Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital

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Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital
4.8 based on 243 reviews
  1. Melissa Walton 2023/11

    Knowledgable, kind staff that loves our pups! Clean facility, efficient service, happy to have found them.

  2. Ron Bell 2023/11

    Dr Mortimer has been our primary vet for years. The best of the best. On two occasions when we had emergencies Dr. Kevin Thoder helped us. He provided excellent care and very professional. We are so fortunate to have these superb vets. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  3. Natalie McKinney 2023/11

    A wonderful practice with compassionate and dedicated doctors and staff.

  4. Jimmy Connolly 2023/11

    Had to put my dog down today, they took me right in and where extremely helpful, caring and professional. Very nice and clean facilities.

  5. Alene Wells 2023/11

    Everything is very organized, staff, very professional!

  6. Sarah Moore 2023/10

    They are a very caring, thorough and knowledgeable practice. They have helped me work through complicated health issues with my pets. They helped me make informed decisions about what was best for my pet and my family.

  7. Meghan Steele 2023/10

    We’ve been taking our dogs to Quioccasin for over 10 years and we absolutely love them. The entire staff is so caring, and Dr. Garland is one of the best, most thoughtful vets we’ve ever gone to.

  8. Ron Melancon 2023/10

    You want amazing care for your pets this location deserves your business ! Clean and professional with staff that comprehends service. We bring our 3 doggies here and they all agree!


  9. Jon Beattie 2023/10

    I’m a recent client after years with a boutique vet. I am so happy with the care my pets have gotten. Totally the difference, of day and night.

    They are always happy and caring and the services are wonderful!!

  10. Marcie G 2023/10

    Dr.Mortimer is the best 👌 …


  11. Elizabeth Smart Fay 2023/10

    My parents dogs were patients at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital for many years. They loved Dr. Mortimer and the staff. We decided to change veterinary hospitals and took both of our dogs to QVH for the first time this week. Each of them has severe anxiety difficulties with going to the vet. The doctors they saw and the staff were all wonderful to them and to my husband and me. They took all the time they needed to get the information about the dogs, to discuss future veterinary care, and to accomplish the treatments about which we were the most concerned. We drive 30 miles each way to bring our dogs to QVH, and it is totally worth it.


  12. Tato J 2023/10

    From the time Chase and I walked through the door we felt welcomed and were accommodated with a great staff also I loved how Dr. Hillenbrand came out to ask questions and tell me how chase was while in her care. I am very happy I found this Vet for chase

  13. David Chantrell 2023/10

    We love Quioccasin Vet Hospital, our dogs have gone there for more than 10 years. They take great care through all stages of life and provided us the support we needed for each season of our pets lives. Definitely recommend.

  14. Mateusz Gosztyła 2023/09

    My dog always feels secure and so comfortable! I love the people working there! So competent, friendly and truly professional. Really affordable price!!!!

  15. Sarah Tyrpak 2023/09

    Staff was very friendly and helpful. Came here to get another opinion on some issues going on with my cat. They also followed up with me after the visit, which I appreciated.

  16. Robin Davis 2023/09

    Excellent service, kindness and understanding. Dr. Sankaran has been terrific educating our family on how to care for our kitty Lila.

  17. Linda Ford 2023/09

    Can’t say enough good things about Quioccasin Vet! In particular Dr. Garland. She is very caring and attentive. Goes beyond what she has to do. Very obvious that she takes her job seriously and wants the best for the animals and their parents!

  18. Harry Wistrand 2023/09

    Great people, first-rate care.

  19. Robin Bruce 2023/09

    Dr. Burke and the staff of QAH have been a blessing to our chronic illness kitties, answering all of our questions, no matter how many or how convoluted they might be! We love it!

  20. Sharon Turner 2023/09

    I have used Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital for 20years now. They are the best. They treat our fur babies like kids. I take mine to Dr. Mortimer but everyone is nice. Very clean environment too.

  21. Marcia LaMaskin 2023/08

    Best Vets in Richmond. They treat your pet as though they were their own I highly recommend them!


  22. Alejandra Sullivan 2023/07

    We recently adopted a kitten who got sick unexpectedly. We were incredibly worried about him but Quioccasin Vet Hospital was able to make time for us that same day! We met with Dr. Hillenbrand who is unbelievably kind and helpful. Our kitten is on a swift recovery and we’ve already made an appointment for our older cat! We feel extremely lucky to have found people we trust to help keep our pets safe and healthy.

  23. Pam 2023/07

    I appreciated the fact that Quioccassin Veterinary Hospital saw Ellie when she had a UTI and my regular vet was unable to fit her in; HOWEVER, I did NOT appreciate the fact that I brought in 2 urine samples – refrigerated per Cindy’s instructions, yet Dr. Hildebrand ignored those samples and without consent or permission, extracted urine from Ellie with a needle. I never would have given permission for that. It makes me very upset that Ellie endured that trauma. That process cost more than $150 unnecessarily.

    Then Hildebrand pushed a culture multiple times at a cost of over $200 even though each time she pushed it , I asked what the value was – she would either have a UTI and get well on antibiotics or she had an irritable bladder and would heal with time. Hildebrand did not have an answer any of the times I asked.

    Hildebrand said the urine sample I brought was no good; however, I had it in a sterile sample bottle received from my vet and I kept it refrigerated. A human doctor will take a sample that way so why not a dog.

    I found Dr. Hildebrand to be quite capable of pushing expensive procedures and doing an invasive procedure without providing knowledge to me or asking consent. However, I found her competence and skills otherwise to be severely lacking.

    On a positive note, Cindy at the front desk – I think I have the name correct – was very friendly and helpful. So much so that I planned on switching vets. I have 4 dogs in my household. Neither my daughter nor I were impressed with Dr. Hildebrand and would not consider returning to her for medical care ever again.

    I found this visit to be extremely upsetting that they would perform an invasive procedure on my puppy – she weighs 4.6 pounds! – without my consent or knowledge. I have gone to great lengths to protect my puppies from unnecessary trauma. These actions by Dr. Hildebrand are reprehensible.

  24. Michael W. 2023/07

    This review is not necessarily reviewing this facility as a whole. Rather, it has to do with one of their veterinarians, namely doctor Yvette Burke. It was a year ago that I lost my dog Joe. After seeing her a couple of times in her inability to make a proper diagnosis, he passed away with much discomfort. I actually had to help him go. She was so bad as a veterinarian that I dismissed her and insisted on seeing Dr. Mortimer. Dr Mortimer showed compassion, concern, and professionalism. He also showed me the x-rays that Dr. Burke took that entirely missed the area where poor Joe had a tumor. Dr Mortimer could not fix the damage already caused by the neglect of Dr Burke. I ended up having to go to a different veterinarian in Richmond. The cost was crazy high, and she would send her nurses out with an estimate for me to sign before she even would see my dog. It was as if I was bringing a car into a shop. She was rude, unprofessional, and in fact complaining that she was supposed to get off early and this was holding her up. I have never seen anything like this, and this comment is meant for people who are making a decision on what veterinary to see. You can see where Dr. Burke used to work at Glen Allen veterinarian, and she was torn to shred in reviews while she was there. I wish I would have read those first. I would have never taken her as a veterinarian. I suggest people do their homework before putting your beloved pet in the hands of this callus veterinarian.


