QDOBA Mexican Eats

Google Rating:3.9

QDOBA Mexican Eats
3.7 based on 158 reviews
  1. Elroy Huggins 2023/12

    Food is great
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Burrito Bowl Topped with Freshly Grilled Adobo Chicken Brings the Flavor, Chicken Quesadilla

  2. Jada Dennis 2023/12

    The women’s restroom was covered in pee on every wall, the toilet was broken, the sink looked like it was thrown up in. Filthy to say the least. I could not even imagine the condition the kitchen must be in, I did not and would never eat here. Zero sanitary standards.
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  3. LB B 2023/12

    Advertises student deal on the window but refused to give it to me at checkout. I wouldn’t have gotten the drink if I had known that. Charged me over $16 for a burrito and drink – they gave me some chips that were all stale crumbs and no salsa. Also the person rolling the burrito clearly didn’t know how and had to restart twice with new tortillas. Made me mad for the rest of the day cause I paid $16 for that 🙃
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  4. alex s 2023/12

    they packed my online bowl so full🫶 …
    Service: 5

  5. Trapp Minaj 2023/12

    Gave me the wrong order . Ordered chicken , rice and cheese . Received this
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 3
    Atmosphere: 2


  6. Shiz Lee 2023/11

    Ordered from here today and the food was just straight up bland and horrible. The chips was all I ended up enjoying
    Take out
    Price per person

  7. Brenten Yam 2023/10

    Better than Chipotle. I get mobile order and they are NEVER out of ingredients like chipotle. I’ve walked in chipotle around the corner at 5 pm and then already have run out of sour cream and other ingredients. Qdoba hooks it’s up. Everything I want out of a burrito and bowl shop. Also to the person who made the order labeled “make it FAT like REALLY fat”, knows how to keep a customer. Thank you for your portions, quality, and service.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes

  8. Katina Morris 2023/09

    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 3
    Service: 1

  9. Kimbre Gabrielle 2023/08

    Great place to sit down and eat
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  10. cristobal aguila 2023/07

    Excelente Servicio De Los Chicos…Todo Bien Limpio Y Delicioso 👑 …

  11. Fred B 2023/02

    Great serving portions, even for an online order!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes

  12. Shahram Jamshidiat 2023/02

    Nice staff
    Liked the food
    10% of the drinks were available
    Chill atmosphere
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4

  13. Seth Fremeau 2023/01

    Staff has gotten my order completely wrong multiple times
    Meal type
    Price per person

  14. Eliot Grae 2023/01

    I ordered an IMPOSSIBLE MEAT build your own quesadilla on uber eats and they sent me REAL MEAT, and left out all my toppings – I threw it out because I couldn’t eat it
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Vegetarian options
    they offer IMPOSSIBLE MEAT but sent me REAL MEAT

  15. Rashaad Horne 2022/11

    Great chicken & ground beef as well as salsa Verde!
    Take out
    Price per person

  16. Miss Kiwi 2022/11

    Love the fantastic customer service Shad and EJ gives, a raise to them! A regular spot for me.

  17. Oso M. 2022/11

    Tony is the best, knows what hes doing and food always tastes great when hes there, make sure you guys dont lose him I only go In there because of him, I know the food will be good, other then that nope. Hes a keeper for sure.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  18. Raymond C 2022/11

    We love Qdoba a whole lot more than Chipotle. But this is the first and last time we’ll ever go to this Qdoba.
    The workers there don’t seem to know what they are doing. Two large spoonsful of rice in 1 burrito with very little meat doesn’t constitute a steak burrito, then the guy had to lean on the burrito to pack it down so it can be wrapped… I didn’t think I ordered a rice ball…But that’s what it was! We also brought a shrimp bowl but it came with four little shrimp in it. Seems they’re super stingy about selling their products with protein in them.
    While fulfilling my orders, the worker’s friend came in and was being served by another worker. He told the other worker to give his friend an employee discount… while making my food!
    Queso and sauces seem to have been sitting for a while. It makes me wonder if the meats were left over from yesterday.

