PetSmart Grooming

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PetSmart Grooming
4.3 based on 382 reviews
  1. David Hancock 2023/09

    Great service

  2. Sheila McKosky 2023/09

    Great place to buy pets, fish and pet supplies and food

  3. Bruce Bryant 2023/09

    Great selection, and the mark down prices are really good

  4. Addison Dodge 2023/08

    It’s a great store to find pretty much everything you need for your pet. I love that they let you bring in your pet! Sometimes, pets are brought in from non-profits like Purring Hearts of VA to put up for adoption.


  5. Sarah Tyrpak 2023/08

    Found what I was looking for and the staff was friendly and very helpful.

  6. Acts 1915 2023/08

    Nice store. Odd placement & parking ok. Cats VERY happy & took note VERY clean store.

  7. Daniela Otero 2023/08

    bad service. my daughter wanted to buy a hamnster and the attendant decides that I have to assure her that I should buy it so that she can show it to me. the hamster was on the highest shelf and it was in her house sleeping so she wanted me to buy an animal without seeing it and without my daughter liking it. very bad service

  8. Cat Johnson 2023/08

    Always helpful.

  9. Jule Alston 2023/07

    I love the petsmart on Parham. They always have what we need. The one in short pump is bigger yet never has stuff in stock!

  10. Melanie Ellyson 2023/07

    They tend to be out of large crickets. There are almost always dead fish in their aquarium tanks. I haven’t had the best luck with their fish.

  11. Heather Rdomnai 2023/07

    Every time I come here Toby is always so nice and helpful.

  12. Kailyn Bickerton 2023/07

    They’re super helpful here! So kind. We bring our pup in and they always say hi with a little treat. Good selection of products. Toby is also an amazing associate! He helped prepare us with new items when we adopted our puppy.

  13. Bryan Miers 2023/06

    Good grooming service

  14. Haisley D 2023/06

    I usually don’t leave bad review at first. But this man doing this a second time. Forced my hand.

    We have 6 large fish tanks at home, and this store was our favorite location for the past 5 years to purchase fish supplies because this location is the closest store from my house. But we decided to not going back here again. Every time we went there, we had a bad experience with the cashier’s name, “TOBY or TOBI.” He seems like a new employee. He is extremely unfriendly and rude.

    1st time, there was no customer in the store. He was at the cashier’s desk, and we were in front of the fish display area. He yelled at us, “Hey, don’t touch glass!!!!!” Even we were just watching animals without touching glass. so I yelled back at him. “What? we did not touch the glass.” Then he said, “At my angle, it seems like your son touched the glass. If you touch the glass, there will be left fingerprints. I just said what I was supposed to tell to the customers.”

    Again…. we have lots of fish tanks, we’ve visited PetSmart many different locations, but no one never once told us that, and no one treated us like this.

    2nd time, our plan was getting genie pigs today. There was no customer in the store, the same guy name is “TOBY or TOBI” followed us from the cashier’s desk to the fish display area and said to my 3 years old son that “Hey, Do not touch glass” then he rolled his eyes on us. So we ended up not getting anything from there because of how terrible his attitued was. He doesn’t seem to have any knowledge about animals, and he only knows how to be jerk to the customers. He needs to learn how to talk nicely to the customers especially children that are behaving.

    Lastly, we talked to the store manager, and she was very friendly and she said she will handle it. I hope he learned something from his rude and unprofessional behavior.

  15. Janet Robinson 2023/06

    This is a decent paetsmart. I recommend it over petco for sure. I come to get supplies for my leopard gecko Jenny. They usually always have fresh crickets, and if they don’t you can get a coupon for 25 free crickets! If you’re nice and a regular they will give you more 🙂 they also have cats for around $150 to adopt through a third party. They have young ones sometimes and sweet older cats looking for a good home.

  16. Life with Laura 2023/06

    I came for the fish stuff and this location did not disappoint. I was promptly greeted by two employees who asked if I needed any assistance. The store was nice and clean and had so many options to choose from as well as everything being well stocked. The best part about this location was seeing that they keep all of their Betta fish in tanks vs tiny cups! It made my Betta loving heart SO incredibly happy to see this type of care being given to them. Not only is it better for the animals but it also gives new Betta owners a better understanding of what type of care these fish actually need. I wish every fish store would shift to this practice! Bravo! I will be back to this location for more aquarium shopping.

  17. Judith Cordero González 2023/06

    Good parking

  18. sarapartyyay birb 2023/06

    They feed my lizards and gave me a hampster ? Stop housing them in such small containers and stop housing solitary animals together that’s all ☺️ …

  19. Home Love Everything 2023/06

    I love shopping at this store for our pets. The employees are so nice and always so helpful. It’s too bad Banfield is no longer in here, because Petsmart gave Banfield customers the option of shopping for our pets while waiting for the vets to see them.

  20. Raven Zone 2023/05

    Friendly and helpful employees. I will return.

  21. M Rogers 2023/04

    GREAT service by Calloway.. He was very knowledgeable of all the pets products and recommended some things we needed for our new pet.. He was patient and answer all of our questions… Great job!!

  22. Hi Bye 2023/04

    Never enough cashiers working but they’re expected to do everything from greet customers, ask if they need help, actually help them look for stuff, and then ring them up, all while dealing with other customers. No one else, including managers, are ever around to help and you’ll spend all your time waiting for one cashier. Almost like they all hide and leave the cashier to deal with everyone.

  23. Melinda Barrett 2023/04

    Love it stores always clean and pleasant atmosphere.

  24. Ashley Riley 2023/03

    I am currently trying to upgrade my fish tank and when I walked up the guy told me I needed to wait to come in. It was at 8:57 am and people were going in. Then, when I finally walked in, no one greeted me or asked if I needed any assistance. There’s no carts to put stuff in and only baskets. How do they expect customers to put a 10 gallon tank in a small basket? Will definitely not be coming back to this location.

  25. Mia Barnes 2023/03

    Longest lasting crickets I have ever received.

  26. Frank Rodriguez 2023/03

    Great place for you and your pet….we even adopted a new family member.

  27. Average Joe 2023/02

    I do this particular location mostly for The Grooming services. I’ve been taking my dog to see Ashley in the dog salon for about 7 or 8 years. She’s one of the few people I trust with my furry family member. She treats me and my dog with respect and care.

  28. William Spence 2023/02

    I always can find what I need.

  29. Kate Brown 2023/02

    We love the Short Pump PetSmart! We go literally weekly to look at the kitties and the staff is always so nice!

  30. Christina White 2022/11

    A fun store!

