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  1. Tracey Perdomo 2023/12

    It’s nice to go where they are usually are stocked. And good customer service, and they are usually informative about questions you may have.

  2. Scott Nitzberg 2023/12

    Tried their grooming service for the first time. NOT impressed at all. My labradoodle came back with rough patches and gaping bald spots in her coat. Her tail and her nails weren’t touched at all from what I could tell. NOT GOING BACK. Why is it SO hard to find a good groomer in Midlothian?

  3. Wendy Darnell 2023/12

    Staff had a good personality and was very friendly.

  4. Wendy Terrier 2023/12

    Bird food selection has been hit or miss lately, but employees are knowledgeable and helpful.

  5. Adrienne Cheek 2023/12

    Everyone was really nice especially Jadlyn and the actual vet on duty that day. They were very expensive, in my opinion. But they were thorough.

  6. Victoria Jackson 2023/11

    It was okay but I was disappointed by the selection of cat food and toys etc. Overall it’s okay for what it’s worth

  7. Ms Worthy 2023/11

    Associates not helpful. Checkout cashier was very polite and friendly.

  8. Jamie Glendenning 2023/11

    We use Banfield vet in Petsmart and they are WONDERFUL people!! Our dog is getting older and they are so gentle and kind with him.

  9. Josselyn Perez 2023/11

    I got everything I needed

  10. Sarrina ViAnne'-Arsenault 2023/11

    I love this location. Tina is an amazing groomer.

  11. Nassef Elsakr 2023/11

    Fast and accuracy

  12. Katherine Plott 2023/11

    Nice people. Nice array of betta fish.

  13. TimRuff TD 2023/10

    Always smiles on the employees faces.

  14. Kevin Cooke 2023/10

    The vet and groomer are positioned in the front of the store to the right. This is great if you have a nervous dog.

  15. Kwanza Wyatt 2023/10

    I take my dog here to get groomed. The last visit Lilly told me somebody else would have to do him because “he’s too small for him and the other lady Tracy I believe is better”. I set another appointment for him in August for September never received a reminder so I called today and Lilly answered and said it was today at 730am next appointment is in October. At this point I’m convinced they can’t service my not even a year old yorkie. I will not be returning.

  16. Robert Morgan 2023/10

    The grooming department went up and beyond to help me. Great store!!

  17. John Duke 2023/10

    A department store for pets. Caters to the mainstream pet owner with more options than the casual shopper can imagine. Some animals are sold (fish, rodents, reptiles, birds) and there is a grooming service. Lots of variety in food brands.

  18. Marketta Hendrix 2023/09

    Always has the products I’m looking for. Does cat grooming as well as dog grooming and has a vet clinic.

  19. Deanna Burrage 2023/09

    Wish they werent so expensive

  20. Eric Foulds 2023/09

    Kind staff was very helpful during crisis with our pet

  21. S A 2023/09

    I called inquiring about grooming services for my two beautiful cats. Everything went well until the groomer asked, “Does your cat have any respiratory issues?” My answer was yes; majority of cats are carriers of FHV-1 and the the virus is latent. Therefore, my fur babies were discriminated against because of Pet Smart policies and procedures. Petsmart’s voice recording states, “ We will do anything for pets, “which is a joke because you won’t cut or groom my cats due to a virus that at least 90% of all cats have been exposed to smh.

  22. George Morgan 2023/09

    They did a great job grooming my dog

  23. Steve 2023/09

    No one ever answers the phone here.

  24. Terrance Dixon 2023/09

    I got off work super late and called the store while in route to let them know I was going to be cutting it close to closing which was 9pm. I arrive exactly at 8:59-9 on the dot. Instead of letting me in, the employees just starred at me from the register as I was waving them down. It was one guy and two girls. I get it the Store is closed, fine, but atleast acknowledge me and say “sorry we’re closed” instead of staring at me being rude. I was really disappointed in the customer service and will go out my way to the Hull St or Chester locations for now on. That level of customer service rubbed me wrong.

  25. Kristie Patrick-Austin 2023/09

    Took my Yorkshire Terrier to get her nails trimmed. Not sure why it took 2 people to handle a 5-lb dog. Maybe one of them was in training.

  26. J R 2023/09

    No ferrets is the only downside to this store. Everything else was clean and fine, and to top if off some puppies were there for training 😀
    Prices are alright. Good for specific pet items. …

  27. jahliya west 2023/08

    Staff is very kind and patient with my little puppy

  28. Aiden Wade 2023/08

    Prices are a little high but great store

  29. Mz T3 2023/08

    A huge discount (65% off) water heater.
    Regular priced $71.99

  30. Lisa Anderson 2023/08

    My puppy Amore’ loves coming here for her grooming! They treat her like the princess she is and she always comes out happy and beautiful! You can feel that the staff loves her and other animals being groomed! Amore’ will tell you that this is her grooming home!!


  31. Donte G 2023/07

    Great place to get your fur babies checked up

  32. Veronika Oyon 2023/07

    Good attention good products

  33. Anne Allen 2023/07

    Love that so many things are available at this location! There is an animal hospital, grooming center, training center, and of course a large selection of various pet supplies as well. There are not many businesses who offer such a variety of services in one location. That makes this particular location such a great option for anything you/your pet might need.

  34. Alexander Diaz 2023/07

    Consigues todo para tus mascotas, me parece que hace falta más personal para asesorar.

  35. Goddess Nelle 2023/07

    My experience here could’ve have been better. The cashier wasn’t friendly or helpful at all. While I was shopping in the store for items for my new puppy. The guy at checkout register 1 sat there watching me search for a particular item that was near his register. Not one time did he ask me if I needed help. He watched me the entire time while I was searching for puppy toys as I was finishing my shopping I was near the checkout looking for dog tags trying to figure out which one I liked for my puppy he then proceeded to say to me “ma’am you’re going to have to purchase that 1st” I was in shock. What kind of business are you guys running PetSmart ? I responded to him across the store saying “ya I know that obviously “ anyways I then checked out he rang all of my items up and I purchased my things. After the transaction was completed he didn’t realize he never handed me my bag and receipt. He was too busy paying attention to other customers greeting them as they came in. I will not be returning back here. If I could give zero stars I would.

  36. Elvia Perez 2023/07

    Calidad lugar para mis perritas las atienden muy bien

  37. Beat Maker (BeatMaker) 2023/06

    Great place to buy things for any type of animal

  38. Charli Baltimore 2023/06

    This wasn’t a good visit, but any other time it’s fine

  39. iatemyphone Gaming 2023/06

    Went in an hour before closing just to browse. Each employee I came in contact with was super nice.

  40. MBJ 2023/06

    Stop to get hay for the Guinea Pigs. Ended up buying treats as well! Oy vey!

  41. Paul Thoms 2023/06

    Double booked grooming so they couldn’t get my dog in, wasted my time. Please avoid this place

  42. Justin Maddra 2023/06

    It’s difficult to find someone that will help you. I have had mixed experiences with Petsmart. They have their good and bad days. More help would benefit both the customer and the Company!!! Still feel this way. Always being put on hold, always waiting…

  43. Jennifer 2023/06

    My favorite store for pet supplies.

  44. Stuart Swink 2023/06

    Very helpful nice attitudes and informative

  45. Meghan Mallampati 2023/06

    They double booked my dog for her grooming appointment and cancelled. Ended up being late to a doctors appointment because of their disorganization.

  46. Lejutian Leon 2023/05


  47. Paul Kroog 2023/05

    PetSmart had what I was looking for.

  48. G Saunders 2023/05

    Big store, always has crickets, Blue Buffalo, fish, lizards, pleasant employees get crickets, move the line at checkout…

  49. Lee Ann Tetrault 2023/04

    Of all the pet stores their prices are the best and we have 20 cats to feed do we’re glad to find their favorite food at good prices!

  50. S B 2023/04

    👍👍 …

  51. Raines 2023/04

    Zach, in the grooming department, gave my dog the worst haircut imaginable. All the staff were rude and unprofessional. My dog was there for 4 hours and she looked exactly the same when I picked her up. I wouldn’t recommend going to this location. I felt like I wasted my time and money.

  52. Beverly Owens 2023/04

    Quick visit dog food pickup. Royal canin SO small dog. Unable to find the 6 lb bag (,affordable) the 8.8 lb bag @ almost $60.00. Not going that route. Picked up the 8 lb bag for larger dogs at $41.00. My dog is Maltese 15 lb. Was doubtful but dog eating. Thought pieces would be to large however not so. Glad I decided to have a try.

  53. Tracey Portillo 2023/04

    Friendly and thoughtful staff. We are taking the dog training program. Basic but very helpful.

  54. Viola Gail Underwood 2023/04

    Groomer Angel was truly and angel to Dingo.
    He was not super nervous as he had been with other groomers.


  55. Lisa Allen 2023/04

    Store was clean and well organized. Grooming center knew their stuff. 1st visit there. They understood my dogs severe separation anxiety and waited with him calmly until he couldn’t see me anymore. Yes, I keep telling him the vet has a pill that can help but he says no he isn’t taking it. Small complaint. They did forget to give him his neck scarf.

  56. Ernestine Joseph-Pauline 2023/03

    Great experience!

