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4.3 based on 273 reviews
  1. Janine Evans 2023/11

    This Petco (Carytown) is filled to the brim with pets and everything you might need for them. Since there is so much inventory, it is often difficult to find specific items . . . who knew there were sooooo many kinds of cat food and cat food supplements 🙂 That being said, not one, but two young women cheerfully helped me make a choice.
    The young man who checked me out was incredibly personable as well. We had a fun conversation about the results of my Luca’s new DNA results. Funny how many different breeds are packed into one little kitty!
    Thanks Petco!

  2. Jakeoh Lucas 2023/10

    This store sells Ball Pythons and other reptiles, but they fail to tell you at adoption that they won’t let you subsequently purchase food for the animals. They claim its because its cruel, but my reptiles are starving. What a hippocritical business model.

  3. Elizabeth Lucas 2023/10

    Has everything I need for cat and dog. Employees very friendly and helpful!

  4. Marixa Garcia 2023/10

    Josie is the best! She’s awesome! Positive attitude and just a wonderful groomer hands down! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Prada Luechie 2023/10

    Josh (Mgr) was absolutely HORRIBLE, my observation coming into the store and seeing how he speaks with other customers made me leave. DONT GO HERE…

  6. Amoeba 2023/10

    I really love this store – they employees are always super nice and helpful.

  7. Charlotte Cochran 2023/10

    Wonderful experience.

  8. Maude Fujii 2023/10

    My two stars is not a reflection of the previous grooming my dog sprinkles has gotten, they have always been lovely. My 2 stars is for how the manager Josh lied to us on the phone after I just had complained about my dog’s harness being broken and was unable to latch it. He first said there was no place for leashes and colors. Then retracted his statement and said there was a specific place. Then he retracted that secondary statement duplicitously and said, “they would have taken the harness off of her in front of you and you walked out of the store without incident”. first off, that is a lie because your employee took sprinkles back with the perfectly intact harness this morning, and when I picked her up I Had to ask for it back, I tried to clip it and noticed the prongs were broken and not functional any more and I turned and showed the groomer and she walked away. I then went to the check out desk and asked for a discount or what they could do for our broken property. The front desk worker was lovely. However the manager Josh, lied two times or changed his store policy twice during conversation and said that I did not do something that was quite literally in front of other customers and on CCTV. Im not mad about the broken harness, I am annoyed that a manager told me i lied about something that is on CCTV camera in his store and was unprofessional on the phone.

  9. Anna Graham 2023/10

    I am very satisfied with everything.

  10. Melissa Logsdon 2023/09

    Got everything I was in search of and had a very nice checkout associate.

  11. Miss Indi 2023/09

    This Petco is not super big but they have an ok amount of stuff. It feels kinda cramped in there so I don’t actually like taking my dogs to this one. Even though they have an ok amount of things they never seem to have what I’m looking for. I personally think the layout in the colonial heights PetSmart is better.

  12. Debbie Glover 2023/09

    Nice Store with very friendly employees. The bathroom could have used some work today which is unusual for this store. The bathroom faucet was broken.

  13. Sevda Nixon 2023/09

    Rude and unprofessional customer service.

  14. Hassaun GI 2023/08

    Great layout!

  15. Juaquin Brown 2023/08

    Best Petco every in Cary Town Richmond, VA‼️ Elisha and the grooming staff took care of my baby MJ 😃 ❤️ Even gave updates‼️ Will be seeing them again soon‼️ Highly recommended 🐶 …


  16. William Jones 2023/08

    Products I needed were in stock. Associates were very helpful and polite. Prices seemed to be average.

  17. David Espinosa 2023/08

    Idk why I wouldn’t give 5 stars? Everyone was understanding and helpful! Going to keep going to this Petco for the foreseeable future!

  18. Arella Warren 2023/08

    Good experience overall. Clean location, friendly staff, and a wide variety of supplies for different animals.

  19. Debbie Long 2023/07

    Always great here

  20. Chrissy Moore 2023/07

    Love this store!! Always has what I need

  21. Gerry Vanlandingham 2023/07

    I bought a dog cone online for pickup. When I got home with the “new” item, I realized it had been used extensively already. There was no packaging, the tag was completely faded, and the Velcro was full of hair from previous use. I will never shop here again.

  22. Tyankhes White 2023/07

    Josie is absolutely AMAZING. From her pure energy and great personality to her beautiful work with grooming my Yorkie! We both love her! Go see Josie for all your grooming needs!

  23. Carolyn Martin 2023/07

    Ask for “Josie” Josephine when scheduling your grooming appointment. You won’t be disappointed. Her grooming is top notch and she is absolutely loving and gentle with your fur-baby. My entire grooming experience was great!!!

  24. Olivia Dennehy 2023/07

    We had a horrible experience here for our pet.

    We booked a haircut and flea bath because his long hair was attracting fleas despite having a flea collar. We waited two and a half weeks for the appointment. We dropped him today and the first thing they say is “We’re not sure about the haircut but we’ll do the flea bath.” Okay, a little odd to disclaim that at our appointment arrival. We get a text an hour later that he had a bath but the haircut didn’t happen. I call to find out why, and they said he wasn’t comfortable sitting for the grooming. I couldn’t get an answer as to why. The groomer told me it wasn’t her problem that “the man who dropped him off didn’t tell me he might not get the grooming.” I was rudely hung up on when I asked for alternatives for him, so I called back and spoke to the manager, who informed me he didn’t like the attempt at grooming around the dogs.
    Oh! No one bothered to tell us he wouldn’t be groomed separate from dogs. Of course he was not comfortable, he’s a cat, and also not safe! We weren’t informed that this was their practice at the time of drop off, or at the time of making the appointment. The general manager didn’t offer an apology, and continued to cut me off talking about policy.

    This Petco is extremely unethical and deceitful. We would not recommend them for cat or dog grooming since they are not transparent about their practices.

