Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital

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Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital
4.8 based on 361 reviews
  1. Sarah Rossi 2023/11

    Best for me

  2. Donna C Johnson 2023/11

    Always a pleasant visit

  3. Wendy Rigsby 2023/11

    Very good prices for those who love their animals but aren’t rich

  4. Nathaly Landazuri 2023/11

    Siempre dire q es lo mejor, eh llevado a esterilizar 2 perros, 2 conejos, 1 gato y nunca nunca me defraudaron, muchas gracias por su hermosos trabajo

  5. Hailey Herbst 2023/11

    Everyone was very nice! Though the online scheduling can be a bit tricky if you read through the docs they will guide you completely. I got a call that week that I submitted my app. They also call right before the appointment to answer any questions and give instructions. My boys were neutered quickly but safely and at an affordable cost. They have healed perfectly and we appreciate PAL!


  6. Angeline Slayton 2023/11

    I took a feral cat that I was doing trap, neuter, and release with to Prevent a litter. They are a great organization in Richmond and definitely needed. Thank you for providing low cost spay/neuter services. The kitty is doing great and almost ready to be released.

  7. kim Toulouse 2023/09

    They are the best, in and out

  8. Jenni McCord 2023/09

    Fantastic group doing very important work for Richmond and surrounding areas. Professional, courteous staff and front desk is very responsive.

  9. Winston Cove 2023/09

    Very proffesional and nice staff. Good comunication all the time.

  10. Edward Lang 2023/09

    PAL is full of great people doing great work. Excellent communication from start to finish. Thanks PAL!!!! You guys rock!

  11. Sallie Noe 2023/08

    Great team

  12. Emily Gordon-Agarrat 2023/08

    After twenty Staffordshire Pitbull Pups(two litters), we knew we’d have to get our handsome boy neutered. After his procedures, he had a few complications(no fault of the vets) & they were very supportive on Carmello’s overall road to recovery. Excellent doctor and staff.

  13. Mandy P 2023/08

    I’ve use this place so many times over the years and cannot say enough good things about them. They really do care about the animals they see and it shows. The prices are the lowest I’ve ever found and has been so helpful when I needed to take my cats and dogs in for something unexpected. They’re actually booked up for quite awhile and have been since COVID but I sincerely hope they will be back to normal availability soon. Highly recommend this place. Especially if you’re on a budget.

  14. Amy Parks 2023/07

    I got my rabbit Brownie spayed here and they gave her pain meds to take afterward. Within a week she was fully recovered and back to herself! It took months to make get my request in the google doc because slots fill up so fast since they offer the cheapest price in the area. Also most places don’t spay rabbits.


  15. Suzann S. Clingenpeel 2023/07

    Amazing experience for the spay of our kitty. Professional, Caring, Cost Effective. Highly Recommend & Thanks to all for their dedication & service to animals!!🐾🐾 …

  16. Jeremy 2023/07

    They spayed my lovely 8 year old cat at an amazing price. Zero complications recovering- for an *older* cat. I could never earnestly recommend getting a pet fixed in any other place in the RVA area.

  17. Arlene. Tucker. 2023/07

    Friendly and personal. Accepting donations

  18. Adrienne Cheek 2023/06

    Got my dogs rabies shot and nails cut for 30$. Quick, I was only there 15 minutes and the staff was kind. Would have the nails cut lower but black nails are hard.

  19. M S 2023/06

    I usually don’t write reviews unless I am really inclined but I just cannot recommend this place enough!! Please be patient with their scheduling, trust me they will get you in if you just follow the directions and information on the website. Once you do so, they will literally guide you step by step on the process and find the best possible time for you….I am telling you it is worth the wait because the entire process was so easy and I haven’t come across such sweet people like them in quite a while. They are worth every penny and more.

  20. Mary Miller 2023/06

    Love this place and the staff is always friendly

  21. Kimberly Lopez 2023/06

    They are as always amazing!

  22. Lejutian Leon 2023/06

    Excelente persona

  23. Diann Hernandez 2023/05

    They very nice . And I am satisfied .with the people and the service I really recommend this place for cats

  24. Elva Brown 2023/05

    Never got to go there or book sn appointment.

  25. Jes Adam Santi 2023/05

    These people are the best, dedicated, and helpful. Please consider donating.

  26. Molis Mindworks 2023/05

    Great place to have our barn cats spayed and neutered for a reasonable price.

  27. O D 2023/04

    Everyone’s great

  28. Ana Castro 2023/04

    Lo amo

  29. TS White 2023/04

    Awesome community service with great helping and caring staff

  30. Chuckaluck Too 2023/04

    The people are very professional and accommodating. Love the place. Excellent communication.

  31. George Farrar 2023/04

    Great staff and took fantastic care of my dog!!

  32. Wendy Sipes 2023/04

    They are wonderful as always. I’m so grateful and thankful for all of them and all they do. I have 7 dogs, so being able to get their shots at a lower cost is extremely helpful. I love my fur babies, and PAL helps to keep them safe by providing low cost vaccinations.

  33. Jeremy Dunn 2023/03

    This place is the best!!! Absolutely worth the trouble to take your animal here.

  34. Zach Layne 2023/03

    No answer

  35. Scout M 2023/02

    Wonderful staff!! Very caring and loving! Appreciate the low cost neuter/spay needs.

  36. Marie Mills 2023/01

    Best place to buy flea meds for my cats

  37. Debbie S 2023/01

    The ONLY place I will use to spay or neuter my pets or rescues! Not for their incredibly affordable pricing, but their compassion, caring, quality & skill! All spay & neuters performed have left the smallest incisions, little to no bruising, incredible healing times & pets have very minimal pain. They are the best!!

  38. 『Black•Bear』 2023/01

    Since 2005 Prevent a Litter has been a blessing providing services for our animals, fosters and even strays. The limited range of their services betrays the

  39. ReinbeauRose 2023/01

    Have taken many pets here over the years, always a great experience.

  40. Paola Mondragon 2022/11

    I went to Prevent A Liter for the first time today and it was aaaamaazzzing!
    I brought my kitten to be neutered.
    Staff were on time, diligent and extremely kind (I wish I asked for her name).
    They provided a printed step-by-step walk through of the surgery. I loved this because considering owners are not allowed to come in, it made me feel like I was apart of the process.
    I love how it’s helpful to both the community and pets! It’s inexpensive and pets will be treated with care (as they should!).
    Richmond is a beautiful place to explore while I waited for my kitten’s surgery to finish.
    I normally don’t leave reviews but this organization definitely deserves it plus a 5 star rating.
    They also take donations so I was happy to give them paté since my cat is picky😂

  41. Michael Blackwell 2022/11

    Great place doing great things … Communication is lacking though . Text said 7:30 drop off voice mail said 8:10 … Nobody seemed to know what a team member did on two occasions : Payment and drop off . That being said : I would definitely recommend them for service and direct info .

  42. Francis 2022/10

    When I adopted my dog from RACC they sent me here to have him fixed. They’re great for rabies booster, spaying/neutering at affordable prices/rates.

