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  1. Molly Knapik 2023/09

    I booked grooming for my dog a month ago and was very clear (in writing) about his large size (~100 pounds) – they even said it was fine in writing. I drove 40 minutes to get there and as soon as I was pulling into my neighborhood after drop off, the groomer called to say that my dog was too heavy to fit on the table/a leg of the table was breaking. He made sure to mention that it was not my dog’s fault at all/he was fine. He said he has been trying to get new equipment for grooming from management but they’re refusing. What type of table doesn’t hold 100 pounds?

    I drove for 2 hours total between 7:00am and 9:00am all because they couldn’t provide the groomer the correct equipment to provide grooming services to my dog. It’s not his fault in my opinion, but if he knew that size would be an issue, they should have let me know well in advance, as I had booked it a month ago.

    My dog used to go to Pets at Play about two years ago and there were not issues then (and he was around the same weight). Very disappointed in the lack of communication and lack of resources to provide grooming services.

    A word of advice to management: do not advertise grooming for dogs of all sizes/approve grooming for larger dogs if you cannot actually do it.

  2. Darin Partterson 2023/09

    Great grooming spot in church hill, they always get our girls looking and smelling good!

  3. Steve Vornov 2023/08

    Our little dog loves boarding here. She plays with her little dog friends and gets meals on time.

    Grooming here is first rate. We bring her in every six weeks. There’s a new groomer and he’s great


  4. Isaac Marks 2023/08

    Great staff and services!

  5. Jennie Summers 2023/07

    Our dog loves going! Great place! Great staff! Definitely recommend!

  6. Simone Williams 2023/06

    I’ve been coming here for over 9 years for my doggies. They are always able to take my dogs – even last minute. I specifically came here to say that the new groomer is very good !!

  7. Alex Troisi 2023/06

    Only been here a few times but I am now a loyal customer! They must be doing something right, because now every time I walk my dog he tries to pull me in the direction of Pets At Play. He is so ecstatic every time we go, I am starting to bring him there just for fun in addition to out of necessity! Do note: if your dog is over 70 lbs they won’t be able to be boarded overnight due to kennel sizes, but they do wonderfully accommodating larger dogs in daycare! My pup loves Pets At Play!

  8. Lauren Hamm 2023/05

    My doggie looked and smelled amazing after her groom today. She was so happy and calm when she came home. I can tell she was treated really well. The service was super friendly.

  9. Sarah Thomas 2023/02

    Editing a previous review. It’s interesting most of the negative reviews on here have been posted since the change in management. This is not a negative review of the staff at all, as they are all friendly and kind. Our dog loved Pets at Play for the past couple of years, but within the last 3-4 months he doesn’t seem happy when we pick him up, and we’ve been told he apparently gets tired of the other dogs and tries to get out of a gate and hang with the staff. My personal theory is they have way too many dogs in a small space at any given time, and don’t separate them based on energy level. It’s impossible to tell what actually goes on once your dog goes behind the door, so who knows.

    Our friend’s dog was kicked out due to “aggressive behavior” a few months ago, when this dog had been coming for a couple of years with no issues, and has never displayed aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Based on recent reviews; it sounds like other clients have had the same experience. Is it a strange coincidence that BOTH of our dogs, who loved P@P and happily attended for two years prior to new management, have both experienced issues within the last 6 months? Very strange.

  10. Clevon Hall 2023/01

    Great price for the service!

  11. Meghan Galeazzi 2022/11

    i liked pets at play for a while but they became non-communicative. my dog would be sent home wet after grooming and after the last boarding stay, they didn’t let me know he didn’t eat his food. i saw how much food he came home with so i asked about it; i wanted to know if he missed a feeding or wasn’t eating full meals all weekend and they got very defensive and said a manager would call me but no one did (i called and emailed a few times). pets can be weird about eating in these situations, so that isn’t their fault. the issue is they didn’t let me know he hadn’t been eating and then ignored me when i asked about it.

    i also asked to tour the space and was not allowed, which i find a red flag. everyone there is nice and seems to love dogs but i stopped going.

    two places i’ve tried since give feedback when i pick up my pup and it’s comforting knowing if anything was off with his food, medication or otherwise someone would let me know. i’m pretty easy going with the dog, so it isn’t like i expect a book report, just want to know if anything went wrong so i can take it from there.

    also they did not let me know about specific pickup times/late fees the first few times i dropped the dog off for grooming so i had to pay extra the third time i went in when i could have been there on time had i known. another time i was outside on a long line of dogs and dropped off at 9:08, even though i was at the place before 9 and was charged a late fee. i understand late fees because you have a business to run and if everyone is late that can mess up the day, but again it’s the lack of communication upfront that is disappointing.

  12. Patty Conway 2022/10

    My dogs love it here and all of the staff are so kind!

  13. Anne Axline 2022/10

    Seymour, our hound, loves Pets At Play; we love it too! I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about doggie day cares and was nervous to send our precious pup here. They definitely quelled any concerns I have ever had.

    Seymour is OBSESSED with the staff. He gets so excited when we walk past the building (even if it’s a day we are not going).

    I love the daily pictures to my email each day. It’s a little pricey, but comparable to other doggie day cares.

  14. Emily Alwood 2022/09

    Love the staff and how they make sure my dog Tux has the best day!

  15. Trina Garrett 2022/09

    My Jack loves to spend time at PETS at PLAY. The staff is always welcoming and I have peace of mind knowing he’s in caring hands. I appreciate the pictures they send during the visit. I only wish there was live streaming, so I could drop in and see my puppy live when I’m out of town. Would definitely recommend PETS at PLAY.

  16. Matthew Meyer 2022/09

    Always been good to my dogs! I’ve been bringing them there for about a year and a half now for grooming and boarding and have never had any issues, the staff have always been friendly and welcoming and they know my dogs names before we even walk in the door, the groomer handles my husky who can’t go anywhere else since she’s been kicked out for grooming at most places and I can’t thank her enough for the amazing job she does! I recommend pets at play to all of my friends and family we are so grateful!

  17. Charlie .Scirbona 2022/09

    I have beenntaking my dogs here for years without much issue. The service was fine. However recently I made an appointment for my older dog to be groomed. After dropping him off I was told he was too old to be groomed per their policy. That was never mentioned at any point when I arranged the appointment, got a call to confirm the appointment or when I dropped my dog off. I’m finding a new groomer or taking care it myself from now on. I suggest you do the same.

  18. Laura Motta 2022/09

    We love bringing our dog to Pets at Play! They always do an incredible job with her grooming. Lucy is super fluffy and looks gorgeous every time we take her! She’s usually very shy and nervous with grooming/daycare, but has no problem going to Pets at Play!

  19. Nicholas Moore 2022/08

    The interview that they have your dog go on for their first time at Pets At Play is a joke. They throw your dog in with a group of dogs to see how they react and if they’ll be a good fit. Basically a stress test. My dog Taco failed because he didn’t react well to a large group of dogs surrounding him. I cannot fathom most dogs being able to pass that test. Let alone most humans with other humans. They also did not inform me that they would be doing that. Just that they would do a meet and greet with other dogs. So if your dog doesn’t do well with a large pack of stranger dogs and does better 1 on 1, I would consider taking them elsewhere.

  20. Erin Womack 2022/08

    I LOVE this place. I travel a lot for work and always bring my dog. Usually he stays at PetSmart during the day but they don’t have PetSmart PetHotel in Richmond.

    I was kind of panicked because PetSmart isn’t the best best but it’s safe and consistent.

    Have been here two separate weeks (every day for camp) in 2 different months … loved it both trips.

    My dog seems happier than at PetSmart. I also really liked that despite 3 months between trips, it was all the same staff so it didn’t seem like a lot of turnover like some places.

    If feels super secure how they do pickup and drop off.

    They also seem to really love animals!

  21. Jennifer Boyd 2022/07

    Good place

  22. Edith Lee 2022/07

    My dog nails wasn’t done. Now I have to get pet smart do them more money

  23. suzanne lee 2022/07

    My dog gets excited as we walk or drive to the Pets and Play building and runs inside, tail wagging. When I pick her up, she is happy and sometimes, worn out. I feel secure and comfortable when my dog is at Pets at Play for day care or overnight boarding.