  25. Mona Berry 2023/06

    Love them 💕 ❤ they take good care of my fur baby… …


  26. Mara Kagawa 2023/06

    Why state you have a clinic when you actually don’t have one?

  27. Katie Blue Salon 2023/06

    Very kind and helpful employees. Clean store!

  28. Jordan Pielert 2023/05

    Good prices nice workers happy to help

  29. Debi Taliaferro 2023/05

    I only bought my dog, Beauregard, to be groomed because I didn’t want to wait to get an appointment with his regular groomer.

    Joy, the groomer, has a wonderful personality. She apparently loves her job and dogs. She was so incredibly welcoming and loving to my dog (and I). I’m always nervous leaving my dog somewhere new, but she made me feel very comfortable. His haircut looked great! Best haircut he’s ever had, he looks adorable. His face always looks weird, Joy did something magical. I didn’t plan to make a future appointment, but I did. Joy will be Beau’s new groomer and friend.
    Thank you!

  30. Andrea Barja 2023/05

    If this Petco was not here, I’d probably die. It’s saved the day in my household of kitten + dog so many times. Also, their grooming staff are the best. They handle my terror to give a nail clip dog with a smile somehow lol. Tip well because they are so good at their job!

  31. Antwann Edwards 2023/05

    The grooming team is amazing

  32. Mona 2023/04

    They did a great job! Definitely coming back here for my dogs grooming/bath. Thank you!

  33. Rita Barnes 2023/04

    Still love the animal store but seems a bit more top tier these days

  34. April Carpenter 2023/04

    Amazing people and helpful

  35. Taharah Islam 2023/04

    Joy is an amazing pet groomer! I take my cat to get bathed by her every once in a while, and she’s just an absolute angel. You can tell how much she truly cares for animals and treats them with the utmost care. She’s very sweet, funny, and helpful!

  36. Kaley Rosenthal 2023/04

    Excellent selection and customer service. Their groomers are great and caring professionals.


  37. Marc Wagner 2023/03

    Good selection of products and helpful staff.

  38. David Whitney 2023/03

    Nice place for Fido.

  39. LaToya George 2023/03

    Joy was a sweetheart!! I was very pleased with her service🥰 …

  40. I Burlock 2023/03

    Nice store. High prices compared to online but you can get what you need right away.

  41. RIC Rolly 2023/03

    Extensive and varied merchandise in stock. Also, the employees were polite and helpful.All-around above-average experience. The crowds were small, the lines were short, the shelves adequately stocked, and the sales associates (though meager in number) were responsive and helpful. I can honestly say that I would recommend this business to my friends and family, should they find themselves in need of the types of services this business purports to provide. And should I find myself in need of their services, as well, I would not hesitate to patronize them in the future.

  42. Morgan Rogan 2023/03

    Josie in grooming is exceptional. She is one of the most sincere people I’ve met in a long time. She really loves the dogs in her care.

  43. D still 2023/02

    No problems at all.

  44. Whitney Kiatsuranon 2023/01

    Best place to find exotic pet supplies.

  45. Kalvin Branch 2023/01

    I Love to work at Grocery store Publix a Hold Lot

  46. Nashé High 2023/01

    Quick and friend service for my dogs nail trim

  47. Ronna Richmond 2023/01

    I was looking for an over-the-counter cat pain reliever for my arthritic cat and they had something for dogs but not a cat version, which the attendant said that same brand makes.
    There were a couple kitty CBD products but I don’t trust those regarding accuracy of dosage since they’re not regulated
    I bought a glucosamine/chondroitin
    supplement, but it wasn’t what I went there for. I had called first and they said they carried what I had described, so I was disappointed.

  48. Arthur Bea 2022/11

    Joy and Josie, my dog Baby and Arthur love coming to see you. Ya’ll do an awesome job everytime. Thanks

  49. Joe Vincelli 2022/10

    Overpriced and not much selection to speak of.

  50. Lucy Marshall 2022/10

    The groomers are caring and take good care of your pet. The other staff are pleasant and help you with any needs you have.

  51. Simon Baier (sbaier) 2022/09

    Helpful staff, and as you’d expect, great selection and reasonably priced.

  52. LYNN Kan 2022/09

    Called spoke with a lady Jane Jane who lied and said they couldn’t transfer calls, then spoke with with manager Brian who was also very rude , worst customer service

  53. Delilah Trotter 2022/09

    I was in the store today and bought several items including night crawlers and horn worms. When I opened the night crawler package it smelled horrible and there were no living worms at all. This is the second time I’ve purchased dead worms from them. Out of the horn worms only one was alive. Much of the feeders were dead including crickets and beetles, but thankfully I was able to see through the clear container and didn’t buy them. When I spoke to them they said I’d have to come back to the store which I can’t afford to do right now since I had to take an Uber, so now I’ve wasted a lot of money and have very little to feed my frog. This place is generally not good for reptile and amphibian needs, they are missing a lot of staples and they take a while to restock things (or just don’t). I have literally never written a negative review in my life but I take my pets seriously and I’m constantly disappointed by this store. It’s in a convenient location but I don’t think I can go back anymore for the health of my beardie and Pac-Man frog.

  54. Mia Jones 2022/08

    They have a pretty decent selection of cat food and toys. Employees have always been very friendly. Store is usually clean and tidy. A lot of items like scratching posts are outrageously priced and can be found on Amazon for half the price.

  55. Jennifer Sumner 2022/07

    Josie at the Carytown location is absolutely wonderful. She has groomed my fur babies for years now. I would highly recommend her for all your grooming needs especially older or special need fur babies that lots of groomer refuse. She really has a heart for them knowing they still need care too. Give her a try I’m sure you’ll be pleased!!!

  56. ErikD 804 2022/05

    A very convenient location centrally located for all your pet needs!

