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  1. Michael Violette 2023/12

    The manager of this location refused to honor the treats membership for buy 3 get 1 free. We had 4 dog treats and he claimed that the the bento treats were “toys” when it clearly states treat on the packaging. He then stated that the signage specified that it had to be 4 toys or 4 treats. The signage clearly states buy 3 get 1 free. This is the worst customer service and we spend a lot of money at PetSmart. We spent $200 yesterday and we’re prepared to spend another $100 today. We had to leave and will spend our money elsewhere.

  2. Elizabeth Morrison 2023/12

    I took my two poodles to petsmart for a bathe and trim. At the time i made my in store app the girl told me $47 for the bathe and trim, when i returned for the
    app the price went up to $54 plus $10 for a deep conditioner she said they had to have . I was a new customser asnd requested the new customer percentage off..i was denied that by the rep and the manager. . He said i had to prepay for the percentage off wheich the girl who made the app never said nor did the sign posted in front of the door. The manager said im telling you now. I didnt argue.I left the pups beyond my better judge.They told me to come back in 4 hrs. I sat outside for at least 29min. As did the groomers SMOKINGand chit chatting. When i got to my destination they called and said my pup had pooped on herself and she had been eating her poop., what did I want them to do because she couldn’t go back in the dryer so I left immediately and when I go there 15 mins travel time she told me the other pup told me my other pup had just pooped on herself I asked them to clean her off when I got home I had to bathe them both over again they bad l belive no one was watching them and that the keep them in their r kennels longer then necessary without supervision. I Will never take my pups there again

  3. Ruth Woody 2023/12

    4 stars for the Cashier. She was helpful with my selection. No other floor sales staff, other staff wouldn’t even look my way. Thanks for the help.

  4. Richard Walden 2023/11

    Excellent deals. Great service.

  5. Jackie Stewart 2023/11

    Good place for animal

  6. J M 2023/10

    This is the best PetSmart in the Richmond area hands down.

  7. Colin R 2023/10

    Seems like a good place if you have pets.

  8. Abbie Rios 2023/09

    The Cashier, Mrs. Vegas is extremely kind and helpful! If we could give her more than 5 stars we would! Amazing asset to the team here 🙂 She informed us of sales and helped save us money! We will definitely be back to this petsmart after such a great experience!

  9. david wilkins 2023/09


  10. Acts 1915 2023/09

    Good parking. Clean store.
    Not much cat stuff….except food.

  11. Terrance Chestnut 2023/09

    Thank you for your pet.

  12. Cheryl Johnson 2023/09

    The grooming performance was the worst ever. They chop my dog hair and it was so uneven, my dog was terrified. Never again. Please don’t go their new mgmt is Awful . They added charges without consulting me. Nightmare

  13. Jenifer Bramer 2023/09

    Left my phone and they put it up for me!! Thank you! Unfortunately everytime I go here they are out of the small size of millworms 😞 …

  14. michael carragher 2023/08

    It’s petsmart! Yeay

  15. Rus Soul 2023/08

    Very helpful staff

  16. Nardia Pane 2023/08

    They had actually what I wanted

  17. Joshua Wright 2023/07

    Always great and friendly staff

  18. Lukas G. 2023/07

    Really nice workers, though the practices of PetSmarts in general to keep animals together in cages that size are not in the best interest of the pets.

  19. Stephanie Ryan 2023/07

    Took my new pup there today for some goodies, everyone there was super friendly and welcoming

  20. Frank 2023/07

    Standard Petsmart

  21. Marcie Forbes 2023/07

    I love the great customer service here.

  22. Cathy Serafino 2023/06

    I have a good experience with PetSmart. I have no problems shopping there at all. Everything is reasonable so far.

  23. Jason Davis 2023/05

    Visited the fish area, was ok.

  24. lew new 2023/05

    This location has very unprofessional groomers. They don’t come to work and calls you the day of your appointment to reschedule for two weeks out. It happened to me three times different times.

  25. Annette Sklar 2023/05

    Vegas as always was friendly and very helpful. She always is so kind to everyone who comes into the store.

  26. Maureen Kelley-Olson 2023/04

    In and out in just a few minutes.Was an emergency purchase accomplished in a flash.

  27. Michelle Ugarte 2023/04

    I actually really liked the people that were working there at first and they were all kind and totally good. I left my dog to get her nails trimmed and I stayed in the store as they told me. I only deduct one point over how one person treated me when I came back. I will absolutely own that I came back to her late (around 15-20 minutes late) since I was talking to someone in the store about their puppy and I hadn’t heard the intercom announcement. I got a voice-mail which I listened to first and the person said that “I told you to stay in the store” which I just felt was an unnecessary assumption that I hadn’t. Additionally, I waved to the person at the front to let them know I was there and there was a person behind me and they had the person behind me go in front. I assume it’s because they were on time to pick up their dog so I understand, but still something that couldve been communicated. I apologized perfusely when I came in and the rest of the interaction was totally fine, just a little bothered by the treatment in those two moments. I’m in customer service and have worked in different environments so I understand the frustration and assumptions that can be made but I still don’t think that should influence the customer service as much as I experienced. They cut my dogs nails super well and I will probably come back, but I just felt like it’s something to note for any other customer to make sure they are aware of the time their dog is ready and maybe just stay around the grooming salon.

  28. A'makeal Caravan 2023/04

    It’s a petsmart. Pretty mid. The staff are usually very nice though, and it’s pretty clean.

  29. Vincent Allen 2023/03

    Poor customer service…. I felt as if I was being discriminated against

  30. Tiffany Burton 2023/03

    I took my dog there to get groomed…NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Something just isn’t right about that grooming center. They butchered his poor tail among other things.

  31. Sean Redden 2023/02

    Jayne sux

  32. Kenya Greene 2023/01

    Great services I love the discounts on Blue Bufflo Senior dry dog food.

  33. Peter A George 2023/01

    Stopped by just to see my daughter, but so nice to see a group of workers that obviously enjoy what they do and working together. SO many franchise stores have people that look “forced” to work. This petsmart was FUN to be inside. Got pets? Go here!

  34. Kathy R. 2023/01

    Evidently, what looks like a nasty clipper burn. PetSmart Grooming at 5516 Broad Street.

    My husband received a call that our dog was ready for pick up from his grooming appointment. When he returned home with our dog, I noticed he had a wound on his nose. I called the store right away and asked them what happened to “Petey”. I was told that “nothing happened”. If I didn’t know what happened, I wouldn’t know how to treat the injury.

    Apparently, something did happen, but with no admission, I didn’t know which care to provide. Was he cut? Did he get bitten by another dog?

    Some web research leads me to believe that it’s a “razor burn”.

    And no remedy offered, not even a refund.

    I don’t trust them with my dog anymore.

  35. Wendy Ross 2023/01

    Took my Great Pyrenees to get groomed and got called back to pick her up. They cancelled the appointment because she was anxious and they were too busy to handle her. Very professional about telling us they couldn’t do it but if they were so busy they shouldn’t have taken the appointment.

  36. Don Tenney 2023/01

    👍 …

  37. Ernestine Joseph-Pauline 2023/01

    Friendly staff

  38. melissa christian 2022/11

    Had lots of cat food varieties

  39. Karen Johnson 2022/11

    Bought fish filters, and they gave me the price from another store where was cheaper. A price comparison.

  40. N S 2022/11

    Store is usually well stocked and employees are friendly, especially Mrs Vegas who will always greet you with a smile and a kind word. She’s the best!

  41. Sonja Bray 2022/11

    Called ahead as I was visiting the area, looking specifically for dog advent calendars. The associate verified that yes, they had Christmas, & one Halloween calendar left. She kindly put the one remaining Halloween calendar aside until I could get there. All 3 of the associates I encountered during my visit were friendly & hpful. There was a selection of Christmas calendars. My Granddog will be thrilled!

  42. MistysBlues 2022/11

    Pretty nice place, clean and good prices, but I can’t give it 5 stars because the cashier ridiculed me when I didn’t have the exact change.
    My total was $XX.08, I didn’t have coins, so I handed them the only other bill I had. She loudly announced to the entire line “Girl, you ain’t got 8 cents?!” Needless to say, I was super embarrassed and don’t really want to come back here.
    On the other hand, I don’t want to drag on the whole place because of one person embarrassing the daylights out of me.


  43. Mike Martinez 2022/10

    Staff is awesome

  44. Brandon Cook 2022/10

    Always a pleasure to shop here!!!

  45. taryn roane 2022/10

    Very clean store. Even better employees.

  46. Tom Douglas 2022/10

    Friendly place, well stocked with pet supplies

  47. Wayne Moe 2022/10

    Nice clean store, good selection. Very friendly staff

  48. Norm 2022/10

    Great selection of pet items, good price, pleasant staff, clean store

  49. Kat Cassil 2022/10

    Liked the store. Not much on helping people though. Which is why I will always go back to Petco.