  43. Jeremy Lawrence 2022/10

    Was a little hesitant, but everything went great.

  44. Jennifer Tejeda 2022/10

    Took forever to get in but it was worth it. Fixed up my kitty for very affordable price.

  45. Paul Simpson 2022/10

    Cannot stress how wonderful of a service PAL provides for the Richmond area. I was fearful I would have to wait months when I found my ~5mo stray kitten. They responded to my form request within 24 hours and had an appointment set for two weeks later.

    Neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for $141. Cannot beat that when my normal vet wanted $130 for the neutering alone!

  46. Hollie Marie 2022/10

    Friendly and caring

  47. Gman T 2022/09

    No help

  48. Mattie Marie 2022/09

    Affordable for those with multiple pets and those who rescue pets…very good people

  49. Molly Molohon 2022/09

    They help

  50. Don Tenney 2022/09

    This place is great 👍
    Don’t like the sign posted in the window supporting a hate group BLM …

  51. Amber Whitmer 2022/09

    We’ve gotten multiple cats altered and vaccinated here and it has always been an excellent experience.

  52. Shirley D Carter 2022/09

    Great place to go for your pets. Good staff.

  53. Jae Singleton 2022/09

    My go to for my dogs vaccines & preventative meds. He was also neutered & had his microchip placed here years ago.

  54. Luke Waldron 2022/09

    Great mission and very friendly staff.

  55. Koren Lewis 2022/08

    The best!!! Always so friendly and helpful. Cannot say enough great things about PALS, I will always use them for my spay and neuter needs.

  56. Tammy Blackburn 2022/08


  57. lisa wiles 2022/08

    I took my cat Spunky to his appointment at Prevent a litter on March 19, 2022 to be neutered. Everything went great. The staff was very polite and helpful.I like Prevent a litter because I think they have reasonable prices and are excellent at what they do.

  58. The Chef 2022/08

    Affordable prices and they take care of your pets. Would give them more stars if I could.

  59. Breanna Lonas 2022/08

    The prices were great and the directions for pickup and drop off were clear and it was overall a great experience getting my cat neutered.

  60. K Byo 2022/08

    I am so grateful the way PALs supports our community by spay/neutering and vaccinating for a reduced price. The process went smoothly. I’d certainly recommend taking your pet here. And if you have the ability to make a contribution or donate stuff to PALs, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

  61. Faith Hinnant 2022/07

    They took really good care of our pups when they got spayed.


  62. Rachel Gearon 2022/07

    Great experience here. So incredible what they are doing, I enjoyed my interaction with everyone I met and felt safe leaving my kitties in their care. Thank you!

  63. Ray Boone 2022/07

    Love this place.

  64. Acts 1915 2022/07

    Great people & they’ll help in a minute!

  65. Sawyer 2022/07

    Affordable and professional

  66. Biasia B 2022/06

    Very friendly and fast!!! Just dropped my baby off at 830 and hes out of surgery n its 930. Love this place and shots are very cheap!

  67. Rachel Humiston 2022/06

    Always professional and friendly. I’ve taken 3 neighborhood cats here and they all had a really smooth recovery. Great service for the community, donate if you can!

  68. Chris Sutton 2022/06

    We got our cat Preston, his shots an neutered here. Staff was awesome an prices are great!! Thanks again🙂 …


  69. J M 2022/06

    Not the fastest process, but the work they do makes up for it

  70. justin zeh 2022/04

    Awesome place. Awesome experience. The staff is super friendly and truly care for your beloved animals. Thanks. Cheers!

  71. Cassidy Chaffin 2022/03

    Had both my cats surgeries here. A wonderful and caring staff took care of my babies for me, which is all I could ask for.

  72. Sarah Merrrell 2022/03

    They are a great, we had a good experience with all 3 of our cats

  73. Carolyn Marsh 2022/03

    Prevent a Litter is A++. My little Yorkiepoo has recovered nicely with no problems.

  74. River A 2022/03

    Does a good job but getting more and more difficult to get an appointment with them, they also use a ridiculous company for the microchipping because when we called to register we were told we needed to pay either $50 a month for the life of our dog or $160 in full, never have i seen a microchip company charge so much

  75. Patricia Bailey 2022/02

    Very nice place to have your animal spayed or neutered be patient and wait with them and it will only cost you a little amount

  76. Kimberley Valentino 2022/02

    Love it

  77. Mason Francis 2022/02

    Love this place so much. They are here fir a cause and they do amazing work!

  78. Annena Ellis 2022/02

    Staff is friendly and they do great work!

  79. Jesse Sprouse 2022/02

    Fantastic staff! Love them!

  80. Whitney Kiatsuranon 2022/01

    Such a great place to take your pet. ❤️

  81. L Mills 2022/01

    Food was excellent, but the cashier was a bit rude.

  82. Nancy Bergonzi 2022/01

    Took great care of my mom’s kitty.

  83. Tom Newton 2022/01

    Wonderful staff and mission at a reasonable price.

  84. Mary Beth Mains 2021/11

    Very grateful to the folks at PAL

  85. Amanda Chancellor 2021/11

    Super friendly staff, facility is very cute and very cleanly. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  86. Terri Woolridge 2021/11

    Took my cat to get sprayed & rabies shot reasonably priced liked that it was open on a Saturday for a newcomer to Richmond it was easy to find.

  87. Dave Crowder 2021/11

    Excellent they treated our dog with good courtesy friendly attitude

  88. Janine Williams 2021/11

    Dr. Asbury and his team at PAL are extraordinary! Professional, helpful and compassionate to say the least. I have recently had several appointments with them, as I had fostered a cat who received care from them. Keep up the good work! It’s been a pleasure. Janine Williams with Midnight 2.

  89. Sharon and the dogs brewer 2021/11

    The best EVER, AWESOME kind staff!!


  90. Marlene Cruikshank 2021/11

    Took great care of my dog

  91. Kelby M 2021/11

    Staff and doctor answered all of my questions and relieved all of my concerns. I know my kitten has the best care!!

  92. Jenny Munoz 2021/10

    Fantastic vet

  93. J Box 2021/10

    I had my dog and cat vaccinated today.. it couldn’t have been easier, faster or cheaper. I’ve also used this place in the past for vaccines, spay & nueters and heartworm tests/prevention. Also the people that work here are GREAT! Highly recommend!!

  94. cassidy liles 2021/10

    i had my dog neutered here recently. its an amazing place for people who are financially struggling a bit. they were sweet and informative, they were quick to get my appointment scheduled which was EXTREMELY appreciated, and also were very sweet to my pup. but the only thing that i was disappointed about was when i dropped him off they asked me if i wanted his nails trimmed, i said no because i work with dogs so i do them myself. when we got home i noticed his nails had been cut, and they quicked him twice (which is very painful.) it wouldnt have been as much of a problem if they had said something to me about it because accidents happen and that’s understandable but they didn’t mention it at all

  95. Danyse D 2021/09

    Took me in during an emergency. Kind and caring staff. I can’t thank you all enough! Love, Armani and Mozzie! 💖 …

  96. Tessa Derr 2021/09

    Worth the wait! Great place!