  31. Annette Sklar 2022/11

    Clean and helpful associates were very friendly

  32. Loren Spence 2022/11

    Grooming staff was great and very friendly. Haven’t taken my dog in a while, but will definitely make it more regular. No complaints.

  33. Ebony Ramos 2022/10

    Clean and friendly staff

  34. Juan Rosales 2022/10

    an amazing place

  35. Jeremy Lott 2022/10

    Everyone inside was very kind. Not dirty or messy at all and all items seems to be well stocked.

  36. Elisabeth Sundin 2022/09

    Suggest using Amazon or a local pet store over Short Pump PetSmart. You’ll spend more of your time waiting in the checkout line than shopping. Curbside pickup is supposed to be an option at this store location, however, it is not in use.

  37. Tiffany C 2022/09

    I love this particular location primarily for convenience and the best customer service/friendly staff around for per stores.
    I however, was very displeased by my last visit when I waited very patiently for two co workers to stop chatting it up so I could get fish. I ended up interrupting them because their conversation didn’t seem like it was every going to come to an end.

  38. Kimberly Walker 2022/09

    Made a grooming appointment only to be called the day before to have them cancel, zero explanation. Was told a manager would be calling to reschedule and a week later we have heard from no one. At this point I wouldn’t trust them with my fur babies.

  39. Cathy Halliwell 2022/09

    Nice customer service!

  40. Tamara Lester 2022/09

    Always a pleasant smile when speaking with the manager Callaway, about the items to help with a concern with my dogs and great customer service…

  41. schyler smith 2022/08

    Nice store. Not very busy. Well stocked.


  42. Edward Pelegrino 2022/08

    Always the best ? …

  43. Mary Rivera 2022/08

    Spent time with one of the cats up for adoption. The associate was very patient and kind.

  44. Angie Wells-Richeson 2022/08

    Friendly associates. In stock on items I wanted.

  45. Ricardo Zuñiga 2022/07

    Always a great service and friendly staff.

  46. Sharon Brown 2022/07

    Clean and organic. They have a good variety of items.

  47. Kelvin Winston 2022/07

    Horrible customer service. Was with my 6yr old looking for a turtle. No help. Almost felt racial. I did inform the associate how to properly communicate/help a customer. She didn’t care. Will never go back again lol. Black customers beware.

  48. Tequila Webster 2022/06

    My husband loves this location. Very clean and friendly staff.

  49. plunket beirne 2022/06

    I just went in for 3 Petsafe Collar batteries. I was treated like I was PetSmarts #1 Global Customer. Really nice and helpful people.

  50. Dennis Hartman 2022/05

    One of the cleanest pet smarts i have been in. The staff was most helpful. The kitty selection was good and the shelves were very neat and in order. I give them a high five! and all five stars.

  51. Katherine Hatheway 2022/04

    The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable.

  52. Samantha “Sammi” Meador 2022/04

    We went for fish and tank supplies, the staff was friendly but playing count dead fish was pretty horrible. The tanks didn’t seem well cared for.

  53. Klassic Man 2022/04

    PetSmart is the number #1 place in Richmond to go to for all of your pet needs. PetSmart has a wide variety of food, toys, treats, and more. Not to mention on-site full-service veterinarian and groomer to keep your pet looking good and healthy. They are guaranteed to have what you need. Highly Recommened!

  54. Carole Snead 2022/04

    Petsmart always has what I need for my felines. My daughter, granddaughter and I enjoy looking at all the kitties and fish. The Short Pump /Glen Allen store is always clean and well stocked.

  55. Tara Datz 2022/04

    Had a less than favorable experience. After shopping around, I went to check out. Ended up having to wait five minutes before someone came up. Other customers were waiting behind me and had flag down staff, but nobody came. Finally cashier Jan comes, and was incredibly offputting. Didn’t say hello, didn’t say a word.

    I go to enter my rewards number, the screen says please ask the cashier about account, so I asked her about the account, and she tells me that there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it, and I need to call corporate. Then she asked me for my area code, I mistakenly gave her my ZIP Code, she rolled her eyes and got snippy with me. For being a customer that just dropped $180+ that’s absolutely unreal.

    If you’re planning to shop here, just take the 5 mins and drive down the road to petsmart

  56. Hipp Hopp 2022/03

    Zada is great

  57. Catherine Lane 2022/03

    Very little selection in live fish. I can’t say the cashier was rude, but he couldn’t have cared less…his name was Leon

  58. Carolyn Flowers 2022/02

    Super clean and well stocked.

  59. Lauren Epps 2022/02

    I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving my babies in the care of the grooming salon, in particular Aimee today. I have now spent my afternoon In the vets office, as my Yorkie was limping after his groom. The vet examined him and felt swelling and said she thinks it’s soft tissue damage, from his leg being grabbed too hard during his groom. I’m disgusted and sickened that a groomer would be so rough with a ten pound dog. She wasn’t grooming a Rottweiler for God’s sake. Petsmart paid my vet bill, but that will never make up for my baby being injured at the hands of a careless groomer. Stay clear of this and ALL petsmart locations.


  60. L. Shepard 2022/02

    It’s pet smart ?. Better place to find cat toys and cat furniture in Richmond as far as I can tell. Price of wet food here is steep though. …

  61. Ross Braun 2022/02

    Person in grooming room was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

  62. Debra Exline 2022/02

    Staff was super friendly. Store was super clean.

  63. M R 2022/02

    There are people in short pump are very nice people there and they got me the food that I really needed that I could get a Petco and the prices were a little high but it is well worth it

  64. James Mugford 2022/02

    Went here to buy some angelfish…. They had none and most of the tanks were empty

  65. Issabell K 2022/01

    Leon helped us tremendously throughout the whole adoptioning fishes process! They helped us pick out the best fishes for us including the tank and its decorations and food! They also helped us in the past with our dog and cats and honestly they deserve a raise! Because of them weve been able to keep all of our new family members alive, healthy and happy! They’re extremely knowledgeable about literally everything there and can help figure out the best care for each pet not just fishes but pretty much every pet there. Plus they’re cool and super nice! If you need advice from someone look for a person named leon!

  66. Antoine Whitner 2022/01

    I really like the service here and they actually have competent groomers!

  67. Terry S. 2022/01

    Normally have what I am looking for and good service.

  68. Luiz Ozaki 2021/10

    Picking up my online order, no waiting at the store, package was ready and promptly handed to me. Great job! Thank you.

