Piedmont Wildlife & Pest Management

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Piedmont Wildlife & Pest Management
4.9 based on 12 reviews
  1. JENNY BASILE 2023/08

    John is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He came out the same day, he kept me posted on his arrival time and alleviated my fear that I had a snake in my garage. He told me what I was seeing was from a lizard. I was so grateful. John is doing business the right way!

  2. Gwen Fields 2022/09

    John provided helpful, friendly service. His response time was quick and the price for his services was very reasonable. He performed quality work to inspect our crawl space for feral cats, sanitize and treat it, and seal the vents to prevent feral cats from getting back in the area. We would definitely recommend John to our friends & family!

  3. Brenda Jones 2022/09

    My parents thought they had a snake in their attic the company i work for does not take care of wildlife. After a google search i found John and his company to say i was pleased with his service is an understatement. John was amazing and as my mom put it has mad customer service skills. He is my go to for any wildlife issues. I referred him to at least 3 people over the weekend!!! ?

  4. Solita Green 2022/08

    Fast response time, excellent customer service.

  5. Jessica Gardiner 2021/10

    Helped us get rid of some pesky rodents in the basement! Great service!

  6. Jonathan Laurer 2021/08

    Did reliable work. Clean, expert trapping, and installed quality preventative barriers. Excellent job!

  7. RICK Mills 2021/07


  8. ZCA 2021/04

    Had a decent size bat population in our attic; John removed the entire colony quickly and safely. He also took the time to locate the entry points that I need to seal off in order to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Overall this service was prompt and affordable; I’ll definitely be using Piedmont for any future pest removal.

  9. Gregory Smith 2021/04

    John came out and got the bat (hiding in my washer) then gave me an estimate to lock down the house so no other bat could get in. No need to haggle over price, it was reasonable. And he came out and did the work quickly and did a great job.

  10. Nicole McNutt 2021/03

    John was very precessional. He was able to remove the squirrel quickly and humanely. We are very happy with the job he did and would recommend him to anyone.

  11. David Adams 2021/02

    John came out to fix some vent coverings and remove a bird’s nest. He came early, worked efficiently and was finished in no time. He also gave some insight and advice on other pest issues. Excellent service!

  12. Sawyer Lulei 2021/01

    Works very effectively and efficiently. They’re also super friendly. Thank you for your help!

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