  25. Meredith 2023/07

    If you have an animal who is not great and gets really scared with going to the vet, this is the absolute best place to take your sweet babe to! Dr H and team were so incredibly kind and patient with my girl. Couldn’t feel like I was in any better hands than with these amazing experts of their field!! Thank you Dr H!!

  26. vicki m 2023/06

    If I could give -5 stars I would. This vet is an extortionist. Bloodwork for a cough, no meds and my dog is still sick and now I have to go find a new vet to treat him.

  27. Deborah R. Powell 2023/06

    Great to know that I can come in with my dog for a yearly medication without an appointment. Everything was fine!! Thanks!! Deb and Max


  28. Clarice Dibble 2023/06

    I highly recommend Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital due to their kind, caring staff and veterinaries. They return your phone calls taking time to respond to your questions. Dr Garland cares about you and your pet. She is wonderful.

  29. Henry Salomonsky 2023/05

    Great service and very nice people. They took great care of Luckly

  30. Gilberto Rios 2023/05

    I love quioccasin veterinary hospital they were all friendly in help me alot with my dogs just wanted to say thank you so much

  31. Makeup Queen 2023/05

    Dr Hillenbrand is extremely kind and squeezed me in right before close to help my dog who was in a lot of pain. I will 100% recommend them for their kindness and service in such a difficult time

  32. gail browne 2023/04

    Excellent care for our aging cat.


  33. Virginia Milius 2023/04

    My Lady enjoys her visits to see the wonderful people at this veterinary clinic. All wags. Dr. Hillenbrand is very caring and listens to concerns about your loved pet. But obviously, Lady is much more than that so I’m very happy she loves her new vet office. Thank you to all the staff.


  34. Vanessa Dambrosia 2023/04

    The staff and vets are awesome!! Service is amazing.

  35. Diane Piecuch-Siebert 2023/04

    They always make an effort to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We love their follow up as well!

  36. Kelsey Rowe 2023/03

    Dr. Hillebrand has been amazing with communication and help with my kitty. Staff is always kind and goes the extra mile too! If you’re looking for a primary vet for your pet I definitely will always recommend this practice.


  37. Ada 2023/03

    My yorkie went through surgery recently, Dr. Garland was very thorough and the surgery went well. Also I was very anxious when I dropped off my dog, the front desk staff was very helpful and treated me with compassion.


  38. Janet Letteer 2023/02

    Friendly and professional staff. Know my 2 dogs are well cared for by Dr Garland

  39. Cedric Giese 2023/02

    Best vet in Richmond. Dr. Mortimer is one of the most caring people ever and have worked with him for years.

  40. Raven Zone 2023/02

    We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Thoder. I would absolutely recommend him.

  41. S 2023/01

    QVH is a very lovely Veterinary Hospital. I drive all the way from the Fan to go here. I had been having trouble finding a new Vet but QVH was happy to see me and my cat. After multiple visits here, I feel like I can confidently endorse them. They are very sweet and kind people that clearly care about what they do. They do not cut corners and they effectively communicate.

    I hold Dr. Thoder in the highest of esteems. He is a kind and honorable man.

    If you aren’t happy with your current Vet, please consider Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital.


  42. Chris “ChrisBGramz” 2022/12

    I’d recommend 👍 …

  43. Will W. 2022/12

    I was temporarily managing two in-distress and sick kittens, Grunt and Chief White Paws, for an associate. I took them to Quioccasin, based on the reviews, for treatment and boarding while they recovered. Could not have been more impressed with the level of concern and care by Dr. Carlton and her staff. Both kittens received excellent treatment, are fully recovered and now in their permanent home. Grunt and the Chief are doing super, getting ready for the holidays and highly recommend the Q!

  44. Anita Beasley 2022/11

    Q.V. is great and the people wonderful. They treat your pet as if they are family. Would highly recommend them to family and friends 🐕‍🦺 …

  45. Tara Dominguez 2022/11

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital is simply the best.They offer a wide range of services and fair pricing. The quality of care they have provided for our pets over the last 15 years has been outstanding. The staff truly care about the animals and this is evident the moment you step foot in the door. Dr. Mortimer truly has a passion for veterinary medicine, and we’ve always felt like he treated our animals as if they were his own. We’ve recently lost our elderly fur babies, and the way the staff handled this heartbreaking situation with such compassion was healing for us. We couldn’t be more grateful.

  46. Mike Durbin 2022/11

    Great place to take your dog. They really love them up

  47. Edna Massey 2022/10

    My cats have been loyal patients of Quioccasin Vet for many years; from kidney dialysis to nail clipping (pawicures), each has been treated with compassion, love, and vast knowledge. The clerical staff, the vet techs, the vets, and the corporate ownership remain the best for the care of our four-legged family members.

  48. Roger Robertson 2022/10

    Caring, informative, and professional.

  49. Mary H 2022/10

    We’ve been here a few times now. I thought the first couple of times were oversights but it seems to happen every time! I asked twice for a certain service. They said yes they could provide it but each time it was not done. The lady on the phone said she would make a note to be sure it was done. I guess it’s time to move to another facility. *** May 6,2022 we got Kaiser’s nails filed. * updated my review.

  50. Nisa Hossain 2022/09

    I remember my kitten being really sick and throwing up for an entire day. As soon as she stopped eating I decided to bring her in. Even though they were fully booked, the doctor allowed us to bring her in after closing. Turns out, she ate something she shouldn’t have. I am so greatful for such an excellent team for being responsive and doctor for genuinely caring for animals.

  51. Allison Sands 2022/09

    I’ve been going to this vet for almost 20 years, and they’re still amazing, even through the pandemic with staff shortages and the like. Highly recommend!

  52. Trish Bradley 2022/09

    Great staff and Dr Mortimer is responsive and caring.

  53. Anthony Batitto 2022/08

    I have been taking my cat here for 6 years. The staff is always pleasant though sometimes it seems like they are a little rough. Went in recently and was told she had an ear infection but wasn’t given anything for it. However, I did find an ear wash with good reviews on Amazon and that has worked like
    a charm. Otherwise, I’ve never had an issue here. Great staff and clean as a vets office should be. They even have Hill Science Diet products available in the front.

  54. Marcie G 2022/08

    Enjoyed our visit with Dr. Burke, Bear left feeling happy.

  55. Debbi Becker 2022/07

    I am so impressed with Quioccasin Veterinary. All the staff is amazing and Dr. Randy Mortimer is especially responsive and thorough.

  56. Abby Russo 2022/07

    I have had great experiences here as a new client with my kitten growing up. Everyone is so friendly and I can tell they really care about my cat.

  57. Amy Tankoos 2022/06

    Great vets! Caring staff! I have brought my pets here for over 22 years and have always had a positive experience. I highly recommend QVH!

  58. Anne Rose 2022/05

    The vets and staff care about their patients and go out of their way to help them.