  69. Debra Aldebs 2021/10

    We have furry friends that we spoil and needed a few gifts

  70. Zac Mann 2021/10

    I might be a little biased but everything that my wife and I looked at made us make “awww” sound because all the fun cute animals/stuff for said animals. But for real they do have lots of items which can help many pet owners.

  71. Cynthia Pearce 2021/10

    Always friendly and helpful staff, and KUDOS to them for keeping the cash registers manned in a very efficient way. The staff (management included, it appears) will jump on the registers to keep lines down.

  72. Harry Gath 2021/09

    Great experience, staff was very helpful

  73. Indig. E Nous 2021/09

    Excellent service- Fiona cashier very pleasant & efficient & make manager very helpful

  74. Teshawna Coker-Branch 2021/09

    The associates were so helpful and nice. I ordered an xl cage that two gentlemen associates took out to my car and load it up in the rain.

  75. Jerry Stone 2021/09

    Very helpful.

  76. Phyllis Headley 2021/09

    My Son and I were greeted as we entered the store, The Fish Tanks are always clean and well stocked with Fish, enjoyed our visit and will return to shop here soon

  77. Daryl Perkins 2021/09

    Always helpful staff and have everything I need

  78. Don Reynolds 2021/09

    Always a treat to visit

  79. Suzy Lias 2021/09

    The groomer Aimee was 5 stars!! My dog hates to have his nails trimmed. We did not have an appointment and were seen quickly. She was kind, friendly and competent. She knew how to trim his nails quickly without him getting upset. She was wonderful and did a great job. Thank you Aimee. ? …

  80. Carolyn B 2021/09

    Wide selection of products for whatever housepets need, helpful staff, reasonable prices. In-store grooming and vet services, convenient location. Ample parking.

  81. Allison Bowles 2021/09

    Great store and people

  82. dgonthesofa 2021/09

    Went to see the little kitty cats for adoption (Purring Hearts VA)

  83. Mariam Pool 2021/08

    They are well stocked with Fancy Feast cat food for now.

  84. Melaine Lazette 2021/08

    The young gentleman I believe a manager really went above and beyond to help me in a pinch today. He made a horrible day end on a positive note. Thank you again!

  85. L B 2021/08

    Always great sales and customer service

  86. Kostadin Kushlev 2021/08

    5 stars for the friendly staff!

  87. Donald Hill 2021/08


  88. Sarah Cleveland 2021/07

    After having gone to Petco and being treated rudely not once but twice in the same visit, on top of them not having what I needed, I decided to go to PetSmart. Boy that was a great idea!!! Not only were they polite, they had what I needed AND the cashier actually knew his business!!! As a pet rat owner, you MUST know what is and isn’t okay for them. Pine is not okay, so cedar shavings are a must. Also he knew that they can have alfalfa but not hay. I had already gotten cay food or I’d have gotten there to. I did go there for my food this month. I can say I am a huge stickler for customer service. If I get bad service, yeah, I’m not coming back. Bye bye Petco!! I’ll make the extra drive for comparable prices, but definitely for the great service!!!

  89. Jojo 2021/07

    They had a good variety of cork logs for my hamster!

  90. Michael Katcham 2021/07

    My doggies love it

  91. Melinda Preston 2021/07

    Good service and selection

  92. Thomas Yacconi 2021/07

    They are always very pleasant and very helpful

  93. Rahil Ahmed 2021/07

    The staff at this store were very helpful and very knowledgeable about the products

    They helped me find the right product and explain each with what the preferences of the pet and likeness and how it depends on the pet likeness and what’s healthy

  94. paxton wolfrey 2021/07

    Very clean and well stocked

  95. Amun Tavi Ra 2021/07

    Clean and friendly staff.

    I’ve always gone to the store next to this one and never knew it was Petsmart next to it. Happy one is so close to me now.

  96. OLIVER THOMPSON 2021/06

    They didn’t have fish that I buy they not selling them

  97. Tony DeMatteo 2021/06

    I love that I can bring my Handsome Samson in so he can pick out his own toys. He LOVES the raccoon ball he picked himself more than any toy I’ve ever picked out for him.

  98. Battle Crickenberger 2021/06

    Good place??? …

  99. CL 2021/05

    Matched price for dog food from an online store. Saved nearly $3. Excellent service.

  100. Dreamer 615 2021/05

    Friendly and helpful staff!

  101. Anthony Makela Jr. 2021/04

    Great people

  102. Rachel V 2021/04

    A lot of stuff but a bit on the expensive side

  103. Sherree Carter 2021/04

    Awesome staff and very clean store and Groomers are the Best

  104. Tera Hammonds 2021/04

    Loved our dogs dew

  105. ND Dandridge 2021/04

    Help is fantastic, problem is their trucks miss their delivery dates thus run out of their products pretty quickly

  106. Chris Bendsen 2021/03

    Things seemed very efficiently run. I was asked if I needed help. I found what I wanted for an aquarium revamp (new heater, hood, and plants). Quick checkout with three registers open. All normal Covid precautions. Excellent service.

  107. shameka massenburg 2021/03

    Gave me mealworms for 75% off because she thought most where dead. I got them home majority where alive. So I got a great deal lol

  108. Andre Harris 2021/02


  109. Kath Griffin 2021/02

    The staff is always friendly and helpful each time I visit.

  110. Zachary Wingo 2021/02

    It was amassing

  111. Gwen Crawford 2021/02

    Great job

  112. Gwen Pearson 2021/02

    My cat is on a prescription food that is hard to find. This store carries it, and the employees are top notch. Highly recommend.

  113. Sug Graham 2021/02

    Fount Some Awesome & Brand New Temptation Cat Treat’s! Fount Cat Can Food ” Source! Vension! They were out of the Duck & Rabbit. My Outside Cat’s Will Love It I Hope. This Petsmart Offers A Greater Selection then thebone on Libby. But Noth have Employed Awesome Employee’s! Especially The Cashier’s & Manager’s! I spent over Ninety Dollars and they Toy’s are on Sale too!

  114. Jill Durand 2021/02

    Great place to have dogs groomed. You can download app and schedule appointments and even pick you favorite groomer. Brooke is my favorite.

  115. Terry Cason 2021/01

    Great place for prescription diets.

  116. Sharon Kulp 2021/01

    Found everything i was looking for in and out 15 min.

  117. Rich Spencer 2021/01

    It’s usually not crowded. No one has ever asked if I needed help with anything but it’s a well kept chill store and people are nice.

  118. Kim Thomas 2021/01

    Very friendly staff, who took the time to give my dog some attention and a treat (how to make friends). Got some money off on my purchase from points I didn’t even know I had earned – a pleasant surprise.