  24. Kenya Harris 2022/07

    Snowball and Charlie least favorite place lol, But I love their services here. Never disappoint.


  25. Dee Scott 2022/07

    Most of you should check the reviews of this place, this place is not a safe place for your dogs. The owners are not treating dogs properly and the owner of this establishment is very rude!

  26. Shaquana Winston 2022/07

    Pet’s At Play has provided care to my dogs for about ten years now and is awesome. I would recommend them to everyone. The staff is not only friendly and kind to myself but also to Coco, Bella and the late Snoopy. I love Pet’s At Play❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Shadonna Stubbs 2022/07

    If I could give them NO stars I would! My dogs have been going there for years with no issues, now suddenly after management changes they’ve been deemed “aggressive”. So happy that Pet Paradise is about to open! A true pet resort with swimming and Webcams for only $5 more per night!! With new management who apparently doesn’t really care about pets, Pets at Play has gotten too big for their britches!
    I also had a grooming appointment scheduled that they didn’t even bother to write down. Shameful.

  28. anna-leigh powell 2022/07

    My dog loves going!!

  29. Robert Staley 2022/07

    Everyone is friendly, professional, and loves caring for dogs. Our dog has been going to daycare, and occasionally boarding, for 10 years. He loves it!

  30. Whitney 2022/06

    Wonderful place for my fur baby. He loves daycare. Awesome staff.

  31. Tom Rathgeb 2022/06

    The people of Pets at Play are first rate! We use their services when out of town to care for our two cats. The cats love the Pets at Play care givers, and they are always well cared for. Little extra services like playing with the kitties is especially appreciated.

  32. Rodney 2022/05

    Never had issues.

  33. Tanya Ross 2022/05

    Great for your pups!

  34. Shane Kelly 2022/04

    Very friendly staff, they take wonderful care of my dog for both daycare and boarding.

  35. Dajah Scott 2022/04

    If I could give them NO stars I would! My yorkie has been going there for years with no issues, now suddenly after management changes everything changes, the cuts don’t look the same! The groomer all of sudden says my dog is not welcomed back after 7 years of business, because I was unsatisfied with a particular cut!

    I called about the issue, and the owner was extremely RUDE! Do not take your pets here, they are very lazy groomers, management does not care for your pet

  36. Chester Sidmen 2022/04

    Just moved in great place they know my dog by name

  37. Stubbs Family 2022/04

    Convenient. But not great. Have used them enough to see that popularity does not equate to high quality care..

  38. H.W. MacDonald 2022/04

    PETS at PLAY is so awesome! My dog pulls me there on every walk…

  39. Evan Branosky 2022/03

    Everyone at Pets at Play is awesome! They truly care about our pup and go the extra mile to make her comfortable. I get daily reports on whether she ate lunch and how she acted; not to mention the treats, cuddles, naps, and PHOTOS that we get each day. I’m grateful for everyone who works here. Hands down, it’s the best place for daycare and boarding in RVA.

  40. Rachel Dominy 2022/03

    We’ve used Pets at Play for daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, and in-home pet care, and have always been happy with the service. Our dog loves going there! They’ll also send daily updates of your pets at no extra charge – which we always appreciate.

  41. Charissa Lopez 2022/02

    Angela is amazing, I am the owner of a Shih Tzu whom gets very scared when left at the vet or at the groomers, but she cared so much for her and treat her so patiently that when I picked Nala, my dog, was very well and happy. Made me feel so much better knowing I found a great groomer. Thank you!

  42. Kelsie 2022/02

    My dog recently stayed for daycare and boarding. My experience was overall okay. I like that you all provide pictures of your pup everyday around the same time by email. I like that the facility is not overcrowded with pups and that they are able to play indoors as well. I think it would be great if clients are able to view the daycare area and boarding section of the facility. I did not like that I was recommended to take my dog somewhere else in the future for boarding, a private suite setting, because she was anxious and would not calm down at night. This was her first time in an unknown setting overnight. The expectation of having a dog not to demonstrate these behaviors while boarding are very bizarre and unrealistic. As you all recommended, I will go somewhere else for both daycare and boarding in the future.

  43. Kathleen Stanco 2022/01

    My westie,, Tucker loves this place to play. I think he has a girlfriend there.
    They are kind, courteous and true animal lovers. This is the only place he’ll play with other dogs as he never plays outside my home with any other dogs male or female.


  44. Nick Ingraham 2022/01

    My baby boi has so much fun with all his homies here!

  45. E SK 2021/10

    Have been taking my pup here for a couple of years now – love the staff. Great group of people, customer service is super responsive and respectful. Pup always happy when she comes back – love the daytime photos sent back to me.

  46. Stephanie Burcham 2021/10

    When we round the corner and my 9 month old golden retriever Penny knows where I’m taking her, she flat out sprints to get to the door, dragging me flailing behind her to try to keep up. I can barely get her lead off when we get inside because she bounces around with so much anticipation before she is escorted to the play space. She is happy to see me when I pick her up as well; I imagine if Penny could talk she would tell me all the exciting stories of her time at day care.

    Pets at Play is a life-saver for when I teach remotely Thursday nights. I’m able to have a productive day working from home at my primary job, she has fun too, and then when I teach in the evening, she features as an adorable *sleeping* pile of fur in the zoom video behind me instead of interrupting class with her puppy shenanigans.

    Pets at Play employees are wonderful as well, they know Penny’s name when she arrives and are warm and welcoming!

  47. Emily Czyzyk 2021/10

    My dog loved this place. She went for doggy day care 2-3 times per week and was always so excited when we showed up. They have great hours and wonderful staff. I highly recommend for doggy day care, boarding, and grooming!

  48. Steve Moulson 2021/10

    Really great staff that cares for your pets. We have boarded and groomed our dog here a number of times and every time has been wonderful.

  49. Kerri Herlick 2021/10

    My dog loves going here! !! Seriously she’s an old gal she always comes home in a great mood jumping around. My husband i always wonder what goes in there. She always looks cute as a button with her new handkerchief season appropriate . The staff is excellent both on the phone and in person. We have been going here since we moved 3 years ago. We are so happy we found Pets at Play!! 5 huge stars from our our spoiled dog and her happy parents!

  50. C.E 2021/09

    Doesn’t get any better than Pets at Play!

    Staff is incredibly friendly.

    I love getting pictures of Marla on her walks, with friends and report card when she stays for daycare.

    And to note, I love that Marla can have a spa day after daycare – her groomer Angela always goes above and beyond.

    To speak on above and beyond, I asked if Angela would groom our now late Corgi, Noah and Pets at Play did this for us no questions asked and we were very appreciative as he was 13 years old and had DM. Angela called me to let me know he was ready so he didn’t have to wait too long.

    The professionalism of this establishment by far exceeds our expectations.

    Thank you for all you guys do.

  51. Jody Rathgeb 2021/09

    We’ve used this service for many years and have never been dissatisfied. They care!

  52. Jessie Sprouse 2021/09

    trust them completely with our fur baby- great service and a wonderful team!

  53. Harry Thompson 2021/09

    Our shih-tzu loves it.he goes in without sayin bye..they put dogs together according to their temperaments….


  54. Tatia Shabazz 2021/08

    I just love the way my puppy was groomed, staff was wonderful, five star all the way.

  55. Kathryn Hartka 2021/08

    Love taking my dogs here. Always great care and the people are friendly

  56. Audra E. Noble Wilkins 2021/08

    The employees are very pleasant and my dog always looks great after being groomed. I have also used their doggie day care service and have been very pleased.

  57. Alison Hess 2021/08

    Great with my dog and so accommodating towards their customers’ needs even during difficult times. Takes care of owner as well as dog. Little Benny has grown up there.

  58. Elizabeth Davis 2021/07

    HORRIBLE groom for our doodle pup! We will not take him back ever again. His cut is so uneven & it took over 5 hours for them to do it! The groomer cut his sanitary area so so close that he is already scooting and is likely going to get a rash 🙁

    I brought up these concerns to the front desk attendant and she said the groomer was unable to come talk to us. For $100 I definitely expect more responsiveness. Luckily, hair grows back.