  97. Shay Capers 2021/09

    We got our little “Buddy” neutered on Saturday and everything went wonderfully. Thank you! He bounced back the very next day.

  98. Roxanne Finley 2021/09


  99. Carmen Argueta 2021/09

    My kitten was back to his old self that same day. The staff was very nice and courteous.

  100. Sarah Mote 2021/08

    Been using this vet clinic for years. Always pleased with the experience and very grateful for the pricing.

  101. 411 lakeside 2021/08

    Their mission in itself is 5 stars.

  102. Luciania Freeman 2021/08

    Today 08/16/21 makes it a complete year that i’ve checked the website twice a week to get my pit neutered. The service while they may be great are largely unavailable.

  103. Jason Bond 2021/08

    Amazing start to finish. They set expectations in the voice mail and on the website. They are obviously busy due to extraordinary pricing but they met the expectations they set. Very professional and organized with Covid protocols from drop off to pick up. 3 cats (brothers) fixed and all the shots for $180…would have cost $500-$600 at the vet I WAS going to. Richmond is truly blessed to have this amazing non-profit here. Can’t say enough great things. Thank you so much for providing this service!!!


  104. Peter “Pete” Fiedler 2021/07

    Haven’t been there yet, trying to make an appointment.

  105. Naomi Gillespie 2021/07

    Wow what a wonderful place to bring your pets, the staff is very caring and genital with our kitties!❤ The cost is more than reasonable, Thank you so much it’s only been 3 days but the girls seem to be happier already!❤❤😎🌻✌ …

  106. Christine Cook 2021/07

    Great and caring people

  107. Jeniffer Andrus 2021/06

    Place of great works! The staff and vet doctors truly care about animals and their wellbeing. For low income pet surgery this is place you want to take your animal or even neighborhood strays for they too will be cared for with amazing love! The wait might deter but honestly it’s completely worth it to have your pets/strays taken care of here.

  108. Marysue Hall 2021/06

    This is a wonderful place for dogs. It really helps people who cannot afford to go elsewhere.

  109. B K 2021/06

    They have been my go to for vaccines, heartworm & alter/spay for over 25 years on both cats & dogs. Their staff is tops, their treatment of my furbabbies the best. You can tell when my shy & timid chi’s willing walk in or pop right out of their carrier excited to see them. This says it all.

  110. Rebecca Dominguez 2021/06

    Super affordable prices!

  111. Marshall Jett 2021/05

    Best place for spaying or neutering your dog or cat! This is my 3rd animal here, and I am always impressed with their mix of efficiency and safety.

  112. Crystal Sogno 2021/05

    They spayed my kitten. We didn’t have any issues. She had a fast and easy recovery.

  113. secret internet club (computer t-shirts) 2021/05

    Extremely kind staff that helped me out wonderfully. Would spay again


  114. Patti Brusoski 2021/05

    Check in this morning was very efficient! What a wonderful institution. I can’t wait to pick up my boys tonight after their surgery.

  115. Debra Vernon 2021/05

    Very accommodating during this pandemic an to out of town paitents

  116. Vatrice Gibbs 2021/05

    They took great care of my Yorkie when she went in for spaying. Very short recovery time and she was back to normal. Thank you so much!!

  117. Shawn White 2021/05

    Took care of my GSD with no issues. Top notch professional service. Thank you.

  118. Alonzo Dabney 2021/05

    They took really good care of my baby and super nice.

  119. Janice Garrett 2021/05

    Wonderful!!!! They did 3 of mine. Staff is helpful. The hardest part is getting an appointment.

  120. maria pierce 2021/05

    Quick, and nice employees

  121. Jenn 2021/05

    PAL is a wonderful group. Low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations for previous patients. 100% will use again and again.

  122. J J 2021/04

    I go here for all my pets immunizations and spay/neuter. Although the wait seems long sometimes, I can say it is worth it. Their prices make it easier for people to get what they need for their fur babies. And you can tell they care about animals. Anyone I have ever spoken to in person or over the phone is super nice and very helpful. They deserve more than 5 stars. I’m thankful for all low cost vet clinics because without them people will feel like they failed their pets by not being able to give them the care they need. They truly are a blessing. So Thank You for all of our visits over the years and our most recent with the wild crew Haruto, Brookie, Cheddar, and Papi Pickles!

  123. Vicky Dupree 2021/04

    No help for my dog im trying to prevent a liter

  124. Anne Hammock 2021/04

    Very reasonable prices and wait times!

  125. L Dunn 2021/04

    Been going here for years. Never disappointed. Friendly staff and very affordable.

  126. Suzanne L 2021/04

    We adopted a rescue puppy from RACC and scheduled her spay surgery here based on timing and having Saturday hours. I was so happy with the services offered and the kindness and professionalism of the workers with whom I interacted. The puppy was sleepy most of the night later but the next day was back to herself.

  127. Kai Abral 2021/04

    Painless, and very affordable with friendly staff available for any questions you might have regarding pet care pre and post surgery. Got the job done quick and easy.

  128. Carole Snead 2021/04

    This place is amazing, especially for folks who care about pets and feral populations. Please Veterarians VOLUNTEER so they can continue their noble efforts. AND CAT and DOG LOVERS…please donate.

  129. MH Butts 2021/04

    Thanks again!

  130. Candy Bonyvet 2021/04

    Thumbs up for the staff and all that PAL does. My kittys were well taking care OF. They healed just fine and back to their curious selfs. Thanks PAL.

  131. Tiona Brooks 2021/04

    We took our new kitten here to get all his necessary shots, etc. Process was simple. Extremely affordable considering all they did.

  132. Samridhi Shrestha 2021/03

    Great place to fix dogs. Nurses are very attentive and do everything they can within reason to make your dog comfortable.

  133. Scott H 2021/03

    They spayed 2 of my cat at reasonable price.

  134. Tina Jaramillo 2021/03

    Took my cat for neuter and shots!!! Wish there were more places like this in every city. Too many unwanted litters out there.


  135. Dela Stokes 2021/03

    Efficient affordable and very thorough

  136. Olivia 2021/02

    I cannot recommend this place enough!!! You will not be disappointed from the care of the animals and prices! Love them

  137. elii pantoja 2021/02

    Thanks for your hard work, all services are really affordable and the attention is great, my little dog got vaccines, neutered and everything was good.

  138. Carolina Orellana 2021/02

    Llevo algunos meses Checando la pagina web para hacer una cita para la castracion de mi Gato y me a sido mposible,siempre aparece que no hay citas disponibles

  139. Katie Cannon 2021/02

    So affordable and great service!


  140. Corey Gills 2021/02

    Everyone who works here is very professional and super friendly. Its a great place to take your Dog, Cat, or Rabbit for all of their health needs!

  141. Nicole Legros 2021/02

    Awesome staff and treats your pets with love and care.

  142. David D 2021/02

    Nice people. Seemed to take good care of my cat.