  119. Patrick Mehfoud 2021/01

    Good selection of aquarium items. Was looking for a Betta fish and they had them in stock with several dozen to choose from. Staff was friendly and the store was clean.

  120. Ambrid 2021/01

    They carry “Only Natural Pet” cat food, which is great for my cat!

  121. Nikki G 2021/01

    Always friendly and helpful

  122. v J 2021/01

    fish look stressed , sad, and unkept for. hard to look at

  123. Nikki R 2021/01

    Friendly staff and easy to find items.

  124. Mark Harris 2020/12

    Its, well I won’t ever shop at that store again. Very rude, non conforming to people’s needs . Terrible customer service.

  125. Cindy Stokes 2020/12

    Very clean store! Very helpful staff, bought some cbd supplements for my older beloved Springer spaniel

  126. Laura Salazar Guarin 2020/10

    I love it to shop for my furry babies
    Great variety
    Good customer service
    Good prices

  127. E. Roberts 2020/10

    Nice selections

  128. Ruan P. Gomes 2020/10

    Best store for pets


    Good place for our pets

  130. Montina Allen 2020/09

    One of the employees were the worst never until that day had a bad experience

  131. Fred Hornberger Jr 2020/09

    The ladies in grooming were fast and thorough, as usual. I only bring my fuzzy peeps to PetSmart for grooming. This time two of them each got a “pawdicure”.

  132. LaChelle Lewis 2020/08

    Decent customer service. Friendly and helpful staff. Always accommodating to my needs/requests in store.

  133. Amanda Shaffer 2020/08

    Clean, great service, helpful staff, fully stocked!

  134. Debra Malley 2020/08

    My dogs look the wonderful! Thank you for the extra care and treatment

  135. CeJae Vtipilson 2020/08

    A good petsmart

  136. James H 2020/08

    Helpful and friendly staff and a reasonable stock of items when you’re not willing to wait for an online shipment for a slightly better price. I do like the buy one get the 2nd treat 1/2 off deal that seems to be ongoing. Theres also nothing quite like taking your pet inside to browse along with you and then handing them that must have toy or treat S you head out the door – not something that can be done with the online pet stores.

  137. CU2 Wootin 2020/08

    Be prepared to find your own stuff, there is no help here.

  138. Debbie Lawrence 2020/07

    Easy to order on line and pick up in store… wait. Great customer service including help taking purchase to car!!

  139. Toni Binford 2020/07

    I was greeted as I entered & assistance was sent to me so that I could purchase small crickets for my granddaughter’s leopard geckos.

  140. Tim BURKS 2020/07

    Actually, I was at Banfield veterinary clinic. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They always greet us and our doggy by name.

  141. CE Edwards 2020/07

    Dog meds help my dog

  142. r ow 2020/07

    The store manager there is great! She is very customer oriented and one of her managers Lauren is incredibly knowledgeable about all of the pet care needs from fish to reptiles, mammals included! Both made the visit well worth it and I would highly reccomend this store because of those two!

  143. sumit pradhan 2020/07

    This the best place for any pet related stuff or suggestions. The employees are very friendly and courteous. They answer all your questions patiently even if you are a novice. I prefer to go this PetSmart store of all other Petco and PetSmart stores..

  144. Tinika Gissentanna 2020/07

    Was hard to find a friendly face to answer any of my questions.

  145. Beluved Drayton 2020/07

    My son’s job! ❤️❤️❤️

  146. Will Dwyer 2020/06

    Great visit at this location and the B.A.R.K. cat adoption people are fantastic.

  147. Christy 2020/06

    Awesome goodies for the pets

  148. Bella Harrell 2020/06

    Very nice and friendly,They do a good job grooming. but left my dogs skin to short and started bleeding.

  149. Doriselle Robinson 2020/06

    Nice clean atmosphere good customer service

  150. Natasha Mclntyre 2020/06

    Dusty and fishtanks are always gross. Shelves are always bare

  151. Matt Davis 2020/06

    Friendly staff

  152. lakita foster 2020/06

    They had everything I needed and the staff was nice.

  153. BECKY DONLEY 2020/05

    Staff did help me find what i was looking for

  154. Jennifer Carpenter 2020/05

    Staff was friendly. Place well stocked. Would good back to this store if I was in the area again.

  155. christina o'sullivan 2020/05

    Calloway was wonderful. He is so helpful and knowledgable

  156. darnell green 2020/05

    The staff was extremely helpful! Thank you guys

  157. Damaris Figueroa 2020/05


  158. Dee Ralph 2020/05

    They take care of your pets

  159. Donald Swank (Commercial Interiors) 2020/05

    Yes all went well happy

  160. Topshelf 2020/05

    Cassie experience was cool. They take good care of cassie.

  161. Daniel Murray 2020/04


  162. Mariana H 2020/04

    The only place we could find the specific style of harness we were looking for.

  163. Betty Moore 2020/04

    Stephanie in the grooming department is fantastic. She’s kind professional friendly and really seems to care for the dogs that she grooms.

  164. Joan West 2020/04

    Helpful staff

  165. Pipp 2020/04

    Super friendly

  166. Ricardo Williams 2020/04

    Takes good care of my Bear


  167. Beluved Drayton 2020/04

    I’m partial because this is my son’s store! Fabulous people! ??? …

  168. Rian Faulkner 2020/03

    The employees are always trying to help

  169. carlyn ryan 2020/03

    I was at the store yesterday and bought a hamster without my ID and I’m 18 years old. I come back to get another one, and they ask for my ID when I’m visiting the state? I left it in my hometown (North Carolina) but yet I bought one the day before today? Doesn’t make sense honestly… I don’t recommend going to this store at all. Complete BS

  170. Katie Shimel 2020/03

    My favorite PetSmart.

  171. C M Parks 2020/03

    Friendly staff

  172. Shannon Guss 2020/03

    I went in for one item, asked someone where to find it. No one was available that could help me. Only 2 staff could be found in the store and they were not too friendly

  173. John Joseph Kosinski 2020/03

    Love going here, the folks are friendly and helpful and 9 times out of 10 the store stocks what I need!

  174. NK Tran 2020/03

    Easy to order online, clear/timely notification of order status, fast and efficient pickup process, friendly and helpful staff.

  175. Mark Zebr 2020/03

    Great places. Noone would disagree

  176. Kelsie Campbell 2020/03

    We recently started an aquarium and have been in almost daily to get things straightened out, Belle, and a younger blonde whose name I don’t recall, have been SUCH great help with getting this all figured out!

