Puppy Luv Grooming Llc

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Puppy Luv Grooming Llc
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  1. melanie robinson 2023/10

    Her illegal practices has caused my dog to be handicapped. While he was in her care, my dog fell out the Kennel and broke his leg in multiple places which required amputation. I would give a negative 100 stars for her negligence!

  2. Vicki Miller 2023/04

    Sherry is very passionate about others pets. I’m very impressed and will be coming back

  3. Andrea Smith 2023/03

    What’s their phone number? It is not listed.

  4. Robinette Taylor 2022/10

    So convenient and Sherri was wonderful with Remington. I will be returning.

  5. Najla C 2022/07

    Not very happy with my visit. Seemed like a good place after talking over the phone and hearing her process-love that she said she keeps the pups free and not caged up and give them breaks. When I first arrived and walked around the shop, was concerned that there was a stinch in the lobby and throughout and that first thing in the morning, it was not clean and carpet was soiled. Obviously it doesn’t get cleaned at the end of each day but I said oh well, no big deal. Picked up my 7 month tiny puppy and was charged an extra $35! I questioned the amount in that it was higher than her quote when I made the appt. She said I charge extra for matting and behavior. I said he didn’t have any matting and her response was, I know…it was for “behavior”. Behavior?? My puppy had a dose of Acepromazine which calms puppies because this was his first grooming and he was calm and falling asleep in the house before I left and in the car. How aggressive could this little pup be??? Even if he was, why was this NEVER mentioned during any of our many conversations prior? Not even a phone call once she knew she would have to charge extra?? How about when she called to say he’s ready…I asked how he did. She said he did alright…”he still didn’t like it a little”. That would’ve been the most opportune time to tell me because of his “behavior” I am going to have to charge you more. She never mentioned “behavior” on the phone. Didn’t even explain why the price had jumped up until I asked about the difference in what she had already quoted me. I feel like she was very dishonest. The money is not the issue…it’s the way she went about it. I expect transparency and honesty from someone I am trusting my baby with.
    I will admit my lil man did look handsome when I got him back. I had to trim him more on his belly but the trim job was done good.

  6. Allen Bartley 2022/05

    My dogs comfortable and I the lady who worked on both my dogs was awesome we will be going there from here on out she went way out her way for my dogs and they are happy just as I am if you want good care for your pet I truly recommend puppy luv on lubunum ave.

  7. Kelsey Ferguson 2022/01

    I can’t thank this place enough and the groomer!!! My sweet girl is a nervous one. She was handled with so much love and care! She looks and smells amazing!


  8. Ed McAllister 2021/09

    I took my dog Snowball to get a cut. He was very apprehensive They took the time with him and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Puppy Luv.

  9. candace parham 2021/07

    Only place I will take my fur babies!!! They love Puppy Luv!!!

  10. Rhonda Groves 2021/06

    I adopted an 8 year old Shih Tzu from the Richmond SPCA in March 2020. I didn’t know when I adopted him that he hates to be groomed. He is deaf, and I think he can feel the clippers worse than a hearing dog, which terrifies him. He also suffers from separation anxiety. I explained all this to the young lady who checked him in. They did not crate him, and they took their time with him, giving him breaks when needed, which is exactly what he needed. I know grooming him was not an easy task, but they took on the challenge. I was so happy when I arrived to pick him up to see him with a fresh cut. In the past I had to take him to the vet to be sedated and groomed, which is extremely expensive and not good for the dog. Thank you Puppy Luv Grooming for taking such wonderful care of my dog. You definitely have me as a regular customer!

  11. A J 2021/05

    The entire staff is attentive and caring!!! Everything is well explained and expertise is definitely present. Im glad I found this salon and hope to bring my pooch there for years to come!!!!

  12. Juan Torres 2021/04

    They did a great job with my dog’s

  13. Eden Williams 2021/03

    I was very unhappy about how they cut my dogs hair. it was very short when she finished his hair cut. he was soar around his private parts he had bumps around his belly it was very unprofessional. my mom can do a better job than them.

  14. a williams 2021/02

    I had my dog taken there for a for a trim. He went in looking like a Yorkie-poo and came out looking like a Black Chihuahua/Bat. My dog looks ridiculous. They were told to trim him up not scalp him. I have tried calling the number during the posted business hours. I even went back in person and according to the info on google they close at 5 on Sat. And then you look on another listing and it says they close at 4. I wasted a trip to come back over there to talk to someone since I cant reach anyone or leave a message.