  143. Nikki Rempkowski 2021/01

    Staff is always friendly and helpful. They take the time to provide extra care for all fur babies

  144. Kimberly Guthrie 2021/01

    Affordable prices and friendly staff


  145. S.E. Hambleton 2021/01

    These people are the very best at everything. PALS provide a great service. We in Virginia need more people like this to step up and be involved.

  146. Ashley Allison Harper 2021/01

    Highly professional extremely courteous and very informative with helping me take care of the needs of my three cats. Prices were extremely reasonable and the kindness was awesome.

  147. nicole Gibson 2020/11

    Neutered my kitten


  148. Jeanetta Freeman 2020/11

    Excellent services. Professional staff.

  149. Jenna Bush 2020/10

    Awesome place. To great care of our three little guys we rescued. Best prices around and a great cause. We love it vet, but we made the right choice to skip our regular very for PAL.

  150. Prsicilla Green 2020/10

    Love them

  151. Marie P 2020/10

    A gem of an establishment with wonderful, caring staff. In the midst of COVID-19 while lots of vet hospitals are still struggling to meet the demand for services, they got back to me much sooner than I expected anyone would. They called me a couple of times (I think I mainly spoke to Kim) to explain the process and collect payment, and things were so well organized that my wife was able to drop-off and I did the pick-up, all without any confusion. Price was amazing as well. This was my first time getting a cat neutered/spayed and I never felt like I was in the dark or bothering them with questions. Very thankful for the work PAL does and their ability to accommodate us during this pandemic.

  152. M Bisson 2020/10

    They were all very kind, caring, and professional. I’m not sure my dogs would agree, but we think they’re great. 😄 …

  153. Lisa Cottrell 2020/10

    Best and most affordable vet services including spaying, neutering, vaccinations and medications.

  154. Bridget Taylor 2020/10

    Affordable care by those who care.

  155. Sarah Tinkelman 2020/10

    Caring staff

  156. Honey Love 2020/10

    Caring, loving, safe and respectful staff and Doctor. Best in Richmond and proximity. Great prices, highly recommended vet for your pet!

  157. ARR 2020/09

    I got my rabbit spayed here a little over a year ago. They were great about communicating before the spay procedure, and were very accommodating on the day of the procedure. Rabbits are naturally nervous animals, and they offered to “hold” my rabbit in a separate area from the dogs and cats waiting to be spayed. Once the spay was successfully complete and my rabbit came out from anesthesia with no issues, they were efficient in helping me get her home.

    One caveat: speak with your primary vet prior to the spay about post-operation pain killers. Prevent-A-Litter does not send you home with any pain meds, so if your primary vet recommends this, you will need to get the prescription put in separately. My vet prescribed 1 mg/ml of meloxicam which may have helped my rabbit resume eating after the spay (the biggest post-spay challenge with a rabbit is kick-starting their appetite).

    Overall I was very happy with the caring and professional service I received!

  158. Geo L 2020/09

    Hell yeah they are great

  159. Cynthia Pantaleo 2020/09

    Professional, efficient, and caring for both cats I’ve had fixed there. Would recommend to anyone!

  160. M. M. Slater 2020/09

    Provenolator is always very professional and does a really good job with the animals It is so much cheaper than most of the other places. they’re usually booked out for months in advance so you need to call and make an appointment early. Fantastic play store

  161. Letha Pittman 2020/09

    I’m a person who will catch feral cats and get them spayed or neutered. Pal was instrumental in helping me get a neighborhood of cats done. I like the staff so much I started taking my regular pets there. I had to put my old dog to sleep and I’ve never met people so caring. I will always donate to them even if I don’t have a pet.

  162. Tomiko Jones 2020/09

    They show compansion

  163. Amy Montez 2020/08

    Love it!!

  164. Ramon Araujo 2020/08

    Great people, they clearly love animals

  165. Donita del Rosario 2020/08

    Amazing staff. They care so much for the animals and it shows! My dog, a rescue with a lot of anxiety, is horrified to even walk into any vet office I’ve ever brought him into but he was perfectly comfortable with going to PAL and with interacting with their staff.

  166. holly green 2020/08

    Fast, efficient, friendly, inexpensive!

  167. Matthew Wright 2020/08

    They handle very low cost spay/neuter for cats. I have had 5 rescues spayed/neutered there. Super kind people. Recommended not 100%, but 1000% !!!

  168. Carrol Bronson 2020/08

    They provide kind, caring service and do so much for needy animals. I just love them


  169. Neice Harris 2020/08

    The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  170. Donna Bradshaw 2020/08

    Been taking my pup there since he was born. He’s 7 now. Staff is great, services are great and prices are great! Helps those of us who are financially challenged. Appreciate them very much.

  171. Lisa Sanderson 2020/07

    I will forever refer everyone here! They go above and beyond for clients.

  172. Jerry Howard Jr 2020/07

    It’s just a good place for animals

  173. Liz Younglove 2020/05

    Best experience for spay/neuter ever. Great staff, super nice, always professional. They take great care of your pet!

  174. Sagє “Relic The Prince” Oяιנιмα 2020/05

    Great place with a great cause, I’ve had all my animals (cats and dogs) spayed and neutered there for a price that beats every other place. They’re usually very booked though, kind staff as well!


  175. Lisa Bell 2020/05

    Great place, friendly staff, inexpensive for the services they provide

  176. Mary Jordan Siebert (rvamary) 2020/05

    Full disclosure, I worked here. I would trust the doc with any issue. He is an amazing surgeon, which makes him especially equipped for this clinic. The staff is still wonderful. I recommend P.A.L. to anyone I come across.

  177. Emily Nielsen 2020/05

    It was perfect and my kitty is healing well ❤️

  178. MzReka2023 2020/04

    The friendliest staff ever! Very caring and professional.

  179. Kenny Yates 2020/04

    Best place ever


  180. Katie Gantt 2020/04

    Doing wonderful things for animals.

  181. Bradley DADOO CARE 2020/04

    Great service wonderful staff great prices

  182. kimberly Russo 2020/04

    Great customer service for those with fur and without! 😀 …

  183. Deborah Maitland 2020/04

    A great place and a very friendly place

  184. Amy Sydnor 2020/04

    I’ve been using PAL for years! Great prices and the staff are awesome with the animals!

  185. Stephanie Cooper 2020/04

    They’re there to help and treat each animal so special.

  186. Antonya Lewis 2020/04

    You can tell they genuinely care about the animals they’re seeing!

  187. Tracy Johnson 2020/04

    Everything about this establishment is amazing. They are thorough, genuine, and affordable.

  188. D Hanson 2020/03

    Said to expect two to three days to return call it’s been a week and nothing

  189. Jennifer McGuire 2020/03

    Low-cost medical procedures and friendly, compassionate staff.

  190. Stephanie Lynnette Ganzert 2020/03

    Very helpful, friendly staff

  191. R D 2020/02

    Reasonable price and they put animal like male cats fully asleep before surgery. Not all vets do that and the cats feel it and scream.

  192. Nikki Matthews 2020/02

    love this place amazing staff

  193. Mimi 2020/02

    Excellent service. Great employee 👍👍👍 Strongly recommend for pet owners who are sick with the big, costly vet hospital for routine exams, shots and tests. …

  194. Becky Perdue 2020/02

    Great organization!!! Every pet owner should support this place!!!