    None of the employees wear masks and talk over the food, really disgusting. I REALLY should have walked away.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but stay away from this Qdoba and spend your money on Chipotle down the street.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  19. Sp Ilc 2022/10

    Staff was eating papa John’s pizza right in front of me. Then they told me while I was standing there that they were only doing online orders. Tried to do an online order only to find out I could not because they turned it off.


  20. Shontell Johnson 2022/09

    Friendly customer service, Food was tasty and very clean establishment. Parking in the front or back
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Takeout: Yes

  21. Matt Waller 2022/08

    Great service!

  22. HIT67k PowerlineSkills 2022/06

    Placed a mobile order for a protein bowl. But guess what? There was no fork in the bag. SMH. Do they want me to eat it with my hands?
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  23. j_ bubblez 2022/04

    If you really want to know why the place is usually empty. It’s because of the cleanliness and professionalism of your employees.

  24. Shannon Harrell 2022/04

    I want to thank the woman that gave my 11yo son and his friend their food for nc this evening. My son’s friend made honor roll so his dad rented a Tesla for a day and invited my son to ride along with them for an evening adventure. They went into a shoe store close to this Qdoba and not realizing it until they were in line ordering their food, that the dads wallet had fallen out of his pocket at the shoe store. He went back to retrieve it while my son and friend were still in line. The wallet had been stolen by the time that the dad went back to the shoe store. While he was outside of Qdoba trying to shut down his cards, get with the person that owned the car(key card was in the wallet as well) and call an Uber to get them back to Chesterfield, the women at the register gave the kids their food free. My son didn’t remember your name, but if you see this I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for still letting them eat even though they didn’t have the money to pay. My son said that you were awesome!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  25. Tajuddeen Abdul Aziz 2022/03

    They feed you very well here, they are very kind too! They deserve a 5 star review. Will definitely cone here again. 💯💯
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  26. Shonnle Johnston 2022/02

    Great Customer Service and Good food. Clean Establishment

  27. Jeffrey 2022/02

    If you want to pick delivery orders up from here, I highly suggest you don’t. Can’t get a order on time, lucky to get it 10 mins after the pick up time. Employees can barely be bothered to even speak to you, let alone not play around hitting each other and laughing about it. Get delivery orders don’t do them, then when walk ins come it they will just let the delivery order sit there, until they are done with the walk in orders. Constantly forget to do the orders right or include all the items thay are supposed to be with the orders either.

  28. J Kwak 2022/02

    Called in to recommend Janae and Jakira (sorry if I misspelled your names!) but in case they didn’t get anything out of it, I wanted to leave them some spotlight on Google reviews. They were such nice and professional young women who made my day that day👍🏼 THANK YOU, ladies!
    Meal type

  29. Curve six 2021/11

    Replaplaced my lettuce with cilantro because they ran out of lettuce.

  30. Cory Jackson 2021/11

    Only giving it 4 stars because Qdoba thought it would be a fantaaaaastic idea to get rid of the BBQ sauce. That BBQ sauce was love on a burrito or burrito bowl but the food is great and I come here monthly for my family and we all eat to go bowls at home

  31. Marieluise Lumpkins 2021/10

    Always friendly staff great atmosphere food that’s wonderful love it

  32. Chris Price 2021/10

    I was contacted about my terrible experience and when I replied I was ghosted..I guess they aren’t serious about “turning this restaurant around “..very disappointing.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  33. Noelle Parent 2021/10

    I ordered the 10 person catering meal and it was perfect for our lunch meeting. I ordered it 2 hours before we needed it and it was ready on time with everything we needed including serving utensils. The food was great too!

  34. Iliana Cruz 2021/09

    They charged me for two orders and they only put me one😠 …

  35. Nile Marshall-Courtney 2021/09

    No stars should be a thing!!!!
    1. half masked half not staff
    2. gave me a side of chips WITH MY NACHO ENTREE
    4. MGR. GOT NASTY with me when I questioned all of the above.

  36. Nicholas Eley 2021/09

    We showed up two hours to close, and they seemed to be out of everything; brisket, fajita peppers, corn salsa, pickled onions, most of the drinks, and they were down to their last pan of chicken. I’m not terribly upset bc it could’ve been an inventory/shipment issue due to the ongoing pandemic as opposed to an underestimation by staff.
    Regardless of the limitations, the staff was incredibly polite, courteous, and fun, and the food was delicious, making a four hour trip home much easier. Considering what they go through, the staff deserves more.