  59. Jessica Fouke 2021/07

    Pets at Play do a great job making sure your dog is safe and cared for. I use them for daycare services about once a week for my 1 year old puppy. She loves it there – Pets at Play sends pictures during the day of her playing with her friends. Daycare keeps her socialized with dogs and people and burns off energy that allows for a quiet night following daycare. It is easy to make, change and cancel reservations online to fit any schedule. The 7am to 7pm hours of operation are amazing for dropping off my puppy off before work and for allowing me to run errands after work before picking her up. I truly feel lucky to have found a place that is so accessible with very friendly faces taking care of my puppy.

  60. Matthew Hogan 2021/07

    We love taking our dog to Pets at Play for daycare and boarding. They take great care of her and send us lots of pictures!

  61. Jason Tesauro 2021/06

    Love our neighbors at Pets at Play. They always remember Vita’s name, always greet us with kindness and enthusiasm, and always respond promptly at requests for services.

  62. Lawson Stover 2021/06

    We used to be faithful Pets at Play customers for over 3 1/2 years, having taken our 4 year old since she was a puppy, and our 6 month old for a solid year at least two days a week for each. Over that time, we’ve provided them thousands of dollars in revenue, somewhere around $8k-$9k between daycare, baths and the occasional boarding.

    In March of 2019, we sent our older dog in for her regular daycare appointment and requested she get a bath and her nails trimmed. When we got her home, we noticed she was licking her paw quite a bit and saw one of her nails was badly damaged, split, and beginning to ooze pus. No one at Pets at Play called or told us her nail was damaged, even though they said her nails were cut. We emailed the owner with our concerns and received a call back from an employee, who specifically told me she was calling as to not cause any confusion, but they could not get their story straight. To me, it sounds like they didn’t want a paper trail of any potential responsibility. One person said the nails were cut, then the groomer said they did not need to be cut. If the nails got cut, why did no one tell us they damaged her nail? If they did not need to get cut, that obviously means you checked them all, right? And if you saw one was damaged, why were we never told? Whatever the case, our dog went to daycare just fine, but left with a badly damaged nail which required sedation and surgery the next day to the tune of $275 in vet bills.

    Whether our dog’s nails were cut, Pets at Play was negligent at best, and deceptive at worst in trying to conceal or claim ignorance of her injury.

    Finally, to add insult to injury (literally), I went into their online system that weekend to cancel the next two daycare reservations (because our dog needed to be at home to recover from surgery), and they had deleted all of her reservations for the next year without telling us. I never said anything to them, so why would they delete our standing reservations? It doesn’t seem like a good business practice to alienate loyal customers as we have been for years.

    The way Pets at Play treated our dog, my wife and me is no way to treat loyal customers. We’ve always enjoyed taking our dogs to Pets at Play for daycare and boarding, but I no longer have any faith in how they treat us or our dogs. We will not be returning, nor can I recommend their services.


  63. Kaitlin Bountress 2021/06

    We have loved having our dogs groomed and do daycare there! Would recommend!

  64. Ashley Osborne Rolander 2021/06

    We’ve been sending our doodle to Pets at Play for years (3-4 times a week) and he loves it. The staff is friendly and our dog always is excited to go and comes home exhausted 🙂

  65. Susan Robinson 2021/06

    Our almost three year old hound has been going to Pets at Play for over a year now and loves it to the point that she almost races to the front door when we get near! She enjoys both the dog and people interactions that she gets there and it is great for her boundless hound energy level. I have also been impressed with how seriously they have taken precautions for Covid and feel very safe when dropping off and picking up. Before 2020, when travel was a thing, we also used their boarding services and will do so again in the future.

  66. Alyssa Schwenk 2021/05

    we’ve used Pets at Play for house sitting and grooming. they’re very prompt and professional and i love being able to see the team out and about in the neighborhood.

  67. Key PPGrillo 2021/05

    Very very nice humans In there! The place is super clean and nice ? …


  68. Nancy Husson 2021/05

    I take both my dogs to Pet at Play and they love it. I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff! Their groomer is the best as well.


    I always can rely on Angie to take excellent care of my dog.

  70. Kristen Carbaugh 2021/05

    Being new to the area we had to board our dog when we traveled out of state for a few days. After looking at several options for boarding I chose Pets at Play and I’m so glad I did. Their boarding prices are reasonable, and they offered fun extras for our Lucy while she was there. I received pictures each day, too, so I could see how she was doing. Will definitely use them again!

  71. Kerry S 2021/04

    My two Westies LOVE going to Pets at Play for day care. They love playing with the other dogs and always come home tired and happy. Grooming/Bathing is always great as well. I appreciate the photos of my pups that they email during the day. Highly recommend.

  72. Wes Arrington 2021/04

    Always have a great experience! They go the extra mile!

  73. Carri 2021/04

    Great place for your doggies!! Love that they sent you pictures of your dog playing!

  74. Julia Bridges 2021/04

    We just moved away from Richmond and miss Pets at Play already! We brought our medium sized Pitt for daycare occasionally, just for socialization, and she LOVED it! I liked the flexibility of scheduling and the price was reasonable.

  75. Nancy Adams 2021/04

    Friendly staff who really love those dogs! Clean facility and excellent groomer. My dog loves going to Pets at Play!

  76. Lance Jameson 2021/04

    I believe that if my dog could tell me how he likes his time at Pets at Play, he would say very much. When we pull into the parking lot he gets very excited which tells me lots. I am grateful to have a place where I know he is happy and safe while I’m going to places where he can’t join me. Makes me feel like a better doggie Dad.

  77. Lynn Klanchar 2021/04

    We use Pets at Play for in home cat care when we travel. They have gotten to know and love our 3 kitties. They write notes and send pictures via email. It’s very reassuring. We have been extremely pleased with thieir cat care service, feeding, scooping and giving our cats daily attention when we are away.

  78. Alexander Merrick-Tagore 2021/03

    My dogs literally love their daycare more than they love their own home. If we drive by and are headed somewhere else, they are absolutely devastated. Your fur-babies will be well taken care of, and have a blast. I recommend wholeheartedly and unequivocally.

  79. Jeryldene Wood 2021/03

    My dog loves going to Pets at Play and I appreciate that they post photos of him to let me know how he is doing.

  80. Chip Coutts 2021/03

    We have been using Pets at Play to take care of our cats when we are away for a few years now. They always show up, they follow our (sometimes crazy!) instructions, and send us an email each day, with pictures, to confirm that they have been there. So very comforting!

  81. Jan Williamson 2021/03

    Ozzie LOVES to go to Pets at Play. He is excited every single time and waits by the door to go! Every staff person I have encountered is friendly, experienced and patient. Ozzie is a shy boy and the staff are patient and kind every single time. I highly recommend them!!!

  82. Yama G 2021/03

    Great and clean place. The employees know my dog by name and look forward to spending time with him each time!

  83. Joan Hendrix 2021/03

    I am very possessive of my rescue border collie “Lily” – some might call me picky about her care. But whenever I have to spend several days out of town, and Lily spends her days at Pets at Play I am comforted by the fact she will be treated with lots of TLC. I receive pictures so I get to see her interactions with the other dogs while she plays – and I can tell by her face and ears that she is relaxed and having fun. Pets at Play is a mini vacation for your dog.

  84. Lovinia Thompson 2021/02

    My baby loves Pets at Play! He gets so excited just pulling up to the building. He almost jumps out of the car when I open the door. I love how they know him as soon as we walk in and I also love getting pictures of him having fun with his friends. I can’t say enough about Pets at Play! Thank you for taking such great care of my baby boy!


  85. kathryn orr 2021/01

    The staff is so sweet!!
    They take great care of my baby!!
    Very clean!!

  86. Caitlin Kilpatrick 2021/01

    Pets at play takes care of my cats when I go out of town. It’s a convenient, seamless process and they send pictures each day!

  87. Danielle Bailey 2021/01

    My favorite place for my dog and the only one I trust for boarding. staff are personable, professional and love dogs.

  88. Carisa Simmons 2021/01

    Angie does a GREAT job with my fur babies! They love her and she provides the best service. The drive from Glen Allen is worth every mile and minute. You can’t go wrong when using Pets @ Play!