  50. Arizona Welsh 2022/10

    PetSmart has created a hostile work environment for their employees, because their managers let one employee harass his co-workers, sleep on the job, and thus stealing time and money from the company as a result. This employee was harassing Elise Ferguson and got her falsely fired for his behavior. Elise was the main reason I went to that location. She was always awesome! These managers and the offending employee need to be gone. Where is the district manager????

  51. Skip Rowland 2022/10

    As a pet store it is more than adequate: decent prices and wide selection.

    HOWEVER: the ambience is totally unacceptable. Every time I go I have to ask a manager to turn down the volume on the music. The music itself is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for animals. Seriously. I grew up on hard rock. I love Bon Jovi and NXS and Deep Purple, etc…but that is NOT what animals need, especially those visiting the vet. They need calm, relaxing music or sounds of nature. Seriously, PetSmart, you can do much, much better.

  52. Griffin Derrick 2022/09


  53. Slim Archer 2022/09

    Liberty Dog Food 🐕 ❤️ …

  54. Jeff 2022/09

    Friendly and helpful staff. Good selection and variety of items.

  55. Sabra Alexander 2022/09

    Couldn’t be ruder! My goodness what a lazy place that refuses to get off their butt and do their job! Will never go to PetSmart again! is the best! Rude rude rude

  56. Beverly Brooks 2022/08

    They had sick birds. I got 2 blue parakeets and they had feathers missing. I inquired about it. They said they fight. But within a week they died. Won’t get anymore birds from there

  57. Loni Durant 2022/07

    Customer service was great

  58. Jonny Kendrick 2022/07

    Nice staff. Clean store

  59. Lisa A. 2022/07

    It was ok.. no dogs only cats for adoption

  60. Calcine Harris 2022/07

    Teddy has come to this location for a period of time. I have always been pleased with the service and the cuts he receives. The visit today was the 1st after 7 weeks of him wearing a cast on his leg.. I explained to Groomer Allie P. about his leg and she guaranteed me she would use gentle care with him. When I picked him up, oh my goodness a different dog altogether. He looked so good and he was given an excellent report from Groomer Allie P. everything was done just fine with no complications while grooming. Thank you.

  61. william gibbon 2022/06


  62. Barry Isom 2022/06

    Service was nice ,staff very helpful

  63. Ashanti Johnson 2022/06

    Kenny did a perfect job for teetoe 1.26.22. At libbie location.

  64. Tamara Haller 2022/06

    Postponed my appointment for two weeks then when they did take her only did not even half a cut and charged me for a full trim.

  65. r ow 2022/06

    Everyone was friendly and greeted me then asked if I needed help finding anything. Also then pet department manager Lauren is incredibly knowledgeable about all of the animals there. I would always recommend her advice! You can tell she genuinely loves the animals! You guys are amazing:)

  66. Tina R R P 2022/05


  67. Steven Mallis 2022/05

    Do a great job grooming and very accommodating.

  68. Max M 2022/05

    Lovely and helpful staff. I love this pet smart!

  69. Frank Rodriguez 2022/05

    Nice store…dog loves shopping for new toys.

  70. Lina T. Garnys 2022/05

    Clean facilities, helpful employees, good selection of everyday essentials for pets.

  71. Mark Huerta (Anthony) 2022/05

    I was able to find all the items for my delivery orders. The employees are very pleasant to speak with – at least on my 2 visits.

  72. Diane Ferguson 2022/05

    The store manager and assistant store are creating the worst petsmart in the company. Employees can create fights with customers but still have their job….. repeatedly. When managers can’t manage, and create a violent space, it’s time to get rid of them Petsmart. Where the District Manager?????

  73. Kimberly L. Winn 2022/04

    Excellent Experience!!

  74. Gino Colombo 2022/04

    In and out, friendly service.

  75. Cindy Stokes 2022/04

    Always helpful and friendly staff

  76. Constance Kingsbury 2022/04

    Very professional! Had my beagle, Ethan, in for a mani/pedi! Everyone was really nice!

  77. Carolyn Brannon 2022/04

    Wonderful prices and good selection of items. Staff is always pleasant and professional.

  78. Frank Rojas 2022/04

    Their website says that they have the product i need for my birdie, but once you’re there they don’t have it on stock and they don’t know if the product will be back on stock.

  79. lah dea 2022/03

    Don’t have enough animals

  80. Deanna Cohen 2022/03

    I buy all of my cats items here, also on Chewy if it’s not in store.

  81. Nemer Muallem 2022/03

    Staff is very friendly and the layout is easy to navigate. The groomers are nice too

  82. Dontel Mallory 2022/02

    Great store

  83. Bev Beaver 2022/02

    Great job

  84. Melanie Megela 2022/02

    The staff here is very knowledgeable and helpful! A+!

  85. Deborah Frye 2022/02

    Libbie Petsmart has got to be the rudest place to shop. A gray haired or frosted haired lady should not be working with the public.

  86. Mandy Johnson 2022/02

    Blown away by this store. Chipper employees, clean stores, intriguing fish supply. Wow good job guys you’re pretty cool.

  87. Jason Ciaschi 2022/02

    It’s an average store. The fish selection is very lacking. The rest of the store is stocked well. They have a good assortment of dog and cat food and selections of play toys for both.

  88. Mary B 2022/02

    I came into the store to find a special dog food. The associate on the floor I am assuming was a manager was very knowledgeable and helped me find what I was looking for. The associate at the register was pleasant and help me fix an issue with my treats account. I am a manager at another retailer and it was nice to receive great customer service.

  89. Clara Eggleston (RIBY) 2022/01

    Love it

  90. Dan Powell 2022/01

    They had fresh pet, petco did not

  91. Cassidy Chaffin 2022/01

    The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable, and very kind.

  92. Anthony 2022/01

    Very friendly people, didn’t have to wait in line long. The worms I purchased there were all living and healthy.

  93. tiara brown 2022/01

    I love Petsmart. I just wish the company on a whole offer more/better deals to its loyal customers. They can do better!

  94. Caroline Frye 2022/01

    Lady with the silver hair was blantantly rude to my mother and me for no reason after we told her to have a nice night when we were leaving. We both worked retail and couldn’t believe that someone would act like that to people. There were also dead fish in all the tanks which was super sad. She obviously doesn’t take her job very seriously.

  95. Robert Rose 2021/12

    Unloaded quickly, a happy experience

  96. I Burlock 2021/12

    Great service, helpful staff, what more can you ask for!

  97. lee 2021/12

    Joe is very thorough and caring with the dogs.

  98. T H 2021/12

    Avoid the old lady working there! She is very rude.

  99. Andrea Barja 2021/12

    The store is fine but their curbside service is glitchy. Second time I do curbside and nobody comes out or picks up phone, they seemed surprised I called and checked in via app because apparently nobody got the notification via app in store. Nobody picked up the phone so I just went in. You check in using app, which is normal but then nothing happens sometimes. Just plan on going in.

  100. Brinnaria Schmiedicke 2021/12

    I went here to buy hermit crabs but the hermit crab tank was in a terrible condition. Two of the four hermit crabs living in it were dead and seemingly had been for a while. There was mold growing in the substrate and flies. Plus there was no food or fresh water. How only half of the hermit crabs had been killed by this neglect is beyond me! As a hermit crab lover this was incredibly distressing to see and I adopted the two still living hermit crabs just to get them out of there. This situation needs to change, this kind of treatment is just cruel!

  101. Leonor Letson 2021/12

    Made an appointment to have my dog shaved. I made it clear when I made the appointment that she needed to be shaved. Got a call from the groomer 2 hours before my appointment telling me I had to bring her in earlier because “they shouldn’t schedule big dogs at the end of the day”. I raced home from work to get my dog so I could get her there earlier. When I walked in I could tell the groomer wasn’t into it. Sarah told me that it was PetSmart corporate policy not to shave dogs because if they got cut and needed a vet it is difficult to have the dog seen because of Covid. I would have respected her saying she didn’t feel comfortable doing it but to bold face lie after I took the afternoon off to get the dog there earlier wasn’t appreciated. They aren’t professional, lesson learned. Don’t waste your time.

  102. Scott Zincone 2021/11

    Helpful staff.

  103. Cindy Cates 2021/11

    The staff here are so helpful & informative!!! They really care & help you make good choices for your pet.

  104. Kirsten Crawley 2021/11

    The kindness exhibited by staff at this location was above and beyond – especially Joe in the Grooming and Mrs Vegas. My senior hound, Molly, goes to the office with me most days. She has bladder problems and wears diapers while we are at the office. Well… this morning with next to no warning poor girl pooped her diaper and then fell back in it. We got as cleaned up as we could and then went to go buy a new bed and find a self-washing location that was open. We landed at this Petsmart, which does NOT have a self-wash station, but that didn’t stop the staff from going out of their way to help.

    Mrs. Vegas could tell I was out of sorts when I was purchasing a new bed and asked how she could help. I explained the situation and right away she went to talk to Joe in Grooming. Their grooming department is always slammed, but Joe offered to take Molly back and get her cleaned up anyway.

