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  1. Hope Macklin 2023/12

    We love Pet Smart they are literally our one stop shop when it comes to our four legged son.

  2. Makita Sams 2023/12

    🌹❣️🌹 …

  3. gregg williams 2023/12

    Great parking

  4. Tameka Pleasants 2023/12

    I was highly satisfied with the results!

  5. Kristie Holliday 2023/12

    I love it because you can bring your animals! The staff were very friendly and helpful.

  6. Jessica Brown 2023/12

    I had my appointment set up for 7:00 when I send my Dog to the groomers to get clean and furminated. around 7:20 we we’re at a restaurant waiting for our Dog to get groomed. out of nowhere they called us to get the Dog out of the groomers because they told me my dog had an accident on the floor and they refused to clean it up. sadly every animal pees and poops it’s not something we can’t control it’s part of everyday life unfortunately it was their Job to have my dog clean and brushed but they refused to do their Job their Excuses was unacceptable this is the last time I’ll be seeing them again

  7. Morgan Monahan 2023/10

    It was 90+ degrees F today and there was no AC on in the store. At lest 80 degrees indoors.

    I usually come here for all my pet needs but they’ll lose my business if it’s not an appropriate temperature for humans and animals alike inside this store.

  8. Paul Schrantz 2023/10

    Very friendly staff. Well stocked shelves.

  9. Deborah Quartz 2023/10

    Spent a pretty penny getting my cat groomed here I also had to spend to get her vaxxed before the appointment all for her to get fleas and get my other cats and home infested. The grooming was fine but my god it was no worth it.

  10. Derrick Wilson 2023/10

    Quick service everyone was friendly and helpful

  11. M Mo 2023/09

    Different prices in the store then what’s online.. had to argue with the cashier about matching their own price online

  12. Von C. 2023/09

    I bought first pet snake here. Thanks for everything see you all soon.

  13. Glenn Lanno 2023/09

    Excellent, they took care of all my needs.

  14. Joshua Wright 2023/08

    Friendly staff

  15. Marcy Evelyn 2023/08

    No help at all with fish. No one is ever there. Fish tanks always look bad

  16. Czaria Tomlin 2023/08

    Grooming department denied my dog for the day after drop off due to finding what sounded like a scab. Staff then harassed me to pick him up while I was at work and once I got him theres not a single wound or scab on him. Just say you didn’t want to groom him. I wont be bringing him back.

  17. Annette Quinn 2023/08

    Decent selection. Pricey though.

  18. Emily Gordon-Agarrat 2023/08

    Good prices, great service, and don’t forget to sign up for the perks


  19. Zack Erwin 2023/08

    Horribly slow service. Employee texting and chating more than ringing items. Don’t seem to have dog bowls but they have hotdog costumes… Couldn’t even find an employee to help. 😑 …

  20. Liyah Michelle 2023/07

    Jonathan did an amazing job , my dog looks perfect thank you so much you did great !


  21. Ajax Milling 2023/07

    The store manager, Josh, broke ADA laws and harassed my father about his service dog. We’re in the process of filing a complaint. We used to love this store, every single employee except Josh is absolutely wonderful and sweet. We have NEVER had an issue at this location before, it was our favorite pet store in the state.

  22. Don Sturtz 2023/07

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  23. Reuben Spencer 2023/07

    It has EVERYTHING you need for your pet,need I say more? That’s any pet by the way. They also have a pet clinic.

  24. Don Sturtz 2023/07

    Everyone was pleasant and helpful.

  25. Charlene Martin 2023/06

    1st time at this store. Ordered Flea control on line to hold it so they didn’t sell out and to remind myself to stop and pick it up after work. Nice and easy , and I think I got a discount ordering on line . Nice with 4 cats.

  26. Robinette Taylor 2023/06

    Good products, too pricey and prejudice towards some dogs. They are leaving animals to die in the back.

    Recap service today was great. Im transitioning my fur babies. We one with allergies, one senior and a teen. She helped ne find one that was perfect for them all and they love it.

  27. Richard Hopkins 2023/06

    $3 for a can of dog food is silly. One choice of dog collars.

  28. MBJ 2023/06

    Picked up a second Guinea Pig. I’m going to campaign to only have Guinea Pigs sold in pairs. They are social and need a friend. Ours was alone only a week before we did more research. It must have been torture. The whole GP VIBE changed when the second friend was added. They are a joy!! #buytwo #GuineaPigpairs

  29. Nick Farruggio 2023/06

    Ashley, the salon manager here is an angel, my wife and I love her! She takes care of our two doodle babies with their hard to manage, curly hair. Unfortunately, for us, Ashley was on maternity leave during our last visit. Congrats!!! The salon tried to charge $30 extra per dog for a “matting fee.” This is something I’ve never paid before and they always have some matting when the hair gets this long. A manager, Val, was called and she didn’t take an ounce of time to see if the charge was necessary, she just decided that her groomer, Jonathan, make the call. Both dogs left with me. I know the doodle hair takes some work, I’m always sure to tip $50 per dog. Sorry Jonathan 🙁

  30. Tabitha Robinson 2023/06

    I just took Ivy to see Johnathan Brooks. I was suppose to have brought Ivy back at least 2 weeks earlier than I did because of all the hair shedding. Johnathan was so gracious and diligent in making sure that Ivy was properly bathed and brushed, even though I was negligent on my end by not bringing her in. He even took the time to call me and remind me that she was overdue for her next grooming session. This store has no other dedicated team member like him. I travel all the way from North Chesterfield for his services. He is professional and kind. He knows exactly what he is doing. Give this man a raise already! Ivy will see no other groomer ever!

  31. L Smith 2023/06

    AT ALL COST STAY AWAY FROM THIS GROOMER. If your dog has any matting they will suggest cutting them out and leave your dog BALD. I MEAN DOWN TO THE SKIN BALD and they will tell you that’s our policy to cut them that low. I tried to give them another chance. My dog was the last appointment for the day and I swear they didn’t want to take her in. They found EVERY REASON. NOT to groom her. They claim she was so matted in her hind legs that they could not bathe her. Now keep in mind that her hair is very short and we brush her at least four times a week. There are so many groomers who are 10 times better than this place go there instead of this PetSmart. I wish I could give them negative Stars

  32. Michelle Anderson 2023/06

    Love shopping here for my cat!

  33. John DeGroot 2023/06

    Never bought a thing here but continue to get someone else’s receipt emailed to me after every purchase. Replies are unanswered.

  34. Mary H 2023/06

    Can never seem to get a convenient grooming appt here. Finally got one and the tech canceled the morning of appt. I ended up doing the grooming myself.

  35. TimRuff TD 2023/05

    Grooming experience here was a total positive. Friendly staff and my dogs came out great.

  36. Charlie .Scirbona 2023/05

    The cashier was pushy and rude. I was not interested in signing up for their membership, and he would not let it go. I asked him to stop and he continued bother about it. I left without buying anything. Got the same items. Across town at the pet smart and they didn’t bother me when I said I wasn’t interested in their membership. Lesson learned, don’t go to this location, schedule online deliveries for pet food if you can.

  37. Alexis Warfield 2023/04

    Friendly helpfull staff with a well organized and stocked store. I enjoyed my visit.

  38. Ben Wcislek 2023/04

    There selection is very good. I drove 45 minutes for something they had that Noone locally had. It was very early in the day and was hard to find assistance.

  39. Joshua Ray Ogletree 2023/04

    Pretty good selection, but the checkout woman couldn’t even stay off her phone the time I was there, and then threw the phone down when she had to give me the receipt.

  40. Marilou Bray 2023/04

    Such nice folks there! Customers and staff!

  41. Visionary Trailblazin 2023/04

    I always have a good experience here.

  42. Taylor&Frankie 2023/04

    The cashier was super nice and the line wasn’t long at all

  43. MsCoco 2u 2023/04

    Staff in grooming weren’t very welcoming, friendly or personable a. 3 staff and only one was friendly and attentive and that wasn’t even the one who was assigned to groom my pet baby. We are dropping our pet babies to you all at least you could do is make them feel safe and comfortable and the owner also. Also, my pet had a 2:30 pm appointment and I was called at about 11:40 am to see if I wanted to bring him in early ( and I jumped on that so he could be done sooner) but it was approximately 5pm or after before I got a call to pick him up. He may as well had went at his regular time 2:30 if it would take that long.
    My pet is under 5 pounds and all the groomer could say was the blade I chose is one of the worse for my dog! I was not told this when I chose it at drop off and I have never in his 9 years of getting my pet groomed been told that. He said my dog was scared of the blade. He probably would be afraid if he isn’t being comforted during use of the blade. I am already hesitant of the grooming at petsmart due to prior issues with another of my pets but I try to give them a chance.