  57. Gilbert Jones 2023/03

    Short and Sweet. LOVE IT!!

  58. Richard Laning 2023/03

    It is okay but employees on the floor are hard to find & the fish dept. which is my primary interest is not stocked especially cold water species (goldfish& koi) except in the summer (when I admit they carry them at a fair price)!
    The store never knows what is comming into inventory until it turns up which makes it hard to plan for the benifit of your pet(s)!

  59. Sunil Sethi 2023/03

    Getting an appointment for grooming is difficult but the service was great.

  60. Margaret W 2023/03

    I was in here this evening to get help with exchanging a bag of food. Ragin helped me and she was so kind and friendly! I could tell she genuinely cared about helping me and making sure my cat was able to get what he needed. Thank you!!

  61. carlyle jean-marie 2023/03

    Friendly and convenient

  62. Tamara Lester 2023/03

    Associate are very are unknowledgeable about their products

  63. Kathy Clary 2023/02

    My grooming experience was horrible and I didn’t receive most of the services I pre paid

  64. Tracy Robertson 2023/02

    Ms. Angel is the best groomer for our Golden Retriever! I trust her and love her work!!

  65. Tameeka Smith 2023/02

    Great customer service. Went in to get a hamster as a gift. The process was easy. I got everything I needed as well for the pet. One stop shop, and had great prices.

  66. Alice 2023/02

    Unfriendly and unprofessional people working in the grooming department. They don’t call to tell you your dog is ready and are rude when speaking with you. We called to see if our dog was ready and they said in five minutes, we asked when they closed and they said in 4 minutes. I told him we live 14 minutes away so we will be there after closing to pick him up then. The guy on the phone was annoyed and asked us how late and I told him we’re leaving right now but it would be impossible to get there before closing since they didn’t call to tell us the dog was ready. The guy then said in a rude talk back tone, “Well he’ll be ready in five minutes.” What are we suppose to do with that, how can any customer just teleport there on their beck and call like that. When we got there, they said he wasn’t done yet, wow. I think his name is Vinny, just the worst. Our dog has been there over four hours now. Overall bad attitude, bad service, just don’t go there and try another location.

  67. Sandy Cleveland 2023/02

    Had what I needed. People were helpful.

  68. Brent Johnson 2023/02

    Clean and the staff are helpful.

  69. Ellen 2023/02

    I think it’s wonderful that PetSmart helps to support finding homeless pets a new home. The company is well known which highlights the issue of homeless pets. I appreciate this charitable promotion.


  70. Marisel Mart 2023/02

    The customer service is outstanding. They always have what my pets need on of a great quality. Good prices too. My dog Lulu also enjoys her visits to the store and all the attention she gets. I very highly recommend this place.

  71. randy shavis 2023/02

    well stocked…. only a couple of workers.

  72. George Romero 2023/01

    The veternarias here are top notch caring individuals … the staff are also caring people.. i appreciate what they did for my girl to help send her move on…

  73. Sara Woodington 2023/01

    Clean store, well organized, good prices on what my cats eat. Bonus: visit and/ or adopt a kitty from various shelters!

  74. Lacy Ferguson 2023/01

    Great store

  75. J D 2023/01

    Always a great experience st petsmart. They have so much available and very friendly staff. Unfortunately I think this location did not have fish for a bit so that set us back a little but eventually but I think they’re back now.

  76. Sheila Barnes 2023/01

    The workers are always very friendly.

  77. Julia Guyewski 2023/01

    My home away from home for all my fur babies.

  78. Yogi Barr 2023/01

    new collar and leash, great selection of each.

  79. Trisha Davis 2022/11

    Nice store, more options online.

  80. Bryant Watson 2022/11

    Will become mine and my puppy’s favorite place to shop..
    More pics to come!

  81. Anita Adam 2022/11

    They have a great selection of dog food, treats and toys. The associates are knowledgeable and friendly, especially to my little dog who loves exploring the store, and they always offer her a treat!

  82. candace elchinger 2022/11

    We adopted two little kittens from there it’s really not PetSmart at Southside a s p c a. We did get a book full of coupons from PetSmart to pay for their food and stuff like that the kittens are real healthy.

  83. Colm Reynolds 2022/11

    Online ordered store pickup worked great!

    Surprised they have Hydracare for cats. It’s a hydration supplement, basically delicious cat drink for cats who don’t drink water. Not cheap, but it’s extra important to keep them hydrated when they are sick or stressed and cats tend to forget or refuse to do that themselves.

    Truly can be a lifesaver.

  84. James Mugford 2022/10

    Great fish selection. Staff was very helpful

  85. A Taylor 2022/10

    Came in looking for some chipmunk food and was easily able to find it. The staff was very friendly as well.

  86. Courtney Rafter 2022/10

    Used to love it here, but the vet has become a joke and the quality of the grooming department has gone REALLY downhill.

  87. Zebbra Hickson (Zeb) 2022/10

    Our homeschool took a trip to pet smart because we were learning about veterinarians and grooming animals. We really enjoyed ourselves. The children were fascinated.

  88. Patrina Bruno 2022/09

    Very unorganized

  89. Darrell Benton 2022/09

    Nice and helpful employees

  90. Stephanie Jones 2022/09

    Love their assortment of dog toys

  91. Heather C 2022/09

    All the employees are very friendly! and they do an excellent job in the grooming salon!

  92. Penny Lewis 2022/09

    Took my fur baby to the vet. She’s always nervous but the really calm her down!! Love Banfield Pet Hospital

  93. Elaynea Montgomery 2022/09

    unfortunately got multiple calls and txts when it was time to reschedule my same day appt but never got any reminder texts for this appointment that was scheduled at the wrong time. smh will just learn to groom my pets myself. oh well, was a long time petsmart customer. im over it and disappointed.

  94. Mike Y 2022/09

    Extremely helpful cashier. We were trying to corral a tired pup (who had just come from the vet’s office!) into a new harness (he’s a 14-year-old pup dog, and the vet thinks the harness will take some of the pressure off of his neck). He was NOT having it, and if it hadn’t been for the nice person working the register’s help, I really do think we would’ve wound up buying a harness in each size just to resolve the situation.

    I realize the information about our dog is somewhat irrelevant to PetSmart’s service, but I wanted to emphasize that I (and my family members when we’re out shopping together) are most emphatically NOT easy or simple to deal with, so the fact that someone made the effort to help us without our even needing to ask WAS an effort, and therefore praiseworthy in my book.

    For the record, and to tack on with the oversharing, it’s not so much in the sense of being demanding that we’re a pain, as it is the fact we’ve got a bunch of older people with health issues, which individually and collectively necessitate tons upon tons of highly-specific, difficult-to-locate, obscurely-sourced bric-a-brac and other assorted paraphernalia, only some of which we even know the names and manufacturers of when we get to a store. Anyone willing to put up with us is worth their weight in gold (which I don’t have, obviously, so this is gonna have to do!).

    We ended up ripping open the packaging on like three different harnesses (I would’ve cheerfully SHOT any customer doing that during my retail days), and she was just nice as could be about it the whole time and made us feel like we were perfectly okay to focus on taking care of our dog, and that our behavior was totally reasonable. I am most thankful to her for that sincerely-delivered lie, and can now happily report we have a spiffy new harness for the Bud boy! It even has a handle thing on the top, I guess so we can pick him up like a suitcase if that seems like a good idea at some point. It also has a little zipper pouch for the green bags we take along on our walks, snaps easily and is simple to adjust, and, most importantly, is well padded all over so Bud won’t be uncomfortable while wearing it! True, it cost more than I used to make in an entire shift at work back in those aforementioned retail days, BUT, this dog is absolutely BELOVED in our family, he’s getting old (and is a VERY good boy!), and if this makes him feel a little bit better by helping with his arthritis, then it’s well worth potentially having to eat Ramen for dinner a few nights as far as I’m concerned :).

  95. Marilee Tait 2022/09

    Not sure which Pet Smart this was. Went to the one on Hull Street to buy my dog his prescription dog food. Ask the girl at Banfield a question and she said I would have to ask the cashier. There was 1 cashier working. Not another store employee in sight. I told the girl at Banfield that the line was to the very back of the store. She said it’s Happy Hour around here on Friday evening. I told her I wasn’t happy and left to drive up to the Pet Smart on Midlothian. Had my question answered and was able to buy my dog his $126.00 bag of food. I will never waste my time on the Hull St Pet Smart again. Things like this has happened too many times.

  96. janice plott 2022/09

    The cats were were treated well and in good health. There were two adult cats–one very young and one 9 years old. I had recently lost my rescue blue eyed Albino and the young women at PetSmart were very helpful making the big decision of adopting two cats so soon.

  97. Raleigh Proffitt 2022/08

    Had what i needed Awesome

  98. Ty Johnson 2022/08

    Very helpful staff and friendly

  99. Kimberly Mellott (Kimberly Mellott Blevins) 2022/08

    Could have more big dog sizes in clothes

  100. nicole b 2022/08

    Took my dog to get groom and Zachary did a very good job

  101. Amy Shelton 2022/07

    Dog nail trim. Very nice and gentle. Nails look great.