  57. Dom L. 2022/05

    I take my dog here and the staff is always super friendly and attentive to our needs and concerns

  58. Margaret Miller 2022/04

    Josie our groomer is absolutely amazing!!!

  59. Melanie Scott 2022/03

    I have always taken my two dogs to get groomed at many a petco locations (we’ve lived many places), but Josie at this location is the creme de la creme. A total joy to be around and takes extra special care for my babies (who can notoriously be a bit difficult). Constantly goes out of her way to go above and beyond. 10/10, if I could give more stars I would. Tiramisu and Peach love you!

  60. Barbara A. Bonn 2022/01

    Pleased with on-line discount and quality of purchased items. Customer service was excellent. Keep up the good job! Thanks

  61. Eleana Legree 2022/01

    We take our doodles to the grooming services at this Petco. Josie and Theresa are two of the best groomers we’ve had in the many years we’ve groomed our doggos. Josie is so personable, friendly, and you can tell how much she and the staff love dogs. We will be taking our girls back, and would highly recommend their grooming services to anyone. Well done Petco Grooming team!!!

  62. Rachel B 2022/01

    Do not support this Petco. The past couple of years whenever I do happen to go in something is always horribly wrong in the reptile department.

    Example 1: Eyelash crested gecko tank was at 90 degrees which can and will be fatal. The poor things were flattened to the ground and visibly unwell. When explained to the associate they made the excuse/lie that they have no control over the temperature system.

    Example 2: The ball pythons that they had were peeling in an awful dry shed. Their tanks were at 10% humidity when they should be at 40%. Politely let an associate know and to give them a soak and they claimed that they would take care of it.
    Pop in a full week later and the poor babies are still in flaking shed and their eyes wrinkled dry. Once again humidity was at 10%.

    Don’t carry animals that your store is going to neglect or possibly kill.
    Don’t shop here. They don’t care about the animals.

  63. Kayla Haley 2022/01

    If I could leave no stars that doesn’t even start the disrespect I feel for this place. I simply tried to talk to an associate who was very unhelpful and time wasting to literally inform him that they were abusing their turantula they had over 15 crickets in a tank with a bald turantula who was hiding in the back clearly about to molt and scared. He said they had had the conversation multiple times and when I asked him with whom he proceeded to look at me with blank stare and say iv had the conversation before. He proceeded to walk 2 aisles over to a fellow associate who im almost positive was the manager and laugh loudly. They’re obviously to young to care for animals and shouldn’t be running the place that’s all I have to say and will posting be pictures online with store location.

  64. Alex Dizon 2021/12

    Joshua who helped me was nice and had good customer service, however, I came in on Black Friday and he misinformed me that if I purchased $13 more stuff then I’ll get $30 credited to my account in a few days. So I went and purchased some items I didn’t really want and donated some money because I knew I’d make it up with the $30 credit. I waited and waited for the credit, and as it would turn out, the deal was only for select food and litter. Wasted time and money :/

  65. Christopher Coleman 2021/11

    They had a good selection of fresh and saltwater fish.

  66. Beatz by Big Ra 2021/11

    Great store loved the fish selection service was 👍 keep it up …

  67. Christa Soulia 2021/11

    Only place in Richmond that sells my cats favorite treats and they’re always in stock. Helpful, friendly staff. Much appreciated.

  68. Samantha Flick 2021/11

    Took our mingoldendoodle for a much needed grooming appointment. We already knew that her mats were so bad that it required shaving her, which is what we typically do for her in the summer anyway. Since she was shaved there wasn’t much to judge on the haircut, but her face, ears, and tail were handled based on our expressed preferences and they did the best job with her nails in comparison to all her other grooming experiences. We also learned from the store associates that the free membership rewards program gets you a discount on grooming, which we gladly utilized. The grooming took a few hours, but the estimated wait time was exactly as promised. Was a good experience and the price for the services was very reasonable (especially coming from NYC where standard grooming priced are double!).

  69. Erick Picard 2021/10

    What happened??

  70. Donald Cobb 2021/10

    Great customer service s and staff is very helpful

  71. Jan Mitchell 2021/10

    Everyone is always friendly and so helpful. They go out of their way to make suggestions to satisfy my needs

  72. Gregg “Gregg” 2021/10

    A lot of staff around working hard. My only concern, is that the store is really small and cramped. Good thing that they offer service so that you don’t need to go inside if you don’t need to.


    Jan was awesome! She helped me bring George the guinea pig home. She was so nice and made sure we had everything we needed. I will definitely be coming here for anything I need!

  74. Ronda Bernstein 2021/10

    Staff was very helpful with explaining and suggesting dog chews for our new senior rescue. Also helped with selecting a calming chew and a few other items that might help ease her into her new environment. Also gave me a 5% discount for having a new rescue.


  75. Sunny Day 2021/09

    Very small and out of stock with what I needed but the employees are friendly and very helpful.

  76. Sayit Likeitis 2021/09

    Pet Groomers complete Disregard for the customer, stood there for 5 minutes like chopped liver, not even “can we help you?” Finally went to the cashier, and asked for help. Of course as predicted “we don’t have any dog nail trimming available today”. Pet Groomers should have better support from the staff. Aloof employees will file a complaint with corporate as well.

  77. Michele Lisbon 2021/09

    I’ve shopped here and it’s a nice store, however after today’s experience my husband and I will definitely reconsider shopping here. When my friend has to call me and BEG me to go to her house, get her a spare uniform, and bring it to her because the ASSISTANT MANAGER JOSH won’t let her go home and change really quickly after getting COVERED IN GUINEA PIG BLOOD, that just shows me how little they care about their employees. I have bought my hamsters and supplies from petco, I’ve met the staff here and it has been a great experience, but having employees at work walking around in animal blood is a biohazard and heartless. You can’t even let them go change really quick then come back?! Or keep spare shirts on hand?! Absolutely disgusted is an understatement.