  44. Tanya Fleetwood 2023/03

    Love the store, long lines tho….

  45. Rachel Zaslow 2023/03

    Unfortunately they shaved my doodle bald. We asked for a teddy bear cut and she’s so bald we can see her skin. We paid extra for fancy conditioner…. On what hair? Very disappointing and clearly the young man had no idea what he was doing.

  46. Tiff Walk 2023/03

    Please, listen… DO NOT take your fur-babies to this location for grooming services. I will NEVER EVER visit this location again; I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I had a bad grooming experience with this location in October and said I would not return. I decided to give them another try… huge mistake 🙁

    My 7lb. yorkie had a grooming appt today. Within an hour of dropping her off, I received a call that the groomer had nicked one of her moles and she was bleeding. They stated they would take her to the Banfield Vet Hospital (located in Petsmart) to have her checked out and make sure everything was okay. They agreed to call me back, which they never did.

    After waiting impatiently for 4 hours, I called and was connected to Josh, the Store Manager who proceeds to tell me my pup is just returning to the grooming salon from Banfield. Again, this was 4 hrs. later… at this point, I know my baby is anxious, terrified and afraid! Josh proceeds to explain, unempathetically, how all of this happened when it was revealed that a groomer, which I HAD NOT SELECTED serviced my baby. Unbeknownst to me, the groomer who I selected when booking the appt, the same groomer who I spoke with when I dropped her off and explained how I wanted my pup groomed, SWITCHED MY APPT to another groomer without my knowledge and consent. As a paying consumer, this is disappointing and quite frankly, deceitful. This was not a walk-in appt, this was booked online weeks in advance. And if we book an appt with a specific groomer, we are entrusting this person to complete the service.

    Luckily Banfield was able to stop the bleeding, but my pup appears to be in pain. Now we’ll have to follow up with her veterinarian. This simple grooming visit turned into a 6 ½ hour nightmare. I am certain my pup will be traumatized from this experience for quite some-time, and SO WILL I…

    Without a doubt, I will NEVER EVER visit this location again.

  47. stephanie collins 2023/03

    Always a sight when you go in and very nice staff

  48. Tabitha Robinson 2023/03

    I use to take Ivy to Jonathan Brooks years ago, now he’s back. I couldn’t wait to hook with him again. Ivy hasn’t been this well groomed since he left. She’s actually clean, smells great and it looks like the furminator was actually utilized. 👌🏽 Perfection. If you want the best grooming experience, book with Jonathan Brooks 😀 …

  49. Karen Mcglynn 2023/03

    Love to spoil my babies here

  50. Equana Bailey 2023/03

    It’s PetSmart.. there is always only 1 person on the register..then eventually someone else will come help.. u can never be in and out.

  51. Virginia Hill/Bergin 2023/02

    Awesome job on beagle bath and nails.

  52. Michelle Jackson 2023/02

    Great pet store

  53. London Wilson 2023/02

    Always clear and great customer service

  54. Ryan Childress 2023/02

    Usually aren’t stocked with a lot with reptile needs. The crickets are back to being awesome , but the rest of the menu is lacking for lizards.

  55. Duane Brown 2023/02

    Friendly customer service I found everything I needed

  56. Betty Hudson 2023/01

    The grooming department…..Used to be pretty good. Not today:(

  57. Natasha Bussey 2023/01

    Great customer service

  58. Sean 2022/11

    Great knowledge. Better customer service!

  59. Brittany Foster 2022/11

    This place is okay but I didn’t find my babies food here so I went else where and I found it so they would have enough food for them.

  60. Leah Kramer 2022/11

    Anissa has been an amazing trainer for my puppy!! We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else, thanks again!

  61. Dawn Williams 2022/11

    They are so kind and helpful. I appreciate the service here! Plus the opportunity to order online and pick up in an hour. It says 3 but I have always gotten my items early! Thank you Pet Smart!

  62. randall paulenich 2022/11

    Charity did a great job of grooming our dog Joey. Gave him a Pawgress report too. We will be back.


  63. Cathy Cousins_smith 2022/10

    Great store to go to to buy supplies for your pets

  64. Reginald Revels Jr. 2022/10

    Great service has everything I need for my pet we love it

  65. Bailey M 2022/10

    Very hitting and miss with quality of things available and helpfulness of staff will continue with chewy tractor supply and mechansville Petsmart

  66. Jarrett Rodriguez 2022/10

    First impressions, they’re clean! Maybe even adopt a kitten?


  67. Nina Friend 2022/09

    The groomer did an amazing job on Niscayah, I was very well pleased. The pick up and check out process wasn’t that great. I think management need to rethink the process. I had to stand outside the grooming office while another customer was inside, at first I thought they were picking up their dog but as the minutes(8 to 10) went by I realized they were just chatting away, no concern for the person that’s actually trying to pick up their pet and be on their way. I understand people have questions, but at least be aware of other customer’s waiting and be kind enough to send someone out to acknowledge they see you. This is the second time this has happened to me.

  68. Erma Lewis 2022/08

    Good service

  69. Donnie Sheets 2022/08


  70. Rusty Shackleford 2022/08

    Great employees and groomers

  71. Kenya Greene 2022/08

    Love buying my dogs favorite food it is Blue

  72. Wayne Davis 2022/08

    Accepted 4 day old, opned dog feed for a return. Excellent customer service!

  73. Alice H 2022/07

    Low stock in the bird department

  74. Randy Taylor 2022/07

    Best place in town to take your dog for grooming

  75. Jill Fallin 2022/07

    Great experience and very nice staff.

  76. Nikki Fanning 2022/07

    Friendly staff. Clean store. Large variety, though not as many medications as I would anticipate. Routinely visit.

  77. Pamela Jackson 2022/07

    Ashleigh use to groom my furbaby.
    Once she left I tried another groomer. Not a good experience!

  78. Maura Solis 2022/06

    Me gusta

  79. Lee Kimball 2022/06

    Always helpful and always ready to go the extra mile

  80. Thomas Taylor 2022/06

    Kid friendly, staff are very helpful, great selection of all kinds of stuff for all size of critters

  81. Dinia Matarrita 2022/05

    Excelente atención, siempre vamos para realizar test de agua de nuestros estanques. Conseguimos lo que necesitamos. Gracias.

  82. Melvin 'MJ' Johnson 2022/05

    Got my Yorkie his birthday gifts!

  83. cassy reed 2022/05

    Associates very knowledgeable and warm they worked with me to get what I wanted and needed

  84. Loni Durant 2022/05

    Since I was at target I had to come check this place out I was looking for glofish for my tank and let’s just say I’ll be back

  85. Natchie Adkins 2022/04

    Plenty of stuff for any pet.

  86. Sarah Welsh 2022/04

    Well stocked store with lots of options.

  87. Caryn Prince 2022/04

    Great Grroming team. Charity you Rock

  88. Juanita Kipps 2022/04

    The people they are always friendly and willing to help you find whatever you’re looking for great place to shop for your dogs or whatever pet you have

  89. Kevin Paddeu 2022/04

    Brought our pup in to get her nails cut. The staff was great and did a nice job

  90. Jason Ciaschi 2022/04

    Update – This store is still a great store though the quality of fish and staff has decreased. The store is always clean and has a good selection of pet needs.
    Original review below
    This is a good pet store. The staff is friendly and the store is always very clean. They typically have a good selection of tropical fish in stock and many times they are on sale. They have a huge selection of food for dogs and cats and a good amount of treats and toys for them. This store also has dog grooming but I don’t have a dog so I cannot comment on the quality or service of that. Overall a great store and I visit it at least once a month.

  91. keanyale walker 2022/03

    Love this store

  92. David Scorca 2022/03

    Great selection of pet food and supplies, and a staff that knows about what they sell. Sadly, there was ca disappointing selection of reptiles and fish.