    A few minutes later we were out the door and back in the office just in time for me to make an important client meeting.

    Thank you Joe & Mrs. Vegas. I can’t tell you what a difference you made in our day. We truly appreciate you both! Molly-girl is cleaned, settled and enjoying her new bed.


  105. Lee W 2021/10

    The kindest staff.

  106. Mary Smith 2021/10

    Nice place, helpful staff!

  107. jeffrey lewis 2021/10

    Received the worst service I have every experience

  108. Richard Woody 2021/10

    The person was really helpful an very pleasant

  109. Chinéé Smith 2021/10

    Great store associates are very nice

  110. Arun Pothala 2021/10

    The best place to buy small pets and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly

  111. V J 2021/10

    If you have questions about your aquarium, I definitely recommend this location.

  112. Keta J Jackson 2021/10

    My experience was absolutely the best thanks to Ms.Vegas, employee at this location… She’s a jewel.

  113. Ambrid 2021/10

    Staff is always nice and helpful. They carry a few brands exclusively. Their Authority Advanced Wellness GI salmon.dry cat food is the best food for my cat who has severe poultry allergies..
    and the carry Only Natural Pet who makes a dry superfood.for pets w sensitivities

  114. Moizuddin Hashmi 2021/10

    Had a frustrating experience today at this petsmart. Been a loyal customer for almost 10 years I love petsmart and always shop from it. But today I had a return but didn’t had the receipts. All orders that I was returning were through petsmart app. I have the order numbers as well as the price I paid for them. Cashier was super nice to take it all but manager insisted me to have to have physical receipts. I try to explain her that I have the order number as well as the price that I paid for but she was stubborn and insisted to get a printed receipts otherwise she won’t take the items. I know she was doing her job but they should be trained on how to use technology. Also I requested her just for my satisfaction can u scan the item and i can show u receipts from petsmart app but she refused and said it won’t show up. Any how I drove for another 20 miles and return stuff on other petsmart with no questions asked.

  115. Sean Boyd 2021/09

    My favorite pet store

  116. April Glover 2021/09

    Very friendly staff! Helped with all my needs.

  117. Beatz by Big Ra 2021/09

    The service here was good the fish selection needs a little more attention other than that its ok i will be back for a follow-up

  118. Reed Bradenstone 2021/09

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and a great selection of pet products. The cashier informed me of a 3-for-2 sale on part of a pricey litter system I use for my cats, which saved me a bunch of money. The birds, fish, small mammals, and reptiles in stock consistently appear healthy and happy. I’ve been to other pet supply chain-stores that do everything wrong, so it’s a relief to see employees who care about pets doing everything right!

  119. Megan Wright-Carter 2021/08

    excellant service

  120. Cloudy Skye 2021/08

    Does not off cat grooming.

  121. Kitty Johnson 2021/08

    Quick in and out. Great staff

  122. Troy Dubya 2021/08

    rats run freely.
    the urinals smeel good.

  123. M F 2021/08

    The groomers took care of our Peanut with great professionalism! Store merchandise selection is awesome!

  124. Jan B 2021/08

    Much better experience this time around. Kenny did a great job especially with my beagle’s long nails!

  125. Stacy Franklin 2021/08

    I love animals I have numerous tanks hermit crabs and dogs. I hate the fact I come in the store for supplies and Im always questioned by staff about my supply purchasing. It seems like the training is classic text book. An it’s very annoying. I understand associates jobs are to look out for the animals but the advice being provided is most often WRONG and unwanted. If I could I would order everything I need online to avoid going into the store.

  126. Catherine Caudill 2021/08

    Had taken my dog for 2 years for regular grooming appointments at this location. Appears there was a change in staffing earlier this year, went to pick up my pup after a bath and was told he was “too old” to be groomed at this Petsmart or any other location. No behavioral issues, no specific health reasons, no explanation. I was just told repeatedly he was “too old”. He’s 11 and been getting groomed his whole life with no major health concerns. I’ve taken him to Petco grooming 3 times since this incident and all 3 groomers said he was a good boy who’s easy to groom. Had been a lifelong Petsmart customer until this.

  127. Robert Beard 2021/08

    I’m not a pet person. No dog. No cat. But I went to PetSmart to buy a small bird feeder for my yard. They had several on the shelf and I got a nice small one for less than $10. But what struck me was how huge the place is, with beautiful aquarium fish and everything you need for any pet you might have. I did not shop prices on pet food, but I can say the bird stuff was competitive. Very nice!

  128. J Box 2021/07

    Clean and friendly staff

  129. Charlene Pace40 2021/07

    Great customer service

  130. Rich Spencer 2021/07

    It’s clean, spread out, and friendly:)

  131. paxton wolfrey 2021/07

    Very helpful staff, and a lot of Holiday Spirit!

  132. George Loughlin 2021/07

    Awesome service. Clean, friendly, just simply awesome

  133. Jessica Dean 2021/07

    The employees are always very helpful and friendly!

  134. Ron Bauer 2021/07

    The people at Pet Smart are always eager to help and search for discounts that I can use to help me get a better price on anything I need.

  135. Jamie Flournoy 2021/07

    This is a large store with ample parking and friendly employees. Whenever I come here I am able to find what I want quickly, and I am able to check out with no fuss.

  136. HVNDS0ME HER0 2021/07

    I had to catch a plane one day in July. I’m going to Vegas, and I run into a lady that works there, her name is Vegas. What are the odds of that? Lol great store by the way.

  137. Daniel Duff 2021/07

    Amazing knowledgeable staff, came into the store to replace daughter’s beta fish that passed and saw they had a chinchilla. Started asking questions and was shocked by the knowledge they had about it. So… we went home with a chinchilla and a replacement beta. Chinchilla was for me. 😁😁😁 …

  138. Kathy Talley 2021/07

    My 2 boys and year old & 5 year old received lot’s of love from everyone. They got to puck out 2 toy’s and of course treats. I had to buy 2 extra treats because someone snatched them out of a box and left spit and teeth marks.

  139. Jessica Bero 2021/07

    Before today, this location has been decent… but it seems like (and at many other places) associates are choosing to not display GOOD customer service anymore. I called today to check if an item/brand was in stock being I have ordered multiple times online & shortly after receive an email stating my item is not in stock. When the phone was answered I asked if they had the item, I was told “HOLD ON!” and immediately placed on hold. within SECONDS I was then disconnected. I called right back, pushed 0 & stated again why I was calling. “THEY DONT HAVE IT! THEY DONT HAVE IT!” is what was shouted over the phone.
    So, to the “Lady” (I use that word LIGHTLY) I seriously wish I had been there in person, & I GENUINELY hope you understand that WHAT YOU PUT INTO THE UNIVERSE IS WHAT YOU WILL inevitably RECEIVE BACK!
    & might I add that ONLINE it states this item IS AVAILABLE.

    I will gladly drive further for WHATEVER else I may need.

  140. Jan Hatchard 2021/07

    The caring, kind, and skilled staff do an excellent job every time. They are careful to consider every aspect of our rescue pups challenges and we so appreciate it. They’ve been very helpful to us in providing services and we would highly recommend them!

  141. Cris Sosa 2021/06

    Son amables y buena atención

  142. MBJ 2021/06

    Fresh Pet pick up. In and out!

  143. Philip Sledd 2021/06

    Great, helpful employees

  144. Blaze Frazier 2021/06

    I would like for them to keep items stocked more

  145. Sheryl Johnson 2021/06

    Took my pet here for a haircut not a pleasant experience for her or me they never finished the haircut and my dog was having trouble walking for at least 3 daysnot sure what happened but she’s not going back

  146. Cynthia Porter-Moore 2021/06

    Liked all that’s here for dogs. A very wide selection of toys, clothes, snacks. Anything you need for the care of your animal you find it here.
    Just wish items were a little less price wise.

  147. Linda Dunn 2021/06

    Had a super experience shopping the store, clean , well stocked , good prices and super friendly, helpful people. I needed an item for my cats to add to my super cat condo I bought that day and 2 employees were more helpful than anywhere I have ever been. I was really impressed on their knowledge of products also.

  148. Rachel V 2021/05

    A bit expensive

  149. Joey Elswick 2021/05

    They are smart about pets.

  150. Hca Hca 2021/05

    Friendly cashier, very efficient

  151. Len Frame 2021/05

    Great pet store with all the food and supplies I need!

  152. Pat Vitsky 2021/05

    Had all I needed, plus assistance on an item and help to the car!

  153. Rita Barnes 2021/05

    Staff is very helpful an friendly, very helpful an clean an stocked store

  154. Beverly Owens 2021/05

    Of all locations in Richmond they always have my Puppy food. Very friendly cashiers. Greetings always shouted upon entering store.

  155. L. Shepard 2021/05

    I like PetSmart. 100% The best place I’ve found so far to find cat toys and cat furniture. Will recommend them over Petco every day of the week.