  37. Sam T 2021/07

    Chipotle is OVERRATED

  38. Aniyah Anderson 2021/06

    Highly don’t recommend workers have attitudes and food looked so cold and stiff.

  39. A ZEPEDA 2021/05

    They don’t have anything here. The workers have horrible attitudes. There wasn’t any other customers inside. Worse qdoba experience.

  40. Jessica Dehais 2021/02

    Staff was excellent!!!

  41. andrea fermin 2021/01

    Delicious food good service

  42. jada carson 2021/01

    The worst Qudoba in Richmond, VA horrible experience….

  43. Sean Lee 2021/01

    Customer service is very poor being ignore for the last 15 min didn’t even say hello

  44. Michael MCcrae 2020/11

    Burito was wrapped beautiful!!

  45. Chyna Stephens 2020/11

    good food, but some of the employees there need an attitude adjustment.

  46. Jessica Flores 2020/10

    Will not be returning

  47. Patrick Mahloy 2020/09

    The manager (Fonkou I believe) gave A1 service.

  48. Sharon Robinson 2020/08

    love the impossible ❤❤

  49. Dave Harris 2020/08

    Great food. Fast and friendly

  50. John Beard 2020/07

    All good

  51. Wade Wiggins 2020/07

    Food really doesn’t still to your ribs

  52. marvin furbush 2020/07

    Way better than Chipotle in my opinion

  53. brownie00032 2020/07

    Was my first time eating there n it was pretty good.

  54. Anne Rosenfeld 2020/06

    Not the nicest Qdoba, bathrooms out of order and soda machine not working – skip this one

  55. Noopur Parikh 2020/06

    Great taste, cheap price, good for to go!!!

  56. Goddess Hathor 2020/05

    Omg the food was amazing and I I ate with an amazing person..

  57. Curtis Reisinger 2020/05

    This location in particular. Staff is super nice and accommodating. I’m an indecisive decision maker when it comes to my burritos, and QDOBA has a ton of options to pick from.

    I’m not sure how it came to be that Chipotle is more popular than Qdubz, what a crime. What a fluke. QDibbityDoo has queso that taste less like my foot and more like actual cheese. They have cilantro that you can actually put, en mass, on your food. Hell, you can get a quesadilla here without being shamed.

    Is it any wonder that our nation is being lead by Trump when Qdoba is in second place vs Chipotle? There’s some criminal dealings happening in our society to make this true.

    Fight the power, eat at QDubz..

  58. InfiniteSilver 2020/03

    Location and staff is great. Service is always courteous and efficient. They actually take care of customers here. I remember I ran from the Cary Street Gym one night to get here before they closed and they blessed me. They have an actually variety of toppings unlike other Mexican style restaurants. They don’t charge extra for guac or queso and there is a student discount. I recommend taking full advantage

  59. nike 2020/02

    undercooked rice but i ate it all

  60. Jason Morgan 2020/01

    Good burrito bowl

  61. DeB Beamer 2020/01

    Absolutely loved this place!!

  62. LoveJah Azure 2020/01

    Friendly people, good food thank you

  63. Antrel Pleasant 2020/01

    They are great. Excellent customer service. Food is always subperb

  64. Chad Park 2019/12

    Great customer service, great quality of food, I’ll always come here before I go to Chipotle.

  65. Raymond Suarez 2019/12

    Manager was rude all I ask was for my order and she start screaming and telling me that I need to provide a name after I told her my name I want to buy something else and she refuses to sell my anything. I asked for her name and she refused to provide her name I will make a complaint with corporate and also with BBB no customer should experience this

  66. Lana Freitas 2019/11

    I like this place.😍😍 …

  67. Md Hossain 2019/11

    It’s good and fast service.

  68. Will Myers 2019/11

    Great food, friendly people

  69. Jesse Ewing 2019/10

    Quick service, and tasty food.