  93. Maria Floyd 2022/03

    Always a pleasure to get my dog needs taken care of there

  94. Joshua Smith 2022/03

    I have spent anywhere from 2-3k at this Petsmart in just the past 6 months. My dog did obedience training there. Everyone recognizes me and my dog there. I bought numerous fish there and everything I needed to set up two 100 gallon fish tanks.
    I’m what you would call a regular. I had unforeseen fish aggression and need to shuffle around fish in my tanks. Because of this I wanted to submit 4 small fish back to petsmart for adoption- I made sure I remembered where they were from. I’ve done this there twice. I’ve done it at two other pet shops to keep my fish happy and healthy.
    I was turned away by an employee I’ve never interacted with. He said after 14 days I could not bring fish back. I said I didn’t have anywhere for them to go. He said not my problem post them on Facebook market place or go somewhere else. I will not shop there again. Under any circumstances.
    It was 3 healthy zebra danios and a large blue turquoise rainbow fish that they would have sold immediately. After a week in a quarantine tank. They really love pets there.

  95. White House Food Chain 2022/03

    I found a better quality in leashes. When going into PetSmart. Now I’m looking for cooling pads for the car. We are working with some neighbors kids to tame her attitude. I don’t know if it’s going to work or not but I thought I would try.

  96. a gorman 2022/03

    took my new puppy there for a groom, it was great she really did well with her. It went so well i booked the double package plan to come back only to find my groomer left no call to say hey we booked you with someone else nothing. sooo get there her ears are matted oh no we can’t fix that you need a vet tech to clip it. I took her home with nail scissors and a comb and got them out myself. Rebooked only to have one fur knot shaved off her paw not even evened up and circles around her eyes so she could see. for 64 bucks . Tried one more time booked again to find out that groomer had left as well so now to target to get my own clippers i;m over it

  97. Donna Byrd 2022/02

    Always good customer service

  98. Frances Knighten 2022/02

    They are very helpful, they will walk you to what it is that your looking for.

  99. Emily Bailey 2022/02

    Very friendly and good service for a walk-in nail trim! You do have to have proof of their rabies vaccination on file.

  100. Daniel Colbert 2022/01

    Great staff!

  101. Brett W 2022/01

    Lot of options for pets here. They had a wide selection for pet food and toys. They even had cats to adopt on site!

  102. Jami Jeter 2022/01

    I informed front cashier and salon there was urine by a display. I understand it being there. I don’t understand coming back 3-4 hours later and it’s still there (the mail isle!)

  103. Michelle Carpenter 2022/01

    I love Pet Smart especially the Pet trainer she is always so nice and pleasant. Always willing to help you not to mention an excellent Pet trainer. Everyone has been nice that I have came across. Pet smart has alot to offer and there prices are very reasonable.

  104. Janelle Baker 2022/01

    They cut her way too close and ended up cutting the back of one of her legs. They took her to Banfield and now she’s in a cone for 10 days so she doesn’t mess with the glue that’s keeping her wound closed and she has to take two different medicines twice a day for 10 days. Needless to say I’ll never go back for grooming services.


  105. Jay Ingraham 2021/12

    Great service

  106. Mary White 2021/12

    Always a pleasure to go there

  107. Julia A 2021/12

    Always friendly and treats my furbaby like theirs!

  108. Karen Cermak 2021/12

    Glad they R carrying Dogswell Treats & Tiki Wet Dog Food….

  109. Lennette Stinney (BecauseICan) 2021/12

    I just got a bunny so I’m just learning about making pet purchases but the staff is super helpful and kind

  110. Charmaine Thomas 2021/12

    I love Me Some PetSmart’s because ever Puppie s I had always been a Part of PetSmart Family I had 4 puppies and I love everyone of them too Keep Up The Good Work PetSmart Wonderful Job

  111. UnderRated Boss Boutique 2021/12

    I will never go here again. Bought a hamster as a latte Christmas gift for my kids on 12/29, on 1/22 the hamster was dead. The rep told me they last 1-2 years. I called hoping to get another hamper since I bought the expensive cage and everything else there. Both reps who answered didn’t care and told me it was over 15 days! Like what? U can’t replace a $15 hamster and keep a customer because of 3 extra days?? They referred me to corporate. Long story short, I will be returning the cage and everything I have today with the dead hamster in it😞 my 6yr old daughter cried


  112. Treshanna Randolph 2021/12

    The worst service ever!!!!! I picked up my dog from petsmart, my dog is a shih tzu but he looked more like a Chihuahua. Petsmart cut my dog fur to close which I never asked them to cut his fur that close, and they never asked me what type of cut did I want him to have, needless to say when I came home and seen him in this manner I was furious! I called petsmart they were closed, I then called the corporate office which was a waste of my time, because they couldn’t even provide me with the store manger name of the white oak location in Richmond Va. but they are supposed to be corporate. I was told that someone would be in touch with me in 48hrs. Not good enough! They have chopped off all of my dogs fur and I want a FULL REFUND, the service is not what I asked for. My dog does not look fluffy like he usually does, he looks very scary to me.


  113. Melissa Owens 2021/11

    My Bella


  114. Penny Jones 2021/11

    Customer service is very friendly

  115. Raven Sharrieff 2021/11

    Everyone has always been helpful!

  116. Chase Taylor 2021/11

    Don’t waste your time going into their stores, just order on Amazon! Nothing special about making this trip worth your time!

  117. Meka Woodson 2021/11

    If I can give negative stars, I would… I was told I can adopt a kitten named Oreo yesterday if I come back today between 9am-10am during adoption hours and I came back this morning and the kitten was adopted to another family by one of the employees.. I already called corporate and gave them her name and I really hope she get dealt with.. plus it was a present for my 5 year old daughter!! Then she lied and said it was first come first serve after she stated to me and my fiancé what to get for the kitten and everything.. plus she said she was going to be the one doing the adoption because she starts work @ 930 am.. I would NEVER go to this store again and very POOR customer service!

  118. Rendell 2021/11

    Good grooming for my furbaby, overpriced items & grooming(that which instead maybe could be Eben more tip for the actual worker & not the greedy corporation whom do not share the idea of sharing their earnings fairly with their investment(the employees)..

    Corporations and we all as a society need to dismiss the idea of the defined meaning of ” employee”& instead perhaps should view them as a asset & partner in some more fair form of business practice

  119. Barry Hill 2021/10

    Very helpful employees

  120. Bridget Sheffield 2021/10

    I love taking my baby to PetSmart

  121. Jill 2021/10

    Nice store with helpful, professional staff.

  122. Tiffany Goldsmith 2021/10

    They don’t really have any clothes that will fit my super teeny tiny puppy but it’s okay other than that it’s great

  123. Elf Tuck 2021/09

    Need to lower prices

  124. Morayo Yetunde 2021/09

    Got my new kitten there!

  125. Nelson 2021/09

    Great place and friendly staff!

  126. William Austin 2021/08

    Didn’t go there

  127. Kristen Washington 2021/08

    Friendly, good customer service

  128. Christine Warlington 2021/08

    Had good experience service was good

  129. Daddy Daughter Date Night Tuesdays 2021/08

    Very clean, excellent/helpful staff

  130. Matt Blackwell 2021/08

    Clean store friendly people nice pets

  131. William Aultman 2021/07

    Everything you need

  132. Beautiful Poizon 2021/07

    I always enjoy my time here!

  133. Mary Dugie 2021/07

    Staff is always so friendly here.

  134. Emily Pray 2021/07

    Nice store and had a great variety for my tortoise 🐢 Sheldon 😀 …

  135. Salim S. Damani 2021/07

    Got some parakeets added to the family… Good Job guys..Keep up the great job…

  136. TY Garner 2021/07

    It was good nice to see the animals back. It’s a nice place I enjoy it

  137. Brendan Hogan 2021/07

    Awesome staff! My two girls get their nails trimmed there often!

  138. PHURY 999 2021/07

    Great place to pick up all the essentials for my bunny. Fast pick up on online orders.

  139. Jerron Bradby 2021/07

    I came into the store yesterday searching for information and I was blown away with the customer service that I received. The ladies name that helped was Tink. She was very informative and knowledgeable about every question I had and I had lots of questions. She was very patient and I enjoyed the conversation we had while discussing different products in the store and which would fit my needs the best. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs help on the aquarium/ fish section. I will definitely be coming to get more products for my fish tank very soon!!

  140. Christopher Barota 2021/06

    I have been in a few times to get things for my beardie and tortoise. Quinn is always helpful. Shes been patient with my many questions and really seems to care about the animals. Good customer service is hard to come by these days and Petsmart should consider her an asset.

  141. Raymond “Relentlessly BOOMER!!!” Carney 2021/05

    Toys for our children are way to expensive!