  156. Linda Shearer 2021/05

    This store is well stocked, and was clean and organized. I called ahead for my item, when I entered the store I was greeted by Vegas. She went out of her way to get my dog food while I waited upfront. She asked if I needed anything else, I did and another employee brought forth what I requested. Then Vegas said there may be a better choice. She went back and brought two choices, I bought the best and the other item too! Please extend my thanks for an amazing shopping experience.

  157. Brenda Meador 2021/04

    Could smell better

  158. Tina R. Watkins 2021/04

    Very helpful. I have to revist soon.

  159. Jeff Hansen 2021/04

    Clean store, helpful staff, and they had everything I needed.

  160. John White 2021/04

    A good variety of pet needs in stock. Friendly, knowledgable staff.

  161. London Hudson 2021/04

    hi my name is London and wen i got my pet my pet is a giunea pig i got it on oct 11 2020 it was the best day it was my brthday wen i sen hen my heart stop konw he is happy and i love hem

  162. Josh Lambert 2021/04

    Shout-out to the cashier named Mrs. Vegas. Super nice lady, brings a little joy to a run to the pet store.

  163. Diamond Fields 2021/04

    Asked for crickets in a fresh bag and the short caucasian guy got an attitude. Didnt even greet me when he saw me.

  164. Sarah Staiger 2021/04

    They had a good variety of products, and their employee Rochelle (I believe that was her name) was really helpful and very knowledgeable.

  165. Matthew Wright 2021/04

    Friendly staff, recommend buying online and choosing in-store pickup, that way you can get in and out a lot quicker, and sometimes save some money, because sometimes they run specials on items that only apply for buy online and Pickup in-store purchases…

  166. Grace Everett 2021/04

    Very nice staff and selection. I dropped 10 dollars on the ground and the cashier found it and gave it to me right away. I was so happy for good people 😊 in the world. Gave me more faith in humanity 😂 …

  167. Lo Hair&More 2021/04

    Great selection of food & pets. Employees friendly & helpful. Store was clean & organized. Does offer curb side pickup parking spaces aswell.

  168. Emily Reed 2021/04

    The grooming here was a huge disappointment. They barely did anything, didn’t even clip my dog’s nails. He was done in less than an hour, and it was pretty clear they did not spend the time required to actually do that they claim they will do when booking.

  169. Dreama Nunnally 2021/04

    This is the best PetSmart I’ve shopped at. Store is always clean and organized, employees are helpful and courteous. Mrs Vegas is the nicest person, I hope the management realize what a great employee they have. Always greets the customers and is very knowledgeable about all pets, products, and service.

  170. Michael Katcham 2021/03

    My doggie 😍 this place …

  171. amanda clemons 2021/03

    First time at this location, had everything I went in for just slow CK out

  172. Brooke Edwards 2021/03

    I took my pup there for a trim and showed pictures of what I wanted. I didn’t want him skimmed- I maintain him and cut him myself but wanted a real groom. He was cut so short and they said he had knots! I can guarantee he did not, so they shaved him all over! I’m furious. He looks awful

  173. Cassidy Jesmer 2021/03

    We usually go to the petsmart on brook road because it’s nearest our house, but decided to get our things from this location because we had other errands in the area. We needed items for our bearded dragon we recently got. We were told it would be a 15 minute wait for crickets because there’s apparently only one person in the store that’s able to get them out and she was busy. Not sure of her name, but she has bright yellow hair. She was I guess helping someone else with an order and couldn’t take 2 seconds to get us crickets. We continued to wait 20+ minutes, during this time she pet our dog without permission. Working at a pet store, it should be common knowledge to not pet a dog without asking as the dog could be aggressive. We were never acknowledged after we were told about the 15 minute wait. No apology for needing to wait, to offer to help with anything else, so we left. On our way out the door, yellow hair girl walked right into me while turning around and didn’t say a word. We will continue taking our business to brook road where we are respected.

  174. Rita Oliver 2021/02

    Very friendly and helpful

  175. Sheryl Jones 2021/02

    Staff friendly. Store clean

  176. Timothy Turner 2021/02

    Great.🙂 everything I needed and more. …

  177. Albert Joseph 2021/02

    Took my dog for a shampoo and trim. Staff did an excellent job.

  178. chanda neal 2021/02

    Mrs. Vegas was excellent. And the lady in the fish department, with the colorful hair. Keep up with the great job.

  179. Russell Allen 2021/01


  180. Joyce Holloway 2021/01

    Low demand on birds low demand on everything in the store

  181. robert adair 2021/01

    Dr. Scott is awesome the best entire staff is the bomb

  182. M R 2021/01

    Place was very clean I called up there and I need to get my cat her food is called instinct Cat wet ingravy And they hold it for me and they were very polite

  183. Debbie Glover 2021/01

    Clean store with nice selection. The folks were very helpful and kind to my furry friend while we were shopping!

  184. Sug Graham 2021/01

    I had to research the effects of Human tuna in cat’s. I had feed my outdoor cat “Baxter” far too much. He’d started to lose weight and he’d experienced dandruff & itchy skin. His third eye became too obvious. In reaseching, i fount The best wet Food pouches. Mackerel and tilapia and Food Sarter. His appetite has returned, he enjoys the platter of Smartwater for his kidneys and I am giving him Lamb & Rice dry kibbles by Purina One. He loved his Greenies today & Tempatations Milk treats. I fount milk thistle and vitamin E can be helpful .
    That Mercury in the humanTunais very harmful for cats.
    i am not a Vet, and the disclaimer is please Check with your Vet.
    I fount the Wet pouchers at Petsmart, prices are great. Baxter my outside cat loves his Special dry & wet Foods.
    Yes, he’s a Outdoor Cat.
    Soon he’ll be back on Regular tap water.

  185. Dominique Fleming 2021/01

    I went in for a specific purchase(Freshpet Vital chicken) and was very glad to see that they had it since most of not all the Petco’s within 30 miles of me didn’t have it and I tried for like a month or two. I was sad to see that they didn’t have much of a clothing section. Although in their defense they did have quite a bit on clearance for winter items. And they may want to focus on having cashiers rather than finding who ordered a DoorDash lol.


  186. Stacie Cook 2021/01

    We adopted our sweet fur baby from this petsmart in June 2019 and we had a fantastic experience! She had been at this location over a month and we knew we had to act quick to adopt her. We had called and explained our situation to the staff (requesting to hold her for us for a few days due to circumstances) and they were able to make accommodations for us to pick her up! The entire time the staff was friendly, accommodating, and thrilled to have this kitty find her furever home!

    The condition of her care was above average for what I was expecting for a retailer. There have been no underlying health conditions in the years we’ve had her and she was well taken care of during her stay at Petsmart. The kitties we visited always had food, water, clean cages, and toys to keep them entertained. During our process of trying to find a kitty the staff was kind and allowed us to physically meet with the cats (pre covid times) and explore their personalities.

    Thank you Petsmart!


  187. Angela Burford 2020/12

    Great people and prices

  188. Jenny of course! 2020/12

    Fun, except for the payment portion of my experience.

  189. Ronda Bernstein 2020/12

    Conveniently located at the corner of Broad and Libbie in the same shopping center as Target, Barnes and Noble, and FedEx Office.

  190. Christine Anderson 2020/11

    way too expensive

  191. Matt Ford 2020/11

    Very busy and mostly empty shelves

  192. Meredyth Temple 2020/11

    Staff here is super friendly and helpful.

  193. Jay King 2020/11

    Clean inviting friendly and always awesome to see animals

  194. Silene Bateman 2020/11

    Really friendly associate (missed a name, blue hair). Chatted for bite.

  195. Paige 2020/11

    I had questions about taking care of my 3 yr. old lizard who had stopped eating. The employee I talked to asked me questions pertinent to my problem. She was very knowledgeable in different food that would be good to try as well as different ways to feed my lizard. I wish I could remember the employee’s name. She took her time and made sure I understood all the options she had explained. AWESOME personal. Thank you. By the way my lizard is doing much better and is now eating.

  196. Joejava 2020/10

    Love this store 😁😉👍 …

  197. Carolyn Peete 2020/10

    The black lady cashier is so friendly

  198. Angelina Degroat 2020/10

    This one has the best variety of cat food. 💜 …

  199. Beluved Drayton 2020/10

    I spend a lot of money in this place! My fur babies are worth it though! 🙄🙄🙄 …

  200. Russell Holder 2020/10

    Great, friendly and knowledgeable people. Large assortment of pet items.

  201. Brian Telfair 2020/10

    Great pick up service. Quick, timely and professional.

  202. JoAnn Deforge 2020/10

    Excellent‼️ Staff goes above and beyond to care for my elderly, physically challenged spaniel. Joe performed a beautiful grooming‼️

  203. Keith Franz 2020/10

    Grooming salon associate (Alice) very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.
    Demonstrated a sincere desire to assist me and my pet.

  204. Ryan Medlar 2020/10

    I went to the groomers here at Petsmart. Staff is enthusiastic and manage themselves well! Good price for the service they do.