  102. Jediah Logiodice 2022/07

    Always a little busy, but clean, friendly and good service.

  103. Shannon Smith 2022/07

    We had an excellent experience with our Samoyed at the grooming salon. Allison did an exceptional job. Thank you so much

  104. Jessica Isbell 2022/07

    Petsmart always has all of the things! I’ve had dogs, fish, birds, and now cats. I know petsmart will have what I need in person. We enjoyed bringing one of our new cats on her inaugural Petsmart run today – it’s always been my very old Pomeranians favorite place to go!


  105. Lil'keisha Allen 2022/06

    Got cricket for a bearded dragon

  106. Carol Adkins 2022/06

    So friendly and helpful!

  107. Shanelle Thrower 2022/06

    Pet Smart is the best!!..My fur baby’s groomer Ashley is awesome!!..Always greets my doggie and I with a Smile!!

  108. L. Shepard 2022/06

    Wish they had more cat enrichment toys. But other than that, I am pleased with their service.👍 …

  109. Coston D. Dorsey 2022/06

    I needed a new lead for my dog, but I had never bought one that was in 1 piece before. I would usually just go to the hardware and put it together myself. But this time the lady at PetSmart was so nice to me she directed me straight to what I needed at a good price and it was all ready to go.

  110. Luis DiazforTDAwesomes 2022/05

    Our pet hospital is inside!

  111. Sheridan Layman 2022/05

    Go there for Gecko food. it’s hit or miss.

  112. C. Sharon 2022/05

    My dog finds everything he needs and then some 😂 …

  113. Garisandra Haynes 2022/05

    Had to pick up Dog food. Couldn’t find the wilderness Senior brand. Asked for help , got it and moved along.

  114. rochelle 2022/05

    The vet at PetSmart is quick, convenient, and kind to my cat. The people I interact with that work at PetSmart are always helpful and nice.

  115. Eric Dalton 2022/05

    Typical chain store. Cashier rang me up for the expensive dog food x12 bc she was tired of individually scanning. When I mentioned it to her she took off 1 can. I told her I didn’t need a receipt she told me no to take it and hang it on the fridge. She looked stoned and mad at life

  116. Bobby Keys 2022/04

    Where pets rule

  117. shane pitzer 2022/04

    Lower your prices

  118. Joseph 'Iron' Willis 2022/04

    Store is clean but the aquarium always needs help in every corporate pet store. My opinion is if you sell them then you should take care of them. Not have dead diseased fish floating around.

  119. Alice Williams 2022/03

    Great shopping experience.

  120. James Fife 2022/03

    Very good with dogs and knowledgeable

  121. Jamal Harrison 2022/03

    My dog, Trigger have been since he was a puppy

  122. Langston Walker 2022/03

    Found everything I needed in 2 minutes. Cheerful staff.

  123. MS REDDS TV 2022/03

    Love the way they keep my dogs groomed

  124. Keith Yox 2022/03

    My Angels


  125. Elizabeth Romero 2022/03

    Went to get my dog food, they had the item. Friendly staff and lots of neat toys to buy for our furry babies.

  126. Shannon T 2022/03

    My biggest issue is that they never seem to have the small pet supplies that I’m looking for. This was an issue even before the pandemic and has only gotten worse. It’s the most convenient for me but each time I go I end up having to go somewhere else for at least half my needs. For dog and cat supplies they are on point.

  127. Lauren Reyes 2022/02

    Where are the fish?! Nothing like it used to be…overpriced on what is in stock.

  128. Dee de Cheubel 2022/02

    This location is convenient and always has western timothy hay.

  129. Erica Trone 2022/02

    Always greeted at the door!! Always find what I need.

  130. Nicole DeStefano 2022/02

    JT was amazing, he helped fit our pup for a harness and gave us great advice for outdoor fun including information on puppy sunscreen. Super helpful, great customer service! Top notch!

  131. Nic Mace 2022/02

    Pet Smart grooming in general just isn’t good. I’d had a bad experience with a previous location but when we moved to this area we decided to give it another shot given it’s a new location. The first couple of trips went well but each of the past 3 times our dog has been sent home either without service or with his haircut only halfway finished. Each time they blame him even though I’ve given him tranquilizers prior to his visit as they instructed. He’s been to Petco and other groomers without any issue. I definitely understand my dog has his flaws as it’s a stressful environment and he gets a little nervous but it’s strange that he’s only ever had this issue at Pet Smart locations. It seems their grooming staff truly needs better training company wide. They definitely seem to lack any patience.

  132. Phyllis Smallwood 2022/01

    Friendly service

  133. Clarence Whitley 2022/01

    Great grooming services

  134. Rae Shepherd 2022/01

    I love coming here! They always have what I need!

  135. Marvin Jones 2022/01

    Store was clean staff was helpful and polite!

  136. Vincent Mizell 2022/01

    This PetSmart location has great customer service

  137. Kelvin Reglos 2022/01

    Great place to buy stuff for pets. Staff are accommodating and friendly.

  138. The One 2021/12

    Friendly service

  139. Joel McCauley 2021/12

    Cat food and cat litter 🙄 …

  140. Alexcia Monk 2021/12

    Groomers are decent. My dog loves them!

  141. Babs Phillips 2021/12

    Walkin nail trim and grind at the boutique….welcoming and accommodating!!

  142. Pappa Behr 2021/12

    Rather large store for what they have to offer things are very broken up kind of hard to find but they do have friendly and helpful staff not set up like a typical PetSmart

  143. Cody 2021/12

    Great staff and selection. The Banfield here is amazing. In 5 years they are the only people who have been able to trim my dogs nails woth out any sedatives.

    Highly recommend this location

  144. Raymond “Relentlessly BOOMER!!!” Carney 2021/11

    Too expensive

  145. James Murphy 2021/11

    Lots of stuff for pets … thats all I got for this

  146. GEORGE GRUNER 2021/11

    Excellent product selection.

  147. Derwood Taylor 2021/11

    Nice atmosphere for you and your pet

  148. Bryel Weinlein 2021/11

    Patricia wouldn’t let me buy a guinea pig. Very rude.

  149. Chef"s Deli 2021/11

    Clean and friendly. Kids love going to look at the fish.

  150. Charles Goin 2021/11

    Seriously I am tired of every app asking me to rate them… Becuase well, how many 6 star ratings can I give the groomers here..

  151. jeanette Stickler 2021/11

    We take one of our dogs here for her checkup. The staff was very courteous and professional. You still can’t go into the rooms with your dogs, but they gave her the required shots in a fairly quick timeframe. She is over 14.years.old so they talked to me about maybe not giving all the shots to her since she might not need them anymore. It was less stress on her given her age. They even told me she really didn’t act like an older dog.

  152. Brian Thomas 2021/10

    It’s Pets martial. Consistent

  153. Triggerith “Triggerith” 2021/10

    Don’t ever go here for Dr. GROVE.

  154. Neil Blair 2021/10

    Can always find what I need pretty easily. Good prices too.

  155. Theresa Stanley 2021/10

    It was a nice little hike but they had the tank I needed. The manager was kind enough to pull it and hold it for me which I greatly appreciated it.

  156. Dave Greer Jr. 2021/10

    The staff is really nice they took care of my Dior for her first grooming my wife Misa Brown and I are really happy with the service we receive thank you


  157. Aaron Jourdan 2021/10

    Went in on a whim and found a clean store with friendly people. Found that they do dog classes in the store.


  158. Inez Crawley 2021/10

    I am so very please with the service my Yokie Terrier (Tyson) received at Petsmart (Carmia Way) with TracyR today. I have been taking my furbaby here over 6 months and I know it hasn’t been easy working with him. He can be a hand full with the grooming process because he dislikes it. But she has shown a lot of patience working him and he’s doing a lot better. She recommends the best products for his coat and things to work on at home and really gets to know your pet. I would recommend TracyR services to other pet owners and we look forward to a long relationship. Her work is outstanding. Thank youTracyR.

  159. Calli 2021/10

    I shop the Midlothian Pet Smart for my dog food (Eukanuba), and while in the store look for other items that I might need for my pets. My only negative about this store is that the selection of Eukanuba dog food seems to have dwindled, to the point that the packaging for particular size and breed of dog is not consistently available, leading me to shop elsewhere to acquire what I need.
    In a plus for Pet Smart, generally, they do offer price matching with other retail outlets. For instance, the Eukanuba dog food I was looking for was nearly four dollars less expensive on the Pet Smart website than was indicated on the shelf for that package in the store. In a very courteous gesture, the store matched the online price.

  160. Jan Holloway 2021/10

    Tracy R is the most awesome groomer ever!!!
    She has been grooming my doggies (past & present) for many many many years!! She is compassionate and very caring with my pet(s).
    All of the staff at the Chesterfield Petsmart Grooming Salon are very kind and helpful!! I’ve never ever been disappointed in any aspect of my doggie’s visit there!!!!!!
    Highly highly highly recommend!!!!!!!

  161. Jeanna Lewis 2021/10

    This is the best location! The groomers are so nice and friendly. They don’t make you feel like an inconvenience. I’m so happy I made my last 3 appointments here. Arvy loves it too! He feels like a king after his “spa day”. Thanks for everything! Be back soon!