  59. Kelly Byrd 2022/05

    Great experience! They took me as a walk in even the most times they don’t Because my dog had been missing for 7 days!

  60. clayton roberts 2022/04

    Wonderful veterinarians, great staff. Professional, knowledgeable and thorough. I highly recommend them.

  61. Ben Evans 2022/04

    Great vets. Very attentive to their clients and completely understanding of the unique needs of each animal. You can tell they really care about both the animals and their owners!

  62. nails on the go come to you 2022/03

    I like Dr. Mortimer.

  63. Dick Kirkland 2022/03

    Over 20 years ago, We chose Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital to treat our first puppy. Consistently, the staff and our vet are pleasant and well experienced. We have been with Dr. Mortimer this whole time I believe. Through emergency visits and regular checkups, the Doctor and his staff are always educative and informative. We have also had to say goodbye to our loved ones over the years where our animals and family were treated with compassion in those hard times. We also moved but still travel about 30 minutes from Chesterfield to Henrico to continue working with the hospital as they are the best in our opinion.

  64. Sarah Tinkelman 2022/03

    Fantastic and caring. My regular vet could not fit my sick cat in. QVH was very accomodating and worked him in after I had called numerous other vets. I dropped him off and the vet called me within a couple hours. She was very kind and explained what needed to be done. They called the next day to check on him. I truly appreciated that they fit in a sick cat that was not their own patient. I will definitely be switching my 3 pets to this practice

  65. Acts 1915 2022/03

    Absolutely WONDERFUL people!
    Need a vet? Come here!!
    Great parking, office nice & staff GREAT!

  66. Megan Booz 2022/03

    Very nice vet

  67. Blind Doxie 2022/03

    Not as good as they used to be. Hard to get through on phone. No response to appointment requests from their online portal. Prices go up year over year.

  68. Madison Dalton 2022/03

    The customer service has gone down with a landslide. They never call you when they say they will. Leave you standing at the front desk for 20 minutes at a time. I was given mis information several times. The vet didnt ever update my charges with medication changes either.

  69. Shelley Johnson 2022/02

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital has a great reputation. I appreciate their courteous staff and friendly, knowledgeable doctors.

  70. Dianne Bell 2022/02

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital is the best. Dr. Mortimer has been providing outstanding professional and compassionate care for our cats for more than 22 years. The staff is always courteous and helpful, and facility cleanliness is obviously a priority.

  71. Melanie Feldstein 2022/01

    A place I trust to take good care of my fur baby

  72. Alex R 2021/11

    First class practice with competent, compassionate and caring staff😻 …

  73. Jennifer Hayden 2021/11

    This is by far the best place I could take my pets for care. The genuinely care about your pets and communicate very well as well as present options for you too. You will not regret taking your pet here.

  74. Jill Black 2021/11

    Much love and compassion for the animals. Great service!

  75. Wysteria Cerva 2021/11

    Outstanding service. Our cats aren’t even nervous when going in their carrier anymore so whatever they are doing to assure our cats the vet is a safe place is working!

  76. Kin Art Wraps 2021/11

    I gave a zero, and will no longer be taking my dog there simply because of the rude receptionist behind the counter. We took our dog (Gracie) in because we had an emergency and didn’t know what to do. My wife accidentally opens their door, not realizing the small paper sign in the window saying do not enter (we are very respectful of other businesses and their policies if they have them, she just accidentally missed the sign because of worry about our dog, and they just should have locked it) and a woman yells out to her “can’t you read”. “You can’t read the sign” out right rude. Instead of saying “excuse me” or explaining politely in which we would have and have completely understood. She yelled and insulted her right off the back instead. She got a piece of our mind and even when we called the lady was still frantic with attitude. I am also reading 2 other reviews about bad attitudes and insulting behavior in this very review thread. So hell no we will not be doing business with these folks as long as this person is there. Peace!, good bye. We will spend our money somewhere else, simple solution.

  77. Chris Foltz 2021/11

    Fast, kind, great people to take care of my boy

  78. Loadur 2021/11

    Dr. Burke is the best!!! Made us feel like a family.

  79. NoneYoBusiness 2021/10

    I don’t know who is rating this place highly (must be friends of the workers) but it’s an absolute mess and gone wayyyy downhill. Staff is rude and unresponsive, doctors are apathetic and laughed at my fiancé when she got life-threatening test results back, handlers clearly have no behavioral training, vets clearly have no nutrition training (they prescribed my cat harmful food for her disease), nobody was wearing masks except the customers, and the entire place is loud with screaming animals (again due to their lack of professionalism). Never coming back and wasted an exorbitant amount of money on their less-than-helpful “services.” STAY AWAY!!!

    edit: your response is pathetic, how dare you – SHAME ON YOU YOUR BUSINESS IS TRASH!

  80. A Chudoba 2021/10

    Dr. Garland has greatly improved my senior pup’s quality of life with her excellent care and acupuncture! All of the staff is very kind and professional. This is the first vet my dog is not scared to go into. Dr. Garland’s acupuncture has helped my dog’s arthritis, kidneys and keeping her seizure free. At the beginning of this year I was not sure how much longer my dog had. Now, we just celebrated her 14th birthday and she is active and thriving! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Garland and staff. I highly recommend her, especially for senior pups.

  81. Lisa Kight 2021/10

    QVH was very accommodating when my puppy was showing signs of a reaction to a bite or sting. His face was swelling quickly, and although it was almost closing time, they had me bring him up right away. They were very kind and didn’t make me feel like I was imposing on them. Dr. Mortimer and his staff are always friendly and thorough and puppy came home feeling much better.

  82. Todd Heath 2021/10

    Dr. Garland rocks!


  83. Cian Ghataora 2021/09

    This place has taken care of several of our pets. They’ve been with us when we’ve had to put down two separate dogs. Excellent bedside manner and very professional group.

  84. Mickey Price 2021/09

    Another very good experience at Quioccasin Vet Hospital. Staff is friendly, super with the animals and professional at all times. Dr. Mortimer is an excellent Vet! Very personable and knowledgeable. Easy to talk to. Our cat has gone there for years and has always received the best care possible. I highly recommend this practice!

  85. Alison Smith 2021/09

    Dr. Mortimer is the most compassionate, wonderful vet. He cares as much about the owners as he does our pets.

  86. Marsha Weiss 2021/09

    The employees at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital are always courteous and pleasant.
    The office is always spotless

    The level of care that my dog receives is always excellent. I am confident in my choice of care for our pet.

  87. Dave Woods 2021/09

    Great folks, really nice and clean facility. I drive across town since I moved but I still want to be here with my menagerie.

  88. noelle watson 2021/09

    I just started bringing my aunt’s dog to Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital, as she isn’t able to care for the dog any more, and I’ve been very impressed. Dr. Mortimer is knowledgeable, expert, and professional, plus very good with my aunt’s dog. All the staff have been super friendly and helpful as well. I like the immediate response we needed, the quality of information provided on her health care, and the personal notes. This dog also needed dental surgery, and the level of care was superior to that we’ve had at other vet clinics. Since we moved to Richmond 15 years ago, we’ve tried some five other practices, as well as having vets in other places we’ve lived. Quiocassin is one of the best, in my experience. I’m planning on bringing our own two dogs to see Dr. Mortimer, as our current vet has left town.