  195. Lady B 2020/02

    Asya is doing well. No pain and pain.


  196. Stephanie Burge 2020/02

    Perfect. Very communicative and accommodating. Pain pills even came with instead of costing extra

  197. Tania Escalante 2020/02

    Wonderful people

  198. Kas Blue 2020/01

    One of the most affordable places to spay/neuter, microchip, and/or vaccininate animal companions. Plus vaccinations have walk-in hours, no appointment necessary.

  199. Carey Daniels 2020/01

    Very very nice staff and affordable pricing for getting a pet spayed or neutered. There might be a wait so plan on calling a couple weeks ahead of the date you’d like to have your appointment.

  200. Azriel Williams 2020/01

    Our current vet was going to charge us $300 to get our dog neutered. P.A.L only charged $80! My dad even wants to donate on top of that. Thanks so much! We are really appreciative ♥️

  201. Mikhail Strogonov 2020/01

    Life saver, the problem no appointments at this time.

  202. Bonnie Mendell 2020/01

    We have used PALS for a few years. They took great care of our babies and communicated through out the day to let us know how things went. I was also please to know they offer microchipping! Thank you PALS!!

  203. Cat Edwards 2019/11

    Everyone is treated w respect

  204. Sandy Berkeley 2019/11

    Very reasonable price for services.lzzz’s

  205. Toni Gregory 2019/11

    Always good folks that do good work!

  206. Angela Dankenbring 2019/11

    Took great care of my cat.

  207. Cassandra Jones 2019/11

    So sweet

  208. John Doe 2019/11

    Does a good job with your animals but takes forever to get in there to get them spayed

  209. Crystal 2019/11

    Great cost effective option for spaying and neutering. I’ve taken two rescued cats there so far (1 male, 1 female). Both were fixed, received rabies vaccines and flea treatments. Upfront pricing so no suprises. Morning drop off and evening pickup. Appointment only. Street parking, so you may have to carry your pet in carrier for a block.

  210. Mandy Wadley 2019/11

    Great prices, nice staff

  211. Oma Knitta 2019/10

    They took very good care of my kitten. They go above and beyond what you pay for. Thank you Prevent a Litter staff.

  212. Robert Gooch 2019/10

    The staff at Prevent A Litter are great! We went here for the first time to update our dogs shot records and they took care of him immediately. Our dog is a little squirmish, but they knew exactly what to do in order to get the job done! We all left with smiles and a few dog treats! Thank you for taking care of us!


  213. J L 2019/10

    Everyone is giving PAL kudos for being cheap…well you get what you pay for!
    Not the best experience…I was given P.A.L. information by Richmond Animal Control Center. Our fur baby was scheduled to be neutered which is stressful for us because he has never been away from us and has never had any health issues. I called P.A.L 3 seperate occasions before anyone actually answered the phone to address our concerns. Once our fur baby was returned I discovered that he was given shots that he did not need. They spoke to me and could have verified all this information. The only explanation they gave was “we are not sure what happened…it won’t hurt him. “😡😡 We faxed all his vet records over to RACC before the procedure. Not only did they give him unnecessary shots all his information was incorrect. Age, weight, etc PAL said RACC provided them with incorrect info and RACC pointed the finger at PAL. It seems like PAL just did what ever they wanted to receive grant money. Just because our baby is a pit. He is in no way neglected/mistreated. Definitely won’t seek any assistance from this organization ever again

  214. Sharon Taylor 2019/10

    I ran in during walk-in hours to pick up some flea meds. Quick, polite, friendly. My cat had been a patient there when I first rescued him, and I find the meds are less expensive at PAL than my regular vet. Old story, fixed income, pets…by saving me a little money, PAL helps me to take really good care of my guy.

  215. Justin Wright 2019/10

    A great service at a great price. Its nice to not have to go broke getting your animal spayed or neutered.

  216. Brandi Stetson 2019/10

    2 stars for the prices.
    That’s it. They claim to be able to handle stressed/scared cats except they let him out of his carrier stress them out even more by chasing them around the room, causing one person to get bit and my cat to only get one vaccination. After multiple warnings of how scared he was and reassurances that they “got this”…they didn’t have it at all. After she got bit they threatened to call animal control and quarantine our cat. Meanwhile the woman who was complaining about her bite was wrestling a large dog into a room WITH her “injured”hand. Makes tots sense right.

    Also, my 3 perfectly healthy cats came back with respiratory viruses. We ended up taking them to a more reputable vet who said that they caught the virus from prevent a litter. I’m so angry. We’re now on week 3 of this terrible virus and my cats can’t stop sneezing or coughing.

    If you value your pets health and want someone who actually listens to you about your pets needs then go somewhere else!!!!

  217. David Holder 2019/09

    Super friendly staff, very reasonable prices and a community-serving mission

  218. lop_ZG 2019/09

    People are nice

  219. Tina Eglin 2019/09

    Great place

  220. Rose Copeland 2019/09

    Quality pet care, caring staff reasonable cost.

  221. Lindsay Lovering 2019/09

    Highly recommend them

  222. J. Reid 2019/08

    Saved us from a cat colony in the making! Staff worked with us to get 5 ferals in.

  223. Shane Harris 2019/08

    A great low cost spay/neuter clinic.

  224. Marie Holt 2019/08

    Friendly, professional, and helpful. Great prices for services. They really care!

  225. Allison S 2019/08

    Loooooove this clinic. Staff is very friendly and the prices are great!

  226. Hannah McCollum 2019/08

    Very friendly employees who give you all the information you need during your visit.

  227. Jessica Lowe 2019/07

    They have taken care of all my pets

  228. Beluved Drayton 2019/07

    Cats are easy to get an appointment for#

  229. Wayne n Samantha Mcneese 2019/07

    Wonderful, friendly and caring place to take your animals. We recently had 5 cats spayed. They were back to normal within 24-48 hrs. No problems at all. Being a nurse I will add the sutures were very clean. Could barely be seen and not the slightest sign of infection from any of them. I would recommend Prevent a Litter to everyone.

  230. Susan Roach 2019/07

    Great place to take you pets to be spayed or neutered at very reasonable prices. I took my first pet to them in 2001, my 6 month old cat. When I went back in 2017 to get my dog spayed they asked if he was still alive and I was happy to say yes. Very very friendly staff.

  231. Ciane A 2019/07

    The staff here are so, so nice, respectful, patient, and knowledgeable. I was so nervous the day before my puppy’s neuter, but was put at ease when I walked in and met the staff that would be taking care of him. They communicate with you throughout the day about how your little one is doing, and give very detailed and helpful instructions for what to do at home. There service was a 10/10 in my book!! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Just call months ahead, because they fill up fast! The price is amazing, so there’s no wonder why they fill up so fast! I believed I called when my puppy was about 4-5 months and he was 8 months when we were able to get an appointment.

  232. Ryan Brooks 2019/07

    Great service and affordable prices. These guys will take excellent care if your dog or cat.