  78. Keith Houser 2021/09

    I purchased a dog bowl mat that I thought was regularly $14.99 on sale for $7.50. I selected a grey color instead of blue or mint or black. It rang up as 14.99 plus tax, I noted to the cashier that I thought it was on sale for $7.50; they went over to the product location to do a price check. The answer came back as every color except grey was on sale for $7.50; I did not have a copy of the email I had received and was late to be at an event. So I paid and went home. When I eventually returned home to my computer Friday evening / Saturday morning, I saw the email and the grey mat was supposed to be on sale for $7.50 as well. As it turned out I had to go to the office to do some work. I made a stop at the Carytown store, showed the add and explained the situation. They made it right! No hassle; just customer service! I like doing business with trustworthy sellers!

  79. Jason Ciaschi 2021/09

    Good store. The place is very clean and the staff was friendly. I went in for fish and their freshwater selection was pretty stocked. Their saltwater selection was a bit low. An associate was cleaning the tanks and I asked him a few questions about some freshwater fish and he was quite helpful. Glad to see a pet store with knowledgeable staff.

  80. Rayvenphoenix 2021/08

    This is my new go to place friendly and wonderful 😊 …

  81. pilar moreno 2021/08

    Nice clerks, could have more variety.

  82. Andrew Payne 2021/08

    Thankfully, our former groomer Theresa is able to rescue us later this month at this Petco location in Carytown. We can depend on her. However, the new groomer at another Petco closer to where we now live must have forgotten about the poodle cut that we get for our toy poodle. It’s always been a “jacket and pants” cut, and that’s all we have ever requested. The new groomer did get it right the first time, so she knew what to do. Unfortunately, on the second and most recent visit, she let us down and gave our poodle a straight cut like most any other dog breed. The most recent incorrect grooming is shown in photo below.


  83. Scott H 2021/07


  84. Evan Lanier 2021/07

    Best PetCo in our area by far.

  85. Ra Jr 2021/07

    Nice staff, had anything I could’ve wanted

  86. Carolyn Price 2021/07

    Very convenient. Love the groomers and the other employees, very friendly. Shout out to Thersa!!@@

  87. Claire Stargell-Ouellette 2021/06

    Okay selection, nice employees!

  88. Christopher Scott 2021/06

    Overpriced but they do have a dog/cat tag machine!

  89. Shamekia Lacks 2021/06

    They carry the only brand of rabbit food my bunnies agree with.

  90. Arlethia Washington 2021/06

    Had everything I found on line in the store. Sales people very nice and willing to help.

  91. Hedy Elizabeth (earthynaturegal) 2021/06

    It was very easy to place and pick up my order, and the price of the flea and ticket treatment was competitive.

  92. Isaiah Moore 2021/06

    This store is extremely nice and comfy. The folks that work there are also nice. I wonder how new it is?

  93. David Pierce 2021/06

    I absolutely love this place, I came here for the first time today and was blown away by how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were. If you’re in the market for fish I definitely recommend coming here for fresh and saltwater needs.

  94. B Hurley 2021/06

    We used to get our dogs groomed here and they always did a pretty good job. However, the are very short staffed so they have the groomers answering the phone when they aren’t grooming, which is almost never. So you leave a message and they call you back, but since I work on the phone as well it is almost impossible to communicate with them. So, we used to do rush rovers, but you can’t book those online, so instead I booked three consecutive appointments. I had to book 2 weeks out to get consecutive appointments. But they booked 3 more dogs between dog one and dog two. I dropped 1 off at noon and picked him up at 1:30. I dropped #2 off at 1:30 and when I went to pick him up at 3 he still had another dog in front of him and wasn’t going to be ready until after 4. He was in a cage in the back barking so I took him home without getting him groomed. All of this would have worked out if you could call and get a human on the phone or even if there were a chat feature. But neither is the case.

  95. Lissa Searfoss 2021/05

    Helpful staff

  96. Sydney Yeadon 2021/05

    Always a good experience here. Great place for nearly any pet!

  97. Nancy Petrilak 2021/05

    Had what I needed, friendly staff, if your dog doesn’t like his new food, you can bring it back (with receipt)!

  98. S. B. 2021/05

    Awesome customer services, friendliness, experience with our puppy, and knowledge. Thanks for helping us buy a harness for our puppy and putting it on for us.

  99. Midge Liggan 2021/04

    Carytown store is small, but the staff is personable and always willing to help with suggestions and/or problems one might be having with a pet. Staff is very knowledgeable.

  100. Kimberly Cogbill 2021/03


  101. Lynn McNulty 2021/03

    Not enough help when you can’t find what you are looking for. I have been ignored several times when there.

  102. Arun Pothala 2021/03

    The best place to get reasonable rates on fishes and accessories.

  103. Kali Blocker 2021/03

    The Customer Service was non-existent at this location and is a consistent experience for me. It’s the closest Petco to me, however, I don’t plan on shopping there again.

  104. TheOnly1 2021/02

    Nice Clean Environment…. people are pretty nice too

  105. Ben Hoover 2021/02

    A great pet store. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable

  106. Annette Ahrend 2021/02

    Clean pet store. Animals are allowed in here. Love the birds.Covid restrictions are in place. I will be going back for all of my pet supplies. 5 stars.

  107. Danielle Whitfield 2021/01

    Very small. Limited selection. Employees act like they don’t want to be there.

  108. Brian Moore (BryBry) 2020/12

    Very friendly staff and helpful!!!

  109. Noble Pepper 2020/12

    Great service, friendly, and convenient. They support eco-friendly causes aswell. I’d go again!

  110. Vincent Rittenour 2020/12

    Great petco. I go here for most of my pet supplies. Only problem is it takes them a long time to get things back in stock.