  89. Karen Cunningham 2021/09

    Good care, reasonable prices and caring staff

  90. Katherine Brooks 2021/08

    All went very well. We saw Dr Burke who we have been seeing for 10 plus years.

  91. Roxanne Guido 2021/08

    This place is awesome the whole staff! They truly care about your understanding and your 🐶🐕 …

  92. Laura Wright 2021/08

    We have been using Quiocassin for 38 years for multiple pets (dogs, cats, a rabbit, rats!). We have always experienced prompt, excellent, professional, high quality care. All of the staff are very caring toward our pets and have been exceedingly kind when we have had to send them over the “rainbow bridge” at the end if their lives. I highly recommend Quiocassin Vet Hospital and would not entrust our ‘fur babies’ to anyone else!

  93. Meg Burley 2021/07

    Have had dogs and cats treated here. The vets will contact you several times a day with status updates for a sick pet. Dr. Mortimer is great with cats. All office staff and techs I’ve worked with are great. Cindy in the office is very helpful with your account. I’ve recommended this place to several friends over the years.

  94. C J 2021/07

    Amazing staff and calm, comfortable environment. Dr. Garland is THE BEST!

  95. Frederic Doree 2021/06

    I unfortunately had to visit the Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital for the first time to have a pet euthanized, as my usual practice was closed. Quioccasin were very accommodating and made time to see me on short notice. They were very thoughtful and provided good care given the circumstances.

  96. Diane Schabinger 2021/06

    Wonderful Vets – caring staff – kind responsive customer care. My multicat household has been delighted and appreciative of the wonderful care all my fur children have received for decades. We travel 20 to 30 minutes past other vets to go to Quioccasin where all the staff has always taken great care of all of us through routine exams and with serious injuries and surgeries. From kittenhood through elder issues – they have always been the absolute best.

  97. Jo Heath 2021/06

    Love Dr. Garland!

  98. Jared Martin 2021/06

    We have used Quioccasin for our dog for 3 years. They are always prompt fair priced and take great care of our 65lb fur baby!

  99. Sarahbeth 2021/06

    Dr. Mortimer has been great in all of the appointments since we got our new puppy. He offered extremely useful help about housebreaking when I asked him, along with giving really informed help about my pup’s cherry eye. I feel really good about the care of my dog is getting there, and we will be patients for life. I trust them completely.

  100. Mary Kirby 2021/05

    I had my Bear put down there. Dr. Mortimer was gentle and comforting. I always had a good experience there.

  101. Becky Card 2021/05

    I love everything about Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital. The doctors and staff are all vey kind and caring people. They listen actively and provide insightful feedback. They treat my pets like the family members they are.

  102. Laura Ambrogi 2021/05

    Our pets have been patients at Quioccasin for years. Dr. Mortimer and the rest of the staff are so kind and helpful. We are big fans!

  103. Debbie East 2021/05

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital has been taking care of my “furry family” for over 25 years . Dr Mortimer has treated all of my pets as if they were his own. We receive excellent care,immediate response to calls, and they pamper my pets with genuine love and care. The staff has always been gentle and loving when we arrive, even now during the “ Covid” pandemic. I would never go anywhere else!

  104. TheFamily Meadows 2021/05

    We love the quality of service at Quioccason Vet! Our dog had an accident over a weekend and we were able to get her seen quickly on a Monday morning. Dr. Garland took excellent care of our pup and made sure we knew how to care for her when we took her home.

  105. Jenniffer Houston 2021/05

    Awesome place for your pets. Wait times can be a little long sometimes though…( due to covid)

  106. Atherton Ca 2021/04

    Dr. Evans is the very best vet. We just love her. She has been there for us for over 15 years. We really love her! Highly, highly recommend!

  107. Charlotte Fultz 2021/04

    My son and his wife were away on vacation.The friend living at the house realized the five month old kitten was ill.I was called to take the kitten to the vet.Dr Garland cared so lovingly for Waffles.
    Waffles would need medication twice a day .I had been hospitalized for nine days for a critical asthma attack from cats.I had cats all my life !!! Dr Garland was so kind and offered to care for Waffles for the week.It was answered prayer.I will never forget it !
    Waffles was having the time of her life !!! She was given the time of her life !!! She was walked on a leash each day !!! She was loved by all the staff !!Dr Garland gave me an update everyday!!!
    Muffins was there during the flooding rains .You know the time when people were swimming in the street on Monroe Street.I can not imagine what Waffles would have done outside !!!
    Yes, Quioccasin Vet does love cats too !!! Your cat will be blessed as I was . God bless them all !!!
    Sincerely ,
    Charlotte Fultz

  108. Patty Marshall 2021/04

    I brought my first puppy to Quioccasin when another veterinary hospital told me she was just in old age when I felt she had something more serious going on. That was 23 years ago. Quioccasin staff diagnosed, treated and resolved her issue. I have been coming back ever since and have always found the services to be top knotch. I will continue to bring my puppy family members to Quioccasin. Great care and great staff.


  109. Dona Stuart 2021/04

    Dr. Mortimer has always been so wonderful with our Jack. So kind and gentle. Knowing just how to approach his temperament and situation.

    For this surgery Dr Alexander was also great! Explained the situation and the care that Jack needed when home.

    We have never been disappointed with Quioccassin. They take care of the entire family!

  110. Brianna McNelly 2021/04

    I called to inquire about getting my cat an appointment and the prices and got hung up on because it was too much effort I assume. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. The receptionist literally hung up on me because I inquired about a price.

  111. Lisa Biggs 2021/03

    My dog has a bad ear infection and they saw him on Saturday with no appointment. I was so happy so he wouldn’t suffer all weekend.

  112. Ted Destiny 2021/02

    We always appreciate how amazing the staff at Quioccasin Vet Hospital is and Buster does too! We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  113. Dave Fary 2021/02

    Dr Mortimer and staff have been helping me keep up with our lab for almost 10 years now. Checkups, emergency appointments, surgery, medication etc, I’ve always had a great experience at Quioccasin. They follow up after every appointment to give you the details and checkup after procedures. This is a place that is run well with trusted vets.

  114. Darbabe Steele 2021/01

    Wonderful experience thanks for taking such great care of my granddog Cannon God Bless you all 😇🐩 …

  115. Candyce Custer 2021/01

    The doctor was awesome! The staff was great! Thank you! Thank you!!

  116. Michele Phillips 2020/12

    Great vet. They obviously love your pet, they will fit you in as needed, and they always call back! We love them!!!