  205. Oliver 2020/10

    I don’t normally care one way or another for PetSmart (I mostly just go there when I forget to order food online), but this particular location definitely stands out – Mrs. Vegas helped me out and really left a positive impression – I felt like that she cared about me as a person rather than as just a sale she had to go through for her job. I will definitely be shopping there more often as opposed to just ordering online!

  206. Marjorie Bertolino 2020/10

    Madison was the groomer for my standard poodle today. She did an excellent job. She trimmed him perfectly. The best grooming he has ever had. I will definitely call for her on our next grooming. Thank you, Madison!! 😍 …

  207. William Lemmond 2020/10

    I found the cat litter I can’t find anywhere else, the flushable “World’s Best” that I’ve used in my home plumbing for 20 years, with no trouble. And a store associate opened a second register when we customers were a little backed up. [Months-later update: all is still good; same good experience.]


  208. John Wood 2020/09

    Every thing your buddy needs

  209. Shantaye Johnson 2020/09

    The man who helped me was real rude like he was in a rush to help us

  210. keri abrams 2020/09

    Always helpful whenever you need to ask questions.

  211. Miles Johnston, III 2020/09

    The cats are now happy. Wide variety, willing staff, friendly atmosphere.

  212. Matt Amason 2020/09

    Super nice, they always give my dog an extra treat or two.

  213. Charles ODonovan 2020/09

    Always stocked with great treats for all my pets. Like the money back from being a member. Always great workers here to answer questions.

  214. latonia wilkins 2020/08

    There customer service is great here

  215. T C 2020/08

    Helpful staff and reasonable prices

  216. Beah Tolson 2020/08

    Your local PetSmart with extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable staff in all departments!
    Have gone in for new fish, and tank accessories and multiple staff taught me so much and shared so many stories I left with everything needed (and some more)

  217. Angela Rodriguez 2020/08

    This isn’t the first, second, or third time I’ve had to complain about the same employee in your store. I’ve sent an email before this months ago about this gentleman and I have yet to receive a response. There have been way too many times to count that this man has been completely disrespectful to myself, my boyfriend, and my roommate during our visits. There were times I would see this man working and I would leave to go somewhere else.
    Today, I needed to buy puppy food and had no where else to get it from seeing as every other pet store was sold out. I reluctantly purchased a bag from this location and I say reluctantly because I knew this man would be there. I made this purchase online to be picked up in store by my boyfriend because I could not get there in time, filled out all of the information with his name, number, and email address. When he gets there, he sees this aforementioned man and asks him where he could pick up my order. This man ignores his question so he asks again with the fresh response “oh I thought you would have realized that you can get it right here” with no posted sign might I add. After some uncomfortable staring back and forth, my boyfriend says he’s here for my order with another fresh response of “obviously”. He asks for the name on the order, he replies with his but the man says that name isn’t on the order so he gives him mine. The man asks “why isn’t it under YOUR name” but then radios for my order anyway? So while waiting, my boyfriend is standing off to the side waiting for the package, far away as he can get from other people, respecting the 6-feet stickers, and this man says he’s making HIM feel uncomfortable for ‘being too close’. Luckily through this ordeal, he was able to get my puppy food and left. He has also sent in a complaint.
    He is an older gentleman, stark white hair, working at around 5:00 O’clock at the Libbie location 6/10/2020.
    Our measly $38.00 every few weeks might not mean anything to the business as a whole, but you’ve lost a few loyal customers permanently because of this ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO I HAVE SENT IN FORMAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT AND HAVE RECEIVED NOT ONE RESPONSE. Nothing has been done, nothing will ever get done it seems, so I’ve had it. I am very disappointed. I will be telling everyone about this experience.

    I say this with sincerity to whoever reads this but enjoy the rest of your day,


  218. Crystal Lumpkin 2020/07

    Love this place!

  219. Kim Fox 2020/07

    Miss Vegas is the best!

  220. Beverly Evans 2020/07

    Great place and I found exactly what I needed.

  221. Billie Smith 2020/07

    Vegas is the best she makes you feel right at home

  222. J A 2020/07

    They’re always very helpful, but not overbearing when we go in.

  223. Marcellus Johnson 2020/07

    Supplies are always available. Employees, customer service is tip top. Easy parking – in and out… 👍 …

  224. Cynthia Bow 2020/06

    This place is TOYS R US for my cats.

  225. J Birdie 2020/06

    Lack of selection, lots of shelves empty, adoption kitties all looked like they were sedated 🙁🙁 …

  226. Mo M 2020/05

    Friendly staff

  227. D.F. Powell 2020/04

    Kelly was great!! Thank you Kelly!!!

  228. Mia J 2020/04

    Everyone is so always so nice

  229. Kimberly Meadows 2020/04

    Great place to do business with

  230. Nohurt Nomo 2020/04

    Grooming staff excellent/groomed by Madison C

  231. Jay Braxton 2020/04

    The cashier Vegas is the best the only reason I come to this location. You need more positive and happy employees

  232. Jessica Carter 2020/04

    Curbside drop off was simple. Couldnt figure out how to pay before we came back to pick up from grooming so still had to go in. Paid extra this time for nail file but nails were exact same as last time when all we got was the nail cut so I wouldnt reccomend paying for the file if you are doing a bath.

  233. Tracey Greene 2020/04

    1st of all I called the place and the woman was really nice to me over the phone. So I proceeded to go there to that location And the same woman was working the register. Nice lady. I wanna adopt a cat so I was able to go in and pet the cats after I had to watch the guy clean up 1st but that didn’t take him long. The prices of the adoptions are little steep For someone on a fixed income which is me. I guess all’s have stick with a gerbal, hamster or fish

  234. Michael Gustavsson 2020/03

    Great service

  235. chris coleman 2020/03

    Great staff and clean environment, staff went the extra mile to price match a item that was not available in store for the online price.

  236. Teresa Cole 2020/03

    Really wish they didn’t have animal adoptions in store. It’s my least favorite part of this place. Why do they need to sell kittens?!?? Let the shelters do the adoptions. There prices for the most part of just slightly higher than online. There are usually long lines as they don’t have many people working registers. Employees don’t seem to be experts in pet care at all, just workers trying to get buy. They can show you where things are in the store but can’t answer questions about fish care products or other technical questions.

  237. Carolyn Latimer 2020/03

    Best pet store. There was a great selection of what I was looking for to choose from. Everyone in the store was friendly. Especially Vegas, who showed me where to find what I needed.

  238. Joe Hubbell 2020/03

    It seems to me that they are removing any affordable dog food. Brand selections seem to be getting fewer and fewer. And I find that I can get pet food and treats cheaper at the Target store in the same shopping center.

  239. Pete Olson 2020/03

    Very helpful and we bought the biggest dog bed they had.


  240. Nancy Broaddus 2020/02

    Cat carrier

  241. Tony Johnson 2020/02

    Nothing special.


  242. Andrew D 2020/02

    The staff had adapted to social distancing and mask wearing quite well. The atmosphere is business as usual. Even with online options, going to see things like chew toys in person is invaluable to us.

  243. James & Aura Thomas 2020/01

    Place to go for all your pets needs

  244. Fleet Moore 2020/01

    This little one wanted to go with me

  245. Jane O'Neil 2020/01

    Friendly, knowledgeable employee was a shopping plus.

  246. Charles Woolard 2020/01

    Just about everything you would need for your pet. Collars, food and water bowls, food for all types of pets and a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions. And your pets are allowed inside to help you shop!

  247. Melanie M 2020/01

    Madison G groomed and cut my Maui EXACTLY how I asked and was patient with us both as I am a new puppy mom and he is new to grooming. She also came highly recommended and I can see why. She was sweet, informed, and timely. It was much appreciated and relaxing to know my fur baby was in good hands.

  248. Melvin Ávila 2019/12

    Nice people! Fast service. Thank you

  249. ddan8862 2019/12

    Ordered on line for a pick up .We got to the store and called in per instructions. The clerk stated they do not do CURBSiDE after 7 pm. My daughter has a baby and luckily I was in the car . This store does not close until 9 pm .

  250. Blake Crossin 2019/11

    Great store

  251. Nicholas Hassler 2019/11

    Typical PetSmart

  252. Dee Reese 2019/11


  253. Randy Hill 2019/11

    Good service

  254. Raj Malaeb 2019/11

    Friendly staff and convenient location

  255. Hunter Fariss 2019/11

    Super convenient and they price match! Online ordering is a breeze.

  256. A.S. LoCurzio 2019/11

    My pup got a great haircut from Madison in the grooming salon! Super sweet/friendly staff too.

  257. Montese King 2019/11

    I order online because it is convenient for me. I would have given five stars, but a few of the dog food cans were dented.

  258. Melissa H 2019/11

    Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Not sure why my online order for 2 items only had one item pulled when I got to the store. Luckily second item was on shelf and I was able to purchase it separately.