  142. Deven Grady 2021/05

    The staff in the store are always helpful but grooming could use some work. Brought my puppy in to get nails done and he was seen by Paula and from the moment she was told there was a nail visit she had a bad attitude. Handed me paper work with an attitude and when she gave him back she had an attitude. And then she said she couldn’t finish the job because of my pet moving around. She didn’t cut his nails straight and they were all split. Staff from another Petsmart had no problem. And now when I try to just trim a little off his nails he is afraid of my clippers. He was never afraid of them before and would willingly let me do it (I only took him in because I was afraid I’d hurt him).

  143. Katherine King-Walker 2021/05

    The Store itself is fine, but grooming services is awful. They shaved our boy half way and called me saying he was “stressing.” When we got him home, we saw that the clippers were used way to close to his skin, like the groomer was rushing and probably cut his skin. Just had another grooming yesterday with a totally different place and he did just fine and looks wonderful! Will never go back for grooming services.


  144. S. Stretch Matthew 2021/04

    It’s petsmart

  145. Tara Campbell 2021/04

    Not as much selection for piggies and rabbits as they used to have. And they had tons of those awful painted shells for hermit crabs. They may be pretty, but they aren’t good for the crabs.

  146. Leata Washington 2021/03


  147. Ebony Loving 2021/03


  148. Daniel R 2021/03

    Great service and staff

  149. mz. white 2021/03

    They didn’t have any puppies

  150. Lolo Flem 2021/03

    Good place to shop for any pet products

  151. Lisa Walker 2021/03

    I ordered something today any my order was canceled and I’m trying to call the store as to why my order was canceled no one picked up I’ve called 5 times never got an answer

  152. Angela Chiles 2021/03

    Very professional. Groomer actually found me some savings on my pet grooming package. It was great. “Missy” was happy too!

  153. U.T Winston 2021/03

    Slow slow slow to check out. Dea, the groomer was polite, personable and knowledgeable. She, herself would get 4 stars👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. The cashier and manager thought were talking to much, trying to sale more services. To make matters worse the girl cashier asked for the costumer number in front of everyone.🤔 …

  154. Rickey Tollar 2021/03

    The gave my Dino Ziggy Tollar the best of everything. Thanks Charity for taking care of my dog.


  155. Sunny Day 2021/02

    Found Lots of products for my sweet pit. A bit expensive though.

  156. Tina Swearengin 2021/02

    Helpful people just not a lot of product when I went

  157. jackie livers 2021/02

    Grooming needs to work on their customer service, customer friendly attitudes…….cashiers are wonderful but that nonchalant attitude with the grooming team was not doing it for me. If you have to use Pet Smart grooming, go to Colonial Heights they will welcome your furry child with open arms whether they want to do the job or not and it want take all day……

  158. Towanda Turner 2021/01

    Great customer service

  159. Arun Pothala 2021/01

    Very friendly staff

  160. Kisha Beaner 2021/01

    Staff was friendly and I found everything I needed!

  161. justin taylor 2021/01

    Good staff and very helpful.

  162. Mizz Cookie 2021/01

    They need more help in the fish department

  163. Richard Hydes 2021/01

    Friendly staff and most items are usually in stock.

  164. avoirdupois1 2021/01

    Fast service, friendly staff. Nice selection.

  165. Clarance m Depriest jr 2021/01

    Staff was courteous and helped me pick out exactly what I needed for my pet.

  166. Lesley Crabtree 2020/12

    I love petsmart!

  167. Fostina Hardin 2020/12

    They have stuff for every animal…all creatures big and small.

  168. Anita 2020/12

    Petsmart was great customers and staff are pleasant and helpful

  169. Slippery Ravioli 2020/12

    all of the guinea pigs had upper respiratory infections. literally saved ours from death


  170. Sharon Broaddus 2020/11

    Was out of what i was looking for

  171. Veronica Ofori 2020/11

    No staff available to help you

  172. Jason Davis 2020/11

    Big box pet store. Fish section was ,..ok.

  173. JE Harris3 2020/11

    Nice selection and clean for a pet store.

  174. James Smith 2020/11

    Pretty good. Had what I needed and easy checkout.

  175. Aries Mariiee 2020/11

    Associates are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly as well!

  176. Patricia Bolton 2020/11

    Dont stock much for tea cup puppies Staff is definitely not knowledgeable On tiny teacup puppies like a 2lb 13 ounce staff acted very lost when I ask a question Very Poor Service

  177. Maria Paradise 2020/11


  178. Jasmine Sheffield 2020/11

    I HATE THIS PLACE! I haven’t taken my dog here in about 2 years… Our normal place was booked for the next 2 weeks so l tried Petsmart on Laburnam AGAIN. At 4:57, they call and say that my dog is ready to be picked up from the grooming salon. l am pregnant and on bed rest so my default, my mother had left to pick him up. At 5:17, they call back and say that they’re “almost finished” and noticed some blood in the inside of my Maltese Yorkie’s was and are going to transport him to the Mechanicsville location. When I stopped going here 2 years ago, it was because they niched him and cut him lower than l asked for. Now this 2/5/2020! They had NO business calling BEFORE he was finished and transporting MY DOG WITHOUT authorization as my mother was in the parking lot.

  179. Julienne W 2020/11

    The workers are great when it comes to training and grooming. They don’t have the internet raw brand in the freezer which sucks. Other than that they are pretty well stocked.

  180. Beluved Drayton 2020/10

    I find what I need here!

  181. adriana perez 2020/10

    Nice customer service

  182. Lisa Williamson 2020/10

    They did everything I asked.

  183. Schanika Mclauren 2020/10

    Becca was fantastic with my Yorkie “Star”

  184. SweetPea112 2020/10

    I like the store, but their inventory is low! Possibly due to COVID, so I do understand, but it’s frustrating to not be able to buy what I need. I’m very glad they are open, and that ylthey remained open during Quarantine lock down. I wanted to adopt a kitten, but was told that they only do adoption in the first hour they were open now. And that I couldn’t hold it touch any kitten or cat to check temperament and to make sure the animal was healthy. Again, due to COVID, thus us their new policy. The kitten I want is spoken for anyway. I will wait for another time, but was kind if heart broken to not be able to check on another kitten. I have already adopted a cat from this store in the past and wanted to get her a friend today. Disappointed for sure.

  185. Ok Ok 2020/09

    Great people

  186. rita jones 2020/09

    Get everything you need for your pet

  187. Purdy Girl 2020/09

    They need to stop selling animals and just sell supplies

  188. GMboi89 Harris 2020/09

    Limited selection of fish and other Aquarium products

  189. Charmaygne Simmons 2020/09

    My grandson always enjoys going in to look…

  190. Virginia Poodles and Doodles 2020/09

    Didn’t have what I needed, the workers were very nice.

  191. Lee Russell 2020/09

    Petsmart has a LOT of pet Gear choices. Grooming, food,toys. Solid ☆☆☆☆s

  192. Diane Tribble 2020/09

    Great staff man helped me looking one item he found this back to give me. So sweet boy

  193. Pamela Vaughan 2020/09

    Good was delicious but service was unbearable. Long wait even for prepaid orders. No mask or social distancing being practiced.

  194. Althea Romero 2020/08

    Great service

  195. Larticia Baker 2020/08

    Kids favorite place

  196. Christal Jordan 2020/08

    Love the staff!

  197. John Fugett 2020/08

    It is what it is. Great dog food selection

  198. Simone Wright 2020/08

    They are not professional at all. I ordered curbside pick up. I called 40 mins after ordering offline to let them know I was on my way. The cashier told me to call once I’m outside which I did. So I waited in my car 30 mins before going in and the manager was standing around just talking and my order been ready on the shelf. So what’s the use of ordering curbside pickup if they don’t bring it to you when it’s ready. Really unprofessional and I will never shop there again!!

  199. Q Powe 2020/07


  200. Janice Venson 2020/07

    Never been there

  201. Codi Pelser 2020/07

    Great check out cashier

  202. jearline parker 2020/07

    Always overpriced but I found what I was looking for!

  203. Luki 2020/07

    My fur kids love this place

  204. Teri Daniel 2020/07

    Very good customer service, staff is knowledgeable and willing to help

  205. Caitlyn S 2020/07

    Employees are really friendly, they always ask me if I need any help I just wish they had more staff because sometimes they seem over worked

  206. Lady Echo 2020/07

    Great place. Clean. Well organized. Lots of choices. Good prices. Friendly staff.

  207. Scott Nugent 2020/07

    Friendly and attentive staff, approached me to ask if I needed help finding anything. Huge selection of pet foods, toys, and grooming tools. Fair prices and easy to check out.