  111. Shirley Quick 2020/12

    I did not shop at your Carytown store on July 11! I don’t even know where Carytown is! The nearest Petco to me is Fayetteville, Arkansas, and I haven’t shopped there in years. Someone better not be using my name to buy things at your store.

  112. Amari Paxson 2020/12

    The store and animals were exceptionally clean. The staff had an amazing attitude. One of the best Petcos let alone pet stores I’ve been into in a while. 10/10

  113. Haley raz 2020/11

    I like the litter refill option

  114. Martha Giddings 2020/11

    Lots of variety and courteous store personnel

  115. Checo Rey 2020/10

    Nice service

  116. David Hunt 2020/10

    The staff is always friendly and helpful.

  117. Jerry Howard Jr 2020/10

    They got the lil things ya can’t get anywhere else. Thumbs up y’all.

  118. christopher bowling 2020/10

    Staff here are always friendly. Our pup enjoys going here (she knows the treats are behind the counter Haha)

  119. Brian Corbett 2020/09

    kitty litter works…

  120. Tamara Jones 2020/09

    Fast and courteous service

  121. Karen Cermak 2020/09

    This is the BEST & Cleanest Petco in Richmond and surrounding cities.

  122. Laura Webster 2020/09

    The store was open and had the products I wanted to buy.

  123. RaJhae’ Watson 2020/09

    Always friendly andy puppy loves the young man that works there .hes awesome

  124. Lexi Oakley 2020/09

    Decent location. Not as well equipped as other larger stores but the customer service team was very friendly and helpful.

  125. Olivia Chappelear 2020/08

    Great customer service and support! Called ahead to ensure this location had the specific food my cat’s diet requires, and the representative not only confirmed that they have the food and quantity I need in stock, but she offered to have it waiting for me up at the front for my arrival. It may not seem like a lot to some, but this is truly a great example of customer-first and proactive service!

  126. Meredith Womble 2020/06

    No comment

  127. Ross Man 2020/06

    Always kind

  128. Beluved Drayton 2020/06

    Good selection

  129. Pam Hancock 2020/06

    The workers there are great people tp deal with and my dog did not cry when I left him

  130. Sue Ellen Hargadon 2020/06

    Always professional and pleasant in service. Good products always available.

  131. Antoine Winfree 2020/05

    Kimberly is a very nice and professional

  132. Cristian Romero 2020/05



  133. SARA GOODE 2020/05

    The Carytown staff is always great, and the Petco sales and reward program make the prices very competitive.

  134. David Baumann 2020/04

    Staff is always friendly and helpful

  135. Bob Schermerhorn 2020/04

    Its a typical Awesome Petco. Very clean and organized.

  136. Meredith Womble 2020/04

    I been with petco for years, I know they do a great job on my pet.

  137. MLT MLT 2020/04

    From the time I ordered to the time my order was ready was very fast.

  138. Michael Nesossis 2020/04

    My go to for all supplies cats. Great staff. Great service.

  139. Lisa Tyson 2020/04

    Had to report one of the employees to corporate
    Petco please ! teach your young people customer service skills.
    The consumer is not at a place of business to hear negativity when WE just want to have service. This is the carytown Petco.

  140. Meghan Varner 2020/03

    Attentive staff

  141. Ashanti Johnson 2020/03

    Loved it

  142. Black Bolt 2020/03

    Great service. Great prices. Great people. Great store. Had every fish i wanted that i couldn’t find anywhere else.

  143. Melissa Houston 2020/03

    I have a rabbit with specific food needs and recycled paper litter. Petco always has what I need. Rabbits should only eat timothy hay pellets and actual timothy hay once they reach adulthood at about 6 months. I can always find those in stock and plenty of the litter my bunny prefers.

  144. Danielle Kirrane 2020/03

    We really enjoyed our training consult with Becky & her two apprentices. So much so that we signed up for a 6 week class! Looking forward to it.

  145. Queen 2020/02

    Friendly service and product needed in stock.

  146. Wendy McLeod 2020/02

    Carytown Petco staff are all welcoming and helpful!

  147. Allison Ford 2020/02

    Really great place for any gift pet or self pet well guarantee satisfaction

  148. Millie Bean 2020/02

    Staff always remember me and are friendly. Variety of brands of food, toy, litter, and other items for cats.

  149. Ronni McCord 2020/02

    I was looking for a specific puppy food and this location only had one can. The sales associate took time to double-check inventory and also to help me figure out a different location that had more product.

  150. Nicole Blanton 2020/01

    Staff is always helpful.

  151. Kathleen “Kat” Smith 2020/01

    Petco always has what I’m looking for. Every one is always so helpful.

  152. Ashton Harrison 2020/01

    Love the groomers and love the employees!!! You guys are great!

  153. Cloudy Skye 2020/01

    Convenient location, very easy to walk to, and the staff are usually very nice. However. They have a hard time keeping up with demand, and more often they are out of stock of a lot of stuff. You wind up having to go to the Petsmart further out if you have means to. Once in awhile is one thing, but it’s gotten to be a gamble whether I’ll be able to get what I need there.

  154. Julie Herring 2019/12

    The store is well stocked and the staff is friendly and helpful.

  155. Catherine Henderson 2019/12

    Very friendly people working there. Came right out when my order was ready and put it in my car. Will never shop anywhere else for my fur baby!!!

  156. A V 2019/12

    Good grooming service. Irritating that their website has the incorrect hours listed for grooming – they close at 6 instead of 7 on Sunday.

  157. Ray Perry 2019/12

    A bit smaller than most but good stock and I’m glad they honored their online pricing which was cheaper.

  158. Portia Price 2019/12

    The staff are absolutely wonderful here. They are friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful. This location also has almost all of the pet supplies I need for all my pets. We depend on your store for live crickets to feed our leopard gecko. Thank you for great service, good prices & awesome staff!