  233. Mark Curtis 2019/06

    They are very helpful, courteous and caring for our pets.

  234. Sarah Quiles 2019/06

    Great experience and very kind service! We came for a rabies vaccine and were in and out very shortly.

  235. Melissa Schneider 2019/06

    The lady I spoke to was very very nice and very helpful

  236. Darrin shorts 2019/06

    Great place, friendly staff. I drive almost an hour to get there, passing several veterinary practices. This place is awesome.

  237. Donna Knight 2019/06

    They were very kind, professional, and prompt.

  238. Joann Robinson 2019/06

    PAL is a wonderful support to the community by providing low cost sterilization for cats and dogs and some basic vaccinations. While they are not full service veterinarians, they can refer to other good vets. I pick up flea treatments for my cat and throw in a few extra bucks to help defray costs rather than buy them at the local big box. Great folks who love what they do and genuinely care about animals!

  239. Paul Sechler (Jeremy) 2019/06

    Very cool spot for taking care of a couple of rabbits for us. All went well. A great service to Richmond area.

  240. Dottie Pitts 2019/06

    Nice friendly people. Prices are affordable.

  241. Christina Norcross 2019/06

    My cats are going to be fixed this week and this place made the appointment process so easy for me

  242. jazz fulfilled 2019/06

    Ziggy is so happy! They took very good care of him. Im so glad they are here to help. Friendly and affordable. Would recommend 10/10

  243. Kathy Wilson Jones 2019/05

    Fast. Prices are great. Staff nice.

  244. Chantal Carnes 2019/05

    Overbooked. It’s a shame because I’ve heard good things but it’s impossible to get an appointment in reasonable period of time.

  245. Felix Avalos 2019/05


  246. Wayne Powers 2019/04

    Great with our pets

  247. Quanlee Brown (Blackeyez) 2019/04

    Took both my Cat and dog to get they balls removed no problems what so ever!

  248. Rachel V 2019/04

    Nice people. Good prices. Cool stuff for sale. Wish it was a slightly better location.

  249. Carol Pottle 2019/04

    Best place for routine shots and spaying.

  250. Ashanti Johnson 2019/04

    My 🐕 new vet home this place is very clean, fast service, respectful, good with pets, etc the list goes on i like how they handle business she will be back!!!💜💜 …


  251. Johnny Araya 2019/04

    I have my own vet for emergency or other treatments for my dog and cat. For vaccines and prevention I have been taking my pets to PAL for the last 3 years. Prices are more affordable and the staff is very attentive, friendly and capable. Totally recommended. You can microchip your pet here here way cheaper too.

  252. Emily Tatum 2019/04

    Best place every..Great people

  253. Melissa Fischer 2019/04

    Amazing people doing an amazing job at taking care of our stray cats.

  254. Kitami Newby 2019/03

    So i brought my 10month old bunny here for a neuter procedure last week on 3/15/19. The assistants told me that my bunny should be completely healed within a week and if he is not eating or drinking to call the emergency #. Everything seemed fine until today when I found my baby bunny dead in his cage a week after his procedure (plus today was my birthday). I went back up to the center and I told them about my bunny & the first thing they said to me was about the cremation procedure! I want to know what happened to my bunny! Then they kept saying that the doctor was in the middle of a procedure and that he would be available in 15mins. I sat there literally for 30 minutes and the doctor never came out to speak to me! I am beyond upset and livid with this vet. I lost my baby on my birthday & they acted as if it was not a big deal. I still need to know what happened to my rabbit because I was never informed about any death risks with rabbits from them. & I never received a call back from you all or ANYTHING showing any type of sympathy or justifications as to what happened. No more services from me. I will not be bringing any more of my pets here.

  255. Bria Metal 2019/03

    Great experience for us all, including Roger. Thank you.

  256. Tracy Jacob 2019/03

    Wonderful folks that really care about animals.

  257. Tina Croker 2019/03

    They take loving care of your animals and make you feel like family.

  258. Barbara 2019/02

    Plan to prevent a litter

  259. ALISHA SHIELDS 2019/02

    Always helpful and take care of my dog needs at a reasonable price


  260. Elaine Carter 2019/02

    Best place to take your Dog or Cat for shots and heartworm test. Recommend highly. Also best staff.

  261. Tabitha Whitlow 2019/02

    Very friendly staff and took good care of my puppy.

  262. Joel Garcia 2019/02

    Muy bueno para las mascotas y buena atención y ayuda lo recomiendo

  263. Raj Malaeb 2019/02

    They were awesome, took care of my cat and their prices are great


  264. Raechel Cutlip 2019/01

    Very friendly. My kitties had great experiences there.

  265. brokenheartedlady wink 2019/01

    This place does great things for humans and their pets( cats and dogs ). Because sometimes our pet parent hearts are bigger than our finances seem to be and this place understands and helps as many as they can get spayed or neutered at more affordable rates.please donate cleans blankets and sheets for the animals comfort and care.

  266. tee woodie 2019/01

    Very patient and loving with all the animals they treat. Low cost, shots, spay and neutering. I’ve taken all my animals I have owned to P.A.L.’s Friendly staff 🙂


  267. Brent Moody 2019/01

    The place to go for vaccines, preventatives, and spay/neuter. Just took my dog in, got his yearly vacs and a YEAR’S supply of heartworm meds…$125. Beat that.

  268. Curtis Mowbray 2018/11


  269. Lauren Cruz 2018/11

    Very small place, and very crowded. But the low prices, friendly staff, and short wait time is so worth it!

  270. LeShaun Napier-Taylor 2018/10

    Very professional they really care about your animal.

  271. John Adkins 2018/10

    This is the best place to get your furry friend taken care of!!! They are great to work with, caring, and no doubt the most reasonably priced place to spay/nuter in the area… Do yourself a favor and call them first… Don’t wait… They are busy and you need an appointment!

  272. BERNITA HARRIS 2018/10

    Reasonable price, friendly staffing

  273. joshua wood 2018/09

    The vets were very friendly not only towards me but my animals, very caring and the prices were amazing all together I would recommend is Clinic to anyone especially those who can’t afford price gouging greedy vets I give them 5 stars

  274. Dawn Davis 2018/09

    Very great place that really cares about your pet

  275. Renee Askew 2018/09


  276. Mark Severson 2018/09

    Pretentious staff

  277. Joel McCauley 2018/09

    Reasonable cost for annual shots. Very friendly staff.

  278. Brittany L 2018/09

    Affordable rabbies vaccines, flea tick, and heartworm testing and medication available here! It can be a bit crowded in the waiting room. The wait was not bad and the employees were helpful and kind.

  279. C Bunn 2018/09

    Great place to get vaccinations for your pet and flea prevention. Prices are really low and you are supporting a great cause. Staff is friendly and helpful.

  280. Ericka Kadner 2018/09

    Very friendly staff. My dog was taken to the “back” with someone who made him feel comfortable instead of nervous. All of my questions were answered and the process was very smooth. And you CANNOT beat these prices for spay/neutering.

