


  11. Michelle Clogan 2019/10

    UPDATE: The Training Director contacted me and clarified that they do consider themselves a positive reinforcement facility. They offered me a ‘make-up’ class and I took Beyond the Backyard with Robin. I definitely recommend this instructor and class! Robin gave each owner/dog individual attention and was happy to address any specific training questions. She was 100% positive reinforcement based and gave me some great tips. The class time was used well for practicing new techniques and reinforcing behaviors that we worked on the week before.

    I am leaving my original review below and leaving my rating at 4 stars instead of 5. If you choose to go here and see any of the questionable training techniques below, be sure to contact the Training Director and change classes immediately. I hope that they audit their instructors more strictly in the future.

    —-Original Review—-
    Honestly, it pains me to give a low rating, since this place has the potential to be excellent. The people were so nice and seemed to genuinely care about dogs.

    But in my research and visiting the facility before I signed up for class, I was led to believe that these were positive reinforcement courses. The course material that was read aloud and handed out was, but the instructors decidedly were not. They advocate for choke chains (/shock collars for ‘problem dogs’ although none were used in class) and ‘correcting’ and physically controlling your dog via collar (flat or choke). They dislike harnesses and spent time on diatribes about how they make it more difficult to control your dog. Lures were barely used, even though that’s typically key tool for basic obedience. Many people who had trouble week after week with the down command phased out lures after the first week or two. When the instructors saw that they were having trouble, they were instructed to stand on the leash, forcing the dog’s neck to the ground so that they couldn’t stand.

    I could go on, but by now hopefully you know if this is a class for you or not. This is a “balanced” dog training facility. If you want true positive reinforcement, PetSmart and Petco definitely use it and are probably your best bet in the area.

  12. Scott Cauley 2019/09

    Awesome place! The people are great!

  13. Tammy Berkheimer 2019/04

    Very knowledgeable instructors and I’ve recommended to many

  14. George Plott 2019/02

    Seems to be a great place to take your dog for all sorts of training, we were not able to attend the class because of issues with our shepherd.

  15. Renee Judkins 2018/11

    I attend handling classes here on Tuesdays. Diane is a fantasic teacher!

  16. Karen Baber 2018/09

    We love RDOC! we’ve now been through puppy class with 2 dogs!

  17. Sue Salvatore 2017/07

    My Intro to Obedience Competition was fabulous! The members were kind and supportive with their instructions.

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