  162. Melvin Ramos 2021/09

    No have birds here 😒 …

  163. Suzanne Bowman 2021/09

    Very friendly and helpful

  164. Nan Clark 2021/09

    Staff very friendly and helpful!

  165. Kenisha Christmas 2021/09

    Great service for my pup!!!

  166. Morgan Stickels 2021/09

    Love to come here and see what is new in stock for the holidays

  167. Elizabeth Morrison 2021/09

    I went to the wrong place but there product’s are cheaper than petco,pet owners, shop at both but not often

  168. Carrington Wright 2021/09

    I’m new to the area so I did some research on reviews. I found great things about Ashley S on the PetSmart website. She did a great job with my shih tzu! I will be back again. Staff is friendly, facility and parking lot clean

  169. Laura López 2021/08


  170. Steven Ruehrmund (EggMcFluffin) 2021/08

    They literally never seem to restock anything except dog and cat food. I guess screw other animals right? Will not be returning.

  171. Jamie Neblett 2021/08

    I’ve been a customer for 20 years I am a avid pet lover. They have everything I ever need. I’ve had lizards, dogs, fish, a guinea pig, and four turtles. My go to place.

  172. Kristi Carter 2021/08

    Tala is an awesome trainer, so glad I chose to sign up for the puppy & intermediate classes with her. She is great with my puppy, Pearl, and has helped us learn many new things & good behavior skills. Tala is calm and patient with Pearl, and surely wouldn’t be the same dog without Tala’s training. Pearl is looking forward to future training classes, and I highly recommend Tala! Thanks for a wonderful experience. -Pearl & Kristi


  173. James Stratos 2021/07

    It’s a PetSmart

  174. Brandon Ackerman 2021/07


  175. C Bracey 2021/07

    Love the care they give my pet!!!

  176. dgonthesofa 2021/07

    Friendly and helpful staff including Southside SPCA 🐈‍⬛ …

  177. Cheryl Johnson 2021/07

    I love pet smart, the groomers there are awesome, they go the extra mile making sure that we are satisfied with their service.

  178. Jez Wood 2021/07

    Bought an electronic cat toy, got home, toy was scratched to hell on the bottom and missing the wand. Went to exchange it for the exact same item, was told I’d have to pay the difference for using my pet points on the original transaction, but not going to get my points back. Just returned everything.

    Also loved how Nancy at the register saw me waiting upset and ignored me to help the person behind me. Shout out to you girl.

  179. Evan Butler 2021/07

    I visited the Grooming department and my pet Angel is always excited to go get a bath. The stylist there are always friendly and the work they do shows they really love what they do. The best way I found to make appointments is to use the petsmart app and you can pay for the service so, all you have to do is pickup and go.

  180. Cynthia Adkins 2021/06

    Friendly, vet is very good.

  181. Rosie Longoria 2021/06

    Employees always nice and friendly. Easy to find what I need.

  182. Cloudy Skye 2021/06

    Does not offer cat grooming. Other locations direct you here as the only one in the area that offers cat grooming. They do not. I just needed my cats claws trimmed.

  183. Amira's mom 2021/06

    The associates were very friendly and knowledgeable. I called to ask a question about a betta fish i bought from a different pet store. As a first time owner i really needed some guidance. Both the associate who answered the phone and the one in the aquatic department were happy to help. I immediately went to the location to purchase the food the rep. suggested because it was clear she knew a lot about betta fish. Both ladies were even friendlier in person.

  184. *Martha* 2021/05

    No hay servicio al cliente

  185. Angelm Doswell 2021/05


  186. Scott Newby 2021/05

    Was hard to find what I was looking for but just because it hadn’t been put on the shelf.

  187. Tammy Lawrence 2021/05

    I go here for all my pets needs. Food, toys and veterinarians.

  188. Love Lee 2021/05

    Love it! I bought puppy milk for 15 bucks and bought the same 1 on Amazon for 25! Definitely going back!

  189. Dores Smith 2021/05

    The 2 young ladies did an excellent job cutting our dogs hair and they were very friendly

  190. Everett Finn 2021/05

    Love the care they give my dog MickeyO


  191. Meg Yager 2021/05

    Bought these 2 cages here recently.. got the bigger one on sale saved $15 and realized we needed another so I went back but they didn’t have one so I got the smaller one. Very happy with cages.. easy to assemble, easy to remove top half for cleaning

    I started my shopping experience at a different store just down the road but they didn’t have a good variety or pricing which led me to visit Petsmart and I’m very glad I did.

    I’ve also previously used the grooming department and been pleased.


  192. Annette Sklar 2021/04

    Awesome service

  193. Geo Lar 2021/04

    Good selection

  194. English T Warday 2021/04

    Great store minus the prices

  195. Fee Bryant 2021/04

    Pretty good customer service.

  196. Sarah Sines 2021/04

    It was wonderful so many nice people

  197. Clock Work 2021/04

    Helped me find what I needed quickly because I was in a hurry today

  198. Rhonda Robb 2021/04

    I’ve been bringing my baby boy to this location for grooming with Tracy for almost three years now. 💕❤️💞🐾🦴 …

  199. Lyn Westermann 2021/04

    We had to put our cat to sleep at the Vet there and they were so kind and helpful and even made a paw print for us..

  200. julian duran 2021/04

    Banfield pet hospital here customer service is lacking. My dogs eyes were goopy from allergies but they told me I needed antibiotics so I went with it. When she handed me the medication and it was triple antibiotic ointment. I’m no doctor but I’m not rubbing that on my dogs eyes. I’ve got that in my eyes before don’t ask me how but it’s not fun. I seriously question their medical advice now.

  201. Christina Canfield 2021/04

    Took my dog to get nails trimmed… I was nervous because she has a lot of anxiety from being dumped by her previous owners

    The staff was wicked friendly and so patient with my dog. They were just incredible

    Will be taking my dog here for all her grooming needs

  202. Ixchael Bashore 2021/04

    I came in with a neglect case for a very sad beta fish I rescued from an odd job. The employees were very well versed in caring for fish and I got everything I could need there. Im so grateful for this experience. My new fish seems much much happier than he was before. Thank you so much for all the assistance!!

  203. BLUNT TALK WITH MONi B ! 2021/03


  204. John Karrenberg 2021/03

    I’d rate then higher but most of the staff is not knowledgeable about the products sold and won’t go the extra mile to help you find something

  205. MELISSA CAVINESS 2021/03

    The floor is always nasty. I know pet owners are supposed to clean up after their own pets, but that RARELY happens. Its gross.

  206. Lisa Adams 2021/03

    While this Petco isn’t exactly close to where I live, the parking is abundant, the prices are competitive with Petco and I feel like they offer a lot of brands that Petco does not. I have a puppy that I am trying to transition to a more high-end food and Petco just didn’t have the brands I was looking for. This PetSmart has a great variety of Merrick, Instinct, Natural Balance and Wellness brands and now carries the Bobby Flay “Nacho” food line, which previously you could only get online. I feel like they usually have what I need whether it be for my turtle, cats or now our new puppy, Wilma.

  207. marion ivey 2021/02

    Good and friendly.

  208. Lauren Delacruz 2021/02

    The usual big box pet store. You may, or may not find what you went there for. I usually try Amazon first. Very overpriced aquarium equipment. $60 for a tank ornament? Really? The TANK cost less.

  209. Kali Holland 2021/02

    DO NOT take your dog to petsmart for grooming anymore. I took my miniature dachshund here to get his nails clipped and I decided to stand outside of the actual grooming center and try to watch, to see if they were being mean to him. I had my suspicion of them possibly be mean after giving my dog to them. They were so busy and treated my dog and I like we were an in inconvenience, when I had an actual appointment lol. When I heard him crying so loud, I went in there and they were manhandling my 10lb dog and pushing his head down onto the table while burning his paw pads with the nail grinder. His 2 paw pads on his right front foot were bloody. Long story short, I myself, am not allowed back at that petsmart. I will not let another human being abuse my dog because he’s scared of getting his nails cut. How about make maybe an extra 2-5 minutes to make the dog comfortable with you. I have the sweetest, most loving dog. After telling them to stop after I saw my dog was bleeding, and other words were said, I witnessed how POORLY they treated other people’s dogs. DO BETTER petsmart or at least get rid of your grooming center. The grooming staff is sketchy.

  210. Crystal Burr 2021/02

    My dog had her routine spa day with Ashley S. She always come back happy, and beautiful.. Never have any issues.. She always does a great job.

    I also love shopping here.. Customer service is always great and when you have questions they can answer.

  211. Wilktion Shaw 2021/01


  212. Michael MCcrae 2021/01

    Great for my animal

  213. Tim Brownson 2021/01

    Usually have what we need

  214. Joe Vizi 2021/01

    For the most part their dog grooming service is consistent.

  215. Patricia Hertel 2021/01

    Like the order on line and pic up at store option. Turnaround time from order to pick up needs to faster

  216. Nic C. 2021/01

    I love this petsmart. I’ve been coming here frequently for about a year now to get supplies for my aquariums and frogs. They’re one of the best stores near me to get fish, reptile, and amphibian supplies. I love the staff, everyone is helpful, down to earth, and nice to talk to. Will continue to come here 🙂

  217. L. Evans 2021/01

    I love this store. Huge selection and friendly staff.. big selection. Grooming salon and staff are the best. Been a client there for years and would not trust my pet children with anyone else. The staff at Southside SPA are the best and I have adopted several of my pet children from them at the Carmia Way store over the years.