  208. Varina Artistry 2020/06


  209. Daniel Brockington 2020/06

    Good service 👍 …

  210. CeJae Vtipilson 2020/06

    Got my dog food

  211. Deloris Mickens 2020/06

    Groom service is poorly

  212. Misty Fox 2020/06

    Always love this place!

  213. Tasha Jones 2020/06

    Staff is always friendly and helpful

  214. Chanda Mason 2020/06

    Didn’t have enough customer service in enough workers

  215. Tatia Shabazz 2020/06

    Staff is always helpful and nice.

  216. X Y 2020/06

    Had what I needed and staff always helpful and polite.

  217. Mykela Harley 2020/06

    Did a great job for a bath and full haircut on my Teddy Bear mix.

  218. Lina 2020/06

    Customer service is great. Always able to get in and out in a timely manor.

  219. Stephen Wright 2020/06

    They treated my dog very well and he and I were both happy with our visit.

  220. David Dalton 2020/05


  221. Tee Wood 2020/05

    Really nice associate’s

  222. christina o'sullivan 2020/05

    Valentine was so helpful with my picky elderly kitty!

  223. Amanda Pierce 2020/05

    Always have great customer service

  224. Alison Jackson 2020/05

    The staff here are great ! Super helpful and cheerful !

  225. Troy Floyd III 2020/05

    They had pretty good variety and availability and their customer service was decent

  226. Ashley Cheek 2020/04

    😍 …

  227. Antonio Wallace 2020/04

    Very nice and helpful.

  228. Suffer From poison and sleep deprivation 2020/04

    they have excellent staff and great attitudes

  229. Paul DElia 2020/03


  230. Catina Lane 2020/03

    Staff very friendly and knowledgeable.

  231. Linda Keeton 2020/03

    I always find what I need, the store is always clean and neat, and the employees are very helpful!

  232. Nancy Lee 2020/03

    Just about everything I looked at had no price. So much for a quick drop in and pick up. Needless to say I only bought one thing , it had a price.

  233. Biasia B 2020/03

    I never have a problem when I visit. Elizabeth grooms my teddy bear shi zu perfectly every time and even calls if i forget to bring him back for a grooming. Only thing is i used to be able to book my appointments online and now they have stopped it. Staff is very friendly and if they see me staring at a product they ask me if I need help.

  234. Derrick Benjamin 2020/02


  235. Linda Patterson 2020/02

    I luv this place

  236. Aspen games 2020/02

    I love the birds

  237. Shavon Bowens 2020/02

    it has people who care for the customers

  238. hailey battilana 2020/02

    Top. Favorite ,All for Jellybean

  239. Shann Young 2020/02

    Didnt really have all that i needed and no one to help

  240. Hugo Lopez III 2020/01

    Not very much selection for Cats.

  241. martin wynn 2020/01

    They knows me by name and my dog and the place is always clean and my dogs get a treat at the register and she will wait on it and saadee love the facts that she can come in wi th me

  242. Chad Park 2020/01

    Tink in the fish department was incredibly helpful, kind, cute and had such useful knowledge of everything about fish. I couldn’t have done it without her.

  243. Iesha Boyd 2019/12

    Great deal on hamsters

  244. Nai Nema 2019/12

    Never have enough people working

  245. Ronalyn Brown 2019/12

    The only place that sells what I need for my animals

  246. Juanita Mawyer 2019/12

    They had what I needed got in and out pretty quick

  247. Kathleen Clemons 2019/12

    U can take ur animals in with you. People that work there r very helpful

  248. Jeffrey Gillem 2019/12

    Has items I need in stock but has the weirdest service. I can’t walk into here without waiting a minimum of five minutes to check out.

  249. Severed Soul 2019/12

    The employees are always so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The staff at this location embodies good customer service. If one doesn’t have an answer, they don’t stop searching for the help you need. One day I was in a huge hurry and running late to catch them before closing, so I called and asked if they could please hold the door for just 2 minutes because I was right at the traffic light about to turn in.. they gladly obliged and my chameleon didn’t starve. I visit this store weekly for my chameleon’s dietary needs and although they don’t always have what I need, I will still keep returning for the service alone. Oh and to visit the cute little creatures.

  250. Ollie CreativeThoughts _Bird 2019/11


  251. LaTasha Wagstaff 2019/11

    My dog likes coming.

  252. Russ Jones 2019/11

    Cute kittens, friendly people, cute kittens, clean store, cute kittens…

  253. Linda Patton 2019/11

    I went there to purchase some food for my geico.

  254. John Dixon 2019/11

    Staff is friendly. Fish and rodent selection low

  255. Lisa Massie 2019/11

    Great service, clean store!

  256. Ang 2019/11

    great store! excellent service

  257. Fawn Lisette 2019/11

    Love this place! Wish they would carry rabbits and/or ferrets.

  258. Monica James 2019/11

    I’m not seeing as many parrot food items as previous. I’m having to go to other pet stores just to get the basic items.

  259. SueAnn Trucott 2019/11

    So happy I took my dog to be groomed here, they did an excellent job.

  260. mooreladybug84 2019/11

    The regular store is great, but there was an extremely rude woman in the grooming department.

  261. Janice Hill 2019/11

    I like i buy my fish there and what ever i need for my fish tanks people are very helpful nice place

  262. D Hanson 2019/11

    Very helpful friendly staff had a great experience picking up supplies for my dog and cat

  263. Bryan Foreman 2019/11

    Great friendly staff, pet friendly , awesome store , clean environment , store is always clean , they offer pet adoption , and you can also buy fish thier , hamsters 🐹 , and alot of other exotic animals 5 out of 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟

    I would recommend this store to my family , friends , even strangers this store is ultra friendly , people are always smiling and thier store makes you feel like your at home 😉.

  264. Bonnie LaBagh 2019/11

    This place has the SLOWEST Drive Through. If you are going to use the Drive Through plan on spending good 20 mins getting your food. So match for fast food. The Dining Room isn’t any better. If you’re looking for those Crispy Fries they Advertise this is NOT the franchise to get them at. I’m local and this is NOT just a one time experience!!

  265. LaTesha Sharpe 2019/11

    I take my dog to get groomed here and the groomers are always nice and greet you with a smile.


  266. Elizabeth Kellison 2019/10

    Lots of animals and pet supply

  267. Andre Pryor 2019/10

    A good place to take care of of your pet or pets

  268. nikki conklin 2019/10

    A little pricey but tons of stuff

  269. Donna Lack 2019/10

    Dog came back with uneven cut. Second time this has happened.

  270. Donisha Russell 2019/10

    always friendly and helpful staff whenever i go.

  271. Eric Tucker (Badger's Garage) 2019/10

    Most of the time I can find what I need here but occasionally they are out of stock which is why four instead of five stars. The staff is helpful and willing to work with you when price matching places like Amazon (shipped and sold by only) as well as Chewy. Recently got some Seresto dog collars price matched with an online supplier so I wasn’t having to pay full retail, very beneficial for me. I do recommend checking the experation dates on all food products you purchase from any location, out of the 30 or 40 times coming here I’ve run across a couple past “good by” dates on shelved products.

  272. Kemi Fakulujo 2019/10

    The groomers in The grooming salon were not very concerned with my pet. They looked distracted or interested in other things. And the pricing was much more than I’ve ever paid at any other PetSmart grooming. I would not recommend.

  273. Dee Mccoy 2019/09

    High prices

  274. Emmanuel Koker 2019/09

    Best pet place

  275. D.P. Goldsberry (Mz.Empty) 2019/09

    Thank You fish Guy,

  276. Riya's gamingWorld 2019/09

    I don’t know what to say

  277. Virgo Vamp 2019/09

    Customer service was impeccable….

  278. Elizabeth White 2019/09

    Normal pet smart nothing special

  279. Ebony “EJ” Crumm 2019/09

    Great customer service!

  280. Patriot James 2019/09

    A wide selection of food and treats. I always find something different for a great deal.

  281. Rebel Mopeds 2019/09

    They cary food we like and its a clean store

  282. Mary Harvey 2019/09

    Love shopping here for all my pet supplies.Friendly and helpful associates.

  283. Paul Easter Jr 2019/09

    Amazing experience as always, great staff. Always a pleasure at this PetSmart. Best around.

  284. Tina Barnaby' Lambert 2019/09

    I love to take my DOGS in the store with me sooo they All 5 can pick out A toy from the great choice of toys & chewy toys they keep in stock ..!!!!

  285. Barbara Capitaine 2019/09

    I am always satisfied with the quality of the products available. Staff is most friendly and willing to help find items or answer questions. All I all, a great store.