  159. jeffrey lewis 2019/11

    Friendly environment

  160. george clarke 2019/11


  161. Ashleigh Heins 2019/11

    Always have what i need . Might be expensive but well worth it. Anything for the pups!

  162. Jay Terry 2019/11

    Conveniently located although the location is small with a limited product line. The level of customer service is approximately average and highly inconsistent. I’d recommend this location as a back-up to other Petcos in the area.

  163. Vicky J 2019/10

    Great customer service

  164. ShaDonna Monèt 2019/10

    Love this place and my daughter does too

  165. Koren Lewis 2019/09

    Convienant and decent rewards on purchases

  166. Nicole Beers (Nikki) 2019/09

    Very friendly staff, locations very convenient

  167. George Plott 2019/09

    Good place to go for a quick pick up for your pet.

  168. Josh Jones 2019/09

    It’s a Petco that doesn’t have anything bad about it. So yeah, five stars.

  169. Miriam Merrifield 2019/09

    Staff are extremely friendly and approachable, and always happy to help. Product range is also very good

  170. Mark Purkey 2019/08

    Out of this world staff!

  171. Justin Johnston 2019/08

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff!

  172. Manualidades faciles 2019/08

    I love this store, great attention, great variety of products, good prices!!

  173. A R 2019/08

    Stop selling Betta fish and marketing tiny tanks to them! This store has nice staff but you lost me as a customer until you live up to your aquatic animal sign that you post,. If you learn about the animals you sell you should know the way you treat the Betta fish is animal cruelty. Keeping tropical fish in an unheated unfiltered tank and keeping a very active fish in an inch of water is wrong, considering you pledge to keep all aquatic animals in a humane healthy habitat. Shame on you. It also sends the wrong message to people thinking that it’s a humane way to keep these beautiful fish, when it’s not at all.

  174. Joe Gosman 2019/07

    Dogs like it.

  175. Lisa S. 2019/07

    Got just what I needed!

  176. Funny Ass Guitar Guy 2019/07

    Jan and the gang are the best!

  177. KeAndra Evans 2019/07

    Small but friendly and in the heart of Carytown

  178. Daniel Erickson 2019/07

    Good store, friendly service.

  179. Andrew Ricker 2019/07

    Friendly staff, didn’t have cats though 😿 …

  180. Jackie Sell 2019/07

    It’s the only place I trust my cat’s monthly grooming.

  181. Erin Dears 2019/07

    Walked out without purchasing what I went in for as I waited in line too long while the cashier ignored me and on her phone texting…..dropped the things I was going to buy and walked out before she got off her phone and looked up.

  182. Bert 2019/07

    Great customer service and they always have the dog food i need in stock

  183. Gerome Couser 2019/07

    Did a great job on my Luigi,my dog will be best,groomers are the best!!! Make our forever friends very welcomed…Woof…🐕 …

  184. Nino Pilar 2019/07

    Quite possibly the best Petco I have ever been or will ever go to. The aquatics section has been bringing me back weekly for almost a year now. Will has been an exceptional force in this establishment’s ability to grow bringing their aquatics to a level that competes with local fish stores. I will often stop by other petco locations to compare to the local carytown store and it is never even a contest. From their selection to the health of their fish and the incredible and free flowing knowledge of its staff you cannot go wrong coming to this store for fur, feathers, or fins.

  185. Modisch H 2019/07

    Typical Petco with a friendly and helpful staff. The grooming service is very good and my dog comes out happier from this Petco than various local groomers we have tried. We generally prefer to support local businesses but our dog has a definite preference of groomers.

  186. Nasir Enterprises Empowering Encouraging Educating 2019/06

    Community place

  187. Betsy Featherstone 2019/06

    the clerks are always friendly and knowledgable

  188. Tracey H (Ms3Kee) 2019/06

    Petco has lots of choices for foods and other items needed for your pets. I usually have my items shipped because one is not close but every now and then i go to the store. The staff are friendly and pretty knowledgeable.

  189. Brenden Murphy 2019/06

    Found what we needed easily enough, only a handful of registers, though, so it took a while to check-out. Easy access to parking lot, plenty of food choices for cats and dogs, and decent prices on litter boxes, pet carriers, and toys.

  190. DJ Robins 2019/05

    Good store nice employees

  191. Tyvell White 2019/05

    Great! Has a lot of animals to chose from.

  192. John Mitchell (hoodedMonk) 2019/04

    Always well stocked. Great grooming service.

  193. Thomas Johnson 2019/04

    No one wanted to help me…i was in the store for 15mins at the fish tanks no employee even walk my way…i was thinking i was in the store alone.

  194. Triniti Nevers 2019/04

    My dog hasn’t been trained in about a month. I have tried calling and texting ronnie his trainer and have not received a phone call back. This is the second time this happen and this is unacceptable. Do not get your dog trained at this location!!!!

  195. George Wade 2019/03

    They have it all

  196. Maria Scholte 2019/03

    Nice, good smelling store considering there’s live animals to adopt

  197. Laura Rittenour 2019/03

    They are pretty much always stocked I. Everything I need. I have never gone and seen that they were out of something. The staff are always willing to help, too.

  198. S C 2019/03

    Other Petco locations, take note! THIS is how you operate a store. In the past three months since moving to the area, I have had nothing but awesome experiences during my once or twice weekly visits. No other Petco in the Richmond area even comes close. The staff is friendly and they really seem to care.

    William in particular has taken the aquatics section to a whole new level that you won’t see at any other Petco. His knowledge, service, and appreciation for the hobby not only keeps me coming back as a loyal customer, but inspires me to be the best fish owner I can possibly be.

    If you want the convenience and selection of a big name store combined with the friendly, personal touch of a local mom n’ pop joint, look no further than the Carrytown Petco.