  117. Jimeeka Shedrick 2020/11

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital is absolutely THE BEST. The facility is always impeccably clean. Everyone is knowledgeable, patient, supportive, understanding and accommodating. The staff to include Cindy (Just The Best Ever) and Dr. Hiser (an amazing Veterinarian) are efficient and absolutely the best in ensuring my dog is ALWAYS well treated & taken care of. My dog always display an excited demeanor when he realizes he is at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital. I’m sincerely grateful to have found Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital and it’s amazing team. Peace

  118. Carol Georgis 2020/11

    The doctors and staff at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital are absolutely wonderful. Everyone is very kind, caring and compassionate. We recently had an emergency with our 12 year old Siamese cat and had no idea what to expect. Dr. Mortimer examined him, took x-rays and then explained that he was in critical condition and what our options were. The very difficult decision was made to let him go rather than see him suffer any more. Dr. Mortimer guided is through the process with kindness and sympathy. Everyone expressed condolences. When we took our new cat in for a wellness check, everyone congratulated us and welcomed our new little guy. We highly recommend Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital.

  119. Tommy Vo 2020/10

    Waiting outside for 45 minutes for an incision check. I was told earlier that day I could swing by and that it wouldn’t take long to look at her incisions. I’ve been taking my pup there since she was a month old. We got her spay here 3 weeks ago and noticed a large piece of stitch still poking out of her. I’ve had nothing but good experiences up until this point. I called again after waiting half an hour. I was met with an attitude especially when I mentioned that others that arrived after me received help immediately. I don’t know their situations but the person did nothing to apologize about the wait. I would have made an appointment if given that option. I just spent $700 on that spay/meds and want the service I’ve gotten in the past. I wanted this place to be her place for the rest of her life. Debating whether that will be the case.

  120. Carol Marie Chantrell 2020/10

    Dr. Evans has been our vet since 2009. She has loved my dogs and supported us every step of the way. She’s helped us make difficult decisions and welcome new paws into the family. The staff is welcoming and the environment is top notch.

  121. Gina Gabriel 2020/10

    Dr. Mortimer has been Giselle’s vet for about 3 years now. They are very flexible for me and my dog’s lifestyle

  122. Sarah Clock 2020/10

    Love this practice and Dr. Wigley! Kind front desk and staff.

  123. Laurel Chalifoux 2020/08

    My dog, Finn, had an unexpected emergency and Quioccasin veterinary Hospital who I normally go to took me in and helped Finn. They give excellent care and compassion.

  124. Zefy Branch 2020/08

    We give 5 stars to Dr Mortimer because he is just so deserving. I trust him completely to care for our sweet dog. Dr Mortimer and his entire staff are Consistently friendly, professional and give 100% attention to your pet’s needs. We are so grateful!

  125. Luke Giannini 2020/08

    We have been taking our cats to Quioccasin Vet Hospital for over 13 years. Dr Heiser is amazing as is all of the staff!!! I HIGHLY recommend them if you are shopping for a vet!!!!

  126. Mary Lutkenhaus 2020/08

    Multi cat discount, the staff love my fur babies.


  127. Chris Dudley 2020/07

    Dr. Hiser is the best!

  128. M McGee 2020/06

    Timely, friendly, loving care. In and out of a 1-year puppy check, including tests and vaccinations in 45 minutes. Love this place!

  129. Cody Napier 2020/05

    The most amazing staff and vets around

  130. RAYNA AUSTIN 2020/05

    Dr. Evan’s and staff are friendly, thorough, realistic, honest, and advocate for their patients. I am so grateful for them!

  131. Connie Lilly 2020/05

    My two corgis visited Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital today for grooming, vaccinations and an annual wellness exam. The staff has mastered a new set of routines to keep clients, patients and their personnel well during this challenging time of pandemic fears. Well Done!

  132. Brian S 2020/04

    The entire staff is professional and knowledgeable. They combine solid medical expertise with true compassion. Our dogs look forward to their visits and the staff enjoys seeing them. I have never doubted their judgment and trust their medical decisions.

  133. Dash 2020/04

    I’d like to start with saying that this is an overall great veterinary hospital. The facility is always clean, the staff is very friendly, helpful, and the doctors are easy to talk to and seem to genuinely care. I’ve taken my dogs numerous times in the past year. The reason for my less than perfect rating comes from my most recent experience. I brought my dogs for a wellness exam, parvo booster, Rabies, and lepto booster. I estimated the cost would be approximately $310. Later that day the doctor called me and said that one of my dogs had an ear infection and he was going to do a cytology. He said another one should be done on his skin as well because of redness. It was recommended that my second dog have a skin cytology. He also suggested other types of tests, but luckily, I declined. Since I heard infection, I of course agreed to do the cytology. The results came back indicating that medication was necessary to remedy the problem. The additional recommended tests and medications came up to approximately $281. Bringing my unexpected total amount do to $567. It’s not that I’m not interested in keeping my dogs healthy. It’s that I was not informed of the cost for the additional services. I was not expecting to drop that much money. I might have delayed the additional testing a week or so when I could afford it. Next time I know that I must ask the cost of each individual recommendation from the doctor. I liken it to auto mechanics. When you drop your car off, they make a diagnosis and call you about what’s wrong and the cost to fix it. I’m not upset or disgruntled. I will continue to take my dogs to this hospital. It’s just an almost $600 vet bill is insane and unexpected for me. My suggestion, if anyone asked, would be to realize that the amount of additional services and medications being suggested may double the amount of the total bill. The customer needs to be able to make a feasible decision before the services are performed. I like the practice and the doctor I just hope my concern is viewed as a resolution to prevent this again.


  134. Wright Norris 2020/04

    Dr Mortimer is awesome !

  135. Sheila Johann 2020/04

    We have been going to Quioccassin Vet Hospital for about 2 years. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, friendliness and compassion of the staff. Our pets are treated as the loved and treasured family members, that we view them to be. Dr Wigley is one of the best vets we have ever had provide vet care for our family. He is so thorough with his explanations of disease processes and the treatments available. He guides and supports the medical decisions that need to be made. He follows up with phone calls, he really cares for your pets health and well being. If you are looking for a veterinarian practice that provides excellent care for your four legged family members, look no further.

  136. Nicole Hurley 2020/03

    My Aussie loves Dr. Evans!! We have been going to Dr. Evans for almost five years and she is always friendly and welcoming and full of answers for any questions I have about my dog.

  137. Budco Racing 2020/03

    I needed a new vet after a move and decided to try here after talking to one of the workers. Everybody was super nice. They did a great look over of my dog and made sure to inform me of everything they were doing and why. Safe to say they will be my vet from now on.

  138. Sherry Phillips 2020/03

    I have a very senior dog and Dr. Evans gives her all the attention she needs. We are very satisfied with her care. The office staff is very nice and helpful.

  139. Adrianna Moralez 2020/02

    Love these vets and all the staff there. So sweet and caring. Great prices for the care they give!

  140. Bobbi Janus 2020/02

    Great people who work there. They love animals and treat everyone with respect.