  218. Linda K 2021/01

    Highly recommend Ashley Blackwell! She is the best groomer! She works on the weekends in Chesterfield at the CarMia Way store. She is very patient, loves dogs, and my dog, Chloe loves her! Here is a picture of Chloe that we took one summer day after her grooming. She is a Shih tzu and we love her haircut short and her pretty bow she receives after her groom!


  219. Som K 2021/01

    I arrived 15 mnts before closing. Waiting. Informed staffs. Then after 10 mnts someone comes and tells ‘we can’t sell fish 10 mnts before closing’. While i knew what i was going to have. It was only 2 mnts job to pick one. Pathetic kind of a service. Petsmart should lock into it as this way they are going to lose customers.


  220. kooky 2 2020/12

    Reptile display tanks are horrendously small and brochures give incorrect information on most reptilian species .

  221. Country reaper89 2020/12

    The gentleman I spoke with was spot on with his knowledge of the fish thank you so much

  222. Daniel Goodman 2020/12

    helpful and mostly clean. has anything youre looking for for a pet. just ask.

  223. Jenna Lopez 2020/12

    They almost always greet us and they are not scared of our pitbull because he is so friendly to everyone that he meets.

  224. Cassandra Harper 2020/11

    Great staff,friendly & helpful.

  225. Tony Kilic 2020/11

    The covid has impacted petsmart too.
    They used to have lots of live animals. Not this time.

  226. Doug Jolley 2020/11

    My wife was in this store today, and in spite of the Governor’s orders, most customers and some employees were not wearing face coverings. There was no evidence of social distancing nor was there any hand sanitizer available for customers.

  227. Wren Kincaid 2020/10

    Good customer service

  228. Tammy Bell 2020/10

    Tracy in salon always gives my shih tzu a great haircut!


  229. Tom Baise 2020/09

    Pickles likes it

  230. Althea Romero 2020/09

    Good service

  231. bob walker 2020/09

    Pet supply. Good selection

  232. Laura Salazar Guarin 2020/09

    Grooming salon is awful at this location

  233. Martha George 2020/09

    Aways find what I need for my pets. Great selection of products, friendly employees.

  234. Mark Macman 2020/09

    The staff only notices you when you aren’t actively spending money, otherwise long lines and apathetic staff. Hey, it’s a pet store. If you want courteous service look elsewhere.

  235. Janet Cole 2020/09

    Changing my former rating, downgrading. Went to get pet supplies yesterday and stood about 15 minutes an 8 person line. One register open, other employees in the store but no one seemed to notice the unreasonable wait time to check out. Making Chewy look like a good option!

  236. John Van Valkenburgh 2020/08

    They price match! No need to go anywhere else now.

  237. Mary Harvey 2020/08

    This is one of my favorite pet stores. The associates are friendly,helpful and knowledgeable. Hannah is my favorite fish expert. This young lady is very good at her job of handling fish and answering any questions you might have.

  238. Brent W 2020/08

    We recently added a hamster to our family and while we did much research ahead of time we still had questions. Katie was very knowledgeable and confirmed much of our research.


  239. Raye Harper 2020/07

    I think their prices are too high

  240. John Franov 2020/07

    You could buy pet food dog food what ever animals eat you get it right here.

  241. Adam Hubble 2020/07

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff members and good selection of reasonably priced merchandise. Pet friendly with wide aisles make the shopping experience a very pleasant one.

  242. Nelda Hall 2020/07

    They help me a lot of time and answer questions when I need help.


  243. Brandon Driver 2020/07

    Got both of these girls six months apart. Now they’re best friends. 🙂


  244. Trazay Williams 2020/07

    My husband accidentally booked this location instead of our normal location but we kept the appointment for the groomers because the other location didn’t have anything available. When dropping my 8 month old American Bully off, they gave us a 2-3 hour time frame for a bath and nail grinding. The other location always gives us a half hour to pick her up, since it’s only a bath. But we left anyway, 3 hours later we pick her up and she is excited to see us. The groomer didn’t give us a detail of how she did so we assumed everything was ok. Got her in the car and she vomits everywhere. Half way home she vomit again. I call petsmart to see if they gave her anything and they say no, but bring her back to Banfield and if it’s anything we did we will foot the bill. 5 minutes later they call back and say you have to take her to a vet of your choice not banfield and we’ll foot the bill IF it was our fault. I called them back before taking her to a vet and ask what kind of shampoo did they use. She told me the name and then casually stated, we had to restrain her today because she was too excited. How do you restrain a dog? And is that not info that you should have told me upon picking her up? For the next 3-4 hours she was not herself, wouldn’t play with any of her toys. Finally she gradually started coming around, until she vomit again later that evening. Needless to say she won’t return. I’ve heard of horror stories but didn’t think it was all petsmarts but I’m a believer now.

  245. larry pemberton 2020/07

    Brand New $13 Collar for my New Blue Nose Baby Pit!


  246. Monica Rivera 2020/06

    Ex selente

  247. Ebee Gree 2020/06

    Very friendly staff

  248. Brenda Hambright 2020/06

    Awesome instructor

  249. juan adolfo alfaro posada 2020/06

    It good

  250. Phillip Parker 2020/06

    Helpful staff. Wide selection of dog food.

  251. Bobbie Albert 2020/06

    Not a place filled with happy employees, but you will usually find what you came in to buy.

  252. Mia Wooldridge 2020/06

    People were friendly, and the product selection was great!

  253. Kimberly P 2020/06

    Not very many options for what I was looking for, honesty I wonder if this location is going to close soon
    On a side note, not very good lighting outside of entrance

  254. Bill Lipsett 2020/05

    Great selection

  255. Ashleigh House 2020/05

    Amazing staff!

  256. Tripp T 2020/05

    The staff wasn’t the best

  257. Madona Milliron 2020/05

    👍 …

  258. M Maxey 2020/05

    Does not carry my product

  259. Craig Mansfield 2020/05

    Very knowledgeable employees and very clean and organization.

  260. Cristian Romero 2020/05

    Huge place. Amazing


  261. bridgette patterson 2020/04

    Did you stop selling Pedigree dog food?

  262. wendy terier 2020/04

    Good selection. They match competitors online prices, too.

  263. Fee Bee 2020/04

    SPCA day today. I like this store because it is o e of the larger ones that has the grooming center, clinic, and training areas.This is much larger than the Petco and has a variety of pet food, toys, beds, and treats to choose from.

  264. Adelina Teves-Revis 2020/04

    I’ve give 4 if more reasonably priced. Otherwise, store is always clean with a great variety. Service is good as expected. Hard to find an associate on the floor to help.

  265. aann wyatt 2020/03

    Good variety and choices

  266. John Morris 2020/03

    Had everything we needed

  267. LT COL POPCORN 2020/03

    Great store with awesome help

  268. EURLYNE GOLDEN 2020/03


  269. Jennifer Lyda 2020/03

    Wonderful customer service best place to shop

  270. Brenda Bracey 2020/03

    Helpful cashier, friendly employees, customers loved my dog and made over him as well. He loves that and was handled by lots of children and adults as a new puppy. Rescue of sorts but had a good family and they gave the last litter away.

  271. David Doyal 2020/02

    Did curb side pickup quick and easy

  272. Megan Thrower 2020/02

    they do a great job with my chihuahua’s nails. she’s a very nervous dog but they handle her perfectly.

  273. Kathy Case 2020/02

    Tracy is an amazing groomer. Her ability to assess, create solutions and do an excellent hair cut will keeps us going back to her.

  274. J Martin Jones 2020/02

    The vet there actually told me to put Portia down! She had never seen us before. Said she couldn’t help her, without even giving us a clear diagnosis, let alone a prognosis. I will NEVER darken their door again. Stay away.

  275. Gerrard Sutherlin 2020/02

    I called ahead to see what time I could get my dogs nails clipped and I was told to come by at noon. Got there 12:30 and was told everyone is taking a break. I’m fine with folks taking a break but why didn’t you say that on the phone. Waited until 1 when the nurses arrived back and still had to wait an additional 15-20 minutes until we could get said service.

    This isn’t a thing at other locations guys. Could be worse but just inconveniencing of my time.

  276. Jeff Duncan 2020/01

    I cavf

  277. Diane Saunders 2020/01

    Great service

  278. Charles Lee Wyatt 2020/01

    Grooming attendants very helpful and professional

  279. Patricia Ralph 2020/01

    Ali had his Very First Shampoo Visit today and the Whole Staff is Friendly

  280. Lawrence Early 2020/01

    I like the fact that the business was clean even though they’re dealing with pets and just overall professional staff

  281. Breezy Santana 2020/01

    I always get great help here… They always help me to save as much money as I could… Everyone is always friendly.

  282. Emily Kirsten Murphy 2020/01

    The trainer who offers classes at this location is great! We’ve done two so far and plan to take more.