  199. Tes Werness 2019/02

    Very friendly staff

  200. Keara Farnor 2019/02

    Have all your animal needs

  201. Brianna Hodges 2019/02

    Great they just need more mickey swortails. 😕 …

  202. Clark Management 2019/02

    Happy to have a location that is in the West End(City). Great staff and usually stocked well.

  203. Xoxo 2019/02

    I buy my mice for my snake from here. They even gave me a free mouse after the one I brought there died. Staff is helpful.

  204. Tara Kalaf 2019/02

    If I could leave zero stars I would. Last week I purchased a ferret at this location. As I was purchasing my pet, the floor manager (patrick) said to me “I’m so glad you’re getting this thing out of my store…I hate ferrets”. How is it that someone who has zero compassion for animals is employed at a pet store? I also had to wait 20 mins (after my purchase) as 3 male employees scavenged to locate my pets shot records and paperwork. When I called the store to speak to a manager a few days later, a woman answered and snapped at me to say they would call me back to talk, which never happened. I had no choice but to call the Petco corporate office and lodge a formal complaint. Between the condition the animals are kept in, and the utter disrespect I was shown in the store and over the phone, I will NEVER be giving petco my business again.

  205. Bruce Evans 2019/02

    Been checking there for three weeks on some common fish that they are never able to get in. I drive almost 30 min to come here, and when called Sat to see if shipment came on Fri, girl said they have all kinds in. Came in Sun to get some and tanks are still same. So their staff outwardly lied to me. Waste of time to ever shop there!!

  206. Anna Weigle 2019/02

    On Tuesday 5/7, I had just adopted my dog from the SPCA and the staff here were super helpful and knowledgeable about how to help me get started with my dog! The helped me with crate size, food, discounts, etc., and they were very sweet towards my dog. I had more than one sales person help me out and they were all fantastic. I would highly recommend visiting this Petco.

  207. Red Gable 2019/01

    Love petco

  208. Jack Mullikin 2019/01

    Had the pup shaved…good folks currently working there

  209. Tesia Zogran-Werness 2018/11

    Very helpful and friendly employees

  210. Michael Norton 2018/11

    Very good pet store. This place runs border collie level circles around pet smart. The product quality is much better. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They are always out restocking and ready to help with any questions. Once they answer your question, they are eager to help you with anything else you are buying. Best pet supply store in the area.

  211. Eric Reisinger 2018/10

    Friendly cashier, clean store.

  212. Florence Leonard 2018/10

    Supplies are HIGH!!! The service was good.

  213. justin zeh 2018/10

    The staff at the Carytown Petco store is always most helpful and very pleasant to deal with.

  214. Andrew Wood 2018/10

    The best Petco in Richmond; the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging (but not in the “salesy” kind of way).

  215. Donna Clay 2018/10

    I call to get information about my dog’s itching problem. I got great information about changing his food. It helped a great deal still didn’t completely solve the problem but I came back today got more good information about the same problem, I was very satisfied with the customer service I received and will continue to purchase my dog’s supplies there. Forgot also purchased a bed for him which fell in love with .thxs Petco

  216. michellae henley 2018/09

    Ben was helpful

  217. Kelly Harrison 2018/09

    For the last 5 years I have been going to this Petco for all of my bunny friend needs (I have 3 buns)! When me and my fiancé got our little pup Obi Wan in 2013, we have had an even greater experience. We have had the privilege of working with an amazing trainer, Ronnie, who has walked us every step of the way through Obi’s development and training. I can not be more grateful for the support and love he has shown us and our little animal family!

  218. Ethan Mcbride 2018/08

    Clean. Lots of options.

  219. Simon Newberry 2018/08

    VERY friendly staff always offering to help.

  220. Casey Watson 2018/08

    The whole staff has been super helpful and very kind! I ask a lot of questions, and they always answer. They helped me order and save money on a XXL crate for my Great Pyrenees pup!


  221. Elliott Broaddus 2018/07

    Staff are super friendly here

  222. A V 2018/06

    Staff member was very knowledgeable about the dog foods and helped explain some new options for my 3 dogs.

  223. millie ville B 2018/05

    Very helpful

  224. JoeA 2018/05

    We like Petco and are taking dog training classes

  225. Cheer Fam 2018/05

    I think this store could be better if, they sold bunnies, I have looked all over the enternet and this one said that it sold bunnies. I am not trying to hate on this store btw.

  226. Mike F. 2018/05

    Helpful, friendly staff. Even the one guy covering the front end walked me all the way back to exactly where the product I needed was. Good to know people out there still believe in good customer service.

  227. Clovenhoof 2018/05

    Small space, but lots of good pet supplies. The staff if friendly, and greets you upon entering. However, if you’re looking for supplies for a pet other than a cat or dog, this locations stock is very limited.

  228. Kyle Blankenship 2018/04

    Fur baby is always excited when we stop by for a visit.

  229. Bob Burnleycr 2018/04

    The best groomer I’ve found. Teresa is talented and helpful. She knows all breeds and can transform shaggy to showy

  230. Wayne Moe 2018/03

    Everyone is very nice and helpful.

  231. John Krico the Barbarian 2018/03

    The people are real, and real helpful, and love pets.

  232. Adam R 2018/03

    A bit limited in stock due to size, but still all the essentials. Really friendly staff

  233. George Plott 2018/03

    Great place to get all your pet supplies, reasonable prices and a good staff.

  234. Jason Harris 2018/03

    Outstanding store and staff. Went in today to bring home the cockatiel formerly known as “Ron” new name yet to be determined and we’re welcomed and greeted by the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff we’ve ever seen in a pet store. From the 2 gentlemen this morning who were more concerned about our new birds health and not being able to take him home yet to Victor this evening who gave me a refresher course of clipping his wings and the helpful tips. This store cares alot about their animals and it shows with them knowing about them and their individual mannerisms and likes and dislikes. If you’re looking for a pet store to go to do not hesitate to go here. Even though it’s not the most convenient location for us. We will be back keep up the great work!

