Petco Grooming

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Petco Grooming
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  1. E “Nettie” Poet 2023/10

    Amazing job with our puppy and the location is great.

  2. Rebecca Chipman 2023/08

    Employees were very nice 🙂

  3. Christine Owen 2023/07

    Every time I come to get my dog groomed I feel like all of the groomers really really love dogs and I can feel it shining through. That really makes me feel confident in leaving my dog with them because I know that they are dog lovers at heart. And they always do a wonderful job. I have recommended Petco groomers to other people.

  4. pauljp02 2023/05

    Our Dog Groomer, Josie, is great. However, When you go to pay at the counter ‘BUYER BEWARE’ !!! I bought their sales pitch to Buy their ‘Vital Care’, package on my dog’s first grooming, which has savings for purchases and grooming benefits. When my dog was next groomed, I told the associate at the cash register that I had purchased the ‘Vital Care’ package, and he rang me up for the Grooming Service and told me the total bill. I asked if he had applied my ‘vital care’ package savings yet and he responded: “oh, did you want to apply that discount to this visit?” I told him I understood the discount applied to EVERY grooming visit, to which he responded that “you have to ask to apply it”. Crazy, right? When I came back to pickup my dog after today’s grooming I encountered the same thing, so I told him to apply the 20% discount on my $100.xx grooming service, to which he responded: “okay, so now your bill is $85.xx”. So, I asked if the 20% off the total bill, he said yes, and I said ‘you know 20% of $100 is $20’. We continued this talking in circles until he called the manager over. The manager shared that the 20% off is for grooming charges only – tax, tip and materials fees not included. Ok, now I understood. I asked where I was supposed to see this on the ‘App’ or website, which I had pulled up on my phone. He showed me where I could see it, and then he said ‘you probably want to select these savings for a free grooming every 8th groom’ on the site as well. I said okay, does that include the 2 groomings that I had in the past two months? He replied “No, it only counts starting today, now that we’ve selected it”. I asked him to please apply the last 2 groomings on this discount and he responded ‘if I did that for you , I would have to do it for everyone’. I asked him if he heard what he had just said and did it make sense. He said ‘yes, it’s our policy – you don’t get any of the discounts unless/until you ask for them’. I told him this is a Rip-off, and if it made sense to him, then he didn’t deserve to be a manager. I’m finished with PETCO, their policy and their employees. Now I have to find another groomer.

  5. Danielle Kirrane 2023/05

    We’ve been frequenting this particular PETCO for a couple of years now. Currently, our favorite groomer is Joy. We have two (large) German Shepherd ladies, they’re as anxious as the breed comes, and I’m a millennial helicopter dog-mom if there ever was one. I am always confident Joy will be able to trim their nails without issue. So, so grateful for trusted providers & professionals!

  6. Lauren Smith 2022/06

    I was disappointed with the quality of the grooming services.

  7. JO Hernan 2022/03

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  8. Douglas Meagher 2021/08

    Everyone at this location is so nice and helpful!

  9. B A 2021/07

    They do a nice job and are efficient

  10. Kelsey M 2021/06

    Catherine was amazing, attentive, and cared so deeply about his health and comfort. She’s by far the best groomer I’ve come across.

  11. William Odgers 2021/06

    Elisha gave Piper a great cut very pleased

  12. Robin Waddy 2021/05

    Great customer service given very happy with the services received for Jo- Jo and Gigi we will be coming back thanks so much

  13. Destinee Bricko 2021/05

    She was absolutely beautiful when I picked her up! She really needed her undercoat de-shedded and I could feel the difference when I picked her up. Thank you so much!

  14. sloan thurston 2021/03

    Kimberly my groomer at Petco Cary Town Richmond, VA is Fantastic!!! I will not take Walter any place else, or to any groomer but Kimberly1

  15. Lauren Hudson 2021/03

    I only take my dog here for a nail trim/buffing but they are perfect every time!

  16. Bob Calongne 2021/03

    They love little Wally

  17. Benjamin Remo 2021/01

    Kimberly. It’s always because of Kimberly.