  286. Robert Elliott 2019/08

    It was a petsmart.

  287. Noel Santana 2019/08

    Love the service

  288. Kenneth Tunstall 2019/08

    Liked it.

  289. Kent Willingham 2019/08

    Good sale

  290. Proverbs 31:25 2019/08

    Expensive but good quality

  291. J. Louis Toth (Louis) 2019/08

    Always great customer service.

  292. Tria Thompson 2019/08

    Everything under the sun for pets. Clean store. Grooming in back.

  293. Brittany Adams 2019/08

    Shane U is the best groomer in the pet salon.

  294. Taney “Purple Turtle” Rosie 2019/08

    Everyone is so kind and they always love my doggy

  295. Robert Smith 2019/08

    Good for cat’s and dog’s they got groomer’s there as well alitte high though..

  296. Patricia Weymouth 2019/08

    One of your stores will not allow pitbulls. Never shopping there again. Source: Facebook

  297. Gail Murphy 2019/08

    The sales associates were helpful and friendly. There was a huge selection of dog and cat foods and reasonable prices.

  298. Jason Hechler 2019/08

    This PetSmart doesn’t have a Banfield, so I don’t think it can carry the prescription petfoods, but it does have most of the major brands of premium foods for dogs and cats. Also a decent selection of toys and other accessories.

  299. Treasa Garrett 2019/08

    Has almost everything you would need for your pet. Staff tries to answer your question and if they don’t know they will find someone who does. Very friendly and clean store.

  300. Kyle 2019/08

    Always a clean, friendly, and easy to navigate store. Customer service is on point and the groomers are all very good with various personalities.

  301. EK G 2019/08

    This is strictly PetSmart Grooming. They are under the worst leadership I have “ever” encountered. My dog was viciously cut down to the skin 3 times in the same area. This incident was never reported to me. We just adopted him and this was his 3rd visit to PetSmart Grooming and when I approached Amanda the groomer she ignored me.

    I then reached out to the so-called manager of that department. His first offer was 10% off my next grooming. Are you SERIOUS?! Your first offer should have been let me pay for your Veterinarian visit!!! I was furious 😤 😡 I said to him his next visits should be free.

    🤔 in retrospect after finding out that his hair will never grow back and the scars from the untreated at the time open cuts I should never have to pay for pet food for the rest of my life.

    A new Groomer was selected. (Look we don’t have many affordable choices on the East End). I chose Josh. He truly enjoyed his job and I have caught him playing and hugging on my little dog. Well, after about 11 months Josh fired us. Josh is a patient groomer and I never mind tipping him when he does a stellar job. Once or twice I have inspection my dog and noticed some things that needed to be fixed.

    I imagined these guys to be the professionals. If your child’s haircut was uneven or need adjustments would you not speak up? Well, on several occasions Josh as saw his mistakes and asked if he could make adjustments. No problem. I have done so as well. Well at some point Josh fired us.

    He “no longer felt comfortable cutting” my dog. Felt that he was continuously recutting the dog. This was relaid no by Josh but from a closing manager named Tony. Tony just didn’t care.

    I asked Tony to produce proof that recutting was consistent or was he fixing what he cut. Since he had no jurisdiction in that area he told me he would call me and look at the notes. That never happened. While I was there one day picking up Bird Food I approached Tony and he lied directly to my face stating that their were several times where they had to “recut the dog.” I asked him to show me. Produce this magical information. In which he said he could not.

    3 months later I couldn’t let this rest. I was lied at and to. I felt like this was unjust for all the wrongs that my little death row adopted dog had to go through. I finally contacted the store manager. Shawn? Which apparently was they same Shawn I met who took over the store in or around October. The Store manager has not found any records of actually recutting the dog. He apologized for my bad experiences. At the end of the conversation I told him Tony blatantly lied. More than likely he never did the research and just blurted out whatever came to mind.

    My problem was with Tony and his lies. I asked for this to be addressed and for an update. Well that never happened.

    I’m writing this to warn all customers that customer service is not present in this department. After the groomer grooms your animal it’s on to the next. They don’t even give you what you pay for. Their several items on there wash and cut package that have to be TOLD TO DO. these are hidden optional services.

    The mangers in the Grooming department are poorly trained and really don’t care. The are never present after 5:30pm. They are a Joke.

    As a Grooming Manager the proper thing to do was to address any concerns with the groomer and the customer. I feel slighted and extremely disappointed in the lack of service in this department. I really thought I was paying for a service by a professional at a professional business. I totally miss understood what they do in this department.

    You picked this profession or chose to take the position. All consumers ask of you is to treat us like your Job depended on it. There are so little consequences now days for employees and management. No one is held accountable for these heinous acts.

    You MADE MY DOG BLEED, LIED TO ME, NOR FOLLOWED UP. you left me no choice.

    CC: corporate.

  302. Bj Castro 2019/08

    Don’t stock common aquarium stuff. Often out of common water treatments for aquarium water. Staff not very knowledgeable and trained for basic tropical fish… If you have exotics/Discus don’t take advice from them. Could use a consumer review revamp to better offer a better experience.

  303. Robert Hutchison 2019/07

    Good selection

  304. Shane 710 2019/07

    Can I pet your dog?

  305. Cesar Behrens 2019/07

    Best place for tour Pet

  306. Irene Nicholas 2019/07

    Very nice,and neat friendly place!

  307. Marv White 2019/07

    Normal box pet store. But it’s in White Oak Village, so customer service is poor.

  308. Jacob Lund 2019/07

    The staff is friendly and the products tend to be well stocked, but the fish tend to look a little ignored or maybe just mistreated. I have been before where I have seen many mystery snails just lying dead in the display tanks with algae growing on them. I have also gotten ghost shrimp from here before, but sometimes they are a different species than what is supposed to be sold as a ghost shrimp. I have also seen dead fish on numerous occasions, sometimes even half eaten by the bottom feeders in the tank.

  309. Renee Judkins 2019/07

    Great service and friendly staff. It’s your typical PetSmart but I have no complaints and have an enjoyable trip everytime I go. Most recently the store manager actually helped me out to my car to lift my heavy items. The help was greatly appreciated.

  310. Pamela Cowley 2019/07

    Got great attentive service in the grooming salon. Alex C and the other groomers were very helpful regarding my dog’s allergies and made my very uncomfortable itchy dog feel better with a good hypo-allergenic bath. I’ve had good experiences here.

  311. ryan abbott 2019/06

    Good store

  312. Crystal Williams 2019/06

    As always awesome

  313. Troy Foster 2019/06

    Very clean. Well organized.

  314. Maura Alberti 2019/06

    You can find basically anything for your furry friend; prices are a little high but it is for quality items

  315. Sonya Bates 2019/06

    Great grooming salon. Great selection of natural dog food. Great customer service.

  316. Steve Hamner (basecamp) 2019/06

    Nice enough staff just average PetSmart nothing negative

  317. Nicknack blove 2019/06

    I was not pleased they called saying they would give me a discount on gromming because they had students training . I made an appointment for 1:30 got my dog there at 1pm. To receive a phone call at 4 saying they can’t groom my dog because she didn’t want them to touch her . when in fact I’ve never had petsmart ever call to say my dog wasn’t cooperative in the 9 yrs she’s been going to them. The manner of grolmonh could have gave her a jaor cut . but all in all I will never take my dog back to that pets mart. Very disappointed and unsatisfied with the service .

  318. Tara Dail 2019/05

    Friendly staff

  319. CHIEF CHIEF 2019/05


  320. Tina Buskey 2019/05

    Great choice of cat needs

  321. amanda clemons 2019/05

    They always have what I need when I need it and the staff is very friendly and helpful

  322. cynthia walker 2019/05

    PetSmart have great employees my trips there are always successful because of the staff.

  323. monique dorf 2019/05

    Very nice, very pleasant workers, little pricy, but a lot of options.

  324. Tia Smith 2019/05

    Ali our Gentle Giant loves his visit and meeting new people.
    Iron gate Kennels tell them Meet the Smith’s sent you

  325. Michael Hodges 2019/05

    Loved the customer service ,made me feel right at home with people who understand your pet and what they need.