  283. Jared Priddy 2019/12

    Staff were very friendly.

  284. Derrick Turner 2019/12

    Chesterfield pet smart is my go to store for my pet needs. Always friendly staff and willing to assist. Would recommend this store for anyone shopping for pet needs.

  285. Jared Jordan 2019/11

    Vet time

  286. Beatz by Big Ra 2019/11

    all my pets need in one place

  287. Nancy Heath 2019/11

    Had everything I needed. Love this place!

  288. Sara Gustafson 2019/11

    Staff awesome and Banfield has great vets

  289. LadyLocs V 2019/11

    Love the fact they sell vegan dog food for my pets

  290. Elizabeth Young 2019/11

    A great hospital to take care of your pets. I give all you guys 10 stars

  291. Zoe Chainay 2019/11

    We take ace regularly to get him out of the house and socialized. We signed up for classes with Katie and she is AMAZING I highly recommend her if you want to enroll in classes! Everyone is friendly and always loving to ace

  292. John Griffin 2019/11

    The groomers at this location were terrible. The first time we took our puppy here they claimed he wasn’t cooperative to get a cut but I saw otherwise from outside the window and I was still charged the full amount. We took our puppy to a local dog groomer the same day and he got an excellent cut. My wife wanted to try petsmart at Carmia way again to see if it would be any better and the experience was worse. We dropped our puppy off and went to the Home Depot in the same shopping center. They called me within an hour to tell me to make sure I was there before closing so I came back immediately. Once I arrived I watched for amount 10 minutes to see the groomer and helper playing and kissing my puppy but when I entered they told me that he couldn’t get a full cut because he kept trying to bite them , which was a lie. They gave him a facial cut and it was horrible. All the fur is uneven and hacked to hell. I will never go here again

  293. Suggie Butler 2019/10

    Good experience

  294. J C 2019/10

    Dogs and cats suck.

  295. Brianna Kimmick 2019/10

    Grooming there is great

  296. eliza Ces 2019/10

    Always have what we need

  297. Van Nelson 2019/10

    Nice people kind of expensive though

  298. Pascal Junger 2019/10

    Very helpful courteous staff

  299. Maryrose Toole 2019/10

    Everybody was fabulous, friendly and informative!#!# I would recommend to all!#!#

  300. Dawn McCormick 2019/10

    Love the haircut John gave Smokey. He is the greatest.

  301. Warren McGrath 2019/10

    I took our dog in to get her nails grinded down. We don’t shop there much for dog food and other related products but do use their grooming services quite often.

  302. Lisa McLaughlin 2019/10

    Overall they have everything you could need for your standard pets, and more. Sometimes you see a puddle on the floor from a visiting pooch, but that is on the pet owner not the store. If you have a cat make sure you don’t leave without “Da Bird”!

  303. Normelia Faria 2019/10

    I am very happy with today’s work. Maggie was amazing, she did everything perfectly. Thank you for the excellent work. I will be coming back!

  304. D Webster 2019/10

    We usually get our pet supplies from them. One of their employees was a little rude to us. (An older woman with grey hair cleaning the cat enclosures). Other than that, it was a decent experience.

  305. Aaron H 2019/10

    I get fish and some of the aquatic plants from here from time to time and the staff is always friendly and helpful.. there seems to always be someone near the fish section to scoop em out into a bag… Which is great because I have never had to roam around looking for someone to help me. Staff is knowledgeable about the fish and plants and will try to stop you from buying the wrong thing or will make sure to ask about your tank size.. good stuff. GJ staff.

  306. Lena Elliott 2019/10

    I took my dog there for a training school program and it was wonderful! The kind young lady that was teaching the session was very helpful and was like the dog whisperer! There is an abundance of toys, treats, food, etc for pretty much any animal that is considered a pet. The only thing potentially negative about this place is that it smells highly of dog, which I think is to be expected.

  307. Barbara 2019/09

    Lov it !!!!!!!

  308. Rachel Ridgway 2019/09

    Very helpful staff

  309. mary robinson 2019/09

    Awesome as always. For benji.

  310. Virginia Thomas 2019/09

    Found everything I needed in one store

  311. Alex Brown 2019/09

    Great place to pick up fish supplies on the cheap!

  312. nadira Casey 2019/09

    Very pleasant people the alao allwed me to to my 10 there when i wasnt delivering

  313. Zeke Ensley 2019/09

    If your getting your dog groomed book stephanie! She always does amazing! Plus she is very knowledgeable!

  314. Ed Southern 2019/09

    My pet store of choice. Associates today were curteous and friendly. Store was well stocked. Visit was worth my time and money.

  315. Adriaan Gomez (Adriaan Follansbee) 2019/09

    We were so relieved to find that we could fill our prescription for cat food at the Banfield here when our normal vet was closed! Such a great perk when in a scheduling pinch!

  316. Michael Jones 2019/09

    Took out Chihuahua there to get his nails trimmed. I did not have an appointment, but they made time for me quickly and did a great job! Very friendly staff as well.

  317. Nicole Botkin 2019/09

    Went to purchase a bark collar, harness and a means of lashing him to go camping. Staff was helpful and matched the online price. Soooooooo many accessories I never knew I needed! $90 for a harness, a 15 ft cable leash for a dog under 100 lbs and a bark collar w/ remote. I’m satisfied! We’ll see how the bark collar works out for our beagle.

  318. David Lizano 2019/08

    Friendly staff

  319. John Bauer 2019/08

    Good pet supplies

  320. Stephanie Klett 2019/08

    Fun for all ages

  321. Tim Galligan 2019/08

    Friendly workers. Well stocked.

  322. Kiki Lynskey 2019/08

    It is good. Very nice. Staff is fine.

  323. David Wyatt 2019/08

    It’s an ok place for pet needs. Best source for specialty needs.
    $$$- pricey

  324. Anita Green 2019/08

    Awesome staff went to see if I could adopt s puppy, but I got there to late.

  325. Allen Branson 2019/08

    The staff was very helpful and we found everything we need for a new puppy.

  326. Fox Mitchell 2019/08

    I’ve always had good experience at PetSmart, but this one in particular had the most helpful employee I’ve ever met, who called a different store to check on a price difference, and price matched the items for us. The store was also clean and had everything that I went there for in stock.

  327. Kendall Black 2019/08

    I got my dog groomed..Timi, Cody’s groomer does an excellent job grooming him. She also makes recommendations and advice to help keep my dog healthy and happy. Thank you, Timi

  328. edwin pruett 2019/08

    I definitely love PetSmart. The employees at this location are always friendly and extremely helpful. The selection for pet supplies easily exceeds that of other retail stores. And with price match it wouldn’t make much sense to shop anywhere else.

  329. michele reinhardt 2019/08

    Took our one year old pup in to be groomed like usual yesterday. The staff was irritated and acknowledged me after “Lydia” finished complaining of another customer. Advised how I wanted the grooming! Safe to say they sucked! Uneven lines, didn’t cut his head or beard and made us pay full price! Not only that but my baby acted strangely the rest of the day! We will NOT be going back! Customer service was horrible and our baby was not treated the way he should have been!

  330. Mary Blanton 2019/07

    Large selection

  331. Michele Harris 2019/07


  332. Sandra Turner 2019/07

    Great customer service

  333. Greg Schneider 2019/07

    Great selection with grooming and veternian.

  334. Allen Branson 2019/07

    Had everything we needed for a new pup.

  335. Edwin Cruz 2019/07

    The employee are nice they’re superb helpful

  336. Debbie Snyder 2019/07

    Always plesent and helpful. Always. Clean and orderly! I always shop there.

  337. Charles Feiring 2019/07

    Found the dog food brand and type easily on the shelf, wife was able to complete a return easily as well.

  338. Opal1099 2019/07

    Only one cashier with a long line. Had a new prescription for food. No one available at Banfield. No bell to ring. Store mgr had to get someone for me. Usually can’t find help when I need it at this store.

  339. Whitney o_o 2019/07

    Staff is always friendly and they always have stock of whatever I am going after. Prices are a little high compared to online but that’s a luxury I’m willing to pay when I need something same day.

  340. Wilton Neville 2019/07

    Store is okay, Company is deceitful and actively cons people! Advertised canine discounts require online purchase and in store pickup, which Petsmart redirects through Chewy where your only choice is smaller bags at higher prices, even though the larger bag is In the store!!! Deceptive lying con!

  341. Sherry Kilmon 2019/06

    Friendly manager

  342. linda weaver 2019/06

    Great staff

  343. Ken Grier 2019/06

    Good place for pet needs

  344. Lois Withers 2019/06

    High cat food prices

  345. Rick Ferrell 2019/06

    Outstanding customer service.

  346. FireTigressFL 2019/06

    Expensive and the reptile section is so small.

  347. Diamond Murphy 2019/06

    Carter Elliot was an amazing cashier!!!!

  348. A Google User 2019/06

    Good if you have pets

  349. Andrea Menzies 2019/06

    Good prices on dog leashes and treats.

  350. Heather Hedge 2019/06

    Has what I needed. Plus my cat goes to banfield animal hospital inside of petsmart

  351. Brittany L 2019/06

    Staff is friendly we adopted a kitty and she’s doing well ❤️😻 …

  352. Patricia Revere 2019/06

    They were friendly. It was a clean store and nice clerk s eager to help.