  70. rickey tollar 2019/10

    Food was awesome staff was great

  71. Dan R 2019/10

    Better then Chipotle, but slower than it should be.

  72. Poly 2019/10

    Honestly, white people shouldn’t even try to make burritos.

  73. Tyrone Frye (Fox Prince) 2019/10

    Better than Chipotle. And for vegetarians, they have Impossible meat now.


  74. Matthias 2019/10

    Not a clean place. Finger smudges everywhere, bathroom smelled like urine and had a clogged urinal. My wife described it as the “nasty qdoba”, and I agreed. Sorry for the negative review but it’s clear nobody cares about cleaning. Didn’t get food poisoning though. Food was good.

  75. John Nick 2019/09

    I rode by the business.

  76. Reggie Wynn 2019/09

    Not as good as it use to be. Getting more complicated with menu which really adds no value. Liked it the way it was before all these fad diet products which are only popular on Social Media took over.

  77. Lil'keisha Allen 2019/08

    Always good

  78. Zach 2019/08

    good food for the price

  79. Lorenzo Tillman 2019/08

    Always serving great!!!

  80. Craig Taylor 2019/08

    Good food and the vegetables are delicious


  81. Shane 710 2019/08

    Great experience, a lot of friends prefer the other joints that are similar but I’m sticking up for ol Q! But seriously great patronage, the girl behind the counter helped me decide what to get even though I’m picky and had never been so kudos for that plus they have the whatever drink you want machine thats pretty cool. Food wise twas a lil messy but that’s where all the flavors hidden, within the slop, so just eat it

  82. CeJae Vtipilson 2019/07

    Prefer Chipotle

  83. Tiffany L White 2019/07

    One of my favorites

  84. Nakia Haskell 2019/07

    Good food & i like that mango salsa

  85. David Scorca 2019/07

    Wow, just wow. I thought Chipotle was the best until I ate here.

  86. Michael M 2019/07

    I love this place..Bigger portions..better flavor..better price and better rewards then Chipotle

  87. La Shaye Cammack 2019/07

    Second time here and the rice is under done. I’ve been here twice with a giant gap in between visits,and sadly my late night visits are dissapointed with crunchy rice. Why. I only come fo Qdoba for the white rice.

  88. ThatChick Deesha 2019/06

    Yummy 😋 …

  89. Nette Alexander 2019/06

    Considerably good food love the area and prices are reasonable

  90. Miguel 2019/06

    Great place but not everybody there should roll burritos

  91. Tieara Scott 2019/06

    So I tried a mini bowl since it was my first time. The cashier Shawn was very polite and helpful with guiding me down the line I ended up with the white rice with lettuce, beans, chicken with queso and parm cheese on top. The food
    was really good. Only downside I didnt like is some of the food does tend to dry out due to it sitting out and probably not being rotated enough. The cost to me is a bit high for such a small variety however. There is a bathroom but you will need a code to get in and plenty of seating space as well.

  92. karmel lewis 2019/05

    Nice attitudes bad portions

  93. Georgia Bartlett 2019/04

    Quick, friendly tasty

  94. Johnny 2019/04

    Was very delicious food and good weight service

  95. Shanis Navas 2019/04

    Love that it’s open late for those essential 2AM burrito runs! The staff is super friendly too 🙂

  96. Pradeep chowdary peddineni 2019/04

    Love the Bowl with tortilla soup 🍲 prime location, usually fast service, good quality of food. Love the queso here and they dont charge extra for guac. …


  97. Craig Taylor 2019/03

    Food is fantastic


  98. Jake Fleary 2019/03

    Fantastic as always. Great service, very helpful

  99. Shirley Atkinson 2019/03

    Never disappointed and ALWAYS on time..salad bowl is what I get with chicken mmm mmm good

  100. Craig Taylor 2019/02

    Love this place


  101. Leroy Markland 2019/02

    Food was good

  102. kathy charity 2019/02

    Love the campus life

  103. john doe 2019/02

    Bring back the student discount

  104. E.S. Chaplin 2019/02

    Rice was mushy and the beef was greasy =(

  105. Db Johnson 2019/02

    One of the Best Budget Friendly Mexican Food Places with Good Food Portion

  106. Tina Buskey 2019/01

    Great food

  107. Floripe Serrano 2019/01


  108. Hahna Robinowich Hayden 2019/01

    Super yummy. Thanks!