  326. Suzanne Brock 2019/05

    We love PetSmart! Our dog Blu adores our weekly visits and monthly grooming!
    ~Suzanne B. Charles City VA

  327. Gina Jones 2019/05

    The staff was friendly, informative and helpful. Everything was organized and their stock plentiful. I actually had to ask for help with finding what I intended on purchasing … because I kept getting distracted. The colorful displays & options of products – they got me. I feel like there’s more than likely a 95% chance you will find what you’re looking for here! I even had choices for what I was seeking. I will definately be coming back when my doggos need something again (or really just whenever I have the funds & chance). Far away but totally worth it. Everybody working tonight should get a raise!! Thanks y’all!!

  328. TRuGODDESS GOD'S CHILD 2019/04

    Love it love it

  329. Wynn Morgan 2019/04

    Nice and clean

  330. ang bell 2019/04

    Long lines and no help on the floors!!

  331. karen nash 2019/04


  332. Dmitry Negai 2019/04

    My beef her is not with this store or the company but the claim you buy and call it adoption. Is a very cheap blow at real adoption centres .

  333. Cierra Huff 2019/04

    I’ve been coming to this location since I was in elementary school and I’m in college now. Normally, I would walk in and go to what I want to buy. Until I got my first dog! This location was not very helpful when it came to providing info. They basically assumed that I knew how they price matched, that I had a dog before, and knew the groomer requirements. So I don’t recommend this location for beginner dog caretakers but I do recommend it for the pro’s because they know what they need already.

  334. Ebony Singleton 2019/03

    It was nice

  335. Joseph Simmons 2019/03


  336. Sherman Washington 2019/03

    Love it

  337. Shantel Wright 2019/03

    Definitely will be back

  338. Chloe Wood 2019/03

    Customer service very helpful.

  339. joshua wood 2019/03

    Friendly workers decent prices

  340. k f 2019/03

    Best grooming for dogs and nicest people

  341. CourtDude RVA 2019/03

    Helpful staff and they have what we need

  342. Beverley Griffin 2019/03

    Dropped my dog off for grooming, he’s gorgeous.

  343. Ronald Hickman 2019/03

    I love pet smart. This is a big store. Love seeing different dogs walking with owner in store and happy that he shopping lol

  344. Sandie Baker 2019/03

    I shop at this petsmart all of the time. I used to take my dog there for grooming until he passed away. The staff are helpful and friendly.

  345. Abby Moore 2019/03

    The PetSmart at white Oak has not been doing good lately, lots of empty shelves for weeks at a time! I couldn’t get my dogs any type of bones, salmon oil, or the collar i wanted. Pretty disappointed!

  346. J Mo 2019/03

    Always a positive experience from grooming to food selection to the chx out counter. Great staff. They act like they are glad to have you and your pet there.

  347. Rigo Disla 2019/03

    The staff is friendly but the entire store is over priced. If you have a big dog Do Not take it here for a bath, you will not get your money’s worth as I could have done a better job bathing my dog myself.

  348. Raakin Ali 2019/02

    Friendly employees

  349. Rylanda Dark 2019/02


  350. Nathaniel Brooks, AccMA 2019/02

    If you have a pet, they have what you need!

  351. Rachel Narang 2019/02

    Very helpful employees

  352. Nia Love 2019/02

    Customer Service Need Some Work

  353. Ocean Wilson 2019/02

    my husband loves this place

  354. Edward Peters 2019/02

    Great customer service friendly staff

  355. darlene hobson 2019/02

    Laburnum PetSmart has turtle food that Mechanicsville doesn’t! That was good!
    They both have some really nice and helpful staff! Both stores I’ve talked to 2 different employees that have spent a lot of time going over different cat foods! My cats are so finicky though!
    Thing that gets me is cat and dog food is so expensive and the ingredients aren’t all that great. Manufacturers are so busy making it quickly that if it was really good ingredients to start with they cook it all out! Very frustrating!

  356. Keith Jones 2019/01


  357. Charlene Powell 2019/01


  358. Natasha Anderson 2019/01

    Over priced

  359. Donna Chambers 2019/01


  360. Nikie Nu 2019/01

    Great place

  361. Joyce Kellison 2019/01

    Awsome store.

  362. David Williams 2019/01

    Staff very helpful

  363. Phyllis Roseboro 2019/01

    Do not know, I do not any pets

  364. Sharon Cannon 2019/01

    Good place for pet supplies.

  365. Mike Edwards 2019/01

    Friendly and helpful staff.

  366. Kim tee 2019/01

    Chatted with someone very knowledgeable about my problemed cat!

  367. Jason Campbell 2019/01

    The employees are friendly, but their pricing could be cheaper.

  368. Linda LeSane 2019/01

    My two dogs love going to this store and i do as well

  369. Shanise Evans 2019/01

    Love bring my animals in store. And. Show em what they want! Lol

  370. Mike Byrd 2019/01

    This PetSmart is full attentive employees that are very helpful and they have fine selection of dogs toys!

  371. tanya smith 2019/01

    Love this place! Lizzy did a great job with my Mocha’s puppy cut!

  372. Tamara Nikkel 2019/01

    We love going to this store…associates are always so friendly…never had a bad experience…

  373. Julie A 2019/01

    PetSmart takes very good care of my babies and I appreciate that store for being there and offering such a variety of items for me to spoil them with.

  374. Laura Price 2019/01

    Friendly and helpful employees. There was a lot of signs missing above the aisles and I was walking up and down the aisles trying to find what I was looking for and 2 different employees offered to help me. They not only told me where to go, but they walked me to where it was. I didn’t think to tell them about the missing signs though.

  375. Natalie Wilson 2019/01

    I love this PetSmart. They always have employees eager to help and I love their grooming salon. My golden doodle Teddy gets groomed by Elizabeth and she does such a good job every time. He is always so happy when we go.

  376. Celia Mallory 2018/12

    Great customer service

  377. Jim Foldesi 2018/12

    Friendly staff, clean

  378. life with sisters 12 2018/12


  379. young goon 2018/12


  380. Kevin Winston 2018/12

    Good friendly people

  381. Laurel Cook 2018/12

    Never a large variety of fishh

  382. Vincent Blackshadow 2018/12

    Sells EFFECTIVE Seresto flea collars!!

  383. Big Wave Dave 2018/12

    Always very helpful and informative!

  384. Jolanda Whyte-Byrd 2018/12

    Great pet store. Staff very helpful and friendly.

  385. Paulette Braxton 2018/12

    They really did a very great job with our 3 month Bella. She looked and smelled wonderful when we picked her up. She is a 3 month old teacup poodle.

  386. Brandon 2018/12

    I can honestly say that I will visit again. Only went to grab some quick reptile food. The gentleman working the area was very friendly and helpful. Even assisted me with an issue I was having w my fish tank. This will be my go to petstore when I’m in the area.

  387. Jesyka Rolland 2018/12

    After searching half the store with my very anxious pup, an associate finally pointed me in the direction of the thunder shirts. But unlike other stores that have helped me with the final purchase, I was left alone to figure out if I wanted name brand or the less expensive option and what size I needed

  388. Tara Taylor 2018/11

    Ms Ting has groomed my furbabies for 9 years.

  389. EZKL 9:4 2018/11

    Couldn’t find everything in the sizes we needed. Cashier efficient.

  390. Spud 22SSRW 2018/11

    Very nice clean store. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  391. Andrea Hanks 2018/10

    Love this place people are friendly

  392. Nicolette Harris 2018/10

    Clean store, helpful staff…..though some are not versed in pet knowledge…..ask questions before you leave with your pet

  393. Marie Meadows 2018/09

    Slow checkout.

  394. Ella Bandy 2018/09

    Nice place to run in and out for pet supplies. Easy parking. Helpful staff. Bright store that is easy to navigate. Good selection of sale items in back. An altogether pleasant shopping experience.

  395. Doj Shin 2018/09

    only giving 3 stars because my puppy didn’t get the full groom. but as i was there and they were trimming my dogs nails, he seems to have a huge cut right next to his nail right after that was bleeding. he is a small chorkie and i understand since it was his first time getting his nails cut there might have been anxiety issues, but this gash is huge, he is constantly licking it now and it’s still bleeding to this very day. not sure if i even want to get my dog groomed. not sure what to even do?