  353. Frank Drake 2019/06

    I go to PetSmart when I need specialty food unfortunately everything in that store is ridiculously overpriced the leashes the toys the everything just seems to be so overpriced in that store they’ve always been very expensive 80% of anything you want you can find online or Walmart or someplace else they’re very expensive but the Specialty Foods if you want that is if they’ve got a lot of them

  354. Henry Mease 2019/06

    Poor customer service in that employees now refuse to match prices which they had been happy to accommodate in the past. Will now shop competition where decent customer service is available.

  355. Gerrith Woods 2019/06

    As we were preparing to get our 3 dogs and 3 young daughters together at 715 to make a 730 appointment someone called us to inform us they cant see one of our dogs because someone called out! You cant see her today because of her age but you see one the same age. Oh the one you cant see has 3 legs and you dont want to do the work. Mind you my wife made this appointment over 2 weeks ago. I would love for the manager of the grooming place to call me or my wif .

  356. mark deal 2019/05

    Awesome !

  357. Karina 2019/05

    Good customer service

  358. Kayelon Rockwell 2019/05

    Staff was very friendly and eager to help!!

  359. K Hattie 2019/05

    Brief stop to tease my kids about getting fish, a cat and ferret.

  360. Antonio Hill 2019/05

    They are always very helpful. They also price match at this location.

  361. Eileen Hite 2019/05

    Stephanie is wonderful – excellent care and cleaning for Schaffer

  362. Steve Skeens 2019/05

    Competitive prices and I like their support of animal welfare groups.

  363. B S 2019/05

    Love everything about PetSmart and they price match too!🐶🐾🐱🐾 …

  364. Anita Page 2019/05

    Lovely Place Has Everything You Need For Your Pets.Nice Clean.

  365. Peter Gossel 2019/05

    They have everything you need for your pet. Customer service is exceptional

  366. Carolyn Finney 2019/05

    I know that pets are allowed in the store, but the entrance area smelled awful. Some items were on sale but didn’t have price tags, so I had to get an employee to check the prices.

  367. A Scott 2019/05

    Brandon thank you for all your help. He was knowledgeable and helpful with the set up of my first fish tank. Great employee!

  368. Todd Basham 2019/05

    PetSmart was great … Riley and I had just finished a doctor’s appointment when Riley, our Sheltie had an accident. The PetSmart employee graciously took over cleaning with a caring smile … Much appreciated!!


  369. Jose L Morales 2019/04

    Regular el área de peces estaba fea con peces muertos entre los que están en venta no me agrado.

  370. antoinette ford 2019/04


  371. George Sims 2019/04

    Very friendly staff

  372. Ta'sia keseandior 2019/04

    I love you guys

  373. Daniel Stevens 2019/04

    Plant God supplies for your pet family!

  374. Kay Smith 2019/04

    When lines get long, they opened up a new lane.

  375. Tony Johnson 2019/04

    Staff is very helpful and I am able to find what I need quickly.

  376. Vanessa Rodriguez 2019/04

    Staff are friendly. They have a good selection of smallanimals, reptiles, and fish.

  377. Virginia Poodles and Doodles 2019/04

    Disorganized, overpriced, things I was interested in were either in the wrong place, had no price, or were just expensive. Not a good experience.

  378. Melissa H 2019/04

    Lots of empty holes on shelf. Went in for a specific item and they were completely out (were out a week ago too when I checked) and all the other similar options were also empty. Website is not accurate for “check availability in store”

  379. Robert Martin 2019/04

    Nice place. The people are always nice. The prices are still high on a lot of things but their selection is great.

  380. Michael Sapp (MikePlaysIt) 2019/04

    Alright amount of stuff but not that many options for cat carriers in stock. We were looking for a soft sided one and they only had one in stock.

  381. Alice Hopkins 2019/04

    Walked in for the Pawdicure Plus grooming service for my 3 year old boxer/lab and he was done and looking good after about 5 – 10 minutes. Great customer service, very friendly staff and I’m extremely happy with the grooming services completed today.

  382. Niko Hines 2019/04

    Horrible experience!! I took my dog to get groomed and I got a phone call saying that my dog was moving around on the table and she was stretching her legs out so they couldn’t finish her. She is half shaved and horrivle looking. The manager wouldn’t be able to do it until Fri. My is 6lbs there is no way she couldn’t be controlled.


  383. Christine Dawson 2019/03

    Great staff

  384. Kimberley Taylor 2019/03

    Very friendly staff

  385. Fenil Sheth 2019/03

    Good store

  386. Sammy Luvit 2019/03

    Always luv here !

  387. Virginia Romero 2019/03

    Spent money got birds nice place

  388. Lottie Ellington 2019/03

    The Banfield staff was amazing!

  389. Eileen Stallman 2019/03

    The ladies in the grooming salon are AWESOME.

  390. Jamie Hanvey 2019/03

    They have everything and then some more that you need for your pet

  391. Penny Lewis 2019/03

    It was good I took my fur baby to the vet

  392. Debbie l Wade 2019/03

    Max favorite place to go. I put him in a cart & he rides around having fun.

  393. Warren McGrath 2019/03

    My wife took her dad’s dog there for grooming. We take my father in laws dog there all the time when he needs to be groomed.

  394. Ken Shandelson 2019/03

    They carry a lot of merchandise, but some of their prices have gone up. Needed a simple leash as we left home without one. $15 for the cheapest, give me a break.

  395. Lincoln wheaty 2019/03

    Never been to a pet smart b4 but it’s pretty cool. I’m not big on fish but the scenes they had for ur yank where cool.. Made me think about getting a nice setup for my son but for me too. Idl how it runs non-stop. Waste electric..

  396. Robin Lawson 2019/03

    I like being able to order online and pick up in the store, and this is a fine PetSmart location. Parking is good. The staff is courteous and helpful. However, I find I always have to compare online prices. Even PetSmart’s online prices beat their in store prices most of the time. That being said, they are quite willing to price match.

  397. Sultan Richardson 2019/03

    Excellent grooming of my mom’s puppy! Thank you so much guys! My mom is very happy with the service and John is the go to guy.


  398. Kathy Wilson Jones 2019/02


  399. Joy Spidle 2019/02

    Great looking fish

  400. Robert Buenaga 2019/02



  401. Christinna's Collectibles 2019/02

    They had exactly what I was looking for.

  402. maria c 2019/02

    Better cat houses than Petco.

  403. Melissa Deal 2019/02

    Good place .. prices are a bit high..

  404. LaStar cooper 2019/02

    Very friendly staff and clean environment. Organized and easy to find what you need.

  405. Colleen H 2019/02

    Very nice employees on a Sunday night near closing. Even saw a young woman playing with a kitten in their adoption area. And I’m not from here so all of that was very appreciative.

  406. Debbie Throckmorton 2019/02

    Tracy has been grooming Rags for a while now. She does an excellent job and Rags likes her a lot. I would definitely recommend PetSmart for all your doggie’s (and other animals) needs.


  407. Sheryl Smith 2019/01

    Most everything your pet needs

  408. Thea Pierce 2019/01

    Friendly and helpful staff

  409. Dee Rice 2019/01

    All you need for your fur babies

  410. NF64 2019/01

    Great customer service.

  411. David McKenzie 2019/01

    Well stocked and pleasant, efficient staff

  412. Martin Thigpen 2019/01

    Friendly helpful staff, nice grooming salon

  413. Tiara Sheppard 2019/01

    Fur baby came out as expected! But it was one particular groomer that was quite rude to me and another customer that walked in behind me!

  414. Linda Viglietti 2019/01

    They didn’t have my pets food and don’t carry enough chew bones for small dogs. Wasted my time going there.

  415. Syndel Norwood 2019/01

    Ms Patricia was great. She helped teach me about my small pet.

  416. Brian Spadea 2019/01

    I take my dogs here to get their nails clipped, plus an occasional bath. Worth not cleaning out the bathtub. Prices are reasonable.

  417. Nicole Sparkman 2018/12

    Open late.

  418. Tom Thompson 2018/12

    Love my pets.

  419. Jeremy Blakey 2018/12

    Love animals fast service

  420. Elizabeth Loyer 2018/12

    It’s petsmart what can ya say

  421. Daniel Moody 2018/12

    Good for supplies and grooming

  422. george romero 2018/12

    Good store for pet supplies

  423. Angelique Harris 2018/12

    Groomer did an awesome job!

  424. Corey Gills 2018/12

    Great service. Everyone is super helpful

  425. Johnny Arriaga Rodriguez 2018/12

    Great customer service, everyone was real nice and real caring.

  426. David Hatcher 2018/12

    No problem I had no problem we could place the customers with night and the cashier

  427. Shadymist Kennel, LLC 2018/12

    Wonderful staff! Very helpful, accommodating, and offered price matching for the product I purchased. Well done!