  89. AJ Macchi 2021/01

    Every time I dropped my dog off at Pets at Play, I knew Becky was in good hands. They are professional, reliable and awesome.

  90. Teri Burleson 2020/10

    Always have a great experience with Pets at Play. Great staff and great groomer! Highly recommend!

  91. Heather Clarke 2020/09

    I hate to write a negative review for a local business, but after yet another bad experience with Pets at Play I feel it’s only fair. I called in this AM to see if my dog could come in for daycare (we typically go to Impawsible Pups, but I wanted to give my local daycare place another shot), they requested her updated shot records from the vet across the street and said we were good to go. When we arrived we all of a sudden needed a re-entry interview for our dog, they did not mention this over the phone. They had her in the back for about 3 minutes then brought her out and said that she gave a warning growl to another dog and that she was not permitted at day care. My dog is a 65 lb pit bull/dalmatian mix, she is big and excitable but in no way aggressive. She goes to day care at Impawsible Pups and Holly Ridge in VB with zero issues, we take her to the local dog park with zero issues and we have a small child and cat at home, again zero issues. Our dog growls when she chases her own tail for crying out loud. She is a dog that acts like a dog. I unfortunately think that Pets at Play does not like pit bull mixes and that they are playing into the misinformation that they are naturally aggressive. If you have a larger dog or a dog that gets excited I don’t recommend Pets at Play.

  92. Tracy Leeper 2020/09

    Love Pets at Play! My two shih-tzu’s get groomed here and they do a wonderful job every time. So grateful to have them in the neighborhood.

  93. Sarah Witt 2020/09

    Great daycare! We get photos daily and our pup is always dying to go play when we drop him off!

  94. Carisa Simmons 2020/09

    Angie is the BEST groomer around! Sasha and I followed her to Churchill from Glen Allen. SO happy you guys are OPEN again! Thank you for loving my Sasha??. Carisa …

  95. Nicole Gerlich 2020/09

    My pup Tillie loovvessss coming to Pets at Play! The staff here are always so friendly to both me and my dog, and I know they take great care of her while I’m at work or away. Thank you!

  96. Quiana Frazier 2020/09

    We found Pets at Play about 2 years ago after having a bad experience at a bigger chain’s groomer. Best change I’ve ever made! The entire staff is AWESOME! From the receptionist at check-in to the groomer coming out to make sure we were satisfied with the service– Pets at Play knows customer service and I have found my forever groomer!

  97. Morgan O'Malley 2020/08

    Teddy loves seeing all his people and dog friends at Pets at Play! Always happy, hungry, and tired at the end of the day.

  98. Jim Chambers 2020/08

    You guys always do a Great job with my Max whether its daycare, boarding or grooming. Can’t wait until you are open again.

  99. Martha 2020/08

    Pets at Play always takes such good care of Ollie. He gets to play with other dogs and we can relax, knowing he’s in good hands. We also love getting the photos they send during his stay. Highly recommend!

  100. Linda H 2020/06

    I have been taking my Pembroke welsh corgi here since he was four months old. The owner Maria Lynn is responsive, returns phone calls, and absolutely loves animals. The entire staff is terrific.

    You know it’s a good place when your dog walks in and goes straight to the back. I also have to give a shout out to the groomer. She is fantastic and my dog adores her.

    Thank you Pets at Play for taking care of Max for more than 13 years.

    Linda McGrew

  101. Michael Gustavsson 2020/06

    Great place for grooming and boarding.

  102. Jamie Thomas 2020/06

    My dogs had a great vacation from me!

  103. Steve Bazydola 2020/05

    Love this place but more importantly, my dog LOVES going!! Day or boarding. Knowing your fur buddy gets the best play & supervision when you can’t be home for them.

  104. Harry Willard 2020/05

    We always take our dog here and they are always great! They even send you pictures every day your pet is there.

  105. Kimberly R. Thompson 2020/05

    When I tell you my baby loves this place!!! He is a mamma’s boy, if he doesn’t know you he will not go near you. BUT when we come to Pets at Play he runs right through the door to the day care and grooming! He comes home tired from day care so I know he is playing and having fun!!


  106. Kristin Nieves 2020/05

    They take excellent care of my Turbo, while I’m at work. I appreciate the daily pictures to let vme know how his day is going.

  107. Vu Ta 2020/04

    This is the first time ever I leave a review and unfortunately it’s a negative one. The groomer, indeed, doesn’t know what she’s doing. My dog came back from his grooming appointment with the area around his eyes bleeding. Their response was: “Well, because he had a lot of mats and gunks when he came in so after the haircut the skin is finally able to breath. I (the manager Morgan) have seen that many times, and that’s nothing to worry about.” When you own a dog and when you try to give your dog some love but all you can smell from him is the smell of blood. This is infuriating. I really don’t want to be compensated or anything, only want them to know that the groomer is incompetent with her job. But, all I got was excuses and “I’m so so sorry but there’s nothing we can do”. Unacceptable. They may have excellent boarding services according to many reviews on here but for grooming (also according to negative reviews on here) please stay away. Unacceptable.

  108. Monica Lauw 2020/04

    We’ve been taking our golden/beagle/lab mix here since he was just a few months old, and he absolutely loves it! Every time we drop him off, he can barely stand still to get out of his harness and runs into the daycare room without a glance back at us.

    The staff at Pets at Play are professional and responsive and are typically great at giving us a report of our pup’s behavior. Usually it seems no news is good news, but they let us know right away when our boy was a little mount-happy pre-neutering and also notified us when he got puppy warts (a total rite of passage for a social puppy in the city for those who don’t know). When we first set up an interview, the owner was also very transparent about the facility and was happy to give a tour of the space — good, honest customer service from people who clearly love dogs.

    If your dog is social and does well in dog parks/multi-dog households, I highly recommend Pets at Play to keep them exercised and entertained!

  109. Bonnie Hall 2020/04

    PETS AT PLAY visits my kitties when I am on a trip. They feed them and play with them. They also send me pics of the visit. It is so nice to see the fur babies so cared for. When I return I can tell that they have been just fine. I am very grateful for this service.

  110. Michael Ayares 2020/04

    Pets at Play is my go to for my dog. They do a wonderful job and even take your dog out for you for no extra charge. The greatest part is they will hold your dog the whole day until you’re done at work which you don’t see much of around Richmond. Would recommend them as my #1 choice in Richmond for anyone with a busy schedule that wants there pup groomed by professionals!

  111. Allison Apperson 2020/03

    Our dog, Dolly, loves coming to party at Pets at Play. The employees are great and we love the pictures we get throughout the day.

  112. Catherine D. 2020/02

    Took my shy, nervous dog here for a grooming and they were amazing! They focused really hard on making it a good experience for her. She was so happy and relaxed when I picked her up, you’d think she had just left a spa day 🙂 highly recommended!! Very friendly awesome staff.

  113. Nicole Lang 2020/02

    We’ve been taking our pup here for almost a year now. He loves Pets at Play! Whomever is at the front to let us in usually knows his name, which makes us feel great. It’s obvious that the folks that work there are friendly kind and really care about the dogs. They are patient and super helpful with any requests and questions. I love getting the daily pics. I do wish they had someone there overnight for boarding but someone is there to put them to bed and they come back early.

  114. Rainie Bishop 2020/02

    The Staff is awesome and they love my pup.

  115. Margaret Brooks 2020/02

    My do absolutely loves going to Pets at Play. The. Staff is very friendly and helpful. My dog is so happy there!

  116. Stephany Becerra 2020/02

    Working at PETS at PLAY was such an amazing experience. I can say first hand, much love and attention is put into the care of all our fur friends. Almost everyone there is a pet owner and all pups are treated as family. This facility is clean and held to a high standard. The systems used for scheduling make it easy for customers to schedule appointments. Prices along with the services provided are clear which makes for an transparent exchange. The staff is always there to answer questions, listen to concerns and provide any information needed. They do overnights and private walks, which is awesome! Another nice feature, you can come in and use their grooming area to bathe your pup! This daycare comes highly recommended! Make sure to schedule an interview and see if it’s a right fit for you.