  235. Fee Fee Leonard 2018/03

    I gave it a 4 rating instead if 5 only because they don’t have a large selection of fish and animals. Grooming is a bit pricey but their grooming staff is Stella!!! Very courteous, efficient and awesome!!!

  236. Joshua Delgado 2018/02

    Staff is always friendly and helpful.

  237. king brown 2018/02

    Store has everything for any and every pet,now I walked in and ask for a flea collar and was directed to the aile where all the flee products was, but I noticed that employees just kept observing what I was looking at not giving help, so 8 proceed to pay for what I was purchasing and notice that all the employees was right wit me lime I just stole something, this is sad and not good to the customers

  238. Tanya mckeithen 2018/02

    They are all super friendly and I love that they treat it like a hair appointment for myself! Meaning I and my pup don’t have to wait all day for him to be finished. Prices are super reasonable and they are really good about working with fearful or older dogs. I’ve been going there for years and am a super picky dog parent 😁 …


  239. Dan R 2018/01

    It’s a Petco.

  240. Nicholas Rothenberg 2018/01

    Good place.

  241. nathalie craft 2018/01

    People’s are very helpful

  242. Ann Pane 2017/12

    Good customer service.

  243. Sonny Jermeay 2017/12

    Best place to buy pet stuff (food, toys, and all the other things your animal needs). People are very friendly and helpful you with any questions you may have concerning the products they sell.

  244. Dahlia Von Graves 2017/11

    Staff is super friendly.

  245. Diane Pfadenhauer 2017/11

    Easy Petco in Cary Town. More convenient than leaving the city.

  246. Jackie Stewart 2017/10

    Friendly to all. Always fine plenty dog items

  247. Zack Streeter 2017/10

    A great resource for pet food, supplies, and grooming. A little pricey, but super convenient in the variety of grocery stores and restaurants in Carytown.

  248. rosalyn ellis 2017/10

    They can clean a little better


  249. Haley Hendershot 2017/10

    Store leader and staff are SUPER helpful and friendly. I live closer to several other Petco stores but go out of my way to come to this location.

  250. David Barnett 2017/09

    This convenient location is small and very busy with a friendly, helpful staff.

  251. HW Wooldridge 2017/08

    Helpful staff, wide variety of goods. A bit pricey, but never crowded, which is a huge plus.

  252. Amanda Graham 2017/07

    I had a hard time finding a good pet groomer in Richmond that was able to provide a good schnauzer cut. After trying several different well rated groomers I finally gave up and tried Petco. Theresa does an amazing job! My miniature schnauzer always looks great!


  253. AJCG P 2017/05

    This is our go to place. The staff is friendly, there is a good selection and it’s a very nice store.

  254. Ryan Schuyler 2017/05

    I’ve had both of my dogs in training classes here. The trainers are great, it’s like having a completely different set of dogs. The employees are friendly and willing to help you find what you need. One of my dogs had an “accident” in the bone aisle and despite my offer to do so they cleaned it up and gave him a treat on the house. That’s great customer service.

  255. Blue Barry 2017/04

    mugi in the hizzle

  256. Nydia R. 2017/04

    You can almost miss the store it’s kinda hidden. The employees are nice and helpful.

  257. Christopher Helme 2017/02

    Good selection, clean store, friendly staff

  258. Michael Murphy 2017/02

    Great store for dog toys and treats. Usually have some decent stuff on sale.

  259. Roger Marshall 2017/02

    Very friendly and helpful. Lots of great pets and supplies to take care of yor nonhuman best friend.

  260. Jerry Gaetano 2017/02

    Decent enough place if you know what you want. Staff is friendly enough. Prices are too high but you sort of expect that going in.

  261. June Thorpe 2016/12

    They were extreme help with my cat Boots. The groomers were wonderful when working with him. I was happy with the service. I certainly will use them again.


  262. Bryan Cardoso 2016/11

    Bought some dog food and the price was wrong employees were rude

  263. Experiment Girls 2016/09

    petco is really good i ordered a hatchling turtle online and i needed a turtle dock and when i ask a question about the lamp, they said that you need a heat lamp, you just need a uvb lamp because you have a heater in your tank so thats great. PETCO ya the best keep it up

  264. Alejandra Morlett 2016/08

    Pretty great and caring service!

  265. stephanie melendez 2016/06

    I went there and there where dead fish at the bottom of the tank being eaten by other fishes. Little bones from where they don’t clean the tank. It’s disgusting I hate Petco…adopt don’t shop

  266. Chris Fillmore 2016/04

    Parking can sometimes be a hassle, but overall a good Petco.

  267. lydia agyeman 2015/08

    i love this kind of petco its better

  268. Molly Greenspan 2015/08

    The people at this store are great! They always remember my dog and I and do a wonderful job with grooming and product advice. I highly recommend this location!

  269. Lauren Williams 2015/08

    I cannot say enough good things about Ashley in grooming. She loves my sweet old dog and I can tell she loves her job. She is patient and does exactly what I like for my dog. I highly recommend her. The rest of the staff is great as well.

  270. Matthew Peters 2015/06

    The staff are friendly and seem to love what they do. There is plenty of selection and if you sign up for the rewards program you can get coupons and cash back.

  271. Emily Foster 2014/01

    Always enjoy this Petco. Great service (most of the time) and it’s always clean!

  272. Joanna Mahoney 2013/10

    Before this Petco was built, the closest stores with pet supplies were Target and PetSmart. In my opinion, Target had better prices than PetSmart, so I was surprised when I went in to this Petco for the first time today to find better values on cat supplies than what Target was offering. And the service is exceptional. The manager and another employee took the time to help me pick out a cat carrier and even offered me a fair price on one that was what I needed but exceeded what I had planned on spending. I am very impressed and happy to have found my new pet-supply store.

  273. Laureen Brooks 2012/12


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