  141. Romulo Arneiro 2020/01

    First of all, the front desk staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The only issue I had is with the drop-off service during COVID-19. I brought my new puppy there for her first check up and received a bill that was dramatically more expensive than I was expecting. The vet gave my puppy the 1st puppy shots which would have been perfect if she had not already had them. I was told that the vet believed she was too young for immunity at 6 weeks (when she got her first shots) and gave it to her again without my consent. He also gave her the bordetella vaccine without my consent, and since it is non-essential I would have preferred to not do it (since she lives with me in my apartment at all times). The drop off service would be much more effective if they had called me and obtained my consent before they went forward with optional aspects of the visit. Money is hard to come by during COVID-19 and I would have preferred to not spend $300 on a vet check-up (which is more than I spent on the puppy herself).

  142. Bridget 2020/01

    Dr. Evans is thorough and efficient. She provided options to make the treatment more affordable. Everyone was kind and welcoming including front desk and assistants. Nice building too. Thanks for taking care of my baby!

  143. Marcia Palmer 2020/01

    This is such a wonderful practice! We love all the staff, especially Dr. Hiser. She is so caring and dedicated! All the doctors and staff have been so loving with our dogs. I’ve gone to this practice for 18 years.

  144. Jamede Davis 2019/11

    Our dog Cody has been going to Quioccasin Vet for 14 years. They welcome me as soon as I come in the door. They are friendly and courteous. Cody loves his Dr. who is Dr. Evans. Cody now has s sibling name Riley who just turned 1 years old on 02/06/19. They love Riley and Cody. I would not take my dogs any where else. They explain everything to me when they are ill or getting their routine shots. I also love the hours. They have two days that they stay open until 7:00 and they have Saturday hours! Which is great for working people.

  145. Phyllis Hening 2019/11

    Always nice, efficient and kind to my pets. Thorough, clean, and excellent care!

  146. Jessica Flint 2019/11

    I have never had a negative experience. But just yesterday I had a missed call from them. It was my dog’s vet. He just received the paperwork from the emergency vet and simply wanted to check on her, even though we have an appointment scheduled only a couple days away. The staff here really cares, which is why even after I moved I drive the little further distance (passed a million vets offices) just to see them.

  147. Laith Al-Samir 2019/11

    Best vets in town – Mortimer and Evans . My cats thank you!

  148. Billy Criswell 2019/11

    Wonderful vets and staff!

  149. K C 2019/11

    The staff is VERY friendly & professional. Dr. Wigley is extremely informative & detailed. Also, they’re monitoring my senior whom has been diagnosed with IVDD. I couldn’t have chosen a better vet for my both of my pups!

  150. Debby O'Day 2019/10

    Dr. Hiser and the entire staff are exceptional! My dog was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and they have been here every step of the way as we treat my furbaby for this frightening disease.

    Dr. Hiser is compassionate, always accessible and knowledgeable…I trust my dog’s life in her good hands.

  151. Claudia Mcshaw 2019/10

    This was my 1st visit. They took great care of my kitten. They gave simple yet informative information in pet care.

  152. Sallie Bartholomew 2019/10

    An excellent veterinary practice. We habe been going there since 1989. The doctors and staff are caring and attentive. Would highly recommend them.

  153. Cindy Behr 2019/09

    The doctors and staff here are the best! Very caring and honest about what’s best for your four legged family members. Their prices are fair and they explain why they do tests and give detailed info about the results. I love this place! Even my very nervous boy was comfortable here!

  154. Amy Moczydlowski 2019/09

    Every vet we’ve seen here has been wonderful. They really take the time to go over our dogs health with us and make sure we fully understand any potential issues. They dont recommend unnecessary procedures and are genuinely caring towards our pets.

  155. ginger mccauley 2019/09

    Wonderful veterinary practice! Everyone is very knowledgeable and patient. Dr. Mortimer is our favorite!

  156. Madison Nowak 2019/08

    The vets and staff here are absolutely phenomenal. They know exactly who you are when you walk in the door, appointment made or not. Dr. Evans was especially great when our dog had a mystery illness for over 2 months. She never gave up and still checks in. I couldn’t recommend Quioccasin Vet more.

  157. richard harrall 2019/08

    Long time customer. Always excellent attention, service and concern for pet. Great follow up.

  158. Brad Brewer 2019/08

    What a great veterinary hospital. Our entire family, including the furry ones love going here. Dr Hiser is the best and looks after our pet needs. Our three legged rescue has special needs and their knowledge and professionalism is unmatched. We have been here for over ten years!

  159. Tamara Privitera 2019/08

    Dr. Mortimer is the best! He is compassionate while caring for our family members! Love his staff too!

  160. Coleman Durham 2019/08

    Top docs care srvices offered then given.to both of us

  161. Cheryl Timberlake 2019/08

    I recently had to put down my dear Abby. She had been diagnosed with Anal gland cancer a year earlier . Dr. Wigley and myself chose a pallative care regimine. Well after a year the cancer won. Dr. Wigley and the staffat Quiocassin Veterinary Clinic were compassionate and dedicated to making my last moments with Abby peaceful , private and painfree.
    It was a hard decision , but they well advised and made themselves available.
    Thank you Dr. Wigley snd Staff .
    Well Done

  162. Arielle Schneider 2019/07

    Dr Evans is an incredible vet and the staff at Quioccasin go the extra mile. Most important to me, their pricing is fair, and they tell you honestly how necessary or optional certain treatments are so that owners can make the most informed decisions possible. I own a Bengal named Lynx who’s had urinary tract issues, but with Dr Evans’ help we have avoided any blockage and treated the crystals immediately rather than after the fact. Lynx does not like vet offices but Dr Evans and the amazing staff make our visits pleasant. I love that they have a focus on cats specifically so that there’s always a room dedicated for cat visits, and feliway is used liberally :). They’re the best and we both appreciate them so much.


  163. Susan Cohen 2019/07

    I have the most faith in my kitty’s vet-Dr. Mortimer! the entire staff is welcoming and prompt. Would never consider going elsewhere!

  164. Pratt 2019/07

    Very nice veterinarian and staff, they actually listen to you vs other vets

  165. Laurel Oien 2019/06

    I have been taking my cat , Clawdia there for past 2 years. I love Dr .Wiggly he is very caring and does a follow up call to check on her the next day. I highly recommend them.

  166. Simon Mueller 2019/06

    We’ve been coming here for over three years and I am disappointed in them. We had an emergency situation for one of our animals and they would not let us bring them in since they were “about to close”. I could have been there an hour before they actually closed.

  167. Alley Cat 2019/06

    I drive 1 1/2 hrs because my kitty never leaves there traumatized . They understand Crazy Cat Ladies.

  168. Alice Scott 2019/06

    Dr. Evans is so caring of our dog…she has cared for my parent’s dog that passed away a few years ago, as well as my ex-husband’s dogs who have had lots of health problems. She is so amazing at how much she remembers between visits and truly wants to help however she can.

  169. Morgan Carter 2019/05

    Today was my first time visiting this vet with my new dog and I have to say, I was blown away. I recently adopted a new dog who is TERRIFIED of anything new. I don’t mean sit in a corner scared, I mean legit flipping out and doing gator rolls across the floor. The vet tech (didn’t quite catch his name) was SO awesome with here. He sat on the ground and fed her treats and peanut butter until she warmed up a little to him. He gave her so much love that she didn’t even notice she was getting a vaccine. It literally took 1 hour for her to get a rabies vaccine and a physical exam (which would other wise take like maybe 15 minutes)The vet, Dr. Randy Mortimer was also extremely patient with her and took his time making sure she was comfortable. I had been so nervous about taking her to the vet knowing how she responds to unknown situations, but now I feel so much more comfortable knowing that the staff is extremely patient and helpful.