  117. Liz Jarski 2020/01

    My dob LOVES going to Pets at Play and I love how great all the staff are. We get photo updates of her day and get to see her interacting with the other dogs. I highly recommend them for anyone in the area.

  118. Stephen Moegling 2020/01

    My dog loves Pets at Play! I have been taking Ollie to Pets at Play for daycare, overnight boarding and grooming for over a year now. He is a sweet but sensitive dog. Pets at Play is the only dog boarding and grooming place in RVA that he enjoys going to and being at. The groomer is always very thoughtful about grooming Ollie the way I like. She called me before she groomed Ollie just to confirm she knew what I wanted from his cut. Very blessed to have Pets at Play in our lives


  119. Sheila Payne 2020/01

    Teddi, our Teddy Bear bread, have loved going to Pets at Play. He goes in an comes out happy. He was boarded there last year while we were on a week vacation, his 1st time, and again when he was picked up, he was obvious he was well loved and though his 1st time being away from us, he returned happy and healthy.

  120. Annie Duffy 2020/01

    My dog loves Pets at Play and wishes he could go every day! The staff are so nice to him and always make sure he’s well taken care of whether he’s at daycare or boarding.

  121. Stacey Dean 2020/01

    I absolutely love PETS at PLAY! I have used their grooming service for several years now and they handled my frail, elderly miniature schnauzer with extreme care. Would highly recommend them.

  122. Pamela Hinton 2019/12

    My Grandpup loves his visits and overnight stays. The staff are friendly and knows each pup by name. They monitor your family pet and notifies you immediately if anything out of the ordinary or an accident occurs. He knows when it’s time to go play with his friends. He is exhausted when he gets home but after resting here is ready for another round of fun. Great place for daycare and overnight boarding.

  123. Jason Edwards 2019/10

    Great service, my dog is always worn out and the daily pictures are great!

  124. Kemper Galyean 2019/09

    Rosie loved staying there.

  125. Don Schroeder 2019/09

    Great place for some puppy love. My dog is always happy to return their to see all his buds!

  126. Loren Hatcher 2019/09

    I absolutely love the staff and Ellie’s experiences at Pets at Play. The staff know us by name and are extremely understanding when “life happens” and plans change. Their groomer is wonderful as well — no problems and Ellie looks amazing each time. We will continue to use Pets at Play and recommend them to our human and fur friends. 🙂

  127. John Wright 2019/08

    This place is outstanding! They are so good, I drive up from Hampton for boarding. My grand-dog has been going there for over 9 years. The owner and staff are excellent. They have always gone out of their way to meet Simon’s needs, whether attention, meds, or something else. The facility is also great – easy for the pooches to go in and out. Highly recommend them!

  128. Wendy Holland 2019/08

    Great place! They do a great job and very accomodating!

  129. Minhaz Arefin 2019/08

    One of the best pet day cares in Richmond. Really friendly. They take great care of the pups.

  130. Alissa Murray 2019/08

    My Golden Retriever loves Pets at Play. When we drop him off, he can’t get to the playroom fast enough. Even with all of the other dogs, the staff recognize our dog, great him by name, and seem genuinely happy to see him. We never feel bad leaving him, because he’s always so happy to go there! The pictures we get during the day are always something to look forward to!

  131. Cheryl Bynum 2019/08

    Animals need love 2

  132. Tammy Nguyen 2019/07

    Staff is extremely friendly and obvious dog lovers. Have used them for daycare and boarding. Our pup always comes home happy and tired. Highly recommend!

  133. Jamie Maniscalco 2019/07

    These guys take such good care of my baby girl Khaleesi. They are prompt to respond and it obvious that they care about my pet. The daily pictures we get from them of our dogs are the best- Little bursts of sunshine! Thank you for all your help and love for my pup!

  134. Trace Woodbury 2019/07

    My little guy loves it here!

  135. Thaddeus Fortney 2019/05

    My dog loves it here, and they are flexible with my schedule.

  136. Ron Swann 2019/05

    They do everything right at Pets at Play

  137. Meisha C-A 2019/05

    My dog is older and they took very good care of her, Thanks again

  138. Johanna Christensen 2019/05

    Our rescue poodle gets groomed here. We have never used the boarding or other services, but the groomer, Angie, is amazing. Our poodle is “special” and the first place we took him to get groomed suggested sedating him for grooming. Angie has always done an amazing job of giving him treats and working through his anxiety. She is very kind and provides professional updates on his needs. Highly recommend!

  139. Katherine Greenier 2019/04

    Pets at Play is AMAZING! My two dogs are very different – one shy and nervous, the other bold and bossy – and they both LOVE going to daycare or boarding here. The staff cater to their unique needs, and treat them as if they are their own fur babies. Truly, our dogs act mad at us if we don’t take them to daycare as often as they like.

  140. John Glynn 2019/04

    Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Ask them about their in-your-home services, excellent!!!

  141. Armesha Rich 2019/04

    Gizmo loves it here!! And i think its so cool that they send me pics of hom during the day tp let me know he’s ok and having fun. It takes the stress off of me knowing he is in good hands

  142. John Glynn 2019/04

    Buttercup always comes home happy and healthy. She lives her time at Pets at Play and we love knowing that she is well cared for when we are out of town. ??? …

  143. regina boone 2019/04

    Awesome spot for lots of TLC for your pup when u need them to be away from you either for the day or a long-term stay.

    Jake , my miniature schnauzer says to tell everyone he gives Pets at Play five big barks!

  144. Heidi Lawyer 2019/03

    Super friendly staff. Reasonable rates. My dog loves day care days. And they send really cute photos!

  145. Chad Stewart 2019/03

    Our shy dog loves every day she gets to spend at Pets at Play. We can tell from the moment we get in the door that our dog has a bond with the staff and is thrilled to be there. We’re so lucky to have this business in the neighborhood.

  146. brandon feldkamp 2019/02

    Pets at play is a great place to take your pets for daycare, grooming, or boarding!

    Our three dogs love going there and always seem so happy when we drop them off and pick them up.

    They send photos every time we take them for day care so we can see how they’re doing throughout the day!

  147. Heidi Molano 2019/02

    Our dog comes home happy and sleepy! They take great care of him and it’s great for socialization!

  148. Crystal Wellman 2019/02

    Super happy with this daycare. My dog loves it here, he runs in and never looks back.

  149. Paz O 2019/02

    The fur babies seem to LOVE it! ❤️


  150. M. Snyder 2019/02

    Appointments easily available, nice grooming

  151. Brianna Anderson 2019/01

    If you are looking for quality grooming services, Pets at Play is NOT the place you want to go to. Most of the reviews for Pets at Play is about their daycare/boarding services, but their grooming services are by far the worst place I’ve ever been to. The staff isn’t well-informed on what services they offer because when booking the appointment, I was told “the works” grooming package included certain services from one employee, but then was told something completely different from the manager. The groomer (Angela) left my dog’s face uneven and choppy. She also left 5 matted areas on my dog’s chest area because she said “she didn’t know I wanted those cut off.” My dog’s ears were full of hair and she said she only cuts the hair out of the ears of gray schnauzers, not any other colors (which makes absolutely no sense). I complained and met with the groomer to express my concern of the services she provided, and she was extremely defensive and had an excuse for everything SHE did wrong – blaming everything and everyone under the sun. She said “I’ve been grooming for over 17 years…” “This is what a schnauzer cut looks like…” Although she did an AWFUL grooming job, I would have appreciated if she at least owned up to her mistakes and apologized for leaving my dog looking so ridiculous. So if you’re looking to come to Pets at Play for grooming, don’t waste your money.

  152. Tricia Overstreet (MDFacialist) 2019/01

    Pets at play took wonderful care of my dogs while I was in town on business. And on short notice! Great place for dogs to run, play and socialize.

  153. cheri bennett 2019/01

    The care and love they show to each pet large or small!

  154. Pamela Davis 2019/01

    My Chichuaua and I love Pets at Play!!! We take Carmen there when we’re in Richmond visiting our twins at VCU. We live in DC and don’t like leaving the dog home alone all day. I know that they give her the best care and love on her whenever she’s there for the day. The best thing is that they email me pictures of her having fun with her new friends and the staff. Everyone that works at Pets at Play is wonderful!!! We will always bring Carmen there whenever we are in Richmond!!