    I will say I haven’t had much luck with their bristlenose plesoctomus (they’ve been my favorite of all of the fish and after two tries and 4 of the little guys I have give up)!

    We also get our dog food/treats from there and everyone is always kind and the store is clean/organized.

  177. Julia Kirby 2020/03

    Took my dogs in at 9:00 this morning for grooming It is now 12:51 p.m. . they said it will be another hour before they’re done. That’s just too long for the dogs. Looks like they might need more help. Will think twice before taking them back again. No reason for them to be that slow.

  178. Nevine Anderson 2020/02

    Clean and staff are super friendly!

  179. Brett Randall 2020/02

    Nice staff

  180. Casey McNeely 2020/02

    I recently adopted a kitten here and my experience was well until I realized he was sick. I contacted them about what to do and they were so rude! They basically told me that Rio is my problem now and I was so hurt. I feel they only wanted my money and don’t care for the animals there. So disrespectful!

  181. kim Toulouse 2020/02

    clerks were helpful

  182. Jaelyn 2020/01

    This place is generally organized and clean. But nothing particularly special. We bought a leash for my 1 year old Doberman puppy. Not a huge selection. The leash has been working okay, so decent quality items from my experience. The atmosphere was pretty basic and quiet but not bad. The customer service was again, mediocre but that was expected. Overall decent place though.

  183. Cristian Romero 2020/01

    Nice placeand the hospital is working

  184. Ajish Abraham 2020/01

    Wide range of items, friendly and helpful staff …A must visit place for pet lovers..highly recommended..

  185. Ashley venable 2020/01

    Staff is very. Caring towards the animal

  186. Anne Margaret White 2020/01

    Very kind staff. Lots of products on hand to look over.

  187. Patti Brusoski 2019/12

    Very clean and safe to shop in at this time. Everyone is friendly!

  188. Frances Rives 2019/10

    Groomers here are awesome.

  189. Martha Gibson 2019/10

    Love your pets. You can find something for them here.

  190. Fernando Cordero Garcia 2019/10

    Hey hace everything and economic

  191. CLIFF FITCHETT 2019/10

    We love the grooming services

  192. Meagan Ewing 2019/10

    If I could rate the grooming department of the Short Pump store a 0, I would. Took my dog in for a grooming appointment (one he gets often), he came out not being able to walk with his back legs. They originally played it off as a slippery floor. I called the store after I got home, and asked what happened. They said nothing out of the ordinary happened during his appointment. They scheduled me a vet appointment, at their store. Vet believes he has a herniated disc, but won’t know for certain, unless I pay thousands of dollars to get him a MRI. They prescribed him anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers. They did pay for the first two visits and meds, but today’s visit I was told there really isn’t much else they could do and I had to pay for this visit. They basically said PetSmart isn’t responsible if something else caused his “lameless” and it was just bad luck it happened while he was there. The only way to know for sure is with the MRI, which they won’t pay for. Words cannot describe how angry I am. I will never be going back to this store. Beware!

  193. Toca boca Clara Emilia Planet Gomez Perez 2019/10

    Un lugar increíble

  194. Chenoa F 2019/10

    Great grooming salon

  195. Dwight Durmon 2019/10

    The store was clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Remember to compare the prices on the PetSmart website against the ones posted in the store to get the best price. The store price is sometimes higher but most stores will match the price listed on their website.

  196. Penny Reamey 2019/10

    Very helpful staff. Puppy training is great.

  197. victoria dubia 2019/09

    Banfield was great. We were seen at out appointment time, everyone was friendly and professional. Prices were less than your average veterinarian’s office. I would definitely return with my other dogs.

  198. Angel L 2019/09

    Very helpful the employees are nice and help you a lot!

  199. Elizabeth Dombroski 2019/09

    Always fun to go here

  200. Raymond Chen 2019/09

    Called cops on me while I was enjoying my meal

  201. Carl Hubacher 2019/09

    I am usually very happy with this store and their employees but today was different. They open the building early for the vet and have never refused to sell me dog food before today. The woman working the register(after being told by another that it was no problem as long as I was using card) told me that I would have to wait 30 minutes for her to get the keys and open the register. What? I worked in retail/hospitality for many years and it’s never taken me 30 minutes to set up my drawer…I still give it 3 stars because generally they are very accommodating and helpful but this woman was horrible

  202. Greg Schneider 2019/09

    Very helpful staff in a clean organized store.

  203. Lin Newman 2019/08

    Great job with grooming.

  204. Brad Hillis 2019/08

    Great service and they stick to the price match

  205. Ashley Irwin 2019/08

    Had a fantastic selection on fish and they have their tanks set up to give people good ideas on how to decorate a tank. Some of the products are a few dollars cheaper than at Petco but doesn’t always carry all the products you need. The staff always asks if you need help and they offer puppers a treat at the cash register.

  206. Dakota Withers 2019/08

    Standard Petsmart. Usual friendly people. No complaints.

  207. Victor Burgdoerfer 2019/08

    Amazing customer service and ALL of my pet product needs in one stop!!!! They also price match!!!!

  208. Shari Himelbloom 2019/08

    the groomers take good care of my dogs.

  209. LifeWithMegan 2019/08

    Called 5 different times today to ask a question and NEVER got an answer..

  210. Lee peck 2019/08

    it will have what you need…. but you are going to pay much more than you should.

  211. Otis Knight 2019/07

    The brick is falling off the front of the building for over a year now. It appears that until someone is hurt nothing will be done about it.

  212. Game & Stuff 2019/07

    Excellent place to get your pets what they need.

  213. Mark Purkey 2019/07

    Amazing! They got the right stuff for the right animals.

  214. Valerie Lemon 2019/07


  215. Dell workout 2019/07

    Noah was wonderful and very helpful.

  216. Jas Asp 2019/07

    Nice people. Not a good selection of fish.

  217. barbara boatwright 2019/07

    Great price

  218. Louise Tomlinson 2019/07

    The staff was polite & helpful with knowledge of the products we were looking for but needed some assistance in what was the better or recommended product.

  219. Red Gable 2019/07

    Great deals

  220. pam sclar 2019/07

    They took excellent care of my dog, she came home so happy! I highly recommend them!

  221. Dove Seven 2019/07

    Ok for a pet supply store. The salon does a good job on our mixed sheltie. Not sure I would take our Burnese mountain dogs. Prices are high even on sale.

  222. Brian Aigner 2019/07

    Friendly service.

  223. Lyn McSwain 2019/06

    Customer service was great .

