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  1. Jj Jj 2023/07

    Free estimates, quick work

  2. Harriet James 2021/09

    They were awesome. VDOT had them remove a high half dead tree they did a wonderful job

  3. Rachel White 2021/04

    Great service all around, will definitely be using in the future!

  4. Yozhik M. 2021/03

    Beware of this company. Completely unprofessional conduct. Company arbitrarily changed appointment time to have tree removed without prior notice. We had appointment at 1pm, but crew arrived at 8am. Owner Earl then responded with threats, insults, and abusive language, blaming me for his own miscommunication and mismanagement. Earl continued to berate me via text with aggressive rhetoric. He is an unhinged bully, and you would be wise to avoid doing business with him.

  5. T Price 2020/05

    I’ve not yet had the work done – the removal of two dead trees from my property. I’ll add to this review afterwards but I just wanted say that so far I am very impressed with my experience with this business. They called me back promptly when I was arranging for an estimate. The salesman who came to my place and gave me my estimate could not have been more professional and friendly. Very nice guy and he also knew what he’s was talking about. He told me he’s been in the business for a very long time and it shows in the level of expertise he demonstrates. I was so impressed with his professionalism I decided to go with ptd on the spot and not get any estimates from any other companies. From every indication that I can see, this company is the real deal. Oh, and he was on time and the price he quoted me was very reasonable, even though I didn’t get any other quotes just based on internet research they have an excellent price. I will add to this review after the trees are removed and I’m sure I’ll have more good things to say. Edit: they did a super job! No complaints of any kind and they get extra points just for taking on the job at this time I guess it was the busy season but I had a hard time getting anyone to even come over for an estimate. They did all the work on time and they were very courteous, friendly and professional. You should go with these guys if you need tree removal or anything else done, you won’t be sorry.

  6. Nestor Davila 2018/06

    Real professionals with reasonable prices for work. They do large contracts with the city down to one tree in the yard. Earl is a personable and effective chief and ensures the job is done right. Period. All. Around great experience with PTD. Thanks yall!

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