  170. Anthony Credle 2019/05

    Very knowledgeable staff, they don’t push unnecessary procedures, and they are wonderful at tracking our pets shots/and prescriptions.

  171. Suzanne Feigley 2019/05

    They treat their patients like they are their own! Friendly, personable & they take their time with their patients to relieve as much stress as possible. Extremely knowledgeable and always offer different options for treatments. They treated my first dog in 1991 & they are treating my 3rd & 4th dogs now!

  172. Dan Tyler 2019/04

    The staff is very professional. And very nice to talk with.the doctors are very good there.

  173. Stephen Schwartz 2019/04

    Very helpful on the health of our cat. The cat, LOLA needed to stay over couple nights for tests and medications. She is home and doing fine on doctors orders.

  174. Ethan Fregoe 2019/04

    The vet was exactly what my dogs and I need.

  175. Evelyn Rivera 2019/04

    They are so nice, very informative and everyone in the office have outstanding customer service.

  176. Blair Wilcox 2019/03

    We love taking our pets there!

  177. Jim Spevak 2019/03

    Great Vet.

  178. Johnny Taylor 2019/03

    They took berry great care of BANDIT for years thank you God bless.

  179. Marcie G 2019/02

    Bear loves his visits with Dr. Evans! She understands him.💖😊 …

  180. Mary Morgan 2019/02

    The level of care my pups receive from Dr. Hiser is great. I have two old dogs and she takes the time to discuss their care with me with out making me feel rushed. Every one at Quioccasin Vet is so nice and efficient. I just can not say enough good things about them.

  181. Christina Swift 2019/01

    Dr. Mortimer is the best! I’ve seen other Veterinarians there for emergencies and they are all fantastically nice.

  182. Pastor Ta'Quan Grant 2019/01

    I have been with Quioccasin for 2 years now and on each and every visit everyone is very nice and very helpful. Dr Wigley is very hands own and calls to make sure all is well with my doggie after each visit. They rank very highly with me.

    Patricia Walker
    Bello and Sophia

  183. Virginia McCauley 2018/11

    Dr. Mortimer was very carrying and explained what was wrong with our dog. The costs were resonable and I will go again.

  184. Molly Scoggin 2018/11

    I switched vets back in March and I have been blown away by the staff at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital. I can tell they really care about every patient. Taking your pet to the vet (especially when they are older), can be a very stressful experience but they make it as stress free as possible!

  185. David Sygeel 2018/11

    Excellent service from a dedicated, talented, and deeply commitmented team for each of their patients and their owners!

  186. Tyrone Parker 2018/10

    They provide the best service

  187. cheryl schmidt 2018/10

    I have been coming here with 3 pets for 20 years. Great staff all around whoever you see!

  188. Laura Harvey 2018/10

    Everyone is super nice and knowledgeable!

  189. Betty Collins 2018/09

    Great place

  190. William Caulder 2018/09

    Great people work there. Kind and caring to our puppies and senior cat.

  191. Jill Wood 2018/09

    Cats or dogs, doesn’t matter. The vets and staff here love them all, and treat them well. Had to board a dog for two weeks in an emergency situation. They were reasonably priced and kept me informed as to how he was doing. My cats love the place and like to explore when they’re there.

  192. El Scono 2018/08

    Great staff, caring & knowledgeable.

  193. James Fortner 2018/07

    Absolutely wonderful staff and vets! I’ve been taking my dog here since we got him from the RACC and they have always been able to work with my schedule and explain my options for treatment. They are a little more expensive than other vets around, but the quality of service provided is unmatched.

  194. Priscilla Erickson 2018/07

    We bring our dog here twice a week for fluid injections for her kidney the disease. The staff is always very kind and patient with her, and generally goes out of their way to help us, whether ordering special food or squeezing us in for a last minute appointment. It is a relatively large practice, so they have a good supply of food and medications on hand. Dr. Wigley is a great vet and has always quickly responded to phone calls for questions and updates.

  195. pat costa 2018/06

    The best.

  196. Donna Knight 2018/06

    Awesome staff and doctor! They were extremely helpful with my new rescue. He loved them as well!


  197. Sylvia Puryear 2018/04

    Have been seeing Dr. Hizer for 10 years. She is the most thorough, professional, kind, knowledgeable and caring person ever!!!! The entire office is friendly, concerned and efficient. I wish I had Jane Heizer for my doctor.

  198. Amy Bergmann 2018/04

    Extremely caring staff + a clean and organized facility. Dr. Mortimer is so patient and kind and we’ve enjoyed going there for years; I’m sure we’ll continue this experience for many years to come.

  199. William Nelson 2018/04

    We’ve had a cat who lived to be 22 taken care of by Dr. Mortimer at Quioccasin Vet, and now our sweet rescue dog Lucy, The level of care, professional, thoughtful, warm and welcoming is truly a pleasure. It gives us great confidence to know that we’re getting personal attention and very sound advice. Judy Nelson

  200. Katie Fletcher 2018/03

    Always top notch care for our cats.

  201. Elisabeth Gabrynowicz 2018/02

    Great vet service! Everyone is super friendly and professional. Easy to get appointments, even on short notice (they’ll do their best to squeeze you in). Vets take time to explain everything in detail and they really seem to care about their work – and four-legged patients!

  202. Rocky Coley 2018/02

    The associates care about the customers and the pets. I have been going to them since 2006. Doctor Evans is the best and I recommend her to every one. She is the only doctor I go too.

  203. William Caulder 2018/01

    Simply wow. The vet took a long time with each of my pups. Talked to be about my concerns. Can’t say enough good things about these guys.

  204. Robbie King (RobbieAreBest) 2018/01

    Great staff, very helpful and communicative.

  205. sharon white 2018/01

    Dr. Evans is the best of the best!! The staff are always friendly and warm. All of my fur babies are in the best hands!!

  206. Lindsay King 2017/11

    We love Dr. Hiser! She is so friendly and sweet with our labradoodle, Lilly! She makes us all feel comfortable and Lilly doesn’t even seem to mind that she’s at the vet, with all of the love and treats she gets. We highly recommend Dr. Hiser to care for your fur-baby!

  207. So Hi 2017/11

    Very professional and caring staff!

  208. Stein 2017/11

    Friendly doctors and staff. They are very good with my cat.

  209. Lisa Mease 2017/09

    I am thrilled with the practice and with Dr. Mortimer. Being able to make same-day appointments for urgent problems sets my mind at ease–I was even able to get one on Xmas Eve last year!