  259. Jaymeson Rivers 2019/11

    love the people in grooming! they are all so nice and do a great job. my pup is very anxious and also a standard poodle, so not the easiest dog to groom, but she always looks great and feels better! Madison specifically is great at her job and lets me know about deals to save me some money! please tip these groomers! 🙂

  260. Victoria Walsh 2019/11

    Miss Vegas is such an awesome lady! I go there for all my fish supplies. I bought both of my bettas there. Absolutely beautiful fishes.


  261. alexander Nolasco 2019/10

    Es bonito

  262. Rhonda Charles 2019/10

    Friendly employees 😍 …

  263. leo leo 2019/10

    They dont have the many pets.

  264. Ace 2019/10

    Great store! Very nice people and hard workers!

  265. Lynnette Graham 2019/10

    Found everything I was looking for. And love the points system for savings. Thanks for all your help. Staff very friendly and approached me several times for help. Will be back soon.

  266. Lindsey P 2019/10

    The associate in aquatics needs some serious training. Her advice didn’t sit well with me, so I went to another location (Midlothian), and their associate gave me the exact opposite advice which turned out to be what I really needed to do. My fish tank had a spike in nitrites and nitrates due to my roommate overfeeding my betta while I was gone. I went to the Libbie location for advice and the girl told me to do a 100% water change and take out of some of my plants because I had too many. I did this and the levels were okay for a day, but then they went back up. She said I just needed to wait it out, and if I put any kind of stabilizer in the water it would kill my fish. I went to Midlothian to get a second opinion and Brandon told me I got terrible advice. A 100% water change was the worst thing I could have done. My betta could have died from shock. And there’s virtually no such thing as too many plants. He told me to buy this product called Stability to add good bacteria to my tank, and the levels were back down to nothing in a couple days. My betta is no longer stressed out and happily swimming around my tank. Thank you Brandon!

  267. David Ballard 2019/10

    Took our Staffordshire Bull Terrier in for Grooming and they did a wonderful job. We’ll be back in 3 weeks


  268. Yasser GRX 2019/09

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 great experience …

  269. BAMA McNeely 2019/09

    A bit pricy …

  270. Stacey Cheek 2019/09

    Friendly knowledgeable staff

  271. Miriam Sandoval 2019/09

    Not very friendly to the students visiting the store.

  272. Dorena Hickman 2019/09

    Awesome store! Very friendly staff!

  273. Jessica Jemison 2019/09

    Great customer service, so many options of products. Found my new pet store

  274. Danielle Hellmuth (Miss Danielle) 2019/09

    I LOVE this Petsmart!! Great with returns, very informative with true information. This place treats you and your animals like family!!

  275. M. Jenkins 2019/09

    There was a loose bird out, and there’s no cats in this one at least not when I visited. But it was clean and staff were helpful. Would visit again.

  276. Daniel Boon 2019/09

    I have been going on and off to this PetSmart for about 20 years. I went there yesterday, just to stop in to buy a dog grooming brush, a squeaky toy, flea treatment, and Pedigree dog food. I was pretty disappointed that a specialty store for pets, charges 3 to $5 more on every item than you would pay at Walmart or a grocery store. other than that the staff are very friendly and informative. They help you out finding things and answering questions. The location is very clean and very pet friendly. but I suggest you go somewhere else if you’re looking for a common item that can be found at a Walmart or grocery store. If you can’t find it there, then go to PetSmart

  277. Madison Collier 2019/08

    Excellent customer service

  278. Richard Blankenship 2019/08

    All good. Very helpful staff….

  279. Susan Warren 2019/08

    Nice store, easy to get in and out…

  280. Paul Easter Jr 2019/08

    Love this PetSmart. Great staff very helpful

  281. Rocky Coley 2019/08

    Had my dogs groomed and Lyn is the best.

  282. Reed Mack 2019/08

    Great but crickets do sometimes get out

  283. Penny Snellenberger 2019/08

    Good prices found what I needed, helpful staff and great customer service.

  284. Michael Mollen 2019/08

    They have a great selection but it is a little easy to get lost if you are looking for something specific for the first time visiting the store, however the staff can always help you find what you are looking for, even if you’re not exactly sure what you are looking for.

  285. Ann Marie Harris 2019/08

    Out of Billy & Margot iced treats. Staff was extremely nice and helpful. Disappointed in the selection of wet dog food as most had animal by-products, alternative sugar (sucralose), and canola or sunflower oil. Ended up purchasing my dog’s usual wet food; Purina One Smartblend.

  286. Haley LaFemina 2019/08

    I highly recommend the training classes at this Petsmart location. Van B. is an amazing trainer, she truly understands how dogs work and is able to give each puppy parent individual advice based on their puppy’s behavior and needs.

  287. Michael Hale 2019/07

    Always fun

  288. Trenton Padgett 2019/07

    Price match is great

  289. FireTigressFL 2019/07

    Pet store for your basic needs. A lot of items for dogs, cats and fish. Not too much for reptiles. I have snakes, so I generally only when I need something quickly.

  290. Crissy 2019/07

    They’re always pleasant, and I enjoy buying things for our betta Blue Star and browsing around. They would have gotten 5 stars if they had a light for our 5 gallon tank.

  291. xelle wyble 2019/07

    I really like this pet smart. Normally I’m a local business kind of guy but this particular PetSmart has been good to me. I bought an aquarium and it leaked so I brought it back l. They didn’t have the same model so they upgraded me significantly. All the people who work there are always helpful and pleasant.

  292. Tina Buskey 2019/06

    Great variety

  293. Slida Tillo 2019/06

    Love it it was well

  294. Jerod Manley 2019/06

    Everything was great.

  295. Aaron Smith 2019/06

    Kinda hard to look for specific items

  296. TYRONE OGILVIE 2019/06

    Always helpful friendly employees

  297. kathryn williams 2019/06

    Pretty well stocked. Nice staff

  298. Victor Burgdoerfer 2019/06

    With price comparison offered and friendly staff, terrific prices and products, you’d be hard pressed to shop for your pets needs anywhere else.

  299. Jon Costa 2019/06

    Incredibly well workers that do fix and clean dogs very well and have all items you may need or want

  300. James Phillips 2019/06

    This was my last trip to PetSmart. I bought a goldfish bowl for my 9 year old granddaughter but could not get the goldfish for it because the sales person told me that to have the 0.16 goldfish I needed to have a 50 gallon tank so we were unable to get her the fish. Every kid who has ever owned a goldfish has used a goldfish bowl.

  301. Mrinmoy Das 2019/06

    My most favorite PetSmart to go. I do not have cats or dogs. I love aquariums. And they have large section dedicated to fish and aquarium maintenance. Their fish collection is also huge. They take very good care of the aquariums as they are always clean. The staffs are also very helpful and seems knowledgeable.

  302. Mackie Williams 2019/05

    Love going to see the animals 🙂

  303. Anna Miller 2019/05

    Had treats I needed and guy knew them and where to find them.

  304. Lynne Douglas 2019/05

    Great food. Great service. Inviting place

  305. Doug Hoard 2019/05

    Decent prices and very nice staff!

  306. constrained gypsy 2019/05

    Worst haircut. Overcharged for skipping so many parts of the styling

  307. Tara Kelley 2019/05

    Love all Petsmart’s but this location doesn’t have the best selection.

  308. Phyllis Mondak 2019/05

    Staff greeted me at the door. they helped me find the product I needed and carried it to the cash register and car for me.

  309. Vera Akurienne 2019/05

    I’ve always had a great experience at this petsmart. On June 4th my little yorkie had her first haircut. Becca W at the Libbie Place Richmond Petsmart did such an amazing job. The cut was the perfect length, my yorkie had no niks or patches. This was the big chop so I was worried but Becca was awesome she was nice and professional and I couldn’t be happier. I am definitely having her do all my pet grooming in the future.

  310. Bron T 2019/05

    We stopped here to get a harness and leash to train our pup. While looking, we met Van, one of the trainers. She was amazing. We told her what we were doing and she helped us find the right equipment. If we lived closer, we would definitely be attending her puppy classes. The cashier was very helpful and friendly.

  311. ann cosby 2019/04

    Gold fish stuff

  312. Arlene LERNER 2019/04

    Salespeople are extraordinarily helpful.

  313. Anna Miller 2019/04

    Found the exact dog treats I needed

  314. Red Gable 2019/04

    Found some fish oil for Arlo.. sales women was really nice and helpful..

  315. Justin Eley 2019/04

    Adopted a cat who’s been a sweetheart. I wish I got name of lady who helped me cuz she was fantastic as well

  316. Judith Duarte 2019/04

    My cat food is reasonably priced. Love to check on the adoptable kitties. Staff is helpful & friendly.

  317. Bridgechette Tisdell 2019/04

    Molly Maid really needs to come by and clean this store I thought it was dirty! The cashier that check me out reek of cigarette smoke ! PetSmart does price match so I brought up to the cashier about matching the price with Petco this guy that smell like 50 stacks of cigarettes said well I have to see the ad so I let him see the ad on the phone and told him all of my cat food was the same flavor. Let me tell you there were five cans he looked at each can when all one had to do was take a glance and you can see they all looked alike! This was the closest PetSmart on my way home from work so I decided to run in. I can tell you this I’m not going to go in there anymore. And if you are near this one Google another one and try them stay away from this store!