  281. David Cliborne II (Pickle Rick) 2018/08

    It took a while to get an appt here, but was worth it. They took care of my dog and her procedure went well. They gave me a full rundown on everything that was going to happen and everything I needed to do for after care. They gave me comfort in knowing my dog was in good hands. The prices are also very reasonable. These people truly love what they do and that makes my long trip all that much more worth it. And please, if you visit…DONATE! Take care of the people who take care of yur furry family members!

  282. Allen Miller 2018/08

    I love this place. I’ve been using their services for over a decade. They perform fantastic spayings & neuters.

  283. Lois Withers 2018/08

    Great place to bring your pet for spay or neuter. Good for shots to. They love your pet as if it was their own.

  284. Patrise Sears 2018/08

    Excellent service at affordable price.

  285. Elizabeth Morrison 2018/08

    It is in a quaint part of Richmond love the ambience and it is live at night with some after hour spots

  286. Charlatte Mueller 2018/08

    Super friendly staff and very affordable!! The place is very cute on the inside too!!!!❤😸 …

  287. Scott Wesely 2018/08

    Great people, excellent work, very professional but warm as well.

  288. John Richardson 2018/07

    Great staff and what a service they provide for the community.

  289. April McGraw 2018/07

    Great staff. We’ve had multiple pets spayed and neutered here. Both dogs and cats. Highly recommend!

  290. Nikki Longo 2018/07

    There’s no excuse not to get your furbabies spayed or neutered if you’re anywhere in Richmond with how low cost these folks are. We also get their vaccines here. You might have to wait depending on what day/time you go for their walk in hours, but you typically won’t wait too long, they’re in and out very quickly. Glad to have them as a community resource.

  291. S. Stretch Matthew 2018/07

    Great place, great staff, doing great work.

  292. Mary Cary 2018/07


  293. Ericka Lynch 2018/07

    Besises the fact that it was a small place. They were very professional and took great care of my two german shepards. Thank you!

  294. maryland cox 2018/07

    Love them. My dog has been going here since she was a puppy. They are very efficient and the shots take no time to get done. My dog doesn’t even notice that she’s even have any. I’d recommend them.

    Also your pet must be neutered or spayed for their vaccines. You can prepay to have your pet neutered or spayed there if they have not been already. Then get your shots and come back for the surgery.

  295. Marie Rios 2018/06

    Please spay and neuter your pets. This is a well priced clinic. They have a great staff.

  296. Caroline B 2018/06

    This place was great. I got my pet fixed here, and they did such a great job caring for my little one. Included with the price was a nice blanket, and a 24 hour vet you can call in case something comes up. I highly recommend.

  297. amanda staley 2018/06

    A wonderful place. The entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They took great care of my little kitten he was back to his crazy self in no time flat. Their prices are amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  298. Sharon Kast 2018/06

    Great folks

  299. Nordic 94 2018/06

    Great prices. Was able to pick up my cat the same day. Very friendly staff

  300. Susan Frye 2018/06

    Wonderful job this organization is doing. Friendly staff and my pets were treated lovingly. Services are excellent.

  301. Tammie Branzelle 2018/06

    Prevent a litter is a great place. That are a non profit organization. You can get your pets shots really cheap. Flea meds are at cost. Spay and neuter are very reasonably priced. They really care about animals. Even though they are not a full service vet they are great

  302. Betsy 2018/06

    Great place for your pets needs

  303. Deanna Davis 2018/04

    This clinic was a wonderful experience for me and I will be using them again! I went in Wednesday during walk in hours with two girls that I rescued on Tuesday. The dogs were anxious and confused because their life was upside down but the staff was patient and understanding the whole time! We walked out with all vaccines, HW test results, microchips and new collars for both dogs – all at an incredibly reasonable price!!


  304. Sierra Diaz 2018/04

    The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable. The vets here are amazing. Everyone treats the animals being brought in like they are their own. I recommend this place to everyone I know!

  305. Krystal Jones 2018/04

    Low cost and great service

  306. theresa jones 2018/04

    Everyone goes out of their way to help you with your pet. It’s inexpensive but with quality results

  307. Antoine Mayfield 2018/03

    Great service low prices.

  308. Louis Errante 2018/03

    Always a good visit, even with large amounts of RESCUE CATS. Thank you from Meow Stories

  309. Joanne Adkins 2018/03

    Really great staff. They took excellent care of my Eliza

  310. Aidan D 2018/03

    Best place for spay, neuter, preventatives, vaccines. Hard to reach by phone. Very busy, so long wait at times. Not the place for injuries or illnesses.

  311. Neenee Dill 2018/03

    Caring affordable pet care for your fur babies.

  312. Emir Barakath 2018/03

    This store was reccomend to neutered my puppy at a low cost. Thanks for all your help.

  313. S DuP 2018/03

    The receptionist is very pleasant. The line was out the door and yet everyone was greeted with a smile and genuine concern for our fur babies❤

  314. Daenerys Targ 2018/03

    I have always loved PAL Clinic. I refer people here all the time. Yea they stay booked, but that shows more & more people are becoming more aware about the over population of cats & dogs. There need to be more clinics like this, not just 1 here, there & behind a bush. & with that being said people need to adopt more & more until the pet population is hand in hand control : no over pet population, no more full shelter’s!!!!!!


  315. Mia O 2018/02

    Highly recommend this place for bunnies! I was very worried about finding somewhere to get my bun neutered because it can be quite expensive and also bunnies are extremely fragile creatures. Prevent A Litter was very affordable and caring. They provided us with all the info we needed about after care as well as an 24/7 emergency line. They also called us three times to check up on him since he didn’t wanted to eat for the first day. Everything is resolved now and he is a much happier bunny! He’s eating more hay and drinking more water and is 100% litter trained. Definitely recommend this clinic for any concerned bunny parents.

  316. Kevin Garcia 2018/02

    Excellent care for exceptionally low prices! Was able to get my fur baby up to date with all shots and neutered for under $50.

  317. Tyrone Branch 2018/01

    Prompt service and all about the pets!

  318. Sandy Brown 2018/01

    Best place to go and very reasonable.

  319. Nutella 2018/01

    Amazing program for spay and neuter. Everyone there is definitely an animal lover and very helpful

  320. Jon Rodgers 2018/01

    Outstanding service and affordability
    would recommend to everyone that needs a veterinarian.

  321. Brianne Packer 2018/01

    Prevent A Litter also known as PAL in Carytown between downtown Richmond and the West end, is a great asset to the community. They provide low cost spay and neuter as well as vaccinations and other veterinary services. I would recommend anyone with pets (especially if you are a multi pet household) to give them a try. We recently acquired 3 more kitties in addition to the one we already have. If you go there for vaccinations, just be sure to take your pet’s proof of spay or neuter with you.

  322. Kristen Condrey 2017/11

    The ladies here are absolutely wonderful. They answered all of my questions and concerns. All 3 of the dogs were treated well are cared for. I would defiantly recommend this clinic to others!

  323. Karen Link 2017/11

    Caring and very professional.

  324. Bailey Bodine 2017/11

    Got my 6 month old dog fixed and microchipped here. Smooth process and affordable. Highly recommend them.