  224. Cynthia Bow 2019/06

    I hope I do not have to come back to this location. They need better assistants.

  225. Icky Styx 2019/06

    Good product selection. Employees are friendly and helpful. Lot of empty tanks.

  226. Michael Freeman 2019/06

    I’ve just recently gotten into the fish keeping hobby, and the staff was very knowledgeable and helped me out a ton. They also offer a large range of tank sizes and tank accessories.

  227. Victor Chan 2019/06

    Friendly workers and cheap grooming.

  228. Jeannine Watkins 2019/06

    Everything you need for a wide variety of pets.

  229. Cathie Walker 2019/06

    Excellent. Vet care

  230. james AYERS 2019/06

    Too high for dog groom small dog

  231. Robert Holmes 2019/06

    Service was good

  232. JGW R.W.H. 2019/06

    Horrible customer service.

  233. Jeni Boyce 2019/06

    Great grooming services!

  234. Satya Kollipara 2019/06

    Nice place to get pet food

  235. Mark Grubbs 2019/06

    Helpful and cheerful staff.

  236. Jenna Chansky 2019/05

    The cashier was extremely rude, and I had politely asked her if I could still price match a product that was on sale in store for the buy one get one 50% off. She asked another blonde girl working there and was informed that yes, the product could still be price matched. Somehow my receipt came out to being $100 and looking back she didn’t price match and she charged me for more cat litter than I had. I drove all the way back to Powhatan before figuring out the issue on my receipt. Customer service seems so poor nowadays. I don’t remember her name but the cashier number on my receipt says Cashier 669392.

  237. Joy Chatburn 2019/05

    Good selection. The Banfield clinic & the grooming salon are great here.

  238. Jennifer Vaughan 2019/05

    Purchased $240 worth of dog food and was offered no assistance with loading in my car.

  239. L.D. J.-H. (Xsyntriq) 2019/05

    Very nice store and extremely helpful staff.

  240. Andrew Wood 2019/05

    The staff here are great and the location is convenient, I just wouldn’t go here if I was looking for specific pet supplies … they have an okay general selection, but I’ve never found what I was looking for at this particular location.

  241. Peggy Schoonover 2019/05

    Place ok. Busy. Only one line. Cashier didn’t seem happy.

  242. Min Heo 2019/05

    Everything was good.!!

  243. Jeanette McDearmon 2019/05

    Staff is very friendly and most accomodating. Biggest problem is their stock. Low on a lot of things other stores have.,

  244. Miles Davvis 2019/05

    Phenomenal caring staff!

  245. Mark Joyner 2019/05

    Lots of pet choices for everything you need. A great grooming center as well!

  246. Ryan Medlar 2019/05

    Product always in stock, store is clean, and staff is friendly. You can take your pet for grooming and vet services. Great value.

  247. Dianne Montgomery 2019/04

    Big selection of animal products, especially for dogs and cats.

  248. Mika Milla 2019/04

    Great staff! Know their products and have great groomers!

  249. Nancy Robaina 2019/04

    Overpriced everything and anything and rude employees will make this experience one to remember!!

  250. Denise Tidwell 2019/04

    Absolutely totally Always great place for me and my dogs!!! Glad to know I can bring them inside. It’s like it’s their store..

  251. Mary Laposata 2019/04

    My cat thanks you!

  252. Elise Liang 2019/04

    Love petsmart! Especially my Chihuahua

  253. Paul Gillam 2019/04

    Friendly people good selection good prices.

  254. Lyn D 2019/04

    Good prices

  255. Clevis DePeiest 2019/04

    There was urine all over the floor in dry puddles.

  256. Michelle Guilfoyle-Douglass 2019/03

    Wish I could score the grooming section a zero. Have had my dog groomed there multiple times. However, today I go to pick him up and instead of brushing him and trimming him as requested, Rebecca has shaved him so close to his skin I can see it underneath. My dog will not need a cut for months but when he does I will never trust this store again.

  257. Mark Crean 2019/03

    Had 3 dogs groomed recently. One was in very poor physical shape. Brooke did an outstanding job grooming as well as the “little things”. She was very compassionate in dealing with the dog in poor health

  258. Ryan Whitehead 2019/03

    Had what I was looking for, plenty of associates there if you need any assistance. The store price matched an online price and went smoothly.

  259. Jane Missal 2019/03

    The staff was super friendly and helpful. Of course I was carrying the cutest 8 week old puppy ever, which got everyone’s attention. I marked only 4 stars because the selection of soft sides carriers was disappointing. Otherwise I found everything I needed.

    This particular store in Short Pump has always had great service and helpful friendly staff. Keep up the good work!

  260. Katie Gantt 2019/03

    Great care for their animals for adoption.

  261. Yuri Thorpe 2019/03


  262. Dianne green 2019/03


  263. Stuart Royall 2019/03

    Helpful staff good prices.

  264. Stephen Lesley 2019/02

    Very friendly staff.

  265. Evie hernandez 2019/02


  266. Ravyn Kennedy 2019/02

    Staff very helpful and really care about the animals

  267. DeviantInc 2019/02

    Great store, couldn’t find anyone to ask questions to besides the cashier but I didn’t bug her about under gravel filters.

  268. Vera Ferrell 2019/02

    Prices are better

  269. John O'Brien 2019/02

    I bought my sister’s kitten a collar here! They have everything a pet could want!


  270. paxus calta 2019/02

    Look there are about a bizillion different types of dog and cat food, if your pet has a very special diet this is a great place to go because it has tremendous selection.

  271. Wallace Harvey 2019/01

    Good store, helpful employees, they always have what we need for our pets.

  272. Felicia Fallon 2019/01

    I go there quite a bit for my cat’s need. That staff is always helpful and I find their prices to be reasonable.

  273. Rick McClure 2019/01

    Took my dogs for grooming. I had been there in the past and was not happy with the job they did. Now there is a different group in the grooming section and they did a very good job. I know it is tough when you bring in three dogs, but they did a very good job.

  274. Dee Reese 2019/01


  275. Lynn Brisson 2019/01

    They have everything for pets!