  318. Shez Man 2019/03

    One stop pet shop

  319. Keniya Smith 2019/03

    Great store

  320. Katie Gantt 2019/03

    Clean and helpful employees.

  321. Louis Errante 2019/03

    Loading Rescue Cats into Condo’s
    More cat’s

  322. C Tate 2019/03

    Van is the best dog trainer!

  323. George Wade 2019/03

    Great customer service. Employee are knowledgeable of there products.

  324. Ceily Poh 2019/02

    Poor stock

  325. M S 2019/02

    Relatively smaller PetSmart shop..

  326. Wanda allen 2019/02

    Staff is very helpful

  327. Christopher Cox 2019/02

    Great pets i got my best friend from here

  328. Diane 2019/02

    More selection for exotic animals (hay, litter for rabbits, crickets, worms, lights for lizards, tortoise, etc) than petco in our area, friendly staff, good sales when you catch them

  329. RC3 Yank 2019/02

    Staff are always in a good mood and very helpful. With 5 dogs we go here often and are always satisfied

  330. Reggie Wynn 2019/02

    Love this location. Everyone is friendly and also knowledgeable in the areas they work in. Very important and they pull it off well. Store is always clean and orderly.

  331. Ki Johnson 2019/02

    In comparison to some of the other PetSmarts I’ve been to, this location was definitely the smallest. But it is filled with love. The staff was great and extremely helpful, they didn’t mind my four-year-old talking their head off or asking a million questions. Great customer service. Store is really clean and organized. Not the largest selection of animals buy it works for the space they’re in.

  332. CeJae Vtipilson 2019/01

    Dog food

  333. nathalie craft 2019/01

    Ok but need people..

  334. Nina Scarpa 2019/01

    Love this place. Shopped here for years.

  335. Neli Montalvo 2019/01

    Friendly staff always find what I need

  336. David H 2019/01

    Got a hamster and a snake from there .they have lots of animals and supplies

  337. Cheryl P 2019/01

    Got my pets nails trimmed. Was ok. Friendly staff

  338. Mary Whittle 2019/01

    I get a special price on Tuesday. And the service is fine.

  339. Archer Pippin 2019/01

    Nice store. Plenty of selections. Friendly staff. Found a few extras for the dog and cat which was nice too.

  340. C M 2019/01

    This store is nice has pretty much every thing you need. Nice workers. Prices alittle higher but has most things.

  341. Anna Houtz 2019/01

    My friend and I both adopted kittens this past weekend and went to PetSmart to get all of our supplies. They were fairly busy, since they were closing soon, so I was having trouble finding someone to help us. Luckily, I found Lucy (who was extremely kind even though I completely interrupted her in a different section of the store) and she helped us find everything we needed AND made sure we were getting the best bang for our buck. She showed us where to access coupons and told us about their price match policy. She really took her time to help us and made it the experience 100x better!

  342. Erielle Eppes 2019/01

    I usually enjoy going to this location. The staff I’ve encountered during previous visits were always kind and helpful. Unfortunately, during my last visit the cashier threw my item after ringing it up and didn’t even bag it. I had to bag the item myself and she didn’t seem to see there was anything wrong with her customer service. I called the store to speak with a manager about the encounter, but of course no answer.

  343. Nicole Rachelle 2018/12

    Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable! I’m happy and I have a very happy puppy!


  344. share 2018/12

    I wish there were more options for rabbits (and other small animals). But regardless, it’s decently clean and decently organized, and workers are friendly. Their price matching to other big stores is also a plus.

  345. Brian Cruse 2018/12

    There is only one Mrs. Vegas on earth, and this is where you can find her! I don’t order online so I have an excuse to share a few mint with this amazingly warm & friendly cashier at least every few weeks as I rung up my purchases. Along with Mrs. Vegas the rest of the staff is extremely helpful and easy to work with. And you can’t beat that price matching!! Aaaand, AARF usually sets up out front a few times per year, a great rescue organization who we’ve adopted 3 dogs through.

  346. Lucy Wooldridge 2018/11

    also good

  347. Irene Wilson 2018/11

    Expensive, fish looked sad, only one super slow guy was working register, so things got really backed up

  348. lauren leggett 2018/11

    Merchandise is somewhat on the pricey side, considering you can get the a lot of the same things for less elsewhere. It is, however, handy if you’re in need of a quick purchase, or if there’s something more unusual you need to buy such as specialized pet food.

  349. Marlon Silva 2018/10

    Best price in pet stuff

  350. Lou T 2018/10

    Very good customer service and knowledgeable help

  351. Jordan Hunter 2018/10

    Great staff, big store, great prices

  352. Elizabeth Downing 2018/10

    I’ve seen some negative reviews on the groomers at this location, but I have to tell you that I’ve taken my elderly dog to a few groomers in Richmond and the ONLY groomer she likes is Sarah M. at this location. Sarah is sweet and my dog loves her. When I go to pick my dog up, the whole staff is nice and friendly. But Sarah is the star. She is professional and has a gift with animals. Love her.

  353. Glen Smith 2018/09

    Great shop.

  354. Felicia W 2018/09

    Lots of helpful staff, price match if the item is cheaper online, and good selection of products

  355. Jeff Patrick 2018/08

    Order online pickup in store save money. They have what you need when you need it.

  356. Leslie McInturf 2018/07

    Staff was very friendly and helpful!

  357. Marcia Bogin 2018/07

    Well stocked toys for cats and dogs!

  358. LESLIE BOBERG 2018/06

    My dog toy store

  359. Victor Tsvyakh 2018/06

    Grate store if u got pets

  360. Nancy Wyman 2018/06

    Becca is such a wonderful groomer,the best

  361. jackie kahn 2018/06

    Great job recently with my cockapoo.

  362. Clark Fiske 2018/06

    If you want a hermit crab get there early on Wednesday

  363. Katherine “Katie” Campbell 2018/05

    Best place for puppy nails

  364. Sara Gustafson 2018/05

    Awesome staff, clean/neat store with great selection

  365. Alena Gerasimova 2018/05

    I was there with my daughter’s classmates! We had awesome time. There are different kinds of fishes, reptiles, birds (and cats for adopting )

  366. Cora-Semmes Bryce 2018/05

    Looked for a water repellent coat for a friend’s dog. Unfortunately there wasn’t one the dog’s size available. Store was clean Personnel friendly.

  367. Andrew Salisbury 2018/05

    My 12 year old golden retriever is very anxious and will rub her nose raw if left in a crate while being groomed. Madison took EXCELLENT care of her and she looked great when I picked her up. She also called me before she was done and waited with her until I arrived.

  368. Nancy Delph 2018/04

    Miss Vegas makes this the best Petsmart in Richmond.

  369. Best of the Beast 2018/04

    They have everything. A little pricey but if you need it, its there

  370. J Lag 2018/04

    I love buying our pet supplies from here. Nice quality and pricing. Employees seen to care more and are very knowledgeable of their products.

  371. Elaine Wittel 2018/04

    Thanks. Was looking for a new dog bed for the crate. Purchased one, but found it to be too small. Called PetSmart and employee was very helpful in locating one that would be the right size. I will exchange the item tomorrow. Excellent service!


  372. David Barnett 2018/03

    Store is well-stocked and associates are

  373. Barbara Carter 2018/03

    Pet and people friendly store with a broad selection of pet needs, feeds, and splurges.

  374. Mike Kelley 2018/03

    Courteous helpful staff
    Excellent customer service.

  375. Jeff Barnaby 2018/03

    Everything a giant sized pet superstore should be. Prices are ok, but not great, in their defense, they have a selection of cat and dog food for any taste.

  376. Tracy Barr 2018/03

    The store was clean but the staff dont help we was in there almost 30 minutes not one person tried to help i yelled help when i seen 3 different employees and nobody stopped to help

  377. Sarah Kranz-Ciment 2018/03

    Such helpful staff and such great service! The only place I will shop for my pets now!

  378. June Collier Rios 2018/02

    Close to my home

  379. Professional Home Services 2018/02

    Grooming for Shaggy


  380. Chris S 2018/02

    Great that they take challenging price match

  381. Damon Della Greca 2018/02

    A nice selection of items for all sorts of pets.

  382. Doug H 2018/02

    Excellent customer service! If you need help finding anything or a basic tip on pet care, the staff here is happy to help.

  383. Dustin L. Hall 2018/02

    As always a pleasure to shop in this store! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and excellent customer service. I’ve shopped at Petsmart for years and I have to say that this is the most cleanest store I have been in. Kudos guys and gals & keep up the great work.

  384. Calypso Molohon (Callie) 2018/01


  385. trevor cody 2018/01


  386. Eyeisha Winston 2018/01

    Nice store

  387. Howard Smith 2018/01

    Plenty of products for pets.