  325. Yvonne Boelen 2017/10

    Perfect location for pet vaccines, dog and cat spay/neuter and to purchase flea and heartworm meds.

  326. Emanuel Boak 2017/10

    Helped stitch my pups ear even though it wasn’t something they usually do. And by the way, it was right as they were closing.

  327. Amber Crossland 2017/09

    I’ve been to PAL a few times and they have always been polite and courteous and they’ve taken care of my pets every time. I will always recommend them!

  328. April Haynes 2017/09

    Great services, processes, and prices to help out pet owners in central VA.

  329. Lyz Schill 2017/09

    Prevent a Litter is amazing!! Affordable and so good with your fur babies!!

  330. ila Sue 2017/08

    Please support these awesome ppl!!!!!
    When you do– you help innocent cats, kittens & dogs.

  331. Shanae Lewis 2017/07

    They truly have a love for animals and very knowledgeable

  332. Jaime Snow 2017/07

    Good animal care and friendly people at a low cost spay and neuter clinic

  333. Elyssa Ferguson 2017/07

    Great service and prices. Highly recommend for high quality, low cost preventative Vetrinary services.

    They were there for us in a time of need, now we try to donate a spay\neuter at least once a year. Please consider doing the same.

  334. Angel Hamrick 2017/06


    I have taken my pets and strays…and friend’s pets that could not get their animal there due to health reasons.

    SAME GREAT SERVICE…to ALL the animals.
    They take phenomenal care of all the animals!

    That being said. …they provide an amazing service at a fraction of the cost at a regular veterinary office. They are becoming more and more popula because of this.

    If you find the front desk service slow…it’s because they are OUTRAGEOUSLY BUSY.

    DONATE YOUR TIME OR MONEY…they can’t stay low cost without some considerations!

    I find stopping by more efficient. ..they are always busy!

    It’s because they are amazing in what they do!

    So understand if you don’t get a call back right away…they are booked far indvance and they are always busy!

  335. Ivadene Deffenbaugh 2017/04

    Great staff and they explained everything clearly. Highly recommend.

  336. Seph Smith 2017/04

    After being brutally gouged by other vets I’ve found what I believe to be the best spot to keep your pet up to date on shots, heartworm meds, basic needs, etc. Thanks to everyone at PAL for looking after my dog Hamburger.

  337. Priscilla Johnson 2017/03

    Love them my female cat is doing good after she got fixed and everything

  338. Enga Archer 2017/03

    Excellent services for pet owners that don’t have alot of money to go to conventional Vet.❤

  339. Griselda Castro 2017/02

    Wonderful services. Reasonable prices.

  340. Taylor Krupicka 2017/02

    Went here to get my boy Grizzly fixed and they were super friendly, he didn’t have any complications and healed quickly, plus they trimmed his nails!

  341. Chris Castaneda 2017/01

    Kinda small. People were great.

  342. Aldeana Miller 2017/01

    Very friendly. You are in and out even though they are very busy.

  343. Abimbola Abereoje 2017/01

    They treated my Apple with great care! Everything is so affordable. Highly recommend 👍🏾 …

  344. Jesse Gutierrez 2016/11

    Friendly staff. Very busy. But prices are worth it

  345. Paulo Machado 2016/08

    I register my dog there when he was a puppy and he took all the vaccines and he was also neutered and it was perfect, they treat the dogs and cats with love and patience. When i go there it takes less than 15 minutes to have everything done, they answer all your questions and explain everything. Oh and the price is very good.

  346. Pete Crockett 2016/08

    This place is a lifesaver, especially when you need a last minute vaccine for your pet. They are non profit so if you’re able, a donation would really help them out.

  347. Angie Taylor 2016/08

    This place is awesome. The employees are very compassionate and helpful. PAL offers low cost spay and neuters. Thank you so much for being affordable and helping to control the pet population. There are so many homeless, hungry and sick cats everywhere! I have a few feral cats near my house that I feed and if it were not PAL, I wouldn’t be able to afford to spay and neuter all of these cats.

  348. Jennifer Koca 2016/05

    Low prices, very helpful staff, adorable little front shop with cheap bags/toys/etc, and cute decor. Love this place and the great work they do for our community.

    Tip: their reusable shopping bags made out of old pet food bags are killer!

  349. James Giaramito 2016/03

    I’ve taken many of my rescue animals to PAL for vaccinations. I’ve always been able go during walk-in hours and be helped immediately. They have a friendly and helpful staff with very reasonable rates for their shots.

  350. Aisha's Best Life 2016/03

    Cozy little veterinarian office.
    Affordable prices for common procedures, considerate and polite staff and great service!
    Took my puppy for his neuter here and they were considerate and available when his stitches were irritated. Great follow up care and availability. When we had to go back, he was EXCITED to see the staff.
    Love that they are non-profit.
    Continue to use them regularly for my dog’s vaccinations and preventative meds. Highly recommend.

  351. M 2016/01

    Great place and they care.

  352. Nathan March 2016/01

    This is a great place to get your pet spayed or neutered!

  353. Patsy Pendergrass 2015/09

    Wonderful people who care about your pet. And you can’t beat the price!

  354. Erin Huntress 2015/07

    Awesome hospital! Great staff, friendly and caring.

  355. Mr Nutter 2015/07

    Staff is rude. My second call was never returned to set up an appointment. Seems they are very lazy and behind. Would NOT recommend this establishment to anyone.

  356. Jack wood 2015/02

    I cannot thank you guys enough for referring my Husband Jim and Bella (our yorkie-poo) to Helping Hands for emergency surgery. We picked you all first because you saved Angel about 4 years ago who had an inguinal hernia!! The only reason you could not haelp March 26,2 2015 is because on Thursday’s no vet is available. You guys even called the next day to see how Bella was!! What true compassionate people you are!! I cannot thank you so much!! My husband had to drive from Edenton NC to Richmond to save her life. !! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. Hannah Betler 2015/01

    I took my two kittens, Nuka and Versace here to be neutered and the people were so nice. My babies were calm and happy when I got them back:) They did a great job and I don’t think my kitties even knew what happened lol

  358. Anne Slate 2014/10

    Great place!

  359. Summer C 2014/06

    Virginia, carton

  360. Billy K 2014/04

    Thank you, Prevent A Litter, for providing excellent service and low prices. I brought a feral cat in this past weekend (June 7) for a neuter surgery. Your staff treated me and the cat with respect. (The cat was referred to as “sweet little one,” which meant a lot to me because your team members had never met him.) You made the entire experience easy for me. The check-in was prompt; you gave me full, printed instructions on caring for the cat after surgery; and the check-out was easy. Because of your great prices, I did not have “sticker shock” paying for the surgery, either. Fantastic!

  361. Susan Sage 2011/01

    PAL has spayed/neutered many animals for us and our friends for years. You MUST leave a message. They WILL call you back. Most of the time they schedule you a few months in advance. If they have a cancellation you get in much sooner. They actually care about your pet. Unlike your regular vet who cares more about your wallet! They were exceptionally helpful with a couple of feral kittens that showed up at our home. They neutered them for free.

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