  276. David nguyen 2019/01

    if you asian you should not come here, Trust me

  277. Kiara Ridley 2019/01

    Nice location

  278. A E Compton 2019/01

    Total gratitude to the grooming staff at PetSmart in Short Pump.
    It is not easy to take on two Standard Poodles who have never been to this shop and have them beautifully coiffed in a relatively short amount of time.
    From the cordial conversation conducted in making the appointment to pick up, the staff is five star.
    A shout out to Becca, groomer extraordinaire, who made Mason and Boudreaux look like show poodles instead of farm pups! She was exceptional to work with.
    In fact, the whole staff appear to love their work, showering clients’ pups with affection and enthusiasm.
    I have never gone to a ‘store’ grooming location, preferring a smaller shop. However, I was truly impressed with this team. And I am picky!
    You will not be disappointed.
    A side note: and this has nothing to do with the groom shop: this PetSmart does not carry Taste of the Wild Dog Food. My one disappointment.
    I would still recommend the grooming shop.
    Thanks again, Becca. We will be back to see you when we visit Virginia again!


  279. E. D. 2019/01

    Story has great customer service

  280. Stacie Manzel 2019/01

    Rudest cashier I have ever encountered. Awful service. I’d give 0 stars if I could. I will be reaching out to corporate as well.

  281. Libra Chauncey 2019/01

    This one has a lot more stuff then the others around town. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  282. Paul Kroog 2018/10

    PetSmart usually have what I need for my dog. There associates are usually very helpful

  283. Sean Hamilton 2018/10

    Had the dog trimmed, they very accommodating setting an appointment the day of even though they were extremely busy. Also, remembered our dog by the bark and you can tell everyone that works there really animals!

  284. Jeffrey Hinson 2018/10

    Limited product selection but the staff was polite and helpful.

  285. Doug Joyner 2018/09

    Grooming Dept is great. Takes good care of my buddy when he gets groomed…

  286. Alexandra Nestor 2018/09

    Aimee, who groomed our dog, was very nice and did a great job.

  287. Lee Ballenger 2018/09

    Prices are higher than they should be given that knowledgeable help is nonexistent. I asked a simple question about the cat food and no one could give me an answer.

  288. varun devaraj 2018/09

    Took my dog to to thr vet. I liked the banfield pet hospital at their location. The staff was very friendly and gave all the details about the issue my dog is having and different treatment options i have.


  289. Chris S 2018/09

    Pet store that matches prices

  290. Zoella Hitaffer 2018/09

    GREAT customer service!

  291. Lauren Waite 2018/09

    Lots of great selections!

  292. Ginny Reynolds 2018/08

    Many beautiful kittens here in Short Pump looking for furever homes!

  293. Melissa Wright 2018/08

    Was quoted $35 over the phone for a simple bath and light brush out )which they take very seriously) for our German shepherd. My husband took him in they and they charged him $50. I take full responsibility for what happened next, I took my dog back in for a Bath and light brush and was quoted the same $35…. Go to pick my dog up and they hand me a bill for 41.99. Day brought him out on a looped over lead he was choking himself trying to get to me they didn’t even hand me his gear they put it on the counter when I took the lead off of him in order to put his gear on him I was scolded by one of the attendants. To where I responded his gear should have been put on him before he was brought out to me especially since I had my two-year-old with me. They are extremely unprofessional and don’t know what they are doing. THE most disorganized place I’ve ever Take in my dog to, and will not go back. The 1st experience should have tipped me off but I believe in 2nd chances but this when did not pay off. I did get the service for $37 though AFTER I caused a scene

  294. guy legouffe 2018/08

    Cheaper then other stores for animal food

  295. joe martino 2018/08

    Got a toy for the dog

  296. Kristine Tittermary 2018/08

    Knowledgeable staff! Price matched my dog food!

  297. AMF F 2018/08

    Always my pet’s favourite place,…. and mine. Great people attending to every need.

  298. Lisa Friday 2018/07

    Love this place, so pet friendly

  299. Angie 2018/07

    Very friendly staff and just a fun place to visit with your furry friend!

  300. Angela Baron 2018/07

    Basic petsmart

  301. Jan Mckee 2018/07

    Great pet hospital with excellent vets. Store is well stocked and friendly staff

  302. MJ 2018/07

    Where the pets go

  303. Phyllis Yancey 2018/07

    Love them only the groomer is the best groomer ever Brooklyn loves her

  304. Krysten harrelson 2018/07

    Store is clean but sometimes hard to find someone to help you.

  305. C. Morrison 2018/07

    The dog training classes are just ok. It is advertised as being an hour long when in reality each session was only 40 min- 45 min tops. The vet clinic is fantastic. The other employees dont know anything though

  306. Lori Dudas 2018/07

    Clean and easy to navigate through the aisles.

  307. Alexander Petrocelli 2018/06

    Could use a slightly better attention to organizing their inventory.

  308. Debbie Roberts 2018/06

    I love PetSmart! They have a really nice variety of products especially with their fish items. They also price match and I have been able to save a lot of money and the customer service is great!

  309. Linwood Tynes 2018/06

    Convenient shopping

  310. Kathleen Thompson 2018/06

    Nice pet store.

  311. David Womack 2018/06

    I love the price match.


  312. Michelle Ashton Graf 2018/06

    This was by far one of the friendliest and most helpful PetSmart’s I’ve been in lately!

  313. Larry Burton 2018/05

    Affordable vet care, genuine care from staff.

  314. Joseph Johnston 2018/05

    Great service. They really helped us pick a great pet. So patient with us.

  315. Kimberly Anderson 2018/05

    Nice people.

  316. Yasser GRX 2018/05

    love it ??
    i like the people here they are so nice and they like to help to find what you looking for , best customer service . …

  317. Ted Price 2018/05

    The Grooming Personnel were wonderful as usual but theyoung lady working the register placed absolutely no effort into accommodating a question disappointed in this particular interaction.

  318. Thelma Mills 2018/04


  319. Victor Tsvyakh 2018/04

    Another good store for your pets )

  320. Patti Seymour 2018/04

    Love Petsmart, always have, always will.

  321. Janice Fuller 2018/04

    Great staff! They really care and understand that our pets are family❤️

  322. Catherine clowers 2018/04

    Friendly. Great place where the pets can go.

  323. Brett Barr 2018/04

    Lots of food options for cats and dogs. Knowledgeable team. Good place to get Mac daddy clipped.


  324. Tamia Ferris 2018/03


  325. Amber E. 2018/03

    Always nice associates, usually

  326. WILLIAM SHAFER 2018/03

    There to pick up training treats for dag training. Supply was ample and treats were on sale.

  327. Yadira Carrillo 2018/03

    Clean, friendly but expensive

  328. Lottie Ellington 2018/02

    The staff was not friendly or helpful, I walked out with out making a purchase.