  388. Leyda Ramirez 2018/01

    I love it my daughter love animals and the employees aré always nice and show the animals

  389. Joanne Johnson 2018/01

    Great salesperson helped us in picking out a Gecko and everything needed to make a happy pet!

  390. Rachael Mason 2018/01

    One of the employees has sexually assaulted two women and he is still allowed to work there despite the managers being aware of it. Managers are rude awful people. Adoption groups bring in sick animals and adopt out to sketchy people. The employees don’t care for the animals like they should.

  391. José Martínez 2017/12

    Excelente encontré los peces que a mi me gustan para mi acuario.

  392. LAGRETA G. Johnson 2017/12


  393. Nick P 2017/12

    Who doesn’t like petsmart

  394. Beluved Drayton 2017/12

    I have no complaints!

  395. Andrew Wood 2017/12

    The staff here are fantastic and very helpful! This is my go-to pet supply store (I have fish and birds). The fish department here is really well managed for a PetSmart.

  396. Kendric Brown (KJ) 2017/12

    Vegas has always been a professional joy when we visit this store!! She is is one of the main reasons we return time and time again. She brings atmosphere to our home store in the Libbie shopping center. PetSmart has friendly and caring staff that are usually quick to help you, answer questions or help try to find you the best deals in their stores.

    Keep up the great work!!

  397. Miles Millon 2017/11

    Stacy in grooming is unbelievably rude. I simply asked to have my car groomed here and was referred to short pump. I accidentally called back and asked the same thing and was given a rude two word answer. I just don’t get why people in this city are so so so so rude in customer service. It’s a Richmond thing and I can’t wait for a business to care enough to change the attitude in this city.

  398. Ramona Isley 2017/10

    the staff were so very helpful and kind to our puppy.

  399. NuclearCoffee 2017/10

    I’ve never had a problem with getting my pug toenails clipped. Helpful staff.

  400. Ole Hank Dog 2017/08

    Clean store

  401. Steven Eubank 2017/07

    Awesome, had what I needed for my dog, staff was very helpful and friendly.

  402. Elise Carey 2017/07

    Use caution at the Libbie Mill Petsmart for grooming. Today my 12 year poodle was sliced on the ear. Without being told the manager grabbed my dog and rushed her to the vet. After the incident they then called and notified me that my dog was not there and had been taken to the vet.
    I would have understood rushing her to the vet if there was a main artery cut and was in need of severe care or to something of that extent. Her ear was clipped with scissors, which needed to be watched for infection. I should have been notified immediately after it happened, and asked permission to take her to the vet. She was put in a car, locked in crate with a complete stranger and rushed to the vet.
    The man who had Ellie had no cell phone, so could not be contacted. This is extremely unprofessional. Upon rushing to the vet, the man who had my dog smirked when being confronted about not having a cell phone and simply stating “store policy” to take your dog without consent. Ellie is a sweet dog, but has severe anxiety. I can only imagine how she felt during all this. This can trigger even worse anxiety with grooming for dogs.
    The lady who cut her stated boldly, “Accidents like this happen, nothing to worry about.” “Your dog is fine.”
    I’m sure this lady would view this situation differently if she was cut by her hairdresser and left the salon bleeding.

    I would have given zero stars, but had to rate one to post this. Please keep your fur babies away from this place.

  403. Ric A 2017/06

    Not always good prices

  404. Craig Snow 2017/06

    Seriously this location is filled with nothing but jerks. Terrible service, no one was around to help me, don’t even bother.

  405. Julien Belair 2017/06

    Had the best experience of my pet owning life here! Shortly after finding a kitten in Hollywood Cemetery I came to this Petsmart, and was helped by a cashier by the name of Mrs. Vega who gave me an adoption coupon book and was so enthusiastic and helpful. I’ve been a regular ever since, and have always encountered friendly staff who are eager to help me help my pet!

  406. Sarah Califano 2017/05

    Always have what I need from gear, to food to training treats for my pup!

  407. John Taylor 2017/04

    The people from the fish Department was really nice

  408. Watch Next mix Gold 2017/04

    Very nice people here and are always willing to help you find what you’re looking for but I wish they did more puppy adoption here then just kittens 🙂

  409. Ray Osborne 2017/03

    My experience with PetSmart is great no problems to help me find what I needed and the associates we’re up to date

  410. Rodelia Datts 2017/03

    I love sales anytime there is a sale and a pet store it’s a good thing because who don’t love sells when it’s time to appreciate the time that you spend with your dog and to see your dog look good too, so hairy.


  411. June Ruby 2017/02

    Terrible grooming experience- rude groomers. Saw them being hateful to dogs they were grooming when we picked up our dog. Never again!

  412. Deborah Charity 2017/02


  413. Jennifer Taylor 2017/01

    Love petsmart nice people there

  414. Nathan Dryden 2017/01

    Pretty clean. Not happy with aquarium section.

  415. Phyllis Sawyer 2017/01

    Great place to shop for your pet. I love the pet perks…

  416. Hollcamp249 Bandit 249 2016/12

    No one greeted me or asked if I needed help.

  417. Trey Jeter 2016/12

    The food my cat likes is always in stock.

  418. douglas peyton 2016/12

    Awesome the lady at checkout was the best she should be the manager very polite and given a raise

  419. James Smith 2016/12

    Great visit. I’m relatively new to the aquarium hobby and had a long, informative discussion with a manager who was very knowledgeable. Will definitely return.

  420. Erica Burkhart 2016/11

    My dog’s groomer, Lily, is great! She always gives him the perfect cut and somehow he doesn’t mind being groomed by her. In general the staff at this location are friendly and knowledgeable.

  421. Virginia Really 2016/09

    They get their pets from suppliers that put bunnies in zip-lock bags, throw them in a freezer, and freeze them to death.

  422. Meredith Klein 2016/09

    The only reason we come here for grooming is because we had an incident at the best place in RVA and I’m hesitant to take our dog back. However, Lynne is fabulous and does a great job on our dog. I’m writing this review from the parking lot – I had a 7 am appointment and they are closed due to a power outage. There are several cars in the lot meaning they didn’t call anyone to let them know. Terrible customer service and a huge inconvenience.

  423. Cyanne Yates 2016/07

    We are regular customers. We have a springer spaniel and they do excellent grooming.

  424. Aaron Waxman 2016/06

    I love getting my dog groomed here.

  425. Joel Ingram 2016/05

    My beagle gets groomed here and seems to like the staff. They have what I need for her and the staff at checkout is friendly and helpful. I love that they host adoption agencies on Saturdays.

  426. Clarence Harris 2016/05

    I bought one albino catfish from here and it affected all 14 fish I had in my tank. First my other albinos started turning red just like the albino I bought from this PetSmart. Come on now 14 fish and must I mention I even tried to go back and get other fish from different tanks in PetSmart, 2 guppies, 3 neons and 2 snails but the snails never died lol. 5 more fish after a water change even though my water was tested normal. The last time I looked at some sick albinos and an employee finally told me the fish were sick after letting me purchase more fish. But I know exactly what’s going on now. They keep a good breed of small community fish in the back somewhere and try to sell most of the sick fish. FACTS!!! And the customer service in the aquarium part sucks when you need help but the only thing the employees can help is a cell phone to text on. I had a good community in my aquarium now I’m back to a starter looking aquarium. All I can do is shake my head.

  427. Francisco Peot 2016/02

    It seems like a trend of rude pet smart groomers going back 7 years. I wonder if it’s a long time employee. We have had similar situations there. Unfortunately the groomer we liked has left pet smart. There is a very rude lady we refuse to use and she does a horrible job. Some of the others are Rudd as well. The gentleman that works there now is the one we request. We continue to go only because it’s convenient to our home. Pet value on willow lawn is going to start providing grooming. When they do I will start going there. The food is a little more expensive but the customer service is much better and the manager is great.

  428. Ashley Johnson 2016/01

    They. Gave my. 4 yr old a dead crab They. Gave my daughter a dead carb I’m done

  429. Diamanté Lure 2016/01

    Slim pickings on plants. Good price on fish. But stays open late

  430. James Engel 2015/06

    Tried to return an unopened bag of pet food. Did not have receipt so I understood I would probably only get store credit. The cashier told me to hit the bricks. I had to go to the manager to get store credit and even then I had to use it right then at their store as an exchange.

  431. Kate Nash 2014/01

    I DO NOT recommend the grooming service at this location. I have a sweet elderly dog with hip dysplasia, and he requires seated rest breaks from standing on the grooming table. The groomer that worked with my dog was unwilling to provide the extra TLC that he requires and even called me twice during the grooming period to complain to me about the “extra time” that it was taking to groom him and to tell me that his tail fur was matted (yes, I know…that’s why I took him to the groomer in the first place!). When I went to pick my dog up from his appointment, I was told that my pet and I were not welcome back because of his hip dysplasia! The groomer also failed to fully complete my dog’s haircut and blamed his medical condition for her lack of thoroughness. I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere for grooming services.

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