PetSmart Dog Training

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PetSmart Dog Training
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  1. Angia P 2023/11

    I arrived at this location to check out the cats, looking for a sibling for my cat. First time I’ve looked at cats here. The female employee that was working in the fish department, I asked if I could pet a cat. She immediately said no with a sour face and walked away. Well excuse the hell out of me for asking… not showing up at this location any more. When I got to the checkout line, I saw the same girl working at the next register over, and went to the one that was available. I asked the gentleman at the register if she was having a bad day, he explained they have been short staffed. I work in the medical field, I have been short staffed, but I still take the time to care for my patients. Whoever the manager that runs this location, please commend whoever cashier number 791872 for provid8ng excellent customer service. To that other lady, whatever.

  2. Marcus Vincent 2023/10

    Love it

  3. sharonda goode 2023/07

    Groomer James is awesome and took good care of our frenchie very well! This was our boys first time going to a groomer

  4. MrWilkinsmatthew 2023/02

    I received a phone call from Pet Smart, thinking they were calling to let me know my dog was ready to be picked up. Instead, they tell me that my was dog (a 5 lb Yorkie Poo) had been cut by the groomer and was being taken to the in-house vet at another location…..and I would get an update on his condition when they knew something! WHAT? I was so worried!!
    I told him absolutely not, I would be meeting them at the vets office myself! I arrived before them by about 20 minutes. They had a 20 minute drive just like I did, which means they took their sweet time getting my dog to the vet.
    The groomer carried the dog in and barely spoke to me. The vet cleared my pet saying it was a superficial cut that initially caused bleeding but was now fine. ( The dog was half groomed, half shaggy.) The groomer then turned and walked out. I did not say anything to them because I was so furious, I had no words.
    No apologies, nothing. No call from the store with an explanation, they could have cared less.
    Do not use the Pet Smart on Laburnum.

  5. Von C. 2023/01

    Always a nice visit.

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