  109. aundra roberts 2019/01

    My absolute favorite place to eat(besides taco bell)!!! Ingredients are always fresh,hot,crisp, and delicious!!

  110. Avery James 2019/01

    IMO, a million times better than the Chipotle around the corner. Sometimes they forget how to wrap burritos, but if you get a bowl you dont have to worry.

  111. Nataki Petty 2018/12

    Food wasn’t bad but they ran out of spoons and only had a bunch of frozen corn salsa that couldn’t be used. 😣 But the server was really nice! …

  112. Daanish Fiaz 2018/12

    Subpar experience at this qdoba. Food wasnt really fresh, had little taste, and was stale. Service was mediocre. Overall, its an alright place to go to. Also charges more than chipotle or moes, would highly recommend either one over qdoba. 2 stars because taste is very important to me and this food was lackluster.

  113. Greg McDonnell 2018/12

    Food was pretty good. But I had some issues. 1 who puts keypad locks on the bathroom? In order for you to use the restroom you need to ask the person at te front counter to unlock the bathroom. Stupidest thing I have ever seen. Second according to VA state firecode both exit doors need to be unlocked (one was locked) incase of emergency. Hopefully someone from qudoba fixes that.

  114. susan s. 2018/11

    Very nice customerservice. Free guac was excellent. also. …first there and there was cheezy cheese, mild n spicy?? That was awesome …..

  115. D Webb 2018/11

    Becky is great! when you order from grub hub she’ll call and make sure your order is processed accordingly and even when you physical visit the restaurant she’s pretty fast and efficient

  116. Leonidas Young III 2018/10

    They were kinda skimpy on the toppings

  117. lisadar 28 2018/10

    Worst service ever !!! Went there at like 10 pm and some girl was there with an attitude!!!

  118. Mrs. Rivera 2018/09

    Great place first time attending & the food was good.

  119. shape Shiffa 2018/09

    The food is so good and they have great customer service skills.

  120. Anonymous Anonymity 2018/08

    So good!

  121. Harrison Armstead 2018/07

    That night time manager sucks. Bra been workn there forever, and always mad he gotta do his job.

  122. Lyn Westermann 2018/07

    I love Qdoba, they have consistently good food and you get to pick the way you like it!!

  123. Bruce C 2018/06

    Terrific food and good portions

  124. Mike M 2018/05

    Eat here when we are short on time and need something quick. Not the same since Bridget left.

  125. Michael Roberts 2018/04

    Great quick bite to eat.

  126. Pamela Campbell 2018/03

    Love qdoba hate the location

  127. S S 2018/03

    Friendly staff and clean location. Usual Qdoba food…

  128. Cecile Rock 2018/03

    Food was good. Chips were too salty

  129. Kelly Ozah 2018/03

    Good for what your can expect from Qdoba. Service is great, though. Food is always pretty fresh. Received a full refund without and fuss when I was unhappy with my meal last time I went. Would definitely eat here again

  130. Ryan Rhodes 2018/02

    Quick eats, but try to avoid the late night crowds that pop up after midnight Thursday through Saturday.

  131. Jonny Kendrick 2018/02

    The chicken was burnt. The rice was undercooked. The furniture had stains on the seats. Not a nice place to eat. They get 2 stars (not 1), bc 1 employee seemed friendly enough.

  132. Joanna Slykerman 2018/02

    This place is really hit or miss. The workers are typically very unfriendly and it seems like they open late and ask me to leave and come back later every time I try to go (I can only come right when they open because of my school/work), but the queso is the best and the food is very tasty. I pretty much only go for the food; if I had time to make the same thing at home (which is very possible, I’ve done it before), I would and I would never would come back here.

  133. Nathan Riester-Ku 2017/12

    Id give it 6 stars if i could

  134. Frank Rojas 2017/12

    If I have to compare this chain to Chipotle, I would not, there’s no comparison at all, flavor, price, taste. Besides at Qdoba you get points and free meals for Everytime you are at Qdoba.