  329. Sue Salvatore 2018/02

    Great pet store

  330. Katrinka Bailey 2018/02

    Located with banfield hospital. Picked up treats while I was thete

  331. bill pattison 2018/02

    Good place to shop for your pets, also great grooming salon

  332. Shannon Hawkins 2018/02

    Get Dominique to groom your dog, she’s amazing!!!!


  333. Ben Carter 2018/02

    Loved the birds…and the fish….holding one of them was really enjoyable too

  334. Phillip Bishop 2018/02

    Just got a cat from here, nice store a hair more expensive but a much greater selection than other stores

  335. kevin garcia 2018/02

    Good prices and the staff have good knowledge of pets and brands

  336. Rene Snoddy 2018/02

    Ran in and out got everything i need

  337. Mike K 2018/01

    I know it’s a pet store, but does it have to smell so bad (wet fur, urine smells throughout the store)?

  338. Robin Lawson 2018/01

    PetSmart does price matching. I pull things up on my phone and show it to them at the checkout. Sometimes their own online prices are better. Sometimes the store price is the way to go. Sometimes somebody else has them beat, but they match it. I always leave feeling like I got the best possible deal. 🙂

  339. Gia Moon 2018/01

    Who knew it was so hard to find kitten food in large bags that isn’t made by Purina? Good news petsmart has it plus almost anything else you are looking for. My absolute go to for turtle supplies. My turtles are always finding ways to break their light bulbs. Petsmart to the rescue!

  340. Chewanna prak chea 2018/01

    Never again they cut my dog in serval place made my dog bleed and the hair was so uneven. Never again

  341. Stephanie Riggsby 2018/01

    I am extremely pleased with the order online/ pick up in store option. The service was fast, I saved 5% and I was greeted immediately. Will do again!

  342. Karen Wood 2018/01

    We LOVE Petsmart and one of the main reasons is it’s association with Banfield . We travel for my husband’s work so it is nice to be able to go to the Veterinarian and know they have all my sweet Dudley’s information.

  343. Joell Driver 2018/01

    Wish things weren’t so expensive.

  344. Jane Chatfield 2018/01

    Friendly service.

  345. B Ford 2018/01

    Always take care of my dogs.

  346. Anthony Credle 2017/10

    Always decent prices and great selection.

  347. Stacey Moses 2017/10

    Banfield Pet Hospital takes great care of my pup. When there are no appointments available, I have the option to drop him off. Everything you need for your pets, even new pets!

  348. T Patterson 2017/10

    If u need dog supplies it’s the place to go but if u are a cat owner skip this location. Absolutely no attention to cats needs compared to other petsmarts. Just a small area stuck in back of store. As a cat person I feel discriminated against

  349. Hannah R. Turner 2017/10

    Love the price match and easy returns. Grooming team is great!

  350. P Nguyen 2017/09

    We come here frequently to get our dog groomed. It’s a hit or miss but generally they will fix any mistakes they make.

  351. Ole Hank Dog 2017/09

    Big selection of dog food

  352. Samantha Crooks 2017/09

    Great customer care. Nice selection.

  353. Kathy WIlliams 2017/09

    Just stopped to get pet food. Very nice associates

  354. David Escamilla 2017/08

    Great crew!

  355. A Concerned Citizen 2017/08

    I usually go to a store closer to me, but visited this store when I was in the West End. I had one of the best experiences ever at this store compared to others in the area. All the Associates, Supervisor and Manager were extremely courteous, helpful, and even helped load up my car with all the rescue food I purchased! Thank you for providing such great service.

  356. Katie Miskell 2017/08

    The dog trainer here is great. Very informative and helpful!

  357. Stephen Schwartz 2017/08

    Everything you need for your pets to eat, wear, play with, or be groomed.

  358. Matthew Townes 2017/07

    Consistent grooming carr

  359. Jackalyn “Jackie” Carnahan 2017/07

    I enjoy this location. Staff is usually friendly.

  360. Thomas Cooke (Tommy) 2017/06

    Great place with great prices. Enjoy coming in here as the people are always very friendly and helpful.

  361. Gray Glass 2017/06

    Good selection of toys, etc for animals.

  362. Jennifer Lynn 2017/06

    Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient store employees

  363. Peggy Meindersee-Miller 2017/04

    Good prices. Good grooming for my dog.

  364. Andrew Castellano 2017/04

    Friendly employees

  365. Jaclene Katchmark 2017/04

    Friendly, helpful staff – good sale prices.

  366. Janardana Pathange 2017/04

    Good but pricey

  367. Dieu Tu 2017/04

    E , 566 9

  368. Lauren Bruce 2017/03

    I went to drop off my bloodhound puppy for her second bath at this location, and the girl working the grooming counter seemed visibly afraid of her, even though my puppy was trembling, with her tail between her legs. The girl then told me she cannot do aggressive breed dogs. I told her a bloodhound is not aggressive and our dog is definitely not aggressive and we left, with the puppy still trembling, tail between her legs. Took two steps away, and they called me over the loudspeaker. The girl told me my puppy attempted to bite her and they could not bathe her. Our puppy has never a bit a single person and she is not aggressive at all. The salon was very busy and full of young people, so I kind of feel like they just did not want more work today. Needless to say, Petsmart has lost our business for life.

  369. Steven White 2017/02

    Excellent pet supplies. Good prices

  370. Gail McMillan 2017/02

    Had everything we needed

  371. R Jo 2017/02

    Very nice and knowledgeable about my dogs. Very friendly and helpful.

  372. Carole Moore 2017/01

    Very clean and well organized, and the employees are very friendly!

  373. Judith Duarte 2017/01

    My 17 year old cat only eat one kind of moist cat food now & Pet Smart always has it in stock.

  374. Jeff Duszak 2016/06

    Not crowded, ample staff around. Love to bring the pumps in.

  375. Peggy Miller 2016/06

    Great groomers.

  376. Michael Barry 2016/05

    Always friendly staff! Great sales that are always changing!

  377. Patrick Wright 2016/05

    Store is well stocked, but the Short Pump mall perimeter road can make it difficult to access at times. Try using the mall entrance farthest to the west and approaching from the west to avoid the worst traffic jams.

  378. Jonathan D 2016/05

    It’s decent, the grooming center definitely needs more work. 2hours to groom a chihuahua/pug mix is insane.

  379. Aaron Waxman 2016/05

    Good for supplies, but terrible groomers.

  380. Miles Nardi 2016/04

    Very nice and quick service for a late run to the store.

  381. Jon Hacker 2016/01

    Super helpful for my fish stuff.

  382. LeePetVet Cavy 2012/08

    NO GUINEA PIGS! or other pets

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