  18. Elly Ha 2020/10

    My puppy was happy when I came to pick him up. He was also squeaky clean and smelled wonderful!

  19. Andrea Barja 2020/08

    We make an appointment at least once a month to have our dog’s nails trimmed. Our dog is not happy to be handled for things like this and can be difficult but the manager always handles him with care & I trust her completely and appreciate her willingness to help us handle our dog’s needs even when he’s acting up. She’s awesome and a true gem. My dog is a rescue so we hope he improves over time.

  20. Marie Dixon 2020/08

    They know my sweet baby by name .She always look and smell nice when leaving

  21. Omissa Darden 2020/07

    The staff and stylist were attentive and caring….with AMAZING grooming results for both Phoenix and Queso!

  22. Tamara Jones 2020/07

    Kimberly did a wonderful job

  23. Marquita Moore 2020/06

    The groomer Kimberly was great had patience answered all our questions

  24. Stephanie Parham 2020/05

    My dog hair was cut professionally and the groomer informed my husband that my dog might have a ear infection and I took my dog to the vet and he did have a infection

  25. Terry Heil 2020/05

    Very pleased with groomer and results.

  26. N Page 2020/05

    Love the staff! They are always very accommodating and we feel like our dog is treated with care.

  27. Angela Heath 2020/04

    Always friendly

  28. Mary Thorpe 2020/04

    His visit was amazing! My dog Apollo is very particular just like the family. His original groomer, Shannon, relocated to a different store. I continued taking him to that same store for a few more appts. I was ok with his grooming results but there was still something missing, Shannon. So I searched for her and low and behold there she was in Carytown. When it came time for his appt he knew something was a bit off. We weren’t going to the usual spot. When we arrived and went inside, he was still curious. But once he saw Shannon, that was all he needed to see. He loved on her and had a smile when I returned to pick him up. Thank you Shannon for all you do for our Apollo. If I could give 100 stars I would. ?

  29. Desiree Williams 2020/04

    I used to take Shorty to Petsmart, but felt like he was done well once in a while. But once I tried Petco, it became the place i take Shorty. Veletka is so great with him and she even finished him when she was sick the first time and he was so clean. Also, shorty can be finicky and not want to go with anyone, but after the first time he went in the back with them with no problem. I was so surprised and happy that I knew he would come back and he loves Veletka like he did his old groomer in VA beach. Which is always a plus.

  30. T.L. Reed 2020/03

    They did a wonderful grooming on my Saydee and she feels softer, looks healthier and younger and is so happy without all her winter under coat. Thank you ladies. We so appreciate you.


  31. Patricia Young 2020/03

    Prompt service, good haircuts & happy dogs were sent home

  32. Allison 2020/02

    Valecka is very talented and always gives Toby the perfect haircut. I also appreciate her warm nature with him.

  33. mark whitworth 2020/02

    Great job and nice lady

  34. Deborah Miller 2020/02

    Very friendly groomer, nice result, happy dog!

  35. Gretta Daughtrey 2020/01

    Darla always leaves her spa days happy and smelling wonderful. All employees at this Petco location are knowledgeable and friendly.

  36. Tammy Reed 2020/01

    My dog Saydee is chow-lab mix with THICK black fur. She blows chunks of it for about two months and is miserable. They took out her winter undercoat, bathed her and trimmed her top coat and nails. She’s beautiful and so much happier. And they were so nice and caring in the process. We will go back.

  37. Molly Manuse 2020/01

    Shannon was awesome! I am a first-time dog owner and was probably more nervous than my brand new rescue. She put us both at ease and my dog left happy and clean.

  38. Robert Woodburn 2020/01

    Excellent service as always!

  39. keith hill 2020/01

    Cause they was nice and was ontime

  40. Danelia Oliva 2020/01

    Great Visit.. My Dog loved his bath and haircut.

  41. Timothy Holmes 2019/07

    Simply, Theresa and everything she has done and continues to do for us.

  42. L. L. 2019/01

    Made a last minute grooming appointment here. They did a fantastic job!

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