  210. Patrick Fortune 2017/09

    The doctors are very patient, honest, and caring. My cat is a butthead with vets but the staff here is very understanding and kind. They are open later on weekdays, and are open on Saturdays, which is a godsend for those of us who work 8-5 jobs. They sent me a thank-you card after my first visit with them, and called the day after my cat’s dental procedure to check up on her. They are also well-stocked on medication and special-needs food. I am so thankful for this facility.

  211. Brett Hancock 2017/08

    They are amazing to my little pup. I love them.

  212. Bryan Wilson 2017/08

    I have never had a bad experience and doubt I ever will. Cannot say enough about how amazing everyone at the practice is thank you for caring so much about our furry family and the 2 legged variety as well.

  213. Cathy L 2017/08

    I was looking for a new Vet. The Friday before Christmas I called. I needed wellness checks, rabies, and toenails done for 3 dogs. They were so kind to take me that day. Everyone was so friendly, and helped me get my dogs in and out of the car. The Doctor was very good as well. So happy I found this place. I highly recommend!

  214. Kathy Johnson 2017/08

    On-time, animal friendly and very clean. Friendly, caring staff. I have always been impressed by The Q

  215. Ashley Maglidt 2017/07

    I wouldn’t take my Nymeria anywhere else! Both Dr. Mortimer and Dr. Hisser are absolutely wonderful. Thank you all!

  216. Geoff Carson 2017/07

    Very caring and professional with my fur baby!

  217. Alice Coleman 2017/07

    I have been very pleased with every aspect of Quioccasin Vet. On the phone and while there during visits everyone is always helpful and friendly. Dr. Hiser is a true professional and you never get the feeling you are getting rushed in & out.

  218. Linchpin Transactions 2017/06

    Best vet ever. My cat is old, and angry at the world, and nothing will please her outside of sleeping and eating. They care for her with more patience than I could in their position. They are always looking for the best way to calm her and take the best care of her.

  219. Jamie Breeden 2017/06

    I love Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital! The customer service is exceptional and the staff is always friendly, caring and helpful; and it reflects in the way you have cared for my dogs over the past 20+ years.. Thank you for always taking great care of my pets and me.

    Jamie Breeden

  220. Will McPherson 2017/06

    I can’t recommend this vet. The prices are substantially higher than other, equally qualified vets in the area. The service was alright, but I did not trust them with our animals.

  221. S Taylor 2017/05

    My pups have been under the expert and compassionate care of Dr. Evans and QVH for a number of years. I have complete trust in both the veterinarian as well as the hospital and that trust has been earned ten fold. Our dogs, both past and present have and continue to receive the very best care! Do not hesitate to take your fur babies to QVH!

  222. Angela Spleen 2017/05

    We are very happy with the level of care and attention our dog & cat receive at Quioccasin Vet. Hospital. The entire staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Mortimer is patient, thorough and gentle with our furbabies. I never feel rushed and he always takes the time to answer my questions at appointments and via phone. We’re so happy we found them!

  223. Crystal Polatty 2017/04

    I survey human hospitals for a living and use your facility as an example of how I should be able to come in any day and expect excellence in the quality of care delivered and the upkeep of the facility.

  224. Patricia 2017/04

    Dr. Mortimer has been our doctor for many years, and we trust his opinion completely. He gives a thorough exam and is an excellent diagnostician.

  225. Ashley Cornwell 2017/04

    Dr. Hiser is the best!

  226. Laurel Scott 2017/03

    Dr. Evans is great! And very patient with all my questions. Thanks again. 🙂

  227. Jennifer Harper 2017/03

    I have been taking my pets to Dr. Hiser for 11 years now. She is so kind and patient and will take as much time as you need with questions or concerns. I highly recommend!!

  228. Ashley Hall Pilcher 2017/01

    I have been a customer for several years now. I am always blown away by their ability to fit me in last minute. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the service has always been absolutely top notch! I also appreciate that I have never felt like tests or services have been pushed when they were not needed.

  229. Dave Phillips 2017/01

    This is a great veterinary hospital, Dr. Evans in particular is stellar, just wonderful with our animals. Highly recommended.

  230. Sandy Ju 2017/01

    Love the folks at Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Evans is especially skilled with senior pets. We’ve been going there for almost 20 years and I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!

  231. Warren Fusselle 2016/09

    I’m always impressed with the service and caring at Quioccasin Vet hospital. Thanks Dr. Evans!

  232. ProudDog Mom 2016/08

    I’ve always had great experiences at Quioccasin, but Dr. Evans is our favorite! She is knowledgable, patient, efficient and kind. The entire staff seems to enjoy their work. I am always recommending them.

  233. Ruth Goehring 2016/04

    Our dogs have been expertly cared for by QVH and Dr. Carolyn Evans. I give an unequivocal 10 thumbs up!

  234. Jeff Palumbo 2016/02

    Great Dr. Kind and affordable.

  235. Jean McGraw 2016/01

    I’ve taken my labs to Quioccasin for years and have always been highly satisfied. They are caring and knowledgable.

  236. David Carter 2015/08

    Amazing. All the Docs are WONDERFUL. They really care about your pets and you. They take time with you and listen to your concerns and answer all your questions. They work with you in emergency situations.

  237. Allison Schmitt 2015/06

    We bring our two cats and very energetic lab 🙂 to Dr. Hiser and she is wonderful! The office’s Saturday appointments and early drop-offs are great as my husband and I do not live or work in the immediate area. Dr. Hiser and her staff are caring, responsive, and thorough.

  238. Jennifer Matulessy 2015/03

    the staff is friendly, fast service, well decorated and clean.

  239. Justin Ihara 2014/10

    Quioccasin Veterinary Hospital is excellent! The staff is super friendly and knowledgable. My dog was having issues but I had to go to work, so I used their drop-off service on my way to the office. They checked him out, called me later in the day to let me know what was going on, took care of the issue, and I was able to pick him up on my way back home! They even called me the following day to check and see how he was doing! They really have the animal care, convenience and customer service trifecta down. I highly recommend this place!

  240. L Smith 2014/09

    Dr. Evans is the best.

  241. Catherine Schulten 2014/06

    Amazing! Best vet hospital in the west end.
    Caring staff. Clean, professional hospital. Top notch care.

  242. Sue Kindred 2013/08

    I love the team at Quioccasin. We have five labs and every time I walk in they ask about all the other dogs in the family, particularly if one of them has been sick or hurt. I particularly like the fact that the front desk team often comes around the desk to love on the animals that are waiting there with their humans. They often squeal with delight when a special friend walks in. That’s what you want with your vet … particularly when your animals are your “furbabies”. Dr. Hiser and Dr. Jones are both so caring, so willing to work on economical solutions (trust me … with five labs we need all the help we can get). All of our dogs are seniors and the doctors and vet techs and everyone on the team “gets it”! Two paws up … and five gold stars!

  243. James McCauley 2013/01

    I highly recommend Dr. Randy Mortimer. He is bright, thorough and responsive. The attentiveness of the staff and the ability of Dr. Mortimer deserve five stars alone. I was impressed with how he read my dog’s chart, was conversant with his issues and very methodical in his approach to rectify the situation. He is a calming force in a stressful situation. While I was at my last visit, there was another patient in the waiting room raving about him as well

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