  135. Marwan 2017/11

    Went on Sunday afternoon, YMMV. Workers looked like they didn’t gaf, threw the tacos together, and rang us up. Tacos were meh.


  136. Derek R. Austin 2017/10


  137. Pink Bunny 2017/09

    Always order the same thing here but it never tasted the same because depending on the employee you get different ingredients. Today I ordered my usual veggie taco salad and the employee started to make it without even putting lettuce on it! Had to tell him what went on it…. Seriously guys, get it together! Friendly staff but very unknowledgeable about their products.

  138. Katrina Butler 2017/07

    One of my favorite lunch spots near VCU

  139. shelley knudtson 2017/05

    Ordered online. 20 minutes prior to pickup time started calling the cancel number on both the iOS app and website. No answer. Great. The one I thought I ordered from I get to and is now a Pizza Hut. Thanks for answering the phone.

  140. Rod Gomez 2017/03

    I really like this place.

  141. Faisal Abdulrahman 2017/02

    One thing is Mexican in this restaurant, its name.

  142. Nathan Woodall 2017/02

    Good food open late good attitude from the staff

  143. Rent M. 2017/01

    Very rude manager.

  144. Carl Timperio 2016/12

    Better hours than Chipotle. Fresh food and more friendly employees. QDOBA’s biggest advantage is a short line. Save yourself some time and check it out.

  145. Justin Pyktel 2016/09

    Always a great burrito, queso is king!

  146. Robby Sayles 2016/08

    Love my qdoba! Very clean and well maintained. Great location

  147. Christopher Winkler 2016/08

    Super friendly staff and a very clean location here. The tacos are delicious and reasonably priced considering the high quality ingredients. If you go Sunday morning, be prepared to have the entire restaurant to yourself as the students who would normally fill the place are sleeping/hungover/still drinking. Will definitely return!

  148. Blacc Rose 2016/07

    This location in particular is not one I would see myself ever returning too. I stopped by this one because it was the closest one. My husband and I dine in at qdoba quite frequently. From the moment i walked in I was not helped right way because the three employees on shift where too busy socializing. After a few minutes one proceeded to ask how may they help me. I was a bit livid. But it’s fine. I ordered my burrito bowl. The fajitas were burned. And there wasn’t enough for my husbands bowl. Once he was finished we payed and went to look for a table to sit at. Most of them were dirty. Eventually we wiped our own table. But I don’t understand why 3 young men working together do more talking than actually working. This is terrible for the company. And as a first experience customer, it will definitely be my last. I grew up working at jobs like this and it’s not that difficult. All you have to do is put some effort into it.

  149. Jacob R 2016/05

    Stopped here for a burrito bowl, it didn’t disappoint. Service was quick and courteous.

  150. abdullah alshayie 2016/04

    Healthy, clean, The staff are friendly.

  151. Starr Miller 2016/04

    Food was ok. It’s been better. The person that took out order was very nice and friendly however the manager that rang us up was rude. There was nobody else in line and she was extremely rushed. When we were leaving I told her to have a great day and she looked at me like I was crazy. I won’t be going back to this location.

  152. Travis Hackney 2016/03

    Expensive and small portions,The food was ok but $15 for three tacos ,Chips ,salsa and a Coke,That’s a bit high

  153. Andrew Patterson 2016/01

    Definitely better than Chipotle! You HAVE to try the Queso on your burrito!

  154. Anais Wyche 2016/01

    The customer service is always SO horrible whenever I go here, from management on down to crew members.. Here’s a bit of advice if cutomer service isn’t the field for you I STRONGLY URGE you all to pursue a different career path!

  155. Bobby Edwards 2016/01

    The staff was friendly and the service was quick. I got the Mexican bowl with queso. So good! The queso is a must, and is why Qdoba is different than other Mexican grills

  156. Luke Peters 2015/12

    Food’s good, staff is just struggling for no reason. Plenty nice but not with it.

  157. Rood Feller 2015/02

    Awesome fresh food. If you’re still hungry after eating a burrito you have some serious issues.

  158. Martin Azir 2013/12

    Employees here give you a good amount of meat and know how to wrap burritos properly.

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