  15. Monty B 2020/10

    It was my dogs first time and we love this groomer…

  16. Bina Williams 2020/07

    There is no time frame to pick up your baby. I had a 930 appointment came at 130 still not done said my baby was aggressive NEVER had a complaint from other groomers. Ask for my baby to be clipped down but not close. She was shaved all the way down. Worse experience never going back. Dogs can feel when they are not welcome. 70.00 down the drain

  17. Tracey Willis 2020/07

    NEVER EVER TAKE YOUR PET TO PUPPY LUV…. they are the worst GROOMERS!!! They don’t know anything about grooming!!!

  18. k Hughes 2020/07

    Sasha was groomed yesterday.She. is always scared.but the owner and her assistant worked tirelessly to calm my dog.They were patient,kind,and extremely understanding,not tomention reasonably priced.Icant thank them enuff.Great job ladies!Check em out!

  19. Chasity Woodson 2020/07

    The staff was very helpful in answering any questions a first timer such as myself may have had. It was nice to see the care they had for all the dogs and of all sizes!

  20. Cheryl Long 2020/06

    I was surprised to see there was new management and the lady that used to do the grooming was gone. I dropped off my dog anyhow, at 10:30. I was called at 4:47 that evening to come pick him up as he was done. By the time I got him home, his eye was so swollen he could barely see out of it. Ended up having to take him to the emergency vet (which wasn’t cheap) to find out he had a cut in his eye. I can’t believe I wasn’t told it has happened. Surely it was obvious when it happened as he was whimpering when I picked him up, but I thought it was his excitement or he needed to go potty. Not happy. Very angry, in fact. Even his behind was raw from being trimmed to close to the skin and his ears weren’t even cut evenly.


  21. Noah Bryant 2020/05

    The first time I called I got someone they answered friendly, as soon as I asked them about pricing on things. I was hung up on. That’s good customer service(NOT). Consider my business going else where!

  22. Ericka J 2020/02

    Penelope absolutely loves sherry. Great service always

  23. Dorothy Garrett 2020/01

    It’s great the service is wonderful

  24. Tonya Haller 2020/01

    Very disappointed about my last visit to Puppy Luv! I have taken our babies here for over 30 years. The original owner passed away and a new owner stepped in. I was ok with that since the groomer and staff were still the same.
    After COVID hit and I scheduled an appointment for my cocker spaniel it was the worst experience for him and myself. He was dropped off at 7:30 a.m. and he wasn’t ready until after 6:00 p.m. that evening. He was not let out to go to the bathroom and caged all day. When my husband brought him home, I was in tears knowing he was treated like that. Whoever did his grooming does not know anything about grooming! I didn’t even have them do the typical spaniel cut with the skirt. Just a summer cut. He had patches that were not even.
    I will not go back there! I have driven from Varina to Montpelier to have him groomed since. I found out today where 2 of the former employees are now working. So, guess where I will be going from now on! I cannot contain my excitement about knowing he will be loved as much by them as he is by us.

  25. Austin Spruill 2019/09

    Love this place! My dog was so happy when I picked him up after grooming! Hes a grumpy old man who doesn’t care for most dog and they were so understanding!! They kept him separate from the others but he could still see them. He doesn’t move watching other dogs. They were super sweet and told me he did snarl when they touched his paws and they respected him and didn’t force the cutting around the paws. He’s been to a few groomers and I’ve never seen him this happy after!!! Truly the best ladies!!!


  26. Carol Dillon 2019/06

    My little guy, Rusty, loves his groomers! He can’t wait to go through the front door when we arrive! The ladies who work there are very nice and try really hard to do exactly what you ask for your dog’s grooming! Their prices are not very high and my dog is usually ready for me to pick him up in 3 to 4 hours. I highly recommend!

  27. Donna Chambers 2019/05

    Oliver loved his visit!


  28. Kiwanna Smith 2019/03


  29. Alice H 2019/03

    Price is good for what is done

  30. Steve Johnson 2018/03

    Very good service and friendly cheerful people to deal with great personality

  31. arabella brown white 2018/03

    Worst place to take your dog EVER!! They don’t listen to what you want for the dog just shave and butcher them. I have a Boykin spaniel who has beautiful long brown fur and the shaved her so close that you could see her skin when I …

  32. Nickole Lilly 2018/01

    I love this place, they are really nice and my dog Ginger luv them too. Best place ever!

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