  155. Jerry Garner 2018/10

    I’ve always been satisfied with the grooming & boarding services at Pets at Play. The people working there seem to really enjoy working with dogs and they are very helpful with appointment times and drop off/pick up times. Their grooming and boarding prices are reasonable. I always feel comfortable leaving my dog with them, knowing they will take very good care of him. I highly recommend Pets at Play .

  156. K P 2018/10

    My rescue pup Gus LOVES Pets at Play. He has had some stressful times at other daycares, but the crew here seem to put him at ease. I know each time I leave him I’m putting him in excellent hands.

  157. Nick Hutcheson 2018/09

    Great place for your pup to play while you work!

  158. Isabelle 2018/09

    Came here for their grooming services and was not disappointed! They were polite and informative when I called with questions and were super friendly in person. And they made my pup adorable! Will definitely return for future grooming services and daycare services.


  159. Bridgette Huff 2018/08

    The facility is overcrowded and smells like mold.

  160. Rev Nait 2018/08

    Best doggie daycare in the rva. Loving staff and a safe, clean environment for pups to play and be loved. Could not recommend more highly.

  161. Daniela Rico 2018/08

    Awesome place! I love the self service dog bath option, it saves a lot of money and allows me to bond with my dog. The day care is a bit expensive so I haven’t used it but they do make sure your dog is up to date on his or her shots and is friendly before you use any of their services.

  162. Samantha Amateis 2018/07

    Professional and personable. Often my pup will go months without visiting Pets at Play, yet the staff always remember and call her by name. It is apparent each staff member truly enjoys their job. We always enjoy the daily pics as well as the tired, happy pup at the end of the day.

  163. Betsy Thompson 2018/07

    *UPDATE* Since I posted this review this location has called me twice, I blocked the number and I received a threatening message on Yelp (who even knew it had messaging) saying that Karma will “get me for writing reviews with no basis.” PLEASE AVOID!
    Phone staff seemed very friendly but manager Maria isn’t. I booked the appointment for my three dogs almost two months ahead of time. Called to ask if I could bring in one dog the same day as other two and was met with a ton of sighing and “I’ll see”. In the end we were able to get all three dogs in on the same day, just as I was wrapping up the call the two year old I was watching got upset her video stopped playing, she’s two, toddler rage and the manager on the phone said “ma’am you seem busy, what with three dogs and a kid, so if you’re going to cancel be kind enough to give us a 24 hour notice.” This was three days before my appt and having it scheduled for months, cancelling it never crossed my mind. Tried to contact management but she kept calling at times where I was unable to answer. The voicemail she said simply said “sorry but see your Thursday” Everyone else who answered was pleasant and lovely, manager wasn’t. Sad because had such good reviews and was so looking forward to it. Cancelled appts, if I was spoken to that way I’d hate to think how dogs would be treated.

  164. Carroll E. 3 2018/07

    We take our dog here all the time for our daycare and boarding needs. She seems to love it…Always comes home tired from all of the playing, which is great for us. The place is clean and the staff is extremely courteous and attentive. And it’s in the neighborhood!

  165. Fallon Kappus 2018/07

    We have been bringing our dog Rey here for about a year and a half now for daycare every other week or so and the occasional overnight boarding. Rey is a little nervous and shy around strangers but LOVES going to daycare so much and loves all of the people who work here. We are so happy that we found a place that we can leave her where she feels comfortable and happy. We have even ran into employees just walking around Church Hill that have said hi to Rey by name and she has greeted them wiggling and tail wagging. High recommend Pets at Play to everyone, I hope to continue to bring my pup here for years to come.

  166. maryland cox 2018/06

    I really enjoy this place for my dog. I’ve tried other places in Richmond, but this has been the best experience so far. It’s easy to schedule your dog’s stay here. Plus when my dog went to daycare here, they took pictures to show me how she was doing throughout the day.

  167. Joseph Drought 2018/06

    I fully trust Pets at Play to take care of my pup. Athena is always ecstatic to get inside and see the staff and other dogs. The staff is very friendly, we only use their service about once a month but the staff always recognizes my dog and excitedly calls her by name. When we get back to Richmond after a long day of travel, our dog is exhausted and happy and sleeps like a baby. The daily pics of your dog when you are away on vacation is always an added treat.

  168. Courtney Moore 2018/05

    I used Pets at Play for in home services for my cats for the last almost 4 years. They visited once per day, send me pics of my cats and feed/watered/litter and occasionally watered my plants when I asked. Everyone there is super nice and very accommodating. It’s always hard traveling and being away from your pets, Pets at Play do an amazing job of communicating during trips. Shout out to Nathan for always making the babes look like super models in his pictures. Usually my cats are skittish and hide from people they don’t know, so I love getting pictures of them getting pets and being out when Pets at Play are over. Thanks so much!

  169. Mary Sherrod 2018/05

    If you have a vocal or energetic dog THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. My puppy was first put in “time out” for play barking. I was later called and told that my dog behaved aggressively by barking in other dogs faces and being mouthy. I explained that this behavior was my 6 month old puppy expressing he wanted to play. Despite my explanation the next time I tried to board my dog, my name and information was no longer in the system. I was never informed that my puppy couldn’t no longer visit Pets at Play until the day I requested boarding. I felt that this was very unprofessional, and left me scrambling to find care before my vacation.

  170. Sun Yi 2018/05

    Love the staff here! My dog has some temperament issues (skittish and a bit shy) but they are always so welcoming and sweet to her. Would recommend to anyone with a dog who needs some daytime loving and socialization

  171. DeAndre Woodley 2018/05

    Great Staff. They know your pet and are happy to see them even if we have not been in months. I will always bring my dog here.

  172. Cassandra Hamilton 2018/03

    PJ looked so good after his first grooming!

  173. Whitney Smith 2018/02

    Very nice staff

  174. Stacie Gregory 2018/02

    Always friendly and helpful.

  175. Risheema Gaines 2018/01

    Very willing, understanding & did a good job.

  176. Lawson Stover 2017/10

    PETS at PLAY always delivers a great experience for us and our pup. We only use the daycare and boarding services but we give each of them 5 stars. Our dog comes in twice a week and when we ask her if she wants to go to daycare she gets so excited she can’t sit still until we leave. She loves playing with all of her canine and human friends, and it always makes my day when I get picture of her from PaP midway through the day. Even better, our pup is thoroughly worked out and quite tired after a long day of running around. I highly recommend them as a daycare and boarding service.

  177. Caroline Purdin 2017/10

    Highly recommend P@P! Great staff with a passion for pets!!

  178. A. M. 2017/10


    1. They will give you one quote on the phone so you come in, then they inspect and add more fees and then when you pick it up they blatantly slap on more $ they will rip you off.

    2. My 8 lbs Poodle went from looking like a teddy bear to an ugly big mouse. I asked to TRIM and wash and take care of the bum. Angie the groomer seems to have no experience, my well bred dog looks like I got him off the street. He also cant stop licking his one paw, which tells me she hurt him either while clipping his claws or something is cut there.

    3. When I called to ask why my dog is still not ready it has been 4 hours (I dropped him off at 9AM)…Nikki the receptionist told me that the groomer is working on several dogs at the same time? I told her that in 14 years that I’ve been grooming him it takes an hour no matter what condition he is in. Why did they make me bring him in at 9AM and how is she working on 5-8 dogs at the same time?

    4. *******When I asked Nikki to go ask groomer what is taking so long I’ve never had this…Nikki didn’t realize that SHE DIDN’T PRESS THE HOLD BUTTON ON TIME and I heard her *HUFF and PUFF* and say “Oh my God….” and then put me on hold. The customer is always right and if I am an unhappy one don’t let me hear you say it.

    5. My dog always comes out happy after grooming and jumping, after they brought him him out he was shivering with his tail under his bum. What the did they do to him in there for 5 hours? Do bring your pet for grooming here. Ever.

  179. Mary Ellen Otto 2017/10

    Molly always gets a big welcome and she loves to come. I know that she is safe while she is there!