  428. Angela Venable 2018/12

    Stephanie groomed our dog Bella and did an excellent job


  429. Kat Mae 2018/12

    PetSmart provides quality products and services at reasonable prices. It wasn’t long ago that I started taking advantage of online ordering for in-store pickup. I’ve been relatively satisfied with the service. It has saved me time when I’ve had other things on my “things to do” list. You may also have items shipped directly to you as well.
    The Website ordering service could be better though. Each time I log in, some how my “Store” of choice is never correct. So I need to make sure I select to correct one before I start my order. The last timed I ordered, I couldn’t get out of the “Review Order” Screen. I had to remove my items from my cart and start over.

  430. scorp1991 ! 2018/10

    I recently bought my bearded dragon from here and the lady didn’t give me any advice she just pushed me to the register and disappeared

  431. David Duncan 2018/10

    Shopping regularly here will result in discounts and rewards that lowers your payment at checkout.

  432. Arvla Bellamy 2018/10

    The staff is always helpful and its such a happy place to be when I see the other pets. Recently loss My boy to Cancer and Cushings Disease.

  433. Tia Fowlkes 2018/10

    Waited 3 hours for a puppy trim. Which is way too long of a wait. They shouldn’t overbook. I hated the trim on my shih tzu. It made her look like a raccoon.

  434. D still 2018/09

    My dog loves this place,so its ok with me

  435. Suzanne Sydnor 2018/09

    First time grooming for our rescue dog. They went out of their way to make me and the dog feel better!

  436. Brian Gin 2018/09

    We have fish and the employees are the best! Very knowledgeable and approachable. PetSmart also matches prices if you find a cheaper one online.

  437. O 2018/07

    Nice service just a little too busy for my pleasure.

  438. Terry Mcqueen 2018/07

    I was in PetSmart today and had my first horrible experience an employee was talking back to me and making mouth movements in a negative way she tried to tell me that the last time she rang me up that she told me something about my coupon BUT THATS NOT TRUE THATS NOT HOW THE CONVERSATION happened NEEDLESS TO SAY WHEN I GO BACK IF SHE IS THE ONLY CASHIER I WILL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IVE BEEN SHOPPING AT THIA PETSMART FOR ABOUT 20 years and I don’t need a smart mouth cashier IM THE CUSTOMER Midlothian va

  439. L Mills 2018/07

    The staff was very friendly. There were not many fish to choose from, but staff explained they should be getting more in, in a few days. I went back two days later but the tanks were still empty. They had great deals on food for my rabbit!

  440. Gerardo Martinez 2018/06

    Buena atencion amable personal muchas mascotas y comida para ellas precios axsesibles

  441. johnathan mckenzie 2018/06

    Grooming department was subpar

  442. choclate choclate 2018/06

    Great place for my dog great prices

  443. Charlotte Dowdy-Rhoad 2018/05

    Nice people working there.

  444. Wesley Moore 2018/05

    Got my dog groom there. No problems, perfect service, everything as expected.

  445. Edge to Point Ramblings 2018/04

    Staff very friendly

  446. Fran Kipper 2018/04

    Store associate was very nice and volunteered to help us even though we did not think we needed it.

  447. Valarie 2018/03

    I know where everything is

  448. Visionary Trailblazin 2018/03

    I always like going to petsmart. Good service and selection.

  449. Teresa McQueen 2018/02


  450. MK 2018/02

    I hate going here. They never have the type of dog food I need in stock and they are always out of crickets.

  451. Patricia Parker 2018/01

    Very helpful and stocked well

  452. Beverly Brooks 2018/01


  453. William Murphy 2018/01

    Had what we needed. Blue grain free salmon dog food.

  454. sonja Mohamed 2017/12

    I always have a good experience at Petsmart! They have a great return policy!
    Very friendly and helpful!

  455. Stacie Amos 2017/12

    Large variety of items but I think it’s too expensive. If I need something and don’t have time to order it from Amazon, I’ll go to PetSmart. The staff is friendly.

  456. kathleen falcone 2017/12

    Price at register rings up higher then price on shelf. At first I thought it was an error but 5 times in a row I had to tell them that they were overcharging now I believe it is deliberate. Take a photo of the shelf price and watch how much it is ringing up at especially they’re food items. I wonder how many people are overpaying and not noticing. A few dollars on every customer can add up to quite the profit.

  457. neilsdunn 2017/11

    Just so expensive to care for one’s pet. Otherwise, great.

  458. J 2017/11

    No longer the service they used to provide. Store staff are all new, and rude, or do not know anything about anything. Donlt go there, they will ruin your day!

  459. connie smith 2017/09

    Everything you need for pets!

  460. Debra Battle 2017/09

    Went for nail trim and sanitary trim. The employee got my phone number and said we are registered and I had a 20 min. wait, they would page us. As we browsed I noticed other walk ins were taken before us. When I asked about it I was told I wasn’t registered they were checkin rabies. Lie. Racists and leaving it here.

  461. Mason 2017/08

    Quick and easy service

  462. J Lepore 2017/08

    Great friendly staff


  463. Marisa Kaczmarczyk 2017/07

    Dead fish on the floor employee didn’t even see it

  464. Gina B 2017/07

    Although they did do a good job, my young pup has separation anxiety so it was distressing to have dropped her off at 4:30 pm when they weren’t able to get to her until 7pm or so. Although I had not received a call to indicate that she was ready, I went to pick her up at 7:35 pm – the 2 groomers that were there were finishing up 2 other dogs and told me that mine had just recently finished … Otherwise they did a good job and the price was very similar to other grooming salons.

  465. Pamela Mcfarlane 2017/06

    Good sales on cat food

  466. holo 2017/06

    It’s like a mart where pet supplies can be purchased

  467. Nelda Hall 2017/06

    They are really helpful at this store.

  468. Theresa Winter 2017/06

    The only detail I want to post is how the HELL did my phone know I went there and who the HELL are you to follow my activites…. if this happens again someone is getting sued for stalking me….

  469. Eric Ames 2017/06

    Bought my beardie from here and I couldn’t be happier with his help and the guidance provided to me by those who worked here. Sometimes they are short staffed which can lead to waits but patience is a virtue.

  470. Patrick Donovan 2017/05

    Has whatever you need. Friendly staff

  471. Nathan Dryden 2017/03

    Decent selection but too many dead fish for my liking.

  472. D D 2017/03

    Price on shelf and sale price are both lower than the price at the register. Kid at the register just sttod there like I was to buy it anyway? He did mention that items are frequently in the wrong place. Aside from my having double checked, whose problem is that? Eventually he pointed out a manager across the store, like I was to go to him? The manager promptly marked it down for me but what about fixing the problem? Is the false price, or even the location intentional? Not a first time occurence for me here.

  473. William Johnson 2017/01


  474. Barbara Brinkley 2017/01

    I received good service every time I visited different locations

  475. Mobbtied Q 2017/01

    One of the best petsmarts in Virginia


  476. Marie Meadows 2017/01

    Delightful, except the checkout was very busy…needed more checkers.

  477. Casey Trent 2016/09

    They say walk-ins welcome at their grooming service but when I got there they said they normally do it by appointment only. Their website interface is not that user friendly and neither was the girl that was “helping” me. The service would not have saved me anytime whatsoever. I do not recommend pet grooming at this location.

  478. Stewart Berry Designs 2016/08

    Victoria has been grooming my Pom. She is FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am not easy to please. I highly recommend them. and know that if you are unhappy for ANY reason they will refund your fee and redo with another groomer until you are happy. They do go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.

  479. Shay T 2016/07

    Not very friendly, normally petsmart has very friendly staff.. Not this one.

  480. Portnoy 2016/07

    They showcase shelter pets on weekends for adoption. Shop there! It’s fun too with decent prices. Onsite grooming. Adopt a pet & shop at Petsmart with or without your doggie!

  481. Donna Desantis 2016/07

    I am very unhappy! I drove all the way from Chester, Va because I have always loved this store and this was the 3rd chance I will NEVER go back again! They have not had Wellness Toy dog food or Exact pellet only bird food the last three times and seemed to be understaffed! The two workers I saw were frustrated & I can see why!!! I am incredibly annoyed. Get it together people!

  482. EJ Madden 2016/06

    Great and friendly staff

  483. Luisa Orellana 2016/05

    Great place to buy pets stuff.

  484. Lisa S. 2016/05

    My pal, Macy loved it!


  485. Crystal Cody 2016/05

    Took my dog in for a 1pm appointment. They kept her for 5 hours for a cut ,but they didn’t even give her a bath. $45 for what?!?!

  486. Alexandra Nestor 2016/04

    Typical PetSmart

  487. Ben Horrocks 2016/04

    Fun place to take dogs.

  488. Corr Dad 2016/03

    Friendly staff.

  489. Matt Van Thyne 2015/12

    Clean and good customer service. We adopted a pup from SPCA and the petsmart staff answered our questions and helped out.

  490. Franco 2015/02

    LOST me as a customer FOR LIFE! Will not enter another PetSmart ever again (especially this location) The staff’s “attitudes” were BIG red flags that I should not leave my pet so I did not.

  491. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2015/01

    Not the cleanest place, definitely don’t take care of their animals, most staff is not very knowledgeable and will not help you unless you ask

  492. Duane Lee 2014/10

    Terrible customers service. I’ve been there several times and I always have the same rude cashier. If you need pet stuff I recommend going to pet supply plus.

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