  396. Meka Story 2018/08

    This is a nice

  397. Jess Barrett 2018/08

    Great place clean store and wonderful customer service

  398. Lora Days 2018/08

    This store is a field trip for my dog. He receives so much love and snacks from the staff. The shelves are always stocked and the customer service is always on point

  399. Margo Margo 2018/08

    Pet Smart on Laburnum is convenient when picking up supplies etc. HOWEVER, I took my puppy to the groomer and they did a great job however she had a really badd itch so I had to take her back for a nother bath and when they bought her out she looked like someone had stuck or paws in a socket. When I inquired about it the girl told me that my puppy would not let her brush her. I was very upset and when I got home I called to speak with the manager who asked me if I had spoke to the grooming manager I told him no. He took my number and told me that he would have a glooming manager to call me that was last Saturday today is Monday February 26 and I have yet to hear from anyone. Needless to say I will not be bringing my puppy back to its groomer…so this is why I give it 3stars

  400. David Bittner 2018/07

    Friendly staff

  401. Elise copeland 2018/07

    Not very knowledgeable but helpful

  402. Dawn Cotman 2018/07

    They are great when you need special thing for your pet

  403. Monique Riley 2018/07

    Nice employees. They know what i need and have it ready before i get over to pet care (Perks of being a regular shopper i guess lol)

  404. Brittany Loren 2018/07

    I come here somewhat regularly. The two bearded dragons I purchased were both supposed to be females. We later found out they were both males.

    I hate having to track someone down to get service for crickets and worms.

    I go to Pope’s Bait and Tackle in Sandston for crickets, they are much larger and cheaper.

  405. Queen Muni 2018/07

    Absolutely a great visit. They honored my coupons for the CHI dog shampoo I wanted. GREAT deal. I paid maybe $20 bucks for a good amount of shampoo for my pups that will last a while. The grooming salon also did a great job with my two dogs and offered an additional discount. They smell so good and I can rub them now without shedding. VERY satisfied for a great price.


  406. ThatChick Deesha 2018/06

    Large inventory a little pricey.


    Great, thanks for choosing my pet Marco for Dog of the week !! Our heart’s are overwhelmed with joy.

  408. Shannon Roulet 2018/06

    Really helpful and nice staff, but it seems to never have any of the little animals you can look at like snakes and birds. I just want to see them. Where are they?


  409. mike cook 2018/04

    Good bargains

  410. georgia bell 2018/04

    Perfect for pet owners who live in the east… I don’t have any so I guess it’s cool.

  411. Vince Harvey 2018/04

    Veronica is so great she got me and my new puppy started with all the supplies we needed ! She had some great advice her breed know is vast !

  412. PC 2018/04

    My review is specifically for the grooming department. I have brought my poodle/Bichon mix here since he was a puppy and they have always taken such great care of him. Jonathan, the Salon Manager, usually trims him and makes him look great. I recommend this PetSmart grooming over any other grooming business due to their pricing, amicable personalities, and their ability to make any dog look great.

  413. Barbara Roddy 2018/03

    Always happy.. Doggies too.

  414. Ciane A 2018/03

    The staff here is amazing – so kind, helpful, and you can tell that they love their jobs and the animals they come in contact with! The store is also well stocked, clean, and has a great selection. I love bringing my little Titan, and I know he loves all the extra attention as well😊 …

  415. Louis Errante 2018/02

    We supply the cats!
    Meow Stories Rescue

  416. River A 2018/02

    Have never had an issue with location

  417. Leslie McCormick 2018/02

    Everything you and your pet could possibly want all in one place.

  418. MichaelEarl Floyd 2018/02

    The employees need to have better knowledge of the items that are for sale

  419. Nicole Rodriguez 2018/02

    No items in stock at this location. Never enough cashiers for a low volume store. No Banfield pet care here. Typical sub par service for Henrico’s east end. Sad, I have to take all of my shopping to Hanover County

  420. Jessica Houser 2018/01

    It is a run think to do what you want to do here

  421. CARLIE EATMON 2018/01

    Employees hanging out in Office not very professional.

  422. Traci Murphy 2018/01


  423. LaFon #Onherway Kinchen 2018/01

    Amanda and Tristen are great groomers, very attentive and gentle with my dogs!!

  424. Barry Cooke 2017/12

    Great place for pets

  425. Christine Kath Ruggeri 2017/12

    Great selection of dog food!

  426. Kenneth Tatum 2017/12

    You can bring your pets in which yes awesome

  427. Carri 2017/12

    Great place for a grooming! Our miniature Schnauzer always looks great!

  428. George Taylor 2017/11

    good store

  429. april letzelter 2017/11

    Clean, friendly staff and large selection.

  430. John Drake 2017/09

    Clean and the staff is friendly.

  431. Joshua Lee 2017/08

    Great customer service!

  432. Dorinda Fulton 2017/07

    Excellent staff

  433. Andre Young 2017/07

    Easy parking. Very helpful staff.

  434. Charity White 2017/06

    Went to website and it said opened at 9am drove 30 mins to get there walk in the store to pick out what we needed and then employee said they didn’t open til 10am. Several other customers were in there. They probably lost about $400 in sales and the employee was not friendly and said there was a sign on the door that none of us could find. I will be going somewhere else from now on because of her rudeness

  435. Melissa Page 2017/05

    Not very good not very knowledgeable on hermit crabs

  436. Robert Smith 2017/05

    Lots of fun and easy to get services very helpful and a lot of products

  437. Chef Lew 2017/03

    Has normally things that are fresh and new but sometimes a bit pricey

  438. Billy Hanvey 2017/02

    Exelent service

  439. rosalyn ellis 2016/12

    My son loves all Pet smart


  440. Beluved Drayton 2016/11

    Very friendly staff.

  441. Apache Skyhawk 2016/10

    I have always had a good experience with the pet grooming, the only thing I find is that the pet snacks are expensive.

  442. Cordell Green 2016/06

    My boys love the glofish I have gotten from there. Friendly staff.

  443. June Burton 2016/04

    Very poor grooming services! Took my 4 month teddybear puppy to be trimmed & bathed. They cut her bald on her hind quarters but no where near her area…. that was supposed to be a santry cut. I also asked for their longest trim being that it is winter………I had to buy her a dog sweater before I left. Her coat is uneven looks so butchered, I feel awful.

  444. C M 2016/02

    Waited 15 minutes to be helped, had the cashier call back for help and no one came. Apparently the employees were playing grab ass in the back, never use this location. Mechanicsville is close by and much better. Always an awful experience

  445. Sydney Coelho 2016/01

    Our dog got groomed and had an allergic reaction later that week. We believe it was to the groom because he was de-matted & that was the only change in his routine. We were very upset. However…Not only did they take him free of charge to have another hypoallergenic bath, they also treated the hot spots that broke out and provided us a free topical spray for them. They said if he still reacts they will comp us a vet visit. We hope this won’t be the case, but was definitely the thought that counted. Jonathan was fantastic! Thank you!

  446. Kelly 2015/10

    My experience was horrible and this was the first time takeing my dog to get groomed . The lady commented on how nasty my dogs ears were and little did she find out I was behind a glass they have between the grooming room and the store the whole time watching her say it . It was fur everywhere and nobody swept it up , it was nasty .

  447. rose ballard 2014/01


  448. michael mayo 2013/10

    My girlfriend owns two ball pythons. She asked me to go to Petsmart to buy two heat lamps for them. I went to Petsmart on laburnum Avenue and purchased two Reptisun fluorescent UVB Reptile lamps totaling over 100 dollars! It turns out that I purchased the wrong bulbs. Not knowing that I would have to return them I threw the receipt away. I tried to return the bulbs so my girlfriend could go get the correct ones. but without my receipt they would not accept them. I wasn’t seeking any cash just a store credit so she could swap them out for the correct ones. I was told that there was no record of me ever purchasing them even though I bought them less than a week ago. I was also told that there were only 2 in stock and now they are no longer there. In my opinion I believe they were trying to imply that I stole them. I work 2 full time jobs and I was raised better than that. Stealing is not an option! I was so offended by the manager because of his ignorant nonchalant attitude as well as that stupid little smirk and lazy eye he had on his face that I will never step foot in another PetSmart again. I’m also never taking my pets to Banfield again just because of its location. so now I will need to find a new veterinarian… needless to say I am very upset about the events that took place and the fact that now I am out of 100 dollars. This used to be 1 of my favorite places to take my dogs to walk around and just socialize them but the events that unfolded today left such a sour taste in my mouth I will do everything in my power to keep all of my family and friends from ever spending another penny in that store! It may be my fault for not having my sales receipt but the fact that there are no sales records showing that I purchased them is just insane. So if you are unlucky enough to have to shop in this store again please always keep your sales receipt handy. But if you’re close enough to a PETCO their prices are better their employees are friendlier and their system is more organized.

  449. Annette Allen 2013/08

    Can’t say very much about it… never visited. Heard nice things though. Maybe one day I will make the trip to the store.

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