  180. Susan Wynne 2017/08

    Wonderful! Ripley loves her walks with Chris!!

  181. Sharon Moffatt 2017/08

    Pets at Play has provided day care for our dog and our son’s. Great when you have plans for all day that don’t include a dog

    We use them mostly for in home care if we are going to be gone for one or two nights. Our dog is elderly and prefers a familiar environment. they feed, walk and play with him and send email with pix each time!
    Think the dog has more fun with Pets at Play than he does with us!

  182. Helen McClure 2017/08

    Pets at Play has been the best doggy daycare, boarding, and walking service I’ve ever experienced. My dogs are well taken care of, and they come home happy and tired, but not ill, like from some other places they’ve stayed. Daily visits to let them out as well as daycare and boarding always result in great photos. This is truly a Church Hill gem.

  183. Mark Rankin 2017/08

    Pets at Play has provided
    J h more than food to our cat when we’ve been gone. Thay to bond with her, provide play, brushing and love as well. We’ll get Pets at Play again.

  184. Beth O'Donnell 2017/07

    Casey has been going to Pets at Play for the past 6 years. Great experience and great care

  185. Brian Kappus 2017/06

    Very reasonable rates, and our high energy dog always comes home tired for the rest of the day. Couldn’t recommend enough.

  186. Karrie Quesenberry 2017/06

    My dogs loves going to daycare here. The pictures they send of her at lunch time are perfect proof of that, and she comes home tired which makes a dog owner very happy.
    The staff are all very nice and know my dog well. I’ve even run into a few of them outside of Pets At Play and they still stop to say hello when they recognize her.
    They also do a great job with grooming, I use this service as well.

  187. Pam Siegel 2017/06

    My pup loves to go there to play. Runs toward the door to go in!

  188. Treatment Coordinator 2017/06

    My dog River just loves coming to doggie daycare here. He seems to know what days they are now and greats so excited in the mornings. Absolutely love getting pics emailed during the day to see how much fun he is having. At the end of the day he never wants to leave. Lol Major plus is The staff is super friendly, you can tell they love what they do.

  189. Kyle Moler 2017/06

    most importantly, i trust pets at play with my husky. also; scheduling is easy, personnel are friendly, pricing is fair.

  190. Taylor Wiegert 2017/06

    This place is great! My dog literally cannot wait to get there. The staff is incredibly friendly.

  191. Shannon Kane Meador 2017/05

    The emails and pictures that they send with every visit means everything to me! It gives me peace of mind that “the babies” are doing fine and are in good hands and that kind of reassurance is invaluable.

  192. Nadine Jones 2017/05

    I absolutely love Pets at Play, my dog Emma J has the best time. I love getting pictures of Emma throughout her day. Highly recommend

  193. Janice Reilly 2017/04

    Beth came at the last minute due to having a different cat sitter cancel on us. She was very professional and explained how the business worked and what services would be provided. They send pix daily so you know what the critters are up to while you’re gone. They did a great job for us and the cats! Got us out of a jam….

  194. Aaron Monroe 2017/04

    My dog loves coming here! If I say the word day care he runs to the door and waits. He always stops whenever we walk by here. The staff is great and they take excellent care of my dog. If my dog ever runs away, I’m going to check pets at play first because that’s where he would go!

  195. Meg O. 2017/04

    We love Pets at Play. They take great care of Rogue and he tries to sneak to the car each morning thinking he gets to go visit his friends. They do a wonderful job with him and all the dogs in their care including baths and nail trims! He is thoroughly exhausted by the time he gets home which is ideal for this dog momma!

  196. Terri Smither 2017/04

    Pets at Play are the best in-home pet care providers! Professionals who love their work and clients!

  197. ODF 2017/04

    Let’s be honest: my dawg finds me annoying. But he’d be apoplectic if I didn’t give P@P five stars.

    We only have to turn on E. Marshall for his tail to start a-waggin. And once we get inside the front door (after the required marking of the boxwoods down the street), he races behind the counter to love on each of the staff. Then it’s off to the play area in the back…Kiddo has no time to waste!

    I can’t say enough good things about MariaLyn and her staff. Their in-home services are excellent as well.

    Your pal will get excellent care and companionship at P@P. Of that I can assure everyone.

    — Ole Doc Farmer

  198. Erin Hollaway Palmer 2017/03

    Our dog, Teacake, would probably spend every day here if she could!

  199. Alicia Arrington 2017/03

    They do a great job of taking care of my kids in home. I have been using them for some time and the experience is always exceptional. I love that they love my furbabies as much as I do.

  200. B Coop 2017/03

    I cannot say enough about how wonderful PETs at PLAY is! Dixie knows when I say “want to go see your friends” exactly where she is going and doesn’t even look back when we hit the door! That is how I know, PETs at PLAY is the absolute BEST. Dixie has only ever stayed the night in her entire 11 years with my parents, PETs at PLAY and me. I LOVE the emailed pictures throughout the day of her literally smiling and having fun! I am particular because she is such an important part of my life and choosing a daycare and place to board seemed impossible until we experienced PETs at PLAY. Dixie’s excitement when talking about, going to and spending time here is exactly why PETs at PLAY will be the only place we go!


  201. Nolyn Hartley 2017/03

    My 5 month old pup, Remy, LOVES Pets at Play and the staff! I have separation anxiety from Remy and did a lot of research on the best doggy day cares in Richmond. Pets at Play is the most secure dog facility, the staff genuinely love their jobs and they take great care of the pups.

  202. Faye Harmon 2017/03

    friendly and animal lover staff

  203. Polly Cole 2017/01

    The owner and entire staff at Pets at Play are the most caring and concerned professionals that a pet owner could ever have. Have taken care of my pets, members of the family, for years. You can not have a more caring facility and staff!

  204. Crystal Johnson 2017/01

    First experience was today and it was awesome! We completed our interview with great feedback and a tired puppy! In addition to an overall great experience, we received emailed pictures of our little one’s exciting time there!

    We made an appointment for a full day stay and a groom, all in one visit.

    Thanks Pet At Play.

  205. Ben Hay 2017/01

    Very professional service with a good price. Plus they send pictures with every visit!

  206. Zana Dumais 2016/10

    They love the dogs

  207. Gustavo A 2016/08

    I’ve been working with the Pets at Play team for almost a year now. I use their in-home services so they feed our two kitties once a day when we request it. It takes a certain kind of trust to allow a stranger in your home without having that nagging doubt that something may go wrong.
    Pets at Play has proven to us that they are of the utmost professionalism. They communicate well, send pictures of our babies over email when they’re done feeding and playing with them, they pick up the mail and clean the litters. What else can you ask?
    I trust them and it’s a pleasure for me to unequivocally give them 5 stars. Shout out to Carver F. for being a great pet sitter and communicator.

  208. Melanie Weeks 2016/07

    Nathan is the most thoughtful and caring walker at Pets at Play! He is consistently amazing and loves our animals, frequently taking pics of them and sending them to us at work!

  209. Shannon O'Neill 2016/07

    My dog Austin has been going to Pets at Play for years and loves playing with his doggy buddies so much. He is ecstatic to arrive and exhausted when he leaves. The staff is great–friendly and attentive.

  210. Jantique Fielding 2016/06

    I have only ever used their in-home cat-sitting service, but I have been very happy with the results. The sitters (mostly Beth) seem to genuinely care for the cats. She sends me pictures of them every day, with little notes, so I can see for myself that they’re fine. She feeds them, cleans the litter and also takes in my mail. I feel very confident going away leaving them in her hands.
    I can’t speak to any of the dog services offered.

  211. Nancy Holmes 2016/06

    My six year old beagle, Smokey is very spoiled. When I leave my dog at Pets at Play , I am so confident my dog will be at ease of playing and lodging in this sparking and clean environment! With the team’s encouragement, Smokey is learning to interact with other healthy dogs and making friends. I love that while our family is on vacation, they email you pictures each day while he is playing and staying there. Most importantly, the team’s customer service is superb and everyone seems to enjoy working at Pets at Play!

    M. Holmes
    A Glen Allen Happy Customer

  212. Jenita Johnson 2016/06

    Solid place for boarding & daycare, but a bit pricey. They nickel & dime for things like feeding your pet (even if you bring your own food) & pickups after noon, I believe. I took my pet to another boarder and it was almost half what I was charged here for the same amount of time & what I feel is a nicer facility.

  213. Gabrielle Trudeau 2016/06

    my dog LOVES it here, she runs around with the other dogs all day and is soo tired when she comes home. they also offer grooming services, but I have only had her nails clipped there. boarding isnt a bad price at all and they get to do the daycare during the day. recommend!

  214. Alexis Hoeferlin 2016/06

    I don’t live in Church Hill anymore, but I can’t give up my dog’s favorite daycare spot! PETS at PLAY has a wonderful staff! My dog goes at least once a week and she can barely contain herself when we’re waiting to get in the door. I also have used them for overnight boarding and she came back tired and with a big dog smile on her face! I would highly recommend them as a safe and happy place to drop your pup off for a day of play or boarding.

  215. Dianna Herndon 2016/06

    My Kosmo and Peddie love the wonder care that the staff of Pets at Play provide? …

  216. Wyatt Taylor 2016/05

    PETS at PLAY is amazing! The staff is incredibly helpful and responsive. They know each dog (and their owners) individually and are extremely professional. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your pet is treated the way you expect them to be! I would definitely recommend checking out PETS at PLAY if you are interested in boarding and daycare services for your pet.

  217. Jane Porter 2016/04

    We are delighted with the pet sitting and grooming services! Highly recommend.

  218. Vanessa Braxton 2016/04

    My baby Muffin loves this place! I’m very choosy where I take her and found they are great with all the services offered. Love the grooming, boarding & daycare – basically a stop shop! I know my doggie will be safe & loved when I leave her at Pets t Play! Keep up the great work – we need more places like this.

  219. Kelly Carter 2016/04

    Great care and fun for my labradoodle

  220. Sandra Lubbers 2016/04

    Our much loved Scottie, Mac, has been going to Pets at Play for 7 years. When he was a pup we needed him to use up lots of energy and now the he is a totally grown up eight years he enjoys seeing long time friends. I don’t think there is a more caring place for a dog to be. He gets groomed in the very dignified Scottie cut and plays after. We see lots of dogs getting walked by Pets at play workers around the neighborhood.

  221. Brazy 2016/04

    My grandmother went to this place for her two small dogs and they completely ruined their hair cut! I suggest people take there dogs to Pups N Sudz they do a way better job! This place is horrible.

  222. Amber Hendrix 2016/03

    I’ve been a PETS at PLAY customer for several years and have always been extremely pleased. I’ve used their boarding and grooming services for my mom’s dog and also scheduled countless house visits for my cat. Every staff member is professional and helpful and willing to accommodate our pets’ eccentricities. They also seem to genuinely love working with animals. While I’m out of town, I look forward to pics of our pets and can always tell they were well cared for upon my return. Highly recommended.

  223. Martha Looney 2016/03

    These folks genuinely love dogs. How they found a collective team of people of this caliber says something about the organization. I use them for grooming aND dog walking. Luke, Chris, Carver Ashley and Beth. They can be trusted.

  224. Rosalyn C Richman 2016/03

    Love this place! They took outstanding care of my “boys,” Beau and Jangles, when I lived in the Church Hill area of Richmond. The cats loved their care, which was apparent when they didn’t mind at all for me to travel…they got to visit with their favorite cat-sitter, Maria Lyn. Don’t hesitate! Pets at Play folks are professional…and personal at the same time.

  225. Sarah Abubaker 2016/03

    We have been bringing our dog Wilson to Pets at Play for over a year now and every time he goes he has such a great time and comes home happy and tired. You can tell that the staff really loves animals and they are so welcoming and professional. We LOVE getting pictures of Wilson playing each time he comes! I know he’s safe and will have a fun time and trust Maria Lyn and her staff completely!

  226. Barrett Rossie 2016/02

    Every time I go by their shop, there are happy dogs and attentive people making sure they’re happy. Very impressed with the way they care for the animals. Great asset for the Hill.

  227. Jonathan Wight 2016/02

    Excellent and friendly service! We love the folks here and they love our dog, Pip.

  228. Keaton Hoyle 2016/01

    We take our dog here at least once a month. They have always taken great care of him. Ralph knows when he’s going to “camp” and he can’t contain his excitement on the way. They usually cut his nails and give him a bath for us (extra cost but worth it). We will continue using PETS at PLAY!! Prices are comparable to any other doggie daycare in the area. There are closer placed to our house but we like this one the best.

  229. Chris Fillmore 2016/01

    Best doggie daycare and boarding in the city. They do a great job grooming and bathing. Our dog looks forward to going when he can.

  230. Russ Porter 2015/09

    A very professional and well organized business. They know what they are doing and it is clear they love doing it.

  231. Cindy Curtis 2015/09

    My dogs were so tired from their day of action! I am an out-of-towner, so that is the only reason I will not be using them on a weekly basis, but I will definitely bring them back here on any of our future visits to Richmond. This is a fantastic place…Richmond residents are lucky to have it!

  232. Sean Priest 2015/09

    Pets and Play employees are very Friendly and Helpful.
    We take our dog there to be groomed once a month.
    We also take him there twice a week for the day to play with the other dogs and tire him out so we can have a night of peace. Having an eight month old puppy can be crazy in the house. These 2 days of puppy day care can make all the difference those 2 evenings when he comes home worn out and ready to sleep, it’s better than a 5 mile walk.
    Could not be happier with the facility and staff.

  233. Tony Kemp 2015/09

    I will just say that to see my lil guy JUMP damn near out the window whenever I pull up in front of this building speaks volumes of what he’s excited to experience inside! I feel very confident that the love and care he gets inside this place is second to None! Kudos to the entire staff and again, whatever you’re putting in your kibbles and bits……please SHARE!!!!! :-)#CrackKibbles

  234. Evelyn Nunes 2015/08

    Pets at Play is great. The staff is very friendly, they send daily updates and you can schedule through their app. But most importantly, my dog seems to like going there, he is more than happy to go in on his own when we arrive!

  235. Jonathan Pender 2015/08

    You guys do a great job! Frankie loves hanging out with all of his friends. His parents love your hours an the energetic staff!.You guys really know your pets. Every time I call you, you remember my dog and his personality, solely based on his last play. Thank you guys for that you do!

  236. Heath Adkins 2015/07

    The team at Pets at Play is awesome. I never feel worried about leaving Jack there.
    I wish there was a location closer to the west end but I’ll drive out of my way to bring my puppy to MariaLyn and crew.

  237. Laura Hopson 2015/06

    Love this place! You can tell they get to know your dog and each is getting attention. I love getting my afternoon pictures with all the fun my pup is having.

  238. Joshua Evans 2015/05

    We love bringing our pup to Pets at Play! The staff is always very friendly and welcoming and Tanner is always obviously excited on the car ride to see his friends for the day!

  239. Paige Jewell 2015/05

    Awesome doggie day care in Church Hill! They actually screen dogs before letting them in and they have in home service, which is incredibly convenient! I also trust the staff because all of them have worked there for a long time. Definitely recommend this place!

  240. Jessica Lasseter 2015/04

    My dog is always excited to be with you all at Pets at Play. As soon as we get buzzed in, he heads for the back room without so much as a “see ya, mom!” When I pick him up at the end of the day, he is a happy and tuckered out. I am confident that the entire team gives him lots of love and I never have any hesitation if I have to board him. Thanks for taking such great care of him!

  241. Art Deco Society of Virginia Membership 2015/03

    We checked out a few places until we found Pets at Play and were comfortable leaving our dog there. She loves it and can’t wait to go when I tell her she is going to doggie daycare. I also like how all of the staff knows all of the dogs. My favorite part is the pictures of our dog they send to us when she is there.

    The facility is very clean and the staff very friendly. I can also get her nails trimmed at Pets at Play. It makes it really convenient.

  242. Josh Collins 2015/02

    The staff at Pets at Play love dogs and ensure your dog has a great time. They take time to ensure the dogs they watch will get along by having an “interview” the first time your dog attends. We don’t trust our dogs to anyone/anywhere else when we’re away. Highly Recommend!

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